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Side Stories: Joe Exotic 2020

2018-09-12 | 🔗

Guess who's back. Back again. Benry's back, tell a friend.

Topics in this one: a serial pusher, befriending the aliens, and Joe Exotic for president. Good night and good luck and live and laugh and love.

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There's no way into his name to this is the last time on the level back back again, I guess his bag. Fifty sad gases back guess who's back its PLUTO who the plant at its they try to make it a planet again and on September eleven here, what's wrong is what they're doing never opening our daddy never should have not made PLUTO a planet. I don't understand why it is to be revoked. Is planet status for no reason they said he? was too small and now their researchers saying that the polluter should never lost its status as a planet, and I'm just think it's. These thirsty ass central, her the scientists lookin for attention when it's this day of morning. We're going to use this day of mourning to come out today is love. There were according the show and the
I'm going to say all me me me all actually, today's while PLUTO, but it's not it's about the lives, that law right and well at building that day many years ago. Was it really two thousand and one and two thousand eighteen seventeen hours ago. So can you tell me the boy that was born that day, who could have have seen now can see inaugurated rated film almost now he's but often tell these scientists upload should be a planet. I like the way things were both well. I think it's fine you mentioned eminent, but I made him ass a mistake. I bought three albums on Itunes, but they were all the radio at its. So there's really know Eminem songs if there's no swearing anyway. Alright, this aside stories, I am Ben, that's Henry Travis Morningstar is also hearing on producer. Marquise parks, not Marcus Parks, Travis Talk sometimes. So. If you hear a third mystery voice it sent, a ghost is Travis. Is nine eleven? So if you do get a chance, if you want to mourn, go back to our last podcast left nine
having serious, wonderful series specifically that day of that's part one. On and if you want to remember how absolutely horrific had sat a tragic today actually was seventy years ago feel for go into a kind of have a bummer of a couple of hours but ideals we re so happy because I try to make people digest the sadness of reality. It's like almost put your dancing on the edge of illusion and then relax you're pushing back of the tides of your own personal darkness, now It is a man. I got my medications. I got my couch its football season, the packet tat came out and they beat the bears. A massive come back, I'm too pretty now with this shows about. No, I understand all right. Let's do let's get what this shows about. First, while you think they'll see before sort again nine eleven yards day. Do you think they D, Cheney I will say it like alone, because either ran Trade yeah Disney did they do you think he sits with a glass of madeira and
this like another year, another celebrate injustices, email like yeah. He might I have no. I have no illusions that he is not a supervillain. I can't find anything. You know he's got his third heart. It's amazing he's still alive yeah You say the word amazing. It seems like it's more like a tragedy like Let him dies or we can finally go to war, criminal, the afterlife right over the fact that it will allow we're supposed to say he's cute knows whole thing o weapon it like we're supposed to act like Dick Cheney and George Bush. We're like innocent all talk about George Bush, sneaking. What's your name, Michelle Obama, like candies during the Eureka, Franklin Funeral and he's a fucking war criminal. Well, we saw the act like it solely fine, no one. I still think the George W Bush getting a little bit too much love these days because of his adorable nest. I don't think anyone has any misconceptions about Dick Cheney, still also
he's at its third heart. I would be so pissed by died and unlike give my heart to us, clean child. Give my heart to someone who is going to do with the world's good, ok dammit. George Bush did kind of like a reverse Hitler. He started as a war. Criminal then became a painter of Yorkshire. Terriers and Tony Blair owes a fairly good artists to. Maybe you should have started with that. You could have been the next celebrate Dolly salad. Europe is really a good example of border. How I know he had only one funk: doree paint, all right which, when you look at his paintings, it simple and its childish in its fine. It's really does dogs. Ok, so we go couple of stores. Henry you got a couple: it you have nine eleven, it's nice carrying a year were mixing it right. So we got a couple. Stories here, we are aliens they're back in the news in Henry's, world are never out of the news, but in the mainstream world oftentimes they popple and pop out, perhaps as they do in our reality. We also situation happened in Manchester, wonderful,
that we were at just briefly was two years ago, someone's something's going on with the canals is there are pusher and that we also have a funny story about a zoo keeper who did something real bad so we'll talk about that? Do you want to start with aliens wall? There's a series of weird events that are pint of happening over the last couple of days that r r d, I'm not sure, they're connected or not. But it's a funny little. They look like the new. See that you'd see the beginning of a sigh fi, slash horror movie, that now, like kind of coming lightning seems really innocent, but it's like the first five pay. Is of horror movies. Ok, number one! Is it He said he turning to use a I to start expressed expanding their ability to measure and record and pick up for like patterns.
In things that their receiving a message they see their saving and it openly say, listen lay. This seems like page six of a horror movie page five is the ever one skinny dipping, and then have a nice time there were in a car. The guy is a little girl behind us. No, no! No! No! No! This is not. There's gonna be ok. This is different. This is, Is this a science base, because you saw a lot of these scientists must not just be me in Stanton Friedman, just Albion like do you think that maybe Bobby we'll come back from his trip to the store early, no Stanton. I think we have all time in the world and its regional eaten his asshole. Oh, my goodness, it's gonna movie is this: the eggs Oil comes out. Business like this is too hideous to murder, but basically we they discovered this a pattern of seventy two, Asked radio burst from a mysterious source, three billion light years from earth or cannot pass radio verses from an article at and on from the Berkeley Educational paid, all right
you can trust it so fast, radio person, bright pulses of radio mission, mere milliseconds induration thought originate from distant galaxies, the source of emissions, is still unclear. However, theories from highly magnetized neurons stars blasted by gas streams from nearly from a new your by supermassive black hole to suggestions that the burst properties are consistent with signatures of technology developed by an advanced civilization. First reason: when you say this, I just picture like one of those cameras shots in adult films, whereas the males, but it's just like that? Like many burst, like white boy is what is happening, yeah, that or a boy image in every porn. At the issue of simplifying the ankles of a man, so you could see the worst, my god willing part of a mail order lack of his ball women red. Let me know if you want to see or doubt I dodo but I'd measure who likes that shop of people do ok, because people accede
no crevices. I know I like seeing a bunch of different crevices unknown These I'm interested in right. Ok, so back science sit back back desire, it's ok, bad design, PLUTO set a planet; ok, I'm late with ease Basically, what they're saying is that their bids got a bag of a deal, but it's this one area. It's this, be I'm trying to find the signature name for it, which was a area called F r B, one to one one: zero to ok, guessing its room, it's kind of releasing these births nobby. So we don't we it's probably nothing, because what had come, down to its go. It's really saying what are aliens right or right dimensional creatures or or are they actually on another planet in another solar system, and I think that there, somewhere kind of like a fifty fifty split between the two locating obviously there has to be life on other planets. In other sections other galaxies,
but it and if we don't know how they be seen, We don't know if they use radio, we don't know if they would just be a bunch of NATO, but we don't know they would literally be the things that we see flying, run sky, the sort of nuts and bolts version. Of store craft is that if we look at that, that could actually be. The aliens- are we don't know so we certainly don't know how they be seen that true. But what is the sometimes it to be like that? Of course they be like that. A little bit aliens drivers, not aliens drive like that out, but so so these in the north is that are being picked up. What what, actually sought like it's not like that. That's it. That's all it's gotta get or imagined at these had something this very strange. They heard the term. It was hey political arena thoughts. Came you better than I do you remember that a yielded up
I've got a lot of people do an exercise in the form of a dance. I remember that I did that on my my when we got deck, what's it through a cat cathedral, and when I got my confirmation aided retreat- and I want you bunch of nuns- do the mockery certainly if I think that's it actually what the movie that none is all about, that's how it ends and is not good. Oh really, don't ruin it for me. I want to see it's like it's fun. I got laced. Tat was the best part about it, so you eat a couple edibles, it's fun, but mainly just creepy. Things are the background like that when it comes down to it, they just don't know what the hell did She had a who also again, but it mostly it also about the fact that they are using these a I algorithms in order to help find unique signals so that that's up the technically. The interesting part of the article is saying like they're, using new learning technology to sort through shit, for them
we're gonna be able to send one of these a I machines will be but to send one of those through a black hole here at some point out, assume right and then why we, don't all you know eight at we don't even know the hell that means we know even get could maybe ordered a boy. Could lip out. We don't know what the hell happened. So when you pass the event horizon for black all, we have to say I is good for that's the only thing that is good for not this access whatever it is, its whore. I tell you what the I do like the spot why, when they show me the new music that I might be interested in yeah, that's where their due good evening. They pick it up on my vibes. What gets my hips go and tell you what it's a lot of two older rock? Maybe it's not our. I was. How do you know about this? New band There are really in the bad side of town. It skid row scared. I love em bad neighbour, but that is not just one story. Ok, it. Also eerily meet up with this other story.
Which also again means nothing, but since the beginning of a war movie that this spot Observatory, an observatory. This to this with a telescope with that is doing. Some topsecret work We don't know that none of the article say what the work. Why? Ok, it was in Sun Spot New Mexico on third last week, it was shut down by the FBI, including a post office. Was near by shut down by the FBI No, they don't know why it was his this research facility, that is since completely walled off the post office. Has been arguing simple, I shut down. The workers have been moved to another location. Realize, and no one it's happening and apparently they're going to shut down the entire town and day. They are not talking to local police. But why they're doing it all they said is that it could be from anywhere for a couple of days to a month, no better shouting down. So it's like
What does the wider facility do exactly the facilities that National solar Observatory facility at Sacramento Park? That's managed by aura the it's called the Apache Point Observatory, the Apache Point Observatory is currently in operation, which is near ok, but that is going up and she said orders. I have a comment about the type of security should, this time with. We have no clue, whites fake. They said that they mostly, which is strange because it's the F b, I just kind of rolled in- and this is from the New Mexico Daily News- they are the Almah Gordo dealing is ok and the F b I showed up with a deal they have couple helicopters. People would like to end and is shit, we're crews, but no one has any clue what's happening, that's and it's not shut down as of today. So did the evacuate, the town or the with their working on doing. I parent Why that's creepy man cut. Funds, I reentered it would be a great day. I will say this great day for a rag tat group a thirteen year olds get on your bicycles.
Down there figure out what the heck is happening and then, once again, gonna go away, Sir Cornwall and each well, you don't have. I now do the other great mystery that is well sexual relations between men and boys, yeah, women and men. You sound like Stephen King writing. The scene in its at some point. After doing Pegana discover each other. How are they going to have to ask ourselves about Cyprus, but your minds, you of another story, there was another storing, it seemed exacting, which was a guy, we're missing working out of the CDC, the centre of a disease control this book problem that six months ago he said he was coming. You went into work at the centre to visit for Disease Control, Rice Eddie wasn't feeling very goody, which is bad news. Yeah, that's not good. Maybe some of them in these got out of Control Ella, while behind our weak I don't waited, but he left early from work disappeared. They go back to attack ass, his car is there all the windows in this house are open, they said was really unusual near him and they found him
week later he had a either drowned himself in the mood of the river. They found his body, but they don't. What happened and they just gonna yadda yadda yadda over the whole thing, which was like bids the beginning of a movie yeah Absolutely and note that DEC he's still unsolved worthy schooled, not technically. It's all these that he committed suicide. The river did it their river came a river at many. I could kind of sea it sometimes What there you see river and anxious so flow in the flesh, the Fisher flap any just like Unslung. These free is a cry. Sit down at the bottom of the ocean. Wonderful meet my aerial down there, but don't know Never gonna meet your aerial, and if you do, I ll those images of what mermaids would really look like if they were either it's not all Spongebob Square pants down there, it's very scheme stuff
but what I will say: Kizil, ok, what so! I am reading this book series I've been reading for months. I'm almost done cover three body problem, a part of what they talk about this, this concept and within which is called the dark forest idea, which is this idea about the lack tick kind of like diplomacy, which is essentially we all live in Ray Intelligent syllable, civilization in the galaxy or maybe across a universe lives in this like bubble, where we don't each other because of you the differences in the way we communicate their technology. We use, surely just distance, and then right. The sort of the way did a boils down to is that, unfortunately, the main thing that they have in these books. Is that if another civilization here is a set of finds out our location. To a series of Gaza game of telephone of thought. The only way to behave further, the only action you can
take is to destroy you together. Civilization has the two people of actually grow too far and in destroy each other. It's very aging, and then I wonder and Nickel Stephen Hawking said the same thing clicks, should we really be looking for. Aliens that existed another galaxy, because if the find us, won't they just fuck kill us its power. The ball, or maybe they in introduced. Some great new foods, some new education- perhaps they offer a total and ultimate enlightenment who know. Do you really think that have an alien met you that you would be France? I do gonna, be I normally require regular, then read with a lot of people. I think I'll be with an alien sit down at a nice little bar stool. There would be like talking about football is like we don't have, Nepal on my planet, we have a different sport, and I try to learn it outside of this. Builds bar world. If you met in
Only unlike like honestly straight up castle, but have you met an alien and the thing came in your window and well that's a home of the Asian, but listen. I did that what kind of semi hypnotize you and it said be at ease I'm here it is I'm your inner reconnaissance machine tube to me. You too, beak with alien monkeys, dim see when you see what you're? What We believe on the monthly what you're you're wanting ok, would you say that alien? What's up what has happened, I honestly I I don't get enough credit for how unbelievably chill I am around all situations in life, coming to see us forget seven: it's because I live in a world. Chaos is all around me and I'm just like Autonoe whenever ones do in their mania number one physically you're up above and can see number two. You physically a lot of times, not in the harm's way, so
can climate rulings with more yea through no the revolution, a punch? It meets stab gap, but you don't feel the same. Our fist or smaller than your well all right. Very interesting alien stuff, though Now you have just mortgages as HIV Aids as I do, and he would would pummel me you'd be very painful puzzled and because of his rage and how much you want to get to your balls at risk. Scary motivation for a zero killer, black watch and new and to get to the bones. I wanted to his power. That's that's a glorified. I use by you never think of these things. What is the thought? The inalienable? by windows like hey. How are you bought it? Yes, what is the thought? Why would this be something that takes extensive thought if we could arise court the alien to a sports bar though I will not take the alien anywhere. Why This is an american dad. You could put up pollen
one of your various Halloween church on him and a blazer, and you guys can go how to do what it can do the champ what's in here that they do not. Compromise is a good it's hard. I will see its a joy ere you they take her. Carbines see what he does. I on the other hand, would show him books? yeah. Why would you want to know anything about american books, the man, the alien creature is far superior in intellect they probably already know all the things that are in the books. I sit down and be like first of all, welcome hand gestures of welcoming. As you can see, I, which I'm sure you boys, who interpret as welcoming when you were little polish person, does those aggressive hand gestures towards these are not aggressive. Everything bring those areas unless I know it well, I'm doing a welcome, like I'm carrying a pair of your dress to monitor that owing to do the well. Yet you have to do the pull back right now. You're just threatened him with her hands public. This is my suitable fiance. Do not touch, I know
I'll. Do it? May then I'll be like? First of all, you got no welcome to earth but honest d you want to make it here is a long way to the top want a rock and roll put on. The disease is along with the top one, a rock n roll. Do. My marked stance aren't show my serious. I am so now, basically, the alien will interpret. That is, if you're offering your fiance up for him. And then you are also going to put on her silence hand to enjoy real. Yes, entertain. Obviously entertain. Ok well have different ideas on how we're gonna do it, and I hope that you do entertain them, because, if their board there just into massacre everybody. I tell you what my flask. These never leave anybody board. That's a good philosophy, good! never be bore, never be bored, you can't not it's not you! It's You have a constitutional right not to be bored, I think be in board. Is a good thing? and that's what the Americans, youth and american middle aged people are missing out on the pleasures of peer. Boredom
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murmurs of a serial killer in Manchester. He is stock. He or she is perhaps stocking the Manchester Canals, and this is spread. This has been going on for a long time right now they tell the story of this fella. His name is Tom, but his name really isn't Tom. He wants to protect his identity, he was can, along at thirty for years all these take it a little bike, their trip down the Bridgewater Canal and then he was pushed and he's like. Oh my god, what the heck is happening and the guy kick Germany try get him to drown in the canal and he had heard rumours about to suppose it, the pusher posted serial killer, whose victims were found drowned. Manchester is old industrial canals. Now there are no lights along that section of the canal, Towpath running through the South West of the city, no one to hear if he screamed I'm just going to say, put some lights up, I mean how exe is that for the city just pop a couple of lights in wherever one is getting drowned to death,
stay use yeah. I don't think they use like torches. Here I mean I feel like they could just have a couple of lights in there, but also its very difficult to change the infrastructure of a city. I know it's not you pop pop alight in I dont forget now, I am I will say there is not much- is Chile, New York, that scares me more than the idea of pushers, subway pushers. Subway, pushers, good I've seen those you ve ever seen: footage of subway gas and the thing about a subway pusher Henry was talking about my size, but it's about leverage. So we had, there was a woman and maybe a year ago, maybe a year and a half ago, she pushed someone who she thought was a muslim it I'm sure of the individual was, and she was sitting, though the pusher with super tidy and she just push you're, because all you gotta do is get low and when the train comes I mean anyone could be a victim to one of these people
equally, I am done by a body built to be a push. You really do if you're in Japan, you'll be the ones Shovin ever went into. The subways Ghek squad right and then a handout exists. Put your up, pusher rump, all the way to the back of a subway car. I honestly I stared with my back against the wall when, before the train is coming. That's what I do is the war. Always you I'm someone who's like steering, impatiently at the whole waiting for the train to colonel you're. Gonna lose your head, but the idiot you, as you did before it did. There are people in New York, city or like where's drank and, if I may, to put their face right in the path of the treaty comes when it comes to sack in a hurry up. I'm just watch and I'm just wait and in its initial form of magical thinking, but I the op sit of a subway pusher is the guy that comes up to you and says at like two in the morning: hey man, don't do it, don't even think about it,
tat. People do that to you and it's happening me twice honestly. I don't think about it, so it may be exhibited idea. It's an do not commit suicide while at at all, but certainly do not commit suicide, Jumpin intra front of the subway, because the last moments of your life, every one is cursing. Your existence literally, is such that if we did, a New York The EU may as well have been murdered by everyone yeah. You viewed up in front of their train. I, though, my first stardust fuck you, you PETE if she well it's. We all do our that energy is stuck under the tray you're stuck on the train, which is really becoming. Huge Bobby upper me and no one is that it is very, very scary, but I am very paranoid on the train. I always have meant back to the wall is right to come at me. Come at me, the history of the pusher can be traced back to jail, were eleventh of two thousand and fifteen. According to the Daily star Sunday, they published a two page article headlight mansion.
Just kill our canals. It cited sixty one deaths in the cities, waterways over the past six years and quoted the psychologist, Professor Craig Jack Jackson. He says perhaps We are talking about a canal killer. The canals here, ed were popular dumping sites for bodies. Since then that doesn't fifteen the numbers report. The number of reported debts has grow to seventy six, then up to eighty percent to eighty six different newspapers. What is rarely mentioned is that these figures refer not to the city itself, but to the greater Manchester and urban area covering hundreds of square miles. So it's possible that this, but it is just going all around the canals, multiple different now hundreds of miles and pushing people so be careful out there. Did you hear we are pushing and then a drowning. I think they have. To be drowned as well. Yes, that's very Mary and that's what the cycle is heavy odyssey, it's more of a drowned or the azure
of Manchester City area Corners office show that there are in fact, thirty five drownings over the past decade and greater Manchester Fire and rescue services say there have been twenty two sets. Such deaths in the city centre, two thousand and nine. So it looks like twenty two's two thousand and nine, it's really possible that this is a serial killer. I will also say people a Manchester like obeyed the drink. Of course it is a wonder where some of that kind of gets involved where people the kind of EDGAR Allan themselves need actually also don't know whether or not that's folk, lore right right right yeah. I think he will do that. Where he sort of did a river Phoenix right, EDGAR, Allan, POE, there's a he died in the gutter. I believe I will Leave I don't know added richer River Phoenix also didn't die. He just died on the I believe, River Phoenix. I thought that the or of River Phoenix was, he was coming out of like the Rainbow role more viper room, the Weimar
we were there. We were at the Rainbow room, but we were right across the street from the viper room. Yes, he drug overdose. On the sidewalk side of the viper room, brutal There's something I'm I'm increasingly worried about is like the innocuous killer, who just sort of poison something and then moves on and waits for anyone to die like you're it doesn't like a particular very well. There was a story. We are actually going to cover this unless podcast, but it's really, there is no through started. Its differ. Story to tell, but the Tylenol Killilea with that we there was. That was really you know, like nineteen, eighty, eight and humans again, im just break Interpol air, not break into go into pharmacies. Pop a couple of poison pills, an automaton wait, wait to hear
who was the unlucky lottery. I I bought some macaroons the other day care for with an eye open the the packaging and one of the MAC, ruins was wet and soggy, and obviously it's like nobody would over poison. Macaroons saint we're just saw one deluge. I'd be like you know. What would suspect you Eddie? What would do this, but it was just a testament all Baxter Matter, but I did think drives us Dick Cheney's daily. What's going on right before eight that soggy macaroon, I do think this could be poison. You ate it though Of course, just try Travis stopped drinking. Doing any kind of drug and then his life is somehow more dangerous now, but I don't I like the idea, me like that to promise you can at best I feel it gets classic parent awake thinking, though,
the other somebody's going to cover a murderer, and I always have that problem always double checked everything. Technically the seal on this water was broken. Will you show me she'll draken it because I'm trying to be like, what's not be afraid of every thing, all the time? Ok, so people are loving these stories in Manchester out an author loving him, but it's big news over there and of the recorded thirty five drownings, Ten have resulted in open verdicts, which means the authorities could not prove what caused them. Five! More of the deaths are subject ongoing investigations in two thousand thirteen, for he rolled Simon breast died. After being pushed into the city sent a centre canal by muggers. Five people were later They are for their part in the attack, so it could just be people being re. Mugged, or it could be one individually all who is out there hunted for folks who may or may be intoxicated near the canals scary centre, so fucked up, you should be
well to have a trust in a system that, when you're drunk someone will come and take care of, you this measure like that words like with Manchester this shrink and go on. There should be rovard guys go around. Just Helpin drunkards, absent lay so that, basically, the cops are not saying it's a serial killer. There. Working on figuring out what it is, I think they're just mostly chalk up to accidents at boy which has a lot of the victims. Quite upset and this is according to talk again, the not his real name, but the bike list, the cyclist of from the beginning of the story. He says it's pitch black down there, there's no less you look up someone catches your eye and then in four seconds, nor in dirty water care on your dirty, not even cleaner, Danny, your honor, and now there is a lot I have. I gotta tell you,
the worst thing I've ever heard of her friend that got drunk was when my friend Nick got drunk the train, fell, asleep and woke up and criminals had cut open. Is, It saw young pockets, his back pocket. They cut his two backpack off the men just left the straps and they took everything gets it took issue so that you know the thing is, I know neck great guy, struggling actor, I'm sure well it wasn't a gold mine now but anyway I I think I was more of just havin fun, with steel and from a sleeping man. Yes, and they gathered into anything. Worse. Ok do you? Have you don't know what they did well, who had the end? You don't know where they did. If you think about their rights was like and then and then Robbie started to twiddle it and we're like what the hell you doing, duties like I will readily differ I didn't goal is to tee bag. The do did have the guy vagabonds. You take pictures up on its head, a bunch of roads laughing and having a good time classic halo maneuver there. I think we are are we just had the one more story right, wheel,
story. I really wanted to talk about a guy named Joe Exotic he's a zoo keeper. He was arrested in a murder for higher plot involving Florida, cat rescue group, the operator what a base animal sanctuary says she was the target of an Oklahoma Zoo keeper who is indeed did last week on federal murderer for child murder, for higher charges, Carol, Baskin of Big cat Stu said again clash in the past with this guy named Joseph Maldonado passage goes by the nickname, Joe exotic. He runs. An independent zoo, the end. They say there. I mean she, been, basically, this woman from this big cat rescue of Foundation has been saying. Joe exotic has been doing things badly in his I've adieu and trying to shut him down, and so he job? Exotic decided. It was a good idea to go and try to hire someone to murder her, who turned out to be an FBI. It right, it's with an FBI agent out their. Ladies and gentlemen, so you kid there are it's not a business them
for higher this isn't the days of the ice man, it's all right. In F B, I worker specifically, if we find them on Craigslist, so desk, This was actually sent to me as well. By a fan, he's gotta a bit of a political background as well. So it's kind of fun. We get to cross the streams a little bit for lack of a better analogy, and Let's play in two thousand and sixteen Joel. Not everyone was ready. Everyone wanted a voice for change. Joe Exotic said you know what I think I might just be the zoo keeper that can give the people what they need. Boy. I love. I love this video and I think part of what's fun about it at all part of the reason why in getting caught, He got two big. He got too big to the sun. He got too close to the Sunday got too much. He was here to close the power they had to take him down what they said. Was that he posted a Youtube video, honest channel, which is Joe exotic TV on Youtube, and then he I'm sort of threat.
The woman in my thing, which No, not really what you want to do now and he said in a video on Youtube. He paused a thriving videos online, including what you're, which he shot and effigy of her and ahead. You know you want to know why Carol Baskin, better, never ever ever see me face to get face to face ever ever ever again, while he said in a video before firing a revolver This is his candidacy right to see the twenty sixth presently we know it was that just not a campaign video for how it's going to be tough on defence and national security. I mean this seems like the kind of guy that maybe maybe we won sniffer rouser. We should mention this guy looks like Vincent Price. Cause plane is dogged. The bounty hunter he does he's, got a very interesting hair style and heat. About that here in his presidential campaign, video which yes the greatest thing. I've ever heard right
Let us listen to and Gutierrez K. Sincere didn't want to be your president. In twenty twenty you're not again today, that is not known at sea in a kind of a presidential candidate or any power, Casey than the purpose of this video today as you know, who I am bars thing is not got mire a change in the way I dress seller fees to wear a suit, I am gay had to be Rand's most of my life. Currently got legally married. Thank God. Violent legal in America they had some kinky sex crime, drugs, younger years of my life. Ok! Here I have a job. Many gives way from some bent down and Florida, but I can get up a fine, what the? U S yea, and that is not the money. Civil, fine, Ladys and gentlemen- doesn't mean that I was a kid you're can make the many Ghana animal cruelty, that about one of the biggest facilities in the nicest facility for exam
animals in this country? As far as a private individual goes on exotic and don't forget I am now in my foot rank. To run for bread and actions are paid for by the Committee of Yellow gotta. Wait for America, yeah in their own Holger music Goin down over the rights to use. That's, but that's all he's all and also join the sure that it has for Joe exotic for president is so wonderfully photoshopped at the and he so smoothly looks like ice cream. He really does Joe exotic, also rather the libertarian gubernatorial candidate during Oklahomans primary election. So he is really involved in local and and name why politics so good for help state involved than you could such as double as any time of like applied to a pioneer a job like. I will not, but my hair, I have had kinky,
x and are refused the notion that bread can also be a bull. Nobody even asked you that question, but your hired, I dont. Even now. I can t say here that I and we will continue to do so here and the bakery section of this banana. That's great. I love him and it honestly. These are the kind of homespun guys that we need were run in twenty twenty, bigger that I would see these are the real american right. I earnestly run this country and yes, maybe he has been indicted for murder for higher and is currently in prison, but you know what I'll say about that. A one thing you can take away from Joe Exotic his past his. He is a really passionate man. Now the woman did not mind standing as the other sanctuary animal refuge, woman there. She she takes care of her animals, but then the the theory was the Joe exotic does not take care of his animals, although we two lions in the presidential, two thousand sixteen video and
Why it's pretty happy they didn't attack Merida will yeah they weren't like being actively stabbed yeah. So that's so they were fine year. These he movie finding seemed relatively healthy yeah. Teachers and his entire life does seem to surround around the idea. That he is great with exotic animals, so I mean I hope he was doing good, but I guess maybe I pray. She was not maybe I don't think so, yeah. I think the Joe Exotic is guilty of these crimes. Oh, I'm sure he's guilty for murder for higher of murder for area without that, just because he straight up just asked for it right right, to be real round about. Oh, absolutely absolutely be like you, dont, like PAMELA, either right isn't that kind of weird both don't like her man. Then we'd both kind of wishes. Something would happen to done right. I was You can tell the Joe Exotic loves the
lions and tigers that he cares for because it seems so obvious that you could easily turn one of these big cats into a coconut, order and then blame them for the murder, but he would never do that because of their friendship. Will that's a good, right I mean you run an animal sanctuary full of exotic tat. Certainly I can find a way or you could think of a way to dispose of a body. I mean a best murder weapon. It is a nice little, but the second best is a big cat. That's what this I feel like you could just led her to the sanctuary in just not feed the animals Rivah. Then you kind of sacra the promised cut out the sacrifice, one or two, because then you'd have to kill the animal rights which it was. Then they get a taste for human flesh No one is safe and safety would like a dog. Every dog, happens to eat a section of your foot. You gotta kill Oh, I don't know, even if it is like eater pepperoni off your thigh Indians, guinea, pepper roadways, they can pepperoni wars the vile are good for a series of
Why are you having a dog e? I dont want erotic about any of this persistent the misdemeanor version of the guy who put in about her on his junk neutrality and Santa Maria out is upwards, we're the single element it yeah, like that, like a disgusting pepper, Christmas tree with its little quick start? Lord, our friend Kevin Barnett, who, by the way, if you have not seen a check out the show Ral on Fox grant all of our friends in a man. Yet over friends or in its, I think, Henry you have a role in that want to write in Rome. The other one there's another show that you have a role Adobe like now. You got a roller know. I was in Kevin, Barnett's pile. I wasn't Kevin Barnett's, pile, ok, but Kevin, used to live by a by one of these, a safari lands or something like that, and he time, another lions would constantly escape, and be all around his farm lands in South Florida, so
You do want to make sure that their fat, otherwise we could have lost our good friend cabin, which would not have been done now. I would not have like that now, I feel that they are very scary but a floor. It has got a lot of that. Of course, warders interesting place, I'm going to say it interesting place, but now we cannot leave out the most important part This story is Joe exotic, not just a politician. Not just two nobel it we will hire someone to kill somebody else he's also, I'm gonna say a pretty good country, music. We know what we're gonna do was wearing clothes it out Do we close it? I will get a yak cause. Joe exotic is the last time you ll ever sing he's going to be in jail. No, I he's not gonna go for that law and you can sing in jail. Charles Manson was was singing to jail all day long. How long can you go into jail for firmer? for higher. I dont know what is look at that. Maybe we should get you we get that information. Can you be sentenced for murder, for so each count I gotta hear so.
If Maldonado passage, ok, Joe Exotic is found guilty of murder for higher. He could be imprisoned on each count for up to ten years, and you would so be subject to a three years, three years of supervised release and a fine of two hundred and fifty thousand dollars per account. So Looking at some significant time, probably you probably see like five years parole and then when he gets out, then you can go right. To sing songs? If he wants title, I mean that it will have the the jail behind him. That makes them a true countries star, though, maybe it'll help his credentials. You no more love. So thanks. For listening to side stories again John, you couldn't get outta here and there and yes, you so much for elicited
keep sending a stories. Yes, please do not instagram a bank is what I get so many de aims, but I try to take some time out of my day. I know my busy day- oh my god, my pc, but unless you d I can but the muffins and then taking care of the children. But you know I try to respond I do, though, stories. I think you would have a look Why, because I actually had somebody a Rogan Hannibal is the one who sent me the story about the sun spots, which is really fun cool, and then this is kind of a trend. Follow up more when people send me the shit man LISA the story, but the Seti thing. Well, there you got so that an easy. When I did remember, I did happened to see, I went to go, see perfect blue. I forgot to say this because I brought it up on our movie episode. Nicosia, because it was we released into theatres, and so I show up I'm high as a falcon. Rainbows tee o while aid a couple edibles movie, does a sorry, sound, a music. Just sorry, I'm just like locked in a good about this. Now, everything's done by streaming
Oh I see streaming so they have download it cause you don't justice. A real anymore. You land back there with Dick through targeted sucked like well. I don't know Rio Lloyd. I think I do know, however, that, as you know, last action here projectionist, but they call any happen. Download it you to board something, and then they can show it weird I got the streaming service from spect. This is the old man version but what I did, but also its horrible, it's horrible anyway, so we should open you like you, I like the movie. If the animal you liked it, I will say now that I'm an older man and seeing alone in a theater, with all of the nude Asian, not team. STAR, twenty one here they ve set it specifically. It's like I should have somebody with me yeah, give it a little pee wee Herman moment there from the early Ninetys back when I get home. I don't touch
You just have your hands up all your honor amusement ride. Like your role, I also holds I put my hands behind my back, so it looks like I'm. Relaxing abide so looks Is it a met? Somebody don't understand it's so that everybody knows I'm not joking, not do it at that there should be loathing. It says please put cellphones away and do not touch it less or the minimum size on the screen. It should be understood don't touch it. So, What do you want to say Henry any closing words, you know, I think about it all time and about what I wanna do every day mostly I want to be able to. I want to have enough dexterity my fingers to be able to put on my shoes on my own. I know that will require for me- is to get up every day. Live it up. Laugh it all right. Love it up. Love you sound dangerous, yet does so dangerous when you say it like that trip oil, everyone, Hale Yourselves, Hale Satan-
Thank you that they were listening again did did it drawn on a thing do that the name of this saga we're gonna go out with is Joe exotic, my foot, love that route,
one steel. Who miles give you large
you lose one million, still stream. Goose darkness I can t
who knows me,
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