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Episode 73: Ley Lines, Dolphins, and the Indigo

2015-02-16 | 🔗

The boys get a little new agey as they try to understand how sacred geometry and ley lines affect our reality, try a little dolphin meditation, and explore the hidden power behind the 33rd Parallel.

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There's no place to escape to so I Alright, should we go yeah all right, that's mark as a band, and we got over that guy we got over there. We got that got you over there. Who was that fellow he's missed your whole, give the gems in your hands to feel the healing power of it, no The yes welcome to the age of Aquarius Kuwaitis method, I'm the president of the new age yeah. I got laid in the 60s. Everybody show me your butt
yeah we're going to do some meditation while nobody's got any clothes still about protest. The Vietnam WAR, I don't stand by we're here anymore. There was never going to stop unless we play groove enough to know that's not true, yeah hippies last hip is not. War will always be around. I think today we're taking it departure from some of the Macallen for the most part, but for the most part, there's some in there, but basically we're talking about Energy lines, energy, early, Layline energy harnessing the power of the dolphin and don't pretend open noises in there, of course, but your buddy, hey, buddy, hey Buddy, get off my Asis dolphins, rape. They actually raped knowingly right, but don't forget about the
the sound of a dale getting right, no yeah dolphins are bigger friendly, your brother, the way big whales come into play and also a group of the worst pieces, a shot in the face of the planet, people known as indigo children, indigo children. Let's get to this earth lines situation out applying to something I started researching because we were we've to talk about a number of times on the podcast. I think old, Rep telling and they were going on between human blood line, the repealing blood like it's happening right now from its see right now you can't even forget about it, you can't you can't It's not, but it's happening people, but there is a there. It didn't number people missional time that a part of what the war between the reptilians in humans is is that it's it's occupying enemy toward territory. The idea is that and they kind of blow this off all the time that the earth is surrounded this energy grid and then a lot of important place is like, such as like Stonehenge, the
med. Literally I, if I situations with your internet porn, yeah watch it on their amtrak, I'm trying to stream dragnet again absolutely love and Tom Hanks and Dan Aykroyd. You know, detective Friday. That's a day. You know, that's not my name. That's not! My name. Tom exist, cheeseburger phone Fuckin' Juno and I want to set the world on fire pit. Sad sad, sad, fucking hate. You know, let's get back to earth like no. No, it's fine! You wanna talk about sucking Judas is what happens when Henry talks about a romantic comedy who called Juno or a dark romance looking at units, it's about bad that so that it doesn't Alaska Liz reading closer to closer to earth and earth the bit. Basically good idea was: is that reptilians have
a power over certain points where churches are measured. Churches because they've been using the guys what kind of the catholic Church like they've the vatican things like that is that on the Vatican is just there a gigantic trampoline room filled with kids com, all over everything trampoline. What's your fancy statues with dicks, you can suck all the anyway, but all these Dixon the statues that priest convert sir practicing sucking the dicks on the front.
Statute, are they little dicks on these statues or yeah? Really tiny little ones really get high and fit the whole set and around to the priests are all latin spanking yeah? It is all just slap each other on the back. Congratulations good work, everybody! Now you can become a priest or a pope. If you can suck off as many statues as possible, you can make a statue com and you can become Pope so like sometimes like a statue of like Mary. Might we buy out of her eyes or something like that? But if you could make a statue with stones that you actually jack killing, you could be. You are that's what the gray smoke is that you come yeah, but all the Pope's, all the potential posts in one room and the first Pope to make us. That you come when they play low rider on repeat and they just listen to low rider unfucking below the hell out of it, and then I mean there's a couple actual kids here to help him warm up. Oh yeah, you have to have some eye candy, you know, no doubt or maybe they just start painting a bunch of kids silver seems like I see a statue now stand real. Still, let's pretend
to so. The idea is that earth is kidneys sacred, powerful lines as energy grid that that that the reptilians and humans can harness in order to fight each other. There's also this idea within the ancient Egyptians letters like gravity, and things like that, like that play into it. Ok,. In ways I don't understand that the things that every time I would like that we're getting in the research of it, I'm like so how so what do you mean by Nrg GRID? What does it even mean, and no one could tell me anything. I just said this: when you talk about your research 'cause, he Henry emailed work is I some documents just stop with the green on your black story, page, there's, no reason in more hospitable to read these websites. I just write the words aren't hard. The situations are relatively simple to understand, but I just cannot
wrap my head around to design websites? It's like the Myspace Graphics, some lighter side of the dolphins, just let go with to star. In the background of this page and with the with the green it literally her it's my eyes, Austin yeah, it's got a little hitchhikers guide to the Galaxy guy and another tongue. It doesn't make any sense domino's. No, we did just jumping around the page and use all three clip art you can get. It stopped normal wordpress me. I Do you have some information about the grid? Let's do it alright reality, all of it. What is it is a hollow graphic grid program created by consciousness, that repeats in cycles and can be best understood by studying, sacred geometry. Now so will be clearer. Well, I had gold pick. If that's the case like I don't have gold pants right now. I can make all this up yeah. Why don't? I have two like floating bewbs by my head at any given point. You want to record in a studio that looks like a post, apocalyptic russian world
coffee want some milk and I just reach over to squeeze the breath. It's like next to me. Like yeah, I got all the football mean after someone, daddy, I'm happy. We get to create her own world. I studied a little bit of sacred geometry. Last night, by studying I mean I tried to decipher it for a good five to seven minutes. What I found out is that sacred geometry is the sort of like that plays into Ley lines and why certain site, in the world are connected. Each other through different parallels. You can draw a line say from my Easter Island to H in Samaria, which is really interesting. There's a lot of theories about that do, but yeah I was reading about that. It's like there's a lot of people who say that you know that in and just to sort of like they did. They were just roadster. The these were built in straight lines because they see how they worked in straight lines, and if they had a walk over mountain, they would just walk over the mountain because they they knew it. Which is the fastest way to get there and then there's a lot of also there's a there's another, a form of thought, which is this idea that the earth,
started off as a giant crystalline that, like his rounded overtime and it's become now and now the original lines that was the crystal! That earth was, at the very beginning, like a gigantic grain of salt, right or price of sand on a never ending cosmic beach. Sure sure that we rally Time you know now that those lines are still important for some reason, so people, didn't need the highway system that we created with are over catching government cars. They had their feet and instead of shirts, they had bloody animal skins. Talking instead of marriage, they had rape, they had just big skulls and they find it straight, but which doesn't keep me warm at all. It's actually really heavy humans were bad yeah long, Oh you know they relied on the lords highway system. Make me that would be perfect and we're just now starting to come out on the other side. If, at all, I mean
any that are now we just have Nike's laptop now, Dan have all we needed was distractions to keep a journal and raping each other. I just sounded like a communist leader for a second, you know with your nikes water, you bought you open the door. Your two visions, yeah and I did mention the Lord's names on me. Just even out the show, Hail, Satan and Hail Satan Hail Satan in for physical reality back to grids for a second grids electromatic enerji energy, thus creating polarity or duality of experience, always seeking to restore balance and forever in spiraling motion yeah. But what happen when I drop a bunch of pork out of my fucking tray, you cry when I know when I've already paid for it, balance the balance. Is you probably don't need to eat pork and it's better than it I don't have any fucking enerji great, tell me what I can and cannot eat American I'm a new american libertarian. Oh you can't tell me I can't put nikes on
will do that Also don't have any money, sir. You have to leave the store. I wear you got shoes everywhere. Tell me I just try to have the shoes. That number is a price that I do. What I want, I'm an american words going to arrest him yeah. You know what all so in my study of grids, I also found out about this wonderful, a cold known as the thirty third pair alone and magic number. Thirty, three everything dies. Yes, the thirty third parallel runs all around the earth and it runs through many horrible sights and it also runs through Tucson Arizona, where the actual, what is great, which is pretty it's pretty pretty it runs through the Freemasons, were founded on about fifteen miles away from the thirty third parallel, and it run, through eight different death rose all around the world and What it said is that these death rose when
They execute these inmates. The Energi from the inmates quote unquote bleeds into the 33rd parallel and it can be used by the free masons who, in in the actual rituals you that to gain energy for themselves, to figure out that carbon Engin you have got to get so asinine. So what it does it's the death. They have the death row in Mississippi Georgia. So
South Carolina, Abu Ghraib runs through the thirty minutes. Early highly used death rose too. It's not like you're floofy, you know like nice, California, mom and pop. Like Mister MRS Donaldson death row. Baghdad runs through the 33rd. Parallel lot of that should have been there and Bill Clinton's, birthplace of Hope, Arkansas Abu Ghraib, Bill Clinton getting worse, and he, by the way it's been associated with human sacrifices for his sacrificed, a newborn baby to achieve power and avoid being removed from office during the winski scandal. Absolutely certainly did that and it's just not not just money. It's fine. You know we'll have to do it. Bill had to do we're. Trying chase them out of there and I'm going to kill a baby to be kinda wanted this secret. Yeah I mean look at Anthony Weiner. He didn't kill a fuckin' baby, hello, baby and that's what happens cause we don't kill. A bad baby, though so will
if that is true, because in sometimes have you send an accident, told Dick picking yourself from now to all your millions of followers and it'll just mysteriously disappeared, so will a baby. So what Another horrific stories that situation that happened on the 33rd parallel Nashville runs through. Phil, Tennessee, Ban Asheville has a famous clock tower that is believed by a cult is to be a replica of Trans dimensional Stargate in a rock it's just a play me the real windy, and, let me let me check the planning another little kid in 33rd. Parallel runs through a rock as well, so it is in essence linking the third is linking at Nashville to Baghdad yeah the kind that Phil's also the possible home of secrets pertaining to the Holy GRAIL yeah. This is my this is my question is: is it what is there on a picture? I just want to know. Is there a picture of this Stargate clocks, our from
Iraq, it's the equivalent of the statue of liberty. In LAS Vegas, it's a replica. This is in direct alignment. I feel like everything is just on the thirty third and the pyramids in in, but what's it easier, they run through the thirty third parallel, okay and nine, plus one plus one and thirty two stories that is going to back to Tennessee that equals the pyramid on the dollar with the missing thirty third story. Someone Just got really upset when all of his heroes season two got deleted from his dvr set now and wrote all this, and that is why these remote controls need to be made less oil resistant Barbara closed when I'm eating chicken wings and my fingers slip sliding all of these remote controls. I need grip, marks, grip, Margaret bumps grip, bumps think about Barb. I told you don't put my dear
The collection all over your magnet collection in a race is my dvd collection, but my magnet collections, like my children, why are we together and, of course it all comes back to the Jews. Soon known no hello. I love you. Thirty third perils giving you a bad rap. These horn doubles doing now. The line is a may have been born on the thirty third parallel in eighteen, forty, an allegation was made, the Jews were kidnapping and engaged in ritual murder of two Christians in Damascus: Syria, a city like Baghdad right at the heart, The third third paylocity chair, like banknotes, Damascus in Syria, the site of the arab spring is on the 33rd parallel. Well, I mean don't you know that I'm you certainly think any disco and everything the thirty third parallel. What is a lot? It's a big parallel! It's a lorry parallel across the road and a lot of bad things happen with that. That's also happened in the thirty second parallel it doesn't have
42nd in New York City to Christians getting killed yeah that happens. Every day on every pair. He goes through met in France, where Alister Crowley once lived he's not evil yeah, it was fun. He was have a sex demon? Don't you think he had a great time. I mean I don't know how it all over. You doubt had sweet not now SARA Lee legal intercourse with a new what was going on, I mean they didn't know what was going on. I know forms. Do I don't think yeah it's closer to the top of the club. You have to sign the form and you get a car. No, no. What she's doing Michael Jordan Buddy will read the newsletter. I replied to the minutes of the meetings that showing up pictures of the history wall. I mean yeah sure I've read everything one a document that had to be side, I mean that, despite all the crazy stuff, the actual like in arrest, the thing I find interesting most is the third about the thirty third parallels, the connection with the death penalty. Yeah All of the states that the 33rd parallel runs through is allows the death penalty
the countries that the 33rd parallel runs through. Allows the death penalty. Have those countries have the death penalty as a reward? I mean that's what you would also look at that resort in places like a chicken? egg scenario. Where it's like, you could say what the post number one paper is: the chicken or the egg trick question Henry came first ever made a chicken omelet, mommy and baby, which is my favorite, but he worked in the family back together, but you could you could say that these 33rd parallel lines could maybe bring bad things out in people and also it. Maybe it's just a itself ratifying the situation sure! Well, I am a one last thing about the thirty third parent parallel runs to Dallas Texas. Where JFK was assassinated and every president, since one thousand nine hundred and forty four has died on the somewhere along the 33rd parallel in a state that is bisected by the also it's with a ten gallon hat,
everyone knows that the ten gallon hat is the most racist hat. That's right, and if you take a ten gallon hat plus a ten gallon hat, plus a ten gallon hat plus a three gallon hat, you got yourself. Three parallel gallon yeah! I got a three gallon hat, Holman Ball and the other thirty third parallel is a masonic conspiracy. It could yeah, because it's already three is the highest level of masonic, except for the super secret levels above it is, it is there anything to do with the the Christ's death the thirty three year, Chris Farley's death of thirty three or any yeah yeah. I always think yet. I wonder, but also has anything to do with the stay. Puft marshmallow man's or any other sort of things,
Oh, the lanja, tude and latitude lines for the center of Jalouse Jerusalem add up to the biblical number of snow. It is more like Jaloos inability lose allow their delusion Maine get out of Syria, Israel, it's bad for all of us yeah. Now, thanks for starting world war, three will always love it got there like that little brother who goes and picks up old, bully and they're like hey. Can you go back me up guys? It's like how about we don't yeah. That would be great. So, let's now take this so my research here began to take being to the world deeper into the world of the new age. Now everybody there were we even get into this part of the uh. This podcast pop the shirt off because God you cannot do. This is like go stand near a beach. Stick them who's in the sand. 'cause we're about to get a little relaxing today arrested if you're on the train, yeah I like your shirt, just do it!
here, drive it off and enjoy yourself pending on your current life situation. Listen to Henry and then otherwise. Listen to me, if you were in a spot where you will be beaten with batons, leave your shirt on my advice: driving pull over before you take your shirt off. I got a good idea anyway. Are you listen to this? Podcast is a free speech. So worry speech alone. I don't know if it's a free hearing, Abel's out some things So I was researching a part of what they're talking about is the things that are especially sensitive to these earth grids. Besides the ancient Egyptians, an the horn, the Zionists, he's really taken at all right, dolphins. No, fans. Are there you right the cuddly? Don't don't don't do anything? the rape, but there's a lot of talk. You don't get you how sensitive they are. They are they're incredible creatures and there's a lot of people there's a great website. You should go check out called dolphin wave dot. Org really
it's also great, some great imagery on there, some great MIDI files. I feel, really relaxing entertainment business is done a lot to push this sort of flipper version of the dolphin. Oh yeah. How innocent and quote unquote, I can't see my finger quotes innocent. He is doing, the finger quotes. Very tiny fat quotes quote eyes. Ninety seven font quotes that's, they asked right yeah but yeah. The idea. Hollywood is definitely frame. The argument in dolphins favor, why not Wales, but there are some sinister ideas towards the dolphins where we get into the peaceful things. Yes, reading? A very illuminating article online, about how yes, United States has been visited and his head contact with over twelve different races of mankind, races or species species. We also say well could say races I mean I don't know, let's go species, You would never say you know. Native Americans is different species, 'cause you're going to get put on a cup,
blogs, so which I understand, you're not going to like it, so the I heard were Jezebels favorite website, yeah, no extra really loves podcasts and then I'm going to put them on my blog 'cause. I have to ask the question: who watch is the watchmen? there's a lot of belief that that one of these, what is considered the most sinister and nefarious alien species in the gray right, maybe descendants from these. This is one of my personal favorite little theories out here. How was the gray a descendant of the since using sonar to stun people right because you use so that it now has. The doll has two dolphins now and I do what I owe that to the whales dolphins. You actually do you there. So that's how you get around. I don't know I'm not done on. If we use it to find fish, he says that the big kill fish with it. They know they could
all. I think, you're wrong. I read this article read this article? I forgot the name of the web. I'm going go to an I put it up. Mutable article So you wanna look at a reputable article. Let's see if the dolphins sonar can kill fish, I believe that it probably could association of short wage. Right. It's sound navigation with sound navigation yeah, they send out the sounds and wait for the sounds to bounce off of other objects and come back. They will. When echo bounces back to us in a k, I want to walk around humans. They can't use their eyes. They can't use their Iphone with their eyes when I want fish but go to Yelp, their eyes are on the side of their head. They just walk around like a blind kid on 23rd, ST banging around everything yeah, you know that's kind of a good healthy help me get out I don't know you, I don't I get to Chinatown. I need fish, oh yeah! Well, you know there. This is a great website. It's www dot, qtm dot net, slash cyber slash dolphin
Grace question mark you're, talking about the wonderful article by Doctor, Richard Butler called. No, no, you put the doctor on there. It's just right! Well, I assume, when I'm reading an academic paper, that it's going to be written by a doctor yeah. I comes from personal one of the investigation of over two dozen of ducks in cases in depth, interviews with over fifty let So we put in this scepticism attorney general interviews with over seventy five alleged abductee. I just understand the impersonal investigation in depth. Interview general interview difference. I don't know it was obvious pants on. I guess it's his pants on or if they go in a second. I think you have those online. It's phone handwritten letter face to face, face to face and awkward touch bizarre. Hug and then slow who's. This who's to say the dolphins couldn't evolve into the greys yeah. That's it
First, let us examine the physical characteristics. The skin of a gray is regular to that of a dolphin, it's gray. Yes, the response, they'll tournament on earth, the dolphins evolved legs and arms to functional and but later returned to the oceans. Where's, your fax, I'm not sure I don't know No, I don't know if that is real. He just got out Sol Mountain were like we're: gonna go back and reverse a billion years of evolution. The eyes of grades are described as large, a black with what appears to be protective shielding covering the I many or the quantic animals have develop protective under outer eye shield for the sole under water use. It is possible that this is a left over after a boot from the great ocean, origins. Origin sides of their head, it's not real. None of it is it opens it. Just you know, figure out some good. They gotta get those sweet cloud. Now. This is really interesting right now we all look at the behavioral similarities. Earths dolphins, use sonar to navigate and stun both
Pray an enemy sure the Stahn affect is of a which is spelled a ff ect, your interests to us at all, for It's kind of MIT Avari, powerful and focus ultrasonic burst from the front portion of their skin Also, whether we go far, I thought for a fart joke. No, I don't the uses I'm praying to stun enemies such as sharks and Barracuda. I don't think they can do that. No listen! He said it right here. I once saw a film of a group of dolphins. Using this, ability on a very large barracuda. It was unsigned buy a one. In the morning the Barracuda golf improving Barracuda, who is swimming towards a bunch of baby dolphins. Mario Lopez, was their best Outkast for was that what was that hotel, California, California, dreams, yeah? There's also this beam concern now back.
The crazy ideas like this beam could be controlled to produce a stun effect, as in the case of the Barracuda, the result was a physical paralysis and orientation. I believe this is the very same technique used by the great introduction. It's case closed close it up and did so How is saying is that graze evolved from dolphins, but that the thing that will cetacean. Ok, they say it's like undersea creature. Alright, because I was going to ask the question. You know people say is that humans are evolved from monkeys. That is not true. We are evolved from a common ancestor, meaning that, in order for to be true, then dolphins, grey's had to evolve from a certain ancestor and not dolphins, becoming grates
I mean think about no, I see it. I don't know who they are and there has to be a missing link in here somewhere, we'll have to find it now figure it out. Let's not go back to the cult leader, touch your side, yeah the dolphins and how they can help us sure they can stun large sharks with sonar, and they can rape and rape no into rate. No. They also have a nice day. They're are like the dolphins, you're, so sweet and they're they're in touch with us and better than us. Why was a better? How are they better than because they're? so water, and then we got Here's you make stickers a dolphins. Do you think they have like human stickers like we have dolphins stickers and they put him on their little dolphin language just like draw like crude stick figures of humans in the undersea dirt and then just cross them out to their own lives and they're like yes, we must be scared of the humans yeah because yeah so there's no delicious unfucking dolphin must be Odo,
It's probably slice it up or adulthood. Small child must taste one thousand times better bones, not all form just a bunch of fat. So there's a lot of people that believe that these dolphins are very psychically connected to Enerji grids. We wanted to take everyone through a sort of meditational sequence, we're learning about. Why do they think that? Because they have just the way that they flow through the ocean, and I have no okay, the other with the other. What what I was also reading about is this. This dolphin, we thing Does this thing where they take, which just sounds wrong. They take wheelchair kids in kids with cancer they put scuba gear on him. They take him under the ocean to go meet the dolphins right and then the dolphins come, like you know, jab. Five minutes, then leave they take up there like and they're ready, if radically changed it. It's just like. Well, they just like you know, a two ton animal on it kind of like that. Their face yeah, I'm sure, then they could barely communicate because you're locked in
inside their bodies, 'cause they have asked burgers, I'm sure change something yeah. You know especially 'cause they're already looking at us like we're a bunch of weird squiggly blobs. You know when we're we're scary to them, just so that when they see another thing he just kept on mouthing leave me down here. Leave. Leave me down there. Life on earth is so so bad. There's. A lot of people think we have a lot to learn from dolphins and, let's, let's maybe want to put on some music yeah yeah and then we'll. Let's everybody lax. This is a medication off. Yet again, you know for hack up packable. You know well, if you're you can get a my tie if you suffer from headaches or if it's for a medical situation, if Glock Coma pack up a bowl, kick off issues, most of your clothes on. I don't
You have it or are you just trying to get the audience naked? Do you sis how you relax? This is what I do you could you can be fully relaxed and slippers? I will have everyone know that every one hundred percent of information that is being that is being spoken on this podcast all learn come from naked research. Yes, we know that everybody Freaking knows that Jesus Christ We are now going to delve into what is known as the Golden Water Dolphin meditation for planetary healing, go in water, businessman's, tub blue, is that it Taft got stuck in a tub Goldwater like a bizarre bazaar business trip for pp bucket. For meditational. You go sleep in the p, the bug how more to rest in there, it's so relaxing, and so warm it's like sitting in a bunch of hot line. Yes just sake, let's go through preparation! First, because you you can't do this, I
You must be the ideal way to experience. The meditation is you stand in or near a body of water? Okay, that good? But if you're, not in your body, if you're not near a body water and you were doing the meditation indoors- it can be done with a bowl of water can't let this is full of water It's like it's like, being near the ocean dip my toe in place, a clear quartz, imperial, topaz or other crystal or stone in your choice. Your choice? They would happen to have like a shop online that I can order. One of those just in case I need one. They absolutely do the apps very that would be in the product and service catalog section: don't andempowerment, empowerment, dot, com, don't empowerment, goodness gracious doppler takeover soon.
Indoors the water in the bowl and the crystal or stone, can later be taken and placed in a larger body of water. To then so you can put a stone anywhere with all the water of planet earth. The crystal will assist in anchoring and maintaining the Energi. The more. He comes home from work and he sees the bowl of water just sitting down. How is he going to feel is working twelve hours a day at the fucking mail mixing. You know your dogs eating a bunch of crystals. Look at it with his tongue. So now that you have your crystals, bowl of water ready, the meditation can begin. Okay, begin by standing with your feet about hip distance apart and your knees slightly bent close your eyes and take a few slow, deep breaths. This is how you should have free, throw also appear in the bowl pick up the courts with your butt.
See yourself, surrounded by a golden bubble of protection, just Philippines with gold and white light. Good much gold visualize the skies opening up above you and a column of golden shimmering light coming down and touching you on the top of your head. I heard that R Kelly was saying the same thing: yeah girl, tiny, old sparkles begin coming down the column of light. This is how Donald Trump just designs all of his building. Now this is a Please fill my body in enerji field with any colors geometrize tones or other vibrations. That would assist me to raise my vibration and attain wholeness and wellness wait until it feels complete. Just yet just try flax, just caption flaccid.
I love how sexy this is hot, I'm a dolphin! Imagine it beginning to excite and energize all the water molecules in your body. You see that here? It is entering the ocean, the water is beginning to glow. Each molecule is being filled with divine love, Enerji and is being reborn into its most pure and pristine form. This is also this also be a great monologue over a kick in like Electronic beat oh yeah, wonderful, yeah the globe begins to spread out in every direction. This healing energies clean The pollution. It is re, generating the entire ecosystem from the streams that feed the lakes to the rivers to the oceans all over the planet hold this image for a moment what which one that cleaning that cleaning thing with your brain. Oh, I see
Yes, suddenly you become aware that you were not the only person on the shore who's there. There are hundreds of thousands of people all over the planet that are also standing with their palms out stretched a relaxing, injure small Peter, laughing at you, they're all laughing at your small small, weird, looking balls. Now that all the humans are connected with you, another beam of light out of your outstretched palm towards the ocean. This time. Imagine finding an energizing, a whale or dolphin, see it in or their heart and then spread throughout their body. Shoot other them beginning to glow. With a in light of love nice nice, so that all the ladies do with me, man, post coitus ash it out the rest, all the humans and all the situations. That would be. Wales, ok, don't know, cetaceans the study
Wells is known as the Father interesting I've read Moby Dick okay. They are now one the radiance of this. We can so intensely on blob disgusting. Like hammered together dolphin and whale blob or call it a dollop, ok, never read animal man, it's like when Barnaby spews, all those monkeys together, ok, ok, very cool Instead, this light becomes so intense that the entire earth is bathed in the golden light and it begins to radiate radiate out into the atmosphere around the planet. The light begins to pulse in the earth. The oceans, the cetaceans and all of humanity are pinnata. At the deepest level, would markers with remarkable feel what it's like to be. One with the dolphins and whales feel the pulse The golden light reading, I'm drowning human after all shop, and I want to be a dolphin. I want to be away now that you
become one with the dolphins and whales. Tell them anything you wish for them to know. I my bookers, you know maybe we'll keep it secret dolphin. Sometimes I eat peanut butter when I'm in the bathroom, so I think they're dookie, Can we get these humans out of here? Already they gotta stop doing that God dammed chant where they come to be with me every single time. He can't tell me their fucking secret. It's always something to ski. The literally live in a large toilet covered in shit and salt. Sometimes her rep any holes around. My skin balls till they get numb. When did this planets raider here with us now is everybody doing. These are just did say something to the dolphins in the fucking world. You know what btk we're going to ask you to leave we're going to have ask you to leave You're, not a whale but after you've told the dolphins in the whales. What you want them to know ask the dolphins if they have a special message for you. Yes, you just pin or
and then you know they try to fight at first. No doubt hey Buddy APP. Can you give me a domino's pizza because I'm not getting any fucking cell phone reception? Here I mean I get this phone, it's a shell, it's So if you could just let you find him a domino's pizza and it just don't even remember just even just like its energy grid thing just get me a Do jewish lovers pizza, please have you met my wife, big whale Not just get this little dolphin with at Hotmail White Guy could tell you bust after you've asked the dolphin if they have a special message for you wait for a few minutes in silence. While you receive their message, it may come as a voice, and image or we wait for internal knowing, let's, let's just wait.
You hear anything from the dolphins, yet I mean. I know my stomach is a little upset from that sausage and cheese biscuit at the dolphin, though I thought it was the inner knowing that they were taught. No, that's your bad bad heart and your stomach problems. Let's see to take your pills, you need to take a pill yet. I got something from a whale. What is it what turns out wheels love? big black asses man, stop talking about, do not be put it here, not so great great imagery in my head right now he's not a board. I watch wait. How did the whales answer you? Yet? If you have not yet asked them, because I am I mean you know we're gonna asset, anything okay, I yeah now as an adult, and so here we go. No, I did I'm sorry, you call me- and I This is not as podcast where we like to each other, we're all friends
and I I didn't get contacted by a whale and I'm sorry that I made that up and I'll never lie to our listeners. We're sure you guys were different. I know I know, and we would start muddling up with lies, no one's going to believe it. When we actually tell the truth, now ask the whales that they. Special message for you: wait for a few minutes and silence. Well, you receive their message stuck in that black Maybe it's maybe it's. Maybe it's maybe you're special. We don't know, maybe that it's an inner knowing ok yeah I mean it. Could also be what you're looking at on your phone right now as we do, the podcast yeah yeah now take a deep breath and open your eyes. Thank God, I'll knowing you have made a difference. Oh my god, you pay for different given appended to the Salvation Army. Take your water and your crystal, or stone and place it in a larger body of water feel free to photo.
So this meditation without which is just sort of sits on a computer screen. What do you mean photo copy in this with you have to print it out. If you're going to do it, don't you just keep on computer yeah computer, you get a meditate if you're staring at your computer screen all the time emails popping up until you have a new message: yeah, you got it. I got it that set out. I don't have to be getting a lot of emails, got tons, not tons of you. They get a lot of newsletters. That's true! Yeah! That's true! No doubt they're getting a lot of updates. Do we have to how to get into indigo children. Do we have time then yeah? We have look at a time I mean I just want to get into the most obnoxious. This could give this is the indigo children. This is this idea that there is a new race of beautiful magical children that have been started getting bored. Nineteen eighty, and they are just perfect okay, so now so we're just changing, changing is entirely yes. This is these. Are things like the dolphins? The indigo children
an intricate immediate understanding of the earth, Energia sonar. No, no, not that we know about that, because they mysterious an they hold. Yeah yeah. This is this idea of various, are aura readers for like talking about how they got started. To see this new color they'd, never seen you start seeing indigo and you find out it's just kids that are just too fucking precious. For the world. So do these sell the neckline results human. By do they, they don't define, as we saw some people say that they, when you go to the end of that website, to go through some of the Facebook comments of people talking about they being INDIGO chill and they're just precious pro, there's just so happy, okay that they they found. If you get, did you find that you see the facebook things will do you want to go through the Haverhill patterns of INDIGO's? First? So yes, and no all right you just just this- is a. You know. 'cause, you maybe an indigo child. You might be. You are part of this saving grace of humankind. If you're listening to this
I mean you're already one of the elite. You have Who is it taste so yeah? You love comedy. You love information, you love knowing how we will one day rule the world piteous in many ways. There's some of that. There's! No that's in there you know well, they're born born feeling and knowing that they are special and should be revered and indigo knows they belong here as they are and expect you to realize it as well. These children are more confident have a higher sense of self worth absolute authority, the kind with no choices negotiation. For them does not sit well. The educational system is a good example new on some of the rules we so carefully follow his children seems silly to them and they fight them. Rigid. Ritualistic systems are considered archaic to an indigo child. They feel everything should be given creative thought they are insightful and often have a better idea of method than what has been in place.
This makes them seem like system. Busters are you an indigo is anti social unless they are with other into goes off and they feel lost to misunderstood, which causes them to go within go control methods like wait till your Father gets home, have no effect on these. Not a bit in the fulfillment of other. Is Tom York from Radiohead. They listen to him. Oh absolutely, because he's you know super spanning the fulfillment of their personal needs is important to them, and they will let you know now. Here is how I don't know. If you go, if you like, open indigo child, I liked it. You mean your little prick. Basically, every negative quality that I have was just described it just describing like girls. You may recall the show girls, indigo children or call, I think, all of in what use under grad school ever hipster girl. I've ever met. No doubt about that. Here's a you know that your child is an indigo child, they're, strong, willed, Jordan.
One thousand nine hundred and seventy eight or later headstart parent number. Four back here creative within an artistic flair for music, jewelry, making and potter poetry, etcetera prone to addictions. That's you been you can at and may I'm pretty good with pottery to the lobby. Will give you credit for that? You? Actually, your jewelery is quite beauty that no one's ever it's just like a bunch of bad metal rods, yeah, yeah, yeah or technically, where an old soul is, if they're thirteen going on forty three in two over psychic, possibly with a history of seeing angels or deceased people and isolationist, either through aggressive, acting out or through fragile introversion, independent, proud, even if they're constantly asking you for money possess, desire to help the world in a big way waiver. Between low self esteem and grandiosity boars easily has probably diagnosed as having a dd,
insomnia. Read I was diagnosed ADHD or eighty eight were indigo has a history of the or even suicidal thoughts or attend every day, looks for real, deep and lasting friendships, easilly bonds with plants or animals. If you possess fourteen or more of these traits, you indigo. If you only have eleven to thirteen, your probably an indigo in training, and if you're in, if you're an adult with these traits, you could be a light worker and he we say this is from the woman who created the term INDIGO child Nancy and tap. She she is it in the: she is the fake career of telling people what colors their oars are, and this is from her mouth each universal age is accompanied by a preponderance of people with that life. Color for now. Most adults are either blue or violet. The two colors with the attributes most needed in this violent age of transition,
in the next stage the INDIGO age, indigo colors will be the norm the indigo phenomenon has been recognized. It was one of the most exciting changes in human nature ever documented in society, We understand the judges during the Salem witch trials, because I just want to let her leave don't burn her. This woman, the INDIGO label, describes the energy pattern of human behavior, which exists in over ninety five percent of the children born in the last ten years. The phenomenon of you know this kid the harass you in the train, yeah, they gonna have a terrible legal jargon: titled yeah, yes, they're they're, the reason America is going to fail and lose the Chinese, the Russians. This phenomenon is happening globally and eventually the INDIGO's replace all other colors, not true. As small children. Indigo's are easy to recognize, but they're unusually large, clear eyes, extremely bright precocious children with an amazing memory and strong desire to be inspected. Do instinctively
children of the next millennium are sensitive, gifted souls within the evolved consciousness with come here to help change the vibrations of our lives and create one land one globe and one species or fat Nwo, the internet or data Nwo bucking bulls order. Absolutely vindicated. I agree. I agree. I agree, that's exactly that's, which is fucking cracked. It and they're trying to kids work great in the New N w O. They need to be stopped. Now, if you see an indigo kids shoot him in the head, you suspect somebody been into hip talk, show up on a rope into exactly if he, if he hangs and dies, he was not an indigo kid I've I gotta, feeling indigos die real, easy, real, easy put him in yet, don't say put them in camps, know know, know, know, know like a sleeping camps like summer Camp put him in a room. Full of bees have stung to death, their kids are dumb they're fat and they don't have the
brains are worse now, because they're old downloaded immediately, we had to remember phone numbers growing and things like that. Kids are dumber than when it's are pieces of shit and terrible creatures day is the INDIGO build indigo children or starting to be born? Like I mean ship, but ten years before, Henry yeah, We bought an eighty eight one. Eight thousand seven hundred and eighty four eighty four yeah we're all old world yeah you you're young soul? Certainly not thirteen go to I'm no indigo, I'm a I'm a black! It's going to be bizarre when you're sixty three going on twelve may have more muffins saying this and he's at Facebook comments down there. Indigo children really used really like to sail all yeah. She read the top one of that one fucking fat, dumb ass at the very top, had a dog a friend who is interested in us into goes so I is Chad, Hoffman forty years old, yeah, Chad Hall from Florida, all right, good job chat Hoffman. So I thought
I would get on here and printer something off since it's so hard to explain and I had must admit. I became more interested in the comments people had to make. Oh wait, that's common spelled wrong comets. One person said he studied the whole Buen anything and I have to agree. There's nothing. That's going to show us civic dna change in one particular group of people, but I'm prove there is a new form. Human coming on this planet- indigo children, No concept of capitalization punctuation, they don't need it. They don't need any of this. Is they don't need to wait till dad comes home because ADHD or add they didn't listen in class? And sometimes you have to understand? If you don't know when you're not a little thing, they are more important. That's what I learned on my Didn't listen either didn't do any work and I pass all the test some great now, I'm an indigo child right right right right, I'm sure you picked up a couple of key punctuation marks, though
You write a very good email. I don't like solid email. Let me know capitalization on anything, but well. That's just keep it fuckin' casual, sad yeah. Why is why is the first letter in this word more important than the second, the third, the fourth letter in this world? Thank you, Ee Cummings, thank you. Well, it has nothing to do with our dna. He says no, it has to do with what is come instilled in our hearts. One thing that there's. No real stuff is how other work too much whenever he saw you just gave you whatever you wanted. And in this, is that what happened to this is, One thing that scares me, though, is how it seems it's cool to be an indigo. It's one thing to find. And feel happiness to find out, it's possible that you're an indigo child, but if you think it's cool,
Then you you're no more an indigo child. Then you are yellow child. I think that's, racist yeah! That's just right up right! Try putting you at all now That's good. It's not such a fun thing. Can you imagine being so hyper sensitive intuitive that you literally can't watch the news or read a newspaper, because you can't stomach all the negativity or watch what human hair read. You can't read or watch what humans doing each other or have a hard time going into public, because you can feel what's going on in everyone's heads and trust me, not good. Most of the time just get back to dolphin rape, I hate the individual kids. I hate everything about this conversation. Don't get me wrong into wonderful gift, but it to truly be true. Indigo trans. It's in the how to truly understand how much pain there is on the planet and what we have to do to change all all one things go and another thing to be one. But it's not ice cream and Lawley pops up place is going to a disturbing privilege.
What is the use of these people? There is none is knowing what is? I think it will need to fight an active. What do you want to bring about the Nwo? These are the type of people that are are the foot soldiers for the Nwo, all right there were it the Mindy Kaling Project, Vision, you know I mean you're doing I go out there. I know hey, what's the name of that show them? project there. Watching that show, I know there watching Jay Leno given him ratings. They love. It shows seven wires to be the new late night host. I know when you say you want the ran a Kate in the go. Chill. Are you from the world? I totally agree with you and they're the first, it's the first war that needs to be fought in the you know, global coming war with the reptilian and then w over low
we're gonna start, I'm starting to think of these reptilians know. What's going on, they don't stupid little indigo people. They play these little dumb. All right, so you were saying the indigo people are disinformation, made flesh. Yes, the indigo people right ones used by the reptilian overlords that are going to be just basically meat and we're not having long message get to the actual people in power softening the NW a mess. Okay, I got it, I got it all right, everybody! Well, we got a well. Thank you. So much for listening hail gain. I'll gate and I'll, say they'll Satan hail! Thank you do well, Corey Griffin, oh yeah, coming out to their my roast, which was so sweet. He was so nice as he indeed hail. Satan hail yourselves. Everybody will talk to you soon, Hell Migos. Merry Christmas.
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