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Side Stories: Threatin

2018-11-21 | 🔗

Happy Thanksgiving. Enjoy your self-induced tryptophan coma BUT FIRST listen to SIDE STORIES. This week, we've got drunk raccoons, serial killer Samuel Little, and the biggest little band in the world, Threatin.

Triple L.

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hey there ben kissel here for last network i want to tell you but my show abe lincoln's top hat for the nine years marcus and i have strived to present you with the most accurate and honest political podcast out there in these turbulent times it's our intention to unite the country with impassioned debate that reaches out to the rational against who find their voices more muffled every day every week i my political science background my experience running for office along with my life long passion to stand up for the downtrodden the wrongfully accused and the visible man and woman to bring you news like you haven't heard before let's face it national news has failed us we promise to always tell you the truth the best we see it and i personally guarantee to not be swayed by hyper partisanship but the guy did by fax to listen search abe lincoln's top hat on any podcast platform or go to last podcast network dot com and find it
under shows yourselves everyone there's no place this is the last podcast on the left hand side stories body is unique well yeah you know you made it that way it's i don't know it's really twelve but you twenty five million people yeah around the world have your exact same body what do you think of it talk about it when of the way i move i am wondering because i know i don't know how to ask your friends because it's like your body is obviously impressive because you are tall or whatever you want to say but i i almost like you you could add her
sure sure well i will say you got little legs and it's miracle they keep you up i love that about him i tell you more more because more because when i got the suit made for the wedding might the guy that made it was a full suit absolute it was a great suit and and i and we had a wonderful dress you guys were ten out of ten and all around you look wonderful but he kept saying this sentence your top half of your body and your bottom half for your body i like to do different bodies yeah and he had to be members like making two different suits right do you remember that it was a it was a mario video game and you had there was i think it was three things that would go left to right or right to left you had to match 'em all match all of 'em and they do not like extra life or something like that so you want yeah you have a mushroom top and then you want the mushroom body and then you get like fifty coins but then you have like the body of like you have like the legs bob mrs peach is it miss peach peach peach and the top of the mushroom
ok this is side stories and that's the extent of my video game knowledge when it comes to nintendo although now i am playing red dead redemption and i beat all of wolfenstein the whole entire series anyway i am bed that is henry it is me i know but i would say that it because friend can't just ask friends what they think of each other's body aches hey i feel like i feel like all other types of friendships do that no we never check in about how we feel we're looking we will call yeah all we do is travel around are literally or rider is nothing but meat and cheese and bud light so if we look like that size when i sit down then when i stand up and now i'm finding this because i like to wear my button down shirts and a lot of the times the button downs fit worse when i sit but look fine when i stand fast this is just fascinating well speaking of shirts the first thing we're going to start off with first of all we
to clarify what to be vulnerable on the show we vulnerable our our you know our connecting to the audience they want to hear what our inner lives are like i know all right first things first we have a small correction our live show in indy is november twenty not november so we apologize we said the 30th on the show but it go what it says on the website it is november 29th why do we keep saying that it's the 30th i have i think it's just because it's weird it's a thursday perhaps and i know he's a nice number two yeah nine doesn't really roll off the tongue right now but i don't we're just all trunks well that's possible i guess how much is it no you and i are yeah well it depends on your definition were very active which helps we do have speaking of booking shows we do have a really super
extremely funny story about this band coming on later up coming up later on here in this episode but first things first we always have to keep you updated on what's going on with casey anthony now there really isn't a story here but there is a picture that's been making the making its way around the internet casey anthony she stopping at the dollar tree which you know there's a lot people who are like she didn't get hurt she didn't get any when there's no justice for caylee grocery shopping at the date of the the dollar tree it's not i thought great i've bought the exit the dollar it's a good thing to go if you got to stop and you get them to the base if you need some one ply toilet paper if you need some spider monk share stories wordsley or comic books anything sort of ripoff superhero action figures you that was i always knew it was a bad things weren't going great it was tax season when you got to go to the dollar you went to the dollar store and your mom was like pick out two toys and you're like i guess i'm going to
is wrestling figure that just has no clothes don whatsoever he just called the naked gargantuan and my own one over it's like strongman let's just say he man rip off i think i had several strong man figurines or it says browning or the plant but you know what that's good because we diversified our toy collection economically this is not an elitist toy collection we don't need just the fanciest toys have some dollar tree toys in there as well put your leftist rhetoric with my parents bought poverty so casey anthony she's seen walking out of the dollar tree and why is this such a funny picture again every it's gallows humor i understand but she is wearing a ruth bader ginsburg shirt this shirt it says it says fight for the things care about with half of the face of ruth gator of ruth bader ginsburg fight for the things you about which i guess in casey anthony's case well we
she cares about having a good time gammon having an empty you did i know you guys do with friends i hope he's not goshen inside or does feel like you can go should fly because they're just going to mediate lee get rid of the child i'm not really sure i have no way to react but i it's just one that they just hand you the shirts now yeah you get how do we deal with this this is a part of like the new centrist democrat thing that people upset about where now is casey anthony is she going to come out in support of people don't we going to have to deal with the fallout of that well honestly casey i want to come on a blanket stop at i would love to hear your political views i'm sure they're fascinating it is putting it would like to ask our audience would you be upset right spoke with casey well you know 'cause yeah right i understand yeah i don't know i wonder if people would be out 'cause partial partially i'm very interested i feel that now
he would be upset with me but i would be i think that i don't always i mean now he's obviously the moral compass of our home sure i don't have a lot of feelings so a part of it is that when i die i would like to see with casey anthony just for the interest of it but i also know that she's a murderer so maybe it's bad to make money off of that yes absolutely you would it is a little i guess we have to deal with is it classless or is it educational a tough one yeah let us know and will ever be put casey anthony i have no idea what she does but that sure is interesting what difference though what is the true difference between classless and educational very little i'm saying very little technically jerry springer little classless kind of educational who else how else would i know with the clan would look like if they got together with the
power movement or the black panthers at christmas how well what i know how that would go down without jerry springer that's how we know and is it like is it classless to find out the reaction is if you stick a rubber ducky your asshole jam like honestly there is an educational experience in there just cut to henry in handcuffs getting this sorted out from his gym just screaming like it was science it was for science alright fight for the things you care about obviously we know she wanted to carefree lifestyle and casey if you do read this is just a stupid little tmz story if you read the comments it is funny that they like people trying to get go with it they're like typical liberal typical will democrats don't care about the life of a childish it's like oh my god oh my god do not go crazy here lately anyway so honestly that are just trying to hide that picture 'cause ruth ginsburg said probably somewhere being like
sister girl i think she has a that is casey anthony yes i remember she had a water series on are you by doctor way too close to home given our current circumstances but yes so anyway casey anthony interest do you think that when it comes casey anthony what do you think her feelings are regarding being haunted by or hunted by the papparazi because i guess when you're a celebrity you say yes this is horrible after i love britney when she shaved her head i love that we talk about that our live show leave britney alone but at least they were getting money case you have any broke and did by paparazzi that's he's kind of like hell i think that there is a thought somewhere deep inside of her obviously speaking out of my asshole because i am not casey anthony nope but i believe that
he enjoys the attention up to a point i think that she likes being relevant i think that he probably caters to then i think she had for a while yeah because she was advised to yes by certain people i think they said well maybe you should stick out of it i think that she has been currently being advised to being able to be more popular this does not happen with out a pr person right she will hired somebody that is telling for telling the papparazi where shall be sure going out all of this is orchestrated always as soon as you see these pictures sometimes it's which moments but a lot of times it's plant you know it's interesting i'm thinking i'm trying to think of people whose celebrity careers were catapulted by crime the first name that comes to because john waters put her in so many movies patty hearst patty hearst flip it and reverse that 'cause if you watch the actual story
but she was into it she was quite it she wants to one like she she was you look great in that bray with a machine gun to look great she was alone at one point in the van were well her compadres went rob a store and they were running out into the owner of the store came out with a gun was like giving back give me back my rubber bands but they were stealing and she just straight up god god it was just like understood up this there was no i'm telling her to do it she did it everyone's like damn patty like you i don't indian movies i actually wonder why i wonder who it's like robert bly career was destroyed destroyed oj simpson could never made that frog man movie ever again he can't do that now and there's not coming back to make naked gun with him anymore no do that i'm trying to think who else could have been catapulted bike i'm most of the time it hurts most of the time it hurts and you can see or at the very least most of the time you have like a charles manson yes catapult in a fame sense but
no free sense nine hundred and three walking around gets to go do a dollar tree right because charles manson would have loved to have gone to a dollar to my background man i can't believe this soap everywhere if you don't have to steal it from a rapist not that i need it now sir han sir had and charles manson fighting over soap would be quite fascinated i'm sure it happened i think they were just trying to give it to each other maybe i don't want to lead to watch the reverse fight over something alright that's casey anthony edit it get amazon or email us at side stories l well at gmail email let us know what call liberties are cat have been catapulted by crime they're free and their careers took off because of it that's a really unique a unique soul the angle there so can also narrow down the crime we need to commit to get to the next level
seems like murder it is it has to be murder i don't want to murder no you don't we all we talk we blab blab no i want steal a diamond oh if we got all dressed in black because you're easily view be a very interesting cat burglar yeah is things such as like a like a bear burglar it's like there's a reason it's not named after like a it's not like a moose burglar but you are built to be a diversion if we put you in a kilt honestly like a kilt with uh with uh nagger shirt on you have a you go out there with booking sparklers and you just start fucking smashing up cars the parking lot yeah it's a grand old flag at the pipeline that's like you will get all the security up out of the building and then i can do something think think think all in black
very little beanie cap on in my suction cup gloves like this i did get into the time i've always can dream yes indeed well if you want to watch a good movie about a cat burglar and someone who perhaps killed i connick last is a is an interesting documentary if you get a chance very interesting documentary that guy is a character i love art crime i think it's very very interesting absalon so time traveler from thirty seven hundred brings back part of robot he killed during human versus a i wore he's got a lot of compelling things that are that you're remember andrew basiago are there man that i i'll be voting for in the twenty twenty current coming product bird presidential election okay because i don't have the free will to do it because he's already told me he's from the future i then i'm going to do it all right that's how it is so it's like that's how you got my vote aye man who claims he is in time traveler from the year three thousand seven hundred says he is brought back part
a robot he killed with his own hands yes the unknown man claims to have moved to canada at the age of fourteen and began working at the national secure libre laboratory of canada when he was eighteen as a quote load major assistant yeah what is a major assistant that sounds like such a sad job i feel like travis we could have called you back that closer in their intern days sir court a court intern days then you would have been a major assistant that's what we're like the title is spot yeah it's like you do all the work look someone who is full time employed but we don't pay you like you are major assistant experience is the payment about how much you learn travis watching grow over the years
so this dude oh my god he's learned so many positive traits so many things just rush into my mind there's a reason that he's no longer eats meat or drinks alcohol 'cause he's like i've seen what it does to you guys and i miss i i've learned to be a sober vegetarian or child this is honestly if we had a childhood like course you are you won't watch the game or eat a burger with me or have a bud light who are this is how your rebel the man made the claims in an interview with apex via youtube chan which scribes itself is one of the biggest voices of paranormal on youtube and has nearly eight hundred thousand subscribers ok his face obscured by pixels he describes an operation that he claim it happened last year we spent many groups and single travels to the future i was all so involved in that groups and was having with them we were traveling to random years but our main target was the year
thirty seven hundred don't you know a year three i follow suit humanity was entirely replaced by robots artificial intelligence and softwares ok said this is this is the next sentence coming up here i just find to be one of the most confusing sentence is of all time i've been to the year three thousand not much is change but they do live on that is such a huge change how well can you say not much has changed but there fish now how you talking so that is a massive change it's a big flip what do they still have atms i mean what is happening is it big flip he went on to say that on september 20th in the year three thousand seven hundred every robot on earth started a war he claim so over thirty percent of humans were destroyed in their first attack not exactly robot seventy percent like that sucks this is what i'm saying if robots want to fucking come at the throne they gotta win alright
robots who had artificial intelligence once they understood their power they understood dominance above humans and raised above them they were slaves but became the leaders war had been started the war that kind of nobody seen before a lot of he has got a couple has a lot of errors and there is there is a lot with with lot so a lot of in fact the claim the using the robots were not successful in limiting the entire population was because they could not get access to the codes for the launching system of nuclear rod how would may be able to this is why i know this might be two skeptical having a hard time believing him because if you are a robot you back door you can get access to any codes create the code you are the harbinger of the codes you the whole thing is in robot hands already basically isn't it the codes are just like written on i know scrabble board
behind the bookshelf in the oval office is the year three thousand so i think they may i've understood because there's a book than the three body problem that i was reading for fault would seem to be a close to six months that series a but they realize that the robot the nanomachines that were watching them the he's the alien race that they were versus they were versus in those books and sent these microscopic machines to watch every action of humankind i realize that the way they could figure out to beat them is that what they had to do this thing called the wall face our program where they would sit and the ideas essentially they gave people for the four people full license to do whatever they wanted with the only form of armed forces the world of science is an education and anything going on but the plan had to be kept in their mind so the plan had to be in a way that the robots could not get too because at this point we're still imagining that the robots cannot actually
read minds so if you capture your codes in your brain if they understood that's how it had to be that legitimately they were passed from person to person secretly but like any we don't to kill the person with the codes no but then the codes you're gone yeah then how do you know who has the codes ok boss by word of mouth something like that so he does have a picture of a hand of this thing which is it's a bunch of gears he's aware flannel sting looking piece will he do any fisk yeah the record he but he described his arm that there were two kite types of robots at the time a real bits if you want to be a fucking annoying sci fi author all right were military ones and things called fox robots yeah so these had they'd faces and bodies that were similar to humans but they had big strong hands and then he killed the fox with his own hands
ok and it says here he says in the video is he holds up the hand of the robot there is so much power this little hand and it kind of idea on one hundred pieces the fox is proven very fast and it was difficult to shut down them even although they were jumping very high and if it would notice in approach to you your chances to stay alive would be missouri right he goes how to say there's been a total of the eighteen expeditions to the year three thousand seven hundred and yeah i mean this is interesting stuff here so what do you think happens now they bring up the idea of the butterfly effect obviously the great ashton kutcher film ashton kutcher vehicle yes at the ashton kutcher vehicle who i'm a fan of by the way i just push this back to some people criticize them i mean they literally had to remake the movie jobs because of movie steve jobs they had they had to read
do a biopic because it did not work he managed to beat them to the punch on a huge biopic that just everyone did it the whole world did uh well under there i mean what do you think his biopic it will get back to the store in a second his biopic versus bill murray's version of not fear and loathing but his version of hunter s thompson versus johnny depp i like bill murray version but johnny depp is much more accurate bill murray and johnny depp with with friends of huntress thompson thompson the they both a very i would say honestly that bill murray's are roach two hunter s thompson was actually closer to the way he really was in terms of speaking and vocal text but the two of them becoming fear and loathing was it's blows the other movie out of the water also because of benny feel del toro is almost gone so is fantastic i'm i would say we were just talking about the butterfly effect
this guy is here uh what's going on ok if we are in the world now that is because i i think about this quite a bit we have psychically built all world we are sort of living in an eight dot version of an eighties dystopia movie where we have put the date we have put the cartoon version of the president in place sub consciously because we are actively we are trying to the thirty year olds that control entertainment right now helping to create the robocop of their childhood they want her and so we what if that's what happens what if there's a concert reverberation of
two new we just talk with we just talk with peter beaver golf was talking about how all magical thinking this is sort of recycling of old thinking mixed in with new concepts that would lead towards a new future and doing something different yes maybe that's kind of where we're at now i i under i i could hear what you're saying on that and if you get a chance if you have given to our page run first of all thank you so much for doing that this week's interview fascinating peter beeper golf he is the author of season of the witch which was a book that we used extensively for our david episodes he also was a book called strange frequencies which are two wonderful read so it goes up it's a great interview if you get a chance so this guy he says that it was his public duty to tell the truth and that he needs people to know about the upcoming apocalypse oh there it is by the way this is you of the side stories articles come from a weird places this is from unilad dot com which is also a website that the deals in art
cuz like a dog on a board holds like record for number of you yo tricks while puffing junkie clouds out there like that to kind of you know what it is that kind of place so just to do you believe it or we say we believe you allowed on this this time travel the last true source of news yeah look at this other title other headlines and then it needs make an eight mile sequel honestly i love the file was great i can go for eminem to make another one domino's garlic bread pizza crust now exists in italian that's nice my dude i'm blade tears up as he accepts star on hollywood walk of fame i am canceling my new york times app subscription an i'm just reading unilad from now on this time travel story it's full of like these kind of contra dirty details like you know everything is the same but were underwater this is very much like a thing my grand father used to tell me whenever i would do something stupid he would turn
we can say one fine day in the middle of the night two dead men got up to fight back to back they faced each other drew their swords and shot each other and that was supposed to mean you're dumb butt we'll just play it as it lies yes exactly you just going to roll with this alright well i like that i like that poem well i will say according to this is ghostbusters three with the original cast being written a confirms dandaka rod and i will say it's not that he's it's not ok hopeful pipe dream there's no way that's true that you know there in fact that its own are you in a lab dot co dot uk right i think we've given unilad enough coverage it's probably the most they've ever had but that sounds great about ghostbusters three alright the story i want to get to first koons drunken crab apples cause rabies scare in west virginia
rabid animals we become when do we become the fold so we are we golf wilford brimley now what's his name from willard scott yeah it's got scott also want to give a shout out to herbert bumper bop he is a thirty years old today what a guy we love it alright rabbit animals this is going back here to the raccoon story of west virginia west virginia animals are of course no laughing matter the rabies and in fact the central nervous system resulting in disease and death but that he after a host of increasingly scary symptoms partial paralysis agitation hallucinations hydrophobia and a british man children died in morocco after they were bitten by a rabid cat so this is very serious rabies and it is very serious of rabies incredibly serious so everyone
in this town this is in milton wv and you could imagine in milton this story is pretty massive this is the biggest story or weaponizing themselves that is very scary to have a bunch of drooling crazy raccoons walking around 'cause you don't wanna get rabies is a bad way to die yeah you're not going to be happy with it but you are but then they're just word and then you just have to identify with well there hammered and it's like oh how do you get drunk off of crab apples with just fermentation is the same way that you make your prison hooch you just get all the you already know this you get all the fruits together give it a couple of weeks and then you yourself some brunette toilet which a part of me really wants to try primo prison wine i really want to try it because i heard people discuss it and there the way that they just i believe it is like a prison some all yeah hey there is like like it's a it's an it's not the it's gotta earthy flavor but no one ever says it's good but i think it
it's very sugary they had a lot of sugar so i would assume it's like mad dog two thousand and twenty meets four loco something like that which is never i'm looking at it right now this also causes so typically fermenting massive fruit called the motor or kicker in prison par lance is retained from batch to batch to make the fermentation start faster the more sugar that is out of do they for a higher alcohol content right but on this point the waste prada the fermentation mainly alcohol cause the motor to die or go dormant in the e environment blah blah blah it says the say tartness in a the sweet flavor yet i could imagine it's stream probably taste like manischewitz so so these raccoons acting like a bunch of people who just had way too much prison hooch they were acting erratically behaving strangely and everyone is like damn it we have
rabies outbreak which again is henry alluded to great be more great b movie horror plot but they part two of 'em and they realized there were dealing with a different issue the raccoons weren't rabbit they were hammered this is according to the at least they said turns out they appear to be drunk on crab apples had please also describe them as staggering and printed the apprehended the we're headed animals were held in custody and allowed to sober up in what can is raccoon drunk tank which is honestly the cutest day ever for a local jail well you just have to hammered raccoons like sleeping stewie sleep it off herbert i'm writing cartoon raccoon drunk tank that is great i would watch it a fucking second another term for another descriptor for pernod is bio flavored wine cooler i like that this is not the first time this is
happened by the way by the way the two the record sobered up and there free to go they just went right back to the wild this isn't the first time this happened it also happened in gilbert mn i love the names of these towns they received reports that quote bird so this is what i think we actually covered this story birds well i need to windows cars in acting completed on this show on the show have covered this drug cannibals have become it's kind of my favorite stories so anyway if you're in if you're in milton west virginia watch out for the drunk raccoons this is one person commented on the chiefs post he said this explains why if its seven birds with my car this week again that's in minnesota so it happens hey i was aiming for him they are they are we i don't know what happened i like drunk animals 'cause there's a very sweet story and it's not just it's not just drunk animals it's also stoned animals this also happens this involved story involved a chihuahua what it was com man
i read it happened with different areas also cited many examples of chihuahuas lapping up bong water cats being exposed to back and even rabbits spirits and birds getting accidentally stone so don't wow honestly a stone chihuahua it might help it might help with chill out a little bit absolutely but also so i could see i mean ed did the same thing listen for roundtable dogs died inside no it was back in college when need to go to one of like the place we used to smoke all time there should be a dog and he be like no thank you look name and the dog would like come up while people smoke and he's like he likes it no no i don't think he does no no dogs are confused enough they don't need anything like that alright so willard scott still alive he's going to be
well to do his own willard scott turned one hundred congradulations willard scott you should be honestly and you should be we should all feel this way al roker says he is hash tag inspired by mentor willard scott i love it all hashtag it's right story alright it's going to be a saga that unfold full ok imagine because we are that we found the story this is a story that was sent to us by through email and i love it it's too bad let me actually should i i don't know if we should let me know there was what was one person in particular sent me this email let me know if you feel like you if people want to be shout it out for sending us the stories because i don't want to do it against your well because sometimes who knows what yeah exactly so that but thank you for everyone who dm's us in emails you guys are awesome yeah
it's tough to to decide that so that's what we just said we won't do names because some people are more introverted than others yes so this is about the la band threaten now it's fifty only reason why i feel like this fold into the world of side stories is because it's metal and what i love yep is the the the the in a world of metal at especially after we went to we are norwegian black metal series right and the weird intense reaction i got when i told people that i'm a fan of ghost yes sing a picture of it people on both sides people very very intense where i personally believe it however i like what i like i went to a ghost ritual and fun the rule i had a great time but i also understand that it's like a spook show it's like it's both funny and it
satanic and technically it's the anton lavey's satanic ideal but we'll get into also people don't like it because it's not serious enough they think that maybe it's 'cause you know the the axiom kissel the fake metal but that is like alex cooper sort of define meaning that he kind of created that over the top guillotine really what have we learned is that all metal is a is even the your darkest most evil that you like is performing have a little bit that's like big beer guys that go to the and if they're not going to the store somebody to go to the store and if they're live i told like they're they're doing ship they have a life and sometimes will have dogs yeah sometimes you know they they'll drive a prius because they have a prius justin there out it's happen sometimes i would i love to watch marilyn manson just picking out pills buried just the pillsbury little might not not the muppets what we got there the roles rolls cinnamon roll
ok never mind going i just feel to me all fucking metal is going to be whatever it is whatever it is that you like it fucking get into it if you want to metal is the best it should be allowed inside of your soul to speak so that i had a chance to meet jerry only from the misfits and i haven't even with that my friend cats birthday party if you what do and i'm not demeaning anything but if you want to just know like what happens his favorite thing to do who is on sundays watch the greg gutfeld show on fox news with his mother but that's so that's what they're just people that said jerry was extremely extremely nice and i'm happy that he supports my friends programming i suppose that's great yes alright so la band threatened faked a fan base to land a european tour that no one attended this is a deep dive in this story is coming out as it go as we we're going to we're going to see more about this story but essentially this guy goes by the name the front man and leader jerrod threaten hipo
this is a non existing booking agent he landed gigs he used fake live footage legend pack shows in los angelus he bought facebook lights event rsvp s youtube views an lied about ticket sales numbers two swindle venue owners and talent buyer buyers into taking on an entire european tour we're literally talking about this is it's incredible the amount of shows is i'm trying to find the it's was called the break in the world woohoo dot uk in europe which is fucking swedish it it was one hundred and twenty three million four hundred and fifty six thousand seven hundred and eighty nine ten dates throughout europe and they were saying that apparently there was a little bit on the smaller side the venues but you're talking about the way he said to these opening bands and all this should people you try do it that it was completely sold out right and then he arrived to perform at empty venues using an entire cobbled together fan
i love it if you can do you can do what he could you know this is this reminds me a little bit of kevin costner in field of dreams i think yeah juror threaten jerry's writer would threaten you know yes he's been sort of criticized demonized some people calling him a liar and rightfully so sophie but he had caught him and measure but he built it now they did not come at this time but i think this is going to launch threaten i would go to a threatened concert it sounds kind of fun and also they who are the three people that showed up 'cause literally the number was like four people at one you three with his list it was the people he brought i love it it is it's this story will unfold but yes there's a part of me that does understand the you just got build your own fucking though you had have to sell yourself you have to start somewhere and then event
this is you know maybe pans off into something else sure problem is it when you get all of these other bands involved can you ruin their night ruin their money right well that is one of the funniest quotes here obviously the opening bands extremely limit this is a quote from the lead singer of the band the unresolved he says so my bad the unresolved played last night at asylum two in birmingham the day before seventh of november we got a message from the machines explaining there was nobody at their bristol show with brett and the thought the thought they'd been ripped off by the band booking we spoke with asylum who told us that they've been we spoke with asylum who told us they'd been told it was a sell out but they check tickets and there were zero asylum made it free entry so asylum the unresolved and goes to the machines are extremely can you order stuff you want his off ghost in the machines i don't know
yeah yeah so this is what he just straight up so this is his response so he hasn't stories this so one of his responses i think is very very interesting 'cause he what is fake news i turned i turned an empty room into an international headline if you are reading this you are part of the illusion honestly noon jerry threatened i am getting on board with threatening do we could correct it as home such a decimal he's got out axel rose like bravado but again no fan base which is really incredible fortunately we are are i mean we are boosting the signal sure we probably shouldn't even do it but it's just so i need to see the goal of it when you look at it i'm like john viener the booking agent the booking manager at the underworld within the venues they played right they played the full shell they've paid awesome
a higher fee upfront were obliged to see the thing through the most remarkable thing is that it didn't seem to bother threatened he seemed quite happy to give it all without an audience i love this guy also you don't even know so he even did this so hashtag marketing hashtag psychology hashtag social media at joe rogan so he's trying to get on joe rogan honestly i'm sure that he will be on joe rogan why not an feel free to come on our show jerrod threaten we could yeah i know i would love to talk to you about he goes by the name jerry teams used to build a with a black metal band called say to a ttth but that was really it so they say it's really it's remarkable that they were able to pull this off it seems stage right booking was a fake entity and if you actually go to spotify you'll see this band which i'm interested it's interesting that these venues didn't do any research they were like looks good if you
spotify you see they have forty three monthly listeners on spotify so it's forty three so that's actually think about three or four people at each show in in the uk technically those are fans i just don't know how to on fortunately i don't know how to not support i'm no i had a i don't know how they i don't know how to go and not to end like this this will obviously will this will play out over the next couple but we've worked too hard did he get i don't all this we just do all of us i mean marcus i mean obviously whatever we his eyes are he's parked he's fine he's fine he does yeah either all of the event we were we to stop you don't know what is behind the scenes in spiritual work to show you we don't have to go anyway i have a question henry did he get this tour paid for did he just he paid
oh he did pay for it he paid all he said he paid all the fees up but his shows coming up so we'll see what so he can now the problem is that he did this and now you're shows coming up and so they're going to i mean we'll see what happens 'cause it feels like he could almost have drummed up his own audience it's honestly stranger things have happened and as henry alluded to earlier they can tell you may again i guess and we'll see if those uh those folks start paying attention but now i didn't actually listen to any of the music have you had a chance to hear any songs from threaten they seems to be that a lot of this should got pulled down see this is the thing why yes he's lying yes he's a con man but the music is still authentic right yeah i can i'm trying to find any all the so we i have a little bit of this live footage of the fan based
making band threatened there was a one video of it there's a screenshot them it here we go i'm going to listen to it this pretty innocuous rock and roll we can here i'll send it to you right now it's in the it's in the article no no it's those got deleted no the first one there you can still click click play on but that's fake oh that's not the band no i thought that they put their music over that no i i will i is that i don't know music i thought that was their music that they put over the footage of another band on stage that sold it out but i'm not sure 'cause i never heard them before oh my god i love this so much it's a fake you to pay it's a fake youtube video that they the this laughable description that says live video threaten got this video last june i could only get a few seconds here and there the crowd was pretty wild
i kept almost dropping my phone great i would i would be one of the people that would go i i think it would be kind of fun to see them if you're the lone guest in attendance you feel like you can like a king bee treated to some rock and roll music it does seem to be fairly innocuous thrash metal that seems to be fine were you know you listen to it it's it's fine it's fine i'm going to say yeah it's fine
the stuff i was listening to hear from their live stuff it's pretty good it's pretty standard if i needed to hire a metal band to be bg sure in the back of a how'd seen like a at a concert scene in a movie i could see hiring them why not absolutely i could see the hurt in a troma film something like that something like i i feel like that's where they're angling towards that they really want to make it to the flock movie business see they they already have the gumption for it i want to threaten to show right now i love it the world most successful lease except the most successful least successful band that i've ever heard of it what threatened yeah yeah that's good more famous band with no fanbase no fan they literally not a single fan it's pretty fantastic for really is an it got to us it did alright the story for me now this story it's just horrifying because it's a home invasion story in home invasion stories always terrify me a burglar
attacked a adams county man with a meat cleaver now this too place in littles town in adams county pennsylvania please county are asking for the public's help after a little sounds couple is attacked with a meat cleaver and a pole in the middle of the night so what happened at one thousand two hundred and thirty am monday morning eric enjoy mad madness i believe of littlestown say last man and woman with a wooden pole meat cleaver walked into their home in the middle of the night this is uh in two the male victim he said he for money or something and when i saw when i saw you had a meat cleaver ask for money or something and then i saw he had a meat cleaver so i jumped up to defend my family like a hero and then he said he started to hit me with a meat cleaver story of naturally but this guy i will say far is a brave family man when you think about like what you you want your and to do it there's a home invasion he
from the right up and he was nicholas cage and mandy he was like i will defend my family i will defend their honor and then he would only labor but we're did so our duty yeah order is to be already on stay that my job is in our home like natalie's obviously more deadly than i am sure so my job is to slow the man down by making him tired by murdering me first make him tired as he screams as i'm screaming and he started wrestling oh yeah come out to natalia can kill him know it was a common fantasy that i had and still do have like the idea of protecting you loved one taking a bullet for them in theory would be nice to live afterwards but that is a common male fantasy where it's like and i died a hero i think kevin costner to reference twice in what episode in bodyguard with with whitney yes maybe that's just like that disoriented from the blow to his head i think
it's maxie's it's m a c z i s i'm not quite sure looked up and realized the attack wasn't over he threw this is the intruder through the pipe at her that's the the other trigger his female counterpart and told her to will my wife joey mazza says there their friend ran upstairs to hide from the attackers will she ran out the front door screaming hoping someone would hear this according to joey she says i just immediately jumped over the table to run for help because it felt like we were going to die i didn't think my husband was going to make it out as soon i came out i was on my phone calling nine one one telling them they needed to get someone here because there's a lady outside saying somebody is trying to kill her meanwhile inside me it says the intruders were destroying everything insight they were busting tv's fish tanks and even their curiel and i grew up in a house with a curio cabinet it was the only thing my mother had
is precious at all we had little hamels in there and that would that aggravates me because a mother loves the curio and you don't mess with the curio cabinet was the only thing you couldn't even look at it in my head really talking all of this is my worst nightmare yeah oh yeah of course i mean this is horrified as we all fit mall how's my own mom's house is a curio cabinet yeah dude who country cabin bulshit i'm surprised that this woman didn't turn around and just be like you don't fuck with my curio cabinet and just go like when a mom lives a car right yeah yeah rip his arms off exactly like what a mom lips a car off a baby or something the adrenaline penguin my niece got from me from the zoo in twenty twelve so unfortunately the couple has not been found yet they have some surveillance footage but the police are asking for help and he says the the victim goes on to say i don't know if they were trying to rob us
never seen these people before he added i don't want to sleep i don't want to sleep because i i don't know who these people are i am worried about my family myself i'd like to see them caught and process cuted home invasion thank god no one died but that is truly the most horrifying the horror trope because it is not common but more plausible than than a demon a person i tell you what would have been even more interesting that they're like i hope he gets a television show i i think that i think he's got a lot of things going for him and he's got the initiative uh so there's a cup stories that's terrifying yeah thank you terrifying story we don't we for some reason we covered all the feel dumb stories really thoroughly today and none of the really important true crime story that did come out but i mean we have is our programs are show so part of it's a weird going to just bring this guy up that we need to
and then obviously we're going to cover this in more detail as it goes this man is name is samuel little seems he clay seems he's america's deadliest serial killer with ninety victims of you leave him there is this is very very interesting case we start getting too he was convicted in september fourteen of three murders of three women from between one thousand nine hundred and eighty seven and one thousand nine hundred and eighty nine and it seems to be he had already been uh suspect of a murder in the 80s and eight seems he also had a lifestyle where he was a petty criminal re sensually just roamed from town to town he had been arrested six times between one thousand nine hundred and fifty seven to one thousand nine hundred and seventy five ok but eleven states on charges ranging from shoplifting to rape and aggravated assault on a police officer he the car's he put his large hands to use boxing fellow
inmates fighter and an amateur boxing when that's what he said apparently that's what he used to murder people he would beat people to death with his hair yeah three women that he did he would beat them and strangle them yep and then it seems yeah it was two thousand and fourteen samuel little he's also known as samuel mcdowell it this is one of those cases where dna evidence were able you it was able to be used and those cold cases were from eighty seven to nineteen eighty nine and now so we have we said how many people he has admitted ninety people this guy has committed to murdering button out is that if we talk about this on last podcast proper quite right generally it's always bizarre to me when people like blow up that i'm actually worse than you think do you think it's possible for to have killed ninety people i wonder because we are
this comes up a lot do we believe zero killers when they say what they do say that they now have evidence that is attaching him to a couple of cold cases ok already investigating so so things are panning out we'll find out what's happening but we also see quite a bit as that guys trump up their numbers 'cause it helps them get respect in jail sure so that he's an old man at the end of his powers he's moving into gail is a murderer he wants to trump up his numbers that he gets more the feels that he will get more respect and raisin if you viewed it also kind of owes to his own ego what do we know about serial killers they think of there a lot more import yeah really are so they wonder why you feel like that that's part of what's going to come out over time right but they're going to go through and piece it together piece by piece we look at somebody like we got henry we lucas
henry lee lucas that is a man that he claimed to murder punchers of people he was a drifter so that's a part of it so deep did have the wherewithal he could have done it the first thing i said when i when i read it i was like well was he like a truck driver confirms truck drivers those guys 'cause the ideas that you could go back and forth he murdered quite often the less dad did seem to be with workers and people that went missing homeless people on and we'll find out i'll find out and of course there was also that story about what was the name of the little guy the guy who was who billy guess yeah peewee he also might have furniture others patrick i bet billy key is a man that is and he did that on purpose because he was little right so since littles confession he has been linked to thirty unsolved crimes and authorities have firmed his role in at least nine other cases
law enforcement agencies are going to continue to go into it this is a quote so far we don't have any false information coming from so so far every best to gatien or all of the crimes that he is admitted to do is they slowly go through him so far he knocking out of out of the park yep like that's definitely him so who knows find out what we well i know that if he happens to be the most prolific serial killer that mean then you will unfortunately end up as an epic so the last podcast on the left perhaps so he will end up going so we're one point so where would he i don't even like to use these terms but i this is what it is where would you rank i guess randy craft another killer he claimed to kill as many as sixty five people and was convicted of sixteen to forty nine murders of course we know the green river killer gary ridgeway so this dude comes in with ninety not that it's a game or a sport but it would be significantly higher than
right now what is considered to be america's most pull a prolific color so it's definitely a story will will follow up on it how long do you think it's going to take for them to go through ninety or now i guess eighty one more murders i mean going to be a long's log two three hours a couple of flurries in three easy i think all shifts can be pretty easy and then you're gonna slap us all should together and all have all this in the back by christmas all right perfect i love it it gets schedule i know what you're up to so he was a horse to about six foot three two hundred pounds it's a scary he's scary individual yes indeed it is one of those that we talk about all the time that it's never the ones that you don't see coming it's always the ones that you definitely see coming the one that you definitely see i mean i feel are even more dangerous the ones you don't take because you see it coming they come and they do bad they do bad things to you even though you're like i know you're going to do that
right to be joe because i've got all right i was right yeah that's those are horrible last words were like saw that coming when i saw that coming we want to do this story about the mom accused of murder in ohio or in feel like this is the we need to just do this for we need to do that story first episode the first story not sure until we are we have run out of time but we're going to do this story of the ohio execution style murders yes next week we will and will have a little bit more information we got some court dates coming up for them so we'll have a little bit more insight into what the hell happened and what's going to happen as that family now goes back in her fam the wagner family so well thank you all so much for listening and again the correction it is no number 29th in indiana plus that's when we will be there so
we cannot be there will be i don't care if there's not a show because that's when i'll be doing a show yeah that's when we booked but we have a fan base we i mean it's okay we're not live with okay and we're not lying i don't think i don't see the show you'll see there are other people there sure yeah definitely yeah and we've definitely not fake our numbers are trump any of our use any sort of bought farm now we have would do that honestly we never did that it took us a lot longer a lot longer problem we did all of the hard way by having a family yeah not the guy i don't i'm disagree with it yeah because i feel like we should have cheated well there was a lot of when uh and started with the twitter and facebook i noticed i know comedians personally note not known no one that you all know its the but they would be like i just bought a million followers on twitter and be like you're an open mic comedian we have a million followers like oh you haven't gone viral anyway so you haven't gone viral because you're the only
only know you because you were literally standing in front of them and we are both very not successful i know that because you're standing by me and i am not accessible alright everyone thank you so much i remember every day yeah i live man huh was i laughed and you're staying out particularly had a rough day yesterday ok yeah i mean so we just lived but i didn't stop loving good because my penis won't let me that's great so my penis in my mind in my heart will let me stop loving my penises the general my mind is like the secretary defense and my heart is like the guns like god gun president it's like a firearm it's the gun it's the weapons well i would get a something i i thought that was even better for me to do yesterday is funcom smoke jump in twist
i guess you something else again if you have given to our patriotic and thank you so much be sure to check out this weeks interview with peter bb all it is absolutely fascinating he is a master of all things a adult so it's informative in many ways so i want to be when i grow up cool everyone hail yourselves hail satan magoo stellations help me watch all the lawn demand yes check out treadmill dot com slash on demand slash strolled want i will stop i will stop promoting it when i make my money back i swear to god well i i think we'll be hearing about it for awhile if you get a chance netflix had a couple of great this uh this past couple weeks haunted this is actually really fun it's real it was also talk to well actually we should cover what happened in episode two on this show
there's it's starting to pan out yeah they're starting to find out that the serial killer family might have been real yeah so it's really in and then there's one story that is some stores are like holy shit that's a serial killer family and then there's another story where the girl was like and they called me in school sherri mcgarry and like you're like well this is her family had a serial killer for dad and called you scare mcgarry but you know yeah i would also say i visit china this is a shout out for my favorite cheesy horror would i like to watch i prefer this too and horror story but it is channel zero i talked about again and then new seasons a lot of fun i've been meaning to catch up on that or beginning get it actually so yeah alright everyone thank you so much for listening tell me kill yourself now
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