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Minisode: Doctor Sleep

2019-10-28 | 🔗

Ben 'n' Henry chat with director Mike Flanagan about his upcoming film Stephen King's Doctor Sleep. 

Stephen King's Doctor Sleep hits theaters on November 8th.

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There's no place to escape two hey, what's up everyone, how you doing welcome to a very special edition of last pod passed on the left, I am Ben Kissel hanging out with Henry Zebrowski. It's almost two special, it's too special, it's a little too special. This is guys were covering an interview with another, very talented MIKE Flanagan, who recently directed Stephen King's doctor, sleep? Yes indeed, today we're, Talk about doctor sleep. You saw the movie, I did see the film. I highly recommend this movie, so Stephen Kings, doctor sleep is the next chapter, two, the shining story it takes place forty years later, so today we speak with MIKE Flanigan about making.
Follow up to the shining I mean Henry? Can you even imagine that endeavor, following Stanley Kubrick, oh yeah eyes wide, but wait see my eyes wide, but it's going to be great man. This is going to be a great film everyone's going to really enjoy it everyone's going to circle around. I am a person Natalie, and I are people who have seen every single Stephen King made for tv movie. Yes, I've seen every single Stephen king, film yeah. I love Stephen King, even and yes, his overall it can be on a little bit. Okay, I'm a you could almost say corny so but I'm also going to say it's also like a weighted blanket for your soul. It is, I love the feeling of watching a Stephen king, film, obvious we're talking now about Stephen Kings, doctor sleep first time I saw the shining that was one of those homes where it made me horrified because the child, character, which is actually in this film now played by Ewan Mcgregor
I was exactly that kids age and there's some kind. Out, seen a father freaking out on camera- and I don't know why I resonated with me, but there was something about see the father just angrier and angrier and angrier every single day where I'm like. Oh I could see myself at the overlook hotel being that kid, to write a novel. Fries We will also Stephen King famously hated that movie, so we're going to talk about this will talk about this a little bit with my clan against. So this film takes place many years later and Ewan Mcgregor plays Danny, of course you'll know Danny he's the boy he was talking to his finger in his figured. He was saying like wow, oh and rope course in the mirror is near yes, so we're sort of seeing what was the future like for this child who had I'm just
I want to say a turbulent childhood: how did he grow? What did he as a man, and this already came with that girl. Jim Booze hound. He did indeed so would get a chance to see it. It is interesting to see like alright cool This is Danny all grown up, wonder what is to be like. Probably super, well adjusted. Well, it turns out the haunting, absolutely others passed are also party of his it turns out. Danny Torrance is a member of a gigantic group of psychic. Vampires is no kidding, that's where it goes to. I don't mean to jump the intermediate. Not the the cart here. Is everybody going to put the cart in front of the car here? Alright, but yeah there's a lot of psychic vampires in this story. Absolutely so when you sit down to watch Stephen King's doctor slip, which I remain, I highly recommend watching the shining first You know just watch the shining home just so you can like leapfrog right into the sea.
Because again, it's been some years now and for you to just you just have to re Watch the shining every three years just to remember how incredible that movie is JANET when it's in a theater when you get a chance to see it if it has a theatrical release, it is a must see, because it is beautiful when it's huge, absolutely J Nicholson and Shelley Duvall they really did put on. Performance of a lifetime? Yeah I mean Shelley Duvall was was tortured for it. Yeah So Stanley Cooper definitely screamed at her until she screamed and Jack Nicholson. I apparently all was very scary on which is a better. What do you do you jump into the brain of Mister Torrence? It's really not a lot. You can go back around that and I, but a a few, it's like they had a lighter experience on Stephen King's doctor, sleep yeah. I don't think the sequel had the same amount of Stanley CUP, Rick screaming at the actors. I'm pretty sure Mister Flanagan, the director doesn't, like, I don't know, bring
a ball and chain with him to set the same the Cooper. Do I mean what will ask him? We're gonna ask the eyes. So I have question here for you Henry because you're just for most expert on this stuff sure up so can you explain what the heck is? The shine. The Cheyenne is a thing that some people have. Okay, even some places have like the overlook, has a shot, and so what happens? If you get shine. I mean nothing good. It said this shining is the shine. It seems to be a type of psychic ability that Stephen King is invented. Might not not too different from the force? Okay, where the shine allows you to communicate with others who have the shine. Some people are affected differently. Some people are more clairvoyant. Some people are more telekinetic. Some people can. I did so. Some people can see what happened in the
pass just by touching an object. The shine is Stephen King's TM brands of psychic powers. That is now become a thing out the Stephen King Universe and obviously so telepath he's involved. You can speak with a lapse of faith. So tell leprosy is involved. You can, obviously you can speak with spirits and you can speak with different kind of energies. Henry you got the shine. Let's say you just got to shine. Okay, not thinking that yep, you got it ok, so stop thinking so man. What spirit? Who are you talking to Jane, Jane Mansfield, who you talking to what's the Spirit I just saw Napoleon Bonaparte just sitting on your knee he's so cute very nice. So in this sequel, again Stephen Kings, doctor sleep more, one person has the shine. You are correct, it isn't that gun and that's what
it's so much more exciting in menus, hijinks and then the shining, because everyone's got it. But this is it's very classic sequel thinking where, instead of giving it to the pivotal character, like that's the idea that made him into dick of the only people that have the shine and look is all all kind of mysteriously connected with Doctor Stephen King Doctor sleep. Let's see what if everybody shines. Everyone shines Henry other quick question for you you got a free hotel. Expedia is like oh congratulations. You have a free weekend at the overlook hotel call the overlay. Yes, I did I'm going to the overland to take. You know tell them they over look! No! You have a free people free week at at the overlook hotel or you go in or are you going to say you know what my soul is too important to spend two nights in this scary spooky hotel course. I'm going, The original look at the incredible book check torrents wrote that
pages he put down, I mean he did. He did do a lot of writing. He did write a lot of war there are times that I was really afraid that when Marcus was alone, writing our book that that he would show up, he should be like I wrote, a great after this week. I like cool, Marcus cool yeah, just send her away, and then it was just all like all work and no play make Marcus. Go fucking crazy, like again and again and again and again so now, let's get the interview was Stephen King's doctor. Sleep director, MIKE Flat, Today we are wanted to have with us. He is a directory. Now Henry loves a lot of his films. As do I He is he's been around the block. This man is a fantastic director. His latest film is Stephen King's doctor sleep. We are honored to be with director MIKE Flanagan. Thank you, how much for being on the show MIKE? Are you kidding me? The honor is all mine.
Oh! No! So Stephen King's doctor sleep, this is not the first film that you've worked on. That is an adaptation of a Stephen King book. What is it uh? out his work that inspires you and says all right. This is like this is a guy that I want to will his creation. What is that Stephen King, oh wow, You know I I read my first even came back when I was way too young to be reading Stephen King Books- and I he's my hero- is my my favorite author. He has been. I was a hit- and I think the reason why I think what you know to your question about what about him in his writing- really grabs me but he's not really writing horror. You know he is about his characters. He's writing these humanistic explorations of such kind of relatable and profound
human ideas and happened to kind of be told through the lens of horror in hand. I find you know that that has shaped the way I see the genre since I was very young, so it's it's always you know it's always been a dream of mine to be able to play in his sandbox yeah he's. Let me do it twice now, we'll we'll see if he could keep it, because we or not that's awesome, famously right, because you're this is doctor, sleep is the sequel to the shining which He wrote himself in twenty thirteen and he Miss Lee was not a fan of the journal the shining right, which is, I think, I said to him 'cause then he ended up directing a bunch of well. He directed maximum overdrive. I was watching interview with Stephen King recently we used like are just wanted control. And it's like. No, I understand the feeling, but how do you feel like how pressure like you already, because you work with him for Gerald Game when he
was talking about that movie. We see on set for Geralds game to an this movie like do you have to appease me?
king, or is he gonna, send his legion of bats that you that Steve Heating, historically in kind of intentionally stays away from the movie and the book has as its own thing in the movie adaptation at its own thing, and he wants it to be need to filmmakers. He doesn't want to interfere now. That said, he will absolutely not be shy about what he thinks about. We did when you're finished as runner bricklayer. You know, he's he's not going to bite his tongue if he doesn't like the way you treated right, but he's also not going to you. Don't have to appease he's, not he's not kind of in in your hair. He he really stepped back in as he as he put it. To me, he's like look. I will. I win either way, the movie's great composer. Of course it's great it's great. It is based on a great book right if the movie sucks they say well, the book was better, so he will
there's no matter what yeah right. He was not unset for Gerald or for for doctor sleep and in fact, the first time I ever spoke to Stephen king on the phone was after a doctor, sleep is finished seriously. Oh, I thought that you might have had to have a meeting with him and like have to go through his haunted, maze and if you don't Scream you can. I he was always be an email after Gerald's game and in touch, so an email and- and there was a lot about doctor sleep that I had to get his permissions for, because I'm such a fan blowing how he feels about excel right. Knowing what I wanted to do with the movie, I had to get his blessing to kind of bring back in August the and bring back, The overlook! Yes after I let it be that black thing I wouldn't do it, but I would need to sell that's what's so fast in about this film. It's your in the shadow or not in the shadow but making a sequel to a movie directed
by Stanley Kubrick one of the greatest actors in the history of directors and it's an adaptation of a book written by one of the prolific writers in the in in history, so that must have been like? Oh my, you must, look in the mirror, or did you look in the mirror at one point just be like? I am really I got they all this, this is we had a big opportunity right here. I mean how do you is sort of follow in the footsteps of someone like a Stanley Kubrick, you can't it is the secret a if he did. The thing is I I'm not able to break. I will never be the same if you're going out. Celebrities Democrat has been the most intimidating. As of my career one, slash four, exactly the reasons you're talking about, and I do think it's standing in the shadow. I I mean these are two.
Monolithic creators. You creators, Stephen, you know, is Stephen King and Kubrick redefined. What horror cinema is right with the shining. This is nothing to take lightly. And so I I felt like I was about to throw up for the last two years. Everyone says. Aren't you excited to be like a part of the arts or make a living thing, your own content, you're, just being like, I feel like I'm going to die all the time. Yeah, that's it! No! It got. It had felt like like any minute now, I'm going to step on a landmine that will be nothing left, but like the little MIKE shape scorch mark in the earth right man I'll deserve it for having walked out into this field at all. When you were working with so you're working with Ewan Mcgregor playing an older, Danny Torrance Right when you guys are tracking these performances like the way you are taking even just stylistically, because it was awesome. How like you
inside of the actual Stanley Hotel and you actually did it exactly like you did it with the same, like lighting, existing the cover, but you made it look like the old movie and you carried it. How do you do these perform? says, because I know you're also you done a lot of rehearsal. Like I know with the haunting of hill House, you guys did a lot of rehearsal right like do you guys, sit and talk about their like this. He. Why watch the original Danny Torrance is performance and carry it over? Oh yeah, I mean you ended up very prepared actor in the reason I casted at all was because, when I bet with a bunch of candidates for the part, you know he identified immediately. He said I'm not here to try to do Nicholson impression. I'm not here to try to marry this performance back to his performances already exists, I'm here to look at a character who we haven't seen in pop culture, since he was a child and I'm here to talk about this characters, struggle with addiction and with sprite, which is what doctor
It's all about it. Yeah right shining is clearly Stephen King dealing with his own addiction issues with anxiety about what could happen to his family right but doctor sleep. The novel is written by the same man with decades of sobriety under his belt um, and it is so much about recovery. It's a different animal. There are two two sides to the same coin, but they are different and ends you and immediately said it. You know, let's put the shining out of our minds and let's talk about Dan Torrents, his recovery and that's why I cast him, but that's beautiful. Yes, that's right The interesting would you so if you, when you're an actor, obviously playing a character that has already existed on screen, what do you recommend? Would you recommend that an act, go and study that character. That was previously on screen or just sort of approach it with new.
And just be like yeah. That was this character as a child and we'd you sleep through life, we change dramatically, so did you and just come at it like I'm a hoe Danny or what Did you notice some of a similar that you continue want some similar strains from the original right with the combination of both know? He absolutely spent a good amount of time studying the side and a lot of it. You know to not only look at Danny but, of course,
and so much. You know between Robert Pictures, also when we're adults anyway right, but to also look at his father and his mother in the movie and to kind of look at the traits that Shelley Duvall was presenting in the Jack Nicholson is presenting and say I have to play the offspring of these two people right. That requires a good amount of study, but it also in the way that we're not our parents had to be his own performance, and that was our our approach to the whole. Still it wasn't just today to the actors, who played characters that are established I'll, tell it south into the static of the movie right. You know I look at doctor. Sleep is as much as a much the shining you know as it is a sequel and in that yeah it has. It has elements of its parents, but I think it's parents, in this case Sir Stephen King and Kubrick, but it's also an individual, and you know that's that balance and then the whole challenge of this thing. So when you take a concept like the true, not so in the mood,
the true. Not this kind of, like roving pack of essentially psychic vampires to Danny Torrance, is kind of also cut going after. So this is kind of like a comic book movie. The concept like this is it's a little bit more it's. More intense because he making go wild imagination, interview he's in the novel? Then it would you if you're going to actually show people being. True not how do you handle something like that? Like a like an elevated idea that could swing to corny? If you want to like, if you're are, your bad at it both like give Stephen king was bad and you were bad, it would swing towards corn, but it's the fact that you guys gonna, hang, like how do you do work that out as a director you know I I always try to keep it as grounded as possible. Right on you have to kind of use your own taste as the brown. For what could kept to be. You know too much sugar or go corny as you're, saying, fortunately with something like that is going to sound crazy, but something like because of the psychic vampire
it's only something you can kind of look at and say: oh, that sounds like it could be a little comic book right. Yes, because comic book all from the same well of source material, but everything else has that concept of an emotional vampire. You know that's a thousand thousands of years old, right yeah. I think these ideas persist because there's something about it. Just speaks to a universal anxiety that we have this case that something else will eat our feelings. That's a terrifying, very grounded idea. The only thing that you know with yeah you just have to make sure it is: don't present it in a way yeah So you did more grounded. You are the better but absolutely- and I think, we've all had those experiences in life where you meet with someone or you know someone and after you leave speaking with them, consist certainly feel worse, and then you have to slowly cut those people out of your life, so sticking with a true, not the leader of true not.
Is rose, the hat. Do what did you have in mind when writing those that have what was that did the character that you wrote was that the one that manifested itself on screen? Can you speak a little bit about that? I I love here on the page, I I thought row This is one of the best king antagonists and in the number of years yeah, but even though the character I wrote, doesn't you know it paled in comparison to the care? Rebecca, and I think the reason was that Rebecca figured out very early and she said well the thing as rose's. When Rose is a monster story rose has to believe she's the hero of the story. Yes, Anne, You know she said, I'm I'm not a monster, I'm not a horrible thing. I am. I am someone who would do anything to protect her family, yes, and when she rationalized all the horrible thing she does in the movie three down Jun hero at the story, and that made her an awesome villain like there's something in her take on the character is way cooler than whatever I could have come up with
Christine. She took it to a new level and, of course, you're speaking about Rebecca Ferguson. Who did it incredible job in Stephen king? doctor sleep, you gotta check out this movie right now we are speaking with Stephen King's doctor sleeps director, MIKE Flanagan, check out this film? It is in theaters November, Eighth make sure you go just watch it in the theater, because it's one of those films that scarier on the big screen? I guarantee it well now that you are so. You are currently sitting inside of the Stanley Hotel, which was the real version. Of the hotel overlooking now MIKE now it has boomers and has a history of ghost activity and when they were shooting the original the shining? I know that sometimes some people said they experience some stuff. I don't know if that was just being afraid of Stanley Kubrick are you butt honestly, it's Kubrick is so much scarier than any ghost
hi. This seems like extended cut of the shot you know MIKE. That is the movie. That's the scary movie is the to make it up this belt. Do you experience anything? You guys see any ghosts, so it's interesting. So the Stanley Hotel, you know is where Stephen King was staying when he had the idea to write this as you want this place, which has an amazing history, you can, and for everything in the store Breck when he made the film use the Timberline lodge in Oregon as the exteriors hotel being built everything else. Everything else was built on soundstages in London and so for us. We just rebuilt the same sets that he had created. We used his blueprints to do it. The cool thing about being at the Stanley is that
the hotel, they shot the miniseries here, the Mick Garris Miniseries, Steve Webber. Yes, love him yeah me too, and I thought he played it. Wonderful, Jack, Torrance, the cool thing about this hotel. You know I always request the haunted rooms 'cause. I want to see it ghost. It hasn't happened for me. Yet it's like this hotel, because Stephen King stayed here in one thousand nine hundred and seventy four when it was deserted, he was the only guest here he got really drunk at the bar with a bartender named Lloyd. He stumbled around trying to find his room, which is room. Two hundred and seventeen couldn't find it wandered through this hotel drunk off his ass, and it gave birth to a story that has since changed fiction and horror cinema forever. So being at the Stanley, I mean it's, it's a sacred space, the heart genre, as we know it today would not be what it was. Were it not for this
yeah and that's why it's such a. I I love being here is my third time staying here. I keep my wife and I came here for weeks to write hi she here I I I love this. The energy here I love the act had opened on is on a yes and most people. You know, even our our fans might not know the story might not, the importance of the Stanley hotel. So it's such a cool thing to be here, and you are an incredible horror. Movie director. Also wigi origin of evil is a kick ass movie. I liked it so good. Do you think that Stephen king? Do you think that he needed to go through the life cycle that he went through. Did he did he need to just go break, his brain in a way with all the booze all the drugs. In order to put himself in a world such as Jack CAT in the shining
what up yeah. What drug are you using the mindset are, have you been juicing? Have you been getting in there and it gets really scary 'cause, you gotta scare yourself. First, of course, the only drug, how to get get into my system right now, Claritin deal with the travel of it, but oh yeah. Of course we know that it needed to go through what we went through in life um. What I do know is that he did something that only masterful storytellers can, which is he took these things. He went and he used them to create stories that help other people who are going through similar things, help them confront their demons, their feelings and their anxieties in a way that gives them hope. Read that to me whether he needed to go to readers who have gone through it, because you know he's he's with a life fraught with
with heartache. In the states like any of the rest of us are whether he needed to do it or not. I'm glad that he took what he took from experiences and rite of converted it into something that has touched so many people around the world. I think that's incredible yeah. Do you think Blake Modern Day, Danny Torrance that you have to drink in order just? Top directing is it: is it your power directing so strong that you have taboos yourself you put that away? That's what I do to explain to my family, why I have to drink right, it's just to shut down the improv machine. I used to think that. Yes, I used to think exactly that. Actually and oddly I stopped drinking while I would break this. Doctor slim and I haven't had a drink in order
here now that we should congratz. Thank you. I was really worried at the time I thought. Oh, my god, can. I still do what I do without this in my life because of Stephen King and because of diving so hard into the story about recovery, and I have a number of people in my past who were recovered, who no longer drank or who had issues with drugs and head overcome them. Well, it started as a very small thing right, so I'm going to try this for a little bit and you know- I I have loved having a year of sobriety in my life, it's open to the world up for me. Thank you how much for sharing that story, because I know a lot of our listeners, we get messages quite often from people who have recovered from from drug abuse. Alcohol abuse, and so that is a story for our listeners to hear in for us to hear as well like because it It is a bizarre safety that, and it's a it's more of a habit that you have to break and
I know it's extremely difficult, so congratulations. Why did it comes to Danny Torres. Why do see what. Why was he sort of nicknamed or why was he called doctor sleep? What was the sort of story behind that hi? This is one of the coolest things the king bed so you know in in the shining. They call the doc because of bugs Bunny
and it was just what's up doc uhm, so he gets this job at a hospice as an orderly when he's taking care of dying patients, but because of his shine, he can help them and comfort them in a moment that they're about to die. He knows when it's going to happen right and it's the only thing he uses his gift for and so the nickname that they come up with 'cause. They at first think he's a doctor showing up in their room late at night, but he's just an orderly and he said I'm not a doctor, but they say you know it's time. It's time to go to sleep is what he tells him. He said it's not that it's just sleeping and the patients there nickname him doctor sleep, and so he has the same nickname he had as a kid. They call him doc, but for completely different reasons that I think is so beautiful and it's one of those kind of acrobatic writing maneuvers the king was able to do by completely recon tech
realizing that nickname and it's when I first saw the title and when the book is being published, I didn't get it out of court. This is a possible understand how why would you call this book? Dr sleep? It doesn't mean anything right and then you read it and it means so much but yeah. It's! It's really kind of a lovely lovely note that there that's Do any do any talking about whether there was any sort of original plan for there to be a sequel to the shining. I feel like when you read the original book. You know it all explode so you wonder what he really thought. What was B, which is like the main reason why he didn't like the original, the shining because everything is explode, which I mean I get well. A huge explosion, nothing! I would be like hey it's hey, it's removing making blow up so
I think, the Cooper. Should you think that Kubrick should have tag teamed in Michael Bay at that point, for the end and just get just get one big explosion in there, it's so funny. I think I think that king was done with it. I I Key words that story, and I that story think Enrique. Doctor sleep, you know eating fat acts that the hotel is over and it's and know he I he I think years went by and he you know he was still kind of got in a in in the developed kind of sobriety. Think he as he puts it. He wondered what happened to dance and he wanted to write a story that was kind of informed by the density overlooked. It was its own story them. I just thought it was such a cool opportunity to try to. You know the route of Dan's issues as a character are in this child and in the overlook and what a great opportunity to go back with him
he's a dick, her writing and getting hit by the Van made him work harder. I know he's he's retired, like left four times and every time he retires, there's like three new novels on it. Heal it never mind like yeah, he's a machine he's a machine, Well, I wonder too 'cause in Gerald's game and jump out a little bit and Gerald's game you throw a little bit of dark tower stuff into it, yeah. Is that a thing that you, as a fan of Stephen King, want to make sure stay in his work, or is that, like a script thing like working with Stephen King 'cause, I know that, as the years go, he's really trying to make sure he ties together. The entire dark tower world as much as humanly possible to his old work, totally that when that's as a fan, I I never asked for it like that. I could get help. I I'm such a dark tower fanatic, yeah me too, but now he's never going to push for anything like that. He's always kind of to life. When he sees that and he's like? Oh you did that and it's like yeah
approval. Can I call you honestly man? We are all just Chris Farley interviewing Paul Mccartney in that SNL sketch at the end of the day, because be like whole. Movie fans and just be horror, fans. It's just what approval of from our idol. So bad, do you remember when you made penny as was that scary like that's all I can figure, it must have. So again, we are speaking with Gigs doctor sleep director, MIKE Flanagan, and I mean just kind of the final question I have Henry unless you have another question I have. I have one more okay, my my question is so you were tied to when you made the haunting of hill House. I know that you had a long rehearsal process, because you did really long extended scenes in that show right, which was great, which is great. Did you? Do you have an extensive
rehearsal process for these other shows for like specially something like doctor sleep? No, not typically, we don't have time normally know that episode of haunting was a special case, just 'cause the shots were so complicated? It was like doing live television, so we'd be down production for six weeks to prepare for those that's incredible, I'm lucky if I get two different sessions with office before we roll and then we rehearse every morning when we get to set for the day's work, but that's it That's crazy, because Gerald's game is also will require a five far as I was concerned. I thought it would require a lot of rehearsal because, acting in. That was fantastic. That was such a good like bottle. Episode of a movie we had, I think two rehearsals before Gerald came with Carlin Bruce, but the rest, you know we do it on the day, but that's why you get good actors 'cause! It's yes, they've got it kind of without the gate. Well and speaking of great actors, Ewan Mcgregor, Rebecca Ferguson, and we have a newcomer Comer current. What was that like
for you at did you take, as we were sort of joking about Kubrick earlier tormenting Shelley Duvall to a degree that I don't is legal still today, but what was when it comes to working with those three people. You got him all together. What was that, like when it comes to not having them look forced when the scares occur, but something more natural, because that's the one thing with horror, films. Don't fully understand how hard it is to act. Scared you You have to be scared. Did you did you do light touches rubric was good. This is whatever you want to share your actors. You drinkers all know you all do. I know mister planning, I know what you were put to cattle. I know what we are moving process, but yet did you take flight touches of the Kubrick method of truly find your cast, not at all I'm so the opposite of like I? I? I really think you know.
The old, a marathon man uh just office story, would you know by Laurence Olivier said: hey it's called acting. I I'm completely in a different place. I want to make that is comfortable for the actors as possible. Come on. Man is your chair, but you know I asked if you were ever casted a MIKE Flanagan fill me you're gonna, be very grateful that he doesn't tormentor yeah. I don't know any better. I just want to
Thank you guys so much all right, so people are just in ten seconds. What do you want people to get from this film? You want to walk and what you want to walk out feel it. You know I want people to to walk out feeling the way I felt when I walked onto the set of of the Colorado lounge in the overlook hotel. It was so much like walking into a memory for p kind of walking into a dream of a movie that so near and dear to me. I want people to have that feeling awesome and beyond that I want them to just really. You know I wanted to take away all the things Steve had to say valid, honor and recovery and responsibility? You know through Dannon Abra, I I really hope they get that out of it, but more than anything with any movie. I want people have a good time
I did still enjoys it. Stephen king's doctor, Sleep director, MIKE Flanagan. Thank you so much MIKE. We really appreciate you being on the show. That was wonderful. Thank you. Thank you guys so much for such a pleasure. I'm gonna run to the airport right. It's been such a delight to talk to you. There was our interview with Director MIKE plan. Again he was he's awesome he's very awesome is very good. I'm glad that he is nice to his actors, even though it's here stories about Stanley, Kubrick being really mean to Shelley Duvall, even though technically it's traumatizing ever it's going to be mad that I even said that, but I think that it it it. He did make a great movie he did Henry but you're an actor. Don't you I think I just I don't know how unimportant actors, alright people. Thank you all. So much all right! People all thanks so much for listening to the show. We really hope enjoy the interview check out Stephen King's doctor sleep on November. Eighth,
I had a chance to see it previously and it really is fun. It's a super, great movie and and missed Flanagan. He knows how to make a good horror film 'cause. You can just go through his resume, an honestly. It's a kick resume. It's a fan to Stephen King it's really great it just got to go in it. For me, Stephen King is lullaby by puts me to big time sleeping yeah. I actually. I know I stay awake for the films, but good good good. I don't know man, it's just nice. I just love to Stephen King. I do too alright what they kill so much for listening to yourselves, hail Satan installations, L may l So, let's do a hail, Stephen king? Shall we hail Stephen King baby Hail to the king
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