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Episode 71: The American Curse

2015-02-16 | 🔗

Ben, Henry and Marcus talk Boston Marathon conspiracies, plus all the horrible disasters and mass killings surrounding the dates of April 15th - 20th in American history (total body count: 1,412) and how it all ties in to The Shot Heard Round The World

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Gave Germany radio is brought you by Adam and Eve dot com and put the goat seas. Your check out for discounts there's no way to escape to this is the last time on the left. Cannibalism started because it's a human problem. I think that the problem is going on right now is that human just gotta go yeah, human heart humans. Are they issue yeah we're not going to go? It's not so much guns. Just spoken, human brains. That's drew out we're getting up Marcus, I'm bed welcome to the show with. As always, we ve got that guy over there. I think that is important to see when a certain time happening, or here in the country I shall turn you TED Gobble, who that got attendant apples that got balls of worship we'll just
these are mutually hordes of heard happens in their country of certain periods of time. On the third week of April, river, they Hitler was going to say tat. You ve, certainly change all smoke weed and celebrate his birthday. Retirement is really got your brain, like all, have a margarita when I wake up in the morning to cop Her heart, the wheat is made use raw respecting their more. No that's what it that's. What's happened to me. Resky, that's all gone is a brand TED couple, impersonation interests. We are to start the whole thing with it. I thought it was a great in person I'm fine I'm gonna get. You did Lord. You need a four hundred. That is a good No, that's a couple on one of them was up
partial we'll, have a man he was sorely needed, is yet. You know, and you have only just a few days- we'll amount for a special event setting more now. I think you must mostly stays at home. We had quite a scandal go on, but of course she was in the news in the news media this week, it's been full of gaffes blue cows and it's been a real shit, show CNN completely messed up the Boston marathon bombing and that's where we're sardinian, ETA thought the whole thing would. Basically, we were going to come at you with that, and I know that I was there. I was excited as much other people were excited to do some coverage and alien plants and various, but rape me if I aliens and space because it's fun could incisive. About. You know, because it's what's really going on in a kid I loved the kids love it, so they went charming down to us, but it. But now, thanks to our news media, we have to cover what happened and aid It will be but raping and aliens we'll be you know getting rednecks picking them up in the sky forever
a very long time so mean that I'm bigot alien we ve got the government making such like the Boston Marathon explosion happening in order to cover up, what's really going on, which is which is alien, bought, reappearing, Harlem Globetrotters, real Harlem globetrotters are right. Now the arming, terrorized aliens dysentery Scooby do episode. The got denied that's going on all the rape in it who lives and they take off the mask in its an alien where nearly imagine he's, gonna big hard deck and Susan rub it like a law could face thoughts, Scooby what scooby we knew this year, a kangaroo pouch no he's a dog guys, don't out, I don't even great day used yeah. It's it's interesting scene and cover the story so poorly than almost makes Alex Jones covering the story so poorly seem better. Now I know that you guys covered of the strait information on top hat yea and recently. So we are now taking a little unfair.
Certainly Penzance ask watch yeah. We lead ok, yeah, so so to today. It's for twenty first walk, I'm so scared yeah international Pussy day right yeah, You know what I've just I want some we'd instead so it's for twenty night? I know we ourselves of the nine o clock and that in the night time we saw them the orchestrated theatre of law enforcement go in and capture the leaf. In all refugee. What's his name with your old, his name is XO car. Tsar night. Oh yes, I was coming on Carter and his brother who was killed, is named Tamar, LAN camera and whatever online. So he was like a festival place them. I've ruler. Doris timberland murmur lands. Yeah. I get a funnel cake, Logan blow up some run,
I don't like that other part, and I like that other poor. So out of the elephant ears, I could imagine there just of superficial in Boston second down. One of those who hold that he got were watching the marathon into civil peace like glass or a name landed on his ruin. My hoagie gay, Bulgaria is terrible down, should have more baseball games. That's right, say less buddy more base argued baseball game. Austin was an absolute horror show it was if it was written by SAM Raymie or what other fellow George Romero. Everyone was unlocked out all day yesterday that, while there were hunting for this guy, meanwhile we have the isa so basically with while you're reading it is like you got, you know, your lame stream news made sure you don't even look at their Leyland stream or not get out. You know the New York Times, liberal rag remaining they're out there. They are true. Maybe a responsible with their new sources. Their fuckin, not making snap judgments like a bunch of Post
these when I go on impulse wars, dot com, I get the hard straight, evoking real info. We ve of Jones in the front lines out there by the way, big it in writing he's given that real, concrete speculation, the largest conspiracy theory that I discovered this week, though after Google and Alex Jones quite a bit. There is not one website that doesn't claim that he was born in nineteen. Seventy four he pretends to be thirty. Nine years old he's got a really good people. There no way Alex Jones is thirty. Nine years old. I think that his hair pieces- thirty nine years. Oh yes, I've, gotten monogram Use Sammy Davis, juniors, always have for a long time he retired, and then he picked it up, but they didn't know. You could get second hand here be oh yeah, especially from people of different races than that. Some it's very easy work.
In a race, do you want to get a nice little asian wig? No Pocahontas, moreover, hook a harness braid. Well, I will have to be John Smith and be with you always so. What was I Alex just talking about? Ok, so, first of all, like back in the day, but when this first started for chance ordered a big campaign like surveying a bunch of surveillance, footage and pointed out these various people. Like one wearing a hat with discoveries and Sidney is on it and Barcelona Punisher. Yes, and he said that the fortune made a big deal about it in full wars, hopped on umbrella visa suspects. Then the post push those pictures that they found on Fourchan. They put it on the fuckin for a front pages like butter. Morons Baines ruin everything. If you were not irish white and you were wearing a backpack at the Boston Marathon favourably. On your ass, your view opens angina possible bosomed police department. They already were I mean anybody who was brown there to begin with. There was nine of them young. There. Weren't will you better in front of the pack exam?
Maybe there's a thing: is the beer beating every one of the marathon get a couple people from Kenya no destroying everybody had a vague and a helicopter and get the fuck out of boss loathing. That's people from Kenya to you so well in the New York City Marathon in the Boston Marathon they're, just legitimately terrified of the invite people live on six years to get your book at it again, as we like done with this race, we get back into play and we go to the safe haven of the elapsed, because a competent look in Adam Gonna give him the island point. Eight M, like I'm watching you, you know, like in their alike or racial, a non white. You better be here for sport. You baby, reports that the only way we can go on we, like most of the time he's training he's, got a bag. Sausages tidy was ankle and he's run through the jungle to pick up the sky tyres coming out. That was also recently. These people are used to danger. That's why you're making record times there doing eyes, but this so it where these
spirits, you started again, it was a horrible national tragedy swings put that out. There is what we did and I think that what would happen here was a very useful event for our government to to show just how powerful they are. I think that's what that's what this turn into, and so ever wars kind of hopped. On these, the four Chan, like suspect wrangling, it turned out to not be this aspects, of course, because then the guy you gotta like blew off like pinned the guys who actually did it because they found the surveillance footage they show them drop out of the back over about morality. Rupert Murdoch made quite a little guph because it put that on the cover the post, which was amazing, NEA and then the idea was
There were they found. What would these surveillance photos that they are actually a part of a privatized military called the craft, and now the craft would not wish to be confused with the ninety ninety six movie starring furrows about that. I must simply jerked all so so these guys can't turn their hair different colors by just waving their hands. Are we really can these guys are worthless and so that they can plan abiding Venice, testable life's offence? I love that use your rock hard. Oh yeah right. I already was they need that we ought to play that ever might be of a memory and eighth grade. We play that game and everyone was getting lifted up and stuff, and then I that and then they couldn't leave me. The numeric with adequate yeah sat there's a weight limit on that's about that. But Every time I go into an elevator manipulated the feller Ober raises up. They found out that these were a part of a of a top secret military. Certainly black water was,
I sat topsy, I'm your because they have a. They have a website that we re about less repayment uniform and they have an insignia logo and their there. Oh go, is trying to buy their motto, no matter what your mama tells you, violence does solve problems, yes involve I'm due to their pointed us that- and this is from the craft, dot com, slash about us the amount I thank you for choosing craft international them eat your training me. I'm gonna find them on how about we know about We go up the boss, a marathon as a military or law enforcement professional. We understand your time as valuable. We are honoured to be able to, share with you. The lessons learned from our instructors, whom have one and some pass as yourself and some of whom continued still do so today, lonely man, through these lists, experiences in depth, studies, pain, slash, sweat, slash, tears. In some cases, lie or murderer. They had set forth a curriculum rooted in solid fundamentals that have been time tested and proven under a variety of operational conditions and pay alter. My friend Argo with,
courses is to do one thing: make you better giving you the skills necessary to dominate your opponent and when it's never about we have done and where we have been only how well we can articulate it all to you. We strive to be true teacher and not merely a structured instructors. We are to be a part of your continuing surgeon refinement of your chosen craft. Thank you for your continued service. Dedication and associated sacrifices, made abducting great nation at home and abroad. Recycle, prison I'll very president running sent wrapped in a country like an editor. This website it allows citizens of that should be. This message: will self destructing five? Second, yes, but it's like they are. No one is talking about these. This group of people there were at the marathon the I'd I honestly building. They have anything to do with the fucking bombing whatsoever, but what they are talking about is what they said, but which again, which is broken and in four wars, but this idea that they work constantly reminding people in the crowd that they were there. Drill going on some kind of bombed rail route, which is again I mean it's normal, be clearly kindly thing to do.
It's extremely common. It's a perfect environment train people, because you have all these. Are you ever bomb dogs? You have all this that you want to do in there all their it's the perfect environment, by the way, if they did have bombed dogs, that's your last day on bomb dog duty. I think that now don't you find to bump Yet it is ever were caught and all of them are you, so bad news bear bomb dogs. Morgan LE again is like rags ragtag group, a bomb doggie decided a commonly pulled something together for the Viking championship game. One boy. We came out here to win the big game and you blew it. You blew it one day. Little boy is dad. You rascal Cathay you when you just brought his spoken wife's Chihuahua issue that he'll be great and if it out Bob's, bring up pretty bad to bring the two hour. They pull delay info wars kind of covered. All this is basically the idea they re on the major story line that it was a false like operation in order to get our guns taken away from us. Yet another four Brok bomber to create end up you, oh
come now there we will be able to defend ourselves against. You know we will be able to have our rifles against. You know. The many helicopter super stealth drones that the government has yeah, that we could definitely defend ourselves against. Would you haven't some guns right of forty five year old, three hundred fifty pound man with a handgun. You think that you be able to handle when the tanks come role in the area. I know it's, it's gotta be a. I think you're in mostly just want the guns run to off yourself. So the averment can take you alive, but I dare say is the it's also to set the the other thing is that it's a distraction are supposed to be distraction from certain laws, because it's got past, but why it passed. The house has passed the Senate and the other thing that they were saying too about the. What what disproves the whole thing is a fact that gotten build didn't get past yet even pass the background check. So it's like what are you talking about I'll show it didn't happen. You're not gonna worst nightmare didn't happen and are taking your fucking. Since it I'm sorry. Yes, you have to keep changing your Wikipedia page, because everyone fell on. Everyone
did your fifty four right here to dig it out, you have to do with another situation that they think is a conspiracy is, of course, with the drones and all the extra cameras. There's a large push right now with the Bloomberg administration and should like that to get more drawn up in the sky, with cameras and as soon as this happen, that was immediately me response by a lot. Ok, you look is again a little who amorous who benefits right. If it's a false, like operation who benefits and click? Yes, it's an easily exploitable like a vent. It is a thing it's like I looked at in the glass eye. We watch live as a pillar of the arrest of the guy, and it's a it looks like the end, a ghostbusters you have, first of all, just the idea I feel like you're getting us use to the image of tanks rolling through american cities that you like loan, all their cottage of just tanks, Roland
boss in, like officers I climb in fences that up in your people's backyards, with stipe rifles in doing so, and then we're civil and then, in the end they once is done. They have all of this, like it looks pre edited like shots of the tanks Rowan through the city with this good, the people boss, unlike applauding unlike loved it, and hurrying and cynical these drunk deeds like drinking beer to go. Look you outside. Who do the thing? And it's like it's a it's a propaganda. It's a trash year moment there like a Chavez situation through the streets of Venezuela, but everyone embossings, just tank. I thought the react and after they caught him, was kind of weird. I am. I don't live under rule as the high fuckin have here's another thing that I notice I watched I was switch. I had yesterday also switching between Fox NEWS, MSNBC and seen in all day long just kind of cycle in through scene with the different perspectives were, and they would say to run interviews people who knew these guys, not just from family members, but also people who went to college with them. People went to high school with them and the people it keeps it kept
cutting off insane. Like you know it, a great guy like he was a you know. He was an egg trained to be a nurse. He was met. Student mobility here the same thing and then Jeffrey dollars. Neighbor was that's not true, so clad in nice yeah, you know, I think Damas neighbours role, terrified of em, doubtless went out. My favorite serial killer brings up like super gravy death without any thought of small tie guys. I just had no proof, but as soon as that, they started getting into that. They knew sounds kept continent off like they would just be like you, but not cutting cutting off to say anything new or cutting off because there was breaking news is cutting off in going back to the same bullshit as before not saying there's anything behind it. I'm just saying it was weird gave me, the new media coverage of this whole thing just hit the opportunity and the whole thing just give me a fucking. It like eighty feel at sea and then was also very cautious because after that rape case that happen, I think it was an o or whatever those where those two guys got committed to ripen that girl. They had all these correspondence on be like those boys
a ruined Baghdad believe so they see an end was like I don't we Campi the pro pro terrorist news network so if they say anything nice about a regatta cut it off, but then the egg again, what's his name John, therefore, his fucking older brother was being pimped by the FBI is well. It's the same thing we're talking little. They ve been on the watch list for a couple of years, yeah, but the end they eat. He was kind of semi goaded into doing something along these lines. They said again, he like jumped off the story line and then like made, this thing happen, but there was. It was forty, nine of a hundred and fifty botch terrorism cases since, like nine eleven has happened, have all been f B. I led the train, the guys that give the guy's dummy, C4 rhythm, dummylike bomb, jackets and shit, and then they sent him out and then they arrest them and then it's a big fucking cameras ever cassettes. We're look like the end like watching it live like watching them arrest. Him live the fuck, ceremonial thing of the ambulance. They cut the ambulance away, you're like they're, holding off the ambulance into. They know for sure that we that that there's, a conclusion to the vat
and here comes the ambulance irritating around the Rivera, their opening up a k, a safe, all fucking choreographed, and then you ve got that regular. You get the feeling that some FBI guys like right before the mayor. Started like so. He gave me all fake bombs bomb threat, absolutely outrageous under the bag and looked at he's got a fluffy toys in it. I think we gave him the boss, didn't the great Boston switch. You rule. Twenty hurricane mad evolve if all the pound puppies earn this pressure cooker, as old as an old reverent alike, Bates truly very hard for me to end to not not find not a comical edge to it. But it's like I look at this whole thing and it makes me sick to my fuckin snow. We'll between what the news agencies we're doing with respect
the various comedians on twitter, everyone, so self, righteous and shit. The whole thing became a gigantic media event, and I know that that's like what they the way things are going right now and that's what was to be, but it was like we were children, the other day of innovation if they had fuckin in Graham during nine eleven only if they had Instagram intuitive you're nine eleven and they were like take pictures and tween about Fucking nine. Eleven, it would have been discussed. We were a JANET Jackson, nipple slip away from this being a half time show Madonna might as well as well have been remotely climbing up some bleachers, be everybody one eye it way to fucking much they they advance. And after they call members like Morgan, hammered every it's like these tragedies happened but they're like, but we got one more dead, which that makes it, and even for which is awesome. I guess there's five, because there was another cop who got killed and I were going on six, which is the death count got to
proper number and we got a couple of the bad guys. It was ill thrilling at this point is that when you look at the various conspiracies would like wrapped into this, I could see white people get really crazy about Aurora inside hook and that you know- and I really doing legal barriers deserves but with the name sandy hook Serbia has a bad name at the idea. Last year, which is bad for people named Sandy, oh yeah jacket to change it, but the abroad I can understand why the the M K Ultra hang over I'd, say You really believe in this idea that will like what happened with the gdp in the fifties in the sixtys when they did when they decided to start talking with the human consciousness right in order to come to create military tools. I think that its staff I think it's a big thing that they continue to use. I think it's a thing that blood into our fuckin pharmaceutical Robin. We got in this country like the idea of a given somebody's people like drugs that are needed in don't is just an exit full of I don't
what happened. I dont think it was a conspiracy. I don't think it was a false flag. Incidental think the government made the boss in marathon bombing happened, but I do think that they used it in a way that was really fucking, convened because one thing the government is good at it is opportunism I see and immediately when southern happens like ok. How can we spend this to our advantage, as it seems like they have a list of shit that they want to do and then waiting for certain like really get a fit like the prayers. I ok now that this has happened, and I am, I will say man. That is a checklist that I want to see, I want to get a government jack blow at the boss, the marathon jack, that's great Lastly, I would much rather see destroy all circus. I wonder: what's gonna have to happen for us just get hamburger Tuesday. I guess why we produce. That's all I want I'd like other. Just do some good for we need to cancel merit
that you need to happen because we had Hurricane Sandy during a marathon things? Would audio stir in Amerika? If, if people had exploded in football, can we had two dead football players out there, the Unifil be cancelled and those in their shows that fat people are safe every time you can write up, because you see him, you know how the pressure cooker. That's like you know. That's our friend I may go by Rosa votes, as I do every time I get a pot where every time I get a pressure cooker in order to make a bomb, I just put food in it that way, and such I just can't help yourself how Henry Easy, just like puts it in their wait until it explicitly looks it off the wall with a needle. Have is an FBI agent Nate, like FBI agent boy our day, go in there and I get tells them like all the other branch of Okra medical lobby on Asia. Ah, that's nice thing about putting some nails and contacts in there, but this is not the only thing that we're talking about today, Beethoven only I do want to citizens to shudder to have
the Boston Marathon, because he's the ultimate victim, no one, remember no one will ever know the winner of the two of the Boston Marathon, the year of the terrorist, but I was hoping to go and even more conspiracy, theory soften ass, I sort of researching I just felt like in the end it it's it's not a conspiracy. It's just. I win rouble event. It's now being ridden till it's fuckin dead. However, we do have some weird shit to talk about the other side of the boat, the boss. The marathon is only one small, tiny piece of what april- fifteen to April twenty of means in american history. This is a fucking Yuki spooky week in his village way for a long time. There's things that we already know about their sent. You know you we remember, you know. Columbine, learn Burke Hitler's first birthday party, which are heard. No one came to the worrying thing. I made him sad,
its fiftieth birthday was declared a national holiday in Germany. I bet yeah, that's actually a very funny, there's a very funny comedians Jonah. Rarely do jokes, you're be talks about helping people safe. I if I had a chance to go back and timid killer Le Hitler when it was a kid, but you imagine, That was true in its entire childhood, like jewish people were distributed, going to kill him idiotic headscarves, little August that debt its it so, but basically we could talk about the UK spooky events. All the third week of April, and this I added value at my wish. Yes, we will its that's a clue into it. Neeoka like what are some of the astrological symbols behind this week. I might birthdays may first, so I guess I'm in clear he's a LEO earlier Torres Territories here you tell because I'm sorry, I'm smart iron kind. I also enjoy effective, oh by the way, speaking about thank you for willing family guy and that other stupid fuckin show. That's that's gonna stop annexed terrorist attack,
Oh that was that's another conspiracy theory, that's totally Faye, that's totally fake! I know the cook together, but that's like I hate it. When tv programmes are, as it were, during our duty we're gonna cost programme for a week. It's like knowing weird the conspiracies with cartoons, because you remember the Simpsons conspiracy know with what with nine eleven in and honour September. Tenth two thousand earn two thousand one They showed the Simpsons episode in which homer gets his car stuck in between the world too. Center and there's these weird little tiny clues to nine eleven. Within that episode. Cyanide groaning made nine eleven had at the heart of the problem. He was trying to know that when this he was trying to warn our thank you I'll go in any other country
fifty through the twentieth of April. What a bizarre, what bizarre audio wishes happened? Oh by the way, speaking a family guy watch your pretty face going to Hell a dominant elsewhere, real quick plug. We had a wonderful time on Thursday night hails Niger Hale Satan, Hale Satan. Really, as we did a lot of esoteric magical on and off set, we there's a lot of weird symbols they will put all over and the necessity of you could see them and when I look in smoking, sweet herbal pay up as a devil, and I saw my fuckin future Hale Satan everybody's either show Hale said: you're pretty face is going to help me we'd, herbal pain up as a devil, and I saw my fuckin future Hale Sate everybody's either show Hale said: you're pretty face is going to help minutes of Thursday on adults with no rights What's going on here April, fifteen through the twentieth, our right, what going to start with is on April nineteenth. Ok, the show heard round the world. What some could argue is the birth of America. When John Starks was
when the huge we know nothing about the next ok good at this is when the war between America in Britain's officially starts with a battle battles of Lexington and Concord, and this is where it is. They all begin. So it could be argued that this is the birth of America making America in areas yeah aggressive aboard. It is also very you know. Like most. We evocative and highly sexual Absolutely so I marry What is Is there really this higher emotion, millionaire? It's very aggressive is around ten, since the tourist Lego, saying and stubborn and a lover of creature comforts like
to be the size of cars, and they way, but they are pretty face- is going to help others elsewhere in the night. So areas is the ruling planet of areas is more soaking Mars. Is God of war, the dark side of America as far as areas goes selfish and quick tempered is got out of war, the dark side, I'd of America, as areas goes selfish and quick, tempered, impulsive and impatient Afghanistan, foolhardy and a bit of a dare devil, ah This is called an area in as it makes sense. So, let's go through. Some of these is also in areas, but when an area is called an in. Hurricane Katrina. Having about that now at our expense, that's harp so now going to go through some of those. Actually, I was just having a conversation with Wolf Blitzer about nothing about that. Now that doesn't make sense. That's harp! So now I'm gonna go through,
some of those actually, I was just having a conversation with Wolf Blitzer about Wolf, Blitzer, ants with the. What that will not with about about of during her can stand here. He had a close is so much poor, so much said so, black. That's all that. I was very very funny when he was looking at the super anyway continue all Blitzer Wolf within a werewolf. I don't think a wolf Blitzer belongs had last podcast civil left yet for top hat. Yes, sir, our April for tourists, which is, of course a guard final, so a holiday? April 15th one April, fifteenth, eighteen, forty six the daughter party sets off from spring the Illinois for California, and the first thing but a little Jamie Donner, which is like Google, I'm hungry needs, is like just wait. Just weeks will be food on the other side, eighteen sixty five
Abraham Lincoln die so what days that April fifteenth? in sixty while you were shot on the fourteenth and he died on the fifteenth nineteen, John Lennon of eighteen hundred, see really. What can we go back to the Donner family? Really quick? Why are these would be just ate a bunch people rather let each other yet eight each other. Yet in the Colorado in the Colorado mounds, they got stuck snowbound, and so they, each other, ok, yeah nightly wishes. Big Herbert or just sit in the back it s. Like eaten voided, sweet on a ham on cities like Barbary, Those operating bob happens all, but the drop issued son may do just broke yourself with his butter and by the way I looked through all this. You know like great days an air important dates in history from April fifteenth April. Twenty all of this, of is american, ok, but all of this happened to America's the rest of the world. Does pretty good and
in these times, when he started off in a reality that in the first place yet fucking killed the earth's first happiness, while other I mean just took the place, it started. Bat America's about rights, its human beings who have problems arising before in its like the problem, is and guns and bombs. Its let us dollars and the cats and dogs in the draft to the lions are gonna, be much happier when we're gone episodes. Will you take it on April, fourteenth nothing happens. Zocor April twenty first actual April twenty, I checked up until the twenty third, totally fine, but April. Dean, two April. Twenty. At that some shit goes bad April. Twelfth for fifteen nineteen twelve Fuckin titanic goes down On Monday, I just made a great moving fifteen hundred two people dead hundred nineteen american stead. Nineteen, twenty seven hundred and nineteen people died at that meeting. Twenty seven, the great Missis
be flood. The most destructive river flow river flowed in. U S, history, two hundred forty six, one seven states die nineteen thirty five supply data that flood, yet seven states Nineteen, thirty five, the black Sunday storm the worst dust storm in the entire dust. While I've read extensively, on the dust bowl, and especially this in this one is weird because for the law this time the dust bowl was, I mean it would just be constant dust once all the time he was getting the dust pneumonia. They were drowning in their own say in sand essentially, and on black Sunday. Shit had finally calm down. If they were before thing like shit, maybe it's over. Let's go. Let's go out. Let's go enjoy joy, size! I every time, men and then there s a red one eyewitness accounts of these people. They were going to have a picnic. And they just saw often the distance. Just this black wall.
Coming towards me, I had a top. You could see the top of it, but this entire Blackwell just coming towards them, and let's see here it did placed three hundred million tonnes of topsoil. Why in the prairie area, woody three wrote a song about it. When the party They re abroad in nineteen thirty, if they strike the worst. Our best are that ever failed and that does not come the product that live in one right about pussy out these incidents, like the pity of information, great story, I need not many, you know, I don't think anyone died during that storm, but still it was just a portable day if you're in the ain't strip and business you know that's not so bad that ain't no raw for a little while. No, if The dust gather in business out of great just get a basket now, it's free murder not die if you get a budget bags birds. Thank you claim more of
good. Please go about your heart. This is a dangerous Gus storm. Nineteen, fifty five make almost opens its first restaurant again. Will you know what I'm saying it is to make it a boy airs Saving Verlag leg of the locals, though I get going America, I got bored tourists you think that their solely with its disposal, like some town, just like hats and dust and then they woke up and that there is no more dust did they have to what like, where their word our go exactly ways of taxes. It's called National Maids Day off. I read it would take. Me quite a while to explain the geographical and echo ecological reasons behind the does boards My love, you, I love you have we got it places it yet we guys say we got it. My ancestors went through, as I read a lot about very interesting. If you're in
No. I love that. I got all your nuth about guest. All about does related issues, cheese called a voters, library apricot as one, and then two thousand thirteen is the Boston Marathon bombing. Ok, let's move on April, sixteenth nineteen, forty seven, Texas City disaster, which is not well known. It is the worst industrial disaster in United States history. Five hundred and eighty one people died when a tanker pulled into texts, a city which is a port in the gulf of taxes. Pulled in with on board small arms ammunition machinery, bales of twice ammonium nitrate wine or this business is gonna, be you d bales of twine does play into a quite a bed. Ammonium nitrate, which is of course used in blasting caps, fertilizer Then several boxes adjust. You know just dry brush.
And then a lighter shipment was on there and just throw anything that can catch on fire on the same for shipment. We're theme in it here so the there were men that were loading. These big bags of ammonium nitrate, to the ship, and they said that the bags were warm to the touch part loading around Eighty really right: do you ever think they're, like our job as dangerous I'd tell you are just know that as soon as I'm done with today's work on where they get Sarah Beth to marry me she's gonna love your firing at odd they work or to spend run. Atm smokers reporter coming out of the cargo hold over the next. Our attempts to put out the fire of putting control fails it on red, lower each poor. Some shoe polish shown it better, not I've. Flammable. Now now, after nine p M, the captain ordered his men to steam the hold meanwhile
the fire had attracted a crowd of spectators along the shore line at heart ass. They believe that they were safe, distance away but spectators, nor that the water around the dog ship was boiling from the heat and splashing water touch the whole the ship was vaporized into steam. Nines although I the ammonium nitrate, reach an explosive threshold and at night the action. Explosion was the size of a small nuclear bomb. It was the largest explosion on american soil near thousand buildings online were levelled. It destroyed. The Monsanto Chemical Company plan things they contained it, but when L rocard Shit, it's pass in the White House, almost that loving it ignored refineries in chemical tanks, all wrong long, the waterfront, the bales of burning. Twine added to the damage because it, flown out into the city and that actually set more buildings on fire
never mind the way. Those dangerous you'd think that's the safest thing on the boat probably was at some point ten the way people Galveston were forced their knees. Windows were shattered and Houston forty miles away and people felt the shock hundred miles away, in Louisiana, get off me and then this week we also had the explosion, Wes taxes evaluate their fertilizer plan, which is again we're also a massive weird set of coincidence, is using, but without with Poohpooh expire Julia Lot arm, which is very big poohpooh problem in the country. I know and there's some footage. I saw that is totally real, that's book and just evident said a missile was fired into it. That made it explode that happened on April, seventeenth, yeah and on nineteen April sixteenth. Ninety ninety Jack Kevorkian partition
It's in his first assisted suicides all, but that's why I was his job, but then on in two thousand and seven, the Virginia Tech Massacre, the largest shooting screen american history. Thirty two people that highest games- or you know he's, got this thing and the very top of the Fuckin arcade game. They really area. Texas problem gets a big Texas, probably up. Seventeenth, of course, the fertilizer plan, West taxes, also, the bay of pigs invasion begins in the bay of pigs, invasion, begins and ends within this five day period, which also very interesting. That's very interesting, my group father. I knew a lot information about that because he was head of travel for Pepsi during the time and Pepsi CO was one of the main funders of the bay of pigs invasion because it was done outside of the governments Exactly as cuban exiles, how big embarrassment, Look, I'm sorry, but I just have to say like just picture the zebra famine
a beaten when you go to a pretty face going through parliament as it is on the beach. It's too big to what we call a parking lot. The real bay of pigs grew leave at sea. I still think it just a restaurant sums. I give out my again gimme that sounds edged hours April at ease Accra pigs, Dick low? can t you owe me a big. Ah now make a big smile. April, eighteenth, eighteen, eighty. This is a smaller one and effort tornado straw, Marsfield Missouri killed. Ninety nine people injured a hundred and Nineteen. Eighty three, that was when the suicide bomber destroyed the? U S embassy in Beirut, ok and Levin on killing sixty three people, which is a pretty big,
events in America's involvement with the Middle EAST, which builds on to our later wards, big shit April nineteenth. Isn't huge days yet because that was a sum of Bin Laden's like big, like his big, like yes, first credit that we always has Letterman appear to be. I was his don't those his you're pretty faces April nice when there's a midnight April. Lamp April nineteenth both echo and Oklahoma City, two years apart and all So the data Charles Manson was sentenced to death yeah, but any shaped totally shook that off victory for Americans and still on death row. Yet you know he sees you sit in a square just set in about, but his tea technically on death row now now gets poorly paid. They called him out for parole, hearings every like seven to ten years. The man- that's me, just get another one they'd there were like now on each other. Go like
Joanna and there are like ok, we know we know you're fucking tranches of Amory. Tell me I got a Bubu bargain with you who, in a bucket, thank you so much I ride. I think we need to let him know this time. It is yours, interesting thing about. It is because the days between April fat, fifteenth in April twentieth afford to either the sixteenth through the nineteenth. Those bad shit happens, but they're not quite is concentrated as the first and last days twenty, because I knew I fuckin knew when I was researching this about come through birthdays. I come through everything. Try to find some sort of serial killer connection yet, and I fuckin found April twentieth. Eighteen, thirty, six! U s Congress passes enact creating, but Wisconsin territory. They made a moment how exactly it's the dirt breaking ceremony.
We're all serial killers is that the worst thing that happened through these five days, history guy, had originally alarmingly call it cholesterol, Junction new, like oh, no, no, let's not immediately doom them and then all the dude there were truck it in their there, which is like which was a car which ones the mother Marilla sure you can have your way with either. Nineteen fourteen is the low massacre during a Colorado call minor strike in which the police open, for a machine gun fire upon a crowd, killing eighteen, men, women and children tat. Just me calm down. Why and it was, I believe it was that was ordered by Rockefeller, Nineteen nine! You got Columbine Illuminati reptilian. Emily, bloodline again, that's where it comes back. Black nobility. Alien got browser but lack nobility at the name of the the the royal families in Britain that became more a part of the european Elite, they go
Ninety. Ninety, nine, that's very good weather website beds, I started response day at his own people. Do this comes onto yes, you know, I sound crazy you're. Sometimes the truth is more strange and fiction right, and I also it so easy to read kill that which you are afraid yeah. So I understand yes ridicule me laugh at me, but I will. I will prevail when I see the reptilian ships coming down with corona, blog door blow. Doors gonna, be revealing. Barack Obama has his skin separating sees a giant Gila monster. He rapes. Hillary Clinton, reptiles, known hapless woman are deeply vulnerable. Women as they all are no led to ninety nine Columbine happened. Yes, two thousand also team spirit. If I could shoot schools do, thou ten, the
what a horizon drilling rig explodes the bp oil spill I'll get killing eleven people, the oil spill lasted six months and made extinct, though Louisiana Pancake Bat fish migration. Is God no longer exists? We opposite. It already affected the ecology there because it ruined there there brunches, yet all of their lenders grudges there like. How will we do have a pancake? What do we have the syrup fish around? There's no pancake, just like article four, the sheriff close nobody's, gonna milk me you gotta, give up. Let me get down there I could not answer of losing all the way now, of course, the big thing on April twentieth, Hitler's birthday put twentieth eighteen, eighty, nine love. We also happy that the disease, but they are just like. I really what you want. Let nobody likes. It is his birthday. We ve made no prison while you had loved niche
Smaller prisons that do advocated a hard day, both Hilary and George W Bush, like and it also according to a fortune right now on a search through this morning, there is out there is a world wide others, a city, wide drill going on in San Francisco right now, that's going under the day, and they are pretty certain because it also lays upon one of the faults, one of the major fault in the earth. It could be construed as a lay line which we talked about before the energy grid that most important points that are like temples, the pyramid in various churches are built on these. Certain crux is in the energy the lot and out or which is a great day bar yeah Francisco, and so right now we're just cut. Waiting to see if something's gonna happen there. I think that nothing is only lets beginning when Europe, abject nothing. Nothing is something happening, is something that would still Google, I dont know I did. I did see here
maybe it's gave way to go. We go, and I want to break this news and the podcast right now. Let's see refrain, maybe has something happened, other people walking around without shirts on that's a sign that something might go down if you mean, like a limbo, contest that so I can't limbo, emergency and sent, for instance, grant zipper. It's wonderful news, do better decisions, go on a hate. Ash worry, but a Starbucks nobody's gonna build lives on all its Graham Oh right well seems like nothing way where. Have I not, I am at nothing happening, angelic chance, but it's in the other thing, and then we also had someone actually and I'm pretty certain of that.
Story that, for some I saw it was on our least alas Podcast Facebook page was when someone posted that a man and fortune had threatened to shoot up much, yet let em all and then he did it. You did it for chain. Is there something to it? There definitely like the unconscious of the internet, people throwing information all unfortunate. I watch it now all the time. CS. I am for you and for wars, apparently uses it as is dying in buying information source. So am I right? That's great! It's one I am even though their Canada, you guys see the of the weirdo in the robe. There was one guy that they'd they just fortune cap just point not he's just this fucking, weird about the size of castle wearing a brown robe carrying a backpack wasn't arms that guy directly strange dude yeah just look like he was just out of it
get out of it, uses drunk watching marathon, that's a base and that a beard all right. Well, I guess there wrap up this. This episode of conspiracy theory talk. If something happens today, then am I mean we won't talk about until next week, but be vigilant that there were in the San Francisco area. You know just look out for anything like super suspicious like Andrews is a woman with a big rainbow wig on that all around the street and ended with fuckin roller skates on? Given you like a free economy, that's a big thing Red Flannel himself, Molly Melon drug. Yes, yes, absolutely there's another thing, yes to insane Francisco. If you see a man dressed up as a clown, sell an ice cream out of a fuckin store, not I have launched a nine year old or setting up by an ice cream and the real nice grim there. I can like its line like laughing and like smoking weed, because for twenty its efforts as no and I was having a good time- that's a red flag. That's a rent like that! It's a red like I totally agree our island
I guess and reciprocity ban be vigilant, be reestablished America, you aware Hale Satan, pale, Satan, pale, green, Dick Satan's, you only one who can help us to this point, o f legally with God, eight do in bullshit and when I say weren't, Satan short right now, yeah we're in my Satan body body made for by and for Satan forsaken by saying right, Hale yourselves, and check out your private he's going to Hell. There's aims at midnight and often it with events. Do my aunt Jane. I was on the last episode: Toller's yeah, yeah yeah, it is. My parents won't talk to me it's good. It is good to stop such a close relations, Why haven't you I was? I was sick of it, I just don't I've got about body, it's what I do. I don't talk to a single fuckin person, I've. What I'm not here, I'm certain in silent. I think that's for who hail may right. Ok, mutilations used
issues in relation to the authorities.
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