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Side Stories: RIP Bush's Baked Beans Dog

2018-07-04 | 🔗

Ben 'n' Hen are back for some EXTREME TALKING. Topics include: Time warps, Garfield, Casey Anthony's dad, and MORE SO MUCH MORE. Triple L.

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This is the lost. This is on the left. Hello is cannibalism started. right, hey, what's up everyone now. Are you welcome to side stories? I've been canceled, and and and and you're and yeah you got to lifting man, you gotta, throw me the Automan God and Henry Zebrowski is here as well. Is this await joke? What's that, no it's wait joke as a matter of fact. Well, I guess it could be, although honestly no way that much so for me, that would actually be an indictment of my weakness. If I even pretended like it would be difficult to pick you up 'cause, I can pick you up anytime. I want during the last the I p me. How may I mean you've made you lift her yeah right, you ready! She made you left her. It was a request line. Yeah. Can I ask you to lift me anyone the whole
they use the way you said it was the weariness inside your voice. I think well, so, just because you have been sort of like you, exerting yourself knowing smile. No, it was pretty easy to lift her up, I'm actually pretty strong guy, but I am in my like third, under interphase, I'm like Mark Callaway Dead man, days like coming in on the motorcycle half exhausted all times, you know, if I can lift it but like when people request me to pick them up, it's not exactly like thrilling, because then, if I drop them, it's a lawsuit and everything falls apart. You also got quite but again, or reminds me of when we're traveling together it just you know, everybody's got something to say about how big They do man every single person or literally just appointed you and they say well you're, among yeah. I have to sit and watch you register each one. You go here sucking down more sympathy. Bearly yep man, it's just like. I know I know your big, but I guess I've just lost all concept of yeah
You are our true beast of the block, Can I say that to you? I guess so it doesn't really matter. I am a little bit taller than most, but I wanted to say thank you for everyone. Sorry number one phoenix we're going to be there again August. 17Th can't wait to see that, but thank you, in Boston and Philadelphia. Do that will Peter Theater was unbelievably beautiful. Absolutely wonderful! It was like brings both of those cities and it would you know what size my bosses, I don't get. A single beer bottle fraud, which is a nice change because it is an aggressive city. I and then Phoenix we get to go when the planet even closer to the sun. All great! I can't wait going to sizzle sizzle, I'm we're actually going to probably make into a little bit of uh. I think that dogmeat- and I were talking about it with our lady's, going to do a bit of alien tourism really around, because I'm in phoenix- I don't know don't know much about Phoenix, but I do know that Tampa Bay, I got to get
some of the like what Steven Greer has he's they're kind of like a bell, but it's a big circle. You, like a soccer fan like one of those. What were they thinking yeah? Is it a movie that somebody like that? Okay, it's not just to to call Italians, gay, a good. Do the circle make the account make the how can you tell you the circle belt to make the alien show? Well, don't be surprised, look of a couple of italian show up as well. I watch that Croatia, Denmark Game and I know how many people were into soccer in America until it was a close match and everyone was really going. Nuts they're lying yeah. I think so alright we got a bunch of little stories to get to today. A little follow up, Casey, Anthony Sierra that she's back the new, is it worth of barely people magazine, which is like the worst thing? That's ever happened, but evidently years later, this case effects everyone involved in the family? George, her father is
still not speaking to Casey. He said I can you believe it he said he said quotes. The bad seed and would add, If you was speaking to her, he flatly said no and Casey he has also moved on from her father, Casey Anthony said she. Does this- is why, according to a source close to her says, she just doesn't know they have him in her life. Isn't that ' 'cause you went on the way to lie about accusing him of molesting young and you think, you'd think it wouldn't have the fallout that it would, but it does- and it makes it with the brother said they should keep. She tried to get back in touch with a brother tried to. Back in touch with her a little bit, especially after the trial, and then she cut him off, because she also accused him of I yeah believe, which I think is I'd like to believe the victim. I believe, the victim I will always a murder of this. Is the murder of a small child that I think that's the real victim here and it's
be like according to sources Lee her brother has frozen her out, so they not speaking to each other, even after all, this time turns out? If you could, your family of molesting, you to try to cover up the fact that you murdered your daughter. It does have long consequences when it comes to family relationship trying to find here trying to find who her pr company is, because I want How does she get in people magazine? We don't well. I I think that we don't quite have the Casey Anthony fame. I mean honestly Casey Anthony. Is she up to a celebrity when it comes to killers. Really you thing I guess I guess in terms of like face and name recognition like she got a better she'd farther along a patch h, b, o than we would yes yeah. Absolutely we actually reference this in in the live show coming up here in Portland, I'm not going to spoil it, but it's a very, very fine idea, It is a fun idea, but it's all, but I wonder, she's got
I have a team, she does people, organizing the I mean, but no one will know I'm looking it up, and the first thing it says says I want to say: cancel it Casey Anthony pure team representation, and as you go through this, the first. One is business. Insider magazine, saying, Casey Anthony doesn't deserve a pr agency, it's like yeah, but she has one. There really are agency. She means they don't care who it is yeah. Does she do you think she has like a working manager who was constantly stressed out trying to get her more interviews, trying to get her tv hits. He's got a new t, job going onto she's pump them up, and so to be honestly to be honest, she's kind of like ready to go for television, she's ready for a show, and I would I'm not saying like I should be watching it or anyone should. But I would I mean: hey man: people have killed all in television shows before I suppose so, math Roderick, what is this not happen with Matthew Broderick? You guys mentioned this in the live, show in Boston. Ninety six
built in a car accident did. He was a vehicular manslaughter, oh my god, which is one of those things where it's got a really cool name, but it's kind of like not the most fun crime, no killer. Manslaughter Matthew Broderick, okay, so here this is from eight thousand seven hundred and nineteen in Peoples magazine, Matthew, broader, could just finished Biloxi Blues Jennifer Grey had a few free weeks before, starting the publicity rounds for her new movie dirty dancing. So the busy couple whose antagonistic brother Sister act and last year's Ferris Bueller's day off was the start of a more harmonious off Greenlee, as I did not know that I did wow decided to take a vacation flew to Ireland and rented a Bmw, three hundred and sixteen planning to drive around n an island on uh. In Northern Ireland and August fifth, they set up from Irvington to Mcguires breach the jaunt ended tragically eighty miles west of Belfast in a car accident that left two dead, Roderick. Twenty five was driving when it's three hundred o'clock in the afternoon, he in gray
Twenty seven pulled into a new gas station just outside Enniskillen, to ask directions on after policeman told Eric's route was just stupid and offered to lead them. Right right, but the actor on vacation from sage directions declined in his own way. He wasn't going fast says the placement less than forty mph and yeah, and then he killed a bunch of people and a head on collision yeah. I feel, like a lot of people were trying to cover up the fact that they think that they were a little bit irish afternoon. So maybe we can't malign as many many years ago. Hopefully, after all, the families are ok, is more line that never dealine, my God, that's, absolutely crazy. I did not not realize that I also didn't realize he was dating Jennifer Grey, Yeah, that's a thought to right man. You know Also I I like her less after the nose job. Well, I don't know You don't to change yourself. Look no further than the the teeth of Buscemi. He is you, don't you don't got it
you don't have to, but it seems to have I like a woman with a strong facial features anyway. I like that I, like that. Look it's a it's like a roman nose. Well, then, you have got to become a producer Henry and start casting your own work. I would, I know it well, what else do you want to get you? We also have what we also have ppd right. We do that so they were apparently he is currently on his deathbed and he came out and spoke with the sun and Ok, which kind of takes a bunch, credibility away from it, but he said again, I know, who shot Tupac. I was in the car when it happened and he essentially passes the buck to his nephew Orlando, so it's kind of it's like a game of hot potato, but yeah, but we take all tupac. Well, apparently, that's all we talked. We talked about a little bit which the documentary, murder, rap and the book murder rap covers pretty well and also the Doc Biggie and Tupac, not the Nick Broomfield One,
it was. It was another one that basically says that they're in the car, the writing up against Tupac. They got. The one piece of artillery the other dude brought because they always kind of have one, have to have one secret gun an Orlando was on the left side of the car, as he pulled up to the left part where to park was like in the driver side, not the and the what's at the guy there, but what's in the passenger seat right in the road right next to the driver and the under the back to Orlando when he said I'll, do it and then he popped up. Well, evidently, this was under a it- was a taped confession. I guess he had immunity. 'cause he was already in prison. Is that right yeah? I don't I'm not a lawyer you're, not a lawyer. If he had immunity is this is a taped confession? This is what keeping he claimed he said I gave it to to buy our gave it to drag. Injury was like No, no, no and lane was like hey now. Hey now know know, know Frankenstein and and Dracula, and you started singing that song. He said pop to do. That's claimed key,
and then he just said he leaned over and rolled down the window and pop them Andrew you denied, murdering the rapper, was killed himself as we talked about in a shootout at a garage la so. I guess we found out who I mean? What is it done? is it actually solved. Now I guess Well, I don't know, I don't think so, because they would really have to take all put all the debugging dot Weather Crawford TEETH, dot the eyes right. The problem is, is that the everybody All of the around the case is that right or about to be dead d v D, the last one standing other than I guess should night Hooper. We have some answers, but he ain't gotta talk the Bush beans, dog of rappers, that asap hurry very appropriate. I mean I would see the beans dog of producers. Yes, that's correct of rappers use in completely silent because they quickly the Bush beans. Dogwood did speak right.
Well, yes, he was sort of tell he was joking. Oh he'll never talk but he's like. Oh I'm walking talking and stuff all the time student loan eleven. Well, what's what was that Bush beans, doc um? I I have a question: ok, ok, softer quite for we get to another story when Garfield is talking, yeah can John I think, is telepathic. It's it's telepath that the telephone would be to kill, happens, a lot. The pay television I think to be between Garfield and chill, I don't even think we're allowed to hear Garfield nobody. You know in the world of Garp, yeah in the world of comic strips when you're not talking to each other, when it's just Garfield talking to an imagined through the fourth wall? I'm does that not technically make like Garfield schizophrenic yeah like in a way where, like you're, sitting there and Garfield's performing for character and with you step into the world of Garfield than John it just them in an apartment.
Every once in awhile, I guess they're supposed to be illustrating how a dog or a cat will like stare into space right. So supposed to assume from now on when our pets they do that there communicating something funny or but I'm using, I used the term amusing sure or about our little situation or completely threatening to other animals such as what happened with normal did. Ever see, Garfield minus Garfield John is the most depressed comic book Strip character in the history of comic books yes and Garfield makes him that way. I think that a dares The I'm. I'm imagine that this is by hack at this point. But my point of view is that John's a very dangerous person good at if you, especially in the Garfield minus Garfield, a comic strips. If you look at, on she's a man about to pop he's, about to begin light up the office, especially his fascination with the veterinarian. Right. That's got to be
free scary right, you know we were talking about. At the bar in Boston. I think it was in Boston, but how crazy it would be if we had this. Knowledge that we have now- and we got to go back to like ninety- eighty five, we would literally be professor x. We oh yeah- same ability to feel like- I know where. If you live, I know we're all of you. I know what all of your faces. Look like, and we This be seen as x, men if we just twitter to eighty five. If we could just find out how the time machine. That's the problem might be that's a problem. That's a big leap here, but I'll tell you what the facts are very good: segue, okay to story on all right, but I think part also saying. I think that we should wait a couple years and put a couple of money Mech warrior uniforms and then go back in the past and really scared the out of Benjamin Franklin and your ears, a hearing screening and we let him up with a flame, thrower bunch of turkeys, all around better frankly, Philadelphia's king okay,
this paranormal researcher claims he discovered a time warp outside LAS Vegas. Now this is one of the one of my favorite type of high strangeness stories. That, I think, is it's fun and it is just just distracting enough from reality, that it allows me to stop screaming anteriorly. Definitely screaming at exteriorly. I'm very sorry, I don't mean to yell at the listener. That's note, That's what we have to do, we're speaking with them, not yelling normal invest claims. He found the first time warp right outside LAS Vegas. This is from Newsweek, credible, all Joshua Warren, a paranormal researcher who appeared on travel, Channel's, paranormal paparazzi, said he watched time slow down. Twenty microseconds near the interstate outside the city he's measured how time moves across Nevada, including area fifty one, but he hadn't on any evidence. Until now
or maybe your space time warp on, the edges of the city, but there is just been so many man made tech nearby. It's taking awhile to realize, what's naturally happening in the surrounding hills and mountains, he said statement. Warren told Fox, live in LAS Vegas that it's impossible for time to slow. Almost a black hole, approach, earth or unknown technology quote unquote. Nearly nearby disrupted the laws of physics which I think it's very interesting. This is something natural that gives us a window, a gateway into another world or another level of reality. Or is this the by rob? for some kind of weird technology, be it something secret and man made or something that's extraterrestrial. What he said is he took. He took a sheen call the d meter, which is also referred to as a differential time rate, okay, which I don't. I don not sure what that means. Can you order one online you're going to have to get one if it if you want to start ordering all this stuff online Henry I already bought.
One hundred dollars with the ghost hunting equipment and Natalie won't, let me use it in the house until I have to seal the house spiritually and it takes a month. I have to follow a lunar cycle and do all the things we've been traveling, but you Let me use it until we make sure that there's no there's, no ghost that can jump any sort of Will you sit in the studio and then maybe we can pick one up for a podcast special. I have him as a guest, two hundred dollars on Ebay, two hundred dollars, not bad It's really not bad, but basically what he did was he took this machine, ok and then he just went around with it all across Nevada. King to see if there was different like basically showing that time time supposed to happen to certain rate, but it look like when he went to this one area right outside of LAS Vegas, it it's slow. I'm down for twenty microseconds and I'm I don't even know what that
means like twenty microseconds behind the official atomic time and don't know if it's good or bad, but it is like. Then he wasn't like visiting a brothel in in a moment of ecstasy or something like that were time might like a slow or something that we he was totally sober doing all this, I think so. I I yeah yeah yeah. Paranormal researcher Kissel is that. Does that is that conducive with sobriety? No, you do is I can hold researchers, you have to be sober during the day, but then you must drink to go to sleep. I see what the rule yeah. That's where I'm at that's what I that's. What how I live like I said it's like I'm I guess senator I'm pretty sober during the day for the most part, and then I get I have to do stuff at night just to make sure that something happen in my sleep yeah. I know absolutely that's what we did not get a wink of sleep in Boston, because the drunk levels just weren't quite there
we had to be up at seven o'clock in the morning and it just didn't happen it's very sad when it's when you've realized that about yourself when you're sitting in the hotel 'cause, both like I have to get up hard to do. Another show I can't be as come over, as I was for the Boston show right for the Philly show because it took all day to recoup from the Boston show. Because what happens is we came into town Boston, the night before in Boston and there's kind of a freedom where you're like oh so we're in new in town. We can do whatever we want. Yadda, yadda, yadda, it's nine beers later were yelling about how things are unfair. Oh my god. The next day we will say that bartender he looked at us like we were regulars. He did look at his like those guys. Those are celtics fans right there and they we blame Larry Bird is the best basketball player of all time. That's how drunk we got. We did get Larry Bird,
african sing him for some reason, I don't know why people who can do you know how to like not be able to jump but also play basketball, Larry Bird's number one I'll tell you that I like about him, is that he can touch the hoop standing up and he's got ginger, but her that's what I love about him. Anybody with red butt hairs, a good basketball player for me, but no we went and then so yeah you can't drink. Quite them, you know he's king! No, you can't So when we go to LAS Vegas with ITALY we will have to do we're not going there for your bachelor party, we're going to go to a much well, I don't know much more fun, but much more haunted place. The fact we're going to be in New Orleans that don't haunt us down, I'm not going to tell you the dates, but we should get this device before we go to New Orleans. So when they go on our little expeditions, which speaking make sure I have it. Okay, great yeah, maybe I'll pick one up for you as well as a gift because sobriety will not be in the picture, but we could find a bunch of cops. I mean I that's what I want to be awesome
That's obviously, what I want. That's what I've always wanted. Alright! Well, ok, a potential time warp portal right there outside of LAS Vegas. I guess if you want to, if you got one of those machines, go check, it out confirm with us that the It is indeed slowing. I like to see web browser with the repercussions of that, it's mostly just high strangeness. This is mostly just the idea of any rules can be broken. What do you think is really important? I think it's when we set would like now when the moment in black right now, which is incredibly strange. All of the material in it is. It is very likely it's in it's hard to put your finger on about whether or not it's closer to aliens and stuff like that. If that's you can happened with just a guy reading a meter any saying like Walt everyone. This is time supposed to be constant all time, except for this one spot where it's twenty microseconds behind then you're just like well, I guess that a lot of chicken be wiggity. Alot of things can indeed well speaking of Strange things. Not strange a strangeness, but this is kind of a
story. Last weeks episode, we had a lot of food talk as well. I think that was the episode where we spoke about the fella who had his friends eat his own foot, which was kind. Strange oh yeah yeah with with cannibalism. This story, comes out of- I believe, Germany, a Where is he was probed, but not an alien sense in twenty? one death after he after he's caught poisoning Collie lunch is a german man was caught on camera poisoning his co workers, lunches and police are investigating whether he's responsible for twenty one deaths over the past. Eighteen. Sears at this metal fittings company. The fifty- world suspect was arrested in May after a colleague at the Arii, amatory and arm are material company korean company in north Germany noticed a suspicious white powder on his food? someone is dying in the lunch room, but this guy
still so long to find it because you just sit there eating lunch is enjoying his life, which I think is great. I mean I. I feel that there is it's one of those where this is crime. That obviously is terrible yeah. Of course, twenty one people have died. You don't mess with peoples. Food man come on no, but I think also everyone can sort of understand it every. I mean honestly, I worked in an office for one year and I get the anger in the rage that builds up in a person. 'cause you're manager who you know doesn't do anything. Water works his the medium heat everyday to yell at you everyday to take advantage of you everyday beat you down, and this man I guess had enough, so this dude
Can we touch 'cause office cultures poisonous it's here? It's also the it's all the stuff for their like snitching on each other, and so it goes be like Anqing Henry's painting a big too much time browsing online. It's been like why you looking at me like why you looking at look at my shape itself. Yeah, you should give him and tell him to look at the input that right on their little. Super Koala. Every time you want to judge me, look at yourself, going I also want to put it down to on almost level of this is a bit extreme but I'm going to a domestic personal terrorism. Just is the idea of the Openoffice format. Oh you know nothing. Of course not. You, like the cubicles, really have some privacy do you have a good stroke it a little bit? Oh my god. It's still about trying to know. I don't want to the cubicle is so sad you're in there you're like
well gerbil and there just like hit the keys gerbil hit the keys faster. No, what is worse I worked in open, I offered the one that I worked in was open. It was four of us there I mean: I guess not even an open concept. I'm talking those place, where you go and it's all thirty people sitting in one big table. I see everybody gets to see what everybody's doing yet waiting for fucking separate you boss, coming around looking over shoulders, be like. Oh, that's, a funny meme. You know it's so funny. Meme I heard about it's called getting back to work. Well this dude, who was who founded this white powder by the way very obvious way to poison someone in this article, they said he's a quick thinking. Man, he'll he'll, learn that this to his superiors, which I hate I hate saying words. I have a boss or superior. I don't know why I just like tried to call the my friend or whatever have
when you refer to us to other people like. Do you say the you don't say bosses no, of course not say guys. I work for ok, that's good for me. No, I don't it's not just respect. No! No! You should never claim to have a blessed. Don't give him the power. That's all they want to hear it's the it's. The unorthodox, nature of my job? That is why I call you the those guys that I work for now. I like siestas bosses when again, where about to do another episode of men in black. I understand The term might be difficult to group, although technically we are. But that is ok, because we don't want you to say that, though, because you have you have your own agency, so this power was identified as lead a state, a state, ACE take acetate a state it's at. Whatever it is, it's killing of twenty one people. Now it's uh
really talks. It's will toxic, we don't know yet we don't know if it's killed twenty one people. We know that twenty one people in the office have died of mysterious circumstances, uh, huh! Ok, why you have not yet sat full words according to company manager, Thilo Blessinger into and we thought this is a quote from Thilo Blessinger. He said in the big We thought it was a misconceived prank between co workers and a murder attempt. That's why I don't break. Even poisoning it all by coworkers co workers. Now that is humorous, honest it's german. That's I figured german prank is definitely one that brings you very, very close to death. Oh, my God, now expanded their investigation to include the death of twenty one employees who had died since the two thousand, so this dude has been doing this for a minute and it's probably the only thing,
makes him happy or the only reason he can book not as weird german boots and go to work about how much more fun work would be if every day was, if every day was a opportunity to poison them I guess that's all once but you'll you weren't doing anything else with your job. You literally was every day like you were pulled the lever, the only thing that kept a smile on your face with what all it check it because you got a new Thatcher, poise yeah. You get all ready to go for everybody and you're going to dump it on me, like you, walk up to Eagle Gwendolyn sitting there being like love your Gwendoline Love, how many seals you got on it and she's. Just like dank acting me. You didn't, say: you're, a Percher game and you're like yeah, I'm going to when I know I'll see you at lunch seems like you've really gone deep into the psyche of this man who murdered potentially twenty one people I just understand it office, culture, this culture drove,
did near in standard. No, I understand I'm the last live show at the. It was in Boston, maybe Philly. We were talking about introverts and how horrifying they are, because I'm scared of them yet they're not quiet there, but they're plotting they're, always thinking much like Garfield. They are dangerous. Dangerous creatures are the interest. This is according to Bludgeoner again this students manager. He said about this day He was conspicuously inconspicuous. What does that mean conspicuously in 'cause? I don't know. Is it so he's like dressing like a ninja like you act like, but not a potted plant on and he's like trying to act like he had camouflage conspicuously only. I don't know they didn't like this guy exactly what this means, yeah yeah, that's true, but interesting way to describe someone. It means that it's like they all didn't like him right. It gave him a hard time, but he just sit up at his job that they couldn't fire him.
I name, my name while the whole time, while he was flying under the radar, he was to kill and I'm one by one, each night laughing himself to sleep by God. Well I would like to make a movie make a movie out of this guy. It would sort of be like the machinist, but if you all the coworkers. Yes, slowly and then one by one and just them, and you call the movie the man who brought powder to lunch. Oh, I not the boy powder no and not the not the drug powder which, by the way, not the drug cocaine, which is, of course, a powder, be very careful with all these heroines and these cool turns out there. Ladies and gentlemen, there cut with fentanyl you've got to be very, very careful of drug testing, I'm talk about that like that LAS in a really hard time horrible, without with fentanyl in the cocaine? Not that I would know, because I don't do cocaine all Well, let's see here, do you want to do this? One just really quick: worry about how technology this
visual recognition technology is just being able to like have people. It's lip syncing videos, and so then the people, you see the people and it sounds like they were saying something different than they're, actually saying it's very difficult to tell the truth, remember What I will say is: do you remember when on. Go first came out. Yes, is it right before, because it was right before I believe it was right before the election. It was the summer before the for two thousand and sixteen, and so people were really paranoid about Pokemon, go being a dry run. Technology, for the secret are meant to sort of like figure out how to track us and use what it would be eventually be called the technology or, like anything that puts it like a knife- there is something we're getting close to it.
There is a way for, like these kind of face, changing apps and all these kind of stuff to basically provide a bunch of like hard data for the. A government to purchase from and then use for their own yeah dude, it's horrifying it's or a fine, and it's all it's all happening now. We are in the future that that bass, every Sci Fi Direct are predicted in the 80s and the 90s, and I'm like they can make you say: they make. You say anything and it's not working like the idea idea. That Trump is a is, is a warrior for truth and that the intelligence communities are fighting against him. Is this dumbest shit in the face of the planet. It goes back to know Trump is such a great distraction and allows all of this to just go and go and go, and I would I would not hesitate to believe for a fucking second that, like they would use Trump's incredible way of.
Figuring out a completely blur the line, it's all or act and and the idea any cut, creating the concept of fake news, giving it their best slogan, because the one good thing at that pc should is good at is giving a slogan, and so given the slogan and then Paul permeated everything and now we're fucked because we're going to be in a whole new world of we're not going to know. What's up or down it's going to be totally confusing. I'm going talk about more of talk this about this depth more on top at two, because there's a bunch of great quotes from a bunch of senators and stuff like that about how it can be used as a weapon and all of those things it's it's a scary time. Remember that with Pokemon GO, though, where they just kept on, the bodies People like looking for like Gorbachev, set a timer for pokmon I don't know what happened or whatever the hell be. Fuckin' bulk pokmon were called everyone kept on finding corpses. That's really the game within the game will a part of what it was
post to be. Was that It's just. I can't believe how much now you think about it to be like how much it that whole thing got. Was it got people out of people's homes? yeah, I got them out of their homes that got them exercising their reason why they were Bodies is because we've become which are listless society. That bodies could left around I get warm, was walking around doing anything right. Yeah he's just exercising how many bodies have been found. If we weren't also obese and lazy, that's really what we found out with pokmon go. I guess a lot, my god that reminds me of Westworld show which now I'm halfway through season one and it's pretty good so far. It's a bit of an older show, I'm I'm bit behind, but I think it's pretty. You are yes, you are, but I show that five years ago they came out in twenty sixteen, ok! Well, that part is good. I really do like it quite a bit
and the season is second season is very confusing and I have to keep going back and rewatching it because we keep being out of town- and I don't have time to go back and watch it again, laugh out catch back up. Is it like twin peaks season, two confusing? No right 'cause. That is that, but you don't understand. That's the other thing too about season two, the revamp of twin peaks. Is that it's not post to be linear? No, I know the just leave you mysteries? That is supposed to be you're supposed to enjoy the gray spaces yeah? No, it's not an excuse for open ended. Writing it's no! It's not! He was already think lazy, butt artist, art. I must to work. You are correct though, but I think about it, but the thing is you have to make it good. It's total fucking nonsense, it has to be compelling nonsense to me. That's what David Lynch does well, where it's like half the time. I'm like yes, very confusing David.
Thank you for also making it look. Good one could argue that's what last podcast on the left is as well just make it compelling make it compare. No matter what you're talking about always gotta put gotta leave him with a smile So that's what I say. You know how I said at the beginning of each recording, but we did, I say, leave him with a smile yeah, that's what you say of all right, everyone. I think. That's. Basically the stories of this week, email us at the last podcast Networkgmail dot com send to some stores. If you'd like to also I have I'm dipping my toe back into Twitter, so you can I mean their email me some stories, I'm not going to do. The deep dive like I was doing as I found myself, thumbing through again today, just absorbing nothing it's all nonsense and all is: is pure radio module right not to get it in there? Will you also follow me at HUN Day Twitter at Henry loves you you can.
Although me on Instagram at doctor, found time on Thai Stick, but I need to file last, but guess what l p on the left all of the worship. Thank you again for listening. Yes, thank you. So much Instagram Bend gives a one for me and we will be in Portland, or this weekend cannot wait to see you will be there on Friday. I think we're going to hang out on Saturday as well. I don't know if that will be like a fan thing or whatever I mean. I don't know. You'll see me at a bar around five hundred pm. Most. Play so I'll tweet that out. If I I'm feeling social, but I usually am so he's always social you like getting out there. You are mix in it. I do I'm going to be looking for something for I need meets man yeah. It's such a great time with with with I'm a Jim and Eric watching money in the bank. I think I've already mentioned that I love to meet the love to meet the listeners and the fans
just wandered into a family's home on Father's day there, the one taking the risk, I'm six foot, seven, I'm like I'm saying. If they even tried to kill me, I think we talked about how long the father of the fatherless families alright hail. Satan. Everyone live, laugh and learn there. It is hail yourselves Lord and leave 'em wow.
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