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Side Stories: Penis Man

2020-01-29 | 🔗

Ben 'n' Henry break down this week's true crime news: Penis Man, a Lori Vallow update, and MORE.


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I was able to dismiss the last on the left side stories. Animalism started doors so much in the ear and Hernandez Doc. You series what did Think I thought it was very interesting and very very interesting, and a lot of people have the quest maybe I'm like how does somebody commit ran the Mass street murder and then go and win being set shall part of a super bowl winning team. He was which caught a touching the Superbowl. He was a key component of the Patriot squad. The reason why is because he's a winner nor has it keep his eyes on the prize. All these people are so distracted, the time right. Everybody says they're distracted in their stressed out. How do you think? How
stressed? How do you think he was sure he just randomly gun down to people on the street and rise gotta deliver? He was a fourth rendre, Epic yeah. And even like, didn't even have eyes. I M here to make a place in the patriots when a most competitive organizations. I'll you I feel bad for em. They see his draft stock dropped a little bit for personality reasons. I don't understand why yeah? Well, you know you make a good point it's not easy to score touched under the Superbowl at its even harder to score touched on in the Superbowl, when you're carry the ghosts of the people you shot so do we want a thank you out there on these go so far When you everywhere, you can pass legal, and you have to go right back to work if they go right, you're just and your smile and stuff and say I began not big game, not I became you like there's a lot issue along with most of middle port nosegay, not gay was weird you would
say that why didn't ask if you work out of care of your day look up. My tattoo guns has not gay rights and a copy of my, the side door to separate one bed hang out every if you have not seen the air in her dead as a dock check it out really interesting. Obviously, a man who made some bad decisions, perhaps over compensated, really made, makes in bad decisions, and I am I just want to say unequivocally now at the top. Then I was I was having a bit of a laugh there. You are having you are making a lark. We try to bring light to the darkness. Of course, the two p that he randomly shot or not so randomly. I guess one the jury. I man, that's a nice surety. Add on. I saw that club, but it wasn't the noise. The leisure ain't gonna have now, though, is a big time. So I mean it was on aims are therefore it became nights. It was boss at nice.
So now I like Boston, we actually got a sell tickets Abbas, and so we love Boston will show up and let Us- and we will throw food at us literally from Paris, most Owen, horrible statements about Boston play why get sinner, balsam show and bring food to throw at the goose. Oh my goodness. You stop with his goon talk. That is ridiculous. Convert you that I am a strong, healthy man. We will be, Bosnia care, we to see everybody out their apsidal, delaying its by thy have taken its get. Those tickets errand and as check out the documentary. I wonder what life would have been like if he did not go to the new Glenn patriots probably should have got not a Boston hung out with somebody. People, so it's a good reminder, hang out with people that motivates who inspire you and make you better not make you worse. That's very, very good advice and it's also slyly blaming Boston for his random ass cracked. He had some bad friends in Boston
don't die, don't want existing blasted. He had been friends in Connecticut anyone he brought them to Boston they Monday went from. They went till, go live it up in Boston; they were slum in it in Connecticut who is slow. Empty I'd help somebody column helper, loneliness, ailing guys. I got messed up because Erin her dad just put a bullet through his brain or through the skull, somehow miss the brain. The guy does not seem that intelligence, or perhaps that kept him alive Because his brain is tiny? I dont know what it was, but you have to be a horse to get shot point blank and fuck in her. And, lastly, I would like a shot in and he lived here and then he didn't. I don't want to give any spoilers. It's been out for a little while. Ah tat is we are referring to air and her. And, as is very close friend effort at once, he seems Bradley. He was like essentially his fix or use again. It need and also started getting them guns. So these are the type of people Erin Hernandez was slowly formulating around himself becoming a fake
stir override. I think that he believed that he wanted. He wanted to be more hard core than he was. All of this was to create a smokescreen for the fact that he felt vulnerable about who he really was that he might have at least bisexual and want it and could not hide it any long and, of course, The hyper masculine world of the NFL, specifically during that time, I do think things have gotten a little bit more open, did not give him room to express his sexuality in a way that, maybe would have been. But also another great reminder why we legalization. We're gonna bring this up a little bit later in the episode is so needed I dont think Hernandez. Would you be hung out with this guy because he got MS we'd, if you could have just gone to Dispensary Hernandez, would, just been one of our friends, because Oda been like hey man you're a great football, Let's hang out next thing. You
oh he's at our comedy, shows you have your own role, harmony, euins, getting comedy once he's doing, sketch comedy finds a magical theatre becomes clear. Its football now he's on Broadway honestly did a lot of stuff on there than he really could have he really cutting chose the wrong path. Everything a millionaire on the patriots at the saddest part of all. He try to give his life. For his family? I actually truly do believe this was a. I don't want to say. Hurrah It is not always a he's out will act. Will it was itself, it was technically, a was itself was act and he tried to it, but it's all complicated. He also said that he believed the There was some insinuation that he was molest stared and he said that, like hijacked is
shall I call it a little bit when he hears a moment in the document series when he turns to one of his defence team, who was also gay, very large man guy and he said, is like to think that being gay is a choice born with it, and I look I'm sick. I think you're born with it. And the guy was like Aaron Hernandez like lead it slowly absorb during a time period. Would you? Is it actually have even a presence of mind at the second? I think this, t shit is a little bit of a beer. They are blaming I don't think I dont think I mean it. I think they're dare to examine laying the actions. I think there are plenty people I mean, there's plenty of football players and basketball players, and and and boxers especially people, those those those world specially high context, ports that have city they don't murder, a bunch of people they don't kill their family is like driver, Ressler Crispin. Why did a lot of time? my favorite wrestler, but you have to you, have to
also be an asshole, I think, there's a complete the two that is well much like some I'm the war will change you so wish. E t. I do think that played a component That was a component, although basketball players, their brains or five, because they dribble with their hands and run with their feet. They dont head, but each other like it has been. Off the top rope it technically I'm starting the believe. The basketballs one of the more elegant sports, or I might really went to see, are arb that hope that game of champions. And watching those boys run back and forth and do what they do pass the ball in such an artistic and almost ballet, like all I'll, lay a system, fluid mo movements, big giggly muscles bumping up and down Guy The big long arms toss in that och around, like it's a little o me with a lad on just like me. I sail under the air going through all baskets, be put in a line of other little
unlike me, not, although trays out I've gotta reform, I love giving you into sports. It's really nice. Taking your theatre, Assai Fly elaborates, lovey, mind and putting it. Into something that its athletic is really excited, but yet me connect to other men. It really does airliner nanny, did attempted to did take his own life in an attempt to get his family. The money I believe It's called the abatement law into a Boston or Massachusetts, but that did not work out so well. They cut that lie out to these. Where we're just like you dropped by air and her nanda, I'm sorry we did sort of like I just despoilers version of a talk about the air in her nanda as a document reserves wishing take a look at it Boilers are out there anyway, it is not actually gets. The story is so well known its. We can't really speak We owe a tale. That's already well known speaking, a basketball, our Ip Kobe Bryant, the goat. If you are there and you love a professional athlete or a star someone that year.
A fan of shoot him a little love, because you never know when they're gonna be gone, and also we have a new rule here. It Lp N, no Erica, there's! No, that's what you gotta listeners as well. This is that this is a company and fan wide statement, and this goes straight. Travis Gastronomic just took a day. Amerika Travis stop drinking and then he's like. So I don't drink anymore, don't do drugs, but a medical wrestling alligator on Saturday in it's like. I know how horse this guy. I know I ve I dont want of depression to drink booze either. That's all I'm just saying no more helicopter, no more helicopters, if it doesnt have wheels or have wings that are solid, that don't spin you can't get on. It That is, a mandate bore all the five million listeners of last podcast. Now no helicopters, and I don't care if you own it, if its private, you sell it to Gallagher. So Gallagher can start his goober helicopter business and whoever takes an gallagher. We're helicopter is done enough to die subtle
needs to save builder is a helicopter violent. Now that is a really big hobby. Yes, someone. Why did I hope and pray? I can't lose em like this legal lose another hero. I can't I can't do it right there, some conspiracy theories, though around copies under the very sudden passing You ought to read this conspiracy theory that you came in. We start Conversely, conversation today going over news stories and in like gotta Spira about Kobe announced like how the hell So far. Has that work. It happened so fast I'm just gonna reduce real quick, so you could understand what we are dealing with here are right, so this came from this came from listener via an I e g post that this this man has been hidden hitting this this has been getting, is very, very. They may have islands me on Youtube and twenty nine. They will never silence the message after Leubronn
aims passes call beyond the all time. Nba scoring list. Toby's personal helicopter crash is only a day later. The Braun had to pass the thirty three thousand. Six hundred and forty four point marked Pascoe B, right and become the NBA third highest school in history, even thirty three significant. This six is significant and Ivan. Speaking on the importance of be forty, four ritual and pro sports for months now. For me to make this looks like a ritual sacra, in order for the Ella Lakers to win their seventeenth championship and full abroad to get his fourth ring. I believe this was also a ritual sacrifice for the forty Niners to win the super Ok, hearts, ok, is that ok, the forty nine is the thirteen copy was one in eight twenty three, when you add those numbers you get, thirteen Kobe was also the thirteenth overall picking the NBA draft Lebron James Pass Cobia on the other times scoring was when he was playing, who gives all through the Philadelphia
Seventy six, ok, I'm plus x, equals thirteen and Kobe Bryant was born in Philadelphia. I also find it very strange that there were Kobe, Bryant helicopter toys being sold in stores definitely makes me believe that is untimely. Death is planned for a while now really unfortunate circumstances when, when you want favor tens of millions of dollars in this society. This is the risk are taken at anymore. We know that you can be sacrificed our rights, of your gambling person out there, and you want to bet on the super bowl and you wanna bet on the NBA finals taken from this man who, yes, he's been banned from Youtube until the twenty ninth of January. But you know what he's not bad. Instagram. So he's got to be telling some sort of truth. I will say, though they what is interesting, it only takes him about fifteen hashtags to get to the term zionist warlock. So we know where we're ready that were highlighted.
Our whole ways: tat scientists, at least it wasn't the top one you gotta in their body with yet to think about her. Why toad? I do I do another step outside its cover do any of this ever, but somehow they really their way, and so, if you are buried mad bet on the morning iders in the Superbowl, this next Sunday bet on the Lakers to win the NBA championship, and if that does happen, I actually dont want to see the ego of this man, because if you are at the NBA championship gave with this man, he is going to be screaming about. How he's right don't do this? just created the in cell version of uncut gems right well. Lastly, it update on a story that we followed very closely. Oh, it's exotic it Joe exotic may, our man are our man. The Joe exotic miss
Joseph Maldonado passage has been sentenced to twenty two years. The book was through. On twenty two years for the attack did assassination. He lotta bad. He didn't you know a lot about things. Had they been? Definitely he leaned in which force therein the jury convicted. Of two counts of murder. For higher eight council violating the lazy act for falsifying wildlife, records and nine counts of violating the endangered species act. You know yes I agree with the jury's decision he was guilty. I think we all know that he wasn't. We all know those songs which I think is really a crime against music, another fake world, that it shows. You can't trust anybody makes us very sad. It does when the two years. My question is. Does he deserve better? behind bars for damn near a coup
or of a century. Why not just below? Kay Joe you got ten years. Prison is not going to be good to him because, conversely, it might be, he might. Be a big old character and there are sometimes believe characters. He is a tough guy. He's tough, guys tigers. He did attempt to kill Carol Baskin. Why would we get a feel for a life there? I do. She listened to that podcast yeah, jewels, Zadig Podcast was actually very, very good kind of outlining everything went on the two of them each other on they deserved each other, but in the Joe exotic being Joe exotic, I think that's Joseph Mall. Not a passage but you're twenty two years imprisonment. Joe exotic got twenty three years right of prison So you think the jury looked at the mall it they looked at is weird beady eyes. They saw the sweaty palms and they re lest you wasn't really singing those love songs in they indicted the character, not the man that is my
leave, and I believe he did signal songs you she saying his way out of prison at least once you can try I greatly sing one beautiful song. We like this I think I'm innocent put a gun. Like did you just just super inspirational song, everybody's cryin, Karel Baskin, for gives you she becomes gave for you. I don't even well. I think she would have to become straight for him. The woman he's a gay man issue will have to try. Position and that whatever it is, it would be at our enormously hard yeah yeah, I'm you say he would do ever took to get closer to him. She forgive him and they did. They just go. Raise pelicans together. You know everyone talks about the jury, they say twelve angry man, no, the jury's it just One sad sympathetic juror to throw the who, thing off in a murder trial like this ordinary Algeria, the trial, you just need one, you guys got it becomes
or maybe you need six. I dont know I believe in a death penalty case you need just one. What does that mean? gotta have a bunch of people. In a more its death penalty. If this letter, I think so, but I don't know exactly donated by stages- knows how do you know any these back? I know some facts, but I'm saying is, is do you feel safer now, knowing Joe exotic, behind the same bars that he, His lions in is a justice. In that I understand. I just feel like a little bit long of assent dense for a man who, just as to find him self. He needs a to see. He's gonna, see ten years. If you just play his cards right and he becomes a chef in is in or near minds a good little plates for himself and he keeps himself any. He talks about more animal like awareness that more endangered species, awareness of like, if he couldn't fix it in get everything own. He can get out not only within ten. If it
yeah yeah, I suppose I might add. Maybe he will have gotten lotta reading on you can work out. He's got a lot of stuff. They get a prison in May. Anyways could end up being constructive for him. My suppose people love it. Some people are really fits their entire lifestyles because then the pressure is gone of having to put the shit together, twenty fourth then you're at that moment that almost seemed like what Errand Hernandez was saying. Regarding prison, he said he treated like training campaign. The guards were like kind it was chill with the whole thing, which is normally was twenty three year old psychopath as well. That he had no clue. He the way. The way you can jump from a seven thousand five hundred Square Foot Mansion a salad and dialogue with cool too cool like what he was talking to his wife. You, like new, are a burden. Sane person, your view of just a few of you- can do the debt to whatever, because again he's just a media adduced with what our remit to do. I'm gonna let these waits here he was alive
of meat had his brain was deteriorating rapidly because the city, Joe Exotic, the biggest grimy, did pain the person to assassinate basket, three grand as we discussed previously, twenty five k, minimum late and honestly, if SE and twenty five k Alot time- that's definitely FBI but again. Remember there always always the f B. I have never met a hitman. The only person- and you can count on doing they hit that you won right at twenty five thousand dollar check out to yours. Because a care not count on other people. That's liquid, Jim Carry did what he wrote himself, a million dollar check and then he later cashed it. But in case, you're going to commit a felony, not become a movie star. No I'm saying you got to rely on yourself. If you want dirty things done that you got to be your own naughty. May Everyone are, you do and then gives will your with Katy Barracks, let you know about kind, to fund the European Wrestling Podcast and, dare I say it's kind of fun, bringing you
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brother Lori, Bella's brother killed her husband. Would he sent her ex husband? What she said was in self defence on the kids are now gone missing. Tat Day bells previous wife also died mysteriously only with a prophecy that she would die. Both the kids are gone. They found him in a way which is better than the note in the nearest facts. We have read, they found him and why and just to clarify they found the mom and the new husband in Hawaii and the children. Seven year old, Joshua Fallow and seventeen year old tightly Ryan are still gone and apparently they were involved in a group. Lorry fallow and Chad Day Bell Group called prepare the people, preparing people is a dune. They were going to vacation at the heart of the mystery. Of this whole thing is called this just from inside or not. He was called to preparing a people is this sort of this weird doom.
They called the website. Its mission is to prepare the people of this earth for the second coming of Jesus Christ following the chain and mysterious events Valo and day about have left in their wake. The organization associated with repairing people called color. My media has attempted to distance himself from the mysterious couple they're doing this low walk back, you're, doing cyclone real enough, the their due in the gaff of Bart Simpson, Jonah of Homer sent just going into the the weeds, not that it wasn't. I hear the website clarified that they are a multimedia company that put on preparing a people which they define as a series of lecture events, focusing on self reliance and personal preparation. It is not a group and there's not a cult. Some people join but has educational lecture. Events like the intended or watched on
Video, we also do not share any of TAT Day bells or Valori values believes that they are contrary to christian principles of honesty, integrity in truth or if they do not like the doctrines of the church of Jesus Christ. Letter is its weight as radiated. What what they didn't mention the two dead children there like they said there not into the. Hobbes. So if they are don't support nor Hobbes of killing their children than they are covered? That is not a hobby, because you can only do a once in a hobby is something you repeat in repeating repeat: in order to get away from her family not make another family make another kid you you make all new kid you in a family to annihilate that's boom again done another another ship, my armor, if I ever rubber for political office, just been associated with you, that's keeping you grounded in Chad Decibel his home has been searched by investigators. They rule they removed a forty
Forty three items, mostly phones, computers and other technological devices. The county still waiting on forensic tests of Tammy David? it remains an item seized from her home. So it is probable that we have for me orders at the hands of this couple. That I don't know, I guess they love each I dont know laziness. Suddenly the love that we don't truly understand. It's love that we'd never known Yeah I mean I love Natalie with all my heart do not receive. She told me she wondered you. A bunch of vodka should actually former. She was a prophet s. I mean I'd role. You got a week be for especially when you first me We will be over you honestly, Joe exam he's. Gonna have a hard enough time in prison, but he actually he understands cages you'll, be able to figure it out if Natalie You understand that when you go to prison after Natalie can tells you to murder a bunch of children, you're just gone from her and then you are in prison
man, it's not it's all about covering the tracks and we'd, never murder, kids, we'd! Go! We go for beggar, we do something bigger. I mean I have three contingency plans which I keep talking about. Three contemptuously only allows eighty to a halt. I know I can't because then the not secret anymore, exactly Madison Golly Prosecutor Rob Wood was still in Hawaii on Monday, unable to be reached for answer. The value space, civil or criminal contempt of court charges if she failed to produce the children by deadline that was set. I think it's safe to say she has failed to produce the children. I think of it. I think Virginia Wolf said my love, deadlines and the sounds they make when they go washing past, and this is a good to cut it I that's very good. This is accorded due Rex Burg, Police Department Regard
the children. They say we can further confirm. The timely and J J were not with lorry in Chad and no evidence that daily and J J were ever in. Hawaii. Why didn't make the vacation No, we do not make the vacation knows they are. Unfortunately, I mean who knows where the how these kids are, and I hope that some closure or can be brought to the family. I agree with that. J values, grandparents, Larry and K Larry. Kay Woodcock announced a twenty thousand dollars reward of twenty thousand dollars. Word for the children if their found, but again we got to orders of adults do children murdered? I have a feeling or probably murdered. I it grew now seems like it's a rough case and a very rough case, and these people are in the Middle EAST. They got him so now there I M so ugly weakening do prosecutor, but they got it those bodies in order to ceiling, limiting, learn for that super from that stupid Susan Paolo case, as
so hard to put together a capital murder case. If you dont have a murder, weapon or body, it is very very difficult and, of course, in the air and Hernandez case, not to bring that back, but they did not have They had almost everything they had almost like everything, but then they, when they found the bullet casing in the rental car right with a piece of gum on it. They do not have good criminal. How did the gum get on the bullet? He put it on it here. Myra at it. Rise a very quick little story that I thought was fond monitored that its make washed to travel agency tweets photo. Big boy tat. It was a fine video, but it looks like they ve now, admittedly saying they think it's some kind of joke, or is it really does look like a guy with a hoodie into backtrack on, so I bought it for a second, it was almost one knows. Well, you know what I dont like I dont, like police, Joe,
Remember that the Phoenix voice I gave up as we don't like. I don't like when I dont like when cops are being funny when the when I need you to be serious right, I don't like funny doctors in its own because you're the punchline I am we, are they want. You worry like if we were making fun of me. Yes, if the police or make it a joke, it is your expense in Euro, Let me remind you as evil like me. Well speaking of Gotham, people got excited and then a lot of people lost their bigwood burners immediately, which is very, very sat on Em just do it had. This is, besides Kobe, Bryant, sudden death. I think that this is the most fucked up story. Other weak, ok, I've received is, is this This comes from vocs those that guy
woman who married her birth father to rest, along with their baby after shocking murders. Now this is a very complicated story, is not good. My frank miles, woman who married her birth father is laid to rest with her child. Oh yeah, in a sad conclusion to a disturbing relationship, a woman who married her birth, father and gave birth. They are child was laid to rest this past week and along with her baby and her adopted father after investigators have said, the birth Father killed them all in a murder. Suicide. Can I just say this birth father. He did not birth. This be be she started out tonight. I'll die illogical, it's about! the logical father, not burden child. I dont like that. I'm right you I'm with you. I think that if that's the biggest thing that your offended by we have to have I would say, said so biggest thing. I've just started do bigger part just piece by piece: birth, father makes
sound. Like he's a bloated. Oh, I didn't know that it always shit initiate exact. Now this oh, I don't even know I don't even know how all this works so Alyssa Plato grade. So do this came from the city. They they go all the way back, ok, right, society! even Plato, her father, ninety ninety five years, twenty one at a fifteen year old girl me Melissa on the internet. Okay, so soon and she became pregnant and gave birth to a girl. They named Denise Alyssa Plato, said interview last week that they put the girl up for adoption when she was eight months old, Joseph believe, Stephen Plato physically abused the baby and our interview she did not elaborate. It was so hard to give apple as he said, but I had you because I wanted her to live and be happy for Most of our short was to be her short life. She was she Tony foods go and his wife Kelly, adopted the girl, be renamed Katy and raised her with their biological daughter in Dover about eighty. My
north of New York City and a very normal life said, carry Gould Kelly Foods goes brother. My nickname for Katy was pack man so is eaten. She love animals use a vegetarian. Katy was an aspiring artist. But it is very easy, and that is a very funny way to have a sister. If you'd be like your name, we batman. Why do you think I have the eating? Just ordinary do any demand when I could see it this Europe you turned eighteen January, Katy who's, who it was told she just was told she was adopted. She found her birth parents and message the play doh. Happy to reunite with her. They wanted to meet up. A college. In August twenty succeed painting moved in with the Plato's and Henry County Virginia Tony and Kelly fiscal. Her adoptive parents were apprehensive, but they thought Katy was old enough make your own decisions and they supported her, but all was well and not the Plato home when they arrive and analyse our biological parents already decided to separate and were sleeping in separate rooms with,
Plato said she had suffered emotional and verbal abuse by her husband for years, Elisa Plato told Katy privately that Stephen Plato had abused her as a Baby major reason for their adoption was over. There was made for the job. Of course, for our own safety. Katy again, in up didn't appear to be concern, Stephen Plato having changed after he met Katy illicit play. Well said he began wearing skinny genes and form fitting shirts. Ok will hold a lot of you like you that if that is like the least of our worries here, they just now the roses Laurel. He just wanted to look like Keith Urban he's. Not that's not. Why would they even include that That's our dignity letter sex at very honoured to get sexy for his dog. That is big at the millennium movement of skinny genes, and I were I deserves. I try to look good, but not to my own by logical daughter. I didn't mean it it concerned a lesser after she did it again
after he did it again. The next flight right, because apparently she started sleeping in Katie's room on the floor right to slowly moving in there and may two thousand and seventeen she'd learn eleven year old daughters Journal of the incense this relationship and Katy was pregnant No, not a road that she and her sister were tall by Stephen Plato to refer to Katy as their step mother, I started to become his Sterical. I called him. I cities, Katy pregnant with baby. He just said I thought you knew where its agreement. You said yes, we're in love He would leave this series of pictures on a thing called plenty jests, twenty, ok! It's there was a there a picture they did like it's a picture them like each other, like engagement, photos of them with the baby. And then moving together, but then got arisen for insight ass.
Well there, you go, but that's not the worst conclusion of that story, because the man not they didn't because they showed up and then, when he got released on bail, he fucking killed all family right there? It is. Thank you Henry for the story was indeed it is lots, that may well. Everything he's trying to spread the news. It's good, it's good to remember that our lives are not that fucked up. You're doing they start spreading the news line here but, like usually that's for, like the Yankees win, the Yankees win the stock markets through the roof or we win victory, but, may we Lizzie newsy, but for family, annihilated age debate, it will make a fool of naked for aid daddy, my lovely DORA folk, everybody can apparently ethnical airs right
What a boy me outcry? Leslie you'd be a surprisingly busy newsy. You would probably be selling the most amount of paper than ever. One realises that the true crime boom in the nineteen tens is a very big market By giving you know, you're a king, pin Who knows what you guys Carolina Hidalgo here from movie sound with demands podcast, I'm here with my co host rank If an trace bell you, who you may know and love from Mr Science Theatre, three thousand the three of us come together and we do a weekly podcast Huron last part cast network movies like black Panther. It's the good, movie parasite, unlike an actual parasite, it doesn't saw parasite, will feed on you long after you, ve seen it it's in my head avenging Is an game not a porn about anal gold finger? I love gold finger. Take it from me old finger, copper man. It sucks every bit much as I thought it would you believe, a fish can swim, lack dynamite,
its both of those movies, I'm with mad here unless park, as now work available exclusively on Spotify its reservations from the plant guess this story must be told Champ down on this totally free stems from an episode, titles, the mathematics but groceries. He holds the screwdriver that popped open the bathroom door forever invading my privacy bill, squawks like a crow. I've made it abundantly clear that if you returned, I would get the police involved. Your trust in passing, I stared at him motionlessly and wonder what his eye glass prescription is. I bourbon my tongue burned with a mixture of bile in soap. Someone ate all your soap, I tell him flatly his face can towards and discussed in his glasses slide down his nose. I have this sudden urge to wrap his basic point is
as hard as possible. I can feel the wet meat of his face mix with the boy we chemicals of this soap slipping down my tongue and sliding down my throat. The urge passes, though, Well, let's move onto a story of crime, but more this in crime. This duty. In Arizona in what do you do in Arizona your borders? Hell, there's nothin merrily to do with ten and top twenty four seven. The sun is beating through your brain, you know you see. Where was bad. You, your brain in Arizona, just gets shrunk. Like a reason. Now you get to go look world gems arning at all. It sand and there's a lot of stuff to do an heiress luria in there's a lot of walls as well. And what do you do when was you tag walls right in That's an idea. You tell me you are too. I got the big kiss tag.
My thing like dogs, you are just when I have but hold probably just grime my but against the wall and then the smear. That's my dad, I'm not here to talk about what puffin was look in on this. You gonna talk about what puffin was looking on the sidewalk the other day like it was ice cream that he had never tasted before it wasn't really discussed in, and I still kissed him. Ok, so there was a dude who was graffiti penis man. That was his graffiti tag with peanuts. Bab heated dozens of spots in Arizona and because there is nothing else. There are no other crimes in Arizona, absolutely not absolute ended a single other one, not a single other cry. The please bump this case up to tat. Priority and they were but to arrest dust. And show more, but they didn't just arrest. Dusted, Sohmer those awaited him like Mama Gaddafi. They treated here like you was a terrorist about a blow up. World trades her one, twenty five
Swat members showed up do. I guess I wanted to make an example of him for some reason, even age, just fuckin graffiti he's not banks ie, but he was flying in the of their authority because become very fairly known? Many people were complaining about penis man. So he was in a phoenix condo. Twenty five have the arms swap members came in. This is what he wrote. He said they rated my car, no M vehicle swarmed, my entire complex in West Phoenix, with twenty five heavily armed Swat officers in peace. Did a silenced assault rifle in my face. He was booked on sixteen counts of, we're criminal damage, eight counts of criminal damage and one count of criminal trespassing all related to the incidents where he spray painted the words penis man. I am when you say you do, we ve talked about this. The government pro
Graham. When it comes to getting military equipment to local police would municipalities we talk about that alot. Unable can stop at that The matter is they don't need military equipment because the magician of crimes. Are people tagging words like penis man on walls, you don't need. Swat team to show up and again you're in Arizona, there's five called for every square mile go do real ways work all yet it. This is a good. I don't really understand. People are very mad because it's like you also did the temperament municipal building. He did a lot of big, I guess a big places. He sang the he's a copycat who multiple put penis man and then he is only one of them. I'm I guess I've got a lot of attention on social media. We ass a of fire under the butter, the police, to go and fuck and try to really put the hammer down on him. But, of course I am
It has been the last three or four hours champion in Phoenix Police custody for sprang. Penis man generated my candle on vehicle for my entire complex. It was Venus twenty five heavily armed Swat officers and pointed to silence all right all my face. Anyone with any doubt the bad guys are here, be certain. It's the city attend we city eggs in Phoenix Forces Valley why there is no excuse report. They are fifteen in the face of nonviolent offender. I agree with you. They put its all round bits of put us all rival in has basically in his mouth. They got him good, but he finally says for the record Haiti, institutional, please! I do not think every single crop is a bastard to say they all our is, in my opinion, stupid their level profiling. There you go. Some of the detective I met seem to be genuine. Penis maintains let me now and then he says finally painters, man is neither man, no woman, you nor me we're all penis man
That's her hey. He goes to tell the Phoenix Times. On Monday, the Phoenix New tie Us says that he is quoted as saying I am not the original. There are hundreds of copycats with very distinctly different handwriting, so there are many as men and they don't just have to be and they could also be penis women, european. This men, women p. This and women. So he is, he doesn't seem to be the only penis disciple and it looks like, although it's more of he's saying it's, it's more like a fought virus. I you so, if you're in Phoenix, I think you have a duty to go out there and tat penis man. Many go through. This still call an already dark offer public. I do think that it is important to do this, but with this not officially wink the policy, we of here and L know only too well tagging the cities of Tempi or Phoenix with the words.
Meanwhile, the only policy we have no helicopters, the this is this. Is this? Is it civil disobedience, Henry Nan went civil disobedience, we're not the weather underground, we're not blowing things up, simply tag in the word penis man, the words penis is we all penis Bear Peters men and don't want the military Ten thirty three programme. Now. We need to highlight that by will do that on a different show, because then I get all serious and I get mad, because these police are heavily armed and, dare I say it's please stay folks. I balance the eye We have many cop listeners and I've met many like a sound good police officers, my father, just he just pretty carry enjoyed being a police officer. Other partied on on the clock, which is why you got to retire hurt. You gotta give you gotta give being allowed to retire like super early yea I day, but it that's fine, it's either deasey them.
Why that he did not have a highly technical. Your father did a right because When you get when you mess up in certain settings, especially when you're in a huge union. You just get pushed up to that s job, which I know in some people's minds are like I want to be on the streets, but like no my child there, we wanted a desk job immediately. You he'd never He was one of those guys that are like novel balsam heads like no, he was very excited to be at a desk. Because that's where the real police work happens. Ya'll is really yeah. It's a daily work, you know what The paperwork and its putting everything together is putting all these stories and putting these do, you have to put invitation to gather, takes office work. I want my money could see the prosecutor in a robbery case just be like our gimme. The files and bid like just look at all beer rings around all the pages village. You guys been put a lot hours it on this
oh, is that it's a gambler, yeah yeah. We bring a lot more like a lot US hours, I've ever right, assess all know. My father was that bringing us all and no He was our size or are you pronounce it stupid, fuck and sour beer that sour beer? Just you? Don't I don't their stay in the sour beer like up Elsner our I let me take a look exploitable. A beer did your Father drink dyke. I could see him just the Budweiser. What's my spots where every day he loved them all more than he loved his son or islets? Consider this text story, This comes from now. This is where the I'm gonna put this out there. This is laid old with controversy, because there's many accusations flying around some more credible than not, but it. I wonder I just wanted to talk about it because they think it's interesting, ok the singer of Mars Volta. This comes from stereo gum, Orange Volta singer, since his dog was
filled by scientologists protecting that seventy show actors by Peter Helmet, Cedric, Bixler of Allah, the moors voltage and at the driving with great bans, love those banks had to put down his family dog Today after she ate rat poison, he says it's scientologist, protecting that seventy show STAR Danny Man, Susan, were behind it and twenty seventeen Bixler. The ball. Wife, Chrissy Cornell Bixler accused Masterson of raping her. They were dating a late nineties, several other one. And have also need similar accusations against Masterson, who is denied all of the allegations Bixler of all up and Coronel Bixler or both former Scientologists Masterson is currently an active member in the church of some intelligent work as a lot of this kind of comes from the fact that I mean I have been talking a lot about elevatory. Suddenly, it facetious manner, the not I just a bride, just yonder prove a coat leader who does not take himself out with the entire group. Well, that is one that is my barometer of who were good call,
there is someone. Does it make everybody commit suicide? Will in, of course, when it comes to EL run Hubbard? Obviously I'm not a hovered head, that's him! his job yet, but I'm armoured had yeah. Scientology has seemed to take a more nefarious switch, a change with being Leah, with the leadership of. What's the name of this little guy David Amiss, but now she, I would say that, but I you know I do believe it elevates was full of shit and in it was always bad from the very very top, and it has gotten more aggressive. Have time has gone? on, like obviously stuff like this happens, we're often they are also the weakest. They ve ever been we'll. Don't you nonviolent not financially but socially in number wise Scientology is incredibly weak with their also seem to be getting harder. They seem to be getting more like insulated because of all the negative pressure it seems under. Kick it the right right, David? in a corner, so they're doing more and more serious violent stops,
He believes that this is connected to the church of Scientology that raw meat was found with rapporteur and laid in his yard, and he is built, and I'm not saying it's outside of their parameter minutely. They like to harass people absolutely labour. They wouldn't like ruin your life circled. The squirrel hunters squirrel busters, whirl busters if your fairy that mean something else entirely the middle or scientologists it means you're going for people that are former members of Scientology than speaking against the church right. So now he has become a public figure against the church, very very much so again against the They d? The the church Danny Masterson gets, he is at the centre of a swirl of horrible act. Say absolute and he is also being, but he has chosen me the huge chose to lie within the strong arms of Scientology for protection he is pulled in meanwhile the people get now am. I believe that Bixler, following a very good point of saying a bit of back, can leave.
What the fuck is. Your chicken shit excuse was words that he says specifically to Danny Masterson. We have done Masterson median. They need in this report the financial support and if he ever has any semblance of a career going forward, it will be actively tide. Two Scientology, but did you get this story also Henry a sort of in connection with that one, Your he was a rock basest. He was a basis for more moors Volta I he is now a coma January, thirteenth That is a very serious bicycle accident. He is now to combat this is according to a statement, they say hi everyone. This is an wants. This is according to a statement from wants wife high everyone, and once wipe well generally hesitate to share personal details on social media. It felt right to include all of who supported one over the years: fans, fella, music and love. Of musicians. One was
in a solo, no cars, no other people in very serious bicycle accident underlined You always wears as Helmut, but he still sustained had drama and now, of course, she is in the house but also it is a coincidence, but a strange coincidence that science Ology has a beef with the singer of more as Malta, and now the basest of Mars, Volta is also in an accident is connected, go back in, I urge the just in Trudeau, not just in true to her. What's the name of the guy it's true dough. Something is Louis throughout Lui, Thoreau they're, all the same to me, Louis, the rogue back a little. Not all this, I know their own area, yes, Lui Thoreau, never wore black face, Lui, throw light she's. My Scientology document, Rodion wearing black, face no just you oh did oh yeah, I kicking His name strike Trudeau Blackberry. Throw Scientology documentary, so watch them Documentary and they really do a good job of showing what it's like to be in x.
Scientologist in just the colossal up in the ass that these people make your life. Yes, yes, get out if you can, it out. If you can't so, who knows, I know it's very very difficult times. I don't say anything that is, it is easy to say now easy to do so. Get the hell out. Just disappear just goes to yeah. Then of course, because Scientology does have such a lock on Ella Idiot still surprises me. I always go. I love this gallery goes. It may have a lot of property, but I've because I remember a day, remember working for sure and then I was talking with Ed larceny experience, the same thing where we were told it never say a bad thing about Scientology, but now there just fuck it punching bags. The city, really they don't have the same social power anymore, but they have a lot of property. They duly. You, have a lot of money in property, but from what I've seen when I walk passes,
because I'm I'm not I do this. I like will look up against the window. Look in on this. It's working all empty everything's empty there All shell gave me are nay, are their dying really, but not financially. They just have to decide whether or not their going to flex that muscle one day and what they'll do with them. Money, so they're going to be very scary thing you ever they want their going north com your role where nothing is in the buildings, but you have the illusion of success in power. That's very interesting because you'll have churches and stop there still active like they have, I feel like if they were to have the their big. Communities are probably in Calais and Clearwater from I've seen and one I've heard but honestly day are their kind on the way out, but you think that they still have like an immense amount of gas. Really our full members. They could make a big move if they want right, but it just depends on what they want
you with it sounds like you're just trying to make as much you're just trying to clear that money. Upper management is is just living at a fantasy world. Until I mean you know something galleries coming back yet keep so I dont have hurried of time yet so they're waiting there is waiting. Theo show I'm. If he shows up Why did he thinks I show up in costume in make up shave the beard with it and do the whole Willie walk a thing. Why walk up at him and then I do the somersault and rash everybody Erewhile come back. Armor here where's the boat, I gather I owe much want they'll be so excited. I think that that is, I think you could do maybe a few years from now I dont think I'll run. Hubbard died as that of a man, so maybe in twenty years you could pull it off with a little may now be comes back all young and vibrant. Like me, I looked like a handsome cellarage. Well,
is one of the rudest things that have been said about the man. I'm joke annual a great, but they truly do keep. If you go to you, I believe it's the U C, B in LOS Angeles right across other simony centre. This recital end up top there's an office always keep the light on like their motel six four call, leaders and Here I sit here like Santa Claus. Lots robot who hero of the We story. I just. Why did you want my heart Henry, because this is every thirteen fourteen year old persons dream? This is my. I remember forget cheapen us. Eighteen me like fucking legalise it,
legalise it. So there was a duty was an Wilson county. He was arrested for some in marijuana he's twenty years old, but he said you know what this shit should. The legal Spencer, Alan Boston. He was called the podium in front of the judge. Boston was apparently expression of you point. The marijuana should be legalised from the pope was at this point. He took a joy It is now that allied idiot what they call it a marijuana cigarette. Of course they didn't like a lame bogged down this guy's a story at all with the thing is it toad We worked because people in the courtroom started laughing. Like you boy, he was charged with this orderly conduct incinerator, even though they did it. Erasmus for me and chill tackle man. His his boss,
this three thousand dollars the marijuana. The Boston smoked did have a strong odor it with some sweet sue. We lose steered fuckin smoking that fact in rags, due to their mad mad shit. So there you go, that is everyone in eggs. A narrow every week and dream he's got I'm gonna get judge. You dig you're, gonna, blogger com. Myers, dude, upload them living on boot. It's like a young big Lebowski got a little beard, go at odd, so their luggage media times about Comstock Manner, seven hours ago before hours from now, did you then I think you would would it be hidden jail but Answer Alan Boston, you're, this week's a hero of the weak for doing everything I dream of smoke, J in front of the judge will be brought up. Our we juries, Beadlike legalise ITALY lies it. You took a hit for
rest iversen paths, rural at Boston, here of the weak, good job brother. Hopefully they don't throw the book at you and how they will smoke pages. You can keep up up up The pages dog that is always ages also died by that all took place in Tennessee, so Tennessee get that legal. We Nashville when my favorite cities to be in. Country, music, some beer and some weed come true and a robber long, only sandwich which Henry people back up the Bologna sandwich a Robert and you need money. National. Next, I am taking you to Robert and you're. Going to have the Bologna sandwich in your mind is gonna be changed. I will the Bologna sandwich, with you a yes, they added vitamins, you do for lunch. Yes, we can do for lunch or dinner. I think it's more of a dinner its. We have to be drum. I yes, we have to be drunk. I I will say whoever this, what Man's name is smoke. We do is weed. We in a rope, Spencer, Alan Boston, a man seller amendment
these to be named thrice because he's a he's, a easy he's, a mentor and someone we can all look up to Spencer We are very proud to here. You did a great job, I'm more than certain your lawyer and your family's like super disappointed with right now, I would say, is nobler than ever change. You man, you don't ever loaded change! You do tat, you ll! Never you gonna do have one point. You might have the button danger to keep a job or sub, especially, Jason. Whatever series of crimes are about up fucking heart really label upon you brow and we re just do it's just a joy in a core room. It's not that big! A deal cops are going to back up your ass. Your couple a bad days in there My afterwards keep that easy go lifestyle, but also remember just dinner. To altogether, because you quickly you're all life's Leyden enough in on this matter. Is. He needs a statue outside of the court house as soon as they legalise we'd in Tennessee he's the legend he's the goat he's. The one
people were sacrificed, his freedom just for a joy, so you could smoke a joint. I can smoke a joint. Just a bronze statue of him and Cargo that you have him in cargo shorts fauna can have threats. I mean, I think, that's dubious, an honest crew. Hickey are this comes from These are the listener letter that I just thought was fond its quick. I wanted You know that at the end of a recent episode their been asked. I wonder: who's got boobs outcome and Henry thought he was our to a site. Called who's got boobs dot com, one word, I was shocked to find that nobody had registered at full. Now it's my I now the proud owner of double dot. Who's got cubs, dot com, I'd love to hear your suggestions for what to do with it and that I'm putting that out there for everybody a suggestions inside sorrows, Lp Hotel, a Gmail com and find out what should he do with who's got boobs literally, it has to be a picture.
Of anyone with boobs, both male and female, maybe a fellow with boobs, whose I'd love to see it be done. Another see, who's got boobs, there's a lot of us out there I have Bresse. I Guy might have breast cancer a feeling a lump in border, the doktor it's not my dearest, some seriously how hard, how big Travis feel it as soon as he's not an employee, so on twenty five July ramp, yeah I'll firemen Hiram. So this comes from tee, not not that tee, not tee and thou, but from tee I not Horta houses, any used book contacts, and we had one where an old guy died of pneumonia over the winter and sat there for about three months before his neighbors took notice, the fire department had to cut out part of the wall to get him out of there. Since House was packed from floor to ceiling with books minus a weird little base camp. He added living room where you can hang are any everywhere
has a weird smell. That's pretty similar! It's kind of a combination of unwashed dishes, kitchen garbage, dirty laundry and often mice, which is it has of an ammonia east smell from their p. It's worse, I work at, and the guy in question only had one which somehow managed to get fur all over everything. The guides book collection with academic stop for when he was an engineering professor, sold infantry from when he only use bookstore and just hoard rebook said he ordered each with a little scrap of paper indicating the date time and price he bought it, for you also had a bunch of cool pet and paper dungeons and dragons stuff from the seventies which school I met. This guy would was alive and he dressed like a teenage gamer kit, baggy shorts, floppy fishermen's hat shirts Dragons stuff autumn. He was like eighty so any a guy like fifty five gay lords worth of books. A gay lord is roughly four foot cube of Cardboard Box. It sits on a pallet picture. I plus extras did not know that I didn't know that, either of which is why
Read this email ochre and it took us wants to process this sovereignty for the warder how smell there was also a weird clawing: sweet smell it sector, the books, no matter what you did, we stored the bulk of the books outside with tarps and the smell didn't go. They were at a metal ship. A container is well on the smell just hit you when you open it when he had a single book, with a little bit of an odour you stupid, but altogether they just smelled like death or, more specifically Mummy the guy, no heat in this house and was sitting near from December two February. So I'm guessing that with that route. So, yes, death, smell, is definitely noticeable. Of order out smell, it seeks to everything and I'm guessing gets much much worse, if someone dies in a hot human condition, I am familiar with knows blindness where you get used to a smell after while in this didn't really happen with the Mummy books. Maybe there's something in our biology where we keep a spell and dead people
Maybe there is, I yeah, I don't want to get knows blind to dead people. Let's not tied like to not to know it's on Vietnam. I like to know if someone is dead next to me, or just I'd like to know these things things I'd like to know for sure I'd. So this is a little too read. Something is very often I thought it was really fun. Someone sent a message from It was like I read it read. There was a red it. Ah, the rag. It was a red thread, ok, from impetus from no sleep. So technically this might be fiction, but some of these are really and I wanted to read them because I thought I'd digesting, though their fun I love is not always runs up. This comes from you. The search and rescue woods. I'm a surgeon rescue officer for the. U S for service. I have some stories: Adele Iver, pretty good track record for finding missing people, mostly time they just wander off the pass or slip down a small cliff when they can find their way back. The majority of them have have heard the
stay where you are thing and then a wanderer far, but I've had to cases where that didn't happen. Both bother me alive and use them as motivations search even harder on the missing persons cases I get called on them was a little boy who was our very picking with his parents. He and his sister were together. And both of them went missing around the same time. Painful sight of them for a few seconds, and in that time both the kids apparently wandered off when their parents couldn't find them. They called us and we came up to search the area. We found the daughter pretty quickly and we asked where her brother was. She told us he'd been taken away by the bare man. She said he gave her berries and told her to stay quiet that he wanted to play with her brother for. While the lash Sarber brother, he was riding on the shoulders of the bear man and seemed com. Of course the first was abduction, but we never trace of another human being in that area. The little girl was so insisted that he was. A normal man that he was tall covered and hair. Like a bear that he had a weird face, we searched,
area for weeks it was one of the longest calls I've ever been on, but we never found a single trace of that kid. The other was a young, and he was out hiking with her mom and grandma. According to the mother, her daughter had climbed up a tree to get a better view of the forest and she never came back down. They waited at the base of the tree for hours, calling her name before they call for help again. We searched everywhere, but we never found a trace of her. I have no idea where she possibly could have gone, because neither her or her mother or Grandma PA saw her come down. I am very close to put in a bag on all national parks, it seems There is a lot of stuff going on in these national parks that we can't explain. We ve talked about this on episodes of last our gas to the left gadget copy horrified, you're edifice more fucked up once sure I was teamed up with it. Other I say our officer because we receive reports of bears an era. We were looking for a guy, You didn't come home from a climbing trip when we supposed when he was supposed to and we need up having
do some serious climb to get where we figured he'd, be we found him trapped in a small crevasse with a broken leg was not you been there for almost two race and its leg was very obviously infected were able to get into a chopper- and I heard from one of the empties at that guy was absolutely inconsolable. He kept talking about how he in doing fine. When he got to the top, a man had been there. He said the guy had no climbing equipment. He was wearing a Parker and ski pants. What he walked up to the guy and when the guy turn around his head he had no face. It was just blank. He freaked out any to try to get off the mountain too fast, which is why he followed. He said he could hear the other man all night, climbing down them out letting out these horrible muffled screams to him all right. This is scary. One a lot is another real fuck, its character. What love these one of the scary
things. I've ever an app enemy involved. The search for a young woman who had gotten separated from her hiking group we're out until late at night, because the dogs had picked up per cent when we found her, she was curled up under a large rotten long. She was missing her shoes and pack and choose clearly in shock you didn't have any injuries and we were to be able to get her to walk with us back to these base ops, long away She kept looking behind us and ask why that big man with black eyes was following us, see anyone, so we just wrote it offer some weird symptom of shock, but the closer we got to the base, the more agitated this woman got. She kept asking me to tell him to stop making faces at her at one point. She stopped in turn round and started falling into the forest, saying that she wanted him to leave her alone. She wasn't going to go with him, she said, and she wouldn't give us to him. We finally got her too
moving, but we started hearing these weird noises coming from all around us. It was almost like coughing but more rhythmic and deeper. It sounded insect like oh, how I dont know really know how else to describe it with the base ops, the woman turned to me and arise about as wide as I can imagine. A human could open them. She touches me. Shoulder and says he tell he says to tell you to speed up. He doesn't like looking at the scar on your neck. I have a very small scar on the base of my neck, but it's mostly hidden. My collar. I have no idea how this woman sought right out She says it. I hear that weird coughing right in my ear and I just about jumped out of my skin. I also heard the o s trying to show how freaked out I was, but I have to say really happy. We left that area at night. I'm all right a couple, a creepy stories read it hold it, not no sleep. How scary I I think it's great to end this episode on some true crew rabies, spaghetti. We haven't had a don't know if it's. If it's true,
I'm gonna say no sleep yeah. Like it to be true, I think it's fun. I think that is a fun games to play with our our minds right. It's true, to the extent that somebody wrote it down, thought that and put it on the internet. It's true that degree its. It is built was written down. Payments the ten commandments and those are very nice, very ice, all right available Thank you all. So much were listening and We mentioned Boston, I'm a bit earlier. We have tickets available four April so come on out? Enjoy us beefy boys, lesbian chasm alive, live this will be our booked or also We have received the book all three of us and it is like we're just honestly, it's really cool and Marcus did such an amazing job and Travis. I said that he had been thumbing through it. He was like it's good. I almost cried cause. I'm like. I don't know how to read
and I'm just so happy that people seem to be enjoyed it as they ve looked through it and I think you're gonna really like we really worked our asses off on it, so I go their invite, if you click, did we're looking at new boss and we're looking at new vague. It's got sell these take its come out. Comes here, shit man! You know boss and where you again comment to harass castle, no environmental tat, governmental track, it average words will remember, will remember will remember Kevin Barnett always and will member Cobby we will hang out emboss double go, have a nice class, a whiskey, a good eye is Guinness and will have a nice time also Austin, access those tickets are not available yet were still waiting. I have no clue what the hell is going on with Moon tower. I know why they have not release their pictures ever release our or tickets, but we, close. Yes, we are close. That is completely out of control. The comedy mafia, which is totally a real thing, it's just for laughs in Canada and Moon Town,
in Texas and can only live rings. It as a neuron mood dour please, just though, but the diggers will largely brilliancy they shall we be able to be able to get these JD dig it please so that will be coming soon. It is out of control. We apologise for those people who are frantically looking on the internet, trying to get to its. We will be there. We promise. Am I and my I movie after midnight comes out Valentine's day on veal d and there will be a premiere in LAS Angels Wabi, leaving a q, and a after that, I will find out more specific information for those tickets and I will pass them up all night Whittier, all right. That is awesome check out after midnight and jacket. Although all this shows you are the last part gas network and, if you outline say so also another big day, we're going full explosive. Remember that you can listen for free on Spotify, you can download for free Spotify.
Is I again, I am fully listening to it. I have not had any problems with it. If you are person that book who lives in the area of the world that does not get Spotify, email us and tell us, Where Europe we, we have a unique situation where weakened funnel directly to the people that are in charge of Spotify at an mixer, we're paganism same like we're trying to get. They want you to have it yeah. I don't want you yes to not have Spotify, they want you to have it. So we're trying to keep paying in saying we needed here. We need your regardlessness here and we want them to be able to hear the show. I wanna hear us a name. Are very open to. It is as much as you know they can lead to us. I don't know I haven't yet just smoke to join in the. I'll be in there. Maybe I should say that respect, send a message I'll take some crystal meth amphetamine will go slow and more go fast. We'll hit him by both angles and they will listen to us, but our shared
is only gonna be tighter under spot if I'm so fuckin excited man. This is like this that these last couple months, starting to see like working with them, has been want one, and now, where are we bring it in the next generation, were I noticed the next generation and for enabling stop at listeners. We got a big month ahead of us starting February You will have our first. Carcasses too, will have a lot to talk about this. Your unable to stop at check on my documentary, Hale Yourself, America might be. Tour I'll, give you some dates whenever thou those days come up to show that and man, we're just excited to continue to be with you throughout twenty twenty. So live your life, Live your life enough to never step inside of a helicopter ever again, never no reason to unless you're being captured away from a mountain and even then If that is true, laugh because you can say that from a mountain, because a man with black eyes is there any starin at you, and God knows, what's happening, is usually laughin inside of it
want helicopter. I don't know if you're lucky that you're lucky that you can, I mean you're, getting a ping, though user you just described, The end of Texas Chainsaw Massacre, but instead a pickup truck or aid a hate. You will be rare, he thankful so, if you're just laughing magic, what about another more nor you covered. A lot of bad should happen on a mountain there's. A lot of talk about in their Mabel no face was up. Then you should be thankful for helicopter, but if it just if you're just feel and fund or you want, the Instagram photo, don't do it. You're, gay and love, love your life and love your life with your friends, love your family. Tell me love because you never know when the earth. Literally crack open from underneath you and swallow everyone that you love I've been watching on Instagram, they have the things like what if it happened- and there was one words like one of the earth get sought in half and liked, I dont need to fundamentally is doing why you I have to do. I think I can read about what they deal so much for listening to Hell yourselves healthy, too much
new installations, me no compters, no help just no matter what I say even you area, escalators less podcast network listeners. This is the adventures of Danny and MIKE it's a podcast alone, pod gas network between your favorite tv brows. In the nineties with red here. Infidels, hopefully he's here to me. Michael, seem Verona or himself Danny temporarily, I'm referring to both of us. That's cool, but you're not referred to me, Jeremy, whose second who knows who cares, move on checks out weekly on the last podcast network. He could find it anywhere that you get your podcast find us on your fm dial. A w p m. Wait like link is not the job of radio station man would have pod cat would have I've endless
linked to this whole time? Cbs Fm. I think the dial just came off in my hand anyway check us out last park, ass network, dot, com, yeah call in, and let us know how you feel three, four: seven: four: seven: zero one: five zero or the adventures of daily life. Cousin. Bruce you come in at e g you show was made possible by listeners. Like you think, store, add sponsors, support our shows by supporting them for more shows like the one you just listen to go to last podcast network doc
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