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Side Stories: Jinmenken Me Crazy

2019-09-18 | 🔗

Ben 'n' Henry break down this week's true crime news: a dead doctor is revealed to have collected thousands of fetal remains, the Jinmenken, and MORE.


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This is the lost. This is the left side, man. We have been sick for like a month, How long have we been in Europe just three weeks, yeah we've been sick for three weeks, hello good. Today, though you're doing good, too yeah man, I keep just throwing up big God there's! No one wants to hear about that. Is our lives yeah, but no one wants to hear about that part of our lives. Hear about how we went and we were. We didn't. We are in Sweden right now, Sweden. The only way I can really describe it walking around is that it's all of the kids from the rich kid camp from the 80s movies. They all
There is very similar. They are, they are very similar. Looking people beautiful people fired on the mission, handsome, the only very hot water around the almost looked like automated creatures. I've been checking for chords to make sure they're not just robots. Is that you're doing you're literally walk around grabbing people be live, are operating tables where's, your remote control, woman, yeah, but you know what they also look like that, do they all look like the bad guy from Woody Allen, filmed I mean, even though now we know the fact that it would be the hello, sir sure, with the deal we write it that way, though? No no! It's always like a good looking dude in light, very up to date, 70s they're. Very very. Dress handsomely, dressed, they're, very handsome, good people. It's been great to be here in Sweden. What's up everyone.
Welcome to side stories. I am Ben hanging out with Swedish Henry Zebrowski yeah. You know we really do we realize when we travel abroad. Americans, I'm not going to say we don't dress well, but you know what we do. We are comfortable. We are clearly comfortable people, because everywhere else. They're, like better put. My nice shoes and my nicest click clacks and it's like surely here especially here in Stockholm, everyone is very fashionable, they're very I mean very polite, though variable I don't it's called this filth. Not yet no one's called me a toilet monkey not this point I see some other looks and they so I found out that the kroner that we've been using, we gotta bunch of cash, nearly kroner- is really only used in stock home by people that have committed crimes. Yeah it's for money laundering. I didn't quite realize like what they are
Asian is here so we went to exchange our cash, and I know this is very exciting for everyone. This is what I can get a top tier entertain, top tier entertainment, but again the thousand whatever we had yet or something, and then I got back like twelve. As in corona, and I was like this cool man- mister money bags. Didn't realize a salad like two thousand right there I did did do the thing and we sat down to dinner at the first night and I was like six hundred dollars for sale yes I'm. A moron and and they know it 'cause. They saw my eyes, get big and they're like that's another America, It doesn't understand that America doesn't go with him everywhere. He goes yeah which you know it doesn't, and I prefer it this way. It's so fun to get out and experience these things. We would never do this kind of shit is. Did you did you? Imagine your parents in Stockholm? Can you imagine my mother and my father in fuqing stock home, yet I mean you know. My family has a bit of a history with Sweden because they had a certain rules of
banking, that we're deaf, and down here the World WAR two? So? Yes, I actually can see my mother strapped with cash driving back to Germany, because at one point she did have to do that, but they are feared zipper. They were hushed, they were, they were being uh they were on the run yeah when we get Berlin though I am who I am excited, cannot wait for Berlin. Should be kinda fashionable. They are going to be taped natch and We are gonna, be dumping the losers, although you were a nice little sue, you like to dress up, you could do it yeah I got some. I got my knee high boots. I got I got a helmet with the point on. Is that right, great they're gonna be super. We to the see me do an uber, Dory Chan reads a browser yeah. What is super do which had reason for asking a little if it's going to be nothing but the highest bid to fashion and they're going to see me and be like pool is he's the commandant all,
the fashion police, a fashion. Please it's a great wrestling tag team as well. Ok, so we have some stories, render this real, quick as we go through 'cause, There wasn't a lot. Information mainly are booking our email. Account is just slammed questions for question and answer at the version of relaxed fit? They were going to be doing this week, that's So if you want to submit a question I mean again, it is slam, so the odds of you getting on or very limited, but so, stories LP, bouteillesgmail dot com. The goal the goal is: do some hard hitting one two yeah, I am a we're- gonna, be cool completely transparent, maybe like what happens is when you, when you talk about pets in your pants in your dream last night, what would happen your underwear when she does all over? I didn't. I didn't piss in my pants during my dream last I pissed on my shirt because I fell down while you're at it in a toilet and weird Al Yankovic. Was there that's a whole thing I saw
comedian. What's his name, I don't remember his name. The guy got fired from that. I live. I watched him for reason in our dream in your dream, came into our Edinburgh Green Room and he pulled out a micro penises and he started tugging on it. I don't know well again, that was just a dream that did not have. I do not have swirled the Ruby local isolate the push back. Ok, I did it happen did happen. I don't know where my brain did it. I don't know why you did that I'm going to have to talk to my fucking therapist about it. Thank you brain you. Probably well yes, another gift that your brain keeps on. Giving ok here is an article from the New York Times more than twenty two hun. Rid preserved, fetuses found at property of did doctor officials say now. This is written by Derek Bryson. This is a bit of an issue, NG story, it's a lot of fetuses my mom likes to collect owls owls. She likes
all this for a while was which is before that it was snow men. My mom has many various chaki. What is your that's because my New York mother Carmen she collects chickens. She likes stuff chickens, statute, chickens, porcelain check of what what happens. In the in the mind of a person that where they say that's it is it like. Do they look at an owl will to a wonderful orgasm or a great meal and they're like I just they combined in their heads. Well, my mom had a spiritual experience with an owl and it had nothing to do with a fork in orgasm. Eighteen owl My mom was in a time of trouble and an owl flew into the where the one is where the pool is uh. She's that I know that album with the messenger telling me that everything was good. Ok! Well now what the owl say to her who
that made owl noises, so she just it is a little like our living God. Let me tell you the future. No, it was. It was a house you thought now, but it was. It could put a salamander which were to worship Salomon, let him go in Mexico and get all because that's where we got the told to loop, you would believe the gift shop to to liberty about it feeling man is Omar. Put. I think that it's a way to push back the eighth. I I think that the 'cause, then what it does is it gives you a thing to do wherever it is that you go so my mom, wherever she goes, she's like oh, I gotta get an album and so like when we were and you're one of those people My mom had a friend growing up that we took up with like my sister's godmother right. Did she collects tiny spoons so any place she went in the world? She go look for tiny spoons well, then, what the hell you to do with that eat a little soup, that's ridiculous! back to the fetus. As speaking a collections, the family
we will say that yeah family of a doctor in Illinois discovered more than two thousand two hundred medically preserved fetuses at his property a little over a week after his death. True, she will county corners office received a call on Thursday from a lawyer representing the family of the doctor, Olrich Kloepfer, who died in September. Third, while going through Doctor Klopfer his property, the family found twenty two thousand two hundred and forty six. They left they rounded down. I think they should around it up. Yeah might as well make fifty sure medically preserved feed over fetal remains at the request of the family. You don't. The lawyer asked the coroner's office to remove the remains high rating. So yeah, that's not nice. You know what I actually really surprise you to want to be buried with them. Like youth family, like the Holly Hunter. One donation honestly could have been how he gets ripped ripped apart I'm. This is not a statement of abortion. This is a statement of or film. He gets a ripped apart by the for this, isn't how things like the fetuses revenge, I'm going to maybe give you a little bit of a push back on the
hell thing. I don't know if he was in hell all right, so we're going well out so doctor over Costner. He was likely Indiana's, most prolific, abortion doctor and I guess you know they say you never look day in your life. If you do what you love and perhaps he was doing what he loved, I think he was just, tiny, tiny game hunter? Are those those like I had put in a trophy room. This is a very cryptic stories. Yes, it is a very dark story. No, he worked for an abortion for many many years. I believe it was called the woman's pavilion it closed in two thousand and sixteen he stopped bring abortions in November two thousand and fifteen. The journal Gazette said that doctor Klopper received a six month license suspension after a hearing with the Indiana Medical Licensing Board, he was found guilty of five of the nine charges, face. It doesn't say what those charges were. Ok during.
The hearing Doctor Klopfer told the story of an abortion he performed at a hospital on a ten year old girl who had been raped by her uncle doctor Klopper had told the authorities that he had let the girl return home with her parents, who chose not to seek charges against the relative. So I guess the people are getting really. He was kind of Do not under cover a little bit which you should well, I don't want. The girl needs to be going back home to parents who are going to charge the person you rate their ten year old daughter. I mean that. Maybe that's, then, maybe that's the situation to try to find a better care takers, my god that sounds pretty brutal there, but that again is another situation that we have to remember. That falls outside of the pub conversation when it comes to reproductive rights are not on a regular basis. We got. Is your entire world was raped, my god horrible? So club floor they say: he's likely Indiana's, most prolific, abortion, doctor history with numbers going into the tens of thousands of procedures in multiple counties over. So
several decades should this I know not, I mean nothing. You have any Lucas Soul, and I don't mean to put you Terry and we'll see what the question is. You might very well be correct. What do you do with the fetus is after the abortions will they put them in the they have? The feudal remains, and they usually put them in. You know the the the the the build of the red bags that say, like you know: sensitive materials, biological, materials, and they put them into a receptacle that is then picked up, Are you the nice term, for the throw them in the trash yeah, but it's in a biological trash, but they don't. Point. Is you know what I like about this dude he's a refund waters for us this is great no, but I mean that's what they do got to get rid of it. Somehow uh you have to uh. Obviously it's like all doctors office. You don't want to no matter what kind of doctor it is if it's a light bulb
Jim DR I'm just saying you don't go rummaging through the trash, because what you're going to find bags and bags and bags of fat it's got to go somewhere, Well, yeah, it's gotta go somewhere and I'm glad it's not going into our restaurants, mostly like the bags of fat are probably into our candles. We don't know that be kinda cool. I think it should be done that way. I think I ever get little nipples on either side of it. If I ever get light bulb, that's what I'm going to do, I'm going to say. I want that fat back 'cause. I grew up myself and you're not going to take it for Maine and then make a bunch of candles of my face at and then everywhere I go in my house I'll be so I did by myself. You knew literally losing weight yeah as they can let's go down. This was him, memorializing these fetuses, where he, instead of wanting them to get rid of them. Maybe he just wanted to keep them all in his house like his little baby like
Tools like your mom does, with owls in my mom does, with with one of the names of those thanks to Hamels Hamels Sushi, do Hummel. She loves animals. You know we're about to go to Germany. I know you, how thrilled would she be If Benjamin Remand, now you propose this idea, and that would be a great gift and now I'm going to have to do it 'cause I haven't bought or anything ever if you just remembered once, if you were one time, your mother and how what happened after you, Pull it out of her, like a giant screaming salami sandwich, no I tried even cry birth. I didn't didn't speak until it was too but honestly, if I could find her a Hummel of Jesus Christ on the cross, I think she would forgive go to my brothers for being gain. Forgive me for my lifestyle and finally Once again, this is what this is about. This little trip is about right. You go out there you're going to you're going to heal your family with,
shot. Ski with charge gives an look at that. That's a testament to us. Yes, we started talking about two thousand two hundred fetuses, but now we're talking about the love family see, isn't that great? How we always get here. We always get back right to write to family right what I always think about it, because what what's? What would be nicer than the come home to then to two thousand two hundred little ghosts. All just maybe maybe you can train him to like Would you just sleep at night? Get you beer sure little fetus ghost turned on the television, for you won't even in the remote control. About how much money you can save on batteries. Yep there's a lot of possibilities either way strange macabre. Finding that I got to say. I think the lawyers right probably want to get rid of them, because it's not going to help the resale it's just not. As I can up the resale and if you're gonna buy. If you're going to buy a house. Honestly, that's on the real estate agent, I would be they have to know. I did lose be concerned. I have a lot of questions about the foundation.
Because we do have some listeners who say: we've got some emails. 'cause we've had this conversation, the house of a serial killer. Urge you buy it. Yes, what? If it's horrible, though we're not talking, open, Fred and Rosemary W 'cause we're in that we are in their neck of the woods. We were anyways, we traveled through Europe. Is it ok concept honestly How nice? I don't know what the story. It's not open concept, it's relatively close concept, because that night, I've spent a lot of times watching hd tv shows that we have a dream house already in mind. So technically stone floors like kind of stone, tile cool. You know the big island in the kitchen. We got a commercial kitchen arcs of like that, all the kind of cast iron or the or the all the unite. The nice appliance, Do you think if the kitchen is right, your move, in tonight. I'm just talking about a nice seamless, walkthrough through front door to kitchen,
to living room and giant living out of all of the crimes happened in the kitchen. What if it was like the kitchen butcher who would take over, he would take home teenage boys in the butcher them in the kitchen and eat them and cook them in the kitchen in that very oven. If there is a french door refrigerator in there, It's still on the table, it's the! We can still talk about it just about price price. Ok, although I would be scared about all the fetuses again if we made you really upset about our abortion. Talk understand that we have no clue what we're talking about. No, I don't think we I think we We handled that in a wonderful way of true crime, all right. Well, let's move on to a cute. Story, but also it's also a little violent, a dog shoots. Man We don't hear this very often. This is a story from the guardian, so dog shoots man, it's an Iowa pet owner. He pulls the trigger on his owner, so how the hell did this happen? This dude was fifty
one years old. His name was Richard Ramey. It was just sit on his couch relaxing. He had his gun on his lap because never know you never know someone's busted into your home in Fort Dodge, and you got to protect the family. Was he just patting it? He was. I don't know what he was doing with the Clintons lap watching we'll just be like better get this right, I'm going to go through another television. You tell me what the images are sajak on my put a foot bullet in your gut. He always does. Tell me, though it's like. You know it's a show right like they would do it. If you weren't pointed a gun at the tv screen, doubt that so he's just chilling there with his dog and his dog is a beautiful pit. Bull labrador mix is his Blue B, a l e w. All they do is a man of child's show from France. I think most may be a Selalu like one of the shows because near mini. She has like a purple crayon and he draws like he draws the.
Cityscape and then becomes real and then he's got a little red balloon that would be from his cupcake world. Oh, I love Trump is coming at world and have you seen the porn of that so blue, the dog he backed up? He must have disabled to say You have the gun at this point, how and then in his belly band and then the gun in his belly band and stepped and then- Yes, the in the in his belly. Wait, wait, wait. Wait, wait, wait! So the gun was in his in his his gun was in the fucking wasted? it's painfully out. Bundy's hands. Yes like elbow, and the dog was sitting on the other side of his lap. Yes, his two best friends. Yes,
he was ever the hell of a Tuesday or whatever this day was so that happened, the trigger goes off boom. A gunshot fired, striking Remy in the legs. He was treated at the hospital and released Remy told the messenger newspaper. That blue is quote a big woss and laid down beside him and cried because he thought he had done something wrong. I also don't know if that makes you You have a big worse because your dog to shut your s now is this appropriate. You know. Sometimes they say like I don't I don't agree with it, but the idea of taking a dogs and like rubbing its face in it, rubbing its face in the mistake that made. You don't believe in that. But if you drop him a poo poo fetish, if you cover the dog on its human blood, to try to teach it a lesson, does it not? Maybe then give it a e for human blood. I think it would is a pit bull labrador mix. I love pitbulls an labradors, but you know you don't want to have the taste of blood in their mouth, because next thing you know we have a Khujo situation and this dog,
demonic and it's killing the entire town. Here, I'm looking this up. If dogs get a taste of blood, do they, we crave human me. I think it's possible, I'm going to say if they are hungry enough, so that is basically the beginning, the middle and the end of that story. Richard Remy will survive, but hopefully he's learned, don't put the gun near your cock, because if you got a dog, it's going to shoot your ass so anyway, just a little tail and it's a cute. Look at it: a bloodthirsty animal reschedule of Thursday, so there's a just from the light of dog dot com addition says: do dogs really develop a taste for blood, but this is just saying if they kill an animal, but it does, seem to this sometimes like now it killed. Funny song with the story of a dog killing a bunny, but then the dog then knows it can kill the bunny. So maybe
it will go after bunnies again, so it's still it's bloodthirsty. Is I can win this battle, so why wouldn't I do it again and again and again it's like playing Madden on Ps4 on rookie mode, it's like yeah you're, going to win every single game, but is it fun oh. This is the oh, since human blood more salt than animal blood. Once wild animals specifically get a taste of salty blood, they do not like other animals even dear then mother animals- they see here. This is good. This is from an article from science, the science section of NBC News. It is certain animal predators. May become serial killers of people. Most recently, a ravenous leopard in Nepal is believed to have killed and consumed at least fifteen people over the past fifteen months. It is not out of the realm of possibility that individual animals may learn to target humans. George Burgess, director of the Florida program for shark research, large
that's may come to view s as easy pickings under some circumstances. This is very interesting see. This is why humans needed it to develop weapons, were the popcorn chicken of the animal kingdom of course, because of our brain noodle or brain meat. We circumvented how weak we are physically, but they're only taste very good. We invaded snacks for these animals, but then we invented snacks and weapons out of it. Although I did learn this, why we able to survive and hunt down so many animals? Do you know what we do have more stamina? We can out walk an animal I was just an animal to just slowly going kind of Jawga, after a lying at some point? Yes, the lions going to win the race, but the line is going to have to sleep, and you know what that is. The turret Tortoise and the hare. That's how I plan to kill you that is the Well, I should have said it. I actually think I could walk more. You honestly? You might because also longer strides yeah, but now, of course, if we try to break out into a sprint, neither of us are going to be doing very well known,
We need to go to hospital, point time I'm getting winded walking up the stairs so yeah, deeply sick. I think I have pneumonia, it's possible walking pneumonia, but but you know but I'd. Rather you know what we really have, though, on this trip. What do we got I think new Monia or we have had so many. We've really costly at a great time. So many I want to go over there. Well, this is not a real story story. This is just someone on Reddit posted, I guess the, but having a hard time with a guy who's been throwing liquor bottles. Filled with his semen, woe unto the front of their house and this person caught footage of this truck driving pass throwing a bottle of semen into their front yard, and then I know Fellow brave redditor world found they saw. The footage That kind of looks like Santa Cruz realize he. Actually How did the same truck doing the same thing to him? What in the
So this is a serial semen spreader, that's really it zero semen spreader only since into groups. That is horrifying, though, because what is that aesculap too? And why would somebody do that? I don't understand the whole like throwing of excrement instability. Why do people collect two thousand two hundred fetuses. Why does my mom? Why did my mom go from collecting over a hundred and fifty snowman two hundred and fifty, which is to the point where my mom has so many signs that says if the broom fits right it which just makes me want to pluck out. My eyeballs, it's got a cute, though it is cute, except for the fact these makes my mom. That makes me think of my mom getting tortured by the Nypd. Well, that's very true, in your father, of course, I'm sure they had some fun role playing when he was in uniform. But what about so? Does she cheap! So as she goes through these phases, you got the snowman, you got a witch and you got an hour phase. Does she keep all of the chachkies or does she throw them away? When the phase is over, he moved to lesser important areas of the house.
So slowly goes. Do we have like a living room like we have the room that we all hang out and watch tv in which the snowman room? That is no? That is now most owls and pictures of the themes. So that's the most. That's the prime room, Prime room prime real estate, because you're watching tv, if you have it happen, to break glance with the television for whatever don't we're, no reason whatsoever, you'll see either Jackie's, weird awkward faces, or my weird at the floating over the television or owls very cool. What you're going to see Jackie also did this weird thing. I noticed my shoes, address on page seven? I'm gonna make her. Do it she this weird crooked smile thing? he's trying to do, and I think it's because you saw somebody do it in a movie, and so she this weird like grimace and love the high school pictures. He like you ever. Do you ever do that as a kid you have like a look or like doing thing. I mean I failed at every single look I ever had, but I mean like: was there like uh
Lowe's or like a shirt that you'd wear like a thing that you do, I'm pretty sure one of my senior pictures I went shirtless, that's awesome, went buff and wear a cowboy hat, that's funny there's a funny picture. That's really funny! 'cause we were left. You were nominated most rowdy. I was Rowdiest loudest in class clown, yeah dude. I got the trifecta, although all I wanted- and I think this goes for every single person who does Comet All I wanted was class rebel and ilost it to Tyler Kennedy, who is a great guy, he's a heavy man who was drummers cool guy quiet though she got trouble even smoke, weed or drink user. With the thing is that quiet guys because class rebels kind of sexy, I know, that's why I wanted it. I lost by two votes, so I could have gotten class clown loudest rowdiest class rebel class- really I want sexy- I one the most. No, he was not a sexy guy, but it's sexy girls like quieter guy, I, sometimes all we can project whatever it is? They were
them to be saying into their mind. I know what happened were us were blabbermouse. So what I had to learn in order for me to attract Natalin today, I had to learn how to shut up and because you know, because what Do you hear what all? What is what is side stories really? But us? listening to each you know what man actively I've said this before I in real life. I actually don't talk that much well really yeah, that's I've said it before wow. You have said that out loud it out loud to no one yeah yeah two or an empty room. I don't really talk a lot well, anyways, just like alone in your house. I'd do believe that, though, don't you think when we're on the road. I don't really talk that much. You talk a lot. We all talk a lot marker socks You think so, when we were in our because we took massive van rides across the UK, and we were,
you know, we were, I was trying to stay more silent, Becaus, my fucking throat was destroyed and I was trying to save my voice, so I can speak with Shao right. Of course I mean that's key. We can't play the keyboard. We don't want to play the guitar, we're not talented. No, the only thing we can do is talk. All we do is no. No, you say talk. We straighten friend we take, we take what is just to a planks, a series of planks of wood yeah and yes, some foot lights. But from that we see then imagination. We do that we do we do we create something from nothing to alchemists of the spoken word. That's true! Well, I guess I'm going to hold on to my notion that I indeed it don't speak that much and life. We all talked quite a bit. I mean I just have to. If I see something that I disagree with, I just have to address it. We just all talk a lot. I don't it's not that I want to talk. It's just an impromptu, to talk all the time, you legitimately honestly
just talk. I do as well unprompted. I've said this before 'cause people. You know like as we're on the really as you do. The show being like I do is show alone. I can sit in this room with no one and begin to mom log be sure to sheer afraid of the silence of my own mind, all my god we will put on. If we ever got sent to solitary confinement, it would be a show for no one, but it would probably be be the greatest one. Man show it. You say your long running Monday, a show for no one, but I guarantee I get a couple of guards watching through the slots. You could get a cup Well, you get there watching this lots and it's me just keep going as I'm going like different material I'll, be roasting. Him they'll be laughing inviting other people in there. On that side, flip solitary confinement, yeah you could make it a showcase for yourself and every once awhile just passed through the fucking hole, but maybe you get some free baloney images along the way, but it Bill Burr taught us you could lose the audience but nor to get him back,
that what he's done love you got, try to preserve their mouth to go mad. They get. Back in once, I start doing impressions, little Wharton, that'll be Q, because no one likes the warden yeah. I love it because that's just their boss, too yep and they the board. Like you're, not doing it right said he wanted everyone. Dude punching up punch up like a good point, speak truth to power apps don't be a snitch, though oh, no! No! No! No! No! No! I understand that the make b suck my own dick forcibly, alright. Well, Let's go on to hero of the week
and the hero of the week this week is, I suppose, ritual. Are you just you? I is what country do this story this is in if this is in India. I think this is just the cure of the week. Is India, India, let's make India the hero of the week, so the a tone I believe it's named Bhopal?
all it's b, H, O P, a there's, no way your mess and then no way a mess. In that I know all about Paul. It was going through a drought July nineteenth there's a massive drought, they're like what the hell are we going to do to get this rate story in well, it turns out there's a hindu God, Lord, in drug, in the Lord Indra brings rain to the region, but how would you sacrifice, or what does this Lord want? Evidently, this Lord wants love to be in the air, but not love between people love. Green frogs, so they had a frog wedding and they both said Ruben Ruben, and that means I do I do in frog and because of that they twenty six percent more rainfall than normal, but debts they didn't plan for that, but no they did not, but because they married the fraud bugs thing- and I don't know it's like who was the pastor or who was the I don't know
it, works like that. I don't know, but they married the frogs, and you see this picture here Henry they dressed him up and it rituals frocks, giving him kiss. I think that thing that's what they're doing in the picture so because they married the frogs. The rain came down from the Heavens, but now they had so much rain the you're going to have to get a divorce, it's true, but what, if they legitimately love each other? Well think I I think they still hang out, they say with arranged marriages, lot of timing and obviously it's a little difficult. You know be cause you just first time, you're meeting your bride, but sometimes you can't into the proper match makers. Are there? you can grow to love? The I just feel like parents are the worst matchmakers on earth, I don't know, would would your mother choose for you? someone from church someone who is, but sometimes church
Church, ladies, are like secretly like freaky, Tiki yeah, but sometimes they'll absolutely hate every single one of my opinions that also really sucks yes, but also when you're, like God, to fraud. You know I and that nice, it's a concept made up by people, so they can make money. What oh, no uhm, no my parents would choose. I can't even imagine the atrocity that would occur when they try to set me up on a date, but if they threw the ball to bank it would get even worse, because you don't think you don't think he did just choose a guy. Just assuming make it all go in my boys three out of three. I honestly think I would trust my dad more than anything it's me like yeah. She got big ones I think he would edge towards understanding he'd look to himself he'd. Look in the mirror be like. If someone give you another change, what would you do like? You think that he would do me like she got a big ones are may be, but
the next thing you hide out. Now, that's a tough one. My mom would choose for me to stay single yeah I would just live in the live in the house and she'd make me four hundred pounds like the biggest fetus around that's nice, sucking sucking sucking sucking sucking sucking sucking order. Mommy here, barbeque do barbecue. Do I wonder if I'm going to the board adopted her number doctor cop for the rest of my alarms went that you would be such a great momma's boy. I could see it Where is my damn underwear? Oh, my goodness, mommy where's, my mom video games, sound like holding Mcneely, yeah and he's just himself into his own mommy. I love him so that is the hero of ' So we can proof that the love is more powerful than science
I have some of you are letters. Alright, let's go through number one. I want to say this comes from just bring a caller l and it's it's been there. Letter, I've been waiting for it. It's the it's finally showed the innings. I true thank you for our work. Okay, in your exposure to two different art forms, and I I really means a lot to me: Big fan, love you a Henry, is it allowed on more than one occasion whether or not the actresses from the Mormon girls site or actual LDS members. I somehow still cannot glean if he is serious, but I'm here to lend a definitive answer: nope they aren't- or at least I can vouch for myself and the other woman. I act. Within one of the Mormon girls films. She wasn't here's fun fact: there's a brother site Mormon, always in both series of adult films are written and produced by sibling team of Ex LDS members. This sister runs the
many girls and the brother of the Mormon boys. That's fine. They grew up. Mormon left the church are both gay and decided to begin a small venture and theme porn, so I suppose one could call it a family business and so I just want to say, thank you for your work. Thank you for your wanna say. Thank you for job in exposing the true nature of the secret rituals of the Mormon people. There really is going on behind the veil. It's been very interesting, I've learned a lot. That's great, it's funny. I actually have not looked at the documentation, yet it has left such an impression on me and my family in honest. Thank you for your work, you're doing a good job. Thank you for reaching out. Mormon girls check it out. It is wonderful entertainment of an adult variety and they are women, they're, not girl, girls girlsgogames. They do that. No, not yes, it will. Naturally, I think I think God I said it. I guess so I thought that was assumed, but
ok, so this comes from someone wrote a response to fourteen, killing. Sir Mineral Logical perspective. Okay, because we had a lot of people that talked about. We we go there. A lot of very hot, takes in very intense opinions about the subject. If minors that are involved in very intense crimes should be treated as an adult and, of course, this because on last week's episode we spoke of a fourteen year old, who found out that his stepmother mother found his mother was actually the stepmother and then he killed the entire family. So, okay, here we go okay, so here we go the reason. Why? There are laws that prevent minors from making decisions, because they lack the capacity to reason and make responsible decisions? The prefrontal cortex is dubbed the new part of the brain, meaning that through different iterations of humans, part of the brain is the newest to evolve. This part of the brain is what gives us
ability to make executive decisions, emotional maturity, ie feelings of empathy and other appropriate emotions planning, especially ability to consider consequences of one on one's own actions along with other functions. This is what makes us different. The primates. However, what makes a similar is our limbs system, which is the old brain which is where survival urges life lie: fucking eating, shiting, this area drives our award seeking behaviors. That makes us happy sad frustrated and in this case in particular, would makes us angry and triggers us to act on that anger. The job of the prefrontal cortex is the dampen the urges of the limbic system so that you don't do things that you would regret, which put you put you in danger or harm others. Oftentimes drug addicts have a weaker prefrontal court,
either before starting bees in the drug and or compromising it due to repeated use, because they lack the ability to use reason to stop the urges to use the drug that is signaled by the limbic system. Huh. The limbic system is the first part of the brain, developing human children, and it is the primary system used in most animals. The prefrontal cortex is the last part of brain to develop and is fully developed at age, twenty five. This is why there are laws against alcoholic consumption or consenting sex. There lympics who stronger than their prefrontal cortex, so they make impulsive any responsible decisions, as they act on their emotional urges rather than following reason is also the reason for why we make dumb decisions in our early 20s. In this case, the case of the fourteen year old, his prefrontal cortex is way under developed to his decision making is below functioning. I would even say for this child. It is below functioning for persons his age due to the severity of his crimes. Right this is very interesting. Like Kessel said he must have had some sort of behavioral issues to begin with right. It probably would
say that he I'm sure malfunctioning prefrontal cortex, so even for fourteen year old. His ability to reason is overshadowed by impulsive, aggressive behaviors, based on his actions. He lacks empathy by harming love and lacks reason due to the motive of the crime, in the case of minors being charged for a crime, they should not be charged adult, but we placed in a rehab setting prior to prioritizing their mental needs. Alright. So here we go, I think, with the pc, but it's interesting yeah. I think we came up with a similar consensus. Thank you so much for the email from an expert's perspective right and we have one last one from TI, I'm a bit behind on the episode. So forgive me if this is already been mentioned, but in Japan there's a common urban legend of a kind of a yokai called human face dog being human face dog stories effects to the eight period of Japan, but sightings were common for a period of time in the late 80s early 90s. They look like ordinary. Do stray dogs, but they have the faces.
Uh. The interesting thing, though, is that they supposedly are able to speak. Usually and this is something that I look it up. He just tell people to suck so badly, sometimes they're viewed as the bad omen or a harbinger of dune and they kind of a harbinger of doom. There also known to chase after cars and scared drivers. You look up this little picture. They look little grumpy old men with the roast. You honestly forget that Stupid movie cat that's the movie database dogs. We should definitely half a cough that is such a fun idea for a movie called Zhiming. Can we basically of man, face dogs. You have a bunch of that's where you can get your bill burr. Under Jim Jeffries, absolute broken could be on that one. You could give them get in there and she got it on that. One, hey! What's going on in Claxton, something see you mad at me like get ahead here. This man face Felix
you guys so much for your letters is always again side stories. L, P, o t, L at G mail, dot com. Thank you for your stories and thank you for your emails. Just last I just got this story an in Melbourne. There's a new ice cream store staffed entirely by robot, yes, yep yeah, you look at that. You that robot. You trust that line little piece of shit, I'm not going to lie. I would go there in a heartbeat yeah because you're a monster. I just like the future. I like the future, I'm embracing the future. It's not about the future. Also? The Us Navy is freed up said that the videos that released the TIC tac video there were all leasing December, twenty seven, two thousand and seventeen all of that they have now admitted that should Israel cool he said it's real, but it was never meant for a ride Oh it's a lot like rob, zombie's movie, From health! I can't I can't wait. Seven point eight right now and I'm I am D B Imdb I haven't, heard anything about it. This has been the most nerve wracking thing for both handwringing. I
we're just like what's happening, I haven't heard any reviews. Where is this movie? Please be good. I got that then Creepshow tv we have to watch more back in America, get fucking shit absolutely right. Everyone will think you so much for listening and seriously thanks to everyone who is come out to our live shows. This european tour was a miracle to be able to travel around with best friends and just see the world is truly a dream come true? I can't believe this. Thank you. So live everyday. On your way to a restaurant that serves mostly onion cream. No, you don't understand that brown or doing crew was very wrong. I don't know if it was so good the next day. I know you know Thomas. I definitely took a. I took a brown on increase the a the next day, love the love the lute Fisk that you have on your desk. I had such a wonderful I'd feature this morning, which is swedish term for coffee and a pastry I went and we had a lovely little had a cappuccino and I had a
here. It hurt, I'm not sure what is here to here. It was a thing: ok, some kind of biscuit pastry and oh was loving it. You should see my smile, it it almost text. Michael yes, like Jackie's half smile, it was, I was so filled with swedish joy, so much Clark I've had I've had so much ranch good, so much stuff and laugh laugh like you're a laugh like you're, a tall swedish man. Looking me and you feel superior for a little bit. You know you feel superior. Looking at me, looking at my american clothes but jokes on you buddy. Why? Because we got the gun that we do and, of course love, and I said that loaded Alright, everyone. Thank you all. So much for listening, Lll babies, Lll, never forget Yourself megustalations. Just ask your real realizar. Is anyone been
Does this house and they say yes, you get a decision to make. Are you should say one how to be in the slightest. The rain was coming in. That's a locally sourced. Go ghost this show is made possible by listeners. Like you, thanks to our ad sponsors, you can support shows by supporting them for more shows but the one you just listen to go to the last podcast network dot
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