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Episode 89: Open Lines

2015-02-16 | 🔗

This is it! We're finally releasing our long awaited pilot on to the podcasting masses. Join us as we take calls from a man running a haunted hotel, an ER nurse who swears he can feel spirits leaving bodies, and woman who has had actual sexual intercourse with a ghost.

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There's no place to escape to this is the last time Welcome to the show? That's Marcus Parks on Ben Kissel, Hong Kong, Henry Zebrowski can't be here this week, so we are going to for you guys are Sirius Satellite radio pilot open lines
episodes all about ghosts and spectral feel yeah. We started off a little bit light for because you know a lot of this stuff. I know a lot of our listeners are going to know exactly what we're talking about long before we get to the punch, but we were doing this as a pilot to introduce people to our specific brand of paranormal research so bear bear with us. While we get through all the explanations of intelligent, hauntings and residual hauntings and this and that and what not we know you know, we know you know, but educated group just enjoy it and have a great time with it. Man that's running so glad you guys are finally going to get to hear this yeah, it's very alot of people to ask why we're going to get here now. Now is the time and you're going to love it. So blast emails over to serious and just give us more raw dog at Siriusxm dot com? That's right! Then you can tell them. If you enjoy the pilots, they put it on the air. Put it on the air. Get these boys a show. Alright, everyone enjoy open lines.
you're in the a bat bat pass are you warmed up slices of buttered? Welcome to open lines? Everybody? Your host, Cancel with me is always: we've got Marcus Parks, hello, good, to see you buddy you too man, and of course The mad genius himself, Mister Henry Zebrowski, whispering willows of gunk twisted, whispering willows of gunk cross that do not fit voice
Exercise very clear, very soon you it's a more warmer, it's a person to be have a very kind of listen. You're. Speaking on the radio, did you just get but it's exercise is hi. My name is Andrew stress indeed mark. Henry and myself, we've been doing a pod. Last podcast on the left for many years now- and this is our serious debut on the little program open. All we discuss is the macabre and things of horrific nature. It's a Broadway debut. I can't wait to sing songs for the people It's a little bit different that you. If you really want a dream, I dream: good for you June Akron. Oh just turned us off, that's right! Thank you! So much Henry, no we're not here to sing Broadway, show tunes we're here to discuss today's topic, which is, wonderful world of ghosts. You know we are very big fans of coast to coast. Am a big shout out to Costco SAM Listeners, shot out yeah. I didn't hear the response,
No, no it's rated on, but we we love the open line for at. We want to hear from you stories about ghosts and little class I'll be today were let's get started with a couple of different kinds of ghosts, absolutely 'cause there's all types of ghost like there's all types of dogs for that. There's twelve brands of pig interval there's multiple different sorts of pigs and dogs, but there's two specific kinds of ghosts: absolutely, and so we're going to pepper it with some information to kind of get you familiar with how we do things around this joint, that's right! So, let's turn off Marcus. What is the most powerful of all the ghosts the pet most powerful, with most powerful ghost alright well uh, one of the biggest hauntings around our orbs know. Ok, this is the thing about it works right. You said you take pictures of people,
until like honey houses in old barns. In the trying you know, they're trying to seduce old Becky ratio is three hundred pounds. He's got a right of the pick up right you for your polar cameras. You can have a picture to to take to show your friends. You actually got with Becky Absolute. You bring your favorite diet orange crush to get around there because, as their favorite sir, be drink to drink right away. Please, when you do call- and let me know what you think about Diet orange crush- because I brought to into the studio today- and I have not- the end of it he had to die and she dyed orange crushes and a diet Pepsi in front of him. It's like the dinner of an assistant manager to Jc Penney. Well, you know I've got a good job in trying to keep it. I do know yes, absolutely
even if I don't make sixty five years, so people go in there going to say like oh, let's take pictures of some ghosts. Let's go look for some go, so let's get some fucking hard evidence, which is just. I mean it's technically impossible, because ghost I mean we can't understand. I don't know whether they're not hard technically universal goop. So sometimes when people take pictures that copes what happens? Is these orbs show up on the pictures a lot of times? People want to say that it's dust particles they could caught in the air and the light sort of bounces off of them, but I think that their circle go, It's interesting and what does a circle goes do well or our life forms that traveling groups and are believed to be the human soul or life force of those that once inhabited a physical body here on earth, psychics claim talk to them on a regular basis and ghost hunters and counted them quite frequently. So, let's see, you a three hundred hundred or in real life. You could argue she sort of an orb. Let's say you killer when you're in this barn, it's technically
possible for her to come back and haunt the next group of kids that were trying to book point on the head. She's caught her bubble prison from their launches next time. I bring me my friend up. Where is my teacher it sounds like she's living her perfect life will salute Lee. I mean it just depends on how you're built in life. Normally, if you're built to stand the orb, then you can do it like. I can stand the orb right so you can't see on the radio- and you don't know me personally, but I am a bit of a portly man if you are at home right now and you're listening to this You have access to a computer, Google, Henry Zebrowski. You can also see you know, was middle of the road Z, e r, O S, w Yes, you told them that did this spell that for seven years, been told they look like a Hollywood version of. What's the name doctor Robotnik, yes daddy, So it sounds to me like this Becky Derrick character. She would be happy to being stuck inside of a bubble orb, and in real life had she lives. She probably would have been stuck on
I'm going to trailer yeah now the orbs or some of the most famous ones around yeah. Lily orbs orbs are definitely a big part of paranormal research. It's what a lot for ghost hunters, like all of your ghost Hunter tv shows there the one You get really excited about the others like that to go straight there. You could tell it in the picture right. Look at the picture. There's a frame outline of a man in the doorway and just like that is. It's a grease stained yeah, that is a former slot kitchen as you're. Well we're looking at here the grease stain or a grip in the wrong position. You know one of those So let's go down the rabbit hole a little bit more than We want to talk about hauntings 'cause, the ideas that we want, people to call in and tell us what is your scariest haunting experience? Have you seen a ghost? Please tell me you've seen a ghost because they won't appear to me, because I want to see him so bad almost go somewhere to get my hands on all the goals that much come. Exactly what you do on Cupid Right- and this is terrified of this problem- is
and I always thought the best way to get a womans confidences to grip the edge of her skirt right, but that's not that's, not it in the 1940s that would just make you married, but it's two thousand and thirteen so times have changed two years at her work every single day and then one day you're married arrested, that's what you were looking for- is arrested? Let's go through some, more common types of hauntings and then we'll take a phone call One of the most common types of hauntings is the residual haunting that residual haunting activity occurs when something traumatic or stressful occurs, such as when your girl in the barn gets, raped and murdered I never said that making got raped as we were taken on a date to barn right right off. That was my thing. Okay, yeah well, negative energy is literally blasted in the atmosphere causing the atmosphere to imprint will record. The events like such as in here Shima ran the
time bomb dropped and you had the shadow people on the wall. Don't be afraid that we mentioned Hiroshima right. It won't be. The last time will not be also like the smell of burnt popcorn yeah or like living above an old chinese restaurant those types of hauntings where you say stayed old hotel and they say well, you know every night at three, a M Old Lady Winchester walks down the stairs, but if you wait a little while show your boobs in a secure, if she just cleaned up the damn place a little bit, that would be a nice clean goes to go sometimes leave old boxes of general sows in here. I don't know maybe some sort of comedian radio DJ, but it could also be a ghost well. Residual activity can also be positive. Sometimes, of hauntings, where you'll hear people having parties the last thing having a good time, it's going to be the saddest thing, if you're, all alone alone in your apartment and there's a good there's, a ghost party happening around units like Army, no, not yet I'm fast mental, real human part. I mean, I don't even know if you're invited to the ghost party
you literally on the outside. Looking in no yeah, no ghost bouncers like you want to lose. You want to list I know I know Meredith it has been alive. For two hundred years of my I love marriage. Very, very much. Ok, so you have some positive and negative ghost haunting experiences. So this is your residual ghost haunting with the other one there's there's quite a few different kinds of 'em, there's, also poltergeist activity or culture. Grace is my favorite, because they'll flip up a skirt When does the poltergeist activity usually begin? it's usually caused by an adolescent teenage girl going through puberty, Herman Arsh Herman. Are she love this song
camera selling throughout the entire studio. Well, there are some people who argue that poltergeist activity is not actually paranormal or it is not caused by ghost, but is caused by certain psychic energies that people who are going through very stressful situations, project out into the household. That's also a very common thing. For ghost in general people talk about there may there may be actual entities called ghost sort, sort of like intelligence that exists around us there's. Also, a lot of science is coming out now that all goes searches, sort of mental activity that get refracted into a space. So if you were thirteen areas, one thousand two hundred and eleven girl girl, you're going through your period, life is very difficult to hate your father, you hate your mother, you probably hate most of your girlfriends. Are we don't like you're in a difficult time, meeting boys forced to sell more liquor girl you find out your hermaphrodite? I mean things the last thing you need to top off this poop. I is a ghost haunting. We actually
A very beautiful friend of ours. Natalie Sanders is a shout out to Natalie Sanders, who experienced some very visceral poltergeist activity. I'll be story, then we'll take our first call. Natalie was Natalie experience, some very heavy poltergeist activity. When she living in apartment in Bushwick Brooklyn, where Essentia Lee. She believed that her entire house was inhabited by a jealous female ghost, she's, very beautiful and think she at the time. You know she had many a paramour. Ok, and so he was issued apparently like her stove tops would turn on as she was asleep should wake up for no reason she walked into the kitchen and all the stove tops would be on and then one time the cab we went in. We saw all we're the cabinet flew it. It is talking about like a four cabinet wool thing. Whatever and call the cabinet? It's a wall thing came shooting off the wall like seven feet out into the middle of the kitchen, snacks and the biggest thing that happened was that she woke up one night and she had matches down her pack like two two foot? Long?
scratches down the middle of her back and she walked up and walked into the kitchen. All the stoves tops and down the hallway, for it was her front door and there was a bunch of winter coats and she keep on there and she found off the front door and tied in a circle in her kitchen floor, absolutely soaked with water it's. The most frightening thing: I've ever seen going into the house and listening to tell the story was like who's Muchi I remember you and I actually went to her home into the seance there and then she asked us to leave indeed well, we kind of creep her out. I think we were far creepier than any ghost that could have possibly been haunting that let's take our first call Andy, what's going on buddy, but have you ever been haunted? Yes, I have when I was a small child between ages. Six and eight- I don't remember exactly. Ok, we're going through period. We weren't going through your period. No, maybe no! No, no! Definitely not so what are the details would actually happen. You know it was like a small kid. It was night time I was playing on my bed with my toys.
And I remember you- know my rooms square and had a window directly across my that Andy out, slash worker. So you know like in a hard movie if you notice, like the periphery saying and, and the the characters like they feel it. I, these are also sometimes known as shadow people, certain general people believe that those people in the corners of your eyes are actually paranormal activity. Also, if your shadow looking like way too much we'd like all the time, sometimes you'll see things in the corners right, but I just kind of what I do to myself and it's my fault question. Were you stone? six years old. I would probably still Do it that'll do to Donald's? it's a line in bed playing with your toys. Yeah- and I remember it distinctly. It was the actual, a Mcdonald's toy that the half moon
man. I don't know if you remember that that goes with the creepiest commercials on television I loved it. I don't know so. I just turned my head still left and I look at what I see is essentially kind of like a traditional ghost. If you think about it, but later on, I figured out it was like a KKK type thing like it's like triangle: I'm like two black holes for eyes, is looking at me through the window. Found out any sort of racist rhetoric. I will give you the idea that it was a KKK goat. Jewish, are you? Ok, I'm not I'm not sure, Do you have a drunk uncle that may have been left standing in your room that you did not know was a member of the clan. You will look at me in four Galea nephew do you see this kkk looking ghost
movies playing at that moment. I just didn't know it. Yeah, it's fine! It's serious! You can do whatever you like it's kind of insane. So I will I I turn. I don't know what to do and like this only happened in dreams before where I don't know what to do and I'm trying to screen, but nothing is coming out of my mouth and I just buried my head on my pillow and keep trying to scream until it like. I just start, right and my parents come over and they told me like I'm seeing ships when they came into your room, I mean do they believe that you would just seen a ghost, or did you have an active imagination as a child? I had an active imagination. I always have problems sleeping I mean I think my parents are like from South America and the really old school, but like no, you did not see anything else. Alright, you? Can you tell me what up? Where did you live in the United States at the time? Oh, ok! So this! This is what,
if you tell me Indiana, it was a glance some research about this. This I grew up in Monmouth, County New Jersey. And mama Mama Mama's county okay, like a huge stronghold for the KKK up into the fifties. Interesting did the something did something happen to the KKK, of a Momma's county. Today it was a real large death of the KKK. Our biggest got broken up by the the government industry and I guess it is dispersed further south because, like they go exactly, I just grew up in a majority like italian, jewish neighborhood. Well, actually, my my dad used to go to my dad we're for I'm from New York in Queens my dad used to go to a bar that used to have a back meeting hall that used to have a lot of sort of like NEO meetings, okay, I also don't know- I mean we're polish. I I you and the we would just be naturally afraid of them. Yes, ma'am, yes,
any it have you ever. Have you been visited again? Were you Did it again as a trial by any sort of klansmen ghost I mean I'm. I moved to Florida after that and there are no ghosts in Portland Was this moment important enough in your life, for you to change your philosophies? Do you still? I mean obviously you believe in ghosts now. Did it does help? You choose a put a specific religion, or did you join the Klan? I need the outfit, so I decided to join the cloud. Makes me look like a ghost now I mean I just really. I became a hardcore atheist in college because, like you know everything in college or whatever, but I couldn't swim back to it and 'cause. I I don't know, I don't think it could have been an actual person at KU, Klux, Klan outfit, because my window is like twelve. I think around. So I think this is a good. This is a perfect example of a residual haunting, because these are thank you so much for calling and Andy.
Yeah. That's a perfect example of a residual haunting this it's it's the negative, is drenched in an entire mama's county, right now. Unless I thought it was mom as well. It's mom, mom, mom mom just sounds like a restaurant. Come on come on mom's calling look at best. Meatballs you ever had a new jersey. I mean I would the county would live there, a heartbeat and by the way it looks, Klan costumes for rant mom account. He had a large KKK resort where they used to go and have retreats and events so upset when the chlorine bleach them. I guess I technically they would just get whiter yeah. They would actually very much enjoy that okay, so this is an example of a residual haunting very much so because this haunting had reached through and sort of you know if it had touched his Jen right. That would have been a more of an intelligent, haunting sure and then something we're going to discuss a little bit later on and today's program. A little thing called spectral: let's see, let's just another call. We have a
Dave in Minneapolis Dave. What's your ghost story? What's up dude, I uh. I actually have a ghost story. I would've been a Kilkenny, Ireland in two thousand and six, and if it's a relatively sizable city in Ireland, just outside of dublin- and I was up all night in dublin- traveled over there and needed to take a nap and lay down. Does this music bring you back to that night So I hope you enjoy yourself here now. Early we've got all the finest way to feet that you can get well white feet. We live in dirt huts. Is that the irish? True? I think that might be it you're starting to create
you're in Ireland. You have you're hanging out. Actually Ireland directly. If you imagine yeah- and I do not do a band type compound, which is that was a very old town in it, and it was right across the street from the castle and out a breakfast and decided to take a nap for awhile, and I went to my room and lay down and fell asleep and had a not an off a little bit and all the sudden. I started to hear noises as if I was out on the street like car horns and light like angels, like that. Coming from the doorway- and I look over at the doorway- and I can see I I'm looking at the door and I'm still hearing the noise when I look at the foot of the bad, send their remarks. If you're in a bike he coming off a grill, it looks like what coming off the grill like
He like, but like we, the air people, talk about that with the shadow people occurrences and also they talk about that with Ilene Adduction swell okay, we might have a possible ghost or an alien situation, or just another dirty uncle in the shadows, Ireland. Well, let's go with the coast, there's no there's no dirty uncles in Ireland. I am, but I think that's where the dirty uncles inventor yeah with possible. It's possible all come here now I'll show ya my want to go see on coming Donnelly, anymore mom. Ok so sorry tell your story You saw this sort of heat coming off, of a shadowy figure on The end of your bed, yeah you're, the shadowy figure it was, it was very large and it and it was made in the shape of like like swamp thing like it. It kind of came to a point that and at you got blackout drunk in Ireland and brought a woman home that you don't remember.
Take me to the United, my It's been miserable ever since that's a marriage. That's the true ghost! That's the real hunting What were you thinking? What was going through your mind? Well, I didn't really know what to think and I was trying to figure out what it was of course, and it had it had a sort of a personality to it, and I could I could feel that it was. It was like an excited dog it was very mad, like just excited cause type enerji. No, this is very yeah. I guess I guess you could say it was a nervous energy and it was. It was kind of kind of happy and kind of uh.
Like like a lot of excitement through it and soon did you attend to and age, the figure? No, I just stared at it. I've never experienced anything like that before and I absolutely do not believe in ghosts beforehand and suddenly I got sucked like into the not like down into it, but I got completely stuck to the bed like. My arms and legs yeah, that's also Roscommon, with alien abductions. Okay, it's also sleep paralysis, which also weirdly happens. You could have been asleep.
I thought you were asleep. I was completely lucid awake, except for I had been asleep. Leading up to that moment was when I heard the noises from the street that I woke up, but I was in the room it was. It was exactly the time of day that it was like there's no way that I had taken enough note of the room to ascii being details of it. That clear in my mind and as I would start to the bed it passed through me and through the wall. And at what point did you give birth to the ghost baby? Get several hours later answer shepherds, pie, yeah? That was just a huge dump. You ended up taking. Well that's amazing, and has this story gotten you laid it all over there in Minneapolis? Well, I don't tell it. I've been waiting. I've been waiting a long time to tell it. I pulled my mom immediately afterward and she was like never speaking for yourself, she's been having an affair with a ghost all these years. Yeah she's been Ireland. She knows it happens, then. Well
so much for sharing your story with this Dave absolutely, it's great to hear more of the pleasurable experience. It sounds like to the degree that the ghost didn't seem hostile or angry. There's a lot of talk that he the aliens also, but the ghost like to experience a sort of a they they like to fill the fuel to communication they like to reach out and get like through the barrier of the whatever dimension that they're living in in order to speak to us, that's great and of course, the open lines with Marcus Parks, Henry the Browns Gay and myself. I am been canceled what what what he got markets well. What I was going to say is that the sounds more like an intelligent haunting. Ok, You want to get into an example of an intelligent, hauntings, real quick time. Let's get the definition of intelligent hauntings. If we could absolutely well uh this intelligent, hauntings kind of plays into Albert Einstein's theory about Energi
or energy can neither be created nor destroyed. How you could make the best brothels in countries. Did Einstein invent the brauers, absolutely he's like you'll. Take a pigs foot than you boil it and dog missing. Is that what I'm stand sounded like there was? I mean he wasn't a good cook right. He was a brilliant mathematician sure. So and so telligent hunting, so intelligent hauntings is uh. The theory behind that is that energy can neither be created nor destroyed and there. Of course a lot of electrical impulses going on in our bodies at any given time things this jerk around, like a bunch of puppets on this of spin in rock, we call the planet earth exactly and there is when we die. No one really knows why, but the body, loses six ounces, okay, yeah this is. This is a proven. Scientific is a proven scientific fact, and this doesn't have anything to do with the fact you tend to urinate yourself and and go number two when you die. I think you did.
Really you fart out the way it's for them. They factor that into it. Okay, so if you had a tractor that that's factor, but we had, we used to have called all the FARC that we could get out of this corpse add up to six ounces. It's only three. It is an interesting point that Henry makes, though, how does the Spirit to leave the body I mean It has two whole options or three. I suppose I can't wait till I actually diet and I just plug in shoot around the room like a deflated balloon yeah I that's exactly what's going to happen. It's gonna happen tonight. Yeah yeah, no that'll just be I had a lot of chicken vindaloo. No one wants to hear about it let's say that that thing that which leave This is our soul or and those things can stick around in the physical world and communicate with us in either a positive or a negative way. Yes, and so it with an intelligent, hauntings, these creatures, creatures or entities that want to to us in or affecting our environment, and they have a personality in there doing stuff to us. Ok,
Fiddler's fiddler's, if you will yeah fascinating? So let's take another call let's go to. I don't know the name here on my screen. It just says trucker, and I must say I always love truckers. My father was a truck driver for cc acts and I he worked overnight. So it's always nice to speak with my dad. Is, I hope it is your wife. I hope it is all right to got for his body. Yes, you are how you doing good. How are you man good good? I would, I would say my name is Brian and it's not trucker with a ghost story, but I drive a lot so I'm on the road with the truckers all the time where you calling in right now, I'm in the call wash my windshield. Do you? Do you see roving tribes of indian women just walking along a highway in New Mexico? You know what we mean that indian women, but we service the Arizona.
And the white paint her another, the white mountains which is just outside, Hwy. Ninety there's a set of mountains that you would ever want someone else spirit, dancing on but anyway the reason I'm calling you was the first time I ever had a ghost experience that actually made me I'm not not calling you to like push religion or any of that kind of oh. But I wouldn't, I would respond atheist until this afternoon. I have over here old ninety nine in a race car accident, and I just happened to be up in Flagstaff Arizona and I was getting what he called his cabin okay, what you're, actually pretty big house up and forced Thailand right but to clock in the morning and
I haven't been smoking pot or doing shrooms or anything like that, but you have to know visiting the place where my dad spent so much time at ok and I'm laying in my bed in my room, and I can't really sleep anyways and the house is pitch black. You know I was I'm always along with people like turned off all the lights right right right, possible men, your your conservation, like a little kid during the game like from the house. I agree right and I see how I feel like come on in the house. Okay, and I'm like ok. First of all, I've got the alarm on there's no way anybody could even get into this community right. You know what I'm going to see, what it is an eye open, my bedroom door and, surprisingly enough really clear day it was. It was no is that your father faked his own death,
to get some bags and then he didn't realize that you're going to be there that weekend, maybe he was just trying to do trying to leave the family there. Yes, he knows I was having. I struggled with my dad that pretty pretty bad I mean, like you know when he died. I I started thinking, every hooker. I could find is similar, similar reaction promise. You just live that life as a comedian already without the excuse, yeah, that's true yeah I mean that was smoking at all, start at all, and you know just having a lot of time in life and they had no space or any of that kind of ship. But one thing at the cabin there. You see your father. What goes through your mind, well scared to shoot out of it any, and I mean it was like an actual. So. I'm standing in front of me. It was not some bright light. It wasn't like a transparent figure. It was in person. That was my dad.
How much did you attend to touch the ghost at all? No, I said holy fuck. I slam the door. I grab my bag. I opened up the door again. House is pitch black ironic yeah. I run out of the house. I get my my truck. I drive all the way back down to Phoenix and the next day I tell my step mom what had happened. She calls the security guard up and forced Highland, so say: go check on the house and yeah sure enough. The front door is wide open, no lights were on in the house, but they could tell that somebody had been. Fascinated, and now this experience was so powerful for you. It made you choose a false idol, that is God, no that's Thank you so much for calling in Bryan all right. You too brother, you see, that's also really interesting. I think it happens a lot with people that, when you're close with someone it's those bonds are ready, so it's so much easier for them to come back and see you again, absolutely no,
I mean the same time. I just feel like. If I go to Heaven, y'all ain't seen me never again. No because I'm gonna be drinking keg butter with Beethoven, playing on pearly, whites, Jimi Hendrix? You will not be going to happen. Hey now with Einstein, Michael Clarke, Duncan. In fact, if you want to see the future of what Henry's life will be like after he dies, Henry was the star of an adult swim program. Called your pretty face is going to Hell, you can find it on hillside, Hail Satan. You can find that online and that's, of course, is the man that you just heard speaking. There is beautiful and it's true form. Looking like a devil. Just talking about souls leaving We've got a great caller here. He works in the er and he swears a child's body, a child fell to soul, leave a child's body right.
In Alabama. What do you got for us, buddy yeah, when I was working in the er, it depends on the age, usually the younger the person that would die with us. We could actually feel something move right. Past us yeah, exactly as we had a young teenager who was, we were working on feverishly to try to save him, and I was standing next to another nurse. The doctor was across from us and all of us and we were almost children shoulder 'cause. You know, there's not a lot of room there. So, all of a sudden we felt like someone walked between us. We looked at each other and we Now look at the docket that we're done and he felt that as well because he said okay, but it's not don't walk out so before the equipment. Before the machine officially announced that this child dead, you would just already been able to call it because you felt like the ghost just kind of walked right past his spirit, exactly yeah. It was like you're out of time to kill somebody walk behind you and you, you kind of know, somebody's there. I don't feel so.
Much when people walk behind me, but I looked closely walk behind people think and buy them like that were built like MIKE Myers. Would you can't see on the radio? Is that you're, a better Kissel, seven feet tall and he I mean he's, got a dour look for right, I'm six foot, seven inches, which is the exact size of Michael Myers. So how many times have you felt a soul? Leave a person's body? I would have to say if you call a solar enerji, but I would have to say about ten times every time I worked in the south, or can I see you ok, so between the two places, a lot of people died there and just amazing what happened now of working in nursing homes, watching when no one's Diane is it is it just? Do you just enjoy being the most beautiful man in the room you know I can there three pushups
Well, I should go to the once a week just to feel good about myself. I just feel I It was like an old woman like in there. Well, that goes past, usually because, like there with like a weed pipe like trying to suck it up, like, I gotta tell you what you'd be shocked at what the folks at night. Israel's you know there are, but it's funny continue on Robert make another funny thing about him. Was these old man come in all their walkers and I don't know what about him or what about the Pacific WAR War two, but everyone of them was the boxing champion in nineteen forty five well. They could have only been one I mean. That's, that's. I think the line these old people make up their terrible. Do you mean to tell me I can't anymore? I know for a God. Damn to put a woman in here I could come along with my big fat check did not seem to lose your house in the war. Thank you so
for calling in Robert I'll talk, we'll talk to you soon. I could not big sacks of rice really yea come over it's like a bunch of gravel in there. You want to touch a little girl interesting. So do you think that, with Win Robert called, he seemed to really put an emphasis youth when it came to the soul, leaving the body I mean. Does this so late or the Spirit or the energycap? Do you think if you died in older age, when you die, the the energy is going to be slightly less yeah, it's going to it's like it when you ejaculate, when you're ready- and it's like it's like it's just, that's what it sounds like, but the thing is that you were talking about with the poltergeist activity is that it happens with young people, because the psychic energy built around their internal organs there more nourish, shooting through there, system that the environment, changes a lot more, there's a lot more energy there. I mean I'm no expert. We all know how, when the older you get, the more your soul dies, The light goes out of your eyes. Proof side. Through
right there so makes me hard everything everyone's got different things that stroke there being it is it I. I did like the point, though, about all old people: they they they or their malicious human beings. I was with my grandmother at her nursing home with them and I think Colson the corner, but you need sir stronger than we could ever be, I'm I'm eating lunch with my grandmother. She looks around the room and every all the old couples in she just points when she dies, I'm going to have sex with him when she dies. I'm gonna have sex with my grandmother you're wishing these women dead and she's like yes, yes and then I would have sex with her husband yeah pretty much she might be. She might be alright. Well, let's get a story here from Ed in Brooklyn, and what do you got for us buddy? What's going on? What's up dude sorry, I had this weird thing happened when I was a kid I was walking, I was after
cub scout meeting you sound really fat. Are you wanna argue the fattest caller that we've had all day I have what doctors called a bit of a you gotta, so anyway, being a chubby cub scout. We were leaving and uh we were leaving. It was my I was done at Catholic, school and right next door over the graveyard, and my father is driving me, my mother home and we're passing the graveyard and there's just like there's blue shadowy figure in the road and be my mother starts screaming in my dad. Really stop. Stop stop correspond to call you going to hit this guy in Skype in like that, might actually there's nothing on the road there's nothing in the road and then he drives right through it. I mean my mom lose their minds.
We just go crazy start screaming you get. Somebody hit somebody with a car that still let you just killed. Somebody you know with this car did hit something with their thumb. Now do it now, then I did, it didn't feel anything at all, and did your dad. Wasn't he didn't hit a dude in the road yeah. He was really hoping that you guys did see something every man. To kill something with the car yeah you you go for the best. The way we we we we got a car, I mean my mom and my dad. You know, and we we got a car look around. There's there's nothing there. There were, you know, were freaking out over like we know you did something or call in our you know people are passing us. You know it's crazy, there's nothing! There just leave and you guys are just left on the side of the road. Well, what happened was it soon, as we got back in the car we start driving away and then,
I don't know how but the locks on the car I mean it could just be some weird thing that happened just randomly coincidence, but I locked in the car just started, going up and down like crazy, like Madhouse, just up and down up and down up down up down and then it stopped and we went home and we just never talked about it yet right, right, right and fast forward later, I'm in high school now, and I'm just I'm driving by the same graveyard with my buddy TIM and were driving by the group that never told the story. We've never talked about it. Just you know it never came up and then you guys are very close friends with people. You know you don't really talk about. You know things that are.
Slightly embarrassing. You know, or you know, that's why it's good to call in here and be anonymous, so yeah in too. I never told me about the story and we're driving and he's like he's like stop. Stop stop going to hit somebody hit. Somebody I don't see nothing. I drove right through same thing happens like you hit someone you get pulled in my mind, I'm losing I'm freaking out 'cause. I know exam. You know that you know like five years, seven years later, she's flying back to your brain and some some. So your driving this time, much like your father, is driving the last time and now the person, the passenger seat, sees these similar blue eye shadow image that return to it. That's all I knew was home or true one week old. What you see, which seems like it was like just below your old straddle you'll, be doing a show like you know, brought it out here and then then I just crazy, bongs, not
early and is that was that the last time you they had seen a ghost, or did I mean it happened? A lot to me. Weird things happen a lot. That's the most! That's the one that sticks out the most. I had a house, but I've lived in in uh. Ok, which is already filled with pre death people. Indeed, absolutely and the house. It was always a brand new house. But it was the somehow is always something going on. You know there was you know things where would you put on? I mean everyone makes mistakes, but I think things won't where you put on an like doors which shot and I'd walk into kicker in the cabinet to the open you know and like there be random people banging on the doors. Sometimes I have this one instance where I was on my phone, my buddy, and there was a bang at the door real loud and I was like they opened or not there
and there it's hard to get in and out without me, touching you right, and so I was just saying that you you messed around music, no, no, no running through the house as well gonna commit commit commit yet I've, let it in probably yeah. That's for sure. So, I'm like freaking out, I'm still talk to him on the phone. I'm like I don't know. What's going on now. Let me hang up figure out what's going on someone and then just then, when I hang up the phone, I look at the sliding doors and there's absolutely nothing there and you know. Obviously you could see through them and uh. Or search may start violently shaking in banking, and I lost my mind. I just left the house. Are you scared? that's great you just you just bolted on out of there right it was that was done done done. I believe that was right and I do all right. So then you
and that was it. I left the house and then the week later, after that I was a stickler, my buddy Corey. We would always like we hang out in my room that we passed out in the next room where they had like two beds. Next to each other, and we're going to push those best together throughout the night or anything like that which together so you don't roll over, and it seems in the letters to have mister korean. You sleep in the same bed, these young, all right and I'm so sorry to cut you off shore. We need to take a break and we, when we come back we're gonna discuss a little thing called Spectral feel yeah stick with those guys. to open lines. Everybody on been kids with Marcus Parks and Henry Zebrowski girls. Popper starts off. That's right, of course, as I was promised before the break right now we're going discuss a little ghosts. Love, A little thing called specter of feeling. Have you ever just wanted to? Let you know like when you bring a due to how
night, you know, and even though I don't so he could listen. You know let's say, you're out on the town you're in college here just trying to experience something new and you just bring a dude. Who tells you that he's you know a poem in a guitar player and he works on the railroad so you'll do it comes into the house. He makes furious love t shirt. You know just messing with your chest and grab it on your butt, like hard, but also like speaking, buyer and you know, and then you wake up in one Byron, Lord Byron, why you know? And then you we hornet sound. Like so how cleft and ripe your buttocks are? Oh, ok, I see sure that isn't chanting and then you wake up and he's gone. That's like fucking, a ghost. Also, a terrible one night stand where you may or may or may not have dabbled in homosexuality. That's a spectral field. When you bring all sandy home was the last girl in the bar at three hundred and thirty in the morning when you wake up and means you're married to her at seven years later, and you got four kids, that's like walking a ghost. Indeed, that's what he called the old polish relationship, alright, Marcus. What's the definition of spectral philia well, the definition of
After Philia is a sexual attraction to ghosts or sexual arousal from images in mirrors also, it is the phenomenon of sexual encounters between goes and humans, so yeah what about just watching ghost Phuc? I I mean, that is part inspector feel you, because it is a sexual attraction. The ghost like say, we have sexual attraction towards women. We like to watch women same thing with ghosts, interesting sure, so is there. So it is a man if you love a ghost How is your in Ok Cupid, for that? Is there a need, ghost harmony, alot of find ghost love what that's sweet. I hope, everybody is ready to meet Luke. VON Beethoven, very nice. I love hello, girls, I place a piano and I enjoy many different types of harpsichord music. You know what I'm more of a rock and roll kind of down a very tall, very tall socks and a girl, and I like it when a girl is wearing a whole bunch of sick cotton caught
he dresses and ribbed things to keep in her large gut. Well, I do have a large cut. Do you have a condom by any chance watch? Is a condom not have sex through a wool? Mit? Oh, ok! Well, that's totally! Fine, So how do you find ghost love or Spectrophilia Xy? the things that they do very often. This is something that a psychologist who studied this found that many Spectrophilia axe, masturbate against mirrors, so Kanye West, is a spectral philia, especially a spectral philia, I'm not necessarily looking at themselves in the mirror. Ok, just looking at the mirror like looking at some, it's like seeing a different world. Being able to ejaculate into a different dimension. I've heard about it differently going to, but but that's a whole other world. That's every single time I rip bowls and Jim masturbate, and I'm just like. Oh man, I'm going to come on Mars yeah.
And the other there are also some fell in on March, just the Martian just like it's raining again ma'am. This is so weird and sticky this, LT rain is helping the flowers grow. Whatever this rain is, must be God you camp we got him are still make yourself, like Donna Marzipan, this Jackov joke Spectra, we are also includes the legends of the Incubus and succubus and Incubus. An incubus is a man demon, takes the soul of a woman by having sex with her okay. Can you give us any and he's a ram ram, ram ram and she's like? Thank you right and his succubus is a woman who does the same to a man finally takes the money, yeah and Dan Aykroyd in Ghostbusters. When he's laying in that the in the what was ever cut out scene when he's laying on the bed- and he goes zip this line, and that sucks is that this is the only reason generally, if you remember that scene in Ghostbusters, we probably watched it when we all watched it. When we were younger, I never really got the whole ghost blow
seen and I watched it as I was older- and I said this should have been added. Out of the movie date. Android is getting blown by a ghost right now, a child like he's making funny faces. I wonder what's happening to me: why is he tall you should go to bed? Mommy has some ghost you never going to do. This would be to make I got a feeling that seems they were saying like let's We've got to cut the scene, Dan Aykroyd, like I'm, not doing the movie unless the scene stays in will be out of the movie unless it's done throughout the Steens. The scene stays in the movie have a supreme ability that I think that if we just do the scene that maybe just PASA a ghost, will really suck my dick his dream come true. Alright, speaking of mirrors, those are often in bedrooms. What else is in bedrooms? Hotels? We have a hotel manager on the line. Very good. I mean honestly. If I I'm genius idea, I just
right, we got Morgan, underline the manager of a haunted, hotel Morgan. What's going on what some hauntings you've seen in this hotel, it's actually it's Martin and another correction up, yeah, I'm probably refunded color. You all right. Well, I don't know if you know how fast it is. But how fan are you two? Seventy five how are you about six six foot? Oh, that's! Nothing! Now, you're good size, Martin ever call yourself fat again. You should receive an American, that's right! Goddamnit! You can't let the commies win. Keep on eating not in this country against fat people. Indeed, for us. I don't think it's a war of attrition Angela Bloomberg takes are sodas, so Martin you're working in this hotel, your agile, you're, healthy, you're, great hotel manager. What some hauntings you've seen
Well that really sticks with you. What's: okay, ok! Well, we well, I'm not gonna mention the name, but we're right next door, the Alamo Hotel, obviously so longest operating hotel west of the Mississippi You know the battle of the Alamo could place on where the hotel and that's now in the lobby. Yes, okay in the lobby, or we had the alamosa to go down your your direct, but specifically the second floor, everybody for the content of the network for three years: okay, all and all the hot than the one that we should stop. The mine is second floor. The early two thousand and two thousand three to be exact. Okay, the room is not a room. It's a storage room because of some bad plumbing that happened and well
People don't wanna pay bad plumbing habit, it's full of dookie it well suck. Probably there was just it was just an incident that happened a couple years ago that the hotel just didn't want to spend that kind of money to yet were under. He will work itself out. That's right. Anyway, there were refurbishing called on the second floor and thousand four had accidentally got placed by one of the train you one of the, I'm sorry did that play through the beeping sound there
that was Martin's phone line. Yes, definitely a haunting situation. We lost him he's calling from one of those war, two like behind enemy line phones. It is a good possibility that Martin himself was a ghost and is not real, and you can tell when people call from the netherworld we fucking just blow the lid off of ghost evidence. I think we did and what greater name for then, Martin I need to see you my right right, Martin goes any fixes up the entire hotel. That's fantastic, I won't be able to hear his amazing haunted stories. Well, I did find out some information. About the hotel that he's talking about go very good yeah. Absolutely it's called the Menger hotel like Mangala like,
like mangle mango linger and the most famous goes. They have his name Sally White and she was a chambermaid that was murdered in eighteen. Seventy six and reports of mysterious footsteps and sounds things being moved by unseen hands, wishy harder, numerous wishing? because she messed up the plumbing in room. Two thousand two yeah. I I feel like Davy Crockett. Also you still sleep in that room and the problem was is any. Every morning you started with the chicken fried steak and he's just like. Well, you know I got a bit of a next tornado, going on down here, that's all I had. That was the reason for the poopy situation. Of course know. That makes all the sense in the world. Ok, so the Minger Hotel now and the main woman, that's haunting the are the hallways of that place, looks like it want to get into some of the finer points of Spectrophilia and hear some first hand accounts yeah. Let's get in some first hand accounts. This is from a travel channel, show called ghostly lovers. We only search the most unsur,
places for content to the travel channel. How did you ever find it markets? I found it by searching insects with ghosts now this hissing pretty. It was pretty easy and it has nothing to do with the show right. This is most famous Spectrophilia cases that there is correct? Absolutely. This is the only thing in my room, bad alone, and I felt something heavy in the air: almost it was smart and it just felt like the room was getting darker. All of a sudden. I just felt something on my legs. Just almost like a war someone in mind something just touching my land. I kept getting all these weird sensation over my body, just weird tingle. Why are some most tabling my legs and arms? I felt almost something green,
on my MAC click? Somebody was actually kissing. Somebody grabbing my arm pushing me down on the bed, my god I got down there great my breathing became deeper and I just went through all the motions and actually having a sexual encounter with and I thought she was laying on her back energy felt something touching me tingling so hard to explain unless you experience, because it's through your whole body almost from the inside out and you feel- and you feel just almost encompassed in. This God. I wish ghost
describe having sex with me like that. No, no! Well, the the big, man came and looked me and he gave about four pushes and then he fell asleep. He was drunk as our two hundred in the morning. He texted me and told me he was outside. So I let him in and then I don't think He'S- an animal What happened What actually happened? I think that she just had an orgasm as she slept, or perhaps a ghost was having sex with them. You know either way it seems like a very pleasurable experience. One thing that I noticed that was different about sleeping with the guest is that when normally I'm with various heats keeps happening she's found interest, and that goes I mean it was just romantic. How we do you you know he took off all his clothes. How did this time to touch my legs, which is nice, so he takes his shoes off. Take this pants off his underwear off. But you see it's really in a hurry. Oh I see like in Gleich, computer centers of libraries. I see that's mostly where we had oh, very interesting, alright, bye.
Ok, this this video there is a a woman telling the story and then The re done right and if you look at the video it's the same woman. I think that you just pitch the story to the producers of ghost lovers rise as type I know I normally only do use the third every acting acting for you guys, but I have an amazing story about. I guess give me any your gives well You've got our attention. I think we're going to. Let you let's just talk about it. Let brandy do it whatever well bro is my girlfriend and she's going to do whatever she wants, as long as I'm in charge of ghost lover. Alright, alright she's on the show the great saucy story empire, but there was seven ghost lovers episodes because I think that's all there was definitely definitely there was thirty five cases of people flocking ghosts and, at this point, I'd love to hear one person have a story saying that they
So indeed, if you've had any sexual situation with a ghost, please call in, but let's right now go to a story from Dave in Oregon Dave. What's going on, hey guys, how's it going good. How are you doing I'm? Well, I'm cracking up over the whole specter freely of thing yeah, I have you ever felt sexually in no, no sir, but the last story that was that was pretty or what the deal. What the deal was meet a woman feel that way You see the ghost of your line about you in a woman. So what's your story? Well, I've been I've been investigating ghosts for many many many years. How long have you been alone for how long until now I've been married for eighteen years, we technically that's why I've been alone anyway,
Jokerit, I'm. I think you're right and I've been investigating. Go when I was sixteen. I had a very a very cool ghost encounter which Weidman investigating ever ever since then, Okay, what happened when you were sixteen woke me, my mom moved in this place and we moved in. It was kind of like we're like you've got a weird by just kind of weird and they're right and residual haunting, okay, and what yeah exactly because residual, my like? I had a touch lamp in my room and this thing would like and I wake up until nine hundred this thing just be going off and on off and on off and on
and I was telling him- and I told him- I guess summer off my touch lamp- I gotta get a new one, so I got a new one and it would do the same thing and then I'd be like in the kitchen above my bedroom, and I would hear people walking around like a footsteps, and I like what the fuck is that right I mean. What is that an I go up? There is nobody there, ok, whatever 'cause, I didn't believe in ghosts, then, and then one night I turn my lights off. I got into bed an the my bedroom door, opened it actually physically opened an this thing came into my room, okay and that that night I was by myself in the place to remember either hi. How are you feeling what was going through your brain when that? Well I I I thought it was you Know- was it was like a woman wearing night gown, I I thought. Maybe it was my mom or something sure it was dark. The door opened. This thing came in still at the end of my bed and looked at me and I was good at and I I took my head up and kind of looked at her like okay, whatever how does look at?
is an inquisitive? Was it was it like more? I study area. It was like black okay and then it turned around and left the room. The door shut, and I thought it was my so I set up thinking she might have come home early or something so I set up. I'm like hello and I get no response and I'm like well what the fuck is going to come in my room. Look right at me and not say damn oh, my God bless God yeah. I won't get off till I get out. I get out of bed and I open the door. I go look into the house what the hell I got nobody's there, nobody there. I realized it was kind of holyshit I just saw ghost and from that point on uh that change your life death. Will it change it because when I told my friends about the next day, nobody believe me they thought I was crazy. I know you didn't say I'm like no, it was a ghost like I'm looking looking back on, like no, it wasn't even walking. It was
well, I know, do you just crazy you're, just filling known a saw it so I have been doing my best in my time too, and I goes on all the time. We'll do the company that that you ghost town for is our title, you want to get no. I know I do it on my own. Company yeah! in the Oregon area, and you feel, like you're, being haunted, call up daves ghost hunting company. And he will solve all of your ghost problems. I just love the fact that so many people calling deaf people have ghost stories. You know and I feel like that's why it's a phenomenon. That's definitely I mean. Of course it's been it's old as time everyones talked about ghost, there's there's something else to the universe. Besides, what we just physically normally experience- except you know, especially crazy dudes I mean I just think that helps you see that I agree all right now: we we're on the topic of Spectra feely- we have our first female caller. And I'm being told she has fucked-
host, so LISA Lisa you're on the air. How are you I'm sorry, your heart's in testing so great for you and what was it? What what happened when you had this ghost sexual encounter? I and I actually
I don't want the experience at the manor. Hotel is one I'm interested in got it from the airport John, my shining hour, like her job, because we are hunted there and right very strange experience that this this city and that's a that's actually very important to sort of ghost stories and ghost experiences like that. That said, that shows that it's real well you'll have to call back to discuss the matter hotel, but hunting, but let's get to the sweet sex. Very, very, very at that. Okay, are you, I probably twenty eight and forty eight thousand or something twenty eight years old, I yeah. No, it's not the forty eight year old, the young mom. Okay, I help this was saying that always as a kid in all my life
sort of XP to this strange experiences. With ghost spirit, you know see things here things, but you know always sound blew it off, because I know if I talk too much about it, my mother and maybe go through the priest- and you know you never want to help
nobody experience or somehow you don't feel like you're. Quite there you can gauge. Yet has got me into it. You know in my sleep, so I'm well. No, it husband have been my head. So now I'm awake okay, so be deeper story. Sex you were having was just so unbelievably amazing, just like all my God, the help or not. I did you- I feel the pressure.
Yeah everything I was having and it was you know there were hands gripping me. There was a body laying on top of me. I was actually in had moved my body into the missionary position, so I I opened my eyes and I can see a shape on me, but then I can't I can't move my hands. I can't move my legs, I am at least one.
If I could wake up with an orgasm every single day when I wouldn't be so grumpy in the morning. I'll tell you that the male orgasm is like it's just it's done, yeah, that's true! Ok, so you have one orgasm you're being controlled and I'm like. Ok, maybe I can get into this. But then I look over next to me and my husband is: is there and he's next to me, Whatever the thing is, it was indeed the sheets. Are you type sex? Now it will. Well, it's not like a hold you down on. I can't discern the body on me. Wasn't very can't plan. You know very good looking and he was looking I'm a student. I was very afraid you know, and I started crying the nude and make out with my husband what not
working at me and he was scared to death because I you know, I think it is something you need that was me yeah. I mean he was very very nice day right and I in my mind I can't send your job muses wrong. Stop stop stop and it's very beautiful man. It was why not talk me holding my arm down having his way with me right turn, hideous. Looking creature- and I mean it was this scary daemonic looking thing and I could not get a scream at and I was fighting fighting fighting inside my body as I wake up,
and you know what you know so also is gone now. This is just I. I realize that yeah this is, I have to rate right and team. Finally get this gone, all green out and the United Way you ruined it for him and what he did not see the shape of the bank that you could see the fear in my eyes and he grabbed in the help menus that are you. Okay, are you okay and he did not. You know party with a copy with. If you don't know what to say right and I burst out here, so I told him what was happening to me and everything, and that really this was a very difficult thing because there were actually there are more.
On my body on my body, this is what you would call This is interesting and it's also it's very similar to tales of the city back in the day about wizards. They would shoot their bodies like after project themselves, onto a knowing little girls and sort of like the course amazing awesome. Thank you so much for calling LISA all right, hilarious. That's all about the show- is all about trying to goes tone, teens and paranormal activity, and things like that, and please call back when record or when we, I'll, try to make some time. You'll have a great night well, this is amazing. I mean I feel, like I love the radio. First. First episode will definitely be back and this has been opened,
I'm with Marcus Parks. Henry Zebrowski, I am Ben Kissel. Absolutely we want to end it with the song, the special song. If you want to get a ghost lover tonight, sure someone to take you and sweetly hold you down, press, your hair and sucking but not really sure I think, lay down your bathtub spark a j, that's right and play this. Checking. Our podcast is called last podcast on the left. We have hours and hours and hours of great entertainment for you to listen to eighty three episodes. Our latest episode is all about secret societies, including the Bilderberg group and the wonderful things they do at their retreat. Bohemian grove- I mostly mostly each other right, open lines.
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