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Episode 394: The Murder of Girly Chew Hossencofft Part II - President Goon

2019-12-13 | 🔗

On the conclusion to our series on the murder of Girly Chew, we cover the possible ways the murder might have gone down including the possibility that the perpetrator was a former fashion designer named Linda Henning who believed she was a Reptilian queen tasked with saving the planet. 

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There's no way into a game tat. This was the last time on the level of cannibalism started gotta villain, a ramp up a story. That's why I'm hardcore monopoly. What have you been talking about this? How do you ramp up the villain village, when goodness villainy villainy in monopoly, you make sure that there is at least one. Person in a monopoly game that takes it hyper fucking serious. So we all understand what the snakes are. Tippit yours I'm just doing the same thing: you're just rolling the data, then you go properties on things. Why do you have to do it various life or death every day, fight for that h, every single day, wake up beside. Am I going to succeed or Micro lucid, given that idea, your attitude when play monopoly has no effect on the outcome. You could also be
nice about it, because it's just a game that is short of pre determined in the way that the dice roles dies and often off almost made it all the way to the fuckin touchdown line, because every day he lived for himself. He almost did it he almost at it. He came to visit. It does betrayed inherent flaw and that's the thing Is that I will argue will give this later, but I will argue that it was his villainy. His ability to take it way too far was what got caught absolutely there. You go the brow Way, Baron that is Henry's eyebrows, you'll end up in costs and that in the corner, jail, but you also have to decide when to unleash your day of reckoning were learning a lot from public. I know that welcome to the last pod chasm left over one. I am Ben Kizil staring at the beautiful face of Marcus parts, hello and then, of course, them Sonny, LOS Angeles. We have the coffee women, Henry's eyebrows, you they say they say if you wanted by impasse, young
date, an Italian. If you want to find rhythm, you data brazilian, but I tell you If you want to make love like two furious cats behind a garbage, can you got date, go on. I want all right every word. We are due part two of the murder, the death of girly chew, So when we last let the story girl, he too had fled her home for good. Following an incident in which girly caught her husband dies, enhancing cough loosening the lug nuts on the back right tower of her Bmw, and now perfectly tight. I always love that better lining somebody in the middle of their most nefarious scheme being the deer and they had light, looks of his tiny little beaded eyes amplified by his thick glass, dimples and because girl
There was no longer in the picture at followed that she would soon be falling for divorce, which was the last thing. Hoss cough want it. However, this wasn't because he had any actual feelings about his soon to be Ex wife rather Hoskin cough didn't want to lose a single bit of his scam money that he'd spent years build up and if his finances, aired in divorce. Court than his myriad schemes would be a matter of public record, thereby making future schemes much more difficult. Like our age, like a lot of people. If we solve the when it comes out of money and my money, what a con man's relationship to money is right, cuz, the audient he actually have, I'm he loved all these intricate storylines and he loved playing people off of each other. But I think the thing that was the sweetest creme for him. At the very end, but I at all this not only does cause massive mayhem.
And misery and he's the centre of it and he becomes a law on these people's lives. He loves what how what amount of space he takes up and people's lives. He also loves that its also make them cold hard tat. But that's his money and he's and as a fellow tiny person, I understand the feeling of don't you fuck with my money discouraging Manette, giant, empty cathedral- and I could see where has come in for I agreed you can't take cash the grip of a tiny persons and can't and so dies and repeatedly violet The restraining order girly had taken out against her estranged ex husband again and again telling her that she'd be dead soon, and that no one would find her body it was around this time the dies and met a woman named Linda hinting, and it was with this woman that dies and found a mark who was ripe for the
Creasy ridiculous storyline dies and have been building throughout his time as a con man? I don't know if it's ridiculous is the right word ridiculous. Painting circles black circles on walls and be like with any luck. Through it like this, this is a little bit more nefarious than ridiculous, but the the wounds of ridiculous that was put into it is what gave it its fire noisy and is the most beautiful the icy and understands inherently that you have to do this stupid thing of make the story a little bit less believable than you think it was so they could say. Truth is stranger than fiction again and again and Linda handing. This is one of those queen. Weird things about does fade exist. Do peoples you people's actions accurately. During the day, you know because what they say about like how did the three of us meet? You don't like dog me kiss all three of US meet in order to create a thing that
and I slipped out of our minds by casting dating site. We, when I remembered TAT day dot, com and whirling we're never array compatible. If you ve been on grunt her, it's beautiful, Linda Heading, kind of like a tailor made person that seem D gotten seem to be brought to die. In just by whose sheer actions, because Linda Planning is a wide eyed for we're lingerie model, so she's pretty but she's, just a type of fuckin crazy she's, a whacked New Mexico, perfect woman for jobs and growth of more yes and I both agree- she is pretty hot she's had attempted years. Give you a little background on hitting a forensic psychiatrist who examined her in a competency hearing said the hinting was distrustful of anything conventional or ordinary, but would immediately believe anything outlandish or foolish, specifically because
It was outside of mainstream thought she's. Just a trump like this is the main stream, though now she's, just making her life more fun She is. It sits with the thing that we've talked about for a long time and turns it conspiracy, theories and more fun way of looking at history, and you want to meet people that bring you together, and this is the far extreme end of when it goes. Bad Belinda was also a go, get her cause she'd been a fairly successful fashion, designer and Albuquerque before she met her and coughed guy would ash and the fashion District of Albuquerque its allotted turquoise there's a lot of shopping and Albuquerque. It's not like it's we're, cause, there's also a massive fine art community and Albuquerque like big money like New York EL I order selling out of Albuquerque Weird to a kind of is this kind attainable fashion, hot spot? and Linda hunting was kind of just in the right place, but that's
Hudson cop was also incredible at using marks where he also knew a part of the fact She was a rube, but she was an active rube. You wanted to go get it somebody, then also would go and get their own shit. He loved and independent woman not as independent I'm picture in a lot of Stevie next blowing dress. I don't think so. It's cool look, I love it and a dope enter toys or in other words Linda hinting, was a highly paranoid person who was ready to do something about it, but by all accounts to the people who knew Linda hinting before she met housing coughed the strangest behaviour she exhibited was her obsession with Barbie dolls sure did she believe in Free Mason, conspiracies reptilian overlords, yes, What do you want? People do a lot of cool innocent people, love it there's! No there's two thirds of this room. That sort of vaguely up Haymarket little little little test your reptilian around the world,
prove me wrong, but you re wrong. Obviously just get me in, room alone, with W I feel like I just pull out of space for a little bit like listen, no offense! Mr President, let me just touch her face for a little bit them Gotta prove a right. Now we get a hammer ear. I got David icon Skype. I missed the brass, getting no one as my W Bush, who is to rouse Gonna, finish, painting this dog in the blood of iraqi soldiers, No, you won't, even though jihad. These believes these friends, believes he was still a loving carrying and decent person by all accounts and Linda's image being a decent person was certainly what she projected to all the people at the various UFO meet up groups. He was a part of an Albuquerque. She even some tea, was brought along her fiance at the time a man named Gregg ought so her life is on track. Before me, she's got a couple, a weird believes, but she's a fashion designer she
living with their feet on, say, she's gettin married that November everything is going fine for lend a hand and cool, but everything changed when she met dies and hostile coughed at a David, Ike Symposium hosted by David, I came self at the University of New Mexico's, can anyone education centre. This is very important. I want you to learn this right now, because a lot of us that debt we dabble new UFO World right, don't let you significant other go alone, and I mean this because they're kind of warning it's only Spain, you're, not gonna, go it's a little romantic you're being taught like the latest David Ike tore. The adjusted was called renegade, so you're in that room. You already believe your renegade, like you, don't you got I'm outside the matrix rules, don't touch. Me right, yeah, I'm engaged, but that man, who is that Diana and walks in I tried on
leather pants, because I thought it would make me look more rock n roll uses rested on like Sandra Lee. What's her name from Fuckin Greece, at the end he comes walkin in the crowd stops being like. Who is that Edward James, almost as many me superstar, this is sort of the rest, that our country has gone so downhill. Regarding education, David, I was speaking University for a program called contained? in education, maybe the book or should have been I heard of your booking David, I for your continuing education series: you're a horrible Booker. It's been quite awhile since we discussed the Reptilian in depth and its possible you ve never fully discussed what former english soccer star turns. One of the God head, turned reptilian expert David Ike thinks about the reptilian or more
from some excited. His whole episode made me so excited to get back into his work in this stuff is its honestly if you go and reads at a new book called from the time or I'm just going to stop you right as it you're gonna start your David Ike conversation Obviously, this is gonna turn into uncle corner likely quarter after eight. We, after eight whisky, is its surprisingly readable and is its guy now that has brought about points but he'd like tries to make jokes about outlook, is one chapter had that says there gillian aliens. Are you serious is? Are you serious about repealing aliens and it has earned? Yeah are
You know who I mean, we're gonna, lose you one day. Let's take a moment to give a brief overview of what David Ike's flavour of reptilian are all about. Concerning this subject, David Ike has written twenty books, released numerous dvds and sometimes speaks for up to ten hours. About the Chileans during live engagements. You could say whatever the fuck it is. You want about David I'd right, but you will never ever take away. The title of David, like is the Bruce Springsteen of the conspiracy theory world. He goes out ire and he's doing all, but talks foreign. Tie your day. I've watched you hear the new nine hours symposium, it's all new to me, in there, and this is an older man, he's up their sweat and screaming I think I want to know his. I want to find his personal trainer, that's what you getting them in the shaping order to do these marathon scream session still within it
but our how many times does he have to actively shout. This is not about the Jew times. Do you think he has to shout that last one is a twenty five minutes segment that basically, as this is why this is not about the Jews. With David, I fell in a kind of the same trap that Bill Cooper fell into because Remember Bill Cooper, gotten in trouble for printing the protocols of the elders of Zion in full and behold. Hail horse protocols. The elders design, of course, is a very old anti semitic conspiracy. Theory that says that the Jews run the earthen are here to kill all the goyim but bud. He'll Cooper was putting that in his book to say this is not about the Jews actually about the Illuminati, and what you do is you replace the words with the word Illuminati and the word goin with the word cattle and there you go, but the problem was that he didn't actually do that. He didn't take the time to replace all the words he just put that paragraph at the beginning of the chapter. That was just the reaper.
Protocols the elders Zion inside I'll. Let you take care of and I'll. Let you I'll even near capable hands. Well, those cores aren't going to drink themselves. I got up and he had a lot to do yet allowed to take care of. I think work is about to get silver at the slippery slope event. When will I believe that every powerful company bank, insurance, firm and political party is ultimately run by thirteen percent? These have shaped. Shifting reptilian named the Ark on who arrived on earth above a thousand years ago? I use a minutiae, push back and say that the archives of the rock Chileans might be separate, but I'm not sure I have to re, read the biggest secret and get back into this when we re do all of David Ike, which will do and talk about it. We can yell about this for hours, then always that it is. This explained in the nine hundred page document that is the biggest secret with no actually mark is literally no money. Invasions of archives come The lower level of the fourth dimension in their actually everywhere
possibly even standing right. Next to you, sir. That's my moderate I've known you mongoloid my wife like that, but none of us can see them unless they want us to see them because remember there from the fourth dimension, but they get around the whole trends. Dimensional problem by kidnapping new words and systematically traumatize in them to create income, ultra style, multiple personality, secret agents, who are the perfect right, tell him puppets, but those are just a foot soldiers the reptilian have and do in a breed with humans, but they only inner breed with the purest bloodlines. I e the blonde hair blue eyed areas in the reptilian work with the area
hybrids to create poem. The new world order again. Ok, Henry did you want to buy the railroad or not must not. The longest gave a monopoly of ever bladed ran over the timelines again, not arouse Joshua seeds. These human reptilian hybrids that make up the so called a loop naughty and the Illuminati had been sewing, fear and discord amongst humanity for millennia, for the purpose of creating negative energy that the report Ilion somehow consume organ and energy. In all that shit we somehow consume the duties straws up. One hundred I've got a thing. I don't know how its consume. There is several ways that it is concerned. It is consumed psychically where they can
when to your nightmares and these they literally sock the rural from you, not unlike you ve seen when we talk about psychic vampires are the way it is per portrayed in words, though, with a one o in doctors, late when the when the energy comes out of the body and they all suck it or you'll. Do that weird sucker thing: it's like that y'all to do physically consumed people, but they also will do in a sort of like through your dreams. A goal is We also exist actually Kizil. Take a look at your fucking face, state aid move. Astrolabe people live in a whole other realm in their dreams in their chileans, lived there too, like Freddy Krueger, and that's where they are also harvest organ entry, but also sometimes they Jesse babies. So you did want to buy the hotel, the hotel
Well, I guess I will soup up partly from what David I claims. Every single president we ve ever had has been a reptile. In hybrid, who has also been a member of the Illuminati. Although I am not sure how we where the whole area inbreeding thing with President Barack Obama do you, Oh, that Henry Ahmadi view. No attempt was like an argument that Henry Total failure and the entire network. With the question of how we got here about a third of its always opposed the areas that are most. I don't know why. I don't know it's not necessarily just Arians, but I guess you could you know you're, not a yachting reptilian are
able to walk among us, but the only way for a reptilian to remain in human form is to drink human blood, but that human blood has to be prepared in a specific way. The reptilian need what they call star fire. Which essentially human blood pumped with adrenaline, and that adrenaline is usually created by a particularly intense encounter with reptilian there like making you afraid. Half your fear makes you super juicy, so they like Pepsi MAX they want the Pepsi mats of blood. No Peck Pepsi MAX is bad Pepsi MAX just Pepsi without the good stuff, no Papua, they always Pepsi with more caffeine, no pain. No! No! No! My wife! Now Pepsi MAX's diet, Pepsi. What yeah till I was, I do not believe that good I would use is muscle milk. Ok, I
We start Pepsi mats was maximum Pepsi like more coffee, more fun. It's a lie: no cloud gay, but the sweetest of all star fire blood is minstrel blood because, according to Ike, it is writ with glandular secretion, and this is just the absolute basics of the rat telling agenda a guarantee. Every David Craxi JD surf like this is basic like this is like bought like this is the least you need to know for the dead his pocket baby food you'll need fucking. Why garage dog I'll need some vague and general South Chicken of information we will delivered a future episode. Ass in the summer of ninety. Ninety nine Linda Henning sat at the diversity, a new Mexico. Listening all this bullshit at the David. I symposium and she just nod no long like David Ike is the smartest clock in person on earth and who should see her nodding, smiling but dies and housing.
So he's literally looking like the terminator. Looked for John Connor, just located or a victim didn't just forget lights up on reboot reason, but it didn't know. We don't know exactly what dies and said to hook Linda, but within two weeks she had left her fiance kicked him out of the house and was with dies and hoss and coughed what? If I too, you I could eat your pussy from nine feet away. Listen, look good, They live well, wow, funny thing: was the Linda, couldn't even pronounced diamonds name, so she just call them either d or die. And when Linda started bring indeed to Oliver UFO Meet ups. She found that the review on dies and were overwhelmingly negative. Ah mostly he just eve everyone out in his weird high pitched voice would have been a problem, wasn't so goddamn monotone and even that
I have been so bad if he wasn't using that voice to go on and on about how he was dying. Leukemia, I'm dying, Luke key me, my blood is my enemy, so I think that they were just talking jealousy his swag did. I don't think they were. Do you think they were jealous what they said that he is always dressed very nicely hey man, good, oh yeah, doc. Dress and all nice man got some cool step dead shirts on some nice new J walks in their fuckin glasses hands put in the Temple of power at all times is going yes less than could be arriving about anything. He says you sort wonder whether or not because in windows is like, oh yeah, ok, he's making. All these yachts is look like puts its and he is ready to go and he fits right in vain because he knows he's above because he's already banned
in the rebellion queen now amended towers. For him and I would say, eight inches taller some. I thought wow Jellia much taller day, but for most people at the UFO meet up the last draw came when dies and revealed that he was a ten thousand years, old. Alien geneticist from the gig planet who had the inside track when the aliens would be poisoning the world's potable water. The aliens a k, a oh. This is be political, never mind just fraction company dragging company or according to dies and the only people who would survive were the ones who were inside the lower taxes and these board taxes were located in Colorado, Springs, lead, me. Why arming and Charleston South Carolina
The only way to survive the upcoming poison water wars, you gotta go to Laramie and it seems to be very I'm almost say coincidental that he had woman that he was scamming in each one of those cities where it yeah weird for as much as the UFO group hated them. They said, Linda was no less than euphoric in. Presents walkin on cloud. Nine. Somehow Hoss and coughed was able to Super Linda, turning into what sounds like an intensely manic episode, even though she was killed, We have all the secrets of the world figured out. She wasn't showering, she wasn't changing our clothes and when she spoke she did it with a frenzied intensive even though nothing she said made any sense that I think that's called love. But to be now, is for the things you scream add me always or all the weird
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now it's more like MIKE Myers Innsbruck, it's a little bit more from us. Linda said the two of them. When they had sex, they wouldn't lose really turn into lion like creatures and fangs would grow from her gums and I'm using literally correct here. That's what she said happened the way she described it is like he would. Turn into a lie on? and I was his lie on S. Knowing that I would harbour his seed when the time was chosen and the weak He sent waves of pleasure throughout my body and I, as an just sitting. There would just like to gloves like I can get on both Can I get time? Oh my was. She said they had cat sex, which, let's just get a reminder of what that sounds like.
I would rather listen to our nine one one. Let us you don't think! That's not exactly what you sounded like a good bye. He adds up to his shoulders inside of my goodness, no it's hard to say exactly what it was that dies and actually wanted from Linda hinting at burst? It could just been any or it could even had just been a desire to see how far he could take. This alien lie with an attractive woman, but from what prosecutors claim, what dies and hoss and coughed saw and Linda hinting was an assassin who could assist in getting rid of the woman who was about to put dies and through one hell of a divorce. Girly chew, however, heading and housing coughed warrant. The only people involved in this reptilian conspiracy, the third member of their group, was a man Linda had met at one of a? U a foe groups.
Before dies and even came into play that man's name was Bill Miller and his thing was government? Take over conspiracies shit like we're operation, jade, helm, assure academia. Barack Obama was supposed to put the entire country under martial law because a bunch of people solid, some someone hanging out in an abandoned, Walmart yeah, they happen didn't happen. No, could we not only marginal other horse could do anything. He was completely back up. The entire directive is the weak as president or lived so when dies in came onto the scene to bridge the gap between hitting and Miller with information that seem to confirm both of their paranoid fantasies. Housing cough gained both an accomplice in one. Having an bill Miller. Another goon I knew we're gonna, say good by the way I call it then she word who turns eyebrows well in
Oh, you, all volume goons can figure out how to get together and make some kind of group that makes it some kind of protest thing or fight for human rights, and I guess we'll deal. That, but until then its goon goons drivers have you got a single football team. That's ever played, but tell me bill. Has anyone ever told you? You would make a tremendous good ya got heard that before I ve had They were lying before them. I was you actually weren't ready. Until now, all I it's a bean Guph Yeah aid being do bad because we're all more than two roles we have to play now. I can tell you immediately: are you if you are you you're going or not you? Can you jump no see
a boon scant job not long ago smash this orange Anita. Do things about Bill Miller, though, that his conspiracy beliefs were not something that he arid publicly. His neighbors described him as a kind hearted gentle giant and not even his wife, nor his two children knew anything about his actual convictions. They didn't know he believed in conspiracy theories. They didn't know he was going to these. You have foamy ups. They knew nothing. This is a thing that comes to. I think that this is interesting because, like I imagine, I want to read this book about Bill Cooper because having got, I wonder how much he filled in his later
which is what all of this should that he was mired in by the very end, because the idea that conspiracy theory going so deep cause? This shows he didn't even trust his own family. He looked at his wife and his two kids as possible. People that would a rat him out to the Gulf What do you think so? Or did he like love them enough not to talk to them about this over spaghetti didn't want or not. If it was really true than this is now we're in the hazy world of who do we believe about his real story, because Bill Miller was Nah, I don't believe in here, but he was at least on some level sit Phil them with bullshit, saying like I'm into all of this story? Maybe it's because you got raft into the romance of believing all of these convoluted shit was real, but at some point was actively saying I'm in baby. My whole family and go live this working conspiracy, theory life right, which is like
one or that does someone or what makes you do, that Y know Bill Cooper. The pale horse rider they talk about how, when he was in the hospital back in the seventies, when he met his first wife, he was already like yeah the sea. I tried to kill me because I know too much so now is bill. Bill Cooper was a hundred percent into it from the beginning, or at least when he first figured Alec as the cool thing to do bill. I believe you the way that you feel your bed overflowing with, Duke, I believe you or the people in built. Miller's UFO group were well acquainted with what Bill Miller thought about. The government bill was the guy at the group that was constantly handed out pamphlets. The outline just how the government was at any point ready to remove everyone, civil liberties and her all true patriots in concentration camps, in other words, Bill Miller, was very much a conspiracy theorist in the vein of Bill Cooper hoop if you'll remember beaucoup per
unfortunately, gun down by police and his front yard, while they were trying to carry out a big stick, of arrest warrants. The old true conspiracy theories death. I mean you say unfortunately, but its technically kind of fortunately, when the officer, because he did have a shot, gun, I am actually Ye Eta. Ok, forty seven, while that's about Cooper had will allow deal on that- are some put out a lot of cash that the but at any rate, bill Miller was getting further and further in a conspiracy thought he was planning on leaving Albuquerque as soon as possible. He told his wife tat. He didn't like the new neighbours because they had allowed dog, but he told the UFO group that the government take over was come at any day now, and he didn't want to be anywhere near a major city when it all went down so I mean honestly, though I was thinking about this. The other day with the Boston Marathon bombing when Boston went under
fella martial law? They, it was pretty creepy stuff- is super creepy yeah. So I mean showed that they definitely had a massive plan, for you mean like they do. Evidently you will like. Oh so they just throw in there is like in a fire folder somewhere they pull out. While this is how make sure we totally take over Boston. Yet how can go no give us like when we started doing our life shows for this year and we practised at the Bell House like that we have rack. There's no they're like the forward more. Go and live boys. We hang out it it's a free zone or I also wonder cuts colonel like we talked about face were groups. I suppose I too, and there is think about just the sheer boredom a forty year olds, trying to find other ways is to express themselves when they're, like Lord, with their families, see you these. You apology, meetings, which I love, but then I imagined on some level like when you meet with a group of comedians. It turns into a topping competition of everybody's throwin shit in an ordered, a kind of like feed into this inner door.
Alma of a new friend group bright and that's where all the clicks kind of come from and always kind of bullshit were it's a drama just finds its way into the grid because everybody's got to figure out a way to make it more exciting from its. Why house, Wives are doing crystal meth, unlike truck drivers in all the kind of shit, because it just adds, excitement to your life will be the truckers pretty exciting, but the alien, and you can deftly seen one of these UFO things. I've got a guy just heightening completely by dropping his pants me like replace my dick with the lizards comes up. That's a lizards. Dick ass very bank does very brink Gregg. What, in this UFO group Miller Hoss in coffins hinting form their own little click cause Miller and heading
were constantly defending housing coughed any time someone openly accused him of being a fraud which happen fairly often and people had reason to suspect, causing cough. Besides the obvious, soon Hossack coughed was trying to convince someone that he was in fact a doktor with an impressive, work history, who usually provided a seven page resonate that was supposed to brood those claims cassettes. I know every doctor that I've ever met is constantly going around in trying to convince people that their actually a doctor, no most members are actively runnin away from people like all three of us because we're just like. Oh your doktor, could you look This can you organise it and we're just like showing two parts of his body of our body does want to see the Christmas Party will. I know how many times I need a doctor at the airport or at a bus. Stop, and you know, is a doctor. Does it gotta stethoscope always reach around your breasts, just to see how your hearts do in which is kind of nice people?
the heading and Hoss coughs mark from the last episode, never Julie, Maguire, they'd, look at this stack of paper and they ve listened housing, cough spiel and they'd be impressed and gullible enough to. Just sort of role with that. Why would anyone lie about this, but anyway who gave the resume more than just a cursory glance, saw that it was filled with typos and every single one this claims about where we went to school wary worked was easily debunked with nothing more than a phone call. I gotta do is call Harvard meal, like hey, do know who this dies and housing Kafka is absolutely not do you. Amber applying for office jobs back in the day. Yes, I think I put down, I think, the clock, I think it's the closest I'd ever been too.
Writing fantasy Erasmus that I would send into these jobs. So I can understand that, like no one should have ever seen. One of my resonates causes all stop being like. I anticipate nudes on their when you need a big under quickened expert. It quick. When I first got to New York, I get a bunch of bar tending jobs and but am bouncer jobs, because until my favorite, tender and managers of political BBC in number walking alliance. I worked there for three years and they called him and he did lie in that I was fired after every single shift. I got the money for the day. Will checking up on those credentials was exactly what a friend of Linda Headings did when she contacted this friend saying hey, I met an alien, and he can't hear both
brain tumor and your multiple sclerosis with this guy was like a logic or ex boyfriend was a fashion designer for these four, the stars like her first boy for this- that the guy she had to bring it in here, was a guy that, on their first date, blindfolded or put on our private jet took off the blindfold, which is now very scary. But then I was romantic and said. Like hope, you, like my me, you know how and our first date, you said you love Gloria, Stefan soda. Why we're going to meet her right now, so he kidnapped or first, eight flu, or to Miami directly to a glorious day, find concert when I gotta meter and everything I've kind of one- that's pretty incredible here now and they remain friends even though it hadn't worked out so wind This guy got a typo ridden Reza may that was supposedly given to Linda by ten thousand year old alien geneticist. He was understood
deeply concerned. But when the friend brought up the typos and the fraudulent credentials to Linda she lost her fucking mind and told this guy that he'd exposed, Lawson carved do is reptilian enemies of the inner say in the CIA because that he would say that he would tell people like don't check up on any of this, because if you do check up on it, then that's that's. Gonna raise red flags and the CIA is gonna, be able to find because are always looking for me, so the USA, so so dont check. Please don't check he really thought everything, yeah and the Damas way possible. Yes, that's just it's just did not because of you. He understands that I've already You saw on the hook rights already out here, believe that I am a half alien and and believe in all these, like that, I'm even a soldier. The first wacky lie, which is just that I'm a doctor is guy, like you are already too it's too late for you. How
the time frame of this full indoctrination here, six months a year. How long did it take with when the heading yeah? How long did it take before she's? Just like a show that check please out to get weeks, we six weeks, This goes down in six weeks whole story. Socially harvest, hardly running beginning in six weeks, from the engagement being cancelled to the to the ultimate demise for weeks, my god yeah that was around this time, has in costs. First goon Dwayne Baker showed back up to retrieve some furniture. The housing costs been keeping at his house because Bay loved my Gruner form, and I love more for clear left. My my my mask I don't have occasion my well what's so funny about that. First good is now your second goon, because, of course good. Whenever forget, that's not add, as you can see, a move that you'd uterus Werner heard, hired some new government. I am
good now anyway, We go smash. This banana augurs our girls will go back to hold the Napo. About science. Moves to you. I don't know exactly what happened, but the first goon had cut ties with housing costs, but years before he was very tired of being housing costume. It's not You be illegal, it's really not especially housing costs go, I would say the smaller your boss, the harder it is to be a gun, Peewee Gascon every single guerrilla. That's ever existed yes by this girly was already gone and housing cough had no idea where she was Levin, perhaps and coughed was obsessed with finding her and he asked Dwayne Baker if you'd help for old time's sake I come on, just one more goon job for me,
yeah! You know you onto your true passion of honouring the friends of a genius one more just one more goon draw: hey, listen! I know it's been a long time and I've burn you and your. I was me now, I'm sorry, I'm sorry. He is. A tissue richer. Remember apologize! Oh, how you, cracked? The bow I have made a lot of bones. Thank you. Warehousing cop asked Baker to follow girly home from work, and once he discovered where she lived, housing cough ass Baker. If he wouldn't mind blowing up her car what'd, you you won't mind.
I will listen. I know I don't want you to go out of your way. I don't want you to your mind, I'd whenever we need to do to you if you could possibly blow up a Chrysler tomorrow, good for me, How would I do that by bombs Bob store my job to fulfil. TAT S all right. Let me just smashing Happily, the doll I loved, you see, I'm happy, for you said the our backing Why were you know where I know it's Albuquerque, but about a? But actually this is don't move, ok city, do it in fact, after Kansas moved Mo Super smart move, have you ever been to pollute? this, which is the whole town of exquisite. I then they can go and they can run and that there is a big fields and and and big like big stocks are bought. Since they could knock over, and I don't like little people
they can run around me. They hire little people that they lasso and some ages, and they let him at the end of the day, because as a job is not rosy on behalf of Amerika the red line going through following a big girl, but instead of banned on the run, is good, amazing thing was hot and coughed was still running other scams while he was run and scams on Miller. Enhancing our at the very least he was still running. Old scams that hadn't quite run their course turned out. Do we Maguire was still trying to get our hands on that use your own, even after she discovered the truth about both project girly dies and housing coughs, marital status thing was a Julie's motivations, weren't, completely selfish. She was also still worried about housing, cough son. Dmitri because with girly gone, nobody was taking care of this fuckin kid whose about three years old by this time, then still wearing diapers. This is this: is it
weird thing like I know, obviously the worst crime in and if this whole thing is girly tubing murdered, did it's it's it's insane. He got to that point, but the- This is a crime. What happened you, Dimitri, is out weird side effect of all this. Yet because rise running so many games and to appoint we're like I'm multitask. I think I'm multitask I am not scamming ten people at one got like an I'm exhausted at how many kind of things you're gonna have to keep going. I get him out We have all these inviolate I'd. Ask. What do you mean? Do you mean like in a dump in play and save five will also check in Twitter every now and again, survive is on one computer. I got out of a list of best restaurants. I'm trying I've gotta go and find out where the most habitable toilets of LOS Angeles anything you do, but the idea that, but the Dmitri
it only with just sitting in a pool of his own filth inside of an apartment, barely getting fat guy villages big, I it's weird, but why not civil service? Why didn't anyone be like yeah? What about that kid at the alien meetings? Billet? But do you have a child when it works? he was a cop- was trying to get another family to adopt him back here, trying to get rid of. He was just going to ship the kid offering at times in town Square, on a meal, a milk bucket the best thing for the cap, yeah, literally heat. He had just left that kid, a convent it would have been better than whatever the hell it as he was the only eyes and he almost pulled it off in August of ninety ninety nine, but the whole thing fell apart after Dmitri, He walked into the his new families house and attacked their one year old daughter, not his fault, just fucked up kid right. So after that Maguire took care of him for a very brief period of time and when housing cough showed up to pick up. His kid bill Miller was with him and housing. Coughed was talking pretty freely about how his Ex wife was
the bee dissected here very soon, and it was around this time that Linda Henning started crossing paths with girly to see according to a friend of Linda's, who testified against Linda at her trial. Housing coughed had convinced, Linda that she was an alien, we, but the problem with being the alien queen was that she had to battle an evil blood drinking shapes reptilian Queen Arrival Queen in order to claim her royal title is queen of the Earth Mankind Savior. You may say that this is ridiculous and over the top right that this is obviously fake, that he feeds this line of bullshit to somebody, and you know how dare you believe it, but there's something a mechanism to the con man. Slash. Colt leaders
here, I am in their tactics. We sought even just on them on a massive level, would have serious level and Jim Jones and what to do with his wife right. Do you? People have become the number two of these organisations. They have to be given a special task and be made to feel as if their role is incredibly unique and port, absolutely vital life and death importance, because this person is looking for something to give her life, meaning obviously she's got a massive void in their diet, is now completely filled up and in that boy. He saying this. This is you your true purpose ice your true purpose. No one else does ice, you as the the beautiful voluptuous living alien queen that you are, but the only thing is that an ailing queen she gonna fight she got up by for her right debating illegally kind of put a fog in almost like believe in your
Our lives are energy by her saying that you have to go, kill a reptilian queen in order to be living your hashtag best life. Will it just so happens that this evil reptilian queen was girly chew. Well, that's the thing it's like if you're going to tell someone that their an alien queen. I just feel like it to over the top alien custodian. I would have a leading player. It's always that, like whenever people do like the past life regression, there always Cleopatra cars, a clear path or Cleopatra. I would. Furthermore, courier Patrick, I get, I think, they're really good, Reboot finally Sutton for the men to create new Philippa Jimmy, I'm the man. Finally, someone I'm interested in seeing, indeed where we think that's what dies and horse and cart told or because there is play. Some debate as to whether girly was named the EU Reptilian queen are not. We don't really know we,
No that dies in half and causing cough told her. There is an evil reptilian queen out there, that you must battle and defeat with a sword. In one or more combat. Oh of course, because she had to defeat this alien queen with a sword. One on one combat Linda started training with the blade in her garage next to her many crates of arts, and you legitimately cannot make this shit up he wrapped her away, saying you bats, be ready, because It comes down when there should goes down you'd, better, have an umbrella if you're on and so this woman, this forty year old woman, whose was vaguely normal up to this point is now in a garage new in the jet. I kid thing: Europe with a video or their first viral video ever with the genetic playing with the brutal doing that shit
the garage kill that reptilian queen who kill their repelling queen, but I'm sure so tired from fucking all night. I didn't I as yet man, my God, just like. It's like every nineteen eighties, like it's like every night it is action movie during montage demand gap, but at the same time, hinting close. Her account at her Geller Bank, opened a new one at girly, choose branch and became a regular customer. She started stocking girly weeks. I think, like maybe two three weeks before all this shit went down in girly, chew without a doubt knew something was one can see housing, coughs. Erratic behaviour when it came to his son had attracted the attention of the FBI, because his adoption caseworker suspected the housing costs may have kidnapped the child, like maybe we don't know if he kidnapped him, but he might have
and eventually the investigation led to girly chew, who told the FBI all about housing costs history of domestic violence, his track record as a con man and her suspicion that housing coughed had thrown Iraq through her car windshield about a week earlier, girly had even called up the FBI the night before her disappearance, to tell them the hoss and coughed was capable of anything, and she had a bad feeling that something terrible was about to happen, but because horse and cart had already been admonished for breaking the restraining order, because he too, technically didn't make any direct threats because it he just said you're gonna be dead. Soon he didn't say I'm going to kill you. The FBI couldn't actually do anything. So scary right this idea. It's people get away with these types of actions and nurse it so difficult to pin down, a stalker or somebody threatening you, because they have to break the law for them to get
gears of the logo and they can't just it's just one of those rare like man all of this shit and they still couldn't truly call the cops and as in right right and since they didn't do anything, Play chew, Hossencofft disappeared on September, ninth, one thousand nine hundred and ninety nine, but the problem we have here is that we don't really know how it went down or who was directly involved. What we do have our precious few facts that might give us an idea of what happened. We also have what as an hoss claims is the truth, although his testimony is to say the least system yeah? What we know for sure is that by the time set, number of nineteen. Ninety nine rolled around Hoss and coughed Miller in hinting at all put their houses up for sale because they were up. And I'm moving South Carolina together. It was
I believe that, when the clock struck midnight on January first, the white to cable would plunge the world into chaos, and the government run by the Reptilian would declare martial law, because that's exactly what why to Kay was designed to do in the first place? Odyssey was every time to each Chile. In the basement loved why to Kay that was no EU wide gap. This is. In a way you know again, none to get onto big fervour about it. But it's kind of romantic rate of course said no All of this shit up number one. There's a timeline which is class it can con man Slash COLT leader work, you got the site mine coming up here. It's building to ahead you making all these fucking hushed secret plants, your book and make it can, noises while having sex with a little person in his Fuckin shit field house. It is incredible man, you are planning on selling your house Julie, oh you're gonna leave. But then you also don't know like. Are you just swept up or are you really gonna sell your site? It is in
really knew that have been mentioned and quite regularly the bits of truth, the white to Kay thing that was like ABC New, like my earns, were free all of our parents for freaking out everybody members were breaking out. Didn't really the Albanian really care about the end of the world because there maybe your parents did not care about the total in utter destruction of the entire planet. They didn't think the planet was going to be totally and utterly destroyed. They were watching ABC News. What's gonna arouse do and when this millennium ticked over those ride around listed in the corn, with my buddy Wes yeah, I'm not seen and then so cool that Europe really friends with the guy from limb, Biscuit Y know. I know that, but it was anyway. It was national news. It was national news. It was your parents believed it right, Henry, my parents, we were not prepping, they were honestly there so outside of the idea of any thing, technological in any way, shape or form that they didn't truly understand what it meant.
They will. I tired global economy was about to collapse. Wheedle nachos, I and my friends over kind of retarget member will of our friends came over all the various close bodies we came over. Their parents came over, we kind of like as a went. We were like. Are the lights shut off, they didn't and then we had a nice night. We have a lot of gaining any real sick. I know that I had friends over, but that's the thing is that if it didn't happen if it didn't happen, Australia, it's not gonna happen. If you too of course, the daylight started, it started twenty four hours before it, so you wouldn't known if it was going to happen. If those Galapagos really verse yeah yeah, but it has to happen in a man erika, in your timezone. Yours they in time zones who I understand time zones wherever you? Why are you belong the little reptilian click believed that the only way, survivors to move to Charleston South Carolina, which was the
occasion of one of housing costs fictional board taxes that would be protected from the evil influence of the reptilian, but before they could leave Albuquerque, there was still the matter of girly too so termer. Ninth. Ninety. Ninety nine hoss and coughed took a trip to a store called the world of knives and bought, ninja sword and that's a ninja sword, specifically not a samurai sword. It's a ninja sword, because ninjas are assessing what difference between the sorts, it's different sorts different. You too, Ladys castle. You summarize are warriors their foot soldiers and he will operate an open. Its fighting big all wars, but you gotta be out there isn't a year. Didn't align, big, ditch, no ninjas quiet, you are all black and you got a sneak around is probably smaller.
In our source. You can like you, hide hiding ass. He saw his attack, but even though housing coughed bought a deadly weapon on the day, his wife was murdered. And even though a friend said the hinting was training to battle reptilian, Queen specifically with a sword. Hoss coughs, so claims that heading had nothing to do with the murder. From a coughs said, the real perpetrator was bill. Miller, Hoss cost story is that he told Bill Miller that all this business with girly its get not hand we gotta do something about this. We have to do something about this, and you know that if you're talking with somebody with a suggestion, that has nothing to do with you and they start saying. We really need to do something That's that's! When you leave you actually don't have to do, and what so weird is that yeah? Why? I am not even close to this relationship, I don't know her illness now, listen, listen go into, I believe, because I'll call you
deal because of my second goal, but you're my most favorite go. So I'm goin one, no Europe because there was one before you and that's just facts, but you're good one in my art, you know what I say: your press, your good president No this about, because you're, my good guy young, operate in tandem one has to do something about this situation, and that means you have to do something with the situation because of you don't do something with the situation because we worked in tandem, and that means- and in fact, in legal thought that I cant do something without the stingy. With about this situation till I in order for me, You do something about the goon president go Congratulations! You allude. I salute President Gandhi. We have to work in tandem, Guph was I I will have to talk with honesty. They did
do sherry system send an email to Ruth Bayer Boonsborough, to ask her if we can actually get changed, enable eagerly d gone? What comes and goes matchless pineapple Anita will, according to housing cough bill, was the one that offered the solution. Miller said that he knew cordon quote militia a people who were experienced in black bag operations and they would be willing to kidnap and kill. Girly quote for the practice. There definitely lack egg, they just shop at SAM's club and they know how to get the big things a man s. I mention that all the time I can literally see this conversation of Bill Miller at SAM's club beer abide, the giant Tito's with a guy who's, a militia guy, just a guy that man
bees, an assistant manager, the world of knives, who also is operating a forklift loading up onto all the various shelves and SAM's club. Their integrity will ya gotta and got a thing for you to do tonight. You wanna take Air somebody's yeah. I've always wanted to got some body for pray, Do you like your talk about us? Meanwhile they are. They are. He works at a grocery, store you'll be mere or you're a family man. They have not Do we any of this shit? You have just been twist and turn round with goon logic, the USA, Nine. These be crazy. Nineties, be crazy. Nineties, be crazy. What specifically Miller supposedly said that he always wanted to hunt a human and quote, got it like a fish?
suppose they dies and said sure, go ahead Keller, but leave the clean up to me. According to housing costs testimony in Linda Headings trial, the militia kidnapped, girly, chew after work course the militia was run by Bill Miller. He was the one in charge of the whole operation: ok and then, after they kidnapped, girly dies and went in and cleaned up the crime scene adding just stayed at home, because somebody had to be the alibi. At least that's housing costs story, and we do know that dies and was definitely at the apartment. That night, because one of girlies neighbors said that he saw dies and wearing a pair of shorts, walking into apartment with every bit of his exposed skin painted
Black know why, including lags way, are you drunk? He were like a boon raccoon, poverty or uterus and all but Q waned a canadian prime minster, Halloween CASA, early, choose apartment and the reason why you did it with this is how we know for a fact break, as they did find dna of dioxins in girl issues apartment- and this point really into the full yadda yadda yadda this but girl it you had moved. She went to a place where she didn't tell anybody not her busybody boss, where she lived so she was in her apartment that he'd had no clue where the hell was so he spent a long time stalking. Her till we got this point, but Jeanne, that's how we know that he was involved in the crime, because there will be no traces, there would be no way for there to be traces of dies and in that apartment, if he was,
they are literally that night. Now she died because she hid it was technically did know where she lived where I was at the story that here that is a bill Miller, followed her home from Walmart one day of just at Sea or Walmart, and then followed her home and then that's how they found out where girly too little of it. In a speech, of him in the black paint. He looked so weird that the neighbor who song said that she had dreams that night of being terrorised by Hoss and coughed, as stay. Puffed marshmallow MAC Debt is a nightmare up relevant little things to native for supporting last podcast NATO. Eggs aluminum parable and tell free deodorant that you can feel good about native, believes that law is more so their products have pure, simpler ingredients. Take a look on the back of one of those.
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five dollars and you'll get your first refill at get quip dotcom, slash last pod visitors, simple way to support our show and start brushing better. But you have to go to get to you p dotcom, slash last pod to get your first repeal of re. Go right now, get Q, you Ip Dog, Cobb's lash last PA, but according to what the police think happened, dies and was not the only person at girlies apartment that night. They think that Linda hinting went to girly, choose apartment and gained entry, because Linda had become a regular customer at Girlies Bank branch. Ok, don't know what she said, but she was a familiar Linda. Hitting was a familiar face. The early to at the very least, it's possible that dies enhancing coughed was there as well, but was standing off to the south.
I mean you could see em if they want to know it's hard to video, there's no way and held that girly would have ever open her door for hoss and coughed much less left. Let him inside right. It's thought that once girly open door for Linda, because there was no sound of forced entry dies and pushed his way inside and what's Linda, were Linda, might have attacked girly when the you got no, what seems like a fistfight girly might have gotten a few Knox, which would have and a small amount of Linda's blood flying down to the carpet, and this is what to say whose girly took almost boxing less yeah, so girly like this is one of those things are. You could see this. This is a very dramatic encounter. Linda's been fuckin when a kill. This reptilian queen I'm waiting the walk in this room and watching her skins would open in Africa like like full on reptilian queen. Had it not been. Instead, you gotta ninety five pound woman that, like reels up what work if you like, but she just fucked
clocked or a couple times in the mountain, at least we think so reason why investigators believe there were large pools of girlies blood on the floor has to do with Bill Miller. They think that when the conflict between Girly and Linda began Linda was gettin a fuckin. Scared and dies and was not step in and at all, so they think that Bill Miller rushed inside, attacked, girly and ended up Spillane a large amount of her blood on the carpet, which ended up being in three large spots, ranging in size from a great fruit to the size of a Basque. Bomb then once girly was subdued, she was taken to another location where her body was possibly dissected with the ninja sword and the parts were either buried in the desert are thrown down, one of the hundreds of abandoned mines that letter the outskirts of Albuquerque
their main thought processes that their again there's no body, there's no crime and its very, very difficult to prosecute a crime that basically disappearance, because without a body you can find out, why what exactly is even dead issue? How is she killed? You can't figure out the shit. Can I imagine it is difficult to dissect. The body with an interest sword at that point: it was probably unornamental thing an event. They would have to figure out a more conventional way of dissecting body. She they some I got rid of her in some shape or form. We don't know how or where the, but we have no idea where the body is over his point, so we ve got to stories to choose from here either girly kidnapped and killed by a secret New Mexico militia who were looking the home, their kidnapping, skills or dies and and coughed conned to gullible conspiracy, theorist into helping him away alimony day which, why is more likely, I'm going to say the alimony yeah yeah
Of course not I mean to go to trial because he doesn't want all of his scams revealed. Yes, he does. One should revealed just be even fact of him being questioned, has dish. Lloyd. His own narcissistic view right of his whole life. Nothing nothing can get in between the fake reality you generated himself and What other people perceive him? That's that's what girly chew represented, and none of this, of course is his fault It's more nostalgic, yet it is girly choose fault for making him do this. If you, new filed for divorce, then I wouldn't have to do this. So this is her fault. But what's Julian Saint about this story, no matter which one is true, is it like? I said the period of time, this bears eating the period of time between dies and meeting hinting and Miller, and the disappearance of girly to house and coughed was six weeks oh, my god that is so crazy,
signal. We vaster twist and turn these people so fast. So when girly didn't show up for work the next morning, her coworkers immediately called the police. Girly was never late for work and she'd been tone or co workers for months. Hey? If I don't show up dies and has done something to me, then that day a New Mexico State Highway worker named Raymond Gabble DAWN, found a tarp on the side of the road, Indy miles south of Albuquerque, that was covered in dried blood, human hair in clumps of duct tape. One specifically was a figure, a piece of duct tape, look like it was uses, handcuffs and just twenty feet away from the tarp was a pile of blood stained
clothing low, while later someone found the wall it in the middle of the road back in town in all of the items plus most of the blood belonged to girly, chew and that's the put this is. The part that I cannot fucking figure out is: why did they go to all the trouble of getting rid of the body where nobody would ever find it and just leave the tarp and her clothes on the side of the road they either were in. Rapid. Possibly I saw people driving alone and they probably caused if they were out there in the night in the mill the desk They either had light, so they had a car parked in my my they probably at a car park with the headlights on while they were trying to get the body and people can through NATO wanna be see. They got spooked field super paranoid so in the middle of it they kind of abandoned what they are doing, or they are are morons. They just put it under a bush, or some shit, like literally like try to very quickly wrap it up or by this point there just like. While they still need a body.
Yeah like if we can get rid of them body. That's the thing. That's most important is apposite they were just like? And now this is getting a little boy. I get it. I d like it. May be that it gets us three all they thought they were gonna get. I would say that my boy, my guess, is that they possibly used Bill Miller truck to transport we and they just through everything in the bed of the truck and as they were driving down the road at all just blew out the back and they didn't notice. Goodbye dance. Conway Pass and had no fucking clue went once they to wherever they were gone. They looked in the back when oh, no and now we have to ask any questions being like, so she never turned into reptile. Did she even Everybody want everything to be wrapped up in a little well you're not supposed to work, but it's more complicated than that, Linda. Its work obligated to map Linda
it's more complex good to go. Do it's a cogent thought. I was gonna be gone. Now we have to talk to the Supreme Court. So when forensics got to work in the apartment, they found three stains on the floor, that it obviously just been cleaned with bleach and when they did a luminous test on the carpet. It was obvious that quite a bit of blood had recently been spilled, but in addition to blood and hair from girly chew, they also found blood and hair from a second person and saliva and hair from a third, meanwhile dies and hoss and coughed had completely skipped town heap and run and an online scam with a woman from hand to hand South Carolina, name, Sherry Clinton and she'd flown into Albuquerque on the day. Girly went missing too Mary dies, enhancing coughed, all God so the next day, sherry enhancing cough
climbed into an suv and drove to South Carolina. Housing costs just totally abandoned Miller and hinting like that. That's your letter, I'm gonna fuck your line and I'll see you there baby. I don't know. Oh my god. Problem was sherry, found that her new bow had a few disturbing habits, including, but not limited to a hard core morphine. It because it's one thing to remember about causing cough. Is this whole time he is an absolutely disgusting human being, like he's covered a track marks he's litter, we bleeding he's doing this he's doing this thing worries pretending to throw a blood all time cause he's got one leukemia line go and sing he's got leukemia, then he's obsessed with Blue the whole house is filled with blood, and debt morphine thing must make you an unpleasant person to physically be around yonder period. I would think so, and he also had that huge hole.
Bend of his art. That's right that quarter, Size Hall, yeah, and he told this woman that he'd gotten after being exposed to radiation in a lab experiment. Is also why he was almost constantly vomiting blood and dies and might have just disappeared completely. If not for his ego, he used sherry cell phone, while they were on the road and made a multiple phone calls to three people back and Albuquerque. He called his divorce attorney his adoption, caseworker and his neighbour and told all He knew they were talking to the FBI and they'd better watch what they say when came to dies in Helsinki? You don't think I won't hire a hot air balloon and attack you all from the sky date. I won't show up out of the sewers and attack you from a subterranean way. That day of reckoning we'll come up meanwhile sherry's like so
I was gonna get charger plates. Do you think that's worth the extra twenty dollars per person there? They are in the middle of planning, a wedding which get utero dog meet you, a stressful that it puts a cuban supplanting away. This whole days. One particular he called his divorce attorney. And screamed at her for twenty minutes saying he knew his son. Dmitri had been dissected and if he didn't get proof that a sum was alive within sixteen hours, Everyone was gonna die, oh so because he made those call the FBI was easily able to track down in South Carolina where they are resident for making threatening phone calls across state lines, and they brought him back to New Mexico. So they could try to figure out what the fuck happened to girly, but before they found dies, and they ve already
started. Talking to Linda hinting, I'm assuming she was a steel trap rain so so to draw up a gene, say a word. It was really weird: it's really weird what she did victim. Talk about this. I want to take a little more detail of others. Pinning claim that shit was just diamonds, caretaker schools, a cucumber and she said to her first expense. Means going over to Dies and house. Was him open in the nor in immediately vomiting blood She said she met him and she felt so much sympathy for for him, but she immediately decided to be his nurse may now and that what she we're doing was taking care of him and talking like all detail about like helping him when he went to the bathroom and like watching him and juveniles up out of the goodness of her heart, like he wasn't pay in her money. She just me she knew tat. He needed somebody to take care of him. Yeah buttons just talking about that lets. You probably showed a she really folk.
Based on government pedophile, sex slave rings. She got to the true God what matters is police interview? A woman is missing and you're talking about government pedophile sex labour. You don't want to talk to the better files, because all thing is I'm talkin, my leg, yadda yadda yadda world talk about the murder this one woman. But what about the co balls of giant reptilian? Nearly ok, I get it you're a good. I will get through this directive. We have a document, it ok, let's move on now they did let her go, but they only let her go. After assigning a surveillance team to lend a heading goes. New. She knew something like this woman. Is there something off about this one, because she was possibly dies and alibi. Know, of course, that that's what she told us. I guess he was It's me that night, but something seemed off Of course, they knew she knew something they knew that she was onto the greatest. Conspiracy, pepper, which has the largest pet.
Well ring in the history of the world. It is conducted by the EU, states government, in collusion with the United Nations, Honestly, there is a lot of earth met castle for another episode of Navarre, dire, we'll get to it also interviewed Bill Miller who showed his pretty to him quickly. By asking the cops, how you gonna a bloodhound, find a body that six feet on the ground. Also, what do you think you're gonna do to get good one step, was I already passed. What are the goon terse physical turning physical working night showed that I couldn't drop everything I could use. Could I be good for you, my office, but other than
weird question: he also gave him nothing. We're talking about Bill Miller. Thou was that on the day of girlies disappearance, he accessed a safe deposit box that contained over twenty thousand dollars in cash in coins. Tat. Strangely, why? The contact on the box was not bills, wife, but was instead hunting body named Johnny Buckles hold of funding for all the fuckin powder when they held, is what is Johnny Buckles, tiny buckler sergeant. I don't know I don't know anything about Johnny Buckles Johnny Buckle doesn't say anything about Johnny Belt now, so he could just now. Buckles and also just sounds like it was bill, Miller's name on fat like meanwhile the cops
we're focusing more and more on Linda as an accomplice. Their suspicion only grew when two hundred cat hairs were discovered in girlies apartment and the bloody tarp collectively, because, while girly had no CAS Linda had six This is where being a cat mom becomes a liability under so covered cat. Here everyone you go voice, it's you won't get crime. Well, guess he heard. Well, you see officer. The cats did not see just walked into a room less light. A hundred, a holder cat hairs, life. Women are room. She touched the body. Another hundred had hell. I don't know why people sneeze around me.
Please also noted other strange behaviors, Linda, dropped off a package and a friends house that contain two cities filled with data along with a bottle simply labelled colon cleanse or when the cops check the cds they found pure hoss and coughed bullshit he'd written down. The coding quote formula for the youth serum which it turned out, was justified him and be twelve shot, which is why all the women who took it, let me take about him and be twelve shot. You feel the growing of gorgeous and wonderfully might feel a little more youthful said. That's how he kept that scam going that it wasn't like uses inject, with nothing, and they were feel nothing. They felt something sure, but it was just be twelve like when I not you all in that PD alike. Kick work, stupid, actually weren't, yeah Elizabeth. I feel good. I feel good drinking the PD budget. It wasn't like you call it like. You know Dick
liquid. There was going to make it I'd, get ard, better and longer and astern help deftly not do you want to talk about the media like cocktail that you made backstage in Detroit? Do I want no you put patrol alive. Curly and pity alone together and drink more like what the fuck are you doing this? No one oh, they look was, as you know, what I do is, are you always good guy? Then you didn't. You took one separate. You want I beg the actual knows you made. Was It was growth, was droughts, video light I stand by. You know where this friend of Linda's, who received the formula, also The sitting was driving around with a ninja sword in her car and Linda, had also told her that her boyfriend Son Dmitri, had been kidnapped, killed and decapitated, and the kids head had been cryogenics frozen and sent to Malta
course, of course, and just to reassure everyone, Dmitri Housing coughed totally fine, I mean maybe a little worse for the where but just beforehand cough led to South Carolina. The kid was placed with a new family, and now hopefully he's a healthy, happy guy in his light twenty. I hope so. I also hope Dimitri reach out. If you listen to the shower reach, I will have to find out make sure your get. Actually, we did have Professor Charles Grissom that we talked about in the last episode that taught dies and and coughed early on in his career. He reached out and said that Henry's voice is spot on. Why very weird, very weird, and then I'll be also did deep, was a very good the reminder of the true victims of all this workers, Dmitri and girly, chew and all his countrymen, every single person that dies and touch his entire life. Yet this I was here he said like yeah spent eleven months with them and thankful. I came away unscathed. Two I'd tat. He touched my life, but all you.
To me was an annoyance once the lab results from girlies apartment came back. The game was over for hoss and coughed and hinting besides girlies blood. They also found headings blood and a hair from housing costs head as well as housing, coughs, blood and saliva. In addition to all that, they also found a pig button from girlies pants in headings car and the ninja sword. Housing cough bought on the day of girlies murder was found hidden in a secret compartment in headings. Garage investigators did find evidence of blood on the sword, but It had been clean so thoroughly that a dna match was impossible, dies and claimed that the blood was his and came from a bloody ceremony he performed before gifting the sort to hinting at, was japanese tradition of car we're? I I did look at. I just type in the words, do
blood a sword like do do that link? the only thing I have several several post about how much human blood you would need to decide. Bill to make us so ably iron in blood, which is a thing tat, People do wow. I did not know that. However, the blood covered tarp found near girlies clothing had a wipe mark that was consistent the sword, which isn't necessarily proof, but it certainly is highly fucking suspicious right, so even though there wasn't a body henning and housing coughed were still charged with kidnapping and murder based on forensic evidence? There was no way someone as small as girly chew, could have lost that much blood and survived, and Bill Miller was arrested as well. Also through forensics upon a further suite at the apartment. Cops found died, pink dear,
hair in girlies carpet the same type of pink dear hair that Miller used in his fishing lowers. Just say yeah it's just in Spain, because what they did we would the, which is one of those tails. Were the cops didn't fuck it out, not all that they did a very thorough, going out with a set of. Is that, unlike have you read about the key case of Josh powered Susan Powell and you're, just like it's awful like how late it really fucked up the investigation searching for like as much absence they can. They just took the entire rug of the apartment and they pulled it out and they spent no the evening at the trial, with they use like a tape. They pull up every single particle, that's inside of the rock and that's just spoken wild They found the big the lure hairs to pull a technically place here. There. I dont even already brought. Did he bridges
I have no idea, but it's what placed him at the scene, and they did that. I mean they pulled all the cat hairs. They polton dog hairs. They pulled everything like a the AP really deserves some fuckin kudos for the work that they did. Arrests, good job, but unfortunately that pink dear her was not enough for a grand jury to indict Bill Miller yep Only thing I ever wanted was to be Goon one and now an enforced early. We're gonna have to name you guilty be in good want. We just got ran from the Supreme Court only heading and coughed went to trial for the murder of girly to needless to say, housing cough did not well imprison during the lead up to his trial na really, when two in me its demanded rent
on his cell and blocked up his toilet with sheets pausing coughed tried killing them by grinding powdered glass into a can of India, Bottom commissary, your fuck was a babby. Have I got back Gacy really again Vaguely, though the prisoner was transferred before the plan could go into action. Didn't go through with it, but housing costs still found room to be cocky and he told everyone that he'd be out prison in no time because he'd committed the perfect crime yeah- that's not certainly not, while I'm in jail right now, that's my certain also dies in you know when you say that you committed the perfect crime, the optimal word. You committed a crime of the work that people are going to be like. Oh, you could hear what that's Martin say that, but that was in his only claim and Linda Henning wasn't stay quiet and prison either they buy literally just see her running and screaming in a circle, just repeat out so bad. They both claim that their arrest was a test from a high counts.
Of the new world order. This task in done to see if they were worthy of being inducted into thy counsel. I think I think that what they were saying always folded back into the conspiracy theory. It works and, furthermore, they claim that the Indian well was about to kill everyone on earth except those with a negative blood types, and this would be carried out by the reptilian who were working on systems golly, poisoning all the drinking water in the world, ok and heading in inquired captain contact all throughout their respective trials. Hodgson coughed wrote her letters promising her that he didn't form the high council about her court. Unquote situation, in every letter they wrote, was filled with unintelligible coded symbols for housing. It wasn't the only one bragging when Lynn, The hinting cellmate asked what they really done with girly, Linda Pantomime that she and dies in head in her she went on to say, quote: girls.
Food good spaghetti sauce. They won't find the body little bitch got what he deserved. She then described. The murder itself saying that Bill Miller kidnapped early, took her to a house tighter to a chair and murder. Furthermore, she wasn't worried about dies and because he had a full prove plan to get out of here, He was gonna dress up like only economic put on away egg and walk right out the front door, No one understands that when I put on heels become so desirable that this simple active me saunter down the hallways. Will render any police officer mesmerized by my throbbing verdicts. That's incredible, better credit, so the plant is put on it dress plans put on address wearing a wig and away. He came up with the alien overlord store. The reptilian story in his final plan is
from Moody turns its bugs body s responsibility plant. Oh my god. We're heading also used her time in prison to x. And her reptilian lore. She sketch picture after picture of the different types of reptilian complete with annotations that described the function of each reptilian body, part in sweet. She even sketched out what a complete lifecycle of a reptilian looked like from an egg to humanoid to a full on winged. Lizard creature and she added to human history by saying we'd all evolved from cats up I mean cellarage bug and made millions of dollars telling everybody therefore came from clams. That's how to make sense in a way. I guess I, like God, knows what we were. I don't know we were, I guess, but she didn't leave us hang and when it came how to deal with the reptilian, since she had some very practical advice for her advice was quote, throw marbles after what
throw marble MA am I have been listening to you re up or fourteen hours straight and the solution is marbles, throw a marbles gimme the pinball defend a bachelor do we have to call L didn't in here to fix honestly, you would say: did you know we mocker remarks but throw marbles could be symbolic of what to come up with some about. You know you never have to come up with something of your a room full of holes and carve had decided to be clever and represent him. So of at try recruitment, study in law and the jails also raise a gene, but after a fellow inmate brutally murdered and lock up housing. Cop decided I do, want to stay in New Mexico, any more. What hasn't got did was that hasn't coughed decided to snitch on his room
there was the head of a massive New Mexico guy. I want to say that was called deep linked to pass solely to forget the name of the gang. There was a very active, violent gang that operated at of Albert Turkey and he decided to snitch on this person. And that goes very fast. At information to Roger goes very bad, hoss and coughed became no non grata in jail very quickly to the point where it man was murdered. He was also just about to be murdered and Yeah, and so here lies- I got to get out of here and so keep led guilty to murder under the can. Mission that he serve his sentence in Wyoming was over and done with prosecutors. Moved on to the trial of Linda hinting know. Unfortunately, for Linda the only card, her defence headline to play was to blame the whole thing on Bill Miller, but since they didn't have any evidence they had to lean the most unreliable person in New Mexico dies in house and coughed
We decided that the guy that was gonna save this whole thing What was tyres enhancing the here we're going to save her life by put them on the stand, and the look of the d shit eaten look on his face when he walks. Court. You watch anything that you can fines on his on this trial. When he's walkin in sweat, because this is when he's in full long hair mode. He is like ready to go to speak, like oh yeah, that to get a shall we are drop in this town and he gives his full end of the movie supervillain speech yeah I'm on trial, they one person in one of the documentaries. I think it was one of the copse said that not Why would someone in their first year of law, school ever choose to put dies and housing costs on the stand? No one in their first day of law school would do something this fucking stupid right. It's the only witness. The defence hat was hemp when he walked into the core.
We take the stand he had long gross fingernails hair down shoulders and sometimes spoke in a thick german accent, but all the time, not just those fine he's just advisory amateurs, and it was during this term, All the arts and crafts told his story about Bill Miller, adding that it was hot and coughed who had planted headings blood at the scene, so he could throw investigators off the trail because he said that he had taken the blood and he tried diluting it with this kind of asset, but he hadn't done it right. So that's why the blood was identifiable as Linda heading. Because there is hope was it the bought. The cops would see the blood and they try to test it and they re like all. We don't knows it is, and then they just gonna give up ok, yeah yeah and he was about his awful as a witness as you'd. Imagine, let's listen a clip from his testimony him talking about Linda, hitting I don't care whether or not you kill you
What are you doing? is going to happen here. Is that you're going to kill my next picture I get all anything that he failed to add very my travel time. Everyone just staring at him like ours, so if you're, the defence for Linda I just know, does have no one death, I'm your polio bodies dead yeah. I don't know what the fuck there we're thinking and the problem with dies and story prosecutors had intercepted the love, letters, the halls and coughed and earning rescinded each other that we're talking about his plan to lie I under oath to lie to make up the whole story, and it may come as no surprise so the patent has coughed understands, sunk, the defence completely, and the jury came back with a charge.
A felony murder, which earned Linda a sentence of seventy three years and Linda hitting almost casually looked at the verdict as a key. Of same shit different day? This is what she said about her trial in an interview she did afterward? I wasn't surprised if they were too said. Well burner at the stake, I would have said: well, it wouldn't be the first time you know a past life I was per. I believe I was burned at the stake, so she's very Jerry, you no good for her. Oh yes, it's just this year sentence. She is good incentive I guess I don't know. That's where you serving a life sentence right now she honestly? At least she she stays true to herself and she is it when they're reading the verdict- and she shows no, I like it is like- should the look on her face. Like someone told her that it's gonna, be other you're gonna have to wait. Another thirty minutes
If someone just came out and gave her a mild inconvenience, our focus she said the fixes already in that she was already named, been complicit by the. U S: government pedophile system buffer exposed, and so she just another victim of the gigantic cover up because they are afraid to speak who's the nature of our leaders, which shape shifting reptilian that are put in place there since the beginning of Human kind that are slowly but surely acting out their gigantic Jeconiah agenda, which is to farm earth. Until it, a grey huh, sk of every bit of its orbit energy. Henry again, do you want to buy the railroad because the railroad or you down have, I will put turn hotels onto park, pray you guys if I don't get the rules, but now, when you have the money, not one you ve got.
Money and that's why? I'm, the banker Z, flip it all around and realise that actually was in power, the entire time I'm never play monopoly with you again. We should stop, as we said at the top of the first step, there is a small chance that Linda hinting was not directly involved in the murder of garlic to pretty much. The only scenario where Linda isn't involved is if halls and coughed borrowed Linda's card both drive to the scene and transport girlies body out of town That's how the cat hairs got honor, that's an. He also had You have taken Linda's blood and planted it at the scene That's the only way, Linda hinting isn't involved. Which is what he said. Oh that's why he use collected blood from her and scored it out at the scene. Would you like? Ok, that's very, very complicated. You had Isn t true, it's pretty pie. That at least one other person, besides Hoss and coughed had to be involved, whether it was hitting Miller or both his as the cops point
out. Such a tidy man like dies in carrying a body out to the car was going to be a conspicuous site. Little even solve these needs very insult. That's it in silence, insulting practice, lifting Natalie, a hundred years ago. There is ever fire thou second lifted up. Her daughter also those there see what people are going to notice you lifting up Yet there are points that we look at the highroad. We look at my hero go. The problem we have here is that will never know for sure what happened, because halls and coughed still refuses to give the location girly choose body and also refuses to give any interview to anybody which that's actually kind of interesting for personnel. Yes, is very much so and hitting roof to roll over on dies and coughed and Bill Miller ain't. Saying shit. Nor do I know I love tee. His hot lock life fell apart.
Eating go to prison, but he filed for bankruptcy. His wife left him. Kids, won't talk to him any more and the two family suit him oh yeah, zero matter, fucking spoken, ass, Jeff, coarse and, unfortunately hitting is pretty Doug. And on the whole reptilian thing, and quite possibly still believes that she is a reptilian queen being tested by the high council of the new world order, When you talk to her, she still like bury the way she talks about this government conspiracy, shit and this reptilian shit is so matter of fact, because If you look at the upper, how many times have we see it on a daily basis? Now, with the kind of the rights given on, and these ideas of, this is bedrock there. This is it. It is slid into a thing that you or your at a base. This is what do you think your reality and then, once your shifted to that point, anybody can really convince you of any absolutely I'm pretty much. Our only chance here is heading somehow finding Jesus in prison and coming clean,
with the whole story. Where were you you're like the fly? But until that happens we never know exactly what occurred on the night that girly chew, hoss and coughed disappear. What are you talking about? We know it What happened genetic killer reptilian queen? What you might not getting the right side of the story we have a breach of the war in Libya. Heading only possible made the Tipp of his spear against the reptilian agenda in prison with housing cause. I don't know what we're gonna do repeal it Kizil you I've learned the wrong things and things this of serious, but I'm glad you learn new buzz orbed in its learn, some of it. It's all about. Thank you also, much more listening to the tragic tale of the murder of girly, true and, of course she is a victim and our families, the victim at its it's crazy insane people when they get together so perfect storm?
of chaos and mayhem and others just very sad for, and we hope, the to me, three is doing well, because we still have a victim out their hope, so who is who is of a young age Yeah did immediately out now shortages, These regional want even for the charges to be abused. Someone got too timid, and you know this is like we'd love to know that you're ok, baby, Bear United so that it would be very nice to let everyone, oh you're, alright, absolutely so. Thank you, So much for listening to this serious. We have a lot of great serious coming up in the near future. Sure, I'm I dont were excited for twenty twenty that is gonna, be put on your big brain hats because we got a tail for you too. They ve got pager on the data will be replaced with the next day. We have all all of our tore dates for twenty twenty. The early suffer. Software, when you will be released next week so come on out, comes here. Shit, we can have a whole brand new. Shall ye and we're gonna be. Most importantly of all, this is the chance to really for us to be able to put our book in your hands were so excited,
for you guys to see this book. How much work of that market specifically put into it. I swear you will not be disappointed, but how fuckin fixes yes and I will say as a beta test or Barone book, I have left it on top of my toilet brain. I know you know like saying it's a toilet book, but as a person, I like it right now. I've got sounds like you told that I had not oil and what I did not write a fucking toil. Oh my god. I know this. Isn't Joe Bob Briggs Talk serial killer sums up what we agreed on the toilet, drawers God, it's not specifically a toilet, but it does not know. I don't know it's age outweigh with it. No it's upon its book eyes! just read the hell out of it. It's just great, I'm very silent for going on about our position. We are so excited to get that book in your hands. You are going to absolutely love, it so excited and that's as Henry said, like that, all the dates for the bookstore, which is going to say
on the day of the book release April. Seventh, it's gonna start on April. Seven, we're gonna be on tour for an entire month, writing to be gone from east coast to the Fuckin West Coast and Everything in between we're gonna be going to some places that people have been asking us to come back to long time we're gonna be goin to a couple places that people have been asking us to go to for the first time. It's gonna be some pretty insane shit and the other thing about that. Is it if you're lookin for a last minute, Christmas gift for that spout. All someone in your life, my cat, a visa hey take. It would be a good Christmas gift, next wake us and for our part, we have a lot of fun with it with a new meeting greets olive meeting rybody say allow we have a good time,
people yell at us as great an remember when you by your ticket? You will have the choice to also by the book with your ticket and if you buy the book with your ticket, you're gonna get a signed copy. It's not that it's we're not forcing people to buy the book to come to the show. But if you do by the book with your ticket, you will get a signed copy of the book. Awesome. Can now wait to share that with all of you so excited guys and also the next couple topics we have come up. We're about to do. A very big had her that, as a person that we have been asked to do for a very long time very excited to launch into and again we are ramping up to episode. Four hundred work on its already begone. That will be happen once we are the exclusive Spotify, so this is also- the opportunity to start subscribing to the show and Spotify. We are very, very ugly. I I don't know what it is. I feel like our shows about to get almost better than before I reaches because of the new oats. I've been eaten, my ship
have been so your clear notes. We now and keep up for now the shows your last bobcats network able can stop it kind of fun. The wrestling showing a great time when that mortgages is it your coming out here in the very near future January, page seven whisper continue. To support the network, because we want to do it, details of gauze of cars and also one more thing. Thank you to researchers, Joe for your assistance on this episode, thank you, your alright, everyone never forget hell. Yourselves hails agent, no bein a storm, a boost relations It will give you what I want to make installations. Because the largest stagnated they just does not lie. Remember you show was made possible by listeners like you, thanks to our add sponsors, you can support our shows by supporting them
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