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Side Stories: John Chau's Impossible Mission

2018-12-05 | 🔗

Hey what's up? This is Side Stories. And today's episode is THICC. A missionary falls prey to stupidity. A woman brings a knife to a fart fight. And much more. Shiv, gasp, and glove.

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this is the lost is on the left side hannibal yeah the last night i was watching this ufo documentary called the plan f yes stick real yeah i heard about this actually is a good that's the thing okay i'd love me i convoluted two and a half hour long ufo documentary sure right this is a fat down but this is a mainstream documentary 'cause this is all like it's like kind of political to write it gets there ok my only issue is that it starts with a cool tagline about how the vestiges of the majestic twelve group were part of the planning committee that allowed nine eleven to happen happened in accordance with the reptilians like very very deep deep deep deep the thing is
that everyone of these ufo documentaries right i love 'em but they always gotta start at the very beginning of course but it's like i found this documentary because i'm all any one of the lost souls that knows all this information yeah all of a sudden i'm i see that at line which is that i want to see how majestic twelve was involved in nine hundred and eleven but it always has to start with and the the in cultures new with the nagas the serpentine people and then it starts always with the atomic explosions over ancient india right and then immediately has to be nazis in an article of course and it's like i know this already i know get to the new shape i feel the same way every time i watch one of those michael michael moore quote documentaries unquote alright everyone this is a last podcast on the left side stories
really expensive side story high side stories i embed kissel travis morningstar you might hear him every now and again yes very subtly and of course we got head razor broski yeah man yeah yes i'm auditioning therapist this week i know you are and evidently i'm sure they're already horrified of the can you handle heat i didn't i don't know better get yourself some heat no man i don't know what the term is that is true henry sobrowski fired his most recent therapist over email i believe and the therapist did not respond and now you have two other therapists and you're looking to make their lives gerbil who's in the lead right now to take care of your brain i believe one that uses young in archetypes but we're going to have the two of them in the same room with me and i'm gonna yell and yell and yell till one faint and then is the fainter the winner or the loser loser oh ok
no that's not the one who's rigid with their eyes open it like in the like in clockwork orange good a good that has to be at the need to have all eyes on me thank you both fear and respect me it's always good to treat if there is the same way you would train a dog train therapist the same way you would trade a dog that's really healthy you guys my psychiatrists really powerful advice that he gave me yes he said whenever you're eating before drinking milk think cow courage optimism work ethic right we talk this is what i'm looking for yes this is the kind of this is what i need but that is not the proper acronym for courage optimism work ethic 'cause there's no e in cow it's two words work ethic it doesn't make any specific work ethic and part of it is that i should have been courage optimism why all well first up we want to thank on in indianapolis and chicago we filmed our first special this past weekend it was it was amazing so
thank you so much chicago to great crowds into it you also incredible so that special will be coming out in a couple of weeks here it's going to be six dollars and sixty six cents and i really think they own and erin you in love of our dear lord and savior of of knowledge and illumination i hope you guys can enjoy it because you can what's for those of you that have see this live right we could didn't get your city so you can see the show that we did this year i now that shows that now that show goes into the phone and that show is now deceased it's in the grave tombstone last podcast on the left nothing but trouble to so please if you if you're going home for the holidays you don't want to spend with your family just go down to the basement by it on demand and you will be able to enjoy us three questionably looking people up and uh so that'll be coming up very soon we're really excited about it so thanks so much everyone in chicago and thank you for the production company who did such a great job filming it
i think that you guys too it in the same way we presented many other material it's really the best way to watch our special is with no clothes just so that you can really let it all out you've ever eaten naked kissel do whatever day yeah yeah i think that really is that that's the spa you want to be and that's the key level of relaxation you want to be at when you allow our words just yeah i'd all over your body well speaking of chicago there was a small incident that happened to me in my hotel room great hotel ace hotel i i woke in the morning and there was just a lot of chips in the toilet i had no idea i was like what the hell happened and then i do recall eating chips speaking of being dude on the toilet and then my toilet was put a was clogged and i the woman came in and then i said please get out of here i'm too embarrassed and then i came back after we or did the show are live taping and they had they had fixed the toilet but i just want to apologize to the asa i don't even know how the chips got in there
but it was kind of disturbing you are a monster i don't know why you thought that you should put chips i am a sausage i was sausages from it because i it does all through the very green i do not it goes off but did you throw that's why i was trying to be clean i don't we don't have time to do a deep dive on us i mean i think you need to see this young young special to find out what the archetypes of the lumps that you try to cram this toilet fill alright well anyway later on this episode we're going to get to the death of missionary john chow that story we're we're absolutely out there good riddance absolutely but first let's just start with that's short and sweet dare i say about as long as a nice toot this go to florida here this is in dana beach florida you know about dana beach florida henry ever heard of that now i met her but so a florida woman faces in egg
it is the charge after authorities say she passed gas in line at the dollar store and then pulled a knife on a man who complained about it this is this is according to broward sheriff's office report the miami herald reports the seven year old should not give that wilson which i love that name should not your vet wilson pass gas waiting in line at the dollar general this was on sunday evening and an upset nearby cuss an upset a nearby customer the report says the when did customer and wilson then got into an argument quote in reference to the defendant farting loudly it says wilson pulled a small folding knife out of her purse and told the victim she was quote going to gut him well as if to attack him wilson was arrested and charged with aggravated assault with a deadly weapon without the intent to kill it's unclear if she
we had a lawyer i gotta say if someone's urine a dollar general that's a hostile wine to begin with no one's really happy to be there will you better be on edge and be ready to defend yourself you better be but now you got someone who's passing gas do you audibly say oh my god i can't believe you did that in this in the sanctity of a dollar general if there's ever a place where it's going to be someone a customer in line doing a little student doing a little bit of excavating of of steam out of there but it would be a dollar general what you know i don't think i'd say anything i can imagine being so offended by somebody's fart i mean first of all if you're going to fall on rip inaudible fart and if you looked away this woman does in her mug shot she is very serious very serious very see so she farts real hard right she must have some form of honestly she must have like a yoga pant on or something maybe i taught in order for you to fully hear a womans fart because i'm going to i'm going to put this out there ok
this is going correct ladies all lady correct me if i'm wrong but most women sparks i've heard or smaller well you know we had it's funny you mention that there was actually a myth busters it was like season like one thousand and when they were really were out of mr bus and they did bust the myth do women fart yes that was a real show on the discover real cool subject okay operate channel sound checked a club comics why if i could open my comedians up a bit or premise for a bit and it turns out henry i don't want to blow your mind but they do they do i know i know that they do but i'm just postulating that if you are strong enough to sit just online an in flagranti you just openly loud
the far right i'm not a part of it is to me is like i understand her reaction up to a point because people get offended by us occasionally and it gets to a point where it's been like well you could either not say something but if you do say something of i had a folding knife maybe i would lunge at you okay because in the end unfortunately i'm a reactionary person right right so i understand mentality sure but part of it is that you'd think you'd save it for the car yeah a little bit like you think there or you do the thing which i have done which is persa lips as you move towards exit slowly right you let it out right bit by bit by bit as you walk out of the store you some control you some this a plan yes or you can do the
thing where you just keep it inside and then it bubbles up like you're a color again you know what are what do you call those things a water keg and you put water cooler water cooler water keg anything that's getting anything that contains water that's larger than a cup i just call it a keg and yeah could can feel the gas go back into your stomach and then really that's an assault on yourself so honestly i i don't think you should actually be home telling actually does hurt you i'm not sure but there's also takes place between hollywood florida and the fort lauderdale so it's a very special part of florida then i really think that in this just indicates the temperament yes this city of of data be absolutely i mean dollar stores i i mean i go there all the time i'm never going to align the dollar store although the first time i ever went to a our general and i realize they do have things that are over a dollar i thought the entire thing was a lie but it's just full
professional wrestlers looking for cheap like you know cooking equipment to hit each other within the ring it's looking for grandmothers who don't really care about their grandchildren that but they have to buy them a toy and they were great mothers with advanced dementia that's where they end up getting the toys and it's a lot of also recently divorced dads or separated father's getting gifts on their way to pick up their kids for the week it is also the dollar stores little known fact great place to get hormel chili that's almost expired but really really cheap and if you eat it day off you're probably not going to get sick and die so it's a good thing to do so not going to die you're just going to maybe ship or long time honestly it's a perfect circle she probably has purchased some hormel chili from that dollar store she went back to maybe buy more a ford happens naturally because that's how science works we got someone complaining in the background
don't run this is surely desert i think she was over reacted she over reacted and dare i say the guy over reacted and you know it was a pocket knife you can't do too much it's in do they didn't charge her with attempted murder they said without the intent to kill she did say she was going to got him and my understanding is that that would kill you but to what do i do she she said may be exaggerating her capabilities with that folding knife right i don't know if it necessarily it wasn't like she pulled out a fucking machete to fucking stab him in the fucking guts it was like a little folding knife right but man oh man would i not want to meet her at the oh yeah she's just got to be if she dropped her level of intensity just in the have a day what's your level of intensity when she's doing something really hard when she's having a bad day absolutely meter the dmv you want to be in her wake because she's going to get exactly what she wants when she wants it just follow her through alright so that's story coming out of florida
how much time she'll serve hopefully we don't know if she has a lawyer but hopefully she gets a good public defender who stands for the right to fart i was listening to a very interesting talk about from a defense attorney who is talk public defenders and really again it's all just about how much money you have or you can do so much to throw doubt into the trial is if you have money to were literally start doing the build debating the definition of the word is and you start looking at the seats that everybody sitting on and how the seats that happened at the crime could have it all of that bullshit is pretty great right i want to do a little ufo deep dive if you this is real quick ok so this is before we go to our main story there's two little words of it now that are very very interesting one is this the first recorded unknown object that washed ashore in one thousand eight hundred and three in japan it's called it was called the utsuro bune a
in the head tachi province and what's interesting is that it's kind of shaped like the end of one of the one so what do you mean the end of one of the ones yeah the you seen those hitachi ten sure yeah of course being a big boy big boy said one that takes diesel right the ones the ones that you can do what you used to scare the dogs i see ok now so when defining the suit booty the booty part means boat while root sudo simply means empty or hollow according to a legend an attractive young women aged eighteen to twenty years old yeah ok arrived in a local beach aboard the hollow ship on february 22nd one thousand eight hundred and three fishermen brought her in land to investigate further quote unquote investigate further this old school parchment porn like you know how they used to pour and used to be bothers osha laws is used to not be boring right absolutely to put dick in vagina on it
right and god knows i guess those voices were filled with things other than water i suppose beer oh ok and huh which actually can last alert thousand years actually isn't expired but the woman was unable to communicate in japanese okay she was very different than anyone else different looking the fishermen and were turned her and her vessel to the c word drifted away it is a very very interesting it's a part of japanese folklore there's a lot to so into about it so i feel like that's more of like a good it's really fun for you to maybe look into so now we said so what was the vessel it wasn't a real tangible you could touch it vessel or was it like a ghost ship they said it's supposed to be the upper part appear to be made of red coated rose what will the lower part was covered with these with plates up it seemed to be it was covered in kind of a metal right the shape of the hollow boat it resembled a wooden rice pit and they said this woman she was beautiful right and then she had red
hair and eyebrows okay and there was a long gated by artificial white extensions so she was some kind of cyber golf yeah or maybe christina aguilera when she went through the is it white extension love chris ex tina i miss sex tina yeah i'd be this can really was very pale pink color it's v should not and understand the egg the fishermen this is very very interesting it's a part of what they said to say but i love this because of a actually this will be one of those stories that we will cover when we do uso episode which is not the military entertaining hello what is that i don't know where that stand for its unidentified submerged which is a whole other side of ufos which are just ufos that are under the water interested in now correct me if i'm wrong good chance great chance of that uhm i know ninety five percent they say of the oceans is uninhabitable or unvisited and there's
we're seeing all these you know not not the blue but there's a lot of new creatures coming to the surface 'cause if global warming climate change those kinds of things do you think that's where they're at if if you're going to find an alien you got a better chance of going high or going low or is it just alien to us because it's something that we've never discovered before then so see idea then you're getting into the whole hollow earth theory you're getting to the idea that aliens have been forever and they live maybe in our ocean so leave the live deep down in what one of the various caverns in our mountain ranges i don't know i guarantee if there was a giant squid circling the moon though we would not have traveled to the moon you know like the reason why we haven't the reason why we haven't explored all of the ocean is because there's giant find monsters down there i am horrified of the ocean every time i i've been in it i've been in the ocean a few times in florida one time it was around three o'clock in the
i just finished going to a series of bars a took off all of my clothes and i ran into the ocean and if i was not six puts and i would have died yes i realized high tide that's the oceans real strong i seriously would have been swept if i was like six feet tall i would have been swept away but him the chest and i was like thank god because i was very close to just being disappeared all of my clothes were just been found on the beach and they'll be like i wonder what happened maybe it was an alien abduction but most likely friends would be like no he definitely got hammered and took off all his clothes and he went skinny dipping the skinny dipping in the ocean you guys look look i'm a drunk and loud i never was laughing and laughing until you actually become a drunken log literally address a dead body i got real lucky on that because as soon as i got out i finally put my put my clothes on like soon as i put my pants on a group like on a really nice date a man and a woman that were walking down it was not it just commit a felony on accident
are you there are you from england that right well speaking of all washing ashore let's get to the big story of the week involving a missionary named john child this story has a lot of twists in so this fucking god i hate his face we don't know you know he got what he wanted he wanted to give his life to christ and indeed he did give his life to cry he died for his so i suppose from that perspective he brave in his own way he's like joan of arc he is a little bit like joan of arc so two weeks ago a young american made a doomed mission to north sentinel island in now that no sentinel island it's a speck in the bay of bengal and home to perhaps the most isolated people on earth now there's not many of these folks there's only about fifty
love them and a little bit there's only about fifty of 'em in a little back story the whole island is about the size of manhattan not nearly as many tall buildings is that fair to say what might have been hey you got to have a joke out there for the parents you know yeah but in the late eighteen hundreds early nineteen hundreds the british used to go over to this island and one time they ended up kidnapping a few members of this tribe that brought them brought them back to the uk and these people die it's like a medially they say are the common cold would wipe them out because again they have not met with anybody else these they're the most isolated tribe currently in the world or at least one of them so this dude he heard about this try and he really wanted to go since he was a kid i don't know most kids fantasize about maybe catching a touchdown in the super bowl or get into the nba or being a pro wrestler or even being a comedian it's a type of the weirdest crookedness ambition that seems to take
since inside of this type of evangelical christian mine right where he believed in his heart of hearts is that it was like what you said being like i want and i want to win an oscar for best actor it's that i want to go to the place everybody goes died and i wanted to bring jesus to these people who don't want it and that's like the most difficult way evangelize in the world being like why don't you just play college basket shore or you know there's a lot of people who need saving in i don't know northern california i have no idea there's a lot of places you could go to evangelize and there is a certain amount of ego that goes along with this man's right where he's just like i'm the only one that can possibly do so there's a lot to unwrap as far as training and all that stuff will get to that in a second so this try because of what happened in the past at any who is approach their island has you been dealt with whether they for get on it is one thing usually
what happened is that you should a bunch eros at jia you got to close it ever be like that's a good warning not to go there so yeah he got dropped off this dude got dropped off by a bunch of figure by a fisherman a group of fisherman and those fishermen by the way have since been charged with aiding and abetting in his death john shall ruined a lot of lives here and the fishermen would drop my about a mile and a half offshore he took a little boat from their fisher fisherman boats and then he go by themselves because they knew that this is not a place where anyone except for that tribe should be and i would always say that's a telltale sign that you should probably not go if the fishermen aren't going you don't need to be there also it was illegal to put on the island yes you already are breaking laws by going the all of these people had to be bribed yes this was several visits over to the dominant island chain so he been kind working this out so they were bring him there against their will to begin with but they were essentially purchased and then they
just kind of dropped them and they're like see you like knowing for knowing what's going to fucking happen to him i think him out there like plucking the jerk like like we like paddling in with a bunch of fish and write for them so what happened was this is according to a new york times article the tribe had attacked anyone one trying to step onto their shore appearing virtually naked and firing arrow so when he came to their show the first time he went there one time and then went back and then he went back again so the first time he went there he wore nothing you member that see the double oh seven in james bond when it was a what's the name of the super attractive due to the the guy was too attractive to play james here's brosnan pierce brosnan not pierce the jack daniel craig daniel craig my favorite my favorite i think she was too attractive but that's just me daniel craig when out of the water is wearing those nice silver speedos he wore black speedos and uh
else no shoes no nothing no shirt no pants because he thought that the tribe would then relate to him so that was his first time go he steps on shore and a young boy takes an arrow and shoots it right through his bible that's according to the funnest thing in the world because he let he like lifted up the bible he says hello i'm john i love you in jesus loves you he said a child of the tribe just lifted up his arrow before arrow through the bible and he was just like and his comment his diary says he end up leaking a couple of his diaries yes it two people because he wanted people to hear his message he laughed left he left a couple pages of what he was writing with these fish i'm take back and his reaction to the bible getting hit with an arrow i stumbled back and recall yelling at the kid for shooting me now as i look
edit my bible cover looks like bark like tree bark so maybe he was just curious but yikes it sure gave me a fright yes yes it should have given you a fright you know this reminds me of when we did our show in vancouver on east hastings street and every single tax he dropped us off five blocks away from the venue we did go in and do that show but then it's also the closest we ever got to be murdered on the street at least in north america so you can imagine how dangerous this is so and he wrote that that journal entry he seclude himself in a hotel room for ten days before the first trip now some people said that it was because he was real nervous and he was preparing but other people do believe out of respect for the tribe he didn't want to get them sick whatsoever so you really wanted to take care of himself
i think even by evangelical leaders this is this is sprung quite a debate on what is good missionary work and what is dumb missionary work so he goes one time shot through the bible convinces the fishermen to take him back again the second time not so and it they ended up shooting him multiple times with arrows pretty much like uh like d day quick as soon as he went from a and then he was just gonna like he did the b barely got off the boat but apparently when he said that he got out of the boat number one to show them that he had legs i wanted to see that he had legs which is true and then he started throwing fish at them yes saying it was a gift yeah and as he's waiting because they showed up just imagine it's like you don't you are the most isolated tribe on earth this random creature comes up black speedo
and just starts tossing fish at your family read my book read my book when she played by both i think media tly there all like go fuck this guy's first of all this i can go find himself we've seen this before they've talked about this before obviously they new interior lee they've had they've had it had white people show up many many times to try do to make them six try to enslave them try to give them their christ we've always kill them so now it's almost i bet you they're like looking forward to it i think there's a point where they're like all of the kids are like dairy dairy is it true is it true is the i killed a man and they're like yes son finally day is gone but they're all like excited for it get nurse should all extra sharp well it must have been an exciting day i don't know really a lot of what happens on that but soon this doesn't happen too often because most people understand what danger means for the first time
so they let it out with the boat right to roll up to shore yes you should have been the kayak he got up to so then he had legs they approached him so before they first attacked him they did adam he came he was yelling at them right in his version of because he sort of learn a little bit of saying the lease rate you learn a little little bit of a single these isn't even the language that they speak that they speak they're like this is so far off but it's anthropologist still have no clue how to write down their language it's it's as close to an alien language on earth as you can get yeah it's it's just it's i'll meet you it's a lot needle are you sleep alone leave him up so showed up he's babbling adam showing in the bible the first thing he was he's gohan they rob it they take everything out of his his his kayak right and he's like yes have please have and then they just took the kayak and they're like ok they take the kayak and they're just pull it into the forest and these are then they
even with the arrow through the bible and he's like oh ok he has to then swim back to the fishermen that are pulling out they're all leaving right so this time they do the same thing they drop him off he literally has to swim up to the island and then they just fucking straight murder straight and so his body it's still on the island all law enforcement is like no we're not going to be able to get that body because we don't want to have the same fate yes he did and again as i said this is heavily debated as was this inappropriate to do given the history of the people there and of course given the history of what's happened to the people previously there from colonial rule this is according to john bodley or both play he's an anthropologist at washington state he says there is no question that this attempt to make contact was total wrong in a major violation of there are human rights and autonomy sign to say outsiders need to
spec their wishes and treat them with dignity and as fellow human beings respect means we don't assume to know better how they should live so uh anthropologist and religious officials alike are saying this bit off a little bit more than he that he could chew when there's a couple of things that are part this that are also very questionable so he was trained by this company called all nations and can and a part of his his train and go thing that they have which is ideas that they go so this all and there's just a just because this is so but this is one of the strangest parts of the store so this all nations in kansas first of all it's kansas not all nations by any stretch of the imagination but this is specific evangelical training seminar or camp more like in this train missionaries to go to different parts of the world the end they train them ways that are extremely humorous in my opinion it's an incredible there's incredible comedy
they do this thing called the church planting experience otherwise known as the cpx church planting experience which is they do two with the underscore the lowercase e anna capital experience like when they do it is designed to to the heart of simple church planting c choose x teach plant basic essential churches that are easy to teach local to lead because we teach the core of the christian message these churches rapidly multiply through little group so that's what they say about the this group of people they call them people groups not countries ok that's what they say is that just a group of people so you can go and you can give them christ and so what they did to train john chow yes is that they dropped him off in the middle of the world wilderness you didn't tell him where he's going like when they were shooting blair witch and other members of the church went out and found him dressed up as
this is not a bit this is in order for him to test his language and bridge building techniques yes speaking with people that are supposed to be people that are unaware of american cold right and so this was a three week seminar in total this was just one of the exercises so they drop him off and a remote location and encountering a faux tribe they carried fake spears and they spoke gibberish which reminded me of sacha baron cohen's exercise in this is america with their like trying to
try to emulate i believe try these people or or to what a terrorist would sound like end up the also richard dreyfuss did do this in crib indoor strive i remember that if you you are what about watching i would assume i think it's safe to say predominantly white people dress it up as their idea of what people in our tribe look like it not in this country with big spears and in speaking their version of gibberish the problematic things that must have occurred during this one exercise is worthy of a film i would watch this movie and a part of it is the way they talk about the other ways they trade him is that they supposedly he got an oculi is for twelve different to the yeah it is and they said the way that you could really you know he quarantined himself for twelve days right right which is what they said is that what you need to do to get all the worms off of you which is just not how old
now he's at work like that people have never ever fucking been around somebody out part of their small community no matter it just it just doesn't work well but you'd have to be scoured with with high water any desalinization yeah we're a fucking suit no it's ridiculous the idea that the common cold is on your skin i mean again this tribe that he went to see western breath will kill them it is biological weapon for these people they have no contact and you imagine whenever you go to canada you get sick for like a day because you're like there different germ here just imagine an entirely different universe coming over to your universe of course you're going
it's also i'm from kansas and they can't even recreate a negativity scene so i wonder i wonder what the natives look like they might i i honestly i honestly think they look like vietnam vets like about yeah their idea of native tribes people like i honestly think that they're just doing a complete and total they're doing a couple in total reshoot of krippendorf's this is what they're doing it's the same exact thing it well so there's a couple interesting little tidbit ok so he they gave him emt training right as they said the only medical training he need he was major thing in sports science at a christian college which they said also gave him the edge that he needed to take care of the natives if he had two and then apparently all of this was seemed to be sponsored by a company called
perky jerky i got i actually micro bits with perky jerky they gave a free turkey what were they thinking like we're going to open up a new marketplace is going to be a n sentinel pilot a total of fifty new customers they're going to love are perky jerky oh my god it's totally and so he just filled with the type of that type of it's got the type of ambition that he just had gotten to any other business any other business so john chow he reportedly learned about n central about the north central these people on a website for the joshua project this which is just the joshua project is described as quote the research initiative seeking to highlight the ethnic people groups of the world with the fewest follow hours of christ honestly even if every single person on that island was a follower of christ that still only fifty people
so it is not even in it's not even a good place to go for that reason this is an organization that has kamikaze evangelizing yes that's what this is yes and any also was right he also was going to say he was majoring in sports science at oral roberts university which i don't know like that he would be more like jesus he had definitely are you going to talk about the talk about analyzing the lower back problems in jesus christ as he's carrying the cross during the stations i would not be surprised if that was mentioned so chow was repeatedly warned that if it goes he's going to be killed but this is this is for you henry chao believe that smaller size being five foot six inches and one hundred and thirty pounds might make him it's intimidating the previous travelers to the island who were killed so he what in reversed human nature which is like he's like i'm smaller i'll be safe that's really not how it works yeah that is not my thinking when it comes to my own size i could see
he's correct up to a point maybe but still just because you're just because you show up as a sitcom actor size doesn't mean necessarily they're going to find you was engaging bcs audience right you know what else it could have been is that some of his classmates at robert said having a conversation with john was like having a conversation with someone who reached out their hands and put it on your heart o the way it beats when he looked at me it was like someone who really saw me like i could take off my mask of who i pretended to be that's it's is everyone that he speaks to ted bundy do they really is like i in public i am fake i can talk to you just like you can't asks are you wearing internal mass so you wearing when you talk to normal people but also part of it is really pretty think about his journals with like a key this like one of the final paragraph of his journal was low
is this island satan's last stronghold where none have heard or even had the chance to hear your name which is the will of the mall is other provided all of these journals to washing the post thinking that it would help clarify his sacrifice but it just makes him look like a fucking asshole well you know the ego is released wrong in this guy and i suppose that was his fatal sin this is according to religious scholar his name is scott morrow and again the religious community evangelicals they are anti gay or anti as well the vast majority of it's that i've seen are anti it so this is scott moreau he's a professor at wheaton college graduate school in illinois a little known fact i lived in wheaton illinois from the ages of three to six all that interesting that's dad fact of the day scott moreau says quote i'm appalled by the knee i'm appalled by the favorite type of thinking you go on a beach you throw a fish at some people
you holler in them and then you come back and spend the night and everything is going to be fine he continued it doesn't show much sensitivity and it doesn't show much common sense so he really doesn't have he doesn't even have his communities support in this except for of course the all nations in kansas yes which is of i mean i guess well so you need so what i find about what why find fun about the all nations website too is that they have not updated their blog until his murder law something update her blog was in twenty fourteen and then in twenty eighteen were like in loving memory missionary of christ john shall all nations grieves reported death of humble courageous missionary on remote indian i ocean island there's a thing as a person who does identifies the state as we don't evangelize we don't believe in evangelizing but because part of it is that we have to stay in a four star hotel is that part of your religion that's a part of it is that i have to look at thread count
before i can let you go you have to stay at like only hilton know sheratons allowed no no no sheraton there no no no no no no we're talking about an elevated chain letter rosewood i need something like a bmg like i need something in that world star woods that's more important for a satanist it also 'cause it's 'cause i know i am trying to find more peace with even et christian belief system i understand it helps a lot of people and that that that if that's what your prague if sure whatever i mean you're part of a gigantic web of data files but not all of 'em are you know i mean a lot of your most people are normal but when it comes to this bullshit this is the example of why christiani is a bad name all over the world they show up trying to evangelize all these people that got nothing to do we didn't even ask you to come right absolutely i would have to say i disagree with this let people be of course there are some good christian
it you do a lot of good works i'm not just maligning all of them this is just a specific case that you can just do really good things a world without the addition of trying to save people souls because of course the very premise is that you're assuming those individuals are wrong and they're immediately going to hell and less you save them and it's just it's offensive on its face in my personal opinion or boring good no matter what but anyways like people that grow up wanting to be present if you really believe that you have the wherewithal at two hundred to run the complicated country that is in america and that you're the only person that could can't do it you a deeply flawed person that should not be president like it should be against your will i think it should be given to somebody in terms of like someone who has been trained to do it you can't just shut like people who believe in themselves that much are very dangerous here's a quote from pam arland now she is the director of the train
for all nations the missionary group as we mentioned that trained chows this is what she said she said we made it very clear the scope of the help that we could give him choose designed to say john was not reckless or extreme at all and he had put together a very reasonable henry she says he put together a reasonable plan the entire plant is by definition unresponsive so she goes out to say he had counted the costs and knew that he might lose his life but he had also put plans in place to protect the north santa lease that is because he loved them so this is according to a person who has a podcast blog called failed missionary that person's name is or a pig mister spaced out in germany and regularly conducted short term missions china overseen a group he said they often enter the illegally and he felt that the group was put at risk by an absence of appropriate oversight
glorification of those who are persecuted for their he goes on to say the more murder complex tales you can send the better because that drives funding i wanted to go to china because is closed he said and i was programmed to think that was very noble so of course funding is always the backbone of these institutions and these so called religion academies or training institutions just anything called oral roberts but still disgusting to me it's still just like oh that's just it's a very religious school so that is what happened with john chow so if you are if you do want to do missionary work again you can go to places that aren't going to kill you and you could actually maybe help out some people and not kill them with a cough up any so there you know where they need chris you know where they need christian outreach
downtown los angelus that would be great like that's the kind of places that that needs christian out sure brownsville new york pizza christian outreach they need like a bunch of people that are willing to go and help a bunch of people with the actual christian ideology of helping those that need help giving to those don't have a being there to help ease people suffering that's what i thought that was supposed to be and you know what again you can always just do really really good things out of the kindness of their heart without without any invisible person telling you you have to do them you could just do that alright so that's our stance here obviously it's our opinion of course on this show nice to because yeah yeah be nice to be well lastly we got this sent to us a bunch so i just want to debunk it there was a story about this dude just spurs smith supposedly arrested in north carolina for selling for selling energy drinks laced with meth infed amine unfortunately this story
it's too good to be true it's a good i'm in uh internet lie that's been going on i guess for a year or so the mug shot the thing is if you see a mug shot that looks too perfect for the story it tends to be fake like that like what was that one story the satanist guy who had a bunch of like i don't know cadavers in his attic or something like yeah there's there's always a story that they just put the mug shot too and they're like this guy obviously sold energy drinks for twenty bucks a pop that were loaded with methamphetamine but it is not a true stories it's a great mug shot those are great and again sometimes it's just about the store that you're building yeah there it's like we're just we're have you know like you just got a i get it it's a fun story doesn't technically heard anybody out the story originally appeared on a website called stupid the it's stupid stupid which we learned to not do articles based off of comedy of dweeb
fake news this is why people don't believe in climate change it's like that's true because of this meth story like the way that it was just like cobbled together from peace so that's another story yeah i'm stupid dot com au so propagated all i have another you know what they do you know what they do sometimes people can be hi jonas brothers what ends up being a what you thought was a funny article and then you have to spend literally still dealing with it having to still tell people we don't know who the judge i don't care and i don't know with these lyrics i've never heard the song i still have not heard the busted so there's another snopes article here ben kissel does like a bud light lime false look at that finally so now you see how annoying it we haven't seen the evidence sometimes snopes is wrong though but thank you so much sending us all the stories are not all the stories but many of the stories we talk about here side stories i mean honestly is allergic to a lot of cool stuff and we got some great stories this week that will have to do next week because there were just so many and again in a couple
weeks are special will be out that show is scrap so you won't be you won't be losing anything when we go on tour next year we're going to whole new show have no idea what it is yet but we're going to figure it out i am sure because we'll have to we're going to write it the right that that's that's the next we're going to write we do some little different here at last podcast on the left because our live shows are unique experience we want you to come and have a good time i want to meet people of your same elk there's a lot of attractive people there there are honestly a lot of lot of big strong dudes lot of hot women yeah it's very it's a great night out it's so we have a good time absolutely and we meet as many of you fuckers as we can have some even not having the meet and greet last time we ended up meeting a bunch people at the end of the show yeah that was a confusion on the venues part apologies for that area in chicago but yeah we always see all out of the bars and all are welcome when it comes to last podcast left we are all we have left everyone yeah we have a problem with drinking problem
so we're out after the show you know i mean travis is done very good at maintaining i've gone beyond i've transcended so now you now you guys can go full if you are a d if you do have a friend that doesn't drink just please to refrain from asking the question why aren't you drinking just trust that they don't want to and it's great to have someone sober when the police show up so it's nice to have one sober person you should be thanking that person for not drink it was little just don't mention it don't matter don't mention the fact that they're not doing that was literally triple h is roll with the click everyone else was just hammered and triple h just drove them and he would stay until four hundred in the morning would start working out at six well they were all hungover so it's actually great to have a sober front steps at the end of the sober friend single what's best is that then you'll get to be clear headed while everybody else is making a full of them absolutely it's pretty great i'm so you know remember to i'm gonna see gasp and glove at this week
that's that's that's that's the lesson man strange lesson strange lesson for this week but that's alright ok everyone hail yourselves well sweet satan let's umago stellations help maine if you will talk got a lot of good content last podcast this week is going to be really fit oh i can't wait yes
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