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Episode 23: Rope and Railing

2015-12-14 | 🔗

There are places in the world that we rarely see. Our busy lives never take us there, and as a result, they don’t come to mind when we think of chilling tales and frightening lore. But they exist, and despite their inherent light, they too hold a deep darkness.


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Various the world we all know with its streets and houses and the bustle of everyday life And then there is the other world filled with places and our said away from the centre of our lives places there most of us rarely interact with graveyards- are a good example of this. and maybe even hospitals. We go therefore specific reasons, but only rarely if we're lucky standing at the farthest edge of society and a place has held for thousands of years is a structure we were We give a second thought to not because its unimportant, or because its relevant because
its literally on the edge of our world. The lighthouse there are few buildings there, harbour such powerful, meaning and purpose in our world without fail, though they have, wise for millennia right on the border between safety endanger, but, mean darkness and light between hope and despair and by their very nature, they are isolated and nearly forgotten. Since the earliest known accounts right up to modern times. The purpose of these buildings has changed very little, cast light into the darkness the sailors might better understand where they are and what the head, they rarely waiver, they frequently save lives and their universally understood. which is why we have a hard time, believing that even there,
in the narrow walls, and never ending stairs stories have taken root. That show the mind. it doesn't seem to be a lighthouse in the world without some whisper of unusual activity, some tale of tragedy or rumour of lost love. Often times those stories speak of dangers from the world outside others, though, into something worse, a darkness, that's right! Inside the wall, Because every now and then were is born. Where the light is the brightest I married. Maybe this is lore
With thousands of years sailors around the world have used coastal lights to avoid risky waters and locate safe harbour in an age before GPS, electrical lights or anything more complex than celestial navigation. The lighthouse was often the only thing standing between a ship's crew. certain death, one of the oldest lighthouses in the world is the tower of Hercules in Spain. It dates back nearly two thousand years and is the oldest known, functional, roman lighthouse, the ill.
Straits the simplicity of a design and has changed very little over the centuries, a bright light held as high as possible, with room in the building for a caretaker or staff and its that last bit the staff that sits at the centre of nearly every whispered tale of lighthouse folklore. After all, without people there would be no tragedy, that's our legacy as humans. We bring pain. here with us, wherever we go even to the edge of the world and the staff who live inside, each lighthouse eventually comes to call the place their home, it's the centre of their life. Occasionally, though, it also becomes their final resting place There are hundreds, perhaps thousands stories of unusual activity inside the walls of lighthouses all around the world. One such place, the heck its ahead lighthouse in Oregon, has a reputation that goes
decades. There is a long forgotten grave on the property that belong to an infant according to local legend. The baby was the author of the light housekeeper and his wife when she died. The mother fell into a deep depression from which she never fully recover. Since the nineteen fifties, nearly every keeper on duty has reported unusual, active inside the lighthouse screams have been heard in the middle of the night. Cupboards that were purposely left open were often found closed. It objects had been seen to move in front of people in the seventies. Around skipper was washing. The windows the house inside and out, and while he was in the attic, he turned to see a silver haired woman, floating inches above the floor. The man clearly frightened bolted from the attic and refused to return, and so he was given
Listen to clean the outside of the attic window by way of a ladder in its effort to rush the job, though the man broke, the glass rather than go back into the attic to clean up and left. It later that night, the lane housekeeper, was pulled from sleep by the sound of glass moving across the floor above him when he check the next morning, he found that the glass had been swept into and pile Another lighthouse this one near Fairfield Connecticut, holds an equally chilling history re days before Christmas in nineteen. Sixteen.
Peppered Fred Jordan set off for the mainland in his Roma, leaving his assistant Rudy in charge of the light Rudy Watch Fred row off into the distance, which turned out to be a good thing, because Fred spoke Capsized bought a mile from the island hoping to rescue his friend and boss, Rudy climbed into a second above and rode after into Hell. Unfortunately, go strong winds had pushed Fred far from the location of the accident and Rudy was never able to find him. Two weeks later, Rudy claimed to have seen Freds ghost inside the lighthouse. According to his entry in the log book like descended the stairs right in front of him and then begin to act, strangely, it moved toward the keepers quarters disappearing into the room when Rudy caught up like this guy.
But the log book had been open, Rudy check the date on the page, and it was the date of death and one thousand nine hundred and forty two two boys were fishing near the lighthouse when their boat capsized in an eerie echo of Fred Jordan's accident. Thankfully, though, the strange man happened to be there and he pulled both of them to shore on the island, telling them to walk to the lighthouse for help once they're, the current keeper of the light will come in even both warm drinks and allow them to dry off. The keeper of the man would help them, but he knew of no one else on the island. Who could have done such a thing and that's when the boy saw, an old picture and recognise their rescuer in the photo that they were told by the keeper was bred. Jordan. There are countless stories like these scattered.
all around the world, like the debris of a ship that broke upon the rocks ghosts of the past have a way of finding us. It seems. Sometimes, though it is us who create the most frightful experiences, not some. Well, they force more often than not. It is people not ghosts who hot lighthouses The smiles are a collection of raw lifeless, basalt rocks that stretch out into the Atlantic, roughly twenty miles from the coast of Wales, first light built. There was small and rough now much more than a house lifted, high above the water on half a dozen or so open iron pylons, which allowed the waves and wind to pass through.
It had been financed in seventeen. Seventy six by a man from Liverpool named John Philips Construe. did by Henry Whiteside. The show just how much faith he placed in the structure Whiteside himself with the flame intended the light for the first winter. But this wasn't a room at the and believe me, it was a simple one: room Shack affixed to the top of a platform with a light room. Above it A rope ladder and trap door allowed access from below and a new Oh gallery and railing circled the perimeter of the building which allow the keepers to step outside and repairs. It was require that the trap door remain
closed at all times, unless someone was entering or exiting the house, because the door itself constituted the majority of the walking space of the room, it was, for all intents and purposes, a tree house strapped to a small rock in the cold Atlantic, but it served its purpose and Whiteside survive the winter. Without incident, even devised a system for passing messages to the mainland use.
Cliche paper note in a glass bottle method. After his short time in the White House Weis, I passed the torch literally to a pair of man, who would be the professional keepers of the light and that's how the Smalls Lighthouse operated for over two decades, with a pair of men living in isolation. Twenty miles from the mainland weeks would go by without contact from others during the winter. That silence could even be months long now, I'm an introvert. So I have to admit that the idea of weeks and weeks of silence with piles of books and lots of writing to keep me busy sounds like Heaven, but during the winter of one thousand, eight hundred and one things were far from Youtube how this howl and Thomas Griffith were the light housekeepers at the time. According to what we know of the two men, Griffith was a young tall powerfully built laborer howl
the other hand, was a small middle aged craftsmen who had worked for years as Cooper making barrels. Both men were from Pembroke sure, were married and had families that lived the mainland, but the thing people remember the most about them is that they didn't get along it back. They hated each other and everyone knew it said that, during their in frequent visits to the mainland, the man could be seen in local pubs, arguing constantly the fights covered. A wide range of topics and witnesses claim that there was nothing the men could agree on. Sometimes their shouting would get so out of control that the pub would actually empty just to get away from them, but not once where they ever seem to come to physical blows.
People expected it, though, during the winter of one thousand, eight hundred and one the weather contributed to their intense isolation relief keepers couldn't dock at the island supply ships tried to reach the rock, but failed because of that fresh water and food begin to run Oh, they tried to use wide method of sending a message in a bottle, but no one ever answered most likely the work of those same storm tossed waves that kept away the supply ships. One thing they did it run out of, though, was fuels or the light, and so Howland Griffith stay busy. After all, those same storms that kept supplies and human contact from reaching them was also threatening the ships that pass through the small their duty, the precedent it was most likely in the service of their duty that Thomas Griffith took ill. Some reward say
that it was a sickness that laid the big man low others make mention of an accident and of how Griffith slipped and hit his head one day, while working in the house, regardless of cause, every record of the event, agrees on the conclusion and two weeks of failing health Griffith, so young and fit and full of life until then, tragically passed away, and just like that. How will found himself completely alone stranded on a rock in the Atlantic, with only a corpse to keep himself company,
How will we had a problem on his hands? Well, two problems. Actually the biggest of those was that he and Griffith were known to quarrel constantly, so he didn't have the freedom to simply tossed the man's body into the sea and trust that others would consider him blameless. No, he needed to make sure everyone knew that Griffiths death was not his fault, and so he kept the body which led to his second problem with no burial, the body would be left exposed to the elements leading to de composition and probably didn't take long for how to look around the small room. He shared with the corpse to understand how bad of an experience that would
and so he began to plan, taking apart some of the storage cabinets in the room. How will constructed a makeshift coffin? He knew his way around hammer and saw and manage to build something that work. But Griffith was big and all was alone and well. He was in a hurry when he finished he took the large box along with Griffiths Corpse, outside onto the gallery, that surrounded the house like a porch was cold outside, and that would help delay the decomposition, but was also harsh. Their waves crashed against the lighthouse constantly, and so, as a precaution. How will tied the box to the right the winter storms had other ideas, though in one
light soon after moving the coffin outside a great way of washed up and smash the blocks to pieces, all the wood and nails and rope that how had cobbled together to contain the body of his dead partner disintegrated and fell onto the rocks below all of it except Griffith's body. According to the reports from those who rescued Howell months later, rivets corpse had managed to get tangled in the rope and railing the edge of the gallery, even though waves continue to wash over it and the occasional seagull approach for an inspection. Nothing, not the body free which meant that
then spend the coming weeks in peaceful retreat. Powell had he front row view of his partners, the composition. After imagine that there were many moments when he regretted his decision when he had to fight the overwhelming urge to rush outside cut the ropes and kick Griffiths body down to the wave is below. It certainly would have ended the nightmare that he found himself living in, but it also would have stirred up the suspicion and judgment and he was hoping to avoid, and so week after week, month after month, how I lived in a small room of the lighthouse pending the flame and me training the building all while the rotting corpse of Griffith stood watch outside it later spoke of how one of the bodies arms hung loose and would swim
and waved toward him. It sounds like the sort of Tail EDGAR Allan POE would scratch onto the page at night, echoes of the Tell tale heart frumpy monotonously in the background, but for how this was reality, drove him mad when rescue boat finally landed on the small rock. Almost four months after the death of Griffith, they discovered the rotted corpse on the gallery and an emaciated shall shocked. Howl inside was alive, but the prolonged exposure to the site of the corpse had wounded him deep in his mind, and his soul. It was said that, even when he was finally on the mainland and brought to the care of his family and friends, many of them failed to recognize him How was alive, but there is very little of him left inside like an abandoned lighthouse. Its flame had gone out
everyone loves a good ghost story, there's mystery and were moments that put you on the edge of your see the great around camp fire or the kitchen table may have a way of uniting people. Beer, after all, is a universal language. every scary story has a ghost at the centre of it and while many frightening
hails from the light houses of the world contained some element of the supernatural. Perhaps it's the stories without him a frightening the most isolation, loss, guilt and hopelessness, our emotions that can happen to any of us, no matter where we live or what we ve been through. Maybe that's what makes the story of Thomas Howell so chilling? It could literally have happened to us if we had at in his shoes at everything here Sperience, would be just as frightening and dramatic to you or I, as it was to him alone, an isolated in tight quarters with dwindling supplies. The rotting corpse of the man he hated.
Swinging in the wind and rain outside the window of his bedroom and no sign of a rescue ship on the horizon day by day week, by week, month by month, it's a horror that will drive any of US man. Ironically, though, help had tried to reach him, ships sailed people watched, but every time they came close, they turn back satisfied that everything was all right. It wasn't delight that convinced them, though it was something else, something that multiple ships and MRS confirm together afterward every time they got close. They could see high up on the gallery surrounding the light the shape of a man, but he wasn't calling for help or back in them to come back on the island no accord to those who saw him. This man did not
but lean against the real and wave over and over again. This episode of war was researched, written and produced by me, Aaron Monkey, More is much more than upon cast. There's a book series in stores around the country and online and the secondary in the Amazon Prime Television show was recently released. Check them both out, if you want Look in your life by also make two other upon, casts Erin, monkeys, cabinet of curiosities and unobserved, and I think you'd enjoy both each one explore other areas of our dark history, ranging from bite sized episodes to season long dives into a single topic. You can learn about both of those shows everything else going on all over in one central place. The world
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