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Episode 76: Real-Life Vampires

2015-02-16 | 🔗

Real-life vampires are exposed as the boys explore the cases of Marcus Wesson (cult leader responsible for nine deaths who believed Jesus Christ was a vampire), Andrei Chikatilo (Russian killer of 52 women and children) and Richard Chase (The Vampire of Sacramento, killer of six who bathed in their blood and ate his victims).

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There's no place to escape. To this is the last time What does it mean when your throat turns to blood yeah? That's what you want. I mean usually the consumption you're going to die. Like an Irishman, I thought it was love was in the air Bob's in there every time. I look around. That's Mark's, I'm bad and we got over there, the guy to the all american headers Dabrowski. It's may. First, it's my birthday, happy birthday found out. That is the second most important Illuminati holiday today. They definitely involves human sack. 'cause, you gotta, you gotta, do it,
also, we got the maple thing, which is nothing I like better than a big long, stick in a field, all the little bullets in the girls of wrapping near ribbons around it. Bigger and it just won't climb up. Oh mommy, cannot get, in my mouth I mean I don't know, I don't understand how the sticky jacket. So what the maypole ceremony is. Usually it's a bunch of fat, naked, chicks to Stanson around a pole, I'm there. Why is it the second most important day for the Illuminati? It's the end of the winter Equinox yeah spring Equinox, it's the it's the end of the spring equinox at the beginning of the spring Equinox is it I think it did The end of spring is here my friend, although we naked chick holiday no spring, the equinox is just the beginning of it yeah. So the spring equinox is just
fairly short well, either way if you're going to kill, kill today, because the Illuminati was extra special get sex report. I mean you're not going to listen to this podcast today, but if you were just no, I just hope you're at home doing something bad yeah. I mean it's the highest day of the genetic which is calendar and also called yeah? Well, just other lovely, I love Oh yeah, I'm one of 'em. I consider myself honorary fat lady today, yes, askinger. Did you do your buyer sacrificed on April 19th? I mean I made some eggs that'll work, that's fine! That's fine right! So go out there and murder, and that goes well with today's topic. We're going to dip our feet into serial killer game again, ladies and right in Liberia killer. So today today's episode came off of a specific story that Marcus sent me that it is it's pretty wonderful. Today's topic is SIRI.
Bless you think there are vampires happen. It's like. If you look on the internet. I, like literally like after this story, just Google search serial killers who think they're vampires million hits I mean they all think they're vampire sure. Why is it? Some of them are more specific than the other ones just because they love to just like get up in the abdomen and like slurp up the blood I mean. Are we blaming the toilet around on it? And things like that on this is there are new resurgence. Is the vampire hip? Is the vampire school salt? I don't know let the right one area popular movie. If Robert Pattinson met Richard Templeton Chase, he would not have miss anymore, that's for certain and he definitely would fuckin' cut open his stomach and play with his guts a whole bunch just pop out his eyes. He was a different kind of vampire ever kinda vampire. Also what you're going to find with specific vampire killings is that your disorganized killers not organized killers on the whole, you would like to get into organized. No, no
to get it out to play with the blood, and the other thing is I was. I was watching a really interesting interview with a criminologist who was also saying there is there's at a two fold school on us, your killers that are also like some more active based in some more process based on some of them just like they urge like once or what count. Basie react basis, just someone who killed somebody in and that's it, the big thrill wasn't killing them. Ok and then process space is someone who likes. You know makes the You know like a marionette puppet in place with his balls for an hour, yeah yeah yeah. We would like one of the ones you like where's. The head is a mask and like walks around, go to seven hundred and eleven, be like alright, like a pack of cigarettes because quit a year ago. But the head says that he could smoke again. But I would put a dress on a chihuahua It's like the dress amount you play around with dolls dogs to parades, not sure sure I mean a lot of people own dogs, but not all of them make them not all of them. Dress them like Audrey Hepburn for Halloween breakfast at Tiffany's, she's beautiful. I love that Doug. Alright! So do we want
get in with Mister Cross. We want to start with him. As you know, I wanted to start with a story that Marcus the soon as the story that Marcus sent that started the whole Ok, yes, and his name is Marcus Wesson Nexian's May and he is a large black man, as people named Marcus should be yeah people named Mark and should not be skinny white men. I don't know. I think that skinny white men could be named anything they want Becaus we took this. Can that's a different program. Everybody thought that's a different show yeah income on Henry: we we skinny white men you're not part of the problem. Yeah, I'm special in this room, Marcus, Jordan Parks, yes, in a little bit more african american sounding. Marcus Wesson. He was. He was a David Karesh type of guy, but on a very small scale. Oh yeah yeah, six inches tall
even though we won? He was actually hear me. You would believe what I'm saying so you could just hear me up there. And believe me, I could you drop like a little bit of that english muffins? No, it is not a small crowd. Hungry well, in fact, described in many of the accounts that I read of him as corpulent all yeah three hundred he must've celebrating Mayday yeah. Girlfriends well at my girls. Well, no girls wanted to be his girlfriends were his children? Oh ok! he had sex with all of his children. All the daughters, at the very least, his connect, two vampires, that he was a big christian, a gigantic christian. However, he did write his own homemade bible. That involved Christ being a vampire he loved vampires. He could vampires into the Bible store. I don't see that working out. Well, though, and he said the connection between Jesus Christ, Anne Van Piras is that he
they are both immortal. Therefore, they're the same beautiful, like badass, yeah, beautiful, hair, bad as people Jesus had people drink his I did add that shook and younger with body I mean I can see the connection there, but he added so I'd like and you go through something to yeah drink any of his own blood. I mean at one point: possibly he was a wild guy all right now. You know he was just hanging out with a bunch of people that these guys took about blood little busy over here. Matthew, Lillard. At the end of the screen unplugged I did woozy man Jesus. Maybe you should stop. Everybody your blood. You need that to live, oh god, man Oh well Mark is even real fat. Do just comes in
yeah? I have more blood, please! Oh you got into kidney failure. Killing me Henry you're killing me Henry Marcus, Wesson love vampires, so much that he gave himself and his children vampire named. Ok, his vampire name was JVM Mark Seuss Pierrade sounds like a fashion designer, that's not a name. His some of his children's vampire names, Jabba's, Vladan spit Batman. Kids, that that's give myself a vampire. Would you go breed, Chocula, that's already been taken it by the investment corporation or the who started going with the saints Marshy Saint Christopher Ethan, Saint Laurent Sedona Vadra they just french, they all sound, really yeah much well
started way back in the day in one thousand nine hundred and seventy four. When he married a woman named Elizabeth who was thirteen years, his signaling ' He married a woman named rose Solorio, who is thirteen years, her senior an already had eight children herself, you just married this old woman for some reason: yeah. I think it's for the kids but then, when Solorio's daughter, Elizabeth was fourteen and Wesson was seven. He decided he need a little bit of that young action and impregnated her yeah, which was the first of many children impregnated and he has started Fuckin' all over the place. I really was a sub. He said that when he was having sex with him, he's like I'm just giving you some love and I'm giving you some of that stuff that yeah that's what they always say. Yeah he's just saying: I'm bringing you closer to me. And no one ever love me that much no November. One there's still so
Oh better about that. So it sounds like he was just you run of the mill pedophile. What separates himself? What makes him a vampire? Well I mean he is not a vet. He is not that's the thing about it is that he himself did not believe that he was a vampire. He was merely obsessed with them. Continuing on with the story is that he started taking his brood all around the California area. They lived on a tug out for awhile, it's kinda fun, yeah, it's greatest dead yeah. They they in an army tent out in the woods for a little while until they mainly settled on a school bus in front of a commercial building. Oh there's give a weird family that the odds would you love to be the seventeen year old working at the blockbuster with taking the manager 'cause, it's like Jeffrey. Could you go tell that's cool but still leave You need to go out there. Do you need to tell them to stop barking at school bus outside? And I can't do it. I'm I'm too busy. Lady tapes seventeen year going up to skews me.
MR I know that. For the empire family, but you could move your be really great for a week. He owned the commercial space, but he preferred the school bus. And then the cops came and said: listen man, you can't live in a school bus. They live in school. You gotta go inside. The thing is, is that the artificial in school? But it's not that you can't love it. It's cool, because, obviously you can't yeah yeah yeah, but you shouldn't yeah. How they're a vampire family they have different needs. This bus is not a house and then, when it runs out, she slowly slams the door but like it looks cool must or so when they moved into the house. That is when I really want to just say it's full name: J Jahvon Marxist puree
and he decided it was time to go. Looking for coffins. That's yeah. He bought a bunch of coffins 'cause. He was also keep. It was the same thing. It was like the correct thing was, like you know, when the ship comes down every got to kill themselves and he knew I gonna give them. You want to tell the rest of the story yeah, he yeah. He had strict instructions to. The kids are to his younger to all of his kids. Like all right, you shoot the one. Youngest to you, and they all had guns and they also dressed up like burqa outfit, so the youngest one lives and it will well they, they went on like this for years started. He said he would wait until the kids were eight or nine before he started molesting them. First, Give me a little bit of time before and they were his adoring geishas. They washed his dreadlocks and he had some gnarly dreadlocks. They scratched his armpits and belly and did his beckoning man. You know, you dreamworld,
justified all this. He would read them passages from the Bible in which a man would take multiple wives, and he tell him God the men have more than one wife, but he didn't say anything about him. Children. Of course I don't know yet, not his own children, yeah, sure, yeah and, and they were in, he was fastening with David Koresh wind. That whole thing was going down. They were just glued to the tv and you know say like this is how the world is attacking God's people. This man is just like me. He is making children for the Lord and that's what we should be doing: making children for the Lord yeah so to two of these kids escaped ok, two of 'em escaped. They got walk out of there, but they left their into Saturday version see except yeah and they left their bag. Kids behind some of their in says, babies. They left behind also but there were rumors going around that. Jade Van Mark sues. Puree was going to be taking the whole family to Washington so zero.
Two women went to the house and they said give me back my ever really sticky, plus yeah. It's like the movie. Mister Smith goes to Washington right, but the vampire incest, Britain family. I like his filibuster in skills, of course, when he fucked his nine year old in front of us, we knew Santa was real all the letters, so she these two women go to the house, they team up and they go and front Wesson. They say we want our children back and it starts to be this big today. So the cops get called oh yeah and he starts in his temperatures are running high. You know he's been fucking everybody for years and he said, he's staying, calm, stone face the entire time and then Suddenly he just backs away and slam the door. The cops don't have any They say that they don't have any probable cause to go into the House and locking us yeah. It's
This is another. This is a definite cop, competent story and cops trying to cover their because a neighbor said that she heard gunshots, but the cops that we I think, we'll hear anybody shots and suddenly we're also doing one of those silent disco things that they were really into that with all wearing the headphones and just feel like listening to the same song. But now we can hear anything well, they had to go back to their cars and go to the grocery store. Get your garlic get your cross. I mean this is a very dangerous band. Type, a personality we're dealing garlic, so you get some basil. You get that! I not, since you know, you're dealing with no, they bonded over a great great onion soup, and so by forty, five minutes later Wesson comes back to the door and he's just covered in blood and one of the cops freaks out now it's probable cause. One of the cops runs past him. He goes into the backroom and he fine. Is nine bodies stacked up on each other from youngest to oldest youngest being one oldest being twenty five
and it is said that the oldest her name was let's hear Sabrina her name was Sabrina Wesson and towards April Wesson, twenty five, an empire name April. Yeah. Well, I mean she was the oldest, so it was before he really. She was the first one so empire. Your name is vampire, for vampire in there were nine kids, all stack from youngest to oldest Sabrina on top they'd all been shot in the eye once and this in the prosecution. This is a case that is very similar to Charles Manson, because Westens. Dna was not on the gun. The dna on the gun was Sabrina. The gunpowder was on her hands, but because of the testimony from his other daughters that it escaped the first degree murder charge was is put on western. It definitely should have been so yeah, but you know he's dead, though right
every every everybody was dead and there were all kinds of weird. Things going out like he had a son, and some of the kids just started getting pregnant and they sounds like oh yeah. We went down to the Sperm bank and grab some we've got inseminated and there's a sperm bank robber on the loose. That's what I've been wanting to do for my daughters, going to randomly pregnant with a bunch is loose perm. I had a clinic and women, even the even after he killed their children, the women when they testify there, like you know, I totally understand what he did like in one of 'em almost didn't testify because she said I don't want him to be mad at me. Will be mad if you need to run for president, but everyone is making everybody wants to make him happy. It's true and good yeah and one of the women you know after she left you know. So when she started see in some of these girls get pregnant and her excuse of why she didn't ask the fathers were she said that
her own mother. Had ten kids with three different men and her sister had seven children with various men and she considered a quote, mean and rude to ask about fathers. Family by the state of America? So let me see your father did not long ago. This was this is two thousand and four, and this is two thousand and four when he killed all these kids yeah yeah. So that's right around the corner. It's still happening guys, oh yeah, so that as soon as I heard that story I was like he because that's what I do. I love stories like that. I was like oh vampires, like a vampires, and there is some people are: but it'll be just given the no with the vampire he gave the vampire names yeah, but it's likely far lower than the other one is when lightly farther than not but terms of building. Like a story bible, you know, I mean I thought you were going to a make like a keyword to pitch that showed a television right great reality. Television show
They are my family they'll sleep in coffins block each other a lot, although I bet camps in their daddy, comes with a nine year old. So no they didn't fuck each other Wesson was the only one getting laid in that house. He separated the girls from the boys so as to not so they would not have sexual thoughts about each other. That's great yeah! That's what I'm saying imperative in a big house in South Beach, sure man, that's going to great idea, give him a bar getting drunk every once in awhile. So you would happen that's one thing the parents are missing. These days is that children do fuck each other and they need to be separated. I don't know it's happening and I your dad is always a vampire either, not always not a bit again, all right. So now we're on the vampire thought and that lead you down a bizarre rabbit hole did not Henry a rabbit hole
but I'll never leave you have to get out of it. You immediately get out and really need to leave. I think that would make you don't have one of these vampires truly kill it like truly scary, if he walked around like oh I'm a bump, oh, oh, and so the first one I want to talk about. So I got deep into research. Last night we go through as I go with watching this documentary on this guy Richard Chase are going to get to. Who is a demon who walked the earth for a little while do. You want to go through clinical vampirism. First, yes, alright, clinic I am prism, also notice. Renfield syndrome is an actual diagnosable disease. That psychologists do believe in, and they say when it comes from, is that there is usually an event that happens before or during puberty, where the child is excited in a sexual way by some of in that involves blood, injury or the ingestion of blood at puberty becomes fused with sexual fantasies and the typical person with red,
field syndrome begins with auto vampirism, meaning they began to drink their own blood and then move on to other living creatures. They usually start with animals, of course, like all serial killers too hard. Yeah. I know now: okay, okay, no! No! No! I disagree. I disagree. That's bad! I thought out more open minded than it is I'm approved. What can I say, I'm approved for Medicaid are just like constantly falls off his bike, so we could do something like I always enjoyed himself because everybody else is just sometimes. I just want to cut open a cow's head and just put my dick no, I mean that's fine yeah, but do you drink the blood? Now, then, you are not a vampire, so you're, just run of the mill Yeah, yeah, Actually I said I'm deep into research, and I know this is happening. Medical thing that that's it for them
oh yeah. Well, it comes from Renfield, of course, the famous character from from Brock EULA, who eats spot spiders and flies in order to gain their life, or so he thinks he's a very sucks up. Dracula. Yeah yeah he's kiss yeah yeah a he's like the split for of it's been a lot of news about this Jason Collins, NBA bats will player coming out as gay, but the vampire has been openly gay for a very long time, and I know the flashy they're more like Dave, while we there pansexual now and sexual, when, like men, in fact, the l g b t community coming out in love with a vampire I mean it was said that Marcus Wesson was abused as a young boy and that one, the childhood friends, said that his father once paid him fifty dollars to suck his yeah and you know like these are people like they need to be in the workforce, yeah I mean there was the seventies. There was a recession going on different gas prices. You know yeah,
Russia's huge blood. All over your bell bottoms it's a rough time to be alive. So let's say that was right to try to tell a quick story. I was what I was walking down the street. I have been research, things here this for hours, I'm going say I had been smoking weed work in a lot of what you're gonna say, because your service for this story right, I had been smoking weed for hours and I'm not check to yourself, don't like just set it run in twenty years. It's all gonna street issues walking in front of me. He stopped dead in its tracks. Scary, looking guy yeah, not me, you know, okay guy, I look at him. He stops as a walk past. He like backs up right now and, like trails me as I walked past him, I want to reach into his jacket pocket and I turn around and go like what one of them and he who you freaked out and he was taken out an inhaler yeah out of his jacket. He dropped it almost killed about you almost just killed him. I got him good or annoyed, so it's going to fucking get me no one.
Richard Temple, that race is not going to get me now. We need some prison or daddies, daddy, put him to death. So first I'm going talk about Andrei Chikatilo. She teal under to get you. Let me to go to the store with he's. Definitely the most famous of the she could so family Chikatilo Hughes, Russian. He is a man Okay, sorry that he was active different, he was active hundred and seventy one to nineteen. Ninety he was called. You know the hi, Ruth Dusseldorf, and some like that. You know at all circular, like yeah he's the butcher of Roster Germany. He was a guy who killed fifty three young girls and not twelve years in Dusseldorf like good time, yeah the land of big cups. I know it love in Germany at all. Remember it from now on. It's just like it. So that's big tips had lots of beer must be tough being a vampire in Dusseldorf, though 'cause all the girls, they don't have register the field filled with chocolate,
yeah. You send me to a fever dream for use with this entire episode hall, yeah it all night or yeah. I am so the Andriy Ticket Hilo or will mad man. He was at the age of eleven. Basically, okay, it is that what what I'm fighting with a lot of the cheese guys that ice research is that they could not achieve erection when with women, okay, I'm so that fact would drive them nuts, and so this guy, when he was a thirteen, I got you realize that he could not get hard, and so we got more more frustrated and soul for the the sort of like turning point for him was that he was in seventeen
I grabbed an eleven year old girl forced into the ground and, as he was struggling with her, he came all over him. That's the ticket and he's like oh you're, welcome ticket intriguing this whole time. I was travelling Public's chocolate factory, and so they could really bonkers shock it back. That's where you go fuck all the chocolate, so he discovered so he became so. Naturally he went to college to be a teacher. Ok in public school. He was a teacher for public school for ten years until they stop him. Because, apparently you know people have been complaining for literally the entire time. He was a teacher that he was Melissa, cats, sure and how old? So how old was he teach in there? How old were the kids, their elementary school over young k, young young, kids, faq, and so then he he got fired. Eventually, Russia takes time once it once the things start work. What's a gear start were and then they start happening, a lot of bureaucracy. Sure did you read Kafka
I'm in one of those like what was the bubble. Yum yeah, I just re book. I read slowly comes to me through laughter that I love funny books and funny sayings so Andre I just got called go head cold, my friend Andre he was always doing that. You know the movie dinner with Andre yeah, you know, but it was always just like a twelve year old girl and he was 210th off ok with ground breaking both of 'em right, the movie the killer, so he started killing. He started killing young boys in prostitutes in young girls in nineteen. Seventy eight like once you become a supply clerk and what he would do is he would take a train. He'd go out of town. He would find like a small little place outside of roster. He would normally said that he would prosecuting homeless women, sure he would give the money and or like promise them a job or or something I would like little kids always like from you know. If you need to promise a press to do the job, she's already work,
Well I mean he would do better yeah. I guess so. It's standard Bundy, like I think where he liked, lie to them and be like I'll. Take you out of this life I'll, do all this stuff, so they're all happy and ship. So you can pretend like he's on a date for a second or that he has a little girl or a little boy, and then he take him out to a woods. Eventually. He bought his own little house out in this one section of woods. He take him out there. He tried to rape them like he was set himself up. He tried to rape him, he couldn't get it
put on so he bugger out and he'd cut him open, like he'd stab him about that. If you get hard in the big thing with him is that he drink that he'd come all in their insights like should stick their dick in like their organs and come up with their organs and then like he would like play with their organs and like the big thing that he would drink the blood, and he said just because it's the only thing that made him hard, and so it's like he became to become a vampire, because that's what it did in the one interesting like factoid about his murders is that he used to pluck the eyes out of his victims, because there is an old russian like folklore, that a murder victims that the last thing that they see they've. They've division is burnt on the on their eyes, yeah, so he'd pop out the eyes also just makes it creepier. Looking corpse, I mean a real little house in the crazy situation here. I think what bizarre revelation when you find out, you can only come to the insides of peoples bodies. I mean how do I
So when I'm only happy when I'm eating fried chicken, it's weird- that's really hard walking around to be nice if you, like Brian Ross store. Yet why master at man I don't know what is it sweet dripping oil now and then so he's ago, and he so he did this. Fifty three fifty three here for over twelve years, he would change where he was going. It was always the same thing. It was not always initially were not always in Dusseldorf, and then he would like he'd rip their breasts off with their teeth. He would like whatever had a little boy would cut his dick and balls off and suck on it and throw in the woods if they have final chewed up and stuff like that. Crawfish yeah, yeah, Ok, yeah yeah. Did you all this like weird, shrunken head lights up, but he yeah, so he did all of this for years and years. Finally, there were like you know: we have to figure out how to trap this guy they arrested.
People they adhere it to people cared enough to date, all of them police workers, ridiculous. They said they arrested two people in terms for different, separate versions of the crime like different, like like one of the murders and stuff they exit. Who did one guy for the murder of another girl when he did that he confessed you later on and so finally, the way they caught him and say they have. This thing called the snare rush is great yeah. It really great, and you know it's good to know that it's not just America that has hot dog squads around around you know brushes got him too. I watched that Sauerkraut squad yeah Btk and they had they interviewed a member of the hot dog squad. You know why they never caught Btk he's retarded yeah he's like well. You know I was just talking about the condom and he was driving down. The street There was a shoe sale for stockbrokers in there I got my new
god I want to run it anyway, but no, he literally said before you met B, T K. They were talking to me that I can't judge a man. I'd never met. I can't judge absorb so What you do you like, you're, like I just never, madam, can judge visit. He is a murderer. He just raped and murdered entire family. It's just a cop with no motivation I mean you could is judge of a little bit yeah. You guys aren't judgment, yeah yeah. You know we want to herbal cop that smoking a cigarette distantly we'll get bring this animal to justice yeah. This guy was not like that. Well, you know everybody's got a hat on. Show me the horse, for the donor would do it at our own. Now
we all got our own hats to wear. Alright, let me just quickly to the snare the way the way they got him is that the they would to all the major they were like. Well he's killing people long train lines. Okay, they put up at all the all of these different major places. They put up. These really highly decorated cops like in full, like fancy uniforms on an old the train stations, except for two and in the sort of waiting for him. Then he would they saw him. They saw this guy that match the description is ever was talking about. He walked into the forest, he came out, he said he came out and he was bleeding and the cop stopped him took his papers and he's like well on your way to let him go. You know when they founded the next day. They found three bodies in the woods where they just do you work you? What's where you tell me: what did they just? Let him go? He dug he had done it to a seventeen year old boy. He was his last person, the murder and he
take those in the struggle. The little boy bit, though his whole fingernail off the whole front side of his finger, just like literally ripped out his teeth and so in the trial. So now, finally, they get a confession. The whole thing happened. A lieutenant. Do you think? Do you think that that was him like? Do you think that was the serial killer? Do we just like let live you say you all right so that issue line I will get in line for a few. I will get that line for sure I heard they have would be sure, like a bizarre Chris Farley moment is a comedy role. Yeah right, no hole to. He goes it when he's in print. So like a like. A big thing with him is that they had to put him in an iron cage. Okay, when they put him in court, and it was him just like say
and and screaming his wireless mansion, his head against the thing and that's why they put him to death. But you don't get that fun show in american prisons. You know we never bring somebody in a cage, treat him like a Hannibal Lecter type. You got character in real. Well, we had to be you know we have to be nice. I mean the mostly it's all about optics here in the most we've gotten he's a Russian as well that most that we've had is uh. Maksim Gelman that went on that killing spree here in New York. Just I mean he told the judge to suck his russian dick, but I mean, But if you want to talk about a courtroom performance, Richard Ramirez, I mean that that's a really good time, wise Manson yeah that really well to seventies. I like that so great interview with Ramirez yesterday and also saw a phone interview with Ed Kemper. I really like the kids, is what I'm saying here. Camp he's like you, nice guy everybody's got mommy issues. Only Lord Feminism is what caused the death of all those girls camper
raging feminist, hey. Well, I can't get in bed. Real hot button issue on here for Bell is going to be all over this apple, all of the blogs that everybody loves so much. I got a vampire that has some that had some Grandmommy issues and he only had a kill count of one, but he is worth mentioning: name was James P, Reva He was a guy that was here. Using Massachusetts. He is fun and, unlike a lot of these other guys, he was not motivated by sex whatsoever. He was just a paranoid schizophrenic and in April of nineteen eighty he painted four well, let's gold, so we had or golden bullets and shot his handicap grandmother twice as she Jack, sat in her wheelchair faith and then drag it should in a real job. Well, I think you get the Shatner will and then he'd
drank the warm blood gushing from the wounds before trying to cover tracks by burning her body and her home, and he felt more disgusted that she's old, blood. Well, that's what he said. He said he was a seven hundred year old vampire in that he had gained no sustenance from her whatsoever because she was too old and dried up yeah and he believed from a young age that his grandmother was a vampire predator. Who is robbing him a blood, as he slept He believed that The only hope was in shooting her with the golden bullet. And the man I mean he was completely fuckedup throughout his entire life and painted them gold. I mean he didn't really know he painted just painted them golden usually paid something silver, then pretending that would kill a vampire hold. I mean guy, like that, isn't going to have a high paying job that would facilitate golden bullets. Bullets 'cause. I think that that's like that's only thing that drug dealers have got to meet a leprechaun number one.
And two and then take your handle it some gold yeah. First of all, he believe He was satisfying his masters and superiors in the nether world by making a human kill, he thought that if he killed quote while Satan on your pretty face is going to Hell Thursdays, in that adult swim. Yeah very nice. He thought that if he killed quote everybody who is bad to him. He would come back as a handsome man, Anhava Caran Girls, an life would be fine. I just put his grandmother told his entire life. That's amazing! It's like what I say to myself about my comedy career that that's all I want. You know like one day. I'll have you know a fancy car and we are going to come back. Real boy girls are going to like that I'll different friends. Maybe there Do you want to talk about mister? Oh one, more interesting fact about James Riva, converted.
Uh to Islam in prison. Oh gee, oh yeah, ok, that's disgusting, and he also believed that afterwards the vampires would quote, throw a party. Well, tell me, though, I'd love to go to a vampire party. It's just Dracula playing the Transylvania twist They did the monster math. Now it's kinda weird turns out the girl just watch nerds not really thought it was going to be a cool party and there's. This guy is completely sane now in prison. He they got him on medications he's repent but he knows he knows exactly what he said, his grandmother, who was going to die in seven months anyway, I mean I don't know it's same time. It's the it's the thought process that went into this. Yes, if she was just like naked. You, James Black Jags, Banget Bagley, gives you the
agreement every day, and then you just want a billion wonder you just like fucking rap, a plastic bag on her head and just like yeah diagram, my grandma, ok, yeah, alright, everything's, ok, Henry take medication once and then he attacked a guard because he thought he was sneaking in his cell at night in training, his spinal fluid yeah. He was denied parole right. What? If it's right on this point of all of this, is true, it's so possible. It was just sitting at the party with them. It's like. Where is James Dracula? I don't know start with. No, we don't have to talk about. My guy was just check him out, Arthur Shawcross from Rochester NY. He killed a bunch of prostitutes. The one story that I like the most about him is there's a bunch of undercover cops working, the prostitute beat he dressed exactly like all of them, and then the under cops thinking that he was an undercover cop. We just come and tell him all the information. That's amazing that he would just be like, but they didn't know they were dumping the killer
just like Blake, said, he's just a really weird dude major mommy issues with him as well, but Arthur Shawcross there's. Some is a good, a good, prostitute killer, but relatively run of the mill when it comes to victims. I also just want to do it. Let me just quickly go over. This. Guy is one of the most discussing serial killers, I've ever heard of in my life, this was the guy. I was researching right before. I attack the man on the street last, yes matic man on the street, the man who could have had a gun man, never gonna, get me no Richard Templeton Chase result. Richard double the chase was up was the operating during date of over only a couple weeks and late, nineteen seventies and a couple of weeks. That's it that's. It was very quick. He was a guy, the month. Yes, he was very, very nuts. This guy will do for you, Helga pops. This guy was that due to like a lot of stories, you know he just grew up. Strange was very weird: it really have any
they come up abused by his at the hands of his mother, yeah but like, but they were always say. Well, it was watch a couple docs on him and they're about saying that you know it's like not nothing above standard for the time he was born in nineteen. Fifty people were beating their kids ok, ok, yeah! So it's like he was like alright using a normal kid, except for like he'd start, you know, murdering cats like real bear. You know like in murder, the cats and stuff and the big thing you discovered again and said he could not get an erection and What is right not even got only cats, that's what eventually stats would started triggering and later on. We started drinking the blood and literally it's just more of a case and collect with the first case, was Mom comes home, like literally standard Irish Catholic House, where it like. No one says anything. Front doors in back in the back doors in the front, everything is upside down. You poop in the sink; yes, ok, so he's, but he,
I went through the same same thing with James River. He went through weird sort of psychotic breakdown when he started believing his stomach was upside down, that he thought that, like he thought that his nervous system- what's going on in other draining out he he was just leave just losing his mind now. So he held oranges to his head because he believed the vitamin c was absorbed into his brain for diffusion. So I always just Tony he's just he's having fun. So he's like a Jonathan winters who I was going to say. Jonathan winner, I was honestly gonna aura Phillip Seymour Hoffman yeah sounds like Phillip. Seymour hospital remain yeah in many respects, so the first sign of neglect was they came home, his mom came home one day and they found you know little Richards. This room is worth right chart where the oil is up to his room and he's a he's in there and he's just sucking on a cats. Guts he's got he's covered in blood he totally naked. She sucking on a cats, got she's like opens door
closed or just even just let's it just ignores it doesn't doesn't say anything next thing that happens is that he goes missing for a day. Cops are just going to drive around. They see an abandoned pickup truck out in the middle of an indian reservation out them like the thing that seems like it's stuck in the head stuck in the mud. They go up to it. The whole trucks covered in blood and the back of it is a bucket and in a bucket to liver, and they were like oh fuck, with what's happening. They look out, there's a trail of blood out into the desert hour on top of a mountain like yards away is a naked man jumping up and down covered in blood he's covered in blood Skallagrim everywhere, and then he books it they finally get him. They arrest somewhere, like ok, they look at the liver, it's a cows, liver and so they're like well, we can't we can't process them for any crimes, so we're going to let him go so they let him go
he gets out. You know just about read how legs your though you might want to be aware. The next thing he starts doing a search realizing is that the gas was giving him. Sexual excitement was cut up. Things so see people sort of reporting, a mysterious man in their backyard, watching them through their their windows. Okay, I really tall lanky guy with long beard long here, it's like looking to windows, it's Howard, Stern, it's understandable, Booby Baba Booey gave Superman BC. He went he's doing fits so. The next thing that happens is that he gets brought it. He gets interrupted. He starts breaking into houses and looking through people stuff. Finally, he gets interrupted while he's in the middle of a he's broken a person's house. They see him, they run out, he runs away and they go up to their babies room and they find that he has Pist inside of all the babies, clothing
yours has taken a dump in the crypt right he's? Just you know at this point you know he's really do this is top ten hits a vampire serial killer in a fraternity. Next thing that happens is: is that I'm due to randomly get shot in the street? It's a guy in a drive by shooting or an old car. It was him he drove past. I know that is the first victim. It was perfect and we find a basically is that he's very differ a lot all these other guys, because he shoots suspect upset, kills I'm sure, and so he did, that the next day the you drain, the demands, blood or just drove out. We just shot in the head and they're like ok, these shoot some random thrill kill next day. I understand the point of the drive by it's just a few people, it's great to be around that warfare, St Warfare into urban shakespeare- That's what I mean you don't see them die. You know that your images, it's already maxing out that alright well so the next day I forget the name of his for his second victim Veronica Teresa
Theresa was a Teresa Wallin. She was a pregnant woman who would come to your house and found that he broke into her house. He shot her in the head and then he proceeded to when they come to show up, and they said that was like literally all these guys, like police of going to being like I walked in, and I threw up when I saw what happened. Whole kitchen covered in blood he'd carved opener stomach and took out. The fetus had ab obviously been playing with the fetus like he's a dog, run through all her intestines at all or livers and legally, once roller gorgons pulled him out there all splayed over kitchen, there's a bunch of stuff missing, and they found all these cups that had taken from the cupboard that had been ripped blood residue 'cause. He I've been playing for deer, pond yeah yeah black powder, stuff, Oh yeah, you can, that's the first one, and so they were like. You know this is bad. You know, later is rated so the drive by and now this this this thing will be just getting. Its is ramping up in ramping up yeah in his major crime was
this wasn't a major crime. Now what major crime was he they they find? It was like only a couple days later. Look. We need to clamp down this guy he's broken into a house I forget the name of the family. He entered the home of thirty eight year old evelynn Myrath encountered her and Danny Meredith? Yes, he shot Danny in the head, all right right and shot her in the head and then apparently also she had a five year old, five roll kid. Okay, that she shot and he shot in the head and cut it up. Hey shut up Evelyn play with her got so don't forget the twenty two year month, old, nephew, yes on the head, twenty two, the twenty two month is: what happened? Is that, like, basically with the discover this crime, it was his blood all over? The house filled an entire bathtub with blood drained up on that that that that that that was full of brick with blood he had been playing with it is all over the place.
Doctors had underneath the blood and then came out, and he spit a little blood out of his own shirt. I'm sure he's got a rubber ducky yeah, like you know, like I think, a cap on he's watching his back like this. Really,
little bit of an adventurer like saying stuff like that to himself in the mirror. You know this is one wild stuff. This is wild stuff, so basically they realize it was like well. She also had a twenty two month year old baby, the baby was missing, ok and so through various divided, no attempt to cover up his tracks, people saw him. Do a bunch of people saw him all over the place, and so they found him at his apartment when he opened up the door. He, of course you know sprinted. They finally got him. He had gone in there trying to get him and they walked into his house. His apartment was literally covered from floor to ceiling in blood all over the walls all over his couch like, although I think there was a blender filled with organs. It was all this stuff. They didn't find the twenty two year, twenty two month year old. Until my dad was arrest, no, it was
there. They found it headless in a garbage. Can next to our church drain, the blood okay, so that was his blood. Ammo shoe book cover us, so it's like if we didn't take up the trash the church for a month, yeah Jesus yeah, he's fucking priest, pretty love to see it, go another they'll, probably beating off on it, just thinking their fucking pitiful I but that's a story. Richard Templeton chase the vampire of Sacramento Sacramento. That's amazing! May I do dad? creep me out, but I'm telling you it's a little bit more ST cred. No one knows about this He is a. Do they put him to death? How this Shin, Deliberate Kerry, really quiet. He was basically just being like guys. I lost control of my emotions one month
hey you gonna! You hold it against me, my entire life and a bad month. You never had a bad month, good pay bills on time. Maybe your car insurance is is is laps, then I just wanted to take a bubble bath with the toppers blood yeah, So he also thought that Nazis and Ufos were after him and that's why he killed to keep the Nazis in the ufos away. I wouldn't wish she had a lot of excuses. Yeah yeah, I mean he's being a real Robin Williams. It again one piece and the guy kept this guy. Robert Ressler had a series of interviews with Emma Use. A journalist came and talked to chase and at one point chase just reached into his pockets pulled out a bunch of macaroni and cheese. And then handed it to him- and he said this is the macaroni and cheese that the Nazis are trying to kill me. So why don't you take? That and he didn't get to that. He committed suicide
yeah he's been saying he had been saving up all these anti depressants that they were given him in prison took a lot once overdosed. You know what that makes me feel fine, that's yeah he needed to go yeah, he didn't die from any of the other prisoners. Are terrified of Vampire Sacramento, but up Bob Bob Bob Bob Bob Jungle book playing with the toilet water. Look, it's raining, everybody throw with a spoiler up like roots, so your I'm, a lovely bride he's going to like a thing. We had toilet paper, hold, dress and veil out of toilet paper like who's, going to marry speculate, who dropped the soap again uh, oh you're in, what I used to drink. Give me. I got notice that Are you need that Salisbury steak yes, I see I adore it. That sounds pretty great, alright. Well, I feel, like we've covered a lot. We could do another whole episode on
I mean I've got quite a few others. I mean there are even really serial killers. I've got. We could do a whole episode called dumb, shake kids think their vampires yeah I've had a lot of them. I mean just vampires in general, I was finding a bunch of stuff in psychic vampires. I was walking with this woman who said she's a psychic vampire, and she said I have to be very careful to make sure not to drain energy from people without them being aware. I mean, we've talked about you just can't ignore yours, annoying yeah, yeah now Had some I've got this one kid who got obsessed with the movie queen of the damn, not even the book, just a movie a movie, that's the Aaliyah movie game set up using it. He was watching A3 four times a day and. Couldn't get any. Was a scottish kid too, which is weird? You don't think it's scottish!
They they have weird tastes. Guess so, and then there was this at this german couple. You leave the movie over. I he killed. He killed the friend who first gave him the only man I ever give people stuff yeah. They say you, don't you don't win stuff you give it. That's right all right. I've heard that alright Maybe we will talk to you soon. Hail Satan Hail Satan. Algae, hail main alright, inhale yourself. I want to drink your milkshake yeah. That's that's a fact on: hey guys make installations installations check out. Your pretty face is going to Hell Thursdays a minute adult swim. Also, we have will this be out this week, I'm not sure, oh well, then I won't plug the roast of Henry Zebrowski, which is going to be on Sunday. So if it is out there and none of you live in New York anyway, some of them do. I guess now three of 'em yeah, one yeah, I'm alright. How yourself hail Satan will talk to you soon. Ok, don't get murdered by
right? If you are a vampire, tell us your story and why you love blood, so much yeah Kcompanyradiogmail, dot com. We have vampire listener right after alright, hello.
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