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Side Stories: Grease Trap

2018-12-19 | 🔗

Slip 'n' slide into this week's true crime news: a man gets caught in a greasy chute during a bungled burglary, a woman is convicted of murder 18 years after her husband goes missing, AND MORE. TRIPLE L.

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While I feel last podcast bands, my name is Jackie, the browse ski and my name is molly that full and we, along with Marcus host page seven, a pop culture and so lead gas, a podcast that is nestled, the arms of the last podcast network, everyone to Mark's gal pal down with a couple of daddy, thirsty women talking movies and throw in a metaphorical barbs at the sadist industry of Gwyneth Paltrow, and discussing our shared love of Jason, Momoa's, face and body, despite his terrible lack, skills check out page seven. It's a positive romp through the boob tube in the funny papers, that'll be sure to leave you love and got the Eddie and knowing way too much about what Hulk Hogan said during his sex tape. Yeah, you get bourbon a barbecue while she bowing down it. Don't worry! We talk pop culture. The way that most late, twenties, thirties, forties people talk,
pop culture. I may not know exactly what Bella Hadid does, but I know what love is now is not the time for Forrest Gump. Soon as Jackie. We are in the middle of an ad. Ok, don't tase me bro! You are a beauty, that's fixing to get EAST by the beast. The only way you're going to ice me is with a cool tole of mango Rita. Get off at everyone knows that great read, is the best flavor, actually maybe they're, all the best flavors well except sorry to just saying: try out a new flavor in your brain meat. If you like the razzmatazz, alas, podcast, please check out the ridiculousness that is page seven wherever you listen to your podcasts as well as the other shows on the last podcast network,
I think you might like it too escaped to this is the last time gas. On the left hand, side stories, talking at a show with the guys that used to be on the order is there's many houses once this old howitzer upper, not a picture of this old house anyway. The Bob Vila? No Bob Vila didn't host this old house, he didn't know, but I do feel yes, he did. I don't need it. You just made me you just trip
Alright, the house that Jack built you're watching it? So it's first want rear in. He is dissecting the mind of a serial killer at the very interesting and it's got a lot going, but it does remind me of the guy from my Lottery: dream home, really he's a kind of a party boy huh I can see the guy my lottery dream home. We've talked about right about how big the the gate crimes you must commit. Well, I did a bad thing to say: well, I'm not sure if we, if we need to give a sexual orientation to its crimes, but I I could see that he definitely knows where to hide body parts within a home short when I, when I pass late- that it's something along the lines of like the murder of Gianni for stock, like that kind of like e on evil, gay man who can kill you with a fabulous way or like Buffalo bills, where it's
is all of the super exotics like what you've taught me. Well, that's that's interesting kind of I wouldn't I never really thought of Buffalo Bill's sexual orientation. I don't necessarily think that he is gay person. But you know wow. I don't think so. I never I thought about that. I think he was more easy, flamboyant guy, but you know he was deaf. Right. I'm just going to say this enough if I'm investigating Buffalo Bill and I'm like going to find him like we're. Looking someone different? That's all I know so he's like a lady gay guy yeah, those right where he's just more of a monster dude and he does a lot of he likes costumes and he likes performance right in his meat dresses. Certainly looked a little bit different than her meat dress fits inside stories. Welcome to sidestep, Where is everyone I have been cancelled and then, what's that other? it's Henry Zebrowski yeah yeah he's here Travis morning. His voice is back so you might hear him. I just coughed up the
next monster and watched him take his last breaths good, my now all right really good work, get getting another sexual assault around your body there. It is the music monster a muezzin next month. I don't know how that got green lit. I know that he is great but green, lit to be a commercial series, because I can't get any roles ever. No. I mean, did I went for the audition. For that know, what is the addition? for the cartoon burger roll. It was legitimately there like okay, Henry Greats or break down your character, you are slime, but you live inside a person's face. Now we don't want to say, give you any real directions, but just like be who you are. Remember just being like you coming to get me Yes, I like love, your and love, it love it, but you actually can you bring it closer to you,
and then I had to be like. Oh yes, I'm the Musa necks. This man, I'm the monster and they're like wonderful, obviously, commercial, auditions or the single dumbest thing in the in human history? Of course you do have experience with slime, given what's going on around your neighborhood in eh lay. So maybe that was a sign that you would have gotten that commercial but I guess now Obviously not! I know what you mean. I don't hear you know it was a house around the corner from Maine that used to end up being sort of like, I believe, to be determined Dan Users, okay, sure, because there was no in there. It would become vacated, and then I had watched several times like people throw their bike over the fence and then climb in and I'd call three one one several times I am this per you b K, I'm going to start a neighborhood watch. You are doing that. You called three one, one of some poor, kids or just try to go to a flophouse. I don't know why it's called a fly possible if they're doing here when they never fall over it's more of a
clean kind of like it is wait, but what you call three one one? Yes, absolutely I'm trying if a gun cleaning up the neighborhood I am bully. So my damn the law and everyone has to understand that- and this is how I introduced myself to people that are new to moving into the apartment building. I grab them and say arable. Also, Brown, like Zebrowski, surprise. Surprise, surprise, Imset Zimmerman Zimmerman no Mister Zimmerman very I'm very fair. These people were white, I watched him go over that fence and I called three one one on on, it was unbelievable, and so, as I went through, but promise that I'm thinking about Wendy, because there even needles out. There was stuff out there and I'm certainly realized. The slime was somehow attached to the activity going on in that home and then I look over and look, unfortunately, it be the thing I'm walking the dog, eight hundred and thirty in the morning right, I'm not design not plugged in, but I'm obviously I'm either stare.
My phone or I am a dead dead to the world let me log walkers, would it sound like just you can't be focusing every? Second, you should dogs. How long do you I like your dog everyday, maybe one thousand five hundred and twenty minutes focus when you walk into twenty five minutes. It takes alot whatever, whatever you do it because I thought ever you don't just focus how are you I know how your life is? Your constantly distracted, I'm out there, I walk the puppy and all two seconds I looked out and she's like licking and a pile a mess. I can't have this anymore, but thankfully they just finally demolish the house. So I didn't want to go. Hang in an open field, they can but at least I can see where that's really smart, to get away get rid of the home where they stayed so now they can just be on the streets in need of a local and just sleep that doesn't mean that doesn't
make it more dangerous for you, Emily away. You position yourself against me is very interesting because you'll say whatever is convenient. I once I get a tactile when I get my tactical flashlight then we'll see where their pee alright well, we've been talking about slime, and the first story today is about a real slime ball. This dude now very good. Thank you! So much, I'm the king of segues, this dude work for the Disney channel. He was an actor and his role. Played a grandfather. Now this is a popular tweet Teen show, which I hate that term, but tween show called Andi Mack the name of this. Dude is stony Westmoreland. Also for his role as Henry aka hey I MAC, well HAM, MAC early was handed up, but not with adults. He, a thirteen year old on a dating app. We don't know exactly what dating app the only thing they clear, I, it was a dating app used for sex, which is every dating app.
So we have limited what it is. We have limited it down to every dating app. He met a thirteen. World for sex he's forty eight years old obviously plays a grandfather. I don't know how a forty eight is forty eight year old is a grandfather. I think that's a uh Your statement about the destruction of the american family, but that's all babies having babies, maybe seven babies and this guy having sex with babies at the eighteen year old, so he got busted and naturally he has been kicked. His show, but this just goes to show you Henry. We talk about this all the time Disney, the Disney Channel, the amount of pedophiles that watch and work on the Disney Channel is got to be more than any other network on television. All I know is my knee the barely watches, Disney all right and she's built for that she's. Twelve. She barely watched it and it comes down to who's watching it. A budget If I was on into these little pedophile clubs, they go they on television on all
the Indy Leer at it and jeer at throw popcorn at the screen every little time. Stony- back on the wagon, screen, and it kills all their boner's. I have no idea what's going on. Obviously it didn't kill his boner. This is according to the Disney Channel. This is this. Is the thing too, is that you look at this show. Have you have you seen any trailers for Andy MAC? I saw I've seen a couple 'cause. I have basic cable now, so they pop up every now and again yeah this thing so they also right. It's a four. So the idea of absolutely, of course, but as you watch it you like. Is the idea of not only being hard in the middle of making this thing oh yeah, also watching it is just like don't you have any taste, not a files. The Disney channel, of course, they're trying to re brand to some moral authority for the country, even though Walt Disney was a NEO who probably was a pet while I'm self and a
He he was a he just admired workout. So sorry I mean I don't see that, but you know this and we're talking about auditions previously. If you're a producer Rory Director of Show that cast ten to twelve, the nine year olds. You have to think about them by physical appearance, You know you look at the Disney Club. What was the name of the Mickey Mouse Club? All of those people, and they were so sexualized when Brittany broke. She was only sixteen and she was showing everything not not not her fault. I mean I love Britney, but my god they're disgusting, kid to be allowed to act, and I do understand at the base that you can have a lot of all goes in there. It's television right, but but but kids can act and think stranger things, I think that was cool that in sexualize them it's squad? I would say they didn't
necessarily sexualize them. It just emphasize a lot on their dancing, an movement, and now we just don't I wouldn't even when I'm not watching it. Oh, my god, will you take a look so. What? If we could take a look at your put it? Do it were put into a difficult situation, even just bring it up, because then you have to try to describe the show. So in a way. Why is everyone? Why are these pedophiles into this? So well you true. They know what the audience knows why they get it. I went to do a casting at Disney, not that recent, not that Une recently ok over at Disney, and it was like it was a good group of people, but mostly it's who I'd want to see casting it was a bunch of like normal. Older casting want women. There was no there's no man name Harold with a with darks sunglasses on in the background like with a scale. Well, you don't know that man, that's the thing about the entertainment industry. Very few people understand once you
into it in LA or New York or maybe Chicago to some degree going on auditions you'll notice, that all of the people who are auditioning mostly look as Henry said middle aged women maybe late, 30s early, 40s mid forties, maybe early 50s, but the people who are Pain, forever, love that above yeah. That's where you get your disgusting. You know creeps with that with the sunglasses wearing sunglasses at night, but not because they're cool is because people they don't want people to see their eyes. Look at the kids. I will say I appreciate a good child actor? If they're good at it in their natural again we're going to reference the stranger things? Kids, they did a really good job, but you know what happened now to them. Well, they're, going to
they're going to they're going to get older and then their whole lives are going to be very, very different, we're going to have to figure out they get a season three coming out, which I think they're just going into the well for one too many. I don't know barrels of water. What are you gonna do? Well, I don't know much of barrels of water, but until you know what kind of watch season three of stranger things and the only comments on the horrible social media damning these people- I have a lot of friends who work on that show 'cause they need they need to show to continue. You need to stop damn, not damn it. I'm just saying I was going to come out there like I like him when they were young, but another roll but you still look young with the weird faces Kissel. What is the alternative is Every show going to be like this, like this Univicion show S. Kwala show Escuela going to be me
Dress is a little bit more. You don't see, see mommy see, I guess it. Could it be that we're supposed to do either go back to Shakespeare's part back only adults complete shoulder, I what nineteen forties I want. The youngest person on the screen should be twenty. That's that's the and that's an area or you can be an infant up to one year old and then you have I think it's more secure infant knows even sit there. There are children who genuinely want to be actors right in there, is it are I mean? Obviously it is a farm you're forced into it. You are being forced by your parents. You think you know what you, I don't know you think you're an autonomous human being, but you're eight you'd actually don't have a personality, your personality is an amalgam of the things you've seen and what your parents have told you to think yeah. So you don't know yet. So that is very and then you have to hang out with the worst people on earth. Aka actors like this W Westmoreland character actor should never be in charge.
I think they are. They are empty. The actors are empty and can be flipped into anything. Look at what we're dealing with now, if I should never be in charge and that there should never be a dictator. We talked about it. Last episode with the revelations, talk about Nero Nero was an actor first, yes, Decatur! Second imagine if he was Neil Patrick Harris. You know you can see yes holyshit, but the promises that there's there is no middle ground where it's like. I agree with you. I don't think kids should be in there, but have you ever seen like a movie were like, like the movie wasn't happy? death day. I love that looks like they're all supposed to be seventeen but they're being played by hot as Fuc twenty five or they were suppose, which is my college. They were in college. I'm just saying you look at the kids you look at they're supposed to be seventeen there, obviously not there closer to like two thousand eight hundred and twenty nine and they've got the bodies of twenty year olds. But we are
try some almost an opposite where it's like you're making me look at this with being told to me via fiction, is child but is actually being played by a full bodied adult because older, don't look like that because they have a real seventeen year old on. There would be disgusting because seventeen year olds are old grouse. Yes, of course, that's what you should cast them anyway. This is a around this is this: is the the channel's response again again the moral authority of country now. This is what they said. The nature of the charges in our responsibility for the welfare of employed minors, we have released him from his re occuring roll and he will not be returning to look on the series which wraps production on its third season next week. This dude also sort of ironically, has had guest appearance is on, shows again we're talking about this Westmoreland it. The man who tried to have sex thirteen year old, he also appeared on scandal breaking bad better,
call, Saul and Gilmore girls. When you can't even make up funny. Your series of shows that this pen, a file or at least accused by the file, has guest starred on. He reminds me of what was it was the father of so seven, oh, yes, it's the same cut a gym. Who is the name of the guy on seventh Heaven? That's where he was nasty? Stephen Collins? even columns, but you look at the pieces of shared and it's uh is the same, they got the cat, yeah and they got their little George Bush smiled and their little squinty eyes, and they have the same thing where you like look at them and you're supposed to be like that just degrade, but that just happens to be a little bit more fun than your normal grand father. I'm like, why is it like? I uh? Maybe it's the opposite. Maybe we should should be children, and then you also have children playing adult
also so Westmoreland. He was in a ride sharing service on his way to allegedly meet the minor. Would you just got to be kidding yes? Who embezzle can it tries to have sex with a child that mean Uberpool ride sharing, oh my god, so yeah. So what are you doing here? What are you doing today? I'm going to go, my girlfriend and go out to the movies well, we supposed to be pretty good. How about yourself Well, there's: thirteen year old, I wasn't talking to like you're nice or something oh god. No, let me put it this way. I'm a bit of an amateur Santa so he's in this ride, sharing app on the way to meet this the minor investigators say he planned to bring it to his hotel room when the salt Lake city, police and the FBI. Child exploitation task force arrested him
so he didn't get what he wanted. I'm also going to say that it's not that I want to give any advice to any of these monsters, but it's like Ashley Madison. It's never a child, I knew this dude in high school or in college rather who got caught stealing a bunch of he still like eight hundred panties and actually went to jail for that. They let him out, and then two years ago he was busted soliciting from a quote, unquote minor at a rest! Stop it was this officer and a series of cops, it's never a minor, so is other Chris Hansen from Dateline NBC to catch a predator or a cop. The we we should we number of what it's the opposite. It's always real I really go for it. Guys really really go for it. Go teen year old, talking on the internet, so yeah. They definitely understand how to use a tor browser. Absolutely don't worry about it. It's all genuine! I eat! I don't understand. I don't understand this like also
I have taken him to a hotel room, it's reducing doing all the seat, it's just it's not right. It's not right, and it is. I don't know if the word ridiculous is really suitable, but I'm going to say it's ridiculous, you know it is ridiculous anyway. All right, yes, it is set in Alaska. Is that is a bad thing, absolutely horrible, and I saw that first and taking care of a lot of foster kids who were molested. It is work think about. So it was a bait debate. It was a bait, it was baked yes, so Thankfully they were able to get him now, some people, of course this is conversation talk about entrapment and stuff like that. But in this case I'm going to say, if you don't want to get entrapment or if you want to get trapped, trying to have sex with a thirteen year old, nip it in the bud and don't do, Don't don't even worry about entrapment. I know it's not like speed traps in Angelus, which I will scream about my sovereign citizenship towards this is a little bit different. Well, it does. You are much more.
Or liberal, with your sovereign citizenship when you've had a bit to drink. Yes, yes, as as many seem to be in poor, perhaps also on some Jimi Hendrix like substances, although I did not learn how to play the guitar, but I did a lot about the constitution. God can you imagine my father, being a bait child like
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guilty of the murder of her husband or the accessory to murder. Her husband, MIKE Williams, and a disappearance case that kind of went nuts according to Well, as a Democrat, MIKE Williams, a thirty one year old, Realestate Appraiser, went missing after an early morning duck hunting expedition on December 16th, two thousand on Lake Seminole in Jackson, County Florida investigate initially speculated that Williams had drowned had been eaten by alligators, but if they insist, trump his mother who do not believe the alligator, Erie law enforcement eventually began investigating and deemed him a suspicious missing person, a huge break in their long cold, These came seventeen years later when MIKE's former best friend Bro, in Winchester who may Williams, widow, didn't right. Five years after the disappearance confessed to the killing Williams, remains were found in a grave about five miles away from the home where he grew up in Tallahassee and where his mother still lives. Now it's very interesting case. It's very
sorted it is we're going to find out. Is that these? This was a group of four people, Williams was married to Denise Williams. There were high school, sweethearts have been together and they were sixteen years old. Mike Williams was uh workaholic. He was making 200K year Boston, his right and that's a big if they said George R K, your Tallahassee cash. That's does not also keen that's big money, that's big money for Tallahassee, so we as he's so he's out there, hustling grinding, maybe maybe he's living, maybe he's leaving something on the table when it came to his relationship? Maybe with his dad he's always working yeah? Well, don't want people or not. What do you get? so that whatever ok, you know, you know I'm saying right: everybody ought to do. They want Denise Williams, and Brian Winchester. During this time period began to a relationship, so they had a three year long affair and at some point they had a child.
And Brian Winchester helped sell with the at the admonition of Denise, help sell MIKE Williams, A2 million dollar insurance policy and then one day MIKE goes duck hunting and he never comes well, who did you go? Did he go duck hunting with the dude? No, he went alone. Okay, want went alone to his favorite spot, but they're saying is that possibly that he did not go alone that maybe Brian met up with him there to find out is that Brian Winchester shot his body and buried him in a in a shallow grave right. There go on to then say was that it looked like that, maybe that he had there was a ship that on his boat there was an accident and he fell out and he drowned. And that the alligator say his body, which is why no one had found in which he said there are. Eighty people have died in Lake Seminole. Ok, no every all the other bodies have been found. Ok, so let's say well: maybe alligators took care of him, but then they find out. Well, actually alligators. This happened in December, alligators, don't feed in the winter months.
So there was no pay for the alligators eat. It there's a lot of different extenuating circumstances. The fucking engine on the boat, the gas tank, was full they're like well. If you actually fell out of his boat, then probably the the engine would have kept going and then it would have run out of gas, so would have spelled out like a lot of different kinds of idiosyncrasy's right got it, but the big kicker was Brian Winchester. Who got married to Denise, who is a real spicy, little pepper well now, bro, according to Brian so we cording to clarify. Can we hold my who just clarify the Brian Winchester? This dude was looking at some significant time he took we deal with the prosecution to only get twenty years. He takes the stand full Denise and his story? I don't know if it's true or not because of the 'cause of the circumstances surrounding it. It's very interesting Becaus to the hi. Brian Winchester Brian Winchester was going to jail after the after. All of this was for the kidnapping of Denise Williams
now Denise and him I guess, got into a fight. They had broken up rite aid, after dating off all this 'cause. They got married right after he died to collect the money collected. One point: five million dollars, 'cause really long story short. They found a pair of his waders, which also didn't have the weird terror supposed to have it didn't have all that kind of shit. There's like. Why was he in its weight or she also felt like he was a very very safety minded MIKE Williams? Was very driven and disciplined person, and so It was where waiters in the boat necessarily because the because an accident like they tried to say what happened could happen so they found they should it be when my animals, so once he was declared dead, they got married, they collected the money, but now they had a falling out. What have when was that Brian Winchester went Ape SH held her at gunpoint right after their breakup, saying she's going to
upon me, she's, going to tell the authorities what we did right at the insistence of you, and so then he got arrested for that and then preceded to flip on her fur. Now, let me just say this so Denise. Now. How did this dude, I? How did how did MIKE Williams die? So evidently Brian was like I'm going to get him off at the bottom, and I kick him off the bugs going. Out because that just happens right away. No, absolutely easy to drown bust him out of the boat he throws him off and MIKE Williams is like There's a log right here, I'm going to be fine, so he grabs on to the log he's holding there and then he's and then Brian just shoot him in the head. Yes O'Brien, this. I I can't wait along. I can't wait around for you to get tired, I'm just going to in the hat, and now we have the situation where eight years later, after Brian is facing significant time significant chargers he flips on Denise. Now I got to say this: I don't know the facts here, because we just have the facts as they were written. Obviously, Denise Williams attorney Ethan way.
He says that her reaction was stunned. That Denise was quote stunned, very shocked, she's very upset. He also told reporters, it's terriblr the wrong verdict on the facts, but after respect what the jury does. He goes on to say, obviously I don't think she's guilty of any of any of the three accounts. Ultimately, we submitted the case to the jury and the jury made a decision, but why? Why would she go out there and you know maybe this dude and have this full relationship and then all of a sudden eighteen years later, just based on the words of a quick, little. Who has a reason to flip? Why would they as a jury, think that this guy is reliable. They got the information they did. Piece together a case against her, There is a pretty intense case against her, which we'd have to go into with more research that she her story, fell apart,
this one. So this is what so she couldn't get herself out of the things he put her on the specially once they found the body. Yeah and he's and all, and then she collected the money, yeah knew what was happening and the problem is that, if you listen to his testimony, I was forty five minutes on his testimony and number one. When I meant when I said before, Denise's spicy pepper, right. We can put anything about a spicy, pepper right, so jalapeno the card sure maybe ill chosen yeah, but you know that well. It also some for your analogy. I'm going to see if there's a little cheese in there go to the doctor, but not sure yet. But yes, but the pepper right, pepper, on its exterior pepper, can be mild just looking at you know, but sometimes you chopping that pepper and it's super fucking spicy sure, but too much to Handle- and it seems to be denise- was not unlike that pepper, where at first
because a part of this with a part of the reason why I was interested in the stories that all takes place in Tallahassee and all takes place around the bars I used to drink at in college. So all of this, the beginning of their torrid affair, happened with the couple Brian Winchester was married to a woman, and used to hang out with the niece in my call a time uhhuh and they started getting all talking right as a couple right in like we touch suas, what been all stone about? What kind of sex everybody peers it's getting! Spicier spicier! He got. He goes to tell Denise inside Brian, you know my old bag here, she's not got enough snap to her left and Denise is like yeah well watch this and then she stuck a chopstick up signer on vagina and just snapped it off just to show it like once you could do that. That would be testimony. Do you know what I mean looking up the two them hard hooking up, but then she had kind of extravagant shin because not only would they hook up, but they were going to Miami Beach.
Oh, my god, they look like they went to this solitaire from Iowa going to Miami Beach. No, that's big money going for my. That's funny I'm gonna say this, I'm going to say that what if what? If Bryant looking into his own hands and said I'm going to keep these for myself, I'm going to off MIKE, I could never for myself. She good morning, now son he swoops in we have the knight in shining armor plus the affair, so she knows. Obviously there are sexually compatible. He doesn't let her know that he killed the dude, they get the insurance money I to live happily ever after she's completely oblivious to all of it. Next thing you know he as far as he's looking at life imprisonment. He says no fuck that I'm not going to go away that long, I'm going to send it is the reason that I killed. The dude and she's looking at more time, and he is it's a woman ever oblivious of anything well, never never
I want, I also they know every single thing. She knows every single thing that he's thinking. She knows exactly every single thing that he has ever done in his life. I do feel like that. I don't know what else plays in these stories, though, and you know this about Tallahassee. It plays out all over the country Wisconsin wherever they the affair, When people in a jury hear about an affair, they are all of our mothers be like. Oh, I can't discussed. She had an affair, even if she didn't kill him. Even It will a fair. Can we try to teach us just for just for doing that, just for catching that dick what did discuss it well, apparently, so day, one of this trial, Denise Williams, trial Brian Winchester. Defied how their affair snowballed into a plot to kill again. I don't really believe this guy day to family Kohl's how they became suspicious an day three Brian Winchester's Ex wife testifies about taped phone calls with Denise, so we don't know what's on those phone calls, I suppose
I will say I one thing: I up: okay, okay! Well, you, where I'll give towards you and maybe toward your argument- is that maybe it's me Not her idea, necessarily at first or wasn't meant to be taken literally, is that you sometimes urine in four grand today and you're in a La Quinta. I remember that look over that we had seen you could really get. You can get really boned in that liquid, so sad you're in there you're having these talking these rendezvouses after you know like doing cheeks to double date: swiveled, seven, you, the holding off, hold, not and to know your bone in, and it's like in the middle of it. She just got she's got that tip in her hands right and she's, just like what if we fucking killed MIKE he's like yeah yeah, yeah, yeah yeah, whatever it takes, and then he goes ahead and she was like I never literally
make your name short one of those, but also we've kind of may be planted to see how it goes 'cause it because, but in that situation you know after there done Quitus making Coit us making love after he's finished, is, he doesn't remember anything you go back to neutral. Yes, true, That is true. I also wanted to say, though this, but if it happens again and again and again- and eventually you start thinking like I better kill folk and MIKE, if I want all this cool, should be happen to me all the I mean, so you have like figure the good the figure thing he kills MIKE, but I that's what I'm saying she's involved and I just believe that women are capable enough to pay and these are my god- women are talking- oh yeah, yeah it'll mess with them, that's for damn which are sociopaths just like any. A man can be a sociopath there's equality and sociopathy when it comes to the sex. Is this according to Cheryl Williams. This is the mother of MIKE. She says we justice for Michael now. She told that to assistance
state attorney John flux, but now I want to say this, though in defense again, that maybe this just kind of got a little out of hand. Mister Fox this is what he says about the case. He says this is a career case. He said it's not every day, it's not every day in your career that you get to be involved in a nun call Thomas side, that is, seventeen years old and through team ever make an arrest in ultimately get a conviction on a seventeen year old homicide this view, the ego of a prosecutor, cannot be understated. No I'm with you So the of course you're going to have so many barnacles clinging to that ship because they all want to be apart of something, that's got so much media attention and it's a big juicy story so that I totally completely understand right- and I I agree with, but I mean who knows comes down to it's like marriage, the mysterious thing I guess bit by bit.
Things that happen inside of a marriage, and you don't know any people can open played the murder. Your spouse is not a typical mysterious event that occurs in most marriages. I would like to think not, because I know I'm a dead man yeah I mean that now. A lot of almost all it has to take is just like. I well I don't know what happened officer- was practicing one of my stunts that Henry was like. Yes, I will be part of your in part of your stunt play and then all of a sudden, his neck popped off his well, I believe it. I believe it I will say I will probably have had asked for it. Yes, all well there's that we know this for well. We will follow up on that story. She hasn't been sentenced yet Denise will but she's looking at a life imprisonment. So I don't know A lot to that. One is a good choice. Henry good fine this week, because there's a lot to unwind their
I like I eat a cure some about two, because these these big crime stories like as they come, it's like knowing that you, I have a a finger on it make it happens again and again and again right. I I don't know why that is people love drama yeah, they do really about small time Florida bullshit. They are all scare. All the don't know what else to do, there's no board, so they will either Faulk or plan these would movie. Why, with this, is the thing and just to wrap this one? it's always the dude who's working real hard trying to provide whatever they're, not there? That's when the wife or the husband that can work. Both ways is like. I just need someone around a little bit more. I'm a little bit upset that my husband or my wife is working too hard for this family. He so you always get undercut by a huge loser, which is why they had to kill the guy 'cause. He didn't have any frickin money could have the Fuqing Zhang. Oh yeah, absolutely that is it really does. It does burn me a bit because that mother Fucker, I get
He wasn't around yeah but the issue is still relatively unemployed, unemployed age, I know, and they just had a baby- they just maybe baby, so that was like a part of it too, or so. She, to change it. She's feeling all this, meanwhile not giving her half of the relation. It's very. It's very sad: it's horrible all right, we'll switching gears a little bit to another. Due to maybe you could call him a little bit. I want to see dead beaten. This case because he's kind of the victim of the story. Well, let's just say he has some arrested development, a middle aged Brooklyn mad. This is according to the New York Post, which is the funniest. A middle aged Brooklyn man told cops, he paid a painful price for pledging, a fraternity at the ripe old age of forty five. So what well as typical pledges. I guess get it. He was paddled with a wooden paddle, but it wasn't like, you know just like one or two and they laughed and like did some sort of salty crackers or something they him over two. Time times:
red He was getting hammered at this Bedford, Stuyvesant Brownstone, the pledge was four. He was pledging the fraternity omega psi Phi, but the interesting thing about omega psi Phi is it's not attached any school. So I don't know what that means. It's fraternity that has no school affiliation. This is I'll, feel it's very interesting, because I I don't all the details of the story. They have it all come out, it seems to be, but it seems to be a unofficial. Frat was hanging out, partying right like yeah in a how they call themselves a frat. They were attached to something, or they believe they were maybe yeah they had their animal out think obviously got shades of well, how is the name of what was the name of war? Will Ferrell pledge the for old men school old school? I'm sorry! So how does it start? So you think you good. So now this guy-
cut a season's group of young wrecked scallions right, probably Saunders over me like they're backing mad day I used to drink now had to be as and then we drive to the club right and they're like well. You think you can handle it old man, his legs add me up and then all of a sudden just grab him fucking spanking to share it. I think it was an open house party. His friends were like we don't know why he do this he's never done anything like this before again, the name of the dude is Tori Gate. He's never done anything like this before, but after she was beat with the paddles. He was so bruised up. He checked himself going to Mount Sinai Hospital, but honestly, I'm going to say. I'm not sure if I agree with this movie called the cops on the frat Bros. But you know what do do you know what you're getting into you want to go pledge? I'm you know, there's a lot of people. Coming down on fraternities now I was never a part of one it's, certainly, not a culture that I'd know much about, but you know that you're going to get hey
you know you're going to have to like drink too much and then occasionally it makes national news, someone dies or something, but you know you gotta be prepared, know that it's going to be a night I don't know why you would go. Do it in the first place, but it's not going to be a pleasant experience. It's not even that is the man was not even in college and it was not at a college uhm there, It is not a real threat and he went straight from any circus hazing is not just paddling yet I mean maybe it's a some point. It is normally, it's like there's like a structure and there's pledge we can also, if you strip all that away. This is the story of a drunk and that was grabbed by a group of youths and spanked to the point where he couldn't walk anymore. Yes, during strangely enough, it says there's a sticker on, how's that says we black men care I'm not really sure. If that's accurate, given the details of this, what
suppose is technically in assaults. I would, of course the guys of a hazing. This is according to one of his neighbor he's like a hazing incident how old he is. Maybe it's about nostalgia or something he's a strong guy physically, so I'm not sure what that is all about and, of course, it's not immediately clear if the victim was pledging or whether the group uh, no just sort of was like simply because his pants and just beat him up while he was going like him. Not here now am I, but no rest for the for the omega psi. No, not it's omega five. What is it? PS. I I think, that's fine. Everything is fine. Sigh sigh omega psi, Phi yeah, that's a fake name, because it's Sci FI uh they didn't return, calls the Brooklyn the Reps for the Brooklyn chapter. Didn't return, calls but who else no way I know, but who else is not returning calls is Mister gates himself
Perhaps he feels embarrassed, or maybe he's still the friendship and he doesn't ruin it. I have no idea, but if you're forty five years old, you watch them the old school and you're. Like that's a good idea. Remember that's a movie. They say the words cut and then those actors go to a really nice trailer and there never actually getting hurt. People are so desperate for community, though, get it well, there's so many ways other ways to do it I'll tell you what snitches get ditches books bankers get spanked there. So when I heard there are so many other fine young gangs to join in, I live in bad stuff, join a gang all. If you want your, I mean you cool kids, so you could be the big white guy. I love it. Do what it what it, what every other a young person in Brooklyn does is start a podcast yeah exactly you don't have to get paddle to death. You can just don't you
just start a pocket chart a podcast. Why not? Are you allowed to just tie this sneakers together and throw them over the electrical wires? Are you allowed to just do that? Well that that's an indication of if it's a drug house or perhaps there's a murder that occurred there they've. Never, it said the real meaning of it seems well no one knows it's a part of the street lower street lower with Henry Zebrowski Intrastate, interesting, alright! Well, the story of Mister gates. Don't don't do it folks stay get a family, that's that is a sad story in the end he wanted friendship, beat him up. They give two hundred paddles, and now we called the police. But now he's not talking to the police. 'cause then he's like you're be mad at me. Already it's sad. I now I want to go to my favorite story of the week right, which is the story of a our man, that was not a poor man. He technically got
you deserve. I don't know we'll see more bad by definition, man rescued after two days stock in a chinese restaurant we serve at all God. Now it seems to be no one really knows what happens to the tool. No one really knows why you that what what what world series of events that led to this twenty nine year old, who decided to climb This is the roof of the chinese restaurant. He stripped off his bulky jacket and he slid down a grease event, offering only a thin t shirt. Now he was stuck inside this grease fit for two days: seems to be. He went in there to either get all possibilities of certain crimes right. You could strip the piping, the copper, and you could sell it all the electrical wire you could strip it. You can sell it. You could take things from inside right, you could strip it and you could sell it not really sure. I'm because sergeant Ray Kelly, a public,
mission officer for the Alameda County Sheriff's office told NPR that the man had been less than truthful about his true intent. And so it seems to be. The objective seems straightforward enough. I mean he's just according to the officer he's a pretty slender guy, based on the viscosity of the walls in coupled with the fact that he took off his? those! You probably thought he was just gonna slide. Down the chute, but it seems like a solid plan until he got stuck in there, but it wasn't a straight drop from the roof to the floor. It never read about no, he made an about five feet down to shoot and five foot nine inch man, he hit a turn in the bed and then force him to a semi crouch position with his arms reaching up immobilize over his head, and he stayed in your
for two days now so, but hold on a SEC. Was the restaurant operating for those two days? Yes, no! No! It seemed to have been closed. Ok, yes, so trapped in unable to move in any direction. He was crying out for help, but we believe that it was muffled by the layers of rancid oil uh hum, and so this is really this. Is this man named Igor Kampos heard he's like I keep hitting this off. I know like go: can it be and they went in there and they they found them through the ventilation. Shaft you stuck on that side. The thing Campbell said he he, he said a ask the questions. What's your name? and the man said to me and the pictures this man- oh my god, just search covered in rancid oil search man rescued after two days stuck in chinese restaurant, grease vent and
yeah. He images is straight out of it reminds me a little bit of oh, my god. Sent this signed me up, the dissent in the claustrophobia and just the overall horror of being stuck in a grease meant for two days you also. I worked in a lot of fast food restaurants growing up Greece. Discussed it when you feel your body, so this dude this is according to Sarge. Ray Kelly again. He said how's. He doing now. He said, he's all cleaned up and hydrated, noting that it must have taken hours to rid the man of the horrible smell, so I also have to say in this change way. He's kind of a hero for expose using this restaurant and so unhygienic doesn't seem like it seems like it's just that's what grease traps are like. I just wanted next to the go through a grease trap supposed to clean it every now and again put one of those logs in the breaks it up. So this is what the,
Mister Kelly said her sergeant Kelly says we sometimes we we know sometimes suspects try to break into businesses to steal, copper, wire, implement and recycling for money. This appears to be some. Along those lines, but not every solution is jail and so Basically, they said we, but we decided to. We'll compassionate, we figured he's been through enough ed it. It is in the holiday spirit in the holiday spirit that they let them and who snuck into a restaurant. Have to do for Greece, but you know what it's Christmas, one of our they just saw what he went and there were like. Ok, oh my gosh two full day. What perfect treasure is hidden in that chinese restaurants in order to do that, Indiana Jones Schitt, maybe it's a holy grail or something I don't know, but my God We also live in honestly. You know. Just I don't know, I feel bad for someone who is this down and out who is Basically, this, like you know much in financial peril,
well sees a chimney and he's like I can be- I can be a Santa Claus like a reverse Santa Claus, instead of giving I'll take like how this guy in such dire straits to think that this idea I'm going to go out on a limb and say maybe He was on a couple of substances like a red bull or yeah. Yeah. Yes, yes, story. Can you imagine if he was on a hallucinogen have you ever wore, but two days right, coming down on whatever it is that you're coming down on and stuck in there like what that does to you? What Just your mind, you probably can't even smell spring roll ever again, don't know now you know, like, hopefully turns am vegan or something gosh well anyway, so that poor guy, you know, we got lucky, though too, in his own right because of the holiday spirit because of the sure that he went through to steal, copper wire, perhaps
most likely. I don't know what else you would steal from there if it's closed items to a lot of money Oh no! I imagine that it was yeah. I imagine that it was a it. Was him trying to steal the wire and trying to steal something he could sell? Pretty you know with the frat thing: it's like that's punishment, for trying to have a community and This is like the opposite. It's like this is punishment for and go do your own. It's going to be your own guy, brutal, my god! Well! Well, that was had reached David story of the week, my favorite story of this week. It actually will will go to China, not just a chinese restaurant, a Chinese for worker, he survived after being skewered with ten metal spikes. Again, the war has begun uh when a robot, he sent ten metal spikes when a robot malfunctioned or did the robot.
Sort of receive autonomy, Anees and a soul, and the robot was so intelligent that it said now once again and we've got to take another human being, this do this nine years old. His name is Mister- is out. He was working the night shift at a porcelain, factory, in the Hunan Province when he was struck when he was struck by a falling, robotic arm. If you get a chance to watch this, the picture of him, operating table. It is like metal, it's crazy. The I looks like cats, so well he, yes, he was impaled with what long half inch thick metal rods. He was first looking at the local hospital before he was transferred to a much larger hospital sick, steel rods, fixed in a steel plate, pierced his right, shoulder and chest and for penetrate elsewhere in his body during the operation, doctors found that one of the rides missed an artery by zero point one millimeters
this dude is extremely lucky to be alive, that robots, probably being punished by the robot boss. That sent him to do the murder because he didn't quite kill the guy, and maybe that robe be put out of commission because of the failed hit. So I ordered indication of the war against man and machine. A part of it is that we have to educate the ai's about what it's like be with human beings as a man named doctor, Bennett, Gertz, soul, okay, g, o e r t, Z, e l that talks about the need. Sure of AI, in what he has been working on currently is a scientist and a part of it is standing there a I needs to be raised much like human children amongst humans, with the feedback from him and part of it, having growing them to be a part of our community, and I understand that if they want, take over the going to anyway. This poor man is standing in the way of progress, so he's not stand in the way of progress he's trying to do his Dang job Henry Work in a porcelain factory overnight, which is good
maybe one of the most so according this is according to the doctor over the faster of hand microsurgery. He says they were really big, of course, referring to the spikes, so there was no it's getting fit of getting fitting the patient in to the x ray machine. Well, the nails themselves could have caused an interference. Now, this not the first time. This has happened, MR is, looking at the stuff for the same face as an american factory worker Wanda Holbrook, the maintenance, the maintenance tech mission was killed by a rogue, a robot who had veered. The area she was working and crushed her head The fifty m seven year old, talking metal Dorable, Henry you're like you are such you're your like your MIKE Flynn, you're a MIKE you're you're, a traitor to the human, race, you're. Even worse he's just the trailer for the contractor. Stand you don't under
stand up part of it is the it's the furthering of it's the furthering of humankind. I say if we can, why not that a fifty seven year old, this is Wanda Holbrooke. She was just inspect in some machinery, when the components were assembled, when the robot took Wanda by surprise entering the section she was working and her head whoa good that is just gotta, be Nicky Romero like dirt dirt dirt dirt dirt exactly as I think he it's a cool movie Let's see if I get this battery out, it's horrible reality. We don't need. We don't leave Sci Fi Two, the movie leave terminator. Don't leave all those movies in the film like leave them on the tv I don't you understand. Ai is going to help us in many ways, not just in this way, eventually to be honest,
when it comes to, that sort of which is really sad, a part of it is eventually will make it so that no humans were confict factory conditions and will only be robots which is difficult about what it will do to the human labor force so yeah, but then a part of it someone's going to have to operate these machines. The idea is to make it so especially with stuff like this, where you're trying to keep these things waiting twenty four hours at a time. Is it? Hopefully, it's going to end up working to more towards people doing specialized jobs or their jobs are to walk work, the machines and maintain machines and do all of the surveillance of it and then literally have a whole floor. There's no humans on there. It is just robot doing the job there. Will they never have to stop, as we saw in the documentary Wally there are going to. Some good robots out there, but they're also helping us clean up the oceans. I think that's great, but this is my theory, Jeff Bezos and Amazon, just to talk about them for a second they're doing what every uh.
Girlfriend or boyfriend does when they want the relationship to end, but they also don't have the courage to like be like. We need to break up they're, just making condition so miserable for their workers, they're just making them they're, making them work mark for a little. Are you just excited for the robot to take your job? Yes, exactly there may yet it's dangerous and when the when they're like I got I quit, because the working conditions are so bad about great. Now we can replace you slowly so that's all they're doing is making a warehouse. Work so miserable that the robots going to be destined to take over, red. There is a go fund me before we wrap up here. We knew guy for a long long time. Music is it. We still know him. We still know he's a. It is a good friend of all of ours, chase and Sinuses Davis days inside. He had a horrible activities currently paralyzed right now from the waist he will be able to walk again. But if you could, if you have a dollar honestly, whatever go to
go, find me. He was going to get health insurance beginning in January and worry for he had. He was supposed to get help and he just had a horrific accident and you- so he's gotta for lack of a better term, a load of medical payments. Well then, he just got in a deposit at an infection and then he's forced to say nice to you for three extra weeks, which is the most expensive hotel room on the face of the fucking Planet, and so now it's kind of driven down to this. Yes, if you can give absolutely will put that information on the website. Absolutely and also congratulations on getting married, Kenzie and eat. I hope you guys have a wonderful time. Yeah, so they're, good friends of mine, so Congrats to Ethan, and also yeah exactly engaged as well. We got another stallion in the state of Ohio. My goodness gracious! Congratulations to Ed Larson at his a wonderful, wonderful girlfriend, Julie and yeah yeah there is who would have thought review go
I can listen to the round table a gentleman. Now we got holdings engaged, eddies engaged Kevin and I are solely being Kevin. I and markets God knows, I think he might be a who I don't want to jinx. Who knows, I don't know, I don't know, he's gotta live through two thousand and nineteen. Oh I've got a bit of advice out there. That's just where I like to leave you guys with a bit of advice on big thing I was reading about recently, as I remember that ever you seem old, stand to toss pepper, and I know that it does necessarily just applies to just peppers and how good peppers are for gonna use them for food, but I think it also applies to a lot of things in life. Absolutely I'm all right. Thank you all so much for listening. You can find me on Instagram at Ben Kissel one we should So we share some clips on twitter. If you look at me, I'm just being Kissel Henry Henry loves you we most. I mostly just share clips and occasionally I'll I'll write, something on that devil site, but yeah. So you can
that there and yeah and Henry loves you with all that bullshit and follow at L P on the left, because that's where all the rest of our is for all the talk and the other, I don't know why it's like a big gash and there's a lot of anger going on, but we also have a spell all coming out we're working. Right now we're doing some fine tuning some edits, and I think you will really enjoy it. So please go out there and purchase that so we just wait, we're still just waiting in the middle added a. Hopefully it's going to run to squirt out before the fucking birth of the quote: unquote: Savior! Yes! Hopefully we can get it to you, then, but doing our best. We promise you. Alright. Everyone hail yourselves triple ally, friends, Anne Hale, sweet Satan and I guess Magoo Stellations is that's yeah, don't watch the Disney Channel turn it off book the yeah. If I can get rid of the distance, go to the parks. They were so magical. Yeah. That's true else,
Everyone are you doing. This is Ed Larson from the round table a gentleman how you do it baby? I miss you too, but you know, got a miss me too much because I got another show with Miss Amber Nelson called the brighter side. It's a sim x. Look at optimism: hey we all the positivity in our life, because, if you're all negative, it's gonna Glamoc loop in your stomach and you're going to be a miserable nasty person. Nobody wants to be with the miserable nasty they're bad skip me away from everyone else on our show on a regular basis. We have this thing called it's a game. We invented it's called who book? Google? No, no, don't do. How would you say you needed to do? There is no way to say it. It's again. We made up, and basically it's a rapid fire edition of finding the positive iti in something negative, we're going to play a quick version for your right now. So you see how it goes amber. Could you give me something negative, something negative horse, manure horse, manure, all you can
car I mean can be thrown horsemen newer cars. It's a bad thing to do, but probably fine watch check yeah and they gotta come before him being a car at all. With your positive of horse, manure uhm, you can use it to feed plants that make the food that's right. That's right! Manure makes food in that great that, who makes food for more poo poo. Oh it's so nice, it's a circle of poo poo! I want to say, Amber what is the brighter side of dirty blankets, dirty blankets. You could the barn and keep a dog warm you're, such a nice person. I I'm going to say I like doing laundry, I'm going to clean the blanket you like doing laundry I enjoy laundry. It sends me out. It makes me peaceful folded. Nice put it in cabinet you, clean blanket for when guests come over, or it's chilly.
Trying to say is listen to the brighter side. Is a city flicking optimism and it's on the last podcast network and also clean your sheets at least two weeks, because you need to sleep in a clean, blankets, bigger dear self may be
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