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Kinda Fun: Wednesdays Are War (w/ Brody King)

2019-10-10 | 🔗

In an effort to show you what else we got going on at The Last Podcast Network, we're dropping our latest episode of KINDA FUN into your feed: On this ep, Ben and Katy are joined by New Japan badass Brody King and they talk breaking kayfabe on social media, his passion for music, and the next generation of wrestlers coming up through the ranks.

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they would suffer what are you doing welcome to the show i am benghazi hang you now we're out katy turks that's me that's you are eighty i'm so sorry we haven't done i re weeks have you forgotten your name i am i gonna knock off their ass inside though it's good to be back with you katy i missed big it with you so much where we were in europe i must here big red face
no it's massive and it is red and everything is going good with you to show the jim jefferies show is going good in every verbeck jim jefferies is back on the air we crashed that tuesday night so that's good we're going to try to do it again next weekend in the meantime with the hell yeah wrestler oz of and it's not just katy united day today we have the honour of being with a dude he is a bad ass mother fucker i will say that i absorbed his body with my eyes for about three where's last night and dare i say i'm forever changed we are with brody king thank you so much for being on the show brody really appreciate a man they swam have also mr big red face death thank you so much did and brody you can watch him on ring of honor also if you just one alike do a little youtube you can find a great match with him against messiah at wrestle serbia's path as though odyssey that match was like totally bad ass so i guess katy one
i want to start off talking about with brody because he sort of like a rising star kind of the king of the underground and i have a few questions because during this match with masada the announcer gave you one of the highest praises that any human being can be given he compared you to bruiser brody which i thought was unreal but katie where do you want to start with brody weekend here in los angeles is the battle of los angeles if you're not familiar it's what i called and what i feel it in you can correct me if i'm wrong is essentially the rustle mania of the independent seen audio and crushed it but a good he said let us also man i'm touched me just a little bit about here is the first night night one it was u n within two men yes there is he's an australian caveman and his name is doug it was
is a big eyes private six foot two hundred fifty is found the ep has gigantic beard long hair real wild man nada yea was there was a lot of honour our styles must very well together by style amy we just beat the shit out of each other right twelve minutes and yes great and when you say six feet tall europe the big dude but your six foot five right yeah so you are yours dear still towering over this guy i mean do you like wrestling people who about of the same height as you are the same weight as you does that make it easier or how does that is the match when you all are sort of like comparative when it comes to weight and size it definitely makes it a little bit harder because you know just being able to do a lot of the things that i do with someone my size is significantly harder than a smaller guy or i think might my
preferred zone is probably like around six foot just some like some of the movements or dislike so much more different like he'll his feeder like touching the ground where like someone else would be like completely in my arms or something is its we're so if you like a wrestling opponent tinder profile you would sailor have never someone's six put an under roughly twenty five to two hundred exactly
secondly the atmosphere at the ball or any veto eugene shall for people that haven't been air what's it like for you as a performer it's you know i feel like when used star rustling it's what almost every independent ressler strives to be a pizza be jeers you the top of the mountain as far as independent promotions go right end that's really were you know most of the big names now have made their start so yeah being for years in being able to that be my second ball was a huge accomplishment and also just like this also being my second boy and me being in pwg for about a year and a half now i felt a lot more relaxed going into this one you know
pwg still is like one of the only places anymore that makes me feel kind of nervous like you get those like butterflies in your stomach because i feel like there's so much pressure for people to you know there they want to see the best product possible in so you know whereas if you have enough night somewhere else you can cut it as brush it up if you have it off my appeal rigi let alone at bala than it's like i fucked the whole europe yet pack it in its like being drafted a natural disaster combine and of course p w g states for programme pro wrestling guerrilla check out that company a really is the height of the indies the more than m learning about it i it seems to be the stepping stone for a lot of superstars that go on to new jobs perhaps 8uw even wwe when it comes to your life it's interesting because i was doing a little bit of research
straight edge person you don't drink you don't do any drugs you chose to go on that road because you got into a heavy metal music your also the lead singer of a ban called gods hate so check out that band and oh that's a massive passion for you brody when it comes to wrestling you're going through a lot of pain i know you broke your leg while practicing and unfairly certain that was the worst that was the worst injure you ve had so far right no not at all not at all ok grant because that with the euro i watched your like that was the worst so far but that was about a year ago so i'm happy to hear happy to hear you've been injured more but maybe you could talk a little bit about how do you avoid the pitfalls of professional wrestling obviously you know your career oh i still blooming but how do you avoid that sort of pressure to perhaps you know take a little bit of november oxy cotton or some might that when going through the injuries and perhaps you
talk about some of the physical pain you've been through in the ring has never been in my mind to for that to be like i don't want to call the crush but even an option like i've just dealt with the pain i mean i don't want to sound like a major tough guy but it's just like i just kind of taking a couple advil and just keep moving last december right before christmas i had a match with jake atlas and i took a super kick to the face and broke my job oh great love so it did it shattered one of my molars and broke my jaw in half and i had i have my jaw wired shut for about a month and the doctor said you absolutely cannot wrestle for six months and the next weekend i had a cage actress sami callihan and an o ring match with darby allen
we are now you're grounded with my gentle why should i had a gay now how the hell did you pull that up because katy it i have talked about darby alan before sami callihan i actually youtube one of his t shirts cause i'm trying to up my my wrestling teacher game both do your bad ass yeah yeah those due to extremely physical how didn't you re break your jaw and also how the hell did you breathe well breathing was definitely hard and the thing that i didn't take into consideration was i was like okay well i can breathe sort of so i've broken my nose like six times so i can barely breathe out of my nose so i was literally just sucking air my mouth but when you're when you're selling in the ring all my hair is also in front of my face so when i try to take a deep breath all of the hair fall so wicked my mouth
on my hair and like can't breathe and it's just like it was awful but i mean it makes for a good story you know the area what's your origin story into wrestling cuz you're in for years which is still fairly new in the grand scheme of things yeah well i we gather up i've life on wrestling fan since i was a kid kind of fell out of it you know as a teenager when it became not cool anymore but
yeah i started watching a little bit in my twenties like when cm punk was doing like the the straight edge society movement and it was like others destroyed addresses on tv that's such like a subculture that like wasn't you know widely popular at the time and i'm going home to check this out and then one of my friends met a local wrestler and he was like you know if you ever want to get in the ring and like try some stuff allen also i saw some pictures of him you know doing rolls and hitting the road sounds like what are you doing and how do i do this
we went to a local show it scenting arose russet gallery which has one school i graduated from and the next day had signed up further beginners course maria and here we are now so for someone who wants to get into wrestling i know that they don't just throw you in the ring you're not immediately just like here's a title match i grew up in a work your way up and you basically have to be for all intents and purposes a janitor you have to be the due to construct the ring kenya just give a little bit of insight to the people who want to get into wrestling it's not gonna happen overnight and it's gonna be a colossal pan the ass in for all intents and purposes you're gonna be the you're gonna be the problem since bitch for a little while so what was that process like for you did you ever feel how long did you have to go through that process and i know that process can have never ends it's almost like right now you're like the king of middle school in your
the going to high school in your freshman again after high school you go to college and then your freshman again then going to grad school and then your new grad school student it takes forever to get all the way up there but how is that process in the beginning when you had to your way into the ring yes oh it's me about a year and a half of training about three or four days a week you three to six hours a day before i had my first match and like you said you know you do whatever it takes to let you know whatever your promotion needs and whatever your school needs you know you're putting up the ring you're doing ring creator and security cleaning up after the show's helping out with the wrestlers get to and from the show it's all you know it's what we call paying the dues like the wrestlers before you had to do that and you know that
recognize hard work and you want them to you know that's for you one day on a show so you just try to work as hard as you can to try to be able to get to where they are and then yeah some guys do it for a lot shorter someday i'll do it for a lot longer you know i know guys that haven't gotten to where they want to be in ten years or fifteen years so that i there's still gotta do in the groundwork which as you know to me that it's it's really hard to hear stuff like that because it happened so fast for me but it's just i guess doesn't happen for everybody it's a pace right right where are you now so what what promotions are you working with where were you travelling what's are you now what's your what's your truck wrecking been to where you are now so i am
in the united states to new japan or to ring of honor ere i also work for new japan presley and my exception is peter rigi that's when it comes to getting during of honor you said that you are ascent was relatively quick what was that connection like did they scout you or was that some one who vouched for you who was able to get you going to ring of honor because that is a massive promotion obviously they're on television everyone knows anyone who knows anything about wrestling knows about ring of honor how did you end up getting to where you were now was it just in ring or did you have did you have help for any outside sources or what do you attribute your success to there so i mean i work my ass off for you know a year and a half trying to get to where i wasn't even after i was still in the ring everyday almost right so i feel like you know my my entering was a little
more polished than you know a lot of guys also being six and a half feet all too utterance eighty five pounds covered in tatters it's already like you know i'm a built in gimmick right there's right it was already you know i i look i'd stand out from the rest of em i also had the opportunity to aside from being trade from santini brothers i also trained with rocky romero and threw him i got to meet a lot of people one of those being marty's girl and marty china like you know from a distance is like captain i on me like use watching you know what promotions i was working for and then when i start working for pwg he like he hit me up one day he's like eighty want to do this tour of australia i was like yeah of course hell yeah but yeah i have this idea for for a new group called billing enterprises and we started it there and we tested it out there and then
he's like you know yeah i guess he also was pitching me to ring of honor at the same time so i think marty had a big hand in that aside for me though also training with guys like rocky in being a to meet a lot of those guys so when i came in a ring of honor i had already known a lot of people are or met them in some some facet worked with them and without the don't know villain enterprises this is a kick ass group its marty's girl as as brodie mentioned brodie obviously pc oh and flip gordon when it comes to these groups i'm interested how real are these kinds of factions new norms and like you don't like are you guys really close to you travel together you know i'm saying katy like is like what i remember thinking with de eczema do they like each other what is this how contrive
is this obviously we knew what the click going back old school that they were actually friends because they broke protocol for the curtain gall all these kinds of things but are you guys like what is the how much of it is k fab and how much is it like you got your truly like partners in i mean i can't speak for a lot of the other you know groups but we definitely are very close like we travel to go we do everything together as far as being on the road like we usually go get change the same locker room we gotta stay close oh my god tat go into detail but not like you no more is almost like my wrestle wife like on the road like we we becker and argue in but you not even the day we were still you why would you want to you for dinner where do you wanna go afterwards son a lot like prison piece of piece of pcos like you are wrestling dad and he's a fifty one years old if you didn't know so we're always like
can we go to eat well do they have chicken and broccoli for pcl okay that we can go there he is truly not human but yeah i feel like as far as you know what people's idea of you a faction is that we try to adhere to that mould pretty well right right when you first areas even australia travel the world when you first started what was your vision of like are going to be a wrestler or is this a minute try this out and see what happens is there an end game i mean with most things that i do in my life at my end game is always just to be the best that i possibly can so like
when i started training i went to my first peter reduce show and it was like as they like ok my goal is to work peter region and so then i did that it was like my goal is to work newspaper wrestling and then i do that and now signed ring water so everything that i've set so far as happened right right what are some of the main differences that you ve seen between a promotional p w g between our awake and between i and an adjacent p w a what are some of the differences within those promotions as you go to a different promotion near like ok this is a bit of a different beast i'm gonna have to a just some things do they try to change your style because i know of heard stories of major promotions like w c w back in the day and w w we now we're there like now i'm set was cute that you did that new japan but here we're just knock out like let you be a j style
for example cuz you go back and watch old aj styles matches in your like cool if you could do that again but i know vince is a very good idea of what ressler should do in the ring have you found that they want to change performance or if you just found it japanese audiences want one thing ring of honor audiences one another thing pwg audiences want a thing how do you deal with a different remote promotions i mean it's definitely you know like the last thing you just said i've been fortunate enough to wear ring of honor new japan and pwg they're definitely very open with your ideas and they don't really try to stay your creativity what you already have brought to them i think someone like every to be they lie too they like for you to have you no comforter billowy in your character but they like for it to be their very much there thing i've
real unless you you know are an age styles and you have this like huge name that like you can't bring in ages thousand column something else and pretend like he didn't have as you know huge career right of course of course for ya like peter rigi we get old go have the best match you possibly can there's not really any azure you know guidelines other than that it's like go out there and kill it ring of honor is a little bit more tv based so it's like you know if you are the first match the card maybe you're not going to have the pwg you know false the wall match that you because you be taken away for the main event but but at the same time they're not going to tell you
do this or you have to do this like you just gotta know your place on the card so when it comes to being tv base do you have to then work within those parameters or do they like edit that imposed like when it comes to light commercial breaks this is a little bit nerdy but i'm just kind of interested at it do you have to be like ok brow we got a commercial break come up let's see i'm going to give you a bear hug for ninety seconds until the commercial break is done and then we can bump out that is that work and how do you i guess compartmentalize like this is for television we're also in a live match you know that that's going to be tricky to figure out at first anyway ring of honor actually doesn't really give us a commercial q's i have work for promotion that do and it is very much like all right we got a fuck offer ninety check engine light not do something super important so it doesn't miss they just they just added it the way that they need to but
to be more aware of work in the cameras workin the hard camp whereas in peter jesus don't even think about that you just go now yeah and end with a ring of honor crowd i feel like they are their very envy tween independent and like a debit of each not ground so that they loved work they love to you no have fun with you so if you hide them up or if you know be a heel then you'll get a lot more response than from like a pwg crowd where they're going to be like why you talking to me just so fucking to your match right scout with city i just go well me exactly working you japan is is really interesting because it's still very old school it's like almost like 80s style wrestling like as far as the format but with new style moves and stuff like
yeah like a lot of the stuff that would get over in the states some of the you know faster spots or the the cheeky stuff doesn't really work in japan like they like they like their good guy they like their bad guy and they want to see the good guy when that's it and it's gonna is gonna like fresh union really fun to be able to work in the style what what was if merce cause i note a jack we went to wrestle kingdom what was gear react performer what's your reaction to that like golf clap the very polite there very polite the audience japan is just different than yeah yeah it's strange but like it's like a challenge like how how hyped up can you get these late very polite quite japanese people write in like i fortunately got to have a match with oconnor ass at the at the issue more in riga
and they were absolutely not quiet during that match it was like the whole ways was shaking just chanting or cotton is unbelievable that's awesome it is money that they are so i guess reserved considering new japan pro wrestling does they do do a lot of like you know crazy ass matches though don't they yeah oh yeah i mean some of the new arguably the best matches in the last ten years of come from new japan pro wrestling i believe that new japan is the best wrestling on the planet right so there's something almost creepy or about them watching someone covered in blood and just being like yes why not america we're like at least that there's blood yes but i think it's scary you're defenders like very nice yeah they're better reserved analogy
the announcer gave on your match versus mazato which again check it out wrestle circus i mean you know it's obviously like there's not there's no like the scanning cameras already think it's pretty basic but i'd that's why i kind of loved it d equivocation between you and and bruce are brody how to say that you're a very opinionated wrestler you have a lot of thoughts on how the business should go and we are the business should be so maybe you could extrapolate a little bit on that in your so far what would you like to see the wrestling business become and why do you want it or what are some of the the issues that you see with it right now that you think could be fixed when it comes to bed in professional wrestlers as i actually do a browser brody segment in our law sideshow i'm talking about he was an advocate for wrestlers to be treated more fairly and given more money and he was actually in the starter
play promotion himself but what do you want to see happen with the industry of professional wrestling and what are your thoughts on where it is now i mean wrestling is it a very strange place right now i mean it's in like a huge booming and i feel like that is almost tearing it in half like you have a wn you have wwe better now you know for lack of a better term at war with any we haven't we haven't seen it yet but it starts next week but there's a huge buzz about it that careful i was texting with katy last night and she was like are you watching inequality on usa was it i just lost cable and she's a get sling i bought slang in thirty seconds later because this technology is amazing i had every single channel cannot wait for what will happen will it be the tuesday night wars is that when when men women and children the wednesday night wars wednesdays or war i cannot wait for that to happen again because i
that was the best time in pro wrestling with wcw and wwf at the time we're in monday night wars right everybody is trying to up their game to have the best product and you know i think that's just better for the overall health of all wrestlers like everyone gets more money everyone gets more work and it's i don't know it's just a great time the thing that i do like that's happening right now is a lot of wrestlers are kind of it sounds old school breaking kayfabe like they to go by their real name on yours gramma twitter and every love to talk about the end add workings of the business and have these you know backstage like segments where you at poses too much like i don't mind sitting here and talking about you know like putting a match together or like what it was like at certain promotion but i feel like you know a certain mystique and you know nothing
a lot of fans romanticize about wrestling they don't really want to know about really right right and i feel like if you give too much way than it takes away from what we're trying to get to the fence rat and takes away a lot of that the imagination that you would be you would have cuz you already know too much if you know that you know ex wrestler is also you know the front guy at jim in this city you're like oh well that sucks like just like it just takes away from from what i feel like makes rustling so special real i hear you it similar to my thoughts on tom cruise where i can't watch tom cruise movie more because i hate him so much change my brain over to be like no no he really is the dude permission impossible that's it was acknowledged these he's a psychologist like why my wife is the same way
i feel like i've because they were about to improve their seventy a line between this with social media it seems like a whole new element to turn like traditional wrestling that is kind of been a curve ball for a lot of performers he's like what are we what are we doing who are you are you going to are you going to stick with the name or you going to but then there's also play joy ryan who have this gimmick in the ring that's kind of super sexist and whatever if you were to do that until media everyone will be like whoa whoa whoa whoa whoa i feel like he does a good job at like kind of drawing the line of like well this is who i am in the ring but this is who i am for the most part in real life like joey is like i love joey he gets
i feel like a lot of the wrestlers that are doing that like when they're breaking a lot of kayfabe are like they feel like they're taking a note from joey ryan's but they're not really like joey i feel like still knows the line and some people see what he's doing they try to like do what he's doing but then they take it too far right egg as echoes once tat passed your right he does have the as a guideline of of what tat keep kind of in context right so going back you know we were talking a little bit about your band gods hate i know you're a huge dude into your u love music in that sort of a mass of passion what's the comparison with being on stage before or mean with music and being on stage in the ring do you get a similar like vibe you get a similar rush or what's the difference between those two things i mean it is it's hard it's hard
say i mean it similar on like a smaller independent scale like i feel like you know a very big punkin harcourt show will be more like a pwg show mpw would like in reseda like you know the fans are on top of each other and everyone's having a good time there's tons of energy in the room i just feel disgusting but like you wouldn't to be anywhere else have you ever had and so sort of like the marsh bit that have you ever been in a situation where a fan was very aggressive and you're like brown gonna knock you out you do understand like you can't just like touch me right i mean yes yes i have been in this situation as a as a musician and as hell but didn't like you know there's just in compare things ellis for me like i don't know how it feels to play to twenty thousand people
like i will never know how that feels but then you know walking out at msg like that i'll never have that feeling in music right so it's like that i've been able to experience things wrestling that i will never experience and music so it's gonna hard to tell the difference yeah what is the did because i know for us when we do our lives shows with last podcast on the left you know we started out doing literally a theatre here in long island city i think it held thirty people and now we do you know a teen hundred room cedars and its almost easier to do the larger crowds than the smaller crowds for us we find i'm just because there's more people there's more energy there's more laughs there's just more engagement what do you think is easier to perform for what's what he would do you like to perform for more a massive crowd or one of those more intimate p w g type crap because it does change how you perform right yeah i mean like perform
in receipt of fur peter rigi was like every was so close to you that it's like you kind of feed off that energy but the same time you know i didn't have never understood what some performed lay you know like the bigger wrestlers are big musicians when they like oh you know you just get the energy from the crowd you don't truly what that means and tell that you like standing in the middle the ring at amis g twenty thousand people around me share my name annually your whole body to steal it like taken by electricity and ride like your life me the chance you feel like you just turn into the hulk it is an incomparable feeling and from ok so where is so we have done you ve done that what's future plans for you what do you see does know that i feel it that's a pretty big check on areas like i don't know i never thought that i would do it yeah
i don't know what's bigger than that will absolutely it's funny because you just take these things one step at a time and that's kind of you know the background of the entertainment industry and which is of course what you're in that no one sees its all those like little steps little connections and then all of a sudden you're on the main stage and then people will be like i sincerely in its like no mother fucker from the background for many many years and that's why i got to this stage i'll never for bernie mac on his tv show and all these articles overnight sensation that mother fucker was headlines for twenty years ok i think there's no such thing in the entertainment industry or very rare you get to be in over knights and asian in real life and usually those people end up flaming out because they're not ready to be on that kind of platform so what is like the if you not not met and we want to go into the into the way a future but obviously you with our awake now what do you want to see how do you want to see villain enterprise
how do you want to see your story unfold within that company in the relatively near future what story do you want to tell i would like to see a ring of honor go back to being the best wrestling on the planet having you know the next crop of guys at her go are going to be superstars you know that ring of honor has its lineage of guys like kevin steen elgin erika samoa joe like right age a j styles like it's every name that you could think of has gone through a ring of honor rang like that's a huge prestige that i feel like we need to keep up with an especially with so much more competition now we have to
we on the forefront of these young guys like jake alice and these young guys like alexander and like you know the guys it are just starting to like scratch the surface we need to take those guys are really turn them into the super starve tomorrow right in how do you is it possible how would ring of honor cause it seems to me like a lot of these promotions like are awake they do great they build up all these names like somewhere like asia and then dhabi doubly we comes
this just like here you go we're gonna buy you and then i m not judging the talent whatsoever you gotta get that money man life is extremely difficult and when operability comes colony gonna answer but how do you maintain how do you hold on to you know the talent the roster that would make ring of honor great that makes ring of honor great is that even possible to do or do they just keep on cultivating new talent yeah i mean they ve just they ve always is cultivated new talent like right now we have guys like the briscoes and we have marty scurll and like i feel like marty scrolls barr nunn one of the best wrestlers on the planet right now
as far as an entertainer and entering worker i don't think he can be touched the brisk goes i think will one day go down as the greatest acting of all time while like they they just have something that you know you can't teach and it's it's hard to even explain unless you ve seen them live like they do have this the thing that gives his guttural reaction from people that is unbelievable right but yea i feel like you know bringing a guys like you flip gordon and guys like myself and we want to make ring of honor better and we want to make it what we you know loved ass a kid right we want we want to be the next samoa joe or the next a j styles i feel like if you dont want that then you shouldn't be there right like you should want to be in ring of honour because
of the libyan that rigour waterhouse right right run right the legacy i feel like there's so much talent right now so much so much talent so much salad talent of that india guys that are at the top of their game that kind of spread out across all promotions now what is this what is the next class look like coming up through the indies that like just when you think that you have seen it all lenin i've watched worse i do things that i didn't know where humanly possible you know that i just mentioned him that that kid alexanian he did a dive to the outside it was a six hundred and thirty dive like when i first saw six hundred and thirty is like off the top rope and it was like how did that guy just it was ricky friday i was like he just spun like three different times and this kids doing it
as a dive outside of the ring and i think you can do it standing anything believable that's not human how do you do that i remember when the moon salt was about as big as you could get yeah that was le growin up it was like oh my god it's just a moon salt match is over that it's a hacker is letters are gonna get now you're like oh that's like in the opening spot yeah absolutely i mean i think the fans are being treated to some the best wrestling than i have certainly ever seen in my entire life when it comes to these high flyers when it comes to the people being able to do all of these flips is there anything that you would like to see when it comes to like story based because i know you know in ring that matter immensely you could almost argue it's more important but then again you also have a situation where might skills are totally valuable and look at old school stone cold when he was injured rolled over to ecw without that experience without that and a half or something we're paul heyman
sickly was just like learn how to be the best and the mike impossible b and without that adopting stone cold exists despite the fact that vincent i'm a mute who with with the million dollar man is his manager for the first two years for some reason but can you explain a little bit on that performance what what's it like to improve on the mike and what is how key is that to your wrestling per going into the industry as a whole it all depends really like right now in my position like i don't have to talk on the mic like i've also have it like kind of a very dominating presents with just standing there it's like right you know what i want to compare myself to the undertaker but he had that vibrate all you ever said was rest in peace
like you know marty is so good on the mike that he kind of like take some ice skill and i'm more like his enforcer right but i do think that the them mike skills is at what is being lost but i feel like is not being put on the forefront that it should and i think the best example of that is m jeff maxwell jaeger free regions are he's on aid of eu yup he is such piece of shit that like it doesn't you don't ever have to see one of his matches and you're entertained by what he's doing everything he says is going to get a reaction out of somebody and that's what you want wrestling like if you can in there and cut a ten minute promo and then have a five minute match like he one saving his body and you like that's career longevity cuz he's going to be able to talk way longer than he can wrestle absolutely
great he is so great worlds bulgarian ruddy fed by the way is like i'm sure he's wonderful erika is i have i happen to know max personally and he's also pieces and here s ladies and gentlemen last baddies old school rick rude you're all fat i'd love to stop you one of my once he is like roddy piper when he passed away some part of him entered abject body and that is like he is going to be the best heel of our generation i feel it you talk about using social media in cave for all know only use just these priceless like they're like even at or meeting greets like you just live it's so great i texted him the other day and i said you're not going to be happy till fan stabs you honey i can't wait for the we demand graph moment yeah and i said well i hope that it's like
in the lower leg in like not trouble her say hello but like starter remember by that so what is it so great i mean can you ever go too far i was watching this interview with jericho the other day and he was talking about how degeneration ex gave all of these are vince obviously did but the ex wanted to give all these glue sticks to to all the fancy they debt write in jericho in the ring and he pisses off the fan naturally a fan throws a close to categories and then he's like come let me have it all so every single glows dick was in the ring and he comes back stage and shows that what the fuck did we're never gonna people to do that again because you got every single does the whole thing was it we promised the vince that the fans we're gonna throw the glow sticks and you let him through every pikachu and so he was supposed to he got yelled at by everyone and then of course evidently he texas vinci's like i just did the best job of all time the greatest he'll ever advances like yeah there's a prompt world at it you did your job but is it possible for someone
you go too far have you ever see that happen within their like yeah you're supposed to be a he'll do you just started a riot yeah i mean that the deftly habits and i feel like within them parameter whatever you're working with that it's acceptable or not like i've seen you no chairs being thrown or like fans trying to fight the wrestlers like the locker comes emptying out because you know someone is fighting ressler it is sometimes it does get a little bit too far and people you know take it a little bit too seriously but at the end of the day i feel like you're doing your job but yeah if you enough enough to wear when they enter the holding they thought it was fake too where now they're trying to kill you like you did your job that is perspective correctly this just like so fun and it's as a comedian we have to the audience really like it's at the end but it would be really cool if we just got booed up
that would also be like super empowering if that's what we are supposed to do i would be like job well done guys great that now that of oz and will thank you so much for being on the show brody this has been such a bad ass conversation really appreciate you man they thrive mia anytime soon match is coming up anywhere what did tell people were to find you right now tomorrow i have a match in las vegas with jeff cop then on saturday it is me and peace yo verses roof and dragged me awesome hopefully i will be going out of the country again in november so that will be exciting a scant announced they think about that yet very cool and of course people can get you a ring of honor still right yep ring of honor and i think i'm on every show for the foreseeable future donut villain enterprises is always going to be number one you can get me on
twitter or instagram at brody ex king and yet awesome brother will thank you so much man brodie gang everyone all right there it was our interview with brodie gang katy he i love he is amazing he still technically listen into their so we can't say anything to bad is sitting here didn't wanna let me as a check out brody king on ring of honor he's a big boy demand is covered in tattoos he's everything i wanted a bay but you know what i never broke my like so i'm i'm doing ok because i can't deal with pain i also like to drink too much all right we'll
its do our match from the back of this week's match for the past this is eight extremely fun match from two thousand and five it's easy ws one night's dad it's with little guido versus super crazy versus your share tajiri and did you get a chance this mask any i did and i am i just pray for health insurance and i don't even believe in god i just a my heart i feel like i have too much of a i get very earned about performers wellbeing when they do things like that's being done this match especially super crazy it's not just a clever name he is crazy and it is life unbelievable this match and i agree every wrestler deserves health
in a suit us brodie king is at the top of the food chain i think they're gonna get it i'm alright everyone enjoy this match take a look at it we have got to take another look
at that moment saw them back guarantee that there was the match from the past katy it is so good to be back with you and one so damn just so happy were back to doing the show regularly yeah we're back in it back we're doing it we're doing things were doing things alright everyone thank you so much for listening never forget hale yourselves and katy catchphrase get three weeks catchphrase don't hurt yourself don't hurt yourself that's this week's catchphrase from katie dirks thank you so much for listening will talk to you you show was made possible by listeners like you think store add sponsors you can support our
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