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Episode 16: Covered Mirrors

2015-10-04 | 🔗

At the heart of every horror film is an iconic weapon. Often times they are nondescript and ordinary, but in the hands of a killer they become something more. Something that has the potential to haunt our nightmares. And sometimes those nightmares become reality.


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I can still remember the first time I saw a nightmare on ELM Street Ass, a child, those tense moments in the dark, the thumping of my heart. In my chest, screams. The decades have reduced much of those memories down too simple impressions and flashes of key images, and the most important of those, of course, was the glove ready. Kroger's glove was iconic all leather and met. and fish knives, just a glimpse of it, was enough to send shivers down the spines of millions, and it was one of a handful of weapons, they became foundational too. a new wave of horror movies that started thirty years ago. There were others, of course, a chainsaw
the screaming motor and biting teeth, build many nightmares. The machete always takes me back to the hockey mask wearing Jason Voorhees from Friday. The third There are many stories of a killer who uses a hook. Rum. I know what you did last summer doing episode of supernatural and who could forget the wooden stake that makes an appearance in almost every vampire movie, but no tool of destruction has been more prolific, more horrific than the axe, it's the stuff of nightmares, equal parts, passion and skill.
It's a near mythic weapon that instantly inspire sphere, but a little over a century ago, those nightmares became reality. I Marin Monkey and this is lore. between January, one thousand, nine hundred and eleven and April one thousand nine hundred and twelve a killer travel. Western Louisiana and Eastern Texas. whoever they were a trail of body was left on a scale beyond anything we can imagine. Today, They were crimes of intense passion and brutality. They were calculated and merciless neighbour hate crimes to the core, focusing on victims of mixed race, and they were all committed within
First murder took place in rain, Louisiana January nineteen, eleven while a young mother and her three small children were asleep in their beds, some one sir they're home and brutally killed them all with an ax. Shortly after that, and just ten miles to the west in the small town of Crowley, the killer struck again, while wall her buyers and his wife and their six year old son slept in their beds. Their lives were ended. There was a pattern forming something be.
on the victims, profiles and the murder weapon, but it was still too early for the authorities to notice this was an age before the internet. After all, before twenty four hour news networks, most information travelled along the railroad and took days or weeks the spread effectively, which was unfortunate because that allowed the killer to move on. and continuous work, just a quick note going to use the male pronouns when referring to this killer, it's not an effort to being anti feminist. Believe me, I just have a hard time. Imagining a woman would brutally murdered small children ass. If that assumption offends you, I apologize. Whoever he was. He didn't wait long before making his next appearance on February, twenty third nineteen eleven
some one entered the home of the Castle Way family in San Antonio Texas and so I heard everyone in their sleep husband and wife and their three children. there were never any signs of robbery, no vandalism or other evidence of a reason for the murder. However, the man was he entered each home with one or if its purpose, and then he moved on the killer, took a long break after San Antonio, but when he reappeared he was back in the museum on Sunday November, twenty six, the nineteen eleven in the city of laugh at all six members of Randall Randall family were butchered while they slept already said that each had been killed with a single blow to the back. The head near the right ear and the weapon a claim wasn't now
The police arrested a woman named Clementine Bernadette, who claimed to have committed crimes and rain Crowley and Lafayette. Her story was an odd mixture of voodoo superstition and colts mentality due to her involvement in something called the sacred church, but in the end the true killer proved her innocence continuing with his spree while she was behind bars. The January of nineteen twelve raleigh experience yet another tragedy at the hands of the acts Marie Warner and her three children were brutally killed in their beds, following the pattern of the previous murders,
days later in the Louisiana town of Lake, Charles Felix Broussard and his wife, and their three children became the next victims, one blow to the head for each just behind the right ear. But this was the moment the killer went off scripts. He left a note, It was an incredibly helpful, but it did land a small amount of humanity to the man behind the acts. The note red when he maketh the inquisition for blood. He forget, if not the cry of the humble Human five, no one knew what it meant. No one does to this,
a body it help the towns along the southern Pacific railroad line understand that it wasn't some mythological beast. That was hunting them. No killer was a man still a monster, but of the human variety. The death Toll continued to climb on February nineteen, it was Hattie Dove and her three children and Beaumont Texas. On March, twenty seventh was the Monroe family in the town of gladden on April. Eleven The killer returned to San Antonio to take the lives of William Burton and his family and two nights later Hempstead re more lives were taken The killer appeared one final time in August of nineteen twelve in the home of James Dash Ill in San Antonio, but something went wrong, rather than never waking up again, Missus Dashwood
But her eyes as the killer missed his target, she screamed and he ran. Slipping away into the night and then as if it had been nothing more than a hot wind blowing off the gulf. Everything just stopped: no more murders, your blood, no more little coffins with no one left to weep over them gone, but there's always another another acts, always another family and there's always another monster. Turkey in the south, western corner of Iowa between them, and west branches of the not away river, is the sleepy town of Alaska in nineteen twelve
this was the sort of town where everyone knew each other, if not by name. Then, at least by face local man, Joe Moore, had been the star salesmen at a farm acquainted business, by another village, creative Brink Jones. had struck out on his own five years earlier, starting his business. He his wife Sarah had four children ranging from five to eleven years of age all of them were well loved. Around town on the night of June ten eldest daughter, Catherine play host to a pair of local girls Lena in China still or what we would call a sleep over today with the house, full the family retired, to bed and soon all them or fast asleep. Just after midnight, however, a stranger lifted, the ass on the more families backdoor in step inside today, we do
Think twice about locking all of our doors windows before going to bed, but in Valencia in nineteen twelve, that would have been overcome crime, wasn't problem and everyone. Well, we already covered. How friendly the all. whoever it was that entered the house. That night, closed the door behind himself and then quietly picked up a nearby oil. There miss was the type of lamp with glass chimney on top which protected the flame from gusts of wind, but it was also prone to toppling out if the lamp was Tipp too far breaking Ass makes noise and that's probably why the intruder remove Jimmy and setting aside. He lit the lamp and turn the flame down as low as he could just enough light to see by, but not enough to wake. Anyone and then moving ass quietly ass. He could walk past the room where the two still injure girl slept and slowly climb the narrow stare.
We know this because the town coroner did his best to later reconstruct the events of that night were told that the man first slipped in Here the room of Joe and Sarah more who lay asleep in their bed, he sat down the lamp. It could only get in the way when he started to use the other item he had brought with him. An x rays, weapon over his head so hard that it scoffed the ceiling of the room but nine the occupants of the bed, seem to notice. You brought it down first on Joe and then on his wife, too. Quick swings to sickening thuds was over. He next visited the more children asleep in the second upstairs bedroom. He quietly killed each of them with similar quick blows to the head. With the axe before returning to the stairs.
back. On the first floor, he entered the room where the two guests slept and completed his mecca mission. no one awoke going scream No one was allowed a chance to warn the others until it was all over but there are signs that one of the cylinder girls woke up according to the corner, He showed signs of movement prior to her death. Perhaps the noises upstairs Walker, maybe her sister, scream or some other noise disturb her sleep, but by the time she was awake, it was too late. She quickly join the others in their horrible fate I wish I could say that the knights events were over, but the intruder the killer now was finished. After killing all aid of the people inside the house. He returned.
upstairs in systematically brutalize. There remains, but his axe. There are details. I won't record, he tells the most of us can do without no matter how strong some of our stomachs might be, but it estimated that the killer structure more space, at least thirty times before. Moving on to his wife, I think that gives you an idea when he was done with his work. The man covered each of the faces of the victim. All eight victims shrouded in clothing and bedsheets, and then he moved on to you, the mirrors in the house draping each in turn with more cloth. Every reflective surface every place where it might be possible to see eyes staring back in himself he carefully and deliberately covered each
Then I think the killer stayed in the house for a while after he was done, he had taken a ball and filled it with water, where it appears he washed his blood soaked, hands, In a little before five, a m, the man picked up the house keys of the moors turn off the lamp, lock the doors and then vanished into the red morning, sky as it goes with so many small town tragedies. The people of Alaska quickly went in search of some one to blame for the murders, one of the first x to be considered was Iowa, Senator Frank Jones. If you remember Jones had banjo moors boss at the farm equipment business just a few years before when he left us
I got on his own, though more had taken one of the most lucrative clients with him company called John Dear. There was no love between these two men. In fact, they used to cross over to the opposite side of the street, to avoid passing another on the sidewalk. There was also a rumour that Joe more had been having an affair with breaks daughter. The theory around town at least, was that Frank hired a killer to get rid of more. He was never formally charged with the murders. The news coverage ruined his political career, wherever another suspect was local man, Lynn, George Kelly, aside from being the towns Presbyterian Minister, It is also known as sexual deviant with mental problems. there's, a guy who and placed an ad in the local newspaper, looking for a receptionist
and when women responded even instruct them that they would be required to type in a new super nice guy. If by nice you mean crazy. But crazy or not. He quickly admitted to the murders and to leaving town on the train the morning of the discovery. It was also left handed something the coroner had determined was characteristic of killer, but there are some problems to Kelly was I put two and wait a little over one hundred pounds. Soaking wet, not the beast. People would have expected to find swinging and acts in the middle of the night, unfortunately, Kelly later recanted his confession and complained about police brutality, One final suspect WWW Mansfield. It was leave by some that Frank Jones had hired Mansfield to do the killing, while others just believe the man work alone,
it's real, had a criminal record and at one point one of the detective agencies hired to investigate the murders plain that he was even cocaine attic, no one like Mansfield, and it seem like IE. was really the guy manslaughter. had been suspected into other murders prior to Valencia, which didn't help his case, one in Kansas and happened just four days before and another in a roaring illinois. The locations both of those murders, were easily accessible by train and bull had been committed with an ax. That's not all. Each of those previous murder scenes were eagerly similar to militia in both homes two gaiters found a lamp burning at the foot of the bed. Last chimney, missing mirrors in both homes had been covered in bowls of water used to wash bloody hands were found near the kitchen no prints,
found, though suggesting a killer. Who was worried about being identified by prison record's, something Mansfield would have understood In the end, however, Mansfield was able to provide an alibi. His name was apparently on the payroll records for a business several hundred miles away, making it difficult to believe he could have travelled to fill this gap. The swing the axe, someone did, though, which means the killer got away, caught a train, skipped, town and landed somewhere else. Who knows where that train might have taken him? the acts is about as I conic as it gets
some of the oldest manmade tools that scientists have discovered our hand, axes, suggesting that their form and function is somehow part of our subconscious. They fit our needs and perhaps they fit our nature as well. in sky like headless communities around the world at the turn of the last century, the axe was about is commonplace as the hand pumped well or wooden outhouse. Everyone had one in every one took them for granted. It was credibly comment to see the lane on a person's porch or protruding from a large piece firewood in the yard, which means, There never would have been a need for the Wolesi acts murderer to carry his weapon with him. It was a weapon of convenience. It was the easy and logical choice. The perfect tool with the perfect crime
as a result, our scary stories are full of these brutally sharp iconic weapons. There vicious arc is the stuff of nightmares and for the more family, those nightmares became real. We encounter William Mansfield one more time in the historical records. Shortly after his trial and release, a man named are H, Thorpe from nearby Shenandoah. He forward with the story According to him, he saw a man fitting man fields, description board, the train the morning of the murders within walking distance, a town. Maybe you with someone else. Maybe it was me feel himself caught in his own. Why has no record that the authorities followed up on this lead, but other things followed him in the years to come. In June of nineteen fourteen to
full years after the events in Villisca Mansfield was arrested one more time this time in Kansas City, the reason his former wife, along with her parents and her infant child, had been found dead in their home in Blue Island Illinois. According to the authorities, they had been brutally murdered in their sleep killer and use and acts. This episode of law was researched, written and produced by me errand monkey lore is It's more than upon guess. There's a book series in book, Doors around the country and online and this
can season of the Amazon Prime Television show was recently released, check them both out. If you want look in your life by also make two other upon guests, Making the cabinet of curiosities and unobserved- and I think you'd enjoy both each one explore other areas of our dark history, ranging from bite sized episodes to season long dives into a single topic. You can learn about both of those shows. Everything else going on all over in one central place, the world of lore dot com slash now you can also follow the show on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to search for lore podcast, all one word and then click that follow button. When you do say hi, I like it when people say
and as always thanks for listening.
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