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Episode 99: Bundy

2015-02-16 | 🔗

Our heavy hitters series begins with everyone's favorite psycho killer ladies man, Ted Bundy! On the first of this two parter, we explore Bundy's early life, his first series of murders, and his from two consecutive prison breaks.

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There's no place to escape to this is the last time Oh my creaky bones. Oh, didn't, do my yoga this morning feeling awful about once every plug in twenty nine years This is just I missed it. I missed the boat. You know I'm supposed to do it yesterday to be the first time, and I didn't do it All right. We're going to go all right. That's
Marcus Parks on Ben Kissel and then we got this guy he's like doing some word stretches over here to my left to you and then you can play with my penis on my four head. I'm doing yoga Enis Yoga, I can touch when I love is my favorite move. It's called making the letter a and what you do. Is you been only over to your hard penis? While you are, you have to be harder to make the cross section for the a audio band touch your forehead to the I have your hard penis. Oh, I see Ben yourself forward, so it's in a huge arms out, yeah yeah, because I got a middle section of my back because I'm half centipede this day, not true man. No, that's not true. It was a dumb acara,
to begin with it didn't pan out to a better character to, and when I like PETE, is yoga and Reserve Brown fire with them. You know we all got a sweat. We all got to work out. Yeah may I know your now. You now definitely not, I'm mildly, disappointed you're not happy with the Marcus Peters Yoga, Henry Zebrowski. So do you know when it comes down to it? You know we're all spitting out: fucking gold, oh yeah, constantly or seven knots times it's just not going to be that can all be detected. Horns are at in my pocket that sons will be fool's gold. He actually does have popcorn in his pocket, which is kind of seeing him know that it's all flat and wet for my butt, sweat yeah. We need a pretty large dunk, though, to make the egg they actually make snub, nose member I've got going on in my polish.
Scott, a shrunken gnarled, not I got down on her knees. So for you have your was a gun, you're you're, describing as a snub nose? That's why I have my collection of many toys: yeah Michael Cole, forty five and I'm gonna, give you mark as an a K. Forty seven! Thank you not bad, so it's a hundred rate is because I remember back in the day when you called and- appetizer nappy and it was okay for everybody to hate, to Japanese yeah. That was about a hundred or so. Actually I think it was about three episodes ago, if I remember correctly, but that's kind of interest, and so we've decided to anyway. I turned our centennial is begin. A new round of special episodes will do called the big big hitters, the babe Ruth so murder in Mccarthy's fall sound effect like a one market in the face with a baseball, something like that, that is great perfect. Who says we can
painted pictures. You know what no one says so we're going to go through some of the bigger names in serial killer We you haven't covered mainly because of either their own personal, Sure because of you know, we just never got there and today's that public enemy- Number one, that's really got you invented the modern idea over the serial killer, yeah You know we were speaking of penises earlier. Is early Theodore Theodore Bundy
while the I could see you playing this song in in the in the car. Will Shawn Michaels me old money differently? That's right! I mean he was. He was a handsome devil. He was a charming man, a very intelligent guy and, to some degree yeah will Young Republican, that's the thing about, TED Bundy, the woman that he killed. I don't necessarily have the most amount of sympathy for the victims, simply because those were women that would never even remotely come close to looking at guys like us and they would walk spirit, self man. You know
mostly for all three of us, I'm fairly certain. I know what I'm saying here and there would snub their nose. And they would say something rude: oh, hey tall Guy, hey fat! Guy, hey weird boy playing with bones: ok, you make a point on that one yeah! So I'm not even the plane ground types could get out there you gotta make it even, which is why we are funny that's right we were forced into it. You know it's into it. So of course TED do you. Where do we want to start when it comes to the the massacres? We got your back in a way way way back machine go back. Ten body was just a bit ago the day swaddling babe yeah in a manger somewhere deep in Well, so, are you saying he was Jesus, one star shown in the sky in three just just dirty desert men? yes, just crawl through the sand and they brought a tiny arab boy. Incense. Frankincense. Well, it wasn't so much Bethlehem as it was. The Elizabeth lawn homes
unwed, mother, yeah, okay! Well, you could make an argument then that perhaps he was a golden child. Somebody born you know, without a father Like Jesus, I mean there is much like said: there is much speculation that his father was in fact his. Internal ground fault, that isn't that something bakery bakery of a watches. His mother should have gone with that virgin. Birth line. Certainly work for Mary Grandpas out there he's widlund the prettiest horse for your birth Looking great, I mean you like saloon, it's fine. Overall, she doesn't need to wear a shirt he's. Making a letter a out in the field definitely was out in the field screaming about how much he hated the blacks, the Italians, the Catholics in the Jews well because they were liberated, had to go out in the field and work. You know, I'm sure. Just like I remember a time. The field is where you could express all of your most controversial opinion. Yes, yell at you know you yell, corn and yeah, that
morning talking and then he go inside, beat his wife in the family dog and then go out in the neighborhood in the neighborhood grab some cats by the tails and swing around his head and then grab his daughter and make some serial killer rang. I'm crazy man Bundy's at it again, hey kids come on out here. Look at the game with this. We would actually speak aloud to unseen presences as well. This is not a bunny know. This was a cow. He was born to TED Ted is that Edward TED were Cole and then Is it a later on until he was adopted by a man named James Bundy, no Johnny, Culpepper, Banjani Culpepper. Bon all yes, Johnny CALL Paper Bundy racist of all the bundys. He was a hospital cook yeah. You know when you kind of have like a nice relationship. So if you wanted to, let's fill in some more detail,
yeah, so TED Bundy wasn't a Bundy TED Bundy, so he was an adopted boy. He yeah his stepfather Samuel R, Johnny Bundy, adopted him formally after he married his mother, but Bundy was for up until one thousand nine hundred and sixty nine. He was under the impression that his grand father was actually his father, okay and then his mother was his sister, which is also the same set of circumstances. The Jack Nicholson grew up in which is really like. That's a truth, and then we call that the fifty switcher but at least I watch so many documentaries were like well we'll find out, is that when he finds it out every once again, that was what turned the switch to make man into a killer or an amazing actor you. It was one of two switches but we'll get to that, so ok, so Jack Nicholson thought his.
Grand Father was his father and his mother was a sister and he turned out to be one of the most successful actors of all time, yeah and Fingerbanger, Extraordinar, exceptionally good, and now it's all kind of weird, with his old man fingers all touches two inch wide knuckles yeah. I know what happens to old men when you age, but your fingers just expand, like I guess, sort of like how your feet do. Grandfathers, hands, meaty paws would be the only way I would be able to get my both hands. Wrestling through while you're young mothers to asleep and is being pause or in their gravatar fresh wayne. Rump You know make it a me buddy, I'm every time I have sex from now on, I'm gonna say: let's make a Bundy also sounds like taking a huge dump. Doesn't let's go in there and make a nice little Bundy Bundy exhibited disturbing behaviors from a very young age at the age of three? Is that tells a story in which she awoke from an app to find little TED had placed a circle of knives
found her and he was staring at her while giggling like she was little pork roast or something that's kind of fun: yeah, but that's what but they no one said anything to me when I was like four or five, I took all my sister's barbies and I will remove the clothes from them rip off the heads and bury them with their feet, sticking out of the out of the door in the backyard or look at Henry's doing and Henry Gardening just need that kind of gnome earth. In my face at all, just Marion Naked Barbie Dolls- and I was just saying: hey- I'm just making a making a fun gardner. It does sound like a relatively fun garden. It sounds sort of similar that great horror, movie motel hell if you've ever seen that you check again, but then you turn into the garden very then they eat. You belong tagline, yeah yeah. It's a really long with the whole. The whole vhs cover Well psychiatrist, who analyzed TED's behavior as a child. After interviews with friends and family, he said that he was quote not like other children. He looked and acted like the
but he was haunted by something else. He was more attractive out. Well, that was everyone who said that they couldn't understand, as he was growing up, is that he was so. He was always key. As the bug in Batman, everybody loved him and he was great, but he was like a hollow child that couldn't make any friends. He was super shy. He stuttered and he couldn't connect with anybody. And then you're saying even as a child. He kind of had a predilection for this idea that he was going to grow up to be super important that he wanted. He wanted to be special and that's the thing with a lot of these serial killers. And a lot of politicians as well so yeah, I'm not going to say comedians no desire power or anything. We just want to spread joy and laughter to the world, not a negative, dark side inside The psychologist also said that something inhabited his mind with the subtlety of a cat. That will be important later with the theory that I have about that. But how subtle are cats? Cats can be
how many times I'm sitting in bed just eating out of a jar, peanut butter and cat just kind of crawls in through the window and starts only oh yeah that is subtle times. Is it gotta, be this yeah? Well, you put them butter on your balls and you call the cat over, but that bucket of tuna. You know, that's half your fault and rehab, fearful or Bundy growing up when he was in high school. He said that he was very awkward with relationships. He didn't understand interpersonal relationships at all, but it's classmates said that he was well known, an well liked, a medium sized fish in a large pond. But this is also when Bundy found his lifelong love of snow, skiing, ski It was, it was his favorite thing to do in the entire world with snow skiing, alright. Well, that makes
it seems like it's going to the University of Washington was to be up in the mountains 'cause. They know that he I mean that's where he stored all of his bodies. We find later on yeah upon Mount Taylor Interesting, but in a psychologist reading a document that I watching another documentary, basically saying that it's like it's just a predilection of people that are like people that are born super good. Looking they just kind of people like him
no matter what, no matter what it is that they do yeah. I was gonna like of the get a little they get a little farther in life. They get. You know yeah, they make more money. If you don't get absolutely well, he would be, of course, love snow skiing, but in high school this is also he was arrested twice on suspicion of burglary and auto theft. He was that he used to steal equipment and forge lift tickets, so he exhibits that early behavior and lifelong behavior. The lot of serial killers have a petty theft lot of petty theft, because the h is anything to give like a you to the police are like show everybody how clever you are in right. What made you one thing this is: was there any examples of him killing cats, but, like you, would any animal mutilation not documented? Now I know pp no bad pp. No, but he did not have the triad.
As they call it, yeah yeah, that's right, the triad of fight any didn't start fires either. So we didn't have a use for three on the for a serial killer. Try, I guess, was rebelling against his grandfather by not killing the cats and spin around other tales. You know part of it, it's it's it's, but again it's a standard. We we've heard this. We for this theory before where he believed that he was going to grow up to be something important and yeah, and he wasn't necessarily very you did well, he could have if he would have just waited for a little while he was doing relatively well with his logic was to ringing yeah call you in Wales. I mean just wanted to suck so many corpses. It's tough to focus on you know, hang is the corpse funking literally I said they are the same documentary Guy- was like if he had just
I've been a little less time, focusing on mayhem and murder. He may have been a good politician. He would have been a great politician board get to that the corps fuqing later on, and then they would just give you corpses to fuch. I mean that's the thing. The Kennedys have a whole freezer full of corpses sought out of pocket. You pop in the fucking door, open for the fuckin' reptilians to come through any one of twelve months or another source, so you just let yourself get into the Fucking Illuminati bar right, like you could have had all of the vicious. All they were, giving whatever number you would block. You want to drink, it's just it's in it's in, but Burlingham Palace, hopefully there by about yeah, sure everything man, pallets, burning man palace, that's a whole different kind of place in nineteen sixty seven, he attended the University of Washington where he met his first and only true love. We don't know her real name but she's, most commonly known as Stephanie Brooks
Brooks, he had never loved a woman more in his entire life. It's a good love somebody as much as he could love someone. He became obsessed with her, which well no, I think of it. More definitely did lover. No, he loved the fact that she was rich and beautiful and powerful our tell me the political family, well yeah, but that's that's. What love is right, love is a rational thing and he looked at it. He added it all up he's like dad equals love if you're a serial killer. No, I'm I'm saying, but The thing about Bundy in this is what it's not just factors. It is very Tractor people want. You don't fall in love with a homeless woman, that's begging for change in the street. There's like me to rise, I mean it'd, be like I don't need that woman had some reddit threads or people did that they were make believe No, but he does feel empathy. That was the thing about Bundy that he actually is extreme empathy and that's, but it just got and so that's why he was able to come so hard when he was hurting these women 'cause he's like oh, I know you're in pain and he enjoyed the fact that he knew that they were in pain
yeah I mean you. Could love he's a sexual sadist yeah. You can only come if women were screaming or dead yeah, which is kind of bizarre. It's pretty opposite things. Aren't they so this starts at this woman. She dumps him. Of course she doesn't. She doesn't. She says he's quote husband material, so she doesn't because it's the same thing kind of I mean at this time he's kind of a FA cup. He doesn't really go to class he's not ambitious. He doesn't have any. And this time because we got to college, he discovered that he's like. Oh I'm good. Looking, he kind of got his fucking, you know Groove, yet Stella would have sure, and so he got his. He got his truck and groovy figure that I could you know I can flirt with checks. I could do with this stuff and he's like. I get a lot of chicks. If I act like you know, I'm like super politically active and all this stuff, but then you find out that if you get remotely pasta fifty minutes
station. With this young Cary Grant you find out that he doesn't believe in a God. Damn thing you know, I mean they're the exact same, as is the equivalent of someone going to college. Finding out that you know younger by movement. Have the Occupy movement, fight fight it out. The people really enjoy Kurt Cobain, buying a guitar and sort of worked learning. How to you know, play pen a real yeah. You know why is there mail goths? No one, no one's wearing those exactly for six months ago was like wow. I think he might make it as a musician and then she realizes he's all bulshit and she's going to be a total failure and then she qualify That by saying oh he's, not as the material whenever yeah. Well, you know it's because his dick is probably too small. You don't think it's going to make any money promise. You can't you unless your screen, unless he's joking, you know, and you have the river ten. He's going to find the right lady. Well in the after this, he begins this, I find fascinating. He begins A6 year long game with this woman, but in the middle of that in one thousand nine hundred and seventy one he starts working, and this is a fascinating detail. With
He starts working at Seattle, suicide Hotline Crisis Center yeah because he loves to your people in pain. He does and then apart is its own sex, but it's also the I feel like there's something to the cycle path to love. This idea of I I'm I'm doing something that makes me feel altruistic and makes me write. Culture was sick, so then it's it's almost be like but I spent so many years working at the suicide hotline. I just think that look exactly what people did when they voted for bill applause. The can, I just say that okay, okay, okay, I'm done with I'm done with, and we continue what Catskill in misery alright. So this is a this is a audio clip from an rule. Yes, who was a famous crime authored that you end up actually was working next to their desk the day, with TED Bundy. While he was working at the call center of the crisis had, I think, you're actually driving people to kill themselves. Oh yeah, I thought that's what this is all yeah. That's what I'm doing here. Alright, here's the clip Ann rule.
Now. The best selling author was a volunteer at the crisis, clinic a suicide helpline when she met the attractive charismatic, young, Bundy TED and I would work as a team TED was wonderful on the phone. He was sounded caring. He was interested in people. I can still picture him hunched over the desk with the phone to his head and in many tons we save lives, which seems very ironic to me now she said, but I got the sweet tag and who would walk me up to my car at two hundred in the morning with my shift was over and he'd say an please lock the doors. I don't want anything bad to happen to you on the way home
Well, I just been locked up with probably the most dangerous man in the western states never had a clue. Yeah I mean he's at the big. Tell is that when you lock the door and then he pulls on the door thing seeking him, yeah yeah. We can never get her. You know it's got stuck out. I mean I don't know what it's like TED It's so excited about my safety yeah yeah. He always make sure the doors are really really locked. God come out yeah for yeah. I would assume just by the voice of this lady she's, a bit elderly and not just the most attractive. Well, I mean she's, pretty elderly. I think back in the day she was attract, but the thing about Bundy never killed anyone. He knew this is a stranger killer. He was a stranger killer and the other thing is too is that I don't think she was at attractive when she was younger. She would have been on the list because every single one of TED Bundy's, thirty five victim or suppose victims there all stinky hot and they were already or not only that, but the big detail is hair parted right down the middle net, hair parted down the middle. Just like his
ex girlfriend and he is right now, in the middle of a six year, long game to get her back. This is the time he re enrolled in university of with of Washington. He starts becoming a psychology major which he uses those skills later on. He literally went and got the training it took to see people better. This is this is Michael, Jordan, Michael Jordan. I'm from the free throw line anymore, so he's gotta get that fucking fade away.
That's right! That's right! It's also in this time, in one thousand nine hundred and seventy two when he first gets involved in politics and really this is his only involvement in politics. Did it specifically as a part of the long game, yeah something game. He becomes involved in a governor Dan Evans, reelection campaign. He posed as a college student. He shadowed the opponent of the governor and just so he could get the stump speeches, so he could sit there. He would write down notes, he would analyze them and he would take him back to Davis and say this is how you beat the guy Davis he described. Bundy is smart aggressive and a believer in the system. Hi. Absolutely John Wayne Gacy John Wayne Gacy was also involved in politics in like it like I was. The first would have Lee involved and, unlike Mister Burke with with the you know, obviously the sun is the Son of SAM with the hair fetish, so the brown, hair, it's kind of yeah, but that's also like with the what thing the thing that helps with that of the nineteen seventies. Every everybody have the same talking.
Yeah I was like it was my mom, and my mom was doing that during the Son of SAM Terrel, rated Queen's Reich he had clearly yeah. They had a hide. Your hair people, girls were put in their hair up and hats and shut like yeah, but the his Preda label. Basically because what happens after she dumped him, flew him into that's. When he went back home, he said after they she dumped him. He went back home. He looked through the records, found out the truth about his family history and he said that's where in and switched, but then there's also a rape murder. That's pinned to him that happened during this time period, which was, I forgot, her name. It was uh, let's see here in Seattle, in nineteen, seventy one. I don't know exactly what her name is found her, so that should be it also, and he also will hear his original like when they interviewed him. He told
Well some conflicting things about when his first murder was sometime, he told a some. Some investigators is first kidnapping was in nineteen, sixty nine, because the there was a twelve year old girl to that. There was also penned on him at that time. Yeah you, like eight year old girl, so we went home he went home, found out all these things about his family. That needs to be an ancestry, dot com, commercial right. And then I got to leave my grand father. My father was my grand father, so his sister was my mom at this time. He goes to law school. He finally gets back in touch with the girl. He starts romancing her. Once again. He eventually convinces her to marry me they get in
age, and then he just cuts off all contact soon, as she says. Yes, as soon as the game is done, that's off contact and she finally gets ahold of him says like what the fuck happened and he just said Stephanie. I have no idea what you mean and then hung up on her and never talk to her again, and that is when the killing stole his ice, and it's like here. This was one thousand nine hundred and seventy four is a woman named Karen spark, so that was found during this time period. Who was sexually assaulted an then she was raped, murdered with a pipe and then raped with the pipe know. Karen spark survived was that the survivor wow is that that was the survivor.
The first one that he killed was Linda Healey, who, by the way, was a ski forecaster for Northwest Ski report. So so they probably had a lot to talk about dealers. Yeah definitely sounds like a code dealer yeah Karen spark, so he had been beaten with a metal rod broken from the bed frame and then, when they pulled the covers back on her body, they were horrified to find the rod had been brutally jammed into her vagina. He also used a speculum on her. If you don't respect him as it is that you're, not a lady, if you're, not old, lady yeah, if you're a man, a speculum is a device that they use to pry open your body cavities So with this Healy woman, she was a forecaster for skiing. So that means the conversation was just about skiing. And then he or I don't know exactly when his games,
His get his early game was all breaking and entering he would break into a womans house. He would viciously assault her with Linda Ann Healy. That's it with sparks heat. She just left her there. That was the only time he did that. After that it would be a kidnapping. Situation like they went after Linda, didn't show up to work. The police went and they pulled back. Her bed covers. They found a heavily stained of pillowcase stained with blood blood soaked sheets, the clothes that she wore that day were missing. They didn't her body until a few years later, when they found TED's little graveyard up on Mount Taylor, this silly girl she should have just started yelling things about herself and seeing if any of them hit like you know, I forecast for ski
and I love to ski then, maybe like those not something I love to ski. So, if you're getting attacked by a killer, just throw some ideas out there to see if something sticks in dislikes yeah. Exactly I love game of thrones. I don't like sesame seeds, you know, isn't that something I'm allergic to sesame seeds and I love Mister Dinklage, acting Mister Dengler, I'm going to let you know fighting your clicked off. Now I get outta here. You know the funniest things getting. I was going to jam this rod, India. I was it's going to do that, Anyway, these in the disappearances, besides just the long hair most of them took place at night, all of them, except for two. Usually it was near ongoing construction work, which is weird. That is really a good idea. The noise would make a lot of the sounds of screaming. Most of them were within a week of midterms or final exams, so when are very distracted because they were almost all college students, they are distracted.
There are, there stressed super hot super nice because he played on everyone's 'cause. Then that's where he learned the best way to get somebody is to you play on their altruism and then again it almost gives you a little bit of satisfaction when he would put on you know he put on his cancer his cast and he would take his crushes and basically he would hit a VW bug and he would ask girls just randomly just like hey. Can you actually help me get some stuff off the top of my car into my into my trunk and then they go like oh sure, yeah man, and then you go back there and he'd have his hammer put up hammer or pipe hammer pipe,
bar. It was a a pie. It was a a crowbar pipe and a crescent wrench that he had made with a an actual handle he's, not a candlestick, though no okay, no channel, okay interest, no he's, not colonel MAS he's, not knowing what the colonel mustard in the sidewalk of the opposite. You, okay, all blunt trauma and strangulation, injury or use the gun because he was meticulous about is crime scene. I mean there were never any fingerprints found in fact to the Rnc cabins. Linking TED Bundy is fairly flimsy is testicle prints, just nut prints, which is really bizarre, but you know what I mean at the very least, I guess if you have to die at any point in your life, two weeks, finals. Isn't that bad? You don't have to study. You know, and I was very suicidal yeah exactly I mean how many times did you under that when you were at university and you had to take attention, I would rather be dead. Study for this math test, and then you know sometimes
run into a dream maker. Well, another thing about him is that he, his appearance was extremely. He was a good looking guy, but they were very generic feature. Yes, and he could change, would change right. He would change his look very like he would change hairstyles. He would change facial hair. The only distinguishing mark that he had was a mole on his neck, but he would hide that 'cause. He usually turtle, necks or sweaters the two killers cited that the style of the time yup yeah, absolutely speaking, a solid time, all the women he killed were all wearing either pants or slacks the time they're. Just I believe, that's why, if you, if, if you ever hear of news of a killer dresses a mommy in May or may not be as worries about ski killer you want to be the Mummy killer, just dress all and discovered a toilet, ah into his back. For my sake, so Sharman would be to blame, Sharman toilet paper to be blamed for this for determine fatty killer. No, I wanted to be the Mummy Keller No, I'm sorry
we're going to Sharman Fatty killer. You've actually been branded it means so LL bean sort of faded and contribute. Eddie Bauer LL bean, although difference in lawsuits by only Lacey been yet with the ll stands for now could be lucky Lady been not situation, but yeah may lazy you Larry being delivered if that's a that's a whole different member of the bean family. Well, at what he would do is that he would up most of the except for sparks. He would kidnap the women. Taking new secondary side of most of the murders were fairly quick, that he would kill them very hot. There was only one victim to day found like after they did some fresh evidence she survived for about six days after the issue is just hanging out in the woods for those six days. He changer would tree right. It's like, I think he like handcuffed or two a thing out there, and then he brought the other girl out there. He killed one girl in front of the uh
that was the incessant mass that was the only chance Asmus. That was the only time that he did a kidnapping during the day. This was some bold ship. Well, this is when he began his. He got so fucking full of himself. He thought he was invisible. He thought he could do it he wanted to you. Can he was clever than anybody else. A white guy dressed in L, L being close in Florida, is invisible. He believe there's in Florida. This is this. Is Seattle, okay or Florida? Now he believes that the american condition was being, and he said, invisible to everyone, but yourself. So it's really interesting. That was his idea being an American like that's what he thought it was all about. The everyone was anonymous because he couldn't
use, a sociopath and that's with his republican side as well, using young Republican yeah and also he was an extreme all call it. He was wasted for every single one of his adopt adoptions. He said that while he was on the prowl, he was extremely drunk in order to significantly diminishes innovations in to sedate the dominant personality that he feared my prevent his entered in a ti from acting on his impulses. Here's another thing about that, because I'm building up to something here, man, he said a an official in Tallahassee who was guarding him. He said at one point quote: he became weird on me: he did a meta more
This is a body and facial change and he felt that there was almost an odor emitting from it, as we know from our possession episode. No, no, no! We're going down the whole here. People. I believe that TED Bundy was a perfectly possessed human being being controlled by a demon, walking the earth or he was of part of the Mk Ultra Original, like blueprint people they put him out there. They made him possible create the serial killer phenomenon in order to create just enough fear in America that people will start being like. Oh, we gotta take our weapons in our guns away, because serial killers, again no government can make a fuckin' military pre order and make a place. What's it called? What's it called I don't know, that's your job. Yeah dystopian side is just an orwellian universe, that's stupid and obviously demons yeah.
Well, I just think we need to get rid of all crotches. You know 'cause they're, obviously leading to the murder of a bunch of about of ladies thing. Instead Bunny got so much press coverage. Wild light will talk, we're going to cover the second half of the next episode yeah, but he, but when he was going through his trial period, he was the love to lots of bull. Yes, he was he's a bull master. I mean. Where is Just I mean I just like the idea of him trashed wasted having a girl in the in the cars she's like. Are you little? Drawing tell you, dragonfly, hyphen joint, let's just play a little song sexy boo, just like trash truck show, oh my god, if you, if you do, have to be drinking and driving this week, just accidentally just play sexy boy: don't fly boy yeah, it's the best drinking and driving. So I have ever heard his date his day when he was doing the day abductions he was just ripping through people. He was asking like ten people on the beach, the one he asked for women. What he was telling them is that he was trying to,
We had a cat cute so funny who is dressed in a white tennis uniform and he was telling them that he had to sell boat attached to his VW bug out there and he needed help getting a sailboat up. He asked four women before one finally went to help Jesus to Prince one bridge girl. Just still have a nice warm season here into the woods. He can't he trainer up to what a tree he came back got another woman. He abducted her when she she went to the bathroom never came back. He took her back, I mean between TED Bundy and Johnny Knoxville in the movie. Bad grandpa never help anybody. Never it's a hidden camera show or it's a serial killer, help anybody during this time boy. This is a great one right here. Bundy was working at the Washington State Department,
emergency services uncovered sort of tragic type thing. They didn't see that was involved in the search for missing women, and so they started reporting it was like women were going missing. It was like six women in a month and bunches Nalanda, getting a raise climbing the corporate ladder rudely because he's like he's like doing like the Peter Parker Spiderman things right. You know what I think is he may be using only go, wrench type: yeah exactly, I think, yeah exactly it's going to be tomorrow, but the thing is is that he kept it, but he was ending up in a shorter and shorter list during this time period, when people, because people were like a man in a cast man crutches member trying to Police officer hands over would introduce myself. Instead as officer he was an officer, TED Roseland I mean for creative. He was when you know, to get these women with these sort of different, like act outs in different characters. Who would play you think you would change his name yeah with ninety names that episode yeah? Why?
you know Johnny the bunch of 'em yeah yeah. Well, that's Johnny Bundy! That's his name is Brooke Bronkie, Bronkie Bundy free, buggy still use money, oh ok egg sandwich. What you know like ok Garold Carol, Daryl, that's not a name adult with a gene, so you're telling me you have a sailboat somewhere, my name. Oh yes, my name is Leslie Howard Barrel nine days and Eric and you gotta help me get my canoe off of my. I have two canoes. You have to good news. Good news are tied to a fire hydrant I just not even close to any sort of water and use your home with me. I got like nine pelicans just Leslie Mayor Mayor and let and Ronald sent. I knew a newer model to give life saying name to your right You know what I'm just going to help you out just because I feel like I'm going to give you mood yeah, let's come over here and that's not the only guitar bich look at this tier look up fire.
Nice tire and I'm dead the only day that he uh even for the women characters, but I don't change my voice is not nice very masculine women on the show he would go through multiple women a night before he would find someone to actually go with him. There was a two women in the same night that reported seeing a man in a VW bug, with a cast asking them to help him that and that night he ended up killing Georgann Hawkins and that was reported to be his first victim of necrophilia. The thing is so he would take bodies up to this like in this like, what's the place up in Seattle and leave the bodies, but then right what it was really fascinating about him is that he didn't turn he trains serial killer types like somewhere in the middle of his grades, like he went from just being sort of like what we were talking about before, which is like, process and results killers which is like results. Killers are you know? The whole thing is that the kills the Russian. Then you leave the kill mix. You know
pants and the other ones process killers, which is you know you make Baby you're married you make up the corpse marionette you play with his nipples for a couple hours now, so it's he went from one of the other. It's like up: it's like Dion Sanders, yeah yeah. He was Bo Jackson typing do into sports team once again, like Michael Jordan, well yeah, but you know Bundy was good at both, but there was another jinx. I think we hang out too long. We've been hanging out far far far too long. He started taking make up up to the corpses and putting makeup on the corpses and playing with him going like I love you TED shut up. You don't love me, you don't love me. Nobody loves me mortuary would be. I love you even shampoo, their hair. Well, that's good that needs to be a
head and shoulders commercial can we play, and so we have a uh. So we have here is a clip from the movie TED Bundy made in two thousand and two which one of those like we're like kiss all. I think his little eyes movie tasted like different. I think you would like you can like any type of horror movie like you even like bad ones, and you like good ones or like me, serial killer movies. I will watch any. Serial killer movie. So I don't know if this is a good movie or not this ones, ok, but it's a lot of fun if the guy playing TED Bundy, it's pretty great right so and so here's a clip of it. It's weird he's uglier than TED Bundy, the guy playing TED Bundy same time, TED Bundy, which is kind of rugged. It's like he look the same. It's like, I don't know. It's a reason why I'll never be attracted to a man, because the idea of like stuff install like scratching up and down my belly, like sucking on my belly button, but it's just really horrifying to me. Just TED Bundy was not like him. He wasn't like Jerrod Ledo Hand He was just kind of get a handsome generically hand, real, quick. How
he so he killed four before he started, having sex six six before the necrophilia yeah. Now that was excellent. You know what right I mean there are again, we were saying he may have killed. Someone was fourteen. He may have killed someone during the time period that he was getting what we're after he just got broken up with right, but it is interesting, whatever names all right. Let's see here a bit of a slip, a bit of TED Bundy's philosophy, press one to listen to me. I mean over the tension, the girls like you. They don't pay attention to guys because you don't come from good families. Go to top schools, drive, fancy cars short pump and listen. I usually not parents guide, don't get me wrong, I'm not some share the wealth type of pinko creep or something
I'm a Republican. So we have this one. One day I'm going to be governor, probably be too young, I think, Mitt Romney gave us here and I'm not too important out there, but here I'm in charge here I'm in control, because this what I say, act out TED, scariest thing is when someone like making fun of like you when you're crying, crying crying, you gonna, kill ya. Oh that's a lot of got. It know the Mitt Romney yeah. It's that like
I want to be governor. I'm not one of those pinko spread the wealth types. Oh I'm a republican! Ok, I couldn't tell I didn't know if it was 'cause your crew cut or your secret underwear and see poking out of your cut offs. Will you here at this fucking truck, stop use Gritz homosexuals can't get the secret under were off to this quarter, GM, it Georgette Hawkins the first week of necrophilia. She was not the first woman to be dumped on Taylor Mountain outside of its Qual, Washington. That's where a couple of hikers ran across what can be only describe as a school graveyard where this that's, where TED dump a lot of using Google Grave yard, I see school playground,
it, comes in a bocci, ball type scenario: 'cause, that's what he was doing he just like. Well, you know it's all in the wrist he kept saying. This is also around the time after there were a lot of people that saw him talking to those women at the lake that day when he abducted two hundred am in the same day, so they started to form a composite sketch of this guy for people, and they also said like there was a you know. They said the sketch, the Volkswagen four people recognize the profile, the sketch the car, they reported TED Bundy as a suspect, but detectives. They will receive about two hundred tips. Today, yeah, they said there's no way that a clean cut law student with no adult record could ever come as he is. He a pinko spread, the wealth wealth type. All you say is republican. No, no! No! It's not possible! So after this, this is when TED Buddy moves to Utah in another connection to Mitt Romney. He was actually baptized into the church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day saints anything to get ahead. He was well the biggest connections of the Mormon,
have you know like you, get your own planet when you die by the way when TED Bundy became a Mormon, they still weren't letting blacks in So I just want to point that out and then, after TED Bundy after he gets baptized, he actually tries to de escalate. He kidnaps this girl named then Nancy Wilcox and he's trying to de escalate. So he says, like I, I'm going to take her out, I'm going to rape her and then I'm going to release it, but then he ends up Strang. And then, of course, having sex with the corporate. I did everything again and this, and so now what happens? Is this first big mistake? He kidnaps this girl, her name is Carol Daronch she's, the one she's mad she's smoking, hot smoking, fucking hot man. He approaches her at a wall. This is the officer Rosalyn. This is officer, rose is not very smart. This woman is a fucking idiot 'cause. He comes up to her and he says hi mam. Someone hit your car in the parking lot. Could you please come with Maine and she goes ok. Let's go yeah
like how do you know it's my car like? What do you write about? No, that's just the way you just assume that to forty. That's our of authority lesson try. Seven like you dressed in a police officer's uniform, you're right Leon. Inform people believe you for a second, not like I've ever done it. No yeah, I'm never dressing up as if I can. You know, police officer and like when the people's homes my computer stuff and turn their weed. So you have done no. You have stolen, we didn't know, you said you did said. I didn't. Oh, ok, never dress up as a police officer, and you know twin into the train conductor on the subway and told them that I need to drive the truck I'm commandeering the train and then just take the train up and down the tracks like an irresponsible. You weren't the guy two years ago that went to the train, conductor and told me: was a police officer in commandeer the train and drove it all around heard that you didn't do that, but somebody Do that, but it wasn't. You know me interesting. You know I don't have it. My bag right now, MIKE caught my costume, so you do know. Okay, I don't have it right now: okay, interesting, it's not in the cleaners, because it's all covered with human Gore.
No well. You know what that I think Henry might actually be the last person we cover on this on the show me over he last versus the last last podcast episode ever just mean Marcus talking about Henry Zebrowski is the worst serial killer in american history and then we're like shows, as good without his act out- and he was so funny- you know back in the day. But man he just killed a lot of people and his killer is that weird fake cop fat killer, the fake cop fat killer fat in my serial killer name, so this girl Carol do rod. She got in the Bundys Car and they started drive. They drove off. She notice that they're going to the opposite direction of the police station, so she says what are you doing where you going? He pulls over to the side of the road he tries handcuffing her. She fights back.
Yes, he does get both hand cuffs on, but he somehow manages to put them both on the same arm. May he gets out of the car. But now I'm too real some in the nuts once off, gets away from TED is not to turn the later that night. He goes and picks up. This girl Debra can't after a theater production of the local high school, about nineteen miles away and he picks her up. But what is he behind in the parking lot, the key to his hand, Cuffs Saria Johnson, that that it's just like you said that famous quote that he had you know killing. Someone is yeah. It's like that. It's like changing a tire, the first time, you're nervous and then the thirtieth time you can't member. We put the cut the tie. Oh, my nuts yeah, that's a shitty night for that poor girl had to go see the high school performance of animes, get raped and murdered. Yeah, that's not good. I love that Joseph and the technicolor of whatever coat
boom and this- and this is what leads to his eventual arrest for Kidnapping'S- that he was stopped by the Utah Highway patrol. They found in his they looked in his car, they notice the front passenger seat was missing and then this A for rape, they've found a ski mask. Another mass fashion from penny hose a crowbar hand, cuffs trash bags, a call of rope, an ice pick and other so? It also mister Bunny. What is it that you say you do again? I am a performance Oh, I think called rape, a girl killed, it's a little show. I do. Let me write the girl killing all help me help me yeah. She go because it was a hell of a performance. Thank you were
the high school tonight you can play outside at the people's Improv Theater, so they got a search warrant, the Utah police. They get a search warrant for bodies apartment. They found a guide to Colorado Ski resorts, with a check mark by the wild wood in which the wild wood in is where you committed one of his murders. Okay, I had the the actual murder the he was about to be charged with a brochure advertising, the
view my high school play and which he kidnapped a second victim. I have a thorough sure he kept the most you're just, but all this is still circumstantial evidence right can't you know they can arrest him for this. Just yet, but Bonnie says that they missed in his utility room. They missed a stack of polaroids of all of his victims up and tell them, but then they get into the into the set again. Is that ever since so many lies, he's told so many are going to be said. Is that you, you have been bragging about it and never had it. Yeah yeah, you, you never know so find so they arrest him. They bring in Carol the Roach for a photo line up because they do end up, but through the descriptions they end up matching the key to the handcuffs here. Are they bringing Calderon church? She gives them, as you pick some out of a lineup. The other witnesses pick him out of a lineup. They found strands of hair that matched both Melissa Smith and Calderon's, Melissa Smith, the
well that went missing that day and they also found her matching Karen Campbell. They also looked at Karen Campbell's body, and they felt they looked at. There was very distinctive Martin Skull rooms in their head gives an it matched the crowbar that was in Bundys trunk, so he got charged and convicted for kidnapping of Karol to ranch sentence to one. Eighteen years and one to fifteen year, run to getting your for kidnapping and he was extradited to Colorado where he was being charged with the murder of Caryn Campbell, and this is when he gets tricky. This is when he becomes super super slippery and you do you just can't get a hold ten? Well, should we do that for part two? Well, it was going to cover this poor, real, quick. I because there's so much more after this,
you know is like an actor yeah did. This is and then you're saying his the people you work for the crisis center through such a fit about what happened when he got moved like basically accused of this crime. There were like he didn't do it. He put together a whole funds and like the road, the res, like tens of thousands of dollars for his like legal fees, it was pretty intense, yeah one to fifteen years yeah, but you can have it. It is the perfect examples and we Gacy was arrested before they. Let him out right because he was a model prisoner. They look. There's a bunch of people have been read, there were resting, one is a model prisoner. Yes, it was a little. Maybe a plus size model ice he's got that beautiful stare in action. T so bunny, of course, not the man to be held down. He decides once he he I mean he has a a public to,
under four. I believe they ain't gonna hold down was the number one song of the summer as well, yeah the public defender first kidnapping trial, but when he was extradited to Colorado for murder, that's when he decided to defend himself, and so he was in one day he was in the law. Library with any said it all up on purpose, because at all a sudanese like well, I have to read to tell the law books then right because number one when you're defending yourself, you don't have to wear handcuffs or any sort of restraints order in the court room and he's like. Let me just go in the library to do some research, yeah and and he finds a window and jumps out of a second story. He jumps out he twist his ankle. This guys free, so he's actually injured for the first time and he's like. Why doesn't anybody help me anymore? You know you imagine that the one woman that actually helps TED Bundy when he's truly hurt he's like thank you so much. It was really nice
so he's really nice of you know. Normally I kill women to do this. Isn't that weird? You know it's a crazy, well, see it Nora, Boustany Letter so he's on the run for six days after this they recapture him. He goes back to prison and here's a the up thing about it is that he was we're going to get off for the murder of the murder. He was because it was all just circumstantial evidence that most of the evidence was hanging out in this before dna testing and all that stuff, so is absolutely killing core, but he decided he couldn't wait anymore, so he acquired a hacksaw blade from another inmate. He accumulated five hundred dollars in cash and then from women. He was fucking outside of the jail because, with this is when it started where women were the fascination with him, was so deep that they were sending him money and sending him shittin jail, and so during the evenings, while everyone else showered, he saw a hole about one square foot
the corner of a cell ceiling, he lost thirty five until he was skinny enough to fit through the christian bale in the machinist yeah and then in the weeks following heated practice runs late at night. He would just do. Practice runs one of the informants he kept telling officers he's like he heard movement within the ceiling during the night, but the officer didn't believe him. Oh yeah, there were just like yeah sure so much fucking, ignorance, just loads people, yeah and so on December. 30Th most of the staff was on Christmas. Break, had planned this out for months beforehand. He climbed up through the whole, into the into the chief jailers apartment, which was empty because he was out of his girlfriend that night he went to the chief jail jailers closet, he changed into street clothes and he walked right out the fucking front door. Amazing,
from there. He stole a car. He made his way to Chicago yeah saw some salsa blues, yeah I'll have deep dish. I love that and your role down an empty Neil, lock me Pina colada machine to Margali and we're going to MILAN. Our next Stop Tallahassee FL that Zuma, I can't wait the Tallahassee Florida yeah I'll give some bustling fuckin' hamburgers, that's for certain! Yes, I do and you will get kicked out of any CHI Omega House in in Florida. If you mentioned his name, which we learned the fun yeah, Henry and the boys all went to an f as you yeah, because at the time the trail- that's we'll talk about this. Now we buy these big upset yeah. This is really the. This is the most known stuff about TED but yeah, usually it starts at Fsu, This is his final? Like you know, this is so what's it fifth symphony his fifth ST possessive sympathy
back in black? This is yeah he's doing all top tier, yeah, and this sorry episode Starry Night, brilliant our. What we do now now we're going to bring in a listener, so we've decided to do is we're gonna teach one here, a lesson right, all right. All of our listeners. All of our lady listeners, who in a lady listener we're going to throw some top tier TED Bundy game at her and we're going to see if she says yes to any of the things he says, and she says yes, she's dead, she's dead. Ok. This is what these are. This is the sort of steaks were talking about here. Ok I'm alright. Everybody welcome Nicolette to show thanks for being here, Nicolette Hawaii, no problem let's see how strong. Don't you dare choose Bundy? Yes,
strong. You are to resist the charm of one Mister TED Bundy. One thing I will say is imagining your head. Don't think about us. You know we look like don't even ugly fucking try to think about what we actually look like. Ok, imagine he's dark, kind of bushy eyebrows blue eyes. Shark smile kind of like kind of like Marcus a little bit like market chart, better teeth and Marcus strong packs. You doing that yellow, but otherwise they're fine, but there's some yeah well he's got like one of those like color. You could see his collar bone well yes, but over his wonderfully placed LL bean turtleneck. Yes, well. She was alliance, a middling dreamboat little yeah, all right. What I'll I'll start off? Excuse me Miss MS six. Yes hi! Yes, I mean I, I I'm so sorry to ask you, I'm so sorry to bother you, but I'm sure I I've got all these books in in me. I got this cast here and I'm just have
such a hard time taking. Do you think you could help me out? Let me help you out. You just got killed your dead woman eurocorps- oh my god, you're getting your hair shampooed and Mount Taylor right now, post mortem sex coming your way, he's bludgeoned in the head, lipstick and you're dead head right now, my goodness, I'm living with grass good, okay! So the impasse test number one again, so imagine
the streets in New York City right right. Are you in the bathroom at work by the way? No, I'm in the hallway, oh great, great, great, alright, Amanina police officers, uniform approaches you ma'am ma'am! Yes, ma'am! Did you park your car out here this afternoon? Did you park your car out here? Oh yeah mam. I believe that someone is broken into your car. My name is Officer Roseland. Oh no, here look at that. Just take a look at this look at look at my bed and just come with me just so you know we just gotta go! Take it out in station
because we believe that we have the man that was broken into your car going to come with me. Ok, great yeah come with me, yeah come with ok, so we're going to show you know absolutely close door behind. You know I'm against a cop car just totally cop car. It's a cop car. I believe it yeah yeah, absolutely VW, bug cop car, so we're just driving. You know so how you doing today, it's some lovely, long, dark brown hair. You have thank you today, yeah. I could smell it. Hi this through just driving. You know all right said: that's not a police station passing by that's fine, just keep driving shouldn't. We stop there you're dead again. What is wrong with you You've been twice now really bad at this. It's
He was very, very good. He was very, very good, yes good! all right so uh, let's just do one last one for you. You know I'm wobbling around I'm on crutches and my own, my my leg hurts. I hurt myself in a ski accident right and then, like I see you and Michael hello, young lady who are you? young lady. How are you I could? I desperately need help getting my produce into this car here. Can you help me out you look really succulent today. I would just love to Chile an array of your corpse. There is what helped me into the car and I'll probably end up just hit me in the head before you can. Even come close saying no, so it doesn't even matter anyway. How are you I'm all right? I have to go if you're going to talk to me
like that you live Nicola. You live Nicolette problem. Is you can't be so obvious? That's right, gotta hide in plain sight. That's right will be charming like we will. I was I will be calling me in a car. Come will be in the car, come so two. That's not bad! That's why you did great, Nicole wanted to two out of three ain't bad what I will say, though, is again Nicholas, is the. This is the lesson we've learned today. Never help anyone, everyone is a potential murderer. We want to do is play with your dead body, alright, don't talk to strangers still strangers cars. Any burning subway. All he wants to do is turn you into a human puppet. What are you going to the next time somebody says? Oh, I need desperately need help with my books or my bags or whatever it is. What do you say to him all right, seven lives, walk off! That's right, Thank you so much Nicolette You will soon ok talk to soon bye. That was great
saving lives. We really are. We are learning so much today, yeah really powerful This is great episode, I'm glad we could bring a stranger in there yeah yeah as early as for now, I like nickel, a lot at home, so the live show which you should yeah yeah our next live show. In fact our next live show is going to be a doozy it's going to be on November. Twenty d, the Saturday of Thanksgiving. We can correct no, the Saturday before Thanksgiving. We ask you: what am I believe, it's November, twenty. Fourth, it's the last Saturday of the month. Want to get a right yeah. I wanna get a definitely want to get this one right. Well. Well, there look. You can go to Creek Ally, c dot com to see exactly what it is. It's Saturday November, twenty third set timer! Twenty third, because it's going to be a hell of a night, because at eight hundred o'clock downstairs were doing roundtable to gentlemen, live and then one thousand o'clock upstairs were doing last podcast on the left life. So it's going to be
full ad and we're going to celebrate native Americans. That's right, as we always do, and I will I was Google. TED Bundy lines. I found a whole page of TED Bundy jokes, so this is kind of a funny one to leave on. Why did ten buddy become his own lawyer to file wrongful death suits, which is kind of fun you know they say about a man who won Abe Lincoln said about a man who represents himself. What's that he's gay, cool for a client to he's going to escape, kill five women. All I heard that one. Actually, I love that Lincoln joke! That's perfect! Everybody hail yourselves thanks for listening. Thank you for listening, Hail, Satan, Hail, name, I'll dean, Hoagie Ninja, Slash plasma, Gusta La Channel, but this one. How about I'm Bonvie Ajc spaghetti? There is no reference to the Getty spaghetti bone void.
Shooting motor who's. There we go. Alright, everybody will talk to you soon.
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