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Episode 398: Heaven's Gate Part II - Tomb Time

2020-01-24 | 🔗

On the second part of our series on Heaven's Gate, we break down the full belief system of the cult, how the years they spent in campgrounds helped develop it, and just what it was that turned the entire cult to suicide. 


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man i wish that i could share this vehicle you know i've been to have immutable vehicle of yours if you look at it happened five five days a week in the gym and i still look like lou anderson dehydrated i love it and wish i could get rid of this vehicle so much theory i'm trying to shed my attachments i'm already drinkin lacroix which is already sacrificing flavour from my life it's cancer causing it's not cancer causing where are you getting that from the internet it's not your fault you said my aunt care how can you say stuff like you sound like somebody says i don't drink cause cancer during tat cope cancer causing isn't that i would just say those words you just do it at the top of the shop ok but i'm trying to show this vehicle but the only thing that's really hold on the only thing that's keep me here plugged into this bullshit his eye
odyssey dude little let the pr campaign for do little have you seen they made a rabbit crook one of his eyebrows he made a turtle wink good trailer and what have they got saved for the rest of the moon but look at other just showing that one stop when the trailer i can't kill me suicide yet only mine transition to the next level i agree you won't you'll be very surprised at what the turtle can wink in that film let's get where you get out we will always be my doctor do too little i'm not gonna watch this trash that highly with put now right now just now we have a white crime is in the white house and now we have on why do little flower i don't think so hour ago at both barrels all right everyone this is the last by gas on the left i am ben kizil staring at marcus parks
rejuvenated your fresh your young unfeeling god you look good thank you and then we have hollywood henry's eyebrows ski look wonderful why does was without a struggle why i they take a bee it's gonna like you did look at me you absorb the way i looked and then you decided to lightly jai yeah slight hey man i'll take it you want i'll take no you do look as you do we all good we're look you're looking great thank you you are amended on how good you look when you walked in yes and i'm gonna go to hr about it and i am sure i have a complaint to file with myself a you guys ready to get bored to death now we are guns or where there is the worst where you got possibly ok this bucket episode business very exciting this is not about a man named marshal and isn't that fund and i really believe that this guy he's
funny underrated humor and of course mash marshall apple why why are we talking about him he is the head of the heavens gates cults we are onto heavens gate part to so near the beginning one thousand nine hundred and seventy five marshall applewhite and bonnie nettles with their cult on the verge of extinction sent a letter to two members of their inner circle from their self imposed seclusion saying they could be reached at a post box and golf port mississippi hulu always kick that can take gulf pork mississippi without some abundantly publishers clearing houses didn't necessarily mean they were actually engulf board but still he indo as they were now known encouraged anyone who was still interested in following their teachings to write to that address for more information as far as what that information was tee in dover
teaching that they were bringing messages from alien heaven which they called the next level straight from alien god or as they called him the father i do love that they still relied on the u s postal service but had to do with the only thing that could still depend upon in this area and lead for some reason this is the very beginnings of their belief system we will see as the year go especially as now the pull into total isolation over the next like fifteen years where they will slowly but surely chin their religion into a shape that is very specific to them and might i say stinks lentils
i am sick of these words have been wrong with a good lentil flows right through your birthday natalie also said what happened did die you didn't die region i have about your cartoon pictures of martial appetite trying to make like a fun version of why they're only eating like rock soup this week and showed its natalie melick does actually some very sensible and i am so sick to every body relating to these people why are we on relating to them so just so we're clear right now where we are with heavens gate where we talked about in part one this is their roaring twenty ziad is when they're out there they're getting footloose their wearing labourest their drink in more than one cola night so it gets more isolated from here yet but in their theology the father a god in the sun on a jesus were both alien
beings who were inhabiting the bodies of bonnie nettles and martial apple why with nettles playing hosts to god while apple white had jesus is the admiral not he's not the admiral he's the captain whose tyranny up up up up up all that later they said that they were being the same message that jesus had brought two thousand years ago and they were bringing it in advance of armageddon which to them was gonna be a technological immaterial event rather than a supernatural one so one of the interesting things about apple white and nettles reading of the bible was that even though it sounds wacky it was actually more literal than what most christian churches teach they went extra literal now every they mean ever single thing that they say and there they make it a point from the very beginning that they're not talking about any sort a theory all spiritual plain ever their talk out outer space
i remember that when jesus was carrying the cross up the mountain to the hill where who would be hung where he's like thank god i got my jays on because without these i would be totally uncomfortable i would love to see a commercial words jesus struggling with the crucifix right in all the little girl comes in wipes his brow within a big tidied chick with this fuckin view that cut all the way down brings them a cliff protein barton unjust picks up the crucifix on some years it through the chatter inter headed just starts fight everybody and then he just edith had sex with that woman deep into the nightmares has thank you cliff bar commitment not making me open heaven to all these stupid centres turns out jesus love the chocolate meant love chocolate mid cliff bars but the difference was the apple white and nettles were approaching the bible from an ancient alien perspective by teaching that the bible was a literal truth written about actual events eggs
exactly as they occurred they said that the only reason why the authors of the bible talked about clouds gods angels and miracles was because they didn't have the vocabulary or the understanding to name them for what they actually were extraterrestrials in ufos the people who did have that vocabulary though were apple white and nettles followers in february of nineteen seventy six the two gave an interview in which they estimated that their follower account with somewhere between three hundred and a thousand oh you're gonna get out you're gonna want get those numbers buttoned up if you're going to go on shark tank wonderful is a tear you apart seriously it is not going to hold water because mr wonderful's going to look at that he's going to take he's going to do an evaluation and you're going to be fucked because they had thirty people side of a seven eleven maybe it was probably closer to two hundred openness
somewhere around there and by the time levels declare that the harvest was closed at that heckler heavy talk and one thousand nine hundred and seventy six on the eighty eight made the cut a couple of months after the proclamation tee and doe do the camp rendezvous at medicine bone national forest and wyoming telling their members that it was time for a demonstration now you remember the original idea of the demonstration was that tee and we're going to publicly crews by themselves die on the cross and they would they would disappear i would physically disappear and in three days later come back to prove this all all the script and they and they decided to do this i guess movie volleyball courts that this is where this is where it's gonna take you can have bonnie just be an out and out bang and get in yeah you got a very bad debts finds again hewing get you
read it s so they were truly going to be curbed right now ok the real debt was the there was the pitch was now we get that that they were saying they were the two witnesses from revelation they were about become martyrs they would be taken up into the space ship and so on and so forth ok but when the fog was arrived apple white said demonstrations cancel what added value what are you talking about cancel this is like when they went to wally war internationally opponents of john kennedy was the only work in there they held them up by gunpoint go another rides i know that we were all very exciting did we all wanted this this transformation a happen we all were i was too i want to die i know you were here you're a you you're one of our goons so earlier but i left it
also on the top of my car in the parking lot would you believe it when we left down deep and i'm just not going back because i am embarrassed eurostat can someone you release it was cancelled because the followers were not ready to enter the next level thirty blame the audience that showed a plane the audience europe apple wide said that they'd spent we too much time on the demonstration itself and not enough time on their own personal growth because that was the most port part you couldn't descend to the next level and become a sexy gray alien you're only focused on the eventual essential you're gonna forget about the actual work that needs to be done but why
they work on themselves their selfish it can be trash can be left on the ground on main street no one's going to care now not not now that's the thing because at this point the body was supposed to be turned into a sexy alien through a biological and chemical process just what you gotta get used to it you anybody use with his well you're about at school castle i'll just go to palm beach florida you each body turned it anything you never studied nobody so you and i guess all this is where you and i are vaguely line because they also was bad at school work great i dont like homework i didn't like illicit because i would do the same thing eighty would be one of the eight people saying like yeah i'll drive away to watch these two idiots crucified themselves and if you just show on fuckin yes great righteous raising but then we show up and then they were may go on a diet and then now we're gonna go and i'm literally gonna go in stay in look winters these to make the two most roommates that ever exist
a man who doesn't blink and body nettles is all pussy now i don't want any who is it out no their full of lentils no not share a room nor a bathroom what these kinds of people what they found that nettles an apple wide had change their attitude when it came to how hands on they were going to be with all of their followers so the group got down to the business of the here and now and this technique was actually brilliant because it required members to focus every single ounce of energy on the present instead of worrying about the future in any way whatsoever is it you gotta forget about the ascension you can't think about the essential you ve gotta work on your personal growth here and now and this is called control one or one one but in the case of this giving giving yourself over completely tee and dough was framed as a way to achieve personal grow rather than achieving something for the collective is an interesting essay i read i was sent to me by
listener and i want to say thank you very much aid for sending me setting this to us through the i'd sir read email that was written by roy wallace called the social construction of charisma it talks about it breaks down the relationship between a group and a charismatic leader and one of these is what one of the tendency is idea courts called a counter productive goals which is this it starts getting you right now into this world where immediately it senses temperament of tea in dover gonna give you these little things ado that these little of arrogance and shows you go and it and tasks and things with live your life and what that will do is it does is what it's what what dogma said it focuses you in on your relationship directly with pleasing your charismatic leader and how the two of you relate to each other the charismatic leader has to have an audience in order to annex to
this and do you know one some level how to have a conversation even though i am with you dog me from massachusetts namely our true believers they are starting to believe that these bees energies are inside of them and they are look for signs but at the same time it is not real to them as well if they dont have a cloud that is also there as a part of this weird sickle relationship they are too high that need each other and this is the first step of it that shows like we have to have you without you we're not living gots if we crucify recourse if i ourselves right now we're just two dead nerds that park ranger help pull off across in the middle of it you know and you gotta protect the wolves
we have or other responsibilities they should be doing it sounds good kind of like what the people and created a video game death stranding also want you to do walk around mundane tat knowledge even light men but it never really happened oh tino also pulled a page from the joseph psmith handbook see for the previous year too apple white and nettles had been letting their followers run willy nilly throughout the country without a whole lot of guidance meeting when they wanted to meet and talk about whenever they want to talk about there was not really a lot of guidance from central the problem with this is that followers were getting tired of jason rumours of tea and dough meetings cross america with no pay off they started grumbling which is human nature of course in one case a follower had called him quote visions that tee and dough were not who they said
they were what why you know what it was they just will sob accidentally march lap white eat no talk ito somewhere in front of your just watching rob oh this is good i love this dubious chicken it then its lips as soon as he admits the loving adobe chicken you want but he's a human after all so to nip a potential insurrection in the bud apple white and nettles clare five that all of the information from the next level from heaven was channel through a quote chain of mind information flowed from the next level two nettles first then it flowed from metals to apple white and then it went from apple white to everybody else you leaving each key way leaving i got me a glitch
if he's there would still be here man barely boy you must be god will then for young female lose their own bonnie sidebar we should talk about some of these messages you receive lower we meet with the clock so after apple like nettles put everyone in their place the real purpose for the wiring rendezvous was revealed it was fun only time to begin preparations for life in spray in order to prepare t indo instituted a wildly strict programme of self denial and discipline which they called the process and the foundation of this programme was abstention from so called vices and human attachments naturally there was no drug use no beer during
ten of cigarette smoking but members also had to give up material possessions relationships with family and friends and especially sex so it's enough fun called to this point i mean it depends on what you definition of fun is not a thing isn't one of but one of the things i find interesting about the abstention rules is that all the most of the things apple white and nettles band lied firm in the sinful sphere they never to the best of my knowledge actually used the word sin apple white nettles were not guilt tripping their adherents instead all of this was framed as a choice if you wanted to be a part of the group that went to have an honest spaceship right abstention was necessary if not you could take your chances on earth with the loose a fairy mike question is the right like this is the vessel a right to the point now we're the full body goes into the spacecraft
or so we're still in the full body totalling ok because otherwise this is a rental and what you do with rentals you like them fire you shit on roma hamburger all of this need and i want to do actually cause that's what i'm in a rental the way i find parking isn't it no joy bumpers of cars and will i get through the spot but you say that they were not gill tripping their adherence right but as well i'll talk a little bit more as i watched a lotta footage of morphological speaking and an guild tripping it's it's weird and that their punishment system was more heron in their their very the very bottom of their entire body if a scenario where it's this idea of yeah sure yeah reject the ultimate truth if that's what you want sure yea i'm in touch with the ultimate truth and it leads to peer bless and any neither does it believe us is a part of the problem that is driving the earth into to be which will eventually it will be spent
it over and right now it's all queued not saying what i what am i really mean what should i do believe that like a race of roma will unleash a field of death on this world when we all after we all depart but i'm going to say that but you i mean your leave you wait here why a man or a single yo dude you said all of that out loud that we want to save a few cards i gotta stop reading these cuba will for heaven's gate earth was actually a cosmic last room were living beings had to prove themselves worthy of the next level by a voting in overcoming the temptations laid out by the loose a fairy ends but the lucifer aaron's work trying to tempt you in order to lower you into the flames of because we're already in hell ers hell out well it's hell or purgatory depending on how well you live your life you can get to purgatory if you're lucky but the point of temptation is to keep us
here that's why we have chicken nuggets because they try nay chicken nuggets are supposed to keep us here raw wing in this purgatory of bee and seeing my wife's beautiful breasts and you got going on vacation and playing video games aim and laughing with my friends all this disgusting shit that i have to deal with all the time but those are fun things to do my friend as our land yachts hell that sought hell was like living like elbert fish but without the erection of the absolute now that's just everyday life is hell or parker tory okay so the best we can do is break even best windows break even that's why i gabble and actually the best we can do is to reach that next evolutionary level above human that's the best you can do but that's no fun yet you gotta give it up all the good thing about happy because
i would be happy to tell you i can't you see castles alien to seeing kisses standing amongst the the ascended masters as a kind of bumble romulus you guys i see the bag game attachment you guys leader wrestling match igniting cherokee manny hit the grave man with the wood cheer up that's an attack did you ever is due to target and the under the good that was as an ape however my brain is ever ever but according to heavens gate earth was not a place in which to get comfortable or to stay was a test to see if you are worthy of heaven in other words all this bullshit every party heavens gate is just christianity dressed up in asia clothing of all the
same rules it's all the set you get all always you get to the same place eventually but it's just you know alien ok eminent makes it more exciting that's a good twist snap if you intend to read the book by sawyer of by the title by which that will not be name because we already devoted three minutes that title ass something of if you look at it it has over eight hundred pages of these script oral passages all the scripture shit that they used as lead are all examples of why the everything they said was correct so they used the bible as an entire source but goes the oh it was the only thing that they were allowed essentially to read especially by the end where they were used mining for reasons why everything that they said was right through the hope of abstaining in resisting lucifer variants was to emulate those on the next level because after all that was evolutionary level above human and human attachments kept you from reaching that level as such member
to plan on coming to the why camp in nineteen seventy six were told in advance to be prepared for a spartan existence the image let her said quote if you ready to go you will need a car attempt a warm sleeping bag a stove at least two changes of winter clothing them too for warmer whether eating income utensils and ever money you can bring that is literally exacting that everyone plans for to go to bar room that is one that would every friend does like you better bring all that stop because lady gaga performing at midnight but she'll be late so we need to make sure we take the drugs righted eleven fifty five it takes twenty five minutes for them to get the g start singing i don't even know what babies lady gaga pawnbroker face home base will be below this is from ninety ninety nine hardest like twenty why so once members arrived
apple white nettles divided the group into what they called star clusters below those hard on that day or that they you better get the star closer checked out of you go into the thrombosis doctor i haven't in a long time hovered sniffs made out he doesn't say my bark which means i have cancer cancer hurry i was at all dogs can sense if you have cancer and how do you think companies going to tell you park once for no cancer forget it i hear embark twice all the time you have as a result that will each of these star clusters was named after a different galaxy and these groupings the star clusters were made up of circles of identical tents and each grouping was supposed to mimic a spacecraft in charge of each individual cluster were members of tea windows inner circle whom the group called helpers
these helpers would be rotated from camp to camp to ensure that everything was as it should be down the hall everyone's camping equipment was arranged in each tent she's first level first level of organizing the thought it immediately pops and i are keys what do you see who is it it immediately assume there is one if they decide that they are that's and do you know where the ones closest to the god who its right to they're the ones that have the font of truth and they can only the members can only get it through t indo eventually you have people that immediately in two people that are holier than the rest of the group that are even more connected to tee adele which means that even more connected to the god had which leaves a bunch of stragglers and need to be kept in line but how even though it is gentle by by passive simply saying that you have only one pot by bad weather this aim as well this is kind of whom you have two pillows are you really feel that way
we are on the spacecraft that we will need more than on below these the what if your role in your sleep with a roll over in nice leap with five pelops a pillow under my head i grip one with my arms i have one under my but i have one between my knees and there's an extra one because wendy sometimes like this leap energy that pillow by my legs do you have ptsd from vietnam why do you hold a pillow and i don't know they say that use sleep the same way that you were inside of the womb they they say that's it that's kind of a comforting you learn from being a pre me so one of a grip my mom's fuckin got of emission rights eat a beggar every morning billing retort will eventually apple white and nettles introduced a concept called the smooth whirlwind
no no that is easily something that is infomercial that twelve a m suddenly there was hammered who wants to get their life together like i haven't shad that five years i finally got my first ball shaver and i shaved my balls within four talked about that we all share my right april has gone and i say it advertise now for it is absent is weird feel all that air that that smell with whirlwind around europe very french how you need to still wear clothes in public or in the smooth whirlwind members would rotate from clustered cluster every day except friday as a kind of no no you exercise whatever i because that's the data you got it you gotta bond your partner on that day ok yeah you gotta get your bond with your partner smooth but it you get all your arms no sex noses at the edge of the largest sir
was apple white and nettles who lived in a small cap trailer that everyone called central and every star cluster was connected to central by a trail marked off by sticks and logs late into end extrapolating off this structure the group create their own many compound in the middle of a national forest campground one of their little air yes was a remote circle called the decontamination zone were members would go well never bothered by quoting quote spirits yet ah they just took away thing fund from camp in those cigarettes boom we as from air rooms every because i actually really love this idea this is my favorite caught location so far though never cover in allowing forest not no love can beautiful gorgeous unpunished to the boat
just crazy with spirits in heavens gate nomenclature we're attachments to old doubts desires and habits or memories of friends and relatives so if the masturbation there came a call on you to go to the decontamination zone to cool off you could just see brother is a brow ski out there in the middle the combination of full i get on my tent is pitched inside of my pants down dick out and talk did tat just like robin rock just ain't i'm not common i'm trying to scratch you know it's sticking to endure in and how would you like me i'm just trying to get this but they also if these nerdy names to just regular everyday locations the parking lot for example was called the docking zone
keen is disgusting documents when you put your penis inside of another man's being now it's just you just do the it's a fourth can thing isn't it yet i guess that's exactly what i just said that's a dangerous no it's a tips touching and kissing was dangerous about i didn't say you it is a dangerous is not its debt kissing there's nothing wrong with as dangerous for monday morning when the friend that you did it with tells him school they were aware freshman year sounding is the dangerous yet sound said that's when you put the big metal the big metal rods down europe deco right that's dangerous it's all you have fun area by accepting the jobs like collecting fire word or doing laundry absolutely everything had to be done within these zones has all the zones were marked off by like twigs and logs and six inches you couldn't go outside of the zone unless you were given permission to go outside of his own so henry your taken the boat
go on the camping trip i'm going to say you're an assumption ratio geike zeal of japan where i do love japan but the option rico camps were absolutely awful legged these people said it was it was a combination between a constantly she camp and canning factory house really bad nigerians out i'm tag along i'm coming on the camp and draw up how you gonna be alone on a boat henry and it may be called the police did get you both the programmes no they definitely god some weird shit and the wiring camp but ultimately it all sounded comparatively benign when you compare to some of the shit that went down with option rate of course some ginger enricos a literal difficult gap while the japanese apocalyptic court would force feed there followers cabbages make him eat their own vomit while show us the horrors darter burn their king with acid apple i was handing his followers tuning forks i mean it's just
to who sides of the same coin because the idea that what they did for fun is this is as parliament definitely as a on looker on some unsure marie um should reach it would be more fun to be like berry the tab is viewed by telling your turn me like but natalie i got into we were talking to get i've been talking rambling at our about a lot of this stuff but again ocean rico like scientology is one of those good ones if you get into management no i think it's great resumed arrogant demands but it does seem like heavens gator that's close right tee and don't let it heavens gate to me is there becomes it's almost hypocritical that which is the worst thing of all where they were they don't they say there is no boss is here
is no leaders here we're one of you we are as classmates as you which is all horseshit poise when members would place a vibrating tuning fork to their head tuned to the no of a in memorize the sound so they have certain a focus on to bring them closer to the next level while they eating washing cars or do alone but you know the irony is that people who are camping next to them are just like man yeah we run all this beer but they got up ass it over there you talk to them every year the job he would go gets over the acid their use book and crazy over there gosh you have body nettles going up the people this is their television hidden tuning for from the site or log something in her going i did i believe tat really implying
and they all have to sit and then we're show us a horror would you shock therapy through electrode infused shower caps to keep control apple white instituted a self imposed system of half cycle once called tomb time what the hell is tomb time that's the show that glenn borderland should this year the two this year is another two we'll come over here we members were in tune time they could only respond to questions with yes no or i dont know although if more complex answer was needed the writing of notes was permitted now this is what you find the most attractive don't you done me you wish you could be in
whom time are just not talking only have a yes or no or i don't know sometimes yeah no but not always this would drive everyone completely insane work with our partners but they didn't do it always they just did it sometime it is just sometimes because its tomb time you're entombed time do you care billina this to be sure thing like carolina we're entombed i'm written if you want to have like a really she get their tax be unlike hey we should talk they got it you about nor unfortunately amadou interwoven nice thing is when carolina proposes the divorce papers that's a silent act you don't have to say anything but now i can still answer questions with yes know where i don't know in tune time said like i wonder divorce i could still go no see abbot she also has a big say in it but no means to get you sign that paper yes you can get me anna paper can get rid of me you could she could trick
you and deciding that paper in a heartbeat as i have this i got the shipment in here it's his paper it's warm it's a whole palette of shovels and mode monster moon we are indifferent to the arab world as a whole pallid covenant just sign right your divorce whose into town no i wouldn't do it because i prefer peron cocktail over monster munch that's bring us back to our uk the man a sandwich it's not just for those who people who live under the tomb time t t indo said was practice for the next level because once everyone went up to space in the u s foe they will be able to communicate with each other just by putting their thoughts on the quote ethers but really this
the cloud i seriously stand by my claim that i think that it would just like living today i really think so we will see as we get to the beyond here in tapes indeed they do job more into these explanations or court surviving members though tomb time was an absolutely wonderful experience they said that while they were entomb time they would sometimes experienced physical sense patients would sound a hell of a lot like a seminar pissing myself why my usually these sensations would come in around three a m when the ships from the next level were suspected to be in the closest range to earth followers said they'd here ringing in their ears they'd get body rushes and they would have just a general feeling of quote incredible energy this they said was often the most
when they would begin to believe everything that apple white and nettles have been san because a lot of times there were few these physical charges without the aid of drugs or anything else like that they were thinking oh my god this is real that ships are here their clothes i'm feelin it because appetite nettles told me how to feel it i'm on the right track to the next level yet now you have the sympathetic relationship between leader and followers they are all giving each other what they want to have everybody feel good the leader spiel chosen and special the followers who have nothing but an anxiety about living in the real world give up their choices to a leader that does everything for them and then these little bits validation make them realise of them some feel that all of this shit is is working that i am i am part of a living working system
you should always give up all of your motivation to acute with eyes have always said that always i that i wish the paper clip from the microsoft nothing would pop out and tell me she caught my balls off and finally i can be released sounding that's probably what he's doing now do it is global i put i spoke with the lucas brothers kenya keith grant comedians if you haven't check them out check out the lucas brothers they ve been sober for roma a year and they were saying they can make like we know we know anything they were saying that you can kind of make yourself trip the breathing i dont know how to ride beds a breathing thing at the closest i ever got too it was why did the sensory deprivation tank and i got into it in their some being so bored that your brain create it like i don't know how to describe it was like i shot down a tunnel like i
all sorts of shit and then for a while i was wondering if this is just like edible nuggets that are still in my like a disguised soom like while i'm sitting in their but then you wonder if you take we all stimulation because these people lead let's make no bones about it this is some of the most bone grinding really boring wives did you can pay possibly imagine the rule was to sit and do nothing they wanted to get to total oneness with their boredom so they would sit and do the in due time they would be staring into sky like laying dirt staring at the sky for hours and in a way it does it sheds all this other detritus all the noise coming in and then your brain starts like kind of doing things for you because you do with its way our consciousness works for some reason and then
group of kids from f as you calm and spray you with like the keg hose y gotta work we talk to a bartender in new orleans that was attached to french quarter of at the bar those attached a french quarter phantoms and he said that he does this like breathing exercise that actually can get him like close to the few of india may ok actually like trip like through breathing which i'd like to know more about that sure it yeah man ultra golf i don't want your ballroom and about being winded only elliptical what because these people were getting like these tiny validation apple white the metals were more easily able to sell the whole fuckin programme the idea was that the more you pretended to be on a spacecraft the easier would be to transition to life on a spacecraft gives even though it was a boring live
it was still in service to the future life on a spaceship on its way to heaven you still pretending the whole time you're pretending i'm on a spaceship your pretending bang and outweigh space aliens and you're having a pretty good in your mind the owner and i go getting as there is no good guys wherever the killer as died they just called the trash can always till you man it's weird right big i i don't know because there's a part of you the does understand that lifestyle you see the again where i think we're dog meet my part ways where it's like you're cool with eighty of the sort of spiritual exercise our what other colt ocean rokjio scientology specifically they gave you or the props they gave you all this stuff right where it's like you know scientology has like the stupid eater written whereas the uniforms and as always like it has
things that you can touch that looks i find that help those was that are not willing to give up my boner like to get more into this i lifestyle would they want their goal in the total crunchy way which is again they're playing for the afterlife its super super question it gets all gets rid of all this i find it in your you're not living a fun life now so that you can fuckin trip on the stars later we haven't really mentioned this yet but any music is there any music valverde shit i don't think so well know that actually there is quite a bit of singing from apple why'd i think there are now why i mean their names or music base doesn t where the air of a man just that's all over and over again body else favoured album quantum court album the sound of music soundtrack that was her favorite thing on the face of the planet opens who had just heard just be unlike
night the end part when they nazis sky hopelessly is very nice we said what came to known as heavens gate was essentially just christianity by way of chariots of the gods but when it came to the day to day activities of the cult apple white and nettles rip directly from science fiction but where own sham rico took from isaac asimov dist hopi a novel the foundation heavens gate chosest civically utopian model heavens gate or about the biggest star trek nerds you could find out who is again we are falling in love we honestly he looks it does have a look you die because now has its own television show again it's pretty good marshall would love this time this time era star trek definitely
in bold in the use of silly haircuts up to promote smartness and in an attempt to recruit more turkey's heavens gate distributed posters that specifically transpose the biblical story of geese this cries into certain concepts and hierarchies that were present in star trek they say that jesus was essentially the captain who led and away team to earth two thousand years ago and there may jim was to help mankind overcome their humanness so they could enter the true kingdom of god i e the united federation of planets coil all of this stuff that their base in their religion on his made by heathens it's made by lucy variants the people who made star trek wert sobered you know
were chain smoking it knows what you know some level they thought the gene rawdon mary was touched by the oneness and they were like all other stuff is bad yes it's bad but star trek is kind on the money that want us out web sites i fight like involving to do it so far they absolutely love like they considered it a part of the overall can yes that was heavens gate arrive things also got more severe as they went so based did we more this was all thought excises again this is well tiers alive so while she is alive and with them it's way more kind of thing they were really happy in their own little shitty way rare it doesn t work
on did couple they loved each other very very dearly and they kind of lee live didn't held sway over this group of of of nerves in the forest for awhile and it seemed to really work out because of this time period it was nice and they could talk friendly about star trek and they could be get add all the be sort of pop culture references into what they're doing right now this is all just thought exercises but they kept they stayed star trek fans threw out like at the end they were huge deep space nine fans one comecon springing up in utah one in why yeoman saved all reasonable winkie actually that was the most shocking thing to carolina about this whole situation was she was shocked that they killed themselves before the deep space nine series finale she like
they didn't find out how it ended they didn't find out what happened to captain cisco early i don't wanna go like i am certain that the next level will understand then some of our older members will have taped it and they loved exiles to my knowledge by because it was all about aliens and and sign it like you know i love you really is closer to like next level thinking so loved x files love star gate star gate was a big big thing for them as well it's interesting to have that connection because those worst hit kind of mitch but i mean x files was mainstream media star wars i'm still a little bit more net but there are still millions of people the loved that now while turkey's ain't niche we'll two thousand years ago g his mission kind assorted took but the mission was still incomplete so the away team returned to earth and the nineteen seventies and settled into them
sure adult bodies of martial app alight and bonnie nettles but this time the admiral a k a god had come along with the captain and his crew this idea was taken from the star trek movies were kirk was admiral and spock was the captain specifically they wipe from star trek for the voyage home yeah which involve the crew of the enterprise travelling back in time to save the whales after a space bro evaporated all the oceans and the twenty fourth century but they also came so taylor you gotta be nice to the whales you're gonna make sure everything's go to the environment here and so on and so forth would they kind of transposed i remember that one does not specifically fuck with the prime directive there's always well that's the thing they also transposed the crime directive prime directive being when members a star fleet were not allowed to interfere with developing cultures because when it came the heavens gate they eventually decided that they could not interfere with the spiritual development of other humans that violate
prime direct will also because every single time they showed up and tried to explain that this googly i'd asshole any other woman were they travelling the god had and everyone role derives so hard they fuckin fell out of their ed what they received enough of those rejections yeah and finally came in to be like we were not supposed to arrive i remember that one though letter nimois our ip ryanair actually linen nimois directed he did he directed at our track for will then he and i sat next once in a movie theater did you up i saw inception with leonard them we do see two way for me and he coughed really sick those are just some amazing hollywood store you got a little peep through my work we'll do the followers of apple white nettles life on earth was pretty much the same as being on a holodeck but even though everything on earth
does indeed real it was ultimately justice training ground for what was to come ahead when it came to day to day life the group also used science fiction terminology bedrooms were rest chambers kitchens word for a labs three rooms were fibre labs and offices were comp you laugh hey guys you might want to stir gives them rooms poohpooh labs such a download of some samples it's just more difficult four things that are very easy to explain but it gets you in the mood for being on a spaceship i mean i love him the kitchen a neutral lab sure it's also a brainwashing technique that they use to slowly but surely slide you out of the real world to create a whole new vocabulary for people but on point it's a lot of foreign debt ok now i'm gettin i was scared of henry's brain but i think he's actually doing pretty well i think he loves l run
poverty is starting to post pictures of him on his instagram i know what i mean i you created a mean that that did not go by world you are just posting video images but i appreciate again him as a business man i like the way he viewed his work i think that he's he's a funny little figure and i love his body and i think that here set up aright programme and then technically in our people people adulterated rated his vision right so you're allowed to hold all of that because we just have to sort of ping pong you now have a good tat markets if we lose you everything falls apart oh yeah so know i've already described him i've already said this to jackie i've said this to natalie i've said this to marcus already marcus ever shows up after years not seeing him with a fucking bowl caught talk about he met this guy that is the true one so i get your on adult and you you're civil liberties and i feel it is going to make us gonna run people are wrong way in many ways but i'm a fucking put
insane asylum i just going to i'm just going to have you put against your will in a room for a little while and let it see if it passes i'm just going to give that a shot first before letting you go and just i did see with all the drugs and the various people talking to you and me shown up with records green like you miss records of the board of arms super happy no no you won't be realized you can't be you happy you gave me too happy that's actually do it's the blissful eyes of the new recruits gonna put me in an insane asylum because you find me annoying and happy happy but you're you're knowing that i'm happy you know or how happy or yeah my fine happy there is the destination is about the journey let you know about kind to fund the european wrestling podcast in there i say it's kind of fun bringing you all the news you need to know about wrestling to keep you
bringing you all the news you need to know about wrestling to keep you up to date yeah we cover all sorts news from across the wrestling industry keep your updated a hot gas all the funds have everything you need to know so check out kind of on the l a p a network kind of your brother read from the story must meet all hear any context whatsoever here's a piece of an episode call those easy life router road in the passenger seat of silvia corolla like sick dog
let us see every stoplight twice got so scared he kicked the dash scuffing the glove compartment with his dirty white or the beatings you wouldn't tell her where they were going she wondered if he actually knew blurted each direction the moment it was needed and and routers wheeled like he was ready to throw up sylvie scattered to stop on the shoulder of the busy freeway once router opened the door ripped off his signal ran into trap each yet she looks was already across waiting for her at the door ethical him retirement heavens gate homes or tents were called crafts and anything done out of doors
nothing was called a quote out of craft task and of course if we're going to emulate star fleet is only logical that they would create their own uniforms like i've area like gets the episode of the simpsons where lisa cracks the bali like the enzymes that make someone want to bali someone and i just want to go there and scream at these people i don't know why i feel that its fine i don't know why you guys have such an intense reaction these too nervous thirty on you guys have an intense reaction to nerds nets with eyes nor did not feel it when it was the truth is when we get into next episode as at you i think that we had sort of diametrically opposed reactions to the faces
of the members of heavens gate because when i look at them yes i do feel sadness i do feel great sadness watch your reactions and seeing these people give up everything for marshall apple white who is one of the most insufferable words who's ever let he is an insufferable person to listen drone for hours and hours and he any talks nonsense and who shit everybody they all drawn and then we will talk about i wanna get deeper into this next week but i feel very badly for these people were do wish someone came in scooped up i know you listen to about seven hours eyeless do about forty five minutes about of apple white i thought he was kind of fun because he does in fact like little jokes that kind of get lost imagine a life of it my least favoured by backing the wyoming camp the uniform policy
closer to address code initially member said they wore uniforms quote to make the laundry easier that ok what is the stephen just eat our eyes steve jobs all black all the time mostly just war nylon windbreaker gloves and the winner in pants cool they got the old on your hardy and body guard our looks great love it but every once in a the members would get weird with it by wearing hoods with cloth mesh i saw these hoods serve two purposes one take away their humanity like when someone puts on like against suit daring ex no longer human oh your an object there manhood is down to it made tomb time a little easier
there's a to notice the air is if you can't see someone else's face then you less likely to interact with them and isolate you and it worked perfectly ultimately what wearing the uniform and using the terminology accomplished was a feeling that everyone was closer to the next level essentially playing pretend so no one would have to deal with modern society there just drop it the pretended like there on a spaceship who gives a shit what anybody else is doing work focused on the here and now they miss some kick ass stuff from the nineties when this is nineteen seventy six other messy even more kick ass stuff this is just the beginning of this year fallacious doing this just them so we are why that's actually great declare if i so we are twenty over twenty years out from the fine all what i'm gonna call winkie gate
we're twenty one years up day from the final winkie gate yellow okay now all of these activities referred were referred to by tee indo as games because all of it was meant to be challenging and fire but there was just a cow and jean are you trying to make me learn because i made this beacon typing i have been on the two up such a i could just see the big face of banking all of these michel piper like teachers and dangerous mind all trying to reach you and you just don't know like these numbers and a spaceship and give a shit don't very you're not longer what is sport is a manoeuvre right now here is the item i read news books i remember playing video games and halfway through be like this is educational not far you sick at mavis beacon this year i was sick said you know
never want maybe sense and during this time they would also play these kind of message games where he would go and he would high you'd literally go and hide and say you gotta find us one day would move various camp sprite they would in a moving camps and when you do is lay out clues for them the fine ok some people that conjecture than marshall appetite at some sort of code breaking training while in the military i dont always true and i have no clue he didn't he serving the military like very briefly ok yes i i don't know but i be the bees were tempted but again these games this is a way to shifted away from we are we are stripping you of your personality we're bringing you in deeper right because this is challenging in fine listen to tuning fork but it was all a comparatively light hearted because unlike other called nobody ever really get punished in heavens gate
nobody was being imprisoned and underground isolation boxes lily weren't jonestown and nobody was being cook to death and gigantic fuckin microwaves like they were an ocean ratio that's great yeah you're my dear remember that i do not believe in the cook him in the microwave the body would crumple up and then they would fuckin then they would the body and acidly flush all thing down the toilet now isn't happening with marshall apple it's not right creates a lack of discipline and it seems like the their followers maybe it's because there's no many of whom they do seem to be into it right there's no other all always standing up and me like not today though never now marginal apple light marshall important body handles the ideas very specifically pick these people they very specifically the gdp had a choose them that's support over there
their line ass being like all we ask is that people humbly common ask us for the troop yet heavens gate like the most people got was a shake of the head and a disk disk shouldn't a beach and be doing that threaten the care it but that's not to say apple white and what the fuck is shred let us have given me i'll yea i just read younger you just saying that you're showing us but you're just state saying it's when you take your finger any take your other figures one finger symbolizes the care at the other finger symbolizes the shredder read the letter of visualizing now i can't i've been watching you do it and it's kind of weird as you do that i see you do that in a big nuns out for some that's all say apple white nettles didn't create a difficult regiment they actually had a procedure for every conscious moment of life from cooking and eating to bathing and sleeping they wrote
a list of guidelines called the seventeen steps which provided behavioral rules that would help one overcome the human condition it forbade among other things inconsiderate conversation clumsiness procrastination over sensitivity rudeness defensiveness and over familiarity this is an introverted dictatorship as at its very unfortunate that they don't allow clumsiness because i think mr bean wouldn't bet
her i'm heavens gate member could all he doesn't make those weird little noises in here that teddy bear thing and it just in case get no weird should end ginsburg loved him later to mr beads by favour whistler's mother that would invest in aid to the movie movie in anybody had is good but it was just as head of the gaza put the gun down as in those of a while what a great it s a classic overstepped also forbade members from coat using more of something than is adequate like too high of a cooking flame or using too much toothpaste i love those rules were more practical than anything because they were all broke as fuck she had no
so building up the seventeen steps apple white and nettles instituted a game to exert further control over their followers every moment of existence this game was called the docket daring the docket allowed beep would go off in the camp every twelve minutes and when the beep sounded different pairs of partners would report what they called the service desk which was whenever one called the awning that hung over tee in those camping trailer its yes yes ok maybe just scurry even then everyone else's scurry you got bonnie clipper nor toenail out there below you get i hain t be the campo too another toenail bushes girl once they reported members would step up to a platform
and silently ask the next level what they could do to serve but they wouldn't get an answer from the next level they'd get an answer from apple white goals but it's just as good issues is good is an answer for the next level markets but it's just fuckin chores yeah i mean they get those like a garrison firewood oh i someone's car but in if there was nothing pressing to do these guys go back your day you're good biggest havin fun with it that does this elegant von within their gather i'm fucked with george scare but it teaches you to register to beeps number one which makes you a dog edward to this is the exact mentality of every internet start up ahead with interns they love the opportunity to talk to the god had is all about a fresh new fund opportunity for these guys to clean out go bridge ganz ver the captain and the admiral i think going forward when it comes to cults let's find a middle ground
we'd children of god god gave be talking about a business both ministers were kafka talk about costs go where it gave roma how become the largest nor but even though all this is comparatively care free when compared to other cultures ended with a gigantic pile of bodies apple white nettles operate on a level a paranoia that rivalled even jim jones although but i never really reached jonesy levels just push back a little bit it doesn't seem like care free doesn't it is highly care what's the opera a free in this term daddy why i this is this is my main thing with them is that it seems all of this stuff is fairly innocent
i'm on a guy get on one level it sort of is welcome it air to breathe whores yes yes yes then judge especially than jonestown but you know that that's kind of what the idea is right we're playing on people that are a deeply lacking in something they are all missing something we're getting out of the cold later there they are in this environment for reason so all of this stuff is high really highly charged even though its all simple because they believe with each action they do they're getting closer to living on a spaceship and if at all this just planned of all vicious panda to them owning a gem store or or them like a cat it is like a line a closer link them doing something that is that it was in a mass suicide i'd say yes all of this is fairly care free but at the end
birch people committed suicide because of this garbage thirty nine its interest in it doesn't seem that nefarious by yeah good point whether should that way there should have been a cut off point it was pretty much like is so there was a cut off point have you thought of writing for jimmy camel two edgy go there you go that i set my packages says be warned i go there with a group was highly since if the other seeing them in their space outfits let's avoid gideon where jesus did highly sensitive do you see there's ways is the sweetest way to say we gonna look out we gotta look out for both sick of being boy that happened to me when i was broken wendy three nine year olds made for them
for having a tidy dog and if i just have a tidy don't they should the tiny dog imagine the amount of bulls we are not there yes version of a coup collects climbed up so they posted centuries in the hills to watch for hikers are cars accidently driving up to their side and if anyone everyone would take off their hoods and pretend like they were just a bible study group honestly if you have to change when people say you you're doing something wrong no i well yeah in some ways in some ways not never i have pride tat prof pride in europe can costume certainly want europeans want them to be like landsmen then if you really believe that you are in touch with the ones that have the only truth you should be proud i'll show and flaunt it
i grew up why nettles even had members practice tearing down the camp in case of a bug out scenario they eventually practiced enough with the whole thing would be packed into cars in less than fifteen minutes as far as we know this was only put into practice twice once a member took a car without permission and drove to laramie wow while the other time a member wrote a secret letter to his family both of which being a far cry from murdering can congressmen like jim jones order there was just writing a letter and go into town so they packed up they packed everything act everything up nor are we going to get the fuck out of here right now oh my god what they better keep packed up because the oas you college wrestling squad is showing our done with their season i may already departing gunnar he would give this star trek hat and give it to my bloodhounds go to root out the nurse the thing was nothing nefarious was happening here they weren't stockpiling guns or sexually abused
anyone are committing even the slightest bit of violence towards each other they were just weird nerds oak at all it was going on right now they are at this at this point they were just weird nerves i agree that it did definitely go to a place that it shouldn't have gone i'm not here and now as i did when i read your dog of my days i think we might have to give the lead research rolled a henry who has i think i think the jury pooled has meant that i as a compromise i have from i have absolutely nothing compromise there is a point where it turns and i will point out that event ok is right now i am describing eighty people stuck in the woods no contact with the outside world i d do everything at the behest
a bold man and a woman who may sound like a talking goat is something going on various game i now and i make you get private copying good wine regarding are indeed being located in god hated book in my view for sexless body time they write a letter to your parents and the entire hand that you're with breaks out that's a bad sign up here but even though the they have their own little starfleet society go and they still had to eat when the coffers reached zero as they did time and again t endure instructed members to go out and get menial jobs to make a little cash the only requirement was at the work had to be menial because parliament employment sometimes encouraged and attachment to a career which has a anti indo quickly learned a few times people went out got jobs and found the i've among whose variants not so bad not so bad but you didn't come back now because they can actually watch star trek on it
push on television instead of being described the episodes by art the bowl coded later i you guys do both work these types of jobs i will say workers it's kind of fun work at a fast food place or kind of a menial retail place there is sort of a loose kind of bonding that's created amongst the misfits that after work of players you can kind of see how an under sex lady whose kind of spacey i'd who shows up to work at the burger king right you can very quickly move very high and to this the sexual hierarchy of a fast food read very easily and only suddenly europe you're hot to trot when you're on the fry later and you then you are at a total corner curtis beast people want action i also feel that attention at all but are we are there was absolutely a sexual hierarchy jos crab jack will
i was never wanted i was never one of the wanted once i was bad and i was again fired for eating too much food let me point out let me work the register because they literally told me the customers would be scared but you know for a fact one bus de forty year old woman who is right on the run from abuse of husband or like ended up there you guys would have god unease they would start of being a questioning know in what a blossomed him some kind of relationship known there to a lifetime movie that happened in you used to say i'm gonna go washed the dishes she said laws which i'll never understand how the are snuck in there she had said with our manager not me what really that exact situation have been and i did not get the divorce nay she but you buttered are up for the manager and she and her eyes in the press will
for white and nettles had a way of keeping control over their followers even when they were out there merkin these menial jobs every twelve minutes they were supposed to look at the clock and mentally ask the next level how can i be of service well you start by pumping the gas of the person who is at the gas station no that's not the next several that's my manager tat oh don t dead allow members to watch television they plug the television new car cigarette lighter in the camp and they all sat around is how the fuck is gonna watch star trek and space ninety ninety nine unbalanced our galactica its lights it's like me been in prison but with a bunch of trees around more besides their diet of tv sigh five member we are also required to watch just regular shows so they could observe human behaviour the only restriction was that they could not watch fan we oriented shows like
little house on the prairie because little house the prairie quote vibrated the human level adam make you think your mom are you dad brothers your sisters and they're not gonna laughed all them there now you're watching a tiny television that's plug into a cigarette lighter and car schreider by budget stinky people and you're not yet that's in space i do of the seven days they were making cars there like how strongly make a cigarette letter man people love sick make it long enough to power a large television because by uncle steve nos three acts on our way to know what i read again and again about heavens gate during the mid seventies does that even though these people were committed they were also constantly plagued with doubts as to whether or not they were doing the right thing some
were a little more vocal with those doubts thou and those also happen to be the people who were not quite is committed to the process as the others were so near the end of nineteen seventy six apple white and nettles sing doubt nineteen of the least committed member but instead of just how from that there were no longer a part of the group apple white told them to go to phoenix get jobs and await further instructions he did keep in contact with them for a few weeks but eventually he just goes to all of them and without apple white hands on discipline the group just fell apart now just went their separate ways passive aggressive bullshit they are the luckiest members through its true but i mean again it almost refreshing having the having moved the fucking that the host banks at least you feel
the want of how you and the whole spanky wholly they argue again he wants to be on a carnival cruise ship from hell henrys geranium but the interesting thing about all this is that like almost every other cult most members who left refuse to say a bad word about the leaders themselves in fact no one left because they were disillusioned the nineteen were kicked out had to actually be manipulated into leaving because nobody really wanted to go and see a lot of these people later participated in the suicide said that they were hooked from day one and it actually made a lot of sense that these people in particular were looking for something stable because a lot of them were coming the failure of that was the sixties counterculture these people had offered peace in love in the world had rejected
and i'd imagine all a lot of money to do was crawl into a fuckin hall and not deal with it which was exactly what apple white and nettles were offering plus for some of em i'm sure removing even the possibility of sex from their lives was a relief because the free love movement had hurt a lot of people and a lot of the folks who show i have been a part of that scene found themselves participating in it whether they wanted to or not that is why i will say this and i always have said it charge for love is on the monetary gain law even the transactional nature sometime made that they be stated up right once you get an evil that actually really works i think that it's also a lot of the again you know marshall app light and nettles really saw the people that were truly affected by this and it was cause free love was kind of the style of it
yeah right there was this idea that we are also supply into this breaking down of labels which i do appreciate i do understand why but their people than not equipped for that i think especially if you or maybe towards the a sexual edge or you are too you are confused about or you or you want monogamy or you want these other things you want an end during the same period was i was not very stylish believe in these things so you are kind of poles this whole world's of bullshit and it's kind of makes perfect ground to find somebody who specifically saying no sexier it is actually not thereafter there's yours not so you come join you're not gonna get hurt here since i thank you not gonna get hurt you're not going to have to deal with any of that bullshit because it is all forbidden and also go to space on a spaceship last parts pretty for that therefore important eyes i mean with some exceptions like the late sixties was a highly fuck selfish period of time in america there's a lot of the
people we now know is boomers were only concerned with themselves and what they wanted because remember the original name generation was the me generation that's what it was all about me what i want except for the boomers advice we ip tickets were really enjoy this is purely speculation on my but i'd imagine that quite a few heavens gate members got a big nasty taste boomer function and and not having a deal that ever again was actually a feature of heaven skate not a buck will when you watch when you listen to him talk these sex stuff is obviously some of the most important parts of this entire group was the lack of sex specific the lack of trying to destroy even be bottom of sexual thought the gray idea of desire they were trying to get rid of and i think that it does have societal
reasons and then i think it also that's why it attracted a very specific member because it was the people that were either in the past or people that are a mean they couldn't make it work yeah they couldn't make relationships were yeah couldn't fear they ended its not that day not even for a lack of trying or or there were some kind of anxiety or some fear and then this this was another way of its sittings eighty reliever cause now the options taken from me i don't have to worry about relating to people on this other way because make good its difficult for me and now i don't have to anymore rhyme so when tea indo closed up the campsite in wyoming sixty nine members remained in the group for them two years the group stated different campsites in the rocky mountains and eventually made their way back to taxes but there this time they were essentially nomadic as we said last episode apple white nettles had been making headlines since the seventys and their profile eventually got high enough were abc
developed a pilot in nineteen seventy nine based on their lives called the mysterious to who as we know getting a tv show made is exceedingly difficult well back then i think there's only three channels and the whole thing got put on hold but in nineteen eighty two that pilot morphed into a tv movie which acts we got made and was aired on national television so they allowed themselves to be interviewed by hollywood producers and to be put on television someone stole their story someone so read about it in a newspaper article stole it rode up wrote a pilot about it may be maybe this movie directed by gary sherman who did a phantom donald pleasence movie called raw meat jersey rami i did sirat it i love it and great that's great that's frame director and also had
l a pointer who played the mom and blue velvet and a very young pre nightmare on elm street robert england no kid now you gotta see this i'd actually knows on youtube i wanna watch it before next week's upset have time to watch the movie but from what the synopsis tells us the story is of two aliens who come to earth to start a call the promises their followers a trip to space on there you are far and its room the apple white and nettles help to at least construct the story which makes this movie the first widely disseminated piece of cop media produced in modern times interest in me i guess you could may become cease to exist the beach boy song that was based on trials manson's never learned not to love again away never learned not to love again was based on cease to exist you couldn't do that
syria is again a check mark is this new music podcast no dogs in space honestly quick quick side no thank you so much for the amazing responds to know dies as bad thank you live in overall me unreliable and that makes it margaret aerials good make markets meals gonna make me a garland skills so good thank you so much for lessons pinafore gravers absolutely but strangely this tv movie was not an attempt to gain more followers in fact by the late seventies recruitment efforts had stopped altogether and followers were starting to fall away one by one once who stayed though we're about to enter an entirely new level of sigh weirdness and the next logical step when it comes to a cult everybody was about to get new names coup all starting in april nineteen seventy seven apple white and nettles told em we want to drop their human names and give themselves new one
everyone was sourdough allowed to choose their own or have others choose forum i wouldn't be the thunder go you had to choose it within strict call guidelines everyone was allowed us three letter single syllable followed by the suffix o an apple whites world odp was a suffix that meant child of god only was a contract of the words of god while the why was added to make it friendly like calling jim jimmy or if i called you annie i hate something i've been in prison for stealing a bunch of olives they're all of highly skilled twenty one
and was very very well the document it alone will sort but he also does the same thing with lucifer cosmo lucy says it again and again and again and again and again and again i can't write about it you watch too much beyond haven't poisoned your well no it did not poison my well at a bridge showed me that this is all fuckin we'd worse i didn't get spots true you haven't got to the end of the story and my understanding is that are six loose ding dogs at us may a mayor does like those powers this three syllables when it was usually a shortening of the members given name or it was related to a personal trade of the member for example a particularly tall member was called followed that's you right now we know it's more like a aurora particularly drunk member whom these they may draw oddy and thou be
this guy rerolling i'm gonna kill you all being series the guy was called tallow no i believe make advantage you know i've the baby but we never made fun of you once you said things you said you'd serpents another member with new called himself neo body while another who at a thirst for knowledge was called their stout interested all henriette guy your name right here it's called baloney because honourable loaded and smell like bologna you're bologna what is jeff process called here take the rose and evil or guys i gotta go back to normal life the pointed this apple white said was to bring europe closer to the next level while this associating yourself from your family tree
but everything changed for appetite and metals in the early eighties to members of the group received inheritance totalling somewhere in the neighbourhood of three hundred thousand in darfur balkan crisis they both turned the w b frog like so excited and for the first time the group was able to rent actual oh why why are so many people in these types of courts in get huge inheritances i was always hoped when i was super broke that some weird member of my family would die out just get money but why does it to them why do they get the lucky role the dice well because the ones it doesn't happen to you never hear about the air that's true three hundred k that's honest at one point five million by today's gash it's a lot of cash i say it's a lot of cash it took him a long way who owe their first craft
they called every dwelling that ever lived in was in denver here everyone's routine was prescribed to the absolute minute luckily though one woman who left and nineteen eighty one actually kept a written record of her daily schedule so we can take a peak and what it was like inside when's gatehouse zoo i'm excited her first of forward daily rest periods began an exact three hundred and thirty seven p dot m and ended exactly two hours later at five hundred and fifty seven p dot m she took a bath twenty four minutes after that she took a vitamin pill which was only one of thirty two vitamins she had to take in one twenty four hour period at six thirty six p m she drank a liquid protein we live in an hour later she ate a cinnamon role then by nine fifty four p m she went to bed for exactly two hours they woke up again to do even more tasks and this was done every single day
will they do this on purpose you'd trunk up somebody sleep time and it makes him exhausted yemen it so the day i can't even think about breaking out of a schedule has been handed to them so this is their every minute was scheduled what has what happens if you have like any outside of a normal let's say you got case other the making guidance for the give her the runs ok see you can like they don't want you shit all over the house i don't know they want but it also shows though is stuffed went pinky things happen like that what a funding yet i imagine happens is that that shows that you have been doing the work and at you now when your body reacts badly to these things sometimes especially in transition it shows you have more work to do corn quote today to release this vehicle this is where the weird inner punishments would start because every single thing was a reflection on with
not they were getting closer to the sexless vehicle o earthy whatever their their perfect being shell was mostly because billion still get diary yeah you want if you want to get his vehicle to heaven i think i got a writer halfway to bars baby what i don't i don't think that's true because like watching the the exit videos and how these people interacted with each other they were very carrying and loving to one another like this was a tight knit group and i think they were to meet each other feel bad for having diarrhoea the well we ve way off topic here talking about diarrhoea might and i am sorry you did this aid and we know that it brings up a point i think that day their own camaraderie and then it was different when it came to the teacher i think to teach we're always separate from the rest of them if you will dig looking at the beyond human stuff you watch him speak to them and they
sit like little rabbit side s men were you have not been listening they have no camaraderie not allowed up with this woman who wrote this list when she wasn't focused on a specific task she would cook which they called fuel preparation she'd study astrology or do brain exercises like jigsaw puzzles or something similar never literally just morgeson caroline is well known that is just what they like to know that this is mark is this favor called this kind of like a looking through the lens of also judge him is it this is why he's slowly getting mad because as we pick if we pick on it here i'm not trying to roast your behavior marcus you're allowed oh yeah everyone we are perfectly comfortable lives we live jigsaw puzzle are great mary i let him well this woman never ever left the house
only knew what the weather was like by looking through a skylight because all the windows in the house were constantly covered i said this routine best she could guess lasted six months gore phobic who she's not our father gulags oh no no no i dont covered all of her window heating cover oliver windows the called covered the windows is their isolate this is very bad but she s in the house with other people it wasn't just she wasn't doing this stuff of her own volition it was other now telling her sonorously origin be it's coming from within the house says you are really why watch you know so they pick the covered all of the window ass stiff yeah windows were constantly i'm not saying any of this is normal i'm just somewhat the only power but i'm making you didn't say like i always this is where it gets weird you're just somebody over the windows they projects are puzzles you
somebody is about to join me in on the podium at the slippery slope olympic marcus is looking at a bronze and now the whole point of this it's not i'm not going to join this i could never do there's no you can't anymore i could never ever i would not have a discipline to do any that's not what i really want to do that no i've seen that thing your pack and you know what i just said the word discipline like it's a thing that it's good like you wish you had the rigour no i don't i just don't have the discipline to do this but my point is that these people made a choice like this is a choice at every point this is a choice we cannot take away these people's agency and put it all our march lap a wide of my honour this is all marshall apple i do and this is all marshall tabloids manipulation these people up until certain point are making a choice to participate in this life ok it's a vicious cycle gets out but as far as what happens gate eight they tried just about every diet known to man but all of them all
eight exactly the same thing in the diet was constantly changing this they said was to break their attachment to food so they could look at it as pure fuel and this ice can i get is a laugh at you did not even going to talk about it it is where food is a wonderful thing brings people together gives you life it's a great line cultures annoying not annoying view need food is i know i know i need to know that i gotta eat it like three times a day i'm hungry now and i dont want to be done meeting i broke it down yesterday dog meat does he does ascribe mort and and and puts more a vow use kind of qualification on a monastic lifestyle then somebody like me i'm a bacchanalian jerry i like that i believe when the pleasures of the flesh that is why i leave i lean towards the idea that's why i'm a satanist cuz i believe
any idea of eye of all the things that are good i want it now i dont want in the afterlife a fuck me after life because the athlete doesn't exist where i both marcus does it here close look closer to the idea that this life's out like a up or more sparse lifestyle more pure lie style helps your brain be uncluttered hit or you're going to help marcus i don't know where you can end up this is about food you joy it's nice it brings together learn different cultures through food i enjoy food i just yeah i wish i could disorder roy food when i want enjoy food not enjoy food when my body tells me i have to eat food during the same person
eleven gate sometimes the day would be vegetarian sometimes it would be fruit heroin and sometimes they would do water or juice fass and when they needed to quota quote cleanse they were drink a concoction of cayenne peppers coupled with animas gotta get it out way in and out what is the current pepper in the animal no they're drawing her i have had no do you c mere later vertically and pepper animal the old house they did the same finland's water its water with kind pepper maple syrup at that age they drink every morning bet it's like a fast yet i have heard that that still invoke like goop talks about it that still something i've heard about to this day
yeah but even though their diet was strict known was ever malnourished and no one ever get sick from these diet the point was not to break these people down because they do that a start patient has something it's done a lot of times with calls the point was to make eating a bland monotonous task like filling up a car with gas we need to be a type of person anyway to want to live this life ghetto the debt that's why that's why they were even there is because they were into this i wouldn't last fifteen seconds i don't like cambric first voluntary like camping i like food i can just see one of them taking a bite of of stuffed crust p beginning of the stuffed crust all of a sudden the screen becomes lights and all the sensors color in the world like pleasantville over just like wow there is something out there for applewhite and nettles and joint
it was on the same wavelength as engaging in sex because these two things were linked to a minimum again existence next level beings didn't even think about eating are fucking so the group should do this same any idea how the next level beans procreate they dont go they just live forever yeah they don't die let tat they don't die they don't they they d procreate lucifer arians die lucifer arians procreate that's what separates the next level beings from lucifer it's ok make sure people weren't sneaking cupcakes or masturbating members would take shifts as court unquote eyes to monitor each other's behaviour this is very unhealthy yeah but this is seen as a threat or a punishment the other members actually welcomed it because them wanted to change the behaviour as quickly as possible and if you someone else watching you all the time it was easier to break old habit so yeah that's not gonna led to
bizarre sexual fetish wear now you're a cuckold and you love to watch other people masturbate honestly i feel like you could probably work up a little in her thing being like let me get one out i just got this out and then you just watch him do it the army and then he watches you do now seriously like what errand hernandez used to do with the quarterback when he was in high school yeah is do not put saki memory pretty good it is the good i like that i recommended the urn hernandez documentary i'll be watching her sad stories ned pretty good i liked it of course none of these people were in contact with their families but in nineteen eighty two after a lot of them have been totally offer the grid for about seven years some went to visit their parents on mother's day coca but even though you might think these families like him said would lock these people in a room and call the nearest deprogramming expert most m were so shocked at their children weren't dead that they just welcome i welcome with open arms yet report breaking yeah yeah that's victories
but one member who'd been an aimless drug user on the brink of death when he disappeared he came back and mature help enjoyable person stay for two weeks helped on the house then disappeared again without leaving an address phone number was something happened did something happened that they broke the rule you can't talk no folks ever given information so that some every seven years they got messaging from up top that they should all go and say hello to their families because up to this point there still weaning people off of their human relationships so they like to pretend that there jewel a visit that ever know just to see how cool they were just see how like no look we're not forcing you to say how coolly were just see how no look we're not forcing you to say you can leave anytime you want even though the insinuation was like put you'll come back on we're getting it right back into it
but this is me show you how cool i am that i'm allowing you do this right ok and this is not like a proselytizing trip when these people were asked where they'd been what they ve been doing they would give only vague answers about learning computer technology and they would refuse to talk about their day to day like this was just the people at this point like the people who were in the cult that's all they wanted they wouldn't stop recruiting again for another ten years or so ok at same year though things took a dramatic and tragic turn for heaven's sake both were marshall app a white and for everybody actually in the cult in may of nineteen eighty two bonnie lou nettles lost an eye to cancer and three later she died after a long bout of liver cancer
how the hell did she get liver cancer if there are also a healthy and let me know it's that's the things that it's not about being healthy that's that was not their diet that was not the reason behind the diet the reason behind the diet was to make eating bland and as till a is humanly possible it was about finding what is the most bland combination of foods they can keep our by our vehicles going from day to day to day well if now around today that would just have the arby's the de cheddar roast beef sandwich in which we had in its view we plan and oh it's off was is a damning is a damning accusation against obvious it is profiles is left its body nettles wooden go to adopt so i got riddled with cancer and she died even though she had a very extensive prayer there is one thing they all used to go and devise their own prayer so bonnie nettles had a prayer that you'd say basically saying
the day i hate and gleaming in tiny mean that will grow you hear me and she used do this every day for hours upon hours praying to not have cancer anymore but then it brood she got it brutally when all we're all by what marshall apple i did with say what this shows is that there is too far of a gap between how close she was to the next level spiritually and then her body was eyeing off it was it was it was whirling itself so that she can finally be released to go to the next level he threw were under the bus nothing she wasn't close enough known yonah it was not a negative thing it was not her fault it was just tweaking yes exactly i was it was spinning
yah banning and this right here this is the moment when the call turns bad all even though apple why it was absolutely devastated by this development he more or less rolled with it me he lost his closest friends but he had not ass an ounce of his faith incense tea was now gone he had to tweak the theology before the line was that followers of apple what nettles would have their biological bodies transformed the evolutionary level above human upon their entrance into the starship no dying require talk love it love it but after bonnie nettles passed away everything changed soon after her death apple white started saying that quote these bodies would not survive the transition talk also started circulating of the need to quote abandon the vehicle that was their human bodies
its soft talk then we are slowly but surely enters these little harmless are harmless statement sing that the bodies would not survive and transition to this thinking himself from saying the actual words abandoned coal is another like its using these terms you create the word vehicle to say your body you're separating herself specifically it is all about making sure that we never say the word mass suicide because that would par some people's mellow right but is this the time then that they should be allowed to trash the place i have not yet cheese you want i mean arrogant point where this is nineteen eighty five the suicides don't i'm until nineteen ninety seven get the cocaine before destroyed or apple i told us followers that nettles why
indeed still alive but she had gone on to the next level leaving her human vehicle behind in order to skid off on a ufo to the kingdom the more apple white said that he was still in constant contact with nettles the chain of mind had not been broken and anything apple white said was supposedly coming straight from nettles and this was wildly fuckin convenient for apple why no kin see if his followers did indeed believe in the evolutionary level above human and believed that bells and apple whitewash habited by alien god and alien jesus they also i believe apple white story that bonnie nettles had reached the next level and so if they believe that she had reached the next level then follow that everything she said through a white was now extra super special true because she was now living everyone's ultimate goal they couldn't made so much play on wall street during this time it was a great boom for the
economy in the mid eighties welfare certain people for that these four nerve people who me i'm being having our governments have a pussy magnetic things are going great i'll be any starship i gave you how really now since and i can you whatever we want up there what kind of food is now every day you get same is yours what marshall app away now had was a way to back off anything that anyone said concerning what he said they should do because now it's all i'm from levels and you don't have nettles there to say oh no that's not actually what i meant that some actually what i said now it's just coming straight through apple whites brain because when i call was just run by marshall apple white and bonnie nettles it was totally fine totally heart
was everyone's just pretend and earn a spaceship who gives a shit right here's that these people are doing it is all personal choice there are not hurt anybody there just doing what they do but once bonnie nettles dies and martial a white is solely in charge everything that's when shit gets dark and that's when you gotta get out just wait until you die marcus and i'm just gonna be like oh i'm getting word for marcus fine i'll tell them i did all work for last paragraph must all maniacal unitary over the secret raise behind the operation for a long time yet and the proof but then i wonder if they did not because while she was dying they had their private meetings that she was kept of o away from the group as she physical deteriorated seeming whose very similar to our h when as he was dying they put him away so they could spin they could spend all the narratives of i was happening and i wonder if there was not some discussion about where we taken this thing and that she was
she was true believer in did believe i'm transitioning we are gunnar we are going to talk about my body dying off so i can go and maybe she's dislike now ya gotta come with me i was number one she was number one i don't bonnie nettles said you guys going to come with me because that idea didn't come about until one thousand nine hundred and ninety four like twenty told them while did she told them though from heaven where if that's what you mean their mass suicide plot didn't come together until the grunge movement everyone was depressed nineteen eighty apple white released a pamphlet called the eighty eight up late listen don't got it mailed it out to new aid centres around america although it was weird that he sent out the eighty eight up because the eighty eight up day was really just a set of guidelines for living within the group and those guidelines really changed in ten years if you looked at up i think
the most concise boil down of their inner belief system it's got it's a good run down from top to bottom if you want to read and see what there were the way they arose about themselves and then in ninety ninety two apple white recorded and released a series called beyond human cool broadcast on an unknown channel somewhere on old school satellite tv beyond human was a twelve besides series outlining the group's beliefs now i will urged hours of this series and the reason why at first i was like why my watching this because to feel what it's like to be in their world like what is it like to sit in a class quoting quote with dough and hear hear directly from of bee found to here from the spigot since you haven't poor to my mind see what i can glean from this and after hours of boredom
i started to really see a pattern that i think was interesting as it would i noticed that every single time marshall apple why would talk about a hard stuff when you talk about his is his terminology for mass suicide eddie of abandoning the vehicle won't talk abandoning your family or do so he turned on the waterworks so you start to see these this kind of the charismatic hold that he'd have on his his followers where the punishment that he used to do and dole out was that we are now so much surely close to listening to this prattling why i'd moron talk for hours that when he spoke to cry about the step that was so hard for him to tell you that you ve had to do and the burden that he had to tell you to do because it's it's gobbledygook he started talking about how he had they would have asked a question but what's the difference between the mind this
all in the vehicle and he's are saying that the sole comes from comes from the have enshrined comes from the next level beyond human but its put inside the might it contains the minds which is the pillow case filled with mine stuff that percentages are filled with lucy varying thought a next level thoughts right that's all inside the vehicles so that the pillow at it the pill of the hill and my these duggar thereby gents ok you have to increase the percentages of next level mine stuff into your soul pillow case so it can be the majority of my stuff inside the eu and that its constant push and pull to get done they get up the lucifer marian so about these funny old mindset rid of the lucy's darrell as get potatoes in what's the pillow you fucking
solve your name will be doing you're you're the one you want what is there any reference to a pillow nope its absolute total capital h horse shit i don't think he's a moron thank you see sir yes he's very adroit when you watch him do these videos you see him see employed a room have these two watery i'd students watch m hanging on every word smile i'm so happy to be in his presence and who in the first episode you watch him berate them for not asking questions and they are bringing in key actions and he doesn't fucking answer a single one of them all is they all of his answers will be secure circuitous bob paul mouldy gook come out of his mouth and he's reference natalie was watching some other with me and she put it correctly where shoes like it's like a seventh greater asked to do a presentation
his book report any hasn't done the reading so he's just reference honestly back the wall that's when you know you have talent or apple i do introducing new terminology in these videos at least new to the general public he said that stead of saying me when referring to their bodies they referred to their flesh and blood as this vehicle ok which serve to separate them even further from their human urges an apple i took it even further than this the self he said existed on a hard drive the body was a form of hardware and the true self was a form of software prayer was radio transmission and miracles were technological wizardry so he said was computer technology which was made up of deposits put there by next level aliens but not everyone had deposits and in fact it was exceedingly rare for humans to have deposits and such only those who are gifted with deposits had the eyes to see the message
apple white was trying to bring the humanity which is why had so few followers yeah in those deposits why and then because it sucks now and those causing still only so many people get the next level beyond human glands that's put in society and those deposits acted as a homing beacon to the level above human which is why those people were attracted to marshal apple why because the deposits the necks of aliens put their sent them to marshal apple i because he had a next level alien living inside of it and i believe he also mark as you left one out he said when you are very close with some one and you love that person you stand them and i have never seen any law it is as we do not stand our balls anymore no one even though we do not so after beyond human the group began placing adds inaction newspapers and new aid centres one add that ran
in usa today said quote you will focus resurfacing with final offer the earth present civilization is about to be recycled spade under its in evidence are refusing to evolve though we have taken over the garden am disturbed served its usefulness beyond repair i love that this paper were just like well are they pay for the add i guess we'll just run i wonder why no one draws us anymore yeah let's just put this add in there this is usa today this is what it still matter or that add was right under the name total overcomers anonymous and its citizens have all been and its decidedly apocalyptic tone matched what apple white was telling his followers in private by nineteen only for suicide was officially on the table apple white said
he had received messages from bonnie nettles telling all of their followers to lay down their human bodies in or to join her on the next level and they better he would soon because as you heard the earth was about to be speeded up stated under store it as a more innocent term right it was this kind of thing where they kind of softball in it if you psychological change from kind of spiritual change but as things get darker right or saying the world's can explode aims odd robot armies are gonna destroy a swing does he say that its towards the ants it's all of the level of like episode twelve he starts getting super apocalypse took us talking about be that they could then i saw reading through this transcripts of conflict muslim talk anymore and which is cause leaders are dangerous in the fact a shame morton told me this where i was first researching alaric where he talks about
pull leaders have a rhythm ever deva speech rhythm which is a part of why they work that supported the charisma marshall appointed a rhythm beg you get into an what we discover they scientology you and i talk about this phenomenon time all of a sudden here set an hour's worth of nonsense i technically undressed every minute of it but it is i couldn't repeated you if i wanted to die i just in a moment unlike locked it for here is an example of apple whites tone let us do this clip of apple wide from nineteen ninety seven which kano puts all this into perspective i dont care for any of the famer glory of the human rights activist lulli worth is to me i can't wait to get out of here
nothing this planet or this civilization or this kingdom level has to offer me i am away from my father to be hear anything that i could sacrifice in this world is no sacrifice at all compared to what i sacrificed in leaving their to come here to try to help those that were given to me as a task i apologise for being so emotional but that happens to be the truth i want to leave here now i'm in a vehicle that is already falling apart on me and i'm desperate to try to help you have a last chance to go let's go back to title of tape title of tape is last chance to evacuate planet earth to get out of the human being get out of the planet leave it literally
now leave it literally means where what is literal did you bill clinton and worst of all i never alarm terrain i i do his man he's he drives me crazy there crying drive me crazy you know we certainly very familiar he did know it's all crocodile tears i do you it's interesting he sounds very similar to jim jones on the final tape but he's not on someone trucks it's a he does sound like maybe he slurring a little bit he might be on pills but i don't think so you know might have some physical pain poems reich as you said he was breaking down and stuff like that no he's just not a very eloquent speaker here you that's what it is he's just he's he's piss pronouncing these worms he's pissed you can take tat says you can do to texas out of the boy i think you do
not a very eloquently because you also you also here when he talks he speaks in a very disjointed type away keys us ripping the whole time because when marshall apple white talks he says let me back up per second he's does that constantly where he's going back and forth just because he doesn't really right everything that he's gonna say he's not enough q cards or anything like that like he's just fuckin good is no sign of that's a skill in itself and from what was published most of apple white's followers were cool with his direction like he asked him what if we had exit vehicles by choice does anyone here have a problem with that and most m didn't because by this point their own bodies have been treated as a suit of clothes for so long they didn't even identify with their bodies as a part of themselves anymore and they must be a little bit old
right the nest you like fifties marcus made this point last episode which is that is too i think really speaks to it so we ve been doing this for twenty years and re a lot of them so they are their forties a lot hence the average age of someone who kill themselves and heavens gay was forty seven so they ve talked themselves out of caring for twenty right and so now it is a little easier you are not like cause jonestown was up essentially a mass of emily gets a complicated we talked about it up to endlessly i know and when we did our series but it's a it's a very fine line between homicide and suicide because so many people there were young family these kids were being murdered at gunpoint it was all these people had no will whatsoever and they were being forced to do it literally because they had assault rifles being whether these people were already cut half resides in i was brought up and discussed only one member challenge the decision and he just left
he said i'm not fucking do and they take your balls and i am going to arrest them i'm just sat and listened is apple i told them that this decision was no different from jesus decision a willingly go to the cross two thousand years before right oh wow so a lotta conditioning that's where all of those non would seem to me now various things in the past makes them a little bit more dangerous you haven't i mean to say it's in the wrong hands where when was the metals hands it was all right like it was fine you know not so call that you know some from abandoned families and all that but for the most part find there are hurt anybody but in apple whites when it goes over the apple why that's when it turns fuckin dark ok but then they went public with her
plants they told everyone they were going to kill themselves are not locked network on the market they didn't go public told everyone three years before the suicide that were problem we gonna kill ourselves and nineteen fourthly released a poster that said the shedding our borrowed human bodies may be required in order to take up our new bodies belonging to the next world was this a cry for help know us i mean i'm sorry to help its due to sort out it's a different sort of help it sought a cry for help is going anywhere i four bullets they wanted the government to come in shoot them in the head though they were looking for like mass ruby ridge waco type absolutely where they were trying to provoke the government into common knocking on the door and filling them all full of holes things about that fuckin poster that's we're gonna kill ourselves they actually gained seven new members from that poster
i'm here for that part of the edges to say a it's a group of people like it's like looking for an excuse to commit suicide ethical like and now i found like this is a way that i can go and channel this feeling in a way that it feels productive it doesn't feel like i won't get the same social stigma that i would get if i just did it self rival this is allowing me to do it and of course the whole trickery you're killing yourself to live yet which is the thing had the yes doesn't happen like i want it whatever might be if there is anything afterwards it's not gonna be whichever you think it is now in stock i read some regret some very interesting things done on google so i'm going talk when nobody showed up at heavens gates door with guns the blaze apple white decided it was time
to be proactive in nineteen eighty four they bought a book called final exit the practicalities of self deliverance and assisted suicides for the dying who wrote that book a some guy that was four terminally ill patients super why are there but there still relying on all of these more secular by means of information why i don't see what that has to do with it it just weird because our things must be better than all the loose a ferry and people out there but i mean just because they're out said not everybody who is ending heavens gaiters elusive area there's a lot of hope scale is a lot of destroying than before and after they bought that book they started preparations to do it themselves and that's where will pick back up for conclusion of heaven gate o er i knew very interesting into the inner workings of the cult many many years in them in many years em everyone will take your so much for listening to
heavens gate series thus far we are so excited to conclude next week with part three no it doesn't end great it does i am peacefully or nicely so ready to basically do the entire day and we're going to covering all the facts of what what the fuck happened in this mass suicide highly organized and what a waste is what i still remember it on the news i remember the camera panting all i believe it was bunk bed wasn't at his bunk bed yeah yeah i was a member of the cult who took that video that right yes you went on to write a book and and try to make a buck money off at the very end itself will talk i believe is either
when is the name of rio de angelo laughing i that is his name had eyes only look it up ok he's a real rio de angelo real iota of will thank you so much frozen and we must remind euros february board tape glass pot gas and the left all this shows you are the worst part gas network are going exclusive despotic why we are so excited about that partnership and works at bringing all over there with us in raymond you can listen to it for free you must do with a free spotify account you can download the podcast with a free spotify account it's super easy i've moved i've all my shit over exclusively to spotify and works work scrape we actually kind of also been in direct contact with them and their people to like asking for the future of auto download asking for more on new episode notifications we're already worrying nome with it we're heading we are we want this to be done so we gotta have this unique opportunity where we are also directly talking
the bosses of the app beverages do it's weird i mean a big they are nodding at us with his eyes at a speed of spotify we will be in a bus april which will be very exciting why will be why we would be in the bus because we're onto her and we are very excited to see you all in april onto our book but we all have received the copy of the book now anvil it's like so it's a beautiful it is very easy to see the work go into it and then come out like have the book in your answer and we really i you do we really want you to come and see this new show when a right and write a whole brand new shall come check this out you're all over april and you can see a senator spotify boss doesnt can i forgot it'll be a flawless perform with its is always as always but ya got we get we need a little bit how bout a ticket sales on sundays basis houston lubbock and las vegas come on out
come on it's gonna be a great door gonna be great shows come on out cannot wait to see you all keep on support all the shows you the last podcast network no dogs in space marcus's music show kind of funding flynn show break and other wrestling news of the weak politics break another pulp political news that we are unable to stop at page seven where's bro you name it we out here for you know do enjoy a whole bunch of different kind of information you can get right here through the wonderful lens of our friends at the last buck now that's right yeah ornament never forget hale yourselves hell fate of game what storm august elation smugglers to let you know you can go campaign with your friends yap markets justice we can go camping sounds like nice that someone i know we're gonna we're gonna have we'd gap can ask honourable you know what what will do we'll column crafts
what about that i really will have all thing will do a star trek themed camping trip and markets is say and meet me halfway guys lets me that is you and that's it marcus henry nigh we will be in the main craft and then you come to us and you can say guys what should i do and they will give you all the chores too do you feel like you're would heavens gator monitoring is the stakes you can bring us the beers from the daily in separate that following the two of you you don't have any connection no game is about getting don't follow me on twitter i write pine this
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