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Episode 85: Witches: A History and Demonstration of Their Power

2015-02-16 | 🔗

We explore the history of witches from sixteenth century England to modern day Africa plus a magical battle between the white magic forces of Henry and the Satanic forces of Marcus is held as Ben uses his powers to summon Matthew McConaughey to his Facebook page.

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There's no place to escape to this is the last time will be here to him. I take you loving love him, that's Marcus Park South Bend. Please come to with this is always the one the only the children enticer.
Child lover, Jessica, Parker, Sarah Jessica, Parker, in the studio with everybody, said Jessica Parker we miss you. I have not met her. This is so fantastic. Our first big celebrity marketing research. Is she she's she's hand? Look like large horse woman will thing for being here so glad to hear Sarah. These hay bales are for our play later in the afternoon. That's right. Do an old sheriff Tom comes back to suffer from cancer. Oh that's always fun. I love Sheriff Tommy, wonderful, wonderful, stuff, riddled with tumors yeah. Of course he was, you know. Sarah Jessica Parker, How was she small really Dennis? Yes, she's caught in real life? I think she beautiful and most most most You major motion pictures endlessly ruthlessly trashing her when we moved no, no, no, no, no different personalities. I am now recording, and now I love everybody, including Sarah Jessica Parker. You are Henry Zebrowski. Yes, that is wonderful today.
Man. I love our subject. Today we are discussing the wonderful world of witchcraft and Witchery Crom Tom Tigger. I hadn't toilet you, my frogs breath. How do you harness a frogs breath very diff, so this sack over its head. I don't know, I'm not a widow. Ok, that's good! We don't really burn you. We don't really want to be like we're going to be a regular little hogwarts come on. Let's not mention Harry Potter, please we made it. Okay, almost ninety episodes never mentioned in the W Childers very partner. I've never read I've literally I've, never read a word of Harry Potter or seen anyone of the movie okay mark. This is Harry Potter, sure right I've read all of them. Can I be the
No, I want to be able to do it. Why are you with the girls because I'm the girl, you do have breasts you're the redhead? Oh, I have to be run. Wizard, Weasley, Weasley, apathetic Harry Potter. Is she asian you came in she spent. What's the name of the girl that ever Manchester reminding her my knee, I don't think Hermione is Asian Fuckin' asian yeah. Yeah, but he doesn't paying her my knee RON? Weasley is the one knee deep in that will knock you, the Asian Indians, up with the red Head sister anyway, let's We have to stop discussing the love life of Harry Potter, who was a child and he didn't either young boy alright. So, let's, let's imagine this podcast begins with me sitting in an elderly white leather chair with a giant big lead, the re book sure everything's made leather! I got their pants on leather. Shoe leather mask got up
The corner leather had on very cool to leather dis, stapled, my nipples stapled. You could just glue him on this uh we're going back in time. Ok, alright, there was not the proper tassel glue. Yeah? There is no elmers or, as we can discover with the problem with which is, is that, like it was always which is where the girls with the town back in the day that would wear tassels right, so I mean which is we're just uh old time, burlesque dancers they just like to express themselves with their physical body so so basically starts with stone age like once, we came out of the like the pure monkey cycle of being humans. First, she started to do was a car various you know I eat all those based upon things that we thought that govern nature and a lot of that had to do with a moon. Religion- and this is, the traces of the very beginning of where magic came from, where which the idea of witchcraft came from
it was these ancient moon religions that celebrated the female part of society right, which is essentially because you know they got the arm. They got a we're, little spongy, as we know it, spongy by Andrei Chikatilo, the Russian. Zero killer said that uterus is were super. Spongy did anyone, they are any. I thought it was fun. He literally chewed on like gum and spit amount. I've just recently it is stupid. Humans wasting money on Wrigley's Kerr, about your uterus of a woman as you the reason or why you buy gum well, yeah! Well, I got home. Would you looking good so. So much rusty nail, flavored gum inside of a womans value must be fun to look at women just as large moving vending machines. You don't I'm sorry right. So we have the moon cut the men one apparently we're losing now, so the moon cycle goes down. That's the basis of yes. This is a religion. Right is this classified
you could you say it's the same as anything else what it was. It's it's the original impulses there is more to our life. Then we what we see in front of it and that's where it started. Would you idea of. There were so many sun, God based religions in so many moon based religions, because they would look up at the sky and they would see the thing up in the sky like that's God and they're like, but maybe there's nothing in there like shut up crops, don't him stone and uh and so like he would go and eat it. From there, and basically it was a sort of groovy. I've style. When we write matic, we kind of lived out. It's like you know. We we use what we had. You know we need to get more than what we needed and we believe that there was a create tres. There was a gigantic goddess who was or if that was everything in that there was a, but traditionally through most societies. There was this idea of a thing called:
born to man, which is a sort of you, don't have to have like a p b r, as you become the horseman's grabbing, all the bots at the local tavern, and things like that. Okay, there we put it is that the creature this was that they've, the goddess created earth and that the Horn man lived on earth and and experience life. While the creature is made life, The idea is that it was. It was a dual feature. Every every single one of these societies had sort of a dual idea because it was balanced, which seems seems rational, because women do create life. It was very rational and a lot of times. How did men steal that by the way? How did the Bible like make men? The creators of life, straight upwards magical rib. They wrote it down yeah. They just wrote it like that. Oh my god, I've been going through the tour with my girlfriend, my every time, God it's just uh, yeah. I talking about shit that he doesn't like, but that's what happened to emperor Constantine, the first he sat down once when ice came out and they were just like. Oh yeah
we got our new, Leonardo, Dicaprio and slap on this whole fucking Bullshittin, so they went and they like when he wrote this idea that they made Christianity, the religion which was again Word Lee said you know they took all the pagan and sort of wiccan holidays and they reach put our holidays on top of them. They made Jesus, be like you this Mary stories really very similar, like also the story of like both religion, user. Try, God like originally like they got us, was three goddesses in one. It was. The bay maybe woman. It was hot supple, big tip God, oh yeah and then Crone Goddess, which was linking all fuckin' right right. One, ok, three one and they were you know so, user, stolen back and forth and then again for a period of time. When Emperor Constantine came out and said, you know, Christianity is one religion. We were still an idea. People were kind of like
hey you know we can still do this, you know, so they would still let you know tribe still had their way this woman or where the Woodward, which came from, which is the idea, wise woman, and they would stick I lived in harmony for a little while until finally, I forget which it was. It was some dick, no king, James King James, first came out and said basically, just like the Horn man devil, and We are, you know the weed and we need to stop these people right around the horn. Many the applied the horn mean idea to a satanic idea, again. We, just kind of stole the horn man from them as an idea of the naturalistic impulses of man instead of the pure White white wink. Wink wink blue eyed, hair right Jesus who stood for spiritual purity yeah? White blonde blue Eyed fell in the Middle EAST. There yeah no they're all over the place. They're running amok, they're like hipsters in Williams, so
king James, the idea that women created life- that's gone. That's done well, king, James, that's in one thousand five hundred and ninety six, I guess so yeah names of Schottland. I mean there's a long history before that looks like there's a lot of there's a lot of stuff like that in the eighth century. That's when Charlamagne! This is a very strange things that ironic thing. He said that burning, which is was a. More burning which is now we can, with the burning with We can slice them into sandwiches. That's good that'll! Do that. You know we can uhm. We could hang them up by their eyebrows in a bad way to do it. My favorite punishment I read about was a thing called the cucking stool, which is a barrel attached to a seesaw and mentally. We would do, is donkey in and out of lake, but mean It was used for the crime of being a scold. An ice cold met just being an altar fat.
Your budget will usually be illegal. To be a female blogger. I mean that's really quite remarkable. I want to bring it back in the back watch on Xo Jane, we'll go over the drip. They were talking about it, but yeah, it's it's it's it's they will. Is it the it's like the floating test? That was the whole this thinking test. The river was also take it away, yeah, so throughout all of pretty much the entire world but mainly focused in witchcraft, is a very big thing in Europe and Africa. And European Nations like America, we've we've quick boot! On that I know mostly witchcraft here is used to hawk gems right. Yes, definitely, and mostly women were persecuted as far as being, which is and what not however, some countries persecuted mostly men, Iceland, they mostly persecuted men as which is really
and how do they do they treat them in a similar way to the given the the Conklin stool or anything like they did not allow them to survive. It's really anybody who makes like this this sound naturally yeah, you can just like that now, the last of the big when you say like? Oh, you know: yeah yeah, Clean Gore fell off the ice, bring class, nine yeah he's a which is a which I know ever backs away slowly, but not a rock, not all people in England and Europe saw which is as evil creature. It was mostly just became. An excuse eventually were to give you didn't like Hagrid riled, everybody that Hagrid was a witch and then she's like well now she's acting like a scold. So we're going to tell her no matter what put her in the water, whatever in the water, dripper good, dripper, real good.
So bad in England they have them is probably try to do it just to get a bath like all white men, almost people get arrested upper, in any case the eight detecting I think she's actually acting worse afterwards. Maybe I deserve the king still living stone her so like that woman from old momma from the train, when those so in in then they had many different kinds of doctors, which doctors was the term that was used in England before it was ever used. In Africa they had people called to doctors to doctors would do they would cure the sick by placing alive toad. Or the leg of one in a muslin bag and hang it around the sick person's neck and what I went to a guy like that off of Malcolm X, Blvd
yeah, but he was more of an indian dentist. Oh very fast, will your teeth? Look great! It's been a number of years. Yes, there were other men called little. They specialized in diagnosing elements caused by fairies, including healing screw. FILA now with Scrofula. That's a good thing to know. You sounds like a thing that they'd serve it like a hipster brunch in side of those scruffy alone. I hope you like Spelt maybe it's a vegan bloody Mary. It's like a two pounds is spelt. It's a skin disease. Ok, it was also called the kings EI just it's like the king. In this time period, most people had skin disease. Yes, yes, it was in like oh I'm breaking out. It was like there's a fly living in my cheekbones
right bouncing around. I mean they went to the doctor and the doctor put towed on them. Yeah, like that's the healthy, not Medison, no, toad, Medison things so now out here guys. I know some of you live in Iceland. Some of you live in even more backwards places like Ireland, don't let them tell you. This is Madison, that's right, irish fellow who posted on the Facebook page less racist but it's less racism, good God he's irish people on our Facebook page what's wrong with these people, so there's plenty of good magic out here in England and in the Americas, but there is also black magic. You mean like Tampa dumping them better than him, but ample don't don't better, but but is one of my favorite ever that I'm just being
appropriate. Let's just keep moving this t mobile barreling towards the end of this black black, magic is also known as the left handed path, so they do their magic. Only for evil purposes. Their operations may vary from things as trivial as uplifting somebody he dislikes with lice the blighting crops and cash or committing rape and murder, like the celtic poet magicians who said to rhyme their victims to death by declaring literal, blistering satires against them in versus which, because black red and white splotches rubbed on the skin, followed sooner or later, by death. Really would slam poets think that they're doing right really think that looks just like I'm going to set the world on fire tonight with my poem about the city streets, St Lamps, light lamps, I'm starting to burn a little bit ultimately foresee Ave, the ultimate
name of the master black magician, which is the wheels green power over the entire universe and to make themselves God. This is deep dark which black man yeah just humbled, and there are a lot of people who say you, like even Aleister Crowley and a lot of other people afterwards say that there is no such difference between white or black magic and people who say that there are differences between our white blood magic or just trying to make them sound better. So it tell tell me this why in One thousand eight hundred and thirty two did an american writer find after evidence of a witches coven, being of which is ceremony being performed, found a witch doll pierced with Tenzin smeared, with toads blood intended to kill the person that represented and near it resting on a Bible, was an inverted crucifix on which it load had been crucified head down. To sounds like someone was just getting done him a cosmetology school yeah and honestly, they crucified toads all the time in Texas NEWS kind of normal
People designing golf make up yeah, so we will go back two years of the Europe, the european which is there like doctors and then in Africa. They were considered more like it was more like dark MAGIC in Africa. Well in at seven, at the same time, in in modern Africa, people will still go to the witch doctor before they go to the regular also happened all over the place. In ITALY, there was a thing called the Strega, which is like also the staying at nine after economic today going on, and it's not just that dumb book, yes straight, good, no, not eat. My with this. Thank God was a the normal woman who's at the center of a town, and they they the way they do use. You described her, I I was listening to a which, which right now who- lives in New York. Name is Laurie's last name Bianca or something like that and she's like she's, like I come from a long line on which I always know a psychic hours in George Noise like that is absolutely fascinating.
Thank you Lori! That's right! which is a car dealer sells today, but it's like straight guys who would like a conciliatory? That's what they call the missiles like the people that would go to make up for advice, and she would come in and be like you little family news, you funny the maybe in the also much yeah, maybe not so much well. Novel is as well also had magical believes. They believe that, in order to obtain the black magic power, you had to murder one of your younger brothers or sisters, mine, Jackie, look at Jackie Zebrowski, coming for you in the Congo. People say that which is walk upside down. I mean that's just so general kongos of mixed up places a lot of factors going on in the comments. Technician white. Our relatives are sexually perverse. They love dirty things. Filthy habits like Urinating and drinking vessels are often taken as indications that a person is probably a which one of my
my favorite friends from Atlanta and LISA, who is very magical woman, was trying to I have to me that drinking piss is what we need to do to live forever. I'll, tell you there's a lot of which is in Chelsea lot of which is in Chelsea. So we're going back real quick to the the european times. Get your wish. Doctors, when did everything, go wrong, form everything? went wrong around the 16th century, there's people just realized they weren't getting cured with the to die just showed blood. It was that there was a lot of social unrest and it comes down to it, you're just going to go for people who are having a better time than you. I was just thinking about this. Yesterday I was like walking through. I was having a miserable day, walk around the city. Yesterday I was looking on Instagram Instagram, it's just like people, time I'm miserable around, like I just burn these people to death, sure and this is what people do either Wichita, which is they were all sitting around. They had aware, like nine layers of clothes, because, God forbid anybody saw your penises here, plugging your priest. You can't block anybody anymore
You look. Can you just see a bunch of people just noodling in a fucking feel just like half naked the only girl, with great. It's in the village is over there blowing all the other. Like you know the other fat. Do they look like the nerds at comic con? Now they go to like a low monthly alternative thing to hopefully get somebody who's like into a new body. You know. Just like you go. If you want to go is that what does old fat people are calling their bodies now new bodies, alternative body? Oh I see, and now only that, but when you have people that start to accused these people of things, that's when you get other psychopaths involved. It just want to fuck people up like our friend the witch master, General yeah, Matthew Hopkins. You Hopkins it was because well, I found was really something about the english witch trials. To is that they they would do. Of course they would do like away test. They would make someone there like she's a witch and like alright. We're going to put her either going to put her in the docking, dunking, stool or we're going to it. They'll do a thing where they, like the tire uh,
the thrower in the lake if she sinks, which is happening We are against a stack of bibles if she was not equal to the weight of the Bible. She was a which gives you insane yeah, but then they would do that and then they put on a real trial like she'd, have a jury and a judge, and he said something about like one in there is one in five. One in five would actually get, persecution was great, so there was actually a process. It was interesting to learn in this will doing the research that there was like the the court system. One in five I mean that's pretty low chance of you actually Jake, being a real wet. Just the fact that you people are even trying to say, you're a which, which is an unprovable crime. That right I mean like the fact that they could get like acquitted, is fine but Matthew Hopkins. When he showed up, he was just like Now we will. Oh, oh she's,
Bush her when you got a killer for that perfect, pink nipples and this time huh and when was Hopkins around. He was around one thousand six hundred and forty four right, yeah, one thousand six hundred and forty four one thousand six hundred and forty four to sixteen forty, seven thousand three hundred, which is during that time, and he was two or three four years, twenty four, when he was doing all those who was born in one thousand six hundred and twenty, and he was doing, yeah. He died when he was twenty. He disappeared when he was twenty. Seven there's a lot of or is it alternative theory that he went to America right started. The Salem witch trials started fifty years after he was technically, he would have been like seventy, so he could have been. A lot could have been alive, but he was the first to really make an anti which push well yeah because and basically finding one of the many theories is that he is the theory that he just did it for money, because you got a shit ton of money every single time he tried to which, because he'd walk into town be like identifying, which it's the one
with the purple hand, just like no. I just wanted to try something with the berries I've got it with battery juice, yeah yeah, you better watch now the persecution of witches started almost two hundred years earlier, but he was the one that he things to do to fuckin'. He became like Dolph Lundgren punisher end this thing? Yes, things took a a lot longer to of be disperse themselves, like now? You have punk in one thousand nine hundred and seventy seven. You have new way by one thousand, nine hundred and eighty two right back, then you had the Malleus smell of carom, which is uh number of which is, which is a witch hunting manual means for in one thousand four hundred and eighty six, but doesn't get over to Matthew Hopkins until one thousand six hundred and forty four So what's in this witchhunting manual boo, I love them, which I Mcmanus sounds exciting to Maine. Yes, the Malleus Maleficarum meaning hammer of which is in English, in your okay is, it was always harder,
better. German, list of the Malleus, just attempt to systematically refute arguments claiming that witchcraft is not exist to discredit those who expressed skepticism about its reality, the claim that, which is were more often women than men, and to educate magistrates on the procedures that could find out and convict them You need to set of relatively detailed set of rules I'll just be like. If, if the length between her first ptosis, it was twice a furlong right thinking to which better silhouette she's a witch. It's a divided into three sections, section: one argues that the devil exists and has the power to do astounding things and then, which is exist, to help the devil yeah, they are and that women were
most is susceptible to it. To the devil: weak, not strong, like men, they are more the bitterness than men yeah it in a much more structured. It's it's pretty much. Anybody who watch- because that was another theory about a Matthew Hopkins, that he couldn't get it up, and so it's like these are guys it's like this. It's the same empetus at serial killers have, which is, I can't get it up. I look at a woman is an object of desire that I can't brains. I can't communicate with so I'm a killing, I'm gonna, I'm gonna dammit, I'm going kill it so that I don't have to deal with it anymore. I don't worry about their wildly swinging peach. Wish breaths teachey breasts. So they believe that men are the givers of life and women are the hornist of the two genders. They got it all wrong. Women are those are both wrong, they're completely wrong. I think they were just punching themselves in the dick everyday. We constantly human beings punch themselves in the dick from like one thousand four hundred to one thousand nine hundred and sixty five. Thank God, somebody invented basketball.
This section also mentored mentions crew, a nation which is another trial by ordeal and which is, if anything they go through. They went through trials by or do you'll be more than anything else. We talked about trials by ordeal in one of our past. Episodes of the into your trip to keep him awake for three days straight marking. Off I would do is that he would keep them up in order to get any of. The big thing was to get a confession and wanted right fashion and when the Mercedes there, which he keep them up for day so now it is staying, I could not stop thinking about zero dark thirty, when watching that it's like nothing changed Two thousand and three was the exact same torture techniques they were using in the sixteen hundred. I literally was saying I was watching a talk last night. It was kind of talking about the fact that, like it wasn't so much today, the church even openly said that their war, which isn't a were magical, is more like a If there are we're going to show everyone that we can dominate it,
So it's the same exact thing: it's not like our war against terrorism. Is it's a war against a concept right here in order to show everybody? Oh no, give us the rock we can handle. It will be the fucking superpower right right right. So the so I'm sorry what were the three again three sections, three sections went to haven't even got to the yeah yeah yeah, but what crew nation was. It was a trial by ordeal in which they would bring in the corps of the person that the accused was accused of murdering or killing by witchcraft. They would put their hands on them and if the corps started meeting or otherwise showed any other signs of distress. That person was guilty. They thought it was too heavy metal to continue, but they were dead. They were dead, yeah! Ok, yeah trials by ordeal are like. There was one I mean we talked about in Iceland is like. If you stand up on, if you put sod above your head and if Assad falls, then you are guilty. Are you fucking kidding me? That's such trauma?
Ordeal is just stupid, justice! Ok, that's all it is read Justin Nicolas Cage and Steven Seagal get need to get together for a movie called stupid. Just ok with you guys you need to do. Is everybody here, needs you catch all. The Eminem said: if you don't catch all the Eminem as well you're guilty of being a sorcerer This phone rings halfway through the movie. He just answers it. Oh yeah, I'm filming a movie right now, it's not really right! Now, sorry, every pundit section two is there's a practice in actual cases and the powers of which is an their recruitment strategies. It is stated that Lee, which is as opposed to the devil, who do the recruiting by make something go wrong in the life of a respectable matron. That makes her consult the knowledge of the witch by or introducing young maidens yeah, that's tempting young devil. That's all! I got Satan into my life as well, but it's only help me since right down to problem for somebody's. Then the person has to come to them and ask for help exactly. I am interested,
He is the legal charge, drug dealers yeah first one's free yeah. After that you go head set. You got to kiss my doubles mark yeah. You got it yeah. Then you get all this. You need just my devils mark how ideas it drug dealer. You like you, want to smack Carolyn yeah, my god, all of it yeah. He wants Do you need it be amazing? No one would do drugs anymore of all. Drug dealers were like you that would be track. Cocaine, cocaine but doubles The devil's mark was another thing that they would use during the prosecution is said that when which becomes a which the devil can this is her on a certain part of her body and that part of the body is impervious to pain, so they would take a metal pin and just stick. The witch all over her entire body until they would find a spot where she didn't say ouch. Why wow, wow, ok, I mean that's foolproof yeah
really science yeah, absolutely the authors for a step by step, guide of the conduct of witch trial from the method of initiating the. In a sibling accusations to the interrogation, including torture of witnesses and the formal charging of the accused. Women who did not cry during their trial or automatically believed to be, which is again, but we do that The people on television, like I mean, look at Anthony, look at her yeah. True, nothing has changed. Nothing has exactly. We say it because it's all, but it's a pageant and the end it's all about, like you, want to We want to make sure that the crowds happy then everybody feels like no we all agree. We are handling the which problem yay work, everybody all right. So you get your deal and then you have examples. Well and the examples of what they are accused of: infanticide, cannibalism, and this
real big one in which is not only in Europe and America, but in Africa as well stay. Feeling penises stealing penises. It's a big big thing. It's huge in in modern Day Africa, it's still uh, I mean I don't think people. What I was reading about this last night, Don't waste away to penises that you're going to get out of Africa, then you'd ever get in Europe like Thank you. People know how bad the problem sorcery and witchcraft is in Africa, was actually going on right now and watch a great vice show on Monrovia, and they were even during in Monrovia, which is a hell on earth which is like the worst place in the fucking planet, wars there were like all it. There was like were of gigantic revolution, a broken I'm on Rodia and that the people that basically the the it was like a virtually or just kind of forgot about the revolution and everyone just kind of just started. Fighting and different factions just took over this
and the one of them is a guy I forget is that he seems literally captain Superman he's like like litter to not see he's the leader of a gang he's a total cannibal. He believes that he you he eats human meat in order to like get power from his enemies into two. Twelve dizzy, believe he's a sorcerer and you believe that he believes that he's the devil right yeah, but I'm talking about actual, but people believing that, like there are thousands of children each year, that are just cast out of their homes because they are believed to be, which is gonna has multiple which camps that have been set up for hundreds of years where people's in to this day send their children to live, or they just banish someone from the community camp like Heavyweight like fat camp yeah, similar in Tanzania, the government is, having to fully address the problem of people slaughtering albinos because they believe their body parts bring lock little in good health. But you see number one albinos, there's something off about
you know we all, we all know that for a fact, I don't know if they need to be slaughtered but yeah, I don't think we did it. Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, freedom of the canvas, that's true and it got it was. It was gods Watercolor for gods, coloring book for US black with like fake, fake lipstick, on It could be really belong. There could be that you could paint code notice, anything different about me. Like when a man has to pay on like no, no, you looked like just like you did yesterday. And it's not just me. Don't kiss me I'll make up a come off I wasn't going to kiss you. It's not just an Africa It's the Middle EAST as well. Saudi Arabia still has very strict laws about witchcraft and sorcery on the books, and in fact, last year a woman was beheaded. For practicing sorcery in witchcraft white. This gold- she was a school teacher to start
planning about how you don't like your. How big your airplane seat is. It is amazing that they would be had a woman for me to which, in two thousand and twelve going back to the stealing of thing. Why and how? Because men are impotent, and they need to blame someone for it and since they can't get it up to say, like oh, a witch 'cause they're, not saying she's, literally stolen, my penises. All I see is she still in the energies like yeah, I'm sitting thinking, I was like she's, Lorraine, Bobbitt, everyone just like stealing Saksa penises, I'm like you going out on the market and getting bred for it. What do you do with a bunch of penises just to wake up in the morning pop up? Suddenly you're just shooting straight outta here to straight out of your stuff, but I was picturing having a fucking just lay on a toilet. That is just that's the worst nightmare. Isn't it yeah wake up and it's gone and there's just a whole yeah, it's just going through. She birds flying out of it. It's not proper, ok,
this because of impotency? It's it's all about him It's basically, men can't get hard and they blame us when we wiped out the rhino population is because if it came convinced that rhino horns makes your dick hard, if you can't get your dick hard and there's nothing that men won't kill for then, if their dick can't get hard- and they want to get their dick impotent. Men really ruin the world double. Maybe look at Dick Cheney you know he's had a fucking squirt that involve the little girl crying in the house like five years. You know anybody like Garland bones. Much like the Zodiac Killer, Arthur Lee, he loved the sounds of children, young yeah. This is yeah. We got impotent white men and I really just the worst force. Yes yeah there. It evil forcing the user know Aretha. Second, one of the we've already gone we've got all three yeah. I break those down the real, quick, just real, real, fast bullet point: real fat,
section. One is matters of practice, section is notes, section five hundred page book yeah, it's a huge book section. One argues that the devil exists and has the power to do astounding things that which is can help okay, section two is the act. Will practice in what they do. The recruitment strategy right and section three is the legalities of it. How to process it was a highly organized system. That's what I really appreciate after awhile we'll look at its like. They really went through a lot of checks and balances. I mean they were all wrong right I mean you won't think. Well, it's based on you know number one. The devil is real and that you know these, which is are helping. That's also a gigantic switching the frame of mind when we are I'm going to little on a floofy do tangent here, but the idea that magic is not a thing that you can. It's not necessary. The incantations and all the stuff. It's it's a wait. The humans deal with their environment deal with the universe. For a long time. We understood that we because perception was different. When you were cave men, we were more hive. Mind base
We were more connected to each other and the implants, and this in stores and that's what we were. It was all one gigantic organism. We knew that where it's like the church did a really good long job of like trying to tell everybody that, like we, you can't rise above us, because if you could collect all your collective unconscious power, you know one could be control of you right and we are going to show you that, so you need someone to be in control of you, which is arguably true. If you would like to be in control yeah, but it's like people also like to be controlled. I mean yeah rather be controlled, because if not, we would just be and like. I can walk around with my dick out of my pants all day long and going like Download windows and you do but some people shouldn't you know, I'm a do can do that. That's I watched that Avengers Movie and Loki was giving his speech about humans like to be controlled. I was about to get down on my knees and praise low key as well yeah suck that sweet fucking,
natural. Do we want to start getting hogwarts with it? I think? Well, I think we should we put it in Hogwarts music in there. I think we should put. We can put some Hogwarts music in there. Anything else. As far as the history of widgets do do do well to segue into getting a little hogwarts with it yeah there were written around these times, what you call Grimm wars, these things exists, they're pretty so it's kind of fun. It's really fun. They were right. Is that remorse or magical textbooks, and essentially the only problem with them, is that a lot of them were written in latin or middle English. No one can read and no one can right. Well, people can read. But no one's translating them- you can find these. You can find scans of these online and I just look at them with such sadness, but I just see all this latin gobbledygook, and I know that it's rad sh yeah, that's what I I. I know that read and there were some of these Grimm wars that what they did is they actually prayed to God. They called upon God. That was one that
it is called like the groom wore malefactors on that was written by a pope and the priest. It was supposed to be. The magician was supposed to be a priest and they were they prayed, god and asked him for his power and their plan was that you could steal. God's power you could siphon off God's power and use it to summon the devil. Yeah flip the script on their hail, Satan, Hail, Satan, Hail Satan well for now, for for creative purposes, I will be serving the magic of light today. Ok, so tough. Your caps, ladies, I will protect you with my magic of purity all right. What is the magic of purity? Well, I want I want Marcus to face me with some of store your rules of services. How yeah you want some fucking at light magic, all
I'll. Give you some pocket dark magic, because I've got you some fucking satanic magic. Coming your fucking way, asshole. My nerd alert is really going off here, guys haha! You will never get it through my white britches of sanity, I'm going to bind you rasta the fucking floor, got shoes with bells on them. I've gotta pop it right well, these are my friends. Isn't that fun to realize? Do we want since then. I have recently played dungeons and dragons. I will say that out loud and I've got a plus five project as well. My crackers. I did like that very very nice all right, so you
cast a spell on main cast a spell on Mark's father in the name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth. I pleased I plead the precious incorruptible blood of Jesus over myself and my family and everything that belongs to us. I asked for giant warrior angels to be loose from Heaven to surround and protect us as your war club and weapons of war. I breakdown, undam and blow up all walls of protection around all which is warlocks, wizards Satanist Santa like and I break the Powerball curses hexes vexes spells charms finishes: physic prayers, this thought it says Physic does it. Power well, warfare, prayer chains and everything else being sent my way or my family members way, and I were it and the demands of the senders right now so bold and I find it to them. Money blood of Jesus Father,
I pray that these lost souls will find a lot of your son Jesus that rain snares and traps seven seconds of sales of Jesus Christ of Nazareth. I don't know of State John, the bond issues of say ten and uses, a man about to fuck you up hail, Satan Hail Satan Lot of Lord talk in there, alright I'm going to do some voodoo on your asses, alright, ok, alright! This is a binding spell through which I'm done. I already ate about like seven pounds of Gouda yesterday, oh ok, I think I may have done a binding spell to myself. That is just the spell each seven pounds of good a well to do a binding spell, you want to do one at home. You must make your own pop it witcha pop it. Is a likeness of the person that you you are saving part of your croissants.
Marcus is holding part of his croissant and I believe, he's trying to make it look. A I've been going to make it look like Henry the browser just put in well. I just got some ham he's ham for the head, not a crystal for the body and I'll, tell ya the spitting image of Henry's a this is gonna work here. It is. This is my pop it for him. Although I am. I am missing my dragons wart and my Comfrey and my blood and mony. There is so, and my and my cypress and my two oo I've got my tobacco all right. Yeah, I mean tobacco very, very powerful back. So I present Henry Zebrowski to be bound What I do to this image I do to Henry Zebrowski, Henry Zebrowski is bound. He is unable speak against me? He is down. He is unable to act against me. Henry Zebrowski is bound. He is unable to harm me in any way:
sometimes so yeah now you get so now. I've got to go outside. I've got to take my pop it and hang it up. Side down the image of the TAROT card of the hanged man by the way this of the ritual was given to me from is EL connection in connotation from moonmuses dot com. This later, by the way, it's not discussed, if that's like Harry Connick Junior's, like favorite net, wasn't Harry Dean Stanton his favorite breakfast, which have ancient lore. I petition these trees and forest floor converged myself up on this site, spider weave power and Might Erin Fire Water and earth aid. In my quest, they call you, fourth or lady already I intone traced of how are you have shown open spiral of strength and sorcery and compass, the soul. You have granted me pentacle of old stones of d,
protection around assistance. I seek marry my veins to this earth. Saru knows I summon you food steel. Needles and pins Venus. Some tough must hear my words from noon to moon site, the Lord and Ladies room maybe law of three three, so three written. Hey Barbara Morris, that's very good, alright I'm done fucking around here. I'm this one! I'm going what have you guys doing? Here's what I'm going to do. I I'm going to have one of your own fans place a fuckin' Deathspell on no really is Ipad. Spell it's time for a satanic death spell and by the way in case you didn't know out there magic is the I that Satan has given us to protect.
This is from the aliens to think we didn't even cover because it's like they say this, you know angels are the nepheline. They are from outer space. They brought us here this. The only way we can get even ground with them is to in order to harness the power of the earth to fight them. So we're doing good, all right wing good, but we still got to kill you. So if You want to do this. Just get ahold of me and I'll mail. You, my Henry pop it because you're going to need this pop it at the pop it go to this, and it's going to be it's going to be falling apart. So it's going to be Mauritius falling quite apart. Yeah alright go to the cemetery get some dirt. You need to vent into the visualizing, the victim. All of the hate you possibly can, especially during its construction, it is here. It is here to stay focused with intent. Try to do is during a waning moon when the moon is in Scorpio or Capricorn. He is a very good time the small box cardboard is fine does not need to be. What ok, a shoebox would work light, a black candle.
Trade intensely upon the death and destruction of the enemy. Do not. Disturbed or lose your focus, don't disturb or is your focus. We got! No, no, don't don't lose your focus. Hey don't lose your focus, don't games with these people who are trying to kill you. I've fully agree with what they're doing put the effigy and oh lose your focus Henry. Let them focus on killing you please bury it in. Inside the box. Save some of the dirt your grave digger, Take it outside or back to the graveyard and bury it placing the reserve dirt on top of the box. No, we that's that's knowing the victim at the back, but the dirt in a black candle. In a picture I end up bunch of ham distracted, Henry Zebrowski,
knowing that the victim will meet his or her death. Do not think about the or the enemy after I've done this, don't think about me will interfere with its working. Don't you dare think about me, then? That's it! That's how you feel free to browse. That's wonderful or anybody really take a lot more than that. I'll. Tell you that I'll tell you what well, if you find a celebrity love on Facebook. This is one These are sort of older spells that Henry and Marcus have have been, This is kind of more. This is a newer one, but it's similar it has. It has its roots, yeah step one. If you want a celebrity love, you step, one get a picture of the celebrity stepped. And this is an optional give a kiss to the celebrity step hold it above a lit candle and then say, oh celebrities name. So let's say who were going to go Matthew, Mcconaughey Matthew Mcconaughey? I, how I want to meet you at noon you will be on if you will be on Facebook, and you will find me as a cool person and
so, and you should so add me so be no motive. This is your drama. A website called spells of magic dot com, which is completely populated by a literate autistic kiss. This thing is, I don't know a motive. This overload, my favorite is five star tested. Where will spell who will I found the spelling of book. I have its own Russia spell. I'm not sure if it's been on here or not, but I'm still going to post it. My friend tested it and he told me it works. Oh my work, oh yeah one go outside tonight. I must be clear on the moon must be visible, nothing and cover it. It does not have to be a full moon, but if it is it's more powerful overall, any moon phase will work. You might want to be alone, note do not say this under a new moon, was she just, but I do understand 'cause you're, so groovy about it, get your candle and set it into the bowl in the candle holder, light it up and said it in front of the candle focus on its light. If you don't have it, it's fine begin to meditate after relax stand up and cheer, spell three times in the ocean sea on the ocean beyond and the open plain shines, the
upon an aspen stomp into the green water into the spreading veil around the stump who's, a shaggy wolf under team for all the horned cattle, but into the woods the Wolf goes not into the veil of the wolf does not run golden horns: milk, the book blood tonight, not the not the crunchyroll, clear into men, visa and reptiles, so that they may not sees the gray Wolf nor tear him from his warm hide. My word is firm, firmer than sleep or the strength of heroes. Have you said it three times say this is my will by the power of three mode it be saved three times in about a week. Two weeks time. You'll have side effects, side effects may or may not include headaches, rib aches, stomach aches, tailbone spiny, nausea, uncontrollable anger. Growling and howling. Tailbone a shift when you see the full moon any questions. Please message me thanks for reading all right: this is one, a traditional dirty, love spell for women, only burn
off that absorbs the women ministration burn I thought that absorbs the women ministration blood into ashes, so you want to get a little cloth there. Full administration burnt into ashes, mix the ashes into a drink and give it to you, husband or any man to drink it. They will listen to whatever you say you are kidding, but only for knowledge interest you want to turn into a wolf, I'm gonna book, but a back What is transformed into a bat spell you will, the following items. For this spell your voice night, time or sunset, an belief that it will work. Ok, that The key number one for a lot of these say this at sunset or at night inside or outside by the sea. Of the dark and the song of Moonlight cloak me with a type of bats wing
and transform what type of battery do. You have big mean: bat, big human size, bat and friends for Maine at the demo. Each day's light number two imagine self. Turning into a bat will it to happen three three, You will transform at sunset every day, then transformed back at dawn side affects back show for an arm pain, two sharp things will grow front of your mouth, perfect night vision, a craving for whatever your breed, a bat, eats anxiety, a nice healthy apple fruit, like diet, yeah anxiety when you're in a bright area and your skin burns more easily. Okay, very interesting! I don't want to be a bad no. Not many. People do want to be not people do want to be a bad. I also do like this summer to no one, but that is basically long story short put out a bunch of bread with a cup of milk.
And then go into your room and wait for a rat to come and eat it. That's pretty much what the sub in the gnome what is, but I decided to be very, very funny uh, so I don't think any of these worked. No, I don't know we could also try to summon the grim reaper. Let's do that. Well, in the episode with a summoning the grim reaper yeah, you need ten black candles at completely dark room picture. The person you want dead and offering to the great reaper in a live rabbit or bird. This is so great 'cause. I haven't alive rabbit right here with me. We just got home and can do you know what I was also one of my favorite ones. I read was like how to make someone fall in love with you. It's the saddest spell at ever heard. It's like think about the person that you want to love. You masturbate thinking about masturbating yeah in apartment of ejaculation go nine hundred Blanco. I love you so much. I hope you'll be with me It's just the saddest thing. I've ever seen so after you've got all that stuff and we do right in front of us. Just all you gotta do is just chant power of dark power of light
summon the great reaper to win the life fight power of dark power of what when the Lifelight power and the power of dark power of light. Some of the great remember to win in the life fight to win the war of power of dark, eight to summon the reapers to women in the power of life fight yeah I mean in this is written by deep sea. Two, two six: it is there like a deep sea, two, two, six. What I tell you a letter not to stay oh, ok, yeah! That's nice! Finding my happy! this is with the grim reaper Showa is no bio feel the dark. Energy in the air? I feel bad making fun of a weird kid, but now We should know that. That's that's their function in life. I don't like it. They like. I got it. You know I'm now, I'm totally normal. What completely completely normal
So now you guys know a little bit about the about witches and witchcraft, and things like that make your own more. That's have fun dancing with your coven? Indeed, our Everybody hails Satan and and send in your own, spells, put him on the Facebook page or message CCR and follow us on Twitter and Henry loves you and have been gay. And then Marcus parts. I'm doing that now I was told to do that. Who told you that I just thought about it. Myself I'll check out my band, the cattlemen, Well, then, that's not plugged snuggle blood, crazy and results on a television show called adult swim and then I'll be the cabin bar on everybody will hell, Satan, Hail Thursday, night and, of course, hail yourself.
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