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Episode 98: Hostage to the Devil

2015-02-16 | 🔗

It's an exorcism extravaganza as we detail the processes of possession and exorcism in detail and perform a real life seance right here in the studio!

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There's no place to escape? To this is the last time So that's Marcus, I'm Ben I'm not going to approve of the first message that you guys heard my name is tippy toe, Tippy, Peters, only sing in the Santa movie business. I cable believe that you were the only singer in the silent movie business singing for the silent films. All you gotta do is move him out bigger, course: it's Halloween, it's our final episode of October and what a month and his band want think every single one of our listeners who contributed to Halloween it was fucking fantastic. Then, honestly, I think it's been the best month so far here at the pool last podcast on the left, hobble very happy
I feel it's almost like a thanksgiving. The feeling that I did. I want to feel like thankful for what Satan gave us this month. Indeed, and of course, Satan gives a lot of gifts and occasionally he gives the greatest gift of all, which is one of his minions, and these gifts are not Can you open up on all hallows Eve these gifts read your soul invade your mind. The lead to what is only known as X'Ers schism Yassin. They were doing possessions and exorcisms apart, as is done a lot of beautiful research. I can go for a friend, you know sing with me again. I wish that a demon inside him like now you're doing good, you're doing good yeah. Thank you, buddy yeah, it's just you just taking his shitta flicking salad bar at sizzler right. Well, it's weird yeah buddy, yeah buddy get all over them. Cornballs! Yeah, surprisingly enough, you have just described part of exercise, part of possession seriously like that. Even that is equal matter, but no, no! No! That is a part of it, though born balls
what part did he described in mind? Someone is selling a voice inside you telling that you telling you that you're doing great, not helping you with your you making questionable decisions, so not the salad bar, not the cornballs, not the feces, but a positive inner Tony Robinson talking about the positive reinforcements, the bad thing that seems like a great thing or sell it is all I just shout. These are the darkness that no one cares about me anyway. These videos will be listening to quite a few. I assume! You know whether you believe possessions, real or whether you believe exorcisms need to be done on these individuals or, if they're, just suffering from manic depressive episode a of the audible noises these humans make do sound from
in very animalistic. There is a really interesting book. I was reading the cold poltergeist an exclamation point. I upgraded my crazy tees now yeah yeah, yes of tv's coach. Yes, he was very versed in all of their lore of poltergeist negative it off, but it basically with the set up that he covered possessions allow been in his theory is that there is a difference with the way, the way, our brains. In left and right. Brain is that DC they save people have like brain injuries or people who have like had there Lou. Tubes separated, which apparently was common for a long time. When we were just clean with bodies like they were. A bunch of play dough run, but anyway, when you get like your lobe separated. That is that similar to what's that thing on the bottom e type situation, sort of something something like that it decreases aggression, they found is. Is that if you show an image to the left side and then ask the person what what image they see, they say what the these?
see the image of this on the left eye right, but if you show it the right. I like it's two separate Rhonda, like one left, if he say always what's in the right eye, but if you asked in the left eye, but if you ask them what they would do. They say to write it down. You'll write down what see out of your right side, your brain, and they say that Something with this idea that your brain can I technically there's like two people inside your brain to someone that is recording a bunch of stuff and then there's a conscience conscious part of you, and it may be that the possession activity it's got something to do with that and the fact that There is a sort of alternate personality. That's that's like kind of running a memory screen constantly, so the real conscious brain deals with everybody. So right side is the conscious side yeah. I think this member, I got kind of crisscross. I was pretty drunk right, yeah, yeah yeah. A research that I did. I took it completely from this fantastic book called hostage to the devil which Iraq,
and anybody who is interested in anything paranormal, which is sad because it's on my name of a Van Halen Bio, the novels. Yes, of course, of course, of course, even in hell what was it Sammy, Hagar and Raji Rajit on RON? Who one is actually house pretty rough on your bottom on the fun hiding they were David Lee Roth Anytime over Sammy Hagar Van Halen, was going to say controversial you like waffle, combo or event evenly, you like. I can't drive fifty five better than Panama, I mean what you did. You say you like Hagar, better than you like Billiri, like David Lee, Roth Brothers and hang on. Everybody does well then fine I'll switch. It then I'll go to my left brain. I do like little Wabo Cabo
it's a great time- are: let's depart toe in the chilly waters of business. He owns his issue. So, in order to understand exorcism possession, one must first understand the devil and his fall from grace. Okay, yeah for anything. So when God created man, he created man after the angels, the first born and so he created man in the angels were to be. What's that mark. Is this whole real, This is all this is what he did. This is how God works for the purpose of the show. Yes, I will be speaking from here on out. I will be speaking about all this stuff as if It is true that I will be forced to believe it is yes. Yes, we must suspend disbelief, so God created MAD, made him in his own image and put them above the angels. Jealous of and Satan, rebelled against God and was thrust down into the pit and when God sent Jesus into the form of earth in the form of man to the earth essentially sending himself to earth. God made himself human
Jesus having looking full of himself. Isn't. He, though, always multiplying his own? She think like when Satan got sent down to the pit, it's kind of like when you're grounded, but you still have your playstation yeah your playstation's in your room. You got all your portnow megs in there or your computer never could happen. If I can't come out of my room for a week. Oh man! Actually, yes, that's it metaphor for going to miss having to watch american idol with my dad. Oh no, so Jesus having the experience of being human became the perfect example of human as something to strive great yeah white, skin blue, I beautiful blonde hair yeah, a nice mid level, job and human is defined as a person who is a connected to other human beings is able to fill. Love is able to spiritual fulfillment. So therefore, when Satan or demons, this a human being, he is essentially to the closest thing you can.
In Jesus Christ, and therefore, God is the closest he can come to actually making a strike against God himself to pervert the humans of persons. Humanists is to jeez Jesus sexy little, so and it sounds like it's just taking big pits inside of you or something like that was kelvins windows. Kelvin truck tags like up a little out house yeah, don't treat me like an outhouse demon, you're doing good. Thank you Damon. You could do anything you like deep, so Jesus is the key. To the fullness of our humanist because he achieved that fullness for his potentially, it must be achieved actually in each one's choice in personal actions, in the reality of the good and evil present possible to us all, and whether or not we have ever even heard of Jesus. So in order for a demon to completely possess a person, he must completely remove their Hume. Everything makes us human it makes us close to God. That's really interesting, and that's why you know you could see the make these animalistic noise is because they're growling, like dogs or cats right, and so we don't yeah exactly and
So with all these at the interesting thing about all the spirits, is that they're only doing what they were created to do, but it's only twisted because God created the Spirit, in order to serve man, but when they rebel they were cast down into the pit and so that rebellion and the hatred against God twisted their desires, so they still have the will an intelligence to interact with humanity, yeah 'cause they got all the skills. They got all the tools exactly they have all the skills they have all. The tools like Osama Bin Laden I guess so sure it kind is and we all him back home did we will. USA baby? boo, boo, yeah still what about that. I would sit in a Mario but Alley restaurant when I heard that where you guys eating ravioli comes at a sports bar drinking beer, I was hanging out with my fuck buddy. Isn't that he was also in the sports bar drinking beer. Don't let him know Marcus yeah. We cleaned ourselves off and headed down to ground zero
Oh that's right! You did do that. I can't wait. You tell that story to your grandchildren, so great yeah, I'm going to leave a certain part out of it, guess which one I cleaned it ourselves off. I want my kids to think I'm dirty. Yes, your kids, don't worry, I just got done squeezing a jail over some some strange. I met on the train and then well. You know I met your grandmother about twenty years later. Isn't that nice, and she didn't. Let me do all the dirty stinky things I did to that trial. Well, you know grandpa, so there's a different time we grapple with the kids with different times. Two thousand was a twenty eleven. I don't even want to tell Grandpa's favorite movie. No, no! No! So these demons, the spirits they have the will and the intelligence to with you
any to possess humanity they're only doing what they were created to do: they're, essentially, creations that went out of God's control, sweet and tack humanity. Now that is the motivations behind possession the actual process of possession many times it starts when people are just children, I think it just it just sounds. Really: God was a bad father in these demons were just there there trying to get close to their old man. Well, it's actually really interesting they're. Just trying to get back. There was Jesus, they kicked him out. He's like how do I, how my supposed to see my father, I better possess the closest thing to him, which is humans. Now I don't like. Possession anymore, and I don't like it now. It's all about love, these demons are just trying to reconnect. It is not about love, it is the exact opposite of who said that, when the same thing that you just said we were we were talking about before. When you tell me that point again, the same thing comes with the alien abductions scenarios in hauntings a lot of times these the touches with the other realm happening more kids, I guess we're more open than, and basically once you set the groundwork
of well. I showed I showed him a demon along time ago. Now it's going to be much easier when she's a full titted seventeen year old girl I'm sorry what a lot of times it doesn't even come until then, like this whole phenomenon of teenage girls being possessed. That is not the most common of exorcisms right is the sexiest kind yeah. So that's why we like sexy, in that I ran the term of it being appealing an the interesting to people. You don't want to hear about the forty five year old priest who was uh I mean I do, but the earlier, like you know, like Father Templeton is doing anything cannot suck little boys dicks anymore and he tells everybody's got a demon inside of him. You know so much better when it's a seventeen year old girl picture of innocence. Long blonde, hair she's been brushing it You know she just got done being out with Ross. Oh bugger
yeah. I know he will remain faulty in the office and he amazing yeah. He stick his head up. That fuzzy dresser me that stress she's got all you know and she's like no. No, no! Not yet. That's right: who's going to cure autistic kids on the we can. Maybe it's okay, she's, like okay, just a with the first link, the your finger that that's right, that's right, but you can work it in from there your it's funny. When you look when you look at videos of possession online, all you see is young girls yeah. You don't feel that you don't see any menu, don't see. Any teenage boys want to see a Kevin James in there yeah exactly, but those men in the book that I read there was one or one of the examples of possession was a man who was in his mid 30s. He was radio dj, just a generally on, man, yeah radio deejays- are the worst type of human that exists. Hey get rid of get rid of him. That's what Marcus wants to do. That's what I did for five years, which is lined up all the radio dj's and put him on trains and take him to a camp
some some. You know as we wished. Fellow. I would like a little river John. This thing I love it, but of course Bob Larson. It was a video of Bob Larson he's a great exorcist. We played a video in our last last podcast, on the left live show and that, fellow that Larson saved from the devil inside him. He was a relatively frumpy every man. He was definitely a frumpy. Every man who doesn't do anybody. Who's got five hundred dollars, that's right and that guy was just grumbling. You just grab it. I put up that documentary of his three hot little girls who got his daughter the red head, yeah hi, one of Cynder that one? Yes, indeed, you know soon, but but the way they talk, it's like look. If you watch a documentary they're all just like there was like no. We love love, you know absolutely. We must stop Satan. We must out there. We must defend the Lord every single day in there, acting as if they're, like GI, Jane when, like fighting Satan yeah well
thing I mean that's the whole thing. Obviously I grew up in a very christian household and I went to a very christian school and that was the whole thing. There were building a new christian school and our entire class project for a week was to make fake swords put scripture on it. In March around where the foundation of the rule is going to be and yell at Saint Man. All we did was re Taylor, two cities yeah, it was different, it was a different school and I would argue that you know how to read now and I uh every on it. So in the process, the possession consent is always required on the on the part of the process, again aliens empires like could do the same thing again. You have to grant permission because that is the self hypnosis. That is the thing that that allows the phenomenon to start, because you've now fully convinced yourself that it's real and it's going to physically manifest and self on the spot on your
yeah. It starts as a small thing, something that that, like a very small concession, I mean let's go back to the analogy of Mister Bogert and where it starts with the first index finger the first. You know Nuckelavee index finger and then from there is little penny playing around with the lips a little bit, but eventually you got the whole system. It truly I mean any woman. That's ever had sex with a man knows the steps. It's always baby steps in Belleville, chicks, turn thirty and they're like let's just get over this, I'm just going to stop with this whole. I don't want to think and we're just going to suck, but you have to get that permission and also you mentioned vampires. There is a certain twilight type thing going on with exorcisms it with the only beautiful women Yes, I do want to see, I mean seeing a fat frumpy trucker, getting possessed by the Devil, that's more powerful to make. Well, we did watch one. Fat from sixteen year old.
That's just yes, yes, yes, it was a woman, though there was a girl yeah that that was it yeah, so that that was a girl just it is an example. The ultimate view of in a sense and like in its just pr work for churches of you can show that the the the picture of innocence can also be corrupted by the devil. Then you got everybody then you're like well. I smoke cigarettes over the next oh yeah, and I want to say you know, there's been some requests for our last podcast on the left. Live shows to be, like you know, streamed and recorded. I don't think we're going to do that, though, so just come out to the live, shows and then obviously we're we're in talks You get a pilot out there as well, and things like that, but just come touch your bodies, yeah just come in touch her bodies. Come rub. Our feets come see, something that only exists in happens once yeah I mean it's not that different, but so fun when the consent is given. Once people start trying to expel these spirits, one of 'em was faced with intense physical pain when he felt that there was something in his body and he would try it. Is it like fight against? It would have intense physical pain. Another one was just
barded with images of his own execution like him getting his head chopped off in the electric chair. Just these intense feelings and they would eventually acquiesced to them and next. Around the acquiesce. They would say. Yes, they said yeah. They said they said. Yes, I apologize. Thank you Marcus. I represent thirty five percent of this. Cast who doesn't understand what that word means either you're all my number one fans, and so when things start going along at some point in these people's lives, the demon actually starts to her, them in their daily life. Well, that's your game. Somebody's trust yeah. They gained their trust, want the radio broadcaster key was his broadcasting. He had the most original style of broadcasting out there. He was getting job offers all over. The country. You're right in that fucking, lightning bolt of sayings beautiful power. I can't believe honestly. I've had several
once in my life over the last like year, or so since, finding the love and joy of our Lord and Savior Satan himself and that I have asked Satan for help and he has helped me he's given me that extra edge that extra push, maybe a little bit harder. Maybe let's say I've been under I'm taking a bunch of whole pills, but I'm still drinking a bunch of whiskey, but I still get in there? I think it's just because we live in New York City and there's you can find to restaurant in three hundred o'clock in the morning play that is open for you Henry. So there comes a point in every possession where a person either chooses to fight or they choose to accept the spirit into their body and become what they. Perfectly possessed same with, like with Annalise Mchale. When that happened to her she got the same Steps was that she basically got presented finally said yes to the devil and accepting it into word, because she felt that she would be a symbol to people that she would.
I'll accept the evil and I will suffer for the evil and become a martyr in order to show everybody. You know like that. They're still good in the world in the larger the priest at the end of the original exorcist you takes company, then she jumps right out. The window that's exactly what priest do in an exorcism. That's where the actual name hostage to the devil comes because I was under the impression that priest was never supposed to say that, because when I watched that with Father Steve, he said, that's a very that's. A cardinal sin, yeah 'cause, Father, Steve was watching out for number one mother's day father's day was wrong. Yeah Father, Steve, wasn't wasn't a true knighted. Jesus is not a bad heart, father, bad heart and raging raging sex, would you really want because what happens in exorcism? If these people choose to become perfectly possessed a lot of times, people don't even know that the possession is happened because it goes past. The point of the for because there comes a point where a person really
Is that their will and their mind their thoughts in the body are starting to be controlled by some someone else. They start to fight against it. That's when you start seeing the odd events the screaming the banging all those out like all the things that are traditionally, I guess related to exercise, and it's ironic. It also sounds like everything. That's traditionally related to a bad relationship, personality changes screaming and fighting you're going to have your own apple. I would rather that you, like an afternoon like he had just called me like no, I I love. I love this shade of brown. I love that how it's kind of feeling are so provide. This is going to take us eight hours to put it together in a fight the hold I love to do that. It's not a complaint. I love this. This is really really wonderful. So when the Exorcism actually comes with these people when they start showing all these symptoms, that's when their friends or family, like they start to seek help. A lot of people
Mental health professionals, because that is actually a that- was an interesting break down of the actual symptoms of temporal lobe epilepsy. Is they talk about it like they watched it? I was watching this. A documentary called the fifth dimension was: is a series of documentaries, they did one exorcisms and they showed up patients of temporal lobe epilepsy and they experience a lot of the same things: weird voices, full body contusions, but without any Cation Monica, basically like doctors were like we're I don't want some current through these people and amp up their seizure, so we can show that these see they. They talk about a feeling of otherness hi all the time to talk about how, like with people who suffer from epilepsy, feel like they're trapped in their that body that they're watching themselves from outside of the body that there's someone in the room watching them. It's real, interesting how the brain and then
Now that's a lot of the thing with near death experiences as well. A lot of people have seizures on hospital beds and things like that like during surgeries. Technically they mean when you die. You know for brief moments that so with the Green Bay sons as well. It's like when you like in halo when you die, and then you get what's the term spot respond. It's like the same thing where it's all of a sudden. You like pop out because your brain has the sort digital information of what the dimensions of the what the room are, and it just angles itself like. Basically, it's like a 3d Hologram image are, like you just like in see the whole room from different angles. Then there's just the question of whether or not it the activity is actually coming straight from our brains, or there is external source that is making your brain like behave. That way, I just read an article on Dick Cheney he's on his second heart he's a total sociopath and didn't deserve his first one. He died on the in table, and you know what his big post death life was. Eaten. Spaghetti and drinking wine. In ITALY
He was doing it and they said was your family there? He said. No, not really, not! That's true. Like now my family wasn't there is drinking wine eat, spaghetti in ITALY, I mean that's going to Lou Menotti like James Gandolfini. It's amazing. Exorcist actually does when that point of contentious. When that choice is made for the person to fight back, the priest comes into essentially fight for the person, because it's my proxy it's by proxy. The person themselves cannot actually fight the spirit they don't have the power to fight, but the priest who has the power of Jesus Christ can fight them and power is given to him, which is similar to the strength of the power. If you're fighting for Aqua Man, that's where wonder woman you know plays with the analogy of a marriage counselor in terrible relationship, I'm fighting for I know Elizabeth got big and I know for a fact that you stopped hearing about your job, Robert, you know, I just hate the counselor. That's all I'm saying the Unite
and hating. The counselor that is a nice thing. Hate is a great unite, are so now we get into the actual process of exorcism and the spirits themselves. This is great now this it's in virtually every exorcism at a crucial point. The possessing spirit will refer to itself interchangeably as I and we and is easily referred to my an hour, I'm taking him. We are a strong's death. We're all the same? Yes, we are legion. Yeah we are legion. That is the bit low. We are legion. Is the big thing, one spirit when one exorcist ask: what is your name the exorcist replied multis Magnum gross grosser grossest several times. Seventy legions of he's just going down the list and condoms, but that's really interesting. I I I think that there's something to the idea of collective unconscious. It did the
with the we did that whole episode on demons. We talk about the sort of archetype of demons like specific demons like a and like that's what they look up when they go to the exes, because it's a part of I guess what you'll do it alone like talk about it more, but the baby that specific name like hold on to like the spell the demand and it just seems like the sort of archetypal figures have been following us throughout all of human kind kind of like come back right in this because they're saying sorry talk about Azazel when they talk about who boozoo like like they're talking about like probably a bizarrely named public figures, yeah yeah ooh that I'm going to name my dog, a Boozoo yeah, because you got booze in there? Oh, I always keep him drunk, but not this mean I feel like there's a lot of exorcisms like the fan trucker I referenced earlier with Bob Larson's like me, what stay like that is bad improv? That's bad! Improv! Ok! Well, some people, a certain spirits. There are definitely tears of spirits within Hell and
tears of intelligence and how some access to say that they are fighting with a demon and they feel the intelligence either being raised lowered as in a the demon, will either call for the help of a higher demon or will leave and but certainly need your manager to come over to approve a discount yeah. Exactly and, of course above all, is Lucifer the very tip, tolerant one demon sort of Lucifer. Those who accepted those who accept the claimant and the claimant is essentially this gathering of demons because Ray demons only attack alone, it's like a corporation, and it is just weird like allegory, so that you could put into this scenario for so many episode. In the last episode we interviewed Shane, Morton, wonderful, secular, humanist and the great makeup artist for your pretty face is going to hell and this sound much like the show that you star in an adult, Swim Henry. What are your children hierarchy of demons? Obviously you would be a good deal less
even if you did possess somebody in there and then, when that character would possess people 'cause, I was like the original the show was sort of an office comedy but sent in sort of like a touched by an angel scenario, but like I would need permission touched by. An angel came up and it with in the pits with yeah, so yeah yeah, since I think we would like, but I was a lesser demon who need the permission. Was there like on call for my manager right right, yeah, nice is those who accept the claimant have his well only the will the will of the kingdom the will of the will of the will of the will of the will of the will of the will. It sounds like bonkers radio, True horror fan. Listen to that. Ladies that gentlemen, his beard to leaders to Lucifer is can only be overshadowed by its hatred of Jesus Christ. Notes, spirit can actually say. The name of Jesus never have is, anyone actually with that Haley Joel Osment, yeah he really tall, ah,
you're, just saying the child actor Haley, Joel Osment right now. Happens after you have to go to school. Oh I'm, sorry, I'm yeah! I have a sharp little kernel, a dookie stuck in my butt hole, usually refer to Jesus Cry: for Jesus Christ as the other, the latter that person or the unmentionable yeah. I like that person that person that person interesting so the spirit and This is something that I find it just look at. Why can't they just say the name Jesus. Thank you think it's much better to them. It's the absolute worst thing too. It's the one thing that can defeat them. Jesus Christ has the power to defeat the true blue, eyed, blonde haired white, warrior of goodness yeah, if you just like make all but you just said opposite you just
and it goes all that goes back to Jesus in the Bible, where Jesus was the best exorcist that ever could have existed because he was at before that before Jesus came, exorcisms were almost impossible when he discovered through them. There was a secret actor system, which is you kick the girl in the vagina over then that's something! We don't understand it. If you were peated Lee, kick a girl, a vagina, you shoot the demon out of the top of her head know mister, Christ. Will you give me the Jesus boot kicker for the Philadelphia Eagles. What a lovely story that was the Jesus was to go up to any actual exercise person in able to exercise them almost immediately 'cause. I am you got done yeah, and so ok, those powers to his twelve disciples, who were then able to go out into the world and exercise whoever cycles were just using that she had to get check. Oh definitely, probably little boys
yeah yeah. I would appreciate it if you would stop looking at me, like I'm a priest, because my contempt in your eyes, this entire Minnesota has been creepy. I've heard all this I smell Moran. It makes me mad. No, I love what you're saying. I know all this stuff, yeah MER, sucks, yeah, mirth, frankincense myrrh was the third thing: gold gold. I think whoever got him the gold he doesn't like that's. My favorite is my favorite of the three wise men travel or submitting one of the things that help me learn letters in the other two way before she brought the gold. I just brought the frankincense. I brought them both good, looking cock, cock, cock holder, Calculator Steve over. He brings the gold Jesus Christ gives the power of exorcisms to priest, but apparently it gets diluted somewhere because the actual power that the pre tab isn't as great as that of Jesus Christ himself sure. So it takes a lot.
More here's, something that I find fascinating, that what they say is that there are three levels of psychic phenomenon in the in the world. There is the human there is the pride or natural and there's the su natural supernatural that is God that is Jesus. Those are the holiest of holy things, sure preternatural, that's where spirits are in the middle that yeah on telekinesis telepathy. Those sorts of things in the human is at the very bottom which is like digging. Holes did take a dump in in like how to pick up stock of corn, another dumb shyt that humans been doing since the beginning. It's an important steps, though, in the right direction, which is tomato, which is a function I don't know, Is it tomato strawberry pump watch the tomato even now hold these humans just saying it over and over again. What's it to me, what God dam tomato tomato. I keep hearing all these tomatoes. I keep finding. These apples
I'll, never get out of this funk in cave will just call those apples, tomatoes and call it a day. I'm going to go rape, my wife, so the demons in the evil spirits. They only have test the preternatural world, they have no actual physical being themselves That's another reason why they want to possess humans because they cannot actually have any sort of. Moments on the material world in less they are hosted hosted by human body either jealous of our life for their jealous of like our freedoms. Yes, all right, you know I'm just like Osama Bin Laden. I didn't say that, but you meant to I agree, but this at the powers that these demons use, while they're printer natural powers, that's for the screening, all the
being the ship flying around the room? The weird smells, that's reckoned from its I mean that's a big thing as far as possession goes right, people talk about with the writing me within the room other fertile, but I I have people talk about smells among the person before the actual exorcism happens. Like one was said, the yeah person had an office smell, any Larson, and learn what it was like nothing. They said it wasn't necessarily unpleasant, nor was it pleasant. It was just yeah. Then you marry that person it's like well, it's rails awful, but it's not unpleasant that's your that's. Your husband or your wife know like hospitals or like this smell like bandages and ship like that yeah, but it does seem like. Yeah, the devil or demons. They tend to possess people. You know. If you want to go back to like you know jealousy of life. They tend to possess people that look as if they don't really live.
Again exciting one. But it's a party no explanation in there. That's where the where multiple personality fits and they talk about a lot of times, people get possess. It's like the account news. Two examples of like one was like hold on Wilson CALL Wilson wrote this book called poltergeist, which was exclamation point, and he basically said like one was a girl who no friends who was a librarian who was like super quiet and stuff and then when possessed if she became this like high these sexualized woman, who was like a lot of fun and they all literally like it's kind of an improvement when Mary Shelley was headed like change change yourself, but you know like she's, her anymore technically right. So they say that part of the latent personality coming forward and that you're so you can then use the possession excuse in order to do things that it's like morals would normally allow itself to do, and that would also explain this sort of like stinky meat sort of odors in things like the overall say it,
not that you know that the non sanitary ways of the people that tend to be possessed yeah. Well, it said this other people in the book that were possessed. I mean these weren't boring people at all. One guy was the head of a congregation, Greenwich Village, very popular pastor. That was eventually possessed. The other one was the leading Para psychologist in America and William story. What was what was the Greenwich village guy? What year is because that was in the late, for I think it was uh, or early 60s. So there was clearly six know that Bob Dylan's TOP Ki was going to see if it was anywhere between 70s and 80s, I would say Heroin. He was one of like the. He was originally a catholic priest who went on to open his own fellowship in Greenwich Village and was actually there with the beatniks in hippies. And what a lot of them came into is into his congregation. The pair psychologist is an extremely interesting story in that this guy was, he was really big into astral projection. He was really big into to let
The things like that astral weeks will Griffin Morrison Album one yeah. It is a good. It's a good, album, and so this man. His demon, each each of these demons have have names. There was one demand. The book named uncle Ponto yeah. He was saying Ariel Castro's uncle, thank you for the gift. For me, Tuesday, night the woman nighttime, the woman took the boy with the yes, Your nephew did some terrible things uncle another was named Mister Natch, the one that possessed the priest. His name was Mister Natch, the one that possessed the Para psychologist. His name was the tortoise because he played the long game of possession. He pulled this guy, through parapsychology through astral possession. All this as the guy accepted more and more of these, the demon gained more and more control over this man's body and soul,
when the I priest came in the demand that is inside a person, they can only use what natural talents a person has in the first place. So if a person doesn't have any psychic talents in the first place, there's not going to be a whole lot of telekinesis going bad body. There's not it's a bad body. It's like being born. It's like you know, as a human you can only sort of do what your environment allows. It's like being born in Venezuela yeah. You could supposed to how to play basketball for weeks, and then you toss me into the NBA. I'm going to get crippled. Yeah just not happened. Yet so this guy had these intense psychological powers he was able to do like he was. Able to do. Telepathy was very adept in asked, for action and this time on the on the whole time, he's probably just think it all and finally on to something. Yes, this entire time you thinking that he is close to finding the original meaning of Christianity. He thinks that he's traveling back in time and
actually possessing the body of a roman soldier, and he thinks that he's on the cusp of almost meeting Jesus and finding out the true meaning of Chris so eventually he breaks down. He starts going crazy. The possession truly begins. He truly begins getting taken over by this spirit, so What do they do to watch some of the actions that he does after he gets fully taken over by the Spirit I mean he starts it's you know it's just acting strangely passing out being aggressive when the shoes. I never had that before, like pouring tea into the kitchen floor, yeah we're having a party everyone, you know like somethings wrong with Ronald guy. He would go from being aggressive to dead. I'd like there would be no like no vest of his old personality? Rename remain whatsoever so He was a while. He was still rooted in Christianity. He had had a student years before the parapsychology department. That was an ordained priest who also had psychic powers very strong psychic.
So when this guy started going crazy when they started seeing some signs that something wasn't quite right. They brought in this other priest. So what you had was a psychic battle between a priest and it so psychic? I psychic, man. He knew all the boys, penises sciences suffered alone, and this battle was so fucking hard that it killed the priest, the hellion, the priest died, not long, which, which frees died, the one who is exercised with the exorcists, the exorcist, really yeah, hell, yeah seasons, a seasoned exorcist like this one for us like exorcist, have very short lifespans. These guys don't survive very long, because most of the job is going like
on Saturday Vaginas Baghdad. You know it's like our lives. Definitely it is completely unclear why one person is chosen for possession and another isn't there is we have no idea why people are chosen? Some might be. We don't know if it's chosen by selection no way to be sure when one asked. Why did you choose this person the Spirit reply? He was chosen before he was born. He had Directv I had to it's? The last thing you got that full sports package. I want to see the ravens on Sunday or lineage, is to put homeland on regular cable. So out of all the stories in the book, the most fascinating by far is Richard Rita. Richard Rita, was a trend I do have a lady's name. Is your last name? Well, no! No! That was the reason. Why was Richard Reid as because he was a trans gendered, male male to female
it was being insensitive. That's right! Oh now you admit that that was one of the least insensitive things you've said on the show, so Richard Reid, a male to female. It is said that he let the Spirit inside him as a child obsessed with femininity had issues: his entire life. You always had the desire to be a woman, yeah daddy, keep trying. I'm in the football he's, listen to cabaret, there's nothing to be done. Well, I'll tell I think that I love the shoulder pads. I just don't like the hitting, so I would like- and so this guy was completely I mean he was nothing against this femininity, his entire life. I'm going to read some excerpts from the book. There are three I exert and there's a bunch of examples of people that are hiding her sexuality, that get that end up in these scenarios me because that is usually to meet a horrible lie because it's like it's written
if it's written in your fucking jeans, so you and you have to deny because you're already living a double life and like the same thing with serial killers. It's the same thing with John Wayne Gacy thing with my OPA, who was jewish and also a german soldier. As a Jew, where we got like two more weeks of this forever and ever my friend forever and ever, but no it is an interesting thing. The is a situation of the times. It's it's this is simply the early 1960s early 1960s and yeah, and that makes sense it's a bizarre and a strange to think that the idea of being possessed was more normal was more accepted than the idea of being like. I just want to hear
press not so not in this case, at all, his parents, in his family was very excesses. Society yeah really go outside the house was accepting and that yeah they were definitely support of the entire thing. That's really interesting is not enter it like that's the weird thing about it. So on the not if we have any transgendered people out there, any young kids, listen, you think you want to be a girl, or vice versa, go for it yeah I do it. I mean we'll get to the acceptance in a little but first I want to talk about. I want to read an excerpt about his wedding night Uhm the Good luck with the ladies. I don't want to cry throughout his engagement to his wife. They had never gone past. The very occasional kiss of passion as they land. Add on their wedding night, Rivers knuckle this is the scariest story. Refresh on this is this a Creepypasta Richard turned Amora his wife and said now darling. Now Lake House is full of them. I am all of me tonight. They began the act of love. She heard his voice again
open your eyes. Look at me the side of his face froze every muscle in her body. It was a flat featureless face without a line, no expression, his eyes were open, but they were unblinking. Instill. Sightless, hollows, richer, began to feel himself as her his female self no longer inside of his own body. He heard a voice, though he knew not where it came from. Let me take you secret in all mystery and all Richard, I'm, your fucker, your fucker. Let me Maura was claw his back suffocating under the heavy weight of his body screaming terrified, that's normal! That's normal of making right! Is it yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah you're, doing it right, he'd, Jackie, laid in the midst of her terror and rolled off when more opened her eyes. Richard was over by the Far Wall Letter, opener in hand tearing and gouging at the wall, with white sweeps, while hammering the the wall with a clenched fist among old grown rising and falling was all she heard from him. Yet because she wasn't a man. Moira ran out of the bedroom, never to return,
yeah I mean this is why you kind of want to cohabitate before you get married. You know bunch of stuff before you just like go ahead and wait until you get married. You know, ladies, if you're, with a guy and you're like creeped out and you have sex with a little test, put put a letter, opener but when I like, I kinda grabs it afterwards and start stabbing the wall. It's. I am all of me now. Is a bad song. That's bad! You know, set expressionless eyes, that's just him trying not to come too fast right, yeah, so don't worry about. That expression, or sometimes it happens and the full smothering. That's just because sometimes I mean You know, that's just how he's gotta be. Maybe his back hurts well, I think, just being little bit lazy and he didn't want to. I mean he was laying on her. He wanted to pretend it wasn't like some kind of like couch yeah. So this is a story of the first time. He truly went to the dark side that wasn't it that was it. No, no. No. That was going to wear those books to India and by the way he never wanted her. He never saw his wife again
This is for the best yeah they broke up yeah. She ran out that night. He never saw it yeah yeah, that's for the past year. He began to have regular visits with prostitutes. No woman ever came back a second time. It was not male sexuality that impelled him, but a jealous curiosity about the female and feminine he notice to duality of ecstasy in death in women during sex, their moans of pleasure, so close to those of pain. One night during a business trip in the middle of a snowstorm while walking back to his hotel, he heard a moaning sound from from some bushes and trees that Sodina deserted area between two houses. No one was insight and all the houses around where dark behind the Bush is, he came across a spread, Eagle form of a young girl. She had been raped and stabbed clothes torn off between her legs and at her shoulder bloodstained the snow and small dark places. Richard was fascinated he watched for awhile. He crept forward. Keeping his head down from the wind then stopped and watched more closely. The girl was still moaning had twitching
he remembers little else. He recalls tearing off his clothes feverishly fearing she might die before he finished what he wished to do. He recalls the wind whistling music in his ears and then marvelously that Chad and I thought that I thought damn it changing his music to words. He remembers catching the last glance of the girl who stared at him for one instant before her eyes went completely dead. He felt her body shutter. He stood in a moment of triumph. He had achieved the ultimate watch on woman. He felt the security of being controlled. The promise of success you shall be as woman months later Richard would finally see his dream of being a woman actualized. He finally had the sex change. Yeah. I mean I don't like this guy. You know he didn't call the police, I mean you, don't really raped her until she died after she'd already been raped,
oh, is that it's still just like you found or raped yeah. You lie about the first part like somebody else already had her going to be very busy. He would lie because then he finished her yeah. He did the worst thing. Technically, I don't know why I even heard about that guy was he possessed? What's that when was the possess, That's began when he was a child. That's the possession yep, rapes, the girl. No that's! When the possession starts that's what he really got really bear. It starts to become fully him yeah. We get past level is where he didn't return. A bunch of blockbuster videos. Yeah, I'm like he went up the down escalator. A couple of times those were that's like the beginning levels: yeah, but then now we cut his penis off and now he's a woman. Now he didn't cut his off. Yet doctors went to a doctor, yeah yeah,
Doctor Joseph walked on his mouth. I heard that's what they do with the surgery right, which is talking to priest in their socks on your nose until your penis shoots up inside who's that so yeah. Finally, and now in seventy three Rita attended her first black mass. I mean what is a g imprisoned because she wasn't caught. That's the thing. Ah, ok, I feel better now this isn't from a police report. This is from testimony given by Richard Rita to the author of the book. Oh I see, yes- and he just said this- like it- was normal yeah right right right. He was possessed. So you know he didn't really do it, but this is with his balls this deck? No, no! You double was in the balls of it. He didn't do it yeah at the Pre Party of the black mass, the pre party. We missed the wrong generation. We really, I guess so, yeah I'm waiting to go into the details of this party, but this party setup fuqing, kick ass, yeah
it was a party there was a pool and one was drink and having a good time. Nobody throws a black mass anymore yeah. That's true! That's true! I'm going to do it all right! Well, let me see. I'm in a Did you how they usually go? Ok at the pre party. She felt surprisingly at home laughing with all the I guess I mean I've been. There were funny sure hilarious hilarious at one thousand two hundred and forty five she suddenly notice to hush. Nobody was speaking. The music had gone silent. Three slash four of the guests had departed. The black mass was about to begin shut that music off remaining guess, remove their clothes and calmly undressed, Rita, a man approached her and said Rita. I am Father Sampson willing, Minister Our Lord Satan is a time come. Let us adore adore him again.
Lifted, read only place her back flat on an altar. She heard three voices chanting and old, latin Mass and nominee Patris et Fili Et Spiritus Santi at Domani N, three Satanas, a woman so pleased he nailed it nailed it Marcus. Thank you. A woman pricked readers vein, letting drops of blood fall into a chalice mixed with wine's father's father. Sampson parted read his legs and to the altar and let's get at er, then there are a lot you'll Father, Sampson do and he's got to do. Don't worry about it over like in these plans. He entered read a fully and set from the chalice and made read it do the same Bob Have some he'll have something like you know you like it you like, but there was some blood that dropped in house wine. Ok, father Hanson started, rhythmically push and pull and Rita, saying as a refrain say,
say, say: ten lengthening the first syllable said room partially out of reading it, I'm hitting the second syllable, with Tom emphasis and drove back and take it easy. Headroom Jesus is going to rock hard over here yeah, you don't like me, fuckin' this pumpkin, not exactly that pumpkin later read, it could hear heavy breathing but could see no face only the outline of ahead. She murmured Father Sampson Lord Satan, Father Samson Lord, but was interrupted by a harsh grating sound of a single word coming to her or coming to her through the heavy breathing girl fix her golfing gold, fixer reader no longer heard the chant of Satan. Now everyone at the party seemed to be joining in girl. Fix her girl car fax, her girlfriends are God Father,
say: Tongue Father Sampson was now probing the inside of Reed's rectum in her writing font, a song sort of massaging, scooping probing pushing pulling he heaved and Shoukd. Have me girl fix her father. Satan. Have me smell me. Fuck me through Rita screamed. As she came. An organ notes: thundered filling the air, the scene subsided slowly and read a new a shadow- was a fixed, were sold not to be to step dispelled into the day of her exorcism, and that was the best birthday I ever had that's right and then Roman Polanski came in and was like what did I miss and topped up? I got this girl scout, who already party in here you guys already done and let you know that Mister Rita there she's got she's got balls. You know that right now, mister cocktail, weenies sterilized girl fixer, was the name of Reed's day girl. Girlfriend fixer probably should tell you that before
Clive, Barker, Hellraiser Series, biggest homosexual in the face of the planet. Clive Barker is yeah, is he's ripped yeah. He might be offered like kind of like Chuck Polonich. Oh just luck, inject huge. I don't know that he's gay next yeah seed, Hell raiser yeah then it was just the 80s. I thought he designed all the costumes for stuffy sono. You know the language back in the day yeah. So now I think we're going to play a fun game. Now that we've done this, we've learned a little bit a little bit of play a little fun game. So I went looking for a real exorcism footage and, what's really fun, is that there's a shit ton of it there's a lot of people that, like want to have fun, making fun voices for an afternoon. That's right, so we're going to play a little game called real.
There's a noise or funny cat noise yeah, and I usually I'm the one who looks at the cute animal noises and little pugs playing piano. I do this time and Henry how much fun? Is it? It's fine? It's fine! I'm fine with the cat noises, the baby videos. I hate, well, there are some q babies. I like baby video, sure, yeah fuckit. You know one of the baby ripping the paper and he keeps laughing the one I wanted to play in the last great well, so I hate it, but it rips the paper in the babies of thrilled. Early thrilled where's, the workmanship I mean there was some anyway alright Marcus. So we're going to play a noise and we're going to decide whether or not it is a it is an exercise of noise or funny cat noise, funny cat noise or exorcism.
That's an extra sense, an exorcism sure, yeah yeah, you are correct. It is like along at home everybody. I want to see your score cards on the Facebook page here, a little bit more of that inferno He just said: go to Hell, Gucci tracksuit You don't know she sitting on a possible full ravioli. No, she screaming. Let me go get the water, no yeah find for certain definitely letter which the next one funny cat noise or exorcism. Let's hear it teen,
I'm going to exercise and I'm gonna say exercising with one hundred t2000 fuse cat, making, weird noises that makes weird noises wow. That's incredible! The with little I swear to God. That is a possessed cat right there. You should see him yet, though, alright alright order, one one one right! Next up, exorcism
funny cat noise in the name of Jesus Christ, I silence Minga Manda Spirit of evil to leave. Now we don't want to leave now it's kind of a gimme yeah. I just kind of want to play. He don't want to leave it on monster. What's the name of that video Marcus, because this woman is hilarious, scary demons and spirits attack, people on film must see she's It is kind of a must see. It is the other three. Is that the one that looks like a new, a worse off Jack yeah. Definitely Jack is, of course, from the round table. Gentleman makes up exorcism or funny No, no! No! No! No no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no! No! No I'm, going to know what it is, but I want to say if you wanna, listen,
No! No! No! No. I think it is all day long that's a cat cat. That's a funny cat. That's a funny cat rushing camp. Currently, it's a breed in Russia, they're, the only ones who talk like it's got throat cancer night. Instead, Going gonna die alright, real exorcism funny. No This is a tough one smokers log kind of gives it the relationship looking this woman above above it and that's what he's doing that. The woman that vomits yeah alright. So that's a real exorcism, that's very close mine.
As soon as you're, like. Oh, no, no cats don't smoke three packs of Newport that never mind. That's a human, that's tough, to tell them all right, exorcism or funny shoot afforded markers. Let's rewind that, let's just make sure that she farted. I hear that apartments reported, I mean if you're gotta laugh at that you gotta break exercise. You know just put that on the blooper reel and I write goofy stuff. Alright, The last one exorcism or funny cat- Cortana
of course. If you don't it's a dog, everybody you been goofed, you just got goofball dumping, goof y'all done band. We are the devil. Telling you lies, images. I was the name of that video, so they can see you gotta see this dog ugly dog makes weird noises, and it's very accurate, accurate description of what the video is. So now that we played the game, we got now the way we all had fun. There was a note in my favor games. Your we've ever played we're gonna. Do something that we promised you at the very beginning this month, which we we do now to begin the thanks Jess, to try to call our Lord and Master Satan himself into the room. So let us begin by lighting the candles. We do have three candles on the table here: ones pink and two are brown. I thought they were black, This is this.
Or is it was black, and I want to come out here. I realize that the one group of Brown they are poo poo brown. I like carbon round bourbon Brown, yeah, sure that's generous. All right markets is laid the first candle there an I don't know what the scent is on these. I don't think there is any, is poopoo brands, it poo poo brown and I have one with the little blonde dyed blue air be Flaggen, fugen uh. Baby Jesus Song. So I pulled up this seance how to from Wikihow okay, so you know it's legit. Now this is yeah. They always have the right answers for what you're looking for? yep sore hands are now on the weed. Your hands are not on the weekend all right. Well, it's it's! It's a detached, it's more that I'll do a market leader of the mind. This is what this says here of them again, so we're going to translate over there here. Okay, I'm officially touching. It's super light. Your you got, such a heavy finger. Well, I know I know all so this is the chance that
Wikihow says that we should do what's the chance for September all that is a part of the channel yeah. You have to do that. Okay, so first everybody at home. Listening Burke, you got a spell your your interview. Did you just fart? No, no. That was my chair, sure no I'm not possessed by the devil. Spirits of the past move among us be guided by the light of this world and visit upon us. The love Satan, we bring you gifts from life into death, be guided by the light of this world and visit upon us, no movement,
Movement, yet no yeah, but the candle did pop. When you said Satan, the general did out. Yes it to all my God, it's working, it is working. We try to read again our you would like to take the popcorn spared some of the past, among is in be guided by the Lotto this and visit upon us, no so delicious, so buttery. I could barely get my hand on this. We do you so slippery beloved, said term. We bring you gifts from life into death, Ju Ju bees.
But all of the end of a twister you can use it like a straw with the coke in it we got about a lot of this world and visit upon those dear delicious food, are there seems to be a little bit of movement now. And we've got what letter there Marcus. Let's just put it on the letter. Oh it's It's alright. Okay,. Oh, it is moving. Oh, it is yeah. It is moving well see here we have in our we have, and I yeah
we have do? We get survey says it's an interesting. I am, is this really the the how to see it's: okay, okay, Rick Rick, Rick Rick, who is Rick another are Ricky thank Ricky. Where do you come from Ricky? Are you the? Are you like a Retarded boy that used to live in this basement and we've got a yes. We have a confirmation on Ricky, that's good! what do you? What do you want from us? What will what you want from us Ricky? What? What could we do to? Let's say help you release your soul? Let's it's because of me yes or no questions mostly Ricky
are you happy. Are you happy where you are Ricky. We have no, we haven't know Ricky. Are you in Heaven, the Lord Jesus and his angels No, it's sounding meltable times within the only fast, very fast with the Ricky. What can we do to release you from hell and bring you to Heaven? Ricky spell it out, Ricky If you can f hey, he is seems to be an f and then he's going within and you do you n fun why food he's a bad speller may be phone, not
Are you trying to spell funyuns I don't know, if that's how you spell it but onions. Is that spell finance, so Ricky spells funny. Oh ok, yeah! No control over this Yeah Funyons Ricky, ok, so so you wanna successful yeah. This is really successful. I'm glad this was just a great I'm, so happy. Everyone waited a whole month for us to summon the devil really will get you some fun. Yens and wow will work that out for you, you know yeah twin peaks. And sopranos in here. Yeah here are. We are Elizabeth. Elizabeth Warren hi, you will call you you, Elizabeth, would think maybe you would say Rick rolled and then we could just play that song now now
I didn't do that, I did I mean Ricky didn't do that? No, I know I know we did Contact Ricky well this it's great, isn't that fun is a lot of fun. Well, this is, I honestly want to say: um. Try it at home. Try it look it up and they do it right. Take off like it's important to light, you need groups of three you need three candles. Everything needs to be divisible by three and actually properly do the same concepts of onions get something funny and really when we were children actually in high school it was we used to do quite a bit with the weed bored and I swear by it that it would possess the house and the cat would go crazy and nearly my friend Josh Con, I watch I watch a dvd borders said any self on fire in elementary school. I did see that so what I do believe in a and I I will say that this is one of the most powerful nights to do it. We have tonight, and tomorrow night they were ringing in the holiday. Do it man bring the end times. This is your fucking shot at
MIKE. You know, we can't do it. We have psychic blocks, but you're there are listeners out there that can totally. I'm going to demon, and I want you to summon a fucking demon, take a picture of it yeah. Well, of course, please put it on record and put it on the facebook page. Yes, definitely- and I want to thank the woman- I forget her name who posted the picture of Mister Dwyer uh. Oh yeah, the palate, who shot himself in the head? I had never seen the full footage, really pretty sweet over the waterfall of blood that just comes pouring out. Of that mean it's not real permanent. Hopefully, Lord, is calcium in key. Thank you so much Kelsey tense, intense This is an article in the irony about video. Timer, like I want to shoot myself in the head and watch that video. You know that's what it looks like never mind. So this draws to a close our celebration of October. Yes, yeah
it's been an emotional ride. It has been. We have had so many great discussions and we've heard so many amazing. Tales from our from our listeners from our friends. Until don't worry, and then we have a bunch of crazy shit lined up for the next couple of weeks. Of course, we ain't stopping, we ain't slowing down right and you don't stop and you don't slow down whatever you want to do with your life. You do. If you work at Mcdonald's, you become a manager at Mcdonald's yeah. You get all the fish bullies out as fast as possible. First thing in fuqing steel, one ball every day from the ball pit until the kids jump in and hurt their backs, because you stole all the balls- and you have a great time in your own tub so Hail, Satan, everyone say happy Halloween. I hope it's beautiful. I hope you have. The greatest halloween you've ever had Krooked love underneath an old dark tree, crooked love under a dark yeah. Alright, everyone still tell me
highly yourselves and we're missing one peace be with and also with you, yeah. Exactly Jesus Christ in here, but I don't know who are you? Imagine that's how we end. This is actually a huge bruise by Bob Larson to get people into Jesus Christ.
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