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Episode 74: Sex Dungeons

2015-02-16 | 🔗

In light of the recent events in Cleveland, the boys explore a few of the sex dungeons of our past, including Josef Fritzl and a mysterious group of Australian men known only as The Family.

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There's no way to escape tourism is the last time on eleven cannibalism started. Ok, that's mark is that I am band and then the guy over here to my left, he's a real duty. If I got to deal with this morning, what are you talking about? My name is good times: Jimmie Dale Sausage, Henry's, eyebrows Jimmy's, of the total enter your day. It's very important start off every single day with a big pipe in hot, saturated fat, loaded, Jimmie, Dale, sausage.
Sport about and when we're doing with our new sausages. I don't know you ve been aware of what we're doing over a Jimmy D. I'm not what we ve been doing. Was we ve been supplying or new sausages with injections of hot liquid fat railways so that you don't have to chew it gives it that pottery take what it does. Is it allows you to for maximum? Like you know, world busy in the morning you're trying to make it a cup of coffee, you try to get ready. You gotta go now to go to school, they got jabber, better jobs and it's gonna fuckin ass. This morning, Mr Johnson's, that you know he's got time to make breakfast that's right, so he takes what a Jimmy Dean's knew. What we like to all liquid sausages. Liquid thought I want. It comes as a little pomp and musical eel pump at a couple times in your mouth and it's the fat equivalent of a big Jimmy Dean sausage and it just slides into your pancreas. What air wow? That's amazing man, it's pretty good! Definitely definitely! I am just fiddling with ease headphones year. Indeed, I didn't hear anything all right,
speaking of Jimmy Dean, sausage in overall families and how Jimmy Dean sausages fell, help families did ever gonna talk about families that don't help people who are going to talk about families that murder individually rape, each other as well a lot of an old believer like Bang workers. It ended. This is a very touchy political climate for the rape topic sure as mere knowing I'm just gonna strand of, say, the very top of this we're going up, tore eyeballs in rape today, No one will do you. No kilometres will be observed because most of the victims of rape, the will be discussing men yeah, mostly young men in boy I'll be fine, I'll, be fine supper, all the ones I want to be talking about them and go really even it as the forming of action missile starts from the meeting a court of its use? It happen we want uncover last week when it first broke out, we just sort of recording. We get started recurring more, I don't know.
Is Christ. I'm I'm half leprechaun this morning. I just need a. I need a clean slate on the brain by I mean just talking about like I need electro shock therapy like em k all draw on myself there would. I don't remember anything. I beg you could probably find some acid in some drugs and you could find a way to tie yourself up for a weekend and just lose your time, though. Every time I told myself up, I just let myself go right. I did not do why you gotta get me to tell you about. Of course, every deferred to the Cleveland situation. What happened there were that the Castro family were mostly be gastro man, because it is steamer came in Cleveland and it was indeed a shit store. However, there are real, and so we had we had these sort of stories on the mind we can start with the Castro stewing we got, I think we have to or we can just sort of intersperse it throughout and what outline what I was hoping was is, that is, is tat.
As for us, we could we get all the juicy shit I wanted to hear from the victims. I wanted to hear Castro just being like Bhutto, those voters, the mood moved them. Admin do you were going to be like that. That's exactly that! Come in come in the book. The dog loosen themselves in those coworker would go away. You look well, you blame looks good. Oh, you know the use by what is his I'll. So I'm not Cubans cubicle cuban easy or throw you're just saying that, because you know one famous gas for I made out of your Kennedy or Irish one of your Castro, your Cuban. What was Sammy Sosa Cuban yeah Dominican, I dont know, is middle name Castro That's why I thought it was Cuba today really not too many gruesome details of a more no. No, no, no one shit, no well, some would argue horrific. I'm saying some would argue.
You don't want to hear around the dinner table. Hewers headway calls them fund juicy tidbits I mean there are some timid come out about like Castro's life, one of his friends oh said, what would I do? I cannot. I cannot trust what Tito's Tito's a guy. They use a plain. A ban with because out of you guys, know this, but Castro was one fantastic based boy. Yes, you openly Oliver, he made beautiful mexican cuban Spanish. But he may be one of our spanish music and tearing up, but I know that, but about a pop up, you know I gotta get home. I got three girls up in my No, no! No! No! No! I just got an. I got something on this programme. I gotta perhaps is my base, but in both Mau Mau Mau Mau Mau Mau slowly back lies in the least I got these no base. Sound goes like this.
I just realized that it's like you know, if your kidnapped by a member of a band, it's like at least be kidnapped by the lead singer or by the hour layer who can say you push you to sleep with national, inshore and lazy basis, the bitten bonbon bombardments. I haven't you falsely too, that I mean God forbid. At least he wasn't it. Caution is there something that would have been far more tartarus, but if you have to be kidnapped by a band member at least please godly guitar. This man was a classic base. I did not go out. Unwilling reigned, narrow classic as any doesn't do well the Ladys and never gets led by that. That was the opposite of a base. Other women always slept with the basis, not usually usual. May that's why I play the flute basis. Get kicked the side because us drummers they like that primal animal instinct, but what about a job? They hate that We have no trouble
carried out at I've had a job for you. I can't get a job, I'm too busy, making others no eyes. But here than Tito's when we used to go. Performing. He was alone all the time he wanted always see. If he could go out and danced with women strangers, he would go pick it. Somebody and say wanna dance, many many times they say no, allowing us to anything with it is that Ben Kizil story. I like it. I like Alan, I wanna dance, I wanna dance mostly every time he would come back very mad, because didn't wanna dance with me, though, does not determine the them with a view to tie them. Good business has through what was that? What was that a reality?
No deal is now you just smell. A little branded a gun will yield the problem. You'll bring the men men, you don't bring me my delivery on time and a good. They get my time with a view to the three day. Molly Dian do Douglas used as Tuesdays. I'm right there with you. I never understand what he is saying. Do you guys everything tat he might have three girls is adding up. I'm not gonna find nobody is always what the alone never with dancing of These are we thank you like I do. It contributes always with the alone. The actual person that he is with that does not exist. It is the allow use also a school bus driver for a time, good God. What's the screening tests for dairy? I don't know just let anybody I could wander in July that I've got like ok, I remain underwear I can't see
we're we're high renew by bus drivers. Yes, you just look up and down and then stopped at the feet of they have feet there hired okay, so just I will assume streamline at european level. Most important would drive a bus right. You gotta have a but to put in a chair right need fifty have about. Yes, I do but does he have to enhance he's, got one hand well that'll work justify a cool buster, on the other hand, is gripping onto a giant mental hook. Little scare, the kids desire good Andalusia rub the Douglas around as their unwillingness of Dr Odd. They did dont tell me when they like those good data, might touch them do through with Douglas. Did you understand a word that he said I can feel it regardless of whether that is not just higher. Am I don't know, but use fired for being a bus driver after a three incidents one he left a child on a school bus. One of the things you can't do that science is on its like the top, like a major requirements of being a bus driver up off the gas. Deliver the children right up to he made an illegal use.
Turn during rush hour traffic with a bus load of student with a last find their scream and initiate? U S, making assistance to toughen up turn, make warble and then finally, the last straw was he used the boss to do grocery shopping. How many groceries receive getting this bill common? They complain that the old month ago I got my letters them a good. My word of unequal I've gotta by doubly June the mug of my those both come to me. I want to download Douglas to dream. Tell me what more dialogue takes. Could post and go Gaza? Stop me if you're working at the supermarket, don't you noted at some point this Castro character is rolling up to the supermarket, with a bus filling up with like enough food for four, but you know we lives alone is no human being
love em, he's going to school, Botswana Grocery store. I just think that's a red flag over the past decade. Didn't they just pick up on that bill, he's not he's not morbidly morbidly or be. There are whoso notice, boot many fucking, retarded facts tied to this case. There's every body just let it happen a reach, everybody just let it happen. No one stopped him, he was a moron. He was very when they show the pitch of the houses of its just like it could be more obvious. He bordering upon a windows. Wouldn't let you pass the kitchen all is stupid. Brothers is stupid. Brothers come in, there does like you're. No good glorious. As you are not allowed to go into the good gin and we would just sit in drink in the living room and he play music everywhere, logistic, jewish maxie- that that would just sit in the living room while he was like not are not always until sounded display layer by up up up up up up and, thank God, Spanish,
music has a lot like exact. Only that out of all out of all the profession of all the provisions are being a bus drivers, the only profession were you really can't take the company car. You know, that's that's just that will really agenda. We work in the most that human here is what his senses never let anybody who love the idea that nobody does Zelda. What was that its new rendition man, you know Santana, is really going crazy. These days, my own That is actually a voyage over refreshing sunset. He never let anybody in this house, nobody is mother, is on his father, my father, his own mother. If she went there, she would call from outside the house and say she was out front. My other already lay Dro would ride, is bike
but nobody ever went into that and then retarded ABC News when, over this week about all the different times are like one ten years, the cable company would have a word of would have come there over fifteen times. He I end, the oil company would have come over forty times another, but, like all of them, are being like. We do so outside the house. We don't look inside the house and legislate. I just like there's. No noise is coming from the house's nobody back there in the basement for ten years, like app happily every hour, our Virginia, I was in trapped in a basement. This is how much noise I may go to podcast. Is it joint noise I make in a voluntary situation. I will give you tied me up in a basement. I'm just gonna go on forever, Georgie was I mean, like these very mean? What's the screaming bird you'll never like raping me, that's what that is my goal, my goal and that if you're gonna rape me, I'm gonna make a bad for your mobility. Yet Dexter
you forget bread guy I've got a lotta, my lover I get you might end up with Black dahlia smiles at the review is an idiot, but he was a cruel mother. Fucker noted that the best I think that the best intimidation tactic that he used to keep them from doing that too much was the old bait and switch you used to do where he would pretend that he would leave the house and then he would come back super quick and if there was anything out of place or if he heard them scream or anything like that, severely beat the fuck out of them and rape them, and I mean that's where he was really not any also kept all ADA, and we were talking to my castle, talk in the other day about how the women like would never like how they never banded together to escape. He kept them in three separate places. They were very rarely in the same place. They got together every now and again, though, because whenever you, when the cops came in to rescue them, all three of them were loose, so I feel, like I have been in the end. Will we just don't know yet?
we don't know how they? Finally, I have run out of there. I just feel like it took a lot. I tell you what, though she puts it and she left those other croaked two girls bind she'd. No, just due to the she literally ran out of the house. I was like I've been in there and you say anything about two other. I alviella, you haven't I've agents that now Essen there. It's really you know it's it's a rough. It is a rough part of town because woman, you know she breaks out of Castro's home. She runs into the closest man's arms that she finds we come to learn. He is also a wife, Peter. You can't throw rocking Cleveland. I can't run around without his eye on white. I eat our town, no tartaric bird other. On top at we're, gonna end ITALY, the movie, the crazies we citizens thrown over there's a theoretical last, no more Cleveland no need for it. The cavaliers are terrible. Will abroad
left, they lost everything. It's all done level it has not, and I wonder why the brown left. Oh, maybe it's because your town is full of sociopaths zero killers that wasn't at wife beaters such a wonderful internet personality. Nomads makes me happy, then he was fun and everyone loves his interview. He got really Mimi, really fair and there's another person. Then they came out and said that she did. She was the one who say them, and he was just there like talking to Mama gauss. Aren't you loved his Mcdonald's. You know in this. Is that one nice thing that I enjoy it about? in him interviewed his smile and his smile was the closest thing. I've seen to an actual blackboards inside when discussing Mcdonald's similar to the committee Mcdonald actually has also maybe they're not lie in their marketing. Maybe they're, not racist, that black dude was the real idea. He potentially you couldn't get it every day, is an important lesson,
Two I witness is from now on is that through a plug in their young and get their fro plug? That's why I always go like you know: memory, foam, mattresses, those girls, all grape, didn't building? They were shoved inside alligators, a dead alligator. There are those memory for mattresses, I would sleep, it honours just so expensive, need why what I was rescuing that woman my feet tend to really hurt, but now, with these doktor shoals inserts, that's for damn sure headache. I've been using it's too bad. She had nine Miss carriages alot of his character of this, and this is what I must not exactly short. We don't have all of the details yet of exactly how he separated them exactly how we can re would have on, because he was not smart. He was not a smart. What's gonna have the details are going to
very bad and I know there was details about his history and now he is, he had a history of abuse and there was a woman there. He was with for a long period of time that key sort of like sorted like tracking, where she went and locking around the house and doing all it's just a very but its. He also sent his Ex wife new huh. To jail on child to be around yeah muleteers like his. Whatever is what you called is like his enemy. It's like his arch nematode eyes. Guy taught us like his limbs. Colon is his last name you: Galore Cologne, ok, yeah ever My name right into those four cologne was convicted of two counts of gross sexual imposition classified as sex offender from molesting, two of Castro's daughters, Cologne, sick Castro, orchestrated the case even served as a witness at Cologne trial to divert attention away from his own crime. Also to say that this one
has not very good taste in the dude, so pretty man- maybe now I dont, know if he was also a pretty much an innocent in this situation. I just think that Castro is a, I think, there's two types of psychic sociopaths, as we could see like, like Jeffrey Dahmer like well, there's a lot of a lot of that right, where their people that are Sworder retarded, that that that stupidity turns into sociopath eagerly literally, could not understand some one else. If they wanted to, they don't have any empathy, because they can't understand perspective either people who do understand perspective, like TED Bundy or like John Wayne Gacy, is a very good example, so using very smart persons knew who understood whose a small person who believes it
or above society and believe that they can import like Bt Gaelic Fuckin demonstrator that right, they believe they can impose their control on societies are better than society. I guess it is our real Castro guys a fuckin does a disgusting animal health and safety, but I can't believe that he got these girls to state our for ten years and was also like they got picked up the same road. Over the like the same. Like week, there was only one rose and we'll pick them up. Laughter like we were just gotten a car. It's like it's you! Well, they just get in the car because they know began newest cisterns, daughter, dieters, like that's right, but if you did this in Williamsburg, I could understand, exhibit. Ok, you guys are up in an attic sure your chained up, tiny rooms. Have you seen the rent? Have you seen the rent prices What were you gonna go where you live? nine lawyers covering this. She always slowly. Turning into you just sit non as to whether we have either already and will deal with Roma some of the other. But why did we already covered? Yet? I will keep you up to
Castro situation, when some good details emergency, I just wanna, hear that he dressed up as a scale he dressed up as a skeleton and unwanted each room running. I, Mr Bowe, sets a hearty that we only want to hear you May. I just say that I do not get at them like, but I really dont, let my skeleton costume. I want this girl was over. I know that I also me out. I owe the literary guys do, but as these reforms on these cases people are fuckin idiots. Oh yeah yeah people are more and do we want to see art with the monster of unsteady ended Joseph Fritz? All now immediately did we cover him in a previous pike as our only lightly we'd maritime lately, but Fritz
Oh you know he's nobody to brush under the rug. This guy is the real deal. Hypnotize there were Murdoch of trap in your family, and rape for Canada is amazing that Visa Margo. If, if tears, were money, he would be a billion Eric, as he certainly caused more than a billion of those. I again arrive where this is a man of a very quick overview on his crime. He kept his daughter Elizabeth shot. It goddamn it again get his daughter Elizabeth shut in a basement underneath his house for twenty four year, while raping her in fostering seven children with her. Why his wife upstairs was none. The wiser I mean she was washing dishes, twenty four seven just staring at the wall like actin like mother. You know like show that we did not hear anything, will definitely didn't see. Anything to you. Sat there. Just washing dishes just make sure that things Linford raiders Walkin around, like watching tv and on every single item in Prague.
Just like cotton herself on our language rather think I'd rather than an amount of denial in both of these cases, right saying, with the Castro Brothers with Castro parents. With this chick I mean how don't you know there was a human, be they don't you just like since other people around since misery look. Where does it go when he emerges underneath the house preliminary covered and sweat and screaming not just like a women can thank you. My age is going to bang his daughter. He must smell like sex a little bit when it comes up or so I've been. There has to be some tea, tail sign, that he's bang! Somebody outbreak waiting at the end of this scenario at start from the beginning, let's start with the beginning of Joseph Fritz himself. Yeah, let's start with his mother, always always always starts. I don't know his mother regularly severely beat him as a child kicking and even when he collapse the floor and bleeding for this.
Austria is a resource, use and always the answer, but this is Austria, Deering Nazi tat yeah. So I mean that's the same thing when you hear a lot of these people get beaten. The nineteen forties fifties- isn't everybody was gettin be, and so yes, she never hugged him or kissed. Him are told them. She loved them in a monster, no gap and she brought him into this world only to prove to his father that she wasn't. Infertile Bob had aroused the add a child to approve a point and but then, after a lifetime of abuse at the hands of his mother, he flip the fucking game, honour, wilder, up and bricks in her attic and left to die, so it happened. I have no problem with that sleep so far Fritz those fine with me. I understand why people do these things had overcome, except that big you're gonna sit delivering China. What she being here,
you know something good, not Joseph. You never really good enough for your mother, Joseph you dig build these worlds terminal romanian Eurogroup, shot long me, there's a cover up there for twenty years, nobody's gonna? U, vocational, why you'd, feeder and you'd keeper alive, but yeah kept her boarded up or not border bricked up in an attic for twenty. You know mad, so he had practised, see at all so much right here. This is a man has got, makes Castro look like a fucking. Amateur absolutely key was preparing for his sex for his sack seller four year. This is a pro leaguer. Absolutely I mean I may The toy box killer, look like you know, come around half Harry'Ll, Cairo, eggs, aerial, casual, like blue Aerial, the mermaid think about little mermaid. The little murmur. Sixty seven fritz was casually just smell like fish and spend a year and a half in prison. Here's the thing, though, is that you would you would you and a half a prison for one
his mother in the room now for rape hop wrong up his mother in the room you down either one was a crime of passion sewing. I got absolutely in so fritz, almost gastro, Fritz or out of the seven children that he fathered with his daughter three of he adopted will not be the right thing, but in Austria most crimes are raised from records after fifteen years so yeah. I know it's some kind of like I only the holocaust after on about after world war, two all of their laws got so softened up like for murder, the most you can do is fifteen years I dont understand and when they want to go round trip with me to Austria. Let's go, however, experience of your senses. I've got a one way ticket for you. I'll be coming back. Here is also a suspect in two other cases in rumoured to adults. Induce exposure was also legit that he raped his wife sister, but when he went to see that
was not a friendly, nor like nice man, but I would like to sit down to dinner with him because you, like picks up the Turk, each fuck em internally Starkey hours in my daughter, oh yeah, where is mine dangerous day the interesting I do like the idea of him just like Flash and a group of people than with me, like frets, all four, it's all right so that a government for its own benefit in nineteen. Seventy two, he give up on this mail order, lingerie business that he was working on I've? I could. I can count on my fingers and toes how many times I ve started didn't gave up on my mail order. Lingerie says a larger re was for men. Is that the deal I know? No? Ok. Male Longe arises as those are just a man running a female laundry household. L L. You order o mail order, laundry, so people, which is I get their launch Rainy Blake. I think this is just a bunch of nigh. The problem is, and he kept, but I can deliver like she's gonna, be like you wear your debts
Reverend, where you got an otter. Let me there's a war. Out there right now or there was a woman out there who was wearing his lingerie during their most intimate times, laundry fritz would probably touched and ruled on slowly problem tried and his daughter for awhile yeah, that's gotta be a creepy. That's that's! That's! When you throw away find out about the detail of the haunted. Panties so and then in nineteen. Seventy do we gave up his mail or business to become else. A landlord of course, yes of poor thing landlords are all citizens serial killers Castro, you can argue adjusted terrible landlord, you know and frivolously yet their very I mean they're, like micromanage, latin and nineteen, seventy seven, he that's when he started sexually abusing his daughter when she was eleven years old and he started to building his prison cell, like his fuckin seller, in nineteen,
eighty one she didn't go in until nineteen. Eighty four, it just so crazy, the amount of premeditation years and how he got into the cellar totally Fuckin Buffalo bill. This chick. He got even build the entire thing. It was all ready to go and then he was like Elizabeth. I need some help, putting the dawn, and so he got her to put the door on just like daddy is that's good down to Gaza, you're in there now that's horrified and integrated withdrew. It gets a good thing for dates. The EU is well around. I care way to go and more days they ve been. Goin amazing, all my sweet little daughter. I wonder if you look down into my new supersecret, safer room, who finds a lovely books of Turkey for some reason, when I thought of her and just like making room for three years, I thought of Noah building the Ark yeah. I know it's a very similar sort of passion.
Have to have tabled once Martha do and is more than just doing dishes rallies in the rather like. Do you know? saw a word I make one is now, which is our roofing and is being like yeah, pervert ones, Rita rape, somebody, our daughter they're just being like. Do you on corn, for breakfast Tretton favouritism, Elizabeth, of course, after enduring years of abuse from her father, had run away a couple times already at this point, but it seemed time scale, even Elizabeth, don't you feel some common? We always get the big room covering the dad Spock Craze, look in his eyes, eyeballs role around his head. When he's looking for here, sack of gold coins yeah like knowing that you're gonna when you build the door- and you know it's like- there's no sense a dread, none whatsoever, I get a man sure there was, and then it was just like. Ok,
finally happening now. You know I mean we're so mad as well, make the best of it, and so would she disappeared. Suddenly he told everyone she went off enjoyment, alt, ah most reasonable that he made her write. A letter in this is one of the genius parts of his plan really throughout the years. He would make her write letters to his to her mother. He would travel to another town and in mail. The letter from that too, And so the mother, like farms like a lot of work into such a crazy hob he'd, find the time or even went as far as to record Herc foam conversations like record her voice and then would play them for the mother yeah, and that of the thing at one time she called and it was play even though they had just gotten a new unlisted, no number and the mother rose
Ray. It's like I don't ya sagoths another. This is weird yes, she's going to private rosemary had a fuckin brain tumor. I was very wisely desire. Not until is low, gotta know what she was doing liar. I not on the prize as reserve know it. Well, I mean shit down. In her little cell, she had a tv in a visa, r o that the highest technology has hogs life is on the age suck your father's DEC I am a little more that I think, will you had a dirt of bugs live. It's an animated movies against second date, turn inanimated. Maybe she had her first child check Kirsten in
what a pretty name her second child Stephan in ninety ninety and those to state in the basement for their entire lives up until they were discovered when, where they discovered there was given two thousand eight to thank God, damn yeah yeah yeah they were so they were seventeen and eighteen, yeah and step. And how do they stand? I dont really. Now you dont overpower the man. I don't me, I thought you were pretty. That's your whole! I understand the baby's because I don't know anything about this woman at some point. So that's the thing I'm not victim blaming whatsoever, but it does does bought boggled my mind, Checkerberry Jackie, with having Jackie's jury stride in her beliefs, but ass. She was saying the same thing about like a view. Give you captured,
a key if you touch egg as either accuser brows, yet you gotta you gonna, have to murder. You would have to meet her yet aftermarket me too. There are all round my big things. I role I twist. Like analogy. I rabbit I twits graduates, they give you the right food. They give you that new pizza, hotter than new pizza, her with the cheeses, Cresswells Anywheres lungs, I'm appreciated, but that will not give you one our performance time. Everything I don't be justified know that when these kids finally kick off hand asked you Henry the browser you use it Larry grieving. We wanted to stay the whole time they had to do therapy with them as via get actually get them out into light and son because they were in a tiny stay right highlights an open room, fuckin freak them out o that, in fact, Stepan has permanent spinal damage, because the seller was only five
Six inches high all come out here. It's all. It took three years to build that put a ceiling on there. He was, and he was five foot ten. That's put that oh, he was constantly crouching in his spine is permanently curve. However, zero expanded at one point will not, he didn't expect Elisabeth expanded. I mean he directed her into expanding another, Oh, oh, oh, that's, nice eyes, given a gay family that, whatever the lady wants, that's what his that was his motto and then in nineteen. Ninety two LISA, the third child was born, and this is when Frizzle starts taken him out of the basement. Here's! What happened is it? The baby was crying fuckin Krajina storm up in principle. They were not only was his wife living there, but he had tenants in this house like he was alone, with an air b and b that were terrible. There are dozens of people who came in and out of this house all throughout this entire ordeal, and so he was afraid that the neighbors so fuckin stupid and bad girl don't nodded weekly
I mean these guys. I mean the seller was completely until I we use a true maniac use, a true proud, and so he he brought the baby up to try to get it like. It had a piece of string tight around its Photoshop by giving shut them with string, and so I brought it up and then the wife walks in areas like ah Oh look Elizabeth sent us a baby. Ah, he just said that Elizabeth had dropped off the baby and a cardboard box and left a note to saying the child needs. Looking after gathering by following a lotta thing, what a fucking moron he did it to more times, so I ran the underside of any like she's in the call, for I don't know what she's doing that, but keep throbbings a baby's. I guess little after I am just care I after while just like what are even, I felt the white fees to just die, go to prison even longer than heated. Believe you to all of its pulsate, that's
What do I do now? What is? Is there any interviews with rose marriages in seclusion? She lives in lint yeah of course ago version of the West Wing and her by yet and that she tried going to contacting Elizabeth Businesslike. Now, oh yeah, now without highlighting what's Elizabeth up to Elizabeth is a lot of her. She started a newbie guinea liner heard. I really think we would all like surfing thing. It's really great she's yeah she does its austrian serving their internal pump up their surfing. I didn't realize that there was a large surfing cold out with these always real. They go out to the sand pit. I have these big sand. Pits and they just like they spread a dummy land on sort of like crude wooden Borgia as they call it surfing. Ah,
austrian Serve year thing she me or if you go to the mayor of him, so after Monica Felix are born. Ok, he keeps bringing them up to the wife and the Heaven the wiper arrays in these kids, their first child Kirsten, becomes leg just fucking gravely ill down in the cellar and Elizabeth is bedrooms like you have to take her to the hospital we don't know what's wrong with her. I needs of anything concocts. The plan that key CAN Cox is Elizabeth, showed up at their house and dropped off a nineteen year old woman. A lot of that showed up in the house and dropped them off. It's just yeah. I mean things: have he only or go to yeah yeah, there's just half dead and say like take care of her, so he takes you to the hospital these, like I dont know, Veil Elisabeth is, and the authorities are saying like we do, need to know her medical history. We have to know what's going on here and they put a like they put up
full on P B, Ap Bia for like see what's going on and as is story, just kind of keep slip Oh yeah citysearch telling the story to one other person: it's not a fucking daffy marine areas, they go in there are like acted like eaten plastic food. All data, among whom I love disease, apples and so finally, the cops like May. Maybe we should go check out the skies. Fuckin murder eyes. Murder. Look I later dress for the Reverend Europe does is like ghosts, so these clothes for the foregoing appliances like a beautiful, and so that's when I finally found the kids are the I mean how a couple of more adults that time
yeah air with majority of cars, with enslavement, incest, rape, coercion, false imprisonment and murder by neglect, because one eye and wouldn't one murder was There- was you got life in prison? Ok, but the one murder was that Felix was a twin and one of the twins died, so he just organise. Don't just took it upstairs. Hardly a woman give all those birdie give birth. All those babies by her father, wrapped in a basement wars that some people there, some white people ever really hard time have been babies, mostly in parks alone, park, Slow Brooklyn, that's the other situation with the Castro scenario. Of course, one of the girls had to give birth for the other girls, she had a grudge, Lou deliver the girls baby and then Castro, it's kind of funny casino punched that chick a whole bunch. Whenever she had the ship. I miscarriages down their charging with five murders and a lot of pro choice groups have to err on the side of it
a strong, because they think it's a laugh at supper. Ass love because they're giving their making fetuses like people now watches. I love that I made a ring. I would also makes me very confused about the cash or thing is that they are only charging him with like dip, because you're trying to fear what does harsher with his right now, the living they control room with is rape and villages. Mapping out really do have enslaved. There is enslavement right, oh yeah, I didn't know their jogging everything, ok and then the five murders so he's gonna be facing the death penalty. Because of that, but it says sorted not yet a special case. That's a special thing. That's out like a businesslike choosing, they have abortion, when you now maybe fidgety legal, you, kids, Gorham punch. You never chicken assembly does pregnant, there's really have the fetus. Ina parts are not as bad as that would be rough. That's bad yeah, so principle is impressed now, that's all you're really got imprisoned and he divorced his wife imprisoned, forced her because she would,
come visit him. Ah, no, she didn't divorce him. He divorced. Her tat is remarkable manner for Mars manner from Mars, and this woman is from the depths of hell. She is a moron in every two weeks he pins a note to his daughter asking her for money to study, to be a lawyer, so he can defend self and yes, your about four thousand dollars to quote get me started on my legal Korea, mounting? We even moans about not being able to get the special shampoo. He claims he needs for his implanted hair. He has got lugs he's got it. This is the opposite, and again this is the guy who just thinks he can own the unit, say smarter than everybody made his own little world from you know like if you would ever date prince in ninety. Ninety three new, now it's very soon
did the Joe same time now. I could use that time sit around Jurgen all the bowls of cream and our big purple couch listenin to place soft guitar music, his beautiful eyes so to eradicate kidnap you just find it kicked kidnapped by printing ad hoc. Yet it could have referred without their fuckin one hears can eat we want. I want this Adelaide Australia story. We there's not much with that, but it just kind of a fun one, and this was about above a large group of very wealthy folk. There are an Australian, Adelaide, alot of doctors. Lawyers and things like that. They ran a small cult and they love to have sex with boys, so they kidnapped. I think it's six them Ellen Barnes, and you know what I like: it's it's twelve people write and they're all like various like high profile, Australians, like they are United surgeons and lawyers and which we can like red. It sounds like the bohemian gruff us yet and everybody that they kidnapped die.
From the exact same car. It's kind of protection which just pretty much anal bleed. They all died from injury. Has resulted by anal bleeding young at the first. One is likely caused by the insertion of a large blunt object into the anus the I bet it was a Kangaroo caravan but of course this is what they think they do. They think there's a sort of a doctor, a situation similar to the black Dalia, because this is Neil Muir. His remains had been disconnected and neatly cut into many pieces, pasting garbage race and thrown into the river, so they think it needed doctors, hand and there were also by some of the victims, were shaved, surgical manner, that's kind of fun and then, of course, the skin. Or intend to have been removed and most of the body parts were placed in a northern garbage bag, and then they were placed within his abdominal cavity. So they really kind of tour duck Condemn Vienna. They just took the gizzard bag right out of him and prompt it right back into it.
Even know who did it necessarily, nobody was one person was arrested for it and then you because he was wearing you know he was wearing a big legs like skirt made out spark order, such as I had to speak like I did it. I figured that makes their that because his name is Bevin, Spencer VON I'm currently urban. Why? By resuming the Maldives by of expensive on I'm- in other words, fancies matter also shuddered to Baldi, Johnny in Australia, not all our israeli listeners, this one's for you, they do arise. You did this to you. This happened was also reading about the port. Arthur
shootings. Yesterday that happen, I surely as well, not at all about whether things Port Arthur, which is over this heinous mass killing. They used to have a lot of mass killings. Wasn't that goes using. I think for this group killing reward in which thirty five people were killed and twenty three were wounded me any of the sword: Port Arthur Prison Colony of popular tourist side in South Eastern Tasmania. Yes, it was a very you was very scary. It's a very scary thing. There's a lot of conspiracy theories, wrapped him, that's a whole other thing we could. We could literally do all podcast about austrian Mass shootings that happened that were ended, because of the their ban on us all right. I just feel like doctors or psychopaths, no matter what another, not your army. Doctors just eat the ivy, the last I told you this story, the less of it that way. Doktor told me about his friend you like going to the Philippines and bought that girl for a month and opens up and hang it and it's like. Well, you know, doctors have a goddamn superiority, complicate just know what there
We want to think about it in the late in a body the spell of Mark Langley, he was murdered by this group of twelve individuals and among other mutilation. It was founded. Moderate among other mutilations found that he appeared to have been cut with a surgical instrument that would enable to his pubic region and then, of course, a small part of his bow was missing. I mean that's it that's difficult to do. Why take the puppy too. I dont know why they took them. Because I wasn't doing things, we really could think. Where do you keep the binoculars pocket? You just made a Cox. I got always open. Do I have no idea where wages deroulede wedding bans. They could make annoying jewellery with it honey. That's it a nice necklace. It looks like a piece of about hey. No, it is me Stephen. Would you like some calamari Bobo absorb notes privy to buttons proved too from a boy and a girl Mark Langley died from a massive loss of blood from gross injuries to his anus. I guess what are they doing to the but a debate during sticking one objects or what I am
whatever they want to stick in their fears. I wonder they do need is watching the jerking off on him. I'm sure they were jerking off autumn me. I think our jerking off around them or the videotaping him or just fuck in each other, yet bang and each other with them would have this or that me, like the worst of all, should sit need red vines. Look. An item now sit magazine. Bob Orangemen like especially since other, under this NEO Mirror Guy and his head was tied to his torso with a rope passed through his mouth and then just like an out of his neck. So I don't even think his neck was attached. They will just like that
one of them, although I also sunset, one of them must have been some sort of gift wrapper decorator for among the ogre really made these packages so nice. We need to get burying your just likes pep this place up. You know we are more killing, the modest is some ribbon and when it needs is just a little bit allow yank. I love the way you cut about your great surgeon, but we need to make this place Conor I'd like dead straight boys. So that's. It example that boys get it pretty rough as well, and I would make an argument you know. Boys aren't really kept in. Annex boys are kept in basements boys are violently raped and then murdered relatively quickly. No one wants us around stinky, smelly, yell and all the time you can't make the baby. We can't make the baby's there's really want one hour but sir gone when a boys but has been, firm, where you want to users? He it's? Not it's never going back to normal size, that's it I'm ruined yet again,
they all know that they all know that's like. While you have to get a budget disposable little boys, you do, you do and I mean getting just dine visa blood loss from the Agnes, that's gonna. Take a second I mean. Does that tell me thine? Imagine our decision. Gosh right out there, just every one of these boys river. One of these- I guess not Missouri, boy I don't like it brings, can really you pop the top of it. Just like the Dodgers right out. I don't know it's a little while the I mean it's just you know when you think it couldn't get any worse. Just remember You could be one of the spy boys and Adelaide when you're I would find it would be really scary if they found them all like J, like a like on top of park and meters that when we re them all up for that is they are minors who marionette we got time for one quick or not us off, of your yeah, of course, because at the time of Joseph Fritz all there was another case very soon
This is a sick country. This. I guess so I mean how many we austrian listeners yet and we got person way. Let the girls go. Let the girls nobody than we have in Austria. I know you guys. Don't have girls in your basements go sneak around you neighbours houses and find all of the girl. Did you ever think? It's like a paradise Paragon, like means, I know it's a person adapt person, you know they are in a later. You have your own goonies moment have a Goonies weekend. What was a big problem for Austria? the time, I guess so, and the Prime Minister, because they had such big basements. It's like you were asking for what the Prime Minister of Austria went on tv is. Like me, a wonderful country, Latvia, not the land of dungeons thought have that right landmark.
I feel it you could mark in Austria on genes as other guy who got totally trumped out by Fritz of all the girls named the grows. Kidnaps use a ten year old name, Natasha COM push, she left her families residents in Vienna is don't I'll start strikes in the morning. Our Martens knighthood ever live in a place like that. Well, very nice, listeners of last by decimal apt. What you're pretty face is going to health is amended in Australia and, as we all know, she failed to arrive at through a come home and twelve Euro witness reported having
nor dragged into a white minivan by two men. Although Campos did not report the second man being present, a mass police effort followed in which seven hundred and seventy six minivans were examined, including that of the actual kidnapped her volts gain ten clotel been Clotel. Are you tell me? A pink labile did not include the construction print global family. He stated that on the morning of the kidnapping, he was alone at home. In the police were satisfied with his explanation that he was using the many and despite transport, rubble from the construction work and structural legally, as if that's really strange also, I feel like a lotta minivans in Austria are just used to transport rocks mostly she's. What I do know the police is okay, so woman goes missing the police doing a crack investigation. Their just ask him why
Were you unease? As I was at home, I'd kill, em out brow coming. You is one of seven hundred and seventy six children, which one is going to have the enclave hanging out saying at home alone. Will you promise? Is that their there? There is a common joke in Austria, the time it s about what you do less than his eyesight we're a big my daughter, my belgian article nails. You was literally home alone. I go. He has no life at all. That's so sad! He's gotta make about those wonderful fairytale. While she was captive, Wolf game with bitter so badly, she could hardly walk when she was beaten, black and blue. He would take his camera out and photographs, so he could presumably whack off to the pictures, Schaffner or narrow them. To say like this is based on doing to you. I know I feel it. I'm leavin about it, and so in two thousand six same year as as Joseph Fritz Lady was escape,
someone called cannot and pink lapo on his mobile phone. She was validated. How did you may mobile? He didn't keeper in the basement. He would bring her out. She was vacuuming is car. He walked away to take the call and when he galloped away HANS, you just left the vacuum. Running and then just fuckin idiot appalled at any left a bag of her. He made us she made a very crew demand, can ever body with their clothes unfilled. With car. Does she just running down. The road is last words would like, but one of a car with a car he's still parties every I'd ever thought. She was going to betray me like that. It's your aunt to utter meters through gardens and streets, jumping fears, fences and asking passes by to call please, but nobody pays any attention Brayley again, because it was a common running joke.
All the girls? Do this all time run through the gods, be like I'm running from a dungeon hydrological. The place just call the place where she had she cut off all our fingers. I soon my view it put it for They runs up to you. I mean no one wanted to your arms. I pray you could help. Somebody me- and this is a huge case- that there was much like the Cleveland case where she ran up Who were seventy one year old, lady and said I am Natasha, accomplish an old lady immediately, knew who she was. She called the police cars here. What is an impact but to their daughters haven't said aloud. Lemon meares and ears. I just I sincerely on presenting wherever pin clotel. He knew that were after he knew the police or on a cell mother, Fucker, jumped in front train, killed himself ruined today's commute, though, to National here's a weird twist. The story can push bought the house that she was in prison
I mean you can't deny good architecture present. You know it's got good flow and got big rooms. A window. You know it's a nice place at there's, not a lot of options in Austria for real estate. You know she's, regular visitor to the property and by two thousand nine she was cleaning it out to possibly move in herself in two thousand ten. She said that she retain the house because it is such a big part reformed of years, also stating that she would fill in the seller if it was ever sold. Adamant that it never become a Mccall Museum to or lost adolescent about able down there I mean a little room and then she would yet she threw the killer rage or of all rage area that in principle spoken out, that's pockets. We love you go to a born throughout, as always talked about a story on round table. Were austrian kids go down to Fritz rate basement and have fuckin rangers of course
point. Planetara like pretending to be tied up, go like. I firmly believe that studio fifty foresaw far more horrors than frivolous basement. Otherwise, I've had a rather poor disco ball down. They had to flee. The funeral Brook shields role escaped indeed fifty for what they have. A lot of people die from anal bladed studio. Fifty four lots of people a lot about is, I just feel like you'd be a type of death. I hear more of I don't I don't even remember hearing p, dying of anal. No, I think it happens very rarely amid has to happen on purpose. You really gonna. I either we gonna want you gonna work, it hasn't happened, doesn't happen on at all. Now, ok! Well, it's bleeding what kills years! The bleeding of the digestive tract, ok yeah generally goes out. Did you just look? It up gaining bleeding questions rectal bleeding rapid scientific? So how far up of the? But do you have to go
before you rupture. I think you literally have to hit the Wazir. Don't I think that no that's my medical medical terms. The was zoo here, so he was bleeding from his was ill Yo Yeats. When you film up to his jib, let's that's really gets had been a lot of times, he's asking for it so yeah. I could scream and Ford actually online fill me like a fuckin curse. The Starkey yeah. No I've heard people say that before Christmas. Turkey sat at Turkey. It's almost launched tat. It is all this lunchtime irrevocable the bleeding I mean you don't die from loss of blood. You die from toxic shock relatively quickly young, so these guys just try, you feel weak, dizzy, faint short abroad have extreme cramps, an diarrhoea, that's the thing! You're bleeding and God Diarrhoea, who ruled out. I somebody's favorite little thing in the saddle at the same time, and you just sit near while you're right that in diet and they're, just plain that you'd, like she used to be
The right round baby, I rather like dancing around you- are you're dying there. That's the worst problem with the worst part B, the worse by here that saw him before I die, I'm dying, there was no god me. No matter was no reason to be here at all that that's really quite tragic all right. Well, I think we covered some fun murder topics today again You have put a thing out there at all ass podcast listeners. You don't let the girl go. Let the girl go. Let the girl go. Let her go. Let her go No war lands Ramiro, let her go in if she turns and face the music that you know you to be a man. It's your you made then or be a lady lady with the captain, but we have a very dungeon, not sound asleep in it, but we have a lot of lady listeners and thank you Ladys for listening, because we feel we have this strong. We have the safest group, a female listener, ships of any radio were podcast show on earth. None of our Ladys will ever be hurt there well prepared to fight off the devil. Guess so, please keep lying. If you see a little Castro like I come and go,
but, at your sure, yeah be seven hundred zero humanity's, like parliament affairs limits of schools, my mother went boldly of mother goose goods. The Danube is a trick that the direct don't put on a dark collar, big triggering he got shit he's not a photographer for glamour, he's. The number is your beautifully more. Those arbogad would love to know through agents. That's right agencies that you have in the meantime. I dont approach on the three. Try just don't talk. Giddy business got take a business card, a business card visiting card You just a small cut up piece of a Mcdonald's, be big big MAC, whopper of big mapping operating than Amber. That's, my mom sounds like it's a big MAC Lab Read again, I want to raise make me so mad when I was a fat given whose such a fat piece of shit little get Jude, we gotta with big dolls, you're gonna get a war, but also more workers, a burger king, I'm all right, we write again argue with that. That's right our well! That is thank you for prevention, yourselves. We
of the lady love, love away, Hannah guys and we live in a different way. That's the thing Ok, how are? How are you that I don't? I don't know I don't under. A good solution to installation is over me I'll, say my yogi Hale said Hale yourselves, everyone I'm stay safe out there to dangerous world.
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