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Episode 70: King of the Warlocks

2015-02-16 | 🔗

We examine the world of cursed objects, from the Codex Gigas to mandrakes to the haunted objects one can find on the eBay.

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Cave comedy. Radio is brought to you by Adam and Eve dot com and put the code c. Check out for discounts. Nobody was game two. This is the last time this is on the left. The local is cannibalism started. anytime This is gonna, be a lively. One are all miserable all right, everybody's tired! It's fine though it just because it's a it's a Sandman podcast were people. You know people get tired, all right. That's more I guess I am Ben and to my left is he awake? Is he asleep, which one is that he's asleep just to sleep Marcus. I don't think we're going for this episode. That's fine! That's! Ok! Can we do it with an kicks in my head, so big I got pancake in my head. Henry
hand or head. How am I always hear? I always wake up. He holy Lord always had a lot of nrg know that find you what you were having a yeah, sing a dream where I was. I was Abraham Lincoln and I knew the bullet was coming. So he took a bunch of blueberry pancakes and I put it in my hat over the fucking bullet. Work or did you die? No, I always do every time every time, because three is already been done to all time is: is a wheel full time than happened before happening now, and the things that will happen already happening. Well, you know what let's for the second day, but Abraham looking quite the cursed president and that plays in so what we're talking about today, cursed object. Now this idea came from Ragnar good buddy out in some fucking nordic slum that he lives in Iceland yeah and they give it and he
Anyone who writes in Icelandic on Facebook, I always like it yeah. I do this thing called that spot lol, oh yeah, oh yeah, go live long and prosper like that with my grand father died, but I don't read your mud language. I liked it translated in Google translator and then write a response and then translate that back into Iceland, she's just laid in Icelandic. By that point it just sounds like when nephew. Heard exactly, but thanks, right now? This idea for cursed objects. So objects. What about my resume real I go through some cursed objects below the research here will start with the one that Ragnar sent to us the Codex guide. So what I love about this thing, which is latin for the big book, which is they just made a big old book and they're just like YO, I'm pretty sure this book is too big to be in
The library in this is like. Well, we just called it the big book, so people know what they're getting into that's right. It's always important to know what you get into, and that is exactly how monks in the middle ages ages, you put butter You know, I never seen a girl best in town those monks of all the cars in cash will describe of the Codex guy. I guess was a monk who broke his monastic vows and was sentenced to be walled up alive, which was a popular punishment back in the day, solitary confinement conditionally after awhile. With that the the the the yeah That's just aggravated! I'm trying to watch the fire over here, God another wall yeah! Now he was, I would imagine, the person probably bash their brains out again well before they died. Of starvation, they're building the fourth wall, it's just like jump.
Out of it real, quick, like didn't nine season of family man exactly in order to form for his harsh penalty. He promised to create in one single night a book to glow, by the monastery forever, including all human knowledge yeah, which at which, at the time, how much would that be Henry all human? in the middle ages. Oh one hundred and sixty five pages. That's it's one hundred and sixty five pages, long right, something like that. It's like, and it's like, a hundred it's like a hundred sounds yeah. Is this how David Icke also wrote the biggest secret overnight messed out of his mind? Will near midnight He became sure that he could not complete this task alone, so he may special prayer not addressed to God, but to the fallen angel Lucifer asking help! Him finish the book in exchange for his soul, the devil completed the manuscript and the monks added in the monk added the devil's picture out of
Youtube for his aid. Apparel is in the editing game, he's going back into England, publishers of demons yeah when Diablo Cody through the process of writing Juno. She had to go through the same thing and send it in that there that they had a cut out there, the back of it, which is a big flap human skin, devil, kinda, just etched onto it, home, slice and part of the curse is, it is said to be a night watchman who is looking over the book. One night was found add in the morning and more I think a very more real cars is. It was being held in some sort of library few decades ago. And in order to save it, they just threw the fucker out the window and it hit a policeman. How bad that is that a bad event happened in Compton a what a started: a race war that yeah I'm not sure. If that's true books, incompetent whoa,
Yes, I'm just talking about socioeconomic politics and we need to get more books in common. They need to get the big, next. One up is the woman of limb, which Is a large stone statue of a big, oh dick? What oh? How is that cursed? It's I feel like that would give. Much pleasure to many people yeah the first owner is believed to have been a Lord L fault yeah. He always get the decks that uses. It was a big for the dicks that your business logo. It could also be held something so small, well. I wish I could live with the tip of it, so I would be like captain semen of my fleet of GUI Gui June, Lord of the jizz, it's dated to three thousand five hundred BC, so it's quite old and found in Cyprus. So he
perverts. Lord hello, yeah, Lord L, history does not explain in the matter of which he died, but also members of the L Font family died within a six year period, sir. They all have a big dicks in IRAN. I don't know what it is. We're gonna get to take a pop up Bob Killer. Thank yeah I mean. If there's I mean the the dick statue has or if I may call it by its proper name, the woman of limb. Yes, it's a woman with a dick for ahead. Finally, someone I can talk to it looks like it looks like a plucked chicken like a chicken that you each other tips on it. There are no it's on an owner and it's just got a a long neck yeah. You can see it dick for a head very interesting. Lolo It's the Purdue chicken looks like a perdue chicken that is a perdue chicken and so uh. The woman of limb tends to wipe out entire families after
Lord L there was Sir Alvin Beaverbrook, It was different time. You know, and then Lord Carnaval on no, no, this starter of carnival cruise. Yes, actually, no, it was not Lord Carnavon. The Lord Carnavon was the man who was said to have king tuts curse. It was found these labels, like King Tut, has a lot of moles yeah. He was thirteen and probably retarded most most pharaohs were yeah well about a lot of cursed objects. What we're finding out now, it's just that their old objects filled with deadly funk, Yeah Lord Carnarvon apparently succumb to the curse new,
this is the evil spread like wildfire. We've talked about Mummy Harris is here, but people. It's now believed that he died from a simple fungus that lived on the Mummy wrappings and when these men shaved each morning opening the pores of their skin, they unknowingly infected themselves when they rubbed or scratches scratch their face. That's something I'll, never understand. My 1920s culture is all of the shaving, their wouldn't everyone. You were shaving in the war time. You know Hitler got up every morning and he shaved replication. So it's like why just let a little bit long scraggly beard grow your own desert yeah here in the desert. You just digging shut up where you someone taking your picture. Oh no! I must be bad lesson. The deserts. And so it's like no no brow. You actually keeps you cooler than others, some hipster woman back then it was just like I liked it a little shady. You know I like a little mustache have to make to be as bold as That's the only way that there was a kite
Next up here is the Devils chair. Oh, is this busbies busbies there's another? Haunted chair, share yeah, yeah, tell me your date. Your do your haunted, chair story and I'll. Tell you mine, but will be sounds like it's. A Sells party, quite Busby, Berkeley. Fabulous man. He was a the most fabulous man. Was this that it was called the dead and share it did not get into any he'll. Shall I got in you know what you can. I'm Yorkshire is of ridiculously haunted, yeah Buzz Bee, I'm worse is first name was a corner and reportedly had drunkard. According to the story, you married the village beauty, Elizabeth, all naughty, but her father, Daniel Autie, just the marriage. Once having returned home Busby found Daniel Altea sitting in his favorite chair off you, Dick He was there to take his daughter home, Buzz refuse and live there tonight strangle
his father in law in bed before his execution One thousand seven hundred and two Busby reportedly cast occur, and all who would sit in his favorite. B, when I'm doing that when I give it did at Sandhutton Crossroads. What's given what is like it's hanging up, I down by your toes or get out of it for now in the museum in Britain hanging from the ceiling. So no one will sit and injury people have decided to to ARI Affair men in a furniture repairman Carlo pick Nani. They all died in there, but apparently it with. They said that it was actually like. The fungus thing is that it was just filled with needles, just Jack back with AIDS right. That was agreed that he said that they were like oh yeah, there's something fresh about that damn well, the Devils would have these purple spots. I think it pizza in Philadelphia so
I feel great though I've lost fifty great, that's nice, LB, the devil's chair is not one chair but eh, legend of a chair, usually they're in cemeteries, that their chair over this is another one that Ragnar had put up right. He put up an occult devils chair. These devils chairs are made out of stone and put in a cemetery and they're, usually local legends surrounding at the coaches material. To make a chair out of them now is Busby's chair was it? Would nice chair? That's a nice chair in Cassa Daga Florida and I swear to God. This is the most Florida fuckin' haunting you could possibly have. According to one local legend, the graveside bench an unopened of beer left on the chair will be empty by learning. That is just that. The Florida current students also a homeless problem that they're not addressing it's just the undertaker. Just tell people like hey, you know
I heard a ghost to be footing pretty restless unless he has his beer at night, so you better leave it during your funeral. Thank you. Alright. If you also could leave conch fritters out have a great deal of super. Are you drinking the beer and I will it we're going to be right. Now. Are you drunk now and then there if you guys ever heard of this, is the coolest fucking thing ever. This is another one of those. It's not us a single Kerr object, but one that shows up in folklore the hand of glory It sounds like this sounds really familiar: yeah, it's the Dryden. Cold hand of a man who has been hanged, often specified as being left hand, or else if the man we're hanging for murder the hand that did the deed, oh, very rewarding to old european beliefs. A candle made of the fat from the malefactor was died on the gal who died on the gallows lighted in place tabs, on the candle. Stick in the hand,
glory which comes from the same man as the fat of the candle would have rendered motionless. Persons to whom it was presented. The candle could only be put out with milk and another version, the hair come on. That's not right. The milk with hell: yeah is there milk? I just need some uh, I'm just for a coffee. No actually, I use the majority of the milk to put out my Deadmans Campbell about blowing it out. Goddamnit high me. It's a really disappointed with your white single male, but yes, superstitions. I want this pickled handler. You can still buy these things yeah. I mean I did I looked at it here in Brooklyn, get they've been picked on everything over here, oh yeah, it has been popular for years. I looked at a private collection of a guy and he did have a hand. This guy had some amazing shit. He had a hand of glory. He crusader ring. What is it? It was
book that was made out of a deer skin and all of the symbols were burned in with gunpowder man. That's awesome just so such Kulesh it and never have anything cool, Well, one day, one day, you'll get you'll, get that Gacy painting. I know you will I'm gonna yeah and it's just for you from some little boys, cold dead hands, don't be creepy now don't do that and the hand of glory is related to the mandrake, which is another it's thing and the mandrake is a haunted plant lance. Is that how can you I'm going to plan to be haunted. Well knows that possesses a lot of powers. Well, if you remember from Harry Potter and the source, Where is stone. I purposely avoided a single word in Harry Potter. I know I've never seen it. I've ever seen the movie. I don't know who the kid is. What's his name Harry Knowles? What's name of that guy in Harry Potter, Daniel Plainview, what's his name, Daniel Plainview, I haven't shown airiness on broad. You know, then you got the ginger
Isn't there an Asian now let Asian now yeah this Harry Potter's girlfriend all yeah yeah yeah is is in Asia. Yeah she's always comes in there, she's very obedient, and you always comes in just bound up like that. You know we're. We're may also made her hands real, tiny and chose okay, all Harry Potter, art, deco, so much fun, letting me speak. That was an episode and movie and see. I saw you with Scott in a very strong character. No show sure that is fine, but yeah. That's the first time we've ever mentioned Harry Potter, but we don't get into that. 'cause, that's bullsh We found out the truth here on this program. Well, according to Legend, when the root of the mandrake is dug up and the reason why they think it's cursed, because when you pull it up, the root looks like a little man. That's just like elementary School role in Florida as well like it's like a Wednesday, the it's I forget what it's, because we grow along the shore, listened to her
a tuber. No that's the thing is when it's not too bad, it's top toolbar. We go like a potato. It's a tuber right. I know my do what they can as well, but I know it's my tuber, that's good yeah Jesus Christ, who, according to legend when the route is dug up, it screams and kills. All who hear it so here is. Is as a method for digging up the tuber. This come, why don't you get up? You've been there for medical purposes for magic, hello, yeah in this? comes from Josephus who live from thirty. I have the two hundred in Jerusalem. Affero must dug around the route until it's lower part is exposed. Then a dog is tied to it. After the person tying the dog get away the dog then, in to follow him and so easily pulls up. The route die suddenly, instead of his master. After this, the root can be handled without fear
heading right. That is totally totally wrong. They just need a tv baby dealt with the dogs, you nanny, you have them, move cursed, objects and that's. Why that's why one of them doesn't have a throat anymore? Do you have her always moving around when we talked about that old show about how your dogs will go like they're, old, they're old I'm not that old are like sisters. My father time one is six and the other one. Thirteen in the other one's eleven so and one of them has a growth on her put, Yes, she is a bit. The first is your while, while also let me it's, are you ready to come to me just jump on to? I just want to my favorite one of all of the hard sell and then we're going to go into a modern day that we can actually get okay. The grout also have an Ebay item as well. I think that the these guys, I love cursed objects in Nyc there. I think that this is such a fun thing is like when it comes down to it, because that is it's a it's
it's great to hear their greatest show Intel right now be there like. I like this, you know you like it so this, This is the the crying boy. Okay boy. He is just a painting of a crying boy which you would never it, which was very popular in the UK in the fifties, and you wouldn't see that in America, because we don't celebrate boys crying? No, we do not know we don't. You must understand that the fifties in England was a very sad time, for everyone was also just weird yeah. It's seem like it was a very strange time here is really weird, though, that people weren't sexy. Yet it was like everyone was wearing corsets till they had top hats on everyone, sort of trucking lorries everywhere they don't know yet and then comes the swinging 60s and a tiny little boo bees and tassel dresses. You know big tall shoes and sexual promiscuity.
I said end of independence square, not a cold link, Piccadilly Square Trickily Piccadilly dump a dump, part of your of your town, it's a ticket to have so that sounds cool. You know they have so close yeah, but they're so was a pile of for that are so that's you know. I sorry, b, races against the british okay, it's it's fine! You know, I think, the reason why they like hang at the crime more because the crying boy was happier than anyone in England at the time, but I don't know if he was crying and just look like you know, with Wayne Gacy, wouldn't even gotten past the painting, you couldn't walk past it man if only if we could have moved him to England in 1950s, he'd define mercy crying because it was said it was. He crying with laughter, he was sad said so,
Is someone chastise him for taking the last biscuit Isabel say that those kids a grandma yeah yeah, and that they can get you I'm calling because I'll never fall in the wall? No, you Well, it's very sad and then came the Falklands and he died. Yeah fighting shape now, This is the the thing it was a mass produced painting. So it's like it's like this painting from Sears and by the italian painter. I don't know, I'm a deal. Okay, I'm! Basically what they're saying when there was a rash of house fires in which they found this lady was that all of these health fire where they found this crying boy painting which was hung in many many houses and you okay, hold Leon harms in the end and and laying in the center of their living room and apparently like fire me. Wouldn't have it in their houses 'cause. They thought it was a sign of bad luck. It's just very then they found out that the actual truth of was is that all of them were sprayed with a of
barely that. The other thing I was looking up here, like a fairly highly carcinogenic ant why amatory agent, like me, yeah I'd like to they could couldn't catch on fire. That's very cool and yes string would be the first in the string that that picture was Hong Kong would be the first thing to burn so immediately. It would fall face down on the floor. Yeah just releasing its toxins into the air, that's great how to love how we used to just make ship with the most toxic. Things so yeah, I oh yeah. We feel a bullet with it yeah yeah, put it all over those kids toys, that's a great idea. So what happened with Grandpa He died of asbestos poisoning so think about that. I'm not gonna from like Buchenwald a book concentration camp yeah poisoning from building out of it. No, he in the
can one he was a good carpenter, so he got it from building the japanese interment camp yeah. Well, you know, America is a deep seated history of love in a lot of people and yes, the House certain individuals that Henry occasionally imitates. Yes, you to what yellow move on to the Ebay. You wanna start with your Ebay object and then I'll move on to the why these current objects that we can buy. Now, no, what it mine is already been purchased, but it's called a to painting called the hands resist him. Okay- and there was a- is a wildly popular, creepy pasta that was built around this painting, which is the painting of a little boy, next to a very creepy little doll girl that this guy painting it's just a bad painting from a moron, so he posted it as if that it was this this. He said that the painting was super haunted, and the idea is that the symbolism was was that it's in front of this window, and the window was between it. Was the boys like venturing into the into the friggin spear?
world over the doll was his guide. Alright, which is just ridiculous, so I will read some from the actual Ebay listing as soon as it pops up on my phone, but How much money is going to go for, I'm going to say six thousand nine hundred and ninety no be surprise you how ridiculously high this yeah, so so this is the painter when he put this up. This is what he He said basically saying already that this painting was haunted. Okay, when you're, when, when we receive this painting, we thought it was really good art up picker and found it abandoned behind an old burr. At the time we wondered what a little, why a seemingly perfectly fine painting would be discarded like that today we don't yeah one morning or four and a half year old daughter claim that the children in the picture were fighting and coming into the room night scary. Now I don't believe in Ufos or Elvis being alive. My boyfriend was alarmed to my amused.
He set up a motion triggered camera cameri that you spell that for the night's after three nights there were pictures allow. Two pictures shown from that stake out ever see. After seeing the boys seemingly x exiting the painting under threat, we decided the painting has to go. Please judge for yourself before you do. Please read the following warning and disclaimer warning: do not bid on this painting of your six septimal distress related is these faint of heart or unfamiliar with supernatural, events like bidding on this painting new agree to release the owners of all liability in relation to the sale or any events happening after the sale that might be contributed to this painting this training may or may not a possessed supernatural powers may or may not. I mean you never know, and that's a funny thing is Ebay requires you to say these things when you list them. Yes, require you say this is for entertainment purposes only well, if they don't say that they don't say that. No, that could impact to change your life forever by bidding. You agree. Do schools exclusively bid on the value of the artwork with disregard to the last
photos featured in this auction and holding their owners harmless in regards to them and their impact and expressed or implied so basically buying that show. So they show these uh. Here are the following answers: there's no odor left behind in the room. There are no voices of the smell of gunpowder, no food prints or strange fluids in the wall. For what is your questions directions? There are no ghosts in this world, no supernatural powers. This is just a painting and most these. We have an explanation in this case, probably a fluke light effect. I encourage you to bid on our and consider the last two photographs is pure entertainment and please do not take them into consideration. That's great! exactly, and then it's and then, like one picture, close up of adults face no lies. Weird! Oh, oh yeah, that terrifying, though it'll say that it went for a hundred and twenty five dollars, one thousand two hundred dollars
Well, I gotta do Lord. I really hope a wealthy man bought it and not some poor dude who scraped around all the money he could at the lumberyard to bowl catch me okosama, sellable, seven dollars yeah I got I got a ghost for you, that's much cheaper for zero dollars and ninety nine cents. You can buy a ghost in a haunted baby food jar. That's great! What kind of baby here's the description? Well, there's no label on it anymore. It's gerber, though, so it's quality other than contract spirit. This is void of debris. I was gonna, keep it as I thought it was lucky because I dropped it and it didn't shatter ever say. I've had it ever since I've had it delights: Gifford at random intervals, cell phones, other battery operated equipment drains when near it, and it just creeps me out- please off my hands, the picture, isn't the actual jar. My camera
broken, so I downloaded the picture, so we were in a broker. That's how the lucky problem. I have a problem setting up B B listings myself right now, you know and I'm a fairly smart human yeah. This is what I mean. I dropped off the it didn't right. I mean these guys just as the greatest life ever I dropped it didn't break lucky, that's just amazing! The other day I went in my car, it started lucky car lucky car could work hard Fifty dollars you can buy a which is shoes. I will try that as well. What size are that they are and which one of my ex girlfriends, so they come in. All women are bad. It was purchased at an estate sale of a witch and these is belong to her mother, who was also a weird double which, in some of the items were her mother's. When she was young girl, the shoes are leather and her mother is that she wore when she was a young girl and they are so fragile. Torn and tattered wow get a special piece today,
they can be yours. Super rare place them under a glass cabinet or in a safe place own a big piece of history, which issues that don't where you want it like it's a piece of gum where, when you go to work at Mcdonald's because also slip free, which is very- and this is probably my favorite well I mean, of course there are tons of antique doll- are at there's a ton. The haunted dolls, though yeah everybody's, not that's the biggest thing I mean. There's one says them fart on a thing for ever in a like: now, it's got the go: Samat fired and yeah it goes to your farts, very powerful. Ghost, though we're selling it on Ebay, I mean my favorite one that I found is definitely antique doll, king of the warlocks. Ok, what at all about words, cannot describe this awesome warlock he is Incredible, we're going to put this in there. She will definitely get a kiss in this. Warlock is a wish granter. He came from my late psychic grandmas, haunted house there
too many dogs around. When you do a come across them. It always came from their haunted, grandma's house. All of them My mother is one of them not describe this warlock this awesome more log, so why am? I have put it down to a series of sounds hello in in in in in in in in in in in in in in, in a minute little boy, it's a little, right and there's also a guy who is getting any like this. There is a guy who is selling his entire inventory from his haunted, doll shop and The dolls does he have in his entourage. I mean it is like. If a man has a doll shop, it's not going to yeah. I mean he taunted, because he is cursed. His god know that having to go in on there to check come, look at my tenant chair I mean what do you wanna see? I made a whole bunch of tiny little dining room tables and I put daddy dishes. It's like I'm never alone.
I'm the biggest one is like. Oh my god. I don't know just here for Christmas gifts for my daughter but uh. Oh, no one will do laundry again, not call it already can't get out the doors locked, and I think this is how you make your dolls. I made a movie chick Indiana yeah but it just doesn't load here. Maps from some chicken hours eaten. Thank you and then only the best item that Ebay has right now this is a Green Sea sediment mosaic pendant, sexual asian succubus full form hauntings, yet oh wow yeah! This is a man, it's a full form, Succubus haunting Jim Know, Jen. That's a name for a Genie naked women on the Ebay. Listen, there's they can, because that's the asian gent spirits. Description for your consideration on the prostitute, the were just like you know. These are my real pictures. Don't ask for more.
No african american men. Sorry, that's actually true Dave sent me a prostitute listed in Minnesota, not a lot of black love. I'm a lot description somewhat short. This Your consideration is an asian succubus Jan. She is a young spirit and our wish granting is not very strong than makes up for it with her youthful physical appearance and her sexual enthusiasts. Do you willing to give and receive affection freely and offer you a level call this thing and just jerk off just thinking that it's real, your I mean it's not really. Even me is not real. No, it is like if the power of imagination, Henry, I understand it's, word with semen being Ben Ben tickling, ISM, this rock going into films only designers and knowing that it is, my podcast was willingly bound so you don't have to feel bad about it. Very
go to interact with human man. She is summoned very easily and will do anything to make her keep her hat. Keep her happy and proud of her. She is of slim and petite. Build has almost no body hair and it's prizing Lee well endowed the way. Of sensation that wash over and through your body, will have you calling on her constantly. She is a believer gin and his obedient, but will take charge. If she knows that's what you want her new car I will receive her name and rituals bongos, yeah. Thirty, eight dollars right now, zero bids, but you can buy it now for sixty eight, not bad not that I was sitting next to a doctor on a plane and he was like. I guess he was trying to bro out with me or something is sort of like. Like my friend owns a factory, in the Philippines, and he goes every summer. They give him a little house and the best part is he gets to pick out a girl. And then he picks out a girl and she washes him. It's fabulous. She watches him. Tends to his every need.
We don't need that. Don't need to be just like man, I didn't know that still existed. Ok calls going to own a girl that and worse, if you ever, in Thailand? No, I haven't been. I went to Canada once I land. I don't think I would have to bring my own zantac after certain, because I'm going to get something to gestion. Also plenty. Cargo shorts. I got my big african hunters hat good good, yeah, yeah go to Thailand forget all the dishwasher at Golo. Where is the bath? Do you know, do you know where the bathroom is? Everyone is trying to you will girl it'll, be very, very aggravated, and I don't really need the girls much. I just need God Utiful HAT It's like you walk into a Mcdonald's, though you're supposed to buy something in order to use the bathroom, you have to buy a girl and then you can use the bath. Yeah. Yes, yes, but then she just following rental: they going like me hungry me home
there's probably a bit off my back Miranda give her some food, and why did you name her Miranda because she was like she was? She was definitely a Miranda. Oh ok, that is semantic. That's good, This one is just high maintenance, food food, I'm alright! Well I don't Any of us are fat enough to vote or to a bid on that on that wonderful the girl was very, very sad. I know well, it said it dependent and it's a very ugly pen at that. Look at that yeah it's really gross dependent, yeah it I'm not the girl. Did you do see that the gender is inside the pendant trapped in the crystals willingly? Well, still there it just just sad she said something to buy that yeah oh yeah come all over it. Oh yeah yeah put inside themselves, yeah oh yeah. Well, I think that's going to wrap up this episode. Should we do that
yeah, it's been a lot with cursed object. That's all I've got you know, and so one something about the mandrake. It is said that, it is only grown from the semen of a hanged man after it drips out of his penis, and I'm still is that true, that's what I want to know. Do you come when you're has some? Are these coming mashed potatoes? It's a tuber like a potato. Alright, that's mark, as I am Ben and Henry Zebrowski, and he is back to sleep. Show it's almost over knock my water over I've done that two times this week, Well, you see what you always ready for a fire. Alright, Magoo, stellations everybody, how many I'm I'll Dean and higher yourself. We will talk to you very soon.
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