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Episode 68: The Tainted Well


The older the country, the deeper the roots of its folklore have grown—roots that are fed by darkness, fear, and pain. And few countries hold such a variety of frightening tales, both old and modern, as the lovely Emerald Isle. But not everything that walks those hills is safe to approach.

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when you see the body the first thing that thanks. You is just how much detail you can see. The high AIR standing up on an arm, the dirty fingernails, the all of the skin over the knuckles and has way. Making the body seem permanent and real, then it is real. Don't get me wrong, it's just that most bodies. Don't look this good after death, even when the relatively fresh, which is what makes this particular body all the more amazing get. He was a man from county leash in Ireland and yes, there is no doubt he was dead, it's just well. He looks really good for his age. The casual man as they call him, is roughly four
thousand years old, he's older than the egyptian Pharaoh toot in common by six centuries, and yet here he is making eye contact and showing off the pores of his skin. All thanks the preserving power of an irish peat bog. These bog bodies, as their com, tend to be easy books to read, telling a clear story to archeologists age social status, even their occupation, important detail is how they died and nearly all irish bog bodies share one common cause of death. Human sacrifice some were run through with a sword, others were clubbed over the head, some were even strangled with a link, the rope and all of it, though to send a message to the gods. Life was precious.
so to willingly give up one of their own was a powerful way of making a point. It was a primitive email to the deities typed in bold underlined all capped words. Ireland is a beautiful country with dark past long before the troubles of the last century before the country was divided, even before british rule itself Ireland was already a land full of dark tales and frightening lore. Unlike the casual man, many of those stories have refused to stay buried. I'm Erin Monkey- and this is lower
Ireland is a country that lives up to its reputation. The emerald Isle is just as overwhelmingly green and lush, as you might expect countryside. Rolling hills seem to go on for as far as the I can see in places like Dublin Ancient buildings play host to laughter and son, but there's a history that swirls around those green hills and dark halls, a cold wind while many of them have drifted beyond the boundaries of Ireland to influence global folklore. Those are just a few samples from a much deeper and much darker. Well, Of course, we all know of the banshee, the female spear that said, to enter our world through one of the many ancient stone mounds, the she adopt- the irish landscape, They come to announce impending death. The legend says that if you can hear her cries and wailing you are someone you love is not long for this world. We have covered poker and leprechaun
before. But irish folklore has a plethora of other little creatures scattering about the Grogan is described. Does a small old man covered in thick hair? That's matted entangled with sticks and leaves most legends say that the Grove OC is half fairy half human, but, unlike the tales of the Buddha, these are friendly creatures that help humans with them life. Then, of course, there is the human stealing fairy known as the changeling. Yet other of Ireland's popular folklore exports, but they are the only fairy creature to be afraid of irish legends speak of the direct. Do the red blood sucker, which may have had A bit of influence on Brahms Stoker, who was born and raised in Ireland, the direct do it is described as a pale young, men who lures men into a graveyard where she then drains them of their blood to stop her
book or says that all you really need to do is find her grave and pile stones. On top of it, that's an episode of supernatural right there. Just waiting to be written pro some pie, and it's perfect. but Ireland is more than just spooky. Mythology, however, entertain mean it might be, every wailing, woman and tiny old man cobbling shoes in the night there seems be two or three local spots with their own unique stories to tell one such tail comes to us from the coastline north of Belfast in the small village of ballot galley. It was there in sixteen twenty five, that a castle was constructed by a man named James shot. They say, the castle was immaculate that it was beautiful and well designed. Shaw obsessed over every detail and naturally we wanted to pass his beloved home down to his air someday, but when his wife Isabel finally,
gave birth to their first. Child jaw was enraged to discover it was a daughter, not a son. Of course this is the sort of frustration, your guaranteed to experience, and you base your aunt. our system of inheritance in power on the biological role of the dice doubt anyone could have convinced Shaw of the folly of it all His response, they say, was brutal. He locked Isabella Way in one of the towers and had the end girl removed from the castle entirely shortly after his wife fell to her death from the window of the tower some say it was suicide, driven by her grief over the loss of her daughter. Others, though, say it was an accident that her desire to see her child again drove her to climb out and try to escape ever since People outside the castle claim to have seen a pale woman in the window of the tower today The castle is a hotel, but the time
or prison cell now known as the ghost room is off limits to guests. Still, those who manage to spend time in it claimed to have felt a dark presence. Laughter has been heard in the castle, always some have even seen the ghostly figure of a woman disappearing around corners for another legend, full of mystery and death. We need to travel to County Clare Home, to the aims Mc man castle it's nothing more than an abandoned shell. Today, absence of life in the comforts of home, but according to the legend, there is something there hidden inside the castle. Walls. a secret chamber. No one is sure what the chamber was used for the story tells of how a great evil was locked inside and hidden away from the rest of the world locked away. That is until the nineteen twenties, when a local priest was brought in to cleanse the space
They say that the exorcist opened the room and stepped inside, but never walked back out again the following morning, some one found the priests dead body line just outside the chamber door. Most The man had died of a heart attack which wouldn't be entirely unusual. What was unusual, though, was the expression on the dead man's face, complete and utter whore, as if he'd been frightened to death. The list could go on and on buildings, and bridges and public spaces that are filled with the ominous echoes of another time, but there's one in Ireland, the seems to hold more darkness more bloodshed and more treachery than all the others combined from its ancient routes in bloody conflict to victorian tales of spiritualism. There isn't much that has taken place within its walls,
If you're looking for a frightening tales, dark history and- and solve mysteries, there's no better ACE in Ireland, then lap castle. The earliest mention we have on record in Ireland of the Oak Harold Plan is a soldier named Carl fought alongside King Brian Peru at the battle of Clontarf in ten fourteen, and I want to we now right away that the name car literally means to hack its both appropriate, given the man's occupation, and more than a little bit of foreshadowing, the okay
girls claim dissent from an irish clan that dated back at least a thousand years by the sixteenth century, though the perils of county awfully represented. The last powerful fragment of that older, but it was some time before that video carols took control of a castle in their territory, one held by a secondary claim. The abandons the castle was called lap, dating the age of the original structure is proven a bit challenging to historians. But there are a couple of things that are known for certain burst. there are signs of significant settlement on the site of the castle dating back at least twenty five hundred years, second most, is agree that the main keep was built around the year. Twelve fifty which may he that it was already well known and very old by the time the o carols moved in near the end of the fourteen. Hundreds four castle certainly had a reputation to
originally built as a simple tower house. Essentially, a tall, solid, rectangle of stone and mortar. Its purpose was to protect anyone inside over the centre. more wings and extensions were added on, but that protective nature never really went away for a very on time. It seems lap was considered impenetrable from the outside, at least You see the O'Carroll clan wasn't known for getting along with their neighbouring clans or even themselves. Family discord like that has a way of creeping inside the walls like a cold December wind. If a story hasn't peaked your interests, yet don't winter is coming. The first, oh Karel to rule in lap castle was John O Carol, but he died of the plague around fourteen ninety passing the leadership on to his son Maroni, and this new clan leader filled
his father shoes beyond any ones expectations through the years he became known for his bravery in battle and his honour as Peter even earned the nickname, the great Mulrooney, at least among his clan, when he passed away in one thousand five hundred and thirty two after over four decades in control, he left left castle in the hands of Atlee. Reasons Tiger was known as a hot head, always quick to move towards violence He s had trained as a priest and serve the family in the apple at the top of the castle and the youngest far Ganem seems to have been a bit more calm than the others. The following the death of their father Three brothers fell into months of arguing over who should lead the clan and control the castle. The tensions were high and with Tiger that was never a good thing. It was stewing pot of frustration and entitlement it was about to boil over
the legend says that various the family priest and one of the contenders for the leadership of the clan and waited start mass until his brother Tiger could arrive, but eventually he up and just began without him. Some time later, tag walked through the door and, despite being late, was shocked to see that the service had already begun in a fit of rage. It said the tiger drew his sword. rushed at his brother Thaddeus, screaming about how insulting it was to be left out. Of course, values. was in the right and would have explained that to his brother, if tying hadn't and the sword straight through him. First, a priest screamed as tiger pulled the blade, free and blood began to spill out on the, More of the chapel mortally wounded body, a stir Guard backward Swain in one of the others who had come for mass and then he toppled over the altar face down and stop breathing
Because people are very good at giving incredibly obvious names to places, you might not be surprised to hear that ever since sight of this gruesome murder has been known as the bloody chapel humor aside There are those who believe that something dark took place TAT day a brother killing, but putting ambition and petty disagreement ahead of loyalty and family those things Have a way of standing out as powerful actions there, a typical in the grand scheme of things. On top of that, though, a priest was killed, inside his chapel and in the middle of a religious service. No less. It was long after the murder of Thaddeus that tie himself was killed by a nephew in the end, The only remaining brother bargaining took Over leadership of the clan and castle, but even here. Wasn't immune to the bloodshed.
budget- says that during his reign, the O carols hired another clan, the MC man's. They help them defeat. A common enemy, the plan worked and NEO Carol achieve victory in battle and to celebrate the man's. invited to lap castle for a grand meal with a hidden purpose. Some say they were given poisoned wine, while others say they were murdered in their sleep, either way the Mcnally and never left left castle alive now I'll. This is a lot of death for one family. Over the course of justice
century, some would say it's so atypical that, given enough time, this sort of history could leave a mark its this. Then this dark cocktail, violence, betrayal in blasphemy. That many think was enough detained the well so to speak. I tore a hole in the very fabric of reality. Something the rest of the story only seems to confirm the bloodshed inside leaped castle went on for generations until sixteen fifty nine when the fortress past into the hands of a new family through marriage between phenomena that
author of the ruling O Carroll and an Englishman, named Captain Darby over years left castle was improved and extended. Gothic architects. sure I'll elements were added in the gardens were expanded with every chain. It became less an Irish tower house and more an english manor House, it was being tamed, at least from the outside. In eighteen, eighty one, the castle pass to Jonathan Darby and after his marriage to Mildred Dill in eighteen. Eighty, nine, a couple settled into their new life. There, perhaps inspired by the dark atmosphere of the castle. Mildred soon begin right novels in the popular gothic genre that beautiful blend of. Were and romance terror and literature that attracted the like of Mary Shelley and Radcliffe and EDGAR Allan POE. She, published under the pen name Andrew Mary and her novel Eddie risky was well received, but it was me
word than the architecture of lap castle that inspired her fiction, the halls there at least according to her, were full of something darker and more evil. At first, there were noises, as if furniture were being moved in distant parts of but noises quickly evolved into something more sinister one. Toby night Mildred was woken after midnight by the sensation. Some one was in the room with her. After looking toward the foot of her bed, she was horrified to see the shape of a person in the darkness. This figure was dressed all in red and had raised a hand toward her. What is it she said aloud thinking a servant had come in to wake her and then she reached for the bedside, or to find a match. She struck it lit a candle and then lifted it to illuminate the darkness. When she turned toward the foot of the bed, though she caught her breath, the room was empty,
Now this was the sort of experience that would probably convince most of us to back off and avoid the castles dark history, but not Mildred. She was obsessed instead of turning away. She rushed head first into the world of the occult and Paranormal she held seances and a cold. The greens, maybe just to deepen her reputation as a gothic novelist or perhaps to quench a personal thirst. The consequences, though we're darker than she could have imagined something was there in the so with them, and her experiments only seem to attract attention. Then one night it made itself known according to Mildred. She'd been up late writing in her room when she heard something in the hallway bumped against her door. She opened it defined the hall filled with a putrid rotting, odor, but otherwise empty. So she closed it again. Moments later the bumping and scratch
sounds returned only this time. She could also hear sniffing at the foot of the door. Expecting a burglar, Mildred picked up a loaded, pistol and quickly pull the door open once again, and then. Rose the hair on the back of her neck standing on end. There was something squatting in the doorway, something unnatural and gruesome. The thing she wrote was about the size of a sheep, thin gaunt and shadowy in parts its face was human or to be more accurate, inhuman in its vileness with large holes of blackness for eyes, loose slavery, lips and a thick saliva dripping jaw. According to Mildred, the thing stood silently in the doorway locking eyes with her What seemed like an eternity then, with a jump it moved inside her room. She raised the pistol and fired nearly point blank
but still somehow managed to miss. She fired again this time, even closer to the thing and still the bullet exploded against a piece of furniture behind it. Whatever the creature was whether image cereal spirit or some demonic, animal, the shots didn't seem to have an effect on it. Frightened out of her mind. She brought the pistol up for a third shot and claims. She pressed the gun right against the things chest, just as it brought its arms up to reach for her. She fired and then quickly put back from its grasp, tripping over something on the floor behind her. Then she claims everything with black Her Mildred reported all of this in the most unusual manner. She wrote it up and had it pushed in a journal called the Occult review in December of nineteen away, but like her novels, She signed the name Andrew Mary to this new tail. The file
we month the journal also publish letters from others that seem to verify and support the stories But whenever a novelist is in Paul, it's impossible to be one hundred percent, certain everything is being reported with on decorated accuracy. Still it's not difficult to believe is in this castle, this and four warfare and built around generations of bloodshed was home. To more than the people inside evil event, have a way of filling a building like explosions, While the initial shock might eventually fade away, the echoes can still be heard ringing through the halls long after it's over. Whether those echoes took the form of red ghosts in Russia Ella elemental creatures, readjusted overwhelming atmosphere of dread. We can't deny the power and the darkness of the explosion itself. In the end, it
names the only thing more frightening, then our deepest nightmares might just be our own, violent humanity, Ireland certainly has a lush and fertile landscape when it comes to folklore the store, is that are still told around fires and in crowded pubs cover the spectrum from the deeply mythological, the downright terrifying. and I wouldn't expect anything less from such a textured poetic culture, but that line between fact in fiction has a way of getting blurry. When you add in our own violent human nature events we hear about or the we ourselves do to others, though say
I a way of giving birth details far more frightening than anything we could invent reality, though fails to have the tidy ending. We have come to expect from books and film lap castle, isn't the same, Today, as it once was, in fact, it's literally a shell of its former self. The early nineteen twenty two sensing a growing political tension in the country, the Darby left there and move to England, lie thirtieth of nineteen twenty two. Just one month after the Irish civil war began, eleven men knocked on the door of the cap, so and demanded that the caretaker Richard Dawkins provide them lodging for the night when he opened the door for them, though they forced their way inside and began to cover everything with gasoline, and then they set on fire ere the following day, more men arrived and burned the parts of the castle that had been missed the night before doc.
and trying to save as much of the furniture and belongings as he could, but the out building hid the men was later broken into included at the time the door These return lap castle was nothing more than a smouldering ruin charred stone one. The tragic losses that resulted from the burning of the castle was the vast collection of, worries and novels that Mildred had yet to publish. According to one report, she lost in it They made one hundred and fifty short stories roughly forty larger manuscripts and to finish novels something's, though still remain for decades. While the castle sat empty locals would look up at night to see lights in the old fortress windows. It as if someone were walking the halls armed with a pale candle, there is who ventured closer to the property reported that the Ruins meld of rotting flesh and, although they
never find the source. Many reported, in the sounds of some animal or creature. Sniffing sounds. Today let castle is being restored by the current owner, with work being done to read, The two wings that extend out from the original Tower House, but it something else something that was discovered decades earlier. That might be the most chilling revelation of the castles last century, upstairs just north of the blue, the chapel. In fact, workmen stumbled upon a secret chamber. Think of it more as a pit it was only accessible from a trap door above the room below with small barely larger than a closet, these sorts of rooms were called oubliettes a French.
firm. That loosely means a place of forgetting unwelcome visitors or betrayed family members might be led over to the trap door and tossed inside if the fall didn't kill them. The large spikes protruding from the floor certainly would, and this let it turns out, was filled with skill. Since so many skeletons in fact that when the workmen began to remove them, they quickly filled up their car three carnivals later, they had finally moved all the bones out when they were finished, though it found something else in the pit: a watch, a pocket. What to be precise and after studying the makers marks on the watch, researchers able to estimate its age courting to them, it had manufactured in the eighteen forties mere decades before it was rediscovered, which raises a very interesting question
if the has stopped, has stopped being used when the Darby took over the castle in sixteen fifty nine. How did the watch get their two centuries later. It seems. The oubliettes of lap castle had been used a lot more recently, then we'd care to admit. This episode of war was written and produced by me. Aaron Mahnke, with research help from Marcel Crockett Lore is much more than upon gas. There's a book series in bookstores around the country online and the second season of the Amazon Prime Television show was recently released. Check them both out. If you want more lore in your life, may also make two other upon guests.
Erin, making cabinet of curiosities and unobserved, and I think you'd enjoy both each Monica. Floors. Other areas of our dark history, ranging from bite sized episodes to season long dives into a single topic. You can learn about both of those shows in everything else, going on all over in one central place: Thou world of lore dot com, slash now, and you can also follow the show on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, just search for lore podcast, all one word and then click that follow button. When you do say hi, I like it when people say hi and as always, thanks for listening.
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