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2018-04-25 | 🔗

You asked for it: On this episode of Last Podcast Side Stories, Ben 'n' Henry cover the Albany sex cult that has been making headlines.

Also, journalist Brock Wilbur joins the show to discuss his own investigative work on NXIVM and his efforts to pull out the members that remain clinging to the cult.

We'll be back Friday with another main episode of LAST PODCAST ON THE LEFT. Hail yourself!

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This is the last on the left. I just have to get ready to do it starters, okay, because that noise, when I make that noise, I can feel my bottom relax high welcome to side stories. Everyone think of Ben Gisele with Henry Zebrowski say non spoon. It's like I'm parfait, you are parfait filled with yogurt, but it's all brown. That's the something you want to go to the actor for Henry Zebrowski
you and me. I know it dude. I mean that's what I like about these sites or is it it's just fucking you and me locked. You know it's like you were flying a plane together. You could just hear the passengers screaming right right, which is also stories we could have covered this week because plane travel was horrific. It's sort of like the end of the movie, the thing which one of us is the thing by the I do know the answer to that Hunter has told the truth on that scenario is Kurt right now, it's the other guy, the other, You can't see his breath he's not What is the wall asking it. What are you talking about the heat? by this asked to ask from Requiem for a dream. Oh, my goodness, I've blocked out of my brain. It's horrific! You! That's the brake, that's like the best pallet cleanser. That scene is ridiculous. We are going to uh next weeks episode we're going to get into this horrific Van terror attack that took place in Toronto today by this dude Alec
Asian, he says he wrote on his facebook page. A honors and loves to worship, the Supreme gentleman Elliot Rodger from all accounts this man is an Incel yeah we're going to get into? What does that mean is sell terror group we're going to debate it If it is a terror group, then it's the only terror group that I know that I could alone, with a tennis racket and beat the living Faulk every one of them absolutely, but today we're gonna talk about the biggest biggest news of the week. It's call NEWS. Ladies and gentlemen, it's nexium we've had a lot of people reach out about this cold and it's very interesting because obviously the first intention grabbing thing that comes out about it is Allison, from small group, small Well, she is a tastefully dressed in a lot of the pictures of her premieres of she's, been in like five or seven things right, she's she's, like a relatively known television, actress and apparently would she was a recently arrested for what
human trafficking and that led back to a possible charge where she was a part of an inner group within the cult of nexium right that a branded women in weird sexual packed where people had to give their pictures of their it to be held over them right to be released, and then they have that they were in a weird sleeve, a master relationship, and this was all done under the guise. Of course. The pictures are then supposed to be used later. Is black male in order to keep these women silent from the horrible treatment other they had under there This is all under the guise of feminism, which is interesting and we're going to get into some of the different things that next deism next is next. Allergy medication five year, there's a lot of tight milfs in this group,
all right honestly. Well we're going to get into that, so they had different kind of in Brela groups. Some focused on yoga some focused on feminism, some focused on financial success, which is really where all this began, and a little bit later on. In this episode, we're going to be interviewing Brock Wilbur, who wrote a great art four paste magazine and we're going to get some insight from him into what the heck does. Human trafficking actually look like What are we really talking about here? Is it when you like take over like a bus like if I were to take a box cutter onto a bus and like put it to the knife of the driver's that am, I then a human trafficker and I'm taking on our own, or am I just then an involuntary bus driver? Well, I think if you took a knife to the neck of a bus, bus driver were going to have to Latency will ask Brock that question a little bit later on in the episode. It's very good also, this story.
Round for a long time. Yes, Nexium has been around since the late nineties right started. Dies at several different groups is sort of one thing it was executive. Success will lead program. Let's do this really quick, let's get a little background into Q three near who is loony, looney toon. So this is dude like anybody else born in Brooklyn in one sixty. He is and lying his entire life. He proclaimed he was the he said. One, eighty nine. He was in the Guinness Book of world records for highest iq we did a little fact check on that, and in fact he was not. It was actually a woman named Mary in both savant that was technically in the Guinness Book of World records and she held the rank of highest iq from nineteen. Eighty six to nineteen. Eighty nine with the other thing is I cue the idea of testing an iq is also such an antiquated idea, but he predicated his whole life on this.
He was a super gs. He apparently taught himself high school math right to a different college when he was sixteen years old right. He is in Hoover, manage everything that he says. You hang up on everywhere that he says. Even though he's a blank moron and he joined a group called Mega society, which was apparently group for the most distinguished of people, the people, Iqs listed at one hundred and seventy five and above which apparently, according the newsletter, makes you the most boring person to meet in elevator its whole. I was reading the it's called nice EOS is the name of their their newsletter and the it's, not it's not the first thing, written by a guy that went under came up, it was called introducing quite gone to a friend written by May sue. His real name is Kevin. Langdon wait, wait, hold on introducing whom quicker
free girlfriend. Yes, it's a friend an accordion here, according to his article first it off. It starts with a quote from Dylan Thomas Rage rage. The dying of the law and then it says he cliche quote. Yes, an eighty nine year old internet for and asked me how we should begin to learn and practice the chinese arts of Qui gong to improve and maintain his health as well, though, I'm not an expert or a master. I wrote the following you x 4y. Why you teaching people- I don't know 'cause we dump it does so just going back. Just brief, The one thing we do know he did graduate again Keith Rineer the head of all of this and we're going to get into Nancy as well his secretary, who is now the president, who is extremely she might be even worse. Who knows he did Grati from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute in Troy, New York, one. Eighty two in nineteen
He founded consumers by line a multi level marketing company, and then he co founded executives, those programs and Henry I'm right in saying that sort of laid the groundwork for what Nexium would become the executive success program began in two thousand and three Ford Mag, did a article about key three near yes, it could be re near your near. I think it's Revere, but he did article about how he helped one of the executives, a b e t get where she is. He helped Richard Branson and it Forbes wrote this this like article about like. Is he crazy or is he is literally the cover of Forbes? It says Forbes and it has a picture of him. Looking like Bob Seger, just like look into the sunlight into the middle distance. Yes, and and the caption is the world's strangest executive, coach, Keith Rainiers, rich and famous clients pay thousands of dollars, bio call him vanguard
Vanguard and started is it was mlm. He would teach these better Business Bureau bulshit classes about how to be a good ceo I don't know I am, is the what's it well. I had actually look this up because it's the idea of like Basically, you sign up for a bunch of classes at five thousand dollars a pop, and what you do is you sell more classes too the recruits and then different, the more classes you sell the the shiny or sash you get, which is true. You they all wear different color asses depending on how many uh, and that works your way up into the hierarchy of what was esp then became nexium and it's all very Ann Randy. It's emotional ponzi scheme you're, just you're just selling, like the idea that you are a better person than them with warning to Vanity fair or with my article that came out later on about his re at his connections to the Brit with the the seed from families billionaires or it's very interesting is that he,
the talks in very solipsistic and vague impenetrable language, and basically the main thing you say is that like? Where is gonna win and you gotta scrape off fucking parasites and in a way he's right. I mean Really because he is currently uh I stood by the federal government for doing over there save me their aspect, yeah yeah, so basically they just took on Rand. Although my understanding is none of these courses even mirrored, Rans writings. I don't think they even read the fountainhead or any of these other things, and I in Rand, read it and then take like five. And then insert that into your life? If you ever meet one person, one hundred percent into it. There are there. Are Mister, Paul, Ryan and Paul Ryan. Thankfully I'm just so clever. He has some time to rest. I know he's can so hard for so long. I know it's. He could just sit back on his bean bag chair now and does and watch them. Espn threes watch some ping pong and use some curls, because that's the only exercise that he does appear yeah. He
p90x, is extremely in shape, and I believe we should do our next episode on P90X. It's a cult get out of it cold, not better than Maine better than me, because you jump around your living room all day. I do the same thing and it's called yellow, myself, it's motivated. There is a twelve point mission statement. That's what this group has and you can go and read these yourself through quite long, but now ' there are two is as Henry was alluding to and you can just just the twelve point mission statements and you can find it right there for yourself, but number two going back to Henry was saying is there are no ultimate victims, therefore, will not choose to be a victim which is a good tenant. If Do you plan on branding people against their will see. You build it in exactly or an honestly. This is really good when, once we start doing, if we ever do subscription service for last podcast, it's good to start baking need
little things in so we're never held culpable for any problem again arrested by the federal government. Looking at life imprisonment, Allison Mack, look at 15th, yes to life, imprisonment. He Mexico, looking for relaxation and nobody found nothing. Very good, good reference and also to that point in South America, this nexium called is still thriving, they're doing very well. Evidently, none of negative articles have been written about it have been translated the Spanish, so there are we're still thinking like hey this guy is he's, got all the goods and, of course, inevitably, those are some of the individuals that are trafficked to upstate New York and uh, absolutely horribly you traffic, they say commuted. I don't think so. Just playing. But you didn't tell me it was going to be in upstate New York, Where were you when are golf? interesting how you could see the slide right, Obvi
so we went on a bit of a deep dive for this information. You can find it out there there's a wonderful. The vanity fair article called the and the Colts would sue the irises in the cold was very interesting job. Our friend Brock's article called the knife of Aristotle. The we get into this very interesting up, but a part of it is the at some point. Two thousand and three was mainly business right. Yes, he was connected with the. I believe it's Brampford sister. How do you pronounce their last name either bring in Bron Bron the broad run, it's literally r o n f. MSN I'll tell you what it is, it's that f they stick right in You know Branman got it bronfman, bronze. It sounds like you have to be drunk off of Seagram's gin to say where the brown family met my wife, her name is something brown from, and I don't care because I'm the decider. So why do these women matter clear, Bronfman, Bronfman
and Serra they have built ends of dollars in a trust, and they gave him again, Catherine here over a shoot in sixty six million dollars. Basically right away, yes, basically showed up so a so how it seems to be as of somewhere in two thousand two. His old company was called consumers. Byline, okay right right runs that fell apart. Wonderful part, he was the. Sing for any also was getting restraining order against his former girlfriend that went by the name, I believe, of Tony Natalie, interesting, two first names but she she attacked him essentially like he ruined her life was a watching this transition of when he started finding. We started esp he hooked up on the prompt, the Bronfman sisters, especially cause Sarah was I'm going to use the term layabout. That was spending the family's money. Just errors opened. Actually they make the nearest like you see, Paris, Hilton, doing her dj work and like you're, staying busy, you're, actually,
I'll get her for it hurts at least she has to be at some place at a certain time. Yeah we did when you're deejaying. You have to show up forty five minutes before hand, and you got a set up all your do the sound levels, so it that's a job. She ran skydiving company for about six months, and that was it and her. Claire was a horse jumper champion horse jumper, but they were sitting on billions upon billions of dollars and they had nothing to do they hooked up with Rainier. He was like, Tell you exactly how to spend this money exactly by me and how you can help me figure out, because he up a bunch of my on the commodities industry LOS millions of one million dollars and they just paid for, but at some point turn into sex. At some point, he was collecting these little millionaires is like these people like desperate people, Allison Mack got nothing more desperate than
after in between gigs, evidently us down on her luck and looking for a that's how all this stuff works down on their luck. Looking for the troop eight thousand and fifty bucks to eat peanut butter out of an old hubcap right now in between jobs. Actually, you did something worse than that on MTV and I think they paid you two hundred and fifty dollars when you had people eat beef, jerky suspenders off of your body when your nude, but uh as a punishment was funny but going back to punishment going back to what you were talking about with Tony Natalie, she called EDGAR Bronfman and told him that hurt that his actual daddy, right 'cause, the daddy was like so the store, there's a whole side story. Without about how Sarah and Claire were like it came from his health merit. Yes, should they were like fifteen years separated from what they considered to be the real bronfman kid. Are you telling me that he didn't have a close relationship with his children, this out of touch multi, multi billionaire, and they also had his money
the money that they could just go. They could borrow against their assets like all of this ship where they were working around. His music were what's happening. There, like you, look at your daughters are like fucking this guy in all she's, like you know, That's the party we offended about. No, she said she called him immediately. She said I told him, Mr Bronfman, you get your girls out of there. It's a call to renew bad. If you don't get them out in a few years, he's going to burn through all their money he's going to sleep with both of them, and he said no, Oh, no, not my girls know they won't do that. The did you That immediately did that. So you know it takes a lot like how do these things begin? How do you ' How does a cult like nexium grow? It's because of people put her head in the sand and just refuse do believe that someone could be as evil manipulative, and definitely as dangerous as Keith Rineer, it's very interesting to see how these people were normal
MAC was just an actor right, all of a sudden, she's, now wrapped up instantly. Play some of the footage of what she sounds like now. It's like this is this is an interview. Yet she did with Keith Rineer that just put on to that. There were through furnished channel to show just how Oculus. His teachings are, you know, see if we can make it through about thirty seconds of it. This is a movie for you want to just to and pull your car off the highway. You get that Tom Cruise Scientology Vibe from this all all the way. So this is them talking about authenticity, and what does that mean? I mean it kind of leads me to my next question, which has to do with authenticity, because then it seems more like that creativity comes from. License, just originality, are often like soulful mass, if you're looking at it in I, you know authenticity and creativity, an interesting you don't like to think of as as robots
if you are coming office, robotic most say that somehow inauthentic there has to be an authenticity. Today, 'cause we're, not robots? So what does it mean to be send it round someone's authentic. You feel them you have this. This killing of a soul there, not a robot, not some pre programmed contrived face? something along those lines. It's just to come, naturally from their expense? since of existing on this planet from the time they are conceived and they a child and grow, and all of this thing they gather this unique and in of existence and authenticity?
somehow is a manifestation of all of all right. That's good, and it also relates to use they serve. You want to cold brew yeah. Exactly do you want a cold brew? Do you wanna? Do you wanna hot brew? I don't know sir, but you're going to have to get out of this line. You gotta get out of Starbucks, it's just the guy in the corner, muttering to himself. Never ask him what he's thinking, but that's. What's so interest it sounds also, it's kind of sounds like Pennsylvania, Bartok, very I sent a country like the like, I feel, like all the thirty in the morning yeah, but that is one of the ironies of all of these cults, whether it be well not so much Jonestown. They spoke more about the community, but when it come to when it comes to nexium. His whole thing was the duality and he's brandy people with his. Well. It led to a jump to that because a you could see the fractal logic where he becomes like it's 'cause? It's embracing your victimhood and he's just improving and when you
cut to another there's another private David conversation that someone had recorded of his it's the same kind of circular loop talk. He looks like a guy Natalie and I are at a party the other night in LAN, a guy that is a famous polygamist like he wrote a whole book about it. They look actually the same? It's the long kept there are slight graying five hundred o'clock shadow the big glasses super calm and always touching your girlfriends fuckin' knee right thirty seconds. It's thirty seconds. It's a move up a polyamorous move when they it's the needs and I do like, if you don't trust it, so this spiral in spiraling and then eventually he let the ladies go inform this thing called Daus: okay, which stands for Dominas. Sequias, sorority, usually translates to Lord Master of the Bds female companions and he
just let these women kind of go and it was a bunch of actors, actors are just a worsted colts because they jump right into a role that it honestly they are. They do do well. With actors. The acting type people who have that kind of personality were empty, yeah you're. One just for other people's ideas. I suppose every day go to work and I'm like hi. My name is Thomas, I know all! Really, like know, my real name is Henry, but it's like, but you just I don't like my job. I'm never me so. Yeah Jim, we do back you're the point Jones earned his fuckin' followers. This dude just somehow got these wasps. Women to just join up and give him all his money, and I guess he's just good at eating. Pussy or I have no idea, and I don't want to get into all of that, because I don't think any of that was on the up and up here Ll Bean Catalog come to life, and it turns out that that plan
socio path. Looking individual on the cover is indeed a plastic socio path, I'm going to say I'm going to I'm going correct. You I'm not saying L Album and I, but I mean I agree. I don't really know their clothes fit me. So the I'm saying Patagonia. He so he's a man with an action sandal You see his toes all the time by the way, did just go shopping. I got three new jackets from Rochester, big and tall three new dress, shirts, well and uh, tagging these people were trying to get their patreon money from them. We don't want them to cut us off. Thinking that we're getting too big for a bridge, no, I promise you, I can't I can't shop anywhere else and everything was done in a big disk out. That's why I walked in there, but speaking of cult recruitment, man their eyes light up. When I walk in you should see when I get into a Rochester big and tall, I've never felt pretty in my life, usually people approach How big are you? How fat are you? What do you weigh? oh I had a. I had a young mentally challenged brother. That looks just like you. You know stuff like that.
But when I walk into Rochester man, I'm like I'm, like Claudia Schiffer, did know you're there your Allison Mack to Keith three near thought. He was like, so I know how fix you where you can. Through pilot season. Whenever sucking takes, but apparently also with Keith Rineer, he doesn't sleep. He does not sleep at night, he sleeps all day and all night. He walks, compound with his coterie of fifteen to twenty women that he all fox and he talks about methane mysteries of the universe, he's like Kramer from Seinfeld I will go back, I want to get back to what Henry was there, but just just real quick to just bring us up to a little bit of speed you're at a time when it what's there was this first litigation: that's where Nexium sued the Ross Institute the Ross Institute, alleging copyright infringement for publishing excerpts of content from its manual in three critical articles, commissioned by cult investigator Rick Alan Ross, Ross posted
high interest assessment of Nexium secret manual on his website. The report called the regime expensive brain washing the manuals by Ross from former member Stephanie Franco, CO, defendant, the trial who signed a non disclosure agreement, not to devolve information from the manual. Then, after that he was on the cover of Forbes. This is where he starts setting up all this other stuff. All of these other yoga classes classes, feminism classes and now come to the point where Allison Mack is teaching. God knows what well. Well, they Only it starts off, as would use This is that the sashes allow you to get deeper and deeper. His inner circle. Okay, he pulled the bog where he pull. All the way from everybody, and now it became super special to be near him. You People near him. Pretty much are the Bronfman sisters because of how much money they put in and it's the and the people that he will that will quickly allow him to have sex with him and apparent
He has a lot of c showings of and the way you d o S started was that they wanted to. I the there are he pins it on Allison Mack that it was her idea. Oh it was this actresses idea overall bill the whole the whole thing, wow interesting, and also will get into that, but she started. This thing be like well, you really want to be close to. If you want to close to Vanguard, you have to be computer. So will show up when we do decide meetings where you give me these pictures of you masturbating and you just show trust who trust you're going to give me these sure and then we're going to do a series of exercises that are going to be more and more in need of time and energy like a lot of physical work, a lot of like doing yard, work and stuff like that then flipped into tonight we're going to have a special dinner and they're like okay, and the six girls who were considered to be like of the elite of the lost.
We're going to see how much pain you can take, because a woman's life is pain and she need except she's exhaust and an owner, the being a victim of others. And so they laid them down pulled out the cauterizing, wand and zap them with the initials and it took which didn't start as the initials Keith Rineer immediately said. These are never supposed to be my initials. Who was supposed to be a magic symbol I created, but they slightly adjusted it Look like my symbols. Has a tribute to me really what a coincidence very much quit it, but the idea is that these, when they talking about they in this room. Is there sitting there just being like oh fuck, how they, so again here right, I was just 'cause it was. It started off as a group called Jenness, which is a good game very Scientology it it's it's very assigned to logical in your in your thinking right, we're these be. Do these little groups and also to becomes a did another name and went from gymnasts to dos and they didn't realize it and then dos required you to get branded. So if you that's,
so you sign up for jenness you're in there for feminism and have some self empowerment next Monday. Go to class and all of a sudden. This is the os now and dos now, and everything is changed and by the way you're going to get branded on Tuesday, but MIKE It isn't that different than Gwyneth outro, using her goop thing to say: stick these eggs up your He likes you because you have to purchase those and that don't do that by the way. That's extra interest extreme. We don't know what I mean. Yes, we know not. The only thing I know is because every woman I've ever known in my life, was like a yeah I'd. Never never do that. So I don't. This is not a female hi gene podcast. Because we know nothing about Hotmail hygiene level or female hygiene, but uh but anyway. So just let's just catch up to speed here, we're going to have Brock Wilbur. So in March, two thousand and eighteen Keith Raniere, was indicted on federal charges after being arrested. Mexico on sex trafficking charges?
it is a restaurant here in, went to Texas to face charges of sex trafficking and forced labor in New York state. On April twenty four twenty, two thousand and eighteen, really Allison Mack was arrested and set to and trial for sex trafficking base. Done her role as a recruiter for nexium. So now we're going to interview the author of this paste article, the knife of Aristotle, isn't just a fake, fake news site it's a cold, and his name is Brock, Wilbur Brock. Thank you so much for joining the show. Thank you for having me Thank you for having us. Can I say that yeah, that's nice. So the first question that I have We hear these terms. Sex sex trafficking, human trafficking, slavery are there trigger words there, obviously very affective words. Can you explain what does Hume
trafficking look like in reality. What does sex slavery look like in reality, specifically in the context of next ism of Nexium, because when I think of human trafficking. I think about a bunch of well being thrown into the back of a semi truck and drop shut off on random doorsteps, like an Amazon delivery. So what does it actually look like? It starts from uh. It is a power position thing. First, the specifics of it go. They go in a lot of different directions and there are some that I can speak to in some, but I still cannot because there still god someday the light of truth is going to come to these things and we'll we'll figure out what happened there. Basically, what happened within this group is that a lot of women got sold out, especially by other women, which is a fucking nightmare of a thing to breakdown I in in that way, and- and you have this idea of
in power over a to a man to control you, but also there's a lot of this. That is It is framed in a consensual way where there are a lot of people that were just like working at this colt and doing great work in say like bringing in other people, but sometimes they do like well doing great work in the Brooklyn branch, but you're from Vancouver, so wild He arranged marriage to one of our members of the call, So you can just like stay in the country so, like there's a lot of it. That's like green card couple stuff, which is and when you hear that for the first time you like- that's not that's not that sinister, but when you hear people's first person stories, especially about like ok so like these are these people became my family and forced me. Baby? I exercise the rest of my family's from my life and then One day they were just like you're going to get married tomorrow so that you can keep saying,
doing the work at these people. You like these one would say stuff like thank you I really think I should be getting married and no one would sucking answer them about stuff and there's just like this level of emotional betrayal. On top of everything else, that's happening here, that's like that's their sex trafficking. There is how many peoples lives and then there's just this total fell out of everyone who, you think loves you left in the world being like ask suck it like. Just if you can keep telling people that acting Can I help you find Heaven, then I will get the money from those people that'll be fine, and that seems so much fucking so so when you use this analogy of somebody, I think you said Vancouver or Toronto and Brooklyn does the since start out finding about find out about nexium. They live in Brooklyn and then at some point. Maybe six, maybe a year, maybe a year and a half into being a member of the cult. Then they kind of road, Adam Adamant, like oh, by the way you're going
to some random place. Perhaps you know Canada to somebody is that how it works. We we talked about this together about sort of how, like the cold, has all these different fake outreach group. Not like they don't leave the into real jobs, but the acting one at least starts, and it's frustrating because acting there are so many acting class, including ones, aren't taking that that break you down, in the same way and play get to the who you are. Let's talk about the truth of the of the person and the ethics, and I mean if you use it in inseparable from Sandra it's hard right, because I did the same thing when I was in acting school. It's the same shade where you're supposed to cry in front of everybody, and it's very emotionally vulnerable and you're selling. All of these, like kind of secret stories about yourself and you could see how it immediately segues into your now, but on a compound, and you were just doing Chekhov, I don't know if you're watching berry right now on HBO, but that's triggering everyone of those memories. Inside of me, too,
Well, yeah, I mean that's. Why, of course, why there is that sort of joke more of a joke about Ucb, although I do think there is some truth to it. When it comes to the cult of Ucb, you go through the classes, right class structure, you're, never going famous actor or actress. Most of these people just continue to take the class over and over and over again and give the but you don't pay any of their performers a bunch of cash, so it it is sort of a so that that that is the initial breakdown process is. Is that why you think someone like Allison, Mack or actresses, or actors in general, would be so so to this actors are broken, are broken looking to belong at the old. The old point of it is that you want to be part of the cast. There is part of that, but there is part of this is the I can go down the road with the right out of his like on used to be for an hour and we would have fun with all its a pay to play society yeah, I I mean we're all on the same side: yeah yeah, yeah, the the truth of the matter. Is that, like the the thing? it shines through everything they do. Is that
the truth of the matter is that everyone wants to do something good and think that they're making the world a better place, and sometimes, if you have a pitch it is like a figure out something about you, Anne that's going to lead to like a whole country of people doing better, and you can sell that to people you've got a the life, and it was what almost got me to join them as a extension of a company that they had like the idea that you you better and make the world better. Is we're all susceptible to that and that's why so many smart, brilliant, incredible people get drawn into that. But then is also the acting side of it where an what will blow you find at some of the things, including the journalism sites that they we are found me through were formed by actors. Just sort of improving around
they're ethical, like set of instructions that they started with a like. We, we have just set of ideas about affect them like what could they apply to in other businesses and they let their actors sort of, So the idea of the one of the actors who I've I've interviewed was like one of like we just did the same thing we do with like improv, but in like fake news gosh. It makes total sense, though, because it's a subtle idea, just a just one more question when it comes to that. What did that? Well, how was that recruitment like for you? They found you and and sought you out, and then you were almost going to go up to Albany right. My thing was that they offer me a job and then they were like before you start. This job come to five weeks of non pay, training I don't work in Albany. First Albany, I didn't do it, but I have talked to people that did do it and they were like Dave.
One they're like this is a vegetarian building, so they start doing like classic. What moves like breaking down your protein structures and stuff so hundred day, three you're just jello and scrambled eggs up in your brain you're, like all believe in whatever You believe in, but one of them told me that they also used a cell phone blocker, starting with that time, so that no one could text in or out, and so one guy that I was talking to his story? Is that like on Thursday, a week when he was like, I just realize If I showed up on Friday morning, I would lose the rest of my life to this call there be no coming has So I just ran for the train and I running for the train. I got further and further away from the text. Blocker and text for my family who'd been researching it's called all we started coming in and they're like wow keep run.
Everyone in that town, is actually a part of the code is like a hot fuzz wickerman situation for him and he was like. Oh, I've never run faster in my oh, my gosh, it seem like I said he was acquiring more and more buildings and land around his little compound and eventually- and he was just putting his people in it, which is It's very interesting. He he's very I mean it just shows. You can do it if only if only castle, because this is really good ideas for last podcast in the future. I can never one question I have is about on Nancy souls, meaning Allison Mack truck so now with which were near, I mean in jail, Allison Mack's in jail, there all kind of cool in their heels, Allison Mack's. Just about to flip five million dollars bail. Oh yeah, she's about to flip on them, have been given over to the control of her parent, which, considering that she was arrested in Mexico at Keith's, crazy resort down there an has infinity money, seems like a flight with maybe well yeah and its interest
it reminds me of that wild wild country series. When you talk about buying up land that is very similar to what ocean when the money she's dead, yes it's very similar and now the bridge to that is so Nancy cells and and Allison Mack, like how much power do you think that they have like now like now that they're kind of out there it's like, is Nancy still in there, is she still in the mix or she out of Nexium Nancy is in charge. Nancy is running it now. Nancy also has access to all that keeps money was hidden under the names of the various women that Keith was with it, so it's impossible for the government to go after that money, now, so that should Nancy's money and then she was always way fucking smarter than he was and the answer is always way smoking. She she has a background in in no such thing that broke so many people in this process. She she,
the person that should've always been the cult leader. She sounds like the mom from get out now she hasn't been to the money, so I am the a the the big thing is that, like I'm just so way right now, because that name, as I explained to you guys before, like people that are left in. There are just the real fuckin' like entrance like there's no way they're coming out people, and now somebody else who had just inherited leadership of a cold after waiting. Recently for twenty years, so yeah. What she does is make a butt. Sort of money and disappear tonight or she's going to turn this into a suicide called or like some other much worse thing happens, but nothing. Nothing! Good comes from. So that's why it's real important. We shine a light on this one right now is it? Is it a fair comparison to say that Nancy souls so is the soul of man? It's a to Ma Non Sheila from from that wild wild country doc? Absolutely one to one comparison.
Bad to say that I'm just glad it's happening in Albany of all. Cities in the world, just Kucha terrible play for every single reason. Last, I guess by my last question is: where do you think it's going to go? We got out as we talk about on the phone yesterday. Do you think this could be another gonna John Sound at Joe's daughter Waco? What do you? What do you think you guys were right actors? Don't wanna do yeah. I hope that the actors, at least we won't come so this role yeah as soon as it comes down to telling an actor to kill themselves they're, like oh, wait again. No, I mean I'd love to die in a film. Is there? Is there a script where I could? I mean 'cause a death scenes incredible an I can nail it. I could deal with good dead eyes that could do dead face, but can't really die because pilot season coming up well, thank you! So much Is there anything else that you want to ask Henry but for now I mean I feel like we're going to end up following this case again, I think we're going to do an update, so we'd love to have you back Brock. If we diamond and I'm continuing to do my stuff,
I spent a year following people around and trying to bring some resolution here, hear the project I was working on. Dead, but it will live on in a different version, and I'm working on that now and we are really hoping that they, whatever I do here, is not in, trying to get our attention or he is in pursuit trying to get the last people that are in there out and If you are in the call right now or if you've just left something please reach reach out to me. We are trying to do some good right now today, right now today, please reach out. How can they do that rock I'm at rock will grow on twitter and I have a website there. Just yup find me on twitter find my yellow light, yellow leaves reach out and let us help you help other people, yeah, absolutely you're old, you're you're the victims. In this you know a lot of these. A lot of these members are the victims in all of this. So if,
Thank you. So much Brock really appreciate it. Thank you bro. He said weird to say: is it here to say that I'm not like, I don't want to. Bad to happen to the people in Nexium when it comes to a cold In my mind, it's been like, I mean it's going to play out anyway, it's going to play out and run. This point is true with Brock said: whoever is left as they fucking lie for anyway the concern is because they are actors, they learn the rules of yes and an. I think, they've been yet said themselves to the point where they were still there. I don't know man. I think that these people are very susceptible to taking up against the a the FBI, whoever decides whatever. An organization goes in inevitably to break this thing up or take in their own lives. I think it's possible. I think it's very fascinating and I think now for listeners that are really interested in it's like do the reading about it. The website
it is really what we were talking about. The frank report is a really good breakdown. All the cockamamie side stories they're are attached to this cold. It is, are Obviously it's a story that still blossoming which we're going to date and we're going to follow and see what happens with it yeah but hopefully, lady clear enough for you 'cause a part of it's like it's just I like when we started doing Scientology the Scientology Episodes is that it's so hard to get into the very center of what of what the actual actions of the call right, and so you think about how does it take twenty years before this guy actually got brought to justice? First of all, you have to have a lot of evidence and that has to happen overtime and, second of all, even if you think something is going on to prove it is so hard also up to a point when they're not hurting specifically people outside of the cold. If it's all consensual, if it's a bunch of people, then it's the
it's central issue of wild wild country. Is that? Can you attack a group of people for what they believe in and if it's total fucking horseshit and it's run by a dweeb that lives in Albany yep. The that's always that's always the conversation, freedom of religion versus protecting innocent. A so many sinewy. Just like four, five year old, tight women, it's all over each really fantasize a rule after wrapping up Henry is fantasizing here. Thank you guys. So much Listen to side stories really, shoot us an email at the last podcast Networkgmail dot com. Store you want to cover. It doesn't have to be this heavy. It could be something a little bit light as well whatever On your mind, we will it's a poor, hopefully get to a we're. Just gonna try to follow the current events and and see where the week's taken the only branding I'm looking for, if it honestly is Verizon just
somebody to get in there and really in do some cash injections into our lives. You know I mean so we can do the hail Satan. Tonio, Oh yeah sure yeah, I don't know if we can coin Well, maybe who knows I've already bought so much for listening, hail yourself, Hail Satan. This has been awesome, see you fokkers, yes, not user.
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