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Side Stories: Russia's Werewolf Killer

2018-12-12 | 🔗

Ben and Henry get you caught up on this week's latest true crime news: The Angarsk Maniac, a basketball card featuring the Menendez brothers, and more.

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pay their bank is www for last by gas network i want to tell you but my show abe lincoln stop at from were the nine years markets and i have strived to present you with the most accurate and honest political podcast out there in these turbulent times its orange pension to unite the country with impassioned debate that reaches out to the rational americans hoof their voices more muffled every day every week i use my political science background play experience running for office along with my lifelong passion to stand up for the downtrodden the wrongfully accused in invisible man and woman to bring you news like you haven't heard before let's face it traditional news has failed us we promised to always tell you the truth the best we see it and i personally guaranteed not be swayed by hyper partisanship but be guided by backs to listen search able and stop at on any part guess platform or go to last podcast never dot com
and find it under shows pale yourselves everyone was able to misuse the lost on the left side stories animalism started george i finally to watch the documentary that came out this year with george nap and german car bellicose hunt for the skin walker nobody's gonna walk a ranch have you read anything into skin walker ranch no i haven't heard that i mean i know it's creepy stuff that's what you ve creepy stuff obviously you i've read into it in i read for the skin walker when i first came out but now watching the door it's nice to see what it can walk arrange actually looks like and it's pretty fuckin creepy i only know that bigelow robber bigelow the u s own budget an error like the guy basically with an aerospace millionaire you dumped a bunch of money into you if all research actually are patron saint the patron saint of rich
aids is the appeal so he could pay we could do six ways on us on us with em we gotta get we gotta get to him and i think a good way to do it kizil honestly is it if you dressed up as a sexy woman whew and arrive on the doorstep of robert bigelow mirror you do in big boy the need is six fully x ray like yours tall sack old woman other senior ah i wanna see do thou wong your policy growth you'll be very impressed this aside stores everyone i abed gets all began henrietta brow ski over there near it much nice or whether in in los angeles but we're not talking about the weather today we have a lot of other things to get too including i don't wanna talk about the weather but i will say it was really cold yesterday i did have to put on a hoodie to have to go i mean because when he has to get walker who in her job
get your legitimately will not exit the house means not sixty five degrees or hotter is an immature your struggle israel it is all right we got a bunch of news to get to today my good man or we could just sit around and talk about the changes our bodies happening ass we get older rigour just do that we could well let's call it old man do bower it's it's gettin harder to lose weight is what i am finding what if i were unanimously adopted dollars what do you know of any able to just lose weight it would also go your body and now is it stays on your body what the heck is going out you are addicted to upper and john locke gotten seven up now you drank come on i am a soda guy right yoda guided mixer yeah i love you i love the soldiers anyway you got to say
reagan seltzer know what i'm doing what you get you let me bubbles you get the cut me you don't listen to me why and i talk advise and i went i advise never respond never change your you're only advises more bubbles your legs but more bubbles that more bottles i'm you saying can sort of convince yourself that water is beer if there's bubbles and well that's very true of ok let's start off with this story it goes we're going all the way to russia georgia has stood there story is crazy bad there is something about russians no killers we'll have to cover this dude or another wanted the in the future they are only our special especially more n patient comes out about this more recent guy we have a russian serial killer policemen he's found guilty of fifty six more murder more take his count up to i believe it is seventy eight years
in two thousand and fifty and he was convicted of kill in twenty two women he has now confessed to fear he sexy as henry said he was us burying top he raped and killed women you're offering them late night rides he was found guilty of dozens more murders this week so he his name is his name is mikhail pop coffees also known as the very brief and zeal risk monarch now i russian media now he got a pretty cool i gotta say as far as markers goes force nicknames go for serial killers the werewolf that's it's not a worse nickname i've ever heard i'll put it this way it seems to me the more brutal your crimes are the cool your nickname which is unfortunate for society right because then you're shootin for the nickname you mean you want to be all the grim reaper you want to have a good i can't just be like i don't know like the the dough boy
of wilmington and then all your job is that you just kill people would go like you rather have go at night editor hollywood lying in the united states are uk that wouldn't know the bully terrible shit to be called the wolf may there will be a terrible shit typical where will absolutely until his job was you was a cop and used to drive around with his cop car also because he became i believe he stopped you were tired and i want to say one thousand nine hundred and ninety eight whatever it is if a cop is off duty they're just a citizen so just don't even bother you don't get in their car don't do anything just treat a cop like you would anybody else and say i'm fine
officer or walk but its very difficult because he had the car i could you could see why you can see why people trust them in a part of what he would do you target women alone at night specifically either sex workers or anyone who looked like they were drunk because in his terms his job was to cleanse people who lived a do botched lifestyle okay so now what is this called what is that trope called with general sailors who think they're doing it for the greater good a missionary kill a missionary zeal which unfortunately is the most boring sex style but it's one of the more interesting serial killer yeah depended on who you're with it can also be a very romantic position i guess usually see what's happening absolutely here is also known as the anger ask maniac because he and off duty officer around his city of on it's near irks crew it occurred to her
it's about twenty six hundred miles east of moscow so we got a werewolf and the armed guards maniac so how does he do it what currency does actually named after the man who founded the town is that they actually roll them into we're balance or horse is the sound you make when you're drunk and trying to get yourself out of a wheelbarrow i think i've heard it also increase terribly important risk placement as well ok forms of if you're trying to block your way in and out of russia because its yes we're cuts in i believe in risk is the good whereas the land bridge over to alaska you wanna attack north america would really the thing that have in rest that's very kind of you want to build up your forces it's like building up her forces in southeast asia holding sort of like australia rain you build your forces bill diverse in australia then you move your infantry up through asia you know what henry i'd love to play the game of risk with you oh yeah i love the game i mean falcon sarcastic now
peter i like risk risk is gonna use to play it on my pc when i was growing up yeah but how guard the hour you do those piece of europe may find a major get stuck in your dimples than it is we do it it's do how did pop governors maniac what do they use gale these people were not not pleasant weaponry to say the least that can be well monotonously like what do you like you when you think about work with children ok i can think about is this do you to hammer and acts and then he would dump the bodies in the words of the side of the road and he also dumped bodies in the cemetery but the thing is you still gonna take the body the cemetery and then you gonna bring up to the cemetery he's not making anyone's lives easier you're making undertakers but when you just drop press corpses into the cemetery cause they loved a work it technically is a job greater many the he is he with low them into the car they would you would love them so the conversation that need
their hit them with a hammer immediately start stabbing them and unworthy did knows it eventually when you were wriggling searching for pop gulf war they found what they found was that it was somebody was very good at cleaning off a body so these rights for a while that it was an police officer you knew how people do knew how to people investing crimes so what he did was essentially a do it in a way really random and drop it off as a drop them off into far from where they were murder would rise out of the car and then you're also controlling the cry seeing right because your car is the crime scene so as long as they don't get to the car which eventually they did eventually there because they found him doing random dna tests vs they found him well we're doing random dna tests figure they found the day they basically went through everybody the drove them make of car that match tracks for found into crime scene okay so now fifty four years old he appeared in court again we said earlier this past week and he is
going to go to a supermax prison the supermax prison is nicknamed the black dolphin now which i don't know why it's called the black dolphin but it sounds horrified look into the black dolphin at all no but he is also accused of again as you mentioned earlier raping at least eleven women and we know what dolphins do so perhaps if lord have something to do with the horrors that occur the ideas and walls have you not seen this it was actually a believer was an arm i was in lock down at some point it is one of the most brutal presence on the world it's called black dolphin because there was the u n a heavy prisoner constructed sculpture of a black doll in front of it well it s a nice to give them something to do by their houses according to wikipedia the prison houses extra proximately seven hundred of the most serious criminals in russia now would they do man is this bucket rough in may
sir kept isolated in housed in cells that have a set of three steel doors for ninety minutes a day they are transported to a large cage for exercise during this time sells a search for contraband prisoners at black dolphin are then kept under twenty four hour supervision they are not permitted to rest or sit on their bunks from the time the er awoke until all this time to sleep again a span of sixteen hours every fifteen minutes a guard makes rounds to ensure inmates are complying with the rules the prisoner are fed soup or time today so that's good for you you'll love soup i love a good soup especially in a cold russian winter sure by feel i guess not good soup it's not me no hail and hardy i'm unanimously at this point it does sound better than the american supermax in america supermax you don't get soup you get that loaf you get the prism of which has all the food combined into wunderschoen lobbying
that's how it comes out that's how comes out in order to speak with the imf the any guard you have referred to them and the the words yes sir but in russian indirectly translates to it is so each citizen chief but which is an important element of sorts saying to people but the big thing was that these blindfolds when they bring the prison and so they can't even map out the president of the rhine spurring them between cells they blindfold them and then they they call them back and forth in a stress position right where they handcuff the backs ma they handcuff their hands behind their backs and then lift up their hands above their hips so they were forced to been forward so it's we difficult for them to escape it is not a comfortable situation to say the least prosecutors they described popcorn as having quote a pathological attraction to killing people that's not good if only was a pathological attacks
action to baked goods i know he would then re would crush you rush cooking channel we navy nay need a russian he could be the martha stewart of russia but instead is just another russian serial killer other pro computers also say he is quota homicidal he has harmless in romania with sadistic elements but here is ruled saying enough to stand trial i mean i would assume that he is in our view was he was a working cop fairly six years while these murders were happening but they all do a thing we ve been russia man fuck in court system that's a very entertaining as they keep him in a big k oh yeah and so they just go like gotta just go like i would love to do it just be in there for we'd charges and it just mean only man like run around the cage situated begun if i'm like a mile the renewed live organs britain it how do you do in abundance they might just shoot the on the spot they're allowed do you think i'm gonna make it in time
dolphin management of what i have to throw our pants because they don't find them comfortable sure i mean like i asked i'm wearing i'm sort you know all hath leisure oh that's you're going to do that because you never use its technically high class i can have elastic on an ally become considerate chill i know what the wealthy people have been trying to pass off as high class now for some time they just want to swear pants like every person in the mid west but what are you doing their superior given no i'd love i liked amid whether look yeah i mean we're gonna know all of my parents are stretch pants the final stretch dolefully gear really nice the agreed as the adidas pants those track pants a really nice all right we'll investigators say they uncover the remains of some victims the bodies of course that part of the pop carve killed and as well as finding murder weapons including axes screwdrivers and knives so the guy i mean it's pretty disgusted that's how they connect them of the fifty six
crimes is thereby they realize they went through in they were fighting corroborating evidence to the things he was saying they were there he was directly two bodies so he went widening our bodies they found weapons there was one that he didn't find you also killed one police officer randomly was the last person than he killed they drunk police officer than i it's just not a pure jealousy or gamesmanship will not released i gotta say if you're in russia and if one of your like pet peeves is drunkenness that's not the place to be it is just under ireland i mean yeah that you do not want to in russia if you hate alcoholics you wanted being in america and hating people with big dreams sets ripe have never had a problem with your tea that you ve always wanted to get fix does it haunt you in the night before you look like a jack o lantern today sponsors are an option that can help you won't need to go to the hassle or long term treatment of wire braces or the public stigma
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the tories murders in russia and the ex soviet union those murderers include alexander pushkin a k the chess board killer dollar well great that ray story cool that maybe we can cover that when he killed forty eight mostly older women meet them in a park in moscow which is probably the satisfies in the world he aimed to kill one person for each of these sixty four squares on a chess board which is why it is the transport killer demanded well i mean honestly you did you turning into material at the setting up correct easy and then of course andrade chick adela who we covered you can go illicit or old episodes on could tallow he was convicted of killing fifty two so this dude we had another i guess i don't want to see best what's another word travis that speaking too much to take as head of her sick uninstall mode but it has heavy hitter
yeah i guess you didn't you ever yet are over this you know what else because a lot of people are saying that we were going to getting serial killers in this digital age because it was difficult to catch them because we were so ever present social meeting right we got samuel little they may possibly top the charts of em consumer colors in terms of numbers and i got a new russian guy we may be heading into a nude i'd like i dont want to say golden era because very frightening but seems like we're in a place where we're getting a lot any serial killers coming out of the woodwork and that's pretty that's allowing last podcast continue deep into the twenty twenties i in a sense it is the golden era of finding out how many people these folks of killed and you know that already arrested so it's it's not it's as bad as i dont think that you can be a new i dont think you could pull off seventy nine murders today i still don't think you could do we just did
no he didn't just do it he did it in ninety thousand two into but from ninety nine april native any two to two thousand twelve year but in russia two thousand twelve if that american two thousand twelve they got like i mean i don't want to line in disparage the russian people but their ideology isn't exactly i've seen a lot of dash camp put it but the directive which is actually pretty clear it's pretty good but that's kind of where the rather at dashed yet if you ve seen the movie it's called the road movie it's a russian dash care movie and it's all about just russians trend auto style killing people on the streets or some like that that's how you can kill seventy six people in regard to all saw well this do so park off i mean that's bad it's very bad algarve rather than is apparently he's of boasting to sell maids and he's gone bragging that he is king more people than she could tell us so this guy i guess you wanted to come clean about them
there is obviously the dna evidence out but he's he's proud of himself i suppose very interesting because we have another social media very cognisant murder that happen russia which with the i cannot even pronounce it if i wanted to do no scope proof this brush maniacs nail jubilee was also known as was it three it's one hammer i'm lookin this up your three kids one hammer was regularly after they named after a sort of a horrible parity of two girls one cup of montana too is falling film themselves murdering people with a hammer and then they were gonna try to sell the videos on the black market cheese they do great great oh my god did great no they didn't do great they were fucking turned in an hour let's let's stay with me the world i tell you what do i keep trying to keep trying to help you but giving you'll tributes who told you i told you things mg
tell you things you everywhere and i hope i can pull out it is common to the athletes your lifestyle it's hell basketball players dress i know but i'm not a basketball player they also work out all the time and they sweat dolphins shack was fat well shack gotta fat i look at you i love that charles barclay do my favorite of all well let's stay in the world of the internet but let's come back to america specifically i'll legalised it and they realize it they are making a lot of money be careful in colorado though folks i had a i had one of those ranks it was like an orange drink each out was a hundred milligrams you got who read the lady important i don't know why they even put why would they put twelve hundred milligrams of we'd in something you opposed to drink twelve hours is there a lot put it we all support job this is back this is before you're talking to limit is more ancient we technology now it is a way more spaced out and allay it so fuckin pussy
really make it so difficult to get the stuff that'll blind you honestly you up there really mash you're bunch of stuff together two fuckin ruin your life well you are you able to please don't you is like mad will just be if it'll be as easy as you are you are you why are you must by you refuse to give up your driver's license in all around los angeles just screaming so agonies drive until they honk so in right in colorado cholera a man who talk please he shot a teenager this is the story that we're getting do here in colorado colorado man who told blasi shot a teenager in their head and this is where the story becomes a little strange after she hired him to kill her view craigslist add he pleaded guilty the second degree murder and this but last week monday as part of a plea agreement with the prosecutors to do it was joseph lopez who had been charged with a first
murder now again the pleadings says a second degree murder to avoid it possible life sentence of killing nineteen year old natalie ball you're so this and i will tell you crazy he does look like a man who cross the lines read it over to craigslist that would answer the add to kill it woman unfazed he has got the with speakest rat like vandyke i have ever seen in my life it is on fortunate i'm just looking at the face of reddish atheists year as i'm sitting here is a picture of it is his face so he shot he shot natalie ballinger i guess in their head and then the body was found what an area just north of damper in late december one day after she was reported missing this is according to atoms county district judge roberta ramirez batting for laboratory he scented lopez lopez's a younger due to twenty three years old
going to serve a maximum of forty eight years and pray and so that a maximum of forty eight you're so he'll probably end up getting out and around twenty to twenty five i would assume will you is having a lot of fun browsing the women seeking men section of craigslist which may as well just be called booby trap world i mean honestly because no there is no reason for a woman to go to craigslist z command no i'll leave your house you're not you have a better chance of finding a woman on actually madison by the way that site is full of all men then finding a woman on craigslist no no it's actually a pretty good get honestly if you were a would actually work a sugar daddy's dotcom or if you just have to have cash money well can't you i mean no sugar daddy wants to hire me
no i'm not saying you and i could i solicitor sugar daddy is that what you're no i know we're talking about it you're talkin moreover sponsors call our atta camping that's it sets our sugar that this is a kind of the court records lopez don't please that he responded to a craigslist add titled quote i want to put it myself i know this is its a bizarre to me this is it to us have soared dumber shade of doktor kevorkian there's a little something kevorkian here i guess y all what is it yourself but according to him a technical working what we know is the key to doktor work of organ doctor you want to fuck you gotta doktor dachau into school ferment budget he's going to guess the hippocratic oath is what i heard but i am also them people were begging for it and someday i gotta give away one that will have your michael jackson michael exited nobody one well who knows what michael jackson one so's wanted a dance all we want to do is make his father smile yes and that did not i don't think that happening and by the way the only thing
work is in henry refused refuse to believe in this world jackson he he made michael jackson nick he he called it says so who kindly so bizarre your obsession with the sea castrated joe jackson castrated michael jackson that's that's what happened after house lately bizarre well it happened because that's what the families has happened and you know i want to see the autopsy report i want to see a picture is a no dick are you might i don't think you went for heaven's gate i think he had something going on but his father castrated him so he can keep that ip choice hey there people and reciprocity here for troll ville thee webs here is created by my beautiful wife natalie jean siena gus nobby and myself i does the story of toby maguire sweet young troll it is forced to reckon with the consequences of his internet actions
it is for rent on video slash on demand slash troll bill it is a work of love a work of sweat and hate we have put our bullshit into it we put our own money it's completely independent production like all of the things here last podcast number and i hope you can support it hail sick prosecutor said lopez should have called nine one one or found out for ballinger yeah he's savvy had befallen shirt and lopez texted each other dozens of times before he picked her up then they drove around for an extended period before he he killed her he didn't respond as a human being was according to cheat chief deputy district attorney babe or who also says he responded as a predator when it comes to their craigslist at so i guess i believe so because he clicked on it thinking about i'm not say one look at this is that to be completely frank i think his first idea ah is this girl
so sad maybe she'll sleep with me right i mean they are almost everything words like i'll get her now while she rate while she was the die i could get one in what europe really i mean obviously is debased i will again that's what if anything was maybe something was going wrong you take a look at that and take a look at the autopsy of this dude i dont think he's gonna do well in prison he kind of looks like a jack blackpool character from naturally bray i think he's probably gonna get pummelled on a regular basis in many different ways which of course has never good but biology family is extremely pissed off about the about the pleading they say it's a spit my family space that's according to ted ballinger he says there's no justice in this and they argue that the court did make his family aware of the pending please deal as soon as it should have so people are happy that he's gonna be get now within his lifetime gotta get he's only twenty three servant a maximum of forty eight i know
would they forgetting i mean it's the it's all this horse shit i mean he's away to space i don't think he's gonna do well in jail and i'm going to get out of it i don't think it even matter is life is over as it is said that she wanted to get over it as quick as possible and she wouldn't accept being talk down about it i would what she said interest i would like to hear your bid if this did go to trial i think he does have a defence right she she well she's alive it is obviously i disagree with that wouldn't be the defence and i think it would have been really interesting to hear a lawyer go in there and talk about it that would be me as the prosecutor go like shut up i feel that you are i mean i know now i feel like you have a lot of options here like you don't do it like a big is like do you hear san sometimes defence attorneys get it get hit a lucky he hit a lucky streak you now in their able to convince a jury that well this was nothing but more than us assisted suicide and perhaps
de jure who doesn't think anything wrong with that i think it would have been interesting to see the trial that's all i mean sure i mean i've always liked it the dirty details what we do fucking show a part of it when you see i am do it it's just that you look at it like you could just don't ask somebody to kill him if it's gonna if your ass somebody achillea i'd say like shoe for the top try to get it to be gallery distresses jabberwock oh that would be awesome babby pretty soon be nigh actually does get him to kill you naturally easy you sharpen killers duck oh my god don't even say it don't you say it i don't want to i don't want it to be like this right well let's move on what story you want to do next henry there's a phone a story that i've been so i've been sent many many times but i like to go and took us it's kind of funny or with the momentous brothers appearing in the background of film or next point guard merk jackson's hoop scarred yes
if you see this picture it is absolutely fantastic and they did the act of the day they are there on it works for the timeline rise menendez them poland is family murderer happened on august twenty eight ninety eight nine the brothers were apprehended in march of nineteen ninety writes about there's a gap there and it seems that the picture must have taken been taken at amis g in nineteen eighty nine to ninety ninety because this was a come out for ninety ninety ninety ninety one oh my god it checks out because they spend a lot of their parents money in a part of what they spent and on was courts i'd seats for the next that is it such a fund first of all great era for the next they were the company i was really for you to put your input it honours does the inside now happy you would be the next get above the menendez brothers like bigger courts i'd say it's really they got court side seats of those are areas
they inherited fourteen point five million dollar fourteen point five million for killing their parents through inheritance so of course the first thing you do you don't do this anymore no one riches like i'm going to sit courts watching the next because though probably just end up having to play the game to try to get a point sky for that day man again about that i'm a phantom absorb harper immunology sound like a parent james don't we know the worst he's the worst owner in sports and quite frankly i wish here his children work we're like to know i'm not going to say you are looking for his damp and say a secret the most brutal member last august the life and emergency aid for the death of a basket of workers i agree with you but the mundane does brothers if you take a look at the card they'd only look interested i wonder if their thinking about the fact that they murdered both of their parents like how often do you think they have that had to be there
right at any time dead like look at each other but we killed her parents be like in march acts and just at another great a system like that how do you know i think that day they might have thought about it yeah sure i feel like they are we're pretty happy with the fact that a guy court side gets idea he actually refer me looking at it is that if they look at their having a good time i guess by melendez brothers standards they don't seem to be smiley nor anything well yeah mean they are they got bad faces but they seem to be kind of their there he's gotta nix had armies libya less are they seem to be enjoying it i don't they we just want to be unseen figure fancy new cars you know what really so the story is that might be hoofmarked jackson is it actually shifted from it used to be fifteen to twenty on ebay not even you can get it for up to fifteen dollars up up up up up fifty i love everyone growing
do you remember that the treaty at hard phase trend weapons like you never know this gonna be worth thousands one day or even millions same thing with comic books and they're just not did your dad violet the superman verses liver mary he bought three june is this you so you can read one one i got so on they showed safe short safe so nothing happened so because it's gonna pay for college any of us that anyone is seen to be had so many baseball remember how happy i was with my fill sims rookie card that i sure how is this like this is gonna be fancy it might take it i did that with beanie babies by the way you are those my mom beating i have to buy mother law there's a storage unit in kansas filled with beanie babe aid are worthless the being no you that's the only one and there are several of them that are like when
a world farmer makes its turn towards the age of aquarius beanie navies will be the new money it's possible it's possible will at stake in the world of sport we'll know because they came up to the other others stories i looked it up one linked to it is that other stories of people with their bare sing for sports cards and the one that came up with the care of a man named bill again who always had a photo taken for i frail would see this was a believe in january one thousand nine hundred and eighty nine did he where was this he had a great year that year i guess i may take a picture for his may smoke hard but they didn't realize that underneath a car that the very that i guess it's the knob of the peaceful call the bottom of a given novices knob he had written on it fuck face fuck friends and it got published we're just pretty great europe
it's pretty good they try to agree what did suitors absolute chaos because they found out because the errors card price and in the right rise raising to nearly five hundred dollars which is pretty pretty great but for nearly two years billowy ripken hasn't told all story until finally he revealed with the stick with this story of this bullshit with initiatives brother sir he actually revealed the true story of it we said i got a dozen bats in front of my locker during the night to mediate susan i pull the bats out model lard one six one and notice because a degree in patterns that they were too heavy but it decided to use one of them at the very least for my batting practice bad now i d rights upon the bed at memorial stadium the mat room is not to close to the club so i wanted to write something that i could find immediately of i looked up and it was for four for now to get out there on the field a minute later not relate the refined a grocery cards will the bats marijuana and if i wrote my
for three could be too confusing sola i wrote fuck face on it i love it labelling is you lied about this for years and he said it was a prank against him because he's kind of a jack ass in the glove ass is what again i love baseball players man always remember how horrible joe but chamberlain was when he used to go into a cordon quote guess portended eddies he was never efficiently asked barton now evidently would go back there and definitely was a huge asshole well global wasn't that bad he was nice before he he always he didn't want people to think he was drinking so all he did get long island dies tease which is more exaggerating get occurs in my view those do you reek of liquor yes and eddy used to godaddy he would actually call job we used to call any from the club
clubhouse in the pan before you would go on the field and be like joe have the slightest ready for me and begs journey what's he like others i know i would party with him and deadlines for clock in the morning and they would have a good noon game he had to be hammered play i do he had to be hammered well pledges that just what they did but that's how more players used to be all the time you owe me this was two thousand and what twelve what amorous these you ve been history alive is keeping the heart of the a alive remember that movie for the love of the game of course of course are right let's go on i ended up being in the middle of the i mean i feel like a lot of the country is i didn't realize i really realize how big the story was until i saw the episode of twenty slash twenty about chris watt in the murder of his family and i'll tell you what like we won't cover it in depth because you should listen to go watch it between twenty it's pretty swell yes but a part of orange alarming like man it's scary
the idea of this meeting somebody on facebook because they number one facebook adjusting baron land now what the fuck facebook has now god knows but a part of it is the do you believe you meet somebody and face but you don't know who you're meeting even if you even marry them and have children with them two years later they fucking wiping out just because he starts haven't said so this car worker i don't let it anyway for those that mean we haven't heard about this door this is national this is one that we henry now we're talking for we would have liked are both of us others would have been glued to twenty twenty and daylight and sixty if this is that this is a story that goes across the country chris what's he has been found guilty any receive a life sentence without the possibility of parole he killed is pregnant wives sharon both of his door where's bela and celeste and then they had an unborn son they were going to name nikko no one really knows why the hell he did it according to show its parents he was a good shouldered and he's
they said that he never like yelled or got upset nothin but nice he was freaked out about the new pregnant woman and he started hit not chick at work and they started having a very intense love affair my thing is i'm trying to figure out how he murdered them and i actually haven't seen they did the funds google search hearted chris why its murder his family this is my whole life this is a little give you wanted to see what it's like to just be biomass biogas left it just ass you just save us you just say how how did it happen and then someone tells you horrible shit o keefe try to blame on the wife you trying to say he killed the wife cause she saw her strangling the kids will he added a whole series of lies and of course this dude after they were murdered he'd texted with his girlfriend about their future behind closed doors the officer say he giggled when he told please you had nothing to do their disappearance he did that whole thing where he went in front of the cameras in the end the crocodile tears
you always were always like i'm not mad and then it's like the oscar speeds it gives us a splash is water onto his face i must contain accede to this is for all you people out there when you talk dubai alone in a bar and he dropped the line when he said so that's why we met this woman right if it he said him and his wife are currently set paraded in europe they are on their way to getting divorce and this is how you can tell if this is not true look at the ring finger if the demmed is still there right because now i'm starting to get the dad dad i'm starting to get the married man dan l days right so you still see the debt that ring come off within hours or even days are eight is fake look for the right because i tell you now looking for the right words of wisdom the girlfriends name is nicole
passenger now she's a thirty year old she was a coworker at eta dark go she told the denver post they had just met and she says i barely new and so this duty his classic with guys world in relationships for a long time they justice like other we want to have sex with them and then they're just like we'll be just so easy just like this relationship she's just gonna meanwhile just be like right in like it's like we're already in a three year relationship because they just want to replace their wife with these other person be like who are you like them don't worry good is all about them right it's this guy living some fancy life did he thinks that his marriage is like me he's sick of his marriage even though he is fully in on it he's going on about his wife chanel watts was like a fall on facebook social media twenty four seven their relationship was constantly on display a part of it was you can kind of sea he thinks he's living this fake life
but the woman who essentially broadcasting every moment there david cheese wildly happy she's just happy images when those people that does that because she is a mid thirty's person got obsessed with facebook potential to reach people than she became working for a pr company for that did these vitamin is so she also used it for work and has about her presenting help in a certain way and you are hey maybe even got disillusioned with it and instead of like doing what a normal human does which is speak to your partner right or figure it out and do the work you live this kind of sick gross double life well you're supposed to be pretending you're pretending have some illicit affair would somebody else or our genuine relationship which is all predicated on a lie well i'm not of its true none of their passion israel shed indeed tell her friend that the relationship seem to be a little bit slow going at that this was on august seventeen she texted a body and she's
that he hasn't he has changed i don't know who he is he hasn't touched me all week or kissed me so she was really no lack of intimacy when it suits you gotta kill your fucking families you got your a week of of maybe lacking intimacy or something so it still visit this story is absolutely crazy it's perfect fodder for sensation news outlets brutal big she sent ease and did this in his letter dated july third which is a month before all of this shit when down to his mistress he sent wanted dumb ass cards that are very hallmark ii which is making a year of stuff the love you love to do a brand new dreams to may come true one brings you smiles and laughter feels your heart with la flood that long after an eastern use any messages would know that in their card but in his personal messages is the sun's up you big things will happen this year dreams will come true that smile that stare that laughed giggle gets me every time you
truly amazing inspirational and electric woman that takes my breath away every time i see you your wonderful don't ever stop beer every exclamation point all daddy says it all why you re a little bit thick there is such a dad hit like that is such a dad hitting on someone for the first time it like five years broad tap the brakes just a little bit here another letter well where do i even start first day i saw you you took my breath well my gun say i had the guts to talk to us in those stunning green eyes first day we hung out in the park together i knew i was addictive the first time we kiss i knew i had met the most amazing unique an electric woman oh my era we have a lot of first together nicky unknown keep have them with you all night to the sun
come back i want love one love love you like that this guy is so horny you keep my injured roar and when you when you're pushing the pedal can't resist the feed i can't resist the flow my god me on another level like a letter arrived egg is that every i think many women would be like a we just went out for a lunch date maybe i'll see what i just i mean honestly you just shown these letters to your wife and showed his border brienza isley is itself it just the thing i guy i'll bet it's it's really important as a part of it is that its being while you're in a relationship and this kind of this concept that you can go snigger out there is nothing more pathetic than a men each man trying to sneak around on this i know it is real honestly not that it's a bad thing but with technology the weight is now good luck good look at my frail my goodness
obviously this guy had some grant some grandiose ideas of the love that he was going to have in the future with this thirty year old go her nicky no one is really happy obviously in shannon's family that's an understatement but this is according to sharon's brother frankie this is what he told watts at sea seventeen he says i pray that you never have moments peace or a good night's rest in the cage you will spend every day for your life and he went on to say and what are they thing shannon says she is super excited for justice today which i don't she actually did but it's good for the family is good it is very good but its very i mean it's fucked up story will obviously will gal i'll be following a to do something i was looking into their just like absolute leagues absently fuckin horrifying or i will move on a little bit here let's go to amazon headquarters of course they treat their employees whore we'll jeff basis is really put to be supervillain of the year which i think needs to be the new too
no i don't want to know the person of the year which is evidently the golden stay warriors kind of you're with me that's thirteen people including but at other team pay us a lot of people for one parent a lotta people and i would also include the administration that includes the generals at the station age or other either stadium in a lot of stuff going on there if you just name of ask multi absolutely let me just say you'd like might my person or the year who the cable or else because the problem is that you do not have really how many there are no you don't you representatives right is three representatives you got stinky you got grab it and you got smiley varieties that the names of instinct is one of the key points goodbye goodbye ebby is grabbing smiley art are two of em and other ones i think his name is richard grit grimsby grim is greatly grubby and smile sounds problematic but you'll be all right
being a chef is a very difficult job you don't know how many employees they had no we don't so anyway speaking of speaking of employers and employees and a high number two dozen amateur warehouse employees in new jersey we're here but allies wednesday when one is in critical condition and might die it's a stupid a robot punctured a can of bare repellent the news was soon picked up by the national outlets and this of course store this story bread across social media in total fifty four workers at the robins bill new jersey facility were exposed to fumes bear repellent is made with a bunch like chile pepper extract and but just stop the obviously is made to repel bears so you can imagine what it does to people the workers experience trouble breathe and they had sore throats and their eyes burned and evidently this evening first time a robot has attempted to kill all of the employees
at an amazon whereas this is a divorce bear repellent issue what is went on with the robot kill machines we're the uber driver we had the uber car that killed some there was another there's a series of robot murders that are not being talked nearly enough because the government wants to keep you quite in germany into doesn't fifteen and a volkswagen factory someone was crushed to death by a stationary robot dessert robot murders ok i'm gonna save is honestly there will be no robot murders of our what shows up at your house says i want your wife and reinforce murders you that's a robot marguerite issued i would statutory mistake this is how it starts this is it ok let's not forget the dallas police department member that one day what was his name michael something he went crazy started shooting all those cops over endows actually horrible they used a robot they expect
the robot right fruitful used straight on call of duty black ops they exploded the roma right programme killing and then course as i said with the uber the automated hubert car and also guy into doesn't sixteen in ohio man died when in the self driving tesla he crashed into a true tractor trailer well he watched harry potter nobody wants we wanted road do we're learning with the robots i obviously i mean amazon has horrible where we ways of treating their place but i will say it's just like man i a shower head i got my gold bond powder and i got all of my sound proofing equipment in a day yeah so i understand that would mean people getting killed to bring me these things but would i
ask who soldiers to sacrifice for the freedom of this country i mean on and see what the soldiers do are treating them like soldiers are calling them soldiers at amazon then it's just bravery too they're ok well honestly if they got a good health insurance which you the soldiers probably need better health insurance but i think you do if they really need really to help ensure and sets up namely rental that kind of shit because we at least they get all the robot it's yours and his cell exoskeleton switches and use paper i saw an rate yes and so the other incident happened in two thousand fifteen regarding bear repellents at amazon warehouse and that was the fire department responded to the accident at the amazon facility in has let taxes that car that was caused by a robot running over a ten of beer repellent purposely running over a can of bare pallid i don t know what was the earth peacefully running over the candle baron alone robotic it is its biological warfare in the room
i know it they can survive and biological war that's how they get us we can shoot em maybe exploded biological war there that's why they're gonna be here forever honestly i just comes glad that we are hiring you robots because we have two because now we can have imploid because can imagine how brilliant robot a school shooters would be who is really boy that that would be dangerous we have we want to do a little bit of a debunking obviously won't want one cooking i will say but the amazon sorry as well is the it it is a shame how they sort of try to scrub these stories italy stories got pushed down very very is zero it was so hard to find this story i saw one time and then i googled robot death amazon warehouse nothing came up there it is like crap easy how good they are hiding their stuff and nearby to be your neighbours i know over in long island city gonna put a lot of people out of business and in just just like judging from the amount
like hd age and steroids the jeff businesses on oh i think he knows that his employees will eventually try to rise up and beat the shit out of a man eater and see what he knows he has to be stronger than the robots us because he's eagerly eyes of tom cruise clearly on steroids he is i'm for ten i mean these live in a dream there have in technical that is sort of technical that is the dream the ideas that i could become bigger person i could start just injecting myself with hiv aids which still if i become a millionaire logan few balled up metaphorically just draw i'm fuckin grow the beard out i mean you fuckin jack coming to look like a fucking cyber viking you can decided about does look for a while it will just a lot of work it's a lot of you go onto it that's the problem at its really definite i want to quickly debunk a story is that came out story of texas man saying he kidnapped and sexually assaulted seventy nine people while dresses and alien is false yet it came out saying that he d
people with a mixture of villas d and pcb and came out an alien costume and suck his fingers up there but in order to say that your probing while it is a wonderful idea i guess it's horrible idea is a horrible heights live but i think it's it's horrible miss than is one yes but he seems to be it was drawn up originally broke by a news report called world news daily report rise a well known produced junk those whose website features the following disclaimer saying that is satirical ye unity of the elderly man shown in the mug shot was not immediately clear but it did seem that this mug shouted appeared in a blog post which was firm shot monday at just a sad it's just that the guy was an eighty year old man i was arrested for sexual battery and it just a website making fun of people's mugshots right and of course this is
their situation we got a lot of emil's in vienna about this story so we hate to be the bearer of bad news in this case i am because i am not going to robert i'm not gonna be fuckin hoodwinked by a british boy bandit all right i m not dealing with i will not i will not let it stand i will not negotiate with fucking terrorists will right i do what i say this is another case where you look at the mug shot and i think they just come up with the story around the mug shot and this guy does kind of look like a great song just the kind of looks like an alien so it's a great writing promptly and he's a great this picture is great and we want to do a little bit of a story from a fan actually the really stay here it doesn't say here if you want his name said or not on but you in response to kiss those revelation that he's when using smooth moves tee for some reason i used once finally i will use the move now this
as for amendment is going to say the initials e m is he is trying to run for office or something this is what he said he he added a foul experience with miss smooth moves tee sooner your high school i was sick and i found a bunch of herbal tee i didn't read the label very carefully and shared some with my friend judson who was sleeping over we both had forty five cups of stuff a mistake oh yeah holy shit forty five cups of tee what are you the queen i know what's going pretty cut to four thirty i am i wake up have to shoot worse than i ever have in my life i go to the bathroom but the doors lock apparently judson literally woke up five minutes before me also have i saw a pounding on the door yelling at him to hurry up because i'm gonna shit myself he yelled at me we go yell back and forth we gotta those and i have to shit in the kitchen sink until he finishes didn't you see was on the track team that morning at around ten miles and the chicago away from i was pulling out my garage would take him to the tray
it had to stop pull back in and take another to drive at once i got back home my sister came down the stairs and confronted me saying here that drink all my life we have taken very started crack enough but in the same moment we stopped looked at each other in their eyes and said shots t we started up said johnson later told us what happened in any got away worse than me very wasn't it is it out of his ten mile or on and pretty much immediately had to run a mile in the opposite direction to go to import upon and later on he said he had to stop and shit and a bush there was super conspicuous and and so many issues that he couldn't finish the race and he had awakened coaches car literally covered in shit be careful with that toby honourably be careful with that it's never good when you have to wait in the coach is car that's it's never a good reason you're either has you nobody you had too much laxative t has nothing what fucking make me more rage filled them being like
alright judson you consider my adi but you're one fucking condition you touch interior i'm gonna put up i'm gonna fuckin a towel down i would never let a fifteen or sixteen year old sit in my new car covered in her country always government do you must have been some indications i'm pretty just judging for my my laxative t experience it doesn't it's not you know it's not a clean situation i'm not go into detail but i'm sure they knew what was always go with of our right everyone will take you all so much elicited thank you for so many that story of e e n of oil was alright alright available you so much for listening you can always the embryo ben gives a one on instagram and you can always all sides stories lp eau de l at gmail that come we do renewed
thank you so much for submitting your stories i didn't get to the one i wanted to do today as well about the dark farm gate fart in the world of arts and so pretty funny story if you search that but our it will cover it won't do it well do you ever ever store you want to tell us or a reaction to one of our podcast and if it's funny will read it out loud email to side stories l p o t l a gmail dot com we love your submission we ve been using them it's it's great because we can find out when you guys want to hear about and also like again it's a really good way for you to yell at us because we are reading these things but be kind magically jonas brothers ever again ever a band bosom model what was the name of the british ban by thing it's bought barker barbara kirk so america is a bird burstin bird sultan this will give us the most it big eyes like a bunch of pedophiles what you're adults address like children trying to hang out with children well the mountains
maybe that's the point of their name it busted as in arrested for pedophilia oh i got busted also means when you i don't know but please e mail us we got our special common out soon yes our view very excited to present to your loins cannot wait please if you have six dollars and sixty six cents go out there by the special it's the first time we're doing it we're really excited about it so please get out there and hopefully you enjoy it they'll satan alright everyone ale yourselves tell me and when you live you know no leo and abuse if you may laugh and my guess ha ha you ate laughing it's gotta be the pa like i like people dont fully laugh when they do this are you just super chill did you kill him
emotional commitment of laughing a kind of switches the laughter and i'm not actually i don't think that's funny i'm actually did not laugh why are you talking to me when you do that then when you responded attacks regal ha ha and when i know you don't laugh and try to cover up you do good you you're fine i do i why have laughed when i have said the one i dont like is i dont like law i dont like raffle because you are not rolling on the floor i know you're not because it or not it would be so remarkable outbreaks concerned for you if you are having seizure war also but i dont like just one ha yeah to meet as passiveaggressive it is it is all right over what we will talk to you bye
everyone i do and this is at last from a round table a gentlemen how you do it baby i miss you too but you don't gotta miss me too much because i've got another show with miss amber nelson called the brighter site it's a cynics look at optimism and we'll need positive it in our life because if you're all negative it's gonna gravity looping your stomach and you're gonna be a miserable nasty person nobody wants to be with the miserable nasty their beds keep me away from everyone else back on our show on a regular basis we have this thing called it's a game we event in its call hoop google new new do do why would you say who pagoda needed to do there is no way to say it game we made up a basically it's its rapid fire edition of finding the positivity in something negative we're gonna play a quick version for your right now so you see how it goes amber because you gimme
something negative something negative horse manure horse renew or are you could throw it on a car i mean you shouldn't be thrown horse manoeuvre cars tibet and we do but probably find the one check it out and they gotta come reform be in a car and woods your positive of horsemen and you can use it to feed plants that make the right that's road maneuver makes food in their great there who makes food for more pooh pooh it's so nice mrs circle of people i want to say amber what is the brighter side of dirty blankets dirty blankets are you can put a barn and keep a dog warm is such nice person i say i like doing laundry amateur clean the blanket are you like your lunch i enjoy laundry it sends me out it may be peaceful folded nice put it in the cabinet you gotta in blanket for one guess come over or what its chile
i'm trying to say is less than the brighter side is a serious look at optimism and its unalaska podcast network and also clean your sheets at least two weeks because you need to sleep in a clean blanket bigger yourself maybe why you last pod gas bands my name is jackie's arouse ski and my name is molly and ethel and we along with marcus host page seven upon culture and celeb gas at pad cast than is necessary the arms of the last podcast network ever won a list a mark as gaol pal down with a couple of daddy thirsty women talkin obeys and throwing metaphorical barbs pesetas industry appointed paltrow hand discussing our shared love of jason mama was face in body despite his terrible acting skills check on page seven it's a positive ran through the boom
and the funny papers that i'll be sure to leave you love and guide the eddie and knowing way too much about what hall called and said during his sex tat yeah decamped bourbon barbecue while she boil down it don't worry we talk pop culture the way that most late twenties thirty's ortiz people talk culture i may not know exactly what bela de does but are know what love is now is not the time for forests gump jackie we are in the middle of an ad ok dantes me bro you are a beauty that's mixing to get used by the beast only where you're gonna ice me is with a cool tally of mango rita get off at every one knows a great read as the best flavour actually maybe they are all the best flavors while exceptional
rita just and try out a new labour in your brain me if you like the rest medea last pad gas please check out the ridiculous that is page seven wherever you listen here pat gas as well as the other shows last pod cast network
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