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Episode 47: Origins of the Pyramids

2015-02-16 | 🔗

The origins of the pyramids are revealed! Join us as we explore different theories as to how these impossible structures will built, plus secrets of the Curse of King Tut's tomb are explored in depth. Surprisingly, it involves a canary.

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There's no place to escape, to Human, like a fugitive, I'm like way way way way way way organic and that's where that
This thing: recording yeah our voices right now, yeah very good, his good key key element to a podcast, all right, that's Vargas of that I'm Ben Kissel and then there's that spike tv's had risen, browse gate, get your tickets out yeah! I like tv, four g is I like spike TV, a lot? That's a that's! A great intro watch, two cops chained together by the balls justice in the streets of New Orleans say still playing D v still managed to arrest the black guy, which is always they always do their racism prevailed over there. Not clan good show, though, absolutely will. Being a good, shows I'll, tell you
hi. Henry was watching of very powerful program today, all about the pyramids and you figured out why yeah? No, no, no! No, what origins of the pyramid where they come from. I thought it was just slavery, and things like this is no one knows: that's good, thank you for listening to last podcast on the left. That's it the pyramids. There are none, no knows I was there are some theories out there there's a bunch of theories. Ok again, as I think I've even mentioned in this podcast several times, I have been struggling to get through David Ickes, the biggest idea for some time now, and I got to this great little passage
so, just in case okay, just do that. So I got some allergies. He added that in like every four seconds. What is happening with you? It's you know full. I am stuffed I have allergies right, I'm drink this rocket you'll, have your your? You are live in a a real dream life right now. I want you to mount. Don't I got better draw in my system Ben all last night, eating cake. I do but that was for a movie yeah, that's fine! As for one of them cake yeah a away I mean, can we don't lock in yeah someone actually swallow it Henry? No, no! I got a swallow when I'm an admin, it is true. I was eating cake foreseen yeah. I think that's, that's good! That's fine! I don't see it. But I was I I got through this come through another section of David X book.
And he was saying so. Ok when the reptilians came, I do think that's his inner monologue when he types so ok, then the reptilians will again. The book is so impossible to read, because he's constantly backtracking and constantly saying that he is not insane and stop judging him right again, like you're in the room with him. As he's writing the book telltale sign of a man, that's insane whose gotta stop writing a book or who's just trying to fill space. The weird thing in the book. Also: no commas, no, no comment. Let's it all, hang out, run it out there and he big letters, big type not good. Twenty four font, that's great! Yes, but basically he said it's good for the elderly. People to read this so then they get sent to a home because people think they're, psychotic and right now, I'm just reading the big printed book by David. I think now, let's, let's presuppose okay right. Interesting
many many many eons ago, approximately eleven thousand years ago earth was closer to the sun than it is today. Mars was where we are now right and Mars was inhabited by a very advanced race of white aliens, all right name, the Phoenicians or Arians. Now this is from David likes very close researcher friend of his who's, really like what what he, what he say he was like. He keeps his earth to ease feet feet to the earth. You know I mean is guys really light up, you never jump, no, no! No! No! No! This is like you saying this is a guy who was like the NASA scientists will rev reject his rejected his findings because there's very easy again they're, like basically, he said they've already printed the history books, so they can't go back and re print all these history, but that's true
yeah now they can't do that. It's a good point in history yeah. He was saying what they had been printed yet have been printed. This is a David Icke joke. Yes, yes, very good, so Nibu RU ok, go up into our solar system. Housing are reptilian creatures, great Jupiter crashes, into New Buru right. The ensuing collision creates what is now Venus Venus come shooting through, does a loop d loop around Mars and then a loop d loop around It's like the magic planet. Theory yeah next thing you know Kennedy's dead, hello back into the left back into the layout back into the layout, and then it's basically with that, though, I make love all right
rubu and distributor far Side Navy name from so. The idea is that, like that, destroyed all life on Mars, but during that time the advanced white people, there knew do to escape via spaceship and come to earth and subjugate all of, browns that we're living on earth at the time and that's what they said is that that that all, evil light we earth was probably black people and then earth people came from Mars and look over them and made the made the pyramids. And stuff like that, and so basically Chileans to find them again. White people have been voice. Have been gentrifying neighborhoods for eleven thousand eleven thousand BC. ' the original right. Out of her land's end magazines right, unlike yeah and and crocs that came from Mars,
crocs came from Mars for should be one of the worst white inventions of all time. All that straight to do not get it out of the ground. People that we're just here living peacefully Levin live in each other. It is all hanging out Robin themselves in the dirt, absolutely need a ball, and with the white people invented jobs they invented they need to go to a job. Before now there was like in the mangoes get in the main goal: is that there with alligators All the black people sounded like on earth. Eleven thousand BC really waka shop
or did you take the call could not for me really why Mars came real? I can get that job browner, it's a job, a little racially insensitive. No, no! But that's where older white seven thousand bees only knows yeah using the Anthony, wasn't around yeah right. But you know: Martin Luther king was a yet to be a thought. Yep, that's true! Now, absolutely so the way this is our house just like ads right. I said thinking about the pyramids from there and I watch this instrumental revelations of the pyramids. Ok revelations of the pyramids and what are some of the revelations of the pyramid. There are none many amazing things about the pyramids that are like and it always just like- and why did it happen, and they never answer that's where it's just. I mean, of course, number one. So is there, and why did it happen when you're watching on tv? And why did it happen? And then it just I'm Gregg
mesothelioma. The missile female MIA metal, Thi, Meoma, away! Greg mesothelioma, whatever he always has something I was like did I remember this is hard word. Meso Phileo miss the problems that were too busy, worried bout, mesophyll, mommy and not worrying about the girl that got their parents came from bigger issue. That's where God Damm sure who cares about man, his shity job working with asbestos for fifty years, I'm talking about the God Dam pyramids here, people pyramids, impossible to build okay number one, which is just true it's made out of two million two in rocks. There is heavy as cars right. They say that it was built over twenty years. This is were signed because I believe that was built for a for for this one specific Pharaoh right
The Pharaoh is all mom down to you too, and by little, and I believe it was King Ralph. So I'm not sure that will be a large. He was a heavy set guy. So a lot of Chicago he was out very with corn nuts. I've never seen anything quite like this, very bizarre, but the same old employer Spencer, basically saying it's legal. What that means is it was more to delineate with the purpose of the young
stop right now in the river seen a man in a full meal without actually having any food in swallow, it you're eating a lot of oysters over there not doing well, it's gross ok, so we got King Ralph buried in a pyramid twenty and what they just did just saying. Originally, the idea was that this was built to be attuned, and then that would mean that it would have to be built over twenty years in order to terms of like when the talk of the pyramids construction started and when it would have to have been built for which is for the specific. Arrow's death. So, but the thing is, is that in order for that to happen, the two million This means it was that, like that, one of those blocks would need to have been carved, moved and placed, two minutes for twenty years. That's not that's odd! impossible! Ok, right just like it, then they were like. Well, we don't know how it happens. 'cause there
We did a couple other examples where it's like they refilled this egyptian quarry and it took them five years. It was half the size of the pyramids and it was doing dump trucks filled with rocks every like twelve right. It took him five years to like just filled, one query and they're just like this insane. This is impossible. There's no way they did this and then he We didn't have a lot to do back. Then. You know, you know, there's a lot in it. You know, and the other thing is like what they made. The pyramids with was uh Can metal stick in Iraq. It's all you need it all was it's literally all at once in will they kept red stuff? And then it's just like yeah. It was a metal, copper wedge and a rock whole thing with it: hard working people it's a very hard working people, but you know like how, when you get like a mexican crew to sort of like build your kitchen or your bathroom, you all the five, It said they work per hour. Is that level of working with agents,
So I it up, for you really get it done with a fervor. That's right! That's right and there's just like a of so again it points magnetically, north, within five centimeters is the only like. The only man made holding. That is known to do that so accurately They also were saying that you look at the base of this pyramid and when you divide the length by the height and all this stuff, it makes pie. Right, and it was built to the goal. So both of these seeing both of these things did not exist until, like the Greeks, like a buck a bundrage of years later, like these concepts didn't exist, thousands, it's ludicrous. It what happened. Why did they have the tunnel Inside the pyramids. Are these perfectly straight diagonal tubes right?
they're like how do they do not know how they do it, how they do it now they do it and it told me and then again it was Brian Cox was like. Oh no did this come about. That's right, do peach. You know now. You just say you ask the question: answer: this rhetorical my friend, but it's just absolutely fascinating. I love it, but it's like with the purpose of it made. You can extend the timeline of how the pyramids were built depending on if it not a tumor, not, and if it wasn't a tomb, what the fuck was it was it a rumpus room Maybe it was one room, some billing and get all the babes in their slap and but good times with big drinks. I would Bunga Bunga room in the pyramid absolutely so
December, sliding down all the walls and everything yeah, that's going to be the major issue, everyone's paean and puking everywhere, the so after the pyramids are built. They take like twenty years, then they they have to kill the fare on Papa men there right yeah, so you will kill the ferry dope it now. I think they probably have to that yeah. This point like it's done now, the buildings done. Is it? Could you put a little bit slower? Absolutely fine, music. It's time we did in fact We did it super fast. You know, Google him and throw him in there. It's like take your time. Boys Catholic get some drunken, throw them like rockets, so many slaves after be working for so long and so hard. They wouldn't even be able to make up songs in order to work as well. Maybe that's really techno came from very fast song yeah, but not mad. I got my. I got yeah, that's my egyptian music that get me moving. Some rocks yeah, which I think is also the only song that existed in egyptian times
yeah. Actually I heard that they may have found I'm one of the hieroglyphs. If you plant it to music yeah, they discover that actually plays this song. Let's give them listen, This is the first I was a part of when there was originally a limestone covering on the pyramids that it falling off and made his the pyramids are not for sites it's eight sites and those eight sides on each side.
Slightly inclined, okay, showing that on the equinox there, a shadow is created in which you can actually see the line in the wall. And that that exists in cathedrals all across worlds. Writing ideas, like was this just a giant clock. Is that what this is for right? It's a good! It's a lab! read for a clock, get what you're doing a lot of big projects back yeah, and that was well this there, a stimulus package yeah so they made a pyramid to get a shadow. It's like the lot. It's like the evolution of mammals. You know how slots used to be like sixteen feet. High and now they're about four feet high same thing with clocks. Ok, you should be pyramids another another on my wrist yeah, the eye pyramid, just the slightly less LUCA did. You could get almost six months of time on my fawking pyramid. It only took me all of grandsons and granddaughters.
To make it a better carry it with you kind of uhm, but then this great documentary was like talking about these other sites. Right, like in Machu, Picchu same thing: you have these: pyramids were built in the same way. The other way they were built was really interesting was originally they thought that they were built out of like pieces that were made to save for from chorus all these like interlocking broken rocks right and then, when you looked at a lot of rocks, though to be I mean they're like what are we going to do with all these rocks yeah, never mind. It was also like five hundred miles away where they got the rocks from which is just the most difficult thing. Do they traveled five hundred miles to get the rocks and then bring them all the way back in and make the pyramids yeah it's like. When I go to Burger king to get this across on which you're not gonna go to Mcdonalds, they get their hash browns. I mean yeah, but you're just trying to make it perfect for you right, but when it down to it just get the burger King Hash Browns,
are there? That's perhaps not just get the rock somewhere your fingernails wraps on my feet, I was talking about on top at yesterday. It's Middle EAST is rocks everywhere, rocks are everywhere in Egypt, technically northern Africa, but still locked out everywhere. There too, I'm guessing. They had to go five hundred miles to the Middle EAST. To get the rocks there to get those primo middle Eastern rocks for guys in the Middle EAST, where the father of all of our rocks, that's why they call it the coal city rock. I love it. Hong Kong, Henry Zebrowski here all weekend on fire yeah put him out, put him out: hey We got to edit that one out that one is absolutely disgusting. I can't focus over here. How am I supposed to work with this guy Marcus, you're, the God Dam programming director here, get him out of the room. I can't get him out of the room. He has all the information Goddamnit Henry you would have done it really is it's not information? None of this is real.
Information is information. I'm sorry I mean I got money, information but get to the mummy stuff? Soon, let me just get to the as soon as we got that as soon as he's done, and all over the microphone doing. Well, no, no you're doing that. You look good when they found so there's like it's something that all of the guidelines right went over to the instant these interlocking pieces right they are. They are so tight, lead late on each other, which is also in saying the fact that, like that get such a stray, cut for music, a stick in a right right they fit together. I'm really tell you said enough, so it's like you can't even fit a razor blade between it. I like to the secondary to is a little Europeans, and so they all seem more serious rap. It's so you don't have the cynical us there with this giant hair enough like an orange shirt on go and it's any liens.
Is it not? The thing is about the people who are watching these. They don't really know whether thing is all the things you know all these people are. They all look genuinely baffled Thrall. Just like the fact It's built this way and that these these coincidence run together. It's like this mathematician was literally sitting there with head hands going like it it's zero. It makes no sense the fact that this all this could happen randomly this make any sense. It's like the volume being that the gold and shows. Nuts he's like this is, obviously chosen they made to be like this and the interlocking pieces we discovered weren't on accidents. When you look at the other side of the wall, it's the same exact mirrored pieces of what's going on the other side, and basically they found out that would be by building that they made them earthquake proof. And the same thing happened in March You- and they also found wall fragments like that in on Easter Island, and they also You find them in China where the
In China there pyramids they have a series of gigantic pyramids and they keep secret. They don't allow western to visit like no researchers are not allowed to go research it. It will add, they're. Doing now is the covering them in soil and dirt and planting trees on them. So no one knows it even had urban mountains. That sounds like a fun with you know why that is no one knows why that is an when you plot these things out the way that this was really kind of blew my mind now. All of us it was just like yeah I get it. Does your meds, how they do it. I don't know yeah right, but this was like you line up Montreux page with Easter Island, with Giza, and it runs on the circle on the earth that also connects like where Abraham was born, and then this this small town, like literally they were saying like till like pinpoint accuracy like this small town in Pakistan, where this curious? Writing. Tablet was found, which is still indecipherable this like series of hieroglyphics that were found in Pakistan. There were also found in fragments
Machu Picchu, and then it rolls her runs over the chinese pyramid. So they just went to Pakistan like what is a Kindle Nook, Is this a nook? Is this like this from the fucking age of them? Is this? What is this is retarded? Oh, I left that here last week. All thanks for bringing it yeah, keep it on my nook, so dirty. No sorry, I just shoved it inside this pyramid for safekeeping facility, all sorry jackets Danielle. He wants a collard green put his Paula Deen doing in Pakistan, Fuckin' knock them out of their cooperation older. I was reading Oprah's biography. Thank you, Pakistan. Butter pie about twelve things better, you put it in a pack, rust converter, sample butter pattern, that's good! I'm Greg with
I got that salty meal now on spike tv. How many chips can pyramids hold nine billion people eating chips like tv pyramid facts? How many cool dudes could lift the pyramids bug into hey bro, oh Jersey, shore, tv. Oh, I love it. Spikes advertises just like. Please guys. Please watch us we're going to go out of business soon. Please watch your, not gay spike tv is gay gay four comes out for itself, weird by tv, bizarre marketing says where gay we're all good every dude that
hot hot dude on this show is a hot dude for us to masturbate him so proud that spike came out of the closet, but I bravo spike period just looking again they're like. Why is it in this giant circle? This perfectly like well designed circle all around the earth and Was there anything else? That's they don't know, ok they're not they do not know ok, so they have a strong idea that maybe- and they only hit it towards the very end, could be. Didn't say it out loud? So you just thought that I could be aliens it could maybe be aliens who made them then I taught them how to make it through. The same thing also is likely also go into the inner. The Naza channels like well the things in South America, where you see like the monkeys from space and shoot like that, where they carved in the rocks and like you have you, have the two types of like archaeologist, there's one time, Arcata Archaeology, like he's like,
yeah. These are these repairs. He walked in and walked on. I don't know I don't know they see them from space to the aliens know. We have monkeys who's in the shape of a This is the shape of a spider like they make they make the big well. I've got it so that the aliens afraid to come. There's like no, no stop talking running track. They run around the falcons. Wide love it watt? What are you talking about? You know that if you know why it's there, it doesn't sound like it, but it definitely sounds like a couple of guys are going through a divorce I would say it also why this smoking not say whether it's not this lines or whiskey. No happy, doesn't love me anymore. Debbie doesn't love you anymore, because you're very abusive and you drank too much vodka.
The you were saying something with the North pole doesn't know either jobs alliance remains no. No, my God Debbie! You tell me why this car down south american nozzle answer Maine over. Have you ask she cried I didn't cry, I think, she's going to come back to you. Man, just don't even worry about France, well you're. So drunk you've lost your accent. It's remarkable Boosie new songs, all the live long day. But you were saying too we've had all places these created. North pole, the median equator in the north pole. They put it like the the generated the north pole for that equator and they found that all those places are equal distance. Which that is a really bizarre coincidence, yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah, Why is it there
You know it's probably in the ocean Atlantis. Well. I almost suggested that we do it. In this episode. Well, we gotta do one soon, because I watched a pretty awesome episode of ancient aliens on Atlantis the other day. Yeah aliens did it well, I mainly exactly gods, did it, but the gods literally. It was also called the golden era in time before Egyptians and stuff, where there was increased all, white people, doing amazing things in the Sea resort called Atlantis. That was our time. Yeah time then down. There are dark, no, no, no! No! No! No! No back! Then we lasers, we were to Yeah we're doing great, which spaceships then we got cocky yeah and that's when Poseiden came thing is that we let these brown people start playing sports against us.
Sooner confident conversations happen more than once in the Romney household, though. That's why we don't let him play cricket or lacrosse. We can only play their expensive sports speaking of pyramids and she measured the Atlanteans like that guys from like the rich kid camp right. You know it's just like You can't run in his wooden shoes, hey I made these new shoes that are rubber and I'm just better at basketball than you get out of your bra I'm going to sit this whole fucking island, plan, teens versus the Zulus, all the plug on Atlantis, just sinks under the ocean, how to the it's all over again basketball. Why do we beat? We beat the white people? Finally, yes, I'll never come back again. What's that
So I got this patient for more brown people who no goddamnit I'm great. Metal metal, see me out. Whenever it doesn't matter, we have with some that will sell me Omaha, that's right, but those are the pyramids and then, of course inside the pier bands, are the little thing called mummies Mummy a moment. Please moment please stroke may well. First of all, let me take a few more. Please stroke, milk, my cock, and you know the three stooges they away I'll. Get to that later. You know how we should get over to your mommy facts. We should It would be absurd, dad dad dad dad dad Dad Bananarama gotta love that groups of angles of the jangles. I don't know who's got the fat chick in it all of them.
Is that the one with the Wilson Phillips I was gonna, say Wilson, Phillips, I'm Amanda make you cry, God! No! No! No! No! No! No! No say goodbye said no. No, no! That's carnie! Wilson, don't go away. It's just her. She just Carney was inspired when she opened up the fridge and see Charlotte. She saw the cake and she's like. I want the cake when she can hold on for one more day for a flonda set uh. Oh Carnie, Wilson is fat, she's fat again, and I love her for it always going to be fat. Let's go through the embalming process. Martin facts yeah, one of the embalmers Mens makes a cut on the left side of the body and removes the internal organs I'm doing absolutely, for they have the first in the body to decompose the liver,
on stomach and intestines are washed and packed in Natron, which is a salt like substance, and what Lindsay louhans doing in order to get into long at her acting career and that dries them out. The heart is not taken out of the body, because it is the center of intelligence and feeling wrong and the man I got that wrong in the mammal needed in the afterlife, a long 'cause then used to smash the brain and pull it through. There's no taxed what they got it all wrong. I do, and I do believe that the Domer also actually did do that. Yet he believed in that, and then he tried to do that. No Dahmer thought Wells Fargo that we had a couple times yeah. He would drill him in the head and put like orange juice in there and just be like I'm going to make him helping my Mosa. Yes, that would be fun. Go over the Dahmer's house, just like four heads on the table and you just like fills them up with wonderful champagne in OJ. Boys. It's brunch mean I like it.
Body, is now covered and stuffed with nature on which will dry it out. All of the fluids and bags from the embalming process will be saved and buried along with the body, okay after three days. The body is washed again with water. From from the Nile, then is covered with oils to help the skin stay elastic the d high created internal organs, are wrapped in linen and return to the body. How long and what temperature do you put in the oven? yeah. The body is stuffed with dry materials. Such as sawdust leaves and linens so that it looks life like. Finally, the body is covered again with good smelling oils, and is there wrapped in linen making it me mum, good, smelling, mommy, very tasty, like share, and then thousands of years later We believe that they actually work them. In fact, the mummification actually works right kind of crazy. He started
even with apples I always experiment. First with apples, yep I've heard that I've heard that about Madison. Thousands of years later. Carnarvon. Could I am Lord Where are you mommy out from your twenty? Ok, Lord sick? These white people Park, an Arvin here, Lord Carnarvon financed. Expedition that was led by Doctor Howard Carter to unearth King uncommons too, exciting, very exciting indeed, and all in the entrance to the tomb was scribe the words the who into the sacred to shop swift, be visited by wings of that's fucking cool man you gotta go in. My is common. Follow yeah money,
swing? Well, the only thing you end with mummies is have a lighter on you, because they are highly flammable, extremely flammable, flammable turns out loud. That was a lie. The press invented it. Well yeah, that's bull shed that, but when it actually said it is, I hang there's a mummy in here. They've come and blow the Mummy blow the money for five dollars. You can blow the mummy touched. Peacock five dollars it is, I who hinder the sand from choking the secret chamber. I am for the tech of the deceased, and then the newspaper added, and I kill all those who crossed this threshold into the sacred precincts of the royal king who lives forever. This paper did a good job. Can we be good report? Newspaper did a great job, but where The story of the curse comes from is There, on the day that Howard Carter broke,
The two when does Brendan Fraser, come into the picture. That's what I wanted on the day that Howard Carter broke into the tomb his can She was eaten by a cobra, classic Cobre versus Canary battle. I've seen that many times the canary, and why is he traveling with what I imagine the fragile bird? I don't know it did not a hawk, no Aries, a tiny little thing there you get you that's also just around. No. It was his only friend Henry was a very sad day when they go to protect me from the evil. Spirits within an it will protect. You from that cobra won't you canary, I love your beautiful song. Take those even sacrificing for death. Heaven answer money, my canary, but take a picture Larry. I don't want the canary. I want your soul, that's what that Mommy Woodside people, I don't like him and
The mummy's curse had actually began decades earlier. When people would Take these mummies. Take them the England, in the 15th century induced range stripteases on stage with the money. Yes, which they would have sexy women ST the Mummy down in a lab stage show oh man. I would fucking see that the yeah beating off in the corner who's that guy no, I would be filming it. Oh interesting? Yes, really then Lord Carnarvon, he funded the. He died shortly after the discovery. The path to his death began. In the spring of nineteen twenty three when he was bitten on the cheek by a mosquito and diagnosed with me, so the only during his morning shaping routines. He further
aggravated the mosquito bite, it became infected and Lord Carnarvon found himself ill. He suffered a high fee. Chills a doctor was sent, to examine him, give him a canary I'm feeling fairly, I'm feeling lonely. What do you mean? He was eaten by a snake? Oh give me the snake, then I'll, take out my canary and you don't even ask for your canary until you're, going to Egypt or you're about to die. So don't even act like you miss it one of the staff at it. Yes and yeah. This is. The only way white people died, which is an infected mosquito bite yeah. It's a sad way to go. Heat stroke, medical attention, variety so and the act moment of his death, the light in Cairo. Mysteriously without I don't know why hi rose got shoddy electric wiring yeah. If that will happen with that still happens to this day, I think so. Yeah yeah yeah most days, yeah man. That's it, though wow
what a champion and now in two hundred and ten common tune, What was the start? I think there was also a lot to him too, but how like they think he may have been murdered and there was like a lot of I like that you also may Riri, because he king was a re re. Yeah big head, big head. But then there's also say that that also means that he could be an alien human, hybrid and that's where their society came from and why the egyptian society began at the peak of its of its knowledge like, and it never reached like from the times of the it was a downward slope and then you know the burning of the libraries and all that stuff happened. Pick and choose I'm going with hybrid. Alien human, hybrid, not retarded alien, human, hybrid, that's right yeah, that's why he says words. You can't understand it yeah, it's not in English, not domino! Is he retarded? No, that's his alien side, Gilbert! he's actually very smart. If you have no idea what he's saying give that king and Oscar there you go
The nice he's a cute guy, his and one more about jelly on his. Why? Wouldn't he and one more or mummy story, we're not really story but Mummy people, the bog, people of Europe, people the weight bug people in Europe all with a mustache, my favorite mummies. These guys are pretty fucking amazing. There is old as the mummies, but but they were sacrificed and or murdered for like offerings the fertility gods they usually said to be let's see here, a stabbed, bludgeoned, hanged or strangled or combination of these methods, and they throw him into this thing that full combo and they threw him into these bugs and the conditions of these bugs highly like water, low temperature and a lack of oxygen. So these people's skin appearance, clothes and
internal organs are damn near perfectly preserved, and this is it since of years old. But bones are dissolved. Because it's a high acidic content, so they're, just these big jelly sacs, it sounds like with Michael Jackson, slept that's real, So it's also like the and they're all and they've all been dot killed in the extremely violent ways. I think the buddhist monk spend all their time drinking. The specialty need slowly mama by themselves over twenty year right and the right when they're about they think they're about to die in a close, I'm selves in these tombs and then they're perfectly preserved I was wrong. I feeling right now, I'm I'm kind of I ate something Take it back, I would have soccer I'm fine. It was interesting, full house in all past, I'm doing good. I want to know how to play poker. Really die in Loudon there huh What do race?
so there's this thing called Blu Ray Oann. Others. Some of the first ones they would at the body would be completely fucking were destroyed and they would be four down to the Bottom of the Box of the body could not come back. Yeah yeah. They were saying that it was probably like punishment for crime. All we saw was a punishment. Wasn't like you've been chosen as one of the lucky. Well, it could be. I mean they don't know, because you know there were idiots right, good, Lord Carnarvon, great great I'll, killing a lot man. Kill Israelis? I like your great great great Father would not be pleased with your performance. I could hear a They all they've also found these bog people in Florida. Interesting one thousand nine hundred and ninety eight. They just live in Pensacola and are just living there yeah exactly. I mean there not yet the fundamental log people yeah Let's give me a new show on TLC called mogg people, which is dude, so I could just float in muck. That's right look honey, boo, boo Television,
shows coming to get your asses, I'm sinking again interesting is Bob was getting deeper. No body also notice that the blog is deeper, but next, a blog, bald it is next or where is it zip lip balm deeper, God people this Wednesday at four hundred in the morning. That's when the audience is definitely ready for spike tv, entertainment, yeah. Four hundred am, after a long night a schnitzel and bar hop in what hello. What life do you live? I live alone. I live in Schnitzel, Embara being my friend and spike tv around four hundred in the morning, but like an Egyptian, so we need to walk like a gyptian
right outside this podcast. That's right, we're all done. I want to do a callback to Methylthio me alone now, but I don't even know if it's funny so I'm Greg middle. I mean it doesn't even matter mezzo. The old man for a loan. That's a man, so female medal p me only a is not it. That's all the only company mezzo see me Ola sure, we need to get this. And the show, and we need to figure it out. We got a program mesothelioma the yeah. This is perfect. People really loving the Meso Phileo MA good so we'll do sound right. No, it doesn't. It sounds awful I don't know the way worse than the actual disease. Like cancer doesn't sound that bad. Then the disease is terrible. Mental stealing mail mail is just like, so
possible to say: oh, yes, also Meola, that's the problem with the disease have to tell her you have this thing: you can't pronounce can't mess with them and what does it do? For you know, he's got brain cancer is like no? No, no! No, it's not pronounced puzzle, Thi, MEO, MEO! That's right! That's right makes my cock bigger, Okay! Well, that's not! So we wouldn't be named cracker all right. Well, I think we are. We learned a lot today. Yeah we did. I'm go visit the up pyramids before they take off of to being part led by Will Smith going. Two the new that's what they are there spaceships. Ok. That's the origins
It's just as good of a dancer is Eddie. I guess yeah alright well hail. Henry installations may go. So it's a good solution and I think that's it. Yes, then, let's walk like an egyptian jobs or to your loved ones. That's right! Be nice to your children,
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