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Episode 87: Spree Killers Pt. 2: I've Been Getting These Headaches...

2015-02-16 | 🔗

We continue our coverage of America's worst spree killers with the top men on campus: Charles Whitman, the deadly sniper who killed 16 and wounded 32 from the top of a clock tower at the University of Texas, and Seung-Hui Cho, the deeply troubled madman who rose to the top of America's spree killer list with a body count of 32 while stalking the campus at Virginia Tech.

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There's no place to escape to this is the last time Safeway? help is that good No, no that's market I am band with. This is always sounded bad. Who is the head? Is unemployed and was a browser unemployed? What happened man and know how to get fired again? Dag well, you know digs just been goals south for me and all of that at all I'm addicted to her burgers in the government made that happen
Silver may get you addicted to hamburger, cause yeah there, nice juicy hamburgers on the commercials, and so I'm taking it gonna make kill my boss. I don't They were making some jumps you're, making some mental jobs. I don't think the government controls those sweet, sizzling beef patties on those Mcdonald's ads, but then I've realized it's the only way to get revenge, free killing parts two, and so last week we covered a lot of funny fun, dude One guy's doing fun thing. Is that how you describe the people that are you discard Richard speck? Funny guys would fun things will remain eight nuns he turned into a fun guy. I finally sat and watched a doctor. You watch because I went to after doing the buy, get that. Would you go looking and went to go. Look for as much of the prison tapes I could find yet I couldn't find it except for the clips of you why. Watch them and man got a set of perfect tense. He really does Highly cool nipples there perfect
yeah you want to suck on a little they're like little Mallo Mars if you're in prison- and you haven't seen a woman for about thirty years and Richard Speck goes in with a bunch of honkers like that, you can make believe the worst part was sitting next to him in sunglasses. Just recoiled like he was on the beach of Ibiza, oh yeah, looking at this six year old man and he's like you got damn you had them blue panties on and he's like yeah. You want me to take him off and it's like yeah. It's amazing: hey, do just acting like kid rock at a Strip club back like the biggest piece of movement me really enjoying it, but now we're into some people who are the who are you did you did? These? Are the
the we're gonna get count on the top before we get to. That was. That was definitely looking at we're looking at the Bobby, but NY is that's right, yeah! That's a you know that your baseball reference, your face, Johnson, the monkey will sit Mookie Wilson have. This is all I know is Mets from the nineteen from nineteen. Eighty four to nineteen. Eighty nine is the only baseball players. I know we went into the first four types of spree killers went through your guys, who were in it for the fame guys ended for the revenge, guys they're in it, for the sex and now we're at type five, otherwise known as there are days- and there are days- oh my oh, my these are guys that are completely out of touch with yet reality there most of the time they go through psyche. Chicken valuation either before or after all, of these guys were tagged as mental health,
asks you a lot of them from the time they were children and they just let him go and they they date, and literally all of them like Charles Whitman, our our big boy that we're gonna do a top you just like, literally to about fifteen different people. He said he's, like you know, be a right good idea. Just caught up in that our uncertain picking people off with a deer rifle and they're like your choice, you're funny now that's why favorite Charles Whitman joke. Isn't that great with the tower in the shooting everybody? In fact, the exact quote is partially could stand off an army from atop that tower, for they got him. This is why we bring him around. He always says the good times with a nice thoughts again, another great man that we made these are people that uh yeah, so these are the truly cuckoo for cocoa. And two made in America and two made overseas. So let's get into a Mister Whitman Mister Whitman
Charles Whitman. This whole thing happened in one thousand nine hundred and sixty six Charles Lucky Whitman luck. Miass, look at nothing to do with it. This guys practice practice at exactly this. Guy was a trained killer through and through. He was at the time. The number one spree killer in America. Possibly the world. If you don't count wars, that's the thing about. All of these is that you can't count wars right, right and all of this world. What's the total death count Charles, his total death count was, I believe, eighteen eighteen it without my net mom, we we're gonna, say minus his wife and mother and mine is the people on the stairs of the Bell tower. That was heading heading up, okay, yeah. He he injured quite a deal with the big thing, also patrols weapon the world, the youngest of the time Eagle Scout yeah. Yes, so he started off really, interestingly, only because of his abusive father when they were to get like the only way, the understood each other was it he. He would take
his boy out shooting and he was amazing at it. He said as a matter of fact that he could shoot the eye out of a squirrel from like fifty yards, something like ludicrous think that Larry Bird story where he said he was thrown coffee beans into coffee cups, but it's a little bit different because I don't think you got on the cover of spore illustrated when Charles Whitman was at Us Marine. He received two hundred and fifteen out of two hundred and fifty possible points on a shooting test and did well when shooting rapidly over long distances and aiming at moving targets. Ok he's really quite good at this. Like some other old marine wasn't talking about him, then go up well shoot like a mother fucker and just like all good so yeah, you could also just die peacefully in his sleep, surrounded by his family, but as military funeral, a nice little twenty one gun salutes, I'm like that could be a good way to go out.
So what's is. I am now well before we get to the ammo. I want to make sure that we clarify his body count. He shot twelve from the tower, but his overall body count was eighteen yeah right yeah. He shot twelve from the tower he shot for in the observer on his way up to the tower and he shot his wife and his mother before he got to the top yeah in order to save them that you guys don't understand, is going to save them from embarrassment, yeah yeah It's true, you want them to see all the terrible news story. I feel like it's a they love give Jackie ever went on a killing spree. I just feel like you know what I can live with the embarrassed yeah better effect. It's gonna give me good numbers, yeah, J, We don't have wonderful killing spree. I think of killing. Sprees markets is quite an unbelievable video of him shooting at you. What is that a I r fifteen, an a r,
yeah when you go in your killing spree. That will be all over the news, I'll post it I'll post it on the page, because you can see my maniacal joy so he's having a great time after shooting at like just I mean I'm just laughing and laughing so hard, that's right, but he climbed up to the top of the Bell Tower in Utah and before we get into really like his kind of private life. I just want to say I have been there: I have the. I have been to the University of Texas to the courtyard where he killed These are your people. These are my This is Texas, you know, and I've seen from the links, the distance that he shot these people. He was good uh. Oh my god, it is terrifying to think that a man is that good, oh yeah, he was just pulling Michael Jordan. 3B yeah like this was his golden moment. This is the moment he was born to do and he knew it from years before that he was going to go, see him saying it
saying everyone is like you screw the Bell Tower, so shooting people he'd already ran it through in his brain. I mean you know over and over, well he's the only one out of the ones that we're going to talk about today. That did not have psychological problems as a child at that he had relatively normal upbringing, especially for taxes. At the time yeah yeah his dad was a piece of shit yeah, his dad beat him this older men, once you hit forty five, you just slowly turned into a beer guzzling, big hat. Where in you know, kickin call. God. Stomper sure you know I'd. Take it back Mean Henry mean you can share this one. He grew up in Florida, yeah! This is the Florida guide. Florida created Mister Charles Whitman, very interested in Florida, West Palm Beach. Well, where the it's Mookie Wilson spent some time there. Howard Johnson spent some time there. He was a pop.
Our guys, are really intelligent, sure pretty normal. The only trouble he really got into leading up to this, because a lot of these guys have a criminal record. The only trouble that he got into was he when he was in college, him and a couple of buddies, went out, they shot a deer and they brought it back to their dorm and they tried cleaning it in their dorm showers. That is just That's redneck, pranks yeah! This is a redneck break and when he was in in the Marines. He got into trouble for gambling. He he had a little bit of some steam. Did you got in trouble for usury? that's kinda hard cord, that's yeah! It's been misery. That is that's a that's lending money and looking for interest. Yeah, that's money in an unethical manner, meaning if you don't give does. He knows with the Bible, did do a slight to a certain race of people. That have been much maligned overtime right right, say Jews. No, I threw
I'm not to Scandinavia. Okay, it's essentially say it's a like a modern day version of it is, if you don't have my thirty dollars by Friday, I'm gonna break your bank. Okay, I love I yeah, I'm going to up to the top of University of Texas, is Bell Tower and I'm going to use you as a gun and throw you at people from the Bell tower. Ok, yeah! Let's take it a lot of people if you through main yeah, yes, like a whole, a whole other big man. I don't know I don't know what your kids yeah, maybe for personal to me, get you up and that's a lot of work here. I don't got that kind of time, known ain't. Nobody got time for that. I know it's tough, so after years and years of doing various things. He was a student at Utah, very briefly, but couldn't quite Hackett after this in the weeks and months and possibly years leading up to the shooting started getting these blinding headaches my dad is gay
and it's like after a while. That's going to make you start connecting every single thing that happens in your life, that, while you're Having a headache, q man and then, when you're not having had a, can you still see Kathleen Kathy. Come in and she's like Charles he goes to a few different doctors and he tells them listen. I have these blinding headaches, I'm starting to have very aggressive thoughts. I'm worried that I might do something. We definitely slapped his wife around the first couple times everything he met, his lovely wife happy, but during no well, I think I mean they were probably happening at the time. I know it so as soon as they got together, Chuy's like his dream woman, and then he he merely started like market honor. I mean they were married for four years before the master happen again. Sixty two okay, this same time, I was really feel like like a ladies man. If you're sick
other start screaming about his headaches. If he's talking about how he's gonna go to the top of the tower, just try to stop him if he starts to act like gel, like Jeff, Goldbloom, in the movie. The fly just get out of that you're doing good. How are you doing in the morning? It's not good, I'm sure he'll be strong for a couple of nights. You can grab a strong man back and ride it, and it's hot and it's steamy, but he has a kill, is a killer of real you're gonna, get it woman you're going to die so the day before the shootings, when I bought a pair of binoculars and a knife from a hardware store some spam from Seven hundred and eleven hell yeah picked up his wine making cookies later. That's PAM this spam with those ham! He bought spam spam yeah. So spam is what fueled this killing people that he went and bought a bottle of pan. I don't know when oil in and out of a spray butter. Why not? Why would he use it? For the other day I put some pam on.
Red girl that right up it, tasted, okay, that's disgusting, said, but who cares? sort of judge me were done. My Charles, when I heard he was going to do, is going to use the PAM to spray up the courtyard in front of the Belltown would've been amazing slip slide over to do to put it before he decided to start shooting people he's like I'm going to make the world slippery as slippery as good as this will be the funniest free killing ever banana peels. That would be quite as many whoopee cushions a man can fart ipon, if you had time to kill a person after they just sat in a whoopee cushion yeah. So he goes, he picks up his wife. Go and hang out with some of their friends that afternoon he drops off his wife at her night shift in this is when he pins his suicide. Note. Yes- and I love this letter, he really does well with you could really hear it all in this. So should I again, we meeting
Is that a vocal warm up? Yeah? I don't think that's a theatrical, vocal, warm up. Well, we don't have any recordings of Charles Whitman's voice We really have no way of knowing what he actually sounded. Interesting that was the other problem is that this is tiny teen boys, big man, tiny voice. Six hundred and forty five pm. I don't quite understand what it is that compels me to type this letter. Perhaps it is to leave some vague reason for the actions I have recently performed I don't really understand myself these days, I'm supposed to be an average
reasonable and intelligent young man, however, lately I can't recall when it started. I've been a victim of many unusual in a rational thoughts. These thoughts constantly worker and it requires a tremendous mental effort to concentrate on useful and progressive tasks and march. When my parents made a physical break. I noticed a great deal of stress. I consulted a doctor from at the university health center and asked him to recommend someone that I could consult with about some psychiatric disorders. I felt I had a talk with the doctor once for about two hours and tried to convey to him my fears that I felt calm overwhelming
violent impulses after one session I never saw the doctor again. I wonder why I don't know I mean, but what doctor just releases him after all that I mean a scare doctor doctor looking out for number one which I understand, I think it's a doctor who came in at four hundred and fifty seven. The dodger was off work at five. Usually you got three minutes three minutes, so you gotta go unconventional violent thoughts. Ok, I gotta go ahead. You're fine, just get on outta here office closed dictate. Some aspirin medical records indicate that he just gave him some valium. That's actually a very good thing that you should have had this great. You should've been having twenty percent because it was asleep. He would get him on the drip and so I've, been fighting my mental turmoil alone and seemingly to no avail after my death, I wish that an autopsy would be performed on me to see if there is any visible physical disorder. I've had
some tremendous headaches in the past and, if consumed two large bottles of etc. In the past three months, it was after much thought little, yellow, literally, this is not an advertisement for acceptable, yellow different. It was after much thought that I decided to kill my wife Kathy tonight after I pick her up from work at telephone company. We should think so much honey. I couldn't help, but notice that you are. You drew my face on a Targ. Yes, I don't appreciate it thought about it. I would still with Jim and PAM I've been thinking a lot about you lately honey. I love her dearly and she's been's. Fine
life to me is any man could ever hope to have. I cannot rationally pinpoint any specific reason for doing this. I don't know whether it is selfishness or, if I don't want her to have to face the embarrassment, my action will surely cause her. I bet you she could have dealt with. She could've been fine. She is a lot of stuff you can do when you're alive. He might not have loved him. She might be happy that he's dead yeah. At this time, though common reason, in my mind, is that I truly do not consider this world worth living in and I'm prepared to die, and I do not want to leave to suffer alone in in it. I intend to kill her as painlessly as possible. He stabbed her like yeah he's like sort of a hero, but then not at all hero same thing with his momma similar reasons provoke me to take my mother's life as well. Also, I don't think the poor woman is ever enjoyed life as she is entitled to. I will draw back inside of her and eat my way I need my Well, I don't. I heard that the uterus is chewy like bubble gum, yeah, that's true. Actually she was
people, young woman, who married a very possessive in dominating man, all my life as a boy until I ran away from home to join the marine core. So I'm just to be nothing like my dad, I'm nothing like my father. So then he so what happened here is that two people showed up a hand written addendum after he wrote this, he kill he went. He killed his wife, which you will give me like. He brought her home right yeah. He killed his wife, a stab. A bunch of times then like while he was writing this letter friends came over and hung out and they said the only unusual thing is that here at the typewriter out in the living room, but otherwise we had a fairly pleasant converse
that's nice. You know these talked about. He got him off and then he says he writes friends interrupted August. First, one thousand nine hundred and sixty six Monday three hundred am both dead. I was a witness or her being beaten at least once a month. Then, when she shook took enough, my father wanted to fight to keep her below her usual standard of living. Imagine I imagine appears that I brutally killed both I love one yep yep yeah and I mean you know it's just an accident did I was only trying to do a quick, thorough job. If my life insurance policy is valid, please see that all the worthless checks I wrote this week and are made good. It's like your band yeah, let's colonial Penn, commercial. Please pay off my debts. I am twenty five years old and I've been financially independent that more than Holden Mcneil. It's got say, that's right hold from the round table. The rest anonymously to a mental health foundation. Maybe research can prevent further tragedies of this type. Charles Jumpy Whitman?
He will hear jumpy it's j, so I think it's just. I think his middle name was jumping. I think so. Give our dog to my inlaws. Please tell them Kathy loved Scocchi, very much very nice extremely concerned about the dog. I'm happy. He didn't kill the dog. Yes, she does have a hard yeah. No, I said, then he wrote a letter that he put next to his mom's corpse me to read as well yeah. Well I mean yeah. What's the point of that one to whom it may concern your mother, I have just taken my mother's life. I'm very upset over having done it. However, I feel it there is a heaven she is definitely there, though, if not, I guess she's fucked That's not a very nice letter, Charles and if there is no life after I have relieved her of her suffering here on earth. The intense hatred I feel for my father is beyond description. My mother gave that man the twenty five best years of her life and because she finally took enough of his beating simulation and degradation. And tribulations that I'm sure no one, but she and he will ever know to leave him. He has chosen to treat her like a slot and you would bed down with.
No more favors in through a pittance in return. I am truly sorry that this is the only way I could see to relieve her sufferings. But I think it was best Charles say three nice things about your mother she's got she's got a strong back she's gotta beat and stomach and she's got a winking eye. Ok, that's nice! Let there be no doubt in your mind: I love that woman with all of my heart and there exists that God, let him understand my actions and judge me accordingly, Charles Jumpy, would I still don't fully understand, he killed her 'cause, she was beat. I mean it's I mean he was worse than his father. Yes, you know kill his stabbed her brushing yeah alright, so he finally finished all this up about three hundred am the next day he went out to the Austin Rental Company, an rent, a hand truck. It's worked at big hand. Truck 'cause he's got all not a shift to take a packages lot of stuff,
a fun little city. He went over to a hardware store, he purchased a universal M1 carbine, pretty bad gun, just rifle hunting, the standard more, is that a marine gunners had a hunting rifle marine Gun at the time was named. Sixteen cool yeah, that's a hunting. Rifle eight is ammunition, told him he's going to hunt wild hogs, very interesting yeah, and then he went to John piglets in the ladies in Texas. You did hello anyway. How are you it's Matthews nice to meet you I'm going to buy all man you're so far, high intro to Chuck's gun shop, purchased for more magazines. I want to just gun shop. How can I help you yeah? I like selling health stream actually show mall man up so this guy up still, the better rifles this guy's looking to buy. He bought six
boxes of ammunition in a can of gun cleaning solvent. He then to Sears, where he purchased a Sears model. Six thousand and twelve gauge semi automatic shotgun and then went back on home and a nice dresser said as well. One thing it is mentioned in that, then a bunch of plus size, bra, Zier season. Interesting yeah. Then he sought off the barrel of a twelve gauge. Shotgun pack, the women, along with a Remington seven hundred six millimeter bolt action, hunting rifle a thirty five caliber pump rifle a thirty Calib, carbine, nine Millimeter, Luger pistol, uh the breasts yet twenty five caliber pistol and a Smith and Wesson in nineteen thousand three hundred and fifty seven Magnum Revolver seven hundred rounds of ammunition all into his foot locker. He already packed food coffee, vitamins, Dex Adren, X, Adren, earplugs, jugs of water mat.
Is lighter. Fluid, wrote, binoculars a machete three nights, a transistor radio toilet paper, a razor in a bottle of deodorant, so he was prepared ready for y2k acting like Tonio Banderas in the movie desperado. We did all this before one thousand one hundred am then I will also it's amazing. Look at us. We barely got a podcast done. It just now turned eleven we just nothing. With our day. I've had four cups of coffee. In about twenty five minutes. You know any other thing is uh. The thing about Charles Whitman is that he was really hopped up on next train yeah, you really like you did not help his headaches at all point of dex Adren. What does that do? It's like? It was beatnik uppers, it's like
Carol, acted and that's what he saw fireworks in the sky and reminded him is friends with him. His friends, all going hey, I am our listen. I was I was one or with one of the sidewalk is about guys how about yourself like yourself, I sometime got high plans plans plans. Let's go to sidewalks the you'll likely feet because you got you beat it. That's two legs got its own Do you wonder why they're all just not good by forty yeah stuff, it's like the brains are gone done. Alright, so he's got all these things. Take it was twenty five too. Will you do it when you were twenty five that wasn't? wanted towers. Sniping a bunch of kids will play that much total loser. No ambition, no goals in life, so he gets on campus by showing a fake id permit as a research equipment says he was delivering equipment.
That's when he was like yeah I've got. You know, I'm all these boxes over here that I got it delivered, so we wheels the doll you have to have any advil or something get it together. Charles get it together, you're losing a man acting like Johnny Depp fear and loathing in LAS Vegas. When he's hanging out with the fucking Carnaval Trippin NUTS, and so he goes, up to the tower and he tries elevator and the elevators not working. Now Jason. Alexander movie, yeah done checks in the monkey movie, Monkey movie the Monkey get shot, I'm not sure? I think it goes to University Texas to biology. I want to find a movie, that's brave enough to start shooting monkeys in the head. Dunstan checks out there, like people yeah, you know, might as well, but kill them are a very helpful University of Texas. Employee said well, it looks like in a paradigm. Let me turn that on for you
this is so he's the real person that caused the murder at the University of Tennessee. He also, like you, also told JFK's, like you know, you should let you keep. Shut down this object today, it's hot in Texas people would like to see your face: big old mill being old. In Germany in one thousand nine hundred and thirty two is like. I would say that painting is not as good as it could be. I think that he needs to maybe do some more independent study before we let him into school. I think, if you just put your hand real sharp. Like a seventy five degree angle, people might respond to that. They might like that. Just the hand movement, but I don't so much anyway, so after beer turn down the elevator Whitman says to her, you don't know how happy then, yeah. That's so scary
Did you know that another future massacre I cause? That's all you could just hear it in his voice. You can see his face 'cause, he looks like he looks like a block of Wisconsin cheese like his he's got. One of those long tube heads like he's a full American or it's like he's, like Buzz cut, just sits on the top of his fuckin' cylinder like had any just like. You have no idea how happy that makes me, and you repeated it, how happy that makes me, I'm happy I'm happy is up to the 27th floor. Of course, the elevator doesn't go all the way to the clock tower Observation deck and he starts lugging all of his shit up the stairs, and this is when public killing starts yes, this is when he just starts attacking anyone that he sees the first one is an old woman. He fucking hit her in the face with the butt of his rifle, and then he hits her again when she gets on the floor and Smith shooter dragster behind the couch,
he goes up the stairs, he gets up there and then it's a fucking family just call them like they're going to go, see the Bell Tower Charlotte, small, daddy, daddy, daddy! I want to go see the Bell Tower and you've got shut your goddamm mouth for a second we're going to get up to the tower you are making my head explodes Sun, and then but when he got up to the observation deck there was two people out there. An Whitman had the gun in his hand, and one of the guys says that he thought he was Whitman. There to shoot pigeons and they exchanged brief, pleasantries an then the couple left. Oh man, that's all you have that's why, instead of just screaming flip, now be nice to the man with the gun just be like. Oh so, you're shooting pigeons you help he'll be like yeah yeah, shooting pigeons. Alright, he's like well I'll, be seeing you buddy. You know
Well, it's getting it out. I mean we tell women like shooting pigeons like on that. That guy sees how I see the people large pigeons. He gets me. Is you get out of here? We go. I, like you, I like to go to your jail, get on out here. Jim, that's, like columns, can't fly pigeons, and so then he barricades the stairs to make sure nobody can get in right. But he sees a couple. Two families coming up the stairs, try to get to the observation deck and they start looking through. The barricade try to see. What's going on, I wouldn't go outside and losers, part of the dirty think it What's your daddy and that's when Whitman put a shotgun through the colon blasted him in the head and instantly kill them all right, very good and happy that kids dead yeah he shot. He shot two kids he shot at. They were a sixteen and eighteen. He shot and killed one and then shot another one who got knocked unconscious. He fired
what are three more times through the gates. He wounded the mother in the head at one of the mothers in the head, and then he kill Marguerite Lamport with a shot to the chest. Okay and that's, is when the real killer know that the story of american President didn't turn turn turn let's say this is moment to shine. This is just his moment. Man- and this is his, so you think you all right and one moment yeah. So what would you do here? So so he operates the entire time on the old sniper rule. One shot one kill: okay, he does not shoot anyone once they fall into the ground after they fall to the ground, leaves in bees like they're dead or they're. Not and I don't care, he spread his guns all around the entire watchtower so that he would just go pick up a gun shoot run to the other point of the watch tower pick up another going to shoot.
To the point where an american gladiators game yes and then, like literally the because it did when the police showed up, they thought there was for snipers up okay, because he was shooting from all sides of the user pro right. This was a finely tuned killing machine made by the american government. That's right, there's nothing! I love better than when the beautiful toys of war that You make come back and haunt us, because it's like good work, guys yeah did it bill heard him yeah great at it yeah. It's amazing how his first victim was an eighteen year old girl, eight months Yeah I shot a right to the belly. Does a big things that really comes or one victim to victims examines? Okay, I think the actual only count if it ever come to victims. I think it's thirteen, okay! Actually, no, I think he just kill debate. She lived, he just killed baby. He's purposely shot this stomach. That sounds good. He was uh. Yeah and then he shot the boyfriend when he went to go help her. Oh I see
This is a baby in utero, and this is when he just starts picking people off shooting guys in the back seat and some people in the arm, and he student people that are going out to help and some of the people are saying it's like you know that was the day when you knew one guy said like that was the day that you figure out whether you're a hero or a coward, and I'm a coward, oh yeah. I didn't. I didn't go out to help. Of course, what else are you great raining bullets? No, there was just one story: do you guys were talking about how they were running to the court? Your bullets for like flying all around I'm like man having a dude? Thank God, another call a car pulled up in the middle thing, was getting riddled with bullets any like put it the put a body in the back of the car and he died by the time they got a May the only killed one officer when they were saying before it was filled, a basketball coach from a distance of a quarter mile. Yeah, it was all this going on for him. Huh checking our rival thing happens. Let's see here, he was shooting off for about fifteen minutes poker
I mean that was I mean his first initial shooting people had no idea what the fuck was going on. It was one of those two shooting people from so far away that you just were, you would have seen people fall yeah, it's like what the fuck is happening. Peoples arms are just exploding like you might hear. Look but it wasn't. People just had no clues on or where the shots were coming from. The right about the Bell Tower was exactly what he needed to be the way we need to be in order to do what he wanted to do, but so, basically this Also, a great story of like when the cops are showing up the big thing about them. Is they just have rifles? They've gone they've handguns, so they can't reach him where he is so they want to call the cops showed up like what the fuck do. We do- and this is just an example of like all of Austin Tech,
this was like. Let's get our guns boys and they all went and got their high powered deer rifles and came back to the sea and then started panning Whitman down by shooting at him like all of all of the and already right, William and protected themselves, and basically because the cops had no communication among some solution before they had any sort of like walkie talkies. They are three cops independently decided to like well we're going to take him out, and so they crawl the the snot underneath the ran in through gunfire to the Bell tower. I never sings like three different dudes and one civilian got to the Bell Tower and and on different points of the of the of the building walked it when it different interests in all showed up at the same floor, the floor blur the floor below the actual observation deck right there. All like the old came out of elevators like pointing guns at each other, like almost immediately killing each other before
Now we know how they even brought out an airplane thank you, Sir yeah shooting of airplay yeah. They brought out an airplane with the police sharpshooter in it, but the turbulence was just too much and they could never get a shot on him and you know when to stop. So how did he? How did he end up by getting taken out? Well, three officers when, in their their names were Ramiro Martinez Jerry Day and the hero of the day, Houston Mccullough, Houston would go most affected by too. They said only 'cause. He was a deeply religious man and he was like he was really fuckedup by what he had to do. Yeah yeah because they were, you know they saw all these bodies on their way up. Alright. So Tina, is followed closely by Mccoy proceeded north on the EAST deck while day, followed by crumb. Preceded west, on the south deck with the intention of encircling Whitman trying to get him on both sides several feet before he reached the southwest corner from who was a civilian all
accidentally shot his rifles. More happens, that'll happen. Yeah! You can't just let Bumbuli crumb in there and uses lot never shot a goose. You know This tag war, Baga bells on my boots That's my problem, not as scary, barred the way yeah and so when he Jump when Whitman turns to look at crumb one way, one of the other guys Martinez he she out of the shadows and shoots at Whitman six. He That is thirty, eight women. This is every single mind you got in with one of those and got a bee in the clutch you got to, and that is when Houston Mccord jumps out and just unloads. Both barrels of a twelve gauge shotgun right to the mother, fuckers head chest and arms room, dead, Houston
cool way, say there was a day and this really introduced. The idea of a spree killer to America means that we have to start with Charles that Charles Starkweather and we had other people, but this was the first guy to show all of the country his rage and became a poster boy for this and then turn into the post office. Killings then turn into what we have now. Would you buy time we got to Virginia tech? There's really never turn your check. Shooting happened. There were four other shootings that week yeah at various universities in office in the universities came became quite a battle ground there. No Charles Whitman was the Benjamin Franklin of American crime like this is a guy who was like inventing a new way to do. Shyt yeah use the Michael Jackson This is sort of his moonwalk situation. Will change the face of the way they did do the autopsy on his body after he was killed and they found a pretty big fucking tumor in the big big tumor in the not a tumor.
It was it was. It turns out what that kindergarten cop movie could have ended. Much better. Had Arnold going up to a small sniper stand into shot Kids may be a good. I've been actually be allowed to. I think it's a tumor yeah, let's yeah, let's yeah, let's go America's number one spree killing of all time also takes place at university, the University of Virginia, yeah young, which showed no son show no this guy. This is a horrible case. This is the thing is that you can see this type of person happening all over the country. If you, if you, if you go to school in America, You see these people all the time. You will some introverted, extremely introverted when he found out what, when some show was a child when they found only was growing up, as he suffer from this thing called selective mutism okay, which is the idea that he wishes being like super super super super super super shy and lonely speaks like four people. There was a lot of people basically figured that he probably spoke with legally spoke, like our two hundred words
his lifetime right. Right, barely spoke yeah, and so what? Basically? What happened is that led up until he had a lot of different? Do you to eat a lot of different social problems were forever until he got to his senior year of being a at Virginia Tech, but went in there to be a I t guy and he wore Selden that because, basically, what's he got through high school, the music medication and therapy there were like okay, we break in about a shallow he's like I don't want. I don't want to do. I don't want to do the state being I want to go to his father's, like one of my this about this, that's why I believe that the Hong Kong and read the browse ski persona is taking back. It's a friendlier foreman right. I mean this is an outgoing. We die, he writes you peeper he rocks or saw be with you. People
I'm calling Harry Sobrowski she'd be big, biggest gucci, good thing for Iraq. What got the rice Perry, Rice buried? We gotta write an interesting lesson: is that son chose voice is funnier than any voice. We can possibly do so. This is we're. Gonna start we're going to start at the ending, which is the videos that he made after he killed. He killed the girl. Her name was, I believe it was a lease Hirsch Hirsch and he killed her and her roommate there's a lot of speculation was are from what is her name he'll sure it was Emily held her eye and he killed a roommate and there's a lot of suspicion for wild
maybe that it was it was because she was his ex girlfriend, and that is now not only not treating because he invented a number, a fake personas that he said it were like friends of hits like PETE. Basically, he said that he had a fake girlfriend. He told right, roommate and yet imaginary girlfriend who told him, I believe it was snacky would call him interacting snacky, snack control, calling himself question mark and class and stuff like that, and this was this final impersonation, the final character he played like Henry Zebrowski. He played a character to an axe ishmail. This was after he killed Emily and her roommate. He made this video to send to NBC. I didn't have to do this. I could have left like replied several no longer running, if not for me, for my children,
for my brothers and sisters that she did it. But then you gotta one hundred billion changes in ways to avoid it today, but she decided to my blood, if in your corner? Me is only one option. The decision was yours. Now you turn your hands that will never wash off used to this. Because I may be nothing but a piece of Do you like my heart breaks by so It works, my conscience. You thought it was one pathetic board lights, your extinguishing, thanks to you, I'd I'd like this Christ to inspire generations of the week in the defenceless people. Do you know what it feels like to be spit on your face and has trash shut down your throat? Do you know what it feels like to dig your own grave? Do you know what it feels like to have your through it says from year to year? Do you know what it feels like it? Do you know what it feels like to be humiliated and beauty encounter pain across and lets
single for your whole life. Did you want to inject amusement which measure you know life as you can just because you can you had everything you wanted. You Mercedes wasn't enough! You Brett, recording necklace, is running a few snobs. This one? Wasn't enough. He grew up with his boyfriend Kodiak one enough or your divorce fees were enough. Crews were enough to fulfill your hedonistic needs. You had everything he just loves cruise find me, you loved inducing cancer in my head, terrorizing my heart and working my soul all this time. When the time came, I did it. Two already watch, I'm happy! You didn't talk very much, not dead. He was very disturbing. It is an awful that is a man who does not have practice Republic speak. He had a beautiful singing voice. Yeah now that's about only the new, and this is fun
Susan Boyle stories so basically show on american idol that have been something this is very similar breakdown to what happened with another all star on Adolf Hitler was a base. He went to his whole life, never being able to express himself. People would ask him questions and they were talking. We interviewed his friends with an elementary school friends, quote people who sat next to him in elementary school and they were like. He never said a single word, but the other everyone also said it was the thing about him is that he was totally anonymous. No one made fun of him like he never was fine. He was totally fine. Nobody bullied him. He grew up in a totally new korean household, which is just like it's very silent and that that they were talking to his elderly grandmother who was sitting in a puddle of spit smoking like a four yard, long cigarette? who was like talking- and she was like being quiet in korean culture- is like really respectable and his dad was also super shy.
So you thought he was fine and then I mean they just didn't care. Another carriage is that it will type apparently just a real quick side. Note for those who, I think, a lot of Americans know, but people outside of the United States, if you don't know who sung Cho, is he killed? Thirty two people in one day it's in order to one it's a number one spree killing to ever happen in american soil three worldwide, but he was also a little Shakespeare. Can we read his one of those I want to just set it up for the fact that, like what happened with him was that he he couldn't express himself, could he gets a college right and we're in college? We all discover a lot of things better sure. Smoking weed what a great time you know you know like sucking a bunch of decks. You know it didn't joy that freshman we talked about. What are we talking about? So beards are scratch your head, and I learned that too yeah. I hate the way their balls smell, whoa yeah there. You learn that so he went and he was going to be
an I t guy and he was doing fine in school like you would never even a great skewed news is there is by using whatever and then it it. He finally took a creative writing class. That's right and he was like this. Is it ladies, like I can? Finally, this is it I can sit introverts wave expression expressing themselves he's like I can see the room I can right. He's like this is he went home at Christmas? Is fresh from your Virginia tech, perfect he's like mom dad I'm going to write a romantic novel and they're. Like sure you'll do great. I guess that's whatever you know whatever I do is romantic, so he wrote a bunch of it brought it to the head of the creative writing program at Virginia Tech and she's like this is not you are. Not all right. You don't have a call waiting to be your right. So then he proceeded to write. All of the. I don't know if you want to read his po. If you want to start with his poem spare me down, I can start with that yeah. Yes, sir, this was this was when he wrote him. Read it yeah, the Albany yeah I mean
we'll twenty five minutes, but he wrote this poem in his creative writing class. It's called spare me down Heaven. Ok, this thing, my life, all in agony of hell of torture. Impression, in years of bludgeoning torment, not tiny nuisances. Thank you, the discussed eyes dirty frowns and red fingers, pointing at me in all the patheticness and humiliation. What time is right too for the no existence and retire from sick lifeblood and yet feelings toward by sons. It's ready to attack averted by smiling, face ready to rape come is to annihilate myself. If this wasn't true in my plaguing conscious, but Jesus Christ, another day comes tomorrow, a shade better than present. If I can imagine, a new look, a new or an old dying when nothing is everything and everything is nothing in all his mere shutting of eyelids good Christ. Rip me apart, tear me to shrivel
eat me to help me see a better days worth in salvage this decaying thing for myself. It's better than morrison- that wasn't that bad. I like really with a newborn and old dead. It's just very you know it's very. It feels very sorry for himself 'cause. He finally going to express himself and now we just like I'm ready to be a hippy dippy, I'm ready to be with the kids, not a cool guy difficult, but that's what he was saying and then he started. Calling himself question mark would work you would not assume we could probably get some places. It is professor found him his behavior quote: minesing Yes, and then he said in a facebook page for his question mark persona, okay, in which he said that he lived in room six, six, six of the six floor of Kathleen Hall, which they didn't exist, only five or the gap, and all you ever just like any talk about his imaginary goal for all the time and get the what I would sort escalating when
he would show up in women's rooms with his baseball hat on and it's like sunglasses over space and that's when you start doing research like hiding right off. I think you like walking a women's room. You look with these are names question mark and there be like a who are you and then he'd go and like he became his roommate became his confidante and he would like tell him all the stuff he like Bro, that's fun. Don't chill man no! No! No! I want to. I went in there. I went in there to see if their souls were cool, like literally that's what he said to him. He just like. Right. So what you do? Man, who's, going to hang out with their man. He was really going through phase. Not he also did really weird things like he would listen to the song. Shine by collective soul over that's done over and over and over and over mansion. This, just wouldn't let you wear should like just calling your parents he's like yeah use a quiet like asian kid It's like fine, but then he listens to
the song shine by collective soul, that really shady fuckin' question mark, which is just those rumours, fake, menacing, nickname of all time and then and then the circle and then for the for the final moments. You called himself acts x, mail and there's a lot of debate as to what I Ishmael man, but it's totally not much is the the sad thing. Let's arm yeah, let's read some: let's work in some masterpiece, the attack. Well, the only piece of will refer you guys today, it's a little play, but the of Richard MEG. Now this is one of the sadly rejected pieces that that you've got him to be where he is today great now it is interesting. Hitler was a failed artist
Of course he does. This is the equivalent of a also. If I was a one inch interesting detail of his crimes, is that he chained up all the doors and a lot of talk about how like he may have had a couple of dry runs because they found chains and Doris about the campus live weeks leading up to it and that he would write. He wrote a note and all I'm saying like if you try to open these doors, the building will explode yeah. I was part of a cat people inside he was very light, he planned this out? He did it well asleep. He also went to two different gun shops and he recorded all those videos in two different hotel rooms that he rented Sorry Richard Mcbeef Cast of characters, Richard Mcbeef, stepfather, forty sue, mother, forty John son, thirteen, the setting a living room, a basement and a car. Oh my he's got the formatting down. Yeah act, one scene, one
it is morning, the sun is shining through the windows of the kitchen. John enters the kitchen grabs, a cereal bar and opens it Richard make beef is sitting in the kitchen with his legs crossed. Reading the newspaper hey John, he forces a smile at him. What's up dick, he frowns try dad you we my dad and you know it. You, Dick John choose on the cereal bar angrily, come on John sit down. We need to have a man to man. Talk Richard pulls a chair next to him from under the table Man to man up your asses Bud John sneers, then proceeds to the living room and turns on the tv Richard follows him, sits down and faces him. I may not be your biological father, but your new father. We live under the same roof. We really need to get along. Come on son. Give me a chance Richard only rest his hand on Johns lap with the hair.
How you doing John slaps Richard's hand. What are you a catholic priest? I will not even molested by an aging balding overweight, pedophilic stepdad named Dick get your hands off me. You sicko down your you catholic priest, just stop it Michael Jack. Let me guess: you have a pet named Dick in Neverland Ranch. Do you want me to go with you to pet him right, She sighs and ignores the comments. What is what is the one for me? I mean what do you, what you want me to do Why are you so angry? Why am I so angry at you, because you murdered my father, so you could get into my mom's pants now hold on right there, mister, it was a boating accident. I did everything I could to try to save your father. Bulshit. Are you always full of shipment beef? I could see that you are by the extra fat you have packed on. You murdered my father and covered it up. You committed a conspiracy just like with the government is done to John Lennon and Marilyn Monroe. What what? What
owning he catches a glimpse of an old tabloid titled. The cover of Marilyn Monroe and John Lennon. You once worked for the government as a janitor. At least you hated the fact that my mom was with my dad. You knew my mom was too good for my father, see you took him out, still hurts use jack you shut, the hell Can you listen to me? You you want you want me to stick this remote control, a pure ask: buddy, you ain't even worth it man, this remote was five dollars. Yes, no, that's enough. That's enough raises his hand to strike his step son before he does Johns mom comes down the stairs. All my god. What's going on, she covers hugs, John and ushers him to the other end of the couch. What do you do? I know my son yes would you would have a nice chat to get on terms with him, and this is why what kind of stuff Are you pretending to be nice to him with that fake smile,
and your chubby face. Tell me what we had trying to do to him. You were about to hit him. Damn you I don't want hear it. Sue tells to go up to his room, but he observes the spectacle halfway up. The staircase I swear sue. I tried talking to him. He called me a son of how dare you, John, would never haven't, say such a thing. My poor little poopy, poopy boy, he lost his father just a month ago, show some compassion some stepfather. He tried to touch. Private oops. Sorry John, sign up on that bet. She Pizza John. She is Richard and slaps Richard in the head. Multiple times take for shoes. She hits him hard. He so with this larger arm and build soon listen to Maine. The manner in girth frightens her my god, what are you trying to do? Are you going to hit me too? She cowers
runs into the kitchen. She grabs the first thing she can. Which is a plate, stay back, say back. She throws the I chattering squarely on his forehead, but he is on move. Won't. Do fact based go to your room and lock it. She runs out the basement sexual psycho rapist murderer. Please following me: don't kill Maine. She rose wrenches and points lying on the ground at him, but he is not hard. I didn't even do anything. Okay, I'll I'll, stop following you stopped at his hands in the air he kneels. She throws a few more heavy objects at him. Let me explain: John is a rambunctious puypuy pubescent boy? Oh my god, you are a pedophile, no, no honey, poo, Hunnypot Hunnypot! don't you believe me, John, is just a cheap, missed, Gbs kid who's. Having trouble getting over his father's death he'll get over it. He just needs time railing. Yes,
Yes, now, why do we go to the bedroom and do it doggie style just the way you like it, honey poo in his room? He smiles and throws darts on the target. That is the face of Richard. I hate him must kill, Dick must kill Dick Dick must die, kill Dick Richmond beef. What kind of name is that wooden assehole name? I don't like it look at his face when I ask whole face, I don't like his face at all. You don't think I can kill you dick. You don't think I can kill. You got you! got one I get the other. He runs down to the basement by his mother side that fat man murdered dad. He told me. So while you were asleep mom and he molested me but she, as a chainsaw saw and ran it Richard. He runs out of the house and into this car. Thirty.
It's later, John, goes out to Richard and sits on the passenger side eating a cereal bar. I wonder why it's sunny out today is one fruity day Johnson squarely at Richard with a contentious look. Who is sitting with the flushed flake face, guess what tick he want to know You want to know why. I don't like you as you can't provide for my mom. You barely make the minimum wage man. All you do for mom is all that honey.
Honey, boo, honey, poo and pieces ship, your gender one time, you're a one time truck driver. You taught preschool kids for two months and now you're. You are what you like to call yourself. A chef with the rest of the world calls Hamburger flipper back where you came from the pinnacle of your careers. When you were a pro football player. How long did that? Last three weeks you over the hills, buster should look at yourself, I'll fat and lazy. Only for that to only if you were smart enough to stay in the league You wouldn't be like this, a former player. No wonder your name is Mick Pork. I mean Mcbeef. Well, the guys were packing on muscles. You were packing on Mcdonald's fat chowing down on three big macs in three minutes. You want me to call you dad. Ok, hey dad! You are such an asshole asshole of
hey dad this for you bang on my mom. Let's hope that lasted as long as you're pathetic career, you prematurely ejaculating piece. It takes it It sucks for you, you, mother, fucking Mcbeef. How dare you talk to your stepfather like that? It SU giant tree trunk piece of asphalt. John Sticks is happy to see real barn, his stepfather's mouth and attempts to shove it down his throat this John away and takes out the stereo cereal bars so cute. Dad here, desecrated hurt and anger. Richard his large arms and swings a deadly blow at the thirteen year old boy, a lights out? that is brilliant, that schitt escalate he didn't make it no, I don't John died. Mcbeef winski believe song chose not
regular Neil Simon, I mean that's thing: it is kind of an interesting script. It's an interesting twist. You think John is going to kill Richard Richard, kills John Intrigue yeah, the only other one to do. The main you dies as well: yeah yeah, Yeah he was, he always do that he was a bit. You know beautiful loser is opposite of that ugly, a loser. What we've got to? I mean a we've kind of run out of time here, but I mean the guys yeah son chose number three. No, two and one that's Martin Bryant and Anders Breivik. Martin Bryant was the same kind of guys show very quickly same kind of guys. Show. His mother described him as extremely annoying and aggravating he never had any friends his entire life social workers, which is saying like he will never live a normal life you will have to be under his parents, cares entire life, his only friend as far as we can tell
artist, entire life with the mattress name, Mackie Sanabad information. We can spray painted smile on it, and then you know just now: it's not just brush over these guys. Let's just I mean we don't have to do a third episode, but we can come back to him in a later time. 'cause right now we just covered two american college killers, so we can I mean, unless you just want to 'cause. These guys are also great yeah, so these guys I mean it's their number one and two. I feel for reasons I mean for number two yeah Lars Olson, number one he's doing great. It's Anders Define Jerry killed? Seventy seven he's world champion the other ones like Martin Brian, and just to give you a little preview for him. His the last thing he said before we start
student people was, there sure, are a lot of wasps out today. Alright, he was australian, so as eyeshadow wallside today it was the guy who shot that really that the historical like park right under the dashboard yeah, it was a tourist attraction in there are conspiracy theories that he was not the actual yeah, so go to parks and don't go to. Can I blame you Australians out there, oh and also don't go to camps, because that's where Anders Breivik did this day and stay inside they watch cable had on that Mcdonald's, fat, Mick, Mick, pork, Mick Beach, yep, because Anders Breivik he is the only one. As far as I know that playing dead did not work. Oh no it. Wasn't it wasn't falling for that old bullshit? Now he wished. He shooting everybody. Ninety times it all the time in the world who's in that he was an island yeah. If you didn't see blood, he was shooting yeah, that's true, and he just got done with.
Tennis championship after getting out a clock making university. You have a different idea of what they do in Norway. Well, that's the story, women in Mister Chair and that that needs to be an odd couple. It needs to be if you're having vitamins on Mister. Like literally tell someone I just. Did you tell someone tell a lot of people who might be a tumor? Don't stop at one till everybody, how a lot of people about tell them through bullets? No, oh installations, Hail, Satan and, of course, hail yourselves. Everybody will talk to you soon. Goodbye.
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