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Episode 3: The Beast Within

2015-04-06 | 🔗

In 1582, the German town of Bedburg was ravaged by a violent and mysterious creature. After untold bloodshed, the townsfolk took up arms and hunted the monster down. What they found was something out of our deepest nightmares, and entirely too close to home.


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ask anyone in the mental health profession about full, moons and you'll. Get a surprising answer, though, respond with something that sounds incredibly like folklore and myth. The full moon has the power to bring out the crazy in people. We believe this for a long time. We refer to unstable people as lunatics. A word that is latin. Its built from the route word Luna It means moon and for centuries, has operated under the conviction that changes in the lunar cycle can cause people to lose touch with reality. Just ask the parents of a young child and I'll tell you tales of
I'll behaviour and out of the ordinary disobedience at certain times of the month, science tells us that just as the moons pull on the ocean creates tides that rise and fall in severity. Two does our planet's first satellite tag on the water inside our bodies, changing our behaviour as modern people. When we talk about the full moon, we tend to joke about this insane extraordinary behavior, but maybe we joke to avoid the deeper truth, an idea that we are both frightened and embarrassed that we even entertain for most of you see the full moon conjures up an image that is altogether a natural. An unbelievable that large glowing perfect circle in the night sky makes us think of just one thing: werewolves.
I may remain- and this is lore Science has tried many times over the years to explain our obsession with the werewolf. One theory is a disease known as hyper. Try Kosis something is known as will fight us it's a condition of excessive unusual body. Here, growth oftentimes, covering the person's entire face, think Michael J Fox in Teen, Wolf psychologists actually have an official diagnosis and the DSM for handbook,
known as clinical like can, is defined as a delusional syndrome, where the patient believes they can transform into an animal. But the changes only take place in their mind. Of course, delusions, though, have to start somewhere. Patients who believe they are Napoleon. Bonaparte have some previous knowledge of who he was, I think it's fair to assume that those who suffer from clinical lycanthropy have heard of werewolves before it's actually pretty easy to bump into the myth. Thanks to modern popular culture, werewolves have been featured in, or at least appeared in close to one hundred films and Hollywood. Since one thousand nine hundred and thirteen one of the earliest mentions of something even resembling. The modern werewolf can actually be found. the two thousand year old writings of the roman poet Virgil in his
clog nine written about forty BC he described a man named Morris who could transform himself into a wolf using herbs and poisons about fifty years later, Guy S Petronia S wrote a set to recall novel called appropriately satirical, which I think is basically the equivalent of Stephen King writing a horror novel called fried chicken in it. He tells the tail of a man named Nick arose in the story. Negroes was travelling with a friend in when that friend suddenly took office close your needed in a circle and transformed into a wolf right before his eyes before running off toward a large field of sheep, the next day Nick I was told by the sheep honour that one of the shepherds stabbed a wolf in the neck, with a pitchfork later that day, Nicaragua noticed TAT his friend now returned to the house- had to say
their wound on his neck. In the greek myth of the gods, Zeus ends and our Katy King named, like hey on Zeus, took on the form of a human traveller at what point in his journey he visited Arcadia and during his time in that country, he visited their royal court. The king of the land like hand somehow recognised Zeus, for who he truly was and tried in true greek form, of course, to kill him by serving A meal of human flesh, but Zeus, was a smart guy after all, and he caught like hang on in the act, throwing the mythological equivalent of aid temper tantrum. He destroyed the palace, killed all fifty of the king's sons with lightning bolts and then, of course, cursed king, like hey on himself. The punishment like hey and would be do
to spend the rest of his life as a wolf, presumably because walls were known for attacking and eating humans and he tried to serve human flesh. Most scholars believe that this legend is what gives birth to the term like Hamper Lycos being the greek word for Wolf and anthropologists, the word for man, we rules, are just the Greco Roman thing in the thirteenth century. The nurse recorded their myths logical origins in something called the votes on a saga despite their culture being separated from Greeks by thousands of miles and many centuries, there are in fact howls of werewolves present in their histories. One of the stories in the votes on a saga involves a father and son Pair Sigmund in send fiat. During their travels, the two men came upon a hut in the woods where they found to enchanted wolf skins.
Be skins had the power to change the wearer into a wolf, giving them all the characteristics that the beast was known for: power, speed and cunning. The catch according to the saga was that once put on the wolf pelts could only be taken off Ray ten days, undeterred, the father and son. Do oh each put on one of the wolf skins and transformed into the beasts they decided to went up and go hunting in their new forms, but they made an arrangement that, if either of them encountered a party of men over the certain size of seven, then they were supposed to howl for the other. Two come join them in the hunt. Sigmund son, however, broke his promise, killing off a hunting party of eleven men in Sigmund discovered this. He fatally injured his son.
you're, the God Odin intervened and healed him. Both men took off the pelts and burn them. Is he from the very beginning werewolves were a supernatural thing, a curse, a change in the vote. Nature of humanity. They were ruled by cycles of time and feared by those around them. Things get interesting when we go to Germany in one thousand. Five hundred and eighty, the country of Germany was being pulled apart by a war between Catholics and Protestants and one of the towns that played host to both side.
was the small town of bedbug given mind there. Worse, also still outbreaks of the black death. So this was an age of conflict and violence, people understood loss, they had become numb to it, and it would take something incredibly extraordinary to surprise them. First. There were cattle mutilations. Farmers from the area surrounding Belburg would find dead cattle in their fields. It started off in frequent, but grew to become a daily occurrence, something that went on for weeks cow is that had been sent out. The pasture profound, torn apart, It was as if a wild animal had attacked them. Naturally, the farmers assumed it was wolves, but it didn't stop. Their children began to go missing.
Young women vanished from the main roads around Hedberg. In some case, their bodies were never found, those that were had been mauled by something horribly violent. Finding your cattle dissembled is one thing, but when it's your daughter or your wife like can cause panic in fear, and so the community spiraled into hysteria. Now we think of historical european paranoia and we often think of witchcraft. The fifteen and sixteen centuries were filled with witch hunts. Burnings hangings in an overwhelming hysteria that even spread across the Atlantic to the british colonies where it destroyed more lives.
which trials of sailor Massachusetts are the most famous of those examples, but at the same time, Europe was also on fire with fear of werewolves. Some historians think that in France alone, some thirty thousand people were accused of being werewolves and some hundreds they say or even executed for it, either by hanging or being burned at the stake. Is he the fear of werewolves was real. Town of Belburg. It was very real. One report from this event tells of two men and women who are travelling just outside the city walls. They heard a voice called out to them for help from within the trees beside the road and one of the men stepped into the
is to give assistance when he didn't return. The second man entered the woods to find him and he also didn't return. The woman caught on attempted to run, but something exited the woods and attacked her. The bodies of the men were later found mangled and torn apart, but the woman's never was. later villagers found severed limbs in the fields near Belburg limbs from the people who are missing. It was clear that something horrible was hunting them. Another report tells us children plain in a field near the cattle as they played something ran into the field in Greece,
The small girl by the neck before trying to tear her throat out. Thankfully, the high collar on her dress, actually saved her life and she managed to scream now cows, don't like screaming Lee, and they began to stampede frightened by the cattle of the attacker. Let go of the girl and ran for the forest, and this was the last straw for the people of God. Berg. They took the hunt to the beast according to a pamphlet from one thousand. Five hundred and eighty nine, the men of the town hunted for the creature for days, company by dogs and armed for killing. These brave men ventured into the forest and finally found it. In the end, it was the dogs that corner the beast. Dogs are fast and they beat them
to their prey. When the hunters finally did arrive, they found the creature cornered. According to the pamphlet, though Wolf transformed into a man right before their eyes, while the Wolf then just another beast. The man was someone they recognized. It was a wealthy, well respected. Farmer from town named Peter Stubbe, sometimes recorded as Peter stoop Stew confessed to at all, and his story seem to confirm their darkest fears. He told them that he had made a pact with the devil at the age of twelve the deal exchange for his soul. The devil would give him a plethora of worldly pleasures, but like most stories, a greedy heart is difficult to satisfy
stupid admitted to being a- and I quote, wicked fiend with the desire for wrong and destruction that he was inclined to blood and cruelty now to say that first, the devil had given him a magical belt of Wolfskin putting it on he claimed would transform him into the monstrous shape of wolf sound familiar. He told the men that had captured him that he had taken off the built in the forest and some were sent back to retrieve it, but it was never found still superstition and fear, drove them to torture and interrogate the man who confessed to decades of horrible.
Speak about crimes well known around. The town Stube told his captors that he would often walk through Bed Burg and wave to the families and friends of those he had killed. Delighted him. He said that none of them suspected He was the killer. Sometimes he would use these walks to pick out future victims planning how he would them outside the city, walls where he could- and I quote, ravished in woolly murder them Stube. Even it did to going on killing sprays simply because he took pleasure in the bloodshed. He would kill lambs and go since their raw flesh, the even claimed to have eaten unborn children rip straight from their mothers, wombs,
the human mind is always solving problems, even when were asleep and unaware of it. The world is full of things that don't always sit right with us and in our attempt to deal with life, we rationalize. In more superstitious times, it was easy to lean on old fears and legends, but tuberculosis outbreaks of the eighteen hundreds lead people to truly, but Leave that the dead were sucking the life out of the living, the stories that gave birth to the Van Our mythology also provided people with a way to process tuberculosis and it's horrible symptoms, The story of the werewolf shows us that same phenomenon, but in reverse, rather than creating sir
trees that help explain the mysteries of death. Perhaps we created the story of the werewolf to help justify the horrors of life in human nature. The tale of Peter Stube sounds terrible, but when you hold it up to
modern day. Serial killers such as Jeffrey Dahmer or Richard Trenton, Chase it's par for the course. The difference between them and Steube is simply four hundred years of modernization, with the advent of electrical lights, pushing away the darkness and global exploration, exposing much of the world's fears to be just myth. It's become more and more difficult to blame. Our flaws on monsters, the beast it turns out has been inside us the whole time and Peter Stubbe love the people of Bedburg executed him for his crimes on October 31st, one thousand five hundred and eighty nine Halloween mind you he was given what was thought to be a fair and just punishment.
He was strapped, spread, Eagle and naked to a large wooden wheel, and then his skin was peeled off with red hot pinchers. They broke his arms and legs with the blunt end of an ax before. Finally, turning the blade over and chopping off his head, his body was burned at the stake in front of the entire town, and then his torture wheel was mounted on a tall pole, topped with the statue of a wolf on top of that they placed his severed head justice or just one more example. The cruelty of mankind. Perhaps in the end, Romilly monsters are. We
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