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Page 7: Valenwine's Day

2018-02-16 | 🔗

In an effort to show you what else we got going on at The Last Podcast Network, we're dropping our latest episode of Page 7 into your feed: Jackie, Molly & Marcus discuss the "Queer Eye" reboot, the drama between Kim Cattrall & Sarah Jessica Parker, and the upcoming arrival of Gunt Knefel. WE THINK YOU MIGHT LIKE IT.

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You guys you woke up with another bad. What can you do I'll do well. Go then leads. I M gonna kill myself I'll kill you do. I we record this show on wednesdays and on Tuesday yesterday I walk around zone has been six days since I had seen you guys and I'm Walker at my house gone when there how landline I can only mean one they have unlike. Why like stopped at evaluate those. Why why Why do I have break my head? Then? I remembered that it was
six days ago when we last recorded as they apply Gal Jackie started off and not let alone a quota bird. Seven. Everybody Marcus Bergs, a minor I've, Jackie's arouse gay, bringing you haven't year, worms you don't wanna hear were I was this morning of for those of you that dont know be released our Patria on page this morning, succumb check us out look up page seven under podcast on the patron on illicit and Facebook group. We got it on our twitters come at us, but I would just taught the eye in it when I was writing already Alec six thirty this morning, just ice. I type the word higher and now I can't get it out of my head that's how that happen? Our pay posting our patriotic link is lead you to creed, yes, and you know what I legitimately thrown it out there enjoyed,
I did yeah me too. I own both my own prison and what was the set? What was the one that higher was on? I don't remember that do create out. I had that debut, of course, and then I had the one after that. Where are you? what was your relationship with the Christianity, here. Is the air was there, but I was there for the rock and tunes was for rather vague Christianity. The Scots Staffing company were put forth. I had friends. You were in a Christian ripened in high school and one of those christian rack songs. I loved and I'll fill GM about above Germany to some christian rag. I mean obviously with arms wide open it still another when they get settled with arms, white or bomb, so Scots voices. So you don't what in time
A gating I'd say intoxicating dogs occasion like a nice cool bob. Lagoons. Far back when I just typed in creed, and so my computer, for thing on rolling stones, the ten worst ban, of the nineties. Excuse me, I think go and rolling stock. On those I mean they are putting creed, I feel like I've bought oven parallel universe right now you can talk about the what you love Cree we're gonna talk about how much we love click. Ok, that's it to give that out your head right now we're talking about one point in our life, both joy in Korea, Ninety, seven. Ninety eight it was it was a heavy time. Yes, but there was a lot of songs around ninety seven and ninety AIDS, which you know maybe a creed, got swept up in there? I've seen creed play twice because her from Tallahassee, so they were perform in Florida
state so again, I've seen them performed by God. Do I still like creed Ok, see! Other that's a little differ there, because you liked Creed in college. Well. You know, I I I That's that's! None of your ninety nine would open the door came out, is eighteen, ninety nine. So I was twelve years old. I'm allowed you like greeted twelve, between the you that to create elbowed is to live shows. How do I get the level fan letters like more than of my actual favour bans that I've? Oh no, Who am I right This example one right now, that's a rugged Gerais, no prisoner, no name is niche when I have six, days from nominally walkin around singin? Can you take me higher and then you gotta go but stood up. Spot you gotta get into my own presenting your legs. Zocor
Human way was the other album by the way mark as human clay, human Yeah, that's right. It had that horribly Photoshop cover that. Like look like belonged Tallahassee Barbara BAR instead of a multi platinum selling rock band? When wasn't there christian another christian Recruit? jars of clay- lots, well they're wrong. Jesus Christ is a moulder of the other thing that what thing is worth our Lord This is our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. While I mean Can we really something else on our patriarch page, it's time to start talking about baby gaunt on here up as trill as are its our own blinded that we are releasing rich podcast
definitely not, I argue about it my guy personnel, paean baby, very varied, amazing, and I just can't wait to see- I think that it should be a fight to the child death of who, but who was the baby? First, you Joe Joe. I know well I've I told you. I tried to figure out exactly what heard due date is based on the tweets and I'm pretty sure that I am a couple of weeks ahead of her if we can take chip gains as tweets at his word and then the baby was conceived after that concert that already forgotten over the ban, that it was the buds but were about were burnt. Close were like we're like pregnant peers, so
you know it basically labour best friends, you have a boy. Are you going to name him gaunt before she gets duplicate you deafening in the name of gun? If you do, you know, I already know that a lot of listeners are gonna, be demanding that my child take that name. What we have to remember is that we southern the existence of gaunt, gave out of a specific conversation for the need for a fifth again. I don't feel like I can take that name which clearly belongs to this other fears. Yet I just don't feel like I can take that and bring it into my own family. That is a gains family now you're gonna methyl sounds of actual really very unsure about urged. What I totally want to hang out with dont know about level has a lot of bad ideas, but one hundred percent, more german than I am again, but by yeah
so I M excited to go through this with Jodo by, and I M excited, for. I think you do there is already say, congratulations as very, very poor. Very very Sweden had a lot of very good gifts, but I will I all dispel any rumours that the name might begun that is already taken by the gains child you baby, you go for you girl. Did you see speaking of chip in Georgia? Did you see? It today is bound times they appy Fuckin Valentine's day, you guys what ever I'm calling it Balin wines day we're has now in wines day things that's that way better than Palestine Day or whatever our time. That's like. Would you hang out with your friend, although I
like the gallon times day, which is always February thirteenth, which is from parks and wreck, because they yeah out this picture that they had a little reunion yesterday of all of them spending Valentine's day together and that's kind of sweet yeah gowns hands is fun but Valentine's day as much better. I am currently drinking white wine out of a mug, and it says it is a recipe for fuck off pie, It says one cup of no one cares a dash of kiss my ass, a tablespoonful fuck, you pinch of blow me stir shove it up your ass, Happy Valentine's day every You know you're Drinkin Fourtou now, since I can't sorrow. I expect you to take on the that burden. For me technically, I'm drinking for three. If you include the gaunt, that's inside
The Vienna Philip heads of Europe here drink so that you could one day when the when the baby is much much there at an adolescent tee in or maybe even older teach them how to have healthy drinking habits. Learn how to drink from your aunt, Jackie man. I want to make your kid so Bergen although at the same time my knees won't read all the Holocaust books would give her. So what are you gonna do? but what I will pay but the laugh at Molly like when you said. I want to make your kid so cool homologous here, let me out kid I'll wait till the kid is thirteen about that yeah I mean I actually you know I've been leg. You know it's this weird thing we're like who all my cool friends are going to make my kid cool. But though, when I think about my childhood, I MIKE I didn't really like my parents, friends,
Was I go at other adults? You know so I want. I want my kid to think that my friends are cool, but our kids are really set up parents are cool known hundred. All we will be on cool by association, yeah yeah. I mean Henry and I are both an uncle to this child and she thinks that we're the lame as thing on earth. So it adds vine. What area, but back to what I was going to say is that this morning I got a little tiered up, because I was reading chips, valentines message on Twitter to Joe Joe, I read, then it was sweet. And I feel like it's all about commitment. J says is no such thing as a quote: perfect marriage. For me, it's We ve been simple commitment every morning. I wake up committed and pray that she chooses the same, and so today again I choose my brood beautiful bride to having to hold till death. Do us part hashtag Happy Valentine's day,
girl. I think it's fine. I actually dont know if I agree with the sentiment. I Villa commitment is not what you need like Eddie of waking up and choosing your partners like great. You should do that every day, commitment in and of itself of its bad relationship comment now on an embroidered also to look aspirin. Every morning I wake of committed and pray that she chooses to say a little bit like Jesus chip to settle down be secure in your relationship area. Admittedly, Joanna gains in a totally intergalactic league higher than him, and I love Gyp a lot. But also I mean we'd all think that she fucks the carpenter. So maybe that's what this is really about I know a guy he's a craftsman, the wool guy, not just a carpenter, but yes, I do think that I mean, but that Guy Clint, when, when chip tweeted about the pregnancy, Clint retweeted chip, say
What did he say? Member? We thought he said like a boy get your fucking hate. People were again, you doctor you're a good job on the goose yeah, but at the same time I think he did that because it's like, I think, he's also just sit knowing crop. His fingers like please I'll, be mine. Please don't be mine, please I'll be mine. Mister reminder like I am also fuck her and a boy, I imagine their christian enough, that they dont use condoms right. I'm gonna go ahead and assume that so we his goose, could be this got. You never know that that that that, like seven years between them in the last kid I'll bet that they you somethin, get the full story on the gun thing to listen back about virus except explain, arose new listeners, maybe confused about our liberal. Use of the word God and that this isn't a technically? I guess that's only
chip and affects Europe to show where we talk a lot about how to fix her upper just because I'm completely obsessed with their family and that's ok, I don't follow me. Go down away? Go you, don't see me down there spy and you know I said the Johannesburg in a better and a higher level than chip, and I say that as somebody who is who is found myself doings of fantasizing about chip, you know I think chip is a chip, Is that he's sneak up on you? You realize you're in love with them. After awhile I got em Edwin went with them. That said, I do think Joe Joe is just, and you know she's just you know Stammered yeah yeah, she's intergalactic lover, no one ever thing about her. I love that even or beautiful sister she still louder than go far and all the children are beautiful. You know, as she's also worries pregnant people who, like just you know, looks Vanhecke,
it all the time and still really well dressed and leg. I feel like I've just been wearing the same two shirts, because I want to buy more you know, and meanwhile Joanna gains both picture herself and she's. I woke up in the middle of the night and had the munchies and there is no cookies in the house. So I beg some fresh could easily cried. That's that's almost a little too much come on. That's a little about do, but yeah, who does? Nobody that would do just lie down Joe Joe Cells, which she has a terrible anxiety problem trying to Canada, wonder what their demons are. They must have some because they don't present any and they must everybody has some demons go now. I got a lotta demons the child hand killer of frailty. You must remember that movie, like my hand, frailty, all dared. Its party said, if not matter,
gotta, hey Bill, packs it it's all these flashbacks they're, trying to figure out the gods. Oats God's hands killer is like me its own, that killed day maidens the sound and it's fantastic just thrown it out, bear kind, agree b, Matthew mechanically plays the killer, did well release from from what I and see from them. He looked very scary on the posters, I'm jested unjust, assuming ere he s, boiler he's very scary, and it's pretty good. I haven't seen it in a foreign young, but I imagine that holds up. But what I have versus was a man confesses to an FBI. Agent is family story of how his religious fanatics, fathers, visions, led to a series of murders to destroy supposed demons yeah. What's that his hands are there to kill Damon's baby? Oh powers, booth, duty so good at
also a man named Dirk Cheat would tat sounds like the name of the carpenter. Joe Joe Fox on facts are upper works. My words, God or good clear. Your brother Burke sounds up. Go off. A dirty word was speaking of scary. Can we please talk about what I think is the most important news of the week, which is the feud between Sarah Jessica Parker and come curtail? I have not been able to I'm thinking about something again, we have to talk about it, dude, it's already insane, so you want to give the backup story like what app are a whore yeah? Well, so the back up soon. Rizzo, and I actually meant to refer it back to you that, because we ve talked about this and the blind items there, they that does longstanding feuds, air, Jessica, Parker and can cartel, and- and I actually was then, as we mark, as I feel like, I remember, a blanket and where we are
are in the can control camp because I just think that's the only camp there is but time, thereby default under, unlike their in solidarity. I really don't have an opinion hocker, but I'm there and sell solidly where does like dragging even come up, but because, obviously surgical market, it seems like a huge bitch and Kim Patrol seems perfect, and so, although I do not have to feel this way well right so that was how I felt kind of going into all of that, and I do think I do still villas way, but but but I think that there is some basically. I think that even before this happened this week- and I think that there was some dispute as to who is actually the real birch, and I think that I'm a fool that might actually become control. I am, I think she might be at so, but and so Sir Jessica Parker, so Chemical, Charles Brother, very tragically, went missing and then died and she put out a statement about it,
and this was last week and then we'll originally her brother went missing Re no one knew where he was then turns out. You wound up debt, yet for a few days and anti issued a statement, you know thank you for your thoughts and prayers, but, with you know too, tragically were releasing the news that my brother's died and, and then you know, she's had please respect my privacy during this time. My family's privacy, during this time, so zero Jessica Parker then goes and makes up a post. You know a public, she didn't dm her. She did it Oh, that was like my condolences for your family Godspeed and I'm thinking of you, thoughts and prayers etc. Do which can control responded with the whole Harry most hilarious, Instagram posed. That was leg. You are not my friend, you are not my family. What I say respect my privacy that
pledge to you and don't try to go and rewrite history with making. You seem like your actually nice and then she included a link to near posed article called that the inside me world culture of sex in the Vienna destroyed Saxons living there that destroyed sex in the city that that paint surges Parker in a very negative light, so that the initial development and that's not all, but maybe we can just pause there to a valley We are now I feel like it was a very I dunno know. What are you, Jackie it was a bit was as it was a real stone, cold post I mean it inevitably stone cold. They definitely hate each other and now that it's just like out in the open. It is weird because, when Cynthia Nixon sent her condolences public she accepted it and thanked her for it rain. Exactly what Cynthia Dixon was like publicly said, you know that in practice could control was like. Thank you so
I love you. Cynthia hearing your boys meant so much to me. Thank you for reaching out love Kim hashtag sex in the city. What the fuck is wrong with these people, Robert them. That's a pretty bad discrepancy between how she react to this in the annex and of how she erected and shaky is a pretty big one. I brought I mean it just seems like him. Control is like a huge diva and then Sarah just go Parker. It just kind of a mean girl, but look at Sarah Jessica, Parker kind of deserves mean girl status. Because then I saw that
What's your name superstar thy Molly she Molly, Shannon. I will. I love, could she's on divorce right now, with Sarah just go. Parker came out also in defence of Sarah Disco Parker that she's like I've never had abroad. Whether I love working with her to me that working on the show is not its not work, because all I do is have fun with Saratovsky Parker, and you know what who I believe most of all is Molly, Shannon yeah and that's. I think that we have red line items on here before that's like actually, even though it seems like Sarah Jessica Parker is that you unpleasant bitch, that's actually come to trial and that zero risk a Parker, even though I don't know why we all just assume she tore her poor. We want aid or I think it's because she's like tv and well dressed and where, in others silly outfits and I think that she is actually might be nice although that pose article that can withdraw posted, says that
she was really jealous that can control with such a screen like that she was, you know the one that everybody wanted. She was scenes dealer because she was so funny which is true and conquer trials. Character is definitely the bass character. Sex in the city for show man, but I don't know, I'm just grown in our own personal feedback as energy worked on a project with Matthew, broader EC and met her multiple times, and we were talking about he's like she was nothing but nice to me, and I was a nobody engine like so of ITALY's of anything like she is openly in nice persons. I don't know what As you know, one on one with working with her mean girl this, but at least she's just nice to people. But I've heard the same thing about: can control yeah nice that she's nice, like I like from red trusted sources that she's, like extremely nice and like just kind of like super cool, think this might be one of those situations where you just have to people that fucking can't stand each leg to people that are like on their own.
Totally nice and in fine and all that, but when they it together, they just fuckin hate each other and they have, I do to make this fact public yeah, but also, let's be real, does anyone really I love sex in the city? Does anyone really need to see a third movie? No, absolute, we not I love sector, the city so much, and for that reason I don't want to see a third movie. I still don't talk about. The existence of this movie is what Molly grew by shut up without doubt about its dead to me. I cannot look at it. I get out when people say sex in the city movie I like I just pretend that I don't understand what they're saying, because the first sex in the city movie is, as you know, not unproblematic, but I still love it, but the second one. I just can't do it, but I do not want a third one. I don't it's been too long
Guys it's been like fifteen years, I love it. I do I read it, you know I would heavily watch it, but I'll just watch and said there, like all girls, Maugre all seemed. What do you know. But what? If they want to bring it back, I will play Samantha. Ok, yes, I will let you were asking me. Yes, I would love to do that. What you did you're you're an interesting person reject because you didn't come to sex in the city until later in life, oh yeah man and then I just slammed through all of it, and it was the best I'm very dated, though, but also very data, very nineties, but the member being impressed and also kind of jealous that you got to experience extra city for the first time. A few years ago I mean it was pretty amazing. I highly recommend anyone do it. I think I think it's good. I think it's great, for both men and women do yeah. That's the thing I've been mentioned. Ben Castle here on the network love section
oh yeah, oh yeah, you track gigantic. Then that's fine man speaking two things coming back. Have you guys watched queer? I yet. Not yet it has been on in the house. Quite a bare. Well, I've been working in my office of any kind of common out and see in like a little bit when I take breaks. How is it? Am I loved the original clear? I am I'm curious how this one is going to shake out. I fucking love. I love it. I love it. I watch all of it in one day which says a lot about my life. By I know, because I also love the original, and I think everyone kind of had the same to Marcus. Did you watch the original ideas like I've,
What are the odds another one of those that was like always just kind of on. I don't remember actually sitting anxiously watching it straight through, but whenever it was honour would throw it on and did it is. I've cried at every single epoch It is so it's just so heartfelt and I feel it there definitely moments that they're they're making them all be best friends a little too much, but I love them. All's individually, so much it's it's upsetting. That can't believe is only eight episodes and now I've heard that is even better, because I think that now that many years passed, we now know that TED Alan is kind of a Dick Yapped guy yeah I mean he's definitely kind of addicts, but the whole thing is, I think that they like they're, trying to make it a rather than before. I guess that
He was that they were looking for tolerance and now they're looking for acceptance, so that it's all in these little towns in Georgia, so that all these small town do adds that they're. Trying to you know just like commentary like hey we're, just we're just people, let's hang out envy for like in straight up the first episode. He was like old school George remain a lot. You ve been married three times like war Georgia is whole off and he just by the end, even he was crying them because he never been touched like that by people's virtually that he didn't even know that just gave him a chance to be himself up up up grab it. So it's so good! I was like. I was watching the Facebook page and everyone's like telling me to watch and like all right, I guess I'll do it. I just
sucked in I love it. I have been hearing from the living room over the last couple days. Caroline has been very sick and watched all of em, everyone's, while I would here like a sick weak, does it regards slick they ever. They ok, ignore this shows very sweet, yeah I've I'd like it interesting that they're bringing back right cause. It's just a different. It's like at the time that it came out. It was people were like it was exactly. The people were like gay people on television, but it s kind of like that. Iran, its end. It's a different, you know it's. A different kind of cultural landscape now was on the fact that it was set in New York originally so radically
that's a cosmopolitan area that, of course, you know that the whole we have the whole country was behind at that point on this on this aspect, but now that, like their taken it to the south and just kind of changes, things and it just, there is definitely like there's a few forced moments of conversation that even I still was touched by like there was a cop from this small Georgia town and what's his name the moment, the K O, my god he's sofa, cannot or they're all really hot Koromo was like he's the culture one and they got into a whole conversation because very up top. They get pulled over when they're in the car and they think, but its actual, that you can tell it. I think they actually thought they were getting pulled over and he was the one that was driving and when the cop came around he didn't have, as I summoned music, sir we're just shooting a show and then end up getting into this conversation about black.
Matter and then how like people interact with each other and it was, it was definitely state like the second conversations every stage, but it still was a good conversation, Haliae and they're all as it is the same as before as it like wardrobe apartment Yoda. Culture resign it while yet do I owe yet because now they have grooming and like clothing Ok, oh my god. I artisans the best. I M so attracted a gay man a puppy life. Long thing is forever. I could never truly shake it. That's my problem, Don't get me started on the data gaps, good, Lord, like it. If you don't like we're as original, whereas biggest legacy is in my mind, is that it was the first time
that I saw the argument for if you're going ball, if a man is going well that he should just shake his head and or at least you know, you're gonna keep some of the hair keeping very very close, and I feel like that since then. I'm not a cent necessarily say queer. I did it, but since then that is definitely become the best practice like people don't have that mushroom of hair around they're not anymore, and I think that there was a huge contribution to society to good thing man. I want something else this week that really screwed me up. I was hanging out Ed Larsson from table gentlemen. Anything you want to see, look scary movies, a german scary movie is like dad did. Have you seen white? been? No, not yet, but I heard great good Lord. Don't go into it. Thinking it's a horror movies like it's. The same guy did funny. Games could be great. Let's like that's it,
it's like a three hour- long- black and white movie of the small german town in the thirties- and that like where the children are creepy, but it's more of it just it just like the whole pre nazi thing. Denmark is you're, gonna love it now you that's, I'm surprised you haven't Cecilia, it's very but its very law. Long and intense yeah haven't had time for a long and intense movie. Lately despair, urban, I you sit down and check it out, but maybe tonight maybe they'll be a good balance had family we weren't or about big horror movie fans about that's a shared love of both of us. So you know that actually pretty good valentines. Movie yeah, maybe a nazi kid kid nuts no, it set free World WAR two, but it wasn't made be world war to rank correctly. I was made in two thousand nine, I just mark as I'd like you to watch, because I need to talk to somebody about it. That's not add because Edison like six times, which I've got a very healthy person. I was like noxious and
most of it. So but there's no Gore, it's just one of those like long. Just like it's more about the cow. Humanity is awful than anything. I've been thinking about that a lively figure, you had the innate terrible this of human. Exactly in a totally different context, but be nice to me. Something that debate confirms like now. We ve always been awful. Yeah might actually be interested. That till I think, or what I've decided for my Vallon wines Eve. Being by myself as I'm in a watch call me by your name alone. Calm of irony. That's the that is the air. Like a rock. New erotic, gay romance movie right. Oh yeah, baby at Javert Mixed reviews. I be curious to hear what you have to say. I mean you know: I'm gonna love it
You killed a romance between an older man and a young hot man. Of course, I'm gonna love it my private. What does it one for the the Writers Guild Award for, I think best, original screenplay? That's so did and get out one as well, and I just I want to see it so badly, because someone described to me, as you know, the sadness of thinking about your first love and how you're never going to feel like that ever again. Like you up, I do know that scares me, but you know. Maybe I just needed just like stab at your heart, stabber jargon. Gale, do you have? Are you ever going to feel again? I think getting up I'm fine drone Valentine's day getting drunk crying on Valentine's day was my single route.
In that I had as a single person. So I feel like that. That was the one thing I could count on was getting drunk and not crying we'll lose look over the writ. What would cry about will be of a whole range of topics, but I feel I getting drunken crying is a necessity are used to get higher March Nazi documentaries also good. That's my white ribbon technically now is I mean: that's, that's a routine always do it, so I guess I'll. Just have a couple of years invited drug or anything like that, but you have a nice relaxing Nazi him beer yeah. That actually seems like just on par with tradition, for you bring it back. That sounds grown. I really speaking of movies that make you I verily. I really really really want to see cocoa. I've heard that it's like the best animated movie ever man had either of you guys see that have Nazi
yeah. It is insane on these dating absent. There's a lot of things that say like last time you cried and most men say cocoa, really interesting, very interesting. I guess it makes me want to watch it. You know, I'm not a big cartoon purse me, neither I don't usually wanna watch animated film, which makes me feel like a crank guys. I mean I they will both of you enjoyed and loved sing. Correct, I've never seen saying. Oh, my god Both the view needs, oh my god. This movie, what it was made for the two of you love seen so much. What am I feel good movies like if I need your leg is one day I was having. The gate was just going through a particularly bad, like depression stretch. And like we're Bela gone through movies like the afternoon and colleagues like Why are we watch that? That bet looks like
fine enliven whatever my forever. Ok fine. I like, by the end of it, like I'm like weeping a little bit like feel like I've. Inspired, like you just feel good, the entire time and like people that case Dreams, but also like they're, all like pig their singing and dancing, and you know there's like a dead british monkey or he's a gorilla they like operators guerrilla than theirs. Like you're, these weird intellect or a japanese dogs? It's so cute Moreover, we little beauty to make you feel so good yeah. Sing both of you. Ok, you know like a politically, but that's my problem. I don't wanna be uplifted. I wanna be upset you're gonna love, it's it because it's all like pop music, but look really fun pop music. Ok, it's it's very! It's just it's just finding gonna make you feel good, but that the same thing for me, I don't wanna, watch uplifting things either added. Oh I'd know what's wrong:
may, but I wanna watch things that are completely like free of narrative, any more complicated than like at the beginning made you, the house and at the end they have. This is a very complicated narrative. It's a lotta animals going for their dreams. Mckenna plays a Koala bear see Jackie that threat of your nobody's gonna sell for me. No love method, we're gonna Z, holding, gets upset with me because I haven't seen sings three yet, which is another movie. They have you guys seen this using sink streets. Fine, it's for its also fond, but I think you'd hate it see. He feels about sings, treat the way you feel about saying and every time you have to watch soon, shriek. You're gonna love it and I don't I don't know I don't you will hate it ray you absolutely hate. It
I know you- I know you're taser. I think you would hating street. I could be wrong, I could be, I could be mistaken here, but I'm pretty sure you're gonna hate it all right. I liked it our ally just fine yourselves, I call music stuff and all that it's it's fun and everything I enjoyed the movie it s more Marcus, her hold it. Well I mean market I mean holding, did give me the Lord Album, which I do love, but I think holding nosey more for my music, then for my movies, yeah you and marketing. Pretty in credibly disturbingly similar to that sort of thing, and that's why I know you're in love white rabbit arrived. Well, the way we vote got things we gotta watch right, I'll watch saying I'll. Do it. I really intrigue, because some the Facebook group told me to watch this movie called Rustin bone. We
issues like there's a lot of amazing sex in it. But then I read the description of the movie and I got really excited to watch it. El or I'll. Leave a former boxer and single Father meet Stephanie what he saves her from a brawl at the nightclub where he works as a bouncer, their casual acquaintance. Looks into something much more after Stephanie, whose trains killer whales at a marine park suffers a horrible accident and loses both her legs above the knee as Stephanie draws on Ali's physical strength and unexpected courtship slowly comes to life, so I think that Marian could tilliard. I dont know how to say less emphases, french, I think it's a lot of no wegg fuckin, but you know I just don't think that you can be the I know who killed me for that drawn right. You know the one with Linsey LAO hand where she also missed loses several limbs
such relay. Oh yeah, one, the two limbs out of umbrella, Emily Limbs, she loses the ever see. I know who killed me, you know I have it is it is it? Is there a lot of sex and about oh yeah she's Gus sex worker, who I don't even remember why she loses airlines. I think, stalked by some one, and then I don't, I remember watching it, but I think I was not sober what I watched it and it was two thousand eight when I watched it and it was on DVD so that just give you a sense of what time
we ask the dumbest synopsis of everard, a young woman who is missing reappears, but she claims to be someone else entirely memorable, but don't they say anything about her limbs does it now it doesn't mean anything, she definitely loses and when I see a price is still over without her legs covered and blood. So you definitely right about that, but there is also a lot of stripper pictures of her. Yes, the whole. I think the first twenty minutes or sell his gestures dripping and then she goes missing and then she comes back and she doesn't religions it as eleven percent on rotten tomatoes by well filming the climax that she didn't just stop show up for filming. They used a body double and digitally replaced her face with low hands louse day, actually paste
the face on a body dub, maybe amateur logic- that tonight honestly because without money was made in, I think, two thousand seven or eggs. I watch didn't do thousand eight or nine so that that you know that this, this e g s must had been their good, and so we really have a religious and seeing how that face replacement went was not screamed in advance for critics yeah, but at the same time molly I dont know if you can sober we as a pregnant woman watch this movie, adele you're right. I got away tying it real fucked up again, your your abroad to really tastier tests, yeah. I don't know test your tastes like today's sobriety makes it hard to watch things that are much more fun to act when you are stoned and drugs. I imagine it's time for the lad: smart gas that last famous couples gives you gonna hate this one purpose.
Famous couples who have matching tattoo ill. What else do you know? I gotta say: never get a dad too, with a significant. Their or of something that they drew, because I was really close where a really long time as you like all you want someone for ten years, no way this he's gonna end on Valentine's day David in big, Torreon becum have several matching tattoos, including Metro hebrew matching Hebrew phrase. That translates to I am, beloved. I am my beloved I believe it is mine. Jesus you now, say their relationship does seem pretty solid. It is not now not blind items this month have been full of David back and stick stepping out and vigour. Area back, I'm just gonna have to deal with it, for why would you cheat on spikes, yet David Beckham yeah, but she so tight.
That is true. It is such a hot daddy that I mean still straight up. Aid are not even usually intellect model types, but good. Lord man yeah even as yet I'll do son he's eighty now I am glad to say that Brooklyn is ease. Isa he's a hot little talked, William hymns, where the Miley Cyrus they do have matching tattoos, but the weird thing is: is it actually have I mean it's one of my favorite f, Our quotes railway strangely enough yeah, if, if he fails, will bear its have like the first. I am sources if he fails at least he fails, while daring greatly and Cyrus's, so that his place shall never be with those cold and timid souls who know neither victory nor defeat- and I love that quote- I mean huge me up after you are fat and all that and it, but but that's weird,
It is that we have a weird but too weird matching quote: they both seem like shallow people. Their actual. It seems like they're, both pretty smart, though yeah to get as far as that they have. You know that I think that they are fairly smart and it makes it something like that. If you guys break up, they can just finish the quote: right, yes Better to have a quota does not like his name or his that person who got their persons statute on now better tat, the air. Thank you that you can just be like I've always loved Frank. Dela, no Rosa that has nothing to do with me and how it was. When I look at the pictures of the TED to honestly like as rich as they both are you'd think they could have done better than this China has like prison, tattoo echoes where thereby
It is on their arms. Ah, ah sure I'm thrown onto Molly right now, yet they do have a bit of a prison. Tat delicate seem, I got there a body of theirs at a party had a tattoo gun yeah, and that was what they did yeah, I love I've, always wanted quote set. It was my attack, my both my tattoos are pictures, but all the ideas I ever get for tattoos are quotes and words and I've never done it because I dont know how to make words, look really good. I think it can be done, but I think it's harder to make a word. Tat too, is harder to make look, really cool. You know and me. Sure that you don't. I mean the amount of bright eyes courts. I would have gotten if I had before I have held back you know, so I think it's clean That's what we really want to make sure that your stand behind it, but at the same time, though, if I had gotten the huge Namaste tattooed down my spine that I was going to get, I would at least be able to big at the bottom. Every like normal stay in bed
w what about lamp and embed all their other deftly people who are no longer together that have matching tattoo Katy Parian Russell brand have matching tattoos that say: go with the flow in Sanskrit, oh Jesus, right, I love Katy Perry. So much and everything she does and public makes me feel embarrassed. Yeah, but at least is it in a place that they can cover it up. It is on the it's the same place that what is it the Liam Hymns Worth and my sires have the under the forearm MIKE underneath, thereby said Fanny on our side of their bicep yeah? I guess None of these people have the fatty part of their arm, but my arm, that's would be the fatty part, Brittany and K Fed
Oh that's a long time ago they have a pair of dice, showing the number seven lucky number seven dice man urging Instagram is just gettin sadder and sadder. Is again sadder. Maybe it's the same it's real rough. It's really rough! Also, today I stop following Milly Bobby Brown, who plays a level? stranger things, because Israel Alan wines Day and she is blocking thirteen years old laying in bed looking at. I guess her boyfriend we'd, like hearts on it- and I was like disgusting- will not follows anymore. It already is making me upset because she's acting as if she's an adult when she's thirteen years old- and I know that
These may your do that toilet wash me, but up very disgusting to seek. Can you imagine, at thirteen years old, your parents allowing a cortical boyfriend to lay in a bed with you. Yeah, that's bad! That was, I remember. There was something with Willow Smith to right where she was like in bed with a bodyguard, older. Ria. Now I feel like I've. You're gonna have a kid with an instagram account and I follow a lot of famous gives uninstall em you gotta have your parent regulated and it's gotta just be you haven't a great I'm gettin ready for worship. That's all anybody wants to add at maybe even a great time like on the set with Eric. We know and then posting a picture of whoever's birthday it as you yourself have you. No kids are granted that still just posed to picture with a selfie that they have. Whoever
There is none will be like a great day and its great and adjust brings me happiness and that's all you need at all. I feel, for I feel I've all I've been afraid. Familiar Bobby Brown for the longest time, and I feel, like the fears are, are being born. Items are pretty dark when it comes to what they say Mark I really don't want to talk to you now: children to be allowed out of the house, and I was going to go to school for church. If you choose that words, thereby not one today, because Grimy blind items were not good. Really, it was so brutal. Mars. Did Coke Gal Kay where's, he does Island Glover smoked we'd in the bathroom. Of course, he did like yeah All right, so the one we got is the pre up this
foreign born Alice, singer was forced to sign by his wife includes all kinds of clauses about his sobriety. He isn't really keeping those right now. His wife doesn't really one or another divorce right. Now, though, when things are going great for her professionally and by foreign born, I think its canadian Canadian. What is he singer? Country singer, now called unquote country singer? Countries singer I like other divorce or another divorce and she's gonna God, she's back on the upswing. Blake, whatever is damn name is Shelton. Not quite very close there, not married Molly, don't rush of upper. The same level of mediocrity essay on the back burner, emanate, shooter and leave little closer man he's such a trash. I love it
Mobility days. It's going to my mind, is Keith Urban, but he and Nicole him in some way to happy together and that's what it is really a vulgar were indeed urban, all use gettin all fucked up. She dig in it because it was in the pre up calling the blind item that he had to keep it under control. Apparently he is not and she's looking for a way out, but she doesn't want to distract from all the good shit. The tone on a career right now. Do that sad? I love Nicole kid man. Mad and yet at the same time, don't they haven't places like just go, live in another country right, I'm sure, that's what they're doing. He always kisses him on the mouth so long after she was in a word, though, how could you run out of order? he's lying yourself. What person does it like themselves? Molly Vallon wines day everyone's align themselves at school? your adverbs, but at the same time maybe a mid life crisis will force him to get a decent, fucking haircut
maybe I don't know I think, he's taken with that answers. Hashtag brand and with the sweat bands around his wrists. That's a rough! That's it's rough, its raw for him he's the one! That's right gonna go Kidman yeah get out there, although for today page seven. Thank you very much for listen and don't forget to go in rate and subscribe on Itunes. Dover get to go to the patron. Is it just patriotic outcomes? Last page, seven think so well just Google, the seven pay drawn it'll come up check out. Our Patria are new brand new patron has got a video agency. Are nice faces, hell yeah, Jackie's and can graduation Molly came and don't forget. This goes out to got level there we are less well, Lou
I might add, don't forget to listen to Riverdale round up this. We has this week, its murder, most foul affair, ass, an alliance. Oh my god and deception, though much to say I have to say you're lucky guy.
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