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Episode 192: Time Will Tell

2022-02-14 | 🔗

Some corners of folklore are a product of time, as centuries and cultures have all made their mark on them. But one type of story in particular has become a favorite of anyone who loves a good legend. Let’s take the time to explore it today.


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John Tyler was born in one thousand seven hundred and ninety and served as the tenth president of the United States in the early 1840s and last year, one of his grandson passed away. Let those dates details sink in for a moment, the grandson of a president born in one thousand, seven hundred and ninety just passed away last year. It sounds insane, it sounds made up, and yet it's real It's a concept that writer Jason Cocky calls the great spanned when it the visual lives seem to span inconceivable lengths of time, another exam
would be the nineteen fifty six tv show. I've got a secret that featured a guest named Samuel Seymour, his secret. He was informed theatre on April fourteenth of eighteen. Sixty I've and witness the assassination of Abraham, Lincoln and one more because I love these kinds of stories so Last year a woman named Helen Viola Jackson passed away. You ve probably never heard of her but she had an amazing distinction that should be pointed out. She was the law, surviving widow of a civil war soldier impossible, not true you see back in nineteen, thirty six. She was just seventeen and that the year she married James Bowling and ninety three year old, veteran, the civil war had ended. One hundred fifty five years earlier and yet here was a woman last year who could remember conversations with someone who fought in it's like? I said I love these kinds of
stories or someone who loves history. It brings the past a life in a whole new way, and it certainly gives us something fun to tell others parties, but the most fascinating aspect of stories like these are what they do to our perception of time wow us because they seem to break the rules. They put the impossible on display and the expose just how If an fleeting all our lives seem to be in the face of history, time might move at the same speed for all of us. But if we break the rules, we risk inviting dangerous consequences. I'm Erin Monkey- and this is more Time is a funny thing,
Isn't it we're all aware of it? It's a real well, that all of us must follow, and so it's no wonder that for thousands of years we ve been trying to measure it. The oldest eggs All of this as far as archaeologists are concerned, is a bone object from simply key valley in the Democratic Republic of Congo? It's nearly twenty thousand years old and it has the disk, the marks on it. If someone recording the passage of time worse all around the world, there are examples of monuments, built and aligned to connect us with the sole services, and sometimes even constellations need to say our love affair with time is pretty old. The Babylonians in ancient Egyptians introduced calendars to civilization around five thousand years ago, and they were designed to make life more efficient went a plant in harvest was of the utmost importance to them and they needed to make it foolproof.
New technology appeared over the years. Of course, son dials use shadows to mark off the hours, but only worked during the day. Candle clocks and water clocks could operate at nights, but they weren't is accurate. were a bit messy, but it was religion that really push clocks into the forefront of everyone's minds. You see minutes Stick orders throughout Europe needed a dependable way for their followers to strictly observe per times in twelve. Eighty, three, the first known wait driven mechanical clock, was installed. A priory and Dunstable in England creating. Way for everyone to be on time, o n, because these early timekeepers used bells to indicate the time they were. for to buy the latin word for Bell Clock, which is why we call them clocks, but don't be fooled by our modern understanding of time, keeping that appearance of mastery and control because for most of history, our track record at measuring time was pretty weak,
simple. There was a while and no one could agree on when a new day began. Italians believe this started at sunset, Babylonians thought it was: sunrise Germans preferred the middle of the night But even knowing what the daily boundaries were, did it make measuring the time between them any easier right up until the fourteenth century, if you were to such a clock in London an hour very anywhere from forty to eighty minutes in length but it was a long before reliable mechanical clocks were created and the day was chopped up into little clocks. What the French called hours. one thing to keep in mind was just how mystical all of this must have felt to people measuring time was complicated and mysterious So much of it was up for debate. We could all agree. the time marched on and that the effects of time were clearly observable. But how it all worked. Well, I was just plain magic for the longest time if you'll pardon the pun, people spoke about the passing of time. As a former
flowing river. Some ancient mythology, like the Mahabharata, for example, use time in fascinating ways, though, story. Kinda could me was said to have travelled to the home of the creator guide to seek an audience, but he was asked to wait a few minutes for a song to finish plain when he fell He returned to earth from the heavens more than one two million years had passed by and of course most everyone has heard of revenge. Winkle. sorry by sleepy hollow author, Washington Irving, but a man rip who falls asleep and wakes up two decades later It was a clever way of showing how much can change in just a few years in readers loved it. But there is one thing that literature hadn't done People were moving forward in time, whether through help from the gods or just a good old fashioned nap, but they were moving backwards, at least not until the eighteen, hundreds that is Thanks to the industrial revolution and a fire hose
of new life, changing technology, people were starting to wonder between electricity steam power in things like the railroad and the telegraph, it honestly started to feel like just about anything was possible, and perhaps it really. US in August of nineteen O. One Charlotte morbidly took a trip to France, The principle of Saint Hughes College for women at Oxford and the school had just hired a new vice principle. woman named Eleanor Jordaens and of Eleanor's arrival in England Charlotte decided to go, spend time with her in Paris to get to know her a little better on the tenth volume? the two women decided to take a trip to the palace of Versailles. They did tourist things men who can blame them, precise breathtaking,
so they spend time walking all over soaking it in and enjoying their little window into the past, but at some point they seem to have gotten lost later, describe it as a feeling ass. If she were walking in her sleep and a week later after it obviously wondering if she should bring it up with Eleanor. She discovered that her new friend, had experienced the same thing that afternoon exactly what those things were. Well, let me walk you through it, so you can form your own opinion. Both of them would later described, walking through the ornate gardens there and how, as they did dates, I did a woman sitting on a ground level, terrorists on the north West side of the palace ass. They approached noticed that the woman was dressed in old fashioned clothing in life summer dress from another era. They said she was older, but beautiful and Charlotte couldn't shake the feeling that the woman didn't belong there. It probably didn't help that she was holding a large parchment up and away from her chest, so she can read it better olive,
from her white hat and big hair to the woman's location on the grounds just felt off nearby. They also spotted something less beautiful, but justice jarring both women, were seen a man dressed in a heavy black cloak and an odd hat and as he turned to look in their direction. They noticed how his face was covered in smallpox, scars, perhaps it was his overall appearance or maybe it was in the expression that he gave them, but Charlatan Eleanor both wrote that they felt the man was an evil presence after that the pair of women were swept up in the arrival of a french wedding party and after that they boarded the carriage that took them back to their hotel in the weeks. months to come. They would share more and more of their personal observations with each other finding comfort in the real nation that neither of them had imagined at all in their own minds, it had really happen a decade. After their experience, the two women publish their accounting and book.
the adventure and they also set about trying to prove what they witnessed was true. They dug through old maps and document, getting a better understanding for the palace. Its history and key figures who once lived and worked there and the realisation, they were certain that they had stepped backward through time into a different August, tenth one set over a century earlier In fact, they believed that they had witnessed Marie Antoinette on the terrorist laws and passed by the imposing figure of Comte de Rail, a man who would later betray the queen in the midst of the french revolution. Naturally, there are those who disagree times Well, isn't possible, they say, and so there must be a more reasonable explanation. Some have suggest The charlatan Eleanor had a chance encounter with a tablet Vaughan. Silent reenactment like a living still life, exhibition, others think it was a random historical dress up party and the women happened to step right into it. But what is clear is
just how much discussion there book has generated over the past century. People are still talking about it. They accepting it and analyzing the details, because its ever so tantalizing to think about the possibilities, but what in story presents to experience. Something like that first hand would be extraordinary for sure, but some, else is even more certain to see it happen to some one else might just be the most thrilling of. The story is absolutely mind bending. So let me walk you through the details. It begins on a warm summer night, around a lot p m in nineteen. Fifty as its told the set
this is New York City and one of the busiest intersections in town according to witnesses, that was the time in place that an unusual figure appeared in the street. He was dressed in odd clothing and had a look of astonishment on his face some say he even looked up with a tall buildings in coward, slightly as if all of it was just too much to take in, no one saw him approach from down the street, no one saw him step out of a cab. He just sort of a here in the middle of the intersection and while his moment of wonderment was noticed by some, it was short lived. A few heartbeats later a car struck him and brought his life to an inn, but what sort of law had that been and who did he leave behind in the wake of his death, as has so often happen before the authorities recalled and their tried their best to identify them but the only clues they found where some items in his pockets unusual items to say the least one object was a cry
new handwritten letter addressed to someone named Rudolf Fence, but it was dated eighteen, seventy six and quickly dismissed. other than that there was some cash, also really If new in appearance, but also from the early eighteen Seventys, the man had no identification. His finger prints didn't match anything on. Record, and there is no one by that name in the police files. Investigators, as you might imagine, we're stumped and then the detective hit on an odd lead. He found a rude off fence junior listed in an old phone book and try to try the man down a man by the name had indeed passed away a few years earlier and his widow had moved to Florida, so the authorities reached out to her and her story sent the investigation into dark territory. We're late husbands, Father Rudolf Senior, had lived in New York City, yes, but the man disappeared. One night and
returned it seems that one evening in eighteen, seventy six he went out for a walk around ten p m and had simply vanished. It said that the detective felt like the story was too weird to be true, so he didn't sue it further and for a long time no one talked about it, but ninety, seventy two. They say it started to appear and publications around the world. First in it and by an organisation called the border land Sciences, research foundation who devoted their time too, He paranormal events around the, two thousand a spanish magazine, published an account of the events and that article caught the eye of an Englishman living in Spain. Chris back was a researcher well versed in supernatural phenomena and he recognized the story. So he reached out the spanish magazine for more information It turns out that their source for the peace was a shorts.
We buy an author named Jack Finny, published in a nineteen fifty one issue of colors magazine. It was from the start presented as fiction, additive work of speculation that allow the author to explore time and space and what might be possible. In other words, it was science fiction, picked up by the internet five decades later and passed around, and as if it were true, an urban legend of the highest quality right up there with slender man and polybius it's a realization. That's done two things ever since first, it's blown a hole in the story, leaving a lot of people disappointed, which is totally understandable. I think it's rate tail- and even I wish all or parts of it could be real, but second teaches us that I'm not alone a huge population of people also wish the story had been true. It shows how attractive
These time. Bending stories are how drawn the human mind is to the possibility that time is more than a one way river and its left us more aware than ever before, of what sort of oddities to look for. because even in the face of labels like impossible and science fiction, these stories continue to bring out one of our most enduring qualities. Hope yeah. It is amazing what the past couple of centuries have given us from an entertainment point of view. We ve gone from story, about men who fall asleep and wake up years later to those of individuals who have slipped backward in time. Mark TWAIN gave us
Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur S, court back in eighteen. Eighty, nine six years later, HD wells, how much do the o dot g of Time travel stories with his novel, the time machine and there have been countless others ever sent from back to the future to the umbrella academy. Pop culture is obsessed with time travel and that obsession is hidden in plain sight right inside our words and his two thousand five book, the unfolding of language author Guide Deutscher, makes an interesting. ain't, no matter where people are from in the world, it's impossible for them to talk about time, about using terms reserve for space and distance. We meet our friends for lunch around noon and we pass time as if we were writing by it, and Are honestly, it's not a surprise. The passage of time is full of interesting qualities.
Writer Mark Sumner pointed out a few years ago that if you picked key historical figures that shared birth and death dates like a baton race, you can line them up one after the other and build lines of connection between the past and the present through that method, you- and I are only six lifespans from William Shakespeare time- is a funny thing and one man, it was more of a playground and most Stephen huh. in famously held a dinner party for time travellers. On June, twenty ninth of two thousand nine: he kept the plans for a complete secrets and then lived at the location in Cambridge. That evening, to sit in him wheelchair below a banner that red welcome time travellers you see because,
invitations were sent out after the party began. The only people who could have shown up on time were people from the future who were capable of travelling into the past. It was a fun game that demonstrated the possibilities wrapped up in that commonplace term. Time. Traveller talking, of course, passed away in two thousand eighteen. After a lifetime of altering the world Six in a way that few others have accomplished. His funeral was held at Westminster, Abbe in London and, as you can imagine, it was a grand affair and as iter, Out Hawkins Foundation decided to make the event open to the general public as long as they feel, an online application. But only a select group of people were allowed to submit those applications, those who could prove they were born between the years two thousand nineteen and two thousand thirty eight. time, travel according to the foundation had yet to be disproven, and so they wanted.
To make sure time travellers could come paid their respects to one of the key figures in scientific history but it seems that none were around, they take them up on the offer. Time is the centre piece of so many stories. We share and love whether in Visuals are breaking the rules of time, raising the clock or using their next to the past to determine their future. So amazing stories wouldn't tick without time and attract down another that you're going to love stick around through this brief sponsor break to hear all about it This episode of law was made possible by square space. Are you ready to start something new, maybe even working on a new project and you're finally ready to launch it? I know exactly what you're feeling, because this podcast star
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nationalized, feel that gives us an essential tool if you want a fascinating, deep dive into that world. You should read Longitude by Davos, so Bell a history of the work of eighteenth century clockmaker, John Harrison. It is utterly fascinating, but another clockmaker made a name for himself centuries before deep inside Europe. and the story of his achievements and the drama around it has left a mark that is still felt to this day. It at all gains in the fifteenth century in the beautiful city of Prague, Magala was the clockmaker from the town of Cadena. Who is credit we ve been hired to design and build a clock for the city of Prague. It said at the earliest parts of the current clockwork completed by him around fourteen ten and if you have it seen videos, it's really worth looking at them. The astronomical clock, known in Prague as the or Loi is a mechanical marvel. It has multiple clock faces track things like the calendar, the Zodiac, the position of the sun and moon and even
stars, and it has this one. full hourly, show where a parade of wooden sculptures of the apostles March by along with a skeleton that represents death. But there's a legend attached to the clock tower that stuck around for centuries. It seems that your completing his masterpiece, Clockmaker Nicholas, was approached by other countries. Come and build them similar, clocks and word of his fame began, bread said, the leaders of Prague who were worried that him take one of these countries up on their offer, making their clock less unique, la special so they did the only thing that a medieval government ever seem to be able to do. They used violence. They took the clockmaker into custody and then blinded him so that he could never work again. For them it was problem solved, but for Nicholas Life was over, he could no law. Do what he loved he could no longer enjoy life the way he had before. So it said that in a fit of grief, he d.
Added to destroy the city's clock tower in the only manner left to him. He climbed to the top stood over its matrix of massive gears and threw himself into it. Sense folks in Prague have claimed that the or Loi has been cursed for starters, The final act of MC, alas, left the clock itself inoperable for over a century. Finally, being heard in the fifteen fifties, but More than that people believe that anyone else who works in or near it will go mad or die. So Have even whispered that if the clock should ever stop the city itself would experience massive tragedy, which sounds something in old crone might butter to a young hero at the beginning of a fantasy movie, but there are others some Prague's history that seem to give the legend the flavour of truth in it. One thousand eight hundred and thirty nine. For example, the Nazis took control of the city. Some say it was because the clock stopped working while others blame the breakdown on the occupation, a sort of chicken and eggs,
but the biggest example happened just a few years later. In May nineteen forty five, a group of czech resistance fighters attempted to free this before nazi hands, its referred to as the pre. Uprising by historians and has enough drama to fill a novel. But it said that during the battle the tower was badly damaged by a firebomb, causing the clock to stop The czech rebels ended up losing nearly seventeen hundred lives that day almost four times the losses suffered by the Nazis and local legend says that's because of the risk they brought to the foot of the tower proof, they say is in a time that the tides of battle turned against them. The very moment the damage to the clock occurred.
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