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Episode 29: The Big Chill

2016-03-07 | 🔗

Thanks to the writings of Stephen King, the state of Maine has become known as a place of fictional horror and tragedy. But it's at the real-life intersection of Maine's harsh winters and deadly coastline that we find the most tragic stories of all. Stories that no one would want to experience for themselves.


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Some places are more frightening than others. Hard to kneel down a specific reason. Why? But, even so, I can't think of a single person who might disagree. Some places just have a way of getting a skin for some, it's the basement, others it. The local graveyard? I even know people who are of of certain colors fear it seems, is a landline that can be triggered by almost anything and while history might be full of hunting matrons stories that span variety of of settings, climates, most chilling ones, literally those that take place in the harsh environment winter? The incident at the pass, the tragic
The Donner Party, even the sinking of the titanic in nineteen twelve happened in the freezing waters of the north Atlantic winter seems, is well equipped to end lives and create fear and when I think of dangerous winters I think of me that area of the Northern hemisphere, If you love horror, you might equate mainly Stephen King, but even though he's tried hard, over the last few decades to make us believe in daring in Castle Rockin Salem slot state has an danger on its own maenas also home to nearly thirty five hundred miles coastline more than even California. That's where the real action happens. The main course is littered with thousands of small islands. Jagged rocks, ancient lighthouses and even older versions, and all in the cold north with the sea is whether and began
the dark in there in the places that are isolated and expose the odd things happen, things that seem born of the circumstances, employment, things that leave their mark on the people here? that would never happen on mainland and if the stories Are to be believed, that's a good thing. I may, and maybe this is more the coastline of main, isn't as knee in society as other states, dont picture sandy beaches and warm waves you can walk through. This is the cold north. The water is always
the land tends to emerge from the waves is large. Jagged rocks go ahead and pull up a map of main on your phone await. You see what I mean right away. This place is dangerous And because of that, ships have had a long history of difficulty when it comes to navigating the coast main part of that is because of all the islands there everywhere. According to the most recent count, there are over four thousand six hundred of them, scattered along the coastal waters, like fragments of a broken bottle, incites fragment is sick with island it only three. My from mainland. But it's easy to understand how harsh winter weather could isolate anyone living there very quickly and when you're, the keeper of the lighthouse there isolation comes with John the ledge. That's been passed down for decades. There is the story of a keeper from the MID eighteen, hundreds according to the jail
but was newly married and after moving to the island with his bride, they both began to struggle with a gulf between their lives. There, people on it post. So to give his wife something to do with her time, it may be to get a bit of entertainment out of it for himself. The keeper ordered a piano for her. They say it was delivered during the autumn. Just as the winter chill was creeping in in the story, it had to be hoisted up. The rock face, but that's probably not true squint- is more like a green hill protruding from the water than anything else, but it adds to the drama right, that's what these old stuff, provide plenty of drama. When the piano arrived, the keepers wife was deleted but buyers, remorse quickly, set in Z. The piano only came with the sheet music for one son with winter quickly rolling
in from the north shipping in more music was impossible, so she settled in and made the best of it The legend says that she played that song nonstop over and over all throughout the winter somehow she was immune to the monotony of it all, but her husband The man who had only been hoping for distraction and entertainment took it hard. They say it drove him insane. In the end, the keeper took an axe and destroy the piano. can it into nothing more than a pile of wood and wire, then said DE ranged from their repetitive tune. You turn the acts on his wife play chopping her head off in the process. The tragic story always ends with the keepers suicide, but most know it all to be fiction. At least that's the general opinion. but even today there are so Who claim that if you happen to find yourself on a boat in the waters,
The island in the mainland and still The sound of piano music, drifting across the waves. boot Island is near the southern Tipp of means long coastline. It's not a big island by any stretch of the imagination, perhaps four hundred square yards in total. but there's been a lighthouse there, since eighteen eleven, due to the many shipwrecks that played the island for as long as Europeans have sailed in those waters, the most well known, Break under an island occurred there in the winter of seventeen times when the Nottingham Galley a ship captain by John Dene wrecked there on the rocks. All four team crew members survived, the ship was lost, straining them without help or supplies in the cold winter as the enemy Janet sailors died one by one to survive.
We were forced to eat the dead or face starvation, and they did this for days until fishermen finally discovered and rescued them. But that's not the most memorable story from an island that honor the tale of Catherine Bright, the wife of a former light housekeeper there in the nineteenth century, according to those who believe the story. The couple had only been on the island for a few months when Katharine's husband slipped while trying to tie off their boat, he fell and hit his head on the rocks and then slid unconsciously into the water where he drowned at first Catherine tried to take on the duties of keeping the light running her self. But after nearly a week, fishermen in work on the mainland watched the light liquor out instead dark when they travel to the EU to investigate. They found Catherine. sitting on the towers stairs. She was greatly in her dead husbands corpse in her arms
Legend has it that Catherine was brought back to York along with her husband's body, but it was too late for her, just like the lighthouse they had left behind. She was now hold and dark some flames. It seems can't be real. It there's been a lighthouse on the shore of Laughlin Main for nearly two hundred years. It's on an oddly shaped hill, with two large depressions in the face of rock that were said to remind the locals of an owl. So when the light was built there in eighteen, twenty five, it was of course named his head give any building long enough, mixing in tragedy and unexplainable phenomena. you can always guarantee a few legends will be born. I was head is no exception,
One of the oldest stories is a well documented one from eighteen. Fifty details horrible winter storm that rip through the pronounced Scott Bay area on December. Twenty second of that year, at least five ships were driven a ground by the harsh waves and shall win. It was a destructive and fear storm, It would have been an understatement to say that it wasn't a wise idea to be out that night on land or at sea, a small ship had been anchored at Jamieson point that night The captain had done the smart thing and going ashore to weather the storm inside, but he left some people behind on the ship. Three actually, first mate. Richard Ingram sailor Name Roger Elliot. and Lydia dire passenger, while those we poor souls tried to sleep at night on the schooner. The storm pushed the ship so hard that the cables snapped setting the ship adrift across the bay. Now it's
not exactly a straight shot. South EAST gets us head. It's a path, shape more like a backward see to get around rocky coast. The ship somehow managed to do it anyway. They passed the breakwater, drifted, east and south they! Finally rounded the rocky peninsula, where owls had light, is perched all before smashing against the rock south of the light. The three passengers survived the impact and as the ship begin, to take on water. They scrambled up to the top DEC. Better the biting wind than the freezing water, they assume, and then they waited. huddled there under a pile of blankets against the storm, just waiting for help when the ship began to actually break apart, Waves, though Elliot the sailor was the only one to make an escape from wreckage. I can't imagine how cold he must have been with the freezing wind and She spray lashing at him from the darkness? Bestow
mean on the rocks, with his feet still ankle deep in the waves. He happened to look up and see. My house on the hill if he was going to find help. That was his best option, so he began to climb the was practically dead by the time he reached the lighthouse, but when he not know one hand a moment later. The keeper of the light rode up the path on a sleigh having been out for supplies realized at once that Elliot needed help. He took him in gave. I'm hot rum and put him into a more bed, but not before Elliot managed to whisper something about the others. The keeper Amy we called for help and gathered a group of about a dozen men, Together, they all travel down to the shore where they began to look for the wreck of the ship and the people who may still live on board. When,
I found the remains of the schooner. The men began to carefully climb across the wreckage looking for signs of the other passengers. It was treacherous work. The wood was incrusted in ice. and each step sway dangerously with the waves when they only found them they were still on. The portion of the deck were Elliot, had left them. But they seem to shiver whenever the light of the lantern washed over them, climbing sir. The men discovered why Ingram and dire both encased in a thick layer of ice completely covering their bodies. They were frozen. Not taking any chances. The men somehow managed to pry the couple free from the deck of the ship and the entire block was transported back up the hill to the lighthouse. All that night they worked fast and carefully. They placed the block in a tub of water and then slowly chipped away at the
I see it as melted. They move the limbs of each person in an attempt to get their blood flowing again in somehow against all logic and medical odds. It worked it took them a very long time to recover, but Ingram in dire, soon open their eyes. Ingram was the first to speak. and it was said that he croaked the words. What is all this, where are we? Roger Elliot, didn't, survive the aftermath of the shipwreck. Maybe it was the trauma of climbing up the hill to the White House SOAP to the bone and exposed to the freezing winds of the storm. Perhaps it was an injury. He sustained in the shipwreck itself or on the crimes of the White House, die
an engram fared better, though they eventually recovered and even married each other. He settled down and raised family together in the area. All thanks to the man who died to bring them help when all seemed lost later stories from inside our head. Lighthouse have been eating chilling, although there are no other tragic events on record. There is clear, from the first hand, accounts of those who have made outside their home at something other worldly has taken up residence there. The Andrews family was one of the first to report, any sort of unusual activity on the property again by a record of their first names, but the keeper and his wife lived there along with her elderly father according to them
story one night. The couple was outside and looked up to see a lights whirling in her fathers window when they climbed the stairs. He found the older man shaking in his bed from fright. Some think he might have seen the old sailor common figure. Missed by many years. When John Norton was keeper nineteen eighty, he claimed to have seen the same apparition he had been sleeping, but when ways woke him up. He opened his eyes to see the figure of an old sea captain standing his bed just staring at him. The old sailor has been blamed for mysterious footprints that tend to appear in the snow footprints debt, could be found in the walk toward the house. It's never seem to have an origin point in always end abruptly in the middle of the sidewalk. Others have claimed to feel cold spots. House. While some have gone on record to swear that brass fixtures inside the lighthouse pictures that we're
Usually tarnished and dark would be found mysteriously polished. None of the keepers had been able to figure out who was doing the cleaning for them There have been other stories as well tales of a white lady who has been frequently seen in the kitchen Doors slamming without any one, in the room and of silverware that has been heard to rattle and the drawers. Despite this, though, most have said that they felt at peace with her there more at peace, at least in the are with the old bearded sooner In the mid nineteen eighties, anti German and his wife Denise lived there while tending the light, they moved and settled into life. On the harsh coast of mean any d it is time between tending the light in Syria, of renovation to the old, my house, which left the yard outside rather chaotic and full of construction materials, one At your climbing into bed the couple
the sound of some of the building supplies outside falling over in the wind, and he pulled out his pants and shoes and left the room. to go. Take care of the mess before the wind made it worse. Denise watched him leave they roll back over to sleep with the lamp still on a short, while later she felt him climb back into bed. The mattress move. As did the covers, and so she asked out loud how it had gone if there had been any trouble or anything unusual, but Annie, didn't reply so Denise rolled over when she did she found it. Andy spot in bed was still empty. Almost in a spot where he normally slight beside her. There was a deep depression in the sheets. If an invisible body were lane right there beside her, of course, it was just the debt were Annie, had been sleeping moments before Miss. That's what she told herself but thinking back on it later, Denise admits that she has doubts there a moment.
when she was lying there staring at the impression in the sheets that she could have sworn the shape is moving. Maybe she was to level headed to get upset, or perhaps she was too tired to care, Whatever the reason Denise simply told whoever it was to leave her alone, they rolled over and fell asleep at breakfast the next morning. wanted to tell Andy about experience thinking. He would laugh it off and help her to explain it away, but before she could, he told her his own story It turns out Andy had an unusual experience have his own the previous night. He explain how, as he had exited the room and stepped out into the dimly lit hallway, he saw what he could only describe as a faint cloud, hovering close to the floor and this cloud he said had been moving according to Andy when he walked down the hall, it moved right up to his feet and then passed on through him. That's Mindanao,
asked Andy where the cloud had been going into the bedroom. He told her why you know how to travel to the lighthouse to bump into tales of the unexplained or other worldly. You can hear them from justice. Anyone. You mean from the neighbour down the street to real estate agent but lighthouses seem to have a reputation for the tragic Amy understandable. These are After all, houses built to help save lives in a dangerous setting, you might be saved us. that the well for these stories runs deeper in many places, but are they true like one
stories. It seems to depend on who you talk to keepers across the decades have had a mixed bag of experiences. Some see odd things in some, don't maybe some people just connect to the stories more than others and go looking for, hence in signs where there are no One recent family descried their time there as normal. They never saw ghosts, never washed objects, move and felt right home the whole time they were there. Another family, though, acknowledged. Something unusual seem to be going on in White House. It would find light bulbs partially unscrewed and the thermostat would constantly readjusted cell Perhaps whatever it is, it's haunting the lighthouse is just very environmentally conscious, it's easy to laugh most be stories, but we, never live there. We ve never heard
felt something that can't be explained way. Unlike most samples of data, there's always the outlier, another family who lived at the lighthouse in the late nineteenth eighties claim to have experienced their fair share of unusual activity. No one night, Gerard and Debbie Gram were asleep there. Three year old, daughter, Clear quietly, opened her eyes and sat up in bed. She stared into the darkness for a moment as if carefully listening to something and then climbed out of her bed and left the room, her little bare feet, padded on the cold floor of the hallway. She made her way down toward her parents room inside she, slowly the sight of their bed and tat her father on the arm to wake him when he did wake up, he s clear what was the matter. The little girl replied that she was supposed to tell him something. Tell me what her father ass There's a fog roaming in clear, replied,
Hell sounding like someone infinitely owner, and the horn, many asked who had told her this little girl looked at him seriously. My friend, she told him the old man with a beard. This episode of war was researched, written and produced by me. Aaron monkey lore is it's more than upon guess, there's a book series in stores around the country and online and the second in the Amazon Prime Television show was recently released, check them both out. If you want, Look in your life by also make two other upon casts Aramis he's cabinet of curiosities and unobserved, and I think you'd enjoy both each one. Explore
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