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Side Stories: Haunted Hooters

2019-09-04 | 🔗

Ben 'n' Henry break down this week's true crime news: the return of Henry's Slime Gang, violent sex robots, a legless Juggalo, and MORE. AND WE'RE IN IRELAND.

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There's no place to the hard work hard work boy. You know what they say castle. They say. If you do what you love you, never you never at work will actually you're always at work. That's when we learned that you are your job, you can't, even when you're in the bathroom, I guess women shower you're working on my own. Right so Henry you're fired you're, fired yourself,
you better hire yourself because we have to do a show all fought and we do do all my employees are fired, hey what's up everyone. How are you welcome to side stories? I am bad. I'm hanging out with Henry Aaron Copeland and we're in do we are at a kick hotel. We should give a plug to this place, called the fits it is really really nice yeah, it's very nice. They have a bar and because we're in Ireland it's uh twenty four hours a day is going to have a mistake. Bad idea, but now this is been incredible. Doeblin is full, although I will say this Henry these streets, they're not made for me nobody it's for the tiny irish I am like so big, I'm in everyone's way. I cannot decide. Boxer so tight, you are noticeable and I think it does get to a point where I'm think I'm legitimately like it's like we've become paired together. Where people can cut. They know you're you're here for something yes, and they know that the
I need fat with the game Sure it's on is also here for something right. You know what we're doing, because Marcus and I went to this little tube and name the grave diggers I heard that was great pub up by its bye, bye it will all the cemetery in Dublin where they have all their irish heroes are, are buried. Sadly, very sad, I'm glad they buried him. Now it's nice, but we went over there and it was like record scratch. It was like, we walked in. I mean I had a silly hat on an I Where my like a palm frond shirt on in right, it was a different. I was striking a tone. Yeah you're, definitely striking your like
I'm a performer from LOS Angeles and I'm here to make you smile and then everyone's like we haven't smiled in thirteen years. Why would we smile now but boys? Don't you want a song? Don't you wanna dance, but I don't see their they or they warm up once you start drinking. Oh man, honestly everyone's been super nice, it's incredibly chill, but we've been we've had some times Marcus and I had a tourist day yesterday. You guys did your touristy stuff. I walked all round the city. I saw Real Ireland I gotta say I like there. There are people who are. A little bit on skid row. They gotta skid row around here. They really do it's kind of cute. It's a colorful group of there are wild close running. Above my and I'm not even I'm not even fucking. This is not even joke. 'cause. There is no floor above us know. There really isn't so I don't know what the fuck that sound is. If you did hear that happening all night, it's been happening.
I mean I mean it. I don't know if you can hear it on the hear that recording on James I'm not fucking around, it is legitimately like someone's running back and forth above me, but I believe above me is the roof. I think that's true oh, my god. You know it yesterday. So I've never and I mean. I know it's not a full English right, because he took its here. I've now been told that time again, since there is already pressure, goes yeah, I do we had a full. I did we. I thought it was called the full English here call the full Irish because we're in Ireland makes a lot of sanity get upset. You you forget it sound like a really bizarre pornhub search, the full Irish. I don't really want to know what happens. I'm assuming beards involved well, my joke is that it's just throwing up out of your asshole. Oh really, because that's what happens when you eat breakfast, because this breakfast
you and Mark, as you like, to wake up at the crack of dawn. I don't and I just with them to get what right so I woke up mark is always gets up super early right and he loves a full breakfast. He loves it and so normally I'm a light breakfast guy yeah, because it's breakfast and then you have to get up your code live your entire day. You have to move you get new stuff. I saw a picture breakfast that you guys ate. It was a soup full of what looked to be tiny penises that I knew were sausages. No, that's a different thing. You were saw something I think it was just called something like moist bangers. Just like the slippery bangers. I think it was one of the dishes 'cause. They don't really they're, not trying to sell you on it, because this sub centuries old, so it's just like this- is just we've always needed, but we've always eaten big wet fukking, frothy, fickle, Veni sausages is what we do, but it is very. It is incredibly tasty, but yes, so what a full irish breakfast
says so. Yes, please, two eggs sunny side up. Okay, this one had a form of. I believe it is. It is not a week the we call that a hash brown and me got upset what what is it supposed to be called the cup but think all It's a think: it's not a box tied because epoxy, I believe, is a pancake right there. That was not certain. I thought that's what you guys were going to get because Mark is like so. They got box Tiznow Litter Box. Do you that's needed? He wanted? He don't want. You don't want me time with him, but then it's got that right. Then it's got two breakfast sausages. Well good, then there's a disc of blood sauce. Which is very good sweet, I don't I don't get the blood sauce. You should try it. I, like my sausages to be drained of blood. I don't know why. I'm not a van here before noon. One time you should come, you should come and take 'cause. You know when you do have you had any of the real german schitt, the oh yeah, we are buddy
Berlin is not going to be traditional, but will find a hipster traditional thing again. Please and all the people who sent US recommendations. That's how I found out gravediggers, like you, guys, really hooked it up for Dublin, always especially in like Berlin in Fuckin', Stockholm. I have no clue what the hell were doing and it's so much fun to hear what you guys think what we will like, which is I think it's! It's really across the board. 'cause most of time y'all is spot on, but sometimes guys, will say stuff and it's like we're not complete cycle pads, all that kind of have like we all live a normal life. It is bizarre when a recommendation becomes an indictment of character and you're like. Why do you think I would? like this. Turkey butt hole place that only specializes, but a lot of time in Turkey is tortured the most when it comes to extreme foods. Are there correct about me, know the rest of it? Well, a matter of fact. You went to gravediggers, as you mentioned, and who else went the gravediggers, alright, P, Anthony Bor,
in the morning, and you know I did his memories. I came back to the house and a double arabica sixty. She goes to remember good, but I deal with the right to keep the countdown of a full irish redoing that irish result as a white putting sort of black putting in the white putting a huh. I don't know what's in that was didn't know you just ate it though you didn't. You didn't ask now: ok, yeah, my son could've weekly. Alright, you got baked tomatoes, two big tomatoes on, and then this had bacon right and they do bacon traditionally over here under done, so so it's a little blue. It's a little loose. It's like, if you're irish, can you please can you? Can you clarify if that? he is how they do it, how you do it over add to list of this place? Does that tell people do it that that is it's not it's general, but it's real fatty and it's kinda like if bacon, was spaghetti, who
that's what it is. You're selling me on this now, but yeah. We had all that and then with that really does. Is it's, not only I mean I obviously it was blistering hungover. Of course we had a pub crawl crawler that night. We did our thing. I mean what I learned. I got as soon as we got in. I went to a place called Peters Bob, and I got what I like is just your traditional. Cheese tomato onion on white, it's a toasty otherwise known as a sandwich not a snow angel to eat it. Is you really only a toasty with toasted the way they do? You always write a sandwich. Would you like are so willing to some woman of the world? Here? Are the We do this thing simple and they did this incredible meal and it was just to get those whose two slices, in between. There was like a piece of ham and cheese or like a tomato.
I was like is What does the sock? You mean? You do not get the simple. Lights in America. I they go crazy here, wipe right, although I did read it all about a boy and I have no idea real, but it was in there metro paper. He boy went blind because all he did was eat white, bread, chips, fries and chips and uh one other thing. And he said, he's been eating that since he was fourteen, I believe he's nineteen and the doctor said he went blind because of it, but I love it get the kid I understand he's doing, I get it. It's very tasty, there's something about being heroes like when there's something about. One thousand years of bar culture. Oh totally, to this place and never has a stool slid. Under my tongue, flat white pass so comfortably yeah. Never have I seen so many of my pop pop
also around. My pop pop is alive here. They're still here Black horn, rimmed glasses with the White Hair grid red face just and it got sunburn. No, there was no, No, it's the whole. It is a matter of fact. It rains every day, apparently the it's rained every day since we've been here a, but only for about twenty five. It's a nice pleasant right it remind, the CCR song, have you seen the rain, of course, Vietnam, but he we are in our own version of Vietnam when it comes to our liver and when it comes to our intestines, but nonetheless it is funny The Irish are very irish and have to say Henry. If you did need to go on the Lam If you, let's just say black, you climb the car, you pull a Caitlyn Jenner, you, this morning once Angelus, bull, road rage and you're, like I got to get out of Dodge roll here, if you flip, on that irish accent, they wouldn't be able to find you Where is Waldo is an easier puzzle to find that man
in a group of people who look just like him. You would blend in better hey, hey adorn mean, Henry also bro you're selling a little hard here here here here here here here in pirate. He not hear a pirate, but this is your people, man, yeah buddy. This is where I'm bored it's built for me. I'm tall here I hit my head on almost every single doorway since I've since I've gotten no you're, not any here yeah. But I'll have him in. I did have a woman as a matter of fact. Would you up with the woman? Always you talk about the night we were out? No, I was. I just went out last night briefly, just it for some reason. I slept a lot yesterday and remind me of that sentence from that movie. I thought I had Mono for year, but it just turned out. I was really depressed and I don't remember what movie that was. I think it's more or less. I think we talked about my clueless, but I said like manual for Obviously, in her ass and she's like
former from America, and I was like I know, farm workers like no. No, no I'm I'm just I come I'm coming from Brooklyn we're doing a show, you're sick. No, no you're! former from America very tall. You're very tall, and I was like yeah yeah she's like I'm not hitting on you. She like clarified she's just like, but man a farmer from America, and I was like I am not I'm a performer Sheila basketball play it's very weird. This is when you, this is what you need to flavor, but I really I'm a I'm a professional basketball player, but I do like that she just clarified because, usually in America, they were like how tall are you and I'm just saying, like that's cool, and here she said just to clarify. Weird you're, really good. Actually that is her flirting with you. Maybe she was quite she was quite drunk. I will say: so I think in her mind, maybe she did have a Fabio like fetish, but instead of a buff buff, a european man she wanted
chubby farmer boy who was like when you were sitting. We were had that one late night bar there's a late night bar electrical the globe over here in this, like Temple BAR district in this one woman came up to us and the only words I uh he stood out of her mouth was I'm from America, but then she didn't continue to speak in. I think I can really, the only describe it is drunken ease like and she spoke at us for, like thirty and both of us were like the weed straight up, we're just saying out loud like I have no clue what you're saying Please leave us alone. I have no. I can't stand you and she's like yeah, your other ones. It doesn't. I don't think we're not even irish. You have no excuse, also heard the single worst song. I've ever heard. What I think is it great song. So there's some there's something about Irish. Cars right sitting here they either don't play music. I love live when they have live like hated music when they're going there
So I've seen at least three jegs. Oh absolutely! That's why I'm not being racist? No, they love the jig out here, and you know sometimes, though I did see a guy that I thought was doing like a funny little jig, but he just had some kind of heads up wrong with leg it's possible. She said I feel like that's just when you listen. I like the music because you sit there. You got your pop, your drink, your point, and you would you know what you get with their songs, a history lesson, because all of their songs are a part of your client they're, all about some random person, who probably has a whole series of dark thing, in the past that they refuse to mention it's a lot of stuff. They just talk about the good benefits of the person and what they did for Ireland. Bye love you, regional folk music. I think it's funny 'cause Minisa, because when he gets me I think we need to look at it so much, but remember that that we heard it was literally the worst thing. I've ever heard. It was a european remix of we will rock
I yeah that was playing at the bar. That are you I yelled at the ceiling in it was Freddie Mercury singing, but then they had children doing at the core going we and it was they took the back. Track output. This this drum machine- and I was like europeans- had just the weirdest idea of what is good people lose their minds, they love it, they love it. I mean, I think it's one of those under tech. Under cover detective scams. You got a pad to cry whoever has a boner you're outta here and it's not right Elizabeth Way to figure. I hate I do not like listening to children, saying no, I'm not a child. We talk about it's good, Jackie, also famously we all hate children singing. I just don't get it. Just don't get. Anything are not talented enough to say this is our first week here. Overseas and we are having a blast we are. We are going to be here for a much longer time and we do have some fun we did talk about. We have a slight,
story, but not from Lausanne Now now the slime gang has not heard from me from quite a bit mainly be cause the people that I was really two people are the main parts of my slime gangwon. I mean it's my buddy Kirk and he already had another baby, and so he couldn't I could be as involved in the slime searches anymore, any move to a house. Yes, so Kirk is doing great he's, crushing it up Jerry Town, director we did a they would cook are so we did a short film. We got the call that you're a great okay and who's your other member of the slime gang. It was another couple. They got divorced he left the building yeah we work with that, your neighbor. Yes, they got a divorce, no, not the mother of my cool neighbor. Now, right now, my friend I now actual friend the downstairs neighbors. I thought there might be kind of like I don't think they were swingers they're, the ones that talk about the ghosts I have it all over the apartment building and then also, but then one time the woman came out and she was crying and
I was out walking Wendy and she's just like he just doesn't respect me and I was like this is a lot to be like talking to me because I'm just like your run, Scotty yeah, I'm just slime Gang leader, the representative and that's really the issues I'm here to to leave a professional yet yeah, I I'm not your psychotherapist right right gang. I am a slow I'm getting slime locator and I'm going to say a Jew. Slime, adjudication and lieutenant I'm Lou an end of an I'm admiral of the I mad moral of the tax change makes a lot streams there yeah? This is a new story that came from China. China's lunar rover has encountered strange goo on the dark side of the moon. This is from website calledzerohedge dot com, after several It's hanging on the dark side of the moon. China's Chang Oh, my god, I write it
Chang apostrophe E Chang for Lunar Rover has really stepped in it. According to NBC News, the missions rover you two two, which is what bono's brother is going to be fucking, torn as next year. I like it, came across a gel like substance on its eighth day, which, because scientists to put a full stop on its planned schedule and try to figure out what exactly the goo is. This is pretty cool stuff man. I love this. You know I will. This is just I mean DR. I literally as soon as I saw the story, I got so hard. I got zipper burn on the tip of my being. Oh, my goodness careful and we have a. We have a clarification on Gina, rub that all will read later very good, but this seems like something straight out of that super hero, film venom. What if this is is in itself an alien life form. This gui type, subs interesting, said: superhero film work definitely called more of an antihero film, oh whatever,
July 28th, the Chang E4 team was preparing to power U22 down for its usual midday, quote, unquote nap to protect the rover from high temperatures and radiation the sun high in the sky. I didn't know they needed naps. I mean I need a nap all the time. Yeah I eat and remember I team member checking images from the rovers main camera spotted a small crater it seems to contain material with a color and luster. Unlike that of the surrounding lunar surface, the drive team excited by the discovery called in their lunar scientists. Together, the teams decided to postpone you to choose plans to continue. You West and said order the Rover to check out the strange material not to anyone material chinese scientists use the you to choose visible and near infrared spectrometer, which can materials based on the way light is scattered or reflected I'm looking at it right now and it's fun. It's very five, but he did have no clue what it is. They think it could be quote. Unquote, quote milk glass
created from meteorite striking the surface of the moon, which just sounds like we're trying to protect, who we try to protect, or perhaps a volcanic explode. And there was three point six billion years ago, that was when they found 'cause. They found another anomaly on the moon. They found out she Orange Dirt right now what the hell was, and it turns out that so that's pretty cool. Man, they got it. I mean. Do you think that some of these like? Is there scientists? To look that you think that someone had to look at? I think, if you get a you get you get a jelly like substance right, you don't know what it is is old, school cop work. This is back before you had like before yet a tester to see if it was cocaine, cut to tongue. That is very nice. No give it a little lucky. Your buddies, nickname like farts or like nickname. The bulls eye for some reason you to get that you get your cousin Bart BAR
over there I mean, like my cousin bar delete. Anything he lost, certainly have a metal thing. I wouldn't think so. He'll probably go in there yeah they sent me now, there's always a chinese version. Doesn't bark? Did you go in there and you can check it out, because how do they figure out half the weird things that they eat exactly obviously are a an aspiring, ufologist just and you know we just saying the words that you're ufologist makes you pass aspiring and put you all the way to professional. Ready pro you're already pro when we talk with alien life forms were always looking for, like the fun little green men, or maybe the martian coming down. But do you think that this is me most likely? What what to expect, we're going to get some gelatinous genetic creation that is people to say like hey how low, but it might be the foundations of a life there's many ways. Life could exist outside of our solar system and the many did we just don't know. There's like a there's. Many different backbones life such as carbon life, there's also the idea it
maybe like a fuckin' lg. It could be something that comes from a meteorite that fucking cracked open split out, and it was just a bunch of garbage. I don't like it was a Cadbury egg who fucking knows these very much. So the idea that I believe that if we do come across certain types of extraterrestrial life, we would not even recognize it. Even if we covered it like. We would not be able to know, and I think that there is like actually a listener letter recently talking about this, that I e well, I try to bring up a little bit on the right. Ocean of episodes, and I really do believe it is a possibility. Well things like the the tech tech. Your photos seen over the USS Nimitz like what we cover in the live show. Yeah could potentially just be like This concept of these machines, these orbs, these things that are coming out of our you either of our dimension or from another planet necessarily need pilots, you don't necessarily need like they're. Not they might not be.
Crafts, these little. That movie, where the kid gets in the craft, in the craft line to navigate lead in the navigator. But the thing is that the cracked itself is a being cool. Is that these are that's. What it is is that if it's a four month post biological life, I think very I know, there's a podcast series. Listen to call the end of the world that does a good break down of some of these theories. I don't like that. I don't like the positioning of the podcast at the end of the world kind of fetish eyes is bad news. Would right I'm sick of a booking, so sick of people worshipping the end of the world. I think it's really sad we visit. If it happens, then ever be like now. I really enjoyed thinking of the end of the world but like if it does, and then you don't even get to think about it any than
kind of suck, it's sort of begins to feel like you're rooting for the end of the world, and I think that that's a up way to live, because where there is life there is hope, that's all hey buddy. I believe you men were over here and I you know Ireland. So we are really getting our fill of european political news. Speaking of people rooting for the end of the world, and it is a boot. It is you watch parliaments watching them, email, great, there's so reserved in real life and they get behind closed doors there bunch of savage base, but yeah check out the idea of look. If you really want to look. I really like the concept of the there is a post a logical world that we could end up in a maybe that's one of the reasons why we have not seen UT t right. Well, I guess we actually get rid of your bones. Skip your bones out of the body. Then we can all look like those little blob. Fish is
Those vicious with the nose you've got mad if you've got well. You know what. Why did? Why have the end of the world when we can have great stories like this one? This one comes from billboard dot com. It's a Audio Rosenbaum wrote in a little bit I'll just give a synopsis here, but the headline is Ohio ensues after legless juggalo crashes into him with a golf cart at an insane clown, I see gather real. What is a juggalo to juggle? Let's say: no, we got you guys out there. Thank family for supporting us fam now. My question is: is that you don't have to sign? release at the gathering saying like I hereby acknowledge wish that you legless man might hurt me tonight. You know, I think, honestly, if I was the defendant of its, in the legless man, it's being soon. Oh this guy Adam, but and he is suing ninjas- an action that is the Michigan
group that was holding the twenty people gathering of the Juggalos all also so we lower it's got a recreational park worthy of that was being held, but I think if I'm the fence of ninjas in action. Bro, you to a juggalo festival like sometimes and this is what happened- dude was hammered, it's like if I went to a ketchup sprinkler party in a white suit. Yes, it got filthy. My suits filthy, nicest white suit, you're asking for it in a way. I'm gonna- I'm not gonna victim blame here, although to be fair it at a data gathering, it won't be ketchup if you're covered in any red substance in the blood might be a lot of it so Adam but Tom. He said he was just walking. Down the street, I'm going to assume not sober and all of a sudden, he because that's how I'm certainly yeah the gathering just strolling Do it. If music on patrol unpatrolled, which is Mosier yeah, he was just moseying around. Nobody was a golf
Here's a little hum of a golf cart around the seat, so likely man, I'm assuming in full Juggalo make oh yeah buddy driving a golf cart. Well how the heck did he drive a golf? Cart? Don't have legs. Well, you know what you know: baseball bat so he was driving. This golf cart with a baseball bat. The battle well steering which that's not easy, huge, that's he's ambidextrous. Well, I'm sure the one edge of the baseball bat must have been on his number, maybe He was an end up, something like that could go. You may be going full pirate with this up, so we should like cruising down and all of a sudden he's, like the guy turn she's, like that's a jug, man with no legs and he is not slowing down him, guys, not dead. So it's just kind of funny. Stick golf cart going to hear me: how fast can they go as fast as he possibly could solarius? So this is what he said. He said he was. He was attending the festival. He was there for our full, four days he call
the apparently the festival was advertised as the raise your show on the craziest show on earth with quote controlled chaos. Attendees were just a gathering they must be must have like legally had to put that into the language like at some point lean like. Can we Just say it's controlled chaos exactly and it kind of is so it was at one hundred o'clock in the morning. It was a final day of the after Burton said he was riding his bike between bizarro world tent. And the Drainer Road pavilion. When a golf cart had no headlights, it was being driven by a dude whose name this is not a joke. It's Alexander, less legs, Perkins Alexander, less legs Perkins, which was the nickname that the Juggalos obviously gave him, because you know what they see, something they like a bit. A man no need to have a clever. You don't have. A clever nickname is like
we're not even irish folk hero. No, I don't think that's not cool awesome, nickname. Sometimes your nickname is just since it's like right on the nose absolutely, we don't have a nose and then you can just be called like no nose so Perkins evidently in the lawsuit baton, says that he was like hammered off of drugs or alcohol, but according to Perkins. He says quote: I was stone, cold, sober Lincoln Park on the fourth day of the juggalo gathering, YO yeah, definitely Brookins also told TMZ. He was ejected from his cart due to the accident sustain injuries him self, so I you know you gotta careful when you go to these juggalo of at the same time. Man, if you see a golf cart coming, you're on a bicycle. You got to do that speed up or did other way 'cause legless. Is there or less legs he's rolling after you not on purpose just because he doesn't know how to steer the damn thing. I'll tell you what in a game of chicken with somebody who could not probably identify a chicken in a line
animals. You're gonna lose a game of chicken. You see, so you do have to jump over in through the golf cart, yeah. I did that once I almost got hit by a car I technically did get hit by a car. A guy went through like basically just love coasted through a stop sign. As I was crossing the street and I need my instinctually I probably sincerely jumped five times in my life. I don't have one last time you jump jump, jump like being like was like had to jump gosh darn man, I don't even know I eat, This is one. I remember it because I jumped instinctually right and moved aside and then just went up on uh huh of the guys card will wreck the whole hood nice, which is sweet yeah? That's what you gotta do do, of course, You got to and jump in a legless be careful out there we I will say this: I don't like the guy's suing the ninjas in action, because they're going to try.
Shut down the 21st gathering event- and, let's be honest, everyone's like oh, my god, what there, let them have this. Yes, exactly if you don't let the gathering, if you don't want the Juggalos have their four days, then it's going to be three hundred and sixty five days of them being very upset Don't there for days, and then we got a lot of less legs driving cars with baseball bats, Macon traffic, a real nightmare sure builds absolutely. But these people celebrate this is their version of an emotional purge. It need to get it out, but now does ICP perform it all of these, sometimes, but not all the time, not all time. They are because it's a lifestyle, so they go It's a lifestyle. It's a ideology. They go. On the the drink there there so does the bag off. They got their sodas. I the they they like? They like a flappy man and a woman
we love it all they like him flappy. You know it reminds me a little bit it's a little bit like Sturgis, because that their body positive, in that they all have or geez with anyone, yeah and they'll. Just do it in public. Well, yeah. They don't give a fuck, we hepatitis that is but as a warning other to our general family, be very careful. Make sure to give it a white: do they have a tongue condom? Do those x get dental dams, yeah, but maybe leave a nerd? I don't know I've, never Dental dam, I'm not Never I've never used a dental dam is what I'm saying it's it's weird right that's what's sad is that I do understand that if it's not up, it's technically smart and you should use them, especially for a sex bobble blah. I blah. I do understand that, but how? How sad is that sit with a woman or a lady and then as soon be like wait. I have to put this plastic tarp down over your vagina before my lips touch it because I'm worried your vagina will kill me yeah. It's good mood, dampener. It seems very
very btk esque. That's why I just uh it's important as you do in a hotel. You can just do it through a washcloth. Why, wouldn't you know yeah
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stir he's only. It was only eighteen years old, Matthew Bernard. I was eighteen years old. He killed. Sister, who was Blake Bivens wife on their fourteen, little beige and her mother and the way he founded the story was sent to me many times but times, but because the big, the end of it was we crazier than the actual story where they caught him nude in a parking lot Matthew, but are they they kid, the eighteen year old. Who actually did this crime? They found him Breemen nude in a parking lot right and then he keeps saying no motive is known. They don't know. Why did it sounds like he was on drugs? It sounds like that. Well obviously some kind of drug. Do site there are some people that are a little bit it treat, because this man literally is running at this cop but make it is Ding Dong, a slap at all around totally crazed and the cop we got a he's got his mace out, but in
a situation where the pigment of the skin that was different. I believe this man would have been shot in the head immediately by cops yeah. So that's a little bit of one of the. It is interesting currents because lit. I have never seen a. U s. Police officer try to avoid police force more than in situation where technically, if he was shot I'd, be like yeah, you are, you are running neck, at this officer, even covered in blood covered in blood. Yes, yes, do it an interesting story in that perspective? No, I don't I mean that's just it. The fucking most heartbreaking It's crazy criminal bullshit in the world and the fact that I mean I've completely agree with that. It's a defeat was anything but a eighteen year old, white man and you would not have gotten you would've gotten shot, but that video, you know what it reminded me of, because cone Kony two thousand and twelve member this, when one was talking about this. I don't know what it was then yes, well anyway.
I want to see a nude freak out. You can find the man who originate 'ed, this Kony, two thousand and twelve campaign, and he had a total mental break. He ended up going naked on the I believe of Seattle and I think he was diagnosed by with another, with some other condition. So without a doubt, this man was not in the frame of mind, and it is just so so the baseball you're now he's just That'S- got to be so devastating for him. He said his heart has turned to ash which is it's a brutal little story. I don't know why I brought it up. I usually get one of those stories that you, like so hard this year to bash yeah. This whole life was destroyed. His whole life was destroyed one afternoon. So it's the worst second face planet here. Full story, interesting sacrifice operated when I don't do the when it comes to the sentencing them when they know anything more about why? Why did you feel that he did what he did, and this is another one where we want to reach then ask if someone is a more inclined when it comes.
Mental illness aspects of criminality this, and obviously is insane, but if it was Drug reduced or I guess, if he was drug induced, would it make him? be able to stand. Trial is the same man, I think so, and if he was sober perhaps it could be like well, he was did he even know what he was doing from what we've learned on our listener. So far, they basically said they do go through with, because competency is about the time of the murder, but it's also about court proceedings and if was drug induced then? Yes, maybe at the time you don't right from wrong right. He is the debt, it's not a permanent condition. I don't know if that holds. I think that it comes down to that once he sobers up and he's really is what he. What he's got I've, never seen a drug, no matter what the drug is. That makes you just snap and kill your family taken. So many mushrooms in the last thing I want to see is blood yeah. I want to see like really nice things. Flamboyant
things yeah- I would have a nice time, but I've never done crystal meth, but from what I've heard even friends that I know that have done crystal meth. The way they seem to private. Is that yeah I mean it's. It is what it is exactly as advertised, but if you don't have evil, working down in the depths of the cockles of heard a lot of right. It would take awhile for it to get there. You have to be pretty like despondently. Let you have to right. Point where you don't have anything left to lose and you are just desperate for drugs, but a lot of times. I would involve robbery. Oh, I think that's often the case. Well, speaking of not much to lose. Let me just do this quick story about robots Henry Ray. You don't have, against the robots going well, you know they're trying to make it legal for you to destroy public robot. They usually do believe So I forget who it was there was someone send a story? I didn't look deeply into it because you know I appreciate robots, but they trying to make it illegal for you to kick a robot. You should be able to
so they know that humans yeah. So this is from the daily star, so you got to believe it so uh. Bentley? Scientists are concerned that sex robot, with coding errors are prone to violence could strangle humans Henry. So when it all falls or for all of us, and we have to you know cigar last ten thousand dollars out of the bank and were like I'm buying myself, a mechanical life be very careful. This is true, and it's not, but I believe it is even though the Daily star anyway doll collector. His name is brick dull, banger feuers via, repercussions of robotics are not regulated properly. Oh, is he them? He he's the savior of humankind. Doll banger is yeah brick who has close ties with manufacturers, real biotics and this told the Daily star online. It scares me to death it's a machine and it's always going to be a machine. If you've ever watched the movie x mock,
which should be machine. Accept mocking mocking out whatever the hell. It is it's something: ok ex machina, because uh- Basically, this dude is say that the robots are going to look like that and uh Wilson, murder, if you look like a leash of thick lander, that's what you want and there's going to be a long time before the look like a civic lander, for a for So, do you see the one here this one look at this look at this sexual but he's got you want to suck that. No, I don't want to do that. Does that look like an actual woman to you? No, it looks like something that could murder me those sites, you you look at that thing right now and you say yeah. I hope that lifeless plastic thing that I will fuck as it squeaks under me. It's it's dead eyes, look up at me and it's open, blowjob whole mouth staring at me, like some slick at the dead woman. All I know is, if not programmed properly, they could kill you when you
have sex with that one is going to happen. I just dole banger, it's so strange because it's like he's packing his own sexual fantasy 'cause. He wants to have sex with Alicia Vikander, but he wants her to be a appliance sex life right. That's what you want with my sex robot. Yes, I get it. I get it. This is what you want right, but you're so upset already, but you think- you can't trust women enough to that. Even at the beat level a machine that is programmable you're. Looking at there literally is your slave. You don't even trust it enough that you think you need to have even more control.
Open world. We need to be using the word slave here, because this is what he has to say. He says, unless you can stop it with some kind of projectile like I'd gone. If this gets out of control, it could do some serious damage next thing you know, and but you imagine that if you have a child and they were killed by their sex robot, you just have to say that the child died of cancer, because you can't, because Fine be like this is this is TIM? How do we understand? Will he bought a set? Robot in the sex room strangled him to death with her boobs. Wouldn't that be crazy, like Father like That's what he wants. You know it's very, it's very fun going to be the end of the human race. You know what sex robots, not everybody. I really think that you are over playing just how many people will use the sex. But I don't know in order for me to use a sex number one? I would need permission from my wife and that's going to be
not a conversation, even water? Well, that's exchanged point side stories: L P, o t, L at G mail dot com is having sex with the sex, robot cheating, that's up for big debate, is a big debate. Debate specially at the center of people that believe monogamy be will do that. It's a big that is uh Matthew. Think that Natalie 'cause you're the one in a relationship here you got their wife. Do you think that nah Divorce. You. If she walks in she sees you'll polish, but going up and down and she's like It's just robot slave and then just point just pointedly it's a robot, I'm just so robots breasts. No, I think that she would actually, I think, should be uh. I think the word is. The conversation would be Henry I'm not mad, but I'm disappointed I think that the disappointment would be. The end is worse than anger. You can come and go and you could do a thing
should be so I think I'm going to use the term disgusted and saddened, by my action, mildly, appalled, perhaps yes, and that she will be on and look at me and be like this. Is man I chose this man did that he felt that he could have a conversation with me for us to make love in a four We did you, because you got a lot of gals on these gym machines. There hump There's no dessert! That's where we were. The double standard is 'cause, we'll. Let me get another right yeah, I'll, just stand to the side you're going to be. You're going to be a robot cock, that's in robot cock, if that's a robot, is it a robot cook to have like a dill doe or like a fuckmachine in the room? No, it has to be full body. That's what I'm saying is we full body? So it doesn't matter because no well it'll never be as funny as me. Whenever that machine sets not yet
nine tell your family up loaded and then they got the a I machine in there, but that will be give it the biggest for can Packer or the smallest whatever they want, and that's how you keep your wife happened from then on perfectly because then what all happens? It's like I'll put my helmet on and like and like pass out like sees out, but my consciousness will go into the machine. Okay, all right! Well, that's that's this week's sites. Stories toss up question to the crowd and will emails on that? Next week, I'm alright: let's do this
eggs hero of the week and of the week we're actually going to plug another podcast- and we haven't heard this podcast before, but it is called the nightmare podcast and the
It is a dude named Jordan, Bon apart and he accidentally stumbled upon a real life mystery. The best part about this story is that it's kind of a we talked a little bit before it's like 'cause. We don't like. We don't necessarily plug other peoples material on our show, because we are selfish, but I think that with something like this is that it's a podcasters dream. This is to stumble. Pawn an original story that you break, but then you can hold right in he's getting sucked into So he broke the story of something called the Halifax. This is a Nova Scotia. They Halifax Glove Guide and has led to an intellectual property dispute, because the Halifax Glove Guy was really upset that he This story, using all of it, turns out that the Halifax Glove DOT, Gov Glove Guy, bought the nightmare, podcast dot com and all those kinds of things right. So the way
story goes, but let's get into the story. He started covering this guy Halifax, a glove, a guy on his podcast. I believe it's called the night time. Podcast, yes and so do he he was covering the story, which was this kind of funny, but uh Irving's series of tales of men that were drunk at night getting picked up by this guy. That would be drive around offering people for your rights. Yeah and then he would give them a series of gloves to try on in side of the car that were increasingly smaller and difficult to put on their hands and that he told them he was a part of a glove business, and this was him testing out his material. So the glove glide, The guys name is Murry James and he reached out to bon apart and was like. I can't believe you would have a two part series trying to accused
doing something that was malicious or nefarious. I run a glove business and I'm just trying to sell my gloves. So it's easy for business card to each one of his quote. Unquote at first it sort of, as quote unquote bit did he say potential clients he say kind of like victims and recording James. He said that his stories are the stories of his glove business. Acumen had been totally overblown arrears. He have a damn. You may or reputation and put me in danger all right. You might gloves he wrote are tight due to the Macon and misconstrue my intentions toward the and I am so passionate when it comes to my girl, so this guy so James he goes other defensive, but it turns out
suit is okay, but I also love good. Did you get extra mad because I am currently live in an old myself for child care giver for my mom at age? Eighty seven would be Lin L. I know all right to continue to see old age and people to continue. What I say things about me is very stressful. It's stressful for, but it turns out. This podcast does stumble upon something much door to a much more nefarious. People started coming forward and we're like number. I met glove guy, and that was weird. According to this one dude Shonda Wolf. He says he was picked up and again he used to pick folk up around one or two o'clock in the morning. Dole says: as the right continue. He became more continued. He was more and more uncomfortable yeah. You can write I'd like to try and this one is a news. Were nice yeah you try to three different clubs. Each one were exceedingly type, apparently when We arrived at the Wolf House. He said James had him try on a final pair of gloves it gloves it was at this point. The wolf looked over.
Saw James was masturbating in the seat. No, so it was sexual was it also. It was sexual assaulted. I guess it was, but then it turned out there were conversation of. Like and being very reticent to come forward and say that these things are happening to them? They were saying like 'cause, it started the funny story, the way that guy did this victim basically said he's like I was open about it. I told the story and I've laughed about it, but then I realized slowly but surely, like Oh, I was sexually assaulted. Yes, I just didn't understand they interviewed the interviewed a sociologist and social worker, Robert Wright, talking about uh the percentage of men who come forward? There's a percentage of men I want to go to sexual assault, it's probably five or ten, or maybe fifteen percent sure about five instead of the six percent of the assaults you're talking about uh very small number of assaults in men that are ever reported to authorities. So until this guy Jordan, Bon apart, started talking about the glove man, and then threw himself into the story we
not know this tale of the glove put the glove guy went ahead and registered the name of his podcasts, with, like whatever is their business Bureau of Nova Scotia. So now he legally owns the podcast, and then he made a website in a facebook page, both just slightly off from the web sites. Himself created and now Murray James has decided that he is going to create a podcast covering the same types of material that this dude did, which is fucking. He, just amazing the level of the George Costanza, like mix with like about, but so we want to he's like so go and give this guy I have a listen to the show yet so I have no clue, I can't speak to fully to the quality of it yet, but the musical list to the night time podcast and and make sure he gets those numbers and not the fake night time. Yes,
the bottom part. You are this week's hero of the week and we will continue to follow to see if you win your legal all right. Let's do some listener, email. Okay, let me see what Megal tied or dairy or case I like to lead. I like thirty, that let her salary, I know what body Old Johnstone not truly, are you or should we go just the Navy's fit right Hey one, a limey that nobody gets me. It's me, okay, so this is kind of an answer to a question. We had about a bouncer killing a guy on the job right, hey guys, is watching a recent. Last dream and you all were debating whether a bouncer punching and killing someone was considered manslaughter Miami Criminal Defense Attorney in St Petersburg FL so boot and worked on a case in which our client and worked on
case in which our client was a bouncer at a Clearwater Beach bar and had to subdue a large rowdy drunken man made placing him in a chokehold and taking him to the ground. Unfortunately, the rowdy man died in the process. We took the case to trial and he was acquitted after we were able to prove he was acting within the course and scope of his duty as a bouncer, mainly by protecting himself in others. In the bar from this angry man's drug, in tirade, so the short get somewhat complicated answer is that a bouncer could be charged with manslaughter for killing someone during a physical altercation in the course of his job, but he might not be convicted all there. You go very interesting. Also had a conversation on last week's episode, and I believe the week before that as well about male castration. Fetish is this letter comes in. And uh. This is a friend of someone who is a dominatrix, so I'll just read the middle part of this letter it starts with, of course, begins with hey guys, love the show. Thank you all so much for all of that
So she goes on to say, I have a friend who is a dominatrix and she's. Some times has guys with fetishes like this. In order to let them experience without actually harming them and, of course, we're talking about cutting off the well. I also found out self castration. I got a lot of direction emails, that the goal is to cut off the balls, very good, so she says in order to give these dudes the experience they want without harming them. She buys build those matching their skin tone and attaches them to the guys, growings and then cuts it off the butcher, knife or scissors. I guess it's a pretty. I guess it's pretty: active and she has a lot of repeat. Customers hail yourselves. Well, thank you so much for that. So this dominatrix found a way to satisfy the fetish sex workers are such key to society. I think he they don't know what to say. That's all standing Syfy, absolutely so she's doing the build out that and then they chop it up
Then you know what they get this they can take and still p standin up. You could still just have a normal life. There you go, you can just I mean I get it. You can have this fetish, but I gerrold t I'll give you won't teach you go, miss them bowl, you're going to miss him when you're old and you no longer have any sexual desire should be like that 'cause somebody this those years dude it's kind of fun? I don't know women do the same with their breasts, but it's kind of fun just play with your balls when you're just sitting alone in room. Ok, all right sure, Absolutely I see you have an open bottle of lotion right here in your room, should put it away. Yeah yeah, yeah, I don't know what he's into crime. We had a conversation about this. I really am sad that I didn't put it away before you came in here, but I will say that they Sheamus and these hotel rules when they purposely give you highly fragrant monster. We discussed this the other night. There's no need for it, because I don't want to set an alarm I'm just saying if you are a hotel or in the hotel business, no one's
themselves in the body lotion. Nobody at auto body lotion. It is a single or part of your body lotion, just get it on the scented cramped. Otherwise it can really hurt unscented crime, because some under there as a cooling agent in it and it gets in your whole. I don't need to have my penis feel like a. Cucumber. I don't want to do this. I don't need to send it up right, no penises, already isoft. I don't want it needed to meet because of the moisturizer. I don't need it but I will say at the very least, this hotel has body lotion some of them. We've noticed, are getting rid of it and I feel like the appointed back, I think you know it was also a what is it and how I remember this from that simple place that we talk about last week. That was a higher place. The simple fact that, looking to you know, tell you you know, host office, noticeably did not have more stress from there. No, no! No, the brutal they're Bre, there's horrible people over there and it's
shut down. All right here is a story from a hey all, I'm a current server at the popular Breastaurant chain, Hooters one of the our managers told me about the podcast, so I started listening on my forty five mile commute schitt forty five miles. That's only about the minutes there. You know they get they get to actually unleash in these towns. This up forty five minutes of new your forty five. My New Yorker la where you have to go one mile an hour and forty five miles in New York or alleys is Albany. Yeah we did regular that would come in every week, five to six times a week, sometimes twice a day same booth. Every time of his booth wasn't available. He would sit at the one behind it and move his and move once his was open again he's. He always leave a pile of jolly ranchers or starbursts on his booth. When he left weird a few months ago, we had a blood clot in his. Long he passed away during his meal one night, he died at the owners for a few weeks after we put
Papa Coke or sweet tea for a few hours for his remembrance. Various honestly very, very sweet for those of you hooters is the restaurant where the waitresses are are. There are attractive and they were really tight. Shirts yeah. Last week I was working the front section and stacked empty plates in the front service station to take to the back when my section cleared out after the rush died down a little bit after about forty five minutes, or so most of the guests had left, and I finished cleaning off the last of my tables. I walked back to the front to get the play. Notice, they were gone. We don't like to service the floor and the bartender during the lunch the lunch shift. I asked the other girls working they'd taken the plates back they all said no. I asked the manager of heat taking the back. He also said no, I asked the bartender regulars of the teen. Anybody walk back there and everyone said no. I went back to his booth and I stood at the corner and it was colder that area the haunted, hooters booths, did hooters. Oh MIKE sounds like he sounds like a true
a movie yeah. I want to see that bill. I think I wanna see their films, it's honestly, ok, we want to address this. I brought this up much to your you're, your and for some reason you act like you didn't know this, but I think it's because of your shame. This comes from K, Henry C. Confused with Marcus and Ben did know, but gene rub the the painful rashes you get in your nether region when you're fat and it's hot outside. I was confused too This is a well known and frequently discussed phenomenon amongst women who size touch. I've heard it called Chubb rub No, I know that though, maybe it's a nomenclature thing, it might know. I understand you are. Walking in specific about your genitalia. Wasn't I specifically wasn't, but due to my I could see how good you would all right I, but I was, stand that my knee highs are good too. She is good I'd, she's, good advice for the big do that there who don't know you can treat Chubb Rock by wearing bike shorts over your underwear or by rubbery. Do you order it on the affected area before you get dressed in the morning, all
over the inside of your dick and balls. No, that's not good is this. This is technically advice. You just buy the powder just buy out quite yet that would also a device. That's also good advice. Rubbing deodorant grandmother used to do it because she thought she kept it kept bugs away, but then shoot I swear tonight. My grandma default higher body in deodorant anyway she's dead, and I love her. She didn't do two you! No! She didn't. There are about me getting bit by bugs you'll have to reply throughout the day. There are their products like body glide in anti taping bands on the market to if you're, better living through that consumerism type. Well, we just went in okay all right, but thank you so much K. That was really honestly. It's very useful, very useful of all right. Everyone will thank you so much. For listening to our first podcast recorded in beautiful Europe. We will be here for the
seeable future. I guess the next two six months, two to three months. Yeah, so remember, you live everyday, like your jigging. Your way down a cobblestone, ST and you've got dirty feet, but you got a gut full boost and you couldn't give a shit Leonhard. You laugh laugh, like you. Just saw the yeah so they're gonna settle oh had settled here. You see the full moon rise to the top. I know they say every pump is going to different poorer. Every pubs, get a different poor, but I tell you, what being from America every Guinness taste to see it tastes like we did run into somebody was like we go to every public. We tried, we, we Nicki our friend Nikki, who he met. He works at this shop here in Dublin, shut out the naked, but they all do taste, they all taste the same 'cause. I never had nine businesses. And he says he uh and then love live yeah, I said, live in love yeah. I gotta love, love with the heart,
Big is the irish love everyday love every day like Oh man, you could punch your father and you could kiss your mother. There are love every day, like you're you're, a member of the uprising, that's very controversial when I very controversial very country but yeah. Triple l, baby triple all right, everyone. Thank you all so much for listening and never forget help yourself, Amy Fucking Bitch. Go get some. What should we get fish and chips? I've been, I want it, I want it, but my body is really upset with me right now. Yes, I was mine, this show is made possible by listeners. Like you, thanks to our ad sponsors, you can support our shows by supporting them for more shows like the one you just listen to go to the
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