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Episode 96: Call 911!

2015-02-16 | 🔗

Our October series continues with an episode almost completely dedicated to horrifying 911 calls. Almost because there's also a pedophile testimony thrown in there.

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There's no place to escape to this is the last time sixteen months to live very much so mark is, let us know good to go. Do you, What is that we ought to be hey y'all by Mumford sons I'm trying to figure out who it is to my left- and I am now where are you I realize we die.
I know that music sounds like tomatoes. Good good music that makes panties dripping wet all over this country baby, making music as they call it baby. Making music don't bother. With that baby, stomping, music thinking of babies and stuff. Like I mean they may wind today were to be real. Listening to some real nine one, one phone calls and I'll tell you. They are very disturbing. Let's I'm in a first of all say this: okay, we're going to be releasing this episode. Late, yeah, you're gonna be sitting down to listen to this episode, probably about one o'clock this morning. Sure right, I going to just say: this may be our most hence episode. We've ever done. Judging by the audio yeah. This is very scary stuff. So it's good for late at night. It's good, and with the lover, listen with your friend, I'm really good to listen. With the office, because when I discovered this is when I was sad about other things like
member. I sort of listen is nine one. One calls and my burrito was late right yeah. It was late nights that I would be really. I was really sad yeah because I was sitting waiting waiting waiting waiting already got my Dinero mexican man right and he's going all out. I got the call, so many will be. I'm going in this course, because it's more than twenty five beans or it's not a good burrito yeah. Exactly forty five means wait: listen, I'm on and then calls, and then you know it made me realize that you know. There's a lot more things that are sad in life, so it made you You, like my life, isn't so bad, but then I got the burrito and just fucking blanked out emotionally, oh ok, good good yeah. So if you're listening to this late, just pretend that you're working an overnight shift in one of the most dangerous areas in the country, perhaps Detroit so let's say you're working in Detroit Police dispatch. And these are a sample of some of the calls. I don't know if you can may receive. I could call this a good old fashioned, Tapout episode, yeah. You were saying that tap, which that this is uh.
The podcast all right, still maintaining comedy only, but not for the month of October, that amount of October were you're ramping up into the cracking. The gigantic leathery AG minimal, Dar save your and we're going to release it upon this world, because I mean our government a pay, nobody, no MAO to end time- or I hope everyone gets there the bells on to wear when there naked, because the end times are happening. That's How do we ausubel when the end times come? Yeah? Everyone wants to murder, you can find you yeah and of course, since we're going to be listening to some pretty heavy we're gonna have what we call a palate: cleanser chasers a little bit of the one chasing the pickle back of our John yeah Nickelback of the pot. So if it would it would let's hear what we going to be here and every once in awhile, yeah sure things when things get a little bit heavy you're going to hear this
This is great for the animation that's happening to the next to it. It's a little tiger singing. I love it. Alright, we've had enough of that. It's care Tober! It's only going to be fifteen seconds old song. That's called tiger boo, so every once in a while you're going to hear Tiger Boo, but enough of that ship yeah. Let's do a real boo here. Let's hear death row, everybody, let's put out yeah, so put your garbage bag swimsuits on, because they're about to head deep into a funk and river fill, you would drowned in the car which bag swimsuit. Phillip, that's what I wear: oh ok, losing that water weigh your boy and running up and down the freaking boardwalks. Yet on my varsity hockey team, his Konyha, really changed. Hasn't it yes, yeah! Well, it's listen
let's listen to what it sounds like at the moment of death right, sometimes, crackles are produced by the accumulation of secretions in the air wafer causing crack when the secretions are profuse. The crackles can be heard over the mouth, as well as over the chest wall, a son I known to ancient positions as the death rattle or Henry eating our healthy death rattle in a dying patient over the mouth. Great Randall there that little snakey type thing again little rattlesnake sounds like Holden scratching his back and really does actually- and that's it So that's where I miss not being there next to my grand father when he died pretty much glad. I did what were his last words like a lot of heavy breathing he's going after the stuff in after an interesting yeah, that's horrible. Once you get Henry out of the room, and I was just going like
I want to Pepsi COLA giant wanting to go down the hall and get yourself a Pepsi COLA, little guy in nineteen. Twenty three diaper Pensacola that spring from a sim Cortana. I see well as far as the actual nine hundred and eleven calls were going to start off a little light. Yeah we're going to step a toe in I'm actually nervous for these little brunty pos, yeah we're going to start off with the man known at his name is Paul Michael Stefani, Minnesota anybody's, Italian, so, okay, but he's also known as the we'd voiced. Yeah be voiced killer, he was convicted of having Denise Williams and murdering Barbara Simmons in the twin cities in one thousand nine hundred and eighty two. He felt so bad about it, though he found they were mocking his weepy voice, so bad about it. After each of the attacks, he called nine one one to report his crime and beg and a high pitched voice for someone to send the victim help or for someone to stop
yeah. He literally stab him and then call the police on me. Like you, gotta save him. You gotta save him. Let's see, let's hear from the weepy voiced killer, yeah, don't talk to close and I'll try. When I get to content, I couldn't help it. Don't know why I hadn't ever I'm so upset about it. Just like you said extreme So we're sorry find out what role right now we got this morning, we have to live yeah yeah, that's just the first of his of his phone call.
So. It sounds like one of your characters, Henry sure I mean this is a murderer. I've never seen such a procedure, Sir calm down everything is going to be fine. Why did you kill her so why do killer? Sir? Ok, alright change your clothes when they had no
idea who this guy was, of course, not years and years. He was fifteen years in prison for the first Murdera Barbara Simmons until he finally confessed after learning that he was going to die He confessed to killing the woman that he was just talking about. Ok Amber Compton. If you hear a good Karen PO tack in nineteen eighty and Kathleen greening in nineteen eighty, So we've got four four murders in one attempted murder under his belt they called him the boo hoo butcher, the boo hoo butcher for Minnesota. That is, I mean if you're the police office, I mean you just go around demanding the people. Talk like ok, you have to say I killed her. I killed her. I stabbed her, so he killed her. I killed nobody's abs, he's fine, he's clear
let's go to our next guy. You know so close. You guys could come over Rodgers get over here. Really do you guys want some pop cola, you guys wanna orange soda. I think we've found our man who voiced killer well, you are more annoying than you want to murder. This is sue us so just so, oh wait! I don't want him in my squad car. Can we just leave him here? You know the Perot Geese before and gas, police station. When you want to confess alright, ok yeah come over, God twenty four know what I mean system. You know This roam free! Please kill a couple more people. That one is much fun too. It's too funny. I know I feel bad for laughing genuinely funny yeah. It's just that. Sounds fun really funny. Well, this next one is not as funny
as really someone argue it's not funny at all good. It depends on what your scale of funding to, not because if you're ready, if you're ready at this point in this podcast, I mean it's funny, stuff to say yeah. I mean well this next one is famous nine one, one call from arguably one of the murders of the 90s, the murder Jon, Benet, Ramsey, yes, Jon Benet. They were asian levines me that from uh from cable cutter November came, I think they were. They were speech. Being asian and I think it was asian. Let this be a lesson beauty, pageants for kids. If you had a child and put him in beauty, pageants are going to murder the basement. I mean. I just think it's responsible to make your kid. Fat yeah make many rapes and murders that make him a kid. That's why you didn't get raped by priests, Henry yeah. They called me the Teflon kid games on main except if you got ahold of my leash that was attached to my wrist that was attached to my mom's grocery cart or the leash attached from my belt.
Would you agree, Zebrowski easy. He creates the. I don't know. I did just get past that for those in a row young to remember. I know we got a lot of young listeners for people our age. The Jon Benet Ramsey case was the case of the Central AC case. Look like Fruity hall yeah. There was no reason nothing in our time like it was Colorados Springs Colorado. Who is this little girl? Who was a pageant beauty such a beyond the trial, such a beautiful little smart, that she made a beautiful angel up in Heaven and, let me If I guess you could have your child in a beauty pageant if they're, if they're a honey, boo, boo type of the really fat you can also compromising, is in there and they won't get murdered. Just real just for laughs, just for gags, and so this. Little girl, went missing on Christmas Day and her pair. It's called nine one one when they found a ransom note addressed to the Ramseys demand.
Two million dollars because they were right, fabulously wealthy. Only rich people, what kids worth two million dollars unless it's gotten less the kids born I mean born all big long already built legs right! we go like going to be a football player, cheese she's worth two million dollars. I don't think so so you're our rock and hit a pretty girl in LA yeah. So what we are Oct and had a pretty girl in New York City today, Henry I'm lost really got beaches full a bit better, but I'm pretty girls. If you look at kids for gold yeah sending your kids I'll praise him, give you some gold and red gold for kids, red yeah, that's a New York reference. So we're going to play the nine one. One call that Jon Benet's mother made to the Colorado Springs Police Department
Okay, I know okay, what are you he he this is. My daughter is missing. Doesn't mean you can treat me with no return act without audition. She could've gotten on homeland a great show by the way, so the Ramseys were never formally charged with the murder. Of course, the accepted theories that the
Ramseys killed: Jon Benet, because she was found in the basement of their own home. I think three or four days after the side to the radiator right. Think yeah. I think so something like that. So most was found. She was found yeah they found They never found Jon Benet's body found the body in the basement, their own household thing. They found the body inside their fucking house, yeah yeah. Maybe gnomes did it when they were done, making all the shoes that area the drunken gnome Overhead Garage, Albany, Ramsey, yeah, yeah, I'm going to fucking live in your ass, that's very rude and say: oh you, Terry. You know every time you go to Livingston ones as they die. Oh she's got such my teeth are just wanna break up we're going to move on she's the victim she's, a victim yeah and a lot of people said they were issues found in the basement, wrapped up in black electrical tape, sexually increasing black licorice, and that's how I want to be tide up. That's the intended it well. It was this day, yeah yeah and they found
A couple of weeks later, a lot of people think the Ramsey's killer, I'm not so sure that they actually killed him 'cause. The actual the ransom note was some people say is that it was written like some one would expect a ransom note to be I mean, which is a one time I mean you know yeah, but what was he? But, on the other hand, right K, Kathy Ramsey was a middle aged woman. How would she know? I don't think right, yeah God, the father and political aspirations, and I believe he was elected to Congress yeah. Well, I mean this happens and what is is a better political boost and having your daughter function be and then now you got all the emotional gunpowder that you need to get to the top of the pack vote. For me, my daughter was killed. I okay, What is your present? I don't it doesn't matter, yeah, ok or motives that were in there there weren't
really you just like a mommy will tell us of how pretty baby was that they were just kind of tired of having a kid, and there was no. I feel like the with the kidnappers had to have the motive. They got a bunch of cash yeah. I was there to get it, but well they killed the kid running dead, so there's not really any we're gonna get all the money. Are you did your killer guy that honor yeah can no longer going to home invasions. You got old made a watcher. I said, watch your. How do you can walk through your set? Now is sitting on a like a chicken to Donna GonNA sits on a she's a trial. Little Miss Muffet sat on the top of it let's make sure we could get the ransom money for the topic, it's like we're. Gonna go to Mcdonald's again for breakfast, because again we're out of two million dollars a breakfast burrito. I think you just like being poor so some people, inherently lazy, it was there's enough just getting that kid tide to the radiator as the war
if you go on the robbery spree with someone who just like I really just I didn't join no money. You know what I'm just I'm just not really a materialist yeah that's good you're better than me. I guess you are a child murderer, though yeah I take it back. It wasn't two million dollars. It was one hundred and eighteen thousand dollars. Number, that is a very odd number to ask for. When someone on the train asked for like, I need a dollar and thirteen cents to get a bus ticket to Minneapolis right right. Think that, like, if you name a specific number, then it's real yeah then there you'll actually get it of the one of the prevailing theories as to why the Father may have killed. John Benet is that he had been really abusing her, and he killed her to keep her from tab yeah. She was getting all parody. Yeah honestly, I would almost argue that parents have put their children's in pageants to some degree are sexually abusing them. Yes, I mean it's irresponsible. Make a sexual object of your child. Yes, it's disgusting This is also such a hot story, because what of course the Rockefeller case right, I
you talk about the Lindbergh baby, baby, baby yeah. It would sort of played with that a little bit too much the Lindbergh baby. Yeah was it maybe they gotta read it got ripped apart by bunch of Italia. I think it's called the limburger baby. That's what they come up with the cheese from now. They eventually solve that crime yeah. They found the baby dead right, yeah found the baby Debit also found the guy that killed the baby yeah. It was an amazing. He said it was an amazing piece of police work. There was a ladder that was used to get into the window of the limburgs, and they were all too bill ' it was fixed like it was repaired. One of the runs was repaired and they you they compared the grain of the wood in the on the ladder to the roof of a guy, who is suspected in the crime. Who's got this much time on their hands exactly come on. I gotta get dinner is a reason why it could have cops, can't solve crimes in because we got solitaire on the windows machine. That's right and, of course they weren't able to call them. Did you just do that out of your window?
If that isn't my baby, I would love to hear the Weezy Killer mean to climb the ladder is hear anything I feel like. I was going to try to change a light bulb and it said I killed the babies, go easy killer, yelling out his window. Sorry Nine one one call yes over, not gonna go with the palette. I guess we don't need a palate cleanser, no, no, the nine! These are these. Are we we don't need it just yet all right. The next one that we have is a other child killing and this is a child killing caught on tape. You can hear woman killing the child. In the background is the woman who is believed I believe she was being stalked by a cult. She stabbed her two old daughter, one hundred times with yes, it could be heard. Yelling die die on the nine one one we're going to hear it aren't we here are running
you know we're just to kind of oversee, not encouraging any of these active. No! No! No! So I don't have any baby on your time soon or it's not now are on. This is except when the government shut down all right. Do anything you want? No, that's not true. Yes, sorry, we cocaine rules the streets. I don't know if TED Cruz is a Red Means, go green means go. The coverage is going by the way this is after she had strangled the child child with an electrical cord from the dryer but you will do it yourself. Killing, though, isn't it yeah yeah look! So, let's put the nose plugs in, yes, I write in there. Let's hear it. For one hundred and ninety two central St Four quarts
woman in here that stabbing herself in a child, Ok, so he wins. The coward of the Year award, rightly sprinter with him like for breeze. I don't it's not a real nice young woman. I got the Michael Mobile Cheese like using it yeah it smells like orange blossoms in here. So it's really weird meow, like she's, getting rid of him the same way. Someone tells a cat they're bad yeah and lemon juice at it, but he seems to be approaching her like a dog who was going too crazy with the chew toys. Hey, stop, stop get your hands dirty broke through now here's the thing she
survived, she survived. She was stabbing herself and the child yeah, and this is a two year old. This is a two year in the two year old did not survive, know that you have survived. Ok, but did did did did the mother. She was one hundred wounds to her head and, yes, she did to her head, I'm sure, she's, fine, now she's doing great. She probably depend on the show thanks for listening yeah, so the man that called it the then his name was real I love, you Fifty five years old. He was watching the Celtics game on tv. When he heard the commotion, I'm trying to watch the Celtics game of their sub was over there. Making making periodic time with the baby big hard time is that what you're calling me disabled every hundred cheese knife on a baby, and I'm just like hey I'm trying to watch that with their dad celtics are on for Christ sake. He also thought the baby was dead, yeah. Of course the baby was limp after he she had been strangled with the electric there's. No evidence of wear this baby is now under what happened. The future this baby. We do not
for the future that we do not know the president. This baby that started in two thousand and nine. So baby is only six years old, I'm not victim blaming a cold was following her It does seem as if this child is unkillable, right, I mean. Is there? Is this potentially a woman huge and I'm just saying just for story? What? If the woman was right, What else are dark? Lord and master? Is she Braille Adrian? I mean you have a MIA Farrow type of Rosemary's baby situation, it's possible. She wants babies made out of flubber ridiculous was heard, yelling kill, kill, I have to kill, you die die, die We don't know what led up to that. Maybe the babies floating around the room with green eyes for a fucking hour and then, finally, she throw blanket over it hammer couple times again last podcast by, but you never know you never know we are here to fill in the gaps. Porting is afraid.
To get into the details. Some of them are like. I would be fired if I said that on here sure sure yeah yeah, if you were responsible new stores, new source, but we happen to slip through the cracks of anybody that care that's right! Anybody anybody, alright, sorry, next one. This is this: one is I mean. That's my yes, I do not like that smile too many teeth. I can almost smell in the moray eel. I know when he's when he's doing that, like I said yeah, he refunding Peron those kids each down it smell when a texan smiles to the gums holy Lord, something terribles about to happen. Well, this one not even gonna ruin it for you. I'm just going. Let you hear it and then will get into it after great.
Make a problem there. My friend, what's the right plan, what the problem with your friend id well done. What is the problem? What was killing your friends only to be is going to with a gun, there's no one on the way. What what is the matter? so I told me, with his face off Ok, I need you to come down a little bit there on the way. Can you put yourself away
all right on the way man. Are you there with your friend, should help your friend? Can you go help your friend if he still there with your friend? Yes, ok! So then back then don't get any closer okay they're already on the way. If the monkey moves away, a friend I mean no, your friend of an honest man, she's dead White White, and it's just that he he read what apart her face, he ripped apart. I just read: okay at one end of one of the biggest goals, foreman, my God
Oh my god good morning, he's always funny they're going your way they're going as fast as they can go away? Ok, please! Please, don't please, please, please, please, please get the monkey still by your friend. Can you get close to your friends?
about the man, always part, okay. I know it's hard to does I know. Normally, we don't go home with my wife, what you know your family monsters we want to, because I tried stabbing him and he's not and it made it worse, okay and then she they will have to fire department opposed by the police came through the fire department. The fire department can move in yet, but as soon as the police officer show up, please tell them shoot him because he's gonna try to attack me now,
Free Sandra Sandra stain your car Sandra. I need your saying your car. I tried stabbing and he's hurt now too so he's gonna text. Anybody, like you, don't send your card and stay there with me. Don't matter it don't. Matter it don't matter, he will rip the door sweater just do what I'm telling you have a bucket list of personal handle it 'cause. I know the story is: is that I'm he updating, undershooting Adam already? Ok, I know they will continue until his death. Ok,
this is what it takes to become a guest on the Oprah show to have to have a month. You put your faith. This story is: has that, apparently this monkey love going on car rides right. This is told this is not even with Joe. This is true. The monkey love going on car ride to the girlfriend the girlfriend in and the woman that owned. The monkey were like hanging out. The monkeys like car right car right to go in like putting the car no like. No we're not gonna, go on a car right now and that the because the monkey like once a month hit a certain age once they hit like teenage like sort of adolescent age of monkeys. They have the same problem. Humans have and they basically flipped out, I was told no right so when monkey. Go monkey, go crazy, crazy monkey, each race, all that was not going to stop off. To reserving when I went crazy crazy, when I was sixteen, I stomped off to my room and
the Marilyn Manson real out of me that likes to ride. That's the evolution of band. You that's! Who we go to the money? He's name was Travis rabbits. The monkey and the interesting thing is too: he attacked her like any monkey attacks, we ate the hands the feet and then the face to be that do they go for the previously worked out? Its guts ripped out will know she we got intact. She just left the family. She was on Oprah yeah. This is literally the faceless woman from Oprah. Oh, I didn't know it was the same exact story yeah this is it yeah, oh yeah, yeah, so she's doing fine as a matter of fact, she's ugly. Now I think she received a face transplant. The woman had given Travis Xanax laced easy way of the attack which could have exacerbated his aggression is known to give Malcolm Lane all the time. Yeah yeah I mean this one, just delusional This woman was just you know. It's very similar to Jane Goodall work seems like every monkeys are great and guerrillas are awesome and then she went back and she found them all like murdering each other yeah their monitors like, oh, my god. This is terrible. That's so sweet they're, not sweet creatures. This one thing people don't fully understand
Things are the nicest of the animals yeah. We don't sort of I mean most part, I mean play the Eiffel Tower, that's good, which is the cell made an Eiffel tower. We invented the hamburger, that's right, which is good. You know, but then every once in awhile, you got a guy who makes a pot full dicks to our like somebody to kill six million Jews. You know that everything is well put the Dixon a pot. That's the thing is that had a resume? That's right! That's what separates us from the have. You guys ever seen a picture of a shave? Chimpanzee! No! But I Look at Ben Everyday, that's good material! you can see how they could easilly ripper person apart. Look at that look at how fucking much oh yeah like how big and strong and monkeys who had the balls to shave it that monkeys yeah yeah.
Is that a fair hand in a fun afternoon, shaving that sucking big black menacing looking gorilla man alright on the stylist, I'm here to shave, Sonoma name is George join. I will be shipping the monkey today. Holy Shit yeah sting cayenne, my life, because normally they gave the sit there and like the peace Nick, we gossip well my bite and bite his nipples awful. No, but that's for pleasure yeah. This is gonna pleasure these, so that my belly button all right market slowed to move on our next, One is a news report that cuts in the nine one. One call this is an elderly gentleman who is Colin in some things happened to his wife hello, This should pretty well height shopping wife in the stomach, with three thousand eight hundred and sixty seven year old
that will hide is now in jail, accused of murder. She still there and what is your name Granny Wilhite where's, the guy that but God's in the closet. Why did you do this She and tie him, and he would had really cool me throughout my lifetime. He was a nut. Basically, by the violence, the husband and wife lived in separate homes next to each other. The last time I talked to her, she said that he drank a lot he drank so we called him would get on his lawn mower and mow turn down the road, with the blade going call the village eighteen out here before thirty, two different baby she's alive
How do you get so drunk off his ass right now? yeah? I think so. Well, you shot in the stomach with a shotgun. There is a three thousand eight hundred and thirty eight of his wife Donna was pronounced dead at a fort worth. Has and she was really really nice for lady. There was a strange couple: there's always things going on. It was just a man did did MIKE judge the creator of king of the hill right this. That does not seem to be real. She was really nice poor. Lady. Did you laugh your you dance? I love, and so my love that he got it she and tight. The way he ran it killed Maine. I understand that in the end you know you get real man get mad, Sometimes you get really angry. I've been mad. Yeah Matthew,
I guess is wife might have had a reason to be mad at it. He sound like he was drinking quite a bit. He sounded like he had the potential to kill her. It sounds like he's got things like going on? No don't like he's, not fucking. Moving up the ranks of corporate America, though he's not right. It's not going up the ranks in corporate America he's riding a lawnmower on gravel with the blades go. You can't tell me where the lawn mores- God is a God Dam car everybody tell me lot mark, not a car. You tell me twice. I feel bad 'cause. I probably listen to similar music. It's got a it's easy it. What what was the old? three star, was it the royal person who got busted for the do you? Why will drive it? A lot more of the liquor store hobby George Jones, George, J, good, George Jones, like you, the town right after that he fell. The video the whole video is just him riding on a lawnmower, yeah yeah yeah Thank you for the law.
There is a lawnmower like Sonny's frags, run a bike. Alright, although that's a little bit homophobic, I yeah I'll shoot a statue: Liberty, ok! Well, over who's got a skirt around one more shot, and you got to get out of my body right. You're right, I'm too drunk Alright, you can stay sober enough to know, he's drunk easy, sober, I'm drunk. Dad says it's called a spade: Shovel Spader, shoveling out your drink any during any drunk will give you a kick your lawn mower but you're, not driving that yep. I gotta get back on my shift being sheriff for the night. That's right, you're the only protect the town alright get on outta here or the next we're going to listen to is the only one we're going to listen to today. That is not a nine one one call, but since we're listening to extremely disturbing audio. This is something that Henry
hold me and Ben about alone. Long time ago and yet something that I don't even know I don't need only opportunity we're going to have to plan. I don't know what clip you chose, but I will say that I this this documentary gave me nightmares. It is one of the most putrid The heinous ever seen. Pictures of my son really wondering what you the to play. We right, I would probably still be excited, as you might expect, Gerald, didn't confine his sexual assaults to the home. In fact, he had a the history of attacking children outside the home as well. He had molested children from ages four to sixteen, with a preference for ten to fourteen year old boys, I've been right,
even listing for over a period of twenty five years, and I have in excess of three hundred victims hands on victims all hands on deck tips. How did you get access to so many victims? Children are on the street all the time. I made all created my own opportunities. There were children at stores. All I had to pick some children up at the stores at the office penny arcades and I have spent some off the street. Now did you. So I picked them up. Do you mean by grooming? You talked him into it, or do you mean violently grab them and kidnapped on sometime? there had been some violent kidnapping, snatching a child off the street, pulling him in my car,
taking him to a deserted area, raping and molesting him and then taking him back to where I had snatched him from. There had been, for instance, where I would ruin the child with toys. I see a child in the store off standing around the the poor displays and I would offer to buy the toy it is Charlie may be looking at. That would actually walk up to the counter and pay for the point walk out of the store with a child in the pool and then I would draft over right after I had taken a child to a deserted area or a whole house that I had actually fixed it fixed up for the purpose of raping a molesting children. I would take the child back to the store. I've got him from and leave him off at the front door and leave
So, actually now I feel like it's creepier this one after that is the creepiest thing you could have played wow you're, a tiger boo was around if he would have raped and molested Tiger pit. I wonder so. It's actually which which documentary is that the I came. The guy is this is a sexual sadist one! Ok, what's this guys name? Listen to. Did you watch that whole documentary? I only watched a small clip. This is as far into it as I could get. This is an off of. I found this off a liveleak. It's just called Gerald the sexual sadist and that's as far as I got It's fifteen minutes long. This clip, I couldn't can go. Is there something that you remember that that you would like to literally find, like I'm literally, have chills running down my spine, just you and hearing that man's voice, because when he went on to do, is you talk about how we reverted? He reverted to his kids eventually and
we mean he reverted to his his own children and then he I don't know. Actually I may not have been him there's another man. This guy starts off by talking about how he had raped and molested his son yes, the most yes brutal. Yes, do. We want to hear that No man I like legit, am at Lee, don't even know it's like he did it five seconds, then. Will this after about two years of molesting, my son in all the pornography that I had been buying running swapping I've got my hands on some bondage and discipline pornography with children involved. And some of the reading that I hadn't known in the fifth yeah yeah yeah discuss what I'm saying is is but the details- and he goes into later on, like literally made my blood could like chill,
like I feel like I'm like, I literally felt as if I was about, you black out, while listening to it is one of the most intense things it just you know so you just that humans are the nicest animal with no really know this. You know I was these are people, and these are. This is an interview series done with the researcher by people in jail and they're in the right manner and what they did with these. This documentary series that these men are in a high a security prisons, the dress in normal clothes to show do you how this man? This is probably one of them. I would rank him above Dahmer any Gacy like those big hitters in terms of cruelty. Yeah did you can expect from somebody wanted to I'm the owner involved? Dahmer's, never going to be the number one number one bill, but he only gained,
sexual pleasure from listening to the sounds of children in pain yeah. That was the thing that made him calm right now we actually date rattled. Yes, that was the only thing that made him go. So this this is so we get you get addicted to that. There comes hard! Well, I come hard wired in your system and it's a It was the worst part of our human. It's, the worst part of the adaptability of the human brain is affected. Your brain can re map your sexual functions to write it I need to these other things. So then you can't do anything else. Nothing else will get you going. No, you can't have a girlfriend. You can have a right friend, yeah you, you pave the
as you pay those roads with fucking straight up, steal and then you're like well, that's the only way I can go. I just wonder: do we know if this guy was at any point in time? Do we know if this guy at any point in time, was in need of one hundred and eighteen thousand dollars? Did this man killed John Benet Ramsey? That's all I wanna know money. I need money all the time if we can crack the Jon Benet Ramsey case. That would be perfect for today's episode. I depend on him He did. He put it on Gerald Gerald, no last name for this monster now. I know last name that I see now he's where in a I couldn't I windbreaker big you know the glasses that are blue blockers, blue hookers and just dead. Then I will you know the one they've cover. First. Is this priest, salt and he's just really kindly look increasingly says like officer my congregation ferment he's re really. Young is like thirty, maybe, and I'm talking about like if it's because the way
first documentary showing how it's called the break? It's about the breakup of personality, about people who can live, multiple lives and basically him just being like you know he was like what they do. It's like. We want you to show your alternate personality and then say the things that you did so This call may like, and there is nothing I love more and spread the light and love Jesus Christ in this world and it cuts in going like I'm a listed up to seventy five boys in my church and just like is that why you got the church is like That is my. That is the primary reason why I joined the church was because I knew it was a faultless job that you can have in you get access to children, and I mean which is a little different. Jesus is a forty, seven or rapist. This is a very very far for second to the reason the most breeze join. This join the service there. I will say on a personal note to because my mother to foster care for so long. I had a bunch of people who were molested. My house fudge, brothers and sisters, and it's interesting when you said that they dress them up like normal people. Yes, I think that's, because I would meet these people would meet the Father's of some of these kids were molested and they really like beyond those guys
this normal guy, and why do you talk about that discussed at Gerald? Guy would talk about. I had three places in his brain. He'd have his. He was like. I had my boss. I had my work place where like where I was you know I did my job or whatever I had my hang out with my friend. Personality, which was No, like normal. You know running the mills, you know Gerald. You know Jerry with his with his domino's, love playing land and then he and his home life, for he was a Lord yeah yeah
is not a good place tiger again often. This is why we need to bring you know whether that guy I am when we opened up his band or he thought that's not it's kind of a pallet. What snacks anyway yeah. What's that, let's get on to do with anything, not PETA file real and we've got some healthy murder case, yeah some fun funny, nine one one call actually was in the get past that one okay, which one did you skip past. It was a story that I was going to read. Oh yes, yeah. Let's skip about how mom took her son into jail, so this one could be.
By the prisoners in India, doctor the phone yet or just gotta, blow right past that don't like it stop it like it didn't even happen right right. Maybe you can give people. Website. If they're so inclined to check use TV so called Dunston checks in dot com interested? Does it check out the constant ribbons? face off was just only bellhop. Yesterday we always having to reply you give him Xanax man yeah. He was nervous, This one is actually pretty whole areas all right. This is audio from a woman named Cindy Williamson she's, telling a nine one, one operator she's about to use a baseball bat against another woman. The couple.
Sleep when Lydia Mooney Nose broke into their home and started stabbing. Her hall has been run in the head with the steak knives. There are two calls right now, all right, we're gonna hear the first three. Oh five am twenty two seconds August eighteenth, two thousand eight Marcia Marcia. My I need to call now to give me the address ma'am. What's going on man? Okay, I need you to tell me why, what's going on, he came into your house. Instead, she okay.
Okay, I'm getting them out. Ma'am man work who's. The female hello, of course, yeah man. That's the first call you imagine these dispatchers having sex. Oh, they just don't care about anything or do you like it baby, one dispatcher listeners if we do some of your funnier stories, yeah war. As a matter of fact, if we have enough listeners we can dedicate an entire episode to it, yeah, so please write in and that we can do a similar episode to listen or pasta with nine one one dispatchers yeah I mean they do have these people
you have an extremely sick since of humor absolutely well. I mean I've known some EMT workers and they are the sickest fockers around. You need to be, of course, how you cope and that's what we do. Of course, this is all super intense stuff yeah you gotta be able to laugh at death. Otherwise you can't live. That's true, that's scary! And now the woman has called back and remember. She has the stabber in the house in the house with her the whole time. Three hundred seven am twenty three chicken, seven am two thousand and eight. Hello. This is John Ma'Am. I have on the way. What is the female's name you talking about? I'm telling you there on the way home
Female texted, your husband, Lydia, ok, Cortana, holder, wishy, stabbing him with his head, a knife, is said and say: ok, what's your name ma'am, my name is sandy and I'm sorry, yeah. I understand I mean I'm sorry, but they are on the way. Ok, who is she tell you all the work for him? She used to work for him, she still in there right, it's such a long process. We have a car anything out that you know you don't know you have everything over there yeah for kids inside. They're watching Mr Wizard right now, but we
got her here. Do you know her last name? they're on the way? Okay, they're coming as fast as they can. They come in to help your husband there coming as fast as they can. Is your husband still counter before they get here, Phil hurry up? Is your husband still holding her down? Okay? I don't know how old she is coming up master man, I mean your husband at her. Twenty one are you in another in another room kids in another room, sleep
Sirius try to calm down and they're on the way they're coming as fast as I can. And he's holding this woman down the whole time with his knife sticking out of his head tail and or if she doesn't trust me feel. Ok, I'm gonna hit her with a baseball bat. If she doesn't answer fuckin' red flag, ma'am, I'm gonna keep her there one way or another she's not getting away this time. This is the problem they couldn't find her. I prefer to be resting heart for the black market Lydia the president, wants. Please give me the restraining order. Well, the police are doing their job. Yeah government should
they just slow down. He's been everywhere. Did she spend okay yeah! That's what you said. She was sad when she was still continuing to one hundred and forty pounder with cheese right now. Ok, why you all right in the house in the bedroom door open anything. Please You have a bad now
becoming okay, okay there they should be coming in, they should be coming in a minute hold on hold on hold on. Don't they don't hang up mam, don't hang up ok. Where is your bedroom at located in your house? They come in the door where you go to the left. Yes, is it in the back he's running: Atlanta. What is happening here? What happened? We've got our honestly, it's working on it right now. Are you? Ok? Let me let you have an officer. Yes, sir. Here ok Okay, they're, coming okay
I mean it just sounds so chances like she was tense and I'll tell you one thing: those kids were not sleeping now terrified staring at the Steelers ceiling, so happy that mommy was occupied, so they could play some Mario World love that game I love it when Mommy's fighting this, badger, I'm not going to give her a passing grade, a melted, oh okay, job, but it's like you know, man. I was a little bit get to the one that I found on world star hip, hop in which the dispatcher hangs up on an eight year old girl yeah like laughing at it right, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah cute. Now he wasn't. She wasn't one of the other. One is a laughing extremely shoes just completely over it, because the The girl was like trying to find the address is I I don't know. I don't live here and it's like my mom got shot in that the United Issues like yeah, my dad's dead she's, like your dad's add, really yeah, that's also just you know, that's just your life being
talking tombstone from listening to mayhem and murder every single day when you're not having fun with it like. We are that's right. I would like to say I will always live being concerned about an eight year old, who says her father's dead, I'd like maybe it never, never so callously, so blonde hair back before yeah, sure yeah, you and everybody else is a number. No, actually, not really everybody else. Just me just me and my dad judge by had a nickel for every time. Eight year olds parents got dead, I'd, be the richest man in the world. Oh well! Next, I think it's time for you to retire from this job. Henry the next? One? Is a kid that I think we've talked about him in the past just a little bit? Yes, we, his name is Jake Evans Yes, yes, yes, yes, yes! Yes, yes and this man, I mean loved, rob Zombie as we all do. You know we love. Love rob zombie. These guy loved him
a little too much or a little too dumb, and guys like this kids like this make me live it. This is why Tipper Gore went on that huge parental You know you know, Internet is tipper. Would just something you do to vote in cows. This is what happens to good musicians when idiot start listening to them, and they do lunatic thinks this is back, and this is what a year ago, two years yeah not that long ago, maybe a year ago, yeah he only confessed to it in January of this year yeah. I think it happened at the end of last year he was sitting at home watching Halloween? zombie version love that movie love. Great movie great fucking movie. At no point did I was I thinking I need to murder my parents, because I watch this movie. While watching it. I was amazed at how at ease the boy was during the murders and how little remorse he felt had a had afterward. I was thinking to myself. It would be the same for me when I kill someone so here: Is the nine one one call, but this guys a cabin he's eighteen right
he is seven thousand and seventeen Michael Myers was ten yeah yeah. It's definitely different. But this one this is long yeah I mean we're not going to, let you know yeah. No. I just want to the tone of his voice anyway, at the tone of his voice because yeah he is, I mean if you look at a picture. I'm online he's a usually. Just a normal kid that you'd expect to do something like this now, all right carrying our one. Where is your emergency, my house? What's the address one? Thirty, two river creek lane? Okay with the emergence, I just killed, my mom and my sister right. So my mom used. You just killed your mother and your sister. How did you do that? Since just like my cat, the twenty two of all the Michael stab them number
you fucking Idiot, and what is your name? People call me. Pepperoni is it gay Heavens. Yes, oh, I hate that tone yeah to every kid you which doesn't care much will just be parks. These are you all of you. We did that he don't know what pogs are. They are gay or cardboard desks and we take money for his children. These are the kinds. Bubble test, though you yeah, I'm fine. Yeah, but my plan, my old any as copy is scary, and I got on my old NE a system on the counter. Okay, it's a twenty two okay hold on.
I mean it is a little bit density seems like a thing about how it's like. I forgot this sentence. He says words like I thought that I'd feel something you know I didn't know. I'd feel like this. When I did this yeah we thought he wouldn't feel anything. Yet he felt because yeah, it's not a movie easy I try to do it as painless as possible. Yeah. He wanted us from China Sister in the back of the head right, yeah and then I think, killed his mother pretty similarly like it was. They were very, very quick deaths but yeah. Still shooting yeah, he should have only watched sports movies and just gone out and then one of the best nfl players of all time, yeah exactly the chance exactly and the worst part is this little motherfucker has fans.
So yeah he's not attractive guy. Any girl that would imagine having sex with this person is a total lunatic, who should be locked up forever and ever and she got bad taste terrible taste. But you know I mean what it says on the Tumblr page dedicated row x, seventeen year old boy, Jake Evans, yes, every he did was completely wrong, but not everyone can take responsibility for their actions like this guy show respect where respect is due evangelist stand up for Jake yeah Jonathan Taylor, Thomas again, a cardboard disk that we all loved when we were children right right from best shows of all, and they said Please stop messaging us about Adam once a no. We don't support him or think he deserves any special treatment he's. You cannot all compare him to Jake. These are two totally different situation. I mean you, what have you did have to argue this animal is bigger and better than in terms of numbers numbers and overall, like Social,
he killed his mother OKC Jake. I He just watched a movie that he wanted to do it. He just watching movie wanted to do it. You know, and I felt the same thing when I saw air Bud comedy my daughter play football. You know movie this whole world is made out made out of dreams. This hurt. Our John were, though, would yeah the horror, John yeah. No one would you ever watch Halloween can't be afraid of somebody looking toward two or actually somebody exactly who you should be afraid of. I know I'm afraid of for sixteen year old on the street 'cause. They don't know they don't so that there's consequences did they just watch Halloween Halloween one or two rob zombies. I hope he doesn't steal. My lunch money because I was going to get a bond. Patty. Sandwiches. Yes, alright! Well, are fine Are we doing the bird? No Ok, we're doing one, it's a short one. This is the worst this one
this yeah. Okay, good like this one. This will be good because they still have sort of a gray over me from the pad a yeah. I know I feel very bad we're doing this. One will make you feel if you may: get through you dear listener. If you make it through this call, then you get that last podcast gold stars gold star, I don't even know if I'm gonna get it yeah, you know honestly- and I want to say this to all of our listeners. You know we're we're experience. Experience in this together, yeah, I did yeah. Why are you know? We you so much as listeners and you're all early warning, large family here and we're going through these dramatic events, and we were, we were conquering them. This is a part of life. It's a curious! It's a curious thing. This is that this is a part of life that you don't get to see all the time and we don't condone anything that happens in this. We think that people are maniacs and morons and if they do bad thing right,
none of you by the way, none of our listeners. None of you listeners you're, never allowed to kill anybody, because then we're gonna get in trouble that leads down. Don't do that yeah we're off for developers and just something I have like we actually live so drink some brews and smoke. Some weed go to a day, job or whatever it might be, and just live a nice life. I spent the day with bill, cower. Right as a matter of fact, bill cower. The former coach of the Pittsburgh Steelers Mister Henries Broski, was on a commercial shoot with him. Today was my job today, not bad. So let's listen to this nine one. One call alright I'll, send it to him yeah who's, going to love the show right. So here it is
printing on line. What's your name, what do you mean by your brother said he killed himself with? How did he do it? Ok, are you home alone?
okay, okay they're on their way, but you okay, you there with your daughter, okay, okay, but The father is on the scene. Now
So can I build Cosby my way out of this situation? We want to put in power and your little girl, yeah we've been Sandra Baldwin, just going out with yourself. You gotta have yourself in Jello pudding pop, I don't know but put in proper, necessarily alleviate the situation. I've got something that could alleviate the situation. I don't know. If that's not what I mean this is the closest we can get. Are we going to leave on it? I think we can Yes, ok. Thank you guys so much for sticking us and that's all I don't kill that's what it sounds like when you kill yourself, Vicki this curve. Alright, everybody! Thank you. So much hail Satan Hail Satan, you grew. Stellations installations have a fun, have a fun weekend. That's right I'll gain and just listen. Maybe Harry in Kermit the frog singing Rainbow connection yeah, it's better! It's good! It's good! This is good. For you know. This old is a good chaser. We're going to play the whole thing. This is actually really nice.
The previous closing lines until this is done, because I know there cool, still funny. I mean how amazing Is this the really it makes unhappy immediately now it's bad this is like the the The thing that I can think of that would you know Jim Henson, was truly the greatest beacon of light in every sense: history, yeah, Muppets, They were and Debbie Harry's how great moves on that Debbie here. That's the thing: is you Kerman right there and you look over and she's just got great perky punk rock moving. Now you know that she's in her pajamas in this video, but a very tasteful you mean you can't see her nipples. Will she sitting next to
next to Kermit that, dreamers a and that's literally, the sweetest will ever get so. Let's say we never did anything for the chip is ripping her face on now, he's eating her other shooting around him. He will shoot, they won't shoot the monkey into the monkeys. Then he'll yourselves, everybody will tell Maine.
And they go stellations. We didn't lose elation. I wouldn't paying attention thing but to be here.
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