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Episode 46: Dark Conclusions


For almost as long as there have been stories of supernatural beings, there have been tales of those who hunt them. From ancient traditions to Hollywood blockbusters, these characters have filled our imaginations. But in 1969, those ideas became real.


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For almost as long as we ve had motion pictures. We have also had vampire stories, and rightly so, the tale of dry Cuba is a story of fear and suspense, and I've been told over and over again during the last century: theatre productions, early black and white films and every success of film since the nineteen thirty's has proven that our love for the story of Dracula is as undying is the monster himself. One of the results of this obsession with Dracula is there
We often ignore or forget the other major players in a story. Mina Murray is the powerful heroic woman who spends the bulk of the story fighting to destroy Dracula, rather than wallowing in self pity. Quincy Morris sacrifices himself to defeat the monster. Jonathan Harker mean, as eventual husband strikes, one of the killing blows the now is full of characters but all seem to fade into the shadow cast by the vampire Lord himself, all except for Abraham Van Helsing, that is over the deck Aids is character, has received a good amount of attention from fans of the book and honestly, how can you blame them? He was intelligent, brave and skilled in his craft, and in a lot of ways, Van Helsing represented something we all aspire to be it's a side effect of growing up with stories of creatures who want to hurt us
If there really is something living under the bed or in the closet or in the dark, damp corner of the basement and shouldn't someone care enough to protect us these creatures. Are the antagonists of our nightmares? Ensure There are also protagonist heroes. The champions those brave souls who are tasked with fighting Van Helsing was a fictional constructive course. This character echoes in ancient widespread belief that can be found in some form or another within many full tails.
It seems that, no matter what the monster might be, there are always those who fight them. Amazingly, those hunters still walk among us. I marin- maybe this is lore.
some of the earliest full tales involving hunters of the supernatural can be found in Bulgaria in nearby countries. After five centuries of occupation by the Ottoman Empire, the Turks were finally pushed out of Bulgaria in the eighteen. Ninety is during those first few years of freedom, the country's rich folklore and traditions gathered up and recorded for the first time right at the centre of those records were tails. of the vampire tales with such power. The people today still believe them and follow their prescriptions, such as the ritual exhumation of suspected vampires, its belief that runs deep, mostly because of intense fear and superstition. Too many, though vampires were real and they needed to be hunted down.
As a result, there were people in these ancient bulgarian communities called subordinate who could detect vampires recalled upon when a village suspected vampire was hunting and harming them Once the grave of a suspect was dug up and the body was exposed, the subordinate would determine whether or not the corpse was really a vampire it was. They were also responsible for destroying it. This was a power each subordinate inherited at birth that, according to the stories you just had to be lucky enough to be born either on one of the days between Christmas in January, sick the time known to the ancient Catholics, as the unclean days were on a Saturday which sounds pretty random to me, but whatever another group of Fire hunters was known as the vampires Zia if these were more acute
to the modern movie version of Van Helsing that we know today destined to hunt vampires from birth. They travelled the land armed with weapons and tools looking for battle, and they did. All of this will follow me. prescribe methods like hunting only on saturdays and leading the vampires into graveyards, where they were somehow weaker, and these vampires Zia were heroes, often earning a good living from the gifts and donations of fearful villagers. There are even records of the provincial capital of turnover actually employing a number of them and sending them out to investigate and hunt. When reports event, where's popped up. Honestly, you could film the stuff and pass it off as an underworld sequel, but it happened and to me that's what makes it so much more compelling the Idea of hunting wasn't isolated to Bulgaria, though, or even limited to the concept of the vampire contemporary to these vampire z.
tails, were stories that highlighted another dangerous creature. One walked right among us, the which any We all already know that there was a hysteria and persecution. Yes, there were hangings in burnings and other superstition fuelled acts of violence, but at the centre of much of it there were hunters in fourteen eighty six, a german dominican, friar need Heinrich Cromer, wrote a book that he called the Molly a smell of a car. A hammer of the witches Cromer was more than a friar, though he served for years as an inquisitor with orders from Pope Innocent the eighth. After his retirement, you wrote what key believed to be the gold standard for understanding and identifying witches the catholic church.
We condemn the book just three years after it was published, but it was too late. The Molly S, Malaga Gorham, acted like and accelerate thanks in part to Gutenberg, printing press and spread across Europe. Weren't fuelled the flames of religious hysteria and social unrest. The book was used for centuries to teach others about witches where they came from how to detect them and what to do when you found one- and this was the world the Matthew Hopkins was born into in one thousand six hundred and twenty England. He was the son of a puritan minister. It was raised to fear the devil lash out at what he saw as heresy. At the age of just twenty, four Hopkins had set up shop in Sussex under the title of Witchfinder general and began of short but devastating career in the discovery and conviction of witches. In three hundred and fifty years that spanned the early 1400s to the late 1700s estimated that less than five hundred people in total war,
secluded for witchcraft and all of england- that's less than two executions per year right during their short two year operation, though Hopkins and his team were responsible for three hundred of those five hundred deaths. This is the man who invented the swimming test for witchcraft, and most people have heard about the accused would be tied to a chair and tossed into a pond or lake, and then Hopkins would wait to see if they floated. If they did, they were a witch and they would be killed if they sunk well. They still died, but with a clear name- and I know it doesn't make much sense to us today, but in the sixteen forties Hopkins could do no wrong. Everyone trust in him his book, the discover
of witches went onto fuel which trials in the american colonies in the late. Sixteen hundreds and some of his interrogation methods were even used in the sale of Massachusetts trials. Don't get me wrong, the man was a monster, but he clearly left his mark as a witch hunter. One. Es thing. According to the bulgarian folklore surrounding vampire hunters, there is also one big risk for those in the profession. Anyone who served as a subordinate or vampires Zia were the most at risk of becoming a vampire themselves and even in England, Hopkins didn't die a hero instead, He was viewed as a monster and a bogeyman right. Than going down in history as some sort of heroic hunter.
He inherited the reputation of the evil. Then he hunted because sometimes whether the creature is a thing of our own invention or simply the focus of a personal obsession, a hunter is always at risk becoming the very thing they pursue in eighteen, sixty eight paramount released rose marries baby based on the hit novel from a year before making seven
three saw the release of the original exorcist, followed by the omen in seventy six. There was a satanic craze sweeping through Amerika, a mixture of fear and fascination in Hollywood wanted to capitalize on. It is often overlooked that that grace was preceded by an earlier wave of fear way, across the Atlantic in England during the late nineteenth sixties, everywhere parents and look, they saw danger and darkness reports of kidnappings and drug use led to panic and, as a result, it took on the flavour of a witch hunt which was ironic because one of the recurring troops in stories that portrayed Satanist as monsters was the idea that they killed babies and that's an idea that was born centuries before in the pages of none other than the malaise smell of alarm. For many.
that connection was more than a coincidence. They saw conspiracy and, as we know, fear has a way of clouding our perceptions. So in London locals began to notice graffiti and vandalism inside the historic Highgate Cemetery they jumped to dart conclusions. Highgate is an old cemetery two hundred years old and that it was popular for the first century, but. Tastes changed in war broke out during where words to most of the men who served as grounds keepers and caretakers in a cemetery were called into military service. Leaving the place unattended later Human bombs, left parts of the graveyard damaged and exposed in over the following decades. Trees and brush began to overtake the property, youth and vandals began to spend more time inside the cemetery S report circulated a cult symbols
Open graves and bodies that had been moved for unknown reasons, obsessed with the dangers of Satanism public began to do with the public, has always been so good at doing it lashed out. In early nineteen, sixty nine a group emerged that promised to help they call themselves the british Occult society. Aim was to investigate the unusual events. Vandalism taking place in the cemetery, unlike a lot of the general like this group was even brave enough to enter the overgrown graveyard and explore it with hopes of finding answers, according to the
two men at the centre of the group Sean Manchester and David Ferret, where they found confirmed earlier reports, and then they listened to the others in the neighborhood who had stories of their own to share, which is wherein they first encountered. The rumours of something maybe a person may be something else that prowled the graveyard at night me stories described it as a tall, figure but could paralyze those who encountered it. Parent was intrigue, and so on December, twenty first of nineteen sixty nine. We camped out in the cemetery overnight. It was the winner, Solstice
He was a paranormal investigator. It all sort of light up in his mind, at least. According to him, the night was a huge success. The way he described it at some point. During the hours between dusk and Don Ferret witnessed, a person stood over seven feet. Tall disfigure apparently had eyes that glowed brightly, but when fair looked away for a moment, it vanished. He wrote to the local paper and asked if others had seen the same figure amazingly for about two months, letters flooded in from others who described similar experiences. About the same time, though, parents partner, Sean Manchester left the group to start his own and made for their discoveries. His findings, though we're more bloody. You believe the stories of the mysterious dark figure, but he
no phone, numerous animals in the cemetery that had been drained blood upon inspection, he reported that each of them had small holes in their necks when the local papers asked him. If he had a theory and told them he did. The figure according to Manchester was clearly a vampire and not just any vampire. This was what he called a king, vampire brought over from Latvia and the seventeen hundreds by a curious, noble and then buried the estate and eventually became Highgate. All of the satanic activity according to him, was the work of local contests. Trying to resurrect this creature so Manchester offered the hunted down an exercise it. He acknowledged that the lobby
it is a bit difficult. I guess, to go around plunging wooden stakes into corpses, but he'd already done it twice before that. According to him, he was willing to put his life on the line tracked down and destroy the king, vampire few people bought. It did believe that something was going on inside the cemetery, though so the police began to patrol the area watching for anything out of the ordinary over the next few months. They chased a number of vandals out of graveyard, but none of them turned out to be any more Then teenagers pretending to be vampire hunters just out looking for a thrill and then on August, first and nineteen. Seventy something happened. Then something happened that changed. All of that that night police were called to Highgate Cemetery and directed to one particular crypt that was deep inside the property
when they arrived, he found the tomb nor standing, wide, open and inside stretched out on the cold stone floor was a body not particularly odd, given the location, but it was the condition of the body that alarm them. It had been charred beyond recognition and then decapitated The police went public with the discovery and admitted that this of all the things they found in Highgate so far could actually be the work of a countess that was on the public needed. The papers were filled with headlines, people couldn't help but jump to conclusions and both shot Manchester and David Ferrie were right there in the middle of it. Examining the clues
trying to make sense of it all they weren't on the same side anymore, though each man had started. dropped, his own unique methods of investigation, some of which were a bit unorthodox? Two weeks after the burned body was discovered, fair, discover by police to be wandering the cemetery at night when they arrested him for trespassing. They found that he was carrying a large crucifix and a sharp wooden stake is group. Didn't stop, though it began to camp overnight in the grate. on a more regular basis. Finding unusual clues, all of which pointed to them at least, to the work of a group bent on resurrecting the king vampire one night ferret took a rapporteur from the evening news into Highgate with him and together they discover
the crypt. With an eerie seen, the body had been removed from the coffin inside the building and placed in the centre of a large pantograph that had been drawn on the stone floor ferret and his group also claim to find bodies with voodoo dolls bodies with missing heads skull. placed in locations and symbols that hinted at rituals from previous nights. All of it, they said, pointed to a dark evil that needed to be stopped. Their efforts, as risky as they seemed, were aimed at doing just that Months later, Fair was arrested a second time and this time his girlfriend join him. The police apparently thought the couple were transporting marijuana, but it turned out to just be a plastic bag of came a meal of all things it claimed it was an ingredient in one of their rituals. According to them, they had found a cripple that showed signs of a recent black magic ceremony, and so the group had gone there to cleanse it.
Once they don't gathered inside the open tomb, they stood in a circle. around the perimeter of the room. Reading passages from the Bible, along with spells, they claim to be lifted from ancient books Some of the women in the group even stripped to dance naked in the center of the room. They were symbols of purity according to Ferret Manchester, publicly disapproved he preferred to conduct his exorcisms in broad daylight, which allowed him to be safer and, as some critics pointed out, also made it a lot more likely. There would be an audience around to watch him, but I didn't mean his rituals were any less entertain at one point the Manchester claim that he was led to a tomb by a young woman who was possessed by a demonic spirit, name Lucia inside the tomb he claimed was an ancient coffin with no name plate. He enjoyed open the coffin and was about to plunge a wooden stake into the corpse when another. member of the group stopped him instead, Manchester simply sprinkled.
Body with holy water and claws garlic according to witnesses, as he did this loud rhythmic boom could be heard growing louder. The deeper into the ritual they went, events in Gate seem to end shortly after January. In nineteen, seventy four, on the twelfth of that month, local police were called to inspect the car of local residents park near the cemetery inside they found in embalmed corpse seated at the wheel, its head remove and nowhere to be found fair. It was interviewed as a suspect, but in the end it turned out to be a prank put on by a group of local teenagers. One of them had actually taken the head home to keep it on his mantle until it began to smell that is Manchester found a way to make a career out of his adventures in Highgate, and over the past few decades has become known as a vampire expert appearing in many.
Television documentaries on the subject is written two books, one about the Highgate vampire and another. A handbook for would be hunters. David, fair and experienced less success. In the wake of the events he was arrested in eighteen. Seventy four four vandalism property within the cemetery. He denied any involvement, of course, but the police were hungry for a real suspect. After nearly five years of activity, he was sentenced to four years in prison, but was paroled after just two, when it was determined at his rights, have been violated and went back to heading up the british Occult society or he still works today. Newspapers at the time featured photos of him with his vampire hunting tools. It was referred to as the graveyard ghoul by one local paper and another call him a wicked witch in a book written by Manchester in eighteen. Ninety one
He refers to ferret as Awayward, which dabbled in the black arts in the eyes of some at least David Ferret seem to suffer a fate similar to Matthew Hopkins rather than succeeding. It seems the young man became the thing he hunted for Most of you today, is how are we as one of my favorite times of the year, it's one of the very few moments when we stop and acknowledge the shadows, the mystery and the unknown, because life mystery is stale and flat days like today, help to add texture to our lives. Tonight,
millions of children are going to dress up and walk through their neighborhoods, give each gonna favorite character, something they want to become for this one night of the year when its expected and normal and they'll do all of this, like hunters, on a mission Interestingly, the teens who live near Highgate still creep into the graveyard every year, each Halloween. If I no way inside gap, together and go on their own vampire hunts, and that's no easy task. These the cemetery has been cleaned up, locked up and open to the public. Only for paid guided tours still, the youth of the area managed to celebrate hollowing there, each and every year. twenty years before the events in Highgate Cemetery, though there was a their gathering of youth farther north in the sky. Their city of Glasgow Glasgow is a port city. It straddles the river Clyde and
is the second largest city in the country side of the river, just north of the m. Seventy four is a neighborhood known as Gordon. did area of the city that has a rough history, the industrialists asian and over population of the late eighteen, hundreds led to the construction of tenement slums throughout the first half of the twentyth century. It's gone through some attempted redevelopment, but in the nineteen fifties it was probably at its lowest point. One night in September of nineteen, fifty four, a police constable name Alex Deep rose, was called to investigate a disturbance at the southern Necropolis burial ground, as old as Highgate and justice textured in creepy. In its own way. When the officer guide to the cemetery, he found that some of the neighborhood children had gathered. There are hundreds of them, in fact, ranging in ages from four to fourteen, a neighbor armed.
Deep rose managed to gather them altogether and lead them out of the graveyard, but the following night. They were back each of the children carried something dangerous within knives, sticks, metal, bars, some even brought dogs alone. Deep rose wanted to know why some of the children told him that to local boys had been. killed and they had come to the graveyard for revenge. The constable didn't know of any murders in the area, but then again there was a lie. They went on and warbles that went unrecorded, but he was concerned about the gatherings, so he spoke with some of the parents. Understandably there. Concern. Some were worried about the safety of their children, some were concerned about the stories, and why did so about their fascination with violence and danger. But despite the concern hundreds more arrived in the cemetery, the very next night constable deep rose, return
To disperse them again, but he also wanted to know what it was. They were hunting who killed these two mysterious boys, and why did they think that they could find the suspect here in this particular graveyard killer? He was told, was a vampire A vampire net stood over seven feet, tall sharp teeth in glowing eyes. This episode of war was written and produced by me. Erin monkey with research help from Marcel Crockett Lore, is much more than upon cast. There's a book series in bookstores around the country and online, and the second season of the Amazon Prime Television show was recently released, check them both out. If you want more lore in your life,
I also make two other upon guests, Erin, monkeys, cabinet of curiosities and unobserved, and I think you'd enjoy both each one explores other areas of our dark history, ranging from bite sized episodes to season long dives into a single topic. You can learn about both of those shows in everything else, going on all over. In one central place: Thou world of lore dot com, slash and you can also follow the show on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, just search for lore podcast, all one word and then click that follow button. When you do say hi, I like it when people say hi and as always, thanks for listening.
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