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Episode 85: Creature of Habit


Our home is supposed to be a safe space where we are free to relax and enjoy life. History, though, contains stories that break that mould. Places where people want to live in peace, and yet find themselves at odds with forces beyond their control. And if there’s a logical reason, it might very well be buried in the past.

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We spend A significant amount of our lives inside some sort of dwelling, maybe it's that bedroom the home you're growing up in or your apartment or the high. you and your spouse bought last year. Most people have a place to stay and they call that place their home. A lot can happen in a home. Some of it can be wonderful, but I'm We aware that for many home can also be the epicenter for tragedy and pain. It's a tricky location where we have the potential to feel comfortable and safe. and yet none of that is guaranteed.
Number of nineteen, seventy five, the let's family, purchased a home on Long Island and learned right away, isn't always the safe haven. We imagine it to be in fact, in the house, became so dark and unbearable at the family, packed up and left just four weeks later. The reason they claim to have been assaulted by unexplainable forces. Almost from the moment they moved in disembodied voices, moving objects, even physical violence, all from an unknown unseen source it was enough to drive them away for good. It turns out there idyllic do suburban home had been the setting for a grisly seen just one year before six members of the detail family were murdered, while they slept like any of us, they assumed they were safe inside their home
The brutal reality of life has a way of creeping in from time to time, with horrifying results. We want to feel safe, but at the end of the day, places. We call home or nothing more than a setting for every aspect of life rest and joy why and celebration for sure, but also a fair amount of pain and disappointments home is a place of both light and darkness. It seems counter to it, if I know, but sometimes the safest place to be Also has the potential to be the most frightening, I'm Erin Mahnke, and this is lore,
nothing, but a skeleton remained by the time they first arrived, Henry and his wife had been expecting to find more, but it had simply wasted away until nothing but the bone survived. Judging by the decay, it would have even been a stretch to call it a house, let alone their future home. two decades before in eighteen, forty, one, the entire structure burn to the ground, leaving nothing but a scattering of stone walls to hint at its former glory like bones left behind. After the years have consumed corpse, there was no roof, no doors or windows, just a husk of what once was, but it was where they wanted to live. The land had been in Henry's family for nearly three centuries. Originally into the wall, gray family back in the fifteen hundreds. So when his Appointment to the very same. Perish came across his desk in eighteen. Sixty one he jumped at the chance
he and his wife Carolyn move to the village a short while later in it, upon their arrival that they discovered the house was uninhabitable, but a home had been prepared for them. It was an old farm house near by that also say. on Henry's ancestral land and until very recently, have been used as the dwelling place for his predecessor, the rector of the local church, with no or else to go, the Reverend Henry Bull turned the carriage around and headed there. Instead, almost immediately, though, he began to play and how he would rebuild the burnt out building and turn it into a manner worthy of his heritage. He did it to the year, but the ruins were demolished and a new home was raised on its foundation is large, and stately and looked less like a rectory, then the noble House of a local, Lord and Henry Fit right in.
He was said to spend as little time as possible in his clerical robes, preferring instead to hunt and box, and his friends called him. The old bull hinting at his tough exterior. It all sounds idyllic and for a while it was, but then the legends get to catch up with the bull family. Long before Henry and Carolyn had arrived, there had already been whispers of something unusual around the house. It was a very a specific signing in the details were repeat, over and over by the people who witnessed it. The figure of a nun they said Could often be seen moving across the property, but if you approached her, she would vanish Henry and fought the rumours for a long while he was a practical man with an posing presence. He was athletic and rational and a man of the church, and he had no time Four silly stories of ghostly nuns, even if they work Set on his own land, but that changed a year
two after moving in when he himself witness the none with his own eyes. He wasn't alone Either guests in the house reported seeing the dark figure as well. They also reported another strange vision on the grounds. A shadowy carriage, roll along the edge of the grounds before vanishing into the trees and with fourteen children. The bull family had a lot of potential witnesses. one of which was a young man named Shaw, Jeffrey, a friend of their oldest son Harry In the summer of eighteen, eighty five Jeffrey described in unusual events had been using a dictionary from the Bulls library while he stayed there for a time, but one day the book went missing. The house was searched, but it never turned up. Then one night, while Jeffrey slept in his room, allowed thump woke him and he screamed
to light a candle and see what it could be there on the floor. Lay the missing book is door, however, had been locked. Henry Bull passed away in his bedroom affectionately. As the blue room in June of eighteen, ninety two, family stayed in the home by them his son Harry, had followed in the same career path. It managed to take over, as actor of Henry's church in town. It was poetic away like Father, like son, but absence of the old bull, possibly opened the door for new darker experiences. The day after Henry's death, his daughter Ethel awoke in the night to find dark figure of a man standing over her bed. It was the first of many nightly visions in her room and she wasn't alone in her experiences.
What are the young women hired to care for the youngest of the children claim that, just weeks after arriving, she heard footsteps outside her bedroom during the night, but no one confessed to playing a trick on her. She quit. Years later, Ethel and two of her sisters were outside during a garden party. When they looked up to see a woman walking down the path along the edge of the property, her head was bowed low, but she was dressed. in the easily recognisable habit of a nun when One of the women try chasing after the figure. The nun turned toward her briefly and then instantly vanished. they weren't alone in their sightings either. Apparently Young Harry inherited more than his father's occupation and title according to assume he passed on to some of his colleagues. He too came to experience the ghostly none for himself. It wasn't something he enjoyed. If the tail is true one late afternoon, he told them
He left the church to walk home ass. The sun was fading at some point, noise behind him caught his attention and he turned to discover some one was following him. Not just anyone though no this was a nun head, bowed, low and dressed in black, not knowing what else to do Harry, walk, faster and headed down the lane toward his house. When he finally reached his front door, he paused and looked back. The nun was closer now and she appeared to be headed straight toward him ass. If she were coming to visit the house. for a moment. He forced himself the fine, rational explanation. Surely it was just a visiting none who had missed him at the church and then sent to find him at home, but why then had she never once called out for attention? standing in his open doorway. He briefly consider stepping aside and letting her in, but fear drove him in a different direction.
After casting one last glance at the dark, silent figure that was fast approaching, he stepped inside slam the door shut and then waited When moments passed without the sound of a visitor, knocking Harry reached for the door's handle and pulled, it opened wide. The path that led to the front door was empty in nineteen eleven Harry Mood,
The house his father, had built fifty years before in the English village of Morley. He said it was because he got married, but its a bit suspicious, that he, the rector of the local church, had moved out of the rectory and left it for his mother and siblings. It's almost as if he'd been running from something and honestly and you blame him sightings of the phantom none continued for years, although more and more servants came to work at the house only to leave after us. Unsettling experience, drove them away. One of those people was the family cook. A woman named Miss Newman. If her story is true, it's beyond unsettling. According to Newman she slept in a very large bedroom that had been divided in half by a curtain. She slept on.
Side of the room with the nor, while the other half the one with the window, was intended for a roommate on the wall. Just on the other side of the curtain was a row of hooks that she used for hanging. Things like closed one night Newman was pulled from sleep by something She couldn't quite put a finger on the other. Half of the room was unoccupied at the time and there no noise in the room and yet something bothered her. That's when she glanced at the part of the current near the hooks on the wall and saw a shape, move she later described it as if someone were standing at the hooks rummaging through her close She could see the silhouette of whoever it was thanks to the moonlight pouring in through the window and could even see her clothing move on their hooks
suspecting another of the servants had somehow snuck into her room to steal from her she quietly climbed out of bed and crept over to the end of the curtain. Then, with a quick movement, she yank the curtain back to reveal the intruder, but there is no one Harry and his wife eventually move back to the rectory in nineteen twenty they live. Therefore, another seven years in much the same way his father and mother had before them, then in eighteen. Twenty eight harry passed away the very same bedroom. His father had died in thirty five years before, and the stately brick rectory whence empty for awhile. That's because the church had a hard time Knowing the position Harry had been the rector there for a long time, as had his father before him, and over the decades those unusual tales from inside the house had managed to leak out and spread when the church set out to find a replacement for Harry
they discovered it was almost impossible to find someone who hadn't already heard about the hauntings each and every one of them refused. Billy in early nineteen, twenty nine, the reverend Smith volunteered to take the position there. In Bali theme it had been the perfect candidate for the job sure, but he added wife, Mabel had also never interacted with Harry or any of the others had whispered stories about the house. They arrived blind and unaware of what they'd gotten themselves into not long after they moved in the Smiths working in the night. By the sound of the bell ringing at the front door, Eric pulled on his robe and made his way quickly to see who might have come, but when he arrived, no one was there He glanced around outside and even made a quick search of the inside of the house, but finally gave up after climbing back.
too bad a short. While later the bell sounded again, just as before a front steps were still empty. This went on for some time and even expanded into other parts of the house, sometimes with the entire. your bells used by servants ringing on their own. Eventually, though, Smith and his wife decided to get help, so they reached out to the local newspaper for someone who might be able to come and investigated all for them to bring outsiders perspective and a fresh, I that's how Harry Price got involved in the experiences at the rectory he was a paranormal investigator with an established reputation for uncovering frauds and people trying to gain fame from bakery. So when he arrived in the summer of nineteen twenty nine. He asked if he could stay in the house with the Smiths for a few days. They welcomed him in any
in the process of observing and investigating the things that he witnessed. Apparently it didn't take long before price had his own encounter with the ghostly none even tried chasing after her the claimed She vanished right before his eyes on another occasion, all three of them we're standing outside the house together when a pane of glass fell out of a window from the unoccupied top floor. After dashing up the stairs to see who had done it. They found the entire floor empty. Price went on to describe how he and the Smiths slowly descended the staircase frustrated by the lack of evidence of an intruder. They were, in fact the only people in the house and that's how floor was nothing more than an unused attic. So it was all a bit bizarre and as they were nearing the bottom of the stairs to the first floor, red glass candlestick that belong
in the blue room. The bedroom at the top of the stairs were both Henry and Harry. Bull had passed away, somehow managed fly out and down the stairwell after nearly strike, one of them in the head and shattered into hundreds of blood red pieces. To Harry price. This was evidence he simply couldn't ignore. It would spark a love affair between him. The house that will last for many years the Smiths, however, had experienced enough. They quickly packed up their belongings mocked. The house
And then move to a new home a bit closer to the church, the borley rectory at one, the Smiths would never return Eric Smith's replacement at the church and rapture was no stranger to Bali. In fact, he had visited a number of times in the past. Lionel oyster might not have been descended from the Great Walgreens family as Henry and Harry Bullhead, but his older cousin had been Henry's wife Carolyn from the very moment Lionel and his wife Marianne moved in the Bali rectory was old and familiar
wasters immediately began to experience the same types of unusual events that the Bulls and Smith's had before them: lineup the story of how early on in their stay there, the front door opened and someone walked in. Marianne. Assuming that line had come home from work came down to greet him. Only to see figure of a large man in an old dressing, gown walking up toward her when she later described the man to her husband. He was convinced it had been Henry Ball on another occasion. A couple was upstairs getting ready for bed something hard flew out of the darkness and struck Mary Ann and face cutting her skin and giving her a black eye, and it wasn't the first or last time, objects when move about their home books had been seen moving off of shells Bell. He rang in all parts of the house in other items, were just disappear entirely.
A few nights after Marianne had been struck by the floating object. The couple went to bed and turned off the lights only to hear things moving around the room in the dark. They could hear objects. I'd with the wall or floor. As if someone we're standing in the corner, tossing books trying to hit them in bed after A relatively large collision, just above Marion's, head line old, turned on the lamp undiscovered. It had been the steel head of a hammer at someone or something had broken off its handle. It had all. Come a bit too much to deal with, and so Lionel decided to lean on his experience as the spiritual leader of his church and prepared to conduct an exorcism right there in his home. He reached out to a friend another near by rector and travel that most of the day to pick him up and bring him home when both men returned to the house
next day bottles of holy water in their hands. They found Marianne crying at the foot of the stairs something she said. It flew and out of another room and struck her in the neck, while they ve been outside the two men didn't waste any time and began the x system that very moment moving from two room as they did, but if the real We were demonic forces in house. They were not about to go quietly line later described how objects were thrown at them ass, they worked Mary and seem to be the focus of their attacks, but both men were also struck by flying items. Entire bookshelves were dumped into rooms with no one in them and a number the framed photos hanging in the front hall were dropped on the floor. It was as if efforts to expel the spirits of the house had only angered them more and they were fighting back with destruction and chaos.
Much of the activity seemed to come from the vicinity of the blue room. Although no part of the house remain untouched, they and discovered writing on the wall of one of the upstairs bedrooms, no one knew how it got there, one of messages with chilling Marianne, it said please get help. Over the years to come. These unusual experiences would become typical for the foresters, but before you tell yourself that These were the rankings of a very eccentric couple. It's important to note that even their house guests witnessed it once with friends visiting from out of town every one noticed the smell of smoke in the air when the each side pouring in from the hallway they rushed out to find at source after searching the house, they unlocked the door to an unused bedroom only to discover a fire burning at the foot of the far wall. As if fires inside lot rooms weren't unusual enough, there is also no
logical reason for the fire to be there. In the first place the room had stove or fireplace in the window had been shot type. higher had just appeared after five years in the Bali rectory before Easter's began to fall apart. Marianne apparently left Lionel and married another man, but without getting a divorce And there were rumours that she might actually have been legally married to someone else prior to her marriage with Lionel She and her new husband moved Ipswich, while line state on and manage the church on his own and nineteen thirty five Lionel Oyster collapsed, while preaching one Sunday morning now in some one to care for him. He actually moved With Mary Ann and her new husband, but other things were collapsing to word, spread about her infidelity and it
acted like acid eating away. At her credibility as a witness to the events inside the borley rectory, some claimed that she made the whole thing up. Then she took the story she had heard from the bull family when she had visited them years before and simply repackaged and in hence them as a way of torturing her husband. But little was quick to point out that The stories existed long before Marianne ever set foot in the house, and they persisted even after she moved away. Now be honest, it's easy to believe stories with dozens of sightings and experiences spanning seventy five years: three families and countless visitors and staff. It's no wonder so. Many people did their best to avoid that house
As crazy as it might have seemed at the time most people connected to the Bali Rectory seem to come to the same conclusion. Everything just might be true Home sweet home, that's the pitch. We ve been sold for as long as we can remember home where the heart is, where. Build our lives and our futures, where we can truly. we ourselves and feel safe. Thankfully, that's true a lot of the time, but not always
every now and then a story comes along that challenges, those notions most of the time. It's us those flawed humans in the middle of the story at disrupt the peace in our homes, we are a creature of habit, after all, but out there on the fringes of the Bell chart where the remotest possibilities meets the general population, sometimes unusual things happen, history backs this, up to scattered, among the pages of the past, hidden between two Those of normal idyllic life are events that break the rules and leave us with more questions than answers, objects that seem to move on their own sounds that echo from uninhabited parts of the house. Messages
an unknown source. These things aren't supposed to happen, and yet they have in right in the middle of our homes. Most of us, though, aren't being chased by ghostly nuns, something we can all be glad for I'm sure, but it's one of those details that makes the events at the Bali rectory so unique and intriguing. The story seems to have, more than just noise and chaos, it has character. on one level. The poorly rectory was no different from a lot of homes. It was full of life and the laughter of children we grew up there with thirteen siblings after all, but it also played host to its fair share of tragedy, two generations of rector's died. There marriages fell apart there, it was life with all its typical ups and downs line. Oyster was the last records ever live.
Those who came after him in the decade since one thousand nine hundred and thirty five have all chosen to live elsewhere in town, and I can't really blame them for that. If ever hurry of nineteen. Thirty nine, a fire broke out in the empty house, burning everything, but the brick exterior was when it was over. It looks a lot like the Ruins Henry Bull first saw in eighteen. Sixty one things had come full circle, it seems, That didn't mean the story was over, though, during the fire, MRS claim. They saw a dark shapes moving through the house, afterward neighbours, And people passing by reported seen a figure standing in one of the upstairs windows, which was impossible because there was no longer a floor there to stand on. Oh the room beyond that window. It was the blue room, of course, in the decade, since the
air dozens of witnesses have seen the familiar shape of a nun walking past the edge of the property along the path that some locals still refer to. As the nuns walk. curious tourists and paranormal investigators alike are drawn to barley every year like moths to aflame, I'm not sure they ever leave fully satisfied. Even Harry price couldn't stay away from barley for long he spent nearly fifteen years turning off and on, but it became more and more difficult. Once the house had been locked up and abandoned for years after the fire, though he paid the ruins another visit and ended up in the centre of it all again into what would have been the seller of the house, he found something to a fragment of human skull and a full jawbone. After taking them to a pathologist for analysis. They estimated the bones, came from a woman, no older than thirty years of age, quite the
Unusual discovery to make beneath the ruins of a rectory. There might be an explanation why, according to pray all the way back in sixteen sixty seven, a Frenchwoman named Marie Lair TRAP to England to marry one of the wall grapes there in Bali. If you don't remember the wall, graves were the famous local. family who owned the land, the rectory would later be built on things didn't go well from Marie, though, and according to Legend, she killed a short while later by her suitor. If the story is true, it might very well explained why the bones of a young woman were discovered their nearly three centuries later in the process it s oh sheds and new light on the rectories biggest mystery of all Marie Lair, you see with more.
then just a young woman, lured away from France by the dream of true love, she was also a former none the Bali rectory is not the only house to be invaded by unseen forces. The let's family from Today's introduction are another example, but while I have only hinted at it, there's a lot more to what they experienced in nineteen. Seventy five stick around after this short break, to learn more stories like that of the let's family, from the beginning of today,
episode. They have a way of capturing our attention, a house that seem to be haunted by the violent murders that took place inside it or maybe something else. Perhaps it was something older and darker that cause the suffering of both families. It's difficult to say. but what George and copy? Let's claim to have experience during that month? Nineteen! Seventy five was far from normal, possible to rationalize away and much of it centres around their five year old daughter, Missy. According to the family, Missy invented a new invisible friend, after they moved in nets, not unusual for a child, her age, but it was the details she revealed about this friend that caused her parents to wonder it wasn't an invisible human or made up pet, the followed her around the house. No, she said it was a pig, a pig that walked on two legs, a pig
that had red eyes once after learning that Missy had opened her bedroom window and climbed out onto the roof Cathy rushed. Her daughter back inside then ass. She closed the window. She claimed I've seen a strange reflection in the glass. She said it looked like a pair of glowing red eyes on a separate occasion, George from the yard one night to see Missy standing in her bedroom window. Looking back down at him beside her, though with something else, George later described it as a pig like creature, when he rushed up to check on her, though she was asleep in bed If their story sounds familiar, that's because it was eventually adapted into a novel and then a blockbuster horror film, both by the same name
eventually becoming one of the most successful horror stories of all time, whether it was all facts all fiction or some blend of the two. It's become the quintessential story about a safe space invaded by the unknown, the Amityville Whore Maybe we have the let's family to think or perhaps it's the countless. other stories that had been told over the centuries. But even today it's hard to hear a thump in the house and not stop to wonder sure it could be nothing. But what? If it's something more
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