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2019-01-23 | 🔗

We talk a bit about our good friend Kevin Barnett. And we do a couple news stories too.

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nobody was able to use the last on the left side story animal george could then wow it is just what what a great mood to be in dwell dish right everyone so today's episode of sites stories that this is the first time recording after hearing the devastating news of the past our good friend kevin barnett so it's going to be a little bit difficult and so bear with us i know that you all loved him as well of course you are a fan of the round table of gentlemen you are aware of how witty and incredibly charming
and just hilarious and what a great person he was you knew anything about his career you know this dude was just honor could ship did destined to be very powerful person in show business he worked really hard he was genuine he was the funniest dude in any room in he had not hit the whole life adam and eve he was well and with its decides to resemble kittle that's ever eyebrows gates science stories i'd stories but you know despite the fact that he coke created the hit show rollin friends the people it just was selling scripts left and right in hollywood still had time to show up and do hold a mcnally's stream you number had energies have heard changed he was always there when were you know we would get together as much as much as we possibly could and he never change he only got better every conversation was was
just so rare it's just so rare to have someone as henriette said ascend so fast and then never like seriously become a better person is eddie was a great person to start with an aids amazing he had roommate still he used to sit like on a fucking being chair playing video games all day analyse like you are an incredibly successful you could anything else you get on he's back this how all of my life simple negotiations we had us like no position and this is like moby whereas the bad air but yes so of course yesterday we all gonna get together on our on our unique coastline that was just the opium family there were there were groups of people all over the country that we're good together and in discussing their relationships with cabin because that's just how broad his his reach was he sure if you saw on social media just the amount of people
i went in and in having their own stories and picture that was the best part of this whole thing which is i mean there is no best part there is no good partners that the lesson to be learned here is simply just being like hog your friends hug dogs do all should like literally spend the time now because the time goes the time it's like but so many funny ass stories right home out talking about kevin that you're just like you just forget that you'd like man like it sounds like guitar paul bunyan trembling you're talking about like some larger than life character like now he did all this shit if you go back do i remember so and brought up the story and i actually i don't know how i forgot about this goes that your big part a round table for so long tomorrow kevin used to say i can't get i'm gone beer oh yeah like those we have always given wrong and i think it episode aid or simply episode of four ejaculate and listen to it because he was
trying to drink as many course tall avoiding any kept saying like drunk meanwhile if you i don't even know if we should even recommend going and low i think we're all heavily intoxicated there was a pause when you listen to all that kind of stuff it died it's it's hard to not like here how young in dumb we were and how it nothing touches there was a here they got sent around from a show it used to be a part of one were cave calmly radio show called her lonely and then vicious i believe is done by peggy illyrian she opponent video of them are just an increase just and it was this common video you look everyone spaces just so young right everybody is just so we were just joking how you look at the video nr like they don't we don't of stress lines yet there
that fact that face that happens over time it would just like just fresh just like everyone had fuckin day jobs and was just joking around and i'm not saying it was better but it was something about the the usefulness of it in dead owens and all the way back well you know it was interesting because of course all of our friends ships of sort of blasphemy blasphemy blasphemy ten years spent about ten years now and so still had a desire for malta can we still wanted to get to know people and once you met cabin you're like while he's gonna be a friend for life just because of how engaging he was with conversation and we also in honour of him yesterday we sat through about eight episodes of new router i think the cabin would have like that practical joke no idea who was so into nujoma that's the guy you look like a stern grandfather editor being like
why we lost the war little well it's really bizarre because you know it always he had so many different sides that you could talk politics you could talk sports or you could talk the nerdy is the weirdest most outside their stuff i dont know neruda isn't that crazy but he new like he could have a teenage written injured it'll reference lace like right off the tipp of his and then he also as it kid don't forget if you listen round table you'll know subscribe to horse illustrated the ass you of horses so he was this kid in rural florida you know who just loved horses and in those in the wider lies and then frightened frightful it is when you join us we're while any good also just do front flips we used to do is show called became cabbie kgb k comedy death matt oh yeah and i refer to another deep arose a dj academy yet what do we do this this dj gotta be in new york where it was the banks of deeds
need everybody around a corner items like this is the sad issue the work of this issue is like me on a class pictures i really know how to scratch your me all you it was scratch dj academy we had a great we're jeff ross in reggie watts we're on our first show both of them could not have been nicer reggie watch watched the tire show and if you're not a comedy you dont quite another dead how extremely rare that is europe powerful or to watch other performers that he is better than but came and i used always do a physical challenge towards the end there and he would always win naturally and it was just one of the greatest experiences of my life because you could say anything kevin was the greatest safety net when it comes to be non state oh yeah say anything it he would he would roll with it and even if you did look like the billion at the end of it it was still just incredible yes yes very and now also the thousand i ever shred liquid the age see rarely while you was all his supply of liquid tutsi and right
that's why you stayed and watch because there were two concrete blocks resolutely but this is just i mean talk about the worst sort of left field news that ever happens this kind of this kind of thing again just shows kind out tenuous are connect is to reality i dont know if yes see cabin again i don't know about that how how it supposed to go down and could do but it's the him not be there is really sad and important visit i but i can think of our lives now where its nice how we ve kind of lake weapon ized our friendships like towards their own like we figured out like on tour right as much as we like we'll fuckin seeing the fans and we like doing old like do alive shows could so much fun but it also gives us the opportunity to be like tell our significant others being like i've got to go get drunk with
friends and in others it is my job it's a job somebody's got to do as i once got to do and i miss haven't used like those built in hours and you think about not like what we have now is kept entire presence is embedded in the hundreds of hours we have of him speaking with a really nice it's like that thing words like you realize over these years of of talk in and around tabled together with somebody you now known someone for thousands of ours you now you have become family through being horrible monsters yeah i mean that is you know it is really that is true it's it's great if you can wrap your friend if you can monetize friendships i guess you know only those areas skews exactly to hang out its emmy really did we were just having it was god i would i would call it a boys but it's like an extra boys club has jackie was involved because yes of course when it comes to jackie in cabin and she'll talk about covered on page seven there really
ship on round table specifically was so frickin funny it was like in credit because it gets jackie would just say like horrible like a job in a way that you would play with it was so i mean he never had a judgmental bone in his body i remember we were out one night night it took some i had a couple of bee elles and scream at someone and endemic nobody surprise what happened i took somalia the guy gave me a bag of it now is like and i was like how much did i do is i do the whole thing those right away to the bathroom iraqis like where's the bag is like i did the whole thing and these do you understand sarcasm and than that that night spiraled into first of all having to go to the bathroom immediately i imagine that you have a deer self and then give it took me to this bar there was like kids you would go to this place called tender trap which is like a super cool place in the holy land owner rub still open i'm not sure but he loved that plays and
so i'm sitting there and just remember screaming and then at the end of the night heaven and i were in a car home and i don't really remember much and i woke up in exton was that kevin and i feel kind of bad that i do nothing runs like i don't know new angered some people but i thought it was pretty funny and then the weirdest thing was we're like two blocks away from your house in the car then you just got out and started spray so i will not ok now is it like you that you he was just the most he was the most down dude and he never you never were had to worry about if kevin was gonna be mad at europe he was gonna hate you the next day dacres he just never did but that's what made him the ultimate comic before you boy was so good at looking at stuff in a performed we wait like in a plane way that also just comes at a fuckin xenon comes out left field he's got here i got your weird adsense humor and was he was always to spot on and watching also someone genuinely love to bomb in a way
what made him successful like give you can figure out how to make the thing that is the worst thing that can just as a former like literally were in full in your own the crude way of like yeah i like this is actually what i'm going for it will then you're always successful and there was no one more fun because you know i'm a big fan of wrestling and so learned getting booed it's extremely empowering if you are and trawl of like i understand why you're boeing me it i did this on purpose we use do we did a roast together and i wore make em great again had i did this whole character of bein a fuckin psychopath captain i we're just both just saying just it was brutal and the boost that we got and we walked off stage and we just laughed our asses off and it also
which one and it will how many times did he cast this has kkk members voting period has you guys i got cast a cop and for the people and because you're all clansmen israel kkk clansmen and herman just getting to say and then i recently also just did i mean or even legally how much i can talk about it but i did he ever his pilot for comedy central right i was one of the the cast like one of them in his show and this stuff that he would feed me to say and your spring like you just want me camera saying shit that's what this this is like a psychological gave him you want me to say fuck and wicked shit like we doing this seen any was it's like a and c norm gaze chromium work mending go in there look i gotta stop by almost like i don't know if i can say this with my work now it was as you know the fact is and we're gonna die
about this earlier are the other shows as well and hopefully you know a lot of people have been question a round table reunion and i know that's just a small part of his life and obviously is just you know the round table will no longer be the same but we're all gonna get to our will no longer be to be honest to be completely frank we were planning at all this is like it was supposed to happen and we gotta be a big reveal we really excited for it but we are going to have to figure out how to to quit and they have things fall apart as the exact opposite of how things should go down while we gotta it's about grouping together and working hard and continuing put out content because that's all that motherfucker ever did cabins dahomey cadwell the hardest worker out of all of us which is the sleeper thing about cabin is how fucking hard he worked heaven warns the time kevin word eighteen hours a day and you think it must be so fund the entertainment industry must be a blast it is
a lot of its a desk job combined with like every other possible do you do that you have to do you are in charge of an entire show you don't get the comforts of deaths job without means like the job last for a long time and you can elinor and you can planchet so it has all of the tenuous dumb shit about show business and its also you have to get their at nine a m yup absolutely so em you know it's just a testament do we was just looking over now is the cnn obviously people magazine of post i will drive you as we wanted he made it too maybe see bbc news i mean this is just a guy who came up you know again you like all my boys over there in florida and he just words oh hard and he deserved better and he deserved a better he deserves he deserved to be able to have his to be able to sell it the fruits of its labour and it should also said that he was cut off so short that he couldn't really benefit from all the
hard work that henry mentioned no with all that hard work finally was gonna be able to start maybe this you're getting back on stage and in doing couple of other things you wanted to do in and it's just you never know thirty two years old i'll tell you what tat what he had a friend i will say about him he definitely had a good time watching him the live his life is kind of an inspiration about letting go and have a fine and experiencing thing things and meeting people he was always in the middle of it he was always like out there like doing some crazy like just to it's kind of season life as ass hard ass he could and was it was always nice to see and he always been like manna gonna like do more every time i see i hung out with him and talk with him slowly and of course he was always a greater here the very night it was a good he is good
and he was just funding when with henry would save my tail saving black now man like you talk about god and that you are never he never said that at the end of any shows you would never say anything of a yours use he was a spear cool guy in his own right too and i know that was because of his mother that barnett anyway if you get a chance to listen to those episodes his stories about his mother in the end it they're just our breaks for the family and it cannot even imagine how much how much pain they're going to run out so now go back and listen to the round table of gentlemen talking about a trip those seein round table a gentleman on cnn oh those emulate order is oh my god you're just slow authority or video of huge should be pump it but now it's fuckin property built so funny well they re mid may be seen and can solve poop gape we i think that we could solve about honestly they have the whole twenty five new cycle i got a lot of ours to devote to it there's no there's no other news happening right now that matters nothing
there's so what are we supposed to do now like or by think everyone's gonna be talk about kept for a while yet that's why we wanted just take this moment and talk a little bit him and what he meant to us because i mean i really don't know what else to talk about where we are work we want and perform for the people so now i guess do you want just get to what happens when a who was too large to shit in a chinese airplane bathroom and he sort of vague takes the entire crew hostage i think that cabin would actually love this story so let's do not operate so that if its article on one mile the time to or steady this is the lodge at article at even if it's not congratulations because it made her lap evie air passenger demanded crew wipe his butt and more with this is it's so are to be
airline steward is in many ways you you're just your trapped with customers ten thousand feet in the air imagine a man demanding is but be wiped like he's eddie murphy from coming to america this is the information that was gilead by this writer there is a lot of this comes from its its news in chinese so no one really knows like i don't know what it is the author of it says that like this is kind of like what it seems a boil down ok to ours thirty minutes into a flight in the flight was going from seattle to taipei in connecting in bangkok ok too where did thirty minutes into the flight the passenger said he needed to use the business class bathroom me city couldn't fit into the economy bathroom you i totally understand this the economy bathroom is its it is eight comically small and it is this here torture when i was in ever get a chance to be six foot seven three hundred pounds trying to squeeze in there it is you're gonna sit to pay that's almost say
you gotta say and the man was two hundred kilograms which is too and if you do the math he was four hundred and forty eight up really using the extend to see belt i think that they needed didn't extend to see he was a very big man it's a chinese white the crew we're culminated in an three flight attendants as well as the purser assisted him to the bathroom a minute half entering the laboratory the passenger pushed to call button when the flight lieutenant open the door his generals works so that its underwear was so on them and he told them he needed to help take of his underwear or he would just go in upside down any spread his legs exposing us they try to close the door but he objected claimed he was having shortness of breath from claustrophobia only manage to keep it open the crew refused but he kept door unlocked
demons later he said he was done now open the door to find him still sitting there with his pants at his ankles saying the sentence i'm done you can wipe my button of light of objective two fifteen minutes by air bathroom that is like an hour and a half in the bathroom its creatives you gotta get anybody that no two lines built oh yeah the flight attendant ejected right then he rated or saying she promised to do it and since she promised she needed to do are you just sit on the toilet now i dont think pinky swears in some areas and i feel like you have to do that but you have to do the pig absent the crew obliged realize they could just leave the mere the whole flight so they threw a blank in front of them which he refused the purser wiped while the other flight attendants held his front while the purser why apes he allegedly says deeper threats it's this mad jealousy is some kind of like airplane royalty here
is acting a lot like he's like queen carlotta for more build going back with john water reference he is like really acting like the king here what does them dj collapse yeah that's it seems like seems like a right deeper deep you know it's not a good day when you're on when you're on a flight and europe i haven't got right about this man is any you hear the words deeper and deeper they're so eventually ended up having to wipe on three separate occasions i think i claim she didn't do it correctly he said you better of white meat are you why you by doing this for you i i don't know because i would just by would have drowned them no i don't i'm happy to drown in their out of or bathrobe shut the door and let's see if you can get out eventually the flight tens peace pull this path up even though he assisted they do it again he threatened to faint if she did in the past year was brought back
see believer in the flight he had to go again no group of flight attendants did the same exact thing so there's some guys history i guess with this epa air flight he also flu elijah bangkok veal taipei and may twenty eighteen where we made a similar request but flight attendants refuse so who went number two in his seat and apparently the whole cabin smell terrible for the rest of the flight which enters then all right so this dude this is not the first nor does it sound like the last time he's gonna pull off this i guess stunt simple you just gotta say no more fly in right i don't because he also pissed his pants on another flight wiki answers remembered to clean and change his diaper and so he refuse so he shot in passengers diaper until it overflowed into his faith misery talking terrorists these sounds like nothing but trouble is other bobo is this is real he has approved areas at another
why do you threatened to fade to make the crews like worse if they didn't help of utter another flight he's built shows is crotch area and demanded the crew wipe it up they gave him napkins to do it but he said you can better he has also like soda meeting doesn't like nothing is ever good enough man is such a tyrant he reminds me of the dude from confederacy dances yes ignite he is a total ignatius if you ever make confederacy of dances please do so the union so now people are like ok did this guy is odd flights every time he takes a flight something happens regarding vehicle matter or our war urination so the union is now demanding the following the airline to help them flight attendant pursue legal remedies against the passenger alive time off for flight attendants involved based on the very they seem to be really disturbed by all this as they are called up oh my god it's a whole courthouse and sat there cried their weeping wiping this bias
you're about monster bathroom airplane is elinor that growth so they're gonna blacklist the passenger and improve the procedure for getting passengers blacklisted also they're going to improve wheelchair guidelines so that something like this doesn't happen again what a good idea though to fake faint like a possible how did you do with your body i could remember when the guy went limp when what was a new united flight where the guy just like fell down they had the lift them up out it's a really good waiter resist people become rise very difficult to pick up a fully limp human body o absolutely so apparently this is the article continues here and there like well there might be sides to this story but i dont think this really makes in any event i said i'd so he said let's assume he was exposing his genitals because it's only natural to take your underwear up if you're sick
the toilet and let's assume the deeper deeper was an actual statement of wiping preferences rather than about enjoyable arousing it does it matter so much it's disgusting no matter what major idea they dared customer service go so far as it has been like technically it was just a note deeper deeper deeper deeper never i get it i mean cause then it gets a hold up there it's all the way up the big thing is they gotta get wet wipes oh absolutely so so we don't know what the guy's motives are designed his motives are i have a pretty young lady tat touches financial that so apparently says he s attention he wants attention from the young pretty asian flight attendants does he have some sort of but wiping fetish clear no matter what his expectations of the crew are on reach
nepal so gay are unreasonably could they really are they really that's that's the way i would put it i say it's almost it's what a coup guy what a cookie couple i do as he has reason of all that is to say the whole east it's all like every does have a d probably as some big baby fetish i'd odell but of flight is not time to really be like let's go wild with it the unless your voice like king dot air or something like king got air like that it's like i don't think that this is the place for you to be enacted all of your sexual fantasies and demanding that deeper and deeper can you may the door opening and that man with his dick out but the unresolved office but i doubt and i'm gonna do you
mob board like like that confidence i have never had the benefit of my life and i do hope you like what you meant my but now like you just like good great accidently we're like like it's well i mean he should be travelling with a caretaker avi i don't even see how you know it's are those seats are tiny don't see how even got on the plain in the first place but none the less normal ass rough rough day and i don't feel so bad for asking for another job they they cut java you got you get free jack daniels now and then they say no more jack daniels you get about three or four of them now i don't feel bad asking for a fifth it's not going to be you started we alcoholic version of john connect our oh man our ripe so that's that tale i feel bad for all the stewardesses who had to deal with that and the stewards never let a man
again that i guess a part of the woods on a plane you got a captive fuckin audience sets for soya and so they can't really go out of there it's kind of like wouldn't on always sunny where they talk about like taking a date on a boat because you know they'll sleep with you because of the implication like all that kind of shit rich like you got nowhere to go so maybe you think that like will this is where i can really test the water yeah it's luman interaction because if not guess what man i'm in a joker this flight oh yeah you're gonna wiped my but if not this whole fucking with this whole the group at passengers is gonna white my but absolutely or sit and sit in the odor of his diaper and also just the sheer joker like ability to just being like i'll shit my pants oh yeah shit bipeds i do like he's a skunk will you know is i've been in real terms your forage and fifty pounds you got a lot you got a lotta duke in their he's a loaded weapon
nobody seventy pounds and i ve got a lot of you open there always ready to rock and roll when we were on a flight forget we were going to maybe was the the wonder indianapolis the toilet not work canada a woman went in and she realize it doesn't work didn't work and how she was done and then it didn't flush and she must have done something back in their because the entire fly the stewardess was trying to figure out a way to get the water back in there but the pressure does come back once you reach ten thousand feet lashes it right down just automatically if its scope but i don't know but the woman the woman space i was like oh my god you just dropped like a mad mad something in there because she was spoken bear it i know that face it's a weird sort of like it's like a lost face because i humbly terms like i'll go to the bathroom monoplane unlike an maybe you know larger than average alderman comes out of there and she is like a we'll smile ambient your turn
and you ll go in chicago looks like he's lost like no how i even got to this path or more happening there and then you go in there and it was quicker god luis authorities monkey meatball sub inside the fuckin toilet just me like has come out you old lady up you never want to follow any one over the age of sixty in the bathroom they don't care any longer and they just do they eat so much flax and they had their say don't go in on it like a next level all they know i'm walkin in their combat and clean up our henry air another toilet slogan sideline up the moment in the sun ready for the spotlight is a second baseball reference look at that time a bed growing i'm trying to be more of a man it's hake gear and henrietta well let's do one more story here we gotta talk about more of these horrible shadow we want to talk about this this guy allergies it or barter yet let's do it did ok so this story is
truly disgusting thankfully nothing hacked painfully they got this guy before you could do anything a texas man arrested after allegedly plotting to murder and cannibalize in under the girl if you get a chance to take a look at this man speaking of confused look see looks like twenty one year old vulnerable by like a david or cat character he really honestly he really does twenty one europe after after a extreme fighting match or a wrestling match twenty one year old l alexander barter placed a post in the dark for someone to let him perform unspeakable unspeakable crimes on them but the person who answered was an underclass we're agent in its weight and under all raised its big god so twenty one year old do is now behind bars where an undercover sting he's plan to do horrible things and eat a young man's daughter alexander butter was arrested after engaged in a series of email conversations with an undercover agent with the text department of public safety and the
where he was charged with criminal solicitation criminal attempt to capital more conspiracy to commit capital more and criminal attempt sexual performance of a child border in the four in the agent first began communicating the agent posted answered opposed border placed on the dark where people who would who would be interested in letting him commit necrophilia and cannibalism on them i just you know is it i feel like there's more light on the dark web now i think that you used to be able to get like that just below debts of wild little thing i can't book up on a scale that story yes but now i am does the dark web even really this anymore cause isn't it like the fbi's on this that i hope so the fbi's on this stuff the dark web is simply the encrypted web bright you have to have you have to pay will we have a computer the runs linux into an entirely different browsers system you i ve basically you log in pagoda
out the internet what we see even google and all that you know everything that's openly public of the internet like ten percent iceberg tat right now above the water and underneath it is the rest of the encrypted enter the internet can go on and on and on forever it's completely infinite but the the dark web interesting because it is a serious there are like they are lodged websites there's also ship is just more closer to like the bulletin board system of like four chan we're just people post i don't know where the hell this guy does can you imagine being the fbi officer whose job it is to just answer these emails all day on his part of it is like you're trying to discern whether an this is just a protracted fantasy or if he really has asked us to do it or sort of kind of i mean in a way kind of like the way they deal with terrorism kinda like encourage it a little bit because this guy the way that they do they talk about it so first of all you use maybe they'll o saying i'm lookin for a kid to to murder and an eight the advantageous get an email from somebody's like yeah sure
a guy got one you wanna talk about it so accordingly the undercover age it claim to be an interested party any offered up his daughter for borders are so grows in one of the emails then border allegedly responded nice i mean he's texas how old your daughter the killer and then i went to an exclamation marked by work it's nice nice and then he went on a list horrific things that he wished he could do to the girl before and for he killed her and over the course of several days barter and agent constructed a plan to meet up for a hiking trip they would take them or to a hotel where she would be assaulted murdered and eaten anything i'm getting change my mind about this border road and october have think i really want to do this to their plan barter told the father to buy a burner phone and new close wherever they killed his daughter once they killed her barter told the agency's simply return home to bizarre county and saving his daughter had run away from home but then say they just fuckin they got radio that either the weight of a sunday they had a plastic tracks bag and a knife so we
so then they kind of peace and altogether they sort of like they built it up a little bit no of course will be very few things they need to do things that prove that he is serious so they got the burner fall they went through the steps just so they can be like stewed was seriously gonna go over do this it was gonna happen so when border stopped but stopped outside of his house and october nineteenth go meet with the father and daughter lawn has been agents swarmed him in his hands barter had a plastic trash beggars as henriette a knife border reportedly folded quickly when he was seized by law enforcement and admitted to writing the emails does this man does not need to be out in public so our congratulations getting this guy before anything bad happened it is so scary it so chile to think that is possible move lloyd you think is mostly did i don't wanna go all the way through it if you think me
your daughter wheaten be tasty you may be feed her series of foods to make her me no you don't dream by i will say that one thing is i'm kind of on the fence about the dark net and all this kind of shit because i do feel stories like this help would be maligned and obviously good luck about job we're not graffiti and guns and drugs being perched in the dark web but a part of it i think though is that dark web is very easily villain eyes because the dark what could be the last bastion for freedom of speech if all the ship was down that is the other that's why i don't remember anyone's thinking about shutting down i think they were trying to catch catch people who want to eat children i don't i don't know that's a good idea that i like that is a good thing i am just saying the dark net corner quote even as the term of dark matter web makes it sound really sinister but mostly it's just this concept of at some point if there was
ever i mean we're in the middle of fucking researching doktor mengele auschwitz was also made this week fucking really fun but then when you think about the idea of a totalitarian government like slowly gaining control over the country and it might be at some point free speech would be severely limited especially on the tractable internet and maybe the dark web would be where you go to actually be able to express yourself could be or you're just i kinda all fbi agents i mean which i your loading they are of our right italy will just do a quick story here this is i let's go to canada we always like go into canada for all the great responses to our mark twitching episodes god so this is a this is a kind of a light hearted story at such a canadian carjack in it's ridiculous gun willing carjack or offers al burton her lunch and phone bill four apologizing and flee in grassy and this was in spring brook women experience
the most canadian carjack and of all time the woman was on her way to work drive and near red deer airport when she came across ass a collision between a pick up at a school bus one of the drivers was standing on the road to the woman stopped to go out and see we needed any help at first demanded respond she asked again when he turned further and i saw you bandanna over his face the woman said he didn't say thing he just kind of groaned and started walking toward might be a call them is horrified at that point i knew something was definitely not okay so i asked him what are you doing an ice to run back towards my vehicle and he started ruddy than he pulled out a gun all right so i just stopped and put my hands and was like it's yours demanded stole the woman's vehicle but not before asking a couple of questions here if she had no children the back of the vehicle she's a now then he asked if there was anything i needed like my phone and i said yes if you're going to leave me in the middle
gravel wrote i would appreciate my folks we gave my phone my purse and my lunch bag before stealing the car so he gave her those three things so i guess that's i guess that's nice i also nice at nice i mean he was just taken when he needed i was a bit of import disease taken we needed it that's a part of it that you kind of think about that like we did episode about we did a store how about somebody getting i'll lock as i've donation booth never argument that may diet and then someone idle listener also say the illuminating the illuminating other side of the story is it's really unfortunate that these people go to these links to get free stuff that the ill they d come out of need to so this some goes it's like he does all this shit there is obviously a person in some form of trouble now and in the about a donation been it's it's just rarely are you gonna get the best stuff yes
oh that's everyone knows the can corn and then like the toy that like all those technically a toy so you buy it and then throw it in there when we we're doing the drive and we did for this time too for my friends place in all the chef when we ve been working for my friends place that chaired organization here in los angeles dave greeley specifically search for high quality stuff because art dressing teenagers so part of it this kind of concept of being like if we could get good stuff for them to wear so they don't feel embarrassed that always the bit let you used to do millions of years ago about the buffalo bills superbowl dinah see that all the people in africa realise enemy like they followed with cereals because we got all the throwaway shirts yeah yeah so anyway so this person said hum so they said so he said thank you for return your things many that i'm sorry and i said that spine fine i guess it's just a reaction because he was stealing my car and it had a gun in my life
the gap is as i did such a canadian guard jacket barely this is a string of incidents the carjack was part of a string of incidents please it began to investing a week earlier on january fifty two men stole a ford s third f three fifty broken who have found entire indrawn valor i have no idea what a fountain diarrhoea i hear the drug to ran through a service bay door where the stole another truck so there is a there's something there is in like nineteen it's gotta lignite seconds you basically its can have even gone and sixty seconds but they're just a little slower and a little bit more like well there's no reason a rush hawaii when we are trying to weaken ease it out will you don't wanna be allowed because these are no diaries irony i made a dire money now so when it comes to the steel it out of this fountain diaries it may seem i saw it on his sought all in his cell phone through the video cameras have on the site and then this is
waiting to join a hudson's owner and manager found entire she said it was a little alarming for sure indeed a little holding out wholly mackerel gas stolen in dell burn a few hours later this business indelibly board maybe you're right does deal gas i think we need this then mature implemented canada to stabilize i think that that is the lesson to be taken but is also serious because he drove away in the truck but before leaving the area he fired some shots every what is the matter what did it do us thought there was it these three shots fired there were no four no further incidents and there's no suspects yet so my no i mean somebody is having a blast and it seems like their pro we're gonna have to get caught at some point i think at some point they're gonna end up it's gonna catch up to him on the phone that thereafter yes absolutely oh man you re so there's is couple of disgusting
stories really it was nice to share them with us so can wipe me now deeper disgusted right everyone well you know it's a sad we care and lp anne and for everyone that that is part of the european family so thank you so much for listening and even if we have differences sometimes it's all good when you know just go and on this little ride together so laser sort leverage short under this stuff really matters at the end of the day and we as does a nice to each other we gotta go to our friends we gotta connect our friends we got to let people know did you care about em i always say like for you to help me people i have my own life real like i don't like make sure i tell him like her like you i forget i love you like of i'm i mean i i miss you i will buy it is it's never too late to reach out right
so make sure you do that with the friends in your life and of course be nice to each other on the social media staff and just right if you get it answer maybe get a gets me your favorite cabbie clips feel free to put i'm on social media line on it that larsson posted to these table gentleman facebook page there's a bunch of kevin's favorite quotes that are going up there that a people been submit which is really nice and i think we're gonna do a little special for him you have announced two i am we're just gonna be keeping them in our thoughts and keep them alive there forever because that's the i mean he doesn't go anywhere because i remember him that's right all right over one will thank you so much for listening and seriously hale yourselves laugh if you can when you got him last latham if we got em laugh you gotta run you know liver as if you won't be granted
so let s events will lead in that sense i am i am hung over all right let's just oh yeah we were but he hung over absolute they now and it's it's funny cause and we were all hang out for about ten hours you now and you you you used to go through all the processes of mourning and at some point you just thinking of friends you wish it was heavy pulled out a cavern and then you just to be like who you got showed a benefit expendable that covers engineers resolving this got really dark why those deserve example get pretty good yale satan number one ale yourselves take care yourselves we love you will the wealth ideas it will see all very soon hale me you show was made possible by listeners like you think store add sponsors support our shows by supporting them for more shows like the one you just listen to go to last podcast network doc
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