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Episode 64: Bonus Material: The Jonestown Death Tape

2015-02-16 | 🔗

On this special bonus episode of Last Podcast: we present to you, in its entirety, the Jonestown Death Tape, starring the Reverend Jim Jones! Listen in to hear the last 45 minutes of 900 people's lives. Needless to say, it is very disturbing.

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There's no place to escape to this is the last time That's Marcus, I'm Kissell witnesses, always this face made the picture it did. It made him Welcome! Hey! Have you had any good, celebrity sightings recently, Henry you're just jumping right into this man I feel like I'm on the tonight show if this is what it's like Johnny Carson, yeah dude? I am back from the grave I'm here to haunt your nightmares. You, like Johnny, Carson of Johnny Carson, was sat on by a taxi driver for twenty five years in Jerky your Johnny Carson, if he was turned into a fucking seven feet of Jerky
that's very rude. My skin is nice. It's not dry at all, it's wet and moist. I know I know this. I know no. I had one. That is why your employer keeps fucking catching you jerking off and rubbing lotion all over yourself, you're too moist. Take it easy. Take it easy. I could dry in the winter or what I would have the scream that would have come out of my mouth. If I walked into my bathroom- and I saw you using my expensive lotion all over your big veni clouded lens, alright. Well, let's not going to pick up the bill over here. Apparently, don't want to talk about your celebrity. It's all about the lathering up. I was I was in between meetings. In between taco stands so much power, but I sat next to a certain Mr Gladiator Russell Crowe himself. I would say I said it's Russell Crowe and he smells like bag old kangaroo ship. He is disgusting. I mean what
I think you thought that you smell. Like I mean I smell like we're saying I smell like baby powder yeah hope, oh yeah, and I was eating an egg and bacon sandwich, but was heating or some salad yeah. So he wasn't actually just eating Kangaroo Schitt's. Most australian men do australian. Men suck they are big and they are smelly and they can't get any place if they can't fucking Surf there- and there are generations of rapists made oh my just come by. That's ridiculous. The irish Oh wow wow, mark is that the meanest thing Henry's ever said about somebody. Irish Google, Irish, the Australians. Yes, all right, we'll I think it is stinky meat and sweaty men. Today we're going to talk about Jim Jones and both he and I are on Skype right now. So we're going to play you uh.
Of what Jim Jones said? It too, unbelievably captive audience very much so captive. Now, it remember again. This is ramping up to their final moments, so whatever sort of convincing arguments that he have had already common gone. These people are pretty much trapped. I think some people try to escape but everybody that was involved in there died. There was June woman was there was one old woman who is able to escape by hiding underneath the bed because she knew immediately when they did code White Knight that was their number one code as far as everything's gone wrong, everything Shyt Code White Night, so she that she had under the bed- and this is not the first time that he had declared Code White Knight and already tested them wants to see if they would do it, but he'd already in this whole spiel before to see if they would actually commit sue. Side and it was like a fake thing, one more. The true circumstances that led up to code white Knight. Do you remember
yeah, absolutely the true circumstances that there was a congressman whose daughter I believe his daughter was a part of the call door and he went down with a couple if you go investigate it yeah. He went down with a couple of other family members whose family was in the cult just investigate just to see what was going on and Jim Jones was at. Very end of his rope. At this point he is doing a lot of coke. He was starting to lose control over everything and he spiraling out of control, and this was just the straw that broke the camels back and then people passing notes to the congressman because he hung out with him for a night people were passing. Congressman yeah get this. Get us I want to leave right now,
you if you're, that congressman all my god yeah so terrified I mean this is initially you get. A note of this is definitely a woman's phone number she's, a saucy Hollywood blonde. She wants to blow me a congressman there in the middle of no, where there's not a good, a a good fellow about yeah, and there were two people that adventure around twenty people that eventually left with the congressman there were two play. Is that we're going out and one of the planes actually got up off the ground and there was a dude. There was a mole planted on that plane that plan to shoot the pilot in the head, but they able to wrestle the gun away from him before he killed anybody on the plane. However, the second playing with the actual cut with the congressman they Now there were also journalists out there. There was a people from ABC News there were. There was a cameraman and I think, a reporter and
and one other dude on that plane? That was able one of the dudes is able to escape into the woods. The shooting started, but the congressman and all the journalists just got and riddled with bullets from assault rifles not do and so that what Jim John said he started, he did Code White Knight and he said the congressman is dead. We all have to ourselves because they're good the government's going to come in here, they're going to slaughter all of the children they were going to. You know make life hell on earth for us and of course, you'll hear all of this stuff in the because the level so here you'll hear all that stuff. You listen to Glenn Beck's new radio program called White Knight situation. It just reminds me of sort of being a fire drill that might happen in school. You know also do those all the time is it not? The name of a Daniel Stern Damon, Wayans Film White Knight
right that was b you're thinking of black knight and it's Martin Lawrence. I am so sorry. Please enter right, that's ridiculous and you that you say this is the ramp up to it, but there were still people arguing against it all the way and almost all the way up until the end and some people did have to be shot and in fact Jim Jones, I found out Jim Jones had to be shot in the head because she wouldn't take the two Asian. It was Jim Jones. One of his followers. He could, because he couldn't do it. He couldn't commit suicide. He had this temperature. Bich order. Lewisohn suicide, PAC yeah, yes he orders someone else to shoot himself shoot him in the head. Yeah Jesus Christ, It's a good job to have, though you know ever used, Jim Jones? You can pretty much just drop the gun and slowly walk away. Now he killed himself immediately afterwards, but that's a leader's job is to delegate Delhi. Eight delegate be doing all this stuff himself.
Listen if you listen on the tapes. There's one thing that you'll notice there's this weird music played throughout this weird, like you can't really figure out what it is. It kind of sounds like organ music at sometime. What it actually is is that Someone had done it was this whole thing was taped on reel to reels. Someone had taped over Delfonics record the whole. The Delfonics is an old soul group and seriously, couldn't get a new tape like for the moment. So what you hear never going to change yeah! You hear in the background is that an old vhs corner when it comes to like family memories, trampoline your mother, you know second down tv yeah, so what you in the background the whole time is an old Delfonics. Album played at half speed one. Right. The only people in north to reload the exact same life is the focus of Jonestown yeah. I mean, except you know at least
They had parties all the time and they have parades and stuff like that. So you think, if you had to choose between living in North Korea or living in Jonestown, knowing the way that Jonestown ends, you're sticking with Jonestown no, no! No! I'm sick! I go to North Korea. Yeah. I can't take the heat to Africa. Talking Africa Afro, South America. It's a world of difference. Is you know what I'm saying because of climate? It's the same thing you know when you got antelopes in both places anywhere oil can Henry's just Africa. You should see me in Canada, it's absolutely confusing. Yes, I hate. I got all these, like my african whites running around with a canadian accent. Where is the dreaded African? The dreaded african moves he's an American dressed like he's going on Safari, I'm cold. I have been single time.
I want my money back. On vacation and report back like every single jewish grandmother reports back after occasionally I do like it was just like, oh, very good, but so affordable, alright guys, let's get to the tape. Alright right, buddy yourselves be creeped out Jim Jones is Jonestown Massacre in don't get convinced. After listening to this don't drink the Kool aid, it's over yeah the moment its path, that's not real anymore. No one will risk and I'll say if my own experiences any gauge, but if you for MAX enjoyment get real. Stoned and look at pictures of the devil. While you listen to this I would anything all right will see you guys next week we're going to have a full episode coming up next, we gotta Creepypasta episode, so wait around for that. But in the mean
here is the Jonestown death tape. Themselves However, how much I've loved you how very much I've tried my best to give you five in spite of all of that, I've tried. In front of our people. With their lives have made our life impossible. I did attach ourselves from what happened today. Not only were in a compound desperation. Not only are there, those who have left in committed- trail of the century
hum stolen jewelry for mothers and their right now the kill them. Because so their children and we we are sitting here waiting on a powder keg don't think this is what we want to do with our babies? that's what we had in mind to do with our babies is dead by the greatest prophet. From time immemorial. No man lay take my life. For me, I lay my life down so just sit here and wait for the catastrophe is going to happen on that airplane. It's going to be a catastrophe, almost happened here tapping the congressman was nearly killed here, but you can't see the people's children? He can't? offers people's children without expect. Violent reaction and that's not so unfair it to. Even if we were judeo Christian, if we christian everyone Communist
the world the kingdom on violence and the violent take it by force, if we can live in peace within us die and please, the Minister of the trade may have been so terribly betrayed, but we tried and Jack Beam often said and no worries that right this moment reject. Does it only work one day? It was worthwhile. What's going to happen here in a matter of a few minutes. Is that one of those people on that plane is going to shoot the pilot. I know that I didn't plan it, but I know it's going to happen. Pilot and down comes at plane the jungle and we had better- not have any of our children left when it's over 'cause
a parachute in here on this journey just explain as I know how to tell you. I've never lied to you and never have lied to you. I know that's what's going to happen at what it intends to do. And he will do it he'll. Do it fortunate being so welded with many many pressures on my brain being. All these people behave so treasonous. It was just too much. Can you put together, but I now know what he was telling me and it'll happen. If the plane gets in, they are even so my opinion is that we become the children and be kind of seniors years and The portion like they used to take an ancient Greece and set quietly, because we are not committing suicide is a revolutionary act. We can go back. They won't leave us alone and I'm going
and to tell more lines which means more congressman. There's no way. No way we can survive anyone that has any dissenting opinion. Please speak yes, even have an opportunity, but if our children are left, we're going to have them butchered We can make a strike but will be striking against people We we don't want to strike again to what would like to get people to cause this stuff and some if some people here are prepared to know how to do that, you wouldn't Allen, get Timothy Stone, but there's no plane. I know playing you, can catch a plane in time he's responsible for it. He bought the able to us Indiana Myrtle, but people
and then we took so will not not the idol over this you're, not take our death in vain. You know yes, machine is wait for Russia, reply too late for Russia. They killed, I started to kill That's what makes it too late for Russia Otherwise I did Russia, you bet your life, but it wait. I can't control these people are out there, they've gone with the guns and it's too late we kill anybody We have always put my lot with you. One of my do something with me. And I say I don't know I don't have to take the blame for this, but I don't I don't live that way. They could deliver up huge. Are who tried to get the man back here in Utah
my mother's been lying on a main line on and then trying to break up the family and they've all agreed to kill us by any means necessary. I think I'm going to deliver them. You John, not on your life, no you're not going you're, not going not going. I can't live that way I cannot live that way. I've lived with for all die for all living on hold for a long time Christine. I appreciate you always been a very good at cater. I like education, because you got t two thousand and one issue at two sides of a question, but we're going to get done. What they get through will make our life worse than hell to make it make. The rush is not accept us when we get through line, they told so many lies between there and that truck.
We are. We are done in as far as any other alternative. Well, I fellas make an out LA after Russia. That's what I've Ok, I don't think nothing is impossible. How you going to airlift to Russia. While I thought he Maybe if we got in an emergency, they gave you a cool deliver. No, no, they did. They gave us the code that they, let us know about the issue, not up, create an issue for them. I said if we, if they thought country coming down. He creed. They give us the code give me a code. You can check on there and David down the coding and check with Russia to get there. Take it in immediately otherwise we'd. I don't want it. She say to these people but to me death is not in death. Is not a fearful thing. It's living this treacherous
I have never never never, never seen anything like this before my life. I've never seen people take the longer a new their own hands and provoke us and try to purposely Agitat, murder of children yeah. I know you Christine. Is it's not it's not worth living like this, not worth living like this. I think that There were two few left for one thousand two hundred people to give them their lives for those people that left. You know how many left Twenty odd! That's that's a small twenty! yeah. Twenty odd but what happens when they don't leave. I hope that they could leave, but what's going to happen when they don't leave, the people here, yeah, what's going to happen to us when they don't leave when they get on the plane and the plane goes down I think he'll do that. You know they can go down.
I I wish I could tell you right, but I'm right, there's one man there who blames and right so everybody, you for the murder, for the murder of his mother, and he or she will stop that pilot by any means necessary he'll. Do it You will come out here, there's no way you fly a plane without a pilot. I wasn't speaking about that plane. I was speaking about applying for cost to go to Russia? Sriracha do you think she's going to want? I know not going to going to want us with all this stigma. We had we had some value, but now we don't have any value see it like that. I mean I feel like that. As long as there's life, there's hope
welcome everybody dies someplace that hope runs down. 'cause everybody dies, I'm Danny Buddy at didn't. Die. I like to choose my own kind of death for a change, I'm tired of being tormented in Hell. That's what I'm tired, I'm tired of it hands and I certainly don't want your life in my hands. I'm gonna tell you Christine. Without me, life has no meaning and the best friend you ever have one. I have to pay I'm standing with huge ra, I'm sending you those people,
he I can detach myself, I don't it's just that front of no! No! No! No! No! No! I never did ask my stuff from any of your troubles. I've always taken your troubles right on my shoulders and I'm not going to be yet now late. I've been running too long, not going to change now, maybe the next time you get to go to Russia, the next time around. That's what I'm talking about the now the dispensation of judgment as to the revolutionary the revolutionaries? Placide council- I'm not talking about the death self destruction, I'm talking about what we have no other road. I will take your your call. We will put it to the Russians and I tell you the answer number, because I'm a profit call the Russians and tell him to feel Takis. But I'm afraid to die. I don't think you will. I don't think you are, but I look at our babies and I think they do
LEO. I agree you know this, but also they deserve what more than his therapy. We all came here for peace and we've had we had it. I tried to give it to you. I lay down my life. Practically practically died everyday to give you peace and you still not have any piece. You look better than I've seen in a long while, but it's still not the kind of beat that I wanted to give you, food continues to stay, like your when you lose when one lose two one I didn't hear you ma'am, you have to speak up, I just wait who said that?
come on up and getting in on a set him up and say about to talk about, is taking off taken off do it. I it may have done it. Stone is done it and somebody orders. Somebody can. I talk to not talk to SAM Cisco, see the stone does not get by with this internet. Is it into man? He is another thing. He wanted to do tablets destroyed when you, when you
I have a say, as we defeated we'll have them there in the defeat of the agency, I would live to fight no more forever. Yes, I saw that. Did you not have some sense of pride in victory and that man he would not subject himself to the will of the whim of people who tell they're gonna come in whenever they please and question to our house come one they please take they want to talk to. They want to do that living. That's not living to me. That's not freedom, that's not the kind of freedom. I saw but I think where they made their mistake is when they stopped to rest. If they had going on, they would have made it, but they stopped to rest. Solar system. Read that day we met beautiful day and let's make it a beautiful day we win. When we go down temps, don't have nobody else to hang
can't nobody else to hate So, let's try and tell him I'm thinking here not at the administrative speaking is a profit today I wouldn't step in the deep in talks with serious. If I didn't know what I was talking about and it anyway to call back, meant amount of damage is going to be done, but I can separate myself from the pain of my people. You can't either Christine. If you stop to think about you can't separate yourself with walk too long to get there. I I know that, but I still think there's an individual. I have a right. Do you do when I'm listening what I think What I feel I think we all have a right to our own destiny as individuals. Right I think I have a right to choose mine and everybody else's right to choose. There's. No, I'm not crazy. I'm not doing this
that's what the data for twenty people dead today with their lives. I think I still have a right to mountain. I'm not taking it from the you only standing here because he was here in the first place. So I don't know what you talking about having an individual life, your life has been extended to the day that you're standing there because of him play psycho. She has much recipe thing right now is to what you say to be, Are you regretted this very day? If you don't die you regret it. If you don't know you don't die, you regret it,
too many people, I save them. I thank them, but I made my example. I made my confession. I made my manifestation and the world was ready, not ready for me to have a man born out of these days and I've been born out of this season. Just like all we are and the best testimony we can make. It doesn't use the damn. I'm not talking to her. We would you would you let me talk Now. Let me talk while I'm on the floor yeah. You really do want to do. Do you you asking about MIKE I'm right now making a call to Russia? What more do you have to get right to get the one bit of encouragement? I just not factored in to go there and do that
got damn it all right, everybody hold it. We didn't come hold it hold it hold it hold it. At longer maintain to lay down your burdens, I'm going to lay down my burdens down by the riverside, though we lay him down here in spite of Guyana, what's the difference, no man didn't take our life right now he had taken it, but when they start parachute now the air they shoot. Some are innocent babies. I'm not gonna miss testing. This Christie'S- I gotta shoot me to get through to some of these people
Thank you, John. Can you let them take your job? Okay, you mean you want to see John Dillon. I want please please please please please, please are you. I think he thinks more of them than other children here to act and you think I'd put Johns live above others. If I put John drive about whether there wouldn't be any with the job, send John out now he could go out on the driveway tonight. He's young there. You know, but he's no he's no different to me than any children here. He just one of my children for one above another
above you jar. I can do that. I can't separate myself from your actions or his actions. If you done something wrong like playing with you, they want to come and get you did after take me, I've tried to keep this thing from happening, but find out the. If the will is the will of being that that happened to us that we lay down our lives in protest against. What's been done, and we lay down our lives to protest in much being done. The criminality of people that truly people who walked out of here today did you notice, lock down.
A white people, white people wall. I am so grateful for the ones that didn't those who knew who they are. There's no there's, there's there's no point. There's no point to this: we that we are born before our time. They won't accept it, and I don't think we should sit here and
any more time for our children to be endangered because they come after our children and we need to give them my children, then our children will suffer for ever with you coming up. I, like you, I personally, like you very much people get hostile when you try, some people do, but then you don't you just stop people. Do it that way, I'm not hostile! You had to be honest, the state, if you divide, among the run you to run with them, because anybody can around today they would want to do I know you're, not a runner, your life is precious to me. It didn't break Johns, and I don't know what I do. I do with weight and just any judgment
I have waited against all evidence. I found out that on that now folks. What comes now they say. Please say: please welcome, take dryer on down to the mid that he found for our lives down no I tried so very, very hard trying over here Who is it?
we out of here before something happens to him. Do our jobs I'm not talking about your jar. I said Dwyer, Oh, my God, take huge. Are I'm not letting him de que Jora get involved with these day Yes, my love at one time I felt just like Christine Fair, feel anything because the biggest majority of the people that live here graphite- and I know I heard my heart beat.
Hope your heart did not my heart to think that all these years that this white people have been with us, and another part of us, so we might as well in and out, because I don't but I think it's a what a legacy the Red Brigade, the only one ever made in his tenth anyway, privacy they came into our home. They found that six thousand miles away.
Show them Justice Congressman Day and please get. Is the medication Temple Temple Israel convulsions with it? It's just simple. This please get it before it's too late. The Gdf will be here. I tell you, get moving get moving fifty people land out. He does they'll talk your dumb bar to renew their star job people. Don't talk the years we cannot have this. Are you in a temperate yourself from whatever doctor Conger? I don't know repeat: the knows how to write to go and they had to write down how many are dead, God Almighty God,
I parked it in a place to write about I don't know how in the world ever going to write about us, it's too late. It's too late! the did the Congress. Today's dead, many of our traders are dead, they're, all laying out there dead. I didn't, but my people did, my people did their mind and they've been provoked too much had been provoked too much. What's happened has been too, but it's been an act of provocation
what happened to give to add something to take him, I'm satisfied, okay it is anyway. You could do to get him to give tax something, so he won't have to let him go through. Ok and I'm satisfied. Yes, yes, yes, Thank you for everything. You know you are the only you're. The only appreciate you please can we hate and can we
Dr please they thought happened right in the Bush can drop to making millions honoring my life Demi Moore. Are you going to get the medication here? You got to move Marshawn, the people that are standing there. The go. Stay. The radio room yard, but everybody get behind the table and back this way, okay,
There's nothing to worry about there. Everybody can call and try and keep your children come and older children going to help let the little children in reassure them but I'm I'm crying from pain. It's just a little bitter tasting, but they're not crying out of any pain. And him again, can I please see you back came here Let me tell you about it, might make a lot of you feel a little more comfortable surrounding be quiet. Please one of the things I used to do. I used to be a therapist and the kind of therapy that I did had to do with reincarnation in past life situations and every time, Anybody had the experience of going into a past life. Fortunate enough through father, Let them experience it all the way through
so to speak and everybody was so happy when they may next, step to the other side, you can do, but that way it's the only way to step. It's not ours. Now it's out of our hands did you have a bad? just been crippled suddenly have the kind of body that you want to have a little rest. It feels good. You know it felt so good family. I tell you you've. Never what's a good is how that feels. and I do hope that those attorneys will stay where they belong, and I don't come up here, Why didn't
What is it It was hard, it's hard, the only person only at first is it hard, only Chadoni. First, living you're looking at death. It's only look living is much much more difficult raising up every morning and not knowing what's going to be the nice, bringing it's much more difficult, it's much more difficult. I just wanna ask so everyone that I see that it's laying around and crying there's nothing to cry about They did something we should already Jonas about. We should be happy about this coming into this world when, when we have a little bit of people,
and I think we could be pigmented be happy about this. Just thinking about Jim Jones down here so here Oh yeah I think there has got. This too, people crying
Nicki Minaj cry and I never found that in my life,
but I cannot hear him to Jonestown
tickets to Maine I want to go. I want to see you go, though. I think you take me and do as I say, whatever they want to do. I want to see you go. I don't want to see you go to this house, no more! no more, no more! No more we're trying to go by our lack. The best thing you do to relax did you would have no problem. You have no problem with the thing. If you just relax, I've been there great deal because of Jim Jones and the way the children there now I'm laying like that, then it be don't have to die like that. You've did. Which was better for anyhow, and I just like to thank dad.
Forgiven of life and also death- and I appreciate the fact the way our children are going because, like dad said when they come in Their children were going to mark. Children. Now for the ones that they take, captured, they're going to just let them grow up and be dummies like that, I want them to be and not grow up to be. Attached is like the Jim Jones, opportunity. Flooding Jonestown, be not what it could be alright Jonestown is. Thank you Dan. Not to be feared. It is not to be feared at Safran. A friend.
Sitting. There show your love for one another, Let's get comments. We have nothing, we could do. We can't. We can't separate ourselves from my own people. Twenty years later in the mall rotten nursing home, I can do all these anguished years. They took it. Then president gains and that's nothing. That's this is death and that there's no comparison to that to their
rob this of our land and they've taken has been driven to do. We try to find ourselves. We tried to find a new beginning, but it's too late. You can separate yourself from your brother, your sister, no way I'm going to do it. I will. I refuse, I don't know who fired the shot. I don't know who killed a congressman, but far as I'm concerned, I killed him. You understand what I'm saying I killed them. He had no business coming, I told him not to come. I was thirty. The degree of dignity
lay down your life with dignity, don't lay down with tears and agony there's nothing to death is like MAX. That is just stepping over in another plane. Don't don't be that way! Stop it hits. Eric's This is not the way for people who are socialists, communists to die, no way for us to die? We must die with some dignity who will have no choice. Now we have some choice. You think they're going to tell allow this to be done and allowed to get by with it must be insane it's cold and it's just something typically wraps. Oh god,
mother, mother, mother, mother, mother, please Please please, please don't don't do this, don't do this your life with your child, but don't do this tree outline. Keep your emotions down, keep your emotions down so that it will not hurt. If you would be, if you would be quiet if you'll be quiet
it's never been done before you say been done by every tribe in history, every tribe, babysitting annihilation. Only Indians of the Amazon are doing it right now they refuse to bring any babies in the world that kill every child comes in the world cuz. I don't want to live in this kind of world to be patient be patient. Death is
I tell you, I don't care how many streams you here, I don't care. How many anguished cries. Death is a million times preferable to ten more days of this life. If you knew what was ahead of you, if you knew what was there to do would be glad to be stepping over tonight death death. Does it common to people is in the earth tamales they take death in their stride. Let's be dignified, that's big dignified! If you quit telling their dying. If you adult would stop some of this nonsense adult I bet I call on you to stop this nonsense. I call you to quit. Biting your children, when all they're doing is going to cry for us I can't stop it now. If you have any respect at all, I will wild inflation itself. Now we, that sounds good. Sounds that don't carry this on anymore you're, starting your children all over and it's good
no sorrow that it's all over, I'm glad it's over hurry. My children hurry all. It has transformed the hands of the enemy hurry, my children, hurry. It figures out here, drive concerned about hurry, I don't believe my click. Click, click, click, click, click, click, click, click, sisters, a lot of now no more pain. I said Al no more pain, Jim Cobb is laying on the airfield there at this moment, member the Oliver Womans Buggy
We come over and kill me if there's tons with the stopper these. These are people the peddlers of hate. All their doing is laying down our life without letting them take. Our life were laying down our life, picking their lives. We just want peace. All like to say is that my my so called parents is filled with so much hate keep people out here should think about how your relatives was and be glad about. Sure is being laid to rest, and I like to. I thank God for making me strong to stand with it all and make me ready. All taking a drink to take to go to sleep. But death is sleep, but I'm tired of it all coming thing you could have ever done I think all of us could have done it.
It's been a pleasure working with all of you in this revolutionary struggle no other way. I would rather going to give my life for socialism, communism and I think that very very much I said dad's lover, nursing and kindness, and bring us to this band of freedom. His love. Now, with the advent of the advent guard to socialism and his love, he Percy nurses to go and grab onto the field where he was at the vat of adverse event was Greenstein without with the green tea, and please yes, is it out for me and don't don't fail to follow my advice. You'll be sorry sorry we do it and that they do it
trust you you have to step across as sure isn't saying it sure wasn't. We don't want to tell me all these doing if they will tell him insure these chickens. Some people are sure these children of the. Lactation of stepping over the next plane, an example for others. We start from one thousand people, so we don't like the way the world is. Take a live from us, hello, it down. We got time my interest. We can act of Revolutionary suicide, protesting
the conditions of an inhumane world.
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