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Side Stories: Drunk Birds

2018-10-10 | 🔗

Ack ack ack! It's another episode of Side Stories. We got drunk birds, aliens vacationing on Myrtle Beach, and juggalo beef. What else could you ask for? No shoes, no shirt, no problem 'cause we just wanna live, laugh, and love. Ok, TRIPLE L everyone.

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Hey there Ben Kissel here for last network. I want to tell but my show Abe Lincoln's top hat. The nine years Marcus, and I have strived to present you with the most accurate and honest political podcast out there in these turbulent It's our intention to unite the country with impassioned debate that which is out to the rational Americans, who find their voices more muffled every day. Every week, use my political science background. My experience running for office, along with my life, long passion to stand up for the downtrodden, the wrongfully accused and invisible man and woman to bring you news. Like you haven't heard before, let's face it, traditional news has failed us. We promise to always tell you the truth. The best we see it and I personally t to not be swayed by hyper partisanship, but be guided by facts to listen, search, Abe, Lincoln's, top hat on any podcast platform or go to lastpodcastnetwork dot com
and find it under shows, hail yourselves. Everyone there's no way to escape to this is the last time cast on the left man, oh man in Florida the people just keep getting more lizarde. What do you mean? We are part of Florida right now, that is like specifically very Lizarde like in terms of the people there leathery Glenn, yeah. Actually, skin yeah cowgirls, it's just the it's mostly the feet. I'm concerned about so I bring up feed. A lot of people told me that quite a bit that they say I say I say the word feet quite a bit, but there's something about the sun, blasted toenails of a street man out here or there regular sort of defaced Florida man who's got the
guy Fieri like Shad like this The tan lines will guy Fieri, of course, ideas those tan lines in the back of his head cuz. That's where where's the sunglasses. This is sides or is everyone. I am Ben Kissel, that's Henry Zebrowski he's in beautiful, sunny Florida. Yeah, oh yeah, where I belong. This is. I always remember that when I come here, I'm like I belong here, yes This is where I meant to be, especially in the humidity of course, and, of course, this morning star. Our producer is also here with us: okay, okay, yeah I'll, do it? Okay? Okay, we got a black okay. Okay, we got a bunch fun stores to get to today I gotta say number one: this is I'm not getting paid for this, but my gallon, I you know what we did Henry, but we got shutter and shutter is the single greatest thing during the Halloween season, the horror films have been fantastic. I watched this one. Have you seen tourist trap before we were talking
about this, you actually told me that you sent me a text solid two hundred o'clock in the morning text Gore say. Honestly, it's a good one, but it was it was the tourist trap most see must say. Ok, analysis is ok because I watch it 'cause, it's been so long in our household. We watch a lot of slashers because there's been so many of them like we are a like I'll put it. We are a ghost. Home to horror films. What we really enjoy, we already footage fan group which is also something that's unique to us, because a lot again found footage a lot of grief when you do procreate and have your own little Perot Qui. What are you kick him out of the house. If you find like Friday, the 13th in his closet. If he start watching slasher films. You like this is a ghost house get out of here: I'm assuming you're, going to name him Jack after Jackie something like that. No
If we have a son, his name will be Jefferson Oregon. Thomas a browse ski, the third to live up to the power of his father, important to start a child at a deficit right. We said this and I think it because then they can work themselves up, pull themselves up by the straps are going to make something special of themselves. I know they are how to watch whatever they want. I guess it is a free world there's no such thing as ownership. The dispossessed showed me this uh proper world and what you should do? single, when I find him with a slasher films like I'll explain to him. He just going to put up with my lecture series really like the slash film, while it is important, is mostly about the psycho sexual tension of the 70s and the idea Punishing children for exploring their sexuality and the more more you hit that again and again, the more he'll be by it, and like diet others spoke with some goes. I don't
so about all that well, either way it's going to be an interesting parenting style that you have, and I can't wait for your parenting book, the one that is officially banned by all people who actually care for children. It's called six feet under your child at the bottom of a ditch and get them up to the top of a tower. And I mean you know they breed is like if you like them, first, just their eyeballs above a ditch, and then it shows them above with a golden rifle in a watch, well, we don't want to go back to Texas here. That's all right. I also want to be on the black rainbow, which is directed by the dude, who directed Mandy it's his first film, and if that is a lot, there's a lot there's a little going on, but it, but it's also a lot going on. It's a law. Of imagery and I would put style over substance. Little difficult follow. The acting is great, though it's a very interesting film. You know what I would say is that if you like be on the black Kramer, if you like the hot to be on the black rainbows jab, a good film, a good person to dive into his house key.
Ever seen Holy Mountain castle. Oh yeah, of course. Of course, with Jeff market shoot milk. The difference was holy mountain. It was action, packed say it was a straight up. Nicholas cage, drive, angry action, adventure compared to beyond the black rainbow and I'm not even it's missing. The man is a great director, but it did give me a little bit of the I'm watching college thesis movie like he learned all of this stuff he's very talented, but he didn't have to like. Do it like yeah I got it, I get it. You know you know watch to El Topo, Well, it's a lot of action. Lot! Action to good solid western, but she, Ask again what you're saying I think you said it's a very astute observation, Kissel. And it's true is that a general? skis you're, watching a surrealist master to come apart. One thing about a surrealist films and asked to have the big Google in Greece. It's gonna have the big it's gonna, get big, have half the balls, as I have substance. To be it has to be telling a story, and that's the one thing that we have
like rainbow, doesn't necessarily have, but it's got it's fun to be just fuckin' to whacked out alright, so it has to have bungees good to know indeed, alright. Let's do our first story here and right. So we talked about this now this. Actually, I don't know the Lord Giveth this week. There's been some funny stories we are are blessid this week I said bless because I don't even don't necessarily this is and for us with this story, is incredible. Alright, so Henry is a lot of quotes in this story coming up, but what happened was shaggy two dope, of course, from the insane clown posse. He attempted in uh, sold on Fred Durst, of course, from limp, Bizkit. Well, Fred Durst was on stage. If you get a chance, r o x, X, x, tv dot com they have a, full video of it. There is probably on Youtube and everywhere else, but it is one of the funniest uh We did assaults in history, so basically shaggy, two dope wasn't a limp biscuit performance in New Jersey, which I think is the only state that allows you
biscuits are to still perform, and what I was doing there on stage director. Now we forget that, Bender's is directing films. Now he's is passing limp biscuit and I am not even sit here and malign Olympus get everyone? They did this thing where it's like? Oh, they became uncool and they're laughing at I rocked out to limp biscuit, I'm going to say full disclosure. I like that break stuff song, because I the break stuff. I was sixteen years old and you know who does want to break stuff No I'm not going to malign limp biscuit. They serve the purpose that I, like you know who I did like Wes member the bassist for guitarist. Yes, with the black. Yes, yes, the women loved him. They did love him because he, he is another one of those yeah all guys. Him was it from Marilyn Manson Twenty, they quickly Ramirez. Yes, I believe it was Twiggy taken from the Manson family. Of course absolutely but I'm saying is that I mean like there's a lot of girls out there that are for some reason very intrigued by a man that could probably suck his own dick. It's all set.
It's that lanky man syndrome, where you know he's got a big penis, because he's got long arms. You know it's interesting growing up as large people's Henry, and I were all the women they like the Kurt Cobain. They like the Kurt Cobain they like to commend the like sick with Jesse can't from MTV, and I was like I'll, never even to speak to a lady. Of course, I had a. I spoke to a lot of ladies, that a lot of girl, friends, friends that girls clarified. Well, this is clarify. I remember there was an old in tv interview with Wes from Lint biscuits and he's in his full white face. He had to be, and his eyes are the the black contacts yeah and the the the interview goes. Why did you make your face up like this and then West? looks into the camera and says my parents took away my legos- and I remember that being like so fucking cool to me that, like oh dope, yeah
It's like oh shit, dude, because his look was his look. Was I'm in beyond the black rainbow right? He was, of course, which you don't want to be. It's not cool, definitely not kind of having a Jeff hardy like face paint with the icon. Now Jeff Hardy WWE. Pulling that look off pretty well all so anyway, so yeah I've sent the scene right set up businesses in mid screen missing that he had just finished singing the his George Michael cover faith Ok. So now you know now, you know this crowd is going crazy. Some people ride the shirt drop like they used to be in the 90s everyone screaming. So No one really knows why shaggy two dope was at the concert, let alone on the stage. So he approaches I just come from. The video right is that friend Just fitting the screen, all of sudden shaggy two dope just from the shadows right and he could he does what I could only consider. Eighty, not a drop, kick it's a more. I flop. It's a flop k
okay, I'll, give you a flop. Kick it is, it is tempted, drop, kick from Jay you tuned up, which is a flop. Kick I don't know what to drugs. He was odd or, however, car. If your drive in your car right to stop pull over your car and look up the video Becaus instead of the full ninety degree dropping angle that he should have been at. He hit a probably a solid thirty. Three degree angle will, until he was closed line by a security right, so Basically, so he runs on stage and then this security guard that looks like Chris Farley from from Wayne's world runs after him. I believe it's in mid air when the Security Guard Borges kind of pushes him down it's sort of rejects him like like look, projected basketball or no, no, no, no, no and Fred Durst. I don't even know if Fred to realized it happened, so he said he said he saw it happen. Fred Durst comment to the out, which is what a he couldn't even pull it off
and the security that intervene within their for mashed him into this age and the singer then said calm down it's just one guy. Right, so they go really try to be easy on so Apparently so does this beef come from nowhere I don't know I don't even like it well, we see is that since then, the blimp biscuits dj lethal has many things to say in a string of virulent instagram comments. Ok, he said that up until now, he was a quote: unquote fan now before telling shaggy quote unquote pro step up, I mean Osaka stage, russian cold cold, I'm gonna get on TMZ. He also hold him a quote: unquote made g quote: unquote: whack Bro, who put a quote just got back in court of Code, a big chess club, teaser and he repeatedly asked shaggy where you at now. Apparently this is Twenty year old beef That is the only really this. Yes, yeah, I cp they were saying like
there are come Adam, which is this at this some. But what what magazine website called consequence of sound or to the performed at Woodstock and they're? Really back in the day the bad, with stock and Fred when I'm going to message so what's ninety nine, this is where all of this started. Yes, really Fred, send a message. I think, via carrier pigeon to the Van and said Hey Fred wants to hook up with, ICP wants to hang out with y'all. Ok, they met up with, they didn't know who Fred Durst one slowly right, so they showed up, and so according to them. I guess Fred Durst was a mega superstar in ego doubt on them hard like look at them or anything while he talked to him them on the family values tour with cord at all those bands that at the last minute, he told him to fuck. Them off the stage honestly family values. Tour would have been overtaken by I C p. I c p can't be around other bands. The,
juggalos alone. They're like they're, like what's the name of that video game. Your army just goes and tax everybody and the E. Everyone anyway? I forget the name of it civilization or something like that and that's what the Gigolos would do. They would cover any area that I cp is performing. I don't think you could have him in a festival. I would only they have their own. They have their own festival for real world. Yes, because they do a purpose, but I would say is that I would encourage our fans to do the same anywhere, for any other type of show. Let them know that you're there for she last podcast guest, MR starting to break okay. That's great! inciting violence and by the way, if you know, if you this. I see had beef with Eminem as well, I mean in Haiti, I c p Eminem hated Fred, Durst, yes, and then they all hated each other. Well, of course, I see p also from the great state of Michigan Cpas. Quickly, Detroit where Eminem is from
They didn't like each other for a long time. You know what we don't talk about. The white rap feuds enough We know it needs to be talked about a little bit more because you know little Saturn or a little bit cuter. There are a little bit dumber, but they're still they're still there. You know they don't like each other. Honestly? Those those instagram comments, work very mean very mean your script buyers here, with fire filled with vinegar. That's what I was saying. It's filled with vinegar and you know what it is is that they are. I cp say what you will about him. I like him a lot of energy, sure that's the main thing I'll say about I cp is that they have a lot of energy. Yes and I I think that they are. Trying to sort of situate themselves with other people 'cause. You notice that people they feud with even Lynn, this I'm going to say, are better performers, then they are who that is going to you're going to get you're going to get your skull broke. For that one, do you mean to tell me that the
Polanco will be called upon me, like a new form of pumpkin head that you would act as a metric. It's very dangerous. You know, I'm not. I think the one. ICP has is their performance, energy Of course. Yes, some of their music, maybe not the best, but I love there, story being signed by Disney and Everyone who signed them at Disney got fired because they never heard the music before, and just thought they were fun, rapping clowns and then, when they heard the music they're like evil makeup on yeah anyway were called the insane clown posse top policy is a group of people that band together to murder other people? yeah, I guess so yeah or go find some gold or maybe go rescue a young person. That's been kidnapped a young child I stand with ICP because I lost my virginity to a Juggalette.
Don't go into that conversation, so we don't have to go, buy the stuff that matters, and you know what this is providing feedback to away with which the thing coming up between Natalie and I and it's the sage words of blink one hundred and eighty two. I guess this is growing up. It's like that's all. It is man, it's grown up and understanding and owning or stories. So that's not normally a story that we would cover here, but it's just too fucking. It's too good shaggy two dope will end up committing a crime. They will end up on the show anyway. I imagine well honestly, Are you in Crombie? What would the crime be? I mean Huck Finn or something like that. I think they're pretty not violent people, judging by the attempted assault, because it was one of the most adorable attempted assaults in the history of attempted assaults. It is Not yes, there was not. He is not a dangerous man. If I, if you say he's dropkick, is a telltale sign about dangers who are, you is not a dangerous person. I you know. Why are you in with me and Marcus style why Marcus kinda have a pool, although we like to do? Is we talk about kind of who's going to be DC,
ritzy ding of a true crime story later on, like that's going to be a super tragic story or something fuckedup is going to happen with this person and r number one guy that we think is going to do something fuckedup as MIKE Michael Phelps. We both think that MIKE Phelps, will end up being a part of a very sensational, true crime story in the next, like one thousand and fifteen years. What the hell would that be Michael, Phelps, the american hero, see this is what the underlying Conversation is about anti patriotism. The anti Americanism. You just see someone wearing the gold who is given country so many w as the year we've had a really never been a good country when all my goodness all right, Mr Cuomo, Lord okay, what is with Michael Phelps is that, because of that, it's the people like seeing about true arc somebody like grow and when he had, he already had his peak his peak controversy.
Smoking, the bong, but so I'm saying this is back in the day we It was this harmless think, but because he was American hero- and it's like he is ripe for, fall. You look at Tiger Woods Right Tiger woods in such a perfect example of it they are ripe for fallen. A problem is that somewhere along the line we either. Just for your sub conscious week will allow these arcs to happen to us or completed ourselves. I do believe that somebody like Michael Phelps, has been put into a place where he so bored what is in his forties, what you're going to be doing I mean that the night swimming work to think about the sport of swimming. Is you just do it your entire life, because you're in water, you know he's just English, he swims like a shark, he stop swimming, he stops breathing, he needs it and also when it comes to Tiger woods, he had an affair this is a true crime story would have covered that. I will put it this way, though, if he could have, he would have killed his wife. I don't think you can
spread those kinds of lies. Can I category with the Rangers I tiger is gonna come back by the way, I'm Rudy Van birthday, but it took a long time it because he couldn't squirt anymore. No, it wasn't quickly get this. Squared outlets work was, in particular the golfing. It was not what no it's, because It is because his image was so squeaky clean. Yes, is a mistake. Never make your image squeaky clean his notice. We clean we're all human beings and That's why he had such a big focus dark. I can't believe it he's, like he's just a person. He made a couple mistakes, but it was you know there is something about starting your image, wholesome and then going dark and then starting dark and going wholesome, because corn just released their own line of coffee see. This is the kind that's what I'll positioning yourself. You know when you are entering the life of the public eye. You understand you're in but you're going to be in body ing. Eighty percent
you're going to be embodying a thing, and so with Tiger Woods he made himself super squeaky, clean, Nike begging for the fucking balloon to be popped, I think what you're saying is actually correct, Kissel and the idea is that we are all, people. We are naturally flawed and yes, sometimes I'm going to be deflecting the drop kick from shaggy two dope shirt. Also, sometimes I'm going to be showing you just how delicious this care we selected batch of we'll be in roasted beans all over from the delicate hands are Fred Durst and with you know, look that's well. Did the you're allowed to do that, because we all now know that Fred Durst, it's a complicated rainbow over I know that and of course, the coffee industry is a little bit corrupt as well. A lot of mirrored errors happen. Within there's a lot of merit in battle of the means. People are very caffeinated.
Another good example of that? Oh he's so nasty and gross Howard Stern, who is now on what is in America's got talent like that is just wholesome enough for or against the opposite, Jimmy Savile going like starting extremely long. Then, once we even talk about that in July, molesting children Is it a career move? It was happy, it was his old, but it was let's not alright. I got a story here. Good gracious how do you say it's important to remember to be careful, you pretend to be right because we are who we pretend to be This episode of side stories is brought to you by apostle avail. Will only on Netflix starting October 12th, it's one thousand nine hundred and five London. Particle son, Thomas Richardson, played by Dan Stevens, where close to his home on. We define that his sister is being held for ransom by a mysterious religious cult determined
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I just want to show one day in the future where I just wanted. I don't even know what, but I want it to be one hundred percent. I don't even know you can't be too wholesome really related, don't you sipping bud light with Pomeranian on your knee and tell and reading the weather I think it's actually a story. You ship sting position yourself right so that that is the thing. So now you have to do tomorrow rent, a car. You need to leave it in the middle of the Washington Bridge, but you need to have one of those epic style meltdowns, and then you flip it with the healing path of Benjamin Castle. And if you would like you know, hair dyed blonde you're in a spa, I would love that course. The weather is very interesting. We're going to be underwater in two thousand and fifty alright drunk This is a story drove through this is what do you want to call for? This is what the only is. What I want to cover
So this is a story out. It comes out of our the wonderful state of Minnesota. Hello go gold, I can't say: go back, go I was gonna say, go bike is going to go and do it. I, like all your catering, can't go that far. No can't do it odds of story. The headlight is drunk. Birds are causing havoc in a minute the town, but please say bill, sober up soon, it's a policing network Minnesota are warning residents about a youthful group of residents unable to handle alcohol they're? Not majors nope, there are local bird population. This is according to police, chief, tight, Ecker or Tide teacher. He says the guy police Department, has received several reports of birds that appear to be under the influence under the influence- Flying into windows, cars and acting confused in early Frost at the berry. So why is this happening in early frost meant that the berries had ferment? earlier than usual hell yeah and the birds were eating them and getting
so basically they're getting slammed off of pruno Ingria right, so it yeah. Well, it's a great story. It is a great question is: is that what else do the birds do? Besides just flopping around? That's the good question Henry Incidents around town involving intoxicated birds appear to be more prevalent than in past years, which I didn't realize they were prevalent at all at all, yeah, I think Lou. I guess the birds in Gilbert Minnesota they've always been very dangerous, apparently as many have not migrated s so because it's warm in minnesota- and I was just there a couple of weeks ago- wasn't that warm? But I guess it's war, more than usual. They just hang em, it's warm for them, so it's like thirty five degrees, so they're just chilling out. There would be like. Oh, what are we already in Florida? It's like no you're, not in Florida. You gotta Minnesota. So this is according to again it to what's happening. This is according to tech. Are it appears that some birds are getting a little bit more tipsy than normal, which again
and I realize they got drunk at all. He wrote generally angry birds. Livers can't handle the toxins officially as more. Are birds he concluded. There is no need to call law enforcement about these birds as they should sober up within a short period of time. Can you Are you really calling the cops in the first guess so, which is like? Why are you calling the police? What is that? What is that? Nine? phone call. What do you yeah there is a sparrow outside making What I can only assume are inebriated abbreviated bird is: is it going to rape, my father? My now there's an old man. I saw a video today that was a bunch of people on a boat and in a big Whale came near the boat and scared them to the point where the woman on board called the police. It's a whale whale was too close to the boat. You know what the oh, my god, people need to. Stop,
calling the police basically for anything, you walk into your home and you find your mother dead and then you say: ok, I got a call the police here, so they can come and figure out what the heck happened other than that never called. Please. I don't understand this obsession of calling nine hundred and eleven. What are they going to do? I try you never call nine hundred and eleven unless I'm only well, it's out there. What does the what's the cop going to do to the whale is? He could enjoy on the way I'll shoot issue, the just gonna shoot it he's just going to shoot it and then come back another job. Well done I don't help, you want him to do do. You know who starts about shooting Awala date man, so I don't go to jail, no more really really want in jail. If he doesn't do a man too. So, according to some residents on Facebook, They say this is according to one little facebook comment. He says this explains why I have hit seven birds.
My car this week. What are you doing? Seven personal weeks I would honestly just feel like am I at the devil? Am I being hunted? Am I in Suspiria like what's going on here? Is this a volume day or on your way to work, and then you have to scrape sparrows author grill, like all their spattered guts, all over the fucking theory, but nights and ship all hard and stuff really haven't explained to your daughter. What death is in terms of groups of birds being massacred by your car, so this apparently this facebook thread really went on for quite a while one person, so I was going to say something, but I thought I was crazy. This has been happening to Maine seriously two birds dove into my windshield, both on the way to work and on the way home I was wondering was going on. That is honestly.
It's truly horrified you're, just driving your car. You got birds attack you until poop, poop, poop poop four thousand nine hundred and eighty seven in one week, that's a hell of a lot of burst meeting your car. You know what upon re framing, it is true because you know what it does sound like. It sounds like the birds, yeah. It sounds like the movie. The the fuqing, the crazies or Someshit sounds like everybody is in a very uh everything's going insane which is would be very, very scary for everyone. The police statement ended with a suggestion that residents of the Small northern Minnesota town call, so they all request and they call if they see quote angry birds giggling giggling uncontrollably now they're be happy, but I think so or Tweety, acting as if ten feet tall and getting into confrontations with cat. So. Yes, I think the cops- and this is a pet peeve of mine when cops put on their comedy cap and they start using humor, because, again
an extension. They're, basically militarized at this point, and they can just shoot your entire family. They really just don't not. Nobody. No, no punishment at all. No that's why I felt that if you see a comedian on stage with an Ar15 going to hurt the jokes, just like her, don't like funny cops, I don't like funny dentists. No, and I don't like you know, I'd. I'd ha it's just the fact that I'm going to say I could go with the funny dentist. Doctor knows, doctor giggles gave the dentist a bad rap when it comes to their home when it comes through humor, but at some, times, you're sitting there and it's a dentist can really hit you with a funny one, and that's never kind of fun. There literally never funny if the dentist want to be like interesting, they should like right along board to work. They shouldn't make jokes school that no! No! I don't want any hour the if you were renting a scooter to go, be a dentist,
that one of these disposable scooters you should not be working on on human bodies. You should not be a for. You should not be a doctor, honest, not I wanted my police officers. The personality I want is the main protagonist in Westworld, the robot cow but I want to before he changes I want to yes ma'am, yes, Sir collegial nice, who is always just out there, looking for the good of the people looking out for the good of the people, I We have a lot of cops to listen to the show. I thought I did it's, not that I don't think cops can be funny it's hard when you're, it's the it's, not no person to person basis, it's right! Top brass is making posted are jokes rights mean like what happens if your fucking daughter gets killed by a draw bird. What is yeah? What are you going do that? Okay, but of course you wanna to cop bar get hammered with some cops. You'll hear some funny story. Well, have you guys seen the staircase on Netflix? No, I haven't watched it. Ok, well, bird related. Is it really?
Don't I can't, I can't say too much, because the people get pissed off the one. There is a section: okay, the one thing with Netflix the staircase I'm looking at it. What is it twelve episodes? I just feel like I'm staring like a marathon and it's I don't know why, Alex is just like: let's make it fifty five hours long like nothing, has to be that long get to it. A very shocking reveal: okay. Yes, that's what a long day today the very shocking reveal, but it's a lot of content right does get to a point were just like what I watching and the whole episode they're just court footage and between doing the West Memphis three it between West Memphis, three and doing Casey Anthony watching all that court. Footage makes me want to pluck my fucking eyeballs out I I don't know how lawyers do it. I don't know lawyers, do it or no jurors, do it it's I I I don't know what I did did did too much it's well, it's very droning, the jurors! Do it because if they mess, They go to jail for contempt of court. Wait she even get me on a jury. I'm going to have some controversial views. Hey there,
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royals another story. This is a really fifteen story again. Ninety year old, you don't really hear. Is this the oldest per in the we've ever discussed when it comes to a random murder. I guess not so random is his step daughter, but my God, that's crazy! Yeah up to about apparently on it would seem to be. Where does the date he visited his stepdaughter he's nine years old. He visited his sixty seven year old stepdaughter on September, when he made a roughly fifteen minute visit around three hundred pm. And he said that he was dropping off fresh made biscotte and pizza, which so he made some nice pisco, which is actually really difficult to make it double wake. It is really difficult to make super good, but what I'm going to say to this Henry too good to be true, too good, to be so you're telling me this guy is such a saying he's like I am such a good man. I got pizza which is incredible and then bisque
fresh but Scotty, I don't know what it to it does it does mean that type of person, if you go all the way to make fresh, may be go, and then you stab your stepdaughter to death because of what it when they put in police, arrive sometime that fifteen minute window, they found her body. She had been in the neck and Dalzell overhead multiple times and had the knife still initiate a knife. In her placing her hand and pizza everywhere, which is also I'm afraid. The way you will be found Kissel. Wow, honestly yeah it'll be it'll, be similar to the autopsy photos of Chris Farley, but instead of a huge heroin bubble coming out, my mouth, it will just be. Pizza pepperoni yes, that, because I did think that yours, you're gonna, say she he will stab her with the stiff, the Scotty. I always a Friday, it's from a few steps he wanted to have give you wanted.
We have a little bit of gift, but it's also nice. Oh, when you dip it in an ice coffee, get a nice little cappuccino, just like slip it in there and get a little softened long snapping up there, nice almond discot. I love it so much. This is what I Kathy corner! I just want to talk about, but yeah. Yes, anyway, But what happened was we were there? Was this woman getting stabbed it up? It wasn't exactly right away, the cops they didn't find her body for a couple today's her neighbors are like. Where is she answer? The cops go in there and they're like what The heck happened here. Something went horribly wrong. Obviously they check out her fitbit and what's so fascinating about these devices were all wearing they met. They monitor everything uh, that's going on inside of our bodies, seeing the way they're positioning the story. Is there like, thanks to Fitbit that this man was caught, using surveillance cameras to locate his car to drive when they said they tracked him that he arrived the the Navarre's parkway at three twelve and let
at three hundred and thirty three pm, they saw it on cameras as it did according to her fitbit, the heart rate. Rapidly increased at three hundred and twenty and then completely abated at three hundred and twenty eight. We say: can we just at least say what the maybe the original reason for the spike was a bite of fresh got all that pizza fresh, made pizza open up. I open my arms pitter patter and what, if she just likes it outside of a heart attack and he's just like a cute the body, no, the my fresh B, Scotus, killing everybody. It's gonna ruse might ruin my purse gold business, and so then he stabs her dead body all little time. Ten frames that as a frantic suicide on. But what I don't like a the best initial positioning of the story, is it's the same thing as the story when they said that they use the Alexa as evidence in court? Well, the praising yes, it's a bit
me Alexa right, the way, the frame, the story. As you see the constant monitoring of people, that's it allows us to not commit crimes or catch the bad guys, so it keeps us kind of constant state of as long as I'm not gay to have everything as long as I'm not guilty of anything? What is it sure that I'm constantly surveiled twenty four, yeah, which is a thing that's happening in China right now, with the social credit system, which is the more and more, I read into the more and more like they're, getting all of you, social rewards and social punishments for doing things that are against the state or against other people it down to like littering down to smoking and non smoking areas, but then to now to fly they're not allowed to get into universities there not well job, but they you know how there are monitoring it, which means it the combo of the phone yeah cctv device in your own home that are turning it,
gigantic big brother, where in China is becoming one thousand nine hundred and eighty four and it'll right at eight, it's becoming the brave new world and we are just releasing ourselves using the gadgets that were purchasing in order to make our lives going to quote easier, which they do kind of all I mean I does the fitbit really make your life easier. It doesn't. It do cares yeah. I agree and we should do a deeper dive on that there's a great article. What's it called no dark places? No shadow could know shadowy crevices, which is actually also a part of my nude shoot. That's excellent! I want my first nude for Playgirl Merican, alright, yes, that story on China will do a deeper dive, maybe in the next episode on that, because it is real it's a horrifying situation and it's interesting how people are just volunteering to give up all of their freedoms, because it's a fitbit because it's smart watch and again there's a great three felonies today you don't even know how many crimes are committing the crime.
Statutes are so broad and so bag. They can get you for anything including resisting arrest, which is literally the arresting you for nothing, and then you try to resist. Now. You were arrested for resisting arrest. They just create a problem. They create a crime. Anyway, That's also, I just hold my knees, that's very good! hold, my knees, and so what they're saying is so they to come back to the case they went. They found bloody clothes. At his home. Okay is, let's see what I do like is that he is his last name is his. His name is Anthony. I ll minor v. This is true, distantly related to Danny Aiello. I don't know Danny I yellow one time he called me Hollywood. He was very, very nice, yet a comedy club in in the Hoboken New Jersey did he did will so apparently they found a they found bloody clothes hey hello, home ninety, and they said that on a day of the two was told that the deposit of blue
blood on his clothes, were not localized in one area more consistent with a splatter, indicated that he might have cut his hand and shaking it while he was wearing one of those shirts 'cause. He says he quote, cuts himself all the time so going through a goth phase at ninety. What's happening exactly also dude that great way. Even if you didn't commit this murder you're going to the home, you can't cut yourself all the time you obviously shouldn't be living alone. If you are Well, I all I know is that he either got confused and he murdered his stepdaughter or there was. I don't want to be. Like God knows what the hell I mean, I mean technically, he is innocent until proven guilty. Clue, what he's done maybe there's a lot of evidence pointing his way towards him. Murdering his daughter. He contends that there was somebody else in the house: ok,
I mean honestly that was what struck me in the story. Ninety years old again, I haven't really heard of a ninety year old being able to pull off a really graphic brutal stabbing like that. But I guess you Never know we know livable love. A fairy tales could come true, It could happen to you if you young at heart I'm with you singing it last night. That's not weird all right here, yeah! Alright, we got one horror story now this one. This is The Henry Zebrowski World, oh yeah, you biology, it's ufology, I believe a yes it is so will get, will get a lot of insight here. I know Henry has a lot to say about this basically of was spotted over Myrtle Beach and onlookers were dissed. But I'm also sure a lot of on lookers if I know Myrtle Beach the way I know I know Myrtle Beach, we're pretty hammered and absolutely loved it. Yes, I don't seem to be the videos of this UFO as a lot of people, go
there. There y'all and it's uh, it's pretty wonderful it. Pretty wonderful footage, because the light This going, it's very spooky dookie spot over Myrtle Beach on this. So the video was taken on August fifth, but it was only uploaded an auger. October. Fourth yeah. I know we need a leader. Why do you sit on it for so long? I just feel like you must be an old the two minutes. Video to move on the mutual UFO network in a part of the reason why people don't report is because they're not taken seriously okay, so mysterious lights that were spotted over Myrtle Beach in South Carolina? This again was in August. Now it raises questions where the lights came from and what the hell- are they doing up there, but they're pretty okie dokie. They are so if you get a chance again go in there check it out on Youtube, its UFO sighting filmed in Myrtle Beach. So now would you describe what people are going
you're looking at it, they haven't seen it yet. What kind of UFO is this or This is an orb. These are orbs, they look get there floating in the sky. They don't look like shit. I tell you what I don't know what the hell it is. I mean like again. I haven't done my shadow hours yet because technically they could be. Would they always say? Is that ball lightning. When I look at them, they don't look like ball lightning. They look like what they would maybe be. Maybe be reflective things in the sky which maybe could be sweat by the storm, but normally normally when you see the norm when you see things Reflec in the sky. It has sort of like a blink blink. Like, you could see the light catch it like when you switch it but you're watching this five objects in the sky, sort of hover like there on strings right. The original queer, Kenneth, Arnold, wouldn't Kenneth R,
First saw UFO where the term flying saucer came from is to sort of wobbly asses actor will like word of hover in the sky like they're they're hanging, yeah, look bad and would props from an ed wood film. Yes, but they are we're weekend essent lights that are floating between the storm clouds and I'll? Tell you what I'm going to give it a dope with the capital, being in love, and it won't I'm loving it and a dope with a capital d? That's kind of fun, dare I say the person now. This is This person was anonymous. They do not want to be known, as Henry said they probably just don't want to deal with being called a wack job or something, but this is according what the person wrote on, said? He said taking pictures in our or she don't even know, taking pictures and time lapse, incoming storm they were taking, pictures and time lapse of the incoming storm. I was taking the pictures off the edge of a long, pier after dark, so there were no reflective surfaces around. I did not notice the objects until I returned home and check the photograph and video. So that's pretty.
Fun if you check it out and then you're like that's like when you see a haunt image in the bag are ghost yeah, that's pretty cool I got a shot like when you look at your work. Well, so far, is that too, except I still haven't seen anything, but I think there's a lot of good planes that are a lot of UFO sightings are going down, and you know what I'm going to try. Do that to what people not looking up from there phones really you need to look at the sky. Let's say like yeah: maybe that makes me an old fuckin' crank. Maybe I sound an old man right you've been around wishing things were the way they work, which a bunch of little boys in the street selling papes and hit in a circle with the stick, and that was what that was. When things were. That was what was fun then the decade the time of the news he I don't think you were alive during that time. I was all you only and stuff like that. Apply goes back on the rise, because no one's vaccine anymore, but back when Santa FE was a place. People wanted to go our
no, and I nowadays know everyone blue to the big boops sit there doing the cooking the clocks getting their likes in their hearts and what not right it should be looking. To the sky scanning the sky, seeing the stories that were told by the heavy. It's to the native Americans and I love that I love native american Lore and there they are right about spirituality. We need to get back to the earth. Ok, I love corn. I love tenth. I love the idea of praising the animals and I love the idea of crazy in the spirits and things like that. I, like I, like the native American, lower. Quite quite a bit, you know it's nice are your yep, oh got a good. Yes! Is that a tent? It's big, tent cool? I do those, I will say yes I don't know what's going on to stop looking down, but I will also say: don't just look up. Look straight to I can't even tell you how many people, just they just run into and I'm
the softest wall, so they're like thank you insane asylum right so just look every now and again, I find myself ever told you that your body is like the wall of an insane asylum. No, but I think that's uh, it's mildly. Offensive so that I could work on, but it's also cozy so and we're all softap yeah. I liked insoft how software you? No! I don't care, I don't! Shannon Tatum that little head anyway, I don't want that kind of body Channing Tatum lives in a world of misery. Ok, we're going to just say this right now. If you look at the mark, Wahlberg schedule, they get up at three hundred o'clock in the morning to workout, alright and yeah. They look good and yeah. They have means of dollars, any other super famous and yeah. They stick their wick and every gay pimp and everywhere in every town they drift into. Well, they are they happy? No, I don't I don't know if they're happy, it would make me very happy I'll, tell you that much
yeah. I like a book. I, like a good book, just a good documentary. You know just give me. Suck dispossessed Ursula K, LE and I've already said that I was, I was simplifying the last time. I was talking about it and it's true. I do barely understand it, but will say a true anarchic society, takes him ten responsibility. Ok, yes, and of course it's not actually possible thing, because someone will want power. You got to be ever vigilant. That's the whole point of this society is. Is that constant vigilant is very difficult to maintain that type of equality? Well, It just seems like there's other things, to do in the world, well yeah, there's a lot of things to do in the world. We would not be technically be able to work in that world of anarchism because we are we work upon the largess of others. Actually opposite, we are we truly just jesters. We're troubadours, then only live upon the favor of our fans. I want to say thank you for the fact that you're, even here listening to us. Yes, we love you very much all right, so you
so that video check out that video. You have site UFO Sighting filmed in Myrtle each compelling stuff and yeah keep on looking up to the skies. You know we have some peace, Sometimes people will come up to us and they might say something a little bit creepy about. Oh, I want to on your show, if you want to make it on the show, find a UFO just member that it kind arrives. If you want to make it on the show finding find a UFO, you said, then we will talk about that. We will show that we will blast it out. Our live stream, which can we announces? back soon yes live stream is coming back yeah week of Halloween we're coming back the Tuesday before Halloween. So if you have any UFO footage, shooter doorway will play it on the adult. Swim live stream for you that will be tuesdays at eight hundred pm. I cannot wait to start that show again. We've missed talking to you so much and cannot wait we'll help. Also we will be recording for our creepypasta episodes. Remember email we're going to be doing this on October 23rd we're going to.
According so we need these things soon can get him and we need him short. We need like we're looking between a minute to give three minutes read and to sit, send all of your creepy as shit too. So stories. L P, o t l again that side still res L, P O tl at gmail dot com? Yes, we cannot wait to read your stories. I'm awesome! Well, some fun stories of the news stories, some fun true crime stories in the is this week and we hope you enjoy the episode. Thank you all so much for listening anything else we want to plug here. I don't know, I think, we're all good keep support all the shows here but I tell you what there hasn't been more slime this was stopped, but I joined the neighborhood app of next door. I change it 'cause you can do you can join the ticket talked about not wanting to be part of the nineteen eighty four problem
the door is wanted to see. I wanted to see if other People had was going with looking into the slime two posts about slime tube you, but now you are part I'm just I deleted immediately. I just want to know I was correct. Okay, alright, be careful people ratting out their neighbors music over here. Is that a satanic cult over there? What You mess with the bull. You get the horns, come over here. You wanna. Stop me watching movies about women screaming all night long have to find out what app please, when the police, bust down your door and pop you in the head and they'll have to Wendy too, because when you will tag Louis immediately shift entertaining come in the door that it's been like. Oh mister offices. I can't believe it's like gotta catch that train. I do all of the music maker music man you're, going to do that, you're just going to sing some music band sucks. I do the music man. Maybe talk about ok oh yeah, I'm okay,
Well, I hope that works. I hope that works. I don't know alright Thank you all. So much for listening enjoy all the shows you're on the last broadcast network. Thanks for all the support for the able can stop at the political show that I do with Box box and occasionally Travis as well yeah you guys have been failure pulled their sohail yourself, yeah live and nine, I'm not gonna Meyer back accent. My australian accent. I honestly not long life. Long and now I I have all of the accidents that you've done, and you know I always love your work that you're very talented they at the australian accent does seem to be the most controversial in the sense that people don't believe. It sounds australian, effective, I was like there's a couple of words. I try to use to get back into it like effective. In line like foul fowl thou. I don't know man I think we're, not Australia. If we ever will. We know that if we go there, next year, which would be an awesome thing. I think that the end of the trip you'll have it you'll. Have it down? Pat you'll know it.
I just a I can day anytime. Thanks CAFE today, I had it for awhile. I had it the other day. Everyone hail yourselves. Hell me zune triple everybody, Lll Magoo Stellations, you, oh, my goodness, leave everyone alone.
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