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Episode 32: Tampered


Maybe it’s human pride, or maybe it’s a tendency toward superstition, but humans are very good at making excuses. When things don’t go our way or when something breaks, there always seems to be a reason for it. And apparently, those excuses have occasionally walked among us.

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I grew up watching television gmail com Macgyver. If you ve, never had a chance to watch this icon in the eighties, do yourself a favor and give it a try sure the clothes are outdated and hair. Oh my gosh, the hair, but aside from all the bits that didn't age well, MIC Mollet add his trusty pocket knife managed to capture my imagination forever. part of it was the adventure part of it was the character of the man himself. I mean the guy was essentially a spy who hated guns laid hockey and lived on a houseboat but hovering, above all those elements, was the true core of the show. This man could make anything if his life depended on it
humans. We have this in eight, DR inside ourselves, to make things is how we manage to create things like the wheel or stone tools and weapons are tendency toward technology hold our ancient ancestors out of the stone age and into a more civilised world. Maybe for some of Us Macgyver represented what we wanted to achieve complete mastery of our own world. But life is really that simple and however hard we tried to get our minds and hands around this world. We want to rule something's just slip through the cracks accidents, happen, ideas and concepts still elude are limited minds or human. After all,
nah gods. So when things go wrong, when our plans fall apart or our expectations failed to be met, we have the sense of pride that often refuses to admit defeat. So we blame others and when that doesn't work, we look elsewhere for answers and no realm holds more explanation. The unexplainable then folklore, four hundred years ago, when women refused to follow the rules of society, it reliable the which, when irish children failed to thrive, it was because, of course, they were a changeling. We're good at excuses, so when our ancestors found something broke in or out of place, there was a very simple explanation: someone or something at tampered with it. I Marin Maggie, and this is lore
the idea of mettlesome creatures is new to Us- all around the world. We can find centuries old folklore speaks of creatures with a habit getting in the way it making life difficult for humans. It's an idea that seems to me ants and borders and background language and time Some would say that it's far too coincidental for all these stories of mischief, causing creatures who emerge in places separated by thousands of miles and vast oceans poker of Ireland. and the issue go of Indonesia are great examples of this legends
It seemed to have no reason for their airy similarities. Both legend speak of small humanoid creatures that steel, food and children both recommend not making them angry and both describe their creatures as intrusive pranks authors to many, the evidence is just too indisputable to ignore others would say it's not coincidence it all merely a product of human nature. We want to believe that there's something out there causing the problems we experience every day So, of course, nearly every culture in the world has invented a scapegoat. This scapegoat would have to be small to avoid discovery, and they need respect, because we are afraid of what they can do to a cultural anthropology it's nothing more than logical evolution. Many european full tales include this universal archetype in the form of nature, spirits and much of it can be traced back to the idea of the day.
It's an old word and concept coming to us from the Greeks. In essence, a demon is, in other words, the Spirit that causes trouble. The route word day, My literally means to cut or divide in many ways, It's an ancient version of an excuse if your horse was spooked, while you were out for a ride, you'd from we blame it on a demon, ancient Minoan believed in them and in the day of the great poet, homer people would blame there. Illnesses on them the demon in many ways, was fate. If it happened to you, there was reason- and it was probably one of these little things- that car but over time the Damon took on more and more names. Arab folk lore has the gin Roman spoke of a personal companion known as genius in Japan. They tell tales of the coming and dramatic
culture is mentioned. Failure stories in names might be unique to each culture, but the core of them all is the same. There's something interfering with humanity. We don't like it. But the majority of the English speaking world, the most common creature of this type in folklore hands down is the goblin. It's not an ancient, Most likely originating from the middle ages, but it's the one. Front and centre in most of our minds and from the start it's been a creature associated with bad behaviour. A legend from the tenth century tells us how the first catholic Bishop of E route in France they Damon known to the locals there as gobbling us. Why? That name, though, is hard to trace. The best theory goes something like this is greek myth about a creature, name cobble those who love to trick and frighten people, s story influenced other cultures.
across Europe. Prior to Christianity, spread creating the notion of the cobalt in ancient Germany that work was most likely. The root of the word goblin cobalt go bald global in you can practically here it all the route word of God Bob is club, which literally means beneath the earth or cavity in Iraq, we get the english word cove from the same route and so naturally cobalt and their english counterparts. The goblins are said to me In caves underground, and if that reminds you of dwarves from fantasy literature, you're closer than you think, the physical appearance of goblins in folklore vary greatly, but the common description is that they are dwarf like creatures, trouble are known to steal and they have a tendency to break things and make life difficult. Because of this people in Europe would
carvings of goblins in their homes to ward off the real thing, in fact, you're something really crazy. Medieval door. Knockers were often carved to resemble the faces of diamonds or goblins and its most likely purely coincidental, but in Welsh, folklore goblins are called Copeland or more commonly knockers. My point is this: for thousands of years people have suspected that all of their misfortune, He blamed on small meddlesome creatures. They feared them hold stories about them and try their best to protect their homes from them. But for all that time they seem like nothing more than a story. In the early twentieth century, though, people started to report actual sightings, not just anyone be sightings. We're documented by trained, respected military heroes, pilots,
When Wright brothers took their first controlled flight in December of nineteen o three. It seem like a revelation, it's hard to imagine it. Today. But there was a time when flight wasn't assumed as a method of travel. So, when Wilbur spent three full seconds in the air that day, he and his other Orville did something else. the change the way we think about our world However long it took humans to create and perfect the art of controllable mechanical light once the cat was out of the bag and bolted into the future. Without ever looking within just nine years, someone had managed to mount a machine gun onto one of these primitive airplanes. Because of that, when the first, war broke out just two years later. Military combat had a new element.
Course guns weren't, the only weapon, a plain could utilise, though the very first airplane brow, down in combat was an austrian plain. Litter be rammed by a russian pilot. Both pilots died, after the wreckage plummeted to the ground, below it wasn't the most efficient method of air combat. There was a start Clearly we ve spent many decades since getting very very good at it. A fortune though there have been more reasons for combat disasters than machine bullets and suicidal pilots in one of the most unique and mysterious of those causes. First appeared in british newspapers In an article from the early nineteen hundreds, it was said that, and I quote, the newly constituted royal airforce in nineteen eighteen appears to have detected the existence of a horde of mysterious and malicious sprites.
Whose sole purpose in life was to bring about as many as possible of the inexplicable mishaps, which, in those days as now, trouble and airlines life. The description didn't feature a name, but that was soon to find. Some experts think that we can fight routes of it in the old English were germ, which means to vex or to annoy if it's the best. your own creatures to the letter because of that they have been known from the beginning as gremlins. Now before we move forward, it might be helpful to take, air of your memories of the nineteen eighty four classic film by the same name, I grew up in the eighties and gremlins was a fantastic bit of I candy. For my. Young horror, loving mine, but the truth is legend has little resemblance to the version that you and I witnessed on a big screen, the gremlins folklore at least the store. is that came out of the early twentieth century that is described the ancient stereo
typical Damon, but with a twist yeah they were said to be small rain anywhere from six inches to three feet in height and, yes, they could appear and disappear at will, causing mischief in trouble were they went. But in addition he's my Versions of the legendary goblin seem to possess a supernatural grasp of human technology in eighteen, twenty three, a british pie, it was flying over open water when his engine stall, he miraculously survive a crash into the sea, was rescued shortly after that. When he was safely aboard the rescue vessel. The pilot was quick to explain what had happened, tiny creatures he claimed it appeared on the plane
Whether they appeared out of nowhere or smuggled themselves aboard prior to take off the pilot, wasn't sure, however, they got there. He said that they proceeded to tamper with the planes engine and flight controls and without power or control he was left to drop helplessly into his see. These reports were infrequent in the nineteen twenties, but as the world moved into the Second World WAR, the number of planes in the sky began to grow exponentially. More and more story seem to follow small troublesome creatures, who had an almost supernatural ability to hold onto moving aircraft, and while they were there to do, damage and key
accidents. In some cases, they were even cited insight planes among the crew and cargo stories, as we ve seen so many times before, have a tendency to spread like disease oftentimes, that's because of fear, but sometimes it's because of truth in the trouble is in figuring out where to draw the line. in that line, kept moving as the sightings were reported outside the british ranks, pilots on the german side, also reported seeing creatures during flights, as did some in India, Malta and the Middle EAST. So my choppy stories up to hallucinations or a bit of pre flight drinking There are certainly a lot of stories of war war to pilots climbing into the cockpit after a night of romance in the bottle, and who can blame them? In many cases, these pilots we're going to their death with a twenty percent chance of never coming back from a mission alive.
There are far too many reports to blame at all on drunkenness or delirium. Some unusual was happening to planes all throughout the Second World WAR and with folklore as lens. Some of the reports are downright Erie,. in two thousand fourteen ninety two year old war war to veteran from Jonesboro Arkansas, came forward to tell a story. He had kept to himself for seven decades. You'd better, be seventeen pilot during the war, one of the legendary flying fortresses that helped allied airforces carry out successful missions over Nazi terror, for it on one of those missions, but this man experience something that until recently, we had kept himself the pilot.
We chose to identify himself with the initials L W spoke of how he was a twenty two year old flight commander on the seventh but something very unusual happened on a combat mission in nineteen forty four, you described how, as he brought the aircraft to a higher altitude, the plane began to make strange noises that wasn't completely unusual. As the B. Seventeen is an absolutely enormous plane and sometimes turbulence can rattle. The structure but he checked his instrument panel out of habit according to his story, the instruments seem broken and confused. Looking for an answer to the mystery glanced out, the right side window and then froze their outside, the glass of the cockpit window was the face of a small creature pilot described it as about three feet: tall with red eyes and sharp the ears he said were almost owl like and its skin was grey and hairless. He looked back toward the front.
And noticed a second creature this one Moving along the nose of the aircraft. He said it was dancing and hammering away at the metal body of the plane immediately assumed he was hallucinating in picture him rubbing his eyes and blinking repeatedly like some old loony tunes film, but according to him he was a sharp and alert as ever. Whatever it was that he witnessed outside the body of the plane, he said that he managed to shake them off with bitter fancy flying and that's his term, not mine. Who are the creatures themselves might have vanished the memory of them. would have him for the rest of his life. Old, only one person afterwards a gun on another, be seventeen rather than laugh at him. His friend acknowledge that he too had seen similar creatures on a flight just the day before years.
Prior in the summer of nineteen thirty nine an earlier encounter was reported this time in the Pacific. According to the account a transport plain took off from the air base in San Diego. In the middle of the afternoon, and headed worn Hawaii on board were thirteen Marines, some of whom were a crew of the plane and others were passengers. It was a transport, after all, by half way through the flight, while still over the vast expanse of the Blue Pacific Transport issued a distressing after that. The signal stopped, as did all forms of communication. It was as if the plane had simply gone silent, an advantage which made it all the more surprising when you're reappeared later outside. the Sandy airfield and prepared for landing. But the landing didn't seem right. Plain came into fast. it bounced on the runway in rough, haphazard ways and then finally came to a dramatic emergency. Stop
Crew on the runway, mediately understood why to the exterior of the aircraft was extensively damaged. Some said it looked like bombs had ripped apart, the male skin, the transport. It was. Call me said with a thing, even landed at all no one exited the plane to greet them. They opened up themselves and stepped inside. Only to be met the scene of horror and chaos inside they discovered the bodies of twelve of the thirteen passengers and crew. You seem to have died from the same types of wounds, large vicious cuts and injuries. It almost seemed to have originated from a wild animal added to that. The interior of the transport smelled horribly of sulphur me acrid, odour of blood to complicate matters empty shell, casings were found scattered about the interior of the cockpit.
Stools responsible belonging to the pilot and co pilot were found on the floor near their feet. You spent wild men were found, but there was a thirteen. The co pilot had managed to stay conscious, despite his extensive injuries just long enough to land transport at the base. He was alive but unresponsive when they found him and quickly removed him for emergency medical care. Sadly, the man died a short while later he never had the chance to report. What happened. Stories of the gremlins have stuck around in the decade sense, but they live mostly in the past.
Today, they are mentioned more like a personified mountains, law muttered. As a humorous superstition by modern pilots. I get the feeling that the persistence of the folklore is due more to its place as a cultural habit. Then anything else. We can potter why, I suppose Why was sightings stop after war to some think? It's because of advancements in airplane technology, stronger structures, faster flights, beads and higher attitudes assumption. Is that sure gremlins could hold onto our planes, but maybe we ve gotten so fast that even that's become impossible for them. the other answer could just be that the world has left those childhood tales of little creatures behind. We ve moved beyond belief now without grown it. We know a lot more than we used to. After all and too thoroughly modern minds stories of gremlins sound like just so much fantasy
Whatever reason you subscribe to it's important to remember that many people have believed with All there being a gremlins are real, factual creatures, people. We would respect and belief. In eighteen, twenty seven, a pilot was over the Atlantic in a that I today, standards would be considered primitive. this alone, and he had been in the air for a very long time. It was startled to discover that there were creatures in the cockpit with him. You described them is small vaporous beans with a strange other worldly appearance. The pilot claim that these creatures spoke to him have him alert in a moment when he was overly tired and pass the edge of exhaustion. They helped with the navigation for his journey and even adjusted some of his equipment. This was a rare account of gremlins who were benevolent rather the metal, some or hostile, even still
pilot was so worried about what the public might think of his experience that he can't the details to himself for over twenty five years in nineteen. Fifty three Pilot included the experience in a memoir of his flight. It was store journey after all and recording it properly required honesty and transparency. The book you see was called the Spirit of Saint Louis. And the man was more than just a pilot, he was Military officer and explorer an inventor and on top of all of them
He was also a national hero because of his successful flight from New York to Paris, the first man to do so. In fact, this man, of course, was Charles limber. This episode of Lore was researched, written and produced by me. Aaron, Maggie Lore is much more than upon guess. There's a book series in Doors around the country and online and the second season, Amazon. Prime television show was recently released check them both out. If you want more lore in your life, may also make two other upon guests, Erin, monkeys, cabinet of curiosities and unobserved, and I think you'd enjoy
both each one explores other areas of our dark history, ranging from bite sized episodes to season long dives into a single topic. You can learn about both of those shows in everything else go None all over in one central place. The world of lore dot come slash now, and you can also follow the show on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to search for lore podcast, all one word and then click that follow button. When you do say hi, I like it when people say hi and as always, thanks for listening.
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