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Episode 117: Bones


Episode 117: Bones

Everything is built upon something else. Whether it is a mighty fortress, a simple home, or the very lives of the people around us, there’s a foundation beneath everything. But don’t let that strong, smooth layer fool you. There’s darkness down there, if you know where to look.


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Yeah It's amazing what we can discover if we just did a little bit. That was the field conservation is sad and ninety. Ninety eight, when they began restoration, work on a house in London that had been built in the seventeen thirties it had arrived finally been built as a lodging house, but had fallen into disarray. Harry during the late twentieth century, and it needed work in the basement of they opened a hidden room and discovered something horrific beneath the ancient or floor human remains it back. There were over twelve hundred bones belonging to fifteen individual bodies, some of whom were children, but that's not the most shocking part.
This discovery tests on the bones dated them to the seventeen sixties, which is a very specific window of time, and because of that, we know who rented the house during that time period, its name all of us will recognise. Still Benjamin Franklin and this house on Craven Street in London is the only remaining home of his that we can still explore and he lived there for nearly two decades, but Don start plodding. Your historical thriller about a young Ben Franklin who Moonlight says a serial killer. Experts are per, sure they know why the bones are there. It turns out that Franklin, Had a friend who was a physician as well as being the son of the landlady who own the house and they think the bones. evidence of his anatomy. Lessons in a time when human dissection was round upon its alone. equal explanation to a bizarre discovery. No doubt about it, but it's also the sort of,
Lori that plants a seed in our minds. If a house once, then by an american legend, like Benjamin Franklin can still the sitting on top of a horde of human remains. A place around us might have similar tails to tell. And whether those stories are reminders of unfortunate accidents or clues to something darker. They all hide and unsettling truth The places we live are often built on the bones of tragedy. I'm Aaron Mahnke, and this is lore. Home is where the heart is, or at least where you keep your books and clubs
human settlements day back thousands of years and they take on all sorts of shapes and sizes, but at the end of the day, they all have something in common. They were built A foundation to serve a purpose and few home throughout. History, have had such a unique purpose and building style as castles. oldest ones in the world date back centuries and popular culture has had a love affair with them for nearly as long. They are structures of power instead and they remind us of a very different time when you mentioned castles, most people conjure up images of european towers and english fortresses, but in doing so we over one of the most beautiful and hunting collections of castles in the world, structures that located thousands of miles from the green hills of the United Kingdom, Japan.
the era in which castles evolved in Japan had a lot of similarities to european culture. At least from of thirty thousand foot view it. a feudal society with all the same components as England, but with different names and small nuanced variation, and I think it would be helpful to cover those differences before we explore specific locations. First, we have to remember the sort of purpose these building served between the twelfth and nineteenth centuries. Japan was a collection of states that were by powerful warlords known as show gun. They re we got along, and there was off a war going on between some of them, as you might expect. So. Castles provided a place to defend themselves. but they couldn't manage their massive kingdoms all on their own, so their states were bro and into smaller territories, ruled over by the great lords, the daimio and directly beneath the daimio
where the elite warriors, who serve the Lord and his family through battle and defence. The samurai- and that was the social structure of feudal Japan, the peasants work the field pay the taxes and served in the army of the lords and those Lord in turn served the show gun who ruled their state like. I said it should sound very familiar to any one who understands european futile life just with different names for the key players, but when it came to the castles they built the japanese of centuries ago added their own personality and differences into their design and England a ruler might have built their castle on a rocky cliffs, because that made it more difficult to attack the natural environment, was harnessed to enhance its defences. The japanese castles took a different approach They built there's primarily on level ground, and so they had to make up for the lack of tall cliffs with man made protections. Boats were common
and some even had large maize's constructed in an effort to slow and confuse attacking enemies and build He had a lot more flexibility than their european counterparts because, rather than exclusively using stone, Companies, castles, incorporated an enormous amount of wood. It gives them their own, unique beauty, honest do an internet search some time for famous japanese castles and just sit back and enjoy the view. These structures are stunning, with sweet being curves and layered towers. You can tell they were viewed as much more than just a fortress to the rulers, Lived inside them, they were also a home yes. European rulers also lived in their castles, but the Japanese took a much more luxurious path, golden roof, tiles, exotic animals and beautiful, sculptures made. Many of these castles look more like museums than fortresses. One location in particular Fushimi Castle is
famous for having an elaborate tea room inside which might sound like a waste of resources to build a military fortress and then fill it with old and silken intimate ceremonial spaces, but they were able to do all of because of our respect that most rulers had for their enemies. Castles, when an army can. To attack another Lord either, the defenders would exit the castle to engage them outside the structure or they would lock the doors and refuse to fight In the latter case, the attackers would lay siege to the castle, but dont picture catapults, throwing flaming stones at the walls, no more ages in japanese history were a lot less dramatic, rather than destroy a beautiful structure that could one day belong to them. Enemy rulers would simply choke off the supply chain that fed the castles inhabitants, though
inside would either die or surrender in the castle would pass unscathed into the new owners hands. But, of course, that's it and mean bad things never happened in fact, aside from the battles that waged on outside their walls the castles of Japan played host to their own fair share of moments filled with tragedy and pain and death, and many have left echoes that can still be felt today. They call it the Crow Castle, not because there is an abundance of the actual birds near by, but because of its appearance. Above it Stone Foundation, the way,
in structure of Matsumoto Castle is a towering fortress of black wood and roof tiles accented with pale curves and decoration. It's a beautiful structure that dates back to the fifteen nineties Long history comes with its own fair share of tragic tales, and one of them is from sixteen. Eighty six castle was ruled over by the Misa, no family and its Hale. That will feel all too familiar, no matter where you come from. According to the history the castle. The means you know, lords of that time were known to be unfair rulers in the maid sick, seen eighties: they announced a new tax increase that was seen by all of the peasants in the domain as unjust and harsh, and so those peasants rose up in revolt against the rulers. Sadly, though, not rebelling was a failure in response. rulers gathered up twenty eight leaders and supporters of the rebellion and had all of them sentenced to death one of the people they arrest
A man named Yonner Cosu key, apparently placed a curse on the castle. Just before his execution took place while his exact words are lost time. It said that his curse was powerful enough to drive the bees no family out of the castle within forty years. Oh- and there was one other side effect from the curse the castle began to lean. You won't see it too. thanks to a series of reservations that repaired the castle in the middle of the twentieth century, but for at least two centuries, the main tower of the castle developed a very pronounced lean weather, It was a result of a flaw in the foundation or ethical reminder of the power of one man's cursed I'll. Let you decide for yourself roughly one huh miles to the west near the city of sick high is another ancient castle with its own bloody history. Morocco castle was First Bildt's about a decade before Matsumoto, but it had a rocky start to say the least.
According to the legend, as the walls were slowly built that would hold up the castle, they would fall over and forced the labourers to start again after a few frustrating attempts someone decided that the gods must be angry with them and they came up with a plan to placate them and secure. The council's foundation Their idea was a tradition known as he too, by Shearer a human pillar Really, a willing volunteer would allow themselves to be walled up inside the foundation of the castle, thereby securing it against the gods after recall went out for some one willing to make that sacrifice a poor, half blind peasant woman, named, oh she's, u came forward and offered herself. She had one condition, though the Lord The castle would allow one of her sons to become a samurai that would serve him at the castle. Grateful for her sacrifice, the Lord agreed and the new construction began. Sadly, just a few years after the castle
complete the Lord was moved by his show gun to a different castle sort of like a retail chain. Try for store manager to a different location. I suppose, but the unfortunate side effect that oh she's, you son, never became a samurai as planned, and some think that broken promise resulted in a curse every spring. After that, The most around the castle was set to flood and the locals blue Oh she's use curse for it may even began to, for to it, as oh she's use tears ass if her grief over the broken promise had caused her to weep until the waters rose after a few years of flooding The rulers of the castle decided that something had to be done, except it wasn't the gods that needed appeased this time, but the spirit of the old a woman, so a shrine was built in her honor we're locals, and visitors could come and pray in hopes that her anger might be combed and the annual spring flooding might also be brought to an end.
Today the castle stands near a grove of cherry blossoms that date back at least for centuries. But if you visit, don't ask It's the same means how're, an earthquake in nineteen. Forty eight brought it down and the curve one was rebuilt using as much of the original materials as possible without the human pillar. Of course, one last story One comes from the eastern side of Japan about twenty five miles west of Tokyo, but if you pay the location visit, you won't find much. because Hockey Oji Castle met an unfortunate fate, roughly three and a half centuries ago in June of fifteen. Ninety Lord of the castle was called away to help defend another castle near by for leaving he put roughly thirteen hundred soldiers in charge of hockey Oji, which sounds like a good number of defenders. I know, but they had no idea what was about to visit them,
June. Twenty third, an enemy warlord named toy. Tell me he day. Oh, she arrived with an army of more than fifty thousand men. The conflict was barely enough to be considered a battle, he D, oh she's, forces quickly, took control of the castle, and then they did something that rarely happened in medieval Japan. They destroyed it of the walls of hockey Oji Castle were torn to the ground and the defences were destroyed. Every purse, and in or around the castle, whether they were soldiers or families seeking refuge were gathered up and executed. although the legend say that some chose to end their own lives by leaping from the crumbling walls later, visitors to the ruins would claim that they could still hear the sounds of battle and screams of victims as if the event were still echoing across the years. Even today, The sight of the castle is thought to be hunted and locals, remembered the tree,
Judy by cooking a meal known as a Zaki Messy, a blood red dish of beans and rice. It seems that, no matter where these castles were built, they brought some form of darkness with them. Maybe that's, because life was more harsh in the sixteenth century or that superstition lead the people there to do on thinkable things, or perhaps it's just a product of century after century of storytelling, but there's one castle that has been whispered about more than any other in Japan. Like most, it has humble beginnings, but the legacy that its left behind is more than significance its chilling.
If Matsumoto Castle is the Crow Castle because of its black exterior, then the White Heron lives up to its name is well. It is high and lofty and washed in white paint from the top of its stone foundation to highest peaks, but the White Heron is known by another name. Imagine castle, it was first built in the early thirteen hundreds as a small fort atop, a tall hill but over the fire, when two centuries, the structure would be handed from one warlord to another. It wasn't and tell them fifteen hundreds when our favorite conquering general toy, you told me he they, oh, she took possession of it and began to expand the fortress to suit his own needs. A little more than a decade later toy it told me it was gone at a new family began to rule over the territory from the castle, but they wanted a fresh start, so they tore the entire structure down and built a brand new castle wrapping up construction.
around sixteen o nine, and if you visit the castle today that's the virgin, you'll, see all white and majestic and beautiful. there's a legend about the construction of that version of the castle. That is worth repeating. It said that the among the main tower was complete. The master carpenter responsible for it took his wife to the top, show her all that he had accomplished, but After admiring his craftsmanship and the majesty of the tower, she noticed something the tower it seems had a bit of a lean to it. In fact, it was per Instead of that, she could tell just by glancing at the towers to the South EAST, but mentioning this to her husband, had a powerful effect on him distraught and horrified at own mistake. The carpenter placed a chisel in his mouth and then threw himself off the tower, Today we know the tower leans because of the cliff it was built upon, but that shouldn't take away
from the beauty of the place everywhere, you look imagine castle is filled with little architectural details and some of them are filled with Remaining, for example, there are a number of statues on the roof of a creature known as the shot she which are said to guard the castle against fire. There is even a maze built into the woods around the castle meant to help protect it from invaders and inside in the hallway leading the chamber that would have been used by the Lord of the castle. Centuries ago. The floor has been fitted with what they call singing floorboards. These are boards that were designed, squeak loudly whenever someone walked on them. A protective measure met to prevent attacks from within. But if all the tales that him edgy castle is known for, one stands head And shoulders above the rest, the legend a variety of origins and retelling chains, but the most common version places events during the reign of Lord, nor a motor during
time there. He was assisted by a servant, name O Yama, who cared for the Lord in all things but I will Yama wasn't as supportive as he appeared secretly. He was plodding. The downfall of Lord nor Immortal We don't know if he was doing so on the orders of arrival, Lord or if this was part of a larger plan to put himself in charge of the castle either way. Oh yeah. Emma was obsessed with his plans and talked about them incessantly often enough, it seems for others around him to take notice. One of those who heard the plot was another of the Lord servants he didn't feel safe spying on the treacherous man because he was unknown supporter of Lord Norway MOTO. Instead, he his lover, a young woman named Oki coup to watch oh Yama, and listen for his plans. Then of course she was supposed to report back It was only a matter of time before Oki Coup Obtain proof of the plot against the council's Lord, and she took it straight to him, as
salt, O Yama was brought into question. Were these stories? True, was he in fact plotting to overthrow? the Lord. I owe Yama denied it and attacked Oki, whose honour and trustworthiness hoping to save himself, and then he made a bigger claim, the deceit, servant, told his Lord that ok, who had recently broken one of Lord nor mottoes, ten priceless dishes instantly. The Lord forgot about the plot against his life and seriously ordered the arrest and punishment of the young woman. She was not only taken into custody, but soon after she was tortured for her actions and then after she was exit. did her body was thrown into the well in the courtyard. over the centuries. The story of the woman in the well has become so popular and significance within the culture of Japan. At the story isn't just told inside the walls of the castle it
it is still inspiring people over five centuries later it was the premise a popular novel in the nineteen Ninetys and the film adaptation a few years later, but that unique mixture of a murdered girl, a body the well and the haunting that keeps the tale alive finally made its way to America a short while later when it became a smash head film and its name moreover, been skis, two thousand to horror classic the ring. There are bones everywhere, you look, some of them might be of the more obvious variety like the ones on. covered in Benjamin Franklin, London basement, but most of the time,
bones are more metaphorical. They are the little hints of pain and tragedy that seem to poke through the soya history there waiting for us just beneath the surface. If we know where to look for them. And that's the darker side of history that we rarely here about in school sure all these dates and names and events are incredibly important, but they are often too nothing more than topsoil, a layer smooth flawless decoration that hides a more brutal reality, because history is never simple, rarely painless and always dark. You just need to know where to look I'm not suggesting that your own basement is home to a pit full of long forgotten skeletons, but I am convinced that there were always be more to discover from the desert dig sites in Egypt.
To the New England graves of tuberculosis victims. Much of what we know about our past comes from digging up the bones. It has left behind I think it goes without saying that him edgy castle may be one of the most striking examples of the ancient japanese fortress, with its whitewash was an elegant curve, roof line, but it's also A wonderful analogy for much of human history is full of truth and superstition, victory and tragedy, and its survived relatively untouched for hundreds of years. Perhaps thanks in part to those protective step, Is you see him? Edgy castle has never burned to the ground sure to separate miss fell on the fortress during World WAR two, but only one. Caused minor damage, while the other simply failed to detonate at all an earthquake.
one thousand nine hundred and ninety five managed to crack some of the plaster and rattle a few roof tiles off, but you'd expect nothing less from a structure built for centuries ago. But that's not the only thing that has. After undergoing some restoration work in the nineteen fifties and obtaining designation as a national treasure, the castle has turned into a major tourist attraction sense. Then, over forty, million, visitors have walked through its halls and looked up at those white towers, and some of them have noticed things specific they ve noticed things around the old well in the courtyard most claimed, felt uneasy in that area. Sort of unsettled and anxious that some have reported more movement near the opening of the well shadows that seem to shift in the corner of their eyes and then, of course, there are the sounds. It's the sound of a woman crying, they say she's weeping and as she does her voice grow.
Progressively louder and louder, and it always seems to be originating from the well itself, though, to have heard her and listening. Carefully enough to hear what she is saying. Claim that it is always the same words over and over again she's counting her masters plates. They say from one to nine. Imagine castle has a history that runs so much deeper than one might expect from the Superman, turtle symbolism of the decorative elements to the tale of cuckoos murder, there's so much more to explore, but there are
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widow's stone, for example, legends as that in the reign of Toy, told me. He d Yoshi in the late fifteen Seventys. The builders encountered a problem with one of the walls of the fort yes, they were running out of stones to use, and so they put out a request to the villagers around them. If any one stone they wanted to donate. They should bring it to them at first, no one step forward the law. The castle took enough from them as it was so I can imagine they were a bit reluctant to hand one more thing over to him. Adventure an older woman volunteered. She was away who earned a meagre living by selling rice cakes, which she made at home, all by herself Amazingly, she offered to do her only millstone to the construction of the castle wall by says that her sacrifice was so inspiring that others from the village came forward with their own offerings pieces. stone lanterns headstones stones pulled directly from the walls of their own homes,
Today the widows millstone is still visible and there's a wire cage on top of it, protecting it from visitors who love to touch it, but for every law, hearted tail from within the walls of him edgy castle. There are countless other stories with much more darkness inside them and one Those is the location known as suicide. Bailey now tradition, We Bailey is the outer wall of a castle, but over time is up come to refer to the courtyard formed inside the wall, and this particular Bailey is filled with shadows. There's a war platform inside suicide daily and a throne like seat. Legend says that this is where individuals would come to commit ritual suicide. While the Lord of the cap sat and watched. Common reason would be the transition from the ownership of the castle between two lords oftentimes the defeated and his family would choose suicide over disgrace and that sucker
I was set to take place here. The truth is much less poetic from what I can gather Ass rulers of the castle did take their own lives from time to time, as did many of their fellow defenders, but those debts most like occurred inside the main tower, rather than out in the open, still Stories are what people cling to and they paint a castle in darkness that has become part of a structure itself. There's one last story. I want to share with you, though, and it's almost as core to him edgy castle as Oki Coups. Well. This one, though, isn't a maidservant, it's about a princess and it starts. In an entirely different castle He may was born in fifteen ninety seven, the daughter, of the show gun who ruled over all Japan at the time just We have seen in European royal families. Alliances were often form through marriage and send, he me would be treated no differently by the aid
six. She had been married off Toy Tommy, he D Yuri and the couple, if you can call them that, because come on, she was only six right Couple move to the castle in Osaka. for his normal as a childhood. Marriage can be the next twelve years were apparently uneventful at least politically, but in sixty in fifteen, whence and Amy was roughly eighteen years old, her husband was defeated in battle and he was forced by his enemy to commit suicide. But there was another problem in front of her. The part of the castle she was in had caught fire, and she was trapped by attacking warlord, put out a call for a warrior brave enough to enter the burning castle and rescue, send Himmy or Princess cen ass. She was called whoever did so. He offered would receive her hand marriage because after being married off at the age of six weeks really needed was another forced marriage right. Someone did step for And come to her rescue, but while he was sick
asshole in saving the princess, he is said to have been badly and in the process and when the door Finally settled from the attack that risk received a second painful blow, its sn had already fallen in love with another man and she refused to marry her rescuer. Despite the warlords, promise. Thankfully princess send charted her own course from that moment forward. Yes, angry rescuers, tried to kidnap her and claim what he believed to be his rightful reward, but his plot was discovered before it could even take place and after her wedding princess said in her new husband move to him edgy castle, they had two children enjoy life and she made the most of her second chance. but no castle has strong enough walls to keep the darkness out entirely. The first blow came in sixteen. When he one when her three year old son suddenly passed away. Five years later, her huh succumb to the effects of tuberculosis. Oddly, the story doesn't tell us
What happened to her last remaining child, but by one thousand six hundred and twenty six princess sends world had fallen to pieces. It said that grief washed over her, like a tidal wave. She cut her hair short and then left him. A g castle forever. the last we ever heard from her. She changed her name and entered a buddhist convent where she lived out the rest of her life before passing away in one thousand six hundred and sixty six, a peaceful end to a tumultuous life for sure, one that portrayed strength and power on the outside, but he'll darkness. Deep beneath the surface. Just like the castles she lived in
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