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Episode 27: On the Farm

2016-02-08 | 🔗

Safety is a basic human need, and we build a lot of our life around achieving it. This is nothing new, really; humans have always sought safety in a dangerous world. And because of that, it’s those moments when safety is shattered that haunt us the most.


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In eighteen, forty three Abraham as though gifted the world with his list of five core essentials that every human being has in common today. We call that Chart Maslovs Hierarchy of needs and still afraid for how we understand and study much of human behaviour today. That list includes a few obvious entries such as our psychological needs and our desires for love and affection. There are deeper concepts to like self actual innovation and esteem they're, just as important, but a bit harder for many people to understand from school But it's the last item on the list that I want to focus on. It almost seems,
the obvious to be there, but at the same time it has been of everything its basic yet complex. It straddles the line. And maybe that's why it's so important to all of us. What is it safety humans like to feel safe? Our pursuit of safety is core to who we are as people. Is not unique to humans for sure animals are very good at finding and building homes wherever they can, but undeniable, that safety drives a line of our decisions, and rightly so. We deserve to feel safe. One could argue that it's a subset of freedom. When we are fully in control of our own lives, a portion of that control, will always be diverted towards safety. We find safety in many different places, though we find it in a group of friends because, as every horror movie has taught us for safety in numbers,
We find it in places like our work for schools and religious buildings, although those are admittedly much less safe today and they were a generation ago, but it's in our homes that we find the most safety we nest there in a sense We build a cocoon around ourselves that protects us from the weather for outsiders and from harm the tragically. Sometimes, that's not enough. I married. Maybe this is more: No one likes unaddressed gruber. You thought the old farmer was greedy and the public purse, Action of the man was that he was rude and cranky was an old crusty farmer,
no one around him appreciate that very much Gruber was sixty. Three and his wife such the was seventy two believed, their farm about forty miles north of Munich between this, call german towns of Ingolstadt and Shrub it hasn't. It wasn't their farm, though no it belong to their daughter. Thirty five year Old Victoria who live there on the farm with them, with her two young children, her daughter, Cecilia, was seven Joseph was too, and it was Josephs birth that really got the neighbors talking victorious
has been Carl had left to serve in the first World war in nineteen fourteen, while she was pregnant with their daughter. According to all reports, he died there in the trenches and never returned so who Father Joseph local gossip, fuelled by a dislike of Andreas Gruber, claimed. The boy was a product of incest between Victoria and her father. The birth certificate, though, simply listed the initials l S. Leaving the boys paternity, a mystery to wonder and whisper over the farm provided ample privacy from the gossip, though, is in a large clearing in the thick german forest, close enough to nearby fact to be part of the village Yet far enough away to be outside the normal flow of life. There enter, as the Germans would say, the farm was hinder or behind the village of traffic, so most called it in Turkey fact is still
acted with the village, though young set Celia attended school six days weak there man delivered mail to the foreign regularly and a local woman even live with the groupers as their main thing, I've read about the family. You seem to be nothing more than ordinary sure they were broken in certain ways. Victoria's lost husband, Andreas, his reputation as a greedy crank were pardon miss, but overall it would just one more german farm family ass to get by the autumn of nineteen twenty one. The Gruber is made quit her job there on the farm she claimed of all things that the farm was haunted she'd, heard noises when no one else should have been around she noticed item was that had been moved items that no one else would admit you. She never felt alone
the wild define a replacement and, in the meantime, winter arrived life on the farm became more insular. There were no crops to tend to so. The Gruber is cared for their animals and stayed warm, but little things were beginning to happen that caught their attention. Things that should be happening. It made them wonder if maybe just maybe, they're old maid had been right. They began to hear those same noises in the attic, Andrea even found a newspaper in the house that he had no memory of buying when he asked his wife and daughter. They were just as baffled and then one of the house keys missing. It was unsettling to say the least. In late March of nineteen twenty. Two though Andreas noticed the most unusual thing of all he better. Sighed the house to fetch something perhaps firewood or to check on the exterior of the house the night before had given them another
Fresh layer of snow on the ground, so perhaps he needed to inspect the rule. We don't really know he walked from the house to the Barn Andreas claim, he saw footprints in the snow started at the edge of the forest in covered the distance between the trees and the house. Ending there Perhaps a traveller pass through in the night, maybe local had been walking through the snow and gotten lost. It happened from time to time, and what was odd about the tracks was that they didn't go back. They just ended there. We know all of this because Gruber himself told some of the locals. While he was in town that next day he was clearly disturbed by the things he had seen, but none of his neighbors had
serious anything similar. That was the last time anyone saw the old farmer alive, the first clue that anything odd was going on at least to the people of Tibet, was when little Cecilia fail to show while for school on Saturday April. First, the next day the entire family was absent from church where they attended heart. The pond religiously Cecilia, Miss School on Monday as well. Finally, when the spend arrive on Tuesday. He found Monday's male still on the porch, where he had left it. This drew his suspicion and he mentioned it back in the village people there. Put the pieces together and decided something had to be in this. So later that day, a group
Neighbours gathered together and they quickly set off to visit the farm you know How muffled and quiet it can get outside when there has been a lot of snow is if the sounds of the world around. You have been you didn't hushed. Imagine Those men were keenly aware of that unnatural silence standing there outside the Gruber farmhouse that day, one of the men shouted out for undress or any one else in the house. The come out and speak with him. I just wanted to make sure everyone was safe and well but no one answered just more of that muted snow covered silence, not giving up one. Neighbours, local man named Lawrence, Lytton Bower led the group to the barn. It was daylight, so perhaps Andrea could be found working in there with the animals, but when they open the door, they were greeted by the site there on the straw covered floor, lay the blue
three bodies of Andreas is I've been daughter when Young Cecilia, it was clear, that something horrible had happened to the family and slitting Bower quickly, walk from the barn to the house, which were connected by a door. Inside he found more bloodshed, rebound garden. The new made, who had started work on the farm just the previous day, lay dead in her own bedroom, Little Yosemite last to be found and methods. Faith. It was a scene of devastation in Gore and it left the men stunned. Within a matter of hours. Investigators from Munich arrive to go over the scene and gather evidence it wanted to piece together. What had happened to discover the story to find the clues that might point to the person or people responsible what they did uncover, though, as far more disturbing and answers
It appeared that each of the adults in the barn had been led there, one at a time whoever the killer had been. He had appeared to call each person into the barn alone for the executed with the form to all known asthmatic sort of pick, acts used for cutting each bloated, the head was powerful and deadly, and each victim most likely died. Instant bodies inside the house had the same type of news. Marie and Yosef were found in pools of their own blood, their skulls crushed by their attacker. As far as the police were concerned, whoever wielded the weapon knew how to use it and they did so without hesitation. This was cold, blooded murder without a doubt, trouble was the weapon seem to be missing. It was just gone other aspects of the crime, didn't seem to line up with logic for one there,
seem to be no motive behind the actions of killer. It was known. A few in the village that just weeks before Victoria Tory Drawn all of her savings borrowed more from her dead husband sister and brought the cash home. She told people that she plan to invest in the farm, She even made a large seven hundred mark donation to the village church all of the remaining money was still there in the house, the killer, hadn't taken nor they taken any of the other valuables that filled the farmhouse. Nothing was stolen. Whoever had called the groupers into the barn, whoever had swung the pickaxe and ended all of their lives. They were interested in money Another detail that seem odd was the condition of the house, and the farm instances, killer wilfully, the scene after the crime has been committed, but here there were signs to the contrary,
the animals in the barn appeared to have been fed and watered throughout the weekend and not by an amateur either, whoever had tended them knew his way around a farm. Most disturbing of all those were the reports from neighbours that, milk had been seen rising from the chimney of the farm house. All through the weaken food had been eaten in one of the beds had even been slept in. It was hard to believe that the facts didn't why the Gruber families killer didn't run. Instead, he stayed in the house long after the bodies had turned cold as if nothing had happened at all. The case gin, of course, was a simple one. Who could do such a thing, but this was nineteen. Twenty two cs: I wasn't a thing that existed yet there was
dna analysis available to the investigators. Even fingerprint identification was too young to have reached the farmlands of german Bavaria. But even if there had been better tools, there were other obstacles to uncovering the truth. The local man who initially stumbled upon the bodies led by Lorens Schlichten Bower, had disturbed much of the crime scene while the maid and young Yossi had each been covered with cloth by the killer body, the barn had actually been stacked like lumber. On top of this Montcalm pile killer had placed in old door and enhanced had been scattered over it in an attempt to hide it. So
Finch Lytton Bower entered the barn with the others, actually lifted the door and began to move the bodies, making a full and accurate investigation impossible. According to those who watched him certain bower lifted and move the corpses with no emotion or hesitation is, if the sight of it didn't bother him at all. Or maybe wasn't new to him, and it was that, along with some other subtle clues that quickly moved him to the top of the list of suspects. Why would he do this, though?. Well, he told one of the men that he moved bodies because he was looking for his son. I think back for a moment. Remember the question we'll parentage of young use, of whose birth certificate simply listed. One l S as the Father numerous neighbour testimonies made it clear that Laurens Schlichten Bower was L S.
In that went a long way towards explaining why he led the men from the barn into the house. We ve been looking for his son, Joseph. But according to some of the men with him that day, the door between the barn, the kitchen had been locked. They knew that because Lytton Bower pull the key from his pocket and unlocked the door, Which was more than a little curious, seeing as how, Gruber had mentioned in town that one of his house he's had gone missing in one final bit, The family dog was seen by the postman on the day before, where he had been tied to a corner of the barn outside when the
arrived on Tuesday, though they founded in the barn wounded but alive when it Austin Power, Bower the animal barked uncontrollably. All the clue seemed odd and out of place and make your mind perk up and feel like something deeper was going on, but at face value they proved nothing at all and that's the frustrating part dog might have just made barking because of the bodies splitting our might have had a key simply because he was the Gruber closest neighbour, like I said these lose were subtle and that's why he was never formally charged with crime as for motive, some people believe that Victoria had soon lorens for alimony in the man had refused clearly Torreon needed money shortly before the murders, as her bank withdrawal suggested historians are doubtful. Likely. Reality, they believe, is that you, His father was none other than his grandfather, Andreas and the arrangement.
With Laurens is simply an effort to save face in the village. Alternative theories have been suggests There are some who believe they victorious husband, Carl did not. In fact I during World WAR, one nobody, Was ever recovered or sent home and a friend of Carl's even testified lay Two seen him alive in the mid twenties. Some people wonder could I have had a hand in the murders, perhaps out of anger toward Victoria's relationship with Latin Bower. While he was away or even read another theory that claims that Andre had been waiting for an important letter of some kind. I can't find more than a mention of it the killer and the letter were connected. That might explain why he stayed in the House four days after the murders, even waiting to intercept whenever the letter contain one last thought by all accounts the killer had been in or around the Gruber home men,
times before the events of March thirty, first goobers former made had quit her job because she said she felt the place was haunted. There had been the unrecognized newspaper, the odd noises missing key weeks and weeks of unusual activity that eventually led up to the day of the murders day. My The new made started working there. Maria Baumgarten had been killed just hours after arriving for her first day on the job. It makes you wonder,
Get her arrival upset the plans of whoever it was that seem to be stocking Gruber family? Did you see him and pay with her life? Hints? Your Kai FAC has the feel of a cabin in the woods, the centre piece of many a horror, film and novel a place of retreat.
Far from the demands and prying eyes the outside world, where we could go to get away a place where we can find safety in the middle of an unsafe wilderness, a home away from home. We want to feel safe and thankfully most of us do, but there's just enough risk on the outside of the bell, her that were always left wondering what, if that's, how fear works? It sits in a dark. Wonder at the edge of our minds and watches. We know it's not going to step out into the light, but we can feel in glaring at us from the dark again. But wonder if the groupers ever had that sensation during those last few months. If maybe there had
times when Andreas just couldn't shake the feeling. Some one was watching. Him did. Victoria have moments when she felt like she wasn't alone will never know the answers to those questions, though it one more tiny mystery. The physician who perform the autopsies on all six victims had their heads removed and sent to Munich for further study. Some reports claim that a clue of why it was part of that research, but I can't find proof of that. Their bodies were very near by in what is now modern day Vida often, but skulls remained in Munich and were eventually lost in the chaos of world war. Two today, the farm in the woods. Little more than a memory. All that is left today
is a small memorial, but over the year that followed the tragedy there, it stood empty like a crept in the middle of that clearing in the forest, a constant reminder to the neighbors who pass by of all the people they lost and of the violence that had visited there. Small village and maybe that's why they finally to wear it down in nineteen twenty three, maybe they couldn't stand to look at it again. Maybe it needed upkeep that required going I'd, but no one was willing to do that. Maybe they do wanted to move on and forget, whatever the true reason was was only after the farm was torn down that the murder weapon was finally
discovered one of the men found it among the debris at the top of the pile mixed in with items that had been in storage, it had been hidden inside the house on along in the last place. Anyone would look the attic. This episode of Lore was researched, written and produced by me. Aaron, Maggie, more is much more than upon guess, there's a book series bookstores around the country and online and the secondary in the Amazon. Prime television show was recently released, check them both out. If you want look in your life by also make too the report, s aromatic he's cabinet of curiosities and unobserved, and I think you'd enjoy both each one explore
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