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Episode 100: Home Sweet Home


Every movement has a seed, that spark that sets the fire ablaze. But this spark is more than just a murder mystery, or a treasure hunt, or even a haunting unlike any other. This one is all three. Which may explain why a century and a half later, the world is still reeling from its impact.

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In July, two thousand eighteen archaeologists in Egypt announced and amazed. discovery what working at a dig in the ancient city of Alexandria Sarcophagus, was discovered that dates back over two thousand years. It's a man two block of black granted that measures over nine feet long by five feet wide and was buried sixteen feet below the surface, it's the largest of its kind ever found. example ia and a rare discovery in a location. That's been combed over by archaeologists for centuries, but what's truly fascinating. About the black sarcophagus, is that somehow, against all odds, the lid had never been opened. When news broke about the tomb the world became obsessed.
Jokes about ancient evils, locked away or of curses that could end. The world suddenly became popular means on social media, and people began to ponder the obvious question: what in the world where they find inside when they finally opened it While we witnessed in the aftermath of the announcement was proof of a very particular characteristic that most people share, we hate locked doors. We want to know, what's behind them, what secrets might be hidden away. We seem to have an innate desire to open things that are closed off to us. But of course, that's not always a good thing While some doors might be benign, hiding nothing, more than winter coats or board games. Other doors are therefore a reason. They act like a barrier between us and unsafe places. they protect us from whatever dangers might lurk on the other side, they stand guard.
Parading our peaceful existence from the darkness of the unknown. is why they are both incredibly attractive and utterly terrifying Turning on what they revealed to us, some doors, you see, can't be shut. I'm Erin Mahnke- and this is lore- it's a small town and it always has been that's pretty common from stop state New York now it's a land of mountains and lakes and lots and lots of trees sure the vast why
Thus, if it all is broken up here and there by human civilization places like Rochester and Syracuse come to mind are, for the most part, there's not a lot going on and I was just as true in the middle of the nineteenth century as it is today- if not more so, most accounts of the area described the area as barely settled, and the folks who live there were cut from a rougher cloth. There were always exceptions for sure but not in Arcadia. that whole region, by the way, the land between Lake Ontario and the Adirondacks has long been referred to as the burned over district. It's a term and by Charles Grandison Finney back in the MID eighteen hundred to describe the constant waves of religion that seem to crash over the area. Vinnie likened to a forest fire, and after a while the folks. There were honestly just burned out on an all but a forest, Fire doesn't just consume all the trees and undergrowth, it also
he's the groundwork for something new by fertilizing and revitalizing the soil, so even The region had already played hosts to countless Methodist Circuit writers, the birth of Mormonism and the spread of the Miller rights. It was impasse about to say, they'd sworn off religion entirely. Time would tell in the old months that straddled one thousand eight hundred and forty seven and one thousand eight hundred and forty eight western New York experiencing one of their worst winters to date? In fact, as one local newspaper reported- people had become so consumed by the harsh, cold and bitter, whether that most of them forgot that Christmas was approaching. that's when John and Margaret arrived along with her two children there for old, had already grown up and moved out and they were looking to make a fresh start but oldest son David owned, a farm just outside of Arcadia and their plan was to build a house near him and put down roots but winter had stalled. The construction
So when they arrived in the tiny hamlet, they were forced to fine lodgings elsewhere. What they found was any house on the edge of town owned by one of the original settlers of the area, a man named Doktor, Henry Hyde, was a simple house with two: open rooms in the front split by us. Stairs that led to the second floor and a pair of bedrooms, there was a large pantry, a kitchen and a seller. It wasn't ideal, but for a family afore it would work until the new House was ready. The famine It was Methodist by Association John Work as a blacksmith and while I can't find any descriptions of the type of work he did, it said that he was an intact an inward sort of man who most people found to be pretty disagreeable. His wife. a great was the opposite of all of that. She was social and talkative known to be kind hearted, and as to be around there to die.
Maggie and Catherine, were fourteen and ten respectively, although the youngest would turn eleven. A few weeks after the move and honestly there was nothing? Special about the family or their home, they were just one more plan of settlers who had decided the burned over district would be their new home by spring, though, all of that would change. In the middle of March of eighteen, forty, eight John and Margaret climbed into bed after a long day of hard work. I can most imagine the cold sheets against tired muscles and that wave of eggs last that hits you the moment. You lay your head on the pillow, but they weren't going to get sleep just yet because that's when they heard a knock. It wasn't a knock at the door, though that might have been expected. However, unusual for such a late hour. Note this knocking came from somewhere inside the house. Big Nord it for a few minutes thinking that the house was just settling, but it can t
you'd long enough to pull all of them. Even the two girls out of bed. together, they searched the house but came up empty handed frustrated. They went back to and eventually managed to fall asleep, but the knocking didn't stop returned the following night and the one after that night after night, a family climb into bed at the end of their day, only to be disturbed by the mysterious knocking sounds on Friday March ready. First, though, things changed, the family had retired to bed early, hoping to get sleep before the disturbances began again, but the knocking return and right on schedule all four of them or awake. At this point and discussing what they should do when the young Daughter Catherine tried it attaining the sounds by snapping her fingers when she did the knock sounded back as if, in reply. Maggie the odor of the to try something new
he spoke out loud and asked whoever it was that was responsible for the knocking to imitate her. Then she clapped her hands four times in response for now, Sound it out in the house, both of the church when were unsettled by this, but their mother Aimed intriguing so into that she began experimenting with the sounds count to ten she called out and in response ten slow Knox were heard. Clearly some one was hiding. Their house, perhaps in the cellar and she had their attention, so she tried a more difficult challenge: asked for a series of Knox that would correspond to the ages of her children. It took a while, but who or whatever it was doing, the knocking delivered on her challenge. Six sets of Knox it off the ages of each of Margarets six children, but then, after a short pause,
a new set of just three Knox was added on Margaret was done, had six children, but the knock had come in seven groupings. She wasn't so because it was incorrect, though quite the opposite in fact, you see John and Margaret once did have seven children, but one of them passed away at a very young age, just how young three, just like the three mysterious Knox, It's easy to assume the John and Margaret had a unique situation on their hands, but that would be incorrect, in fact, during tells us that it's a lot more common than it should be a thousand years earlier in the year. Eight. Fifty eight chronicle
by Rudolf a folder spoke of communicating with what its author referred to as a wrapping intelligence in fifteen twenty. german theologian Philip Melancthon, recorded that mysterious, knocking was reported in the city of Oppenheimer and really a century later. In sixteen ten, a priest from air who was known only as Mr Welsh recorded his experience of communicating with the mysterious bein through wraps and knocks, and, of course, law Term fans of law might remember the story of John mom. The majesty, from the english tone of TED worth in sixteen sixty one, his house told, was bothered in much the same way. John in Margarets was Joseph Glenville. Author of the earliest account of the TED worth events noted in six. In eighty one that an investor we'll bein, actually answered the drumming of the people inside the house with matching sounds of its own one. Last example
the one, with an unusual connection to the Methodist Church, John Wesley the founder of that denomination noted in his family memoirs that his father's household experienced a similar sort of phenomenon. At one point there homeless with a supernatural storm of wraps knockings footsteps and even groans happened often enough that his parents the invisible bein, a name old Jeffrey, so When I tell you that John and Margaret weren't able to sleep for much of March because of all the rappings they heard, I don't want you to think it was unique, special, perhaps because most of us have never heard mysterious. Knocking sounds in our homes, but certainly a one of a kind events. They were, in a sense the newest of many. What did make their experience unique, though, was that it had become conversation and not just a knocking and response sort of conversation, but one with death.
All of that credit false squarely on Margarets shoulders. She was the only one to test the being the build rule and a system She even managed to set up a way to answer questions by requesting silence for a no and knocks for a yes, which is how she pressed Bert into the conversation, are you an injured spirit? She asked out loud to wraps back in reply. Yes, were you injured in this house again to wraps is the person who injured you still alive. two more wraps, followed. The conversation continued this way for a time allowing Margaret to put the pieces together Beer, it claimed to have been murdered right there in the house just a few years before he had been A thirty one year old man who left behind a wife and five children two sons and three daughters. If we're keeping track and after being killed, his remit
These were hidden in the cellar. It was all quite a lot to take in and understandably Margaret and the others didn't think anyone would believe them if they talked about it. Instead, decided to show someone, but let them experienced first hand the same thing they had heard, which is why despite the late hour more it set John out into the cold night air to fetch their neighbour Mary Redfield, Mary was known to be a level headed woman who spoke her mind, surely he would bring a sceptical view into an unusual situation. She later report that, while she had heard of the nightly knockings from John in Margarets daughters earlier that winter, she had never too it seriously, but all that shit At the moment, Mary asked out loud for the spirit to knock five times and it comply. it was a moment that triggered an avalanche and their lives would never be the same. Mary called for her husband to join them, but other.
is followed as well before midnight There were at least fifteen neighbours inside the house. all listening to the Spirit, reply to questions and give more details about its dark past the next day, Saturday April. First. Those fifty in people told others, and by the time the sunset the little house, was packed with close to three hundred eager observers. That's three hundred fresh sets of eyes and ears. Three huh it new mines to process everything they experience and three hundred hearts, been loudly from the thrill of it all up in a sample size that large there are bound, be doubters hearing the rappings with their own ears wasn't good enough for many of the people there that night they suspected fraud, as any of us might today So they did the only logical thing they could think of. They searched the house from top to bottom. Try,
as they might, though, no one was able to find a hidden pranks Der. They looked in every corner and cross base. Either splitting up to see if they could catch the culprit on the move. But not a single piece of physical evidence was found that could expose the fraud at one points, every one left the bedroom where the rappings had been heard, and then the door was locked then they gathered in the room directly beneath it and called out for more answers. The knocking responded in the usual way. Clearly coming from the bedroom above, it was frustrating. I'm sure everyone could hear The sounds dozens and dozens of visitors with nothing to gain by joining up with Margaret and John would all go on record. having witnessed it all personally, but despite their attend, to explain it all away with logic and reason they had come up empty and I was a problem because it.
couldn't find a natural explanation. All that was left was the supernatural Humans are curious animals when present with a riddle, our minds race, to find a solution Questions remain unanswered. We enjoyment from the process of digging deeper to close the loop. We love story sure, but at the end of day. What we want most of all is the truth, first night of ghostly conversation when Margaret Saint John Next door to grab Mary Redfield. They were beginning that process of grasping for answers, Mary to her credit
Arrived as a sceptic but the events she witnessed quickly turned that doubt into belief in response, she dashed out of the house to grab another friend of hers. Mrs Dusseldorf, at this friends request her husband. Mr do slur came along. He was a lot like Mary had been. He was full of doubt even going as far as to mark the very idea of communicating with spirits, but by the I'm he and his wife arrived on March. Thirty first there was already a crowd in the house and that made him curious. In fact, most of the people who had come to visit referred to step foot into the bedroom where the knocking had been taking place. Maybe do slurs saw that as a challenge or perhaps all of that communal fear war down his initial scepticism, whatever it was shortly after arriving do slur was standing in the bedroom, Paulina questions to the unseen entity and recording his answers. Some of
questions repeated things. The Margaret had already learned, but do slur, seem to dig deeper than she had he uncovered the story of the spirits untimely death inside the house, but he also manage to pull in more details to paint a bigger picture, one nuke, who turned out to be the dead man's occupation. He'd been a peddler. Today we have online shopping and the local market to take care of our needs, but in eighteen forty eight things were a bit different. If your town, didn't have a general store, you'd have to try. far out of your way to find the nearest one where you would then purchase the things that you needed food supplies clothing. All of those items waited for you in a far off shop, peddler, tried to meet the more immediate needs of people living far from a general store. They were traveling salespeople, equipped with a way in or a card full of goods would arrive in town to sell what they could before
wandering off to the next place. The carried important, items with them as well, is not essential, valuables and, of course, a good pocketful of cash from all their business. Peddlers are pretty common in folklore. In general, they take a lot of different shape. but they always stand in for the outsider and their ability who appear and disappear with more freedom than the people rooted in the town made them. bit more mysterious than most useless uncovered a lot of the same information about the peddler as Margaret had such as the fact that he left family behind, but he initials for the man's name C r, and according to the Spirit, The motive for his murder was the trunkful valuables, as well as the five hundred dollars in cash he carried on his person. The murder took place on a Tuesday night years before he had been given a place to stay in the house and his host had run a butcher knife across his throat.
it was a startling accusation, so Naturally, everyone gathered there began to wonder which of the house's previous owners had been the killer. together they were able to assemble a list beginning with John, and Margaret and working their way backwards, Name was read aloud for the Spirit and then the crowded their breath and wait for the knocking that signalled the correct name. Finally, they found one on Sea bell. It was a name that made a lot of sense to a lot of people The bells had lived in the house for a few years, but about five years prior to eighteen, forty seven they had packed up and left town without a word. It had left people feeling uneasy, but not the same I'm no one had suspected anything various. Now, though it all felt like a natural fit do are actually gathered a group of helpers and made the journey to the town of lions about eight miles to the east. We hope to confront Bell.
With these startling revelations and draw a confession out of him, but when they I've been the man's doorstep, Bell denied Involvement in a murder which left the burden of proof on do seller and the others. If they and get a confession, they would just have to find evidence that could stand up in court. Then the justice system could take over to that end they returned to John and Margarets House and began to search for the peddlers body. who's. They would need just like the clues Then, if I John C bow as the killer would come from, The invisible spirit in the house among details that had been uncovered. The first night was the location of the body, the peddler Knocking in response to questions asked out loud told, every one than his body was in the cellar. So that's where they again their search. Do. Slurs set Mary Redfield husband, Charles into the cellar and told him to work. around slowly. They asked this Peter it to knock. When Charles was standing over the burial sight, it was a parrot
normal metal detector, except this one was, can directed of human beings and the treasure would be a dead peddler digging. Let them anything no less than three feet. on the workers hit groundwater a pump was brought in to help the men dig deeper, but the whole just continued Philip, assuming they were fighting a losing battle against the spring thought they d. to wait until summer when the ground would be more dry when they, he convened a couple of months later, digging was much easier, five feet down. They struck a wooden plank something should not have been there. Unless someone had buried it, removing it, they dug deeper and that's when they struck goal, metaphorically speaking, of course they're in the dirt.
grisly collection, a large amount of birth, charcoal a few small fragments of bone and something much more sinister and out of place several human teeth It was unusual, but it was far from proof it, what little they were able to uncover failed to satisfy those. Looking for the truth, there had been no body only a small amount of evidence that hinted at one. It was the Smoking gun without the gun itself, just a thin curl of smoke hanging in the air, and I made it impossible to consider the matter closed and done. It was enough to cause some people to doubt the situation entirely. They believe
that there were simply natural noises in the house that had been misinterpreted as some sort of communication from the other world leading. Neighbourhood to fall down a rabbit trail of murder and cover up, but there were other things that pointed toward it all being true. First, there is the testimony of a woman named Lucretia over. She had lived with the bell for a while right around the time, the murder was supposed to have taken place according to her a peddler, indeed arrived at the House one day she described him as per after thirty years of age, dressed in life gray pants and a black coat called the peddler talking with the bells showing them his various items for sale and making small talk Lucretia seem to think that perhaps the bells knew the peddler already, perhaps from your visits or maybe through a family connection, so she felt tat. She could Ass, the stranger enough to buy something from him before she could. The bell
abruptly fired her and kicked her out. They claimed it was because they lack the money to pay her, but that, if wherever a need, they would call her back for small jobs. Lucretia was to return to her mother's house until she could find new employment, but ass the peddler to come heard there, so she could buy an item she was interested in the peddler. agreed to start by that very night. He never showed up them. In fact, he is into a vanishing from town completely three days later She was called back over the bells House to resume her duties there, but things felt on there is tension in the air and certain clues seem to jump out at her. First, MRS Bell, men who had fired her due to lack of funds had a fund I'm showing off all of the new items she claimed to have purchased from the peddler, And there was the stack of clothing. She wanted Lucretia to alter that we're all too large for Mister Bell to wear included in
It was a pair of light, gray, pants and a black coat. she was there doing her work. Mister Bell spent most of his time in the cellar Missis. He claimed that rats had been digging up the dirt floor down there and he was carding in loads of fresh dirt to fill in the damaged area. None It felt normal to Lucretia, though, and she couldn't help, but port it later when questions arose about the bells one of the bells rang This was a woman named an polar who also happen to be Lucretius mother and as a weaver, but she lack the space at home for her equipment. So the Bell kindly allowed her to store and use them at their place, and one d A long after the peddlers disappearance, MRS Bell, hold an oven, odd encounter. She and Mister Bell had retired for the night only to be destroyed, by pounding or knocking from other places in the house, Mister Bell claimed a bed and walk through the house, shutting every
most window until he felt the noises were salt in the end couple blamed. The sounds on rats. The sounds continued, though Sometimes it sounded as if someone were walking around the house while other times it was more of a simple knock Lucretia had returned to live and work in the Bell House claim to have experienced it. For herself on more than one occasion and once a friend spent the night in the creature, room and when the women awoke the next morning, both of them independently report did the mysterious sounds the deed. because of that experience were intriguing as well. Both women rip, did that the sounds began as arbitrary wrappings, but they quickly transformed into the sounds of movement If someone were walking through the house during the night, the way including the footsteps travelled across the kitchen to the centre of the house and then down the stairs to the seller. There was only one problem with that, though. The bells had left
earlier that day, for a visit with friends and lock Berlin. Ten, my away Locri and her friend were the only people in the house the next, couple to move into. The house was Michael and Hannah weaken and while they might have expected a normal place to raise a family, but they found instead was something are less normal, then home, sweet home now long they're, moving in Hannah, claimed that heard the sounds of knocking somewhere in the house. Just after she and Michael had gone to bed. Her husband, back out of bed and ran to the door to see who might have come to visit them so late in the evening. Found no one there. Once you back in bed king sounded again, and he returned to the door only to find no one waiting for him hence said she convince Michael to stop checking because she was afraid that someone might be trying to lure him outside where they might harm him. In the end, Michael agreed in a couple tried to get some rest.
The experiences continued over the time they lived there on more than occasion. The couples eight year old daughter screamed for them in the middle of the night when they asked her what was wrong them that something was moving about. Her room even pass over her face and head. She said it felt cold like a winter. Wind Michael had his own unusual experiences to reclaim the often heard his name called out by some one in the house when he was certain he was the only one at home. The constant, though, was the knocking. It was nine enough to fool someone into answering the door from time to time, but every time he opened it there would no one there more area encounter bears repeating. There was a your period of time where the weak men's had a guest staying with them in eighteen, forty six claim that she was working in the kitchen one day when she glanced up and saw a strange man standing in the doorway between the kitchen and the downstairs bedroom and she
wasn't sure how he got there because the only way the man could have walked that spot in the house was by passing directly through the kitchen, and she would have noticed something as obvious as that. Yet there he was standing calmly in the doorway, with a blank expression on his face, and I can understand how unsettling that would have been, but perhaps not as unsettling as the description she later related to the weekends he was. A young man she said, perhaps in his thirties and dressed in a simple outfit light, gray pants and a black coat, At limit that the House John and Margaret moved into came with a lot of baggage,
The trouble is, it all gets a bit murky when we throw in the mysterious knocking, sounds and the apparent communication with the Spirit causing at all it's one of those store, Is that sits on the edge of belief in doubt, and it's not easy to process but we can't deny that Margaret opened a door. What eggs Lee that door revealed, I think, is up for debate if we eve that it reveal the presence of an invisible entity. Then weak, easily assumed the rest to be true. The spirit yield a murder named the killer and located the evidence, however sparse it might have been. That's one option the other, is to chalk all of the rappings and knocking sounds up to natural explanations, the story, of the murder is just that because it acts any evidence to back it up, yes, People had unusual experiences in that house, but without
a body to point out it's impossible to definitively label everything. As fact. Still. The fall out from their experience in that house has left a lot of people wondering and much of it was documented. The events that took place weekend of March thirty. First eighteen, forty eight general, Dozens of written and signed- I witness testimonies John and Margaret stories were backed up by strangers and friends alike, who visited the house and witnessed it all for themselves. We can be skeptical shore but that's a lot of evidence to ignore it. As an experienced that hinted at a dark passed at events that took place. long ago that needed to be exposed to the light of the present. But what's interesting to note, is just how much the future was impacted by all of it, because most Dorians agree that whatever happened that weekend in eighteen, forty eight sent out ripples that touched
millions of lives. I told you that House had a connection to the town founder Doktor, Henry hide behind burn down in the nineteen fifties and the town is barely on the map today, but you can still do a search for hides bill fine, where it all was, but while the the centre is gone. The waves there rushed outward, have left their mark all things, to John and Margaret Box. after everything settled down there, two daughters, Kate and Maggie began to experiment, with their own forms of communication with the Spirit world by AIDS, in forty nine. They were standing on the stage: a Rochesters Corinthian Hall, a lecture hall played hosted Charles Dickens Raw. while, though Emerson Susan, be Anthony and Frederick Douglass, they demonstrated right there in front of a sold out audience that the word beyond our own, was alive and active, and if we knew how,
to open the door we could interact with it. All you had to do, I suppose, was knock. Stories today pointed the Fox sisters as the founders of one of the most powerful religious movements of the nineteenth century, known as spiritualism they toward for decades to spread the word and countless imitators, followed in their footsteps, when the civil war left the country devastated physically and emotionally, it was spiritualism that filled the void. Providing the grieving with a thread of hope. In eighteen. Eighty eight, though forty years after that crazy weekend and hides bill, the fox sisters announced that their act had all been a hoax fucking sounds their audiences had heard from the stage weren't spirits at all, just the clicking of their ankles as they rotated their feet It was smoke and mirrors and called everything they claimed into question everything, except that
those Katyn Maggie may have been frauds, but the events inspired them were something else entirely. It doesn't get talked about enough, but throughout most of that weekend of eighteen, forty, eight girls, words, even in the house. They left the crazy with their mother Margaret, while John Stable kind to help visitors and investigators and John the only one of them to never claim anything close to mediumship, like I said before, the house burned down in the nineteen fifties, taking the true hero of the story out of the picture, it was the house that started spiritualism, not the fox sisters, and its sadly been lost time, but not before giving us. One final big reveal you see in nineteen o four, A group of children were plain in the house when they came upon something completely unexpected, some the children had gone down to the seller, where they accidentally a portion of one of the walls.
When the homeowner went downstairs to inspect the damage, he saw something he wasn't expecting something inside the war after bringing in some help he and others managed to pull back the pieces of the wall to fully reveal what had been hidden inside and then they stood and stared. It was a wooden trunk and a human skeleton. Everyone loves a good origin story, so I hope, enjoy the tale behind the rise of the mysterious Spock sisters before you assume, there are no more skeletons in the closet, so to speak, I have one more tale to tell you about that family stick around.
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Families produce generations of athletes or artists or musicians or even business tycoons. It runs in the family and Maggie Fox spend most of their life, pretending to be mediums sitting. at the centre of an entire movement that hinged on the premise that the living could speak with the dead. It was a world that Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, author of the Sherlock Holmes Novels, actually wrote a lot about According to him mediums where people with a certain amount of what he called magnetism, this sensitivity the world around them, allowed them to tap into the Spirit world and because of that, they could send and receive messages between them. Doyle didn't think that this supernatural gift was tied to things like morality or intelligence, though in other words, you didn't have to be smart or a good person to be a medium, but it did appear to be hereditary, which is
It's not surprising that before the Fox sisters, there was their mother Margaret Stu. Today story. We know that Margaret made a lot of possible when she began. Communicating with the spirit in their little house and hides will show, was the one who set up the system of Knox in silence that helped reveal the tail murder and intrigue that had been hidden in the house for years, and that makes lot of sense. According to the stories Margarets maternal grandmother was known to get up in the middle of the night. In a trance like state, family leginn claims that she would actually walk out of the house and across the street to a nearby graveyard fearing for her safety. Margarets grandfather would always get up and follow her story. would always be the same. Although the faces were different. The cemetery she claimed was full of activity He would describe the people who had died and the funeral procession around them. The horses
in crowds and familiar faces from the community. The next morning around the breakfast table, she would recount what she had witnessed in vivid detail who had died, who attended whose horses had pulled the coffin in the procession. Her husband, of course, saw none of this Her stories left those who heard them depressed, as always was the case within weeks of hearing a story and actual funeral would take place across the street. Every detail exactly ass. She had described this episode of Lore was written and produced by me, Erin, making with search by SAM Albert III and music by Chad, Lawson speaking of the music.
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