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Side Stories: JonBenét Was My Friend

2019-09-11 | 🔗

Ben 'n' Henry break down this week's true crime stories: a missing undersea observatory, a missing penis, a toddler fights off a mountain lion, and MORE.


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Is it okay to escape the lost sumptuous Louis Parisi and Birmingham UK yeah baby we're at right now by looking the highway. He could smell the fumes. You could smell the fish and chips residue, yeah man, puddles in the street, were in work class England Birmingham resuming this is where the great band black Sabbath is from. This is where they understand. This is where they got there, darks how they were super dark and it's going away where they get their all their benefits, taken care of and they live in a perfect christian society and they have to figure out a way to rebell against it by becoming evil. They actually do
You could see heat now why Ozzy Osbourne was so somber, here in a highway and those cars. I'm going by zoom, zoom zoom zoom! Isn't that exciting? You know what to it's. Also, just straight up like you look at the in room, dining in the? U K and it's just a different flavor. It's the way. If you order today, what were you thinking about getting what I was looking at. One thing was I ball and was the chicken liver parfait the end the case the state owned freaks? That was what it was prime cut full. Face rump is how they call the meat here full space rum and they said best serve pink, oh you're, going to watch Jon Benet Ramsey's corpse. Oh my hey! What's up everyone, how you doing this inside stories, yeah I'm staring at Henry, we are uh The road my the exhausted, but, of course it's always wonderful to speak with you- want
I think everyone who came out to our show in Manchester Manchester with the fund choose it. It was unbelievable, is what I would call it Henry unbelievable. We spend our entire day spitting loogies into a bucket kiss alone. I got some mysterious drinkers. Disease is fine, Marcus Despite so, I am wondering if it's all the sugary snacks, all the sugary drinks, perhaps that's creating a coding cancer on his endocrine system? Exactly basically, all of the all of the weird all you'll see in the in the fate met the weird bits in all his will. Onion flavored will snow Maxis eaten all day, and then he tries to describe to me his his his way of eating him he's like don't worry Henry. I don't eat them all at once. Them little bits at a time, and I let him just stay open in my bag. I looked into his bag, his like carry on bag. It's just filled with half You'll well should-
for bags of pickle and onion? I think will called like can chickens. I think they're called munchkins and they're. Absolutely I'm just going to say disgusting disgusting are gross, but of course we do have a lot of news stories from the UK. Speaking of chips, there was two new stories this week. I want your focused on this one very, very big sock. Well, I have to say so too we're recording on nine slash eleven and there was zero. Coverage area serial you can. They are letting it pass they're letting it go. They have forgotten, but they did cover. Something very interesting man who opened up his Heinz beans and there but there was in there now the sauce, except for one bean, and then they put him on the cover. Then. Today that was his name that was his nine hundred and eleven. And then today a man opened up a bag of crisps, which is what they called chips over here. Heissel. Are you being really continental right now, I'm being very continental and he opened up the back of
and you know what there was just one little fluff her in there. She was so little puffer the look on his face because it showed him with the one crisp white on the bag, emptying him. This triumph, but look of like got chopped gotcha. Not sure so he's been waiting for this to fuckin' come down pipe for him. This is his ship. This is a european. This is a UK epidemic. Apparently there I'm working in one of these factors that just put one little puffer in the bag of crisps and putting one being in the canister of being bees in here they eat a lot of fucking being bale of the beans, and I mean honestly, I mean I don't mind being it just like. Sometimes I don't need to be. We are both of the mind. You know, not that we don't always agree, but there are things. Obviously we differ Appan sure when it comes to food, but both of us are like beans. For me as a man's we tional I like during campaign when you're playing
Well, I like him a mexican food. Yes, I like him a tri tip mixed in at a barbecue restaurant Sherman. I barely get him because only three spoonfuls of it 'cause I'm trying to pull up the beans trying to. Absolutely and if we will at least hear slathering beans it's all being related, like Ann Supple, breasts from the who's Tommy. And then you ever see the movie. I never. I never did see who's Tommy. Who is it? You missed that boat? What was what was it about? It's about the blind, deaf kid who plays pinball. You know that That's what that song is based off of pinball wizard? Yes, right. The who's Tommy is a very famous rock musical rock opera, as it were done by the who that's, what's called the who's Tommy. Technically, it's called Tommy, but it's written and produced by the who I thought it who's Tommy know it's like how fast and the furious presented Hobbs, I'm sure all right. The who presented Tom Tommy but Tommy was fake
he's not real as the Hobbs and Shaw. Isn't that sad? This is the movie Rudy about the life of a real person, Rudy Ruettiger, but indeed is not nearly as romantic or as triumphant as they make. It seem that movie you because they wasted a bunch of people's football careers, letting a mentally handicapped man blow will play This is so everybody could applaud when he released him back to his home, but what you don't understand is in the movie they're like, oh, my god, they carried him off the field and it was so unbelievable. That's a waste of time. Well, you know it was a joke. Laughing at him and that's when they carried off as a lark, but in the film you know they Disney fight it
The way for yeah actually isolate rhyme stories to get to today. Yeah, I suppose, because we are still talking about food, I mean it when we're on the road together, we do talk about food extensively. What's because we're here and it's kind of funny to see the true differences between the two con. Yes, I know we'll have obviously have a lot of listeners and, U K it's where we're traveling. All over the k, too, I imagine, they're being you know, vigorously insulted waiting by this point. They're used to being roasted by American. On the last episode, though we did mention this was the last relaxed fit episode. I mean imagine pure, but your meat bear meets a and I have to say out of all the things we've ever talked about, whether it be to nine hundred and eleven Jon, Benet, Ramsey or now Mormonism or Mormonism. I have never received it's many honey mails, not even exaggeration Huntington. Close to five hundred between Dm S mentions on twitch.
Right mentions on Instagram, I'm just straight up emails right, so we can't read them all, but I think the overall consensus is you can eat it. You can read it and people do it, but it's greasy it's great so said, the there we go same same thing in emails. I want again, I always say: the emails I mean so much to us when you reach you, especially when we specifically ask you for information, you guys fucking did it. Thank you for that. Thank you! No! Oh god speaking and that's what made me think of that's what I mean yeah. I know you little burp in there but bear sausage. Yes, it is commonly served in a sausage Becaus of the texture and nature of the bear sausage. There's also a thing called the blueberry. Or any blackberry bear which is bears that are supposed to be technically, they do taste like they do taste like what they do. Wait so you're supposed to get him in the spring. There's all things. I've learned from emails, yeah he's supposed to get him from this spring because they eat the bear
the black bears become sweet, their fat becomes bluewing. You can also serve it, be I've. Had people say that, oh I ate it on a stick. Another guy say I hated him. Mistake. I'd rather be like. Oh, my cousin makes it in a barbeque setting. You can do a lot with you. I have my cousins bear Jerky and they all say the same thing. It's mediocre all right there. It is so. Thank you so much for waiting on that. We do, we could stay. You can send other emails. Now you can. We got it side stories. L P, o t, L at G, mail, dot com, shoot us emails about anything other than we got it so far. We have actually. This story was a little bit older. This is actually from last week, but we just didn't get to it and Henry and I wanted to cover today we're going to go to Alabama Oh you and this story is crazy. Dude zero. From BBC News, Alabama shootings boy,
teen years old admits, killing five family members, so this dude is a is accused of killing three of us, siblings, aged six months, five and six and his father and his stepmother, he's being charged as a juvenile right now, but uh they might be those charges up and make him an adult although again fourteen years old man, what the hell is, it's about Henry Guy, I mean I'd. We will get into some detail as to as to why he did it. He snapped because he didn't realize that his mother was his stay, mother. Apparently they do not tell him that his mother was a stepmother. He tried to cover it up, like they were kind of smart not to because they were like. Maybe if we do he'll kill us so I mean, I think, that well or let's break this down south This execution style in the middle of the night. He showed them one by one by one, including I believe it was a five month old, a six year old, and I believe I don't
five in says six month old, a five year old and a six year old, and then his mother and father step, mother and father, and they were all very young, the father was only thirty eight and the mom was thirty five. So this is a young new family. As is a young family. He ask for the whole family by guess who just recently told him that his mom is that released. Mama was a step mom not remotely blaming the parents. What someone is normal information? Also, don't you think if you do wait until there around twelve or thirteen? I guess it's. I honestly I it's hard to know when to tell the child. I think you tell a child as soon as they are able to understand, but maybe fourteen is when, kid was going to be able to understand. Maybe this kid was like: maybe the parents were like you know, a little emotionally mature. Let's wait until we think handle. It I mean. Obviously he couldn't we're going to wait to see what else comes out about this kid? We have a really. I haven't seen any really other information about no the nature of this kid's emotions. I don't know if they were we're going to talk a lot about that, because he was so young, but I think that you tell
like. It is early as humanly fucking possible. I think that you tell a kid four years old, five years old explained that there are different. Final families and I know they're not going understand your it's very interesting. The way he took, as you were talking from the perspective of a boy that literally just had people thrown in your house that you had foster brothers there's none of that. She was explained to you. So you are you variance this. So you viewing this as like. Well, I didn't kill everybody. Oh I see We did not kill everybody. I was twelve years old and then I learned very quickly that sometimes father's have so with their children and it's disgusting. So I learned that level. That's called hyper speed. Yeah you're like oh, I don't know. People did that yesterday. I was playing with Batman and today I'm learning about some disgusting things that adults do yeah exactly the the mystery their children and then sometimes the children are taken away by the state and given to your family, but none of that was asked. You weren't asked even
your opinion, you just had foster brothers and sisters. I you know, I think it's beautiful with your parents did, but it would be nice now we're little clarity would have been nice. A little clarity understand that I agree with you on, so I'm not saying that this is remotely warranted in any way shape or form, but whatever We're seeing here that is, This is very similar to the Defeo family from in Emeryville. Oh really, if you think about it, it's not, I mean not remotely, but the fact that one dude killed all the rest of the family. In that sense, absolutely I think I don't think there's much acid was involved, so you never know. Maybe it fourteen kids are dropping acid. I mean I would certainly drinking at twelve who know hold up or how we learn. The idea of well just kill everybody there's a thing because you mentioned how it literally was like a gestapo tactic where you just put a bullet behind the head, so she must have seen something where he's like. Oh that's how you do it wolfenstein you
You're gonna blame Wolfenstein. I think with this you're gonna, this is bull furnished. I will finish I I ought to great game. All three of the new games are incredible. It is very, it's very scary, did yeah that this kid automatically jump to killing everybody, instead of because back in my day, when all you see Kate, you run away from home sure it was the nineties. You could do anything you could hitchhike, it was safer than hell. We would choose to have a they're all their weird adolescent ways to that's why I think what you said is correct. I think it's gonna find of this. Kid obviously had a either a history of problems yeah or he he had some I motional imbalance. Obviously, but it's not even like the adoption thing I understand, because my you know I think, a lot of siblings do that thing where they're like You are adopted and it was obviously, in my case, my brothers tried to pull off in my mom and I look exactly alike and I'm also super tall. Like my dad- and I was like you know what I think, it's probably probably
and I know that push it yeah. That's exactly what I said when I was eleven years old yeah. That's what I screamed at my older brothers, but I understand, like the adoption thing, would be a little bit more like damn my entire it has been a life who are my parents, but this is just a step mom. This is such a low level thing that you don't like it not that challenging to explain to get. I don't think, judging by port hub step, moms and their children are doing just fine. I think it's much different. If you were like that that offered soul garlic tried, maybe I chose a receipt. I the US, the op different card to found Oh, so your mother was also my daughter, and I knew at this speed test vagina. Oh my data with my disagreements, cracked, so I've I do see what kind of rush and all I could make of a child which my shipments inside of the vagina, in which my shipments make that's a harder
say that is a harder conversation. That's a disgusting conversation Joseph for it's all. I believe he's dead. Now it's filled with candor, though, actually I'm he might think that he died it Denny. I throw me check back checker back checker, quick message, from the fact checker here, booby booby, booby, booby, booby booby boob back Jack. He is still alive, Josef Fritzel, the he is one of the worst human beings. I would put fritzel and the toy box killer together, as maybe the worst two people that we've ever talked about. Now he is still alive. He is eighty four years old four years young, he is old and he is living in a prison he's incarcerated at Garston Abby, and evidently he still has a wife. Rosemary frites. Anyway, everyone said he was like Fun the documentary about his related news liked two years ago there was about him. I forgot I was called, I think, like,
my daughters, my wives, my banks, my lobs Lego set, I'm not God by. I hope, not honestly. I hope one. I hope what I said is not true, I'm sure the So what do we leave it out with the story? Were more information is going to come out about this fourteen year old kid? Yes, we're going to find out exactly what's going? with them or not because he's a minor when you might ask, but now this is the question and this is always the question up for debate ten years old, he is a child He childishly do you charge this person as an adult. I believe that we have a rule and I don't know why the roof been able to do this for so long same thing. In Wisconsin with with slender man stabbings those were twelve year olds, it's like. If we want you have a standard of like you're, an adult at this age. This is when you can give consent. This is when you can legally have intercourse. Then I do, believe we should be charging minors as adults. He probably needs to be in a home. He needs In a hospital for a long long long time in jail is not going to help this kid. No,
he's going to make a fourteen year old, a sociopath even more so, and he's just going to become hard this is going to become like Michael Myers, the severity of the crime in the way that they planned it. He lied. The police, he tried to tell them that somebody came in and broke in the house, and so they They then realize, like that, was total fucking bullshit. So he immediately confessed. The slender man stabbings those two little girls I mean the one Logmein little girl technically planned. The whole fucking thing, which is all this like difficult, weird gray area, but prison does not rehab these kids and they are so young that you'd like to think that there was places for them to go, but we were just give there I believe it's called Adam son, the documentary from H from HBO. It's either that or mother of the it's it's about a sociopathic. Miles. Yes, yeah. I like that movie children of rage that we all that came out all black twenty years ago, where the
problem, though, is that with the mental health issue, so we have in America we don't have the beds. We don't have the infrastructure to help these kids to private hospitals that are the wealthy. People can put their kids in there and send him away. But if you to go to a state run hospital good freaking luck, because those are basically just become what prison is. Don't have good mental health care in this. There are good ways still these, but the most of its like we gotta get you before you do. Who the crime without you in prison. Well, that is an interesting conversation. So it's not bear meat. That's not the question this week. The question is: should a fourteen year old, regardless of how heinous the crime is be charged as an adult, Janice, L, P, o t l at G mail, dot, com and beer meet, we know we don't we we not it's pink, you again cleaver. Thank you like Forrest Gump, talking about about all the different ways here. Meet can be prepared. I want to,
story from Gizmodo, okay, large underwater observatory disappears without a trace of baffling. Scientists is crazy. Is articles written by George Divorce, ski hello, yeah fellow Polack, a large mon, touring station used to gather important scientific data in the Baltic Sea. Has mysteriously vanished. The underwater territory which had been on the sea floor since December, two thousand and sixteen the sea floor. So it's attached the fucking bottom of the ocean on the bottom of the ocean, managed managed by the Geomar Omar Heading Hold Center for Ocean research, keel and the headquarters center? You stopped on August twenty first at fifteen pm local time transmissions from the three hundred. Seven three hundred and thirty thousand dollars station came to a sudden halt. Divers were dispatched to the site, only defined much to their astonishment that the entire structure was gone, save for Asir.
Did transmission cable according to a GM, our statement so do we know where Spongebob and his friends were and the day of the I p B Y, a want a trial. I want a trial. I want to see Spongebob Spongebob on trial. We were doing some research and Amber are friend Neil the mark as he gave our Chris and I a personalized tour of of Edinburgh. You should do this. In the center of town with you should put a guy up on a fuckin' cross right, lucid tie up his arms up on the side of the cross and they used to put this kind of head piece that would hold his head back and they would gut him and they would pull not as full contestants writing around around his torso a bunch and Burnham and make him eat him and shit? 'cause, that's I believe that just called being drawn, and then your quartered after that, oh ok, that's the being drawn. That's what should be done to sponge Bob. Do that to sponge Bob. I don't know if he hasn't testings or not that's up for debate. How does he ship? That is another question up for debate, but also up for debate.
Is how the hell did these people get down there to the ocean floor and how did they do it undetected here and why would they do it back to the article, the observatory was in any restricted area off the northern coast of Germany Boats, including fishing Tools are not allowed into the area that somebody or a group of individuals remove. The observatory remains the most plausible explanation, other factors such as a massive storm, heavy current or even marine animals were ruled out as potential. This is owing to the weight of the instrument. Okay, so a couldn't have done it. This thing huge- labeling, the sharks, I'm not blaming the sharks. I love shark. No one has any clue, they've known away It's gone. The station collected data about water temperature nutrients, salinity, the speed of water flow and concentrations of or fill in methane. This data was used to evaluate the health of the ecosystem.
In and around the southwestern Baltic Sea. Now they say that there is evidence of other giant like underground shipwreck, I'm missing yeah, most time its treasure hunters, people, stealing them two basically sell for scrap or sell for whatever. They feel that if you steal this thing right theoretically, you don't know how to use this and you don't care about it. You want to sell it on the black market. Is the size of a small car, and is this really that sought? After of a of an object of a scientific object, What are you going to do with this? Is it going to be sold on the dark web? At this point, I wouldn't be surprised if there's just two stoners sitting in their living room staring at it being like what the Are we supposed to do bunch of out of their hair? Thursday was up crazy bro, but we
Do this man? What are we going to do with it? I got all the seaweed in my living room. The landlords can be so bugging Bizman, but the missing observatory consists of two racks one weighing two hundred and fifty kilos, five hundred and fifty pounds and the other one hundred kilos. Two hundred and twenty pounds racks include a frame holding the power supply, along with a heavy cable connecting the station to the coast and a frame to hold the sensors. Both racks were want to quote removed with great force from their position. I would assume so now they have no clue. They said the data that was collected was quote, was quote unquote downright part priceless, but they have no clue what someone would gain from stealing this, unless some other state actor, but they are also there's no evidence saying that unless also, of course it is the great Cthulhu. Be Cthulhu. Oh, let's blame it on the Russians. Why not? It very interesting, and we will figure out. Hopefully they will figure out who
who stole this one thousand six hundred pound thing. You think that it wouldn't be that hard to find out it's all it was monitored by the government, has any but they got the data, though the Osh I don't get scared that if there's aliens that's where they are they're they're down there swimming somewhere, oh cancel your starting to absorb. I absorb bloody with like Spongebob Bob? All? I don't think he poops he better poop, If you would then every time he would squeeze, he would be squeezing out poop. You are, who you think what happens when you? Actually I mean I'm so fucking biologists right because we're not. I don't go to your fucking school. I don't have time. I was busy to go to your fucking biology or playing dungeons and dragons. I wasn't busy that's not being busy. That's actually not busy, It's busy examining my imagination, but I imagine if you take a natural it's just from the ground and you squeeze it all it does come out of. It is Chez, maybe again toss it for the audience to sponges real sponges. Do they have penises? I don't know, but you know
Great segue into this story, speaking of squeezing something let's go to north shall we, So all the way North Carolina a woman, was arrested after she tied up her husband. And you know what she did Henry she cut up his John you go girl. I don't know what happens. Is your girl? She was been living in a live. I have no idea, she was feeling passion. She was still passion. Men great till they gotta be great. You know I I heard Liz now and I think it's wonderful. I took a dna test and I'm one hundred percent Is that what it says? No man, this- is off man. Maybe is that what it said when they caught the golden state killer? And then he took a dna test and I'm one hundred percent that bad yeah, so she at knifepoint she tide up her husband, so we're huh. Must have already been scared of her 'cause. He
It's like. I don't even know like if Natalie comes at you with a knife and she's like I'm, going to tie you up, I'm going to say just really. No, we don't. It is time to say it's really very tough to say because in the end she I mean- I don't want to be held at knife point, but I feel I feel like we can negotiate, but I feel like also at that point. If I'm at knife point I'd like to think I'm evaluating. How do we get here? How did we get here? Well, did not seem to evaluate that very well because he ended up getting tide up, not victim blaming whatsoever, of course, but do we know what he did? What happened? Do we know anything well there with her name is Victoria Phrag but and his James Frappe and a spokesperson. And for the sheriff's office released a press release saying I arrived James he's sixty one years, young claim that his wife pulled out a knife and tie. Come up inside. The number. Tell you what I have no idea what it was about.
No, no, no know it's of you don't listen! Well. I have no idea what this conflict is. Okay, she came home. She pulled out the knife. He she tide she tied him up. She, then cut off his penis and then the authorities they were able to recover it and they did put it on ice. Like a little like it's, like But if your is on ice, it's never good. And he never a good, not even if you're just- it's sore from fucking. No, it's not good, no matter what and he was taken to the hospital, We have no word if they've been able to attach the Franken. Of course it Shades of John Bobbitt come to mind. No, the recent memory series that came out about or Lorena Bobbitt really did a good job of showing just how much abuse Llerena Bobbitt went. John bottle was such a colossal piece of shit and he is not stopped.
Being a p. No he's a horrible person. Yeah he's so he he he's go, will constantly capitalizing on what he believes is a funny version of fan and the losses being a city got its own back on the Oj Simpson of having his penis cut off, but I don't know why this we'll see. What happens here like is this woman gone mad Is there a lot of reasons why I can't help, but think I don't know if your getting your cock cut off, not by a stranger a stranger, it's more like Can you please be great? We have to I'm going to give the benefit of the doubt to the man who had his penis cut off at this point, because this will be tide up her husband and cut off his penis. So I'm not going to be like Oh my god, she's a victim here, it's I'm gonna say the victim is the victim currently go read about. It was specifically a specific story about cutting off. That is a very specific story and yeah watch the documentary, if you haven't watched it yet honestly, I get it I understand why she snapped it had to be done, but still don't cut
these penises and then there's the sheriff at least this man. That is, they had a little bit more respect for his p nis. They put it on ice like like it's like it's a fine wine, but with Bob it the cop just stepped, it was like there. It is nerd if that's the period the big Talling pointing from this guy down. He just point: it doesn't want to touch it 'cause. He thought it would can gay get it? There's nothing like a separate penises in makes me so hard. It makes me think about fireman of the sliding up and down pull of course, naturally, so that is yet another story of a being cut off. I feel like once a month we just a bevy of stories like this, so you know what be careful out there. People are agitated people are agitated, be careful out there, but there's no reason to cut somebody's penis off use your words user words tried it, and you know what also ladies, instead of getting the cock cut off because then you go to jail right, You want to get baking a man. You got that money. Get that money yeah! All you have to do is divorce
I don't know how much money the fraud but family had, but nonetheless not about the frog good family line of flat butt jeans would about the flat, but gene legacy there, leaving behind who loved the flat butt jeans. You can get him at mills, fleet farm or lanes, farm and fleet. Those are Shoe stores in the Midwest there was, it was a family and they got into a fight Millan in Blaine, and then mill got to call it fleet farm and the other guy called at farm and fleet it's not like? They didn't cut each other's sucking cock. So we don't know that yet they do us small flat, butt jeans though, but this story this is when you want to talk about it. It's about the french beaches, 'cause you're, a beach baby yeah. I love talking about Bj's z, o b J, nothing wrong and we're not exhausted. All this is just great book. It help me ma'am. So what Every little little do people know Henry is a beach guy
love the beach like to roll around in the ocean. I, like subjecting other people to my body. You have no problem doing that because you know what's nice is that I saw on tours and I have my fucking sexy hot wife she's, beginning, and then they have to see me next to her. I do be like you take and the pixels per full sugar to make them in a single. You know you get you. You are doing a good job rubbing off on me a little bit when it comes to body confidence. I like to stay fully closed from head to toe another good, honest person, but you really let it would you let your freak flag fly out. See my fuckin' handles see my back hair. That's me, that's the dream, maybe you made it to the beach babies. You made it all the way to the beach, but now the beach might kill you. Now. This comes from New York Post slime that can kill you in seconds taking over Francis Beaches by Jackie Sallo. Now we are, we are living in a fucking trump Donald Trump is president and now this-
machining virus, that's happening in Florida. That's right! We've got this fucking bullshit, let's to this, Francis Bj's have been inundated by lethal. Geez. What experts say has the potential to kill sunbathers within seconds. Is a horror movie? If you really at a clip yeah, I did. The clip is fluorescent. Green slime, washing up on the shore, it's like the blob. It is the blood yeah fears of high and six Bj's we're closed as summer in Brittany as the killer slime took over the vacation destination, who is also from the guardian It's a shame. This place is, let me take back, so you guys can understand it. I want to set it in proper. The set set, the proper tone. Okay, it's a shame. These play for come to be associated with this said on ok, I'll leave Rio. Environmental activists who warned that large amounts of green algae on the beaches can
kill you in a SEC, that's horrified. Piles of toxic Alji have covered the shore on the during coasting you're, so due to the over fertilization of near fields draining into the ocean. According to the news outlets sludge which releases poisonous hydrogen find gases that can lead to loss of consciousness and cardiac arrest as washed up on the shores for decades. Environmentalists say that the problem has in the summer due to exceptional weather, and at least two people have died, far dozens of animals. This is yeah we got the amazons unfired, we got, we got, we got uh this caps melted the world is. Changing. This is the beginning of our future for all the oceans are going to start killing us their rising up to kill us it's insane, but that's just word
you're living in a cartoon dystopia starting to come about. We psychically projected this onto ourselves. We we wanted this sub for some reason and now we're in and we got a deal with it. I know, speaking of dystopian future, we did get sent this article multiple times, but I have to debunk it Marty the robot the headline He was accused of sexual harassment, but more but it's a made up story and also, if you think about it more, the robot has no hands he's bump against you. You could buy a big as you or I would assume it. In order for you to be sexually harass right, I mean I'm gonna try to be too blue here your posts you have to like be out. You mean I don't. If you know, if you're going to, if out by Marty, you were uh, bent over spread, Eagle waiting for Marty. He then they'll do blind or with the whatever that the half headed grocer boy, he would have to have the real controls and really point
Marty titled. Your Marty doesn't have remote controls. He just he's allowed to nilly wander around, but he goes towards spills. Okay, interesting point and no did. Remember that way. So what wrote until really? What would we we're doing our meeting great yesterday it was, I will I love that you gave the people. Are you friends out here? Are the funniest group of mother fuckers? They are great, they are the best. But yes, women talk about uh. If we got a message from a fan saying: oh my god my heroes. I was wetter than Others pockets never comes. Marty theory is still on I'll. The meet and greet line for the last podcast on the left are right. His story- sent to me by a listener by I believe the name is it is Carmax okay. Here we go
it was just it's a very interesting, interesting letter about their magical works and talking about would a very scary experience. They did while doing a binding which I'll save for a later episode, because I want to be able to read the whole article, but they sent an article that I I love. This is just right up my wheelhouse. Ok, let's go The Teos news. Is it tails I won't go or is it Touse go with both of 'em It's close encounter of the hunters in alien kind. This is written by Staci Matlock, bow. Hunters, Joss, Brinkley and Daniel Lucero, dressed in camouflage gear, looked a little uncomfortable sitting in chairs at a local newspaper 'cause. I like this Dan. Course they do. I went back to Santa FE. County residents had just come to Taos after several days in real good terrain years, chat all day, long or yeah also called POT Mountain North west of town near you mountain. They had a strange tale to tell and they weren't
the reception we're a couple of days, a normal, even munch, but we believe now Brinkley said they went hunting for a the encountered aliens or something else so strange they, don't know what else to call it, but they say these are people that are not prone to seeing things and they don't particularly believe in aliens opening the bow hunting season was Sunday September. First, the two men had gone a couple of days early to scout the area for Elk. They set up belong, tree line in a different sides of a field and waited after three hours of noelke. Brinkley became restless was about nine hundred and thirty am something to wake up. So damn early, it's hard to take care of these animals is I take off walking creeping around. Who was looking for Elk Brinkley said you reach the top of the mountain where there's a caldera, a type of wide bowl. Left behind by a collapse. Morgan. He went to the edge of the s. Beside me walk to the edge. He notice two figures. He thought at first, they were hunters
but they were very tall, shapes very tall, shaped in these millions standing side by side staring right at me. When he had closer. He noticed the shape would be like their head. It looked like they had huge hoods on It looked like to ribbons carbon off other side to a point at the top and bottom like a banana. We the right side, was black the left side. Is Wyatt and a little shiny that or What kind of black it was? Definitely look like clothes in the middle of an oval. It was just great ladieswear. Jake. What was the back of their heads and it got closer. They disappeared the only around the volcano when they find long story short. They find this thing. That's not unlike an encampment. They said this. It's this weird structure. They said they both Look on movie sets they end up going and coming to. I can see the people working like that are hunters. They also will do like set deck or like or also be like literally set.
Struction sure, and he said we saw this big tent structure like a circus tent fifty to sixty feet tall coming the left of it was a long building almost like what you would build for an archery lane for target practice. It was the third the height but really long. Maybe a couple one hundred feet here about a quarter mile away and couldn't see the bottom of the structure they watch it from about a minute 'cause. They were dry, right. Ok, I find a new location for Elk nearly. What is that is that a base camp for a movie. Building some kind of alien ship. The drop down a little help, the side of the structure, for at most five seconds Brown said and when we top the hill, it was gone. No kid that's very It's a bit hyper hyper strange. That's really the entire story I just like covering, because I you love those types of aliens who read where they are not just straight up, gravies or like straight up a UFO or lights in the sky, a type of high strangeness. When you see that there are perhaps many different any
in species that are around what would you say that description was? What would you what's the closest? species that would kind of fit the description that that those guys described. It sounds like nothing I've heard before, but if you read anything with Jock filet mignon passport some ago in his works in Brazil, you see that there are many different types of like what people say. Could literally be a gray. If, if we're talking, nuts and bolts fuqing ufos like they came from a specific plan it and they arrived here, then maybe it straight up in uniform. See baby, it's a thing that they are wearing. Maybe it's maybe it's new gear. They got new uh that's. An engine codes are popular now who knew who knew? Well, hopefully, those have a good hunting season, but maybe that Well, there was no elk out there. That's what they're trying to say because it does strange if it is hunting scene usually a correlate's with that being a bit
time will they keep moving location because they were really frustrated. They couldn't find any elk. It didn't really that's fascinating, alright! Well, let's just do hero of the week and we have new theme song coming in here. This theme song Birath Sheba, and I mean I have to say towards the end of it. It might aggravate you, but you know what it's uh We like trying new ones.
So speaking of wildlife, this year of the week, is a young filed an eight year old boy who was able to survive fifty eight and attacked by a mountain lion. He's picked up a stick and try to jab it in the eye. So an eight year old boy in Colorado, attacked by a mountain lion, he's speaking out about the incident. The name of the kid is Pike, Carlson, Spirit named him Pike, that's a cool name. It something outdoorsy! Can't it isn't outdoorsy kid. So when Carlson's other first ran out. He saw his son's head in the mountain Lions Mouth, but the mountain lion it was not about to be. Is day, because Pike fought back poke the mountain Mountain Lion in the head and was able to survive, and so I just think
This is a powerful store, because it's a reminder that, even when you are in peril, never give up keep on fighting now huh now her under where we write them only be shared, Memel River. That's perfect! Absolute your regular rolled Winston Churchill. I have the same body Youtube well. I know not much not as much of a war criminal though, which is think about what are you talking about? Gary Oldman showed how cute he was just like Dick Cheney was so cute in that movie is so cute and so Charmi, no, no Henry. Messenger. We could still put him in jail. We could still there just hit them with his car. That's very possible honestly. He lives in New York. That's maybe how he's going to die or a mountain lion attack. So this boy pike, congratulations you're the hero of the week for again reminded us stay in the fight. Do the You can and if you have the will to live, you very well may just destroy a mountain lion.
Ok. Now we got a couple of listen: emails, and I gotta say these are pretty cool. This comes from a alright, so here we go. I wanted to tell you about my tumor last year after being sick for about six months and being told, I had an intestinal blockage. I found out that I actually had a basketball sized tumor on my ovary called a Tera Toma. If you haven't heard of this before it's a type of germ cell tumor containing many different types of tissue. It can be found on ovaries and women or testicles, and men ok, check. Your tests I'm still small. These types of tumors used to be thought to be reabsorbed or something because they can have her teeth or fingernails. It's since been debunked, but most people still ask me that my tumor was mostly brain tissue, had about a dozen teeth scattered throughout its I'd had
a bunch of phlegm producing respiratory follicles. Is it alive sort up? My doctor said it exploded with phlegm when they dissected it here less. There are Less than twenty five thousand cases of this in the U S every year and only about one percent or cancerous mine was super cancerous, so it had to do a few more I so I had to do a few months of chemo home now I have attached a picture of my tumor for your viewing pleasure. I read my surgeons. All take pick shares of it. For me, while I was under nothing, would bring me more joy than to hear you describe this picture of my bad as tumor side stories, ok and I'm looking at right now, let's take a look, you know what it looks like the fucking haggis. I home is eight oh yeah there that is, I kidnap. It looks like what's the God, I'm freaking old grade yeah. It does look like total recall, also basket case, the movie basket, It's. Kinda looks like you. There looks like a big old brain, but under
sauerkraut, You did not show me what that was. That was in sauerkraut when there was a fucking, and I had a big following the mug Paulina I would this is going to end up how you this is it. This is how like your going to accidentally, eat human flesh. Yes, because you're just going to get tricked into doing it, maybe even eat your own brand, like the movie Hannibal, because I'm a culinary daredevil, that's what they say it. So this is it's not a twin, though I didn't realize that had been debunked. I thought that was like kind of the whole thing with like the teeth in the brain and all that stuff. What else could it be You know it's just superheroes, I don't fucking know I fucking know. Oh my god, or talk about how I'm not a biologist. No, I know that, but it's got a brain, couldn't get it think it just made out of brain material yeah, but I mean oh, my body is just weird: were a bunch of stacks of meat
to the arm yeah Jim Hall, in Edinburgh and there's you be discreet, you be surprised how just how much the whole, my god, we are just me: yeah we're meat bags all Well, this is an email that I will read. It comes in from J, and this is regarding Jon Benet Ramsey, and this subject is Jon Benet Ramsey was my friend and of course we forget, although she is very young, six years old Obviously she would have had friends, so she right. So I wanted to share a few experiences and a few memories of my early childhood that included Jon Benet. She and I were in the same dance class at Rec Center in boulder, and we became friends. That time she goes on to say even at a young age, she was real top talent. She about how she had a memory of the dance instructor. Been through a cd on the stereo listening to each song for a few seconds before hitting the next to the class was standing there in the way that most six year olds would there is a pretty bored, yeah, probably picking our noses and shuffling our feet, but not Jon Benet.
She would explode into dance during short, burst of music, switching between tap jazz, hip, hop and so on. I remember watching her natural skill at that moment, the way she was I mean for no one and how spot She was, while doing so. You think they killed her to make room for Taylor Swift. Well, do you think that there had to be one? It's like a Highlander thing. Yeah, I think they both could have been or his famous celebrities, but that's fascinating conspiracy, theory, an it so this is kind of a sweet story yeah, because apparently, at one point after class, they were going to up with Jon Benet and her mother so a week or two before Dad Jon Benet her her mom and my mom, and I chat after class, there was some how we need a new dance shoes to which her mom said something to the effect of oh. We just got a new pair. Jon Benet for her upcoming performance. Why don't you come over soon for a playdate and will give you her old pair. Let's see it, let's set up after Christmas when we get back from our trip to Michigan, but of course
so these new neck ties that we could try. That is horrible. That's bad Henry! That's bad! No, they were being sweet. They were going to. Have a pair of shoes away so anyway, and then that all so attached to this is a bit of a ghost story. So I'll read this very fast Jay, writes fast forward to high school. Brother and his friends used used to board around boulder after school. It was a group of four that it was a group of four that day and two of them one be my brother, new Jonbenet during her short life. Parents house after boarding Lee stressed and confused by something I had seen while passing her house, the group was onboarding, pastor houses. She lived in a pretty decent hill, all four of them claimed to have seen a fifth. Black shadow on the pavement that moved down her entire block with kind of positioned in the center of the group. It was long enough that they were talking about it. Saying hey you guys. See that what is that they stopped at the end of the street to look around and figure,
out the source, the shadow slowed to a stop with them and they all watched as it dissipated. Who knows maybe she was playing with the kids on our street as she used to in Well, you over that email very interesting indeed and of course, our ip Jon a end up, do they. We still have not solved this right, because every year there like somebody's admitted to it, but that all, but we have it right- we covered we all said, like. I still vaguely believe that you by an outside actor. I am not sure in, but now there's a lot of people put on Burke and the different people are very but motion only invested in yeah. We don't want to use right bullet, we ordered use people wrongly, but so I have no clue who did it but yeah I raise somebody did it. Somebody did do it. That is the one and we can say here at last, podcast on the left, somebody did it. Somebody did it.
Little man which is a bigger deal over here than it is in the states so funny we mentioned the name Madeline Mccann on for our live show and in the states a couple of people get it, but here it's there, Casey, I guess, but they also know Casey Anthony here, but man will make ends up very big deal here. Very big deal yeah just mentioned in the name triggers a lot of people just laugh and getting throw flowers, they love it. They just eat it up. Do you want to eat it up like watchdogs? The strange way in our audience in the way that we set it up, they do left, which is kind of fascinating I'm all right. Everyone will thank you all so much for listening. We can't wait to see you on the road in Birmingham in the London stock homes feed in in Germany, yeah name can a live. Your life, like ya, got a got full of full rump faced and it's been served just like you like it yeah. Maybe it was like weirdly stringy training, which is strange because takes us
list, we string- even I guess here- it's normal military life like that. Like you, like that sure we get your to your taste. You know joy, love the fact that the food here when you he it. It goes in your mouth and there is food in there, but there's no is to it, and you can't do what you love that, because you're from here and your palate- and I love that you love it and other people or try to judge you but fuck that cares. 'cause you like your pace and be like the kids from the movie hook, just make it. Making your mind whatever it is. You want if you want it to be yeah and just and laugh, laugh laugh like your three. Almost forty year old men in the Van Trapp,
together needed me just talking about the countryside it out and we do laugh. Don't we? Oh, we laugh yeah, it's nothing but laugh! That's what people say. Oh I put you guys, laugh all day all day long. That's all we do almost as if I've gone completely unhinged. I think that's That's about all right everyone! Thank you all! So much for listening hell, your sales. It goes delusions and then let's go get some pink state. Let's get that pink snake. This show is made possible by listeners. Like you, thanks to our ad sponsors, you can support shows by supporting them for more shows, like the one you just listen to go to the last podcast network dot.
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