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The deepest mysteries come from the places we haven’t fully explored, or where we lack the control that makes us feel safe. And yet one of the most universally mysterious places of all is closer than you might believe. It’s the best kept secret everyone has been sleeping through.

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It wasn't the first time he had a dream. In fact, it was one more in a long series of visions that had come to him in his sleep in the winter of nineteen thirteen and they weren't easy to process involved tragedy on a massive scale. Floods washed across Europe an unusually tall versions of the Alps and the North Sea waves of you low carried innumerable dead, while the debris of civilization, and lay all around the sea in rivers turned red with blood and an entire region was fro.
in solid by arctic blasts. It was horrified and left him feeling nauseous and depressed, and he felt like it meant something. In fact, he couldn't shake the feeling that his dream was a warning signal that something terrifying was about to take place and no, One in Europe was safe by the time. His final dream took place in June of nineteen fourteen is puzzlement. Head turned to certainty. War was coming. less than two months later on July, twenty Eightth. It all came true a war one began and Europe found itself consumed with destruction as horrifying as he had. envisioned and the man who had endured all those visions was left with a powerful confirmation of everything he believed and taught a man by the way who was Karl
the founder of analytical psychology and a pioneer of modern psychiatry. If anyone was going to recognise the power dreams, it was young, but just because they are powerful doesn't mean they are safe dreams are just too complex to nail down as purely good were entirely evil, and it's that unpredictable aspect that gives dreams their mysterious, aura bacon, delight us with pure fantasy or stab us with a knife of grief over a long lost loved one bacon. Reconnect us with sites and sounds from our youth or they can.
Paint a picture that is difficult to understand and if you ve ever had the sort of dream that stuck with you the entire day, like a ghost that was eager to haunt your mind that you understand just how problematic they can be a dream come true, it seems, might not always be a good thing. I am Erin Monkey and this is lore. There are few words in our vocabulary today: the carry as much weight and power as the word dream
We use it to talk about our aspirations when we dream of a better life. becomes a measure of our very best when we label a group of athletes, the dream team- and it sets us up for bitter disappointment when someone mutters in your dreams, but that power and waits isn't new. In fact, cultures have been talking dreams for thousands of years. The earliest surviving written evidence can be found in the land of Pharaoh's and pyramids ancient Egypt, and even then it was all about vocabulary. Ancient egyptian hieroglyphics represent the idea of sleep with the figure of a bed while dream is represented within
Ben. I, in the context of sleep that open I has been translated as meaning to come awake, but it's used in many other contacts to communicate, cite the sea or to be vigilant and there's a reason for that in all of the ancient egyptian writings about dreams, they are treated as nouns, not verbs. You wouldn't say I dreamt of wealth and glory. Instead, you would say: I witnessed a dream of wealth and glory and there's a difference there. Rather than being the one in control. The ancient Egyptians believed that dreams happened and they were simply a witness to what they saw and that sort of attitude toward dreams led to some unique beliefs. For instance, it was believed that the sole left, the body during a dream
in much the same way it did upon death, which meant that there was another doorway to the afterlife or at least a window through which they can look and see the other side, which of course, leads to new questions. If you can enter a dream and view the other world, what and if it could, that bring into your own life early on that lead, ancient Egyptians to write letters to dead loved ones, asking for favour a soldier might request that is deceased Father appear in a dream and show him a vision of victory in battle, and there are lots of examples of this all collected into something called the letters of the dead By the time of the new kingdom, around fifteen hundred BC, E dreams became a tool for communication with the divine, but only for okey. It was an odd mixture of politics and religion where, yes, they believe that they could speak with the gods in their dreams, but also
leniently, they were the only ones who could report back on what happened, and it was most always an affirmation of the faroes power. Here's example, I think most people will recognise picture the sphinx in your mind. Do you remember that tall flat stone between its front paws? That's called the dreams daily, and it explains how Tut Moses, the fourth, had a dream in the very spot about how he needed to unbury the ancient sphinx from the sand in order to become fairer. He did and, of course he did at least that's how the story is told, like I said, convenient right centuries later that communication Channel open to the rest of the citizens of ancient Egypt, allowing anyone to seek answers within their dreams, which led to a reinvention of the way they viewed dream.
suddenly. They were a source of prophecy and divination, where every day people could find significance in the imagery they witnessed while asleep this was harnessed in a couple of ways. First, there were dry books, essentially collections of common dream images and their associated meanings. You could buy the book and then wake up in the morning and look up what you had experienced, but it also led to the rise of sleep temples, the home of something called dream incubation based We there were rooms inside many of the temples where a person could go in search of answers or wisdom. They will make a sacrifice to that particular God and then go to sleep on especially design dream bed. Once the person walked back up, they would speak with one of the priests. Who would explain the meaning of what they saw now Incubation was a tool used by the Egyptians for centuries, but they certainly weren't the only ones as culture is began to mingle
ideas were shared along with trade goods. The ancient Greeks began to experiment with our own versions of sleep temples, but it wasn't until the cult of Asclepius began in the sixth century b c e, how things really kicked off, which is in listing, because Asclepius was more than just the Son of APOLLO and a hero in the greek world. He was a figure and wisdom in power who is most often depicted carrying a staff that most of us would recognise today, along rod with a snake wrapped around it. You see a sleepy US was the God of Medicine and sure it would be narrow minded to believe that the connection between dreams in medicine all started with the sleepy is called twenty five hundred years ago. Those ideas
certainly old by the time they started to build their sleep temples. But it is that Ankara moment that we need to make our next jump in time, because everyone has dreams, and everyone has problems and its that pair of predictable experiences that kept all of these can't I d is alive for thousands of years. Some say there is power in our dreams. It's there just waiting for us to tap into it and, as it turns out, modern history is full of individuals who claimed to have done just that through their dreams they had the power to heal,
As we have already established, the connection between dreams and healing is an ancient one. In fact, there is a powerful story from middle of the second century. The bears repeating, according to the historical account, a young greek man, was suffering from a build up of fluids beneath his diaphragm threatening his life. But a sleepy us came to him and a dream. And told him how to fix the issue through self surgery and when the young man awoke and tried the remedy it worked, and this story isn't just significant because of its age. It turns out that young, greek man. was Galen. The greek physician, who is considered one of the most influential figures in the history of medicine, think about that a man at the forefront of the medical field of his day allowed dreams to play a part in his surgical practice
Today we would see that as a bit unorthodox, if not downright silly History has always been full of people offering medical advice that drifts outside the overlapping circles of science and common sense, and one of the most interesting moments took place in the middle the nineteenth century, with the advent of mesmerism with. spending ten minutes explaining in detail exactly what mesmerism was. Here's a real, quick tour. France mom was a german doctor who proposed a strange idea. In the seventeen seventies, he believed there was an natural energy inside living beings that could be transferred to other people and objects, and he called that Energy more magnetism over time. It also became known by his own name. Mesmerism early pray Tichenor's of mesmerism believe that they could harness that energy to do things, which is where the world of medicine in the nineteenth century comes into play. Because
That's when there was an explosion of alternative practices, fertile soil for arrival of the clairvoyants physician one of was a man? We only know today by the name of Mr Johnson. The advertised his services in the New York Daily, Harold claiming to have years, experience using animal magnetism to, and I quote, remove almost every class of disease but it turns out, he himself wasn't a clairvoyant know that was the assistants who worked for him. In eighteen. Seventy to a man named E, a Smith ran an ad in the Burlington Free Press up in Vermont. This clairvoyant physician offered free consultations, and then charged only one dollar for the exam according to, advertisement. He had already work with over three thousand patients, which goes along. Towards helping us understand just how popular and convincing this new practice was in all of these cases, the work of the clear
Why position took on the same pattern: Mesmerism was used to place a person into of sleep like trance, then that person would lie about the medical cures in a dream, then they would speak them out loud while still asleep and the assistant or manager would write the instructions down and pass that on to the patient. Let me also add that this wasn't spiritualism spiritualism, built around the idea that the living could communicate with the dead, and this was purely a medical thing focused on finding new cures and treatments in a new place inside our dreams. Of course, this sort of work quickly caught the attention of the governments, because an honest Lee it smelled fraud from a mile away in eighteen. Eighty four, a whole list of trance doctors were prosecuted in New York state, including George W, bear it quickly.
To be able to cure a man son with medicine discovered through his dreams, but after eighteen visits over seven months, the patient died which leads us to lose, She was born in eighteen, nineteen to a large family in rural over months for a while She seemed to live a normal life, but, according to the stories family farm wasn't as successful as they had hoped and by the age of eight Lucy herself moving into a foster home and soon after that, the workforce, which is where she learned to make clothing it turns out. Lucy was good at it. Within a few years, she was running the bustling business, making custom clothing for a growing market. I'm sure It brought her a lot enjoy being able to do something shall and earn a living at it, especially after such an impoverished youth, but it was a demanding occupation and over time it took its toll on her body
now. The details of her early years are a bit fuzzy, there's just not a lotta materia, to provide solid timelines or connect specific ages to certain events. What we do know is that some I'm in her early twenties Lucy became so ill that she was confined to bed. The local doktor was stumped and unable to help. And for a while it seemed as if Lucy was going to pass away long before her time and then her brother came to help. Lucy's brother George was coincidentally a mesmerist who lived and worked in northern New York. according to the story. He arrived to, find her sleeping and instead of waking, her up to say hello, he motioned his hands over her head, while. Doing whatever it was. That Mesmerist did amazed though it drew a response still Sleeping Lucy was said to have dictated a remedy that was meant to cure her illness. It was, I concur,
sheen of herbs and roots, although the exact ingredients and the way they were supposed to have been prepared, have disappeared from the public record, but George wrote them down, and then set about making the medicine for his sister now lodge says that this sort of thing shouldn't work that instruct and mumbled by asleep talking Taylor shouldn't carry significant medical. Wait for the world was a lot different in the late nineteenth century patients gave morphine to their teething toddlers to help with this in an opium was known colloquially as gods own medicine and administered politically, as a cure. All drug Peck, Qualify professional medical doctors, proscribed, mercury and arsenic to treat various illnesses compared to the medical field of today, Lucy's world was the wild wild West, and so George gave her this medicine and Lucy didn't ask
questions. As far as we can tell, she had no memory of the dream or of the specific instructions and yet took the herbal cure from her brothers hand and ingested it without fear, and then the unthinkable happened. It worked Lucy had been healed, Sure it was enough that she was free from her sick bed and able to get back to work, but the way in which it all happened, begged for reflection. If there as a power hidden deep inside her dreams that could solve the mysteries of her own illness. What else could do? Was it limit to her own body, or could she perhaps offer her help to others? So that's what she did her own physician, Amanda Doktor Douglas literally.
closed his traditional medical practice when he saw the results of her powers and reinvented himself as a manager for Lucy, patients came from all over pain, fifty cents for each diagnosis, and they did this for over three years. Every healing took place while Lucy was asleep, with the information used to treat them always coming straight from her dreams and unlike so many of the other clairvoyant positions who only offered treatments for invisible, unproven conditions, things like headaches or sickness Lucy did things that could be seen with the naked eye. She sat broken bones and dislocated joints with her own hands and did all of this without the need for anesthetics, whatever Lucy was, when it was miles apart from every other quack doktor on the scene, and because of that it drew a following people believed in her and literally put their health into her hands over time.
This change for Lucy in eighteen, forty six. She married Charles Cook, a man from Burma, to also happened to be a mesmerist, because why not right. And together they managed to small in for their main income, while Lucy continue to take on patients. Charles of course used his skill to induce her trances and together they helped countless people. ass, her own skills developed she branched out. She began to offer other kinds of information to people, not just medical help, She continued to do all of it, while in a trance which eventually lead to the nickname, sleeping, Lucy and sleeping Lucy was about to expand her services. The details are a bit fuzzy because the story comes to us through a nineteen. Thirty six radio interview with a man named Dormann Kent, apparently Kent's own good,
and father had an encounter with Lucy back and late eighteen sixties, that define logic, and he was never able to forget the story. Hence grandfather. Seems was a very wealthy man who needed to carry large amounts of cash on his person each day, him run his various businesses and one day his wallet disappeared with over three hundred dollars in a tidy sum worth over seven grand in today's market. Now de the man looked all over for his lost billfold, but after three days of searching, he came up empty so on a whim. And probably as a last ditch efforts. It. to see Lucy and ask her for help. Lucy promptly went into a deep sleep and then began to describe the location of the wallet it was in someone's pants. She said pants that were currently hanging in a closet
but it wasn't dark in there down at the end of a long, narrow closet was a window which lead in a good amount of light. Can grandfather was awestruck? He knew that closet. Well because surprise, surprise it was his. and after travelling back to his house and opening the closet door, he was delighted to find his missing wallet right. We're Lucy said it would be inside a closet in a house she had never seen before, let alone entered Lucy, it seems, could find things. It wasn't spiritualism, which was growing popularity at the time and it wasn't magic, but it wasn't normal either. Lucy could fall asleep and locate missing objects, and that was something people couldn't help a whisper Soon enough, every one in the area knew what she could do and that lead to even more drama. On April eighteenth of eighteen, seventy two a nineteen year old
woman named Nellie Jus, it went missing from a small town in nearby New Hampshire. Most people were worried. They believe that she had simply skipped town to go, live in Boston after having a big public argument with her mother earlier that morning, but there were some who disagreed and the lack of evidence of Nellie. Actually, having moved was disconcerting to say the least, even after the police were brought in they failed to track Nellie down, which is when someone on the police force suggested that they ask sleeping Lucy for help. Now. I can't prove this, but even if this wasn't the very first instance of police department bringing in a clairvoyant helper it's one of the earliest or then again. Maybe it's just natural evolution of the function serve by those ancient egyptian sleep temples, neither way Lucy agreed to help. She told them where to look for new ways,
Howdy upriver from the Monadnock Mills Dam and the police went out to investigate, and at this point I doubt your Surprised to learn that Nellis body was found in that exact spot. It wasn't a lost wallet balloon see had proven once again that her gifts could do more than just he'll people. They could provide answers. Later that year, Lucy helped with one more missing persons case and successfully led the police to yet another body Maybe it was all that death that eventually turned her off, because after that, there's, no more evidence that she ever help the police solve a difficult case. She settled back into or medical practice and continued to bring here. and relief to everyone. She could eighteen. Seventy six Lucy left her life in Vermont behind and move to Boston with her daughter, her husband Charles, had passed away, and she was looking for a fresh start and a new opportunity for the net
Nineteen years she would work hard to grow her reputation and help more people. In fact, one of own advertisements claim that she had been consulted by over two hundred thousand people during her career and set Thoust, of bones and joints in the process. She eventually married again and amassed a small fortune, and life was good for a very long while then Fourchan, dried up. Her daughter abandon her and in eighteen, ninety three, she came down with pneumonia, which never fully went away on. May twenty? Fourth of eighteen. Ninety five Lucy Ainsworth Cook passed away at the age of seventy six from what would later turn out to be, colon cancer- and I find it more than a little ironic that someone is powerful- is Lucy, some one who helped Thousands of desperate people find comfort and healing through a career that spanned over five decades was unable to you.
that same healing power to save yourself, whether We believe that the stories about Lucy were true or death suggests a painful truth. Maybe even dreams have limits. Even today, in two thousand nineteen, it's easy to view sleep is something mysterious and impenetrable might be surrounded by the latest technology, powerful advancements in medical science and a deeper understanding of human psychology. And yet we still wake up every now and then from a bizarre dream. That leaves us feeling haunted.
Dreams are frustrating because they sit outside our realm of control. They happen and we experience them, but we can't make them start or stop, and I think that's one of the biggest reasons why humans have been obsessed with them, since the dawn of civilization the ancient Egyptians to sleep studies in university, psyched departments. We can't stop thinking about our dreams. Lucy, Ainsworth Cook and the others like her stood in a tricky place. They made claims that were entirely to wild to believe and yet the source of their powers, their very own dreams. Where the one thing that couldn't be put on display prove it was an inside job, so to speak The people around them were left with a simple choice to believe it or not. Women chose to believe the stories.
She was a writer from New Hampshire who had endured more grief and trauma in her first thirty years than anyone should have to suffer born in one thousand. Eight hundred and twenty one she's lost a husband left. her mother and then a son I'll buy one fifty but things settled down later in life. She discovered sleeping Lucy and fat. She later wrote that whenever someone in her family was ill, she would immediately take them to Vermont to have a consultation with Lucy, where they would always be diagnosed, healed. She was fascinated by it and that obsession with healing would direct the rest of her life. This right. Mary Baker, Eddie would go on to found a belief system known as christian science, sort of hybrid twin christianity and medicine that held that all illness is simply a figment of our imagination before she
passed away and nineteen ten marries new religion had grown to nearly a quarter of a million members and became the fastest growing relief. And in the United States healing it seems we'll never not be popular. What has it lasted all these years are most of the records about Lucy's life and work. It's honestly, a bit frustrating, person held in such high regard in local lore and whose name appears on countless lists as one of the most powerful trance doctors in history. There are huge holes in the record of her life outside of newspaper advertisements and the stories told by the people she interacted with Lucy Ainsworth cook Z.
Who arrive unexpectedly, she delighted those around her with mysterious sites and experiences and then vanished back into the fog, leaving us to wonder if it ever really happened at all. Just like a dream The story of sleeping Lucy is certainly one of the most bizarre to come out of the state of mind, but it certainly not the my tail with bizarre dreams at its heart. Stick around after this short sponsor to hear one more story that is sure to fill your head with visions. This episode made possible by stamp stock, come if you're, a small businesses you're busy enough, as it is either have time to deal with the hassle of going to the post office with stamps dot com. You can skip the trip
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special offer. That includes a four week: trial, free postage and a digital scale, no long term commitments or contracts just go to stamps dot, com click on the microphone at the top of the homepage and then type in the word lure that stamps dot com offer code, lure, stamps dot com, never go to the post office again the marble owned, not one, but two local businesses. There was the first which sat on the edge of a small lake known to the locals as Fairfield Pond Anna three miles away. The couple also owned and operated a sawmill, which was both necessary in the ever expanding Vermont of the eighteen fortys and also pretty common. Given how wooded the state was and still is,. The two businesses meant that the Marvin's had a number of people who work for them, cutting TIM
and working the farm, which meant that they stayed very busy, but he also try to make time for their community, and MRS Marvin receive frequent visits from the wives of men who worked for her and her husband One of those visitors was a young mother name, MRS Clifford, each day she walk the short road that connected her own property to that of the margins, and then the two women would spend a wild chatting, MRS Clifford always brought along her infant girl and the pair of them always a matching set of shawls to keep his son out of their faces. One day, though Missus Clifford in her chair were accompanied by Mr Clifford himself. It A Sunday and he had come to ask for some help from the Marvin's. Mrs Clifford parents lived in Fairfield just on the other side of the pond, and rather than walking all the way around it. They were wondering if the Marvin's might lend them their boat. Mister Marvin agreed Young family set off toward the shore where they uncovered the boats and road west.
the Marvin's, got on with their Sunday plans and quickly forgot about the visit at Sundown, though a knock brought them back to their front door where they found Mister Clifford standing by Himself, Mister Marvin assume the man had come to tell them that the boat had been returned and secured at the dock, but one look at clipper told them. There was more to the story than that. Mr Clifford was wet from head to toe and he had a look of panic on his face had capsized, he told them it had rolled over in a freak accidents. He tried to save his if in child, but they were gone before he could reach them. Mister mark been assembled some of his employees and the group set out searching the water for bodies some time before sunrise. They found them Mrs Marvin was there with Mr Clifford when he viewed the bodies then gave way
slow grim nod to signal that, yes, they were indeed his wife and child, but she noticed something else. The matching shawls that they had worn each and every day were both missing lost. The cold waters of the pond out a few nights later, MRS Marvin had a dream in it, was standing on the shore of Fairfield Pond, where she could see Mr Clifford stumbling out of the dark waters as the dream unfolded. She followed his path. the dark cops of trees, weaving in and out of tall oaks and fallen pine. Finally, Clifford came to a stop at an old hollow stump. Bending down on one knee, he pulled something from his shirt. There was a flash of color and MRS Marvin recognise the fabric at once. It was the set of identical shawls that Clifford, wife and child had been wearing the day they drowned. She then watched as he stuff them, both inside the stump and cut
the opening from wondering eyes. Mrs Marvin awoke the following morning with an ill feeling soon after She asked one of the farm hands to walk with her to the pond and then veered into the cops of trees there along the shore. Every step felt familiar to her in the path seemed Obvious a few moments after arriving, she was stand in over a hollow stump. Shawls were inside. after the authorities were led to the hidden Shawls Clifford was arrested. He confessed to the murders of his and daughter a short while later and the subsequent trial.
let him in jail for the rest of his life. Mrs Marvin, of course, was the most significant witness in the courtroom. Sometimes the thing you're. Looking for is lost in a dream, and sometimes, if you're lucky, you ll, find it there, as well This episode of law was written and produced by me, Aaron Monkey with research. by SAM Albert III and music by Chad, Lawson Lore, much more than just a podcast there's a book series available in, stores and online and two fantastic seasons of the television show on Amazon. Prime video check them both out. If you more lore in your life. I also make too Thereupon, guests errand monkeys cabinet of curiosities and unobserved and I think you'd enjoy both of them, each
and explores other areas of our dark history, ranging from bite sized epoch. odds to season long dives into a single topic, and you can learn about both though, shows, and everything else going on over in one central place: Thou world of lore dotcom. Slash now and you can also follow the show on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram, just search for lore podcast. All one word and click that follow button. When you do say hi, I like it when people say hi And as always, thanks for listening.
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