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Episode 143: Inside Information

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Some of the oldest and most popular parts of folklore are the ghost stories. Whether told around a campfire, or red about in the safety a well-lit room, they are always fun, and often chilling. But there’s so much more to ghosts than wispy visions and rattling chains.


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John inherited quite a lot from his family and not all of it was good, Father passed away in seventeen eighteen when he was just four years old and his their died the year after that to add tragedy who is story. Her death was most likely preventable. It seems that she had the money in the bank to buy food and medicine, but she preferred not to spend it and died. As a result, rest of his childhood was spent in a boarding school in London, but he stayed in contact with his mother's brother Uncle Harvey, but Harvey was just like his sister In a lot of ways, despite owning a massive country estate, he chose not to spend the money on upkeep and repairs and the home soon fell to ruin when he died. John inherited all of that unspent money. In fact, John had
come insanely rich between the money left to him by his parents and then his uncle its estimated that he was worth roughly one hundred thirty million dollars in modern american currency, but as he mature John Show just how much like his forebears, he truly was Despite his elevated social standing came more and more of a miser with his fortune. It said, rather than by new clothing for himself. John simply re. The clothes of dead relatives than his own country estate felt and from that same sort of miserly neglect, even after rising too position of parliament. He refused to use the massive fortune he possessed, so it's no surprise them the age of seventy, he was worth an estimated, hundred million modern american dollars. John L would eventually die and leave his fortune to his two sons, but he left the world something bigger. you see. Most scholars agree that he was the inspiration behind one of the most famous literary characters of legendary author, Charles Dickens. So, while few
remember the name of John Ellis. Just but everyone knows who Ebenezer Scrooge was, of course, elbow never changed. The Charles Dickens was a hopeful sort of man in his much loved a Christmas carol. He portrayed Scrooge man who could learn and grow and have his eyes open to the error of his ways, but the tool, the Dickens, use, bring about that. Change was downright other worldly ghosts. through the story, readers are introduced to four of them, his former partner, Jacob Marley and the ghosts of Christmas past Christmas presents an Christmas yet to come, and in the process we ve all been introduced to a powerful idea
Sometimes whether we want them to or not the dead return, I'm Aaron Mahnke, and this is lore Go stories are surprising. The old economy today imagine ghosts as pale victorian visitors who drift through our homes to the sounds of chains and ominous thunder, but in quality, that's only a small slice of the larger picture. Maybe We complain that on the rise of television and film, where ghosts are a favorite plot points there not wrong, but they I also fail to capture how truly ancient the idea really is the sea there
are we really need to do? Is read through the mythology of the ancient Greeks? Their legends are full of tales involving dead, who return as terrifying creatures to haunt the living. In fact, the Greeks beliefs strongly in the power of ghosts that they built a number of traditions around them all men of sacrifices and mourning rituals were performed by the living in an attempt to keep the dead at Bay and once each year, greek families would gather for a feast during which they would call out the spirits and request they leave the living alone for another year. Romans expanded around the ancient mediterranean world, they absorbed countless cultures, including the grecian city states, but they also. Added some of their own superstitions to the mix. For example, it was common for ancient Romans to scratch, curses on pieces of pottery or scraps of lead calling on the power of goes to afflict their enemies. But the Romans might also be the source of one of the world's first go stories.
plenty. The younger writing in the first century, documented the story of a philosopher named Athens, Doris who purchased a house in Athens that came with a dark reputation according to plenty. This man was informed that the house was hunted and yet bought it anyway. After moving in, though the stories came to life after This was a bit of a NATO preferring to work at his desk late into the evening, and so it was that one As he sat writing by candlelight startling sound caught his attention, looking up, he does the ghostly form of a man hovering in the middle of the room, his body bound with chains, and then the ghost drifted slowly outside curious. The man followed the ghost until it stopped in the courtyard where it pointed at the ground, after a Doris, The hints and grabbed the shovel, but after digging down into the loose soil, he made a grisly discovery. It was the skull Send a man bound in chains plenty
tells us that Athens, Doris, dug the body out removed the chains and then. gave the remains of proper burial. After that, the Spirit, never troubled him again. The ancient Greeks and Romans weren't alone, of course, long before them. in Egypt. There was plenty of belief in the power of the human spirit after death ancient egyptian. I believe that the human soul was made up of several different parts, each with their own focus. One of these was the spiritual body which was meant to make the journey from this world into the afterlife oftentimes. That spirit was believed to interact with the land of the living as it made that journey risk They knew what we would think of as a hunting and, of course, sometimes these spirits were vengeful. Much like the story, We still tell today in popular culture. These egyptian spirits would return to exact revenge on those that wrong them in life, in fact ones or from the Middle Kingdom, makes that belief abundantly clear in the tail,
and claim that is dead. Wife was hunting him, and so he sat down to write her a letter. This letter shows us just how confused and desperate the man was too. He explains how much he loved her in life, how he cared for her during her terminal illness and how respectfully he had buried her, whether his please satisfy the ghost of his wife is unclear, but his frustration teaches us everything we need to know even then were real around the globe and ancient China. We can find similar beliefs their just as in Egypt. The key was a proper death and burial Anyone who died violently or unexpectedly stood a good chance of returning from the land of the dead as ghosts. Even Also, if those people weren't given a proper burial man, just like the ancient Greeks, the these held a ghost festival to honour and appease the dead it takes place there the seventh month of the chinese calendar a time when the veil between the living in the dead is thought to be at its thinnest. It is us,
Interestingly enough, the time of the fall harvest and a full moon which has caused Many people to think of it as the chinese Halloween, although there a lot of differences to one story. In particular illustrates just how important a proper burial was to the ancient Chinese. Then it's Ghost of a young woman haunted the home of a pair of brothers, and it said that they desperately wanted to get rid of her so one, right after she appeared in their house caught her in a sack and then tossed it down a well. The following night, though, the ghostly young woman returned this time. Carrying the sack with her, so the brothers captured her again and weighed the sat down with heavy stones before tossing it back into the well still. The girl return. On the final night. They capture the ghost inside the sack and then placed it in a hollowed out log before capping both ends and setting it adrift on the river. In response, the Spirit thank them for a proper burial and never returned to their house again.
For thousands of years and across countless cultures go Savannah connection to our past, they have helped remember our loved ones and guide us toward respect and tradition, but that's not all they ve done Among the countless stories we have today, there are many that show ghosts less as a part of the past or as a sign post on the way to our future sure. Sometimes the spirits returned
who complain about a lack of respect, the HANS and irritate us into obedience, but there also known for something else. Sometimes they return to bring us a warning. It started with belief, belief that the dead might return, that their spirit could somehow cross back over the threshold between life and death in order to interact with us in the here and now, but that belief led to deeper questions
was true. If the dead could pass back into our world than what knowledge might they bring with them, it varies from culture to culture always dependent on what sort of views of the afterlife they hold, but in general, every group of ancient people has wrestled with this idea. When the dead come back. What do they know? An early example of this notion can be found in the Iliad by the eighth century BC, greek poet Homer in its Achilles experiences a dream in which his friend Patrick less appears before him and just him to complete the funeral rights he deserves and what's clear from their inner action is that Patrick List is aware of things that took place after his death in homers. Other famous work odyssey idea is given even more strength at one point, this story, the main character Odysseus, is approached by the ghost of his own mother, not only is news of her death shocking to him. But she also informed him of the situation back home. Apparently, he
on his journey so long that greedy neighbors were beginning to circle. Like vultures around his abandoned household, but it goes beyond ancient cultures to even in Elisabeth. In literature, we find ghosts handing out inside information that they somehow obtained from the other world and Shakespeare's Richard. The third Richard is visited before the battle of bows worth by the spirits of his previous victims, like some sort of macabre guilt trip, and they all Dick his impending defeat in Julius Caesar Shakespeare gives us more of the same at one point Caesar's goes to makes a brief appearance and he uses it to shame his old friend Brutus for betrayed him and, of course, in hamlet, the dead king visits, multiple character, who are naturally terrified, but they also receive valuable information from the ghost about his true killer and the list goes on and on all throughout history,
Most have been seen as sources of new information. Perhaps it's their connection to the afterlife or there access to a guide who might be willing to share a glimpse of the future, either way an added layer to the idea of what a ghost truly is more than just a terrifying vision, ghosts, it seems, can be informants. One last story about well informed ghosts. In eighteen, twenty six, a woman named Maria from English village pulse dead, met the man of her dreams. William, was years younger than her and was a bit of a ladies man, but he was also willing to court her despite the child. She was raising out of wedlock of major concession in those days. Maria, though, was look for marriage, her father and stepmother, we're looking for it as well, and she brought idea up, often to William suggesting that they run away together and elope. Then after Maria gave birth to his child in eighteen, twenty seven, he finally got the hint on the night of me.
18Th one thousand eight hundred and twenty seven William arrived on Maria's doorstep. He told her that the local sheriff was on his way to arrest her for having another child outside of marriage and that she needed to run away immediately, he would be waiting for her inside a local landmark on the edge of town and old building with red roof. Tiles known affectionately as the Red barn Following his instructions, Maria dressed herself in some of her fathers clothing, then after quietly packing the bare essentials, she slipped out into the night and vanished her father and stepmother would never see her again. William quarter also vanished from town, but he later paid a visit to enter Every one Maria was safe and sound in their new home and Ipswich family beg to see her but William. Was shifty and soon left town, rather than give them an answer, short. While later Maria's parents received a letter from her that attempted to calm all their fears soon. After
real step mother began to have dreams in them. The ghost of Maria appeared to her and. old how she had been murdered inside the Red Barn and that if they knew where to look, the evidence of the crime could be located. She spent and telling her husband, Maria's father about dreams and begging. did go see if it was true and I on April nineteenth of eighteen, twenty eight. He agreed what he found inside the red barn with something no parent should ever have to experience a patch of disturbed soil, convinced him to grab a shovel and dig which led him to find his daughters body. To confirming her identity to the authorities. An arrest warrant was issued for William quarter, who was later found that a nearby village running a boarding house with his brand new wife, William confessed to the murder any hanged for his crime in August of eighteen, twenty eight, the spirits that haunt us off
hold power over us. If the stories are true, it's their ability to straddle that invisible line between the living and the dead that gives them access to things. No one else might know unfinished: business lost loved ones and the evidence needed to track down a killer. Whether we believe it or not is up to each of us, but the stories certainly carry a powerful message. The question is: are we willing to listen. Nicola was born into a wealthy irish family, but, as we all know, death never place. Favorites
early in her childhood both of her parents passed away and she was sent to live under the guardianship of another family. And she wasn't alone when she arrived. She discovered that the family had recently taken in and orphaned boy of roughly the same age John had also been born to money but had lost both parents to illness. Life in the seventeenth century was never easy and it often harmed children the most Nikola and John grew up as if they were siblings, sharing every aspect of their lives under the care of their guardians, and while they were both exposed, a number of religious beliefs and practices. They kept an open mind, but they did settle on one thing: the each pledge to return from the grave to tell their surviving friend about life after death, In one thousand, six hundred and eighty seven Nicola married Sir Tristram Beresford and a couple went on to have two daughters. Together they were in love, and life was good, but darker times were headed,
way, and it would all begin on a family trip to Gill Hall in the Irish village of drama. one morning during their stay. There Nikola now known as Lady Barras heard, arrive late to break her husband new immediately that something was wrong to. She looked pale and unwell, and she had a strange black ribbon tied round her wrist. So he asked her what was troubling her Nikola brushed it off and plain that she was fine. She did, however, give her husband some startled news without explanation. She claimed that she was away. In a letter that were announced the death of her childhood friend, John and with an air of certainty. She stated that he had passed away at four o clock the previous Tuesday, why she believed this, though, was mister later that morning a courier arrived with the letter which was sealed with black wax upon opening it. There. Discovered that it had been written by John Stuart and that it contained the exact message that Nikola had been expecting
Jain died suddenly, the previous Tuesday at exactly four o clock. Nikola was clearly sad, she also shared happier news with her husband. She was pregnant with their third child. She told him and this one would be a son. She was certain of it within the year. She was proven right in a couple welcome to Marcus into their home, but life gives and takes before Marcus was six years old. Lord barrister passed away, leaving Nikola alone with her three children, this time the blow was devastating and she retreated for a time into darkness and depression, but slowly she recovered and ventured out again becoming more social has the months passed by and that's when she met Richard.
Richard was an army officer and the son of a clergyman, not a titled Lord, as one might have expected for her. He was younger, much less wealthy and not as well connected as her first husband, but regardless the couple were soon married, but that marriage came with problems and not too long after They separated from each other. It would be a number of years before they re United, but eventually Niccolo took Richard back They had another sun rays. children and carried on through life as best they could and at some point, her oldest children decided to throw a party in her honour to celebrate her forty eighth birthday it was a happy gathering and Nicholas, seem too bashfully full of joy and peace. She had the air of
one who had avoided something unwanted and she practically glowed. One of the guests to the party was a very old friend and elderly bishop, who forty eight years before had christened her as an infant Nicolet naturally brought up this connection when they had a moment to speak. But the bishop shook his head and frowned No, he told her. That number was wrong. He had heard her make mention of her age before and it had always confused him, so he had recently gone back to the parish church where her records were kept and confirmed his suspicion, while it was indeed her birthday, they was her forty, seven not or forty eight that they should be celebrating despite having a whole year chopped off her age. Something most of us would gladly accept. Niccolo was immediately struck with fear and panic without explanation. She retreated back to the house and her bedroom leaving the party to carry on without her. Naturally, this sort of behaviour concern her children, so they paid her a visit to see if she needed anything
With her children there around her bed, Niccolo made a confession, something she never told another living soul before Explain to them how many years before she was pulled from sleep in the early morning hours while visiting friends at Gill Hall, when she did, she discovered her childhood friend John standing over her bed after lecturing John for visiting without warning, he shook his head and told her that no, he wasn't really there. He was dead, having passed away whose day before at four o clock, it was nothing more than a ghost, but he had returned with news for her. He told the that she was pregnant and would soon deliver a sun which must have been awkward for markets to here, as he stood next to her bed. Hearing her confession
John also told her that six years later, her husband would pass away something that also came true and then the biggest news of all that she herself would die on her forty seventh birthday as proof that he was really there Johns ghost reached and touched her wrist disfiguring the skin in an unnatural way. He told her Never let any one else see the scar and suggested tat a ribbon around it to keep it hidden this little bit of evidence of his return and the future. His ghost had revealed to her you're. Her confession Nikola ask everyone to leave the room and she soon fell silent eight or that afternoon. They check back in on her and found that the final prediction had also come. True Nikola had passed away on her forty seventh birthday As you might imagine, her children were heartbroken, but they were also curious. They Look down at that black ribbon tight around her wrist, the one she had.
Every single day for many years and then cast curious glances at each other. Finally, one of her daughters stepped forward and bent down she tugged at the knot and soon the ribbon fell away beneath. It was something both unusual and completely expected a patch of withered skin, just as their mother and described ghosts are a divisive topic. People have debated for centuries about their existence and, while pop culture and cable television might seem to be full of believers, there are just as many people out there ready
dismiss everything. The matter might be settled for most of us, but the answer, it seems is deeply personal, but you don't have to believe in ghosts to understand the power found in their stories. Visitors from beyond the veil, who drift back into our lives, to seek revenge for past wrongs or to offer guidance for future decisions. It's easy to see at the very least. why people have believed in them for so long a ghost omens are another level. Their stories are just as old and just as global, but they add new layers to a typical hunting tail. This idea that because goes to visit us from the afterlife that their privy to some sort of hidden knowledge is an ancient, yet textured concept and, of course, the very fact that some people believe it teaches us volumes about who we are, which is why I love the story of Lady bears Fruit and her ominous visit from her childhood
and John known to history. Ass, Lord Tyrone. It's a story with a lot of provenance to having been passed down by her family through the generations. It was also written down very early on in that manuscript is still in safe keeping and because of all of that, the legend has a bit more color in life, but, as you might imagine, there is or to the story. When John Spirit visited Nicholas that night long ago, he offered her proof of his exist. And then made a number of very specific predictions: the birth of a sun which came true, the death of her husband, which also came to pass and, of course, her own death on her forty seventh birthday. But there was one more according to Nicolet. Johns goes told her that long after they were both gone Nicholas Son and his own air would be married its
powerful message to even after their death, their families would be bound together in a real and powerful way. The trouble is stories that are deeply tied to historical events, and people have a lot of evidence behind them, strings that can be pulled and facts that can't be verified and historical. Lord Tyrone didn't leave behind a family of his own. He died a bachelor in one thousand six hundred and ninety three means no widow and certainly no daughter, Nicholas Son Marcus, would eventually go on to get married. His wife, Lady Catherine, came from a well family of similar social status, but her father was it Nicholas friend, John, and for a lot of us that might put there verbal nail in the coffin on the accuracy of the legend. If one of the predictions failed to stick the landing, it certainly cast doubt on the rest, but Catherine wasn T random, socialite or the product of some arranged marriage
she and Marcus had known each other. Since childhood, thanks to some family connections connections that, through a series of unfortunate events, lead to her inheriting the title and fortune of her dear young uncle Lord Tyrone. Just as predicted she was his heir. Go stories are central to just about every culture around the world and while they vary from place to place, most of them share a lot of common details. So I hope today's tour, through a few examples, left you with a better understanding of all of that, while delivering a few chills along the way
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Still it's my job to find the best, the darkest and most entertaining boy do I have one for you. His name was William of Newburgh who worked in the 12th century as a chronicler of just about everything. Going on in his day is most well known. Work on a massive book called the history of English affairs was popular then, and is still incredibly entertaining now and part of that, I think, is just how much page time he give things that returned from the dead. A common subject of his stories were creatures that were known as resonance sort of a hybrid of a zombie. In a ghost, these were dead bodies that had somehow become reanimated and then returned to their towns and families to haunt the living. But he also veered into the territory of ghosts. In one story, Newberg tells the tail of a man named Lord Northumberland, who strongly suspected his wife of cheating on him to catch her in the act he climbed on top of her canopy bed and lay down soon enough his wife and her lover entered the room and demonstrated her
infidelity right beneath him. It was all the proof he needed. The trouble was. The experience was so shocking to him that he tripped while trying to climb back down and confront them. He landed head first on the cold stone floor and died instantly, but a man is of as Lord Northumberland wasn't about the let death stand in his way, soon after his burial, his ghost, was reported in the castle and with it came in awful stench, as if a corpse were being moved around from room to room. In fact, Newberg records that the smell was so powerful that it caused a plague that killed many of the people in town, desperate for relief from both a hunting and the smell. I suppose the dead lords corpse was exude. They found his belly swollen and filled with blood assign to their medieval minds at least that he had been feeding on a townsfolk. They quickly burn the body
and that was the end of the hunting. But my favorite story from his book is about a priest from Mailros Abbe. For many years this priest had served as a chaplain to a local, noble woman, a lofty position in those days and its that she greatly appreciated his services and often donated funds to the abbey to help support their work there. But the priest passed away on it, Secondly, one day and left the noble woman without an adviser or a friend, and maybe it was a mixture of that grief and a few of the rumours about the priests less than savory behavior. But sooner enough there were reports that his spirit wasn't entirely at rest. In fact, it headstart to haunt her house. Yes, his body was buried in the mail rose, Abbe Cemetery and yes, a dozen monks could attested digging that grave and placing his cold body inside it, but the
by that tangible evidence, the noble woman made many reports that seemed to suggest otherwise and most of them centred around her bed chamber. She claimed that the dead priest had returned and would hover above the floor of her room, moaning and making other horrible sounds those who witnessed the priest claim that body was nearly transparent, but the sounds were as clear as day and it happens so often But the noble woman became utterly desperate, so she reached out to the abbey for help. Actually, that's a bit generous. She begged them really, please. She pleaded pray that the dead priest goes away and pray for my safety and sense of peace and, of course, the abbot gladly complied, instructing all the monks to offer prayers for her throughout the day
and yet the dead priest continued his huntings. Finally, everyone had taken about all they could handle, and so the abbot gathered a few months together and task than was sitting watch near the priest, grave, the key vigil and look for signs of a ghost and sure enough later that night, the dead man made an appearance much to the horror of the men I am sure in the chaos of his appearance, though the monks attempted to attack the ghost. not sure what they were thinking really. Everyone who has seen ghostbusters knows how pointless that should have been but these were men who had been raised on stories of residence. So perhaps they assumed the vision they saw was a real animated corpse, regardless they struck out at the ghost, with their shovels and clubs, and apparently harm that enough to frightening away. And then they re
for safety, but all of them returned the following morning with new orders to dig up the priests corpse and burn it after they were done. It said that the hauntings had stopped. Thankfully,. One last detail, though: after digging down into the loose soil of the priest grave, they opened the rough wooden coffin to expose the dead man's body and what they found inside it sent a chill down their backs. Although the priest had died of natural causes with no visible injuries on his body. The man's corpse was reportedly covered in vicious cuts and bloody gashes injuries. It was said that match the events from the night before.
This episode of law was written and produced by me. Aaron man, key with research by Alexander steed and music by Chad, Lawson Bore, is much more than just podcast. There's a book series available in bookstores in online and two seasons of the television show on Amazon. Prime video check them both out. If you want more lore in your life, I also make two other podcast air and make his cabinet of curiosity and unobserved, and I think that you'd enjoy both of them. Each one explores other areas of our dark history, ranging from bite sized episodes to season long dives into a single topic. You can learn more about both of those shows and everything else going on. Over in one central place. The world of lore dotcom, Slash now.
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