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Episode 20: Homestead

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Home is where the heart is. It’s where we build our lives and celebrate the things we love. But it can also be the center of tragedy and darkness. On many different levels, there’s no place like home.


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Home sweet home. For most of us, those words are about is true, as it gets the place we call home can ease We become the centre of our universe and is often the source of our feelings of security and peace, most people We tell you stories about their childhood home you so with wide. eyes and a wistful smile on it as they say where the heart is. Our home is the place where we experience life. We feel each room with our laughter. We chase our passions. We make plans for the future, you might remember holidays in the living room, a breakfast conversations or exploring the attic ANA Winter Day.
These homes, nothing more than buildings- that we dwell in somehow become a part of us life isn't always roses in laughter. Sometimes the things we experience are difficult or painful, or both sometimes we'll do things that leave a lasting mark like an echo that carries on through the years and upon occasion, these dark moments are even experience within our home from Macbeth too American horror story from the typewriter hours of surely Jackson and Stephen King. It has been made abundantly clear just how much power home can have over our lives. Maybe it's the tragedy or the memories. Maybe it's the dark acts committed in the shadows or the secrets buried beneath the foundations,
both metaphorical and literal. Whatever the reason it doesn't take a popular novelist or a historian to point out the simple truth: there's no place like home. And considering what's been known to happen there. That might be a good thing I married. Maybe this is lore when Christopher and Elizabeth Crawley built their home in the New South Wales, town of Juny in South Eastern Australia, they envisioned and normal happy future for themselves. Christopher Crawley had caught wind of the impending construction of the great southern railway line through journey, and so he built the railway hotel across from the station and paid off in eighteen
before they finished construction on a new home they called Monte Cristo, It wasn't a mansion by any stretch of the imagination did have nine rooms stable for his prize racehorse, dairy barn and a separate ballroom. Although that eventually became the servants quarters life. Wasn't I, Dylan for the Crawley family, while carrying one of the little Crawley girls they're nanny, turn, her down the stairs where she died from the injuries she claimed that an unseen force had reached out and not the child from her arms. Whatever the cause, the crawleys had to go through the ordeal of burying child, something no parent should have to endure a nineteen ten. Mr Crowley's starched shirt collars began to rub the skin on his neck. The absence that formed became gangrenous, and by December of that year he died as a result of a heart attack brought on they say by the wound. After
her husband's death, Elizabeth already known to be a harsh disciplined woman. into a state of morning that lasted the rest of her life. She converted one of the upstairs rooms into a chapel and spent much of her time there. According to local lore. She only left the house twice before her death in nineteen thirty, three Other tragedies found their way into Monte, Cristo a pregnant made committed suicide by jumping from the top story of the house to bled to death on the front steps Morris, the stable boy burned to death in a fire any one thousand nine hundred and sixty one, the caretaker of the house, was shot and killed by a local boy who had been inspired by the recent Hitchcock film Psycho Today, many young children feel anxious near the stairs the dark side.
As has been seen on the front steps of the house, but seems to fade in and out of you over time. The shape of a young woman in a white gown has been witness passing in front of the windows of the front balcony, some believe, The spirit of the pregnant made repeating her final moments. Over and over. Others claim to have seen a young boy wandering around near the site of the coach house. A few visitors to the house have witnessed the figure of an older man. The upstairs hallway most have assumed to be mister. Crawley but it's his wife Elizabeth, who is most commonly seen almost as if she hasn't fully let go of her home. Yet she has been reported to appear in the dining room where she's ordered people to leave the room. Others have seen her ghostly figure in the chapel upstairs dressed in black, as if morning we're lost loved one across the world in this state of Kentucky another home.
became the scene of tragedy and pain. Their names have slipped from history, but in Alan County, one of the families there in the early eighties sixties owned a number of slave. According to local stories, most of the slaves lived in their own quarters on the property, the husband kept chains in the basement and the family home or times when he wanted to discipline one two of them when the civil war broke out were began to spread among the slaves of the south, that it would be better to escape and run north supplant. Were made in their small dormitory over many weeks. Finally, the night came and the entire group of slaves left the homestead and headed north all of them. That is, except for the two still chained up in the basement. of the owners home, whether it was the noise of their escape or part of his. Usually evening rounds. The man soon discovered that his slaves were gone, the store
Please describe how he spent hours that night on horseback with his gun, writing north and looking for his runaway slaves, but they were never found. Instead, the man returned home, empty, handed and full of rage field, his anger. He descended into the basement where he shot and killed both captive men later after he had cooled off, he was said to have buried the bodies there in the dirt floor of the seller and then months later, the man was called into service with the Confederate Army, where he died in battle. Widow never opened the cellar door again. In fact, even though it was in the middle of the house. She hadn't boarded up There's a lot of symbolism in that single action. If you're looking for that sort of thing, I think she, Just wanted to make sure no one ever found the bodies her husband had buried beneath your floor down their capacity. A few years later due to illness and the house was sold to distant relatives when the new phase,
We began to move in open the seller and discovered that it wreaked with a powerful odor, invented the space and cleaned it as best they could but the smell never went away, it was long before their children began. To tell them about hearing sounds at night that seemed to come from the seller. They dismissed it as childhood fantasies with stories continued. one night, many months later Husband and wife were both pulled from sleep by strange sounds she stayed in bed while he went down to investigate from their room. She claims she heard allowed cry and then a crash. You re out of bed and ran to the cellar door when she got there. She found her husband. is lying dead on the dirt floor at the bottom of the cellar stairs his neck broken and twisted There are many stories like these, but they all
it's the same bitter lesson sometimes our homes attract tragedy, and sometimes we create it ourselves. when the annual Benson built his small Red Cape style Home intolerant, Connecticut down. He imagined it would still be standing today. It's not enormous, like some of the plantation homes one might line in the south, but for how Building one thousand seven hundred and twenty was comfortable and in complete contrast to our modern mobile life of the 21st century and stayed in the Benton family until one thousand nine hundred and thirty, two that's over two, ten years for those of you who are counting and that's a very long time. The family grew and by the seventeen seventy Daniel Benton had three grown grandsons who lived in the house with him, one of them eliza, but taken in
dressed in a young woman in town named you, my MA, Barrows GB, daughter cabinet maker and and a social station below that of the bends and so on she's family look down on the romance they did. everything they could to discourage them, but Eliza Jim I'm up were stubborn. in seventeen. Seventy five in alarm was raised in Lexington Massachusetts that was heard across the countryside. Thanks to writers, like Paul Revere, It is from all across to England, came to joint fight and among them were the three bent and grandchildren. while doing a Benton was sad to see his grandchildren go off to war. There was some relief, We need the separation. Just might be, the thing that elation needed to take his mind off the young woman. It is thought by history. In that Daniel hope the war might bring an end to their relationship forever. He was only partly right.
A year later in seventeen. Seventy six, all three of the Benton brothers were captured by British for has taken too long island where they were imprisoned on ships in the sound is present we're notorious for their unsanitary conditions and the diseases that ran wild through the inmates. It was even thought that the british soldiers working the ship's actually handed out food and bedding that was contaminated with smallpox, soon Daniel Benton receive word that the two oldest of his grandsons had died while aboard the prison ships. But no word came Whereabouts of Eliza be set for new and waited impatiently, but before he could learn the truth. Daniel and passed away. Weeks later, when the answer finally came, Elijah was free, and being brought home, but he was sick with smallpox, was bitter, sweet news for the bent and family on one and Eliza was coming home. That was good for everyone
but on the other. Smallpox was deadly On behalf of everyone who contracted the disease eventually died and we're, not the kind of odds that gave people hope jurors brought Eliza into the house, and he was guided stew. To a room near the kitchen known as the dying and morning room where those giving birth or sick with illness could be kept away from the rest of the house and cared for, was a colonial american version of quarantine and intensive care. The words read of alliances return, not every son and grants and return from war, something even today still deal with in one of those who got wind of the young Benton arrival was Jamaica barrows. She had waited and stay true to her beloved and there was nothing she had hoped for more Eliza. had come home. I imagine she ran rather quickly to the doorstep of the bent in home. I would and that she knocked as well being,
a lower social status after all, but it must have it. hard for her, not to kick the door in and race to find her beloved, Jamaica knew her lay snow and she waited for someone to come to the door. She was told that Eliza was sick and that she needed to go back home, but you my maternal, to be a very stubborn young woman, even when they told her that he was dying and sick with a highly contagious and deadly disease. She wouldn't relent and, in the end, she on Jamaica was allowed into the house. Where She set herself up as his soul, caretaker and nurse. After a time, Jamaica's parents became worried, but daughter, hadn't come home. All and so they made their way to the mountain home and asked if they had seen her when they just that she was in fact in the room. Carry for a small pox patient. It is said that they wept
DR my mother said they would go back home and get clothing for their daughter, and then they quickly left the bent in house. They never came back. Election it's in died on January, twenty first, seventeen. Seventy six after weeks of battling the smallpox, their ravaged his body, I must stay by his side, the entire time caring for him through it all, but sacrifice did not come without a price, an old days of lashes life. She too began to show signs of the illness within weeks. She was also dead. The couple was buried on the bent in family property, alongside, the stone walls that line the road to the house, but due to burial custom. To that, They were not allowed to share the same plot; instead they receive raided by about forty feet, one great
on either side of the road. like the end of a tragic story and in some ways it is, Eliza Edge, I met were never able to marry and their young lives were cut short. but in other ways they live on going to some it's their separation outside that has led to the reports of the restless spirits within the home events in home was sold in nineteen thirty, two And again, in nineteen sixty nine to the talent, historical society, it was Kin, it into a museum shortly after, but the influx of visitors only serve to draw out more reports of mysterious occurrences. One man, the staff claim that her dog would not answer the dining room when she picked up well up and moved into the sitting room it refused to go anywhere else after that, others have felt an overwhelming sense of putting an unwelcome one woman you're cheerfully asking to visit the second floor
climb the narrow staircase. Only too turn moments later telling the staff I never want to go up. There again Noises have been heard throughout the house that are difficult to explain, knocking what steps and what sounds like the snapping of branches have all been reported by visitors. Some have even heard what sounds like distant voices and sometimes the movement of furniture Others have heard what they describe as a weeping woman, someone who is morning a deep loss. Is familiar with the homesteads past, assume the woman to my my cry for her lost. Love you have even seen the figure of a young woman in a white dress in various places in the house searching something no one else can see at times the home has been used by overnight guests. One couple actually live, therefore. a few weeks while their home has been renovated and on
on occasion entertain a guest of their own. They claim, on the night of their friends visit the converse, in front of the fireplace was interrupted by the sound of footsteps. Thumping down the hallway from the east. DORA Behold, zounds move closer sir, to the living room and then just start. According to the woman, their gas was packed and gone within. Fifteen minutes another couple who stayed overnight in their bent in homestead, reported a very odd experience that happened during their stay. Their hosts had retired to sleep upstairs They themselves had settled down in the living room, which was serving double duty, as a guest room claims that she was awoken in the middle of the night. It was nearly completely dark in the room She felt as if someone or something were in the room with her and then
as if materializing out of the darkness, a pair of legs appeared near the head of the bed, a man she assumed withstanding their close to her Her first assumption was that her host had come down to play a joke on her. Maybe that's the kind he was, but the middle of the night is pro but the worst time to play the Joker Matter you are either way she I had to call his bluff and wait to see what he would do. Nothing could have prepared her what happened next, though pancake out of the darkness and quickly covered her mouth. She flinched but held her ground If he was going to try and frightened her, she said he was in for a surprise. She pretended not to care, but after a few moments it became hard to breathe and in the end,
panic took over pushing the hand away, she sat up and whispered harshly at the figure. What are you up to almost instantly everything vanished legs hand, olive, it just gone, the following morning. She brought up her experience at breakfast and asked the hosting couple what the reason was for their prank. husband and wife looked at each other with confused expressions on their faces. They eat made the same claim No one had come down stairs during the night. The places we live can take on a certain life of their own. We fill them if our personality ourselves, patients and sometimes even our tragedy at all-
We can move on whether by packing, and moving out or litter by leaving this light behind, we often leave pieces of ourselves behind like a cardboard ox forgotten in the back corner of the attic. Some of our echoes stay behind where others can discover them. Some call them ghosts, others. Think of them as bad vibrations- and I think any of us would be wrong? No matter what language we use in the end, something? stays behind, and it's not always easy to see. Sometimes, though it is. a few years ago, and architectural photographer visited the bent in homestead with his sister. In order to get some pictures for a project they were collaborating on. They wandered them.
property outside looking for the best view of the house is gorgeous really. If you have a thing for antique first period, homes and the deep red paint on the wood. Clobbered is very classy an elegant. The project involves using Polaroid key Where is the kind that immediately kicks out a small white frame photograph that slowly fades into clarity when they found the perfect place to shoot the house very. Here too, the graves of Eliza and Jemima, incidentally, photographer took a picture. Something was wrong with the photo, so he took another That one too seemed wrong. You showed his and they try to third than a fourth and then a fifth and sixth Finally, they switch to back up camera, one that, just come back from a camera shop where it had been repaired, but the photographs they came. the new camera were the same. It wasn't the camera, they realized. It was the house
All of the defective photos had the same flaw as clear and easy spot, as the house itself there, in each image, the second story window was glowing as if thing bright and hazy, we're just behind the glass. This episode of Lore was researched, written and produced by me. Aaron mangy lore is much more than upon guess. There's a book series in doors around the country and online and the second season of the Amazon prime tell us and show was recently released, check them both out. If you want more lore in your life by also two other upon casts aromatic he's cabinet of curiosities and unobserved, and I think you'd enjoy both each one explore
other areas of our dark history, ranging from bite sized episodes to season long dives into a single topic. You can learn about both of those shows in everything. going on all over in one central place, the world of lore dot com. Slash now, and can also follow the show on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, just search for lore podcast, all one word and then click that follow button. When you do say hi, I like it when people say I, and as always, thanks for listening.
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