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Episode 93: Gnomes!

2015-02-16 | 🔗

The wonderful moon experiences of gnomes are explored in all of their cuddly and evil Siberian glory!

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Alas, by cast fans mark- is here to tell you that this Saturday on September, twenty eight last Pakistan left live, will be happening at the clique in a cave, long, island, city, queens. Ten, only three Jackson attitudes can assert its MP. An entire shows free. The last when we had was a huge success, would love all you guys to come out again once more this month to join as much salute spooky videos and is generally have a good time with the other. There's no way to escape tourism is the last time on the level of cannibalism started. nice, I'm not gonna box than mighty
we're gonna last guy. Why ain't my wife's faced with very do as markers Parkside bankers all sorry, Tom Bosley as the voice of the town, Bosley Withers Tom Bodily Henry Zobraska, I'm too Peter a manly larger than my children, acorns with you, Interesting, o Connor, never is too big for me to carry out. How is the comfort on a corn shoot em? I liked it with a rapid, let's not about the wonderful will, avoid the Bunyan situation. I wrap myself and leaves and I use a little followed. Our raspberry toil, ladies and gentlemen, if I die needs to gaze into are followed up. Walls poop into aroused whatever's cute is why in this problem, the cutest toilet. I could ever think about now arouse body known as
we ve got a little by little. The signature, did lately. So we decided to lighten the mood up before we hit October because I told you to be an intense month. So today, to discuss the wild and wonderful world of no homes. The hilly thick were ignored, but then I direct nor I'm sorry if I mispronounced anything involving Iceland, because I don't want you- send your fuckin hordes after me. I don't know how your people work aggressive, violent bunch, the icelandic advantage here otherwise known as the hidden people that we see all over the wider parts of Europe adds more VA caucasian phenomena aims. It seems to me because it seems like people from its people from Africa, or I mean except Argentina. Got a big known, populate, seen several videos that showed nomes are wandering the streets of Argentina that islands, which um I think it's just a form to people that their making fun of it could be improved.
We started with yeah what it names at white people just have the imagination. Is that what it is? You see no limits the free time, because we have an actual worked hard in three hundred years when you have a league of Brown or people who in rice for you and you look out now, you re a man, you re amaze, humming nomes, you see yeah yeah, yeah walking around a nice quiet neighbourhood. It's a beautiful spring early evening outlined there's many picturesque gardens along the street wines, only you notice, a strange little figure with a bright red hat, and That's very rude! Nome Pamela, showing me ass. You fuck we're in had put a nome town it staring out at you through the bushes. Is it- Can I see at the second, I see my foot long now that I thought they were supposed to be cute and knows that man is that normal mankind?
plenty hammer sent radio ass, you block and I believe, tat in those areas, and this is not a magical. They thought it was. Be my dick stuck gonna foxes ass early this morning, yeah diameter fuck. I want my name's chair, mad. Ass now may not forgetting all get this beautiful cord. Right, I'm happy! All of a sudden. I can't believe how thick these squash are. Today I
our headed shove it up my ass. Well, you are being pleasant for a moment when the new man squash up your ass. I was virgins gonna, going pleasant area, a lot of people. I go about areas, but everybody else, dull, Falk themselves to theory how many cigarettes you smoke daily can no smoke nice little one cigarette. It takes me nine, our nine hours cigarette. I got a tiny mouth Kasr can't tell you want to be part of it for suck your dick. You forget, I see my mother, I have a small dick, that's nice terrier carried out when fucks with me, I'm Siberia. Now, oh, while of course I buried nomes are known to trans around with trolls. Yes, the siberian NOME has been the most affected. Last breeding, which sounds like rape, home rape. Different tat was so, let's go through all the different types of no
The first thing I did. We adult male NOME weighs about half a pound wow, I half a pound, the no honey I'll just feeling so fat. I'm telling you, I feel like a three quarters of a pound to three quarters of a pound, you're lucky fact page again made by that sort of leave that door, fuckin swing and open for all Terry's could stick is tiny, big ass outta there other difficult ever died. I gonna is big foot, a tidy. Do yeah chimera and we are fully meet peace. Dearie, you judge, yeah, bring me a beer selected drown in it the average height of the no mistakes it there's a nome in this beer. Somebody walk, he was gone. As the crack of a crack open api are at stake
draw your and hammered man. Your hammers, ignore due to the ears of another account, could bear its bears. Fuckin cheap mean drunk droll, get some nice you get rid of. Some are saying we take we. So I was also reading about how nomes are very durable, but how you could grab Gnomon thrown across a ruminant pounces awful wall, and it's totally fine. Believe all this thirty one wings he reaches fucked up yet let us story were a cat. A man found a cat choking on a nome. He squeezed the cats net. Install it spat it out and he thought the gnome was dead, so we can lead it out on his table. Of ASEAN honey look at this. This is a dead female, no negative bird. I did I woke up and how I want, and he comes any comes wakes up the next morning.
The norm is missing. Every time turns out she's, just plain dead play and a typical your record naked female news and naked female nomadic earlier. That's a hired elements, and I am looking to flop ironical nomes boobies were second just because nobody was like a bizarre well known as well. I know what I can read a little post about my blogosphere called raping. Maneuver, rape of my motive, the GNOME wife's husband came back, thanked him for saving his wife and they had a good crop of barley. Your tears bury is forbidden lucky blueberry, don't gimme some cash voice, where's the money now or there's another story about a nome being saved and at the man asked what I want three wishes. He gives him a big big nugget, a go. Oh that's nice, and then he takes it down. He try settlement, they say you're, just a simple. What led farmer? What are you doing with all those colleagues it now, but a nome gave it to me they get back it up.
Mr Ryan, your bill assail. He wouldn't believe my mother, that's insane they broom in jail. I'll come norms is like those genie things. Words like the gnome does things, and you can't believe you. You know you gotta, be where what gives you received from unknown diagram normally so on amid the male wears a peaked red cap? Yes, let's go back real, quick, let's hit at the types of yeah that route we discussed the Siberian NOME the edgy Terry type. No yes, the side, the Siberian NOME I he is centimetres larger, so he's the bigger no guy. He is the associates, freely, withdrawals, wow and in certain regions there is not a single known to be trusted that would be in Siberia, Siberia. Known takes revenge or even the slightest offence by killing cattle causing bad harvest, droughts, abnormally cold weather, and so Fourth, the less said about him: the bound batter ignored even write about enough fuckin website about. No God knows where this guy's gonna come up with
You showed a better man, I raped, or why says, economical siberian, honest, I'm fuckin cool. You re my wife, because our get gas was open to me and I opened a binary Gerais Terry cherries, gonna fuck, it Why did he handed out to sea has as much This area is going to invoke it. Organic use my whole body, I forget slam the whole thing it's a box in Baghdad and that that is discussed, as is horrible idea, not hotel, reverse. I asked a moment farm nomes. We have farm nomes, they resemble the House NOME
How, then, is at times when it is known to be put to work that they are of a more constant nature and they are conservative in all matters. The house NOME is essential sort. However, he resembles an ordinary. Nobody has the most knowledge of mankind. Nome kings are chosen from this family of NOME lead their good natured, always ready for a lark or a tease. Dependency on a single picture of a black I haven't seen a single picture of a black or asian nome. Now, while they are never malevolent with a few exceptions, if a nome is really wicked witch happens only once in two thousand, it is due to bad genes that result from there's. A lot of anti cross predate the other didn't know. Lore do not cover there's a lot of. We also realise that there is a lot of. Cover there's a lot of. We also realise there is on the lot of research in the back and have like we're nomes, that, where we're nomes are featured in various schools of study and share is also a heavy race contingent.
Played on top of it, the aroused screening early areaway places like Harleigh Chicago why'd. You know so I d to your target quickly by Iceland, which really would you up with Iceland may they held affair. That exists there. I d say there's up to sixty five percent of people that live in Iceland Radner. You can tell us how much true or not believe that David Lee Scene or norm never mind been raped by one, How would you believe it? I don't know I mean I don't know: sixty eight percent have been raped by known, but only sixty five percent of the voting we were sent just can't believe the rate by I don't know. Neuralgia age they just sat on a twink happens so, whether you but which really interesting, so they either to its very common there. We think we discover, as with these, with a lot of nomes citing and what they say they hidden people like elves signing people right as La Times it again core coordinates with places of heavy you a fuller,
poverty and another way, another thing that correlative bad as they took up Iceland, Iceland is at its sitting on a bed of moving lava right in so Iceland, in on a sort of geological standpoint, is still like being formed, and so there's something to the idea that it causes and constant transition and there's something going on or neath at it. It has an effect on the mentality and, of course, like this, even the site. The gases probably call color and yet on the other side is a magic. Mushrooms. Are fucking everywhere nicely seal on a nomes unmanly, I'm sorry, if you we have, you run all day, just being like Grandma's making stroganoff tonight, and she just like beneath golden rimmed fog and homely, like Brown bury mushrooms out there. Fuckin a wholly like brown bury mushrooms out their Jesus, like states, on the seal amendments requiring was making grandma and she's like the cold.
As I am a rainbow, that's great you to love grandma, allowing a grandmothers, there's also a thing called house nomes to excite in Brazil. There's a crop circle like crop circles, are also formed or unnatural aquifers and, like all these, things are its when we're. When sort of heavy geological activities happening, that's when you so I dont alarming it now, like I'm planning constantly there's drilling going a mine doing some construction suitably. There are not quite sound proof duty. He has no one's and your sort of aquifers like situations they like some swamp, LAN. Ok, I can. I read the daily routine of the gnome. Please do sir,
I read the daily routine of the gnome, please Dusar after sunset, the GNOME House comes alive even without windows. They know what it begins to get dark and besides the field, mice begins to topple about that. We think that we need to make up the lady of the house. Steps out of the alcove bed puts under slippers. And shovels after the stove, where she belongs to well high energy, but at an early hour he gets the fire underway by adding dry leaves the embers. Next she puts on a couple of pails of water on the heat of her husband was a bath is an amiable on for tee. She then go to the bathroom to make herself presentable
deeply sleep. Greece got work to do right right when she leaves the bathroom her husband with a few minutes, then pokes his feet out. The alcove Bev, sometimes with morning mumbles and grumbles, it'd steps into his slippers and hangs is night. Shirted nightcap on a handsome wrought iron peg moves nesses, your poor gnomon. Then it's a nail buried in a fucking board there. That said, he looks out improving the as his wife empties hot water, into the top tossing the temperature. He then steps to this bad. I hope it's the right temperature it and he takes a couple. A handfuls of dried soap, wart supper naughty office. He analysis from a tray hang on the wall and splashes of around the water directive.
I hang on the wall and splashes it around in the water to produce an abundance of suds castle little because he's a raging oak, Holocaust, Noakes Gotham, while mother and father those occupied the children to the table for breakfast. In the meantime, father dries himself right, which is quite a great image of us, town for real four inches, the known as self is only various engines. Yeah! That's the thing! I feel you that's a pretty lord.
The known as self is only various engines. Yet, as the theory of really that's a pretty Lord, I use a nine foretell. I buried o myself right right after breakfast, his wife prepares a snack for his night journey, a hollow to a court and filled with tee in a bag of biscuits through the biscuits taken from various grass seeds. Sweet marrow want and are a hard heathen deal in themselves. He likes his first pipe waits until his wife, his cleared away the breakfast things, and then they discussed the coming frankly activities or problems concerning the children, I think little Bobby NOME is gonna, kill us and our sleep most likely. I'm really he's gonna. Take a tiny, forget, NOME, a k, forty seven to his school of that be a door for a little known,
By the same moment, unknown wasn't yeah. They blame airplane homes level up? The beautiful now been of a Paypal, the beautiful nomes as he enters the outside. He checks at the train for a few minutes as he enters the outside. He checks at the terrain for a few minutes. If it is not your dark enough, the dome waits besides a friendly rabbit into deeper darkness, fall his these activities, maybe some of the following. He could go to the forge, pottery or saw mill. You may go to his her garden or eyed, and either so seeds, we'd, ho prune or harvest it may take care of the firewood supply or pick berries. In short, everything that a Mexican does everything
cameras, underwritten short sultry summer nights, long cold winter nights, velvet, black, a moon at nights, raining, etc, and just before sunrise of the nomes activities do not cause them to seek shelter elsewhere, which means he can go fuck whenever you that thing, I'm serious, I'm sorry, wife, there was a kitty can't that was waiting for me outside of the hollow law. Yeah shrouded me over and over again, like you won't, do it what a nome juggling club you know and it became a fund the one I also like. If you read the marriage and family thing, all I've deftly read the marriage. You want to read that when he is about a hundred, the male nome begins to think of merit. Hell yeah no reason tie yourself down early hell, All members like I know, a small number do, however, remain single the youthful known than begins to search for his girl. In doing so, he sometimes as to travel great distances, because nomes are few and far between and the number of eligible girls of his
not related to him are very limit value of one hundred yeah. I know all about. I thought this is like Wisconsin plump women folk round of, Furthermore, the favourite one hour yellow so, when I was watching Lord of the rings, and I saw the woman that he chose that Rudy chose for I, his wife owes us like yeah. That's when you would Yeah ring the bell: if we had spying people only does vine. One he attempts to winner with all sorts of small latin Sweden's, it's a small attention grabbing herb, rupees nine. I brought you a blueberry now suck my dick after an agreement is reached with the in laws to be you, he will marry her heart is given a rigorous inspection beforehand by his future. Father in law did you have a clean house? This is great, you know what's his body and now
I have found. I went deep, do you really did we are talking about this last night by how like it's really interesting, how there is a region You said it there's a rabbit hole to every subjects everywhere I went deep down a nome have at home. My friends, I went deep and I went dark. I found actual historical accounts of nomes run is from Publius Octavia Octavius. You see the nome, and in eighteen fifty they were a class of society for more than a thousand years, except for their own chosen king. There were no rich poor inferior or superior nomes. Let us perhaps why they made use of the great people's migration too big
fresh another great people's migration challenge stream gas was these people are their fuckin, their commies. It was a period of intensified human migration Europe. From about four hundred two eight hundred a d, it all sounds plausible, as they also have nomes kings, palaces and adjacent gold mines on maps. Apparently, slave labor was used in the minds and sometimes there were slave revolts and that's will lead to the class system. That's what led to the clouded and terrible.
I'm here's a family where comes out of this natural order of things. Nomes hurt, nomes right, here's a description in from four seventy eighty from public Octavius. Today I saw a miniature person with my own eyes. He wore a red cap and blue shirt. He had a white beard and green pants. He said that he had lived in this land for twenty years. He spoke our language mixed with strange words. Since then, I have spoken with the little man many times. He said he was a descendant of a race called coup, Wolden word unknown to us and that there were only a few of them in the world. He liked to drink milk. Time and again, I saw em cure sick animals in the matter. I don't know, I'm I'm unknown our unknown. Do you fear animals, though now You don't help animals. I can't you ain't it. All right, but I have a lot now drawing up just sort of like milk, like any pampered love being paid You, like a nice acorn, yes, vote that five every night and you like smoke gap. Everyone- and I have my wife- why
me how she is a lucky late. I wouldn't be amazing. They just get washed by someone yeah, it's great. You ve never been washed by someone, only when you get dementia and go to the old old folks or you'll be getting washed enough. Oh, I will be the happiest personal nursing, obviously unlike air, I think, by balls dirty MIA. What are you Taiwanese come on over corrupt? My that's just his time. This is the old people at a different time. He was born in nineteen. Eighty, oh I gave you wonder he was in Vienna, so. It's fine words of Vietnam. I got a spring roll is called by the so your buddy inserted his fingers into you, that's two long belly button, because I used to be fat now mould and thin and strong great stretched out one. Will we mention
animals and nomes. Nomes are quite nice to the animal kind. They love animals and they get along with all the animals of the forest. Even the troublesome ones, such as the pole, CAT for all tat, always messing around plotting and holds the cat. However, all forms of actual catch because we know polecats, you know it's all slang term, possibly erases term for skunk, I know that there are no that's the graces again skunks. I think so long leave me alone. Are you just think out of their ass? You oughta be boy, do why are they called like Yahoo, like Falk rats? Fuck rather be great? This is my shit badger milky ship I will give a shit badger. That's a nice thing to call it. The only animal that remains an exception is the cat is especially the wild domestic cat. Who is not
or of the natural animal world, and when you made legally unreliable, really not a member of the natural and it's it's identified. The rule book there just seems to be a random allocation let's get it doesn't like cats thing I blog and here is that you have not read again and again that nomes come into a lot of altercations with care. Given the outcasts, did the same thing in the movie cats. I cats with, you ever see a movie cats nomes earning their movie cats. I assyrian king movie. Yes, now, what's the know when they need, because there was that they there's a story, we're tugs by how, like the urban legend, that cats steel babies breath while they're sleeping dad instead it, but instead it is a tiny nome that stealing a baby's Breton, the cat, actually save the baby. Ah, in that the cats the hero, yeah interesting, we all know it's out of this event. Stephen king comes off.
A clear yes, I know mostly, I was his wife was raped by unknown, whereas this is the type of dad we're not getting, because our government is not properly focusing why how important the government? Louis DVD, I mean rate via no gap in and do something about. The rampant rape done by Hilda fuck you're in country. I don't know, that's just stand, I'm not sure of the really exists union around and start asking people on the street if they ve been raped by no man. You be surprised. The answers you get these energy. Even king is the novelist equivalent of the guy who wrote the crow and instead of having his wife, rape and killed by thugs, it was raping killed by yeah sure yeah, that'll work, of Terry. The gnome is stolen in a breath of some young girl. Is there she slave yeah? You bet I did all because she saw how big might not swore talkative
My plea nazi grown in my far ok yeah. I guess I do some fuckin word planning their nipples like gold silver dollars, and so they gave me a trophy ripping us nipple sort of fuckin know. Happy that you won something color, we're a punch ahead of your penis enlarger operators who wanted to AIDS I'd prefer, might be an essay on their life fist right up that Poland, your penis and I'll play with your people tube fuck. You too, That sounds really quite horrified by while that's perfect Jesus Christ to every terrorist thickened. As head of your people, you imagine how that would go to climb up your chest here. I'm a punch, you fuckin giant,
state of regularly what are you a tree? The little hits. You know that those are add enough, quick lean years, also, six repeat that use also six inches taller, half a pound and ride abusive. Hopefully the size and shape of the average American. Can I just feel like I saw no, my word is gonna grab it in the religious twisted said you can, though, I think the relatively flexible, but would to stags become entangled during a fight when their antlers become inextricably entwine. The nome arrives and saw the mothers of right off there. That's over there had also says here: according there of their power, most nomes are seven times stronger than a man can run at speeds of thirty five miles per hectare have better site than a hawk. These abilities help the known to do many things such as find wounded dying animals for which they feel they are responsible for, and they are lot that's a lot of animals that that's your all your powers is that you call your,
as the go fine animals at you injured and help them. It's it's a terrible to rob. I all your life has just harvesting blueberries and making acorn balls. You don't need to be several times stronger than a man now to do that. Living or they seven times stronger than a magazine. Most homes are seven times willing. I may I read that also, but it's I think it's just saying that they can neither can lift like seven times or wait or something like tat. They were outside you like Anthea, there our size, a newbie, extremely strong, but let me they're still six inches. You know you're no votes and see what happens if Terry the gnome comes in punches, had a European. As happens too, I don't you want an overlap and doodles fall right off, disgusted, bruised and a blue very that you're out of your fucking balls Zack. I gotta go reach around you know what we should be Terry, the superbowl parties anymore, That is why you are so in that the emotive explained it to your wife of the nomes Wiesbaden punch.
Dick and then Jesus like what's been going on ears like Terry, the gnome. It's like the six inch guide you ve been using math, Walter, why I love that sure I just getting into I want my friend, I think those eyed and wash my first episode of breaking bad. What last Sunday, which is the second to the last up, a sound, oh good, the so you want it's getting larger, might catch it all up. Maybe it's good television Gioia. So in my travels down the gnome rabbit, who I came across this guy named Rudolf Steiner, yes, Rudolf Zeiner is a man who created a philosophy, called Anthropic, Anthropophagi, wherethrough, perfect answer us of ass, a study of human being, yes of human being, not human, doing or human beings, a human being human being just gonna sit in
it postulates the existence of an objective, intellectually comprehensible, spiritual world accessible to direct experience through inner development. Did you hear the story? but you examine what they basically is it it's sort of a parochial school school that they say is for accelerated and yet he created these schools called Waldorf School at the moment- and this is no bullshit at the moment. Right now and America. There are forty of these offer. Limestone also give any listeners you went to a Waldorf school. Please tell us about it because it's in we really interesting tat day, but you know what they happened to do, what they don't say. They say that it's not a spiritual school knees, but to go when you suppose it is kind of like learn. Math is shit, no sort of what seems to be hogwarts type setting, and then you go and you basically finer than their slip and allow.
Oh Jesus stuff in their mix. What sort of mysticism mixed with lay a spiritual if a whole things during your psychic ability to any here but of the whole Waller School? Those taken off, oh taken over by a kid in a class who told them tat. He was starting to speak to spirits. A kid came out basically said, like I'm, certainly speak to spirits. We're like will now you're the prisoner of the school. You were so they made him President school, they had a chapels hold out that's? Who you wasn't a very good president? Oh no! No! No, you was a child who was lying wisely will usually liars are good politicians, residence. I found the website of a man who blew the lead, offer this entire Waldorf yesterday that here's what he says about the World view underline Waldorf schools as an alcohol religion of that involves doctrines of evolution. Reincarnation human beings move upward as they gain knowledge of higher worlds. To gain this knowledge first hand, people must develop clairvoyance. Preparation for clairvoyance involves such things as heightened imagination and dream consciousness. Walter of schools aim to assist children.
The path towards knowledge of higher worlds, and there are nomes all over. Every walled. Nomes are normally like. They are literally the mask got four Waldorf schools. They have. They sell stuff norms of nomes painted on the walls of their schools, because it's a sort of them. It's it's. It's like a gateway drug for MRS and words of you get kids, can sort of a customs decided that they are invisible people and then they can sort opening your mind to clairvoyants. We actually think is interesting. I think that, like I am I'm sort of down with an eye to, I think it's important for us to like you know there are people with psychic ability, psyche abilities as a thing yeah. Maybe that's the type of thing that happens, but the problem is that you can like everybody about what you're doing and school. This must be. The cleanest school arrived a bigger budget in terms of puts a mops on their feet. They built legally say that, like all the people who go to these schools are like you know, it's a beautiful place, it's really peaceful environment. Then
like genome and sexual abuse in the basement, though, no it doesn't even seem to be like that. It's just the right sort of truly what we ve now find to be traditional racism, that's put into a cold teachings words like was one criticisms, Rudolf Reiner, but was now little friend a Robert Ryan Some have something like the rob right or not. Its rob right isn't Reiner somebody the typical or school. I was trying to set, but it's like the musical you came out have been expos ain. Basically, you say he became student body president and became really close one of the pet students of the dean of the school and he came to him. His leg I'll, give you the secret lessons. Anyone to not or less never good, kids never take em. Now you shall never go over, seek her. Lessons are usually secret. Lessons involve secret play secret touch, him yeah secrets,
secrets, you don't want to go you busy. He said that you know the big secrets. Kind of like Scientology words in the background of all the schools is that you know we were brought here by another entity. We ve been here with another unintelligent rice brought us here a long time ago. Buncher differ Trains of races and some of the races are succeeding in evolving in some of the races. Aren't so Tell me why you have to tell me this with my pants down, because it's like a little microphone Ok, what is this on well known figures? yeah. It is that I didn't know that about my skin growth. Interesting buddy. I so some of the races that are not doing as well. You can imagine which raises he speaking about you know about how, like Asians turn into black people, who then worlds eventually spiritually. Turning, people? Ok, yeah, that's the secrets of the Waldorf, but which in using the Asians or in the bottom of the list, ha yet
Nor is there a law and see that yeah I mean durned certain times a mould were to than absolutely use. I mean they did horrible things. Didn't they don't we that a things that ideas I mean everyone was doing some bad things back. They did really bad stuff together worth a bunch of people were doing some thereon, Does Japan noticed right now got an eye on Japan are suffering a new killer dilemma no benzene, I'm not going to college karma. Will you just gotta? Do you just kind of everything else I love about? I love the Japanese. I love them. That's good we're gonna get another raises combat than I do know. I love them. No one in the racist comments. Yes, the IRA, yet one eventually got another one from crime. Buffers of you ain't that so that this guy Rudolf sire that invented these schools. He was a huge believer in nomes.
And I found a god so many quotes of talking about nomes Here- is some. The highlights He says the predecessors of our earth nomes the moon. Move known those. We know that it also sounds like a racial Regan racist again here they gathered together their moon experiences from them fast mood, birthday, parties, and moon trampoline. Finally, do they were little moon suits hardly even run around on the move, their nomes? Ok, they got a corn hats on. I don't guess the limited oxygen Renee occurrence is that what happened at Moon bruno our own car. You know what your mom and plans you call your the moon cord, the moon cornea. So from there
explain away the bumps random liquids flying out of it so from their moon experiences. They fashion this structure, this firm structure of the solid fabric of the earth, so that our solid earth structure actually arose from experiences of the nomes of the old move, so they made the earth so there's a new moon there's an moon. How many moons are we I think this is. I think it is wrong to moons opening we're onto my uncle's each year. The moon is actually nearer to the earth Olga. It is
drew that's, not absolutely not for the first time. What do you say anything you want about a nobody really urgent recognises this from the ever more vigorous play of the moon forces in the gnome world during the time of the new moon, the news this coming near of the moon. The attentiveness of these goblins is quite specially directed for it is in producing results from the way in which the moon affects them, that they see their chief mission in the universe. They await with intense, expecting the epoch when the moon will again unite with the earth and then what's our carried me era, we don't want that. We know what the moon to unite when the earth nomes fuckin nefarious here is a disguised as a nome. Actually is he says what the gnome is made of. The nomes bind together, what works as the force of gravity and make their bodies from this volatile, invisible force bodies,
jar, moreover, in constant danger of disintegrate. So, basically, this is sort of combining nomes with string theory and quantum physics, but back in nineteen o eight interesting, All of this is that, like he was doing all these nineteen o eight from nineteen o eight nineteen twenty. He says because of this. The nomes must ever and again create themselves and new out of gravity because they continually stand in danger of losing their substance. Because of this in order to retain their own existence, the nomes are constantly attentive to what is going on around them. As far as observation goes no being is more attentive than unknown. I don't think your ideas, I don't know about us, always be wide awake. If it were to become sleepy, this sleepiness would immediately cause death wake up Why am I doing what about sleep in the alcove burdened and put the years I've and they got big? We started off without the NOME
sit on our hands with by little Gardner. Look it's every true dances, the truth Henry Moon, but known at my own, not well. They have to sleep, you can sleep on the moon, You gotta say you gotta sleep this guy every time he spoke, a bunch of beer bubbles, Ex exploded from his mouth Men was obviously original call it from the nineteen awaits. Why, when I got it all wrong, raven some law norms, I got a player in the eyes and it is lie on his stomach stared at him. Face to face in this man says that nomes actually hate the earth. Clay, hey All that is what about all the hybrid nomes lovelier. Now they actually hate the, but what Doing then their help us out. It is from this feeling of hatred of anticipate and Ben Tipper Anti pit. Every out here I paused at the zoo, Oliver new fear.
Towards the earthly that the nomes gained the power of driving the plants up from the earth. This causes the plan to have only Its roots in the earth, so knowns are responsible for growth of why this law plants- everyone loves boy at this stage- is going through a divorce. Very nineteen o eight divorce? That's a rough long dies. Thousands of followers people follow this guy. He was extremely again Rudolf. Sign, o Roon, Eliza Illegal. Also, Rudolf Steiner's also really easy, Atlantis scholar here a lot of our knowledge, what lad and memorial to the Isle of that he, but he was also their booty readers Wikipedia pages gonna hold different slant altogether too. Then, to what you read about him on the Waldorf Waldorf Schools website, which is really interesting about like Wikipedia a visa scientists and other ones like he talked to aliens dreams, something that must you know, like I'm sure, that's possible. Why not? You never know
He also says that nomes are the reason why mankind has evolved a mind. Holmes gave us our brain, I mean he's been. A lot of credit would never have let the nomes are all over the place. I'd like to see what the grace had to say about this, but I like it. I, like you with a fucking reptilian, has to say about a fuckin nome. Actually needs nobody's gonna, fuckin popcorn. Probably these rather get meant there's a recluse ever get mad. Even listeners talk like this about no can a large but here s what we re rebellion movie theater just now of a large nome, and then you just go, and you just need a bunch of buckets nomes. Taken around trying to night is mean as laughed you know any is ad absurdum as things it. That is a lecturer. These are all from lectures that he did lectures named as man as symphony of the creative world, our the influence of spiritual beings on man, foundations of S. So terraces.
When she says, like Prague, rock albums programme as symphony created now now so what let's get into a so this is this Mr Steiner's now read in this way. These are Mr Santer. Is there- and this was the most prevalent theories of the early twentieth settled early twentieth century. In the late nineteenth century, there was a lot of little folk runnin around that's when you had the fairy pictures being taken in Yorkshire in England. Doesn't it just like spinal business and ran away just other children's diseases issue? As you know, we have there been legit and double reality. You never know what you could mistake for no now really
squint your eyes. Just so allow anything you know tat well, do we want to get into some of the actual stories that people tell? Yet, let's do that while we can. These are modern tales. Your myths are with these smiling nome. Please start with a smiling no basic place in Houston Texas. So this your people, Marcus well uses, are really might use we're gonna given to you, though, the witnessed notices dog chasing something in the yard. Thinking was a cat. You were not to investigate and yell at his dog, but when he got there and he saw one foot tall creature wearing red clothing, something resembling a clown suit without the big choose it knows, he wore a point. You read hat and had a white beard, the witness called Zog over him. You pull them inside and closed the door and looked at the window to see the figure eating bird seed me yard adorable. As he looked out, no MIKE figure looked straight at him. It seemed to become afraid him by the porch there, witness called out in a small figure peaked over the portuguese smile. Nice
then disappear wow where to go bail. I'm sorry what Batman begins reassuring, Here's another. When the stories home did you do that our man I gotta, see unknown bad man. I want to see nomes. Do everything I imagine he pulled out his little gatling Gunnar whenever they are grandma gun grappling, We would like far too strong for me its catapulted for the moon, the gravel That's new Sandra Bullock, movies! Fine! I do not see eye to eye. Do you see a nome just in the middle of grabbed, just in the middle of earth I want, isn't he had been all Mansour hit with a pocket. Just go like we slowly put my foot over his head and crushing. Is that I mean that's another funding
You can watch die it's most by Andrews and browse gave this one is called ghost NOME, nomes and space in the summer of sixty nine. But how about we pump outbreak Brown bear up now. My mom was sleeping in a room which is off the kitchen. She stated my grandmother sometimes while my father served over in Vietnam. Skin said that he had the window open that night and heard something outside she sat up and continued to listen. She was about to get up and look when she saw a little man crawl through it didn't scare her for some reason, which I thought was strange. It walked up to the foot of her bed, climbed up and sat down with his legs
in over the edge. My mom didn't do anything. She said she just stared at him. He looked like a nome according to her description, at least that's what I came up with he sat. There is a lot of speculation lover. He sat there trying to get comfortable and when he was finally situated he reached in a little bag. He was carrying and pulled out a pipe. Let it took a couple. Puffs turned and faced her he said he had some bad news about my father, but not to worry. He was ok. He continued on that. My father was in terrible trouble and that you will hear more about it in the more He tapped his pipe in his hand, jumped off the bed and crawled out the window. Things information, slash, no information. Just tell me see I smoke we next to a Fox Neuro. That's when it fine What's gonna happen, my husband? Now I don't, but these tomatoes. I've made our hued Botswana, lonely thinking my mom
set of what just happened in she decided to call out for my grandmother. My grandmother came in turn the light on and asked her what was wrong. As my mom explained, my grandmother, not paying attention to my mother noticed smoke lingering in the room. Now, if she'd been smoking, my mom told her story again. My grandmother didn't believe her. The next morning, my mother gotta call phone call from the army and said that my father was injured in an attack in would come home and about ten days, goodnight grammar believed her. Then I asked my mom why she thought it was a ghost she said. That was because she see through him, I thought goes, could floater whatever? Why did this ghost NOME have to crawl through an open window? Notes at those I know, I'm very interesting. I get idly we're resort of amorphous quality of all these creatures run. I ever
this woman was smoking. A bunch of Sweden or bad in her mother came in and like gives that smoke. Have you been smoking now now in nineteen, sixty nine? We you'll think about nomes, and things like that. This is called russian know who has witnessed slept in our apartment. She suddenly woke feeling a strange, oppressive atmosphere, runner she opened her eyes and saw humanoid figure bending down over the figure was short about the hundred thirty centimetres, which I can understand, fucking european, but Alexander Huts, and looked intently at the witness, the finger at a grayish green pale, facial complexion and a large dark pupil list. Eyes, pupil of all religions have also heard people say that they are pigs eyes. I feel like there's a lot of overlap between distant abduction scenarios in which were just the this sort of what you see, because we gotta go see. There's never there's two different types,
Grace Haswell. Some anywhere at me, downloaded it had, would appear to be a thin beard and appeared to be elderly. A second humanoid now appeared next person a scientists. This one was somewhat shorter and peered younger both resembled aged nomes coca of both figures and floated back from the bed and vanish. In this point, there would appear to be tennis ball. Size sphere of light appeared in their place. Ursus, beard next room and and flew out an open window nomes legally. That was also now garden. You of ozone magazine, ok, very young. The ghost nome situation, as well as the common than you are, the only there all it all goes. Nice pretty sir It's the same shit they're, all the same experience. What the experience is, but it's there some and there is a you know. If you want to believe that the idea that there is a many realities- theres many dimensions- yours like different frequencies to insure dimension- is the aliens have told us many fuckin times, which we got sick
delighted to we're lesson, I never was listen, I'm your saying that sometimes the overlap and they can appear as NOME, sometimes because it's also what we want them to appear as because that's cute little look at it and it's not like a nine foot tall. Like you know all night great, it's like a stick in his fingers up your ass and ask knew how hard you are but if someone does do that, just pretend there are no they events. Someone breaks into your apartment, you know, don't be scared because on our own, you know start making your waffle swell finish. All your shoes that you haven't gotten dont you haven't fuckin spent the time is our irresponsible shoemaker. I would say the other problem? Polish, quite a good shoe. The known people now takes a long time, but they get there. We are discussing covering always they get naked. They cover their whole bodies and polishing just around in your shoes. That's a promise. I guess I'll get him shiny, but also you see the tiny little hard nome penises. We are, we engine known pm, NOME peanuts, it's quite a bit. I see one well yeah I'll, show you out of draw your one I'd see whether Europe out I'm so there's a couple
George, you wanna! Do the urban legend there was absolutely Famous, is quite famous urbanely too. I've heard this and they are not heard this. I notice in middle school. So a couple of guys around one night. Indiana drinking and drug and bench the trial, their driving a car and deserted country road, the middle of the night, when something ones for another path and on the other side of the road known, definitely Uno, for whatever reason and whatever intoxicate they're all under they all agree. That it was announced, Z, Keystone light and should in Germany they pull over and attend to apprehend said no, The interest of all get to know Mohammed Hammer, Benjy full of again pads. I drive
Dr Blows Belgrade's now began it. They managed to catch the nome and put it in the trunk of the cop great they get home one of their houses and put the gnome into the closet and then pass up when they awake. They wonder if, evenings events were just a dream. A hard drug trip, pebble, Rhine ethically. We like totally did take that normalized Naw man no way while they opened the closet and inside they find a frightened five year old boy. Going to write a book with it. They will go to the moon, Lou Alien kid, so they call local police to report the boy in enough being put into place didn't write a break with that. They will go to the moon, Lou Alien kid, so they call local police to report the boy and end up being heroes, because the boy than missing from home for days they ended up receiving it.
The terrible cash for war zones. Hives makes this and drunk to save a child. I agree with that man. I was my dad's philosophy lets her head have you want a quick pay day. You know get out there and start Hunton Fora mentally handicapped five year old there out ensured nighttime they're worth cash, tat, poor kid daggers, renegades, slow, poke, kids, Mario itself, also to go to our favorite resource for true information. Yahoo answers Yahoo answers. So let's see this question and see if it got an answer, can garden nomes come to life, spelled Grady. I love them and I give them all maids. Do they come alive? What I'm looking at you- and I leave them out,
Nigger in my bedroom, our how I love them and I give them all- maybe do they believe what I'm looking at you and I leave them out- give a detailed answer. Please objects, don't come to life and are, furthermore, that the requirements as light as Guy Brian Motive, indicative, of course of injury. The molecules in your garden nomes will deteriorate into Objects, don't come to life and are, furthermore, that the real problem or adds an alliance guy Brian, not a fuckin, Dick S. Of course. Eventually, the molecules in your garden nomes will deteriorate into other matter. In my end, up living inside a living entity in this text,
we be alive. Man, you're crush me. That's not at all what I wanted to happen. I might even have in your lifetime. I hope your your responses to much longer cause you're, spaghetti, Yos may bird. I do realise this is a sour pill to swallow. Thank you. Thank you. Do not completely despair. Steve Grand is trying to create artificial intelligence that some scientists would consider actual life. Depending on a bit of your definition, you could theoretically hook software up to realise gardens with artificial muscles and such fun. I do care and and communicate like real living creatures. This my considered alive to saw them Brian view by argue, brine, you're, old factor, pizza, hot you gotta get to work. You got em, you gonna more and with those you know these people, given that I have an imagination, yeah letter had the imagination. What is it a her yearnings Ferdy had put a piece. A tape on the base of the nomes are the floor. So if they try to leave the table, we pulled offered Oh yeah, that's true, my dear Sixty year old man,
We live in the nineteen fifty wants to where the best answer actually does is pretty good. He said put a piece of tape on the base of the nomes to the floor. So if they try to leave the table, we pulled off for torrent signal nothin. That's good luck, right. Well, I think we have covered the nomes. I think we ve, I think we have a good idea, a better idea of what nomes are, I was wrong, I didn't as well. I didn't really do you. There was so much of what had happened. I put up a documentary on the facebook page d1, elves, trolls and hidden people in Iceland, and it's very interesting. It's a very inherited hold lifestyle attached to ITALY for nomes, and it's it's it's it's. Cool and I mean like really needs and dead. Don't watch the. I believe it's blue.
Idle act, a movie about mellow yeah, blue Sudan. There we watched its Henry you weren't there. Thank God don't watch it. It's for the worst movies. I've ever seen real montage the shootings at the end. That is, they don't touch on the religion and they just that. Just nothing! That's fucking! What a pain the s so now begins are fucking ramp up to hollow wean are Don Loris, saviours favorite holiday all of October. We're gonna be bringing you too at creepy pasta, and scary stories and what we need from you is it. You have us every stories of you have ghost stories? Please submit them. We want the whole episode on listener stories, so we're gonna pick like five or six of them. Pitcher. Wasn't the emu oh, which is gave gummy radio gmail. That kind, and we want when I read through, and we wanted sober seriously ivy situation where we're gonna Skype, you guys in royal, tell us your stories, will ask questions and distance for you'd listener yeah. So it's for our Hollis, scream, spook tack you how
Graham spectacular organ selling, a devil, yeah, we're gonna do than our own. Nobody except yeah I hold on. I don't wait, said the girl China is no one wants, as I had for me, I will not bring the virgin Mary. That is almost disgusted. Visuals of China lives as it had for dairy the nome No one wants, as I had for me. I area alone will not bring the virgin Mary. That is most disgusting visuals vaginal lives, as I had four Terry, the nome.
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