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No Dogs in Space: The Stooges, Episode 1

2020-01-21 | 🔗

Check out Marcus' new show: NO DOGS IN SPACE. Here's the first episode!

On our first series, we cover the so-called godfathers of punk, The Stooges. Join us as we explore the early days of Iggy and the boys as the more innocent of their drug-fueled escapades as the band tries figuring out their voice in the midst of the ultimately empty peace and love movement.


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We haven't even under the one. I really like the man who did. He is alone success. Here comes up. Your gun are et, ladies and gentlemen. Welcome to no dogs in Spain,
This is a music history podcast that will each season attempt to tell the story of a sub or and rock music through the stories. The bans that define that John rough from the most well known to the more obscure yet still highly respected innovators. I'm co host Marcus Parks with me is my wife and number one concert going partner as well as the only woman ever successfully merge record collections with me Carolina Hidalgo Many have tried and many an you succeeded. I I didn't It uses wax loot, yeah so on this first season, we're to tell the story of the jar of music, the brought the two of us together way back when we first started dating because this drama hold some of our favorite music ever recorded. This first season is all about,
oh good, I was afraid we're gonna do Nintendo coal what's wrong with that. Nothing at all. You know whether all these notes aware no one talk about onawandah gucci for three hours later it's a rough through the stories of ten bounds, plus a few compilation episodes we hope to paint a portrait of the punctual Nora and along the way share a lot of the music. We love with every single one of you, because I think this show is for everybody For those of you who don't know a lot about punk welcome and we hope, you enjoy what you hear, because there's nothing the isle of more than producing someone some they ve, never hurt. You know- and I love that too, because there is nothing worse than people. Of making their own thing that they're a fan of like an exclusive club hated it so dumb and it I mean this is for everybody, ever wants to listen to this stuff. In addition, be like a you gotta like him,
or was cool, because if you think that way, then you just not cool I've always loved that, since I was a kid like edge, if you heard this thing but not like have you heard this and yet, oh you haven't heard that it's more like, This thing you have all you ever that of Howard. It's just its excitement. You know that to amuse exposed to be that's it, it's supposed to be about passions was to be about love, and we calamity, but do we hope to share all that with you guys? You know for those of you who are hoping we're. Gonna spend most of our time talking about obscure seven insure leases and debating the subtleties of the crow mags mean we're. Prom going to cover a lot of familiar ground for you, hard core people, but we still hope that you might discover what it was that made you fall in love with these bans in the first place is either they originated, over. Those of you who are Harcourt like these are the bans the you listened to in high school in college, and
hope that maybe you can learn some new about him, and maybe you can look at these bans in a different light and so seeing as how we just pass the fiftieth anniversary of the release, wicked, arguably be called the first punk record. We figured we would be remiss if we didn't start with eighty pop. And the stooges a great joy. It's a wonderful choice. Isn't it Stu, is where an american Rock and Roll banned from Ann Arbor Michigan, who, from nineteen sixty nine nineteen seventy five recorded and released for incredible albums. The help lay the foundations for what we call punk rock music. As I said, this shows by for people who have never heard of these bans and for those who already known love em. So for those of you who have never heard the stooges, I envy you for the experience here to have and for those you've already known, here's a reminder of just how God damn good. They were from their nineteen Seventy album funhouse!
That is why my naked now highly inappropriate for the setting Caroline envisages our office where right now like this, do you make so sexy? It's this there. One of the sexiest bans on earth and funhouse, I think, is one of the sexiest albums ever recorded and also one of my favorite albums Ets, but its very sexy music, it is I'm cold now about song was tv I and that alone. With all the other music you're here on every single episode will be available. On a playlist on my Spotify profile. So if you dig sent me here today- and you want to hear more, dont worry because it will all be waiting for you later of the thing about the stooges that they were not The first band to play music in the style of punk prior to the New York in London scenes due and proper here's a sample Nineteen sixty four, a song called, though, which from to come a Washington's. This
Nix was able to seize power with a big black guy. I know what you gotta say, like gather. Pardon me in there still good. I saw the solemn ex what to three years,
me and add Larson. You know from here that last last has now work family. We were not to the Warsaw in Brooklyn and saw a couple years ago, and they still sounded just like that and they, but they looked like plumbers and lawyers, but they sound hid, amazingly, which one was a plumber, the singer. They sounded so far, and I think it was the the saxophone player, is not like the saxophone player. His grandson is the guitarist for something like the guitarist was in his. Twenties like early twenties. Yes, you see that allow of older bans now old bans, but older bet ya, like when we saw Patty Psmith her kids were the ban. That's right at Paris, Michaud Sofa wealth will see her again, if you later we'll just two years after the cynics release, their first record your
so had a bunch of american G eyes at the height of the Vietnam WAR Station in Germany to make an weird ass protein punk under the name, the monks. This is oh, how did you
I remember you introduce me through the monks on road trip in Texas.
Cs. I thought they were so great, especially story of how they they were stationed in Germany during the war like that's where they met your horse Bans yeah bureau hanging out on an army base in Germany like during the Vietnam WAR. They were all soldiers and they just decided to start making music and they actually took it. They took the name so serious. Because bands would do that back in the day where when they did live performances they were dressed like they were dressing, monks, they actually shaved their heads, like they shake their heads and, like that weird horseshoe Jurassic thing, the friar took thing: yes, they shake their heads like there's a great performance of oh how to do now and then doing it unlike german in television eighteen, sixty six, I think it's fuckin amazing, their album is so fucking admit there were just they were there, and then they were gone law that so crazy Amy. I you know so many often
This happened in Vietnam WAR, but I guess silver lining. I suppose so we did get. There was some good, but that's a funny thing about the monks is that none of their music has anything to do with the Vietnam WAR, the song. I think that also real shows like the protein punk of the monks. Is I hate you up?
Joey. What's listen. I hate you and then later argue Hosty light. Let me because you
I thought I That's the reason, the hate, so I hear you cause you make me it's fuckin amazing. As those bans are not a lot of people heard those bans back in the sixty, I mean did have later on, like Cobain side of the mix as a big influence. Oh yeah, he also cited the Eggins stooges as well like he called raw power number one favor album of all time. I mean that's why I think one of the few that everyone's gonna find out as we do this entire series and as we do like season two in season, three like we're going to keep coming back to the studio, probably more than any other ban when we talk about influences but- Is things about bands like the song x and the monks and all that people had been playing hard and fast forever? It's just that. Not many people recorded playing hard and fast when the problem,
that they didn't get recorded and those that dig recorded were heard by a lot of people, because the outside of a few small labels were willing to take the risk the on recording hard and fast exactly as is before dead. You know do yourself kind of what well everyone's going on what what's going on with everybody right now these days, especially last, what twenty thirty years For then it was just like a couple people who could decide who would have a music career. Yes, exam We, like you tat. You had to have a money man you had to have people pressing the records you had to have people distributing the records you know, and then you had to get big first regionally than you had to get big nationally You know now these days like mean you could work on a music project and have it out the door next week and people could hear it instantly. But Then, in the sixties like there was a whole gigantic apparatus that you had to deal with and now we have sound cloud wrappers
oh yeah. They worked up their work that well that's. They worked like back them like it wasn't just male groups like the song x and the monks doing this either. We, for example, of singing. They could easily be consider punk, take a listener. This clip from a song called Egyptian Chambre by an abyss
you're early sixties girl group called the ten
the good song you know, fund, backed none the members actually named Tammy amount of crystals are named crystal either lights up other remote or some bad. News for EL. What made the stooges so special. When we're talking about pre punk, ban, that damn near everyone who made up the first punk scenes in New York in London all either is were among the most important rock n roll bands to have ever existed, which makes RON and Scott Ashton Dave Alexander James Way. I want to say that the stooges were among the most important rock n roll bans to have ever existed, which makes wrong and Scott Ashton- Dave Alexander James Williamson and eighty pop some of the most culturally influential people of the twentieth,
three took those guys up. It's fuckin asshole, I would cling, is bombing crowd up behind an end up. Actually that checks have been totally Georgia, let's not to say the students were born in a vacuum. They had their influence is just like everyone else, even though its well tried a territory genome, they loved the Beatles. Love the roan stones and me we don't need it play you guys. The bills are own cells. You ve heard the fuckin round songs. You ve heard the Beatles. You know they also of the doors they let the who, but the one ban that really show them. You can do some we'll weird shit. Weird out the velvet punch
stop. It seemed to me it's just that you know like again to disperse heard velvet underground. They were like what is this pussy store. Booby was debated again. They realizing organs and again is there get yea will definitely get laid.
Here in a little bed as to why that was the stooges first reaction. It. What else they were listening to at the time yeah. I mean that the velvet underground really showed a lot of people, you could do some real. Where should I think that the quote? I can't remember who said it Maybe it was Lester Bangs, but, like you, have not many people the vote on the grounds for a record when it came out, but every single person you did started a band. That's right! their lives shows the way they played the way they live their lives. I mean a kind of felt like you could just have a fun time doing this, you, Sir, greater their lives shows that I mean the velvet underground is such a great story in and of itself like one of their fur shows was at the I think, the New York Psychiatry dissociation dinner like annual dinners looking like they somehow got like, I think, anywhere out loud, a Frazier
again. You are all looked him because he thought it was funny. It's I don't know. Maybe it was an art be, but the the underground yeah, I mean that's a great story in and of itself, but before we get into what made the stooges. Let's acknowledge our stack of sources for today show we had open up and bleed by Paul trinket. That's an anti papa goofy, yet told chaos by Jeff Gold that, more stooges, Centric biography, the wild one. By per Nelson again, a pop police kill me by legs Macneil and Jelly Mccain. That's just the entire punk seen that's personally my favorite Yoke armies, ever written. If you ve, never up, please kill me holy fuck go read I go after you. Listen to this episode GO reads: our pleas kill me. You will not regret it, of course, our last source, which is also the unreliable source. Eighty parts eighteen, eighty two biography I need more. This is and he wrote with Edward who you knew from school and she came to him to start. This
Otto by or features he was like he he felt like it was time cause. He was twenty eight you learn and oh you lose thirty's at that point and ads, you could cannot tell what we vote the stories that she wrote down, everything that he just kind of walking around hotel room. You will love his cigarette just trying to come up with a detail, very fuzzy, billiard balls it why it feels like one of those biographies like ominous, set the record straight right. Now I'm a let everybody nor what the FUCK Jim thinks about every right in our leaders. Like you just go, for it's a it wanders quite a bit, and it's got a ton of photos in it as well and there's one photo in particular. That is full nude of and more aid at the Haug on energy pop is definitely in major. Yes and the youth copy the book, but we got a bigger,
press on the spine on the egg pop caught picture. Page Ellen spend a lot of time with that. We're gonna call that well loved, ok, so without further, Let's tell the story and one of the messages dirtiest druggist hardest and at times grosses, pants and history
This. Do you want for sale? So the principal members of the students were brothers broadened Scott Ashton Dave Alexander MG pop.
Later James Williamson, but if there's any name out of the five I just mention that sounds familiar to most people, its eighty pop. So let's start with him. Egg pop was born James Oscar Burger Junior on April twenty first nineteen, forty seven is still somehow alive and performing today with what I say is an impressive amount of energy for a man, his age, who spent a good two decades. Only abusing his mind and his body how he is indestructible. He looks good enough here very good in utter a gaming. Consider him what he fucking went through a like a bit abuse. He put his body thrumming he's like what's that Two, seventy three, seventy two, seventy two, he definite looks better the most seventy two year old. I know I'll. He looks great enough if there are two things in this world. Quite poor
possibly drove edgy part more than anything else in this is by his own admission, its attention and validation Swallow Peggy pop group, firmly metal ass, his family still lived in a trailer because that's how his family liked it yeah and his father was a teacher. He wanted to make sure that egg his own child went to a good school and they just cunegonde wanted for nothing lived in a trailer like eighty popped in even know that, like people lived in houses like you used to say what do you mean your house's emerge earnest em like when I was growing up like I thought I'd groupings, just small community of like three hundred people, my classroom size was twelve. I thought the big classrooms of like two three hundred kids in class. I thought that was just in the movies until I was like way to all but junior high leg up, but Ann Arbor, Michigan and the early sixties was going through an economic boom which meant that there were a lot of rich kids around and young Jim
Strasbourg was desperate for those rich kids. Acceptance For me he was always a very intelligent guy and he still is to stay, but as a kid hee, and gave himself the name atomic rain intervening, atomic brain who himself he's real atomic brain yeah like in this I can gray theirs as I really cute story, how he went up to this kid. Who is pissing in stolen bathroom egos of term is ok. Do you know how to spell the longest word in English dictionary up. You know That was what untied the system and this is the black tide, this system- and this
and I enjoyed disestablishment terrorism plucky topic. I didn't either as such a while we think of egg pop in the Sixtys and Seventys. Is this insane blood covered puking Dionysus? Jim Allister Burg were loafers and slacks out with the popular kids even ran for class. Vice president, that's we like the weirdest. The egg pop was in high school as they he would kind a covert around and talk in a real high pitched voice. He would day was a character that he called hyacinth. I am one of his high school friends later saw the stooges live like in the seventies he's watching with arms, holding looking over her. That's what can hyacinth, it was, was the same act he'd been working on for, since he was in fact in high school they use. It was just some they used to do to make the other kids laugh
That's it use your weirdness, always yes, really about the worst thing, an egg pop when he was grown up, was that a popup puberty earlier than the other boys and, as I said earlier, a pop had a bit of a hall hours to say a big hog and the boys in the locker room used grab it in dragging around the room against well re mad, any men, stop it just let go Things used to be so cute and fifty now that's a big, that's, it intends abuse. Yes, real misfits and stooges were wrong and Scott Ashton they moved Ann Arbor with their mother and nineteen sixty three after their father died a means as were the ones that had the truly rough life RON in particular, only cared about three things: rock and roll yeah, the three stages.
And Hitler whites were actually now might be a good time just go ahead and address the overall fixation that this please punk seen in general, had with the Nazis. To paraphrase Robert Christian, in a nineteen seventy two article he wrote about the punk scene when it was still coming of age. He wrote concern in their affection for swastikas, quote none of this law Very good, but none of it is as bad as it looks. You know what it may. Sense. Make says that lets explained in a little bit well Mary here on who you know, wrote for a punk magazine and also actually wrote directed, I shot Andy Warhol Blue. That was her. She says like in the happy days like styles of dress or symbols were used on ironically and like the peace, I love side like what you war and was what
representing while you what you ve felt yet was all face value shut and then she got. It also meant nothing but anyways. That's good conversation relator out of his job up in and then she goes on to say like in suddenly a movement comes along with no transition, nobody said anything and they're using swastikas, and it's not about that. It's a costume and an assault. It's about gesture and shocked, tactic You couldn't write an analysis of it. You just didn't know it what was going on. It was all happening so fast, you're, coming back them nazi imagery was nothing more than another way to freak out the older generation. The punks took the first thing in the world which was nazis. Actually which is not to you. Just gotta go in and say is still worrying that no one's taught the Nazis, yet all wealthy. It always challenge them up. He said in the way I, like you re using the old man,
you were the punks used that imagery to make people feel weird and uncomfortable It wasn't about ideology at all. I mean for FUCK's sake. Joey remains real name was Jeff, Hymen used there are tired of people in the pond seen that were jewish Lou, Ray do a ton of these of these up Hanukkah, but I mean really to draw a parallel today's world. It's kind of like what fortune was for some people way in the beginning way back when Fortune first started. You know it's a, u say, fucked up shit to get a reaction, you don't actually believe any of it and unfortunately, as with bands like the dead Kennedys as well as many people on Fourchan, eventually found out the ironic fund tin
to stop when the actual Nazi show up thinking they found like minds. They really all the thought. Little particular part of thud all of its root neural lot of people having fun and why MAR Germany and then the Nazis shoulda, but back the stitches. While the Ashton's were still teenagers frown in their way. Around Ann Arbor Engi a k, a Jim was, getting his career and music, although he didn't start off as a singer, Ikey pop, like Joey Ramon, started off as a drummer and next line there. I've got well Mcmanus Weinberg State is a dry, that's Lambert was always a drama. I don't know, I decided something he defined. Career by being a driver, School or pops first high school and was the megatons to comprised of envy and his friend Jim Mcloughlin in it
through his body, Jim the egg started hearing harnessed like Charles Chuck there, let alone melanoma, maybe get a job, and then I got a job you gotta hear again. Will you Norman temperature? Do lots of people saying in a way tat God I've got a rocket Another important artists during this time with Joint Eddie, Dwayne, Eddie
yeah, I was about say who's Dwayne doing it he's not his big songs, rebel rouser bow now now buyer out a member enforced gone before it comes running in high school. There's all those rednecks in the truck chased him around, there's that song by my errand. Yet that's rabble rousing I was Doin eddies big hit. Duane Eddy was known for twenty eight was known for the plant and, of course, he's managed to work Tang into every fucking, album that he had First, one have twenty guitar will travel. And then that was followed by the court and quote tangs. The corn club bang than was the roaring TWAIN ease. My favor one million dollars worth of trying and finally, the biggest Wang all, I think, there's a missed opportunity here. What twang my I kind of want to see if a dominant just type in Dwayne Eddie twining
gang. Yes, there there was one compilation of joint area, songs, TWAIN gang thousand one it works just Dwayne area and a whole bunch of other, like twenty artists liking of Lee Hazel Word Samper Clark, Donnie Owens, that yeah be all that comprising a tangle between gang comprised of all of these men, but yeah that'd be a hooker? well that twin, was exceedingly important to the evolution of the stooges. Here's a song. From nineteen fifty eight called Stockin by Dwayne Eddie, which, without a doubt, influenced the skewed sexiness that the stooges later came to personify
Mmmmm old man, walked into a bar light a cigarette and asked for Dwayne Eddie. Where do we have the delivery of Tang for Mr Dwayne? Had he
Georgiana goes. Cotton agip up. He was oh misunderstood genius growing up I mean is parents memories parents chose to live in a trailer to bed, room tat trailer and they actually gave up their master bedroom. So edgy would have a deal the kid spot to play drums whenever he wanted and that's a thing that we're gonna learn throughout this whole series of the of the stooges is the fact that MR and MRS Auster Burg are the best people than ever existed in the whole world. I do not welcome the best people, our definite com, the most patient people in the world are still patient or Peggy found with the megatons too. He finally got the approval of the jocks and the rich kids that he so desperately wanted and, as it usually goes, a positive reinforcement. Eighty pop ran with it eventually the megaton to evolve into a ban called the iguanas named after what you
hop considered to be quote in his words the coolest animal tell his bird that don't tell big o Dell Biggie pop you're only going to be done about big politeness again. Once the ones good enough, they, like a lot of bans at the time, started playing frat parties in high school dances about time. The two of us Mean Carolina by the time we got to college frat parties were absolute nightmares of bad music and shitty due nobody wanted to go to a fuckin frat party Amigo, that's why we did cause. Radio parties are released back to my place over on 14th and you of anyone got drunk and Lubbock Texas between two thousand and two and two thousand and four probably got drunk my place, I don't know I or the only time we ever had fun it afresh. Parties of images, like me, my friends, you know you go. You pay the five dollars there unless your upper class, when you pay five dollars get in and you go down
a basement right next to kick ages. Hang out. Just with your friends, there was to have like we are banned, used to play hugs a bunch freeloader, oh yeah, name, thugs, a bunch freeloader we played ones and then another show their another party mean a few friends are banned, called judo for manoeuvre. That was better name. It's much better name here and now is that that was the only performance or have ever been the lead singer know we had a few, so we had mounted coat baby. I love you. I was by the best onwards that it was just months ago, mounted Coke I love you and then just gonna goes like that. For about two minutes, when it was superfine, oh yeah, but back then, like all throughout the sixties, you could see absolutely fantastic musicians plan.
Frat parties, but got shit from Animal House like Otis Day in the knights. Oh yeah yeah happen all the time I actually saw them play out to stay the night yea, and yet the changes named odours day when I got it went animal house got big, make still tour, I mean he's an older man, but deep I mean there was like some they do about it, The party theme of shows and stuff like that, all ye I went it was like for five years ago, o seven. Years ago, about four years is or was it it was awesome. It was so and everyone was in a toga except me because I didn't know was going be there. Work for just a small ampler what you could hear too frat party here the rare, if rough, recording of boat deadly at a fuckin frat party at Coronel in Ithaca and nineteen,
recording? That's not on Spotify. That was like a super small release that came out a few years ago. It's called spring week Bo Diddley Spring Weekend, one thousand nine hundred and fifty nine. Quality especially went boldly. Singin is way blown out, but it's it's beautiful little time capsule, and it's just for its fun to sit around and what kind of pretend like oh yeah, I'm party read now Party dvd nuns, alot of a was just one. Of many bands to play for our parties. In the sixties I mean the bans that made at the core of the sixties, frat rock seen these were the forebears of the stooges. These were the guys that came right. Before I mean you had the kings, men with Lui Louis, the stooges covered Louie throughout their entire fuckin career.
SAM the Sham and the faroes with woolly, bully and one of my favorites nobody, but me by the human they know about. That's one of the last part, gas backstage songs that we walked thing we're just like we start on that note.
No, it's not that it's just just tried some time in your house when you're alone and make a happier I believe you today, all that kind of me, it falls under the much cooler name of garage rock Roderick, sounds much cooler than frat rock and that's mostly owed to Lenny case excellent. Ninety seventy two compilation nuggets. Volume, one which also played a huge role. An influence in the punk, seen an Lenny K actually used the term pump.
Rock in the liner onyx also cover the song. I think they do. Yeah yeah sounds very familiar. I love that focus on the strange loves. It sounds like one of those songs that you here like late at night on my old fm radio. That, ladies and gentlemen, just remember, nighttime
is the right time. Here's the strange loves on K, L, B, B or, admittedly, like a lot of that music specially songs like Lui Louie Emmy. They sound hopelessly outdated. In hokey to a lot of people, especially people on our generation. We kind of had those songs ruined for us in the nineties. Although songs got put in commercials, they were in every shitty, baby boomer nostalgia movie, I mean they just such and tell us how you really feel you're going to learn a lot about our words. Yet they were, all kind of rule they just seemed like that's mom and dad music, but Now, as a been you know in my mid thirty seven revisiting a lot of that stuff, and you can really here that that music, really was powerful. I get was original for the time you know it. Putting great such like. Listen all that stuff with new ear there's an especial colonel isnt working on series listen to,
with new year's and listening to it in the context of the stooges, like you can see, really how important The ship was absolutely especially people of ad who are much older from that time, like giving think about coming from like waltzes you and then, and then they are playing LULU like all. I can finally shake my thing yak as its pace, it back them frat, rock and garage drug along with bands. The who I mean they were speaking people in ways that we're just more aggressive and honestly sexier them. Why? like the roman stones, the Beatles were doing as influential as they and is sexy. The roan stones could be. They were fuck, nothing, communities, frat! groups, at least that that's how I feel at least these put pressure groups to speak to me, in a way that I guess, the roman stones, don't always waiting yeah. I know what you mean like. I was a very big fan when I was a little when I was a kid I mean like the Beatles in this round your growing up any Euro Levin twelve years old and then like
one ban the who, like I didn't know, I would like the who, until we got to see them, live like where three years ago, and we got to see like old who old, who was still good, who yet we saw half who research. Can we keep this? Guy, but if you go on Youtube and you watched than the who, from back in a back in the day and Sixtys in everything like they were so bad ass, they were Looking amazing, I mean it's not a stretch to say that the stooges would not have existed without the who are we absolutely because, like while, again plain frat houses in the University of Michigan. They region. Guitarist and the basest from the stages they were on their own journey when wrong Stan and Dave Alexander were still in high school. They sold Roy motorcycle and winter Fuckin Liverpool, going from Ann Arbor Michigan to Liverpool.
Because they wanted to see this british rocks at first hand and natural yet they ended up at the cavern club because by the MID sixties, the cavern club. At already and a worldwide reputation as the club, where the Beatles first made their marks. The Beatles played the Cavern club two hundred and ninety two times between. One thousand nine hundred and sixty one and one thousand nine hundred and sixty three, but it wasn't the Beatles running saga. They were there. Just cause. We get bad bad again,
and then Austin powers. Walter further calls above his glass. That's all I can think of rain. I understand I understand and, amongst other things like songs like my generation, like they ve, been used in so many movies. In so many commercials. The my generation, and using so many commercials that there is an article online from at age magazine about how many commercials my generation is venom and how the commercials behind blue eyes and Bob O Reilly like how many commercials, the who Music has been used, and so these songs, just I don't know why any thought so much life insurance up. You know it's really it's hard to grasp the true impact of this music and
Another reason why it's hard to grasp the whose true impact is because the who doesn't necessarily translates as the whose real contribution didn't fully translate to recordings, because the true brilliance, the who was in their life performance. That's right, like I said before I go on you to watch, have liked in their place like crazy, all wearing coats that they borrowed from someone's mom, like they actually like, destroying the other instruments in and for some reason or like smoke coming out any stand there and they they stare, what they ve done, and then they walk away so cool. It's so fuckin cool, because I really get another who indeed really see any that shit. Until I moved up here to New York City, I was over at my body Ivan place. We have been drink and all night long. Bad said over on his couch. I woke up in the morning you like we gotta watch, some kids are all right, and so he put so the kids are all right. Manderson they're, watching ending up as Drummer myself dislike, watched,
She is the sole fuckin good area Concerning the lie, performances you know, although basis John it whistle, and these pretty much the statue onstage and Roger I'll treat lead singer emitted a calculated, who'll boredom, but it's also very captivating call boredom the life power the who really came from Keith Moon and PETE towns, and we watch Keith Moon play drums for the first time is a fucking revelation watching Keith Moon play drums. It's like someone, through a couple, a drumsticks into a hurricane and they just miraculously start plan. These fuckin wildly complicating drum, fills while making it look like the easiest, thing in the world. Let you watch key Moon play like oh yeah. How can anybody can play drums anybody can do that because he looks like he was born to do it. He looks like he was a creature that was genetically engineered to play, drums looks easy. That means a genius exactly- and you know Peter
and besides his windmill style, a playing guitar. He was among the first duty to smash Qatar on stage during a performance which again is now a cliche, but back then it was both baffling the sea and air it was at one of these, forever actually want to read this quote from Wrong Ashton. Actually want to read this quote from Wrong Ashton about whole experience them go in and see the who, as it was transcribed in, as you said, the best book about rock music ever written. Please tell me it was my first expense. Of total pandemonium. It was just a dog pile up just trying to grab pieces of Townsend's guitar people scrambling to dive upon stage and swing the guitar at their heads. The audience work cheering. It was more animal noises. How away the whole room turn you a primitive like a pack of starving animals have had eaten in a week. Somebody throws out a piece of meat. I was afraid for me it was fun, but it was mesmerizing,
it was like the planes burn, the ship sinking, so let's crush each other. Never had I see people driven so nuts use it could drive people to such dangerous extreme. That's when I realized this is a definite. What I wanted me, son experience. More actually, you know I did read somewhere that run and Dave actually did meet the who were actually mean, yes and end the rolling stone God. This is a story that was told by IRAN Ashton to Gary Henderson, he's also known as the Colonel Galaxy, or simply the colonel V, Colonel Galaxy or just Colonel Galaxy. You can come Colonel Galaxy or the current panel current galaxy, our hearts, and so this
The time we're running day, found themselves sitting with Roger dull Tree PETE, Townsend Mick Jagger at a bar and they're all sitting there together, because they're like hey we're, Americans were cool where work were stunned, bans and they sat down and they listened intently to Roger Daughtry, talking about their lousy set held. The sound just saw, and meanwhile Mig kept moving up his chair and landing like the leg Enron's but would get the fuck out of here. I wasn't until the third time when wrong realised that he was in an act no Mick Jagger doesn't like me, and the guys I mean Mick Jagger Northern there were being dicks to the poor young run and Dave even lie Vienna them when they like, ordered red stripe. While everyone else's drinking Guinness Oghee, our guy buds, The day was entreat by Bill Wyman, you know the basis for the rolling stones and after a short conversation, you know he's our thinking like base ha. That's cool
Bishop, pretty good, because this is round the time when, right before the ban form that do just forms like they're all slow. We're getting together insurgent evolving narrowness and getting into their own instruments. Yeah try and there's everyone start new of arms like eighty pop starting new evolve into a singer. Alexander is gonna, go towards boy, yes, they're, just all slowly growing these little things that made these guys who the fuck that became and when running Dave back to Ann Arbor, they got kicked at a high school for having long hair orridly. So these are so they say. I mean I know back then, like you know, you'd people would get turned away from dinars and yet for having long hair they'd get refuse service, but you dont get kicked out. High school just for having long hair Dave was drunk all the time
yes, he was since the age of like tat. Yes, day and Scott picked a fight with somebody on the first day of school, and then they get doubt and everyone's like no longer must have been long. Hair, ard. Someone say that big IKEA guys cookers RON actually had a bet to see how fast he could get kicked out of school permanent led the first day of his senior year, but it was after these were kicked out of school, but they started hang out at discount records and who should have a job at discount records, but eighty pop, and just because you didn't go to I didn't mean he wouldn't put in the time in surprise. We are all the stooges piggy Pop- was by far the most professional. Although that probably says a lot more about the rest of the stooges does about eighty hops professionals. Eddie was primarily the drummer in the as he did occasionally sing. What we got here too,
go on Youtube is the only track from you goin us, both written an song by egg back when he was just plain old, Jim Auster Burke. In other words, this is the first recorded edgy song, although it was never officially released, it's called
again and again with no it's pretty fucking good use in the lyrics are actually pretty cool to me. I just want to read like a little bit of the list
examine its like classic stooges shit like it's up. I walked instead, past the old times. I would fly in a long field of bleeding death and there was no sound at all and I moved fast to look around and I saw Stamboul me one another and the ground steady again and again wow? That's actually very good All I heard was get em eighth again and again at any, given that one thing again and again and again and again together, There are fucking great Emmy. Then he wrote that he was a teenager when he wrote that at super cool but is primitive as again and again, was Ikey was still gathering his influences when Bob Dylan came to Detroit in nineteen sixty five mg pop was there, and this was just after Dylan went electric seed, Dylan Goin Electric was an enormous deal at the time, because before this
Bob Dylan was worshipped in the folk seen and the full keys were traditionalist who tin turn their nose up at anything, is banal and pedestrian as in Rome: oh no, there's a war going on its back in Vietnam and these hippies or pissed off about Bob Dylan, picking up a different kind, a guitar us so good that we have not turned to that kind of pettiness. Now it's so good that we finally moved past fighting over tiny little things and entertainment and art and have moved on to truly important issues exactly were disclosed starkly Fetnah we're on nineteen sixty five Dylan recruited a bunch of music, since later known as the band of the ban band, show good go, listen, amusement big picked by great, but when Dylan brought the band- and he switch things up see before he sounded like this
there. We move around and admit that you have accepted, they knew they danced about. Emu will save any better. That's women think lagging hats on such a meeting. That thing I'd still love Bob Dylan like so many one great albums during the folk Dylan years, but after the addition of electric instruments in a full ban Ellen sounded more like this,
John is in a basement, mixing up the medicine man think government of France Code Large made this. I'm gonna win budget again evaded the important new grandma man and I have been a big man. Eleven dollar bills you own, a God, and why, may not sound like a huge difference to most people, because, honestly, those two songs follow the exact same structure, its intro, verse, Monica yet at the same ship- and you know, and to be fair, he Warn them, times were to be fair, but when Dillon,
when on stage, Newport Falk Festival with an electric Qatar and a whole band folk fans lost their God. Damn I won audience. Member in this is like that the famous story, one audience member felt it was such a betrayal, that he shouted down in the is that why you really got him where to go? Do yeah yeah, you bought that take it remember, and all we got worse from their policies. Who seem like they should be. A chill and understanding group started shown up to Dylan shows just to boo him because they hated it so much, she really. Why would you go and show up? I dont know Bognor folk. France could really learn a lot from metal adds. One with a nice is talking. People on earth, metal fans, metal ads or the nicest fans go to any metal show.
Everyone, there is super super. Now you re Rembrandt went to go, see man. Yet everyone was excuse me, sorry, Barton whatever we still have a great time. You know I don't know you were here first but Del in ITALY. Don't stage looked like he couldn't give less of a fuck as all these policies and hip these were Bowen M guy Judas and all this shit- and it was this- I don't give a shit, I'll do whatever. I want attitude that inspired Ikey pop to later do whatever the fuck he wanted to do on stage Oh yeah. I know he was a huge bob. Dylan Fan, he'd, listen to bringing all back home every day. You know, that's the other word: Delaware, half electric on that he said. He listened to it like four hours like a hundred times. Yeah, that's a fantastic broken, that's the avenue listen to my egg, had one more musical stock to go before he found the stooges say there was an
other band and Ann Arbor at the time that was far beyond the iguanas when it came to musical talent and success, they were known as the prime movers. That's a great name, a pretty good. I on what I think exams. Very generic late but it's philosophical you know knows, like an Aristotle all I know have I talked about with your philosophy degree and yes, you may have it. We may have had a conversation or two about prime movers. I need to use its since an arbour was a small town. The prime movers knew the Aguano and it was that band that started. Referring to Jim Allister Burke as Aguano which was eventually shortened to HIV. That makes sense that was the easier they calling on ever all these areas Then we talk about like the names or that the weird shit that goes on in the these people throughout this series, it's all gonna, be it sounded
the answer is always gonna be goes, it sounded. Oh man, no dogs in space, Zander Cool, sounds really cool. So in November nineteen sixty five original drummer left the prime movers and eighty Asta left these one is to work as the prime movers Drumming replacement, not too long after that our guy came in contact with the Prime movers RON Ashton. Neuron just played Bay for a few gigs inwards, eventually demoted to roadie, because he wasn't quite good if you- or at least he couldn't play that style of music losers blues but yet but you run new. He wasn't very good, even said so himself like he said like that I finally started learning how to play, because everyone is so much better than me. Don't run as a great musician as he is. He does in a blues again now he wasn't. He wasn't a blue sea guy and that's the thing of Sweden as musician like there's when you start playing with people that are so much better than you, you either give up
you say, I'm never going to be embarrassed like that ever again highly highly embarrassing, to sit down with a bunch of musicians that are so much better than you are because they're trying to be polite and the Elk. Looking at you like he hath boy. We have a great time here for one for you, we'd be I'm real good if it wasn't for you right now, you're like up sorry playing as fast as I can see there, like as seed of memory, that just sprouted right now about Marcus's brain I'd, say about six seeds. I'd, say it's a bit of a garden, but after a few months a plane, eggs with the prime movers. Eighty pop dropped out of college to pursue music full time and the private, Uber's were one of those bands in the MID 60s, like the blues project in the Paul Butterfield Blues Band, pretty much just listen to a lot of blues and copy to style because they like the music. But what Iggy pop was mostly absorbing from those musicians were the actual blues artists that they listen to
like muddy Waters, Hallam Wolf and John Lee Poker You do to me You look good. The legion.
Someone after his The talent over here not blues, is one of the first thousand square got into my dad is a huge, huge blues Van really group, our group. Listen all those guys group us. Nobody wires, strongly. Hooker aspects, the eurobond van naturally in Texas, coming it makes me very much fuck, absolutely love, Johnny, Hooker and egg pop was huge in always blue skies. All these deeds and let the Ann Arbor seem we're all huge and of the blues. I'm not saying that the guys in these blues revival, bans weren't talented. I mean how Bout Paul, Butterfield men toward with muddy waters, muddy waters, respected and also- all, but Butterfield he he played with Bob Dylan. No dealings
Paul Butterfield perform at a blues, festival and he's just like hey, you guys are all right, come and play with me to morrow. Realizing the Bob Dylan was playing his symphony of booze, really go so great for them, but it still really cool to play with Bob Dylan its super cool man. It's so funny how much how many dick and collaboration came from those blues festivals, like speaking esteem, Yvonne, that's how David Bowe you found Stevie Raven Stephen played. I think it was the Montrose Jazz Festival, David Bowe, We saw Stevie eurobonds and said I want to work with that. Guy, my next album and so February on play guitar on let's dance cat people and bo schitt shit, not modern love. One more saw one more huge hit offer the outlets stance that can quite remember now but yet all kinds of shit used to come from those blue festivals. But you know Some of these guys found new ways to approach the genera. Like other bans,
the prime movers. They were just kind of recycling what had come before there was anything per knew about it you know what back then and Ann Arbor leg. What wing Kramer from the embassy five? He said like if your white, suburban kid from Detroit blues bans were pretty exotic, because that is come to them, and so often in the prime movers was so popular because they were so different to every one else. Everyone else tried choreography hide stepson, did instruments like the beds era, but these airplane, blues, they're playing, I mean they're playing blues booze was not such a popular music genre is. It is not like now, like everybody knows the blues, so it's because blows just kind of made its way into everything. Thank the fucking. I guess the blue, others. I guess that's why I guess that's what brought it kind of kind of brought blues the mainstream, but yeah back then, like you know, blues was yet I mean it Zadig is the right word for it in. I was as
Logic is world music because it just was not something that was in anybody's purview at all. When it came to white kids, white, suburban kids from Detroit, especially well is this. You have to learn the blue and the one quintessential scene of adventures in baby sitting. I would argue that seem killed the blues like that's when the blues ended really it with its when it started. For me, I would say, I would say, that's probably ones like ok, that's over back it up up everyone at the thing the blues leave. Let's hear an example from the prime movers, which was
silly uploaded to Youtube by the former bandleader Miss on features piggy pop on the drums. Andy, it's cool. I will never be as close. Those can make their what was or ever be as causes due to its core ike there there would I but imagine that's like the best knight,
had ever spent in a bar is going on in that ban displaying yeah. That's what then that's Superfund cool like there. It is cool, but you know it's become kind of a cliche to say that, like white musician stole black music, specifically the blues that they just repackaged, it they had as Ikey pop put it. A studio, copy, and you know I'd say that really that's very much. It hurts pretty true in the case of the prime. Overs and the prime movers that meets the guy uploaded it to a Youtube. I think he was also lead singer. He went on two found all music dot com, which was my favorite website for many many many many years still use that website. Sometimes all music is fucking great, but these dudes, they were just a plan. The same exact kind of music that have been released, ten twenty thirty years earlier only difference is that they were doing it would just a hint of psychedelic flare at cop LSD.
Up ever that's what they were dead, that they were drop in acid and playing the blues, and that gave it a little bit of a twin gave a little bit of a switch. But for the most part now this kind of I'll, be in the style of all the guys that came before an egg pop smart enough to notice this. So in nineteen sixty six, eighty quit the prime movers and move to Chicago to find blue Drummer SAM lay, who had recorded with Hallam Wolf, Johnny Hooker BO
ITALY and muddy waters and sadly, also played with go on at the New York
sadly, the most legendary musician to ever shoot himself in this growth and jobs. Often the balls yeah, oh, when they got there not because of any for once not lose over fight here, you know sadly, also played on Bob Dylan's album highway, sixty one. We visited no shit yeah yet so they knew each other. That's what I mean this is the guy to go to if your igloo pop this is the guy to go to sea again thought the. Maybe he just wasn't understanding the blues correctly and that if he found a great blues, drummer he'd figure out what he was missing an egg. Did end up. Finding SAM lay and lay was impressed not with a to get him a gig plan drums with big Walter Horton half, because he was a more than competent, drummer and half because they figured haven't a white boy in the band would help them book white clubs and they were right well, the when he did get there.
Gig plain drums for big Walter, Horton and Johnny Young add. I was at a unitarian church on the way to the king. Now this is like a scene from hit like eighty pops by up at the sky to be so on the way to the gig in the car. Big Walter Horton takes out his switchblade and waves around saying you better known. To play white boy up any laughed because you have the laugh when you're you know holding a weapon: oh dear, no, I've I've left twenty times and I've had been physically threatened due its energy replied, look man! I didn't do anything. You can just gimme a break up because nine, what nineteen, eighteen, nineteen somewhere there a maniac. He is very, very young. As far as where egg lived during his time in Chicago he found residents with a record store owner and local blues guru named Bob Coaster in this pretty much where the egg pop we know began to fully emerge, said Bob Costa.
Was the founder and owner of Denmark Records, which is like the oldest jazz blues India label. In the U S, it was, they release dozens records in linked to Sixtys and Seventys and Yell Bob Coastguard live the good life, whose very well respected any also on the jazz record, marked story which was a place where employees and fans could crash and He did as well as well for allow so Bob closer a place to stay and he decided to invite his friends verse, for he has above, like a guy. Just invite. I do three. Four friends in biogas is like sure. Why not you seem like a nice young man? What's the worst that could have it up? you're, just another young boy that wants to learn how to play the blues, of course, MR offering all of your chums in school boys over this sounds like a wonderful time, so he brings living shed its who worked at the record star with eighty before and Scott Richardson Enron and Sky Ashton said there are staying at closer place together and age
Bob insane and kept going, him just for the fun of it got Richardson described it as the drugs from a clockwork of Orange, yeah I remember what would the things that Bob Coaster, boys gay and so they would Russell with each other naked in his presence and eighty would took his dick between his legs and go on It is absolutely Alban than the last straw finally came when Bob poster was asking for a glass of water. He was very tired. He was very. He was a little sick. He asked you please bring me a glass of water. Somebody please bring me a glass of water and energy pop brought
glass full appears drag. It would aegis legs through it s. A fine and kicked everyone out into the streets of Europeans must get out. Please leave my presence imposed takes up, but the thing is that it seems like. Even though Aggies Times with coaster were more shenanigans based than anything an egg Emmy. He came to a very important, profound realisation during this time, in Chicago after smoking, a joint on an unnamed bridge somewhere in this, yet well. Actually, he he hung out by the dock near to sewage treatment plants across him. A towers looking over the Chicago River, and then you know what he lit up a joint one of the first times he ever smoked pot and he just looked over the river and thought structure, lyrics simplicity, and that's where he got his philosophical mind together, I mean supposedly
holding the pop. This was the first time he really had any experience with drugs, but you know, as it happens, with a lot. Thus around that age, that experience now stop loose and eightys brain. He realised that he wasn't standing the blues because he couldn't understand the blues as it was being played because egg pop wasn't black. He never would be black and we'd, never understand what it was like to be black. I mean you keep up with us, suburban, like it is experiences, were not only different. They were incompatible with the type of music he was trying to play at the time, but he also realise that his experiences still mattered. Just because he was white, didn't mean he didn't experienced, pain suffering because everybody experience- his pain and suffering, but he still wanted to express those feelings through music, so pop figured that what he had to do was play his own simple version of the blues, so he could translate
his experiences and suffering. In the same way, the blues musicians used their style of music to convey. There's simple, punk yet, sadly, what would it called up broad and Scott Ashton to see if they want to join them. They said why the fuck not and would eventually to be known as the stooges was born, but why person to be added to the group was Dave. Alexander had gone. The Liverpool withdrawn Dave was in eggs, words a tortured kid with bad skin problem who couldn't get fucked but was a seriously fearless and vicious street fight her long bird make They all knew each other growing up. I Cathy Ashton, as the dashing sister she she saw him walking down the road one days like Becca has long hair, hey long here, guy come on over and thus a friendship was born, How usually goes goes another touts gone for me in the past. Okay, cool t shirt. Let's hang out yet
ill. It that's all these things out there all flags. You know, especially when your kid it's like put up a flag like hey, I like this thing? If you like this thing to please talk to me. Yeah yeah became friends. It is gone college Stacy because she was wearing a monster magnet share in there. You go. I made it. We ve all got those little things. You're creature, like hey, that's pretty cool in other words, Dave Alex There was the perfect person to play base for the stooges, but when edgy returned to Ann Arbor, Edgy was met with a scene that was much more psychedelic and much more rooted in the hippy ethos them what he left, and this is what I pity Kimberly love about the studious, while everyone else in the sixties, counterculture were preaching and naive version of peace, loving harmony that ended up all beam, bull, shit, anyways the stooges saw the hype for what it was almost immediately. They were preaching nothing the show about not ensure the member.
The stooges wanting to make their mark on the world, but they didn't necessarily want to change it, nor they telling anybody? What to do how to live or what to think. They were doing was translating what they were feeling in experiencing into music, because if anything, the students were always honest with what they were saying. And impartially its power, while of em so fuckin much, but that's not to say the band not partake in the drugs of the day exert like they were there when they go fuck this entire hippy see now they were, they were in to the scene, just not into the bullshit. How else were they get their drugs ass? It became their favour drug and during their extended group tripping sessions, they read books, when you call- and they listen to music, that's how they formed what they eventually called there oh mind and that's why I only learn how to talk to each other. You know a lot of the lyrics. A lot of the titles of the songs like real, full time
You know that's how they would say like real cool time and as our I I'm alright, I'm all right They sat on the listener Hendricks. I listened a jazz great Pharaoh. Sanders. Ellison of francs happened, the mothers invention and Doktor John who Lily underrated lumped after giant like the listen abandoned artist who were much more experimental. Then you know that drop in a straight blues. They ve been listened to before they were expanding their mine and don't forget Harry parts of course, Perry part as well, yet the musical theorist Anna Composer, what how he described his music he's like is not abstract man, it's caprice and it's called shit lay especially if you love ambient Yes, if you look like, if you have any like briny, knows ambient suffering from like that, like all that ambiance, it's great, like this guy Harry Part, Mademoiselle, oh yeah, he they would actually play his experimental records on hand. They would run around like on LSD and run
with stuff tissues in his cheeks and walk round our hunchback and make strange noises and girls ever came over. Then he will chase after them high school, and they do you think is wanted. Beware of course, another just pushing the limits of weirdness and that's great South Korea. Then there like that, sounds like the most fun thing to do when you're nineteen is putting the limits are weird. I may I do that, but it was alone. We do that at home. Now now we do that home. That's why we got married. Let's listen to an example, some of this experimental music. Let's listen to a song from the mothers of invention, album freak out which the band site having major rotation on their turntable at the time.
While I was a good I'll take when the real. Oh, you have no a priest,
The for example, always a rock mother fire hydrant imo, Hitler's on that as well. A love weasels rip, my flesh, but I suppose the. Sat down. So the times entire life and now listen and look like I almost get it am. I do like every year, a goddamn it to sit down Melissa, the mothers again see like this- is the year that, like I've, finally get it like, maybe next year, Maybe next year I mean listen to this listening, like I'm doing this episode like I feel like I at the very least, get freak out now, like I started with got weasels rip my flesh. First and now I get freak out eventually I'll just Bixby
and to the whole ill. The let that small zapper clip that we just listen to was probably a lot closer to what the stooges sounded like before they recorded their first album, but unfortunately we only have descriptions of their more, experimental years? We just don't know what the fuck this like we have no recordings at all of what the suit settling for their self title. Debut nice far is the name of the band goes member that run Ashton was absolutely obsessed with the three stooges, among other things, and even though day Alexander, was in the ban. It was me firstly, energy wrong in Scott. Ashton, who hung out the most the figured if they were like the three studio man only like psychedelic
I heard that they were like watching it three stages on tv when they came up with that, which is a good thing that they didn't happen, be watching Remington, steel and so original name, one of the greatest rock and roll bands of all time up until the release of their first album was this psycho stooge, terrible name. It could be worse, it could be a lot worse. Deadline could be a lot worse. It could be a what was radio heads original name on a Friday that is an awful ban, but the steward is never would have gotten off the ground if not for a departure. From the very beginning of the ban, Nagy was quote the prime motivator, as he can that constantly tone, others that there really was something special here. If only you guys get up off here ass in put in
the work I know, and so on Halloween night, nineteen sixty seven, the psychedelic stooges had their first show how what a show it was. Oh, yes, yeah what they got it all set up, because our run Richardson agreed to manage them. Wrongly then also known as the professor, because he was a professor you you actually did have managing experience like he managed the chosen few, which is a ban. The run Ashton played him before we got Richardson professor also was very helpful to them because he had a van and he had Ellis De Hardy, have Ellis do while he was involved in EL as detesting in the University of Michigan, where he happily supplied all the drugs people who actually use them as lab. We like read books and then they took lsd. And he kind of like you know, like professor, what kind of like study them up.
And so they had the Sharon had the show at his house outside of Ann Arbor, and he took care the guest list for the show which included Johnson Clare. You know he's a writer and an activist the m. Five bill curtain from this psychedelic band, seven seal and Jimmy Silver and his wife Nausicaa rule. No, we will learn about a lot yes and so for eager to get ready for the show. He got Jimmy silver wife Nausicaa to make amends, I wig by placing strip, of curled aluminum oil into a bathing cap and then helped him put on his victorian nightgown Betty WAR from where the first shot We got already men and he scour the junk yard. That was right outside IRAN, Richardson's house, and he just picked up a bunch of stuff, a bunch of junk to make his own in Minsk Rambo Harry Parch also made his owning instruments that you wanted experiment. So you put all the stuff together.
Made a thing called the US derisory man, and so who is so much fun. Yea was a blender with water that you put a microphone it's gonna fuck, as does the plunder however, my microphone. That's what makes it an ass so that they did is that they set that all up with the MIKE and then he turned on be Asta, riser, not blunder and played for fifteen minutes or the beginning of the shell. That was it just to set the mood and let me just tell you, look at the show at the people showed up. There was a lot of drugs. Naturally, the empty lsd d and lots and lots wait. I couldn t imagine why to miss on duty, oh God, rolled a hundred joints for the part. You know how many people attended this party about twelve to twenty
so evil that was also back in the days when we was not anywhere near as strong as it is now, yet we got better trucks or worse, I miss I miss older. We I miss Highschool we'd have missed. When I give you no smoke a joy, just like have a day again, miss that so piggy. He is other instrument. He had his hawaiian guitar that we're all, all tuned to than all the strings were tuned to note of ie, so it sounded like an airplane when he played it. Ah so man and so much fun and so he sat on the floor. Cross legged right they're right in the middle right after dos a stop playing and Scott beat, You like bear all like fifty five gal oil cans, with like some sort of hammer, brave eaters and uses beating like crazy, Meanwhile, I Dave who wasn't in the band yeah cuz. It was just the three stooges at the time he would Torah like the Apt Isles and, like you would smash like runs, am too
allowed a booming echoing sound, while the band played, so they played its, not music. Just bunch of noises, but it makes sense to them. Well, you know I mean noise. Music gear are yeah, with shovel on a wash bored with contact icon on it. Would, in his gulf, shoots Zoe It's the aids, it sounds yeah low musical? They called the very north african tribal jazz gone wild dead, get high, they play for ten minutes, and then they would get hurt. Again and again. Get on there and play the organ wrong, that was plain: the guitar they kept blowing fuses throughout the whole party yet like, while there were playing their music and by the time they blew the last fuse. The set was done and they looked up and almost every one left John Sinclair. He thought there were pretty good yeah. Of course, Manawyddan That is actually true. I have no
No wonder how like how many different, how many different people that they have to talk to for they finally put together like ok. This is what, we think probably happened that they show. We read six books to find out. What we found out is that a lot of people are too high to remember things that happened fifty years, but is absolutely vulcan. Bizarre and weird, is that show? Was it still caught the attention As you said, John Sinclair Johnson Clare was the manager of the hottest banned in Detroit in sea
an empty five habit, the naming story, all their own. That runs almost concurrent with the stooges, but with empty five are best known for is being the O.
Lee Ban to show up to actually play the nineteen sixty eight democratic national convention in Chicago for quick refresher, the nineteen sixty eight Dnc. Ended with police, moving in on a crowd of demonstrators and just beaten the p, so to anyone and swing in distance. An empty five were about five songs into their set when it all went down with it? soundtrack police brutality, stream police becoming go check it out on online. I can I needed a yell, of course, tall on Youtube, but yet it's fuckin insane to watch this shit now, although the empty five were known as being a poet nickel band yoke as they were closely attached the White Panther Party. Well, that's because the black Panther Party did not like them. No, no but I will just make the White PEN party, but they didn't want any part of what
what happened in Chicago and they were just really excited for the gig and it wasn't us are like man we're going to go there, we're going to show these pig. What's up like no we're going to go. There were going to play some Fucking rock and roll music cuz. We're rock and roll band in fact would be totally on when they, the Arcy ay and on some level money on hustlers. I mean they saw money in the hippy scene and they capitalize on an opportunity which became painfully obvious when they signed a rca and spend all their money on bitten car, that its bitching Kai gather, bitching cars, of course, but I know when will they had a three point political programme? That's what weighing cream recalled it up is three point: political programme was Rock n roll drugs and up. Were into it. You know, like our spread Sonic Psmith near when Mary Patty Smith- and they were very much in a very to love very much into politics, as Party Psmith is very politically active as well, but back then
see five it this time they were not know they were not like focused on politics. Well, the thing is like they had allowed connections with these activists and a just gave him more chance for more gigs. Yes, they wanted, but ineffectually, the movement, my kind of took over the band yeah. In the days there were people. You know we talk a lot of shit about the hippies. You know I've seen about earlier about it being like mostly bullshit. You not like a lot of people for a lot. People, it was mostly bullshit, but there were also during this time, like very in hints people in the activists seem like there were terrorist bombings back like of the weather underground, like the Abbe Hoffman Matera, people that were fuck, Syria yeah, very, very serious shed and the empty five had that The tone like there were cuz they had. There were playing rockin fuckin music, because these people were serious and they were angry and the empty.
Five really match that. Well, but the empty five didn't really have the ethos to back it up well. We found that outlined empty, I play the veil more eastern in New York City. I fucked up robot. They were built, the people's bang, the band of the movement right now so Danny Fields, who we will talk about a lot. He booked a limo to get the band downtown because they realize like how do we get this everyone in their things like lead? get him a lemme, see or New York City right again, so the ban comes in in Austria shhh limo movement of peoples. Band outside is like five hundred people from the movement and they were there. This big active
group. They were called the mother, fuckers, the EAST village, mother, Fucker, serious people very radical part of the community, and they see this limo and they start yelling and throwing shit and calling I'm trader, meanwhile Rob Tyner from them. See five rob tyres are ok, you know what I'm going to talk to them. I gotta do I gotta know exactly what to say. He had. I hope it's from the moon roof, I'm not sure we get. Somebody goes hey where we have covered a plague. New York for politics. We came to New York to play rock and raw. You didn't do not work out well, for them in places erupted into a right in bill gram. The venue promoter of the film or east he band empty
from then on thinking that Rob broke broke his nose through the right during the riot Filmore EAST and the film or west, which were too the biggest music venues and the entire country back then re us some of the big some of the best rock and roll shows ever played we're done at either the Filmore EAST or the Filmore West, and men its work in any early. Again and again, it's like how many Beginnings of the end does five have like six. I know just that they are the most tragic also ran band of the entire late sixties. Early seven. I know it's a shame because they were so good, so fuckin good, but, like even egg pop said that he didn't feel any sort of real political feeling from the embassy five. He said on a basic law would they share their peanut butter with me, yeah and their girl funds would sell. My dad was a shitty thing about the aims, and that is the embassy. Five were intense massages, but a lot of those fuckin hippy people were yeah but dates.
We did the women like servants like they were there to serve them, to make them food to wash their clothes, to have sex with them. Yeah and if they don't want to have sex, then they would just like did just We so condescending, be like oh you're, so Boucher yeah. I can't believe you won't do this for the movement, which is a very shitty thing to do, which ungloved that Wang Cramer has now owned up to that of the empty five on Turkey. S like that they all of like here. We were fucking awful back then, but a lot of those working here, happy Communes, all that tab. All that shit like it was very very massage honest is fuckin awful of it. It's all romanticize tell us how you really feel a lot of problems with every piece, but regardless the psychedelic stooges became a little brother ban, the embassy five his John Sinclair saw The second Elect stooges and figured are at these guys, are taken. The european aren't guard scene and they're turning it into certain that the kids are gonna like it and that's it
Strongly insightful Cyprus on the part of Johnson Clare and Johnson, Clara try to get the stooges to copy the empty five style. He told pop Zack man, you gotta get with the people gotta get with the people, but pops quote. Ah the people gimme a break. The people don't give a fuck knows it's right: people don't give a fuck up pray law the thing was ignored still wasn't even really singing at this point. It wasn't it His blender with work is the boss. Derisory was making a lot of fucking, know he's it was, Until pops saw the doors near the end of nineteen sixty seven that he realized, he could be singer
this is the year of this strange that song is so good. He gave Martin Sheena hardly from a populist now. You have course, of course, I'd leg. Listening to the doors again, like that's some you're gonna, hear me say a ton throughout the course of this
Entire show is listen to the doors like man like eighty pop really took a lot. This vocal styles from Jim Morrison aid. I mean: did it a billion times better, but it didn t Moors and had that like charm that that sex appeal that you know eventually robber plant bestowed upon himself. Yes, I mean but You're Morrison was, you know not even close to the songwriter that eighty Papas not even close, if I could sing at eighty poppies but didn't read his poetry, yeah yeah even knew in high school that it sought now here right drug real hard. But you know egg is experiencing Jus Morrison Sing was quite the same kind of inspirational moment. Edgy had while he was watching delanne. Instead, egg was inspired by how fucking terrible, Jim Morrison Rockets. From what you said, Jim Morrison was tragically drunk in the bow and sounded like in these words old pussy.
It's not a sow leaders, ok, no exact what it sounds like. What is that supposed to mean it's evocative? What we Morrison did manage to get it together enough to sing. He did it in a high pitched Betty, Boop, falsetto voice. Of course the audience fuckin hated it, but they were also mesmerized They couldn't stop watching it is. This was when the doors had the number one song in the country. This is when light a fire explode never July by fire live, are far more than just keep doing the Betty boot Voice. Like my party's just fuck, you need start singing normally for just a little bit and our own start clapping and then right when everybody got comfortable again. He'd, go back to the Betty Boot Voice and energy was
absolutely inspired. I heard that's how Michael Blaze, starting he was a wedding singer and some executive you saw him begbie, wow Bootblue pop later, so that he thought look how awful they are, and they ve got the number one single in the country it this guy can do it. I Do it well, piggy could sing. I mean he, he does have a good singing voice of kroner, yet he can croon like a mother, Fucker right back Why was around this time that the stooges actually got a manager? Jimmy silver came in before that,
we're according club, managed by RON Richardson, who was more than happy to be relieved of the burden of a secondary stooge yeah run registered in last, very long, even after the Halloween Party, and just after dealing with energy and the rest of the stooges. I remember reading he said like ok, so I got this buddy Jimmy. I use a kite hasn't. He was your how we show our he's gonna, be your new manager and their guys relic of what about the bed. You can keep the I may just ran away like jumped over a corn. Stalker, never see it again or could imagine wanna get rid of you I would imagine it just be difficult, just getting them from point a to point b, quite difficult budget silver was all about it. He was actually in grad school at the time at a university Michigan, he was getting his doctor it at school public. What Jimmy start, book in the guise local gigs and he put them all on a macro. Bionic diet, public health, public health and silver
the guy, who move the entire band into what came to be known as the Fun House. The Fine House. I had a lotta names like I was called Stooge Hall, Loon Hotel and the old bears how all the old bears out. Wanna go up red. You don't want it that road out what they all their lives. They called it that, because Mr Bayliss, who is that he was a farmer who built the funhouse or before was the fine house. He built it with his bare hands. Had this whole farm going on, but hee hee, hee it out to these guys because he knew the whole place is gonna, be bulldozed. Anyways make way for highway. Figure was about two years away from being bulldozed yeah, so the house, the funhouse for the time being, was full of the stages me, silver family. You knows his wife's Susan and his little baby, daughter Rachel. They lived in a separate apartment in the house.
And then RON Scott in Dave also lived in their own living quarters, and run with his own little a living area filled to the brim. With nazi paraphernalia answers per hour, of her an energy in the attic all by himself. That's nice real. What really push the psychedelic stooges to the next level was their professional debut you at the grand DE ballroom on January twentieth, nineteen sixty eight that was the first show that actually featured Iggy pop as the front man that's right, because he had his hawaiian guitar that he was going to play there you ve really high. On acid is, like a do, let me let me paint your guitar, be really cool revealed a psychedelic, so in ages ago ed. I know you're totally honest, but that's fine and Dave like painted, like They glow pain,
all over the guitar Eve, including the pick ups, which rendered the guitar unusable though he had to just put that hawaiian guitar alone, and that's where he was there with no asked riser, no experimental instruments in his hand, and that's when he got to be eighty pop. Also there show ungenerous twentieth which, by the way, is very closely over the one day after the venue was at the Grannie ballroom, where this venue was a big step for big musicians. We have deterred like right in the middle between New York and our exactly so. It was an easy way for big acts. Like a lead, Zepplin and Janis Joplin to stop halfway through the country at their head. This venue that held two thousand people, because all over the country at that time they just head like little spots, like of like one hundred two hundred people that can hold and, as you know you goin to her all the time, Marcus. Sometimes it's hard for
big ban to go and play really really small hole in laws. It very difficult emitted. It's just its expensive. If it had travel around, you know like it costs money to get from place to place, to place a cost money for travel costs, money for hotels and lay especially fear and a big ban it's I mean that's what you're talkin about six seven people on the road and that's gonna, be insane to go in and try to pay for six seven people to travel to a small town to play for a hundred people, which is oh great, that the grandeur ballroom open in nineteen sixty six, so they could stop there in the MID West and also go around because it in you, you have Chicago, you have Minneapolis and big name. Like Cream Frank Zeppa. The who grateful dead like a lot more, the owner was a Ruskin who booked all the main acts. I don't know if you know this, but he was kind of famous for part of the whole Paul is dead, can spare
really yeah yeah yeah cuz. He had a radio show, and he kind of added to that. That's like his number to famous that's so Russ GIB, actually, In addition, the stooges before they got to play so he all he says that he remembers. Is that you saw the skinny guy with no shirt on just dragging a toilet on sale in playing a little bit and roses like or- man you're on birth by your odd bird wrecked, because they need a lot of local, supporting acts and support these big bands damn see: five like frost like envoy dukes and as our seas. Scott Richard case. So this is this. Is stooges, first professional gig at the grand barroom they supported. Apple, pie motherhood and got Richard Casein Anne S, R C. They were feeling for the envoy dukes. Of course, the am boy dukes that would be TED Nutrients first band and even though TED Nugent is fucking awful mess,
Turning to the centre of the mind is such a good fuckin song, they say
job so that he avoided the falcon amazing there. All right
It is groundless when I totally agree to disagree on our right. Our selves generate joint and instead dude you doesn't mean bad. No, no! No, no just the music opera generally twentieth, right, Grandiflorum Big, show Ed this is the first time that their plane as foursome now dead, Dave Plain Base, ronicky, tar, Scott on drums and eighty as front men, as you said, and I agree of course, wearing a victorian nightgown again with white, make up on on his all over his face with the metallic wig on top of his head and he shaved his eyebrows just to make the White make up like look really really good or bad idea whose Greece Bay and then he found out why you need eyebrows man used to Greece, Spain, all that for every single show, for many many many years just that sweat
getting in your eyes like from Greece. Paint around my own eyes is bad enough, but when you ve got forehead, swept pouring in mixed with Greece Bent. Ah carbon fuck off that's why you need eyebrow, because within minutes of the show, starting his eyes were so swollen and put all of bread, and this is a quote from edgy about to show I dont really, or thing about that. Get but some do some durham as how we know about this. Actually, there was a review of the show someone this guy. Steve Silverman wrote a review in his college paper. He said the steward were visually. The most exciting thing at the brandy he wore white, silk. Pajamas and a two foot high wig of curled aluminum, the band with egg on the vacuum. Cleaner was the most imaginative music of the evening. Fortunately, performance, is marred by equipment difficulties
Julie, exciting a magic to music Whitman difficult because, as you know, they blew a lot a fuse yeah yeah. I mean that that's like there. That's the review, equivalent of bless their heart for trial. Exactly as you know, they need to turn it all. The way was stooges play there Andy Ballroom twenty two times in nineteen sixty eight alone, they open for flying the family, stone Cream, the mothers of invention and another spiritual brother to the stooges at a new park city the
Who can kill all the sea I by changing tab? I see I put rank of railways by that send them a course. Some of those shows were absolute fuckin disasters and one of the worst, but also one of the most formative happen on egg is twenty first birthday,
She, both Iggy and RON Ashton, had taken acid. That day, IRAN had a fuckin, fantastic trip. His trip was so good that swore off acid forever afterward, because he knew that he would now ever have a trip that good ever again, you say it is not worth it as the method of ours exhort you never did ass it for the rest of his fuckin law. I tell you get that oh yeah apparent that The data, the album the notorious bird brothers shared all of its secrets, nothing so much fun, sticking point to drugs and have an album open up itself or a shower, or particularly the song, that open up to IRAN was tribal gather if you listen to that solo. It is an obvious influence on wrongs. Guitarist,
I shall tell you hear that, Sudan. In the way that the guitar goes up now. These jets, like that, it's it's like he took that one little clip and formed a whole Fuckin Oliver right. Now. It's amazing- and here amazing day itself at the coup. This day ever- will be. On the other hand, Buddha run like you know, he was hanging out with a pretty girl, their flying kinds here,
later losses virginity to that girl. There just listen to the notorious bird brothers. Just having a great time but yeah envy, It didn't work out so well bad day, variety yeah, because they had a show at the Grand DE again opening for the James Gang and here Jeff Piggy dropped. Two hits of Owsley or in Sunshine Orange Son, tried Orange Fucking baffled. Meant in family took that's what everyone job, but I would specifically that we talk about the live. Show there were torn right now is that when you of that it's in family, like Tax Watson said that it wasn't until they started taken or Sunshine Helter skelter started making sense eighty also had a bad, so he dropped, these two heads and he goes on stage to perform the problem. Was there
Ants were reduced like down because of some sort connection issues, so in several allow rocking sound. It was just a soft murmur like limp dick, like XO The band had to like stop to get like that. You know the back on people, sorry getting restless. It was like a little while they search chanting. We walk grape where great an egg really stone. Just gets up on that, like the one, the barrels that they were dead, that's got was playing against. He stands on top and he goes Why? its own green did kill your dream. Had Gamsakhurdia button views, I mean on some powerful, powerful fuckin acid. I mean is it was? I mean? Orange sunshine was the most powerful acid of the day,
could you gotTa Roma, really think about for those out their behoove taken asset or even mushrooms, but specifically left? Who, like think about having two thousand people, all yelling fuck, you two thousand p hating, you all at the same time and You ve got on a white maternity dress. You know you'd, like aluminum foil, coming out of your head. Your face is painted why you ve got no eyebrows and there are two thousand people all fuckin screaming in Yelena you and your absorbing every single second of it and I get weirded AL if a cat looks at me, Ray you're merging the Maginot keys so the show finally end after they get the AMS going on, but they just could not get it going like your show just sucked so eagerly. He goes back with day to day, house. Dave's mom served a mature.
Berger, where the canned on it. It was one of those like happy birthday. Again it was a really bad and endurable birthday, and that was like We were indeed not like it. To give up. It would be right now yet, but he had to keep going yeah and gets things that egg had hit upon Sutton there, even though it was a bad turn he found that the hostility of the audience was energizing and inspiring and the more hostile they were. The more edgy reflected the feeling back towards the crowd and the more they were back to him, more Emily would just became to mirror staring at each other and just going into infinity of hatred and bad feelings. Just like Tony Clifton in energy was also starting to figure out. His
Look now. If there's one thing you know about eighty pop, it's that he so well known for performing shirt. Less that I've seen means about. He actually looks kind of weird when he's wearing a shirt ass. He caught a does, especially when he's wearing a button. Up short, like all those gucci adds that he's doing right now. Like ha, why are you selling shirt last personal motorbike shirt from God, the idea he says from reading a book on ancient Egypt. He said that he noticed that none of the faroes wore a shirt they're in the desert, but leave in the MID West job bestowed pretty cool, oh yeah, so big, you thought he'd do the same. Another of biggest trade marks the way that he moved. On stage, if you ve, never seen a studious performance for back in the seventies. Do yourself a favor go on Youtube check him out because, like idiots the best front man's to ever take the stage he can torts. He give he dives. He bins backwards to the
point worth looks like he's gonna fuckin snap in two, whenever once in awhile ship went wrong She did not go well, Brady pop all the time because it was in because it's intensely reckless now you know there was a one show where here here Bang went up and got up to sing. He grasped microphone, it's not working so just throws out on the ground sorts dancing and then one of the roadies just picked it up and turns on that on switch hands Magnum. Ok, there would show he bit backwards. His zipper split in his cock popped out. His pants. While there are pvc paintings, but there are very, very tight pan sees that he just didn't Fraser me just left it out and started writing on the ground quote like a tortured worm or a cavorting cat, Eventually, the pants slid off him, which is this my favorite part. He goes back stay.
She finds like a little towel up. To tell he does like a strip teeth like other peekaboo is peanuts. Just as he was thinking himself, that he's gonna get away with all of this? The cops bus through the door and bust the whole place because they heard that there was some sort of illegal homosexual Strip club operating either. To be honest, what could be more gay strip clever than a bunch of men in police? Many, and so He was arrested and his dad bailed him out for the four time paying a fine of forty one dollars an hour and a half of these rules is a gorgeous dad. Did it with a smile because deems us Burke Senior surprisingly, seem to be tickled pig by his sons acted antics
we're going to the dairy queen up up up up or because of those antics. People sordid shown up just to see what Ikey pop would do, whether they like the music or not other. There were plenty of people who were The stooges sound, but some showed up to abuse and antagonize egg II and the more Russian Stooges received the darker they became, and it was in this environment that Danny fields from a lecture records showed up in Detroit and that's. Where will pick back up for part, two of the studio on site it I'm so save report to God. This is gonna, be a four part series yet so we ve got a lot more to talk about. We ve got all for alms to talk about play the two examples, solo records that everybody knows love his first, whom we're gonna talk about some of the other ones as well, but you know, of course, to any it must for life. That's the one, those one study and we're gonna be talking about energy.
Both these time together all the nitty gritty, the cocaine, the heroin, every everything that just went wrong and plus through the best alms ever recorded, that ship well, we will be back next week, we produce just. Thank you very much for listening. The first episode, no Doug space and remember if you doug any the music that you listen to today, you can go over to my ass Spotify profile I'll, have everything on a playlist there. So, hopefully you can discover something new in that's also, that's also a paper what this shows about absolutely
goodbye. Smile advantages back just goes against the sound of job losses
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