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2018-10-17 | 🔗

'Ello gov'na. 'Nother episode of Side Stories innit.

We've got STARGATES, SKY MURDER, AND MUCH MORE. Chim-chim-cheree!

Bruv. You gotta live, laugh, love.


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Hey there Ben Kissel here for last network. I want to tell but my show Abe, Lincoln's top hat, the nine years Marcus and I have strived to present you with the most accurate and honest political podcast out there in these turbulent. And it's our intention to unite the country with impassioned debate that which is out to the rational Americans, who find their voices more muffled every day every week use my political science background. My experience running for office, along with my life, long passion to stand up for the downtrodden, the wrongfully accused and invisible man and woman to bring you news. Like you haven't heard before, let's face it, traditional news has failed us. We promise to always tell you the truth. The best we see it and I personally guarantee to not be swayed by hyper partisanship, but be guided by facts to listen, search, Abe, Lincoln's, top hat on any podcast platform or go to lastpodcastnetwork dot com,
and find it under shows? Hail yourselves, everyone there's no way in which game do this is the last time cast on the left. Cancel. I think you'd look incredible with a cowboy. I don't want to start wearing a cowboy hat. That's ok! First of all, we were talking before the show about how people make music their identity and they change who they are. Maybe they're getting face. Tattoos now I like country, music, outlaw country, Willie, Waylon, the boys, you name it the boy, but I'm never going to wear a cowboy hat. I am forty six foot, seven in a cowboy hat. If I wore the boots, I would be well over seven feet. Tall could get on a plane, could walk in the door. It would just be embarrassing. Make them
This your first full show the world how the holes to these things need to be bigger. I got the part of how your life would be, and then you just have the power of what's great about the cowboy hat my own. Yes, I do do like that. I would love to tip it. I'd like the maybe some rain falling down upon it. I like the idea of having to get one of those little plastic things that you have to put over your cowboy hat, so it doesn't get wet in the storm. I'm just saying when I wore my cowboy hat for the limited period of time that I was doing it. I felt oh really, I felt a lot of power and I want to go back to it like because I had that big taco shell hat, that I got in Dallas, which I'm going to so again, I'm going to get another one good. I want to start adding it to my dress. Like my, I swear what could I think it's fun? Well, what movie do you have to be in to wake up in the morning to be like today's, a cowboy hat day is I'll get it all right. Well, you got pants, okay, everyone this inside stories, I am been, gets all of theirs and read. The browse ski cowboy had risen, Brodsky some days of the week. Evidently I do
You really want to be taller. I don't care about being taller, but I, like the idea, having a really big hat, just 'cause, it people think you're important. I don't know if, that's true, but okay, perhaps I'll go through a cowboy hat phase, I'm not going to get little bit, I'm not going to wear a vest I don't know, know, know, know, know exactly as you are right now. Big hat big hat right well feel free to. Let me know what you think audience should I have a hat photoshop me with a give me idea of what I'd look like an perhaps we'll, be swayed and purchase. They have very expensive. You get a good cop yeah you're, looking at four hundred five hundred dollars. That's what I'm saying and people know it's quality. That's true, and I will say this about the american cowboy very stated they love. Flair, american cowboys, texan men. They dress more than any. First of all, anyone in the Midwest, the Midwest is country- and I like that about them- stay cozy, stay warm, but my God, the amount of effort.
Cowboys put into what they look like and what they wear every day it takes in forty five to get dressed. It is a very important. Our culture. It is, I think, that it's it's nice that they do it. I like that they look presentable. I like a uniform. I, like the I choosing all things I'm trying to get better. Like you know, it's really seems strange, specific over the last two years. I like the dad just like what little button down shirt with little things on him right, but it seems hipster culture has caught up to me. I know every company that goes and they They make the shirts, with the little things on him and they're great and now please get twenty of them and in that the dress it up, because the best part of it as a man is that you can fool people into thinking. You're dressing up right, just we're sure, with buttons on it. Technically it takes less effort to put that sure to on that for me to put a t shirt on. Woody Harrelson and Kiefer Sutherland. They wore some cowboy hats in the movie the cowboy way, and I the child- and I thought there pretty cool but then again
Not six foot seven. So I don't know they look a little bit what he looks good in anything, even with nothing on Woody Harrelson looks great and key I mean I would love to I would love to drink with him he's one of my favorite celebrities get hammered with it. Just seems like it would be fun, but he could look good in anything two honestly, you look really good wait till your back on the campaign trail, because it shows that you're down home it shows. That you're with the people and that you you are taller. And everyone so that you can look past the horizon right. That's a very good point: pull channel my inner Rick Perry, take a limo to a pickup truck change out of my suit put on normal people, close, go door to door and then First, the process until I go back to my manager push the law effect, Of course, yes, and by the way Henry mentions how everything doors need to be bigger. Some of these airplanes, we've been flying on buddy, I weigh more than them and I'm longer than I feel like I'm getting into a GEO Metro that can fly. It is it's been a little scary. No planes are
small- and I know it's get it's a contributing to your fear of flying. Yes, I'm I'm do not to be not to have a moment of vulnerability. We haven't had in the last couple. Well, would you truly are free to fly and a part of it? I do. We will say it's part of you being uncomfortable were for me like I'm guy do it smaller I, but it's still very uncomfortable for me, it's only by an employer, I'm always touching somebody's needs. Oh my goodness, I mean it's impossible to say it's, that's why anyway and it we got it honestly, what you got to do is just spend as much time in the bathroom? Is it? Can that's what I say but then of course, so nice you can go in there and they can't kick you out again, though they get how what's the hour, I'm going to look this up How long to you got? No, it can be just a mutiny that happened. Yes them. You need there's only two bathrooms on there and if your coach there's one if you're in the first class, there's not enough bathrooms to facility did you have all the power when you're the
'cause, it's like when you when you occupy Australia during risk, and you are there a year the you have that corner to defend tell me when I'm going to corner let's let me, while I'm in a corner risk the board game the gentleman very exciting game. All Henry switches over here. Let me see it's everything you never wanted to know about airplane toys and we're going to have some we're going to have stories today too. Absolutely! Ok! What's one I never want to know about an airplane toilet. You should not be splashing them. While you are sitting on them. Taxpayers, personal kind of fucking maniac think spin, like he'll, see how much suction biathle contains media tly like yeah. Is it alright, well. Why would you plus you will pull your fucking asshole out? Yes, I don't know why anyone would flush it while you're using it. I mean ok
Well, that's good to know just in case it's also where they keep the Black box weirdly inside the Tokyo yeah. I can imagine an audio perspective. That is very sorry. Your comes out of the poll at velocity faster than a formula one race because of the song. Oh, my goodness will put a little hat on it. Doesn't get hurt, get mowing then Should I used to think he used to shoot the out of frozen chokes, but it does it. I mean they don't do that anymore, the movie! It's not! For again what was the name of the David Spade Films, Joe Dirt yeah? I just saw the movie Joe Dirt, where they have a huge piece of frozen dung that he thinks is a meteorite, don't rush, while seated what kind of Evel Knievel are you living this life? But you really want it? You want a chance that shithole I really hate this. Is you want to talk about Kathy Kathy Corner over here when you were in a public toilet,
and the sensors really sensitive. Oh yeah, Anet Flush is as soon as you're asked left seat, and then you got that like five straight apple to water, just go right, you're asshole is Jupiter and gravity is just like soccer. Mom is talking to me, and I hate that the worst, because you could feel how wet it is. You can feel it soak in your member and yeah. I I hate an over sensitive self, flushing toilet. I've said I said every day. Well we're in cowboy hat, ok, first, story of the day: this is a story that I absolutely love and let me just say, speaking of politics, this gal has my vote. Cheerleader she's, seventeen years old, she's running for homecoming, queen she allegedly about pot brownies, trying to and school officials in Michigan, say a cheerleader, allegedly doled out hot brownies to students at her high school in an effort to for the necessary votes for homecoming
from her classmates, I'm going to say this legalize it. This is not always it. This is how I will say it makes a lot of sense. My problem is that with Your own weed brownies is that they get very inconsistent, they're very consistent summer stronger than others. It's not the to consume weed. I will say for her like we, people know they were weed brownies. Well, this is okay. The marijuana laced streets were handed out to several students. This is at Hartford High school. This happened in late September. Authorities were first made aware of the situation after state police received an anonymous tip, so somebody narked about the brownies. The information was shared with the Hartford, please, according to the Tv Station W W M t a cheerleader is suspected of baking a dozen brownies and the gin and giving them out to students and including them in gift bags to some of the football players the cheerleader
they said we're investigating two things. Number one somewhere put in goodie bags for players also they were used to obtain votes for the queen contest, so the local place it's going to really there on this caper, who they have nothing else to do. I guess not they're they're really on the cape are here they are on the case This this woman is seventeen year old, given pot brownies to football students or two football players and students to try to get some votes. She was already I will say this, so we needed honestly need, if I can, this is not have. This is nothing to do with your election. She was already doing. Have you not seen the movie, the grease Witherspoon Classic Election high school you wait a second. Do you school hair, grease, Witherspoon Kredible, I said already together, readable, burlesque, name wow. I need something
He said you see grease well, hi argument. That is incredible. What a horrible name for her if she ever gains quite a bit of weight. Oh my goodness, no Reese Witherspoon, the classic film all lack, said Matthew. Broderick is in it as well, and that it until I remember high school high school politics are very intense, very scary stuff, so you're going to do so to get over the edge here, although I it's true. I would caution people these at Also, Henry you can talk about this, these edibles I want to be. I don't want to get out of my bill. O'reilly no spin zone. I don't want to sound like a conservative grandpop, but there a little too strong, sometimes but you know what is it you kind of got to get used to it once you get him in your system enough, you kind of know what the waves are. You know what you're riding and that's the one about edibles, though, is that, for me it's more of an advanced users, Tick of eating, because the drug changes when you eat it right right, it's more of an hallucinogen to become a It's got a different effect. It's not quite the same! So no
for dealer. I would also say when your fucking, when it should be for eighteen plus I'm going to bed it's my responsibility area because it should be eighteen plus, but I so I understand you're gonna get it anyway, so you better get a legit, it's better. If it's legal, you can get to see how much mail, how many milligrams are in each does start small. You always do this. This is, if you are fifteen right now, when I'm sure you that you are, if you are a ended, a weed brownie eat. Corner of it wait for an hour wheat, you have to be paid wait for the hour. To see what happens this is. This is the only way I can help the all right. Well, Kathy Corner has ended. Cool on corner has begun a great cool uncle eat a little bit and you work your way up. You can always eat more. You cannot eat less. I will say this Colorado. I know it's wonderful state we love Colorado. I had a situation where I bought this orange soda and it
follow we switch and he is just so. The weed soda, I think, is a bit much, but it could be really can't measure it out, but you can't it was one hundred milligrams, the entire, not the entire thing. It was one hundred milligrams per OZ and there was like well. It was like one thousand two hundred milligrams or you know for a fact I had once it. Thankfully I read it, but that you know that big mouth, got, beat up, and then you just know for a fact. Some kids are just slamming that and that they are happily fear and loathing in LAS Vegas night, but uh the movie. You can't push pause, you can't stop it. Actually. How is when you're, actually deep inside of a trip that you didn't? We were going to go on. It can't be a waking nightmare What also happened to me in in Colorado the Weed beef Jerky, which turkey itself with some of the best beef jerky I ever had, because we did a very good. It's got a culinary basque qualities that make it good pairings with
a certain specially savory foods. So I'm eating this. We jerky and everyone's looking at me like. No, do you don't finish it and I was like why not sure probably bring our could do their job and leave and bar? So I didn't know there was we that yes, I know you house sit on stage. Then we had to do. The second show when you were like oh I could see the look at your face was horrified and then cut three hours later, I'm in the shower, like the world's path the terminator in a fetal position just still sweating. Somehow, oh, my goodness. I ate a metric handful of edibles and fell asleep in the San Diego Airport and right before I flight- I woke up and next to me- was a giant bottle of water, some cheez its and then on. My phone were several browsers opened, all of which said how to high to high get down from high
come down high flight while high about this is the kind of weed cultural like his Denver started. That should Nelly kinda completes a two, the very helpful community, which is nice. You always need to have somebody who's ends up being a trip center for you. I think what he did is he did it himself. He just forgot. No, that was an incredible. It was me looking up. He was just how high how not to get too high yeah. You bet save yourself and honestly, if you have a friend like at Larson from the round table of gentlemen or wizard and or or on the brighter side, never trust him, because it's people, for some people that are just barrels that can just Well, we consume anything, take the smell. You could do this amount. I just did mushrooms with him again, and so it's things are all this word strong. He wishes if they don't the cost, because you're three hundred pounds of beef. So what do you put in your system? It doesn't have the same reaction with me. I'm technically petite. I don't know where I'm a petite little thing. I can have the same level, but just remember this: I will
and one last piece of advice before I hit my story of Dajour, which is when you put drugs in your system to remember you did it right. You put, drugs in there. It's going to stop eventually, that's a part of it too. You just gotta chill out. You know that you are not permanently insane. It will work it's way out of your system? You sometimes need to chill, and you know, what's another really good way to do it. Maybe maybe this is honestly. This is not recommended a real. A good way to get yourself out of a bad trip is to Yourself into one conscious: well, then, you just go to sleep and then you time travel when the trip is over, but that's for twenty one plus right, it's twenty one, plus very good, all right just to close up the conversation here or the story of the seventeen year old, please tips edit. It appears that the edibles were either ingested or that some were flush the toilet, superintended Hubbard said in a letter to parents, please
sometime tonight to discuss with your children that have at anytime to become aware of a potential danger to themselves or uh. It is. It is their duty to her so the immediately to a staff member directly cites anonymous, tip line or okay a to say so, basically again they're just having students right. Other students nonetheless I don't know I assuming I'm stuck at nerds yeah. You know those parents are doing they're, looking the British for themselves. Yeah most, I would be doing better be like you know what Backes Zebrowski this is uh. This is not for children and you shouldn't have this and then I'll just another room. Yes, exactly how you doing baby daddies time for watching Halloween, Vaiva, yeah you'd be watching Halloween five in most parents or a lot of parents now would be like last man,
standing TIM Allen Show is back. We better get our. We better get our edibles again, so we can laugh so hard at tool time. It's not too much time anymore. It's last man standing I'll, tell you why I you know when he was alone, with a hotel room get today and had to leave tv on. I came back in thunder watching last man standing on cmt and then she was on the internet, owning the LIBS Campbell, be careful what you let your kids absorb. Absolutely all I see this still, okay, so this is a fun. After this conversation. This is a fun little thing to do. For yourself, it's Halloween season. It's time you get a little wacky we're getting closer and closer to the day. There are a lot of people out there, and this is technically broken. Device, but it was another story. It's a! I love this conspiracy theory. There are people that think the United States of America invaded Iraq over Stargate right that in two thousand and three instead of just going to just to invade Iraq under the auspices of Iraq
something to do with nine hundred and eleven we went to Apple the Wm Ds because of the weapons of mass destruction. All that, but Edward, we went well go find it is Essentia Lee, a stargate that was left in Mesa Tempe. Mesopotamia by the under Anunnaki, which is in with you, don't know exactly what a circuit is they're using the pop culture reference from the film Stargate, but really what it is is a time space, it's literally an area that will take you some other place containing a sleep through some form of warm whole, it purely that they had found at some point within the ancient city of her the fact they were re until ten point the were reversed call Hussein was revamping the temple of or right inside, these ziggurat, which is a
have temple with gigantic labyrinth inside where they believe that the center of it was a stargate, and I believe it's a damn. Hussein had found this stargate and that he was getting technology or something from it. He was figuring out how to use it. So we went there to stop it, but apparently, we've had we've had tabs on the stargate since the 1920s, which, maybe even before that that the British went in there, the UK apparently also has connections. They were part of the reason They also wanted to join in, even after knowing for a fact that the w DIS were fake, they they went all I cut, and they were also involving themselves in a search for it because they wanted to get a hold of the Stargate with us in the rest of now. You know what, for all the b s reasons we went into Iraq, they started with yes, nine eleven of obviously a rocket, nothing to do with it. As a matter of fact, I they do not particularly
care for all kite is Saddam Hussein was on the front lines of defeating them in his own state are in his own country. W M d is HANS. Blix has like found out that it was like Al Capone Safe when Geraldo Rivera, try to open all day light is well have just been for a stargate. I like this story. I kind of want this story to be true, because I it doesn't make only a rock war, one of the biggest foreign policy blunders in american history and it extremely useless when it comes to actual when it comes to. Actually, anything out of the the amount of money in the mount of lives were lost there. So I like well yeah you mean the it. What the what was the beginning point of our forever ward, that a constantly feeds our military industrial economy. That's what kind of what like like, we almost kind of did it on purpose so the week be in the spot. Where we're at, but if you read a there, was a uh on exo politics, dot or A research study was written by Dr Michael E, called an Excel political perspective on the preamp,
war against Iraq and it does a full breakdown on the connect. Of the war in Iraq to Ryan Sitchin and research into the nature of the Anna Naki and their relationship with the ancient Mesopotamians and how they were in charge of this Stargate but now it is seems to follow it was hidden and now, it is falling into the wrong hands and now the US have. Is it and I don't know what the hell it is we're doing with it? I don't know so, maybe I would love to see Donald Trump watching his programs on it. I'm not even sure what exactly is Stargate get according to aliens researchers, it's a device that can allow you to use transport instantaneously to another gate, no matter the distance. You know if you're going to lie to us anyway, take us into a war, make it fun the this of evil speech. Talking about you know, uh, Korea, Iraq. First of all, it's not an access yeah. If you're gonna do
take us into a war based on lies anyway, make the lies fun. You know the technical! I speak English for that sell me. Tell me that axis of evil speech, would've been incredible with Bush would have just gone in deep on the Stargate, I'm like ok, whatever well, apparently according to One of the aims of the Hussein are gene was to control of the Stargate. With some sort of the goal, is to say hello to the Anna Naki and bring him back. Ok, so that's what he wanted to fulfill the prophecy I see the Anna Naki would return so yes, I guess the Iraq Stargate theory it pushes and Neros. This idea a little bit further of what I was just talking about saying what are the allergies that were gifted upon the Sumarians were star It's in their position was one of the major reasons for for the years of strife in Middle EAST. That's really was not because of eastern countries going in there and mucking up the works, it was because of the Stargate. So this story really interesting very interesting, to say the least. I think it's uh, rabbit hole. This study,
It's wonderful. I do like there is, there is one section of it where he's like the primary evidentiary? Support for the above discussion is, admittedly, thin. Her conventional public policy experts and may sound better suited to a fictional thriller than serious public debate from a conventional perspective, a scattered assortment of independent archaeological authors radical, the Jackal interpretations of biblical tax, they're, writing of channel the Vt Knowledge speculative papers from astronomers, hardly constitute or persuasive, source of information for understanding the motivations of US foreign policy, but they say there are some important circumstantial evidence. I love it so early, the Stargate, where is it it's in a city old Messoria, it's about three hundred and seventy kilometers southeast of Baghdad in the ancient city of year. With that city is the great ziggurat. A massive of which had a you guessed it Stargate. That is really the one thing about. Well, there's many things
But one of the reasons I would like to go to the Middle EAST is the history it's where, we all it's not where we all began, but they have many many years of history. Well for our little Time here is a baby as a relatively new nation. I would love to go check it out. This is interesting they're, saying here that one of the circumstantial evidence is the destruction of Columbia during its the center in February, one two thousand three, which apparently held information because we've been scanning a rock from space and we have found the Stargate from space. This is very interesting. Well also, now there is the one of the dispute is over the location and the number of Stargates. But one thing that all that there is do agree. All the theorists. Do you agree on is that the Iraq war wasn't the first time that he form power. Interest in it it in what sounds like a super sweet. This is according to the article, so it I hate when the articles to be funny, I will skip that over. They see the the British were also
fighting to control the Stargate in World war. Two so it is yeah like it's been going on for a little while yeah it's been going on for a very long time, with your c here I mean this is thousands of years old they've held the secret because the ideas, because if you can remember the Anna Naki Report of the original God race that seeded us on this planet and they came, they developed us from relate creatures into a combination of their dna, which made the modern human man and we were used to mine for gold for their starships, so they can make it back to new beeru. Before left our solar system on our gigantic 'cause. You don't report of a binary star system. Alright, according to kick it later, alright, very good. So you also says the Bush administration recognized that he was saying had some very, very valuable, relevant information concerning the ancient history, of the planet either technology or text, basically confirming this
he was going to release this to the general public. I think a big part of the reason this again Cordy according to the research. I think that was a big part of the reason why the Bush administration went into Iraq to stop Hussein firmer V in this information and also get fold themselves. My goodness gracious to them. They believe that the Bush administration was highly against disclosure which, really don't think they would have been. I think that Dick Cheney would have used anything anything. Distract from all the shit that he was doing, and I think There was if they had evidence it aliens, they would have driven in front of people, I'm no certain to be in that line where it's like they're their certain parts of disclosure that I don't completely understands and Is why wide? Why don't we know what? Why does the US government have such a hard on I'm not talking about the UFO research that they've done and
I wonder why it's somebody like coming mean: George WI had Fucking nine hundred and eleven to deal with so that that went out the window they're not going to be talking about aliens anymore and OB trumps. Trump. It believes in nothing, so nothing matters might believe in aliens who knows yeah. He did Who gives a shit what he believes in, but a part of it's like the it's. It's very strange, just like just come out and tell work you been doing on well, we did. We did have that release. Of course we know Harry Reid, the Democrat, you know admit, to having a twenty million dollar program. So there is a little bit more merency than there used to be. I think the it becomes. There's is is evidence continues to mount a perhaps will address it at some point, and will it unite us as a world or divide us as a world? That is the big questions. So anyway, that's fun. Little, that's a fun little conversation about the Iraq war, huge and by the way, as we always mentioned, George W Bush is not cute, and that was the verbal time in american history, he
is a war criminal but see one day. Man one day will be able to get until just like psychic problems like things that are part of the reason why we can't evolve because we can't psychically upgrade. Add a part of his understanding that we are all one giant being. Including whatever it is, and then the versus both a making of our imagination and also contains our imagination as we going our heads around. That I mean then, maybe maybe we can fix the roads. Well, the roads are something that should not nothing psychic about that. That needs that comes from funding and domino, pizza. Episode of side stories is brought to you by Adam and Eve dot com. Are you looking at nice things up in the bedroom. He been fantasizing about surprising. Your lover with an adventurous new toy or
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Lane's suit Clayton, with murder. An uh lawful, malicious tampering of food. Although I don't think that I dropped her food they may not be recipients take even if they're not poisoned her it's been Steven Stephen Clayton between the dates July, 29th July, 19th and July twenty first 24th of July, 21st, of course, being my birthday, press release. The sheriff's office also shared that Stevens Sixty four died on July 21st at their home and that investigation, autopsy toxicology tests, discovered poison- levels of a drug that I cannot even come close to pronounce him in the body of the victim and they found it in frequently used I drops what I'm saying here is you can no longer get away with kill your spouse, No, not yet I'm not in this academy, but you don't do it at all? We see it on forensic files all the time and
it's just a lot of killing your loved one. You can't do it, you cannot. Maybe don't do it in the fifties. I think you could do it six. You know what you can. No obviously can do it, but you need to really think about it. Well. How would you even possibly do it? You got all the tracking out there. You got so each day. I am not going to I'm going to sit and reveal my plans of murdering my new wife, on this show. I can't do this now, but that I can't I'm not doing this all right, because I don't want to murder my wife. I wanted to tell water to live. That seems a little scary. It seems like you really have a plan there. If you can't even share like in Jeff, because this is a comedic program. There's a lot of oh, I forgot. Yes, you know this is the. I actually wonder if I were to really. If I was going to kill someone, they say you want to, like you, got to get rid of the body. First of all sure because without a body this no crime, yeah. That's what,
but I mean there's a crime, but with that that is really what hinges you're talking really about avoiding being found guilty in a court right. So what you need to do with, in my mind, is as suspicious as it is. To be honest, you gotta, the house like even with a an apartment complex. I mean this is brutal, but all you need to take out the entire building, but they'd still fighting body. I was can get the heat being partially is. If you go, you've make a friend somebody who works at the airport? You get some error plane fuel which it does take a lot of heat to go to. It takes a lot of heat to ignite run, and so what I would do is something along the lines of you cover the whole house, an airplane fuel and you sparkle of it. But when do you like?
there's realized that their their neighbor is now dousing, the entire apartment, complex and laughing until like oil and tell it still be like. Oh, you know, having a bit of a barbeque allotted screwed up on lies always funny. Well, unlike you Henry, although I'm not sure how your neighbors would describe, you can Sanford who knew the couple very well. Told the herald that he was in shock, Lena seemed quote seemed like a sweet, old, lady and I'll you want that's why you can't? Who can you trust? Who can you trust these days old people, I love old people. I love all the people, but their kleptomaniac switches up bad they've lived a long time on this earth and they did they should be able to take whatever they want and they love to F the whole weekend. I love to make it make it man so loosely Selena she's fifty two years old, she's, only being held in the York County detention Center. It's unclear
whether she has secured legal. Then Tatian, but this is gonna, be an interesting case there. I I remember from West Memphis three gonna say this again: get a lawyer get a lawyer, no matter what it is, that you've done wrong and a lawyer, even if you're innocent speak to no one. Unless a lawyer is standing right next to you yeah, especially if you're innocent I mean MIKE again get RON Kuby get Kobe on it. Get You know why We want to kill our loved ones so much like. Why is that? Why do have to be like why do I guess I do understand the sort of passions that come from knowing somebody from a long time and and did the things that us were cute and then are now in knowing that eventually turn into a black river of hatred. Deep in your soul, sure sure I don't want to, and I'm not going to bring this to browse the family into this. But I will say if you do want to play the long game you just very buttery food
very, very fatty foods. Not a lot of exercise be like just sit sit or do you want more cigarettes? Maybe you want some risky, though we got some gingers random picked up that whole foods. You know you can do. That's just the long game. Yeah, I like my morning. Here's know even my mom, only talks about poisoning my father every time she can do she constantly brings about. She can't wait for him to pass, and eventually you will go to France with somebody show me to the quilt store, like she has a lot of of escape plans right, one to you, fun fancy! You know! Well, here's a here's. A hot take spoke to get a divorce, get a devout I know that it seems daunting to break up with some yes, I know it seems sounding especially in this is also like I mean we've all been and even semi abusive, like the idea of being in a semi abusive thing. So it like you just get your shit. You do whatever you take you with them to go to sleep. Eventually they got to go to Sleep
your use that day and you get your you gotta go back ready to go at any time and you leave rice leave and then you'll deal with the afterward top honor, for you kill them. Well, that's the you know pulling the bandaid off, that's what you gotta do, but of We are not here if you are in any kind of relationship like that, of course, yes get help and get on out which is of course much easier said than done absolute really, I mean I have no idea what I'm talking about. I'm not. I just know for a fact that I do I do. I have a go back but as for me and my family in this, for when the goes down yeah, so that eventually I will take all of whatever cash I have and I will melt it down into a series of gold objects and then that's where all of my money will be well the precious stones that I have and then, when I'm traveling amongst the Inca right. Some point like down in South America I'll be able to trade for
but you do understand that it's mostly paper money that we deal with in this country and that just turns to ash. You do know that, so it won't turn off saying I want to get. I want to have like you're, going to turn your problem. Are you going to go and turn your cash to gold or you going to start going to take away? Exactly I mean I don't think I could buy a big gold pentagram that I hang on the wall. That is technically all of my money with rubies in it, but then about college. What about the college fund or just like Random Wendy will have to go to get a job. Why? If she wants to go to college alright I'd also if we take If you go to Florida, you get the Florida prepaid, there's a lot of ways to get college set up for your child, and I mean again He just has to do well in high school yep. I hope she can. I really do it's not easy these days. Maybe she can become really not. She can become homecoming queen herself. Just make sure your weed doesn't gone missing. 'cause then she's, given it to the other kids,
I'll be mad about it mean like get your own. Damn stash, we also have a tail here now, poisoning of the eye drops, that's one way to kill somebody, but evidently there's so another way that I will never be killed this way because I will never go skydiving zero. Easter Sunday. Two thousand and fifteen nother field in Southern England. Forty year Vicki Cilliers jumps from a Cessna plane at four thousand feet with a parachute after back on, but once to her. She has been sabotaged and what as a fun, Easter, hop and pop in in attempted murder, and I'm Jesus. You cannot rise again. So do do not do not do this in on the ground below watching from the parachuting facility is Vicky's. Thirty, eight year old, british military sergeant husband, Amelie Cilliers he watch is the events unfold. With his newborn baby that Vicki gave birth to only a couple months. Prior Vicki falls.
Sky at sixty miles per hour, as her parachute begins. Twirling up on itself, not good, and she plummets to the earth from four thousand feet miraculously she does not die Instead receives a broken pelvis in a fractured spine. How the hell did she laugh out loud? She not die. Ok! Well, let me illustrate with a quiz. Ok, so if either of you were jumping out of a plane, which I know for both of you as a complete and utter impossibility, never never. Your parachute starts fucking up mid jump. There is another sky diver next to you in the air, and you notice that you are also above a grape vineyard below. Do you a try to other skydiver hope their parachute supports. You both be aim for the grape. Vineyards below or see we embrace death, I would definitely grab the person next to me. Yeah. I think I would the person next to me and try to use them as a surfboard like silver, surfer. Okay, that's wrong! Yeah, you like say: okay, so you both die.
So the answer is to go limp and embrace death. And so the thing is the thing: never will but then you're still not happy after you embrace death and then you don't die. You're like I just went through all the emotions in every case where somebody is survived, the fall like this. The only reason that they live is because they hit recent. Plowed dirt, and that is what happened. That is what happened to Vicki Cilliers interested. So honestly, if I would ever jump out of an airplane which, again I would require me to be on so many bills, and I mean bud lights. I would have to be so hammered. It would be like that's good idea, Let's do it! I'm going to face my fears that I would do it and then honestly, I would go limp. If I was about to crash, though, because when your hand Your body is like alright, like it could go, I could maybe live, and then I would say I would think Bud light so according nodded to police and the parachuting facility and the courts the day before Vicki did this jump?
her husband and mill cilliers, who is a decorated. British military sergeant took her backpack into the toilets and then fucked with the wire, Oh god and then the next morning he was like hey, you should go. A jump you because the you've just had a baby. I just had a baby nine months ago. I think it's it's. You should sell, treat yourself to a junk because she's actually an experience parachutist honestly. If anybody ever you strongly encourage you look hey all. You shall return, but today that's a great way to do your knee breakfast. Now we go for a, I will send it up. Let's go. I did just go here shooting about three weeks ago. I don't like it and now you have a sapling of desire inside of your body, to do that. I say completely embrace that yeah just make sure your relationship is really strong. Make sure that no one wants to kill you in any way shape or form. Does seem like an episode of Columbo
It doesn't seem like a Columbo murder. Well, so that's a week before the jump, a meal, Cilliers stays at his army, Berrics for the night and leave his wife and two kids in her home in their home, and he tampered with the gas, as you guys mentioned before, he tried to the gas to explode the house and luckily Vicki catches, it in time fixes it and then text her husband. Are you try, He killed me lol. What is going on here, if you have to ask that if you have to and then yes, that's one of those. I eighty I love Doug. If you haven't seen the gaffe of cool, why Leonard laughing it's very funny that One of those last words like like, but seriously like like, like you know that you are, though, right so he tries to kill her with that with, more of like a traditional way to so I got the exploding house. Then, a week later he says Let me let me up my game here and
twist some shut up in her parachute. Can you buy a book like elaborate ways to kill your wife, the world's most crazy ways to kill your wife? I gotta make it even deal with your wife for the fun way, so Anil Cilliers has all the traits of a classic psychopath. Interesting, while Vicky is in her hospital bed. He was texting his girlfriend. He made off the side, Stephanie goal or she was also a parachutist, and he was also texting. His ex wife who sleeping with at the time and also trolling for sex workers on back pages online. Wow interesting what he was trying to do, trolling, I say searching He was trying to make a clean getaway from Vicki. How would this make anything easier for him. I guess the problem they make this made his life, obviously he's going to prison forever. It made his life much complicated that it had just break up. Just
break I'll, put the person or don't date, a skydiver. I I don't trust these guys up. They tempt death all the time they think about this, so everything becomes boring to them every two every single day. So you need to tell me your I'm dating a professional skydiver, and then I'm supposed to make love to this person and I'm there to spoke eggs expecting that gives them a frail year, doesn't give them a thrill. My body is in flying out of a plane at twelve thousand feet, noticeably this guy approached murder as if he were, if James Bond had like a desk. Job right is the kind of at that he would do. Well, it's a good thing. Double, oh seven was busy fighting all of those super villains in saving the world multiple times over. This guy is like he's like dead pool he's just like he. He wants death or I guess he wants well. I guess dead dead, dead pool Well, I nonetheless, whatever he's a bad person. Well, also put it this way. He spend a lot of time. We could have just been figuring. He could have been figuring out a way to get out of the relationship and said
figuring out how to murder somebody while he was also trying to get insurance money from Vicki there. It is not sure in Spanish because he spent all of his money he's in crippling debt because he would off on these excursions with Stephanie goal or or any money one sex worker or is what his ex wife, and so he it's basically trying to clean up all of his debts from his Phuc vacations with these people yeah. But it's never like that. It's never mind looks like that. No because the detective always turns around in his trench coat with his little cap, Bonnie says one more thing: he's done, one more thing when he was arrested when he was arrested. Me lonely said to the cops. I'm disappoint. That you would do this in front of my subordinates, which is a children who have his subordinates. He was a sergeant in the army, my god, baby, I'm sorry! caught in your perfect crime. I don't understand like the idea of making the
for crime if this is like, if you're ever in the middle of a crime plan and you're like this, is the perfect crime, You might as well just buy handcuffs on Amazon and just like just take yourself to the police department right it never is you don't understand human life is far stranger than you wanted to be. Things are not cut and dry. So speaking of gaslighting, someone If you also, if you feel like you're being gas in a relationship you most likely are being gas. This woman, this woman, was feel like it is happening. This woman was mentally bullied by this by meal. Victoria wasn't mentally bullied by this guy to the point: where how much evidence was presented in front of the court that a meal was the person who sabotaged your parachute. She initially acquiesced and said: yep, I guess that's the case. He you're, showing me all the evidence and also your show me all the text message records of this guy cheating on me constantly and then halfway through the court or halfway through the trial sheet,
as a hostile witness to our own murder case really, and she says no. This can't be the case. A mill loves me, couldn't have no, she went all the way river. She just lost she's completely gone, so yes it. She became it like a Stockholm syndrome, but that what happened was he found guilty so actually, last may of this year a male was sentenced to prison for life, all right, very good, and She can walk and everything she actually stood made a miraculous recovery. That's incredible! Alright! Well, hopefully, she gets the help she needs to 'cause. Obviously, this guy had quite a grip. On her mind we'll see. I remember this guy's. If they are you All of the signs are in front of you. If, unfortunately, you find a folder on your love ones got desktop. That says how to kill Cheryl right. You know for a fact that it's like it's not a bit. Even if he says it's a bit. No, it's the heat, that's not a good bit! Oh my! Well!
speaking of mind control? Let's do this story. We talked about it a little bit last week, it's from an article, there's actually a lot of articles, but this one is called leave this the name of this article or the title of this article is leave no dark corner so we'll just aren't you on this story a little bit more kind of to extend the conversation we had last week, and it will just follow this story throughout the year here in the years to come, because it really is out of the television show black mirror. It's not an episode, though this is happening in real life, so it's a dystopian vision of the future. It's already happened. In China. The communist party calls it a social credit system and it suppose to be fully operational by Twenty on the last episode Henry said: how are they tracking the people? Evidently they're going? use RFID chips to track the people's movements, their cars. Obviously, all the cctv cameras are all the cctv cameras that are all around So this is really a crazy story. What's going
happiness within years, and an official party outline claims it will quote allowed trustworthy to roam freely under Heaven will making it hard for the discredited to take a single step. If that's not horrifying. I don't know. What is the social credit is like a personal scorecard for each of China's one point: four billion citizens in one pilots already in place, each citizen has been at find a score out of eight hundred in grams. It's around nine hundred and citizens, with top scores, get b, treatment at hotels, airports, cheaper loans and fast track to the best universities and jobs, yeah buddy. No, it's about two uh things are really going down in China who are seeing. It happened from the top down there where here United States, where we are sort of doing it to ourselves into
We have our own personal monitoring of ourselves and the giving into the uh the Corporate Ocracy buying east phone buying all the things that are constantly tracking us. Very interesting, we're going to be on a point in time. Where do you We feel it's best to live in, world where? Well, as long as I have nothing to hide and there's nothing wrong and the idea of slowly but surely obliterating the idea of dissent, the idea that you even even have thought in your own mind, there's no You can behave this constant, so that everyone has to be perfect them all these perfect little angels with no pass that we have no, we views. We have nothing about us, it's a little janky this uh creating a homogenized group of perfect local brains. It is horrified if you go to this article, they show with the ccd cameras or the cctv cameras look like and they show how they monitor the people and again so
Sickly, folks, who are you know it's interesting? I was thinking about this in the context of our credit score system. In the USA, we have our credit score sheets for real dude, well yeah, and that's it's for real, and then I remember when my head bad credit. I was fucked. Yes, you have bad credit, and that is an indication of yourself worth that it's an indication to how the you are of getting good loans or getting into the nice communities and things like that in the US. However, you can build your credit score up, but of course we do have these kind of social systems in our country. To this takes that too next level without without At least it's like real life clout. It really is really realized cloud because a part of it is that you credit. Yes, we can increase it and it's got a a subtle effect on your life. It does things are things are stop. I mean like it's hard to get a car. Try to get a house is hard to do that kind of things, but it's a very subtle social deflection or something like this, where it's really really over and if you listen to up the interviewed, several citizens was I'm certain. We are the
so you don't have the entire per view of the situation, but there's going to be people that are only positively speaking about it, who would say anything bad about it. I would never say anything bad about it. Yeah they say yeah they're saying go. You were getting used to it, though just getting used to it, though that's absolutely horrified and the interesting thing coming back to our culture here, a lot of public or a lot of companies it comes to social media cloud. They'll target people who have, following on Twitter, Instagram Snapchat, all of these things and they'll they'll request that they become. Influencers and things like that. So it's interesting ' how we weigh our our clout as well. So we're not we're not squeaky. On this by any means, and certainly New York City, New York City is a surveillance state, but this again really takes it to the next level, because if you don't have a lot of social media, followers you're still free to roam the streets, the government's not going to be like stay in your home part of the way United States works. What seems to be is an unrepentant obsession with
being famous and a part of the way they do it in our on our capitalist system. Is that we're supposed to the idea is were for those that are super, successful, right and so part of it now? Is that are seeing the writing on the wall. Is that if you do, if hi, with the verified check, if I tweet at Delta, like I have a problem with Delta Delta, gets right back to me right, thank you going to be cause. It's like because I have the followers I could do. We want people see that they understand. That in a way, it's not equal it. Automatically in this little section here, where it's not equal, that people are getting a little bit more of a you. Get more customer service, you get writing were virtually everybody and be look at Taylor Swift. Now being really intense with their political views. And it's saying it's doubling voter registration in Tennessee. It's actually having a palpable effect, and so now we're going to see more and more people driving towards being famous doing whatever it takes, and this weird tie gantic self fulfilling machine.
You are nobody unless you're famous it's very it's very soon. It's very strange work. We are sliding in to transmit. So can fast t h, R. The heads are spent it's funny to address, but your policies were the greatest comic books ever will reduce the trouble. It's just interesting like I way way, which is one of the biggest call dissident voices of China or he's no longer in China, but he is an instagram following a five hundred thousand people, and so it's almost like, as we go forward, the battle between uh mortarion organizations like the chinese government and the the voices of dissident are going to be fought. It's going to be fought on social media. It's interesting! How right because it's very it's true 'cause, a part of what Trump
Gray was just the power of talking directly to the V. Voters is what actually swung bullshit his way and then what happened is that what we we are doing, the same thing were to have these of mass little clouds of many populations. They can use like a hammer against the powers of being forced twitter is also it's it's problematic in its own right speaking of authoritarianism, I believe that they have threads of that and Google. It naturally just goes along with everything the chinese government wants us or their. Google is quite different. That's why again you got to use getting or do go ahead, that's good anyway! So technically we should be downloading technically technically, everyone should be downing, tore services started getting on the fucking. That's where we start going into the breakaway internet. That's neck I love, which I think will be very interesting. You should and so just again going back to this story here. The folks on the bottom are gonna, be locked out of society, banned from travel barred from getting credit or any government government jobs. This is
will be enforced by the latest. High tech surveillance systems is trying to push pushes to become the world leader in art. Show intelligence, so the future is now and got to say it's not as fun as when I watched it insight by films. When I was like it's got a cool like it's fun to like watch, and then you still had like a normal society, but indeed there that's the war to come. So we'll keep an all race. It man, you know what to say, brace the madness. That's exactly it looks to be better with it. That's exactly what the chinese people so they're doing. Right now, with the social credit program, I that's, not what I mean, I don't mean like gold, let's not go along with it. It's just understand where we're at understand that this is the well we're at right. Now, is that things are very overwhelming and it feels like it's going at Lightspeed. It is going very fast, but you can catch up by keeping yourself educated, understand. Where things are headed and keep on personal life together, like glue,
If your family do what you love doing stuff like try to hold it, don't be swayed by the entire machine. 'cause you're, also watching the machine whip you up into a place where entirely controllable. So the woman that they follow in this study she's a she works for the government, loyal chinese citizen she's only at seven hundred and seventy at eight hundred. So she can't even get a perfect score anyway. So we will continue to follow that story for you as they start to implement it. It should be coming in next year and my I mean China talk about It is just very bizarre to see this happening again in our lifetime, because technology is allowing it we have to. We have to be very. We have to be very adamant. Control technology to be better make good things for us, not not all the bad, all well, there you go, I guess! Well, there you go there, you go well there. You go, then ok, Thank you. I think we fixed it. I think we fixed. Ever we always fix it. You know we always fix every show we fix it, we fix it, we fix it. Okay! Well, thank you. All
much for listening. We love you very much thanks for giving your page, you guys are the greatest. See anything else Henry, and we want to have any announcements to make next who be doing all listener Possum very spooky again, keep it out, like we watch your means, I'm making my way through the hellraisers. I will say Hellraiser three. It drops off well that friend guys I love Clive Barker. I really do but at some point they I think they stopped writing scripts. I think the pinhead comes a little bit more of like an antihero right right. Yes, that is well. You know it in bad. Who's watching. I watched the original saw last night with Brooke and I gotta say: first of all, it's not nearly as gory as I remember, and I miss Wen Jigsaw was actually still bad because now they did same thing with him, wherever when actually praises him because found life, threw him through him, torturing them, which all that shit, I don't think that's normal. He like makes escape rooms that give you
a moral clarity, yes once he becomes a moral warrior that it's like. What are we doing here? What's it like? I just I want to watch a horror movie. Yes, please, Lord! I don't need to see so close. I will say at this point when this episode drops the detective popcorn plushes will be available so go to Swetman protective popcorn, when you have that plushie you'll never be alone, you could have in your car. You could have it in if they let you take it through security at prison, if you're ever letting, if you're going to prison, maybe you could take it, I'm not sure and guess What I'm going to advise against you? Please don't fuk it. There's no reason to fuck it. I'm not, maybe even putting it in your head. Is it better, but I thought that was a stone carve a hole into it and fuck the popcorn plus she will take into voice it's not it's not good. It's not right. You just put that out into the universe, so we know for a fact. It's going to happen at least once now, I'm alright! Everyone! Thank you also.
You for listening, Hale yourselves. You could give your tones if you're out there open Google to make sure your life. Then, if you live in eleven you'll, definitely be learning. And yeah love it one hundred eleven eleven armed now, that's I can't even place European, which is how Furby says I love you. Oh that's very nice! Thank you! One hundred and forty three one, forty three. I love you! That's from the Mister Rogers Documentary and it's Mister, Rogers, obsessive, compulsive way of saying he loves you
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