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Episode 396: Bob Berdella Part II - Icky Homosexual Party House 2

2020-01-03 | 🔗
On the conclusion to our series on Bob Berdella, we cover his last two murders, the daring escape that led to his arrest, and the aftermath of his capture in which everyone in Kansas City decided to become a comedian concerning serial killers.       
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Its Jackie worm times, eyebrows key she's made a worms here. Doing I usually page seven and wizard in the browser lie regime in January. We're going to be. Chicago we're gonna, be in Pontiac, we're gonna be in Milwaukee, so come as little as progress network, dotcom, flash peace, seven live to get tickets. I've been your mom there's no way to escape game tourism. The last time on eleven cannibalism started you know, I have a lot of people said last last decade when the lad, episode came. I remember that, while ye I that the last decade We rode out day, alas, episode we probably should it sets up about being like a gold star
when the terror this it seems to be that the care, the carrots again Kizil, even you we're more stuck on and on the sea s more than anything where it seems that's actually surprisingly kind of normal, really people put vegetables in their policies and their assholes every day. I guess everyday definite, Well, you gotta put him in the freezer. First put the part that the Really scary, stuff is the stuff there we're gonna especially get into this episode. So I would mean We say this is a goal: STAR Territory episode, we're gonna, get deep into it and I think that's very appropriate for the first epoch out of the roaring twenty everyone. How you do- and this is the last broadcast on the left. I am Ben staring markets, barks always staring is located, and then we have a razor browser in LOS Angeles, feel entitled. Ever yet and by tighter I mean hammer
Absolutely I does. I almost did it because in the studio refrigerator, we have why clause ah like we have, a little stash or why clause Jackie, keep some I've. Also, I've been noticed. I've been known to indulge in a double. See care under law is the law. I know that sometimes responded pop went in and then just kind of leave. It affects, drive it well, it does its own, but you know this. This progress is really ruined. Your brain Marcus, I mean What do you mean because over the holiday season I gave a nice amount of money to a man in need of our being cancelled, such a good man, good master, let everybody now that he's been a good man gave altruism philanthropy someone you gave him yes, because I need you feel I needed some one to be grateful. For me, That's why I didn't I write I invested in him to say thank you, sir. You have just made by
dreams come true it as that yeah. I did he's right morbid adblock, but then Marcus. After I did something very nice. If someone he said, oh That's how Bob bordello started it's just a matter of time before you put a care in his ass. I did. I am just going to say this, Mr Parks. You can be good without expecting that at some point, you're gonna put a vegetable in a person's bundle. You are truncating and taking my comments out of context at ominous is that we would say that you can have been. It just depends if you gave the money and then say: right now gape it man I got up. This is right. This is the text was, I said. I just gave a homeless been a hundred dollars in whose grateful is build. My entire void left my heart than you said, also helping less force, strangers, is how bordello got started and then I said yeah, but I didn't put it carried in his ass and then you said yet: yeah you're the one,
on the care at me? Ass? Not me, you did. They are literally her whole arguments falling apart. Welcome to twenty twenty are right, Bardell apart Oh so, when we last left Bob Adela he'd just committed his third murder in less than a year and its techniques of torture we're getting progressively more brutal, as evidenced by both Bardell as notes and the hundreds of polaroids found in his home cop started, going through Bardell US things. After his arrest, they thought they'd found an audio tape of bordello, torturing one of his victims, and it seemed like a pretty good bet that that's what they had. The tape appeared to be of movement back and forth on a bed along with someone screaming threats like I'm gonna kill you mother, fucker I'll, kill you I'll, fuckin kill you fuckin, kill, kill. You thought you must talk,
as you know, a catch and so on and so forth into the cops. The sound exactly like something to torture killer would say during a murder, ok, but whimpered della was confronted with the tape. He tolls investigators that this was actually a tape of Philip Book of VIC masturbating. On the third floor, because roommate Phil like to yell at his dick, while he jerked off woke one of my favorite details. I've heard about number one way: if your roommate under the bond, your roommate this is, I mean that it's like. Obviously, this whole time bomb has been the more difficult roommate Schriner just get shit, you know like maybe his he got mad because, like you know his post Mates guy yelled at em. You know you ve got goes up, but right now, Philips kind of tipping scale. That's really interesting. Indeed, I do think
Is there any masturbation role when it comes to roommates? Here you gotta turn the other cheek. You gonna look away, but this tape was made because Bob had set up a secret microphone and in the air dogs that was going into fills room, so he was recording it secretly bought Phil also screaming at his dick for at least Ten minutes every time you jerk off motherfucker a year I hear you're my prisoner. No doubt yak mess with the top, who you bits call. You read my little bits, but at the same time, for me, if I was masturbating, I, like saying more encouraging things you don't like it, you got it buddy, they get Moran. Do I don't just like Father made just like Father wanted to make with all
the sea down crammed than his police balls. I dont onto my dick. It doesn't heavier serves no point up ever try to glue little ears to it. Now. That's not like is not baby shreck daddy bad light. Just imagine how can we please get onto Something was discussed in what she's Bob Cardella thing was. After listening to the tape a little more closely, the cops decided that, on this point, Cardella was actually telling the truth really was secretly recorded tape of a guy named failed jerking off all screaming threats at his own penis. We would be here until twenty twenty two retorted psychologically unpack what they all. That means somebody havin fun to consenting adults, york ascending adult with yourself, who is another consenting adults, and you can abuser penis as much as you want sure. Now course, Barbara those neighbours didn't know about any of the weird shit that was going on in the house, because Bob's neighbourhood was the one place where we actually had a fairly good
mutation. He was known to be a bit sullen at times, but for the most part, Bob on Charlotte Street was nice enough. If just a little bit odd. All that changed what the killing began that'll. Do it suddenly the Bob would smile and wave could barely make eye. Contact seem like the only thing on Bardell his mind was murder and on and on September, twenty six nineteen. Eighty five. He did it again this time he killed a guy named James Ferris Ferris was a runnin body of a guy named George Shaw need to do to previously dealt with Cardella in buying a bottle of animal tranquilizer for thirty five bucks, but after they tried shooting and found is no good. Big went back and traded for little wheat is this that common of a drug that people were used in the eighties animal trenck? Yes, because it's easier to
get in human trenck. Like a lot of the times, you could go like that's very good with animals. But I think a lot of times they have a pretty low price, not much. In a market to check all the vet listeners tat. We love that I'm certain. If somebody offered use of money, you could give him some ketamine a little bit. Because what are you gonna do unless they are made, but I'm not saying it. You know it just depends on that. Yeah yeah, Ketamine horse Tranquilizer Ketamine is, I guess it's something that makes you feel leave me deeply down in your toes. There was reason I don't know either way I say: don't do it don't work really puts a pause paid of? U S on your life, after that. These guys were in and out of Bob's place for weeks shown up drunk in wanting to stay over seafarers and Shaw, we're drifters especial. Ferris, whose wife had just kick them out of the house after he sold all their furniture for drug money
it's a hard conversation conversation either. I'm at Times Valley comes home to hold dining room, people's messing around narrowing, I had to get Abbeville, it's difficult and twenty twenty. I believe it and Ferris had pissed off Bob by trying to involve them in a drug staying in order to get Shaw out of a hash rap independence Missouri. This is a Kansas city situation, dad it rabbinic you ever been in Ashraf in India in order thereby to the final straw, though, came when Bob deemed Ferris to be in his estimation, Knowing Bob said it was a no I've said, Ferris was annoyed, is just e is got me up in. It is
does my eyes a watch whatever you want your tv but we're headphones? This is like the pot calling the ketamine black so when James Fair showed up at Bob's place again looking for a place to stay in late September, Bob crushed up a bunch of volume and dropped him into his homemade chile, and started the process, a new would when you say homemade jelly. I I think liquids who made you will never, if you ever leave me anything that is homemade chile, I never eat. I make up pretty thick Chilean. I do like at noon and both styles. Europe mean Brown and read it south again liquids, naw man no eye to me. It's I'm fine with homemade chile, it's more like grandpa Chile, an own goal, but still likely one besides the now routine actions of sodomizing, his victim with vegetables and various other objects. Bordello began experiment
even more with electricity using a spatula hooked up to a cell. Seven hundred volt transformer to shock Ferris, buttocks, shoulders and testicles. Each shock would last between two and five minutes it is in this continued, along with various sodomize from nine p m until ten forty five the next morning- oh my God, Anton Bob I'd be after the flea market. He never missed work, though now He didn't and I'm naming my first poetry collection, various items which I hope he will enjoy its about every sodomy afore day of the week and other areas like it. I haven't calendar, it is like an advent god that makes some people com and make some people go boy, which is my good tagline, yeah there. It is so in Bonn,
return that afternoon Ferris was running a high temperature, so Bob injected him with penicillin to keep him alive, wrote down the injection amount and time in his notes and resumed. The torture is just not good. None of this is going to plan and I don't even have a plan should had a flat. Mercifully, though, like with Bob's previous victim, the amount of tranquilizers needed to keep Ferris prostrate made sure he didn't last another nineteen and he died, presumably of an overdose just hours into the second day. Now, at this point, you might be asking yourself how the FUCK Bardell getting away with four people and its general vicinity, suddenly gone missing without anyone noticing. Eventually, since two of these men had at the very least slight beefs with Cardella right after the disappearance of James Ferris, the cops did Indeed start looking into the life of Bob Adela, because this investigation chairman
then a few similarities with the disappearance of Bob's, first victim, Jerry Howl. What the police found was Laurie after story a barber della injecting young men with drugs and having sex with him afterwards, and there were also rumours that Bob, like the chain up young men in his basement and torture them was also the testimony. Jeanne Shaw, who is running body of James ferrets. He led investigators to Bodell as home after Ferris disappeared. But, predictably, all the cops heard and saw was an eighty homosexual party house in the investigation stalled well sergeant. I have a theory Philips Dick did yeah yeah yeah yeah, I jump.
Have you seen a key homosexual party house to await a kind of continue? There can never be homosexual party house. One is pretty impressive in our God. It's incredible to bring back old characters favorites and there's some new characters in their little gobs guy. That's the human to come back here. Every bottom of the pile were so cute on yacht was amazing. We were able to raise all that money for the orphanage that was really was, did save the orphanage in then all those boys died anyway. That's what happened a lot in the eighties. You know when cops, would try investing happen with John we gave you happened, would Jeffrey Dahmer like the cops would go, they would start investing in investigating crime, that was involving gay men and they would just go
No, I'm! Ok, I'm good! I'm I'm going home! Onawandah unaware do this and I want to be. I think it speaks their own. Inner weird desires right now. Have this idea that gay dudes do stuff so bush more cryptic a dark, fucked up. Then that you could possibly imagine they reflect that they're like almost sexual. All they do is spread assholes and they're. All they do is try to figure out how many pieces of furniture they can have sex with, but you're like no Europe. This kind of what you're saying about yourself and what you view you cut a whole happens and that how? Because one do you wish to you just how the confidence to wear sheer shirt and go. Go into that house at experience, all the human car wash that you think that's going on their most part, people are reborn gather dude? If you ever read like? because on the family pamphlets, my parents used always GAD or seven hundred club. They love talking about gay sex.
They really go into great detail fantasy. They love. It is like that will guide that we talk about taught me. They eat the poor guy, the visa obsessed with the idea that the gay dude should poop and each other's mouse in Egypt like an ice cream and others about the either or to be like men. You thought that are most homosexual men or women there at all People looking to forces and shit is incredibly Oh shudderingly boring what they're doing. What's the exact same thing, where Dylan there's no doubt nigh eat the poop. You don't have to propose, because ordinary without something you haven't found love through its through Nellie will. Let me eat department. It's a five year anniversary thing is, admittedly, the cops did put a surveillance team on investigators were given a standing, ordered a quote fuck with Bob Berdella whenever possible, but Real investigation was ever done during this time what they mean fuck with Bob Bordello. What does that even meaning pleased
arms throw exit up. What is that it is easy to do you go and you see his car is park too far away from the current you go and see. If he's gonna fight, like you check his whole house for regulation problems, you can you there's so many ways a cop can ruin your life. If they choose to. You know for a fact, one officer was like go under cover and he lowered guys in the bathroom and stuff died your hair and you shaved your chest. Ye D put off as a result of this investigation Bob at the very least slowed down on his killing. Now one of the people James I'll ride, documentary speculated the Bob never slowed down, because conventional knowledge tells us that serial killers usually take victims. With more regularity, the longer their active Emily.
Through a lotta cases it through and motor roses, but there are exceptions being happened with honour, chick Othello in Russia, and it happened with Bob Cardella, namely when investigation gets to close the killers, take a break because they know if they keep killing they're gonna get caught, but not to be too simplistic and discussing about this, there are some serial killers that are, moreover, they are more quality over quantity when it comes to their experience and we are trying to get out of it. Now. Look at somebody like these Dickhead Bt Gay Day view each one of these. We each one of their crimes as a art, peace to themselves like to this thing, and each one is in very important and takes a huge amount of thought and energy for to put this thing together and they view them as these giant epic stories. Mandela kind of view this in the same way where he viewed each one of these men as like a love story like
in a way in a really what about like? What about something like the golden stay killer? Who just stop dead beat? Uk? same thing, TAT, BT, Gay, also, just stop decay was horn and for the attention he still needed a gold as they can resist. Like hope, none of my sir. I've never used go over. Do a dna tests. Would they say this evening, Michael Jackson, one stop looking buttonholes by Tommy had fifty is that his gobio kind of dropped that it does get to a point where you're not as ridiculously horny and as a co media, unarmored ridiculously horny. But did you know you know I don't have to get it satisfied empty and terrible ways interim times I gotta have a nice hamburger and all and I'll shoot a little bit and that's nice, get some of the devil's out, but would you hope is that it Firstly, the system slows down and you don't wanna. Do it has much so you can get somebody mental energy back, If you could just see our faces, daring and Henry, is he just?
sort of associated himself with Michael Jackson, in a very bizarre way that you have median a has a clear EU regions at all and then the way that you refer to your sperm as the devil's injury, a little devils in a big it builds up. They make it. You bet thanks you gotta come out. Are you fill your mobile poisoner, your test, my pupil, you're done little pink little girl. I wish you were bigger. Beggar will usually this break period that serial killers oftentimes take its. Would sinks the only defence, most serial killers, half the insanity defence, because they claim that they can help themselves that this is something inside them. It's broken. They claimed that their schizophrenia they claim their borderline, they claim their whatever, but the brakes tells both us and the jury that they can't stop. They can always stop they. Just don't fuckin want too
so on June 17th, one thousand nine hundred and eighty six about nine months after James Farris was killed. Bob Berdella decided to kill a game. This one's name was Todd. Stoops Stoops and his wife had stayed at Berdelis place in the past, but it moved out and Stoops had moved on to high risk sex work on the street and just by chance for Della, ran into Todd Stoops at Liberty Memorial Park and decided then, and there that Stoops is going to be his next victim. So Berdella invited him back to his place for lunch and crushed up. Some tranquilizers in peanut butter sandwich nosey, I'm crunchy peanut butter guy- and this is a solid, like attack on crunchy in a buttered, I would write. I understand I buy. You understand some people like a thing like that extra, but this is that's very scary to think the someone you just put a budget chapels and been what're you, and even now. I love crunchy peanut butter I do ok well
wow? I might think we branches of government to work if we could only get this guy, why she didn t see you can cross the eye with Stoops, soon passed out and would spend two agonizing weeks with Bob Bardell. Two weeks to week M one of the things that Bob noticed during the murder of James Ferris was that Ferris had a raspy voice as well. Alt it was hard for him to scream loudly, which meant Ferris didn't need a gag and since Bardell as victims kept dying from choking on vomit blocked by those gag.
For Dell? I came up with a new solution just put on my thinking gap for a second another amateur scientist has cracked the case to keep Todd Stoops from screaming bread Della injected drainage in a Stoops neck to disable his voice box. After that burden, gauged in torture sessions with stoops that would last up to seventeen hours. Nonsense kind of see him cuz. You know I into recently was Judas priest. Unlike barber Della, it seems to me, like a priest like character, mine. Just him like listening to Turkey, lover as you're trying to sleep in him like company the air with a kiss the cook apron on man. That's gotta be a lot bordello like sent. Size or music, but we'll get to that later Ah well, Stoops suffered from possibly the most painful death
of all pretty soon after bordello captured, Stoops Bob fist at him and ruptured the internal wall of Stoops, his anus an infection set in and Stoops finally died after two weeks of fevers bout, whips, electric shocks and continued sodomy hey. Can I ask a question: could actually didn't you at a low but more experience in the idea of like people. They did more extreme sexual behaviour from back in the day right. How does one train your but to take the bigger object I don't I don't- was drain and yet no, no, I'm not saying that they are as you're asking me yes summit you will find. No. I dont know what words. Yet we went to the first part of Hungary of the award liner yeah, but I thought it. Maybe you gotta heard it is already in a book somewhere. I look you dog meet. You were so sheltered sexually. I
boy you see, I don't know how. I guess you just slowly work it up there, you, you can't, go all in new. The crank rank yeah, you can't go, I mean Bob heed. Of course he did it wrong, and also I mean any, did it. He did it in order to hurt him I mean yes, I mean, of course, I'm just saying. I guess you just have to do it slowly. You know pour your homework this year for the year gotta porn hub in search it NL acrobats, those just work. Mrs research is research. Can I buy a porno premium on the company card, not on the company card, but you can use it as a tax write off while I would give it to you. Papa market opening our was stoops. His body was dismembered in the bathtub over the course of two nights because Bob to keep leaving the good work and one Aaron so
no roommate. No, no wasn't there no room at yeah. He never murdered when he at a room oak. It was only when he was alone in the house and the butchered remains were stored in the basement and told the garbage struck came on Monday morning, cheese. Meanwhile, things were just gettin fuckin weirder over it, Bob's bizarre bizarre at Bob's flee, more cost or, of course this is what Bob had inscribed on his business cards. The drag Inaugural, I rise from death. I death after death. Kills me I reset the bodies? I have created an Eliven death. I destroy myself, although I carry poison am I had. The antidote can be found in my tail, which I bite with rage who or bites me must first bite himself. Otherwise, if I bite him, death will bite him. First in the head biting, is a remedy against bites. I'm looking for
fish skeleton. What I look like performance of a risk element we gotta get out of here. You fucking amateur, until you're, ready to see some caught out of my store. We shit like this that caused police. The later think that Bob Oh? I was probably innocent, satanic shit in this, was only reinforced when they found a record on Bob's turntable by more Garson or garrisons fucking great arise of anti it. I knew it. He knew. I knew that mark as new. We was we had our catalogue start Adele because its. If I'm just saying there was a real issue of his album plantation that was put out earlier this year and it's fuckin fantastic, most sieves name for an album ever its music for plants and it's fantastic. They gave way to get its music for plant plant Asia. Great great, honestly, Chirk, good, highly work.
And a very good better than binding and torturing six men and an attic I most emphatically. You know what the record the barber Della had was called black Mass for Lucifer in black Mass for Lucifer Z. Supercool Moog Album released in nineteen. Seventy four, let's listen to an example of Barber Dallas music tat for them Let me just pull this. Pubic cares and again bear this fucking moored soon a deeper level on this one approach here the throne room is: what do you think, then? I think it's dead
namely whore. Really, listen me so damaging feel Dahmer. I just don't is not also have plans, I'm stuck in the soil, will know I'm just this in the music for plants. This is black mass release. Lucifer, you wanted your plantagenet sure. What's up Went Asia on learn our are put on Plantagenet. Ok It is like this I like better. I actually do I actually like the other one nor the other one I condemn,
but at least myself out of my mind on guard talking to play this actually use. I can also see licking a bloody knife left, no doubt not really like. Who am I I get that, but the first one sounds the nether world in Phantasm sounds like their favorite song debt I mean that was that I picked a particularly intense moment from that album playing. But then this is more Garson. Go check him out of the boat. This maritime, clear, maybe a boy after all, when it came, who did you hear in this port were got very like doing this? good now, This is like a maze. No one person can create both great music and then just making might
eyes, but also its Bonnie about sounds the whole albums fantastic, so yeah go check out Plantagenet by more Garson. How can play get better music and we'd up together deal with Creed. I thought I'd like those of this. Does a distinctly debt is distinctly music for human or in addition to black mass for Lucifer cops also found around twenty books on Satanism in witchcraft, No, the cops are already all keyed up when it came to say ten crimes, because an early teen. Eighty eight a kid had been killed in Karl Junction Missouri, a kind, a sort of satanic ritual. In that story, three teenage edged lords had beaten of forests to death with a baseball bat Livin tied the body due to interpose rock. And dumped it in a well during a half ass admitted, satanic sacrifice Olga, not a single fuckin dagger. You can call it a fucking.
Half ass, admitted satanic sacrifice you little dwarfs not have a single dagger involved were injured. You're gonna need a dagger do. I was half ass. They just they just beat this kid to death with baseball bat soaker such people. Taken all the Satan stuff seriously when it came to Bob Adela. One of the investigators even war? A ring adorned with upward curled rams horns to protect himself against Bardell as black magic power. That's cute fit is to David think that it's nice, but technically, that is pure areas, energy, but according to buy. All this stuff was just an I ll interest, any never imagined he would ever be labelled a satanist but even so regular folk, around Kansas City started, saying I'd, seen Bob Satanic rituals holding court. Here's what one woman said she witness
as told to her Aldo in his Satanism expos ay. This woman claims she met bordello through her former husband, a high rate than a local satanic, we were at a meeting in the area and he was on the platform in a brown with symbolizes. The bat sacrifice about particular meeting with Japan for him, for he was in exalted position. We would be well what happened. There was a young man killed a young boy, sixteen years Did you tell the police about any idea? Why I believe you, when you talk about these things, do not leave these things happen, we're lucky for you, man
I'm here all the whole but Joe Horseshit, my rain. I honestly he fucking wishes wish is that all of that was real. You is it curiosity collector whether you think what do you think they'll do when they coral? I belong away, after my reckoning, has already begun its they all of these crazy shit about. Yah. Yet all this whole series of things to help learn a gap is but all- and we get had a collection of whips like I'm, not normal citizen? I'm a normal citizen of America YE. I think there s. Actually it's good very underwhelming for you, it'll just be like this guy was a nerd high Bob Berdella did not need any help in inflating his body count, even though he did keepers murders to about one every summer after the close call with James Ferris never did in the winter time
it was always either a spring or summer thing his next victim killed in June of nineteen. Eighty seven was Larry Pearson and person was a twenty year old out on probation for the aggravated robbery of a dominoes delivery driver. How do I don't do that? I may say this: you never have to rob Domini, you don't have to rob dominoes delivery driver you just give money and he'll give you would have repeats. He doesn't care what belongs to know. I don't think yes. That's me saying that he's Robin them for pizza Daddy was robbed him for money. This is the answer here. That's my first thought is that he who steel and the pizza was Michelangelo automatic, A comparison had just been arrested again
for standing on the side of the road in exposing themselves to pass in cars. You got caught, you got caught, you got balls, you got caught, you got him stay up there, spinning design, he s, one of course, who is there to help with these legal troubles, but Bob Bardell person had met for at Bob's. Bizarre bizarre in the spring of nineteen. Eighty seven and connected with Bob over a shared interest in wizards and witchcraft all were eventually Pearson moved in with bordello, but after Pearson spent two weeks lays in IRAN. The house for Della again got annoyed and when Pearson started in about rolling gay men Bardell I decided to kill him one day in early August. Pearson complained that he wasn't feeling well, so Cardella gave him tranquil eyes, ears that he said were antibiotics and immediately afterwards challenged Pierce into a shots contest with vodka and peppermints
ups it. So she got a child who can throw up birth, unmeasured, shootin, peppermints knobs, that's shooter, now school. Your high school shit, eyes a twenty year old, Dick flash? Might as well be an ice cold? You don't think he does it serve a little pomp and circumstance. Citizen deserved a good book is now. I don't think he actually does, even though I am, I love I'd, not victim your class, and I say this probably five or will I think a broad dialogue is not a big drinker I her della was doing was he was doing the whole shot over the shoulder thing, not one! Oh, oh, that's one strong! Unlike ports, it like an inch from his lip on. Oh, are you got me who, by six thirty p M Pearson, was passed out and production injected him with for further shots of club of
Corporal Mozilla, oh yeah, I'm just getting that. I dont cyborg clause promising lie ahead. Before I have trouble with medicinal names they don't make any sense at all point worried, injecting them before shots at add yet make sure that he stayed passed out. But since Pearson was a bigger guy Bardell, I didn't feel like taken him up the stairs. So instead, he drug em down the stairs to the basement. Ok by eight o clock persons, hands were linked to a chain wrapped around a brick alone, in particular, was injecting drainage into his neck. So it's easy. Following up the drain, o routine worked once a member Della hooked him up to the transformer and shocked him awake so scary. This time for dollar brought a mattress down to the basement. For
own comfort and in between the Saudis and the pencil and Injections Bardell a used, an iron bar to break the bones in Pearson, hands this something about this. That law fucks with me almost more than anything else of just like just break in a man's hands. It reminds me of unit seven thirty one, then video out it would put the that would deepen ice water put em outside, unlike five degree, whether let it freely and shattered their hands That was a movie. I know what I was trying to. Finally do they do it. They did absolutely oil there, but what you're talk it? What you will have our all your pen burn so that their fill me in everything that unit seven thirty one. In other words I get so Luke Skywalker
Build up of workers, not gotta, be president up up up. No, unfortunately, he turns, nor does it turn of the dark. So I have no idea how to better. While bordello was breaking persons hands, he would taught him concerning his interest in wizards, in which, draft saying that, while the wizards we're all fantasy, this was reality and he was gonna have to deal with this as we are wizards just stupid and elves or skinny to be fun. War are glee match. Would you get and now your hands are gone? What in the hell is going on here is your wizard now to say: Gand Alfie. He supposed arrive on time all the time I all appears gain oversleep doggie end up.
Never let it always arrives on time. I say that on a regular basis. I know you say that on a regular basis, does nothing to alleviate the anger. No, I know you mildly angry keeping alive, like my grandmother, so after going to work at the flea market and coming back bordello shaved Pearson hair, because it kept getting tangled up in all the binding got this along with the torture and malnutrition gave Pearson. The appearance of a concentration camp victim actually looked like an all the polaroids that our took oh about week. One so he's taken pictures, the old damned I'll time yeah a few. They have a fairly extensive horrible collect. None of them on me. I believe the murder PETA Guess site for Bob Cardella, their fuckin awful yeah, We believe that yeah, but in content, to the others, Pearson decided to go forth submissive with Bob Cardella
during one anal rape Pearson said he was going to die, not because he was actually dying, but because that's what he thought for Della wanted, he was trying to please Bob Berdella in order to survive, and he was right. The next day for Della gave him solid food for the first time, eggs and sausage, and since Fradella not trusted him, he allowed Pearson to give him oral sex while Ollie North test ride in the iron Contra hearings. In the background- and I tell you what this government corruption has to stop to have to stop, I can keep long me this. It is absolutely incredible how those eggs and sausages dear murmur those do you remember how you love me deal of me. I gotta change this channel. Oh we'll, as this is oh encyclopedia, Encyclopedia, that instead of
I mean it's. Never just one word usually would be like Encyclopaedia Britannica Oliver northwards escaped, but I'm not in order that your business, your honour, your Fuckin Fox news, hot, take notice by Ben Kizil, who appears a Fox news, because Bob courted quote liked Pearson piercing got moved from the basement to the bedroom and Bob. Let him upstairs. With a d. Collar in leash and every time left, the house, persons, arms and legs were tethered to the bedpost, cops it when they found that bed every single one of the bedpost were rubbed raw from guys trying to struggle against their ropes and its move, all the bedpost down, and they left them
up there to like. He left the ties as he went. It's very its again the horror mentality that he has a get it's about capture memory and that's why he allowed himself to go so long and between kills, because he would he would be full. Ensconced in the erotic memory of it all the time and for the next week or oh the two of them settled and the like a routine with no torture at all. Here's how Bardell it described it. I wake up in the morning have sex with them. Prepare breakfast for the both of us feed him tie him down. While I went to work or ran my errands and I might have ran, I got back from work came up. Untied am gave him a couple cigarettes the smoke, then I would usual just go up and spend the rest of the evening with him. Unless I had some meetings or or air
and that I am wrong. He would be very cooperative E. Allow me to tie him back down just chill in math. Max and relax and all cool people outside of the school just enjoying themselves. Tat all Pearson terrifying ordeal with Bob Adela lasted six weeks. She's, it all came to an end on August faith, Pearson decided he'd had enough during another session of oral sex Pearson bit down hard damn near ripped. The head off Bardell is peanuts from all that strange dodging. Apparently, it's almost completely severed the head if his car, it was hanging on by like a piece of skin, I might have known, I rose, it might as well, have been bitten off complete locate for him and were delicate sat there like screaming Adam like, but he wasn't Scr.
Like what you use like. This is not the way to handle this. This is not the way he was fussy about it. He was Jesse about get this fuckin penis We had an arrangement yeah. We had an arrangement. We were supposed to watch just tears of endearment in tonight terms of endearment dear, But after Bardell, a kind of got over it a little bit. He beat Pearson with a stick until he was unconscious. Member della went to the hospital and filed a police report. The man named Larry person had bitten his penis daring oral sex very clever but very real name again, but bordello is declining to prosecute now the euro. This is the man that did it, but I'm not gonna prosecute Bob spent two days at the hospital while Larry was just tied up in the bed back in his house, presumably in and out of consciousness from the blows to the
call. His bob came back two days later. Pearson was alive but unconscious and Bob told them at the hospital he's like hey. I gotta go let the dogs out I'll, be back, so he went home, put a plastic bag, Overpeer his head and suffocated him to death, and that was the end appears in Europe about they said one of the doktor said that with the surgery with the re attachment of the headed, the penis back to the penises, actually they think that from now on he had no feel. None in any of that. So it's weird to anything happens after this he's not even getting any physical pleasure. Now. Severally out an interesting bob, then went back to the hospital for a couple more Days came home where in a catheter and drag Pearson body down to the basement, because
bordello was so weak from almost loosened his dick it took awhile yeah. He did things in small stages, opening up the stomach with a razor and taking out the interns in one trip and cutting off the limbs in the next since he was weak. He relied on. The chain saw a little more than usual, which made things lot messy Do you imagine that to you, gotta, fuckin, catheter attached to you, you try to drag this fuckin body run. You got the chain saw just shaking your whole body is you're doing it time, you're thinking this would be a lot easier if I still had a good Lord, but instead of putting the whole body out with the garbage Berdella kept the head and again put it in the freezer. For about a week after a week past, he went out to his backyard, dug up the skull he buried a couple of years before and replaced it.
With Pearson Skull, then, with a completely decompose skull of Robert Sheldon in hand and take his second or third victim bordello removed all the teeth with pliers safe for one back, left, mauler and stored the teeth into envelopes, one for upper one for lower nothing was there were still people coming in and out of Bardell s house in this time period, Livin with them meant not during the murder itself, but before and after one guy named hemp. Regular said he did odd jobs for Bob until half refuse sex and Bob stop paying another name. Dj Blankenship actually had a consensual sexual relationship with Bob Berdella in nineteen eighty eight, but moved out in February after Berdella surreptitiously injected him with drugs because he didn't want to.
He had this kind of fantasy. Remember we talked about in the last episode to heap was obsessed with the book. The collector, that's what he said was his inspiration any ideal. I think on some levels that he loved total control and he's in a way he wanted. He wants the hard way. You're gonna love the hard way you want it. You don't love him despite how much torture he's putting you through. Because he believed these so incredible, and he said to you now and special human being in that year. Relationship is so special and end of one of its kind that you love em, even though he's electrocuted you because he slowly these teaching, you he's showing you what it's like to accept his love. He looks like an often sublime from there will be unnecessary. Roughness he's like if God was a person s weird, love me, even though your life is terrible. All
Go with six months after DJ left barber Della would attempt to take his last victim. It was March of eighteen, eighty, eight and Kansas City. As for you bow, they were hosting that in sea. Double a basketball tournaments, large madness, I maybe march bad, I'm excited. We have to go to LAS Vegas four March. Man. Is this your guys tariff Texas I presented again. I am I I'll fly with you, you and take up up up up markets. Don't you want to see what it's like once? They have no control it is a good experiment. I can't you can't do that. After thirty five, Molly gonna could cello out, but you can you can definitely gamble on young stud athletes, doing things that you could never do, even when you are their age and then you can also scrape, I wouldn't make
What did I tell you things that you do that under the two biggest lose control like Henry wants me to know, you're going out have control. Could who knows who's going to win the game? You know about I'll. Tell you what I'll go with you boys, but I'm going to show They actually really want to see character. I was ignorant up and once you gonna tell her work directly with all guys well, dear and March madness, just to be cheeky Bardell up for human skulls in the window of the shop? Guess what he labelled it We assume that team names now the final for you gotta come you know, and you know it's twenty home attempts. You see these working like cute yokes are like and where my fate he from infant, where my family lives in Florida, there is a chiropractor the dissolved Funny sayings are on his thing: you're, like all twenty. It was kind of famous for many got busted for steel and money from his own company. Like that,
and that's the thing that can happen, and it's always that somebody's. Always super funny ends up being like a massive secret criminal. I don't like it. I dont, like I, don't trust the carve rapture, whose party yeah unbeknown to walk and by the sharp chuckling that joke the owner. Bob's bizarre bizarre a twenty two year old, named Christopher Bryce and tied up in his bedroom back home, You know what the thing is. If you ask up owner of a curiosity shop, if he's got a twenty year old hustler I'd up at home, he's legally required to tell you the truth. Now, unlike all the rest of Bob's victims, Christopher was a stranger. Cardella had picked him up at tenth Magee, which was Kansas Cities number one hot spot for gay male sex work. Now most of the guys, their new Bardell is reputation but the newly wet Bryson had a pretty strong each for cocaine that dash, so he got nabobs car. No questions asked This is why I am really glad, like my main obsession is burrito
I'm so glad I'm not addicted to cocaine, because you listen, This guy's testimony the what do when he talks about in an interview after this yeah, I'm not reverse Noma, gay or known in this- is that things sometimes wraps and I'm gonna get Iraq and you re doing overtakes gonna Iraq. An overly look at bottom was one reason that guy we're going to get in the car- and you know your lips are doing to talk over your nose and you're like since a colleague just like that the cocaine led to me to be inside of this hatch, back inside of a man just staring at me licking his lips, like I'm a pocket, a chicken good. Lord yeah me, I guess, mood the weird place my diction ever Ramey was. I went to get weird guys, House and Staten Island, so I could get a copy of a first pressing raw power and no one knew I was there what they definitely. Definitely you could have been a project very quickly, but he entered
your president of everyone to ground and eco. He had the but the banana sector. I know you just showed it to me, but he did give me the real power. What's wrong. Pow, stooges third album but Open did you purchase energy just give it to you just give it to me? There was. I could tell the house that nothing has happened insinuation. There was definitely an insinuation you probably should a stroke Can you could touch his dick? No that's a bad they of cars. I didn't know, I'm not the type of person to trade sexual favours for a fuckin record. We you people They die on your name one day, twenty twenty the year of the same. What year with this two thousand and six, so that you could it touched his dick for definite.
Certain that you got this x mark as might have thought about it, no, not two thousand six markets. No, I'm not gonna trade sexual favours for record. Do not changing you're, not trading for the record. It it's a test, your utmost. Fund with an older Not very attractive Poor guy, try to pick up a young amp about eighty zero rates of Brooklyn and there's the awaited him use diktat. He was very nice, though I know this sweet independent record will get me a fly. That finally understand me. Oh, I guess that ghoul had to leave like all the rest of us will, once they got back to Bob's house, that would be Bob and Bryson. It started. Walking up the stairs Bob picked up a hidden iron pipe in bashed, Bryson, skull
Bryce and landed face first on the stairs, and while he was lying, there, Bob stuck a needle and Bryson Neck and the dude passed down when he woke up his arms and legs were tied to the bedpost. A wash cloth was stuffed in his mouth and a dog collar was around his neck now, Yoda Sis is way more aggressive than his previous victims. This is the closest he got. I would say to a vaguely berserker mode, he just got going full on, like I'm just gonna. Surprise you with a pipe shot is very, very scary it, but it was just at the beginning that he was very aggressive. I think he was trying to get a little better anger out from our yeah, his penis get bitten off and all that emphasis, the usual sodomy in the break in a hands with Bob's Iron bar Bob also tried, blinding bro
some by swapping his eyes with ammonia soaked. Cotton is, if he's blind Bob has more control. As far as the electrocution went, Bob clamped electrodes to Bryson testicles and took pictures of the electrocution again Bob told his victim that if he cooperated, he would be treated well. He bought cigarettes or he'd began and solid food, or if he was really lucky Bobby, would have been a stooges record. No close Bob would rent a video his way home from work. Hope you, like Lou again lucky for you, you, ready press play, Workin nine the best way to make life being that lilies hobbling is a relic base, hobbling, isn't irrelevant asian and revelation really Tomlin is a revelation.
Yes, she is Dolly Lily, Jane Fonda, but while Bob tell em all this. He was shown Bryson Post mortem, Polaroid pictures of the guys, he'd already killed, telling him that these were men that were sex slaves that Bob had failed to quote unquote collect brightens. Only saving grace during his three days and bobbed captivity was that he wasn't even conscious for most of it, because Bob pretty well captain knocked out, but even so, Bryson still got a daily shot of drain owe to the neck. To keep him from Screamin could be that Bob Adela had gotten a little taste of domestic bliss with his last victim because even know Bob still did do awful fuckin things to price and he seemed to soften just a little bit. He once again, I'd settling into some semblance of a normal routine with Bryce it even rented a double feature which one loss, boys and Robocop owing that's good, but rob
cup when the guy gets his dick shot up. Various trigger nobody ever tat very day. I am such Bryson became the only person to escape Bob Cardella three days into his captivity. Brighton was able to convince bobbed ties, hands in front of them rather than above his head. Because he said that was more comfortable. Second, it no circulation in my arms. My hands are above my head, so Bob acquiesced and tied him in front as soon as Bob left, the House Bryson, squirmed and wiggled until he finally got one hand loose and once that first hand was loose, the rest was relatively simple or least as simple as it can be, with two half broken hands, because Bob didn't bring the hands completely. It was more like a he wanted them half broken. It was a virus. Strange thing I dont know they. It seems to be that he felt that it would be difficult for them to wiggle free and its some
I mean this is all fucked up conjecture. But if you keep somebody in a constant amount of pain, you can make the merry physically weak, because your body sort of dealing with the pain that you're in your in shock. Yours, I imagined It's just ate it several ways. It also is a way for them to not be able to like grab at your dick when you're trying to like it must do so with them like grab at your face. Do anything hard for you to punch, get to a dual. I kind of so young and those work like that. I mean I hate that I sounded like I read all this in a manual, I wrote a manual how to rise thing right, we'll Bob had been giving Bryson a cigarette every day before Bob left for work, and on that particular day, Bryson was able to distract Bob just enough or Bob left behind a book matches using those matches, Bryson was able to slowly burn down the fur.
Were ropes, tight around his legs and once he was free, he opened a window in the upstairs bedroom where he was being held. He then tried to hang down from the windowsill, so he could drop down, but before he could get his barons. The window sill broke in price and fell breaking his foot, and even so, Bryson was able to hobble down the street naked and wearing a dog collar and eventually he was able to flag down a meter man from the Water Department and the meter, men very quickly called the How scary is that moment? We are too burn these things because he said what happens at Bardell. We should keep a super loud tv going in the living room. You can't tell if he's back analyses no clue where the hell he is so he's here in this stuff, and he was a brother ups, but then he was incredibly afraid of touching the bed frame. Does it means app so many times that he had picked kind of developed, a sort of that this thought process that he electrocuted the bed frame
and so then he's super afraid of it and again, and he had no clue where the window was going, but he knew TAT the ended the windows, the only way out, which is here. Not for more movies and its true, even break your damn foot get away from Michael you just jump through the window. You guns do after that It was only a matter of time, although the case damn near following the same pattern is the police Guph em up. We saw halfway through Jeffrey Dahmer Reign of terror when brightens report about what Bob had done and said with start to homicide. They assume The whole thing was a quote: homosexual lovers, quarrel: oh yeah, that's totally normal army has always immoral. Absolutely. It was just like when the Fuckin Milwaukee police returned contracts, synthesis foam, two fuckin Jeffrey Dahmer. It should Zack saying things like well, this is the wacky shit they get up to, and I don't want to deal with this so just give him back wacky
yeah, but thankfully, since Bryson was completely coherent, they had no choice but to thus to get further, although, as we have to look out for my short swords on again. Oh, I just shave today is Burma. Dunder government, you ve, been fired for six months. Do you? Wanna stooges, actually have an album here that the cops were highly disappointed that they were all gonna missed. The mark madness final between Kansas and Duke that it is. It is so fucked up the debts. Therefore there was there hoping like as soon as he became a real, invest came like a game, and I can go to a place where those
blood and calm. Everyone know Bob treated the officers with his normal haughty tone telling them he wouldn't say a word unless his lawyer was present, but thankfully the house was fuckin vow of evidence. Besides, all the torture implements and drugs police pretty quickly found both the Polaroid photos under the mattress, showing men both alive and dead and all Bob's notes, and with the notes Bob had kept newspaper clippings concerning his victims, appearances and kept him on a folder, labelled house guess of my farm on, but I guess you got out on first. No one else can upon its it just pictures, Sinbad up new hop view, but daddy. It's amazing what symbol relationship that family does for the entire family.
Real single one of them grow and learn, because image is so full of love enjoy any so footloose and fancy for use want to be like. But of course that was in all the evidence the cops found when they searched the basement. They saw dried blood that look like a drip down from the ceiling. And also saw a smudged footprint on the ceiling. Beam were Bob had hung a victim upside down shoes. They also found the chainsaw. Although it was overlooked, first, how zone one of the officers eventually gave it a closer examination and found that it was clogged with dried blood, bits of human flesh and pubic hair. His member Bob had had to use the chain saw a lot more
Larry Pearson YAP concerning disposal implements. They also found a circular saw a black ceremonial dagger. Three butcher, knives, hacksaw and fourteen saw blades all had been used in the service of dismembering Bob's victims, and that was only a little bit of the nastiness that was in store for the cops who had, Log Bob's belongings, the ones who spent the longest in the home developed what came to be known as the Bardell a cop. That's a look and feel Thetis, As was said, it was like a little half hack that kind of just settled into your chest: rotate officers in and out, because none of us could stand to spend more like a few hours in their before they got the hack to ah well get did they, like somebody, did somebody with the World Trade Center words like all those horrid.
Shows any time the hoarders at all any time. The one eight hundred got junk people go into the hoard or house they all where the masks got out of hand shit, but the kicker for Bob Adela came when the skull of Robert Sheldon was found in his closet. The skull of Larry Pearson was soon after dug up from Barber Dallas Backyard after neighbours testified to Bob's frequent night gardening. After that Kansas City went a little nuts yeah yeah with care this one up, no Kansas, I believe loss knows a duke here. I think that was a duke yeah. I think they're inside barber dollars out and in the final vote, see barber been a local character down the flea market. Any participated in quite a few pot lux. Both there. And in his own neighborhood labs famous for that home made Chile. No, this is the they got no
regions, and it is that this will be no actually that some and the kidney bean what a punch you in the face of their pretty soon rumour started singing. And that anyone who eat one Bob's meals and also probably eaten one Bob's victims, there's no snow evidence. There's no proof that Bob meat and put human lay that he didn't know said he didn't. He said he didn't. Ziyadi absolutely did not work that's one of those things about Bob Ray. I don't like the necessarily taken for his word, but they do. You do watches interview with him and he does admit to many things. Well, himself he's like when they ask about. The cannibalism is like that is disgusting. Rapid you'd say that mommy because number one. That was a moment of faith between us and the other fellow sellers of the flea markets that we did a potluck. Everybody trust each other to bring its
thing highquality one and also to local resource, and that's what I did and yet- and I don't even mean that, like ah you disgusting people. So this offended him the idea. Oh yes, yap, then to cap. Lies on the media sensation, a local classic rock rate Yo Dj named skin roadie Lama wrote and produced a parity song son to the tune of Donovan's mellow, yellow, skid, roadie, rewrote the song, with the following lyrics: I'm just mad about torture, the police. Our mad about me hitchhikers wearing collars. I give them jolts of electricity, Bob Bob Bob matters
predecessors of our entire show golden age for radio, just you do whatever you want it back, then in Bob was extremely upset by all Oh, he didn't like you. He all Bob himself talking about how incensed he was about a con. Test run by skids radio station one a wonderful Kansas Cities Classic Rock station. I had also been told when came in detail with the fox. Station had run a promo, giving prizes to their listeners if they showed up at the station and a dog collar and with the leash on the people here in the institutions of correction, this. The caseworker worker psychiatrist
or, I think, surprise, to find out upset. It did upset very much, so he could only we to get here. The tipper Gore of zero, you're, just like we need a parental advisory on these other fact shows, and I don't like what they are saying about anyway. What what what's gonna happen? His whole thing is it's like could, after this He goes on to other speed all about how its insensitive to the victims of two everybody involved too. I mean it just to the even the police officers, their wonderful work when I did when they ve the way they process it was flawless incredible. Everybody was incredible fun. The foods been great copies. The little I give you the lower than the caravan Ethiopian Bob Bob skid roadie over here thinks that what you're gonna show or do you think it was inserted into the victims? When you put tearing up there as do we have the care,
sort of it again kisses do not make for the inspiration dire job. I checked stood roadie still on the air. Don't kill, yeah, I've time on the facts. What what boy, what its to produce days, whose right to get the led out this skid rodya? We have this city's, only classic grass, if we would get the led out of pay. In schools. Did I gotta let out every single day on radio archer, let it would be a lot, but eventually Barbara delicate even to the inevitable blood guilty to first degree murder and received a life sentence, but within about a year maybe a little more Bob Berdella was dead from a heart attack at the age of forty three, because the prison guards had allegedly withheld his heart matter. Patient allegedly does it does seem that they they didn't take. His cries of, I have trust, pains, varies
Obviously not, but I don't know why, though I mean I don't weird. I oh I dont guide us don't care now known. I will give you it is. We are that I just don't care that you spoke at that. I am very glad that I actually Billy. He got up way easy going again issued at forty, although maybe because of his intense intense love of of disgusting things he may have like prison, he was fine with it. He was ok, he was probably cleaner than is damn how yeah gay you is. Ok with that, I'm not super comfortable with sea owes taken life in their own hands. Now I'm not lying. I well today, Bardell as former home is an empty following the sale of his estate, the house was bulldozed and the neighbours on either side were given half the lot each. Thank you
Have you checked out on Google Street? You want to build a fucking garage on top of their have we heard about you wanna tell of big. I would take these ITALY's. It's the garage, we're gonna, put the nursery side with the USA. Itself, all the Bob Shit, but his house is full of shit full of all these curiosities. You don't Bob's bizarre bazaar and all that it was all about buying it eccentric. Millionaire named Delbert, none Meyer Why are they always named likes like really bad comic Strip, Karen cost about sixty thousand dollars? Ok, I am, but since Delbert died and twenty sixteen in his children are currently fighting over his estate, we may never see Bob's bizarre bizarre ever again while and that's barber Della Bob Bordello, what an insane insane stuff It was absolutely disgusting,
really is one of the same way. Ever again, I will say especially after the first episode unit, What really friggin like mess me up this year was the color episodes, man you're really fuck with me, standards of what is the most fucked up thing. You can do yeah I'd, say then you get lost in you- have to get a recheck after would like out, especially after last episode. Milosevic, oh yeah. Well, this is the worst thing in the world than those pretty It was very bad all right over what they do. Well, so much for listening and thank you won't. We all hope you had a one therefore holiday. We hope you're new year is better off to a good start of US bar of Though- and we are super excited to see you all in a brawl, make sure you get those tickets and yet are book to her word. Just thrilled to go and see all again go to last by cast on the left
dot com to see all of the towards AIDS for doing nineteen cities in thirty days in April and most like, if you live in America, we're gonna become and to a city. At the very least near you near you, yeah do come and see our. Bullshit, commissioner, embody a brand new shepherds and it's gonna be true crime, specific true grass, strew crime, wherein we lost your killer. Shit wouldn't be hawk in the book. We can't wait. Strutton fret, upon stage come and join us. We have so much fun honestly in the New York it such a big deal for us to be performing the Beacon theatre,
I can't believe that were there and I I didn't come out and support as well as soon as that was announced. I got like a bunch attacks from people be like congratulations. I didn't quite realize you didn't realize this is a huge fucking deal. I knew I refuse to realise things are big deal because then, when everything falls apart, it'll be much more disappointed right. Rather it is a safety mechanism that I have in my country and no one else were very, very excited and it's gonna be fuckin amazing into took and it's a dream come true, absolutely, let's see or so people, support. All the shows our lp n. What else do we got What else do we announced? We want to tell these wonderful listeners of ours next week. An umbrella next week, whenever relax, fact episode and I think you're gonna enjoy fondness metal time check out. We got whiz brew and paid seven arrival I've shows very soon next week it we got you can't January ninth, we got Pontiac Michigan January tenth and we got millions ok January. Eleventh common fuckin check him out there in the MID West there there
show is really good at Superfund. What allowances and work towards their finances? It's great and also support me if you're in Atlanta I'll be doing dad's garage January tenth, an eleventh, an improv make em ups, make sure to Orient Henry's, homemade, Chile, hurrah yes, I gotta go see Jackie's eyebrows key out there. She is gonna, be a wonderful performer Natalie, Jean Holding make school Whaley, Ultimate, nearly an Jake Young. They will have a great show, for you will be great God check it out. Absolutely I'm! Alright! Everyone we are excited for the new year, works I'll, be with you big. And better things hopefully happening for all of us in the future, and so so pale yourselves. Everyone hell Satan, hoagie, mcgaughey, duct lanes and may be our way, and he again you know it's twenty twenty two new year, let the boy go. Let the boy got let ever one go.
Let everyone got any one life, including the boy go. You have learned your dog out. Let the bunny go well, it depends sometimes bunnies like carrots Now we re savings particular care in the wild, but now I cowards or rude cucumbers are gone. Much must be losing weight this year. No, I came to think of vegetables. How you'll be fine, Neil lovely I did this is a fund excuse for you. Now Do you really, although no good? If it was a row you because I agree that no man, you flip it now, you go watch a couple of videos in putting things up in their vaginas and you're gonna want us you're, gonna wanna. He would they go up. There will be great, ok goodbye. You show was made possible by listeners. Like you think, store, add sponsors. You can support our shows by supporting them for more shows, the one you just listen to go to last podcast network doc?
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